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May 1521, 1994

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Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 3:18 PM Sunday, May 15, 1994
Subject: The Song That Jane Likes

Well guys, since it appears Shawn is not one of the few summer netters, I
thought I'd send my transcription of The Song That Jane Likes to the entire
net.  I did not transcribe the ending since it's not a very integral piece of
the song, but I do have a good idea of what it is.

Anyway, here it goes... questions, comments, criticism, is always accepted.

The Song That Jane Likes

Note: For this song, I have transcribed entire chords.  Dave may not play
them like this... sometimes he leaves out the 3rds, sometimes he plays
abbreviated versions of these chords.  Thus, I have simply transcribed full

Intro-Verse- (is there a better name for this section?)

 "And in plays..."

    D   C   F   G   Am

D---0---2---3---0---2----|  x2   (x3 at the end)


h = hammer

    G   C   Am   F


The chorus leads directly out of the verse, so I'll transcribe the chords to
the end of the verse again here so you have a lead in to the chorus to hear
what it sounds like.

"While you               "tidy lines..."
 around        "the days" 
 here play..."

    G   C   Am   F   E     Am   F



just another memo from the cellar,

* "I can stand brute force, but brute reason   *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*  is quite unbearable.  It is hitting below   * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*  the intellect."         -Oscar Wilde        *  --   New York, NY  --  *

Posted By: grayp@pinn.net
Time/Date: 3:36 PM Sunday, May 15, 1994
Subject: Munyahs

Has anyone heard of this band and if so, are there tapes available?  Saw 
them last night and they were great.  Just curious.

********Set The Gearshift For The High Gear Of Your Soul*******************

Posted By: jjthomps@slate.Mines.Colorado.EDU
Time/Date: 5:39 PM Sunday, May 15, 1994
Subject: DMB at Red Rocks

Well, since there is a shortage of net traffic, I hope you all don't mind a
little review/personal story about the shows at Red Rocks over the weekend.

Friday night, got rained on throughout the show, especially during DMB, but
the crowd seemed not to really care, at least the crowd around me.  It was
really cool to see all that bright rain gear bopping up and down all over
the ampitheatre.  Set list was strickly R2T, but all done very well, and
they were only given 30 minutes (I guess that is politics when you have 3
bands playing)  After the set I heard a lot of people sounding very
impressed.  The band does a good job of playing to a larger audience ~9000.

Saturday night:  At around 4:15, I climbed up to the back of the theatre to
check the wheather behind us and see if we were going to be rained on
again.  Then when I turned back towards the stage to look at the audience
and the view of Denver, I saw Dave sitting in the top row doing the same.
We got to talking and talked about everything from politics, to performance
art, to South Africa, etc.etc.  the man sure can jump topics.  But it was
really cool just to sit and shoot the shit with him for a while.  Anyway,
of course I had to ask about the new album:  He says the producer is going
to be Steve Lillywhite (who has worked with U2 among others) and that they
are going to New York in a couple of days to start recording.  He told me
the name of the studio was Bearsville or Bayersville or something - but I
guess it is one of the top 10 facilities in the U.S. and he was really
excited about the chance to record there.  He spent 20 minutes describing
the way the studio is set up.  As for songs, though nothing is definate, he
mentioned working on Drive In Drive Out.  Although I told him I'd never
heard it in the 6 times I had seen the band.  He also said he would like to
work up Pay For What You Get into a full band arrangement for the album.  I
guess Tim Reynolds will be in the studio with the band as well so we could
see him on the new album.

Then we talked about the set list for that nights show.  He said he would
like to start with Billies, simply because its a good song to introduce the
band to the audience.  I suggested Watchtower because it would be really
cool to see people's faces as they figured out what song the band was
playing.  He also mentioned Rhyme and Reason, but wasn't sure about it.
Besides, he said, they are only given 30 minutes to squeeze in a song list
that does justice to the band.  Well, this night they came out ten minutes
early, opened with Tripping Billies, Satelite, then Rhyme and Reason (which
he told the audience wasn't on the album, but might be on the next), then
Watchtower, then Drive In Drive Out (for wich I yelled "thank you") and
closed with Ants.  The crowd didn't really catch on until the middle of the
set, but seemed to be wowed nonetheless.

Anyway, sorry to ramble, but it was just such a memorable weekend...

Posted By: btanen@husc.harvard.edu
Time/Date: 8:48 PM Monday, May 16, 1994
Subject: so who lives near woodstock?

Okay, with DMB headed up to Bearsville to record what the album that 
will probably be called "The Dave Matthews Band," I was wondering if 
anyone lives in the area and may run into the guys.

If you are up there-- keep us posted!


--------------The simple smiles and good times seem all wrong----------------

Posted By: @mwbbmsg.attmail.com:rib!rie!4399
Time/Date: 12:52 PM Tuesday, May 17, 1994
Subject: Re: FW: ticketbastards

hey everyone, READ THIS!

it's about time.  :)


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From: Paul Racey
To: Rushians - Rush Fans at Microsoft; SOC MS Yes/Prog Rock Discussions
Subject: FW: ticketbastards
Date: Thursday, May 12, 1994 10:52AM

It's about time.
From: owner-costello
To: costello
Subject: ticketbastards
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 1994 9:18PM

>From today's Chicago Tribune newswires.....

(New York)  A racketeering lawsuit was filed Tuesday against Ticketmaster,
Tower Video, the New York Yankees and other sports teams, alleging they
violate antitrust laws by fixing ticket prices.  The federal suit alleges
Ticketmaster has a monopoly in the off-site sale of tickets and that it has
given kickbacks to arena operators and promoters to obtain exclusive ticket
rights.  Other defendants include Madison Square Garden, New York Jets, New
York Giants football team and the New York Rangers and Islanders hockey
 The class action suit alleges Ticketmaster also has used its monopoly to
steadily raise ticket prices.

Can we hope for the end of the Ticketbastard monopoly?
Let's hope that a competitor springs up very soon.


Posted By: jjthomps@slate.Mines.Colorado.EDU
Time/Date: 2:25 PM Tuesday, May 17, 1994
Subject: Drive In Drive Out - NOT!!

When I posted my little speal (sp?) about the Red Rocks shows, I mistakenly
said they played Drive In Drive Out, a fellow netter who was there pointed
out that the song I heard, though it mentioned something about "driving" in
the lyrics, was Two Step.  
This proves two things - one, people are very kind on this net - I didn't
get a lot of mail saying "you idiot, you know nothing!!!", but rather
someone just corrected me, and secondly I NEED TAPES.  I am a newbie, I
only have a few phish to offer as trade, and am still waiting on a dipshit
mailorder company to send out my DAT.  I am willing to send
blanks/maxpoints/firstborn child/etc anything to get a hold of some tapes
so I can learn the songs.  Plus it will give me something to listen to
during the long, tourless months ahead.

Jason (Mr. Wirehead jjthomps@slate.mines.colorado.edu)

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 1:55 PM Wednesday, May 18, 1994
Subject: the black dog runs at night

hello from the black hole of america.

school kicks ass, and i'm back. you've all got the
address in front of you.  this is where i am. if there
are any newbies to the net who've sent requests for 
the article file... HAA HAA HAA (deep bellowing laugh)
i haven't thought about what i'll do about that. give 
me a few more carefree irresponsible days, then i'll 
make a decision. 
 smiles... and sleep spindles.......
clare emily 

ps- to those sig.fans i have... i dunno how to do it yet from here.
 stay posted.

Posted By: bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Time/Date: 8:58 PM Thursday, May 19, 1994
Subject: D.C. this summer (no DMC)

Sorry to waste space with non Dave Matthews stuff, but with the small digests
these days, I didn't figure y'all would care too much.

Anyway, I'm gonna be in D.C. this summer (got an internship) and was wondering
if anyone is also staying there and may be looking for an extra person for an
apt. or house they may be subletting (in Georgetown perhaps). I would be
interested, so please let me know.  Also, if anyone may know of a cool
bar/restaurant type place to try to work part time I'd appreciate any tips.  

Thanks, and sorry for the wasted space, but I don't know a soul in washington
and getting a place on my own would cost much $.

DMC: I'll be posting the lyrics to the first-ever (I think) Say Goodbye soon.
They're pretty interesting -- kinda like that Rhyme and Reason thread a while


Posted By: JMUNIZ@worldbank.org
Time/Date: 3:23 PM Friday, May 20, 1994
Subject: Anyone here? ~#

          Hi Guys:	
          I just got my address here at work and resubscribed to minarets. 
          Is anyone still around? Can anyone e-mail me new dates? What's 
          been going on?

Posted By: jbartlet@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 2:17 AM Saturday, May 21, 1994
Subject: What the...

I don't know if anyone gets this, reads this, or what, but I subscribed 
and there's not a whole lot being said around here! So, from the school 
where Dave made a name for himself (if you don't believe me check the 
liner notes of Remember Two Things), I'd like to ask for more people to 
write to this goddamn net! Is dave playing in New England/Boston this summer?

Jonathan H. Bartlett           ###  # # ###  ###  # #     "...and so fell  
jbartlet@wlu.edu               # #  ###  #   #    ###  the weight I never
Phi Kappa Psi                  ###  # #  #    ##  # #  can lift, behind us   
Washington & Lee               #        ###  ### ____________ the      
____________________________|=__________________/    \\ \\   \  darkness,
----------------------------|=------------------\     \\ \\   | between us
                                                 \     \\ \\  | the rift"

Posted By: bdietz@acs.bu.edu
Time/Date: 9:56 AM Saturday, May 21, 1994
Subject: No summer dates?

What no summer tour?  We really want a full DMB show up here in Boston over the summer!


Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 10:56 PM Saturday, May 21, 1994
Subject: Halloween Transcription (basically full)





Am   G   F   E


Am   Bm


just another memo from the cellar,

* "I can stand brute force, but brute reason   *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*  is quite unbearable.  It is hitting below   * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*  the intellect."         -Oscar Wilde        *  --   New York, NY  --  *

Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 11:03 PM Saturday, May 21, 1994
Subject: A few questions/Wake up call

I have a few questions, partially just to try and liven up this net. :)

1) Does anyone know which HORDE dates DMB will be playing at?  Is Jones Beach
or any of the ones around NY good guesses?  Will they be touring anytime
during the summer?

2) Is Tarx in charlottesville, va?  If not, where is it?

3) If I recall correctly, Dave's sister died a few months ago.  Was this
Jane?  if so, has he played the song that jane likes since that time?

Thanks, any responses, either to the net or personal are very welcome.


just another memo from the cellar,

* "I can stand brute force, but brute reason   *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*  is quite unbearable.  It is hitting below   * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*  the intellect."         -Oscar Wilde        *  --   New York, NY  --  *
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