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June 511, 1994

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Posted By: gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 10:49 AM Monday, June 6, 1994
Subject: HORDE dates

Have any of these dates been released yet?  Everyone I know is itching to 
know when and where they are since the lineup is pretty cool this year.  
Thank you, Graham

> I read somewhere (sorry the sickness has caused me to read a lot and
> remember a little) that DMB will be playing the HORDE dates from 8/25
> -> 9/6  These are basically the NE shows.  I know there is some truth
> to this since I have heard several NE announcements where they were
> mentioned as playing.  Later.

Posted By: daveh@shell.portal.com
Time/Date: 1:52 PM Tuesday, June 7, 1994
Subject: Horde Dates Late August/Sept.

Here are the HORDE dates for late August and Early September.  Does 
anyone know which dates are going to also have the Dave Matthews Band?

Here goes:

13,14   Boston, MA              Great Woods Amph. On Sale Now
16      Agawam, MA              Riverside Park
17      Essex Junction, VT      Champlain Valley Fairgrounds
19      Middletown, NY          Orange County Fairgrounds
20      Darien Lake, NY         Darien Lake
21      Pittsburgh, PA          Star Lake Amph.
23      Knoxville, TN           World's Fair Park
24      Richmond, VA            Classic Amph.
26      Columbia, MD            Merriweather Post Pavilion
27      Scranton, PA            Montage Stage
28      Philadelphia, PA        Mann Music Center
30      Syracuse NY             State Fairgrounds
31      Wantaugh, NY            Jones Beach Amph.

1       Wantaugh, NY            Jones Beach Amph.
3       Saratoga, NY            SPAC
4       Stanhope, NJ            Waterloo Village
6       Holmdel, NJ             Garden State Arts Center

For Updates Call the Horde Hotline 212/582-0228


P.S.  Have a nice day.
Remember:  If you have to ask, you don't want to know why.

                                -Dave Hamilton (daveh@shell.portal.com)

Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 4:18 AM Wednesday, June 8, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 195

     Ellis "of Lemuria" Godard   jeg5s@virginia.edu
       P.O. Box 3240, Charlottesville, VA, 22903
  Graduate Program in Sociology, University of Virginia
FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest
     Keep smiling, gliding, and riding that train...

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 4:49 PM Wednesday, June 8, 1994
Subject: 7/7/93

 does ANYONE have a copy of this show? greg 'stickman' howard was 
filling in for stefan who
(ooooops.... hee hee)
                      who'd put his fist through a window or something.
 so, if you've got a copy of this show. do me a favor, please, and
get in touch so we might be able to work something out. you scratch
my back i'll scratch yours.  

cheshire smiles and melatonin, 
clare emily

'sing me to sleep. sing me to sleep. i'm tired and i want to go to bed.
sing to me, sing to me... and then leave me alone. don't try to wake me
in the morning, cause i will be gone. don't feel bad for me, i want you 
to know... that deep in the cell of my heart i will feel so glad to go.'

Posted By: mxgall@mail.wm.edu
Time/Date: 3:11 PM Thursday, June 9, 1994
Subject: Richmond Phish show...

    Maybe this is just extreme wishful thinking, but is there a
chance that Dave might open for Phish in Richmond next Thursday?
BTW, would someone mind posting the number for show dates?  Thanks...


Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 9:25 PM Thursday, June 9, 1994
Subject: June 9 NORML news

1001 Connecticut Ave., NW
Suite 1010
Washington, D.C. 20036

. . . a weekly service for the media on news items related to Marijuana

by Rob Kampia, Chapter Coordinator of NORML

June 9, 1994


 On Tuesday, June 7, freshman U.S. Representative Dan Hamburg (D-California)
won his re-election primary with 62% of the vote.  When running for office in
1992, Mr. Hamburg advocated an adult's right to grow his or her own
marijuana.  Demagoging on the drug issue, Hamburg's opponent in this year's
primary tried to paint Hamburg as a "pro-drug" candidate.

 In reaction to the primary victory, Mr. Hamburg's office says that his
stance on marijuana decriminalization did "nothing at all" to affect the
election outcome.  

 If Hamburg wins the general election in November, he will remain one of a
handful of members of Congress who publicly supports ending the War Against
Marijuana Consumers.

 [For more information, call Dan Hamburg's office at 202-225-3311.]


 On Wednesday, June 8, the head of the international police agency Interpol
stated his support for decriminalizing drugs.

 Raymond Kendall, secretary general of the International Criminal Police
Organisation, responded to the British police's call to decriminalize drugs
by saying, "I think we should accept the reality of the situation x that
there are many, many drug users who are living in a situation of illegality

 Kendall's comment touched on one of the main arguments for ending Marijuana
Prohibition, namely that prohibition is not preventing or dissuading people
from consuming cannabis.

 Kendall also acknowledged that most British cannabis consumers are not even
being dealt with by the law, probably because (1) most consumers go
undetected by the law, and (2) many who are actually caught by the police are
not arrested.  This comment touches on two more NORML tenets:  (1) It is
simply impossible to arrest and incarcerate every marijuana consumer, and (2)
marijuana's illegality is causing widespread disrespect for the law and makes
the police the citizens' enemies.

 Many supporters of Marijuana Prohibition repeatedly insist that marijuana
"legalization" will encourage people to use the drug.  The truth is that
millions are already consuming cannabis in complete disregard for the law.


 On Monday, June 6, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states cannot exact a
tax on drugs from someone convicted of drug possession.  The case involved a
family in Montana whose ranch was raided in 1987.  In addition to the
convictions of six family members, the state imposed an $800,000 tax ($100
per ounce on all the marijuana found).

 At least 22 states have been imposing "taxes" on individuals arrested for
possessing marijuana.

 The 5-4 decision stated that such a tax violates the 5th Amendment
protection against double jeopardy.  The opinion stated:
 - "x a tax is not immune from double jeopardy scrutiny simply because it is
a tax."
 - "While taxes are usually motivated by revenue-raising rather than punitive
purposes, Montana's tax departs from normal revenue laws. x it purports to be
a property tax, yet it is levied on goods-here, the destroyed marijuana
plants-that the taxpayer neither owns nor possesses."

[To obtain a copy of Department of Revenue of Montana v. Kurth Ranch, et al.,
call the U.S. Supreme Court at 202-479-3211 and ask for docket number


 The cover story of the Sunday, June 12 issue of Parade magazine is entitled
"Should Marijuana Be Legal?"  NORML recommends that the media consider the
following points when reading the story:
 - Although the article purports to discuss the "legalization" issue, more
than 90% of the article reviews the arguments for and against legalizing
medical access to marijuana only.
 - The article fails to mention that there are about 300,000 arrests on
marijuana charges every year.  Additionally, it neglects to cover other
horrors resulting from Marijuana Prohibition:  mandatory minimum prison
sentences, property forfeiture, widespread urine testing, etc.
 - Only one possible model for marijuana "legalization" is discussed-that of
alcohol.  Most opponents of Marijuana Prohibition do not advocate that type
of mass-market commercialization.
 - The only people interviewed in the article who claimed that marijuana is
not medicine are Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials.  Why would
a reporter ask a police agency to comment on a drug's medical utility?  NORML
believes these decisions should be left to doctors.

 Other items to look out for include:
 - The article reads in part:  "A person who smokes one marijuana cigarette
still has detectable residue in his or her body up to five days later."
 Actually, marijuana metabolites linger in the body's fat cells for up to 45
days, but these metabolites are neither psychoactive nor toxic.
 - Dr. Harmon Eyre, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, was
quoted as saying, "In my own practice, there were occasions when marijuana
was helpful.  I never suggested or advised that patients use marijuana."  Dr.
Eyre is one of a majority of oncologists who state that marijuana helps their
patients, yet they cannot prescribe the drug because of its illegality.
 - Robert Bonner, a former DEA official, was quoted as saying, "The data
supporting medical use are almost entirely anecdotal."  This is exactly the
point.  "Anecdotal evidence" means that thousands of patients are saying,
"This medicine helps my condition.  Please don't arrest me."  They are being
arrested anyway.
 - Dr. Michael Baden, director of forensic sciences for the New York State
Police and former chief medical examiner of New York City, was quoted as
saying, "We don't see overdoses of marijuana.  We do see unnatural deaths
associated with vehicular accidents, drownings and fires-accidents resulting
from marijuana-induced loss of perception, sensory distortion, impaired
reflex reaction."  No one is arguing that it should be legal to use marijuana
and drive.  The question is this:  Should the laws be such that an adult
should go to prison for consuming marijuana at home?

--  end  --

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 12:52 PM Friday, June 10, 1994
Subject: Re: that norml post

don't tell me norml is subscribed to minarets. 
save me, now.

Posted By: kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 5:04 PM Friday, June 10, 1994
Subject: Blake Campbell

Blake: write me.  I don't know where to find you.

              ****I'd catapult downtown****
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