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March 2026, 1994

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Posted By: SEAWA@vax.rhodes.edu
Time/Date: 4:42 PM Sunday, March 20, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 123


I think you already know I'll be @ the memphis show, and most likely Oxford
before that.  You should follow us on to Chattanooga and then Nashville...
I'll have tapes of all those shows.. :)

Posted By: cecliff@vt.edu
Time/Date: 7:30 PM Sunday, March 20, 1994
Subject: possible article file???

hello well-faring minarets.net.
 i'll be keeping an article file for the net.  and, like a knight preparing 
for battle, i am beginning to embark on this quest:  
my requests are simple...
 -title of article
 -author of article
 -magazine/newspaper/flyer/bathroom wall in which article appears
 -date of publication 

 i will also do interviews too, so just get the same basic info...
send me the info, no matter how trivial you think it may be.  i still don't 
know what exactly appeared in RS, so if someone can tell me, or tell me 
what issue, then i can do my homework. 
 you can get in touch with me like this:
a-email... cecliff@vt.edu
b-phone... 703.232.3611
c-snail mail... 312 monteith hall.virginia tech.blacksburg va 24060-0010
d-telepathy, dreams, or basically appearing in a vision

when you feel terrific- notify your face,
clare emily
               you know you say things are 'much of a muchness'
            did you ever such a thing as a drawing of a muchness?

Time/Date: 8:12 PM Sunday, March 20, 1994
Subject: Netter form

Hey all...here's a reposting of the netters form.  Ellis, if you could fill it
out again, I'd appreciate it.  I know you did once before but for some reason
you aint in there...

To all:  I have reposted the file as well in case you want to see it before
being added...

This is a generic netter form for the netter list which is maintained by Gregg
Carrier.  If you would like to be added to the list, fill this out and send it
to Gregg (stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu).  If you would like to change your
entry, fill this out again.  If you want a copy of the file, email Gregg.  Note
this is a suggested form.  You can change it if you want, but try to be brief.

------------------------------cut here-----------------------------------------
Email Address:
Snail Mail Address(es):
Phone Number(s):
Personal Description:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Flavor Jolly Rancher:
How/Where/Why/When you got into DMB:
Additional Miscellaneous Remarks or Comments:
-----------------------------and here-------------------------------------------

************ What would you do if I ate your Daddy's shoes? ******************
*    Gregg Carrier  (aka Uncle Zany, the guy in the floppy green hat)        *
*    JMU Box 1734            stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu                   *
*    Harrisonburg, VA  22807          (703) JMU-KIND                         *
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Posted By: bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Time/Date: 12:47 AM Monday, March 21, 1994
Subject: set lists, schuba's

Got a chance to see the band twice this weekend in Chicago. Unfortunately only
saw the second set Friday nite as we got a little lost trying to find the
place after the Dead show. Anyway, Friday was fairly poor as Dave shows go. No
intense jams, except for a nice Jimi Thing. The bar also kicked them off
before 2 a.m. so no encore.
Sat nite was much better. Only one long set and they mixed up the rotation a
little, although they still won't play some of their older tunes (We were
hoping for a Best of and netter Eric Hesse wanted to hear Blue Water -- when
was the last time they played that one?) But anyway, the show was good, the
band was a lot looser than the night before, and the venu was nice. We talked
to Dave afterwards and he said he really liked the room and was going to push
for management to book Schuba's for their next Chicago visit. He thought maybe
they could play four shows in a row there next time instead of a larger venu.
(They sold out Schuba's both nites). Dave also said he was really looking
forward to playing with Phish. He said he thought those guys were really
talented and mentioned the Power Jam he did with Trey and Page -- said he
thought it sounded like shit with all those musicians up on stage at once.
Also talked about future recording plans. He said he hoped their next CD (the
first RCA one) could have about 15 tunes on it. Five or six
never-played-before songs mixed in with old favorites.
Anyway, it was nice to talk to Dave again and nice to see them in such a cozy
place. They still kinda seem like a small band when you see them with just 150
other folks, there's no pushing in front and the band members mingle with the
audience after the show :). Probably what it was like at Trax in the old days.

Onto some set lists passed on by Michael McDonald, guitar technician,
merchandise man and all-around nice guy. (He says hi to Alex)

first Schuba's 3-19-94:

Seek up, Recently, Tripping, Jane, Pay for, Nancies, Minarets, Typical, New
Song (he said Fenton told him he hadn't played this one in a while. they still
won't give it a name), Angel, One Sweet, Watchtower, Ants.
x-mas song, #36

some oder ones...
Louie Louie 3-4-94
Recently, One Sweet, Satellite, Lie, Nancies, WWUS, True
Minarets, Typical, Jane, Jimi, Watchtower, Seekup
Encore: Ants

Sewanee, TN 3-5-94
One Sweet, Recently, Tripping, Satellite, WWUS, Angel, Pay For, True,
Minarets, Typical, Granny, Jazz... Ants
ENCORE: Halloween

Benchwarmers, Lawrence, KA  3-7-94
One Sweet, Tripping, Satellite, Lie, WWUS, Nancies, True
Minarets->Typical, Help, Warehouse, Angel, 36, Rencently
Encore: Ants

Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, Mich.  3-17-94
Recently, Tripping, Jane, Satellite, Help, Jimi, Minarets, #36, WWUS, Back you
up, Ants, NWL (couln't decipher this one -- help anyone?)
Encore: Watchtower

He didn't have any from the Colorado shows, but that's better than nothing. 
Good to meet netter Eric Hesse this weekend. See you all at Irving Plaza next


Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 11:15 AM Monday, March 21, 1994

> to Gregg (stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu).  If you would like to change your
> Name:  Ellis ("Of Lemuria") Godard
> Email Address:  jeg5s@virginia.edu
> Snail Mail Address(es):  POB 3240, Charlottesville, VA, 22903
> Phone Number(s):  (804) 296-9692
> Personal Description: long brown/blond hair, blue eyes, glasses (gold metal
or brown plastic; prescription wayfarers in the sun); drink Beck's at TRAX,
Sam Adams anywhere else; usually with Kristen, a curly headed brunette,
Italian, and my fiance; drive a red Pathfinder with "Peace" "Hemp for
Victory" and Phish logo bumperstickers.
> Favorite Color:  green!!! no color is kinder
> Favorite Flavor Jolly Rancher:  sour apple
> How/Where/Why/When you got into DMB:  Boyd Tinsley (violinist) and Chris
Bowman (TRAX manager/promoter) are fraternity brothers of mine (Sigma Nu,
Beta chapter; recently recolonized :-)  I've lived in Charlottesville for
five years. Met most of the band when putting together the Jam for Mother
Earth (10 bands, ten hours, for free, for 10,000 people, on the
Charlottesville Downtown mall, to celebrate and educate on Earth Day 1990.)
Now, I work for TRAX, writing, producing, processing, and transmitting the
TRAX Fax Weekly, which is press releases and listings for all TRAX-sponsored
and -related shows.  As an employee, I have the chance to go to all the
shows, so you're likely to see me at TRAX for just about anything; I'll
listen to anything new while drinking a beer.
> Additional Miscellaneous Remarks or Comments:
Carter never gets enough credit. Boyd's an amazing guy. Call Chris Bowman
'possum' (but dont tell him i said so; confuse him :).

     Ellis "of Lemuria" Godard   jeg5s@virginia.edu
       P.O. Box 3240, Charlottesville, VA, 22903
  Graduate Program in Sociology, University of Virginia
FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest
     Keep smiling, gliding, and riding that train...

Posted By: PONDWAYLA@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 2:13 PM Tuesday, March 22, 1994
Subject: The Samples and Allgood at University of Richmond

This is a follow up post concerning the Spring Music Festival at the
University of Richmond on Sunday, April 17-  Doors open at 12:30

Featuring:    THE SAMPLES
				Acoustic Fun

TICKETS: Charge by phone- (804)

	$9 advance     $12 at the door

Outside at the University of Richmond Soccer Complex- General Admission

Tickets also available in Richmond at Plan 9, Digits, and Peaches

Rain or Shine..... See you there!


Any questions, please email at (pondwayla@urvax.urich.edu)

Could someone please forward this to Phish and HORDE NETS

Thank you!

Posted By: cbs8e@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 8:57 PM Tuesday, March 22, 1994
Subject: lyrics

     Was listening Floodzone 12/8/93 and noticed the words to Go Back to
Being Friends, for lack of a better name, were very different from those in
the lyrics file.  So I decided to print the lyrics to this particular night's
song up.  
     There are a few very shady areas denoted by the parentheses and in
extreme cases, triple parentheses, that I struggled to get.  Any corrections
would be welcome.  Here they are:

so here we are
you and i together
stuck for the night
with a fire
snowing down tonight
locked us inside
against this evening
we'll be spending hours together
wondering (what is)
i will take 
i will take too much time by this
I don't mean over
let's make the best
let's make the best of our time to read over this play
oh man i don't mean a mistake
oh we'll lay you (and I) this hour
and give it from the (savior)
(sail away)...yeah
tomorrow go back to being friends

oh it's just fate
that's brought us together
in this room
we can smile (((meyer tiz)))
your eyes (have got their fee)
and i am lonely
and i hope for
hope for you and me 
(white man's allright)
let's be lovers
for this evening
and by daylight
go back to your man
i go back to my wife
go back to our lives
go back to our lives
(some old way) said it's ok
you (went out of your way)
all the same
for this moment 
have another glass of wine
just for the time
let's leave lives (and moments away). . . yeah
tomorrow go back to being friends
go back to being friends

(((sail away on a missile
if we're this tough 
and that and so away)))
ooh and i'm alive
and i want you
to be my lover tonight
while await the moments left
and god said there's a way
i'm gonna leave (((and lie a guy)))
and while man is allright
i run away . . . yeah
--vocal noises--
away . . . yeah
--vocal voices--
tonight and tomorrow
say good bye
say good bye
say good bye
say good bye

Posted By: chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Time/Date: 12:04 AM Wednesday, March 23, 1994
Subject: Irving Plaza DMB Gathering?

hey y'all,

Any word on a gathering in New York after the DMB show at Irving Plaza?

I'm sure we can find a cool place.

I'll be next to the sbd upstairs in my Black/Orange SF Giants hat (covering
my shaggy brown hair) Come say hi if you need a break

/ \ and hope to meet many of you,


|Brian Lipman <chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu>    ( @    @ )   ---------------- |
|Northwestern University                   {    !     }  |  BL   SCR    | |
|1820 Chicago Ave #3002              |      ( \    / )   |    UE   EEN  | |
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|Ladies and Gentleman...On Drums...Mr. Ernest Gissepe Anastasio -Henrietta|

Posted By: Daniel_Gold@Brown.edu
Time/Date: 12:55 AM Wednesday, March 23, 1994
Subject: Re: Irving Plaza DMB Gathering?


>hey y'all,
>Any word on a gathering in New York after the DMB show at Irving Plaza?
>I'm sure we can find a cool place.




Posted By: @mail.trincoll.edu:sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu
Time/Date: 1:44 AM Wednesday, March 23, 1994
Subject: NEW CD Availability

I'm going to the show on Sat night will I be able to buy the CD?
  *Well Sometimes I walk there, Yes god knows, sometimes I take a bus there*

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 12:23 PM Wednesday, March 23, 1994
Subject: Re: phish shows

Will anybody going to the phish shows at Winston-Salem, Columbia, or Atlanta
have any room in there car for any/all of these? Also, from Charlottesville
to NC, or Atlanta to Virginia.  Please let me know.  I have a surprise for

    ---Kerry                              ****I'd like to show you what's
inside (but I sure don't care if you do or don't like it)****
                  ***Look who's in the freezer***

Posted By: jjalbert@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 1:06 PM Wednesday, March 23, 1994

subscibe (hope this is the right adress)

Posted By: @mail.trincoll.edu:sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu
Time/Date: 11:29 PM Thursday, March 24, 1994
Subject: April 14 date

I heard today from a social coordinator of one of our fraternities, that
the band will be playing here at Trinity College on April 14th. I was
wondering if there is truth to this rumor, Alex?
Sean Berry
  *Well Sometimes I walk there, Yes god knows, sometimes I take a bus there*

Time/Date: 8:19 AM Friday, March 25, 1994
Subject: boyd....

Yeah I  was just curious as to how old Boyd actually is?

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Posted By: COGBILLJ@guvax.acc.georgetown.edu
Time/Date: 2:12 PM Friday, March 25, 1994
Subject: THE EMPTY'S, cd availability

Hello all, I went to the BAyou last night to see The Empty's, a band 
featuring Doug Derryberry (John Alagia's cohort) and other musical 
hopefuls.  It was quite an intense show and  I highly recommend this 
band to anyone who has the opportunity.  ANyhow I also got to see 
Michael McDonald (Dave's housemate and right hand man) and John Alagia 
who also attended the show.  ANyhow, Michael told me, in response to 
whoever had asked this before, that the cd WILL be available at the 
show tomorrow at Irving Plaza.

Whoever's going, enjoy the incredible new listening experience, (i've 
heard most the cuts and they are so nice) and pass along my greetings 
to John and Michael.

Life is short and sweet for certain.
yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jamie Cogbill

Posted By: PETERMAN@MGM.Lan.McGill.CA
Time/Date: 3:02 PM Friday, March 25, 1994
Subject: Filler Update (if anyone is actually interested)

I finally found the perfect filler to put on that tape for my friend!
I used the Jimi Thing from a show I just got (thanks Ben) from 
Athens, Ga in March 93.

Both of the tapes I got have these older versions of Jimi thing 
unlike any I had heard before. It was very cool to listen to since the 
only other Jimi Thing (by itself) that I had was very straight-
forward and didn't jam. On this new tape the song jams out at the 
end, starting with some jazzy piano playing from Peter and then 
solos from the rest of the band in turn. I never knew that they 
actually sang Jimi Thing at the end either.

Anyway, I was very impressed. LeRoi's always great, and he pulls out 
one of those great long Jimi > Seek Up sax solos. Stephan's solo was 
a little sloppy and you can tell how he's advanced quite a bit 
in his playing. It's good also to hear Peter experiment a little 
also, I always found his playing boring and repetitive (except for 

The thing I miss the most is Boyd's wah-wah (or at least it 
sounds like he's using one). Does he ever use it any more? It really 
adds lots of intensity and a bit of a devilish quality to his playing.

Oh well, does anyone have Dave's new CD? I just bought Hoist 
yesterday and was extremely dissapointed. I need to get the DMB one 
to get my spirits up.

Hasta Luego,

P.S. This is my new address until the end of the school year.

Posted By: nmayer@uva386.schools.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 7:46 AM Saturday, March 26, 1994
Subject: Re: Boyd...

  My brother and he were friends and graduated in the same
class at Charlottesville High School.  My brother's 28.

  I heard a rumor that Recently would be on sale at Plan 9 on
Tuesday.  Anyone know for sure?
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