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January 30–February 5, 1994

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Time/Date: 10:52 AM Monday, January 31, 1994
Subject: thoughts on Dave and his situation

Hello netters...been a while since my last post.  Quick update...yes
nye was a blast...got some new tapes...talked to Dave some...heard the
band quite often on the radio...I'm ecstatic that the band is doing so
well across the country...word is that he's been on the radio all over
the place...my roommate from Albany returned to tell me he'd heard
them on his local station...and he thought I was their only loony
about this sister thing...it's really great news to hear that Dave
will be returning to play as early as he is...if his shoes were on my
feet, I'd be way to bitter and depressed to get back to the spotlight
so soon.  It's not always that "peachy."  However, sometimes it's
situations like these that spark the creative spirit in us.  There
aren't too many great poets who haven't had some terrible experience
or just a miserable life in general.  Often it is the situations such
as these that bring out the creative juices in us.  Kind of
morbid...but true.  Anyhow maybe we can hope to see a new batch of
songs...perhaps miserable...perhaps Halloween Pt. II, since we never
really saw any from his retreat to John Alagia's house over break.
Well just some thoughts...
Jamie Cogbill
"Could I have been...Dancing Nancy"--bet you haven't heard that one!

Time/Date: 11:04 AM Monday, January 31, 1994
Subject: Dave/Tim Reynolds Tree structure...

This is the structure for the Dave Matthews Tim Reynolds tree for the 12/12/92
show in Charlottesville.  Do not send requests to be added...THIS IS THE FINAL
STRUCTURE...bother one of the folks below if you want a copy ;)
For those of you who are branches, you can do one of two things: 1) You can
send me blanks with postage both ways. or 2) You can arrange a trade for Phish
tapes.  Other tapes will be considered, but I have access to pretty much all of
the DMB tapes I want.  However, if you think you have something really neat or
old, we can talk.  One way or another, get in touch with me and let me know if
you want to send blanks or email your Phish list.
So, here it is:
This is more of a bush than a tree, but that's probably better for me
and Rick, because we've never done this before.  If any of the addresses
above are wrong, talk to Rick.  If you signed up, but don't see your name
here, talk to Rick.
Thanx to all those who volunteered to be branches.  I know that a lot of
you are itching to trade with lots of people, but this tree just turned
out so small.
If your a leaf who is going to send blanks, remember that you should
include return postage, as well.  But you can work that out with your
branch leader.
Questions?  Ask away.  Like I said, me and Rick have never done this
before, so we may be going in a completely wrong direction.
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Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 6:08 PM Tuesday, February 1, 1994
Subject: Re: True Reflections

Does anyone else think that True Reflections is one of the cheesiest, most
un-original songs ever?      

Sorry, that was rude; but I had to ask.

Has anyone noticed that the net has been very quiet lately?  I wonder why
that is.     

Anybody see the Everything show at Trax the other night?  Leroi and Carter
(as well as The Authority) joined them on stage for an amazing Soulfish.
Does anybody have any bootlegs of Everything?  

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Time/Date: 8:28 PM Tuesday, February 1, 1994
Subject: da radio

Hello again netters--this is actually my second post since the
holidays but I don't think the first one ever got put up so I'll try
again.  I was just thinking that I'd be interested to know where Dave
has been played on da radio.  I've been quite thrilled to hear the
band on WVGO 106.5 in Richmond, but was even more enthused when I
returned to have my roommate tell me he heard them on his station in
Albany, NY.  Now he knows that I'm not their only loony fan.  Anyhow,
type in and relate where and from what station you've heard DMB so we
can get an idea of how much they're spreading out of our beloved VA.
Jamie Cogbill
"Could I have been any one other than me?"--another rare one!
PS---could somebody supply me and the rest of the netters who are in
the dark with info on how, why and when Pete Greiser left the
band...I'm most curious.
See ya.

Posted By: dan@tbone.biol.scarolina.edu
Time/Date: 8:29 PM Tuesday, February 1, 1994
Subject: tourin` in the south?

	anybody know if DMB is hitting South Carolina at all?  When 
bands come here there is never any advertising, so you always here about 
them the day, or week after.  Jorma played here, and there was like 
nobody there due to there being no advertising, the same hapened for 
Merl Sounders.  Strange, so if anybody has a tour scedual, let me know.

thanks, dan
Daniel W. Schar Dept. of Biology/Marine Science. University of South Carolina
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Posted By: btanen@husc.harvard.edu
Time/Date: 8:45 PM Tuesday, February 1, 1994
Subject: is the band back?

hey all-- is the schedule back on as of thursday night?
more importantly-- are they playing athens this weekend?
most importantly-- how's dave doing?

see y'all.

-----------------------And that's the truth, Ruth.---------------------------

Posted By: x47721a3@usma10.USMA.EDU
Time/Date: 9:06 PM Tuesday, February 1, 1994
Subject: Need Live DMB Please

     Hello all,

          This is my first time posting something to the net..... Anyway,  I
recently received my copy of Remember Two Things (cool cover for the CD) and
would really like to set up a trade with someone for some DMB shows.  I have no
DMB to trade, but have a fair amount of dead & phish + a few others (a really
good copy of a GSW CD release party, and a good copy of a flecktones show).  If
anyone out there is interested I will gladly e-mail my list of shows.

     Also, would someone be willing to post any tour dates for the band, and
the 1-800 number for tickets, or just mail them to me.  Thank you very much for
your time.

                                                       Take care,

Posted By: daveh@shell.portal.com
Time/Date: 11:31 AM Wednesday, February 2, 1994
Subject: New England dates soon?

I know a lot of dates have been jumbled around lately, so I must ask if the
band will be in the New York/New England area any time soon?  Please post or
e-mail any info that you might have... thanks.


P.S.  Have a nice day.
Remember:  If you have to ask, you don't want to know why.

                                -Dave Hamilton (daveh@shell.portal.com)

Posted By: Daniel_Gold@brown.edu
Time/Date: 7:54 PM Wednesday, February 2, 1994
Subject: dave on disc(not) & HORDEnet change & true reflections

>again.  I was just thinking that I'd be interested to know where Dave
>has been played on da radio.  I've been quite thrilled to hear the

here's a funny story from the winter.  
i was just goofing off with 3 friends in little rock (on of whom is a
fellow netter, aglide).  aglide and i were talking about a sweet band we
were really into -- the dave matthews band.  then the third guy says, "oh
yeah, i've heard of dave matthews.  he's on the NO ALTERNATIVES CD."  well,
i didn't know much about NO ALTERNATIVES, but it seemed to have a
popish-pseudo-alternative-doc-martin8-) type of feeling from the obnoxious
ads i had seen posted around campus.  "NO WAY!," responded aglide and

well, it took a 10-minute debate in which my friend insisted dave appears
solo on the disc and aglide&i insisted we would know (from the net) if that
were true..... so we trucked off to the recored store to check out the

the third friend was fairly undaunted when he picked up the NO ALTERNATIVES
box and exclaimed "Matthew Sweet!  yeah, didn't you guys say matthews is


okay, while i'm here using up bandw. and telling dumb stories, i might as
well impart some useful knowledge.  many of you are already subscribed to
the HORDEnet, and some of you would like to subscribe.  the
subscribing-instructions recently changed and i thought i should post them

>To subscribe to the mailing list, email  MAJORDOMO@WORLD.STD.COM 
>include the line:  subscribe horde
>or to unsubscribe include the line:  unsubscribe horde
>in the main body of the message.  Leave the subject header blank.

for those who don't know, HORDEnet is a non-digest emailing network for
discussion of the music which the readers call the "Horizons of Rock," as
per the HORDE tours.  While the best DMB discussion takes place on
MINERATSnet, there is some talk of DMB on the HORDEnet.  and many other
bands are discussed which might be of interest to YOU.  so, that's my pitch
for HORDEnet.  email me if you have any questions.

BTW, True Reflections is one of my favorite DMB songs, with Seek Up running
a close second (and some other tunes.... it's pointless to list) but the
point is:  i do not at all think it's az cheesy song.  in fact, i find it
downright invigorating.  i listen to that song when i know i need some
encouragement or some energy.


Time/Date: 12:17 AM Thursday, February 3, 1994
Subject: Pete Greiser

 Hi all!  I don't know if this will post because my first two did not,
but I'll try anyway.
I'd be really interested to know the circumstances surrounding Peter
Greiser (the keyboardist) and when and why he left the band.  I think
he adds a lot to the music in various songs and I was just curious
about if he has plans to ever come back.
Jamie Cogbill
"Could I have been--lost somewhere in Minarets net?"

Time/Date: 5:07 PM Saturday, February 5, 1994
Subject: True Reflections and Everything

Personally I think Everything is pretty "cheesy."  The lead singer
might be a little entertaining bouncing and flailing around stage, but
all the songs lack much talent and sound the same.
Granted True Reflection isn't the best DMB song, but I think a lot of
that has to do with the fact that the lyrics differ so much from
typical Dave lyrics...(of course b/c they were written by Boyd)...so
that makes it an easy song to criticize.
And that's my two cents.
Jamie Cogbill

Time/Date: 10:06 PM Saturday, February 5, 1994
Subject: praying for giant shoes

Thought I'd break the silence and tell peole who dont' know that
>From Good Homes has taken DMB's old Wednesday night spot at the Floodzone.
I always thought they were similar to DMB in sound and style, but they're
no substitute.  Pretty bummed about the lack of Richmond dates on the
new schedule, but it was expected.
DM: "Sweet Home Alabama"
BT: "Hell no."
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