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December 1824, 1994

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Time/Date: 12:01 AM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: Oh well...

well, as I understand, the top-40 radio station from my hometown of Iowa
City, Iowa- KRNA- played WWYS on their weekly "Battle of the New Rock N Roll"
against Dream Theater's song "Caught In A Web"  (anyone ever hear Dream Theater?
 I haven't).  Needless to say, DMB lost by a vote of 51 to 0!!!!  What's
wrong here?  Is Dream Theater really that good?  At least DMB got some exposure,
but maybe not the best kind, I guess...oh well.

Time/Date: 12:12 AM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: hi gang!

    Got a quick question for those in the know.  I have my little old
analog tapedeck that makes decent tapes, ask folks with the everything
show from Ziggy'y, but i thought to myself the other night while
procrastinating on finals, <i really shouldn't hog the signal from the
board and what if someone forgets cables and stuff, i oughta go get
some y-jacks....>  so that's what i did last night.

i went to best buy and got a 2-rca jack to/from headphone style jack
and a headphone[little] to headphone[big] adapter. is this what i need
to be able to patch into the soundboard with y-jacks?  or do I need
more or something different. anyone with info, please respond soon. 
I'll be going to the DMB concert in Charlotte on the 29th and need to
know so that I and other tapers get good shows.  

    thanks millions, peace, and happy holidays to all, regardless of
race, creed, national origin, religion[ or lack thereof], gender, and
anything else, peace! -Will

RUSH remMATTHEWSWEET everythingBIGHEADTODD davematthewsbandBLUESTRAVELER samples
   __  "Will you give your heart to me? Will you tell me where your soul lies? 
  /  \ ...Do you see what I can see? Does the night enchant your soul and set
  |e:| you free? oh, do you see what I can see?" -everything:Dame Tu Corazon?
  \__/ "I can't believe that we would lie in our graves, wond'ring if we had
        spent our living days well"-Dave Matthews Band:Lie in Our Graves
                      Phi Gamma Delta-Davidson(Delta Kappa) 
               wifoy@davidson.edu        iN ReaL lIFe:=will foy'96	

Posted By: JIMMYP123@aol.com
Time/Date: 12:17 AM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: Boyd....

     I came across something the other day that all of you Boyd fans might be
interested in-Boyd used to sit in with a band called Those Melvins, a pretty
well known local band here in CT.  He also played on two songs on Those
Melvin's only CD, Elmer Season(Which I happened to find at the bottom of my
collection of tapes that I don't listen to anymore)The songs are pretty good,
I was surprised to see Boyd's name in the notes.  If anyone is interested in
this, reply privately and we'll set something up(I also have a lot of Phish,
Dead, WSP etc. for trade...)

-Jim P-

Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 1:46 AM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: Ben Sterling's Top Ten comments on Richmond pt.1

Now that us R-mond folk have been graced with the presence of a 
northerner, I must post his top commnets of the day on his view of the 
southern world (if you consider Richmond that far south).

1.Is this downtown? It's only one story...
2.What is that guy driving around with horses for? (reference to ahorse 
3.Well, it's not New York pizza. (Bottom's Up pizza in Shockoe Bottom)
4.You don't have an alarm on your car?
5.There so many lights on things...(reference to xmas lites)
6.The streets are quiet at night..

thats all for now.....3rd street balcony reservations are being worked on 
for v-day, cant wait to see everyone there.
someone pretends they are injured and uses a wheelchair. DAT can bee 
hidden under it. Mics:still working on it...

take it easy...
|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
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Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 2:26 AM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: Re: your mail

hello there dear christopher..
how goes life down in the bottom, eh? 
and who's bottom is shokoe's bottom anyway?

i jsut wanted to drop you aline and say hello..
let you know i'm in town if you happen to want to meet for coffee some 
fine evening if your schedule looks mildly agreeable...

light love and hugs, (and way lots of caffeine tonight, too)
clare emily

  'i will try not to burden you i can hold these inside i will hold my breath
       until all these shivers subside... just look in my eyes....' -REM

                   cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu  

Time/Date: 7:45 AM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: mailing address

hey-- a couple people told me that I could not be reached by my normal
address -- but just for the record, it is KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU.  All forms
for the rare dave tape tree sholud be sent there, and I have gotten them as
recent as 3 seconds ago.  But if you still have problems, then try this address
  KOLIVER1@UA1IX.UA.EDU      that is my other account, and will surely work.


Posted By: SKGio@aol.com
Time/Date: 11:07 AM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: DMB

I would like to be put on the mailing list. Thanks. 

Posted By: HFEJP@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu
Time/Date: 5:19 PM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: Dallas: A Long Story/Great Show

Yikes, I'm exhausted.  This has been both a frustrating and euphoric weekend.
After seeing the two shows in Austin Thursday, I was pumped to make the drive
from Austin --> Houston --> Dallas to catch them again.  This was to be my
end of the semester celebration, and I was psyched.  Unfortunately, my plans
were partially crushed by the fact that the tickets I thought I had to the
Houston show fell through, the show was sold out, and I spent Friday night
paying the same amount I would have paid to see Dave to sit in an Austin
movie theatre watching Geena Davis and Michael Keaton make googoo eyes at
each other in Speechless.  Undaunted, I was determined to make the drive to
Dallas despite the fact that I again did not have tix to a Sold Out show,
vowing to myself that I would get in the door no matter what screaming 12
year old I had to mug for their tickets.  Got to Trees after driving like a
maniac only to find a line already formed and a huge mean sign saying
"Absolutely No Tickets Will Be Sold at the Door"! (AAAGGGHH).  Ran into two
lucky minaretters, Jason T. and Theresa from Colorado, who were on the guest
list, and lied my ass off trying to get through the door on their coattails.
No dice.  Frustrated and downtrodden, my escort and I slinked away from the
club and tried to make ourselves feel better by downning a few way-overpriced
drinks at a next door bar.  We tried two more times to get in to no avail, and
chalked it up as a lost cause. (sigh).  But hark!  On our way out of Deep Elum,
we swung past Trees one more time, thinking we could at least hear a few notes
through the door.  There was still a huge mob of people outside, trying to
sweettalk their way in.  Just as we reached the fringes of the group, a young
teenager was pushed out of the club, swearing up a storm and clutching a
ticket in his hand!  He was soon followed by another young girl with the same
dazed expression on her face.  Both had been caught drinking underage and were
thrown out of the bar.  I immediately pounced, and entered into a bidding war
with another desperate couple.  The two ticket holders were sober enough to
capitalize on my desperation, and though I hate to admit it, I bought those
tickets for $25 a piece.  Ridiculous, I know, but I was so caught up in the
hope of getting inside that I basically just threw my money at them and bolted

Anyway, I'm happy to say that the show was worth every penny and ounce of
frustration.  Here's the setlist, with random comments:

Intro --> One Sweet World
Best of What's Around
Rhyme & Reason
New Intro --> Satelite
Lie in Our Graves (I hear they did this in Houston, too)
Jimi (This really just keeps getting better.  Totally driven by Stefan and a
      lovely alto solo by Leroi)
Seek Up (w/lots o' screamin')
Billies ("This used to be about a beach in Africa.  Now its more about
         Virginia".  smiles.)
Dave Skat Intro --> Tommorow Never Knows --> Minarets (amazing.  orgasmic.)
Typical Situation
Say Goodbye (one of my favorites, and well done)
Nancies (muttered Could I have Beens about mice and Gunsmoke Reruns)
#36 (The absolute Highlight of the show!! Dave was joined by the guy from
     Everything, and then by the lead singer of Little Sister, who just
     wailed and wailed like a gospel singer.  It was beautiful).
E: (Dave acoustic solo)
A new song! (help me Jason, I can't remember the name)
             Goes something like, "I have no lid upon my head...Oh, its you,
             Forgive me"
Christmas song

A wonderful show all around.  Again, I did not tape myself, but have names
and adresses of those who did and will let everyone know as soon as I have
copies in my hot little hands.  Sorry for the longwindedness. Have a great
break everyone!


Posted By: Clarinet12@aol.com
Time/Date: 5:53 PM Sunday, December 18, 1994
Subject: Really, subscribe me to DMB-land

This message may not be properly structured, but if possible please subscribe
me to minarets.

subscribe Clarinet12@aol.com


I sent this previously on 12.17.94 and you replied that it may have been an
inadvertant mailing.  Nope.  I am a DMB fan in Minneapolis (University of
Minnesota) using my sister's AOL address for the time being.  I look forward
to 30-40 messages a day on the merits of Dave, Boyd, LeRoi, Stefan, and
Carter.  Have a good day.
Happy Holidays.

Posted By: bmking@mail.wm.edu
Time/Date: 3:36 AM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: hmm.. this MEANS something..

either absolutely no one posted to davenet today, or I suddenly stopped 
receiving davenet postings..

anyway, as I was driving home, I heard on the ray dee oh that the 
valentines day show was sold out, but they were adding as second date on 
the 15th.

and, as beautiful as it was, it was a bit weird getting a davefix at a 
listening station at tower records.

anyone know when the video will be coming out?  if it's before the middle 
of january, i'd be insanely happy, since that's when steady hot showers, 
soft toilet paper, and any and all forms of tv go out the window when I 
return to school.

ya know, being a freak really has it's limitations..  after I found out 
dave played drive in, drive out, I really wanted to just rave and rant 
about it with someone who could understand the seismic implications of it 
(that is, after I already had let someone else rant and rave to me :), 
but there was not a soul around who could truly comprehend the 

hoppy holidays

Brett Kingswell                                          bmking@mail.wm.edu
could I have been Dave Matthews?

Posted By: Ian_M._Bassin@gorgias.ilt.columbia.edu
Time/Date: 1:23 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 396

This account has been discontinued and newsgroups subscriptions left active
by the account holder.  Please do not send any mail to this account. 
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Time/Date: 2:21 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: it wasn't WWIII

I am so happy that you all came back.

I feared that nuclear bombs destroyed everything but Tuscaloosa

You have no idea how scary that thought truly is!!!

Have a wonderful holiday -- please drive EXTRAcarefully and ETXRAsoberly
                            on your many fun filled voyages 8+)


Posted By: 6705625@sunybroome.edu
Time/Date: 3:00 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: 2nd Richmond Symphony Show

No joke! I just purchased, for a pretty penny, 4 tickets for Feb. 15
The second Richmond Symphony Show. I didn't see another post yet, so go
get your tickets. Great seats still available! They just went on sale!
Someone pinch me, I think I'm dreaming. Just call Ticketbastard or email
me for more info. Send messages to HvyHead@aol.com, I had to tell someone
but no one was around so I figured I'd write to everybody and share the
great news. Let me know if there is going to be a gathering for this
show also. I would love to see some faces. I know it's still early but
if there isn't one yet lets get one started. I'm coming from New York
for this, so I would love to make some trades and meet some people.
Good luck! I hope this made your day a little bit brighter.

                      Until the 15th--Heavy Head

Posted By: bdg11@columbia.edu
Time/Date: 3:25 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: Shawn Colvin

Yes that "Every Little Thing" cover is Shawn Colvin - everyone should run 
out now, no, i mean right now, and buy this and shawn's first two albums 
- fat city and steady on. Shawn is an amazing songwriter, and has one of 
the most beautiful voices i've ever heard. The every Little Thing cover 
is a little overproduced, but the rest of the album is great. If Shannon 
sounds like Shawn i'm going to have to find some of her stuff. Sorry for 
the no-dave content, but anyone who likes dmb should really do themselves 
the favor here. peace, ben

Posted By: nsirotin@eden.rutgers.edu
Time/Date: 3:55 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: Re: MINARETS digest 393

I have tried to unsubscribe 3 times now, an someone please help me? 
 unsubscribe minarets  nsirotin@eden.rutgers.edu

Posted By: mchang@changtech.res.jhu.edu
Time/Date: 5:51 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: Re: Oh well...


> well, as I understand, the top-40 radio station from my hometown of Iowa
> City, Iowa- KRNA- played WWYS on their weekly "Battle of the New Rock N Roll"
> against Dream Theater's song "Caught In A Web"  (anyone ever hear Dream Theater?
>  I haven't).  Needless to say, DMB lost by a vote of 51 to 0!!!!  What's
> wrong here?  Is Dream Theater really that good?  At least DMB got some exposure,
> but maybe not the best kind, I guess...oh well.

Dream Theater is quite a good band.  Not a lot of airplay, but still, a 
good band.  As far as genre, it's like Yes meets Rush meets Metallica
meets Yngwe Malmstien  -- quoted as being "a progressive rock fan's wet 

Lots of long songs, great tunes, packed with complexity.  Their new 
album "Awake" like their debut album "Images and Words" is CHOCK full of 
music (75 minutes on Awake)...

Great stuff...

Mark L. Chang | http://teal.ece.jhu.edu/~mchang | mchang@silver.ece.jhu.edu

Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 5:52 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: whazzup wid de day o no mail??

did the internat go blank for a day or somehting, i had no mail at 2 am 
this morning, including my own posts, and now this afternoon i have 31 
to will foy...and other tsapers...
the yjacks you need are the 2 rca in to one rca out kind. and  you need 
two of em
basically you plug the yjacks into the back of the guys deck who has the 
first signal. (in his rec jacks) this makes four inoputs instead of two 
to his rec jacks.
You plug the signal into one and pulg you rec jacks into the other, ie 
the signal gets sent to his and your rec jacks no matter what his deck does.
make sure you get the signal in both channels or you will mess things upo 

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
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|	http://liberty.uc.wlu.edu/~cbuford/Boofy.html			|
|v4.2									|

Posted By: CJACOBS@smith.smith.edu
Time/Date: 6:38 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: heyday

i don't know if any of y'all are subscribers to rolling stone but, even if 
you're not, even though you despise rolling stone and think it is corporate
bullshit, you NEED to check out the "new faces" section in the latest issue.
guess who? not only is dmb's picture (a big fat one, at that) opposite the
shot of green day (yes, green day) but there is a review of UTTAD in the 
review section.  it's...um, wow, it's, uh, well--rolling stone seems to be a
lot more with it than i thought.  
and, what's more, the title of the issue is called "dave's world."  now, of
course they;re referring to dave letterman, but still...because there's also
allusion to dmb in the letters to the editor page.  three times in one issue!

any comments?

carly (who, yes, is still alive)

Posted By: SRH1111@delphi.com
Time/Date: 7:51 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: Rolling Stone

	Yo!  I'm sure everybody has seen the UTTAD review in the latest
Stone.  Pretty good review but I wish dave hadn't gotten lumped together
with Widespread Panic (although I like them immensely) and The Tractors.
In case you haven't seen it yet, here's some highlights. 

	" ...one of the most ambitious releases of '94.  With an arsenal
that includes reeds and violin backing Matthews' gorgeous vocals, they've
got chops to kill. ...Almost unclassifiable, The Dave Matthews Band sound
like four or five groups in one."

	Not bad from a little band from C'ville, eh?

			just steve

Posted By: goldberg@rochgte.fidonet.org
Time/Date: 7:51 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: Rusted Root, how cool can you get???

HEy all,

Not to waste bandwidth, but I thought this was pretty cool.  Rusted Root
came to RIT last Friday night.  Only about 500 tickets were sold, and of
course, my friends and I couldn't snatch any.  We decided to go the show
anyway and see if we could pick any spare tickets up.  Quickly realizing
it was a lost cause, we decided to (four of us) split up and sneak in
somehow.  Security was really tight, but me and a friend found our way
into the basement of the Student Union.  We happened to bump into
another group of people that were also trying to sneak in.  The concert
was directly above us.  And guess who I ran right fucking into???  Mike
Glabicki!! The lead singer if you didn't know...  Anyway, I realized who
it was right away, but others in the group thought he was some bum or
somethin'.  To make a long story short, he asked whether we were trying
to sneak in, reluctantly I said yes.  Explaining to him the ticket
situation.  What happened next really blew my mind...  He told us to
follow him, and he tried to sneak us in through a side entrance.  Too
many guards were hanging around, so he thought about what to do for a
minute.  There was about 6 of us all together now, and he told us to
gather around.  He told us that we were now his "cousins" from
Pittsburgh, and we didn't know that the tickets were sold out.  I was
shitting a brick by this time.  The next thing I knew, we were marching
right through the main ticket line and into a little holding booth.  He
explained to the securtiy guards who he was, even though they didn't
believe him at first.  We then had to sign a special "guest list", and
got stamped.  I never got a chance to thank him, but he was so fucking
cool!!!  He went so out of his way to get us in.  Actually, it looked
like the guards weren't going to let us in because of a fire code, but
he said that we HAD to be let in.  Anyway, the concert was really good
(best free one I've ever seen), even though they didn't play with a lot
of intensity.  The next night, I took a little road trip to Buffalo to
see them again at their tour closing performance.  They were SO
amazing!!  Needless to say I'm exhausted, but it was worth every second
of it.  I think I heard one of the most amazing drum trips of all time.
If anyone has any good root shows, let me know, I have plenty of Dave to
trade.   Also, I have a little WSP and other goodies.........


       When I'm reincarnated, I'm gonna come back as a musical note.
That way, nobody can capture me.....They can use the hell out of me, but
there ain't too much they can do to me.  They can mess me up, play the
wrong note, they can play a C, but they can't really destroy a C.  All
it is, is a tone...So I'm gonna come back as a note.

                                       - Rahsaan Roland Kirk


Posted By: sau3@columbia.edu
Time/Date: 8:25 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: Re:dave on the road?


Posted By: benjamin@sccs.swarthmore.edu
Time/Date: 10:28 PM Monday, December 19, 1994
Subject: DMB/Big Head Confirmation

Well, my girlfriend just told me the news.  She is lucky enough to go to 
Bates College, where Dave Matthews Band and Big Head Todd and the 
Monsters will be playing on January 28th.  Of course I can go all the way 
up there and visit, but I wish that they would play here too!!  My school 
has been trying to schedule them, and they have lots of bucks, so if 
anyone has any ideas on how to get them, tell me.  

Are there any other confirmed dates?  We could maybe begin to piece 
together a tour schedule.  Yipppeeeee.

I am completely amazed by the 10-26-93 show at Trax, especially set II.  
The band was on something CRAZY that night.  Top to bottom, the best show 
I have heard.  What an amazing segueway from Minarets -> Blue Water!!!!  
If anyone has heard this particular show AND knows of something BETTER, 
contact me and we will trade!!

pull a tube for leroi on the saxophone!


   				      *	Benjamin Eric Booth '95 *********
	 "Junior LOVES ya baby"	      **** benjamin@sccs.swarthmore.edu ***** 	
					 ******** bbooth1@cc.swarthmore.edu *	
						****** (610) 690 - 3772 *****

Posted By: TSTORCH@flint.mines.colorado.edu
Time/Date: 1:30 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994

Hey everyone, just testing to see if my mail is working , reak messare will follow

Posted By: JSchaf4463@aol.com
Time/Date: 2:27 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: 11-11-94

I am looking for the 11-11-94 DMB show at Wake. It really means a lot to me.
It was on my birthday and Dave wished me a happy birthday, right after say
goodbye. Please help me find it! thank you


Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 2:40 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: V-day gethering for the 14th

Its becoming official, the 14th vday show gathering will be on the 
balcony at third street, a word has already been put in for the 
reservation. So what I and Clare need to know is who's coming. If 
everyone who is definitely coming and wants to participate in the 
gathering could drop me a line it would be cool. Were not sure about 
costs etc, but there might me some small deposit, and we dont want to 
reserve a balcony that holds 32 people for 7, yunno. 
see yall on the 30th, the 31rst (my mini dave tour) the 14th and 
hopefully the 15th also...

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
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|v4.2									|

Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 3:35 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Ben Sterling's final words on Richmond...(top ten pt.2)

Well, seeing as that ben is leaving tommorrow, here are his final 
comments on his illustrious stay on the wonderful city of richmond.

1.Drinks are only 50 cents in a machine? I wanna buya dozen just so I can 
say I did."
2.TNN is banned in New YOrk CIty.
3.I want a Friendly's
4.He said 'Thank You' when I held the door for him!
5.You can't see stars in Manhattan.
6.There's no line for the movie? and its only 6 bucks!

well thats all I can remember...

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.ed   P.O.Box 322		4109 Park Ave.		|
|Washington and Lee       Lexington, Va. 24450	Richmond, Va.23221	|
|University								|
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|	http://liberty.uc.wlu.edu/~cbuford/Boofy.html			|
|v4.3									|

Posted By: HFEJP@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu
Time/Date: 3:43 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: lost digests?

Is anybody still out there?  I haven't recieved a digest for about five days.
The last one I got was #395.  I'm not sure if its just because of low volume
or if something is wrong with my subscription.  If there have been digests
since #395, could someone please forward them to me?  Thanks -- hope everyone
has a relaxing break.


Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 6:16 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: we're all sensitive people.. with so much to give...

can you get in touch with me about nye?
my mind has flip flopped, i'd love to work something out..
send me sleepy spoons and i'll 
send you good kharma....
and maybe some rice krispy treats...
chew chew chew.. marshmallows are good...
 clare emily

 'even when i'm right with you i'm so far away i can try to get away but i've
strapped myself in i can try to scratch away the sound in my ears i can see it
killing away all of my bad parts i don't want to listen but it's all too clear'
                  cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu  

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 6:16 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: 'annie hold alittle tighter, i might jsut slide away...'

the 3rd street diner gathering on v-day '95 is basically done.
a head count is necessecarry.
send confirmation of your coming to this gathering to 
the one, 
the only...
the spoonmaster.... 'SIR BUFORD' 
at cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
and recieve your own free 
glass of milk complementary with peanut butter cookies.
the illustrious den mother has her cubs taken care of.
emergency lights line the aisles
your seat can be used as a floatation device
oxygen masks will fall from teh above panels
all emergency exits can be located at the front and rear of the plane.
peanuts are free with offers of latenight spooning
coffe is free refills 
wine is recommended only for teh daring and spunky
cognac is shared only if it is couurvoisier (vvsop)
headphones play only halo 4
moon-maiden's offer free nurturing with the delivery of a dozen roses
'and i wasn't even supposed to BE here today...'

love light karma spoons hugs coffee humour and most of all, marlboro 
clare emily

'there's a lot of good lookng women in the world, but there's not many 
women who will brign you lasagna to work'
men- treat your women well. tell them you love them for no reason at all. 
give them a present for no reason at all. hold their hand in public. 

promises are shit. we speak the way we breathe.
 'even when i'm right with you i'm so far away i can try to get away but i've
strapped myself in i can try to scratch away the sound in my ears i can see it
killing away all of my bad parts i don't want to listen but it's all too clear'
                  cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu  

Posted By: mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu
Time/Date: 11:36 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Davetalk tape update.(Gnarly and the Bee).

hey all; and hey those who sent for Davetalk:

freedom has been granted to this here child. i need a bag.....

something of relevance for those of the DAVMALTATIONS:

the tape is completed...yes,yes,yes....right on time sisters and
brothers...they will start going out Wednesday...a holiday treat?
maybe. the package will include more than a tape...some selected
poems, a letter, an explanation, a contest and even a dave finger
puppet!!!!!...fun,fun for everyone. thank you for your participation
in this endeavor. big words for a music student,eh? 
o.k. have a groovy holiday and jump alot. jump,jump,jump....PEACE.

                   Gnarly the Hippo and Bingler the Bee,
                   this one's signin' out as,

                             CHA-DEE * *

Posted By: mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu
Time/Date: 11:42 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: anyone still have a NYE ticket?

hey all people of M.

first of all Dominic, if i read Clares message correct...hope you
still have that gateway....she deserves a good show...


my friend from Costa Rica has come back and needs a fix...ya' know?

please respond to:


                    thanks for looking in yo' ticket book,

                                  * *

Posted By: mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu
Time/Date: 11:55 AM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Rusted Rulers...@@

On Rusted Root:

Mike Glabicki rocks for treating his guests with such
gratitude...too bad he can't do something about their
taping policy....hippie type bands are the rulers of
attitude with a twist of no attitude when you get up
close..know what i'm saying...? they just wanna' give
a groove for all to enjoy but at the same time they 
get off like jubiliant chihuahua's....

On DMB and friends:
if the venues didn't control guestlists and shere numbers...oh
brother there'd be a Book O' Guests at every DAMABA show...it would
be called "Any Number Free To Wander"....i've seen DMB guestlists
peaking out at about 5 yellow pages!!!! wow. it's love,baby... 

hey my friend it seems your
eyes are troubled care to 
share a show with me?

                          versed in the ways of a vagrant,

                                      * *

Posted By: driver8@phy.duke.edu
Time/Date: 12:13 PM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Boot cd

I couldn't believe my eyes, I just saw a boot cd at Schoolkids music in 
Chapel Hill, NC!  DONT BUY THIS!!!!

The title is "Seek to See the Image" - a frequent intro to Jimmi last 
year, and it has a Dancing Nancy daveArt image on the cover - The show is 
from july 30 at Brown's Island - PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS CD IF YOU WANT TO 

Pleading from the minarets,


            "People look at us funny when we go to the store"
			    - Trent Reznor -
                              Sean Spicer
                    Duke University, Dept. of Physics

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 5:01 PM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: it doesnt' take much to rip us into pieces

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, Dancing Nancy wrote:

> I couldn't believe my eyes, I just saw a boot cd at Schoolkids music in 
> Chapel Hill, NC!  DONT BUY THIS!!!!
> The title is "Seek to See the Image" - a frequent intro to Jimmi last 
> year, and it has a Dancing Nancy daveArt image on the cover - The show is 
> from july 30 at Brown's Island - PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS CD IF YOU WANT TO 
> Pleading from the minarets,
> sean 

heh heh
a boot cd.
dont' let rick hear about this one.
everyone cover their ears, 
close their mouths, 
shield your eyes.
his court jesterness will soon ensure and drop a wrath unimaginable.

dress up in your velcro suits now.
and make a running leap for the wall. 
you will stick.
you will.

ok. i was there. 
cha was there.
gray was there.
boofy was there.
wade was there.
dean was there.
hm... who else was there taping?
any of you guys remember?
we mosty certainly CAN eliminate who
this boot came from.
anyone? anyone?
let us band together..
 hm.. any idea, sean, if it's a from a sbd patch?
 we can rock this house 
 and it will be a colosseum showdown
 liek roman times. 
 'who is screaming in the mud in the collosseum tonight?' -t.waits

this is a good show, 
but if you want copies, 
there is no reason to pay money for this show when 
many people on this net have it on their tape lists, 
and at low gens, too, i might add.

>                 -----------------------------------------
>             "People look at us funny when we go to the store"
> 			    - Trent Reznor -
>                 -----------------------------------------
>                               Sean Spicer
>                     Duke University, Dept. of Physics

sean... kicking a little ass with the trent.
'i'm stuck in this dream, it's changing me, i am becoming....'

may you all share in 
dreams of
and take away my 
recurring dreams
of a stalker?
(it's six days running now)

happy holidays, 
kiss someone you love on nye.
clare emily

 'even when i'm right with you i'm so far away i can try to get away but i've
strapped myself in i can try to scratch away the sound in my ears i can see it
killing away all of my bad parts i don't want to listen but it's all too clear'

                  cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu

Posted By: grayp@pinn.net
Time/Date: 6:07 PM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Re: Boot cd PLEASE DON"T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 30th on cd, this really pisses me off and I want to get to the 
bottom of it.
The most likely source for a cd would be one of the dat tapes that were 
made that day.

The people who taped dat that day were:
  Bagby - of course,
  Larry M. - i know he would never do it, but could have traded it somewhere
  2 guys named pj & andrew from baltimore,
  James V. (?) from columbia or charleston, sc
  & me.

I know who i've made clones of the tape for:
  1 to James V. who's tape didn't come out.
  1 to Bucky Tennison (soulhats manager) for allowing us to tape the
           soulhat portion of the show.
  about 45 min of filler for another guy in texas.

I've made a few analog copies, but can't remember exactly where they went.

As for the analog side of that day,
Dean had a CR3A there which would be the best sounding deck of the lot.
buford, chardy, wade & i think a few more analog dudes were there too.

if everyone can narrow down where their masters have gone, perhaps we can 
get to the bottom of this, probably not (unfortunately).

since it is already out, what we need to do is stop people from buying it.

if anyone feels they need a copy of this show so badly that they are 
willing to pay whatever the hell the thing costs, please write me & i can 
get it for you.

we should probably set up something,
i will offer to handle the dat requests, but don't know how many analog 
requests i can handle, perhaps buford & wade & clare & chardy can handle 
those requests, but i don't want to put words in their mouths


I'm not from here, I just live here.

Posted By: pcharrig@students.wisc.edu
Time/Date: 6:24 PM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Repelling down a minaret on belay

Well, minaretters, the time has come for me to SAY GOODBYE.  I would like
to wish all of you a safe Holiday season, and a happy New Year.  For those
of us lucky enough to be with the boys for the holidays, have a great show.
For Xmas, I am spinning all of my BMD shows as stocking stuffers.  Well,
thats all folx.  Stop the violins! Increase the peas!

        * Could I have been Captain Crunch?

Posted By: MPOWERS1@ithaca.edu
Time/Date: 8:16 PM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: help

   Sorry to sound stupid here, but I've forgotten how to unsubscribe from
minarets.  I gotta unsubscribe or else the computer people here at Ithaca will
never ever let me have a vax account again if my account is flooded when I come
back from break.  So sorry about the non DMB material.  If anyone can help me
out please email personally.  I'll be around 'til Wed afternoon.  Thanks!!!
Hope to be at D.C.!  Later



Posted By: andynyc@panix.com
Time/Date: 11:33 PM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Free ticket for Dec30!!

Fellow Dave fanatics-

I've got a ticket I can't use for the Bender Arena show on
December 30 in DC.  I don't want to sell it, I'd rather trade
it for:

a) an extra New Years Eve ticket, and I'll pay you the 
difference (plus a little extra for the effort), or

b) some really cool bagby's.  If you want to send me a few
hi-quality, top-notch shows, you can have the ticket for free.
(I'd really love to hear from someone who has Jan 2 1993 at
Wetlands in NYC with special guest Dickie Betts of the Allman
Brothers, if such a tape exists).

I hate to make this a "rush" offer, but I'm taking some 
vacation from work and am heading to Florida on Thursday
(Dec 22) morning.  So if you're interested, e-mail me at
andynyc@panix.com before then, and please include a phone
number and a list of potential trades so I can call you 
while I'm getting some sun.

Andy Goldberg   andynyc@panix.com

P.S.  With all the talk on Minarets about "Iko Iko" and 
Johnny Clegg, you should get a copy of the "Rain Man" 
soundtrack.  Besides some other great songs and 
superb instrumentals, track 1 is a funky, jazzed-up
version of "Iko Iko" by the Belle Stars, and track 2 is
"Scatterlings of Africa" by Johnny Clegg & Savuka, which
is simply marvelous.  The whole album is fantastic!

Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 11:40 PM Tuesday, December 20, 1994
Subject: Ruff? Ruff? Don't get me started

'what is a band without saxaphones?'

good question!

listen, i was catching up on mail, and i noticed this weirdo post that said
that the Big Head Todd / Dave tour was confirmed.  Of course, I've heard
nothing about this alleged tour before that post, but then i've been ignoring
75% of mail that comes through HORDE.net channels.


I'm just wondering if anyone out there has heard anything juicy about this.
 Unless they are foolish, DMB will be doin' the headling thing (especially
since BHT, IMnsHO suck worse than almost any other horde-type-bands except
for that Satellite-esque song "Bittersweet" which is what that coffee place
should have been called anyway), but that still means a one-long-set type of
wussy gig.

Oh well.

Gosh, Dave isn't going to take a break from touring until he can buy the
Neverland ranch or something.  Okay, i'm out...

Skyballs and saxscrapers,

7 hour train ride Ben

just another memo from the cellar,

   *      "Be in love with yr life...           * --   Ben Sterling  --   *
  *        Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind"     * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
 *                 -Jack Kerouac              *  --   New York, NY  --  *

Posted By: driver8@phy.duke.edu
Time/Date: 12:25 AM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: Boot cd

listen people, I don't know who made the cd - and believe me it wasn't 
for lack of looking - I wasn't at the show so I don't know who was taping 
- and I'm just a fan making an observation...SO I DON'T WANT TO BE MADE 

A little bit flustered, but happy to be home for christmas,


ps - in case you didn't figure it out, I don't want any more mail on this 
subject...If you really want to help, go look for it at your own freindly 
boot cd store...I would welcome it if anyone could get me the Angel 
Lyrics though.

            "People look at us funny when we go to the store"
			    - Trent Reznor -
                              Sean Spicer
                    Duke University, Dept. of Physics

Posted By: TSTORCH@flint.mines.colorado.edu
Time/Date: 2:06 AM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: Tejas Shows

Okay.  Sorry it took me an extra day to write but something really was wierd
with my mail yesterday.

Since Jason is now at home in San Anton with his wonderful family and I just
returned from there with the keys to his apartment, I have the distinct privilege of posting this in his place-->> it's my first post so bear with me:

12/19  flew in from Colorado and drove to Austin just in time- missed only Seek
Up ( the first song)  Couldn't see much because we were way in back, setlist
kind of unoriginal but nothing can detract from a Dave show, really
The cool part for us was Jason's dad took our extra ticket and stayed the whole
time--he was most impressed by Dave's version of Watchtower

Got to meet Beth and Cliff by the soundboard afterwards (Hey "ya'll" must
speak like a Texan being in Texas and all)

sorry, the dfirst date should be 12/15
Houston was the most eventful evening, although Dallas had the Best show.
The venue was cool, a remodeled bank: pretty small but with balcony seating all
around, even behind the band! That was the best view of Carter's set I've
I won't bore you again with the setlist, but Lie in Our Graves was good to hear
and Watchtower was amazing as Dave broke a string right before the quiet part
where LeRoi solos and hits that high note---that never happened because Dave   
was forced to play power chords, tings never got quiet, but LeRoi started a
sweet riff that Boyd picked up and soon everyone in the band was working off
eachother and eventually went back into the song--had to be there.

Dave was kind enough to hang out after the show to sign autographs, and since
he remembered Jason from speaking to him at the Red Rocks show (thanks to all
who mentioned it back to Dave) we were able to chat off and on with him for a
good hour and a half.  Having never spoken to him at such length before, I must
say I am more impressed then ever with the man behind the music.  I learned quite a few interesting tidbits if you'd like to hear them: I'll list them at the end.

Dallaswas great because it was a FREE SHOW for us.  In Houston the night before
while chatting with Dave we met a frind of his named David Rice and his girlfriend.  We talked of music, and when they heard we were bumming from the fact that
the Dallas show was sold out and we didn't have tix, Dione (the girlfriend) was
incredibly kind and got us on the GUESTLIST!!!!  I was completely amazed.  If
anyone happens to know any way to get in touch with this guy to tell him 
millions of thanks (and/or spoons as the case may be) please write to me!
The highlight of the show, however, was #36 with the lead singer of e: and
the lead singer from Little Sister--God does that woman have a voice!!
Dave was completely enthralled with her as well.  I guess DMB, e:, Little Sis,
and Soulhat got Druuuuuuuuuunk (as Dave claims) on Wednesday night.  I figure they all partied again after the Dallas show.
There was one new song (which Beth mentioned) and I believe it's called
Let Me Down or Let It down , something like that.  I read one part of the lyricsthe night before which Dave had written on some girl's CD he was autographing:
"I wish I had a lid upon my head.....so you could open it up and read what's on
my mind"  pretty good stuff.

*Whoever mentioned the thought of making a live CD from the VDay/Symphony show,
you should know that they plan on setting up a couple 8-tracks amongst other
things--hopefully that's just what they'll do with it, Jason at least put the
thought in his head.
** The background on the Fire Dancer logo is a picture (mcrograph) of cobalt and
Boron which his father took.  His father really was a physicist who worked in superconductivity at IBM and taught at U.Va. Being a physics geek myself, I was
psyched to hear it.
*** Dave also worked at IBM for a time, doing what I have no idea.
**** There are plenty of new songs in the making which he told Jason about, but
all I could tell you is one has Carter doing a 5/4 3/4 bit and one has a V III Ichord progression.   None had any names except the one mentioned above.

I could write for hours, and if you've read this much of my BS then you deserve
many hugs, kisses and spoons across this bridge of technological wonders from
me to you:

Love, Peace, and Laughter,

Posted By: TSTORCH@flint.mines.colorado.edu
Time/Date: 2:23 AM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: After Her

This is a song I've never heard or heard of before, am I completely clueless?
Is it an old song I've never heard, or a new one I have yet to hear?

If anyone could give me some info on it and even have a Bagby with it to trade,
ooops! ... negotiate something.  I have a few good Colorado shows and a Tori e,
Amos offer that even Clare enjoyed!! (yes Clare those were MY CD's Jason taped
for you,  glad you like'em!)

Only  four shopping days left eeeeeeeeeeeeek!
"That man is geeked to the gills." - Dave Matthews, Houston,TX 12/16/94

Posted By: crunte@apollo.stevens-tech.edu
Time/Date: 2:06 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: DMB w/BigHeadTodd.

Yes, DMB is going out with Big Head Todd, at least from what the DMB 
people have to say.  I know a bunch of people that organize events at 
Drew University, and they were trying extremely hard to get DMB I 
believe, but when they learned they were going with BHT apparently prices 
went up out of their budget.

Random question: I'm up in Jersey, am going to see Phish at the RI, 
Phily, MSG shows, no NYE (cry), but if I had the opportunity, I'd rid 
myself of the first two shows, and roadtrip-it down south to see 1, 2, or 
3 of the DMB shows if I could, and crash at people's places I know right 
around each of the areas.  My question, how hard is it to come by tickets 
for the shows?  Extremely tight, or no?

MoreNewbieQuestions: What is the appropriate way to go about trading, 
trading talk, etc on this mailing list?  Direct post, simply speaking 
with random people through email, etc, or...  Have a good friend here at 
school who has been setting me up with DAT>analog phish stuff as a 
beginning to start with, and the Helping Phriendly will be helping be out 
creating a base, but not quite sure how many DMB tapers there are out 
there, or what the etiquette is here.  Info would be much appreciated.

2 More questions: How many people subscribe the to mailing list?
How many people typically tape shows?
How available are taper tickets?

             Chris Runte / crunte@apollo.stevens-tech.edu
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
 ... The night is my companion and solitude my guide, would I spend 
 forever here and not be satisfied...  - Sarah McLachlan

Posted By: V134R9W7@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Time/Date: 2:19 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: what to do

i am in buffalo with nothing to do b/c exams ended yesterday and i 
dont leave till friday morning. thought i might make one final plea 
for some bagby's. I only have one, 10/23/93 Birmingahm, AL. If anyone 
is in the generous holiday season and wants to trade, e-mail me. as 
for now, the day is actually nice so i'm going to put on UTTAD, maybe 
partake in a smoke and sit out on the ledge for awhile. sorry for any 
waste of bandwidth. Happy Holidays
                                not just a curious little monkey

Posted By: jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 2:27 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: Stopping the Bootleggers

What we need (in addition the quite-laudable efforts to track down where the
tape came from) is some economic warfare against whoever's selling it. 

We need a phone number AND a fax number AND an address for anyplace you've
seen this CD for sale. We can protest the hell out of them! I've already sent
notice to the band's management.


     Ellis "of Lemuria" Godard   jeg5s@virginia.edu
       P.O. Box 3240, Charlottesville, VA, 22903
  Graduate Program in Sociology, University of Virginia
FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest
     Keep smiling, gliding, and riding that train...

Posted By: CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu
Time/Date: 2:34 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: the earth died screaming....while i lay dreaming of you...

i have, so far, been requested by
10 (count 'em) TEN people to make copies of the 
7.30.94 show.
wow. i hadn't exactly made that post
as beign an offer to trade the show.
hm... maybe i did. i think i kinda did
and didnt think i was doing it.
regardless i've got all of your names, 
and i've got to figure out 
what is going to happen.

i'm certain no one wants to tree this show, 
but if you do, get in touch with me..
i might decide to go drownig 
from this
temptation to literally 
go nuts.

i will update if the tide hasnt' decided to engage in eternal spooning w/me.

love, light and salt water, 
clare emily

 'but when're you gonna stand on your own? i say the world is sick, you say
tell me what that makes us darlin... you always find my faults faster than you
 find your love... you say the world is getting rid of the demons, i say baby
                     what have you been smoking?' -t.amos
                  cecliff@vt.edu / cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu  

Posted By: mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu
Time/Date: 5:37 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: 6 in the morning....

OOOOOHHHH. man, i had WAY too much coffee and cig's last nite.
           enjoyed the company tremendously, 3rd st. rules.
           couldn't get to sleep and wanted to strum some chords.
           no where i end up at nite allows me to make noise.
           i am a nite creature and need to make noise.
           oh when, oh when will i get another pad to dwell in as i wish.
           not like where i sleep is bad, just restricting to creativity.
           wanna bang drums at 4 in the morn,when i damn well feel.
           .................ya' know. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
           she called me a love machine,made me laugh.
           PEACE on this fine evening.

                                      * *

Posted By: MLounsbury@aol.com
Time/Date: 6:05 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: 29th

If anybody going to the Charlotte(29th) show could tell me what the ticket
situation is I would Greatly appreciate it.  ie...Are there still tickets
available, is it sold out...if not, who can I call to reserve some......if so
, does anyone going have some they want to sell?, or even where they are
playing in Charlotte........Please Hook Me up with some info....Thanx....Matt

Posted By: pdquinn@nyx.cs.du.edu
Time/Date: 7:44 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: Big Head Todd and Dave Matthews Band Tour

	BHT and DMB are embarking on a 10 week tour this spring according 
to "The Denver Post" and "Rocky Mountain News".  So far they have one 
confirmed show, in Boston, I am not sure of the date or venue.  
	Apparently the two bands have decided to travel the road to 
commericialization together.

	A depressed fan,

P.S. Still looking to trade Dave tapes for any Freddy Jones bootlegs

Posted By: allgood@umich.edu
Time/Date: 10:12 PM Wednesday, December 21, 1994
Subject: Re: Big Head Todd and Dave Matthews Band Tour

Hey everyone, for those of you who haven't left yet for braeak:  Are we 
meating anywhere for the NYE show?  Chris, where are we meeting to do our 
stuff we planned?  And, emily, you never got back to me, I'm sheddin' 
some teards.  But, the most important point, what is the deal on the 30th 
and the 31st, will I just have to meat people by the soundboard, I'm 
thinkin' about gettin' a D6<---some type of taping machine, but it is 
still up in the air.  Well, if I don't here from anyone, I guess I'll 
just have to wander around the show and hope to catch a couple odf 
friendly smiles.
	Saying Goodbye,
		Kyle(some people call me keeley, some don't)

Posted By: mchang@changtech.res.jhu.edu
Time/Date: 3:13 AM Thursday, December 22, 1994
Subject: Wishing everyone Happy HDays

To all DMB fans (I know this is generic, but I'm in good cheer) -- 

Finals are over, winter is here, and I am heading back home!

So, pack your bags, get your tapes, and let's roll...

Happy Holidays to all!

Mark L. Chang | http://teal.ece.jhu.edu/~mchang | mchang@silver.ece.jhu.edu

Posted By: jcdavis@wam.umd.edu
Time/Date: 2:59 PM Thursday, December 22, 1994
Subject: Re: the earth died screaming....while i lay dreaming of you...

Could you post the setlist for that show? Does it by any chance have 
Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors on it? Hmmmm??

Thanks! Oh and everyone...get Blue Miracle's Disc...It's good..

Posted By: @uvmvm.uvm.edu:SLM94002@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU
Time/Date: 4:08 PM Thursday, December 22, 1994

hey all...so i leave tomorrow (finally) for home. i want to wish all a merry
holiday and new year. i just wanted to say that i am stuck way up in conn.
but would love to see the feb. show in VA. if anyone else is up this way too
and would like to get a trip going down there i would love to go! well that is
it for me            heading home to rest.


Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 5:05 PM Thursday, December 22, 1994
Subject: 7/30/94, NYE, Bender and the like...

lesse here....
1)next time I go to 3rd street with Cha I will regulate his coffe intake, 
i swear, he was almost hangin upside down from the railings (seriously)

2)setlist 7/30/94 (a pretty average show, i could think of better ones to 
put on disc) satellite/two step/ants marching/say 
goodbye/warehouse/dancing nancies/seek up/jimi thing/song that jane 
likes/rhyme &reason/tripping billies

I've got his also so if you have the urge to buy the CD, just send me 15 
bucks and I'll make you a tpae, hehe no just kidding, I'll most likely be 
helping clare with all her requests, just dont support some monry ungry 

3)i see that i will have the chance to mee tmany more people than i 
thought on my mini tour of 30 and 31. soere's how to find me. At bender, 
i will be wearing combat boots (xmas gift hehehe), jeans, a black planet 
hollywood hat (or have it attached to my belkt) and will most likely be 
near the soundbaord. At NYE, i will be wearing combat boots, jeans, a 
white buttomn up shirt, a red tie with a big picture of mickey mouse on 
it, and no hat, again most likely at the board. I have brown chin length 
hair. if you have access to mosaic, look up my home page, there's a 
picture of me in my bio.
Come say hi. I might be taping if i can find a deck, but i'd like to meet 
more of you...

4)rarities tape is coming well, i am trying to keep it down to two 
tapesa, its hard. I have heard the DAVALMATIONS tape and it is quite 
funny, and has segments of songs that i was gonna put on my tape, but CHa 
already got the good parts. 

5)keep the vday stuff coming in. The balcony is officially reserved and i 
have recieved some lters yeah:_) . i will ask again after break for those 
not around. Just to show you how cool 3rd street is, i was there 
sat,sun,mon,tues and klast nite and will most likely gfo tonite.

see ya in 7 days (i think)

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.ed   P.O.Box 322		4109 Park Ave.		|
|Washington and Lee       Lexington, Va. 24450	Richmond, Va.23221	|
|University								|
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| "... and I'm not even supposed to be here today!"   Dante	CLERKS	|
|	http://liberty.uc.wlu.edu/~cbuford/Boofy.html			|
|v4.3									|

Posted By: dsb9a@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 8:51 PM Thursday, December 22, 1994
Subject: bye....

just a quick note to say have a great holidays to everyone out there in the
land o' minarets.  see you in '95.......

oh yeah, for all going to Bender on the 30th, i would like to actually meet
some of you folks.  i'll be there in black from head to toe - in other words
you'll have no problem finding me.  soooooooo, until we meet, adieu.......


     "i am breaking the silence........." - diet grover

Posted By: FrankP3442@aol.com
Time/Date: 12:12 AM Friday, December 23, 1994
Subject: davedavedave

Well, the net has slowed but at least there's still great info coming from
Texas.  New songs!  So here's my spare change-

1)  not to start wild rumors, but as I left Richmond for the Holiday's
(fortunately I still have access) a friend claimed to have heard on the radio
that DMB and the Symphony added a second show on 2/15.  I have no
confirmation for this, so if someone knows if that is true please post the
truth.  I find it hard to believe they would do it twice.  Is V-day even sold

2) I cannot wait for NYE.  Back to Richmond!  

3) Does anyone who has old bagby's think that Peter Griesar, when speaking,
sounds like Butthead from you know where.  I have a bootleg from the week
before the first Flood Zone DMB show and right after he played Traxx for the
first time (but not at Traxx, I can tell all this from Davespeak).  Anyway,
Peter says something to the people "up on the hill" and really sounds like
Butthead.  I don't even watch that show, but Peter makes me laugh.  BTW, if
anyone has this show and knows the date and/or location, I would like to

4) Does anyone know, in the UTTAD Rhyme and Reason what the sample voice says
towards the beginning of the song?   It doesn't sound like the lyric that it
should be in the liner notes.  Do you know what I mean?  Listen with
headphones- you can't miss it.

5) Whoever posted about the spring tour, I'm no expert but I don't think Dave
will be headlining that bill, except in Virginia.  


Time/Date: 1:04 AM Friday, December 23, 1994
Subject: Re: davedavedave

On Fri, 23 Dec 1994 00:16:37 -0500 <FrankP3442@aol.com> said:
>I find it hard to believe they would do it twice.
   really---i don't... imagine the practicing by the symph, that is going in to
 this...  plus -- if they wanted....for whatever reason... to record any of it
 then it would be better to have more to record from...

>4) Does anyone know, in the UTTAD Rhyme and Reason what the sample voice says
>towards the beginning of the song?   It doesn't sound like the lyric that it
>should be in the liner notes.  Do you know what I mean?  Listen with
>headphones- you can't miss it.

     you are right about this for sure -- imho i dont see how that voice could
 say i'm as good as dead.  sounds like 'im sick today', to me...
 any other guesses?

>5) Whoever posted about the spring tour, I'm no expert but I don't think Dave
>will be headlining that bill, except in Virginia.

      maybe in a few other places than VA -- i know people at the campus radio
 station here who have never heard of bht.  meanwhile, dave has gotten himself
 on the heavy-play list.


Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 3:24 AM Friday, December 23, 1994
Subject: ?BTH&M vs DMB....

hmm what a carzy concept....
well Ben S. dont liek em so we know they wont headling in NYC (heheh)

seriously...being from Va. Ive heard em both, DMB didnt play the first 
HORDE BHT was on, the they were afer BHTon the 2nd. for me sounds liek a 
cool double bill. 
and for example Rusted Root opened for daev in Va and NC, but Dave opened 
for RR in pennn (respective to where each band is from..)

once again, no conclusions, but 2 cents....


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Posted By: croutons@leland.Stanford.EDU
Time/Date: 5:30 AM Friday, December 23, 1994
Subject: Re: 'annie hold alittle tighter, i might jsut slide away...'

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, i am a goddess not your mother wrote:

> 'and i wasn't even supposed to BE here today...'

> 'there's a lot of good lookng women in the world, but there's not many 
> women who will brign you lasagna to work'

"     " - Silent Bob

heh heh

p.s. sorry for no Dave, this just really made me laugh! :)

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Time/Date: 7:33 AM Friday, December 23, 1994
Subject: a tree of the thing that is on cd

k.... im gonna tree the thing

i mean----      youll have o forgive mee because i am under the influence

but i am going to tree the 07.l30.94 thing--- becuse there is a cd boot!!!
    we can't have that...........

so the main point of this (for all the people who are still here)--------------
-----is this:   we need to get anyone who would buy the cd -----  and we need
  to give  'em a nice tape, instead..........    sorry clare, dear, but i
   have to flame boot makers for a sec.---

fuck them   -- they are nothing but capitalist assholes -- who are out  there
     make 25$$$n off of anyone who likes david matthws/////  screw that........
... i'm about to make a post to any applicable .net  so that this bvoot
  doesmn't  fall into anyone's hands.........   hopefully, I can organise
  tree where    ewveryone gets a low lo generation.   ----- that will
probably be possiblem, bercause of the low #s of people there are here, now.
 I will probably, also, make anothe tree in thje january, for anyone who wants
  to be on iut but is not here, now.

ok=-----   so for anyone out there::::::::::::::::::::
  0--------------------------start form------------------------------------

you can include a snail adfdress  if you want to--- m    but im not going to
 hunt yu down, or anything.........

email address and telefone numb er###:

branch or laef?????

if branch,m then convince me you deserve to be a branch (ie    tell me bouit
  the equipment you have got)

dat, metal, or analogue........

ok---- on the raredave tree i had asked you all to tell me you favourite dmb  s
how   ---- ---- here's hge deal for this one:::   if you havn't answered this q
uestion   yet, then go for it::::

im doing a poll

if you have answered it, thjen   telkl me   what the lyrics to halloween are.

in the mean time, i will listen to halloween about 50-0 times, and post what i

but i'll probably wait until tomorrow to post the 'keith's version' of the
'ween lyrics---------     fair enough???
---------------------end form--------------------------------------------------

   we need to make surew thathis cd "boot" is not widely distributed

     my head wont leave my head alone


Posted By: driver8@phy.duke.edu
Time/Date: 12:22 AM Saturday, December 24, 1994
Subject: X-mas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all those on the minarets 
especially my new friends Clare, Ben, Boofy, Kristin, Kyle, Kim, and 
Kevin...may all your holiday's be filled with cheer - if anyone would 
like to present themselves for a brief conversation during this joyous 
season I can be reached at (919) 383-2768.

                            "Love, Love, Love,
                And the blood of my children's all around."
			    - David Matthews -
                              Sean Spicer
                    Duke University, Dept. of Physics

Posted By: msweeney@muselab.ac.runet.edu
Time/Date: 12:48 AM Saturday, December 24, 1994
Subject: BHT & DMB

On the note of the spring tour.  As i've been told from, i guess, 
horde.net (not sure who posted the info but i got it from a net) the BHT 
& DMB tour will be switching headliners through out the tour.  BHT will 
probably headline more of the mid west dates (only fair) and DMB 
headlineing more of the east coast dates (once again only fair).  but as 
i've heard they are doing some kind of rotation/switching of the 
headlineing acts from venue to venue.


who will soon be no more forever.

Posted By: lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU
Time/Date: 3:08 AM Saturday, December 24, 1994
Subject: Question?

	To anyone that is still out there....

		I was wondering if anyone has the DMB screen saver..

	If you do, is it cool?  Please explain it to me....also, if you 
do have it, would you like to trade for a copy of it, or even send it 
through the computer via binary code?  I can do that if you'd like to...

	Thanks for taking the time to read this ... mike

Time/Date: 12:57 PM Saturday, December 24, 1994
Subject: bootleg christmas trees

well  -- i just thought i''d let you all know something that may be of
about the tree of the 07.30.94 show.  very interesting...  get this:
I posted the "form" (not the nonsensical, garbled, scrambeled mass of
words that i uncoherently posted on this net) on five or six other nets..
aru-- phish-- wsp--horde--- and jp-- plus another, i think..  (but not bt
or rr, if anyone wants to be a forwarding-deamon)  anyway... ===so i posted
it to a bunch of nets, and no flames for "no <band> content"... just a bunch
of people who had the consensus of,,,,, hey, people who make boot cds can go
fuck themselves...  pretty cool...

not that i expected any different, but still...  i even got people who said
 they were at the show, and didn't like it that much, but knew someone who
 would probably buy the cd, so they got on the tree anyway.

but, if anyone wants to spread the word some more, then go for it... i have to
 go out of town in a minute, but i am coming back on monor tue, and i will take
 things from there....

i will also find sir boofy and clareemily then -- both offering seeds........
  which reminds me-- do you suppose i should just run this one asap, and do
  another for all the people who aren't here, later???  yea, maybe so..
so yae clareemily
yea sir boofy
yea seeds.

oh and the otherthing was that since someone requeted the lyrics to h'ween,
i decided id figur them out.... it's actually quite easy to understand, but
you have to have it loud...and sit in a corner in the dark, or it doesnt
really make sense......but im having a problem with like 3 words, so i think
if i just listen to it over and over-- all the way to new orleans, i should
get it....  so whoever asked, gimme a few days, k?

so for xmas--- kudos to the poor turkeys
            and to nice seed-people
                and to dressing....
i think i discovered why i avoid eating a lot---
eating is sooo violent.....all that
chomping and mashing....
      and were in this small world to type about things we like
and teeth grinding
                    god .. how weird


"obviously none of you can be trusted with guns,
 so I'm going to take them away from you"
    -- sample on Consolidated's 1992 album _Play_More_Music_
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