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July 39, 1994

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Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 9:13 AM Tuesday, July 5, 1994
Subject: Re: Irving Plaza Dave???

If he's playing, does anyone know the age thing? Sometimes it's 16+,
sometimes higher, correct?

Hoping hoping hoping...
praying praying praying overpraying

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just another memo from the cellar,

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Posted By: gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 3:47 PM Tuesday, July 5, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 214

Does anyone have all the Horde dates that DMB will be playing on?  
Thanks, Graham

Time/Date: 11:27 AM Wednesday, July 6, 1994
Subject: Info, Info...

Alright, we need some talk here.  Maybe we could start by talking about the 
new (err, next) album.  Name?  Any guesses?  Any ideas what will be on it?  
And when's it supposed to be out?  Sometime in the fall is what I remember.  
Has Dave written anything in the last year that anyone knows about other than 
(Quick Lay and)"Say Goodbye"?  

Inflammation, that's what we need.

I mean... well, anyway.

Reid in VT for the summer.

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 12:04 PM Wednesday, July 6, 1994
Subject: reid's info post.........


uhhhhhhhhh... lessee....
 -bumped into some friends/netters at a coffeshop last night. which i might say
  was an overjoyous sruprise since i hadn't seen one of the guys since feb..
  ANYWAY!!!! he knew what was on the album. but i couldn't wean it out of him,
  and i forgot to ask him about the one song i really am jonesing for to be on
  it, cause we got to talking bout other stuff. 

how was that for dodgeball.
he said it was gonna be good. that's all i know.

what else did reid ask???????????? 
oh... names and songs and expectations. 
Wait!!! i remember... (ql&)say goodbye. 
only new song i now of. but last time i talked to carter and roi, they both
said they'd be putting new songs on the album. so maybe we've all been kept in
the dark, and maybe this is another reason for us all to be whippin our fannies
to go to all these shows comin up.

'we're all sensitive people, with so much to give' speaking of, i was ordered
to buy this m.g. album by someone who will remain unmentioned and all i gotta
say, is............ why not buy it for me? (WOW!) 

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Posted By: JMUNIZ@worldbank.org
Time/Date: 12:06 PM Wednesday, July 6, 1994
Subject: Two Questions ~#

          Does anyone know if Hammerjacks requires you to be over 21 to get 
          in? Is this show confirmed?
          Also does anyone know If the guys at the Soundboard let you have 
          an AC patch to plug in a deck as well as to record?
          Kwon (who doesn't know anything about the new album, except that 
          it's for RCA!)

Posted By: jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU
Time/Date: 12:49 PM Wednesday, July 6, 1994
Subject: Remember 2 Albums

Well minaret-a-net-you-bet-go-get-ers,

What I know about the album is mostly production wise.  Dave was excited
that so many big producers were interested in working with the band (guys
like T-Bone Burnett, and others who's names escape me) but he said they
were most impressed with Steve Lillywhite because he was one of the only
ones who didn't want to trim down the songs.  By that I mean cut back the
drumming to what is known as a "radio friendly" groove".  Dave said he was
interested in all kinds of stuff being thrown in the mix - "like a triangle
in the background".  I have to say that knowing Steve Lillywhite is
producing gives me a lot of confidence that the album will be a true
representation of the band. (listen to U2's debut - Boy, another Lillywhite
production, and one of my all time tops)

Dave also said they were looking for some guest musicians to be on the
album.  He said, "I'm such a blabber mouth, and I want to say who, but
nothing is confirmed." So I didn't press the issue - besides it would be a
cool surprise(unlike the phish album's guests).  He did say that Tim
Reynolds would be in the studio with them the whole time.  

As for songs, I have asked about this a couple of times.  Once he said that
he was interested in pushing the limits of time on CD - I believe the max
is like 74 or 76 minutes.  And he wasn't planning on redoing any of the R2T
songs because they have so much more material.  At Red Rocks, he mentioned
one song that he wanted to work on - but I don't want to spoil it for the
purists, so e-mail me personally.  

As for writing new songs, I asked about 'Pay for what you get'(I know that
isn't a new song - but this is about the PROCESS of writing) and he said
that the song pretty much was written in one sitting at his manager's apt.
So he does have the capacity to crank stuff out.  I'm really hoping for
some surprises.  I finally have some live shows - and am so thankful to
those who helped me out :), they are like little new albums to me, so just
about the time I learn all of those songs - the next album will arrive -

Sorry if this is too long for our readers with short attention spans...
Jason (jjthomps@slate.mines.colorado.edu)

Posted By: dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 10:42 PM Wednesday, July 6, 1994
Subject: New Album etc.

Hey all:

  Well my new northern Dave disciples and I will definitely be at
Irving Plaza on the 28th and we are very psyched not to have to
drive from NJ to Baltimore, but rather just into the city. Anyone
know if Irving Plaza allows plugging into their soundboard?  I
would love to tape.

 General question:  I'm confident that the new album will be
mostly new stuff that Dave and the boys came up with BUT how can
the album come out in the fall when they will have spent most of
the summer on the road rather than in the studio?




Posted By: @mwbbmsg.attmail.com:rie!4399
Time/Date: 9:20 AM Thursday, July 7, 1994
Subject: Re: New Album etc.

On July 7, 1994, it was written:

>General question:  I'm confident that the new album will be
>mostly new stuff that Dave and the boys came up with BUT how can
>the album come out in the fall when they will have spent most of
>the summer on the road rather than in the studio?

Actually, the Dave Matthews Band has been in the studion full time since May, 
16, 1994.  They will emerge from the studion on or about July 16, 1994.  In 
the last two months, there has been only one performance.  Not sure why there 
is the impression that there has been not studio time, but there you have it.

Posted By: klong@nysernet.ORG
Time/Date: 9:31 AM Thursday, July 7, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 217

Hammerjacks usually has a policy that will admit under 21.  I think
they put a band on you if you are underage. 


Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 12:20 PM Thursday, July 7, 1994

okay all.
 i haven't gotten my 'official'  dmb newsletter yet cause it's been sent to my
tech address, but i got mail from the dmb office and this news rocks. (but my
above disclaimer is regarding that i don't know if it's on the schedule or not,
so don't slam me with mail if it is.....k?)

 FREE dmb show, sunday, july 17 at 'backstage' in seattle, wash. (206)789-1184.

how's this treatcha???


'nothing to look backward to with        'today i came here to share this
with pride, and nothing to look           miserable life with you, and to mix
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Posted By: HAUSERBT@pine.circa.ufl.edu
Time/Date: 12:25 PM Thursday, July 7, 1994
Subject: HORDE FAQ

While going through some old files, Istumbled across the Horde FAQ which
has a very short and unflattering (is that a word?) bit about DMB.  I was wond-
ering if somebody wanted to write a new one (or maybe send the one Ellis
did a while back) which is more up to date to the FAQ curator, Eric Budke,
who I believe is subscribed to this list and might be reading this...
Anyway, I'd volunteer but I'm not much of a writer to describe the band's
sound beyond the technical stuff--band members, discography,etc.  Any ideas,


Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 4:13 PM Thursday, July 7, 1994
Subject: --- Irving Plaza Info ---

Dave Matthews Band - July 28th @ Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza is on the corner of 15th Street and Irving Place, which is right
off Union Square Park.

Tickets are $11.50 at the box office, and you can either buy them at the box
office with *CASH ONLY*, or call TicketMonopolizer.  I doubt you could get
tickets from any TM outside NYC, so to be safe, try the NYC number: (212)

Also, for many of you it's no big deal, but they *said* at least that all
shows are all ages, but I remember a few months ago, they had this strange
16+ thing (which wouldn't include me. I turn 16 on July 16th. Yippee!) for a
Hatters show there.

Anyway, this is perfect timing as I have gotten a good friend of mine deeply
into DMB now, and this will put him over the edge. :)

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just another memo from the cellar,

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Posted By: wmc8s@darwin.clas.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 9:31 PM Thursday, July 7, 1994
Subject: Re: Info, Info...

Ok, here's my hypotheses for the upcoming Dave cd...

They've been pulling out TWO STEP and BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND
lately...I'd expect those...

Also, maybe True Reflections and What Would You Say...

I heard a VERY vicious rumor that PEOPLE, PEOPLE (for those of
you who were around when Peter was in the band...) might be
pulled out and revamped for this disk...that would be really

I might also hope to see Spotlight and Desperate Hours (Help
Myself, Dangerous Hours...whatever the hell they're calling it
now) on there.

As for new stuff, I taped the CD release show at TRAX, and Dave
did something acoustically, in the middle of the show, between
Quick Lay and Blood (Xmas song).  I've not heard it since, and
noone I know has either.  Dave just said before he started it,
"no reason, just wish me luck".  For those of you with a copy of
this show, you'll know what I'm talking about...for those of you
who don't, I'm sorry I can't be any clearer...:(

OH!!!  Almost forgot...LOVER LAY DOWN is a VERY good possibility,
too...what cd is any good without a love song???  Plus, it used
to be a staple of their live show in '92, and they've pulled it
out and revamped it in the past 7 months or so...

Anyone else got ideas???

Desperately wishing to hear "Eyes of the Maker" or "People
People" played again by the Dave Band,

Wade M. Craig

PS-There USED to be good music every week here in

Posted By: dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 1:10 AM Friday, July 8, 1994
Subject: Irving Plaza

Could someone send me info about Irving Plaza as to where it's
located in Manhattan, possible ticket prices for the 28th and
whether buying tickets in advance or showing up way early are



Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 1:51 PM Friday, July 8, 1994
Subject: Good Music In Charlottesville

Okay, I too mourn the loss of our weekly rock superstars of local
appeal and availability. BUT, Wade Craig notes that "we used to
have good music every week in charlottesville."

methinks that Alma Madre (with members formerly of Indecision and
oother Central Virginia favorites) are pretty hot! They've taken
DMB's spot, every Tuesday night, still with dime beers for two
hours and dollar beers all night. DMB was, lets be honest, good
but a little slow and inconsistent before there was a dedicated
crowd. If people would come out and see Alma Madre, I think theyd
like em, and if people were coming regularly who likedthe band,
the band'd be even better. And, hell, theyrock now!!

SOOO....stop fretting DMB's departure. Let's all show up and
drink many beers at Traxx next Tuesday night. For some, it'll be
an experiment with this "new"band. For others, it'll just be an
opportunity to see minarets netters again. For me, I'm gonna give
some of you some hugs, grab me a cold mug,and then boogie oogie
oogie til i cannot boogie no more!!

     Ellis "of Lemuria" Godard   jeg5s@virginia.edu
       P.O. Box 3240, Charlottesville, VA, 22903
  Graduate Program in Sociology, University of Virginia
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Time/Date: 3:16 PM Saturday, July 9, 1994
Subject: Re: horde faq

as for the horde.faq's entry on dmb, the band bio included in this net's
faq was written by coran capshaw himself and is actually (as far as i
know) the one ellis based his on, so maybe that should go there.  whoever
is capable of making the change, let me know, and i'll send you what's 
in the faq here.

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  to possess...plain common sense."  \     dave matthews band faq type
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