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January 2329, 1994

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Posted By: cas4@Lehigh.EDU
Time/Date: 12:06 PM Monday, January 24, 1994
Subject: First posting

Hey everybody.  This is my first posting to the net.  Just wondering how
everyone originally got into DMB?  I heard about them over Phish.Net.
Knowing that I usually like the music that other Phish Phans do, I bought
the CD and love it.  Then over break, a good friend who goes to UVA, you
know who you are, got me three bootlegs.  Does anyone wanna trade.  If
interested, send me your list or e-mail me at cas4@Lehigh.EDU.  And let's
all share our DMB stories.


Posted By: caw9c@dayhoff.med.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 3:07 PM Monday, January 24, 1994
Subject: October trax tree

Could someone please send me the structure of the trax tree.  I
lost mine.

Posted By: cecliff@vt.edu
Time/Date: 4:08 PM Monday, January 24, 1994
Subject: traveling distances

hello all!!
(welcome corey...)
  since we've all been a little quiet lately, i got lonely.
how about somebody sharing with the net the longest distances you've 
traveled to see the band, and/or any crazy stories you've got to tell 
that may by only remotely (but definitely somewhat) related to dmb.

Guess what??? I'm driving four hours to raleigh on wed, the 23rd to see 
the show with a fellow netter (dave forbis).  i'm psyched and i have
no clue how we'll fit the show and 8 hrs of driving into one night. 
all can be accomplished...  how many other netters will show for this 
spectacular event???    anyone?  anyone?

let your souls soar,
clare emily

A woman is often measured by things she cannot control.  She is measured by 
the way her body curves or doesn't curve, by where she is flat or straight or 
round.  She is measured by 36-24-36 and inches and ages and numbers.  By all 
the outside things that don't ever add up to who she is on the inside.  And 
so if a woman is to measured, let her be measured by the things she can 
control, by who she is and who she is trying to become.  Because as every 
woman knows, measurements are only statistics.  And STATISTICS LIE.

Posted By: dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 5:09 PM Monday, January 24, 1994
Subject: Lengths traveled to see DMB

   You know in the 5 times I've seen Dave and the band I once had to walk 15
minutes from my dorm all the way to Trax!!!  
   Sorry to rub it in.

                         Warm wishes and weather from UVa,

Posted By: SAPIRE@carleton.edu
Time/Date: 5:51 PM Monday, January 24, 1994
Subject: travelling those distances

so a story eh?
yeah, two friends and i drove from here
Northfield Minnesota
to Chicago to see the band, an 8-9 hour chug in Jo's jeep,
and hell they only played for 30 minutes for they were
opening for the Samples
but it was worth it, we'd all agree fortunatly we stayed in chicago
and ate pizza and talked about God
with the Reverend

hey, and ask Dave P. or Drew D.
about driving to Richmond!, sillyness anyhow


Posted By: dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu
Time/Date: 8:36 AM Tuesday, January 25, 1994
Subject: 10/26 DMB Tree REPOST

Once again, for any who may have lost/missed it the first time:

Greetings Minaretheads -

Finally, at long last, here is the final tree posting for The Dave
Matthews Band show in Charlottesville on 10/26/93.  Sorry for all
of the delays, I won't go in to specific reasons for the delay (not
that anyone would care, anyway).

To anyone who hasn't participated in a tree of this nature (sorry to 
those who are very familiar with this), here's how it works (an 
example using the first bracket):
1) I send Jim Pollock the copies of 10/26 that I have made for him.
   He, in return, sends me either blanks or trades, whichever we
   agree on.

2) Bill Shaw, Jamie Treworgy, Steve Mayer, and Sami Kitmitto contact
   Jim Pollock, and arrange to send trades or blanks.  Once Jim has
   received the tapes from me, he runs copies for Bill, Jamie, Steve,
   and Sami.

3) Rob and Ed contact Bill, and arrange to send blanks or trades,
   etc, etc...

In a nutshell, contanct the person directly to the left of your
name (your "parent") as soon as possible, and work out whatever 
details you need.

Any questions, email me (Dave Forbis) at dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu

Please don't ask me to add you to the tree!  There will be over 70
copies of this show floating around, and it should be easy to get a

Again, any questions, problems, lost parents, email me.

The Dave Matthews Band 10/26/93 Tree:

JimmieRow@aol.com (Jim Pollock)
	bills@sco.com (Bill Shaw)
		roblewis@sgi.com (Rob Lewis)
		sapire.carleton.edu (Ed Sapir)
	jamie@access.digex.com (Jamie Treworgy)
		mibowman@ccmail.sunysb.edu (Hamish Bowman)
		biggert@mail.bucknell.edu (Rody Biggert)
	nmayer@uva386.schools.virginia.edu (Steve Mayer)
		btanen@husc.harvard.edu (Ben Tanen)
		anjrober@journalism.indiana.edu (Andres Robertson)
	kitmitto@students.wisc.edu (Sami Kitmitto)
		AMANNING@Gems.VCU.edu (Tony Manning)
		Nebuious@aol.com (Ben Sterling)

tjr2g@virginia.edu (Timothy J. Richter)
	sbrannan@gmuvax.gmu.edu (Scott Brannan)
		mercp@acpub.duke.edu (Merc Pittinos)
		rgw@sunbar.mc.duke.edu (Rob Walker)
	JEROTTON@apollo.davidson.edu (Jeremy of Aglide)
		namay@apollo.davidson.edu (Nat May)
		meagherja@urvax.urich.edu (Jim Meagher)
	tilden@mickey.eng.gulfaero.com (Tilden White)
		aamosson@merle.acns.nwu.edu (Aaron Amosson)
		cokin@scf.usc.edu (Darren Cokin)
	fty@ornl.gov (Jay Flaherty)
		Trog.Martian@f856.n102.z1.fidonet.org (Trog Martian)
	st002314@brownvm.brown.edu (David Plunkett)

abz@world.std.com (Andy Zaff)
	malloy@osprey.hac.com (Jerry Malloy)
		gt0004b@prism.gatech.edu (Scott Sirotkin)
	ewhesse@amherst.edu (Eric Hesse)
		cvf@nwu.edu (Chris Forinash)		
	kreowskw@ava.bcc.orst.edu (Brian Kreowski)
		conjuraem@urvax.urich.edu (Emily Conjura)
	face@world.std.com (Scott Shurr)
		dan@tbone.biol.scarolina.edu (Daniel W. Schar)

Edoherty@Macalstr.edu (Eric Doherty)
	st201383@Brownvm.Brown.Edu (Eric Handler)
		hamilton@email.unc.edu (Mark Hamilton)
	klong@sura.net (Kim Long)
		navabit@alleg.edu (Timothy Navabi)
	fostekc0@seraph1.sewanee.edu (Keller Foster)
		akeeton@ucsd.edu (Allan Keeton)
	stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu (Rick Thompson)
		goodrwh9@ac.wfu.edu (Warren Goodrich)

dalton@isidis.colorado.edu (Lizard Man)
	caw9c@dayhoff.med.Virginia.edu (Charlie Whittaker)
	x47721a3@usma10.usma.edu (Jonathan Wolfe)
		vastolj@alleg.edu (Joseph A. Vastola, Jr.)
	libby@progress.com (Libby Wilson)
		jepstein@titan.ucs.umass.edu (Jonathan Epstein)
	jlew@buffalo.trystero.com (Jeremy Lew)
		dbader@eng.umd.edu (David Bader)
	gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu (Shawn Peters)

maclin@brahms.udel.edu (Doug Maclin)
	dgr@chem.ucsd.edu (Danny Rillera)
		chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu (Brian Lipman)
	bmking@mail.wm.edu (Brett Kingswell)
		cpi9238@ritvax.isc.rit.edu (Craig Iannazzi)
	clange@ea.com (Chip Lange)
		gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu (Graham Spice)
	mh7e@andrew.cmu.edu (Morgan Hankins)

kmk4g@virginia.edu (Kerry Kriger)
	MD_Wallenste@acad.fandm.edu (Matt Wallenstein)
		robert@askinc.ask.com (Robert McMullen)
	p30gds1@mvs.cso.niu.edu (Gary Shank)
		jrbaldwi@eos.ncsu.edu (Rhett Baldwin)
	akcs.rob24@vpnet.chi.il.us (Rob Allen)
		hbf1@lehigh.edu (Harley Ferguson)
	noelc@microsoft.com (Noel Cross)
		mfv@ulysses.att.com (Matt Vernon)

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 1:47 PM Wednesday, January 26, 1994
Subject: and yet some more updated info

if these times of ever changing information i have more to add.

the wetlands show with Tim Reynolds and Dave Mathews is back on.

Joan Osborn is opening and since it is New York City who knows who else 
will show?

i have some other information too.

DMB, in an effort to battle the evil ways of Ticket Bastard, has created 
a mail order system (kinda).  it's not really "mail-order" but 
call-order.  they now have a 1-800 number: 1-800-594-8499 (TIXX).  this 
number is manned (sp) by the management (Jane).  they are selling 
tickets to most of their shows (but not all) and is definetely worth 
checking out (since its free).  there is a service charge of about a 
dollar or something which if you compare it to Ticket Bastard isn't bad.  
besides, if I have to pay a service charge i'd rather pay it to the band 
i'm buying the ticket for than to a big corporation like Ticket Master.  

hope this helps some of you all out.  some bands have been trying to set 
up systems to cut out ticket bastard for years and here DMB is, "jumping 
in with both feet."  of course, it will all change when they get too big 
to have only one telelphone ordering hotline.

alex Crothers

Time/Date: 2:01 PM Wednesday, January 26, 1994
Subject: Praise be to Dave!

I've always hated TicketBastards, as I'm sure most people will agree about.
Do you think this action to set up the band's own 800 order service will
spark motivation in some of the other bands we pay TM to see?  I completely
agree w/ alex... I'd much rather pay money to the band than to TM; I'd almost
pay more to them than I would to Tm in fact.

Posted By: Daniel_Gold@brown.edu
Time/Date: 4:43 PM Wednesday, January 26, 1994
Subject: I'm Back......... & 800 #'s

first things first:  i am glad to finally rejoin the network after a long,
relaxing, and fun winter break during which i took the opportunity to
listen to DMB about 67% of my waking hours.  finally, i am becoming truely
aquainted with DMB.  i expanded my tape collection and began to understand
the infathomable complexity, flair, uniqueness, energy, and beauty of
Dave's voice and guitar.

now, on to the thread at hand:

>DMB, in an effort to battle the evil ways of Ticket Bastard, has created 
>a mail order system (kinda).  it's not really "mail-order" but 
>call-order.  they now have a 1-800 number: 1-800-594-8499 (TIXX).  

my MOTHER just got a dang 800 number.  that's how easy it is.  she just
filled out a little form and sent it in, and my house will have an 800
number within the week so all the kiddies at college can call home for

it costs less than $4 per month for the service and the long-distance rates
are charged to the owner of the number instead of to the caller.  the rates
were decent --  a little more than regular long-distance rates, but the
non-peak rates start 3 hours earlier, meaning you can call at 7 for a
discount rather than waiting til 10.

for the length of time it takes to order tix, the average call would
probably cost DMB around $1.50 or $2.  therefore, any service charge they
impress on us is probably still a money-losing operation, given that
someone has to take time to answer the calls.  but it will be well worth it
-- they will avoid cheating their fans, and they will avoid chunking
profits down the TicketBastard tube.

i hope the one-line thing is not a problem & i urge us all to be patient; 
think of the time you'd spend on hold with TicketBastard.  now at least
you'll just hear a busy signal then you can go back to listening to tapes
and hitting redial.

next question:  when the heck is DMB gonna get back up this way?  ah, the
problems of supply and demand have plagued all of history......  but this
is a worst-case scenario..... there's a lot at stake here.......  if i
don't see DMB again soon i might just curl up and die.....


        	               	"If you haven't danced yet, you must not be here."
        	       	       	       	       	   ---SHOCKRA 12/17/93

Posted By: dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu
Time/Date: 5:04 PM Thursday, January 27, 1994
Subject: Silly question -

Hi everyone -

I've got a really silly question:

Somebody recently emailed me asking how to subscribe to minarets.  Well,
I can't remember what the address of the server (or whatever you want
to call the node that echoes all of the messages).  Can anyone refresh
my memory as to where to send subscription requests, and what to include
in the message?


Posted By: cecliff@vt.edu
Time/Date: 3:26 PM Friday, January 28, 1994
Subject: dmb in english class

  i just got back from my 'dreams' class here at tech.  
we did this totally tension-releasing/mind-clearing relaxation excersize.
it finishes up, everyone is like 'wow' and i go back to my desk.  right there, 
etched into the wood in the lower left corner is:

                        Dave Matthews Band

  cool, huh?  thought i'd share it.

'contrariwise,' continued tweedledee,' if it was so, it might be;
and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't.
that's logic.'
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