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December 1218, 1993

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Time/Date: 12:50 AM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Flood Zone Dec. 8...yeeehah!

Wow, driving down to Rich. from Georgetown was definitely worth it to
see Dave's last regular show at the Flood Zone.  It was really quite
an experience.  I arrived when the band was finishing up their
soundcheck, and then I saw Dave and got to chew the fat with him for
about 10 minutes.  Then I was truly psyched to see that TR3 was
opening for the band and DAve informed me that Timmy was gonna play
with the band the whole night.  That guy can really play the guitar.
Boyd was sizzling, Dave was in good spirits, and everybody seemed to
be in a really playful, happy mood!  Here's a set list for the night
although some of the songs in the  middle are out of order.  oh yeah,
they didn't even take a break all night so they're is really only one
Tripping Billies
True Reflections
Dancing Nancies
One Sweet World
Song No. 36----yes!
New Tune
Seek Up
Quick Lay and Goodbye
I'll Back You up
Christmas Song
Encore: Ants Marching
(allow me to say that the Ants encore was probably the highlight of
the whole show...the song was so energetic and Timmy's jamming just
made it all the better!)
Jamie Cogbill

Time/Date: 4:07 AM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: possible FAQ info

This is somethimg that Coran Capshaw(DMB's manager) sends out.  It's a little
long,but might be interesting to some:
                        ABOUT THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND
        The DMB draws on the widely varied musical interests of five musucians
to create a uniquely compelling pop sound that combines the influences of folk
jazz, rock, world beat, and reggae.
        Dave Matthews, the band's namesake and lead guitarist, began to
assemble the players in 1991 to accompany him on a demo tape of original songs.
Then a bartender in a C'ville VA jazz venue, Matthews says he aimed high,
approaching the musicians he respected most.
        Seasoned players LeRoi Moore and Carter Beauford agreed to help out.
The trio then approached Stefan Lessard, who at 16 was already an accomplished
upright bass player, about playing electric bass guitar for the band.  When
one of the tunes seemed to need violin, they enlisted the string expertise
of Boyd Tinsley.  And the band was born.
        "Our music was written to be clear and simple," says Dave Matthews,
who is the band's chief songwriter.  "It's pop music with a pretty positive
message. I hope it's acceessible to everyone."
        Matthews says the band's vitality comes from the association of five
strong individuals, each with his own interpretation of a given song. His band
members agree. "We take a lot of different influences and make something new
out of them by playing each song the best that we can play it," LeRoi Moore
says.  It is the blend of influences that creates the band's rich texture:
       -Dave Matthews(Vocals,lead guitar) is self-taught, alife-long lover of
music who left his native South Africa as a young child, returning their after
music who left his native South Africa as a young child, returning their after
(oops),returning there as a teenager after living in the U.S. and England.
He credits his family with instilling in him an interest in music: Pop, rock,
folk, and classical. Matthews draws from the folk traditions of many cultures
from around the globe, finding common themes among their complex rhythms.
For him, making music is about bringing people together, "lifting spirits."
Says Matthews, "It's a good focus: to try to bring people together rather than
to separate them."
       -Carter Beauford(drums) was born to play music. The son of a jazz
trumpet player, he is himself a renowned musician, and has appeared regularly
on Black Entertainment Television's "BET on Jazz with Ramsey Lewis." "I was
raised on Jazz," says Beauford, whose jazz influence is evident in the makeup
of the DMB. "Except for Stefan's bass guitar, we're an acoustic band," he
says. "That comes from the early days of jazz, and from the classical influence
too." The result is a multimixtured sound that offers new challenges to
Beauford and the other band members. "There are so many different elements in
our music," he says. "You really can't put a label, and that's why I love it
so much."
       -Stefan Lessard(bass guitar) is a musician whose age belies his talent
An upright bass player who has played in clubs since the age of 15, he was
tapped by Matthews because he, "just had a feeling about him, his spirit,
his sense of music, it's so much beyond his years."  Lessard admits he feels
lucky, but his band members say it's talent not luck, that has brought him so
far so soon. "The best thing about this band is that you get this potpourri
of different styles."
       -LeRoi Moore(sax, flute) and Carter have been jazz compatriots for years,
   playing together at gigs and informal jam sessions.  "Jazz is probably my mai
influence," admits Moore, who also has classical training. "But at this stage
I really don't consider myself a Jazz musician."  For him the DMB remains a
challenge because thee is room to explore, to respond to the expressions of
the other four players. "I have plenty of space to improvise, to try new ideas"
says Moore, whom Matthews credits with arranging many of the songs he writes.
"It's almost better than a jazz gig."
       -Boyd Tinsley(Violin, vocals) finds it strange sometimes that he
abandoned the reserved precision of classical violin for the spontaneity of
contemporary musical performance. "This was the area that I hadn't explored
before," says Tinsley, who has been playing popular music since 1985. "When
I'm into my music my whole body, my whole soul is into it."  The band's
diverse roots are a great asset, Tinsley says. "We're very American, as Dave
says. Jazz, fiddle-style rock, it's almost a melting pot of American music."
The best thing though, he says, is how much it matters to the audience, and
to the players. "People are drawn to it," he says. "There's passion here."

Posted By: daveh@shell.portal.com
Time/Date: 10:22 AM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Jeff's not such a good sound man

I know, there are probably some of you who believe that Jeff is a great
soundman, but I beg to differ, and I'll explain why (and maybe, if Alex so
desires, he can forward this along to DMB's managemnet for forwarding to
Jeff).  Anyways, the first time I saw DMB was out at Red Rocks in Colorado
(still looking for a tape of that show!).  They sounded fantastic that
night.. not too loud, everything was real clear, great.  The only other two
times that I have seen them have been at indoor arenas.  Once was at Trinity
college in Hartford, CT; the other was Friday night at Irving Plaza in New
York City.  I thought Trinity was just a bad night for sound, but it was
EXACTLY the same at Irving Plaza, which makes me wonder who it was doing
sound for them at Red Rocks.  The main problem is that the sound is FAR too
loud for an indoor show.. for ANY show.  On Friday night the speakers were
breaking up it was so loud, and Jeff never turned it down.  People were
holding their fingers to their ears just to get a break from the audio
pummeling they were receiving.  The other problem was that it was REAL muddy.
Far too much low-mid range on the bass and Dave's guitar sounded TERRIBLE.
Even when Dave played a song solo, his guitar was SO MUDDY that A) It broke
up the speakers on its own and B) you couldn't even HEAR the vocals.  FAR too
much low end on Dave's guitar.  I play in a band, and I have a feeling where
the problem lies and, if they don't watch out, more people will start to
notice.  It seems to me that Jeff knows all their songs... fine, but some
people (more as the days go on and on) DON'T.  Jeff knows everyone's parts in
every song, and when he listens to a song -- no matter how muddy, he hears
those parts, because he knows what they're SUPPOSED to be.  For someone who's
only seen the band 3 times, I like a little more clarity (and a little less
volume) in the sound.  The other problem withe Irving Plaza was that the
soundboard was upstairs on the balcony and the majority of the people
(including the RCA reps who had their fingers in their ears) were DOWNSTAIRS.
Now, there's no problem with that.  But, never once did Jeff leave the board
and walk downstairs to check to see how bad it sounded!  You lose a LOT of
mud when you've got a nice piece of flooring between you and the speakers!

Anyway, they put on a great show.. I enjoyed the first set better than the
second, but I think that was due to the volume increases being even greater
in the second set.  By Jimi Thing, my ears (with EARPLUGS IN THEM) were
hurting so much that the sound was cutting out - I went upstairs because I
tend to value my hearing, being a musician and all.  


P.S.  Have a nice day.
Remember:  If you have to ask, you don't want to know why.

                                -Dave Hamilton (daveh@shell.portal.com)

Time/Date: 2:03 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: 12/11 Williams Set list

I trekked up to Williams last night through a snow storm that plagued the
band as well. It took them over 8 hours to get from NYC to Williams according
to Jeff. They were to come on around 10 but they didn't get to Williams
until 11. Then they had to set up quicly and souncheck during this improv
song about the hellish journey. The pass getting into the Williamstown valley
was dangerous and slow. We only got one set because they had to stop at 2.
(these are all reasons why Amherst is better than Williams by the way). The
sound was also rough but unlike Dave Hamiliton I think that it was the venue
that made it difficult. It was in a Triangular glass cafeteria-like room
w/ tall ceilings and then really low ceilings over most of it. Jeff was
frantically running back and forth throughout most of the first set,
fighting the tangled mass of drunkeness, until the sound was pretty good.
Anyway, here's the list:
12/11/93 Williams College Williamstown, MA
Improv soundcheck about the snow
One Sweet World
Tripping Billies
Dancing Nancies
Help Myself
Lie in our Graves
-Solo- Quick Lay/ Just4Tonite
They played quite well considering the circumstances and I am constantly
impressed w/ the accessibility and friendliness of the crew and band. I
listened to alot of the show on headphones of the board mix which was
mindboggling (especially #36 and Quick Lay)
Dave's playing solo in Albany tonight. Anyone going?

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 6:06 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Re: Halloween, Christmas, other thoughts

Gregg, I admit it too--we like different things about DMB. You like
Christmas, and Quick Lay, whereas I find them to be very un-original. What
every great DMB song has in common is
1) They have amazing guitar lines, (rhyme & reason, minarets, so much to say)
2) They have amazing lyrics that are sung in a style unlike any other singer;
(Warehouse, Two Step) 
      Christmas and Quick Lay do not fall into this category; my dislike of
Christmas song may stem from the fact that I saw it as an encore three
straight times and it nearly put me to sleep each time, though I must admit,
I do like the "Love, Love, Love" part. I also find these songs to lack
emotion; true emotion is a solo Seek Up, with words that flow out, versus the
completely memorized lyrics he now sings for Seek Up. (What ever happened to
"Forget about the notion that emotions can be cured?") 

About Halloween:  This song is about a nightmare Dave had, in which at one
point he is "watching the band play";  he does not say "Are you satisfied
with fucking," he says "Are you satisfied with fucking (something or other
up)" implying that someone is fucking him or his life up (or over).
  And I stand by my point that words mean nothing in this song--someone on
the net asked if I have seen this live; about ten times, enough to know that
there is so much emotion in this song that if you need to know what he is
saying to enjoy the song, you've lost the point.
    The reason this song is always an encore is because it hurts his voice,
but that's not the reason it's never played at Trax.      He should think
about singing it slow, and w/ Boyd and Leroi, like on 10/31/92, and 8/14/93; 
it is very psychedelic this way.

Sy Borg: May I have this dance?
Zappa: I've got a better idea--fuck me, you ugly son of a bitch.


Posted By: blakec@wyvern.com
Time/Date: 7:04 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Re: Halloween, Christmas, other thoughts

Penned by Kerry Matthew Kriger:

> every great DMB song has in common is
> 1) They have amazing guitar lines, (rhyme & reason, minarets, so much to say)
> 2) They have amazing lyrics that are sung in a style unlike any other singer;
> (Warehouse, Two Step) 


> About Halloween:  This song is about a nightmare Dave had, in which at one
> point he is "watching the band play";  he does not say "Are you satisfied
> with fucking," he says "Are you satisfied with fucking (something or other
> up)" implying that someone is fucking him or his life up (or over).
>   And I stand by my point that words mean nothing in this song--someone on
> the net asked if I have seen this live; about ten times, enough to know that

I don't pretend to know exactly what halloween is about.  Obviously Dave's
lyrics are open to interpretaion, because of the poetic style they are
written in, but I always thought that it was about a lover's breakup with
his/her mate and the distrought feeling that go along with it such as
suicide.  Like someone said a while back, it's a love song.  That's what I
feel the song to be about, but who knows?  half the time I can't hear exactly
what Dave is saying anyway because of the growls and yodels in this song. :)

Living in Charlotsville and seeing the band from it's inception makes you
knowledgable about the lyrics and music, but please don't claim that your
interpretaion of a song is the definative one. I've seen them play a lot
also but I don't feel like I'm the custodian of lyric meaning.  Let's all
just have fun and enjoy the music.

Posted By: cecliff@vt.edu
Time/Date: 7:23 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: re: halloween

blake's right...
it's a love song.
the pain and thrill of love.  
that's all.

opening line from 12/2/93 show:
 "howl into lovely eyes open and staring up at me.
  howl into lovely hair so long and reeling."

no question about it.

"why this lonely love?", 
               clare emily

Posted By: blakec@wyvern.com
Time/Date: 7:35 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Dave and Hair

As a budding entrepenuer, I have an important question to ask.  Does anyone
have access to Dave's hair?  For instance, is his barber on the net?  I
would think that would be a great demand/market for locks of his hair. 
Someone could make those glassy eyed Trax groupies really happy.  What could
be a better Christmas/Chanukah gift than a lock of your favorite singer hair
or perhaps his nail pairings.  Just wondering...

Time/Date: 8:00 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Interviews and articles files...

Hey...to all you didn't catch it, I'm keeping a file of interviews and articles
about DMB.  So to the guy who had an article, please do type it in and send it
to the net and myself personally.  Thanks.  If anyone sees an article or
interviews a member of the band, then please do the same...thanks...
And keep those netters forms coming.  If you lost the form, here it is:
Email Address:
Snail Mail address:
Phone #: (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there)
Personal Description:
Favorite Flavor Jolly Rancher:
How/Why/When you got into DMB:
Miscellaneous remarks:
Take it easy all...
*          The guy with the floppy green hat at the New Years Shows          *
*     With all kinds of cheezy buttons and a sticker that says "Uncle Zany"  *
*           Come up and say "Hey, Gregg!"....and I'll say "Yeah?"            *

Time/Date: 8:00 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Oops...forgot...

Favorite color should be on the netters form too...
*          The guy with the floppy green hat at the New Years Shows          *
*     With all kinds of cheezy buttons and a sticker that says "Uncle Zany"  *
*           Come up and say "Hey, Gregg!"....and I'll say "Yeah?"            *

Time/Date: 8:02 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: Halloween

About Halloween, Kerry, don't be so quick to say you're correct
because your not....He does say "are you satisfied with Fucking" based
on the fact that when he's playing in more open/ public venues such as
Browns Island, Richmond (4/18/93) he says "are you satisfied with sex"
 Please don't tell me that has something to do with his band or
somebody fucking something up.  PLEASE  don't try to tell me that he
doesn't repeat the word "love" over and over in that song.  I believe
that it is about break up based on "don't walk away," and what sounds
like "lovey dove" which may be an idealistic naive view of love he is
trying to express.
Jamie Cogbill

Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 9:10 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: DMB interview(long), pt. 1

        The following article was printed in The Cavalier Daily newspaper on
December 9, 1993       
       article by Adam Healey

        I thought it might interest some.  I'll post it in 3 parts, 
        just in case anyone's e-mail can't chew on something that

        "[a great deal of babble] I had an opportunity to talk to fiddler
extraordinaire Tinsley.
Q:  You just recently released your first CD, Remember Two Things.  How
is that doing?
Tinsley:  We're selling really well.  It's mostly an East Coast thing, but
we're also doing really well in Washington state, Chicago and Colorado.
Q:  Is there one word that you use to describe the type of music that 
epitomizes the Dave Matthews Band?
Tinsley:  I think we just try to take music to a new height.  We mesh a 
bunch of diverse sounds together, and the outcome seems to fall under the 
large umbrella of rock.

Ok, so Boyd wasn't going to tell me what makes the Dave Matthews Band cool.
It looked like I would have to right to the top, and ask Dave himself.  
Backstage, he gave me his phone number and suggested that we meet the next
day over coffee to do an interview.  The setting was was Kafkafe on 
Elliewood, a wonderful coffee shop, in case you haven't visited yet. 

Q:  I spoke to your manager Coran Capshaw last night, and I found out 
something I didn't know.  You guys have signed on with RCA already.
Matthews:  Yeah, for the next couple of records.  Actually, they have an
option for up to seven total.  That doesn't include the one that just 
came out.  We are going to keep that one for ourselves so we can make all
the pennies. 
Q:  Were you guys happy with the way the record deal came out?
Matthews:  Yes, it took a long time.  The people from RCA were really into
us, and we were into them being into us.  We agreed we wanted to work for
them, and they emphasized that they were willing to let us do what we liked,
you know, make something that we were really happy with.
Q:  How did the band decide what songs to put on the new album?
Matthews:  The two that I am probably most disappointed about not being on
there were "Pay For What You Get" and "Granny", they've got that hook you
can't forget now matter how hard you try, how desperately you beat your head
against the wall (laughs).  I am happy with all the songs we chose, and I 
wouldn't have taken any songs away, although I might have put more songs on.
Q:  How did you go about approaching the other band members originally, when
you asked them to join on?
Matthews:  I was going for my favorite players, that I knew, that I could 
meet.  I put together a demo of my music, and then I went to Roy (saxophone)
and then Carter (drums) with my demo tape and asked them if they would be 
interested in working on what was going to be a studio project.  And they
both said yeah, yeah, and we played a little bit live and recorded some 
music, played more live, and things got better and better.  Steffan (bass)
also joined really early on, within the first couple of weeks that we got
together.  He was 15 at the time we approached him.  After about six months
we were working on "Tripping Billies" and Roy said we should have a violin
for this song, so we asked Boyd to come and sit in on that song.  At that
time, he had been in a band that fell apart, and as time went on, he just
stepped across and started playing.


Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 9:11 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: DMB interview, pt2

more of the previous article....

Q:  How did you come into contact with these guys?
Matthews:  I had know Roy for five years, he played frequently in the bar
that I worked at [Miller's].  I had seen Carter in Miller's, and Steffan
too.  But Roy was the one I knew best, though I had watched Carter for 
years in a band called Secrets, and he had performed on BET's jazz show.
Q:  What inspires you to write songs?  I notice most of your lyrics are
based around living life to its fullest.
Matthews:  The people that I admire the most are those who emphasize the 
necessity to enjoy life, not necessarily to be frivolous or gluttonous
but to enjoy everything, not just playing or just sex or just food.  A 
lot of the lyrics are [about] feeling the strength of Africa; if these 
people can see the value of life even when life is pretty hopeless, then
certainly in a place like America where most of us have a lot, there 
really can be almost no reason to complain.
Q:  Where were you born?
Matthews:  I was born in Africa, and I went to high school there, in 
Johannesburg, and I guess I lived there a total of about nine years.
Probably because I was a teenager when I was there, most of my musical
attitude might have come from South Africa because at that age you are,
of course, very impressionable.
Q:  Would you say there was a major influence, a specific artist?
Matthews:  The Beatles were my first obsession, and then the Jackson 
Five.  I also listened to a lot of classical music; my mother made our
whole family learn the piano.


Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 9:12 PM Sunday, December 12, 1993
Subject: DMB interview, pt.3

here is the third part of the interview.............

Q:  You guys toured a few days this summer with HORDE and played with Blues
Traveler, Widespread Panic, and Aquarium Rescue Unit.  How was that?
Matthews:  It was very cool because we got to see what it was like to play
for a larger audience, and what fun it was see how organized things could
be, how organized the stage and sound was.  With all that power, you can
get so much done in such a short period of time.
Q:  What about playing Red Rocks with the Samples?
Matthews:  I had never seen anything like that in my life.  It was quite
Q:  I'm right in thinking that, unfortunately, Virginia students are going
to start seeing a lot less of Dave around here.
Matthews:  Yes, we're not going to be around that much.  The band will play
as often as we can at Trax, but we just have to cut down our shows because
it's hard to get out to Colorado and the West Coast without doing that.
Q:  Do you have a long term goal for the band?
Matthews:  My long term goal is just to stay together, and if we can stay
together and endure ego-swelling things coming our way, and not want to
murder each other, as long as we keep moving the music along, we'll be 
all right.
Q:  What do you guys do to unwind?
Matthews:  Drink a lot.  I tend to get really drunk to unwind from the
Q:  Nowadays musicians are huge role models.  There is a large movement
recently by bands like Cypress Hill, the Black Crowes, Pearl Jam and 
others to promote the legalization of marijuana.  Other bands choose 
other causes to endorse.  What does the Dave Matthews stand for?
Matthews:  Well, there is a bottomless pit of people to help.  I am not
a great supporter of politicians and governments in general, only because
I think they start off with an idea of assisting people and end up turning
people against each other.  I'd say don't drink and drive.  There's a 
whole list of things.  But as far as what we stand for, do anything you 
like as long as it doesn't bother anyone else:  that sounds pretty average,
pretty reasonable.  
Q:  Will Charlottesville be the historic origin of the Dave Matthews Band
should you guys move elsewhere?
Matthews:  I'm not leaving any time soon.  Charlottesville is certainly my
home.  It's where my mom is, and the umbilical cord may be stretched, but
it's still there.

end of article.  Two pictures were included; one of the band, the other
of Dave on stage.

        My fingers hurt now from typing!  

                Shawn Peters

Posted By: dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu
Time/Date: 10:15 AM Monday, December 13, 1993
Subject: Re: Halloween

OK, here's MY interpretation to Halloween.  I've discussed it with others
at the shows, and here's the general consensus:

Listen to the words (what little you can make out), and it's pretty
apparent that the song is about a girl that Dave picks up at one of the
  (From cecliff@vt.edu...   Hi Clare!)
 "howl into lovely eyes open and staring up at me.
  howl into lovely hair so long and reeling."

The story develops that she just wants sex with him for one night, and 
he was looking for more out of the relationship:
 "are you satisfied with Fucking" and "don't walk away"

and finally, toward the end, the repeated "why this lonely love".

Well, that's my opinion, and of course, being that it's my opinion, it 
must be right.  ;-)


Posted By: rbyerly
Time/Date: 3:24 PM Monday, December 13, 1993
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 51

I'm was just wondering if the "budding entrepreneur" was really serious
about marketing Dave's hair (the message was posted in digest 51).  If so
I have a few things to say about that later but if it wasn't meant to be
serious then I apologize for wasting space.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry...For Tomorrow We Die

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 4:10 PM Monday, December 13, 1993
Subject: Re: false inferences

It's kind of funny that I keep being accused of saying that I know everything
there is to know about Halloween, since I never said that.  

Jamie:  When did I say that Halloween isn't about love?  All I said was that
it was about a nightmare; can nightmares not be about love?  And at Brown's
Island, he says "Are you satisfied with this set?"

Blake:  When did I say that because I'm from Charlottesville I know
everything about this song?  Never.  Custodian of lyric meaning???????  Am I
not aloud to put in my interpretation?  Should I start out every article I
write with "The views represented within are only an opinion and are in no
way the definitive answer on DMB?"

What should people who infer things that were not implied do?  Read articles
more carefully; think before you write--and remember, if you don't have
anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!
            Deduct the carrots from your pay, you worthless swampy fools!

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 4:31 PM Monday, December 13, 1993
Subject: Re: DMB Colorado Jan. dates

Could someone please send me the dates that DMB will be playing in Colorado
this January?      KK

Posted By: cecliff@vt.edu
Time/Date: 7:26 PM Monday, December 13, 1993
Subject: nc shows anyone????

how many people are planning on going to the n.c shows in charlotte and

      clare emily

   The biggest problem with guilt is regret, thinking you should have done 
something or said something, but you didn't and it means you'll never know 
for sure what the outcome might have been.  Those are the feelings that stay 
with someone, not the reality of events, but the thoughts of the choices 
that led to them.

Time/Date: 8:32 PM Monday, December 13, 1993
Subject: dave matthews nye run...

ah yes, time for the second annual dmb new year's eve run...
not quite the hoo-ha that the phish nye run is, but at any rate,
by the grace of god, i've stumbled upon the financing to invest
$40 in a single dmb show(and at this point, all under-age people
are going "MUST BE NICE!!!!":), but will more than likely be
showing up by myself.  so howz about a small net gathering for
a small net.  i'm not talkin' any bar hoppin extravaganza; i'm
just looking to meet a few of you, so drop me a line, and tell me
that you'll be hangin' out near tapers station...
speaking of tapers station, i taped last nights show.
let me just say SWEEEEEEEEEEEET mother of mary.  dave showed up late,
around 8:00, and couldn't take the stage until 8:30(due to some mix-up
with a delayed plane), but when he and tim came out, it was just a
little to cool for me.  my heart started palypitating(sp?-is that even
a word?) and the room started spinning.
try playing guitar for 5 years, busting your ass just to be able to
kick out some decent rhythm lines, then go see tim reynolds play
an impromptu slide lead over your favorite dmb song(so much to say),
and see if _you_ don't feel humble.
he even turned the newish goodbye song into something way cool.
and i also saw the most phenomenal ants of my life.  let's try to
remember some other tunes(in no particular order):
typical situation, one sweet world, tripping billies, pay for what you
get, recently, four tim reynolds originals(check out "stream"), minarets
i'll back you up, qlandg, warehouse, ants, lie in our graves, christmas,
so much to say, angel from montgomery (2nd of encore and show stopper),
and some others.  i know there were some other netters there, as well
as three dat's and i think 6 or 7 analog decks, so finding a master won't
be that hard.
well, that's enough for now.... talk to ya'll later.
ps--this will more than likely be my last post afore i leave, so happy
rick thompson
and for those interested in getting in touch before new years:
214 lyons ave
col hts va 23834
(804) 526-5321   (i'm a bitch to catch at home, so leave a message)
*         the guy at american university on dec 28 who looks         *
*                       surprisingly normal.                         *
*              walk up to me and say "are you gregg?"                *
*         and i'll say "no, he's the guy in the floppy green         *
*                 hat with all the cheezy buttons.                   *

Posted By: budkee@unvax.union.edu
Time/Date: 12:10 AM Tuesday, December 14, 1993
Subject: Irving Plaza, How many?

How many people, and how crowded was Irving Plaza when DMB played
there.  Someone has to have a reasonable estimate. 

Eric Budke    			          Union College Box 241
Fax (Subj. Concert Committee)		  Schenectady NY 12308
(518)388-6446 	 			  518-388-5615
God Street Wine and Allman Brothers Mailing list administrator
budkee@world.std.com budkee@delphi.com budkee@unvax.union.edu

Posted By: gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 12:58 AM Tuesday, December 14, 1993
Subject: stuff

In regards to equipment, Dave uses a Gibson SST Chet Atkins signature
model.  Boyd uses the GK to power two 12" Mesa/Boogie speakers enclosed in
one 1x12 cab with a metal grate, sometimes called RoadReady but I don't
think that this is the type here (you can tell by the covering of the cab
itself).  Boyd also uses a Boss pedal for reverb, don't know the model
number other than it is a digital reverb, grey , with blue knobs.  As for
the bassist, he uses a Warwick bass, very nice if you know basses, I
think, for example, that I've seen his model here in a store in Nashville
for $3000+.  And that's only a 4-string.  The more strings, the more
money, but that doesn't matter because he only has 4.  Anyway, As for his
rack, I didn't really notice anything there important other than I know
that his cabs are SWR and am guessing that his bass power amplifier and
preamp are the same brand.  This is also VERY high-end stuff.  I think
that Carter uses DW pedals, but don't know about that.  Cymbal brands can
be seen.  Have no idea about the saxes or violin.  That's all I got for
that stuff.
As for tab, I think that tabbing his songs might turn out to be pretty
hard.  I've tried to learn even the simple ones (not naming names here, of
course) and have had considerable trouble.  I think that if you had a
speed adjuster it wouldn't be that bad, but Dave is good, although he
rarely solos, I've heard him do it and he's good at that too.  Amazing
sound he gets out of that damn guitar.
What is the subscriber form, or somthing like that?  Also, in caps for
your attention, WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE TREE?  Are we supposed to send
tapes to someone, wait for the tapes, what?  I've been on a lot of trees
over the past 2 years and this one seemed organized at first, even with
the limbs, but no directions.  Help, don't complain that nobody's doing
anything because I for one don't know what to do.
That's all.  Graham

Time/Date: 10:15 AM Tuesday, December 14, 1993
Subject: halloween(yet another hmo) and jeff(same)...

first: jeff:  here's my opinion.  dave matthews is a fledgling
grass roots band.  jeff is doing the best he can, and he's used
to dealing with trax and flood zone.  i have a feeling that it's
going to take just a bit to get used to changing the set up with
each night that goes by.
i'd also like to say that i pretty much disagree with kerry.
if anybody wants a detailed(and lengthy) explanation, no prob,
but i've got two exams starting in half an hour.
*         the guy at american university on dec 28 who looks         *
*                       surprisingly normal.                         *
*              walk up to me and say "are you gregg?"                *
*         and i'll say "no, he's the guy in the floppy green         *
*                 hat with all the cheezy buttons.                   *

Time/Date: 12:41 PM Tuesday, December 14, 1993
Subject: dave's crazy sound...

here's my explanation of for dave's really unique sound:
try plugging in an electric acoustic guitar, particularly the chet
atkins that dave plays, and turn it up as loud as you can.  you'll
find the sound to be remarkably similar.  it's the only possible way
to get warehouse to sound right (if you aren't the one who wrote it:),
along with others.  it's more than possible to crank that guitar as
loud as it can somewhere on stage, then tone down the signal it produces
back at the soundboard.  he might use a little compression, but
i'm not sure.  i know he plugs into these little blue boxes, that are
about the size of any effects pedal, but they don't have any pedals
on them.  equalizers?  who knows...
another thing is the effect that not having a hallow body guitar
produces.  go back and listen to satellite on the cd. he plays that
on a hallow body acoustic guitar, and it actually sounds like a
normal guitar, aside from the fact the the satellite rift doesn't
sound normal in and of itself.  (check out #34, whoa)
also, what happened to boyd's wa-wa pedal.  that, actually, was the
first thing i noticed about the dave matthews band.  not that they had
a fiddler, but that they had a fiddler who used delay and wa-wa on it.
*         the guy at american university on dec 28 who looks         *
*                       surprisingly normal.                         *
*              walk up to me and say "are you gregg?"                *
*         and i'll say "no, he's the guy in the floppy green         *
*                 hat with all the cheezy buttons.                   *

Posted By: cecliff@vt.edu
Time/Date: 2:25 PM Tuesday, December 14, 1993
Subject: show times in nc

that's all. 
what time should i show up?
when does the band take the stage?
misc questions that a va resident doesn't know:)

fly on...
    clare emily

               The mind of man is capable of anything-
              because everything is in it, all the past
                      as well as the future.
                                             j. conrad
                                        heart of darkness

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 3:52 PM Tuesday, December 14, 1993
Subject: Winter Dates....again

Here are the Dec and Jan dates again.  A couple of people have been asking
for them so I decided to post them again.
alex Crothers

12/27 private party  -  Charlotte, NC
12/28  Teradactyl Club, Charlotte, NC
12/29  Ziggy's  -  Winston-Salem, NC
12/31  Marriott Hotel  -  Richmond, VA
1/3      Variety Playhouse  -  Atlanta, GA
1/6       Ice Arena  -  Vail, CO  (with the Samples)
1/7       Snowmass Conference Center, Aspen, CO (with the Samples)
1/8        Double Diamond  -  Aspen, CO
1/9        Garton's  -  Vail, CO
1/12       Josha's  -  Breckenridge, CO
1/13      The Inferno  -  Stemaboat Springs, CO
1/15      Fox Theatre  -  Boulder, CO
1/16      Fox Theatre  -  Boulder, CO

Posted By: Daniel_Gold@brown.edu
Time/Date: 7:54 PM Tuesday, December 14, 1993
Subject: The Old Tree that was Stunted

Hey now...

do any of you netters even still remember that tree that we had going on
right when this net started up?  the one that made us all feel that this
network was really gonna be active and do us all some good?  well, i am
aware that many of you have been heartily disappointed that no branch of
the tree has grown your way.  i myself am very disappointed that a month
and a half has passed with not a word about the tree.  i was expecting
those tapes long ago.  as some of you know, i am in charge of the sampler
ESMERELDA on the HORDEnet, and i was counting on those tapes so that DMB
could be a part of that project.  i have now learned that that is a
hopeless hope and i have sought other means to aquire an excellent tape
(thanks, mike f.) to use on the Sampler.  nevertheless, i did not sign up
for the tree for no reason.  i still want those tapes.  and there are still
many of you who want your tapes.

i got in touch with Ellis of Lemuria, the administrator of the tree.  Ellis
tells me that 14 tapes were made long ago, and that many of them have
spread to the parents, but a number of those tapes are still sitting in
Ellis' abode, apparently due to some miscommunications.  it seems that two
of the volunteer-parents disappeared, and another two have yet to send
Ellis their snail mail addresses.  I do not think that that is behavior
becoming to one who volunteered to do a service to us all.  Therefore, i
urge all parents who have not yet recieved their tapes to get in touch

ellis of lemuria <jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu>

..., the adminisrator. (i know it is rude to give out other people's email
addresses, but ellis' address is already known to the whole net, especially
those on the tree whom this concerns). moreover, someone must account for
those two missing parents, or all the leaves under them will fall onto the
cyberground only to be raked away by disappointment.  so, i further urge
you all to consider volunteering to take over those positions.  if anyone
out there would be willing and able to dub about 5 tapes, please get in
touch with ellis and volunteer your services.  ellis did not ask or
authorize me to request this, but i am doing it independently because i am
very interested in seeing this tree grow for us all.  the net is an ideal
place for grassroots action, so i am asking everyone to DO SOMETHING to get
this thing growing again.

i apoligize for the length of this.  i hope it will end the almost daily
messages saying "hey, what happened to the tree?"...

with love, daniel

--------gnome boy-------greenfling---->>>

        	'contrariwise,' continued tweedledee,'if it was so, it might be; 
        	and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't.
        	that's logic.'

Posted By: blakec@wyvern.com
Time/Date: 1:38 PM Wednesday, December 15, 1993
Subject: Good luck on finals...

Hi..I just finished my last final, and I wanted to wish everyone good luck
on theirs.

Alex:  What are we doing about mail during break?  I know it will be a real
bitch to un-subscribe everyone.  Should we just limit mail to life or death
situations?  I know I'll only be able to check my mail once or twice from
12/17 to 12/27, and the way minarets has been filling my box, that may not
be enough.

Exams are over, I'm on my back
staring up at the ceiling
so I take a drink, sit back RELAX
smoke my mind, makes me feel better for a while.


Posted By: @mail.trincoll.edu:sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu
Time/Date: 2:40 PM Wednesday, December 15, 1994
Subject: Dave Matthews Band net

Would you please subscribe me

Posted By: btanen@husc.harvard.edu
Time/Date: 4:28 PM Wednesday, December 15, 1993
Subject: there it was . . .

Welcome to the net shawn berry!
(you have the distinction of being the first person to
send a subscribe/unsubscribe to the whole net)

In other news, I was talking a while back with a friend of mine who lives in
another freshman dorm here.  It turns out that one of HIS roommates is
form Virginia Beach VA.  This kid worked during the summer of '93 at . . .
THE PEPPERMINT BEACH CLUB (or something to that effect).  I have set 1
from the DMB show, 6/12/93, where they do Sweet Home Alabama --> Ants
Marching.  Nice.

Anyway, he worked the soundboard for that show (what a weird
coincidence, right?).  So, when I found out that the band was coming back
to the club over thanksgiving (the 27th?) I told him.  Well, he went to
check out the show.  I also asked him to see if he could get me a tape, or
a full tape of the June show.  He said things were very different. 
"They've got like all these sound guys and they weren't letting anyone
even near the sound board."  When I told him DMB had signed a major-label
deal, he said "They must've gotten a big advance from their record
Hmm.  Well, I'll confess that Geordie has a way of exaggerating things.  I
was wondering if DMB has been traveling with a larger crew recently, and
if anyone was at the P.B.Club show last month.

See y'all.


------------- Ben Tanen ------------- btanen@husc.harvard.edu -------------

Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 5:22 PM Wednesday, December 15, 1993
Subject: The Tree

Keep in mind that 9 copies of this tree have been mailed. Two
copies were in branch leader;s hands before the tree was posted.
I'll be mailing pholks independantly, but PLEASE complete your
volunteered obligations.

Posted By: blakec@wyvern.com
Time/Date: 8:16 PM Wednesday, December 15, 1993
Subject: Re: Dave Matthews Band net

Penned by Sean Berry:
> Would you please subscribe me

Oh no!  I thought I would never see this.  Alex: you jinxed it by saying
something about never having this happen. :-)

Time/Date: 12:05 AM Thursday, December 16, 1993
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 53

a friend from fordham just told me that she saw a billboard in downtown nyc for
"remember two things."  who woulda thunk it?  dave

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 11:47 AM Thursday, December 16, 1993
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 54

> Alex:  What are we doing about mail during break?  I know it will be a real
> bitch to un-subscribe everyone.  Should we just limit mail to life or death
> situations?  I know I'll only be able to check my mail once or twice from
> 12/17 to 12/27, and the way minarets has been filling my box, that may not
> be enough.

This sounds like a good idea.  It seemed to work over Thanksgiving but
then again that was only five days and for this Holiday I'll be away from
the computer for a month.  I'd recommend digestifying the list and asking
everyone with Internet accesss at home/work to keep messages to a minimum.
 As I won't be near a computer for a month (yee ha!) I cannot
subscribe/unsubscribe anyone manually, however, as most of you know
listproc can do it automatically it's just a matter of sending the correct
message.  So if anyone asked to be subscribed/digestified over the Net over
break you all with Internet access will have to take care of it.

To subscribe send the message, "subscribe minarets YOUR NAME" to

To digestify send the message, "set mianrets mail digest" to

I hope that takes care of everything.  Anyone have any

alex Crothers

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 11:50 AM Thursday, December 16, 1993
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 54

> Hmm.  Well, I'll confess that Geordie has a way of exaggerating things.  I
> was wondering if DMB has been traveling with a larger crew recently, and
> if anyone was at the P.B.Club show last month.
> See y'all.
> --Ben

I was at that show.  The crew wasn't any larger than it has been in the
past couple of months.  Jeff was soing sound as normal and a bunch of us
were hanging out on the side of the soundboard taping.  I didn't notice an
excess of DMB guys.  They were, however, alot of PBC guards all over tha
place.  Not sure what he was talking about.

alex Crothers

Posted By: Daniel_Gold@brown.edu
Time/Date: 12:41 PM Thursday, December 16, 1993
Subject: bye y'all!

who will be the first to send UNSUBSCRIBE to the whole net?  (now, you all
read that, so don't go out doing it thinking you're cool or something!)

>a friend from fordham just told me that she saw a billboard in downtown nyc for
>"remember two things."  who woulda thunk it?  dave

yeah, and i really can't believe dave is naked on the cover of the new
Rolling Stone.  well, i hope we all get a chance to congratulate him when
he returns from the first DMB tour behind the iron curtain.  25 arena
concerts, including 4 free shows on red square!  wow!  hey does anyone out
there have the box set of DMB that contains all 19 of the singles?  (just
kidding -- but billboards, already?  wow. does that mean that RCA will be
putting ads in major music magazines as well?)

well, i am leaving soon, and i just wanted to wish y'all a happy winter.  i
am remaining subscribed while i am away (for over a month) so everyone keep
your fingers x-ed that i do not overload my account.

hoping to see DMB atlanta 1/3/93... hoping to see y'all there...  "you and
me and all our friends"....


-------gnome boy-----------greenfling hibernating-------->>>

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        	and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't.
        	that's logic.'

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 3:22 PM Thursday, December 16, 1993
Subject: Re: Clarifications

It seems as though some people didn't understand a few things I said:

When I said Dave says "Are you satisfied with fucking (something or other
up),"  the parentheses were there for a reason; what is in the parentheses is
undecipherable, but has to do with the fact that someone, or something is
fucking him up (or over). This words in parentheses were not meant to be read
as is.

When I said he said "Are you satisfied with this set" this was a JOKE! 
Lighten up.   

For all you who are die-hard advocates of the fact that Halloween is about
love: if you listen to the first 2 Halloweens (10-31, 11-3) you'll notice
that the word "love" is not mentioned ONCE, though he does talk about
monsters terrorizing him, which leads me to the conclusion that this song IS
about a nightmare, or was born out of one.
************  ********* *************       **********     ***********
Boyd's black wah-wah violin that he used on Dancing Nancies broke once, and
he never bothered to get it fixed.  (So as to not offend anyone if this
statement is incorrect, I feel obligated to say that I did not hear it
straight from Boyd).
               `                             -Kerry
Don't judge yourelves too harsh my friends  --Neil

Also, about the guy who sent a message to the net asking to subscribe:
I think that the person who made fun of this guy is really cool (not to
mention funny.)  ------Do you really think this guy subscribed straight to
the net knowing that it was bad?  Good to make him feel at home.

Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 12:16 AM Friday, December 17, 1993
Subject: Song id?

     Anyone know the names of these songs?  Versions I have are cut.

Baby, you can make me happy
Oh you can make me happy
Oh you can make me happy


It's too soon for me 
Too soon for me to say goodbye

     Both of these are on tapes from early '93.  Both are solo Dave.  Thanks

Posted By: vastolj@alleg.EDU
Time/Date: 8:33 PM Friday, December 17, 1993
Subject: lyrics file

Can I have the updated version of the lyrics file.  If there is a better way to  
go about doing this could someone let me know.  I probably forgot.  Thanks, joe

sorry for such a waste of bandwidth

Posted By: klong@sura.net
Time/Date: 8:10 AM Saturday, December 18, 1993
Subject: DMB Tree

I have received my tapes from my parent.  I am willing to make

I have the original signup post.  If you signed up and did not
get your tapes AND you are willing to make tapes for others,
send me mail.  The way I'd like to do it is have you send me
your tapes (2 100 minute tapes) and I'll dub copies and send
them back with the postage you provided.  I'll take names from the
original signup to be your responsibility.  

You should check with the folks I provide you to make sure that
they didn't get tapes from another source and are still interested
(or that the e-mail address is still good).  If for any reason
an address I provide isn't working, I'll give you another name on
the list to tape for.

This is the only way I can think of to keep it simple and not
re-do the whole thing.  If someone has as better idea or knows
something about the tree that I don't know, send me mail.
I won't be using the tapes I got from my parent to make the copies.
I'm going to dub a copy and use that as the master.


Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 5:08 PM Saturday, December 18, 1993

        Last year, a few people suggested forming a cooperative effort 
towards posting tabulature for Dave Matthews Band music.  Here's some 
bits and pieces of songs that I have accumulated.  I can make no 
assurances towards their correctness (I am more sure about some than
others; I'll try to indicate this).  If anyone has anything to correct/
add/comment on, I would greatly appreciate this.  Most of this has been
gleaned from listening to various tapes.  The position of the hand on the
neck was learned from observing Dave in action.  From there, the notes 
came from listening to the music.

        A quick note --- several people thought this sort of thing was a 
good idea, so let's all take the time to contribute.  I know typing tab
in is a pain in the ass, but it will be greatly appreciated.  Take it a 
song at a time or something.  Since most of these songs are incomplete,
take some of this and run with it.  If anyone thinks it is a good idea,
I would be willing to be the compiler of a Tab File (sort of like the 
lyrics file) to which people could subscribe and which would be posted
periodically.  What do you think?
        By the way, this tab was entered by simply typing in the lines,
etc, in a DOS file.  However, for those of you who might want to try it,
there is a program called Chord Magic located at OAK.oakland.edu (pub/
msdos/music/crdmgc10.zip  ???) that can output a kind of pseudo-tab by
entering the fingering of real chords and using "one-note" chords for 
regular notes.  Each chord can than dumped to a dos file using the "Dump"
command.  Each "chord" is then superpositioned on a line of tab.  The 
only problem is that the program tends to leave a lot of space between 
notes, but this can be fixed by deleting the space.  One thing the 
program is great for is naming funky chords.  

        Here we go!      
(Note:  lyrics can be obtained from the well-kept lyrics file)
(Note #2:  All of the following songs assume that the song's 
rhythm and patterns are available to the reader.  Therefore, the
tab is greatly simplified.  Also, as anyone knows, Dave does not 
play any song the same way twice.  A great deal of fill is assumed
between the tab shown here -- the songs would sound pretty lame if
they were played exactly as entered.  This sort of stuff is easy 
to pick up off a recording.  I'd be here all break if I wanted to 
enter all of it :> )

Intro and Verse:

   D        Bm                  A        Am11(mute)_

   D         Bm        G A G
G--2--2-2----4--4-4----0-2-0-|   repeat

and the little bit after "and I'm blown away"...

  D                Am    G
E-3-3-3------------0-0-0-3-3-3       -|
B-2-2-2------------1-1-1-0-0-0       -|
G-3-3-3-----2------2-2-2-0-0-0       -|
D-0-0-0-0-4---4-0--2-2-2-0-0-0 fill  -|
A------------------0-0-0-2-2-2       -|
E------------------------3-3-3       -|
The little solo bit is something like:

B  5     >     7  7 7 7 5  7
G  5   slide   7  7 7 7 5  7      Ab > Bb > C  etc.
D  5    >      7  7 7 7 5  7
(note: in any of these songs, a lot of the notes are 
hit by sliding up/down to them.  Throw in a lot of 
mute picks as well.  This accounts for that sort of rough
sound Dave gets)

SATELLITE (intro only)

E--------------------------|  There is probably an easier
B--------------------------|  place on the neck to play 
G--------------------------|  this, but this is where Dave
D-----9---7----6---4---7---|  does, so...


Intro is just Dm (barred at 5th fret)


Em(barre 7)  D(bar 5)  G(barre 3)  C(barre 3)  
D(barre 5) C(barre 3)


G  C  D  slide upD  slide upC  G   repeat 4 times


I'm just going to list the chord changes, not the picking...just
listen to it and you'll get it.

verse, etc:                "and your lips burn wild", etc.
                             (not totally sure about this part)

   A    Asus2  F#m  E          A   A7sus2 F    E
E--0----0------2----0--|    E--0---0------1----0--|
B--2----0------2----0--|    B--2---0------1----0--|
G--2----4------2----1--|    G--2---0------2----1--|
D--2----2------4----2--|    D--2---2------3----2--|
A--0----0------4----2--|    A--0---0------3----2--|
E-------4------2----0--|    E------3------1----0--|

   D                 G


F#m   D   G  GAG  F#m   D   GAG   F#m  D...........

add lots of suspensions and picking

G  C  G  C  G  C  D  G
G F C G :|

look in any songbook...people play it in different keys anyway


picked power chords...sounds like a pretty simple progression?

main part is a D power chord  7  down to C  5  and back
                              7             5
                              5             3

with an A 7 thrown in in the "fall back again" part

chorus: (barre chords)
A Bm C D 


intro:  Am    3 2 1 on low E string
slide up neck to ~5 fret
Am (bar5)  C(top 4 strings of barre 8)  D(barre 5) G(barre 3) 
C          Am                           G          D

repeat   (don't know the rest)

Em (barre at 7th fret)  C(barre 8th fret) 

G       F      ?   ?  ?  ?  

        That's it for me.  Again, if anyone has anything to 
correct(I didn't have a guitar handy typing this in) 
or add, please let me know.  What do you think of the        
file idea?  Have a good break (to those of you already gone,
I'll repost it in January)!

                                Shawn Peters

Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 5:12 PM Saturday, December 18, 1993
Subject: song id, cont.

     A few days ago I asked if anyone could identify two songs for me.  The
second one, which had a lot of "goodbye, goodbye" etc. in it was mistaken by
several people to be the relatively new "Quick Lay and Goodbye" or whatever. 
That's a good guess, but it's not that song.  Here's some more of the lyrics
to make it a little clearer.  Thanks,

"It's gracious of you 
to hold your arms, throw your charms around me
It's gracious of you
to lead me by the hand.......

By my side, rolling wild 
Breathing thunder

Come again, come again, please
and save me too
No need to say goodbye, goodbye
no need to say goodbye, goodbye"

The song is slow and soft..
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