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June 1925, 1994

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Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 9:15 PM Monday, June 20, 1994
Subject: What Would You Say Transcription

What Would You Say


/ = slide up

    A                 G
              /             1/2 bend


   F   G   A   G   F   E   F   G   A                  G


First Part

p = pull off

I split the First Part up into four smaller 'parts', our times the section is
played before it has been one 'time' (this is not music jargon at its best, I

Parts 1 & 3:
What Dave plays here is not very defined.  Basically, the only difference
between all the parts is the part after the A/Bb/B.  Here's a basic example
of what Dave might play:

    A7         A   Bb  B

Part 2:

    A7         A   Bb  B

Part 4:

/ = slide up

    A7         A   Bb  B

Variations on octaves: There are a few variations Dave plays.  The octaves
that fit in this section are: A B C# D E F# G

Second Part

Variation 1:



Variation 2:




just another memo from the cellar,

* "May I, composed like them of Eros and of dust,    *    Ben Sterling   *
*  Beleaguered by the same negation and despair,     *  Nebuious@aol.com *
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Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 10:25 PM Tuesday, June 21, 1994
Subject: Great DMB story

Well, for one of my internships this summer, I'm lookin' around CompuServe
(boooring), and happened upon this while mentioning DMB... I find it to be an
absolutely FABULOUS story.  Enjoy. :)

Hi Ben...

many apologies for the delay in responding to your Dave Matthew's Band msg.
(i've been asleep with the plague)...

getting back to our conversation...

my college roommate (former roomie, I graduated awhile back now) works for a
record company and was out w/ another friend checking out bands when she saw
DMB.  She kept watching and watching and thinking that there was something
familiar about this guy (that would be Dave).  Finally, it dawns on her that
DM is the same guy who was her 5th grade PG boyfriend.  She went backstage
and they spent hours catching up on life.  life's fulla those strange

recently, she sent me some of his music...along with lyrics of a love song he
wrote her in fifth grade...pretty funny stuff.

so, ben, how about yourself?

signed w/ respect to a fellow fan..



just another memo from the cellar,

* "May I, composed like them of Eros and of dust,    *    Ben Sterling   *
*  Beleaguered by the same negation and despair,     *  Nebuious@aol.com *
*  Show an affirming flame."        -W.H. Auden      *   GO NY GO NY GO  *

Posted By: btanen@archive.phish.net
Time/Date: 12:33 AM Thursday, June 23, 1994

I think you'll all agree that what follows is better than nothing.
Unfortunately I do not type very fast and thus the dates below are very
sketchy-- I write "8/12 Ritz," for example.  Do I know what that means?
Shit no.

Well, enjoy, and if you want to hear this info with your two ears call
(804) 980-9636.


7/17 Seattle WA
7/19 Charlston SC
7/20 Auburn AL
7/21 Tuscaloosa AL
7/22 Birmingham AL
7/23 Charlotte NC
7/24 Atlanta GA
7/27 Baltimore MD
7/29 Delaware
7/30 Brown's Island Richmond VA
8/1-8/3 Nantucket MA
8/5 Paradise, Boston MA
8/6 Providence RI
8/9 Ziggy's, Winston-Salem NC
8/10 Memphis TN
8/11 328 Performance Hall, Nashville TN
8/12 Ritz
8/13 Hampton VA
8/16 and after:
The HORDE tour

  "I am just an advertisement for a version of myself."   --David Byrne

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 1:55 PM Thursday, June 23, 1994
Subject: Re: DMB dates.....

the ritz is the ritz theatre in raleigh.
it's a flood zone set-up, but say, ohhhhh... three/four times the size.

also... can NO ONE locate a copy of 7/7/93 for me????

clare emily

 'so i'm goin down this street. and i'm tryin not to smile. cause the street
  is where i'm goin and the curb is at the side. by the sewer, where the rain
  goes down. and the sewer is so hollow. and the yell..... could last forever.'
               cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu

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Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 3:27 PM Friday, June 24, 1994
Subject: god street wine tour dates

hello all, eric sent these to me, but i think he might've meant to share them
with the rest of you as well. if not... then piss off and hit delete. i'm just
being courteous.

smiles and light,

From:	IN%"budke@netspace.stg.brown.edu" 23-JUN-1994 14:05:20.43
To:	IN%"CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu"
Subj:	God Street Wine Tour Dates

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From: budke@netspace.stg.brown.edu (Eric Budke)
Subject: God Street Wine Tour Dates
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Here are the GSW tour dates:   as of 6/19/94


Monday through Wednesday, June 20-22, The Muse, Nantucket MA.  44
Atlantic Ave (508) 228-6873  21+.  tix $6 advance $8 DOS Capacity 400

Thursday, June 23, Municipal Cafe, Hartford CT.  485 Main St
(203)527-5044 21+.  $6 in advance, $8 DOS

Friday, June 24, The Living Room, Providence RI.  23 Rathbone St.
(401)521-5200.  18+ Tickets $6 general admission

Saturday, June 25, Greenwich Teen Center, Greewich CT.
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, Arch St.  $8(advance?) and $ (DOS?)
(203)629-5744  Season opening show.  A whole bunch of other bands
will be opening.

Thursday, June 30, Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA.
967 Commenwealth Ave (617)351-2582.  18+.  Advance tickets available
through ticketmaster (617)931-2000.  Tickets $8 in advance, $10 DOS


Friday, July 1, Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA. 38th and Chestnut St
215-382-1202 tix $8 advance $10 DOS **$2 dollar rebate w/ Phish 
ticket stub from 7/1**  Ominous Seapods open  21+
Adv Tickets: Box office 10-6 and Ticketmaster 215-336-2000

Saturday, July 2, The Docksider, 420 State St Erie PA 814-454-9700 21+
Tix $8 adv $10 DOS

Tuesday July 5, Rosebud, 1650 Smallman St, Pittsburgh PA.  412-261-2221
21+ tix $7.50 adv, $9.50 DOS  Adv tix:Box office 11:30 AM -2AM,
Oasis Records and Tapes, Co Go's

Wednesday, July 6, Tattoo, 420 East College Ave, State College, PA
814-234-1344.  18+  Tix $4(21+) $5 (18-10)

Thursday, July 7, The Haunt, 114 W. Green St Ithaca NY 607-273-3355
18+ $8 adv $10 DOS

Friday, July 8, Milestones, 50 East Ave. Rochester NY 716-325-6490 18+
Tix:$5(21+) $7(18-20)

Saturday, July 9, Nietzsches, 248 Allen St. Buffalo NY 716-886-8539 21+
Tix $6 gen

Monday, July 11, Jon Bevo's Love Orchestra @ Hotel Rhinecliff
Rhineecliff NY.  This show will only be through word of
mouth and this list. 914-876-8688 tix $10

Tuesday, July 12, JBLO @ Hotel Rhinecliff, same as above.

Wednesday, July 13, Club Toast, Burlington VT. 802-660-2088 18+
tix $6 adv $8 DOS  An after Dead show show.  Will not start until
 11:30 and will last until whenever.

Thursday, July 14, Saratoga Winner, 1375 New Louden Rd, Latham NY
518-783-1010 16+  Tix: $8 adv $10 DOS Available via Box office 11-5
or Ticketmaster 518-476-1000

Friday, July 15, El-N-Gee Club, 86 Golden St NewLondon CT
203-437-3800  17+ Tix $6 Adv tix through University Music, 
Mystic Disc and Strawberries

Saturday, July 16 Granny Killams, 54 Market St, Portland ME
207-761-2787 21+ Tickets $5

Friday, July 22, Irving Plaza, 15th and Irving Place.  Part of
the New Music Seminar "Family Tree Night"  Jackopierce, Truffle,
The Hatters, and Little Sister.  GSW is headlining.  Only about 500 
tickets will be available to the general public.  No on sale
date yet.

Saturday, July 23, Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park NJ
908-775-5700 18+  Tix $8 Available at Box Office and TM

Thursday, July 28, The Sting, 677 W. Main St, New Britain CT
203-229-0880  All ages.  Tix $6 Available at TM and Strawberies

Friday, July 29, Pearl St, 10 Pearl St Northampton MA.  
413-584-7810  18+  Tickets $5 Adv @ 1800-THE-TICK or

Saturday, July 30, Greenwich Teen Center, Greewich CT.
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, Arch St.  $8(advance?) and $ (DOS?)
(203)629-5744  Tickets available 1st week of July.  Limited parking 

Explanation of *'s.

For Booking Info, Call John Bell at Family Tree Productions
201-217-4300  *This number is new, but not as new as before*

Rumored or Unconfirmed Dates:

	The label.  It is currently officially known as a coventure
between Geffen and Doc McGhee.  A name will come at some point.  Well,
I figured that by now we would have a name for it.  But still no go.

Remember to sign up to the finewine network send a message to
finewine-request@world.std.com to get the information you need such
as information on the archive site and sound clips.


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