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February 1319, 1994

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Time/Date: 3:15 PM Sunday, February 13, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 87

hey y'all, hope this isn't the first grovel of the new year. . .i am looking
for good copies of either of the shows from a month or two ago with tim r. and
the whole band, plus copies of one of the summer shows with greg howard sitting
in, due to stephan's busted hand.  i have around 40 hours of good dmb to trade,
plus some good phish, if anyone is interested.  thanks, dave

Posted By: @mail.trincoll.edu:sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu
Time/Date: 2:05 AM Monday, February 14, 1994
Subject: somebody's tablature post

a while back somebody posted tablature for the intro to One Sweet World, I
was wondering if they could post it again as a favor to me.
P.S. Yeh Bruce-eh

Posted By: dan@tbone.biol.scarolina.edu
Time/Date: 10:17 AM Monday, February 14, 1994
Subject: in columbia on 16th?

i called all the radio stations and asked if DMB was playin in columbia, 
and none of them knew what i was talkin about.  Thus, if anyone know's 
were in columbia DMB is playin, could you let me know, thanks.

Daniel W. Schar Dept. of Biology/Marine Science. University of South Carolina
Internet: dan@tbone.biol.scarolina.edu or dwschar@univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 12:10 PM Monday, February 14, 1994
Subject: Re: g. Howard

I've got 7-6-93 w /Greg.     Do you have a list?  If so, I may be into some
DMB or Phish, though I may be too poor for trades, in which case blanks would
be fine.     


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Time/Date: 2:08 PM Monday, February 14, 1994
Subject: Happy heart day!

Hey, everyone!  Here's a big, sloppy Valentines day smooch from me
to you...*smack*
                       .adAMMMb.   .dAMMMAbn.   
                "~^Y"   /    ..dMWMP".ammmmdMMMUP^~" 
                   |   |     dMAbammdAMMMMMMP^~"    
                   |   |    MMMMMMMMMMMMU^"      
                   l   :    Y^YUWWWWUP^"  
                    \       |   

Posted By: btanen@husc.harvard.edu
Time/Date: 3:06 PM Monday, February 14, 1994

Come on people, I got the most incredible PhishDigest this morning.

Ellis posts a confirmed Phish show for April 20 in Lexington with the 
Dave Matthews Band.

All I have to say is why the hell do I go to school up here?


-----------------------And that's the truth, Ruth.---------------------------

Posted By: Daniel_Gold@brown.edu
Time/Date: 4:12 PM Monday, February 14, 1994
Subject: DMB.disc.played.at.ARU.shows..(fWD)


>P.S.  Only one guy taping (no SBD patch) and somebody form Capricorn (so he 
>said) videotaping.  Between the opening band and ARU the sound man played the
>DMB disc!!

Posted By: kartzman@sas.upenn.edu
Time/Date: 4:19 PM Monday, February 14, 1994
Subject: Subscribe to DMB net

I hope I'm doing this correctly.  I need more info on the DMB!  Can I
this way?  Any help would be appreciated.
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Posted By: HAUSERBT@pine.circa.ufl.edu
Time/Date: 9:33 AM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: DMB in Florida

My second official post:
	That was me that Daniel referred to saying that at the recent ARU show
here in Gainesville, the sound man played Remember Two Things between acts.
I was going nuts, telling my friends (who were like yeah whatever, settle down)
about them.  So I go to the restroom, and who do I see above the john but a 
picture of the band watching me pee with a sign saying "RCA recording artists
The Dave Matthews Band, Tues. Mar.1." I zip up a little too quickly in my 
excitement and run out and tell my friends, who are moderately interested now,
probably because I've got a nice sized dribble on my shorts.  Anyway end of 
story...Two weeks from today!!!

Brian Hauser
Department of Chemistry
University of Florida

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 2:31 PM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: Re: stuff

First, sorry about my last post--it wasn't meant to be sent to the net.

On Boyd: though he is not very technical, if he weren't an amazing player,
you wouldn't be wasting your time on the computer talking about his band;
obviously he is doing something right.

Is anyone going to be at Trax?  Also, I heard they were playing at Sweetbriar
on the 25th. True?

A few shows I'm looking for.  (sorry.)    Have plenty to trade...
September '92--Trax unsure of the date, though probably around the 15th; with
Miguel on percussion;  This show opens with 2 or 3 solo songs, possibly, but
not definitely Pay For, Lie In and Best.  (Not that this helps to identify
the show, but Ugly Kidd Joe played the night before.)

Nov or Dec '92--Max (next door to Trax)  This was an opener for
Weir/Wasserman (with Bob Weir witnessing one of the best Two Steps ever. 
BTW, what do people think about post-Peter Two Steps?)

August 14th(?) 93--The Bayou; ends with Sattelite-->Halloween (w/ everyone)

   ---Kerry  (They put out my picture with silence, because my identity by
itself causes violence)
                     Adrenaline starts to flow
                        Thrashing all around
                        Acting like a maniac

Posted By: mercp@acpub.duke.edu
Time/Date: 2:39 PM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: DMB tonight

	This message is for anyone going to see Dave tonight in Chapel
Hill or next Wesnesday with Widespread.  I would love to meet up with
anyone from the net.  I will be wearing a red Mount Gay Rum hat. Hope to
see you there.
		Merc Pittinos

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 5:41 PM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: Re: DMB and Phish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear DMB and Phish are playing together at:
Lexington, VA april 20
Winston-Salem  april 21

It was only last night when I said how cool it would be when the two best
bands in the world play together.   

This show should change the way DMB thinks about music; though they jam every
once in a while, this will show them how to tear a song wide open (which will
never happen until Stefan learns to play Mike Gordon/Phil Lesh style.)

Also, (yet another grovel), does anybody have 11-23-93 (the Trax show just
before Thanksgiving)?
This show has the only Granny that ever kicked ass, the only time the band
has ever attempted space (Recently), AND the infamous "Moo-shi Minarets" (if
you've never heard a Moo-shi Minarets, your life is unfulfilled.  Even if
you've heard one (and chances are you have), unless you realized that it was
a moo-shi minarets your life is still unfulfilled.)

   ---Kerry  (They put out my picture with silence, because my identity by
itself causes violence)
                     Adrenaline starts to flow
                        Thrashing all around
                        Acting like a maniac

Posted By: SEAWA@vax.rhodes.edu
Time/Date: 8:15 PM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: DMB tour schedule?

Could someone please post one?  I know it's been posted before, but for some
strange reason I neglected to save it, or lost it.  I'd be most appreciative!
Will Seay

Posted By: gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 8:47 PM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: Phish and DMB

I called the 1800 number tonight and it's confirmed, Phish and DMB are
playing in Lexington at the Va. Horse Center on 4.20.  The girl on da
phone said that they didn't have tickets or price info, but, man, how
friggin amazing!  I lived in lexington for 18 years and noone has EVER
played at the Horse Center.  How bizarre, I imagine that it has something
to do with Washington and Lee, but I haven't seen that anywhere.  It is
just really strange.  Anyway, I'll definately see you there.  Graham

Posted By: SEAWA@vax.rhodes.edu
Time/Date: 8:48 PM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: DMB this weekend?

If I'm correct, Dave is playing in Missouri this upcoming weekend, right?
If anyone knows about the venue (showtime, age restrictions, security, 
directions, etc) I'd love it if you could tell me about it.  We're getting
ansy for a road trip this weekend, and why not go see dave?

Posted By: SAPIRE@carleton.edu
Time/Date: 9:12 PM Tuesday, February 15, 1994
Subject: fish in the blue water

i most certainly am hoping to get a tape of that phish stuff
too bad i'll be overseas (not really too bad at all)

anyhow i don't think Stephan needs to change his style at all,
much less IN ORDER TO allow the band to jam
not at all, i love the changes the band does, stephan and carter
are really tight
even their stuff from 92 i thought had really cool changes
furthurmore who's to say they have any interest in becoming a 
phish like band, or will change after jamming with them
but whatever,  i totally groove on phish no doubt drew knows
and remembers two things noah had
anyhow the show will not be one to miss
hopefully it won't be  a dinky little DMB plays for 30 minutes deal
like it ws in chicago w/the Samples
but it shouldn't be.  word

one last thing, does anyone have the DMB jamming w/Darrel Rose?
i'd love to work out a trade with someone

"But remember the echo we know so well 
is shared by everyone everywhere..."


Posted By: lauries@brahms.udel.edu
Time/Date: 12:57 PM Wednesday, February 16, 1994

Is this how I subscribe for Dave Matthews Band Info, etc., Help?

Posted By: dolanse9@ac.wfunet.wfu.edu
Time/Date: 8:31 PM Wednesday, February 16, 1994
Subject: subscribe

do you know anything about a show on April 21 in Winston-Salem, NC 
w/Phish.  i hope it's not a nasty rumor...

Time/Date: 9:50 PM Wednesday, February 16, 1994
Subject: Subcribe me!!

Please subscribe me. THanks!

Posted By: mmakunas@Jade.Tufts.EDU
Time/Date: 10:08 PM Wednesday, February 16, 1994

Please subscribe me or let me join or whatever.

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Posted By: S975014@UMSLVMA.BITNET
Time/Date: 10:25 PM Thursday, February 17, 1994
Subject: DMB in Missouri

I check into the Drury College show in Springfield, MO and it turns out that
the show is part of the Drury Homecoming.  My friend Fro told me that it would
be tough to get in and if we did, it would be hard to remain inconspicous while
everyone else is dressed formally.  The show is not being held on campus.  I
decided not be worth it to travel 3 hours and get rejected (even if it I did
miss my first opportunity to see DMB.) :-(

Posted By: MARGESSONR@axe.humboldt.edu
Time/Date: 1:18 PM Thursday, February 17, 1994
Subject: hook me up.

am most interested in this net, please hook me.


Posted By: MARGESSONR@axe.humboldt.edu
Time/Date: 1:36 PM Thursday, February 17, 1994
Subject: Sorry.

somebody hooked me with the wrong address, and i sent my subscribe message here.
so, lets trade!!! looking for any DMB dats. only have one myself, but
i do have tons of Panic, Phish, and ARU. The one DMB dat i have, has
Oteil from ARU on bass! And of course, its a board.


BTW, dats only please.

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 2:44 PM Thursday, February 17, 1994
Subject: Re: Phish and DMB

hello all:
	it's been awhile since i've posted anything mostly because i've 
been so damn busy with school or taping shit.  BTW, speaking of taping, i 
just taped a crispy DSBD of Shockra w/ Jon reading poetry for part of it 
and last night at a little bar here in Burlington i ran sound and taped 
a band  with Jon on drums.  and to top it all off, for the last song he 
played guitar.  i thought it was kinda cool at least. anyway, those are 
my excuses for neglecting minarets.net lately.

	it looks like this is going to end up being a long p[ost so i'll 
apologize now.  i want to clear up/elaborate on the Phish/DMB thing.  i 
talked with the home office yesterday and got the new dates (which, bTW 
are incredible.  their schedule is Hectic but, good news, DMB is coming 
back to the NE!!!  it's only a couple of shows but that's better than 
nothing.  the dates are back at my house and when i go home tonight i'll 
send them out--so look for them around 8:00 or 9:00).  Here's how the 
DMB/Phish thing happened:

	Coran Capshaw, DMB manager/ex-owner of Trax and F.Z.(is this right?), 
is also a concert promoter.  makes sense.  he knew Phish had some open 
dates and contacted them about playing around that area.  Phish said that 
was cool but on one condition:  that DMB play with them!  anyway it 
should be fun.  unfortunately i can't make it but i'm sure my brother 
will be there taking pictures since he lives about three minutes from the 
horse center and DMB and Phish are among his favorite bands.

> to do with Washington and Lee, but I haven't seen that anywhere.  It is
i don't believe it has anything to do with W&L, but then again i could be 

hoept his wasn't just idle rambling

alex crothers

Posted By: WOTTONGM@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu
Time/Date: 6:26 PM Thursday, February 17, 1994
Subject: need some info on old shows

Can someone tell me about this tape?  It's date is 9-30-92, and I don't
know where.  There is some sort of percussion, no drums, and no bass. The
set includes Drive in, Drive out, Exodus, and Me and Julio.

Posted By: jcrother
Time/Date: 7:44 PM Thursday, February 17, 1994
Subject: New Dates!

here they are finally.
please forgive some of the spellings, i was writting quickly and not 
really paying attention.  Obviously, if i spelled something wrong could 
someone correct it.

here's the last date i think you have:
26 Bayou Wash DC
1 Covered Dish Gainsville, FL
2 the Ritz Tampa, FL
3 the Louvre Tallahasee, FL
4 Louie, Louie Birmingham, AL
5 Univ. of the South Sewanee, TN
7 Benchwarmers Lawrence KA
8 Fox Theatre Boulder CO
9 Tang Fort Collins CO
10 Fox Theatre Boulder CO
12 Breckenridge Beaver Run Resort Colrado Ballroom
	**only mt. appearance**
14 Hairy Mary's Des Moines Iowa
15 Club DeWash Madison WI
17 Blind Pig Ann Arbor, Michigan
18 Schuba's Chicago, IL
19 Schuba's
26 Irving Plaza, NYC
30 Lafayette's Oxford, Mississippi
31 New Daisy Theatre Memphis, TN

2 Vanderbilt U. Nashville, TN
3 Brown's Island Richmond, VA w/ WSP!!
10 William & Mary VA
12 TBA -- however will be a NE show
13 TBA --    "     "    "  " "  "
15 Boston w/ the Samples -- will have venue info later
16 St. Lawrence Univ. Canton, NY
20 Horse Center Lexington, VA w/ Phish
21 Winston Salem, NC w/ Phish
22 Denison College Granville, OH
23 WVU Morgantown, WV

hope this tides you over for awhile.  hope this satisfies some of those 
people craving for NE shows.

alex Crothers

Posted By: mxgall@mail.wm.edu
Time/Date: 10:39 PM Thursday, February 17, 1994
Subject: Trades

    I'm fairly new to tape trading, but, here goes...I'm looking for
a good copy of any show with "Just For Tonight" (or whatever you'd
prefer to call it!) on the set list.  I have a humble collection,
but, let me know if interested!


Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 11:39 AM Friday, February 18, 1994
Subject: Guitar tab coming

For those of you who asked for the various guitar tab postings that have
floated around, I'll try to put all of them out this weekend.

                              Shawn Peters

Posted By: bpwalsh@gibbs.oit.unc.edu
Time/Date: 4:09 PM Friday, February 18, 1994
Subject: subscribe

i don't know if this is the right adress for DMB net, but if it is, please
subscribe me. thanks.

Time/Date: 9:05 PM Friday, February 18, 1994
Subject: Last evening's Show

    I know a few people who attended the Show at the Mad Monk last evening and
I was wondering if anybody could post or e-mail me the set list. THanks in adva

Posted By: gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 10:40 AM Saturday, February 19, 1994
Subject: Guitar Tab File

     The following file has been compiled from various postings
to the newsgroup after January 1994.  Any corrections, questions,
additions, etc. can be addressed to Shawn at 

This file includes bits from:
 Angel From Montgomery (Prine)
 Ants Marching
 Best of What's Around
 Cry Freedom
 I'll Back You Up
 Jimi Thing
 Just For Tonight
 Lie In Our Graves
 One Sweet World
 Seek Up
 So Much To Say
 Two Step
     Since most of these songs are incomplete, any further
comments on these are welcome.  Lyrics to most of the above
can be found in the DMB Lyrics File.


before any aspiring musicians attempt to translate this info, i'd
just like to say that i pretty much suck at transcribing music.
most of these are pretty basic and it'll be up to you to figure
out and fill in what's missing.
some keys to getting a matthews kind of sound:
1)use a lot of muting and sliding.
2)learn to use your pinky finger when you can't figure out how to
  put a progression together.
3)use hallowed out chords.  dave lives for using chords that are
  comprised of just the E string and the corresponding 3rd on the
  D string.  look at warehouse during the chorus and bridge for
Jimi Thing
   E                                A
-                                   0
-                   9     9 9       2     5
-             9     9     9 9       2     6^7
-             9     9^11  9 9       2  7  7
-      7      9^11                  0
-  7^9   9 7                   12\
first change:
 D                              C
"if you could keep me floating, just for a while you..."
second change:
- 2
- 2   X  X  X
- 2   X  X  X
- X   X  X  X
- 5   3  2  1
  "i'd like to show you what's inside..."
- 0               0                  0
- 0               0                  2
- 1               1                  2    X    X    X
- 2               2                  2    X    X    X
- 2               2                  X    X    X    X
- 0               4                  5    3    2    1
and the bridges are just E and A.
this should get you started on warehouse:
 Bm        G          Bm
-          7                    7
-      11  9                11  9
-   9      10            9      10  10 9 7
-7                    7
but this is where you want to eventually wind up:
 Bm              G                Bm
-X X X X X X X X 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7  X X X X X X X X 7 7 7 X X X
-X X X X 1111X X 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9  X X X X 1111X X 9 9 9 X X X
-X X 9 9 X X X X 1010101010101010 X X 9 9 X X X X 101010109 7
-7 7 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  7 7 X X X X X X X X X X X X
the idea here, though, is not to set out trying to play the second
one.  just start basic, listen to song, play along with the song,
and work on developing the fingering, which should come naturally
as you work with it.  the right hand never stops or changes during
the almost the entire song.  up and down, really fast.
first change:
 A          Bm    G          Bm     A         Bm   G           Bm
-7          7 7   3          7 7    7         7    3           7
-5          7 7   7          7 7  4/5         7    7           7
this is also really simplified, due to my inability to transcribe
(this song is my second effort at it.)
chord diagrams for second change:
 Bm   E   F#   E   (3x then) G   A
-9    9   11   9             5   7
-     7   9    7
-7                           3   5
this really shows my inablility to translate right hand rhythm patterns
but it should get you started.  i also know that this isn't perfect by
any means:
opening riff (and prominent throughout the song):
 C           A            C
-      5     5                  5     5
-      5 4/5 6                  5 4/5 6
-      5     7                  5     7
-    7       0                7       0
-3/5                      3/5
(i don't know the exact chord progression)
-                                           5     5              5     5
-       5 4 2             10                5 4/5 6              5 4/5 6
-                 5       10       7        5     7              5     7
-    7          3         x      5        7                    7
-3/5          1     1/10  10   3      3/5                  3/5
chorus is just:
played using standard bar chords

#34 (main riff)
-                11                7  6
-       9     9        6        7             7
-    7     7        9        5           9       5 /7  7  9\
- 5
1 suite whirrled  (intro)
-     4        6             4
-        3        3    0        0^1^0        3  0
-                                         3              3        3
-  6        5       5     3            1              3     3
-                                                  4           5     5
-                    4 5      3
-        5        7              3 0       3 0        3
-     5     5                           3          3     6       6  8
-  8           7           6         1          4           6  8



(Note:   All of the following songs assume that the song's 
rhythm and patterns are available to the reader.  Therefore, the
tab is greatly simplified.   A great deal of fill is assumed
between the tab shown here -- the songs would sound pretty lame if
they were played exactly as I have entered them).                            
Mute and slide, mute and slide!      

Intro and Verse:

   D        Bm                  A        Am11(mute)_

   D         Bm        G A G
G--2--2-2----4--4-4----0-2-0-|   repeat

and the little bit after "and I'm blown away"...

  D                Am    G
E-3-3-3------------0-0-0-3-3-3       -|
B-2-2-2------------1-1-1-0-0-0       -|
G-3-3-3-----2------2-2-2-0-0-0       -|
D-0-0-0-0-4---4-0--2-2-2-0-0-0 fill  -|
A------------------0-0-0-2-2-2       -|
E------------------------3-3-3       -|
The little solo bit is something like:

B  5     >     7  7 7 7 5  7
G  5   slide   7  7 7 7 5  7      Ab > Bb > C  etc.
D  5    >      7  7 7 7 5  7
(note: in any of these songs, a lot of the notes are 
hit by sliding up/down to them.  Throw in a lot of 
mute picks as well.  This accounts for that sort of rough
sound Dave gets)

SATELLITE (intro only)

E--------------------------|  There is probably an easier
B--------------------------|  place on the neck to play 
G--------------------------|  this, but this is where Dave
D-----9---7----6---4---7---|  seems to, so...


Intro is just Dm (barred at 5th fret)


Em(barre 7)  D(bar 5)  G(barre 3)  C(barre 3)  
D(barre 5) C(barre 3)


G  C  D  slide upD  slide upC  G   repeat 4 times


I'm just going to list the chord changes, not the picking...just
listen to it and you'll get it.

verse, etc:                "and your lips burn wild", etc.
                             (not totally sure about this part)
                             second chord doesn't sound right.
   A    Asus2  F#m  E          A   A7sus2 F    E
E--0----0------2----0--|    E--0---0------1----0--|
B--2----0------2----0--|    B--2---0------1----0--|
G--2----4------2----1--|    G--2---0------2----1--|
D--2----2------4----2--|    D--2---2------3----2--|
A--0----0------4----2--|    A--0---0------3----2--|
E-------4------2----0--|    E------3------1----0--|

   D                 G


F#m   D   G  GAG  F#m   D   GAG   F#m  D...........

add lots of suspensions and picking

G  C  G  C  G  C  D  G
G F C G :|

look in any songbook...people play it in different keys anyway


plucked power chords...sounds like a pretty simple 

main part is a D power chord  7  down to C  5  and back
                              7             5
                              5             3

with an A 7 thrown in in the "fall back again" part

chorus: (barre chords)
A Bm C D 


intro:  Am    3 2 1 on low E string
slide up neck to ~5 fret
Am (bar5)  C(top 4 strings of barre 8)  D(barre 5) G(barre 3) 
C          Am                           G          D

repeat   (don't know the rest)

G       F      ?   ?  ?  ?  

    A    slide   E      slide D            (or open)

        This song begins with the shorted E-form barre chords
shown above, playing only the top four strings.  The rhythm 
can be taken from a recording.  It helps to add your pinky your
pinky on and off the G string (ie. with A it would be 5-5-7-7),
making suspended-4 chords to make it sound better.  Anyway, this
is the intro and the first part of the verse.  After that it goes
to simple barre chords:

       Bm (7th fret)  E (7th fret) A (5th fret) F#m (9th fret) 

       this bit ends with a G (10 fret), before going back to 
       into bit.  

I don't know the part containing "Goodbye...", this is a bit 
murky but seems just like he's banging the hell out of some 


          A           E               Bsus4 D Asus2 C#sus2         
E---------0-----------0---------------  -2--2--0--4----|
B---------2-----------0---------------  -2--3--0--4----|
G---------2-----------1---------------  -4--2--2--6----|
D---------2-----------2---------------  -4--0--2--6----|
A---------0-----------2---------------  -2-----0--4----|
E------------4--2-----0---------------  -2--------4----|
The intro is shown above.  The first part of the verse that
begins with "How can I tolerate..."  is just a variation of 
A, B, and E barre chords.   The chords for the part that 
starts with "Cry freedom, cry"  starts off with F#sus2 are 
shown above.
------------END OF GUITAR TAB FILE------------------------   


Posted By: dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 4:57 PM Saturday, February 19, 1994
Subject: 2/22 @ Trax

  I need some help/info.  My friend and I are going to the 2/22
show at Trax and he has a good deck that he would like to tape
the show with.  Anyone know if he is allowed, how to do it and
what other equipment (like connectors, cables) he'll need besides
a power source?  Thanks.  Neither of us have ever taped before.


Posted By: S975014@UMSLVMA.BITNET
Time/Date: 6:38 PM Saturday, February 19, 1994
Subject: Lyrics file?!

and email it to me it would be appreciated.  There have been a lot of new
subscribers lately, so posting it here might be appreciated by others too.
Miles Abrams
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