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Dave Solo  (Guitar and Vocals)
@ Summer 2018
Full Performances: 960
 Song  Count 
 So Damn Lucky1
 Black and Blue Bird1
 Write a Song1
 The Last Stop1
 When I'm Weary1
 Stairway to Heaven1
 What You Are2
 Drive In Drive Out2
 Save Me2
 When the World Ends2
 Smooth Rider2
 Fool to Think2
 Virginia in the Rain2
 The Stone2
 Two Step2
 Proudest Monkey2
 Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)2
 You Never Know3
 Too Much3
 Rhyme & Reason3
 Kill the Preacher4
 Hunger for the Great Light4
 Big Eyed Fish4
 Grace Is Gone4
 Time Bomb4
 Time of the Season4
 Some Devil5
 Steady As We Go6
 Lie in Our Graves6
 Seek Up6
 Lover Lay Down6
 The Best of What's Around7
 Stay or Leave7
 All Along the Watchtower8
 Hello Again9
 Stay (Wasting Time)9
 Corn Bread9
 So Right9
 Digging a Ditch9
 Stand Up (for It)10
 So Much to Say10
 Idea of You10
 Typical Situation11
 Shake Me Like a Monkey11
 Here On Out11
 The Space Between12
 Dancing Nancies13
 The Song That Jane Likes13
 Crash into Me14
 Funny the Way It Is15
 Lying in the Hands of God17
 Why I Am17
 Tripping Billies17
 You Might Die Trying17
 Come Tomorrow18
 One Sweet World18
 Pantala Naga Pampa18
 You & Me18
 Grey Street18
 Jimi Thing20
 Sexy M.F.20
 What Would You Say22
 Do You Remember22
 Come On Come On22
 That Girl Is You24
 Don't Drink the Water25
 Again and Again25
 Can't Stop27
 Ants Marching28
 Louisiana Bayou30
 Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)39
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