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January 915, 1994

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Time/Date: 2:31 PM Monday, January 10, 1994
Subject: shawn's mystery song

this is pretty much for shawn, but i figgered everybody would want
to know:
that song your talking about, shawn, is the new song in it's
earliest stage.  listen to the part of the new song where he's
singing "goodbye..." and then compare the chord progression to
your mystery song.  you'll find that your mystery song is just
that same chord progression, repeated dozens of times.  he used
to play that mystery song during his acoustic intros at the flood
zone, and claimed both times i heard it that he was making it up
on the spot, which i don't doubt in the slightest.

Time/Date: 2:52 PM Monday, January 10, 1994
Subject: nye setlist

here's the new year's eve setlist with some comments:
set I                                 set II
satellite                          ants marching
song that jane likes               dancing nancies
one sweet world                    minarets
tripping billies                   jimi thing
lie in our graves                  seek up
granny                             pay for what you get
#36                                true reflections
what would you say                   (tri poetry rap)
                                   christmas song
some where along the way the band decided they'd break their
most recent tradition of playing straight, so it proved to be
interesting at times.  overall, i can say i've seen better
shows, but this was still pretty intense.  the dancing nancies
kicked some serious ass, and the tripping billies was one of the
best i've ever heard.
i'm the only netter who got a copy, but i gave subscription
instructions to 2 other tapers.  i can't copy this show for
anyone, because i don't have any way to dub.  (not to mention
that i didn't get that oh so kick ass dancing nancies).

Posted By: James.Dawson@MVS.UDEL.EDU
Time/Date: 4:50 PM Tuesday, January 11, 1994
Subject: New Dates

 Howdy one and all.

 This is Alex Crothers giving you those long awaited Jan. and Feb. DMB dates.

 I'm still not back at school but am logging in at the Univ od Deleware under
a friend's (James Dawson) account.

 I won't have Internet access until Jan 17th or 18th but that shouldn't stop
anything since Minarets is almost completely automated.
 Just got off the phone with DMB managment (Jane) and here is what they (she)
had to say:

   -NYE went tremendously well.
   -The Colorado shows are also going well.
   -Things are extremely busy

Now for the January and February dates:
  15th-Fox, boulder CO
  16th-Fox, Boulder CO
  18th-Benchwarmers, Lawrence Kansas
  20th-Blind Pig, Ann Arbor Michigan
  21st-Schuba's Chicago IL
  22nd-Schuba's Chicago IL
  3rd-Ivory Tusk Tusch... Alabama
  4th-GA Theatre Athens GA ******
  5th-GA Theatre Athens GA ******
  8th-Attic Greenville, NC
  9th-Teradactyl Club Charlotte NC
  10th-Ziggy Winston-Salem
  11th-Gilford College Gilford NC
  12th-TBA Knoxville, TN
  15th-Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill
  16th-Rockefellers Columbia SC
  17th-Mad Monk Wilmington NC
  18th-Music Farm Charleston SC
  19th-Druyry Springfield Missouri
  22nd-TRAX !!!!!
  23rd-Floodzone !!!!!
  25th-Sweetbriar College Lynchburg, VA
  26th-Bayou Washington DC

  That's all for now but that should hold everyone over for awhile.

  I apologize for misspellings and the likes.  Jane sounded busy and I didn;t
want to make her repeat everything I wasn't sure of.  Only a couple were
totallyunclear after getting off the phone with her.  For instance, the place
in Springfield Missouri.  I'm not sure if I caught that right or not but it
seems a little off.  Maybe someone out there in Internet land who knows what
that club's/college's/bar's real name is. The other one as the Ivory Tusk in
Alabama.  I couldn't catch the spelling of the town it's in but I'm sure
anyone from that area knows what the hell it is.

I need to ask a favor to someone out there: Could someone please forward these
dates to Bruce Wilner.  I believe his Email address is bwilner@colorado.edu or
something like that.  He runs Horde.Net and needs these dates for the
Horde.Net file on DMB.  Thanks in advance.

Alex Crothers

Time/Date: 7:27 PM Tuesday, January 11, 1994
Subject: subscribe


Time/Date: 11:17 PM Tuesday, January 11, 1994
Subject: DMB and Colorado

Well, My brother just came back from a ski trip from aspen. He was telling me
how it went as I was listening to DMB. Conversation went like this:
Bro: Who's This?
Me: DMB (Spoken in full)
Bro: Oh, really, I heard their name in several different conversations
     while in colorado.
Me: Nose Hair.
Bro: Graples.
Aparently they have a crowd there already.

Time/Date: 2:18 PM Wednesday, January 14, 1994
Subject: more happy mments about nye...

for the sake of boredom, and giving minarets netter's something to
read, i thought i'd share some more personal expriences from nye.
first of all, during the show, i bumped into one of my hallmates
from school last year, and in his drunken stupor he nearly knocked
tapers station over.  so i nearly knocked his head off, but we caught
ourselves in time.
overall, security was a joke(unlike phish at bender arean--p-shaw...).
if i hadn't had the curse of an active set of car keys, i would have
been toasted beyond all recognition, and in general, i have _never_
in my entire life seen that many thouroughly obliterated people in
one place at one time.  it was a beautiful site;).
after the show, i tracked down chris tetselli to get my hands on a
coupla tapes, and he invited me upstairs.  this is where it got
really strange.  what happens when you stuff 30 people into a marriot
elevator meant to hold about 15?  uh, it breaks.  we were aiming for
16th, but someone had hit all 18 buttons, and starting about on the 5th
floor, the elevator started missing floors.  the doors would open and
we'd find ourselves stuck b/w floors.  it was pretty distressing, and
when it would finally open out onto an actual floor, 10 more people
would freak out and push there way off the elevator.  the elevator
finally dumped me and clare off on 18 and we walked back down.
after we hung out in chris's room for a while, we headed back out,
and while we were waiting for the elevator, leroi appeared out of
nowhere to get a pepsi(lord knows what he wanted a pepsi for in his
anyway, i know this was pretty useless info, but minarets net has been
so dead this week, with only about three schools back in session,
i just thought i'd share...
talk to ya'll later...
rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
harrisonburg va 2807               ever wanted to know about the dave
                                   matthews band (including a few
(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
and remember:  your head is a shovel--use it.
"could i have been....the king of diarrhea?"--djm, 11-9-93

Posted By: blakec@infi.net
Time/Date: 2:47 PM Wednesday, January 12, 1994
Subject: get this net going...question for Rick.

Welcome back to school/work everyone.  Happy New Year!  I hope everyone did
something interesting over break.
NYE in Richmond sounds like it went well...Worchester was crazy also.

Ok, does anyone know the name of the women that sings with Charlotsville
All-Stars, Alma and Tim/Tr3 on occasion?  Now that DMB isn't playing every
week in C-ville and Richmond do you think an incarnation of the All-stars
will take over their slot?

"Could I have been..Mugged somewhere in Norfolk" DM 11/26/93 Peppermint
Beach Club

Posted By: bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Time/Date: 7:52 PM Wednesday, January 12, 1994
Subject: nye, chicgo

To all those who plan on seeing Dave in Chicago on Jan. 21, 22:
According to the bar they're playing at, Schuba's, DMB is officially only
playing on the 21st. The show on the 22nd is contingent on the 21st show
selling out. The bar only holds 140 people so I can't imagine it not filling
up (I'll be bringing along about 20 folks with me). But plan on going to the
Fri. nite (21st) if you're going to one only just in case. 
I got the chance to see DMB in Winston-Salem and in Richmond over break. Both
good shows, although similar set lists. Ziggy's was a really cool bar and a
great place to see DMB, but NYE was a bit of a let down for me.  BOB IS WASTED

Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 7:24 PM Thursday, January 13, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 62

140 PEOPLE??? Man... that show's gonna rock...

Time/Date: 9:33 PM Thursday, January 13, 1994
Subject: Shameless Grovel

Well, I only have that one FZ show on the 8th to trade but I'm looking for a 
copy of the DM/Tim Reynolds Acoustic Duet show from the 12th in 
Charlottesville.  Anyone?  Please?  



Posted By: S975014@UMSLVMA.BITNET
Time/Date: 10:58 AM Friday, January 14, 1994
Subject: Tour Dates

Could someone please post the dates of Dave's current Midwest tour.  I know
he'll be in Chicago next weekend.  Where else will he be?
Miles Abrams

Time/Date: 11:52 AM Friday, January 14, 1994
Subject: dancing nancies quotes

if any of you have any great dancing nancies quotes, could you send
them to me, along with the date and venue of the quote?  i want
compile a list of them for everyone to laugh at.
one prob:  should i go ahead and add the list to the lyrics file,
or put it in the faq, or both?  for now i'm putting it in the faq
in the songs section.
also, could the person (or anyone) whose managed to keep all (or
as many as possible) of the digests get in touch with me?
rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
harrisonburg va 22807              ever wanted to know about the dave
                                   matthews band (including a few
(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
and remember:  your head is a shovel--use it.
"could i have been....the king of diarrhea?"--djm, 11-9-93

Posted By: blakec@infi.net
Time/Date: 4:10 PM Saturady, January 15, 1994
Subject: The Authority

Nothing much seems to be happening on Horde.net so I'll post this here
instead.  The Authority is playing here in Norfolk on Jan. 27th and I'm
wondering if they'll allow me a soundboard patch.  Has anyone taped these
guys before.  When they opened for DMB I only taped DMB and I think Jeff was
doing sound.  If anyone is near the Norfolk VA area, come on out.

ODMBC:  Dave has opened for the Authority and the Authority has opened for
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