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December 2531, 1994

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Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 1:08 AM Sunday, December 25, 1994
Subject: 7/30/94

just to make a correction

the bootleg cd from 7/30/94 was a show in Richmond Va my hometown (heheh)
at Browns Island and also included SoulHAt and Edwin McCain on the bill.

a great show....

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Posted By: 72672.1776@compuserve.com
Time/Date: 3:15 AM Monday, December 26, 1994
Subject: Dave on NPR

a friend of mine who works for National Public Radio has convinced his bosses 
to get Dave an interview.     Dave Matthews, alone, in a 30 minute interview 
that'll probably be shaved down to about 10 minutes of actual air time.    
seeing as how my friend has little knowledge of Dave, he asked me for ideas 
for interview questions.    

after about 10 minutes of freaking out, i managed to eek out a few words about
the number 34, religion in Dave's lyrics, and eMpTyVee.    i thought it might 
be nice to get Dave's thoughts on minarets@moose.uvm.edu, as well.

then the thought occurred to me: what do YOU all want to ask Dave?    i could 
definately pose one question from the Net to Dave.   so, write me back with 
the one question that you would ask Dave Matthews on the air at National 
Public Radio!

i'm not really sure how i'm gonna compile all these messages, but i suppose 
i'll take the most interesting, or, barring any real standouts, the most 
common.    newbies, read your FAQs before you write.    vets, remember, the 
person who is interviewing Dave knows NOTHING about music or DMB, so don't get
too esoteric...

reply to: 72672,1776@compuserve.com

        -dominic, a.k.a 'anyoneotherthanme'

read.    listen to dave.    write.    go to class.    read.
ride bike.    eat?    play disc.    listen to dave.    see
dave.    hear dave.    read.    read some more.     write.
write some more.    sleep.    read.    spoon.    hug.
Dominic Sagolla '96    dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore College     dominic@raptor.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore, PA 19081   sagolla@cs.swarthmore.edu

Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 5:38 PM Monday, December 26, 1994
Subject: Dave MAtthews is Santa...

My Christmas consisted of Dave Matthews related items , mostly, its so 
I got  a Tower Records gift certificate (blanlk tapes..)
MY tickets to Feb 14
and money to pay for tickets to Bender NYE and Feb 15...
Tht's $237 dollars worth of Dave tix, (being two extra exopensive for 14 
and two medium expensive for 15)
yunno thats almost forty shows at Flood Zone.....
Think about it....
I better get GREAT fucking hors d'overes at NYE, and I'm talking great 
food.....and free liquor, if they card me I'm kickin ass.....

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
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Posted By: THowl91834@aol.com
Time/Date: 6:30 PM Monday, December 26, 1994
Subject: 10/15/94 set list

Does anyone know the setlist for DMB's opening for Phish?  Please e-mail me
if you know it. 


Posted By: jdinatal@capcon.net
Time/Date: 9:09 AM Tuesday, December 27, 1994
Subject: DMB trade

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.  Here's the deal I have an 
extra copy of DMB @ Zolman's 1/30/93.  It's two 90 Min. tapes long and is 
a killer show.  If you will be at Bender on the 30th and have a 
comparable show to trade lets get together.

|                                             | 
|Jim DiNatale <jdinatal@capcon.net>           | 
|Washington D.C.                              | 

Posted By: car3@acpub.duke.edu
Time/Date: 11:08 AM Tuesday, December 27, 1994
Subject: the video

i'm not quite sure if this is old news or not, but last night around 
2:00am i was grazing through eMpTyV when i happened across the "what 
would you say" video.  live footage, some of that middle of the screen 
mirror-image type stuff, and many pictures of everyone in the band.  like 
the people who were at the show where most of it was taped said it was 
going to be, it was an artsier kind of thing than what eMpTyV normally 
airs.  just letting everyone know that this beast does exist...

				happy and bleeding,
					the magus

Posted By: grayp@pinn.net
Time/Date: 6:44 PM Tuesday, December 27, 1994
Subject: Re: 7/30/94

> the bootleg cd from 7/30/94 was a show in Richmond Va my hometown (heheh)
> at Browns Island and also included SoulHAt and Edwin McCain on the bill.
> a great show....

What about dirtball?
How easily we forget :>

Posted By: grayp@pinn.net
Time/Date: 6:52 PM Tuesday, December 27, 1994
Subject: Re: Question?

> or even send it 
> through the computer via binary code? 

I'm not trying to be anal, but the screen saver is something dmb has put 
up as a commercial product.  Consequently I don't think this is quite to 
place to offer to bootleg it.

Not trying to step on any toes,

Posted By: grayp@pinn.net
Time/Date: 6:54 PM Tuesday, December 27, 1994
Subject: thursday night in tidewater

for those of you in the tidewater area for the break,
keller williams is playing a phil's grill in virginia beach on 
thursday night.
if you're in the area, you ought to check it out

mail me for directions if interested,

I'm not from here, I just live here.

Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 7:09 PM Tuesday, December 27, 1994
Subject: video video video

hey sweety pie... oh sweet & dulcet minaret...

happy new year


my friend saw the video last night.  thankfully it isn't a buzz clip or buzz
bin or whatevertheycallit yet, but it's still at least being aired.  By
itself, that doesn't mean shit.  I mean, even Phish's clip got played a few
times (along with a muchness of scary stupid famous talk on phish.net bleh
bleh bleh) at 4 in the morning.

have fun in the south, suckers!


just another memo from the cellar,

   *      "Be in love with yr life...           * --   Ben Sterling  --   *
  *        Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind"     * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
 *                 -Jack Kerouac              *  --   New York, NY  --  *

oh btw, my friend liked it, but said it wasn't all that special. hee hee he
did mention that it is much better than the Down with Disease video, which we
both said made us feel violently ill.

Posted By: NebuIous@aol.com
Time/Date: 7:18 PM Tuesday, December 27, 1994
Subject: oh DEAR

one more thing:
i just found out... the DMB video is on the box... the # in new york at least


i want you to know that to find out this information i had to watch some of
the worst videos i've ever seen. i dunno if you know who this girl 'nicole'
is, but it's possibly the worst song i've ever heard. this nicole girl has a
song called 'running away', avoid it at all costs...

aw fuck. i can't believe this shit... DMB VIDEOS! gosh...



just another memo from the cellar,

   *      "Be in love with yr life...           * --   Ben Sterling  --   *
  *        Be crazy dumbsaint of the mind"     * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
 *                 -Jack Kerouac              *  --   New York, NY  --  *

Posted By: THowl91834@aol.com
Time/Date: 1:15 AM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: 12/27/94 The Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA

Hey all-

I just got home from the show and it kicked ass.  I don't remember the entire
setlist but they played True reflections, say goodbye, #36, at your side and
Ants marching rocked!!!  The crowd was so into it that everyone kept yelling
from the end of the set to the encore.  It was awsome.


Posted By: 72672.1776@compuserve.com
Time/Date: 2:38 AM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: Feb 15th show

just in case you all didn't catch this fact, buried in Sir Buford's post:

yes, there is a February 15th show at Carpenter's Center.    i called on the 
8th, and got two tickets for the loge [sp?] section, but i doubt there's any 
left now.    by all means, TRY.    i'd like to meet as many Minarets.netters 
as i can that night.    

clare: are you still out there?   hugs and spoons, regardless.   ;)

Boofy: i'm in Cali now.    where are you?    anywhere near LA?

everyone: have a great New Year's!    as you party hard and consume many 
beers, think of a this older brother babysitting his sister without a beer in 
sight, and have another one!

read.    listen to dave.    write.    go to class.    read.
bike ride.    eat?    play disc.    listen to dave.    see
dave.    hear dave.    read.    read some more.     write.
write some more.    sleep.    read.    spoon.    hug.
Dominic Sagolla '96    dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore College     dominic@raptor.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore, PA 19081   sagolla@cs.swarthmore.edu

Posted By: cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 3:00 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: Re: Feb 15th show

yep its alive
i just got tix for it on the 26 of dec  so i woulndt be too worried yet...
i'd like to get   a small gathering for it, or just a meteing place 
there, since i got a few people comng with me

welll its 300 am so i gotta go to sleep

how was atlanta...did anyone see my girlfriend?

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
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Time/Date: 10:34 AM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: 12.27.94 setlist

hey--- the show in atlanta was good.  real good.
didn't see boofy's girlfriend, though.  in fact,
we couldn't find any stage in piedmont park at all,
so i missed everyone :(...... oh well...
someone asked about the setlist.... i know this is
going to have a few mistakes -- but i will point them out, this is
being done from memory, after a 3 hour drive home, and a nice
winter's sleep

12.27.94 Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
(From Good Homes opened)

Seek Up, The Best of What's Around, Rhyme and Reason, Say Goodbye,
Jimi Thing, Typical Situation, Tripping Billies, Pay for What You Get,
Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, ___#36,_True Reflections,__something__*,
Ants Marching.
E:  Recently, All Along The Watchtower...

ok--- first, sorry about the tunes b/w w'house and ants.....  true reflections
is definately the middle one...  of the other two, #36 is one, and i cant
remember the other....and i cant remember if #36 was before or after true
reflections, but other than that, the list is error free.....i think

the crowd was pumped, and it was pretty loud...from good homes, the opening
band, was pretty good, and the last song they did was a smooth extended jam...
real nice...

other notes: the crowd was pumped, yes, but from where i was sitting, they
were obnoxious as shit... they were generally better mannered at a Mr. Bungle
show i saw a couple of years ago there...but the energy level was certianly
high, and im sure dave loved all the excitement..

i am still irritated that we didn't make it to the gathering, we got off late
and the 3 hour drive took 25 minutes longer than that, then we couldn't find
any stage in piedmont park, so we just chilled out....ahhhhhhh

but after the show, we were hanging out, and leroy said the funniest thing
ive ever heard.... the guy sitting next to me asked him if he was really from
jamacia....  his response:  "Am I really from Jamacia?..... Well, you know,
everyone is from Jamacia."

right on

if anyone is going to the birmingham show tonight, i'll see ya there....

Time/Date: 11:18 AM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: Re: Dave on NPR

On Tue, 27 Dec 1994 18:21:59 -0500 Dominic Sagolla said:
>after about 10 minutes of freaking out, i managed to eek out a few words about
>the number 34, religion in Dave's lyrics, and eMpTyVee.    i thought it might
>be nice to get Dave's thoughts on minarets@moose.uvm.edu, as well.

  well, bridget mentioned the net to dave after the show, last night in atlanta
, he said "yea, i keep meaning to find out how to work it, so i can drop in
and say hi"

Posted By: DJBitman@aol.com
Time/Date: 2:34 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: help

 I no longer wish to recieve mail from  this mailing list.  I cannot send a
message with a subject.  And all my other attempts have been denied.  I would
greatly appreciated being  removed from this list..  Thank you in advance.  


Posted By: dsb9a@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 2:40 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: video & Bender

yep, it's official.  i too saw the video.  it was on last night about 2:30 in
the morning.  seems eMpTVee decided to only play the good stuff after all the
young ones have turned in.......

anyway, the video is pretty much the standard "first video from an artist". 
nothing special in particular, but there were some cool computer imaging
things done to dave's face......

oh yeah, while i'm thinking about it, there are still tickets left for the
Bender show on friday, sooooooo, call ticketmaster and get ripped off an
extra $4.75 per $20.00 ticket to see dave.........

once again, for all of you who will be there, i'll see you somewhere around
the main board if i can get there.........


***************************************************************************     "i am breaking the silence........." - diet grover

Time/Date: 3:16 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: birmingham show

just in case anyone is interested (and close enough), i just
checked with the ticketlink people (just out of curiousity)
and there are 2,015 of 6000 or 7000 tickets still available.
so for those atlanta, chattanooga, new orleans, knoxville,
nashville, asheville, etc fans, if you are bored, check out this
show.  if it is anything like it was last night, you will be happy
you did -- chill with ma & pop thursday or friday. and if anyone is
looking for me (for whatever weird reason) i fractured all my hand bones the
other day, so i have a wrapy thingy on my right arm.  ill probably have
a consolidated or a fishbone shirt on......  say hi.


Posted By: mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu
Time/Date: 5:22 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: Froppin' fryer and loose tails...

hey all.

 i'm so excited this computer lab is open after the holidays. i can't
stand having all these words pent up inside me with no typewriter and
patient readers to release myself upon. whoa horsey...naaayyyy...

here we gooooo....

this is what it looks like when my forehead hits the keyboard:


i rolled a little too. now you can look at the spacing of the keys
and approximate how large my forehead is...but noone is probably THAT
bored.   next subject,please.

****WWYS? video****
i want to see this video, but like someone said, i can't sit thru
the shit on the music tube station...maybe i'll run a microphone up
to the t.v. and practice git-fiddle a bit downstairs, but at the same
time use my selective attention to listen for the WWYS riff.then
bound up the stairs in two leaps just to see Dave with a computer
painted face....neat-o....but then again i have been awaiting the
day this would happen...knowledge of the unknown is knowing
sensible solutions to lifes hardships...go outside and feel the 
temperature drop within minutes of sundown.
fragmented run-ons....thats my style.....

here is what it looks like with my foot on the keyboard:


thats prett   uhoh the computer guy said i had to leave. i'm in trouble.
feet are'nt supposed to go on the computers he said.
hopefully i talk to you soon.PEACE.

                         fighting for my right to type with me toes,
                                          * *

Time/Date: 5:47 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: Atlanta -- Birmingham

The Atlanta Show was wonderful -- I especially liked True Reflections, I didn't
 know that Boyd sang that well. The crowd was pumped up but I agree with Keith
 that they had there annoying side.  THey were loud as shit during the waiting
 period for the encore -- that was cool. After the show was cool too. It
 started with a girl being hit by a car right out front (she walked away).
 Then we hung out to meet Dave, he was really nice. he said the setlist for the
 V-day show and the 15th will be the same.  I told him that I was on this net
 he said that he has to figure out how to do this so he can drop us a line now
 and then. that would be cool.

If anyone goes to the B'ham show tonight meet around the sound board during
 intermission. I wanted to meet people last night But I was with Keith and as
 you know the Park thing didn't work out.       see Ya at the show --Peace

Posted By: JRush32477@aol.com
Time/Date: 6:49 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: trade

This is for  anyone who would like to trade tapes. I have a few and am always
looking to get more. Write back if interested. please include what you have
so we can set up a trade. My list is:
Ann Arbor 3.17.94
Sweetbriar college sets 1&2   2/94
Trax  sets 1&2   11/93
Floodzone  sets 1&2   10/93
Avalon, Boston   10.9.94

please write back

Posted By: BYVR25A@prodigy.com
Time/Date: 6:54 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: drive in, d.o. tape wanted

I'm looking for any tapes containing drive in/drive out, or 
blue water. I can trade you dmb shows or big head todd,
panic, phish, and bt shows. watch big head todd on letterman 
            -big head c.

Posted By: pdquinn@nyx.cs.du.edu
Time/Date: 7:20 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: dave & shannon

	Do any recordings of shannon worrell singing with dmb exsist?  I would 
like to get a copy and have lots to trade.


Time/Date: 7:22 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: man the harpoons, damn the phoam is thick...

dec 28th???????????

i told you to let me sleep for two hours, NOT TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!

but i quote the animaniacs....


and before i say anything important, on the subliminal bidding of chardy,
here's an imprint of my right eye, which was cut open, and subject to three
hours of poking and prodding of the skilled uva surgical staff hands for the
sake of having steel plates removed that look a little like this--> o-o-o

anyway, this is my right eye:


not quite as dramatic as chardy's forehead, but hey, maybe i'm not as exciting
as chardy.

i got a watch for christmas.  i hope everyone faired as well.  i like my watch.
but actually, the highlight of my christmas would be silly putty.  i never had
silly putty when i was a wee young 'n.  by the way, clare wants to know if
silly putty melts.  anyone have any experiences on the subject?  mail clare
personally if you've ever melted silly putty.  or if you know how to get glow
in the dark silly putty to glow, send her a note.  don't send me a note.  mine
doesn't glow.  so i don't care.   

actually, clare just burnt the silly putty.  according to her it made a
"zoozzuurrrooo" kind of sound when it started to sizzle.  

tee hee.

the pain killers are fun.  last night when i crashed i started watching my
brain paint images on the backs of my eyelids.  saw the sun explode into
many small iddy biddy stars.  sort of like the intro to buck rogers.  you

just wanted to let everyone know that my face is allright.  (not that anyone
besides clare, boofy, ben, chardy, and a couple of others knew that anything
was wrong with my face.)
file requests will be processed when i get back to school, sometime on (or a
day or two before) the eighththththt.   

there's bubbles in here right now.  clare getting giddy....

 oh, in case you diddn't see, i kind of hid it backthere....

file requests will be processed _next_ week.  if you are waiting for the faq
or lyrics file, keep waiting.  (acutally,  I'M NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING
FAQ REQUESTS!!!!!ALEX?????AAAAALEEEEEEX??????????????????????????????????????)

well, i'm gonna take some more (legally prescribed) opiates and watch the
moon change colors........


"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
  to possess...plain common sense."  \        dave matthews band 
        --immanuel kant               \      lyrics extraordinaire
__________________________________     \_________________________________
                                  \             rick thompson
i'm cool.  i get to use clare's    \    <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>
computer on break....               \____________________________________

Time/Date: 7:28 PM Wednesday, December 28, 1994
Subject: me, me, pick me....

i was talking the other day to a character who knows a bit about the
richmond symphony and all (no, this horse is not dead, it's just been
in the stables for a couple of weeks), and the ban against taping is
based on the symphony players being unionized or something like that.
i'm not really sure.  anyway, looks like all joking aside, there ain't
gonna be no taping whatsoever by us paying custormers type people, so
if you want to hear dmb with the richmond symphony, either go to one of
the shows, or pray, pray, pray that the symphony will release the
show.  the gist of the conversation i had led me to believe that the
people in charge of the symphony will be recording the show, and that
if they want to release it, they can.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
  to possess...plain common sense."  \        dave matthews band 
        --immanuel kant               \      lyrics extraordinaire
__________________________________     \_________________________________
all i want for christmas is....   \             rick thompson
       DA BOOTS!!!!!!!!!           \    <stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu>

Posted By: dsb9a@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 1:14 AM Thursday, December 29, 1994
Subject: BHT&TM

hey everybody, just saw BHT&TM on letterman.  pretty good for a night show
type thing.....

i had a friend tell me that he has a friend who has a friend that found out
that dave's new video is only being played during eMpTyVee's "dream time"
segment which is only comes on very late at night, i.e. 2 in the morning. 
soooooo, hope everybody has fun staying up like i will be to try to catch it
on again.......

hope everyone who is at birmingham is having a blast right now.  you're
definitely having more fun than me..........



***************************************************************************     "i am breaking the silence........." - diet grover

Posted By: acox@s850.mwc.edu
Time/Date: 1:26 AM Thursday, December 29, 1994
Subject: DMB on CNN

There's been recent talk of the new video on MTV, then the possibility of 
an interview with Dave on NPR...   Today, of all places, I saw Dave on 
CNN - it was part of "Showbiz today" or Showbiz minute," something like 
that, I don't watch enough CNN to know.

The piece lasted only a few seconds, showed scenes from the WWYS video, 
and showed Dave talking - I'm not sure about what, I couldn't believe I 
was even seeing this.

Anyway, they'll probably be showing the same footage for another couple 
of hours, I don't know when they show new stuff. I saw it at a little 
before 6:00 this evening, so you have a good chance to see it. I'm still 
shocked as hell...


Time/Date: 11:06 AM Thursday, December 26, 1994
Subject: 12.28.94 setlist

ok-- again, after sleep and a 1 hour drive, this time, here's the list
but with a couple of blanks (again).....

12.28.94 Boutwell Municipal Auditorium, Birmingham, AL
>From Good Homes opened

?*, One Sweet world, song that jane likes, best of what's around, rhyme and
reason, satellite, tripping billies, ??**, dancing nancies, warehouse,
lie in our graves, jimithing***, lover lay down, recently****, (he called this)
Come dance with me (after the show), Ants Marching
E: Halloween

* for some reason i only can remember that he did play a song before
one sweet world, it was a slow one, but i cannot remember what it is called
** i don't think ive ever heard this song, but i was in the lobby...it's
possible that it was #36, but i know what that sounds like, ???
*** jimithing was cool,,,,,,solos for all but stefan.... i think it lasted abou
t 20 or 25 minutes
**** recently with 'drive my car' intro

show lasted nearly 3 hours again....not counting from good homes, who were
ok again.... wonderful jam to end, but sort of boring other than that

musically, this show was better than last night at the fox, but just barely,
b/c the fox rocked too.... or maybe i was just surprised, because i have
always hated boutwell.  no, i wasn't just surprised, there were more solos,
and more extended jams....what can you say

halloween was especially cool, too....  i had asked him about that song the
night before in atlanta, and when i saw him after this show, he said "hey man
i hope you found something meaningful in halloween tonight, i just screamed my
fucking head off until i couldn't breathe anymore"  in atlanta, he said that
he wanted to try to record it with steve, to get a "more demonic sounding
recording, it's an old love song, afterall, you know"

anyway, the funny thing about this was..... boutwell has only 1 entrance
to the floor, and those stairs are basically the only things lit up in the
place.... and when he started ants, i looked back, and the stairs, which were
empty before, were packed-- you could barely see thee lights, all the ants
came running in, and danced their little dances, and when the song was over, al
l the little ants marched back out, flooding the stairs once again.  it was
really weird, i didnt know that many people could fit in the lobby.  the floor
was about 1/2 packed before the song, and almost completely full during that
song....all doing it the same way, etc etc

the only way i have ever gotten silly putty to melt was by boiling it all
day in hot hot water....it does not mix with the water.

carter didn't know they were playing on the 15th, but bridget asked dave about
 it in atlanta, and he was talking about the differences in the setlists the
 two nights..... carter said it would be cool, but he just didnt know (thanked
 me for telling him)...about the .net..... "it is the people like you that
 make us who we are" .... but that was in resopnse to either me or bridget
mentioning that we are driving to richmond for the show on v-day.... he sort-of
 said that twice, but said the .net was very cool of us all.

there were more females in the male's bathroom during intermission, than there
were males... mildly interesting

glad to hear your face is ok, rick...

well, that's the jist of it.... it was a fantastic show, sound wise

gotta go home for xmas, finally....

see ya in a week
ill update about the trees then.... not enough word yet

plus ive gotta get on the road-- im already 4 days late for xmas


Time/Date: 11:42 AM Thursday, December 29, 1994
Subject: one more

this will be my last post before i depart for 5 days....
i just had a couple of quick things....
if anyone in the knoxville area wants to give me a call while i am there,
then cool, i will be there from tonight until the 3rd....and if anyone knows
what Jeff Heys' (malachi's) # at hoomme is, will you give me a call, please?
(just don't call at 4:15 am -- my mom is a very nice person, but she likes to s
leep)   615-481-8171.  its in oak ridge TN

              and about the rare dave tree, its coming nice---

ill get in touch with boofy when i get back.... and i need to talk to clare or
 chris or gray about the 7.30.94 show..... and japhy about the 11.11.94 show

all will be taken care of when i return on the 3rd, and i will update you.

i may be able to telnet, ya never know
i was just thinking how the birmingham show would make a nice bagby tree..
it would be small, but well...ill talk to the one guy who i know taped it
also when i return.....  have a nice day

Posted By: mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu
Time/Date: 1:03 PM Thursday, December 29, 1994
Subject: a quest...

hey all Minaretters or whatevers.

i'm in a bad mood. i was allowed back in the computer lab today, but
now i get dirty looks and i know they read all my mail now. fuck. all
for putting my foot on the keybaord. what if i strip down and sit on
the keyboard and calmly give my captors the bird. oh yea, that would
make them bubbling with joy. actually this whole thing like only
exists like it would in Calvins brain. gave me pops the "homicidal
psycho jungle cat" book treasury of Calvin and Hobbes. it was like i
gave him a million pesos. he likes to laugh and i think he relates
Calvin to my upbringing. imaginative monster. anyway.....

i have two quests:

 1) to groove and beat the shit out of me drums on NYE....
    (only the goddess of the net truly would understand the
     implications of this statement. but you can imagine the 
     dreams in me head...)

 2) teach Mr. Dave Matthews how to surf the internet so he can
    E-MAIL us and be wigged out and probably write funny things 
    like: "yuuuuppdeeeedooooo. yeeeebop bop bop."

alrighty then....with that outta the way i shall be going to see
what this semster yielded in grades. Peace to all.

                  favoring the purple big chewy sweet tarts,

                                    * *

Posted By: jw115@prism.gatech.edu
Time/Date: 3:13 PM Thursday, December 29, 1994

I really hope that this is the correct address to send postings. I am
wasting bandwidth and sincerely apologize but I am still in awe after
seeing DMB for the very first time this past Tuesday. Absolutely
incredible. And on my wy back to the car, I met BOYD for one very brief
but shining moment which was the best encore that could have ever possibly

Now that I've encumbered you with that tale....if there is anyine who
would like to trade tapes, I've got several in my possession. I should be
getting a copy of the Fox Theater Atlanta 12/27/94 show if all goes well.
The ones I DO have are:	11/20/93 Georgia Theater, Athens, GA (45mins)
			 8/28/94 Gerald Ford Theater, Vail CO (90)
			11/13/94 Electric Ballroom, Knoxville, TN (135)
			^^^^^This one has Angel From Montgomery

I will try to respond to as many people as possible, depending on the
response I get. I'm just getting started myself so I would relly love to
trade (DMB, BT, PHISH, a bit of ARU).

judy wu jw115@prism.gatech.edu =)

Posted By: USXE28B@prodigy.com
Time/Date: 2:13 AM Friday, December 30, 1994
Subject: Charlotte N.C. What a Show

Son Of A Bitch.  I got a Set List, and I would appreciate
any help getting a boot of this show.
Dancing Nancies
The Song That Jane Likes
True Reflections
Jimi Thing
what would you say
Rhyme or reason
tripping Billies
**Before Tripping Billies he put on a red neck hat and asked 
for some hey or straw to get in the mood.  i threw some
chewingtobacoo up there and he said something.  that is why 
I want the boot.  In case you don't believe me, it was levi 
Clarke Browne

Posted By: jdinatal@capcon.net
Time/Date: 10:10 AM Friday, December 30, 1994
Subject: DMB in USA Today

Watch out for an upcoming article about the Dave Matthews Band in 
Tuesdays USA Today.  In Fridays issue it mentions the upcoming article 
about the best bands in 1994 which are not quite at the status of a Pearl 
Jam (yet).  It also has a promo picture of the boys.  See ya all tonight 
at Bender!!

Ps.- After the show catch Phish on Letterman in which the band will 
perform a 1 hour rendition of Tweezer ;)   
|                                             | 
|Jim DiNatale <jdinatal@capcon.net>           | 
|Washington D.C.                              | 

Posted By: BYVR25A@prodigy.com
Time/Date: 1:25 PM Friday, December 30, 1994
Subject: dave nye tapers?

  I'd like to know if anyone is planning on taping the nye
show. I'd love to get a hold of one for my bastard friend
whose[lucky enough to go] and myself.
 I have some dmb, big head todd, bt, wsp, and phish to
                    big head c

Time/Date: 6:19 PM Friday, December 30, 1994
Subject: Dates

A couple of show w/o dates for N.E'sters...
Dartmouth College in later Jan.
Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Vt. in Feb.

Both of these are second hand. Well the Burlington is off the radio
but I wasn't really listening. Anyway if true it'll be great to see
em in my old and new home towns! - Andrew -

Time/Date: 10:25 PM Friday, December 30, 1994
Subject: charlotte

I went to the Charlotteshow last night and I have a few things to say in review

I had not seen Dave in over two years, so it was an awsome concert needless to
say.  I now understand the problems with the crowds much better.  I made my way
up to the front but had to constantly worry about someone surfing onto my face.
The setlist seemed to be a slight break from what I have been reading and
listening to.  Jimi Thing kicked ass and Recently was incredible as well(I
think it was recently last or second to last song before encore).  Is Leroi
always so spaced out?  Looked pretty stoned to me, but he did wail when he
needed to.  My only real grovel with the concert was the one song encore.  I
 had a friend who was taping and he said that it was supposed to more.  We
speculated that Dave was either still sick (complained of the flu) or pissed at
 the guy who threw the tobacco, I now you posted and this is not a personal
 attack just what a friend and I noticed.  I also noticed a one song encore, in
 a recent set list so maybe this is becoming normal, sad.  just curious.
I loved it when dave started talking about the just say not to drugs bit in
bathroom thing, typical and beautiful davespeak, but very true at the same time
Well better be going, great show and I thirst to see him again with BHT.

someone send me a few spoons before i go to bed,

Posted By: Tagans@aol.com
Time/Date: 1:33 AM Saturday, December 31, 1994
Subject: 12/30 Washington Setlist

>From Good Homes Opened

Seek Up
Best of What's Around
Song Jane Likes
Say Goodbye
Rhyme n' Reason
Help Myself (Dangerous Hours)
Jimi Thing
True Reflections (with From Good Homes sax player)
Tripping Billies>
Ants Marching

E:Christmas Song

WOW!!!  The band was very energetic and alive tonight.  I was a little
disappointed early on because the setlist was identical to many from the fall
with the exception of the jam before Satellite.  Dave said, "We're just gonna
jam for you a little bit."  If you've heard the Williams College show from
last winter, Dave's riff sounded a lot like the live soundcheck they did
there.  There were some words, but I'm listening to the tape now, and even on
headphones I can't make them out.  Anyway, after Satellite the show SMOKED.
 Jimi Thing was awesome, as was Recently, though the latter had no lyrical
improvisation.  From Tripping Billies til the end of the show, Carter did not
stop playing and the band went right into a very quiet #36 (my favorite), and
from there right into Ants Marching.
Lisner Auditorium was packed with a lot of teeny-boppers who were dropped off
by there parents.  I saw seven junior high schoolers get out of mommy's
Mercedes right in front of the door.  The youth of the crowd was a bit
annoying as was the fact no one got into the slow songs like Say Goodbye or
#36.  Anyway, I thought the overall performance was outstanding (I haven't
seen them since August, but this show was much livlier than the ones I've
heard on tape from early October).  Have fun to those of you going to
   If anyone wants to trade for tomorrow's show, I have a DAT board of
tonight and will have tapes of all four Phish shows soon.

Posted By: ddevito@darwin.cc.nd.edu
Time/Date: 3:21 AM Saturday, December 31, 1994
Subject: Bender Happenings (the short version)

Hey now,

Clare Emily and Buford said they'd write up a long review
of this, so I'm just gonna drop the setlist since I just got
back from a LONG drive home and it's 3 am now.  Good show,
considering it was my first knowing some Dave  material.
>From Good Homes opened.

12/30/94 Bender Arena, Washington, DC

Seek Up
Best of What's Around
Song that Jane Likes
Dancing Nancies
Say Goodbye (cool Carter intro)
Rhyme and Reason
Unintelligible-lyric-filled jam->
Help Myself
True Reflection (with horn guy from FGH)
Tripping Billies

E:Christmas Song

A few observations:  Crowd surfers SUCK, there were more 12-year-olds
than one would find at Disneyworld, and nobody shut up for Christmas
song.  However, the band was on for the most part, and meeting Boofy
and Clare Emily more than made up for the rest of the crowd.  Hope
everybody enjoys NYE safely.

Hoping Clare Emily likes her Amish oatmeal cookies,

"You said that irony was the shackles of youth" --Michael Stipe
*Dominic Jules DeVito* *ddevito@darwin.cc.nd.edu* *University of Notre Dame*

Posted By: jtv2j@server.cs.virginia.edu
Time/Date: 2:26 PM Saturday, December 31, 1994
Subject: Tonight

Well, 2 people in our party decided they can't make it tonight,
so we have a pair of tickets...  If you're interested and would
be able to meet me at the will-call a few hours before the show,
call me asap at (804) 295-7627.


Posted By: 72672.1776@compuserve.com
Time/Date: 4:58 PM Saturday, December 31, 1994
Subject: Dave at NPR and the Bender setlist



first, i'd like to thank Boofy and Clare for making my friend Charlie feel at 
home at the show.    of course, it's hard to avoid warm fuzzies in the 
presence of Dave Band...

the interview went very well.    Dave commented on UTTAD being #34 on the 
charts and selling 34,000 copies the first week with, "It's just a wILd kindA 
ThiNG!   It's not cosmic."    a few other tidbits, but it'll all be on the air
(i'll post when i know when), so i won't go into it here.    if anyone wants a
copy of the uncut interview (@ 30 minutes), i'd be happy to make copies.    
just hang on til i get mine, and i'll let you know if the quality's worth it.

he was very excited about being at National Public Radio, cause he said he 
listens all the time.    thanks to Charlie for getting him on the air!

and the show, of course, was rockin.    deciphered from Charlie's comments, 
here's the setlist:

1.  Seek Up 
2.  Best of What's Around
3.  The Song that Jane Likes
4.  Intro->> Dancing Nancies
5.  Say Goodbye
6.  Rhyme & Reason
7.  so called "Quiet Jam" into Satellite
8.  ? not a new song [help us out on this one, Boofy]
9.  Jimi Thing
10. Recently
11. True Reflections
12. Tripping Billies
13. Ants Marching

** 3 minutes of wild romping **

14. Christmas Song (just Carter and Dave)
15. All Along the Watchtower

unbelievable.    if anyone has a copy of this show, i'm offering to spool my 
copy of the unreleased Rutabega studio R2T outtakes for it.   or anything else
you can find on my list.
well, that's enough for now.    i'm gonna go consume about three plates of 
Sagolla Special Spaghettis.    mmmmmm.

laters, y'all,

Posted By: chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 6:04 PM Saturday, December 31, 1994
Subject: Re: Dave at NPR

just thought id add to the npr thing
npr, wherever i am, tends to run the only radio progamming that i respect 
.. yeah yeah i occassionaly listen to a few of the alternative stations 
But chances are, if im not groovin' on a live tape or a cd, im 
checkin out NPR.
this was the case yesterday.  i was sortof snoozin and sortof listening to 
ALL THINGS CONSIDERED,nightly radio news.  and what do i catch as musical 
filler in between segments??  #34, just a few measures but by god,it 
was #34! so someone on their production staff has good taste...least  i 
think so. 
and then .. driving back from a friend's home, i got a chancce to hear 
npr's WORLD CAFE.  i ejected the tape and next thing i hear is "and from one
of 1994's best new bands WWYS from the DMB .  and i was like wow..
this is a national program! (yeah so is MTV) but this version is not on 
the  cd,no Popper . . sounded like one of those in the studio live with 
DMB thignys, or maybe it was the track from the video,which i have 
yet to see.  
and of course .. the next band to be showcased was RUSTED ROOT ..
all leaves me sayin'  RIGHT ON NPR  ..keep it up, and check it out
so on that note
best wishes and cheers

Posted By: chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu
Time/Date: 6:33 PM Saturday, December 31, 1994
Subject: DAMNME ..still NPR

silly me for got the point of all her babble
GINGRICH and friends in congress are talking seriously of ending public 
funding of both NPR and PBS ... ceasing the PUBLIC aspect of these radio 
and tv stations, forcing them to become private entities.  
IMHO - this sucks ass
so for any motivated folks out there that share this opinion, maybe its 
worth writing our representives, clueing them in 
just for goodness sakes, i hope the next thing on gingrich's list, besides a 
few million in royalties from his soon to be written book, is not the 
ceasing of public funding of the NEA.

sorry if ive offended - or if you dont feel i should use this list to 
vent political frustrations.  i dunno put "pox on me" .. i'll deal, theres a 
cure! :)
now lets "CELEBRATE"  -- kool and the gang?

Posted By: PM3737@ssu.southwest.msus.edu
Time/Date: 9:55 PM Saturday, December 31, 1994
Subject: Dave trades?

Several times I have posted messages enquiring if anyone wants to set up
some DMB tape trades.  Although I have recieved a few responses, I am
still looking to do some trading.

I have the following shows and am looking for anything and everything else,
as long as it sounds good (most that I have seen do):

3/5/94   Craven's Hall   TN   One tape
6/26/93   Bayou          DC   2+3
10/9/94   Lupo's         RI   all  - 2 tapes
8/19/93   Wetlands       NYC  1+2
Dave w/ Tim  at Wetlands       1+2
10/26/93   Trax          VA   1+2   Dave solo first part of set one!
12/10/93  Irving Plaza    NY   1+2
7/27/93    The Flood Zone  VA   1 tape

All of these are excellent quality.

I am looking for anything else and would prefer to do trades
of about five tapes, but anything is OK.

I also have 200+ hours of Phish and several G.Dead.

Let me know,
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