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August 713, 1994

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Posted By: grayp@pinn.net
Time/Date: 1:15 AM Sunday, August 7, 1994
Subject: dave & tim tree

we will have a tree of the following show:
One Sweet World, Satellite, Recently, Typical Situation, Minarets, 
Dancing Nancies, Lie In Our Graves, Stream, Pay For What You Get, 
Warehouse, Help Myself, Tripping Billies, Chrismas Song, (TR Song), 
Two-Step, Granny, Ants Marching, Best Of What's Around, I'll Back You Up, 
Watchtower, So Much To Say, Angel From Montgomery.

This isn't an official announcement but keep it in mind.
We can do both dat & analog branches.


********Set The Gearshift For The High Gear Of Your Soul*******************

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 1:32 PM Sunday, August 7, 1994
Subject: who? what? 2nd grade spelling tests.....

good job passal, i see i'm on your mind.

who is this blaick kambel guy, and from the bowels of what
earth did he creep? 

ya'll just sit tight, and when i get back from my four day excursion through
two states, and once my fellow partner in charm, mr. ubergallackowitz returns
from his out-of-body experience, we'll liven this net up and post the lyrics to
then we'll be bouncin' around the room...

dave on tuesday!
'lay down
lay down and wait
like an animal'    

swam... sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-it, love....... you freak me, silly.

smiles to all... be in touch soon....
clare emily
finger cecliff@vtucs.cc.vt.edu 

                         live your life for love

                cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 1:39 PM Sunday, August 7, 1994
Subject: forbidden fruit always tastes sticky on your face....


we've gotta get this name fixed soon....
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh helter skelter!

but dave is singing, 'honey honey, come and dance for me....'
and he mentions love... and moonlight.... 

but one part inparticular that could be in reference to this friend of his, 
is one verse something to the effect of freedom, giving, and 'he can cut them
from out his own heart for us all....'

love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                         live your life for love

                cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu

Posted By: btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu
Time/Date: 2:18 PM Sunday, August 7, 1994
Subject: brief notes about last night's show

First of all, the show was great.  The Met Cafe in Providence is a VERY
SMALL place.  It was nice, and it was a little unique because behind the
stage were these kind of glass doors (well, more like wooden doors with
lots of panes of glass) and you could actually stand back there which
definitely gave a really cool view of the whole band from behind, with the
crowd facing them.  The show was sold out, as was Friday night's show at
the Paradise, from what I heard.

Overall, I felt the setlist was very good.  The crowd was into the show in
a big way and I think the band really pulled out some intense playing in
response to that.

The setlist:
set 1:
Best of What's Around!
Dancing Nancies
Say Goodbye
What Would You Say
Tripping Billies

set 2:
One Sweet World
Jimi Thing
Rhyme and Reason
The Song That Jane Likes
Lover Lay Down
Ants Marching

("This is a first," Dave said.  Then they played . . .)
Nature (the Samples song)

Of course, you can look up my post from 4/15/94 and you'll see that they
did soundcheck with "Nature" that day at the Orpheum Theater.  So it was
not REALLY a first, and it wasn't a first for me, but maybe in front of a
whole mess of people it was their first time playing it.  Everyone had a
good laugh about it back in April (they were just figuring it out then) . .
. They actually did it quite well last night.  And if they had messed up
most of the crowd was already too drunk or too tired to really notice.

Other highlights included:

Hearing Leroi play a little bit of #34 between songs.  I was screaming my
head off but we didn't get lucky.  They went into Lover instead.

Hearing Two-Step-->Best.  Have they done that before?  It looked to me like
Dave just thought of it and told Carter before they started Two-Step.  Dave
had three broken strings by the end of Best; he was actually having
problems with that the whole first set.

Getting in free by being put on the guest list.

Arriving home at dawn after a three and a half hour drive from Providence
during which we listened to almost the whole show in the car.

Scanning some cool photographs from Superjam.  Lee Silverman (Phishnet
Archivist) and I spent about three hours scanning a whole bunch of pictures
that my friend Barry and I both took in Athens.  Here's a list of the new
stuff; you'll see the disk space the picture takes and what each one is
called (the names are fairly self-explanatory-- they're all DMB except JB1
and JB&Todd).  All the pictures are from Superjam 6/12/94, as I mentioned.

  413832 Aug  6 23:54 Dave1.gif
  414174 Aug  6 23:54 Dave2.gif
  400025 Aug  6 23:54 Dave3.gif
  361529 Aug  6 23:54 Dave4.gif
  429566 Aug  6 23:53 Boyd1.gif
  270603 Aug  6 23:54 Boyd2.gif
  509886 Aug  6 23:55 Stefan1.gif
  118161 Aug  6 23:54 Dave-Warren.gif
  396708 Aug  6 23:54 Leroi-Stefan.gif
  244590 Aug  6 23:55 Leroi-Stefan2.gif

  284290 Aug  6 23:54 JB&Todd.gif
  231222 Aug  6 23:54 JB1.gif

They're in the /pub/Horde directory of archive.phish.net.  Get there by
anonymous FTP using your name as password.

There are also some cool new Phish pix but I'm not sure where exactly Lee
put those.


Enjoy.  And if anyone knows how to get me into the Jones Beach HORDE to see
Dave without paying 31.50 please mail me.


Volks wat foute gewaar of enige                 People discovering errors or
verbeteringe aan die hand wil            wishing to suggest any improvements
doen, word genooi om te skryf aan:                  are invited in write to:


Posted By: @mwbbmsg.attmail.com:rie!4399
Time/Date: 11:10 AM Tuesday, August 9, 1994
Subject: Chris Hani

Since there has been some discussion about this, I thought I would post an the 
attached article from April 1993.  Chris Hani's name is pronounced: hah nee

Content-Type: Text
Content-Name: C:\WINMAIL\hani.dsk
Content-Abstract: [NO DESCRIPTION]
Content-Length: 1037

                        Copyright 1993 Reuters, Limited 
                       April 10, 1993, Saturday, BC cycle 
LENGTH: 122 words 

   A senior official of the African National Congress was assassinated on 
Saturday, the South African Press Association reported.   
   Chris Hani, 50, was also the leader of the South African Communist Party. 
   SAPA quoted police as saying Hani was shot at his home in Boksburg, a largely 
white suburb east of Johannesburg. 
   It quoted a police spokesman as saying a man had been arrested. 
   A neighbor of Hani said the suspect was white. 
   Hani, a senior member of the African National Congress policy-making national 
executive committee, was also general secretary of the South African Communist 
   Hani was commander-in-chief of the ANC armed wing for many years. Right-wing 
whites regarded him as one of their worst enemies.

Time/Date: 11:14 AM Wednesday, August 10, 1994
Subject: more on #34, while we're at it...

i don't know exactly where i heard it, but when miguel died, all of
the local bands in c-ville agreed to write a song about him.  #34 is
the dave matthews band's end result.  this is just hearsay, however,
so don't hold me to it.

and speaking of miguel, afrikan drumfest, the band(?) he was with is
still doing things in the area.  they played here in h-burg a few
weeks ago, but i missed out.  it's just a bunch of african americans
together playing tribal rhythms, and they really blew me away the one
time i saw them.  they played a small indie-rock festival here at jmu
two years ago, and almost stole the show, even though it was just
four guys pounding on really nice handmade bongos.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
  to possess...plain common sense."  \     dave matthews band faq type
        --immanuel kant               \  person and lyrics extraordinaire
__________________________________     \_________________________________
                                  \   rick thompson
                                   \  <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 12:14 PM Wednesday, August 10, 1994
Subject: w-s... yes? no? maybe so? obviously not.....

no show last night.
moved to friday....
apparently gaybees die, too... so maintenence was required.
too bad all fans had to find out this news AT ziggys........

so......... friday it is.

                         live your life for love

                cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu

Time/Date: 3:27 PM Wednesday, August 10, 1994
Subject: who else was at the nor-east shows?\

a freind of a freind of mine was at a coupla of northeastern shows,
i'm not sure where (i don't pay attention to dates, 'cause i have
no way of getting there or in, and don't care about them), but he
said that they played a couple of new tunes.  i would assume that
'nature' by the samples was one of them, 'cause said freind doesn't
listen to the samples to my knowledge, but he didn't know another
tune either, and as far as i know he's pretty knowledgeable on dmb

and here's another stupid little anecdote.  the dave matthews band
has given me a propensity to really notice ants.  two weeks ago, the
radio station i work for was infested with 'em, and a few moments ago
i noticed them crawling all up and down my arm (don't ask me where
they came from), and all i could think about (aside from getting them
off of me, that is) was "red and black antenna waving....."

god help me. 

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
  to possess...plain common sense."  \     dave matthews band faq type
        --immanuel kant               \  person and lyrics extraordinaire
__________________________________     \_________________________________
                                  \   rick thompson
                                   \  <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 5:51 PM Wednesday, August 10, 1994
Subject: dmb friday, aug 12th

dave matthews band is not playing at the ritz theatre in raleigh on friday
august 12th.  the show for the ritz has been moved to august 29th.

instead, this friday (still august 12th), they will be playing ziggy's in 
w-s due to last night's cancellation of said show.

hope that clears everyone up.

who misses ben? i do. i do.
course, there's somebody else up in that state i miss too. 

                         live your life for love

                cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu

Posted By: wmc8s@darwin.clas.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 1:37 AM Thursday, August 11, 1994
Subject: Re: Dave and Tim Show

This is the lowdown on the Dave and Tim show at the Birchmere...

It will be Thursday, August 25 at 8:00 pm at the Birchmere in
Alexandria, Va.  Shannon Worrell will open up, and then Dave and
Tim will play.  Tickets are $13.50 each thru ticket bastard...

I ran into Boyd Tinsley (quite literally) here in C'ville
yesterday, and happened to mention the show while we were
talking.  He had know idea that the two of them were playing.
Uh oh, I may have started something (with Dave going off to catch
a quick buck without the band).  Oh well.

Oh did I mention that the seats were General Admission???  Well,
i did now, and they are...

See you all there...I'll be wearing an autographed Dave ET style
shirt (their first and original shirt) at the show if anyone
wants to say hey.

Go out and buy the new Shannon Worrell cd.  It's great.  Guests
buy Dave, Tim, Roi, and Kristen Asbury (among others).  Really
good stuff for those of you who aren't familiar with her stuff...

Well, ok, love you, bye bye...


Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 1:28 AM Friday, August 12, 1994
Subject: New Press, New CD, New News

Article3/4 of page 6 and 1/3 of page 8 in the Aug 11- Aug 17
(Charlottesville/Albemarle) Observer).

Title: THe money side of Music: Local talent sells the Dave
Mathews Band

notes new CD, titled Under the Table and Dreaming, to be released
simultaneously in US, Germany, and Holland. "Media in 39
countries will now receive press releases and DMB CDs courtesy of

Remeber Two Things, produced under an independant label, sold
90,000 copies. RCA's Flohr says the company is "elated" if an
indie release sells 15,000. R2T will stay under Red Light
distribution; Chris Tetselli reportedly expects UtTaD to bring
more interest in R2T; i.e. why turn  over to RCA what will later
be worth more to us than it is to them now?

Other local news: Trax is reportedly (Daily Progress or Cville
Review, August 9, i think) in bankruptcy court. Yep. Chapter 11
(or is it 13?) and new owners will reopen the place this fall
as the Charlottesville La-la and Sports Bar, or some lovely
monicker like that.

Ummm.... word from my cousin in Athens is that DMB tix go for 3-5
times face value _*IF*_ you can find one. Sounds like DMB needs a
bigger Athens venue, and maybe 2 or 3 shows in a good solid run.
God knows how much press, attention, fans, R2T sales, UtTaD
coverage, fun, jams, buzzes, and soul 3 nights in a big Athens
venue could bring! Anybody else want to plan a road trip for
unannounced, unplanned, not-expected shows, just to be ready to
roll when it happens? Anybody have a good line on how to get tix
in Athens?

(minarets lurker, phish diehard)

     Ellis "of Lemuria" Godard   jeg5s@virginia.edu
       P.O. Box 3240, Charlottesville, VA, 22903
  Graduate Program in Sociology, University of Virginia
FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest
     Keep smiling, gliding, and riding that train...

Posted By: gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 5:31 PM Friday, August 12, 1994
Subject: Nashville show

Very stunning show last night here at 328 Performance Hall.  I'll get a 
setlist up if anyone's interested.  There were an amazing number of 
tapers last night.  I've never seen 3 DATs at one DMB show, but also 6 
tape decks.  So, my boot needless to say has tons TONS (second one for 
impact) of breaks in it.  Everyone was fucking with their volumes and 
tapes and etc.  But, the band had fun.  They said fer' definately that 
"Rhyme and Reason" was on the upcoming album (27th Dave also said).  They 
also played Jimi THing and Best of What's Around so I'd assume those.  
Really intere3sting intros to a couple of songs but I'll have to listen 
to the tapes again to say.  Oh, I've got the tab file but am working on 
it because it has quite a few errors in it.  If anyone really needs it, I 
can send what I was sent, but it'd probably be easier to let me fix it 
first.  Graham

Posted By: wmc8s@darwin.clas.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 12:29 AM Saturday, August 13, 1994
Subject: Re: Nashville show

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Nashville show, I'm
just too lazy to send a new message...anyway

The cd will contain (as was told to me by Jeff Bagby at the
Brown's Isle show)
Lover Lay Down
Best of What's Around
What Would You Say
Say Goodbye
Jimi Thing
Rhyme and Reason
A full band Dancing Nancies
and Pay for What You Get
        Jeff did not flat out tell me, but he confirmed each of
the songs when I named them.  Two Step most likey will not be on
the New cd, because the band feel that it has most definitely
lost something without the samba part with Peter and his keys.
However, the songs that are appearing on the cd have been
re-arranged, and I am told to expect some surprises with the
arrangements.  Although, for those of us who have been fortunate
enough to have seen Dave and Co. recently, we know that Two Step
has been re-done.  Roi also takes much of an extended solo toward
the end of Dancing Nancies, and Boyd plays the part that Roi used
to play at the start of Jane.  
        I am told though, that John Popper will guest on What
Would You Say, and both Jeff and Carter have said that Roi's sax
solo on that song is mind blowing.  To have this said by two
different people coming from completely different aspects of the
band, it MUST be good.  All things considered, I would expect
this to be a great cd.  We have only a month and a half to wait
and see.
        Does anyone out there in Dave-Land know if the band has
done Cry Freedom, Spotlight, or Eyes of the Maker recently???  I
am told by a friend of mine that they do these songs every now
and then, but the set lists I've seen lately have been devoid of
these songs.  I was talking to Carter backstage at BI, and we
when we were discussing their older stuff, Carter said that "Just
yesterday, when we were on the bus, we were looking at an old
tape, and realized that there were like 20 songs that we had
forgotten how to play."  With this statement, I would tend to (I
hope, atleast) to see some of those older songs come back.

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