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Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium
Washington, DC

Seating Capacity: 55672
Venue Type : Stadium

Total Gigs: 3
  DMB  (3)

Longest Performance:
06.09.01 - Two Step (17:19)
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, informally known as RFK Stadium, is a professional sports stadium that opened in the fall of 1961. Originally called D.C. Stadium, it served as home to the Washington Senators of Major League Baseball from the spring of 1962 through 1971, when the team moved to Arlington, Texas. It also served the Washington Redskins, a team in the National Football League, from 1961 until 1996, when they moved to FedEx Field in suburban Maryland. The stadium now serves as the home of D.C. United of Major League Soccer. Concerts featuring renowned rock bands and performers still take place at the stadium. It has also hosted soccer matches in the (men's) 1994 World Cup and 2003 Women's World Cup.

The stadium was renamed for slain presidential candidate Robert Kennedy in 1969.

A complex conversion is necessary, at a cost of $40,000 per switch, to move the stadium seating from the baseball to the soccer/football configuration and back again. This includes rolling the 3rd-base lower-level seats into the outfield along a buried rail, dropping the hydraulic pitcher's mound 3 feet into the ground, and laying sod over the infield dirt. RFK was the first major stadium designed specfically as a multisport facility for both football and baseball - subsequent facilities have been adjusted for this problem in order to be able to change its seating configuration much quicker and at a lower cost. In 2005, the conversion was done over 20 times.

Aerial Shot
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#41 12#41
All Along the Watchtower12 All Along the Watchtower
Angel  1Angel
Ants Marching 1 Ants Marching
Anyone Seen the Bridge1  Anyone Seen the Bridge
Bartender 12Bartender
Best of What's Around, The 12Best of What's Around, The
Big Eyed Fish  1Big Eyed Fish
Captain  TCaptain
Crash into Me 1 Crash into Me
Digging a Ditch  1Digging a Ditch
Don't Drink the Water1  Don't Drink the Water
Drive In Drive Out 1 Drive In Drive Out
Everyday  1Everyday
Fool to Think  1Fool to Think
Grace Is Gone 1 Grace Is Gone
Grey Street 1 Grey Street
I Did It  1I Did It
If I Had It All  1If I Had It All
Lie in Our Graves 1 Lie in Our Graves
Long Black Veil 1 Long Black Veil
Pantala Naga Pampa1 2Pantala Naga Pampa
Rapunzel1 2Rapunzel
Satellite  1Satellite
Space Between, The  1Space Between, The
Stay (Wasting Time) 12Stay (Wasting Time)
Too Much12 Too Much
Tripping Billies1 2Tripping Billies
True Reflections 12True Reflections
Two Step123Two Step
When the World Ends  1When the World Ends
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