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January 1622, 1994

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Time/Date: January 1622, 1994 3:27 PM Sunday, January 16, 1994
Subject: tablature

before any aspiring musicians attempt to translate this info, i'd
just like to say that i pretty much suck at transcribing music.
most of these are pretty basic and it'll be up to you to figure
out and fill in what's missing.
some keys to getting a matthews kind of sound:
1)use a lot of muting and sliding.
2)learn to use your pinky finger when you can't figure out how to
  put a progression together.
3)use hallowed out chords.  dave lives for using chords that are
  comprised of just the E string and the corresponding 3rd on the
  D string.  look at warehouse during the chorus and bridge for
Jimi Thing
   E                                A
-                                   0
-                   9     9 9       2     5
-             9     9     9 9       2     6^7
-             9     9^11  9 9       2  7  7
-      7      9^11                  0
-  7^9   9 7                   12\
first change:
 D                              C
"if you could keep me floating, just for a while you..."
second change:
- 2
- 2   X  X  X
- 2   X  X  X
- X   X  X  X
- 5   3  2  1
  "i'd like to show you what's inside..."
- 0               0                  0
- 0               0                  2
- 1               1                  2    X    X    X
- 2               2                  2    X    X    X
- 2               2                  X    X    X    X
- 0               4                  5    3    2    1
and the bridges are just E and A.
this should get you started on warehouse:
 Bm        G          Bm
-          7                    7
-      11  9                11  9
-   9      10            9      10  10 9 7
-7                    7
but this is where you want to eventually wind up:
 Bm              G                Bm
-X X X X X X X X 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7  X X X X X X X X 7 7 7 X X X
-X X X X 1111X X 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9  X X X X 1111X X 9 9 9 X X X
-X X 9 9 X X X X 1010101010101010 X X 9 9 X X X X 101010109 7
-7 7 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  7 7 X X X X X X X X X X X X
the idea here, though, is not to set out trying to play the second
one.  just start basic, listen to song, play along with the song,
and work on developing the fingering, which should come naturally
as you work with it.  the right hand never stops or changes during
the almost the entire song.  up and down, really fast.
first change:
 A          Bm    G          Bm     A         Bm   G           Bm
-7          7 7   3          7 7    7         7    3           7
-5          7 7   7          7 7  4/5         7    7           7
this is also really simplified, due to my inability to transcribe
(this song is my second effort at it.)
chord diagrams for second change:
 Bm   E   F#   E   (3x then) G   A
-9    9   11   9             5   7
-     7   9    7
-7                           3   5
this really shows my inablility to translate right hand rhythm patterns
but it should get you started.  i also know that this isn't perfect by
any means:
opening riff (and prominent throughout the song):
 C           A            C
-      5     5                  5     5
-      5 4/5 6                  5 4/5 6
-      5     7                  5     7
-    7       0                7       0
-3/5                      3/5
(i don't know the exact chord progression)
-                                           5     5              5     5
-       5 4 2             10                5 4/5 6              5 4/5 6
-                 5       10       7        5     7              5     7
-    7          3         x      5        7                    7
-3/5          1     1/10  10   3      3/5                  3/5
chorus is just:
played using standard bar chords
have fun.
rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
harrisonburg va 22807               ever wanted to know about the dave
                                   matthews band (including a few
(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
and remember:  your head is a shovel--use it.
"could i have been....the king of diarrhea?"--djm, 11-9-93

Time/Date: 4:36 PM Sunday, January 16, 1994
Subject: Netters List

                       Minarets Net Netters List
This is the Minarets Net Netters list as of an update made 1/16/94.  For the
most part, these are the entry forms as they were recieved.  Slight editing has
been done in some cases for the sake of space.  This list is compiled and
maintained by Gregg Carrier (stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu).  Please mail any
changes, additions, questions or comments to Gregg.  This list can only be
complete with everyone's help so if you haven't already, think about filling
out a form like those below.
Name: C. Blake Campbell
Email address: blakec@wyvern.wyvern.com
Snail Mail Address: 3521 Shelton Rd. Portsmouth VA 23703
PHone # (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there): 804.484.6046
Personal Description: Cool guy, Long Brown Hair/Brown eyes 5'11'' 165 lbs.
Favorite color: Plain Crayola Green
Favorite flavor Jolly Rancher: Watermelon
How/When/Where/Why you got into DMB: Richmond VA Summer 92 because he
 sounded good and came well recommened from friends
Additional misc remarks/interests:  Interest include taping, school (ODU),
 mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, drugs.
name: clare emily clifford
email add: cecliff@vt.edu
snail mail: home: 1609 pine shadow ct.  richmond, va 23233
            school: 312  monteith hall  va tech  blacksburg, va 24060-0010
phone #: b-burg:703-232-3611
personal descpt: well....
       i'll refrain from posting my sexual history..
       the only thing anyone really needs to know is that i'll _always_ have
         a string of pearls on. (no phallic innuendo intended:) just ask
         rick for verification.  we're pretty close friends.
j/r flavor: i must say "fire".
dmb introduction: my man rick.  every wed, fz, all summer long. yes, we are
       the last of the hard-core-groupies.
misc remarks: i LOVE the song lover lay down.  regardless of the opinion of
       others. +pay 4 what you get (which i made rick learn how to play)
       That's all.
fav color: gray.... you don't want to know why.
James Buchanan Cogbill
Box 3247  Georgetown University  Washington, D.C.  20057-3247
(202) 784-8153
Personal Description:  Well, I'm very muscular, blonde...sort of a
 cross between a Greek God and a Nordic.  Well, at least I think so.
Favorite Color:  Purple (no joke)
Favorite Jolly Rancher:  Cherry?
First saw DMB open for Toad the Wet Sprocket at William and Mary Hall.
 Became fascinated from the first time I saw them.  I had the
 opportunity to see them play with Live, and TR3 three days later at
 Browns Island in Richmond.  They are a perfect combination of all the
 types of music I love and I'm virtually in heaven when I hear them
Additional Remarks:  I'm really from Richmond and this is my first
 year at Gtown.  I had the great opportunity to see DMB at the Flood
 Zone every Wed. night from the time I got interested.  My frieds here
 at Gtown think I'm kind of strange cuz I'm into this band so much ,
 but I do have a couple fellow fans here on the hall.
Finally, I've always had somewhat of an insiders edge on the band due
 to the fact that I've become good friends with the Band's lawyer Chris
 Sabec. He went to Georgetown as well, and is at my dad's law firm so I
 got to know him because of that.  Then I found out that he was the
 lawyer for this band (DMB) that I love so much and since then our
 relationship has flourished.  He's a really nice guy and invited me to
 J. Alagia's house when Alagia was mixing some songs for the CD.
 Anyhow, I've babbled too long...
Name: Emily Conjura
Nickname: Schnee
email address: conjuraem@urvax.urich.edu
snail mail address: 25 State Park Drive  Titusville, NJ 08560
snail mail address here at college: 28 Westhampton Way  WC Box 6241
                             University of Richmond  Richmond, VA 23173-6241
Phone Numbers: Jan 12-May 7 of 1994 College #: (804)-281-7945
               May 8 - August 15 of 1994 Home #: (609)-737-9382
Sex (if not obvious by Name): Female
Birthday: July 18, 1975
Personal Description
        Height: 5 foot 3 in.
        Hair: Shoulder length and brown, kinda wavy
        Eyes: Hazel
        Weight: 118
Favorite Color: Navy Blue, or Heather Gray
Favorite J.R. Flavor: Grape
DMB History:  I go to the Univ. of Richmond and Dave has been playing
              here for the past couple of years.  Went to my first show
              at the Floodzone in September of 93.  First song I ever
              heard was "Ants Marching" and after Boyd's violin solo I
              was sold.  I have been to four shows to date and can't
              wait to see more.  Have several tapes of the shows here
              in Richmond and around Charlottesville.
Favorite DMB song (to date, subject to change I'm sure): "Quick Lay and
Additional Musical Interests:  God Street Wine, PHISH, WSP, BHT & TM
                                The Samples, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Blues
Name:              Sue Deutsch
Email address:   sdeutsch@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
School Address:  PO Box 4947, Lexington, VA 24450
School Phone #:  (703) 463-1827
Home Address:    33 Mill Dam Road, Smithtown, NY 11787
Home Phone #:    (516) 265-9212
Personal Description: 5'2", athletic, brown hair, hazel eyes, cute?
Favorite color:  Hunter Green or Navy Blue
Favorite flavor Jolly Rancher:  Grape
How/When/Where/Why you got into DMB: They played at W&L last winter and
        I was really affected by the music.  I had to hear it again and again.
Additional misc remarks/interests:  I'm big on running and the outdoors.
Name: Bob Gee
Email Address: bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Snail Mail address: 619 Colfax St., Evanston, IL 60201
phone # 708-864-6461
Personal Description: 6-6, size 15 shoe, otherwise pretty normal-looking. Like
to wear blue A-Basin baseball hat( nfPD&=(eGbm(kCnP6pO)CG       _]. Normally
fairly mild-mannered, but love to get into Dave shows
Favorite color: olive drab
Favorite jolly rancher flavor: lemon
How/Why/When got into DMB: Introduced to them by friend at UVa. in summer '93.
Once I saw them live, I was hooked. I've discovered the downside of
appreciating DMB's music is that now when I listen to other music, I'm always
thinking it just isn't as good as Dave (WSP and Phish are the only other
band's that can still keep my attention).
Misc. Remarks: Started a new DMB show tradition for myself in Winston-Salem
12-29-93. Me and a buddy each drank one of those big bottles of MadDog in the
car before entering Ziggy's. It made the show that much better.
Name:   Daniel B. Greenfling Gold,  Gnome Boy
Email address: <Daniel_Gold@Brown.edu>
Snail Mail Addresses:  Brown U. Box 5575 / Providence, RI / 02912
                                      OR  12600 Ridgehaven Rd. / Little
                                          Rock, AR / 72211
PHone # (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there):  RI:  (401) 863 5058
                                                       AR: (501) 227 0298
Personal Description: currently, i look like a gnome, with brown dirty hair and
 a matted dark beard.
Favorite color: GREEN!!!!!  what else?
Favorite flavor Jolly Rancher: any red except the hot ones
Favorite place:  outdoors
Second favorite place:  in a show
How/When/Where/Why you got into DMB:  heard about dmb from a friend who goes to
 college in NC.  i "got into them" before i ever heard them by reading the MINER
 ATSnet since its inception.  my first show was 11/12/93 in boston, where they
 opened for and jammed with ARU.
Additional misc remarks/interests:  i'm a big fan of bluegrass and other improv
 isational music.  "my clansmen will aid you in a time of need"   "they will
 arrive on bovine steeds"   there is some guy on this network who uses a crazy
 name like Aglide and i am wondering why all these wierdos get off on strange
 pseudonyms.  widespread panic, what more can i say?  "so why would you want
 to get out of this place? you and me and all our friends, such a happy human
Name: Dave Hamilton
Email address: daveh@shell.portal.com
Snail Mail Address: 7 Wilson Ave., Rowayton, CT  06853-1502
PHone # (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there): (203)975-6320
Personal Description: Musician, computer geek, love them drums
Favorite color: Forest Green
Favorite flavor Jolly Rancher: Orange
How/When/Where/Why you got into DMB: Saw them at Red Rocks in Colorado - WOW
Additional misc remarks/interests: Still looking for a tape of that Red Rocks
show... 9/19/93
P.S.  Have a nice day.
Brett Horton
e mail address:  stu_behorton@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
snail mail address: 75 churchill rd  hamden CT 06517
           (school) JMU box 3541 Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Phone #   Home 203 248 4148
          School 703 568 5363
Personal Description: Hot blooded cajun
Favorite color: green
Favorite Jolly Rancher:  Peach.  Definitely, Peach
How why when: I saw Dave for the first time on halloween 1992 incidentally
 enough the same night he debuted "Halloween" and have been addicted ever since.
Misc. comments   I will always miss Peter.
Name: Craig Iannazzi
Email Address: cpi9238@ritvax.isc.rit.edu
Snail Mail address: 450 Smith Rd.
                    Pittsford, NY 14534
Phone #: (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there) (716) 582-2651
Always (I am stuck here)
Personal Description: Sure.
Favorite Flavor Jolly Rancher: Chili (on the product line)
How/Why/When you got into DMB: Music/good/9-11-93 around 1 pm
Miscellaneous remarks: Catch. Wow! Good job.
Favorite Color: Green w/ red hair
Name: Kerry Kriger
Email Address: kmk4g@virginia.edu
Snail Mail address: 814 J Cabell Ave. Charlottesville, VA 22903
Phone #: (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there) 804-295-4838
Personal Description: incoming afro
Favorite Flavor Jolly Rancher: uhh
How/Why/When you got into DMB: sept '92  I can't remember why I went to see
 them the first time, because I had never talked to anyone about them, but I
 think I was bored one night and decided to go just to see what Trax was like.
 Thought they sounded like the Mahavishnu Orchestra.  That was in the days
 before people jumped to Ants, and even before people jumped to Two Step--I
 just remember that he would say "look up at the sky" and everyone would start
Miscellaneous remarks: I'm not really an asshole, and I've never yelled
 "Two Step", "Watchtower", or "Halloween" at a show.
Name: Brian Lipman
Email Address:chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Snail Mail address:
School:                         Home:
Brian Lipman                    Brian Lipman
Allison 3002                    325 E. 57th Street  #6A
1820 Chicago Avenue             New York, NY 10022
Evanston, Il  60201-3856        (212) 755-1374
(708) 332-8975
Personal Description: Medium-smallish.  Wear hats.  Usually grinning  (I DO
Favorite Flavor Jolly Rancher: Apple or Cherry
How/Why/When you got into DMB:  I saw them open for John Popper at Wetlands
 this summer 6/24) and I have liked them ever since.  They really jam.  Too
 bad they don't come out to Chicago much.  :-<
Miscellaneous remarks:  Cool!!!
Name:Stephen Mayer
Snail mail:609 Northwood Ave. C'ville, va. 22902
Description:15 yrs old, big fan, go to H S here in c'ville
Favorite Color:Red
Flavor Jolly Rancher:Dead heat between peach and cherry
I was first introduced to DMB over a year ago at the live arts
show down near the mall. Since then, I have been collecting
bootlegs and doing my darndest to get into Trax on tuesdays
Name: Shawn Peters
Email address: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Snail Mail Address: 582 Brandon #802, Charlottesville, VA 22903
PHone # (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there): 804-296-4628
Personal Description: human
Favorite color: red, definitely, red
Favorite flavor Jolly Rancher: watermelon
How/When/Where/Why you got into DMB: 1st year at UVA / play guitar
Additional misc remarks/interests:
Bill Phelps
phelpswil@urvax.bitnet   (why isn't everyone else's address so simple?
UFA 3087 University of Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 281-7979  (after 3 pm)
Color:  Tripping 'blues'  :)
DMB:  A friend gave me a tape of a fllodzone show, I think it was
        the one the night after Public Enemy played last year. (DM
        mentions the guardrails).  I was amazed.  Three of us go
        each Wednesday without fail.
Remarks:I wish we had a way of knowing what other netters were at
        shows.  A secret decoder ring perhaps?
Name: Corey Seckular
E-mail address: cas4@Lehigh.EDU
Snail-mail address: 15 Walton Court
                    East Brunswick, NJ 08816
Phone: (908)613-0356
How I got into DMB: Basically, heard about this cool group over Phish.Net and
                    then, my friend who goes to UVA saw them a few times and
                    told me about them.  Then, Remember Two Things came out,
                    and I mail ordered it and now I am hoping to get some
                    bootlegs of the band.
Additional interests: I also like Phish and collecting bootlegs.
name:  Ed Sapir
e'mail:  sapire@carleton.edu
address:  300 n. college street  northfield, MN 55057
phone:  507 663-5260
personal description:  short, brown brimmed hat
jolly rancher:  red
other:  saw them a while ago at van ripers, loved the band despite
previous bias against them due to stephan's dad constantly telling
me how good they were...
music is key
carter makes me dizzy
consant improv that just plain works for me
name: Kenny Smith
email address: KMSMITH@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU
snail mail: school: JMU Box 6269
                    800 S Main ST
                    Harrisonburg, VA 22807
            home:   801 Pocono Dr
                    Richmond, VA 23236
phone #: school: (804)568-7244
         home:   (8040320-3374
personal description: Around 6'2", shaggy brown hair, blue eyes
favorite flavor jolly rancher: sour apple
how/why/when got into DMB:  I saw them open up for toad at W&M last april.
                            As soon as I turned 18 I went to the FZ to see them
                            every week.
Name:  Jonathan Wolfe
Email address:  x47721a3@usma10.usma.edu
Snail Mail Address:   USCC P.O. Box 835  West Point, N.Y.  10997
PHone # (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there):  914-938-5221
                                                       I'm here when not
                                                       in class or at the
                                                       ice rink.
Personal Description:  Don't really know what to say?
Favorite color:  Have quite a few, a light blue or dark red probably leads
                    the list, though
Favorite flavor Jolly Rancher:  those cinnamon ones
How/When/Where/Why you got into DMB: borrowed a boot from a friend over this
                                      past summer

Posted By: jjthomps@slate.Mines.Colorado.EDU
Time/Date: 3:04 PM Sunday, January 16, 1994
Subject: Some Sad News

Hello fellow netters,

For a couple of months now, I have enjoyed reading up on the Dave Matthews
Band through minarets because we don't get to hear much out here in
Colorado.  But, I'm afraid I must be the bearer of some sad news.  Last
night I went to Boulder to see the band at the Fox theatre, and while in
line, a girl behind us asked us if we knew why the Samples were playing.
This was strange because we had spoken with Dave after a show last Tuesday,
and he had mentioned that they would be having the Samples sit in with them
on Sunday night's show, but we didn't expect to see them on Saturday.  So
we went up to the front and asked.  It seems that Dave's sister was killed
in a car accident, and Dave had cancelled the shows.  The Samples had
stepped in to host the shows, featuring Boyd and Leroi, with proceeds going
to help Dave's now orphaned niece and nephew.  Last night's show sold out,
and I suspect tonight's will too, but it is a shame that this happened to a
band that was just making a lot of friends out here.

I believe that the band is taking donations at their mailing list address,
but I'm not sure.  I also am not sure about what this does to the scheduled
tour dates for the next couple of weeks.  I've only been listening to the
band since this summer, but they all seem like very likeable guys, so it is
very sad that this happened.  If anyone gets to speak with Dave or the band
soon, send them our best from out West.

						Jason Thompson

Posted By: dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu
Time/Date: 6:36 PM Sunday, January 16, 1994
Subject: DMB 10/26/93 Tree POSTING!

Greetings Minaretheads -

Finally, at long last, here is the final tree posting for The Dave
Matthews Band show in Charlottesville on 10/26/93.  Sorry for all
of the delays, I won't go in to specific reasons for the delay (not
that anyone would care, anyway).

To anyone who hasn't participated in a tree of this nature (sorry to 
those who are very familiar with this), here's how it works (an 
example using the first bracket):
1) I send Jim Pollock the copies of 10/26 that I have made for him.
   He, in return, sends me either blanks or trades, whichever we
   agree on.

2) Bill Shaw, Jamie Treworgy, Steve Mayer, and Sami Kitmitto contact
   Jim Pollock, and arrange to send trades or blanks.  Once Jim has
   received the tapes from me, he runs copies for Bill, Jamie, Steve,
   and Sami.

3) Rob and Ed contact Bill, and arrange to send blanks or trades,
   etc, etc...

In a nutshell, contanct the person directly to the left of your
name (your "parent") as soon as possible, and work out whatever 
details you need.

Any questions, email me (Dave Forbis) at dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu

Please don't ask me to add you to the tree!  There will be over 70
copies of this show floating around, and it should be easy to get a

Again, any questions, problems, lost parents, email me.

The Dave Matthews Band 10/26/93 Tree:

JimmieRow@aol.com (Jim Pollock)
	bills@sco.com (Bill Shaw)
		roblewis@sgi.com (Rob Lewis)
		sapire.carleton.edu (Ed Sapir)
	jamie@access.digex.com (Jamie Treworgy)
		mibowman@ccmail.sunysb.edu (Hamish Bowman)
		biggert@mail.bucknell.edu (Rody Biggert)
	nmayer@uva386.schools.virginia.edu (Steve Mayer)
		btanen@husc.harvard.edu (Ben Tanen)
		anjrober@journalism.indiana.edu (Andres Robertson)
	kitmitto@students.wisc.edu (Sami Kitmitto)
		AMANNING@Gems.VCU.edu (Tony Manning)
		Nebuious@aol.com (Ben Sterling)

tjr2g@virginia.edu (Timothy J. Richter)
	sbrannan@gmuvax.gmu.edu (Scott Brannan)
		mercp@acpub.duke.edu (Merc Pittinos)
		rgw@sunbar.mc.duke.edu (Rob Walker)
	JEROTTON@apollo.davidson.edu (Jeremy of Aglide)
		namay@apollo.davidson.edu (Nat May)
		meagherja@urvax.urich.edu (Jim Meagher)
	tilden@mickey.eng.gulfaero.com (Tilden White)
		aamosson@merle.acns.nwu.edu (Aaron Amosson)
		cokin@scf.usc.edu (Darren Cokin)
	fty@ornl.gov (Jay Flaherty)
		Trog.Martian@f856.n102.z1.fidonet.org (Trog Martian)
	st002314@brownvm.brown.edu (David Plunkett)

abz@world.std.com (Andy Zaff)
	malloy@osprey.hac.com (Jerry Malloy)
		gt0004b@prism.gatech.edu (Scott Sirotkin)
	ewhesse@amherst.edu (Eric Hesse)
		cvf@nwu.edu (Chris Forinash)		
	kreowskw@ava.bcc.orst.edu (Brian Kreowski)
		conjuraem@urvax.urich.edu (Emily Conjura)
	face@world.std.com (Scott Shurr)
		dan@tbone.biol.scarolina.edu (Daniel W. Schar)

Edoherty@Macalstr.edu (Eric Doherty)
	st201383@Brownvm.Brown.Edu (Eric Handler)
		hamilton@email.unc.edu (Mark Hamilton)
	klong@sura.net (Kim Long)
		navabit@alleg.edu (Timothy Navabi)
	fostekc0@seraph1.sewanee.edu (Keller Foster)
		akeeton@ucsd.edu (Allan Keeton)
	stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu (Rick Thompson)
		goodrwh9@ac.wfu.edu (Warren Goodrich)

dalton@isidis.colorado.edu (Lizard Man)
	caw9c@dayhoff.med.Virginia.edu (Charlie Whittaker)
	x47721a3@usma10.usma.edu (Jonathan Wolfe)
		vastolj@alleg.edu (Joseph A. Vastola, Jr.)
	libby@progress.com (Libby Wilson)
		jepstein@titan.ucs.umass.edu (Jonathan Epstein)
	jlew@buffalo.trystero.com (Jeremy Lew)
		dbader@eng.umd.edu (David Bader)
	gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu (Shawn Peters)

maclin@brahms.udel.edu (Doug Maclin)
	dgr@chem.ucsd.edu (Danny Rillera)
		chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu (Brian Lipman)
	bmking@mail.wm.edu (Brett Kingswell)
		cpi9238@ritvax.isc.rit.edu (Craig Iannazzi)
	clange@ea.com (Chip Lange)
		gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu (Graham Spice)
	mh7e@andrew.cmu.edu (Morgan Hankins)

kmk4g@virginia.edu (Kerry Kriger)
	MD_Wallenste@acad.fandm.edu (Matt Wallenstein)
		robert@askinc.ask.com (Robert McMullen)
	p30gds1@mvs.cso.niu.edu (Gary Shank)
		jrbaldwi@eos.ncsu.edu (Rhett Baldwin)
	akcs.rob24@vpnet.chi.il.us (Rob Allen)
		hbf1@lehigh.edu (Harley Ferguson)
	noelc@microsoft.com (Noel Cross)
		mfv@ulysses.att.com (Matt Vernon)

Time/Date: 7:23 PM Sunday, January 16, 1994
Subject: Tape Offer

Hola chicos y chicas:
I haven't heard anyone grovel for tapes yet, but in the benevolent
spirit of Jaques MontBlanc I will offer to spin a few tapes for anyone
who doesn't have much to trade. I will only take the first couple of

Posted By: @mail.trincoll.edu:sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu
Time/Date: 8:25 PM Sunday, January 16, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 63

>Re: MINARETS digest 62 (jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu)
>Shameless Grovel (Grilled Cheese <SPICE@dickinson.edu> (Reid Spice))
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>140 PEOPLE??? Man... that show's gonna rock...
>Date: Thu, 13 Jan 94 21:33:24 est
>From: Grilled Cheese <SPICE@dickinson.edu> (Reid Spice)
>To: minarets@moose.uvm.edu
>Subject: Shameless Grovel
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>Well, I only have that one FZ show on the 8th to trade but I'm looking for a 
>copy of the DM/Tim Reynolds Acoustic Duet show from the 12th in 
>Charlottesville.  Anyone?  Please?  
>Date: Fri, 14 Jan 94 09:56:41 CST
>To: minarets@moose.uvm.edu
>Subject: Tour Dates
>Message-ID: <01H7O52PCAM0000FIW@uvmvax.uvm.edu>
>Could someone please post the dates of Dave's current Midwest tour.  I know
>he'll be in Chicago next weekend.  Where else will he be?
>Miles Abrams
>Date: Fri, 14 Jan 1994 11:50:32 -0500 (EST)
>To: minarets@moose.uvm.edu
>Subject: dancing nancies quotes
>if any of you have any great dancing nancies quotes, could you send
>them to me, along with the date and venue of the quote?  i want
>compile a list of them for everyone to laugh at.
>one prob:  should i go ahead and add the list to the lyrics file,
>or put it in the faq, or both?  for now i'm putting it in the faq
>in the songs section.
>also, could the person (or anyone) whose managed to keep all (or
>as many as possible) of the digests get in touch with me?
>rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
>jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
>harrisonburg va 22807              ever wanted to know about the dave
>                                   matthews band (including a few
>(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
>and remember:  your head is a shovel--use it.
>"could i have been....the king of diarrhea?"--djm, 11-9-93
>End of MINARETS Digest 63
reply to Reid Spice,
I have a copy of a duet from April 22-really good-sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu

Posted By: @mail.trincoll.edu:sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu
Time/Date: 9:19 PM Sunday, January 16, 1994
Subject: reply to Reid Spice

I don't have the 12th duet you are talking about but I do have a duet from
April 22, at the Prism Coffee House, in Charlottesville, interested?

Time/Date: 1:04 AM Monday, January 17, 1994
Subject: Netter Form

This is a generic netter form for the netter list which is maintained by Gregg
Carrier.  If you would like to be added to the list, fill this out and send it
to Gregg (stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu).  If you would like to change your
entry, fill this out again.  If you want a copy of the file, email Gregg.  Note
this is a suggested form.  You can change it if you want, but try to be brief.
------------------------------cut here-----------------------------------------
Email Address:
Snail Mail Address(es):
Phone Number(s):
Personal Description:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Flavor Jolly Rancher:
How/Where/Why/When you got into DMB:
Additional Miscellaneous Remarks or Comments:

Posted By: cecliff@vt.edu
Time/Date: 2:28 PM Monday, January 17, 1994
Subject: phenomenal dmb story... (for me anyway)

hello all..
happy new year.  let us all be awakened to sobriety. however shameless.
  i just got back to school, and thought i'd fill you in on the dmb aspect 
of my break.  i drove down to w-s for the show at ziggy's.  my friend brandi 
livesthere so it was a good excuse for a road trip.  we got to ziggy's, and 
it was COLD AS SHIT till you started dancing.  there's tarp over one area of 
the roof. ie: not an enclosed club.  the show went well, looked for a few 
other netters that i had planned on meeting, which apparently ended up not 
happening. i was disappointed though..(dan, brian)
  during the show, brandi and i were in the front. by the second set, we 
were in front of leroi.  after the show he stuck around on stage while the 
club cleared out.  we started talking to leroi, and then stefan, and soon as
we knew, thirty minutes had flown.  they invited us back to the holiday inn 
to party, which we did.  we cracked open a bottle of bourbon, and decided to 
go to 'the good ole' IHOP for breakfast.  (which leroi bought) and we got put
on the nye guest list. no strings.  no favors. 
  yes this is crazy... utterly.  i called rick at 7;30 am. (he being the 
only other person i knew who was going.)  i woke him up, (he'd been driving
most on the night back from the PHISH show...  little did i know that in my
state of drunken delerium.) he scolded me... harshly and told me to call him
in daylight hours.  
  rick's already given a brief excerpt which suffices for the ending of my 
story.  i must say, though, that that elevator encounter blew me away.  it
was FUCKIN STRANGE. drunken people and emergency bells in elevators just 
don't mesh.
  does anyone know any more details about jane's car accident and death?
how many colorado shows had to be cancelled?  it's all a  shame...

let your souls soar,

'i gravitate toward opportunities of self-destruction'

Posted By: bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Time/Date: 6:12 PM Monday, January 17, 1994
Subject: Chicago shows cancelled

I just got off the phone with someone at Schuba's to find out when tickets go
on sale for the 22nd show (it was advertised in this Friday's Reader) only to
be informed that DAVE HAS CANCELLED ALL SHOWS THIS WEEK. Apparantly he had a
death in the family and flew back to South Africa on Saturday. I guess the
Boulder shows were cancelled as well. So there are no doubt a lot of bummed
out people in the land of Dave. She wasn't sure when or where Dave would play
when he returns to Chicago, but it probably won't be anytime soon (not within
the next month or two).
Well, I hope Dave's ok, and that he'll be back playing again real soon.

A different note: DMB's first RCA CD could be coming as early as April or May.
A friend of mine was trying to book the band for a Friday afternoon show here
before he was supposed to play in Chicago this weekend, and that's what an RCA
person told him.

Another subject: anyone go to or have the set list for the 12/28 Charlotte
show? Coran said it was amazing, but I'd like to hear about it.


Posted By: dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu
Time/Date: 12:57 PM Tuesday, January 18, 1994
Subject: ALMA

Hi all -

Can anyone give me details of the members of ALMA?  They're playing
this coming Saturday (or Friday?) night in Blacksburg.


Time/Date: 8:21 Tuesday, January 18, 1994
Subject: Jane

I can't believe the news about Jane's death.  Dave must truly be in pain.  I
had only met her once, but she seemed very nice and supportive of Dave and the
band.  I wish him luck in getting over this terrible tragedy...
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Time/Date: 8:31 PM Tuesday, January 18, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 66

Just a little news on the tragic death of Dave's sister.  I have
been talking to a source close to the band and from what i heard it
was Anne, his older sister, who died in South Africa.  I am waiting to
hear for the confirmation of the tragic death of Dave's sister.
Meanwhile, we can hang in there and hope they get back on the road
when Dave is ready.
Wayland  "could i have been a robber, give me all, give me all your money"

Posted By: budkee@unvax.union.edu
Time/Date: 8:33 PM Tuesday, January 18, 1994
Subject: This death thing

Could someone please call their management about this.  The number of
names passing around it amazing.  I thought Jane worked for management
and was no relation.  On horde-net, Dave himself died.  This is
getting a little out of hand here guys.
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Time/Date: 11:59 PM Tuesday, January 18, 1994
Subject: to any new netters since digest 25 (or thereabouts)

you all saw this when you subscribed, but i thought i'd remind you:
there is a FAQ (frequently asked questions) file.  if you want it,
just let me know.  if you have questions about the band, taping,
tape trading, or other things, just ask me for a copy.  i also
maintain the lyrics file.
about the dave family situation, i heard, through completely underground
sources, that it was dave's older sister, which i didn't know he had.
(jane is dave's younger sister.)  i've been trying to get a little
more info on the subject, and i'm sure we'll see a press release
about the topic soon.
rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
harrisonburg va 22807              ever wanted to know about the dave
                                   matthews band (including a few
(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
"It is indeed a great gift of heaven to possess...plain common sense."
             --Immanuel Kant

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 12:34 AM Wednesday, January 19, 1994
Subject: Special Ticket Situation for the Georgia Theatre

sorry, that's a long subject line.

i finally have internet access again but only to hear the unfortunate 
news.  my heart goes out to Dave and all those that are connected.

i thought i'd post the dates again because there is something I forgot to 
add about the Georgia Theatre shows.  I put **** there to remind me but 
forgot anyway.  anyway here are the dats again for anyone who missed them 
the first time and i'll try to keep these updated with the latest news.  
i haven't even had a chance to contact the office to see how things are 
going. i'm rather sure these first two shows are cancelled but i'd called 
just in case.  i'll try and find out tomorrow afternoon sometime.  maybe 
someone out there knows? Bob Gee (whose tapes still are in the 
making--sorry) had some info on the Schuba shows.  
  18th-Benchwarmers, Lawrence Kansas
  20th-Blind Pig, Ann Arbor Michigan
  21st-Schuba's Chicago IL
  22nd-Schuba's Chicago IL
  3rd-Ivory Tusk Tusch... Alabama
  4th-GA Theatre Athens GA ******
  5th-GA Theatre Athens GA ******
  8th-Attic Greenville, NC
  9th-Teradactyl Club Charlotte NC
  10th-Ziggy Winston-Salem
  11th-Gilford College Gilford NC
  12th-TBA Knoxville, TN
  15th-Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill
  16th-Rockefellers Columbia SC
  17th-Mad Monk Wilmington NC
  18th-Music Farm Charleston SC
  19th-Druyry Springfield Missouri
  22nd-TRAX !!!!!
  23rd-Floodzone !!!!!
  25th-Sweetbriar College Lynchburg, VA
  26th-Bayou Washington DC

the Georgia Theatre show will have a special advance ticket sale 
procedure run throught the DMB office.  The tickets are 7.50 and one 
dollar for postage, so basically they are $8.50.  They are sent certified 
mail.  The office is set up to take Master Card and Visa.  The phone 
number is 804 971 4829.  Or you can send a check or money order to p.o. 
box 1911 Charlottesville, VA 22903.  I think that's clear enough.  This 
is an effort to cut out Ticket Bastards.  I hope it works well enough to 
be efficient.

alex Crothers

Time/Date: 12:39 AM Wednesday, January 19, 1994

here's something a lot of you have been waiting a long time for:
me and gregg have been itchin' for a long time to start our first
tree, and we chose a great show to use:
dave matthews and tim reynolds live at the movie palace in c-ville,
dec 12.
filler (which is an entire side of one tape) will be the acoustic
set from here at jmu, nov 29 (which also features tim), as well
as the songs dave played live on jmu's wxjm radio.  i'll post a
full setlist tomorrow.
so anyway, here's the form:
your name:
your address:
your phone number:
can you make copies?
   how many?
do you want to trade or send blanks?
if you can make copies, do you want to trade or have blanks sent to you?
describe and rate your taping equipment:
anything important that you think we forgot:
all taping will be done using master soundboard tapes, and if you
want dolby s, please specify.  there will be no dat branches, unless
someone wants to work that out for him/herself.
sign ups will be cut off midnight, friday.  (that means you have all
day friday to sign up).
we'll do our best to have the structure posted by monday or tuesday.
rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
harrisonburg va 22807              ever wanted to know about the dave
                                   matthews band (including a few
(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
"It is indeed a great gift of heaven to possess...plain common sense."
             --Immanuel Kant

Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 12:32 PM Wednesday, January 19, 1994
Subject: Some Guitar Tab

*NOTE--Most of this was posted in December but some has been added...

        Last year, a few people suggested forming a cooperative effort 
towards posting tabulature for Dave Matthews Band music.  Here's some 
bits and pieces of songs that I have accumulated.  I can make no 
assurances towards their correctness (I am more sure about some than
others; I'll try to indicate this).  If anyone has anything to correct/
add/comment on, I would greatly appreciate this.  Most of this has been
gleaned from listening to various tapes.  The position of the hand on the
neck was learned from observing Dave in action.  From there, the notes 
came from listening to the music.  Since most of these songs are incomplete,
take some of this and run with it.  If anyone thinks it is a good idea,
I would be willing to be the compiler of a Tab File (sort of like the 
lyrics file) to which people could subscribe and which would be posted
periodically.  What do you think?
(Note:  lyrics can be obtained from the well-kept lyrics file)
(Note #2:  All of the following songs assume that the song's 
rhythm and patterns are available to the reader.  Therefore, the
tab is greatly simplified.  Also, as anyone knows, Dave does not 
play any song the same way twice.  A great deal of fill is assumed
between the tab shown here -- the songs would sound pretty lame if
they were played exactly as I have entered them.                             

Intro and Verse:

   D        Bm                  A        Am11(mute)_

   D         Bm        G A G
G--2--2-2----4--4-4----0-2-0-|   repeat

and the little bit after "and I'm blown away"...

  D                Am    G
E-3-3-3------------0-0-0-3-3-3       -|
B-2-2-2------------1-1-1-0-0-0       -|
G-3-3-3-----2------2-2-2-0-0-0       -|
D-0-0-0-0-4---4-0--2-2-2-0-0-0 fill  -|
A------------------0-0-0-2-2-2       -|
E------------------------3-3-3       -|
The little solo bit is something like:

B  5     >     7  7 7 7 5  7
G  5   slide   7  7 7 7 5  7      Ab > Bb > C  etc.
D  5    >      7  7 7 7 5  7
(note: in any of these songs, a lot of the notes are 
hit by sliding up/down to them.  Throw in a lot of 
mute picks as well.  This accounts for that sort of rough
sound Dave gets)

SATELLITE (intro only)

E--------------------------|  There is probably an easier
B--------------------------|  place on the neck to play 
G--------------------------|  this, but this is where Dave
D-----9---7----6---4---7---|  does, so...


Intro is just Dm (barred at 5th fret)


Em(barre 7)  D(bar 5)  G(barre 3)  C(barre 3)  
D(barre 5) C(barre 3)


G  C  D  slide upD  slide upC  G   repeat 4 times


I'm just going to list the chord changes, not the picking...just
listen to it and you'll get it.

verse, etc:                "and your lips burn wild", etc.
                             (not totally sure about this part)

   A    Asus2  F#m  E          A   A7sus2 F    E
E--0----0------2----0--|    E--0---0------1----0--|
B--2----0------2----0--|    B--2---0------1----0--|
G--2----4------2----1--|    G--2---0------2----1--|
D--2----2------4----2--|    D--2---2------3----2--|
A--0----0------4----2--|    A--0---0------3----2--|
E-------4------2----0--|    E------3------1----0--|

   D                 G


F#m   D   G  GAG  F#m   D   GAG   F#m  D...........

add lots of suspensions and picking

G  C  G  C  G  C  D  G
G F C G :|

look in any songbook...people play it in different keys anyway


picked power chords...sounds like a pretty simple progression?

main part is a D power chord  7  down to C  5  and back
                              7             5
                              5             3

with an A 7 thrown in in the "fall back again" part

chorus: (barre chords)
A Bm C D 


intro:  Am    3 2 1 on low E string
slide up neck to ~5 fret
Am (bar5)  C(top 4 strings of barre 8)  D(barre 5) G(barre 3) 
C          Am                           G          D

repeat   (don't know the rest)

G       F      ?   ?  ?  ?  

    A            E            D

        This song begins with the shorted E-form barre chords
shown above, playing only the top four strings.  The rhythm 
can be taken from a recording.  It helps to add your pinky your
pinky on and off the G string (ie. with A it would be 5-5-7-7),
making suspended-4 chords to make it sound better.  Anyway, this
is the intro and the first part of the verse.  After that it goes
to simple barre chords:

       Bm (7th fret)  E (7th fret) A (5th fret) F#m (9th fret) 

       this bit ends with a G (10 fret), before going back to 
       into bit.  

I don't know the part containing "Goodbye...", this is a bit 
murky but seems just like he's banging the hell out of some 


          A           E                           F#sus2
E---------0-----------0---------------  ----------2------|
B---------2-----------0---------------  ----------2------|
G---------2-----------1---------------  ----------4------|
D---------2-----------2---------------  ----------4------|
A---------0-----------2---------------  ----------2------|
E------------4--2-----0---------------  ----------2------|
The intro is shown above.  The first part of the verse that
begins with "How can I tolerate..."  is just a variation of 
A, B, and E barre chords.   The part that starts with "Cry
freedom, cry"  starts off with F#sus2 shown above and after
that I am unclear.
      That's it for me.  Again, if anyone has anything to 
correct(I didn't have a guitar handy typing this in) 
or add, please let me know.  What do you think of the file        

                              Shawn Peters

Time/Date: 2:13 PM Wednesday, January 19, 1994
Subject: Alma

All I know of Alma, having never seen them live, is that there are some really
killer musicians in the band.  It is in a way the reincarnation of Indecision
with some other folks.  I know that Doug Wannamaker (who occasionaly sits in
with Dave band) is with Alma (he used to be with Indecision).  Several other
members of Indescision are in the band as well, but being not so familiar with
them, I don't know the names.  Kristen Ashbury (sings really well...used to
sing with Dave band quite frequently) is also in Alma.  I'd say, if they're
playing near you, go check them out.  Should be a lot of good music and you may
even hear the Charlottesville classic Angel From Montgomery...a four chord
wonder as Dave calls it ;)
************ What would you do if I ate your Daddy's shoes? ******************
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Time/Date: 3:06 PM Wednesday, January 19, 1994

ok fellow netters, this is THE OFFICIAL NEWS OF DAVE'S SISTER'S DEATH
******************THIS IS THE OFFICIAL POST*******************************
I talked to the Dave Matthews Band management at 2:15 on Wednesday, Jan. 19-
This is what they told me to post:
Dave is in South Africa attending the funeral of Anne, his older sister, who
tragically passed away last week.  Anne left two children, a boy and a girl,
who are Dave's niece and nephew.
According to management:  The tour will continue as scheduled on February 3,
in Alabama.
When Dave left on Saturday January 15, the band was scheduled to play taht
night at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado.  The Samples, who had the day
off, were called at 2:30 and by 5:00 they were in the theatre soundchecking.
That night, the Samples along with Leroi and Boyd, played a benefit concert
for Dave's niece and nephew.  They played for free and the show sold out and
was a great success.  All the proceeds are going to Anne's children.
The management wanted to express their appreciation to the Samples for
getting ready on such short notice.  The following night, the Samples played
a normal show with Leroi, Carter, and Boyd.  The word from Boulder is
that the shows were amazing and everything came off well.  No word on
when Dave is due back in the states, but the tour will continue on the 3rd
of February.
Once again:  This came from management and is the official news as of 2:15 on
Wednesday, January 19.
On a personal note:  I think The Samples deserve credit and appreciation for
playing on their day off, and on top of that for free.  It is great to have
bands, like the Samples, be friends of the Dave Matthews Band.
I hope to be informed about any new changes or events, and will post them
as soon as I get them.  I hope this will end the confusion and rumors on
the net concerning the tragic death of Anne.
If anyone has any questions, please do not hesistate to email me or call
Wayland Pond
email:  pondwayla@urvax.urich.edu
snail:  R.C. Box 1363
        28 Westhampton Way
        University of Richmond, Virginia 23173
        (804) 285-0479

Posted By: dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu
Time/Date: 3:19 PM Wednesday, January 19, 1994
Subject: ALMA

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that Carter
played drums in Alma.  Is that right or wrong?


Time/Date: 4:46 PM Wednesday, January 19, 1994
Subject: the situation with dave...

ok, this should clear things up a little bit.
i called red light today, and they said they will NOT make a press
release about dave's personal life.  you should understand, and if
you don't, deal with it.  the band is currently officially on vacation,
and should be back within about two weeks.  i've heard that it was
dave's older sister and her husband that were killed, but how hasn't
been divulged by anyone of importance.
the jane that works for red light management is jane tower, a completely
different entity from jane matthews, who is the namesake of the song
that jane likes.
i hope this clears a few things up, and i'm sure that in due time
we'll get a full explanation from someone.
rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
harrisonburg va 22807              ever wanted to know about the dave
                                   matthews band (including a few
(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
"It is indeed a great gift of heaven to possess...plain common sense."
             --Immanuel Kant

Time/Date: 12:05 PM Thursday, January 20, 1994
Subject: CONTACT

I just got on the net and I was wondering if Blake or Wayland would email me .  My regards to Dave's Sister. PEACE

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 1:26 PM Thursday, January 20, 1994
Subject: Updated Dates

Hello-just got some new updated dates and stuff from the home office.
bear with me as i correct this original list.

  20th-Blind Pig, Ann Arbor Michigan*********these shows are cancelled
  21st-Schuba's Chicago IL*******************these shows are cancelled
  22nd-Schuba's Chicago IL*******************these shows are cancelled
  25th-Dave and Tim Reynolds Berchmeir(sp?) Washington, DC**New Dates***
  26th-Dave and Tim Reynolds Wetlands, NYC******************New Date****

  2nd-TBA************************************this show isn't happening
  3rd-Ivory Tusk Tusch... Alabama*********this will start things up again
  4th-GA Theatre Athens GA **************these shows still have the special
  5th-GA Theatre Athens GA ********************ticket situation************
  8th-Attic Greenville, NC
  9th-Teradactyl Club Charlotte NC
  10th-Ziggy Winston-Salem
  11th-Gilford College Gilford NC
  12th-TBA Knoxville, TN
  15th-Cat's Cradle Chapel Hill
  16th-Rockefellers Columbia SC
  17th-Mad Monk Wilmington NC
  18th-Music Farm Charleston SC
  19th-Druyry Springfield Missouri
  22nd-TRAX !!!!!
  23rd-Ritz Raleigh, NC-opening for Widspread Panic*****New Dates*******
  23rd-Floodzone !!!!!********************this show is moved to the 24th
  25th-Sweetbriar College Lynchburg, VA
  26th-Bayou Washington DC

That's all for now.  Hope that's not too confusing. Let me know if 
something is unclear.

alex Crothers

Posted By: dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu
Time/Date: 2:13 PM Thursday, January 20, 1994
Subject: Re: Updated Dates

>  22nd-TRAX !!!!!
>  23rd-Ritz Raleigh, NC-opening for Widspread Panic*****New Dates*******
>  23rd-Floodzone !!!!!********************this show is moved to the 24th
>  24th-TBA

Question about the 23rd to anyone who might know.  Is the Ritz a bar
type venue, or is advance seating sold?  Are advance ticket sold anyway?
Anyone know where they're being sold?

Just a hint to anyone who isn't too familiar with Widespread Panic, this
is going to be one helluva hot show.


Posted By: btanen@husc.harvard.edu
Time/Date: 2:33 PM Thursday, January 20, 1994
Subject: Re: Updated Dates

On Thu, 20 Jan 1994, David Forbis wrote:

> >  22nd-TRAX !!!!!
> >  23rd-Ritz Raleigh, NC-opening for Widspread Panic*****New Dates*******
> >  23rd-Floodzone !!!!!********************this show is moved to the 24th
> >  24th-TBA
> Question about the 23rd to anyone who might know.  Is the Ritz a bar
> type venue, or is advance seating sold?  Are advance ticket sold anyway?
> Anyone know where they're being sold?
> Just a hint to anyone who isn't too familiar with Widespread Panic, this
> is going to be one helluva hot show.
> -Dave

Amen to that.  WSP and DMB on the same bill.  Let's get Boyd out there 
with panic for a few tunes?????

Someone do us all a favor and tape this show!
	(see, i really mean it!)


---------- Ben Tanen ------ Motts ------ btanen@husc.harvard.edu ----------

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 3:11 PM Thursday, January 20, 1994
Subject: Dave Acoustic @ Wetlands

sorry about the typo but the actual date is the 29th of December.
alex Crothers

ps-i believe everything else is correct.

Posted By: mercp@acpub.duke.edu
Time/Date: 4:13 PM Thursday, January 20, 1994
Subject: DMB and WSP at Ritz

For anyone who is interested in seeing Dave and Widespread on February 23,
they are playing at the Ritz in Raleigh. This venue holds about 1200-1300
people and tickets have already gone on sale.  They are $15.50 each.  The
doors open at 8:00 for the shows which are general admission.  The phone
number for the Ritz is 919.836.8535 The address is 2820 Industrial Drive

		Hope to see you there
		Merc Pittinos

Posted By: jrbaldwi@eos.ncsu.edu
Time/Date: 9:22 AM Friday, January 21, 1994
Subject: Re: Updated Dates

> Question about the 23rd to anyone who might know.  Is the Ritz a bar
> type venue, or is advance seating sold?  Are advance ticket sold anyway?
The Ritz is a square "theater" (I would not call it one) with a balcony
that forms a U around the upstairs.  The floor has no chairs but
adequate visibility, and the acoustics are decent at best.  There are 2
or 3 bars in there, and it's not a bad place to see a show, although
they do not allow smoking inside the venue, nor do they allow anyone to
walk outside and re-enter.

Should be hot as hell.

-Rhett Baldwin

Posted By: klong@sura.net
Time/Date: 11:13 AM Friday, January 21, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 69

Does this mean that the dates for this show are incorrect?

  25th-Dave and Tim Reynolds Berchmeir(sp?) Washington, DC**New Dates***
                            Birchmere in Va outside of DC.  


Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 12: 25 PM Friday, January 21, 1994
Subject: Updated Dates again!!!

in response to Klong and the ever increasing difficult situtation the 
Wetlands show and Birchmeir show are cancelled.

The band is hoping to be back Feb 3rd.

alex Crothers

sorry about all the date changes but this is a a touch and go situation 
that changes almost everyday.

> Does this mean that the dates for this show are incorrect?
> January:
>   25th-Dave and Tim Reynolds Berchmeir(sp?) Washington, DC**New Dates***
>                              ^^^^^^^^^
>                             Birchmere in Va outside of DC.  
> klong

Posted By: fostekc0@seraph1.sewanee.edu
Time/Date: 12:40 PM Friday, January 21, 1994
Subject: Mike Formica

                Sorry to have to send this to everyone but my computer did
not save any messages!!  I can not find any of my old stuff and my set up
is totally different.  Well Mike can you please send me your address, sorry
about the trouble, I am sending you two tapes to compensate. 

                                                                thanks, Keller

Time/Date: 3:16 PM Friday, January 21, 1994

here's the lineup for alma:
doug wannamaker--hammond organ
kristin asbury --vocals
arron evans
houston ross
johnny gilmore --drums
i don't really know much more about them, except that every member
is from either c-ville all-stars, indecision, or both.  i don't
know if kristin is the only vocalist for the band either.  they're
playing here in harrisonburg tonight at joker's pub, just in case
anyone near hear is looking for something to do.
here's the setlist for the dave matthews/tim reynolds movie palace
  tape I/side 1                        tape I/side 2
set I                              set II
typical situation                  you are my sanity  **
recently                           satellite
pay for what you get               so much to say
tripping billies                   help myself
chatterbox   **                    dancing nancies
one sweet world                    is anybody there?  **
minarets                           i'll back you up
   tape II/side 1                      tape II/side 2
set II cont'd                      nov 29, wilson hall, jmu
ants marching                      recently
what you will(this is what i'm     i'll back you up
   currently labeling the new one) typical situation
warehouse                          you are my sanity   **
stream  **                         minarets
christmas song                     stream    **
  e:                               christmas song
lie in our graves                    f:  ***
angel from montgomery              lie in our graves
                                   best of what's around
the filler songs are the two songs dave matthews played live on wxjm radio
just before his show at jmu.
as far as the repeats on the second tape goes, the two streams
could be listen to as different songs, because tim reynolds is so
good at reinterpretting the song every time he plays it.  the
lie in our graves are really different with dave doing some really
whacked out dave talk on the filler.
the christmas song's are more or less identical.
since it took me so long to get this set list out, i'm going to
extend the sign ups for another day.
if you want to be on the tree, just send me the following info:
your name:
your address:
your phone number:
how many copies (if any) can you make?
do you want to trade or send blanks to your parent?
do you want to trade or recieve blanks from your children (if your
   making copies)?
describe and rate your taping equipment:
rick thompson                      <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
jmu box 5388                       willing to tell you anything you
harrisonburg va 22807              ever wanted to know about the dave
                                   matthews band (including a few
(703) 568-4945                     disjunct lyrics).
"It is indeed a great gift of heaven to possess...plain common sense."
             --Immanuel Kant

Posted By: S975014@UMSLVMA.BITNET
Time/Date: 5:41 PM Friday, January 21, 1994
Subject: Spgfld, MO show!!

My first DMB show is coming up on Feb 19.  The tour date listing said Druyry.
I believe it is Drury College (I had a buddy who went there.)  Is there any
way that I can find out when and where tix go on sale.  I live in St Louis
(2 hours away) and have no way of finding out.  Is the show open to the public
(or only students)?  Is it at a frat?
Basically all I want is to be able to see them.  I've been reading this group
for 4 months and have yet to hear what they sound like (live or tape).  Any
help with info or even a phone number (management or venue) would be greatly
Good to see Dave is gonna get right back in the swing of things after his loss,
Miles Abrams
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