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hey y'all!

btanen@husc.harvard.edu Sun Nov 28 22:40:38 1993

Is everyone back from thanksgiving.  Good.  NOW maybe someone wants to
tell me more about John Alagia.  Come on.  Fess up.  Someone out there
must have heard of Derryberry & Alagia.  SOMEONE???  (come on, how about
you DMB office people?

And where's the bloody December schedule?  the month starts in less than
50 hours!

Sorry.  enough complaining.  I had a terrible trip back up here.  Hope
your weekends were all good.

Bye for now.


------------- Ben Tanen ------------- btanen@husc.harvard.edu -------------


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Re: MINARETS digest 37

klong@sura.net Mon Nov 29 09:10:36 1993

I've heard of Derryberry & Alagia.  They have played the DC/Baltimore
area quite frequently.  I haven't seen them, though.  Wasn't sure
of their sound.  

Anyway, I certainly would love to see DMB someplace else besides the
Bayou.  I went to Tornado Alley this weekend to see Tom Princapato
record a live album.  It was great and it would be a great place to
see DMB or one of the other bands.  


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the dave matthews interview at jmu tonight...

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Mon Nov 29 11:12:13 1993

hey folks, this probably won't make it to any digestified subscribers
in time, but i thought i'd try to let as many people as possible know
that the interview is going to be at 5pm, not 4 as posted originally.
that's all i have time for fer now, gotta go to philosophy 101(yeehah)
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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Re: MINARETS digest 37

@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU:ST002314@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU Mon Nov 29 11:32:53 1993

does anyone know if the last two songs on the album were recorded at the max
american indian benefit from the end of the summer?  that was a great affair,
with all of my favorite cville bands, including the world famous hogwaller
ramblers.  anyway, dave and tim reynolds did those two songs alone, and they
were smoking.  i know that the album does not mention max, but hey, max, trax,
whats a couple of letters between friends?
on another note, me, ed, and drew here from the net were SEVERELY dissapointed
wednesday night when we got to the floodzone after a long drive, only to find
it sold out, with at least two hundred people outside still clamoring to get
in.  jesus!  what it the capacity of the fz?  i guess this is what happens when
you put out a great disc, but hell, i missed my only chance to see them for a
while.     dave

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flood zone; wed...

cecliff@vt.edu Mon Nov 29 13:26:18 1993

the show at the flood zone was incredible.  it may be because it was the 
first time i'd seen the band live since aug.  and being at va tech, i don't 
have access to trax on tues nights.   
all can imagine that i had been suffering a bloody withdrawal.
and i was on a euphoric natural high.  i was also excited cause i was going 
to see rick, who i knew would be in his usual spot. i dragged down a friend 
of ours that rick and i had been harassing ALL SUMMER LONG to go and see dmb.
started jumping around and singing...more or less acting like a crazed freak.
the line was half a block long at that time..a little unusual.  we got in line,
and one minute later, it was a block longer than before. the reason being all 
the students (like me) home for break.
front and left-center.  dave was playing great, and carter was amazing. i 
especially loved the intro to halloween, which was clearly a pleasant surprise
to hear, what with all the fuss about it not having been played for some time.
the air, and later spurring up a mosh pit, the show was awesome.  i'm still 
coming down. joe loved it, bought the cd, and was totally impressed with the 
style range that the band offers. 
what you get neither was played. (sigh....) BUT...I GET TO SEE THEM THURSDAY, 
HERE, AT TECH!!!!!  sorry i don't have the setlist for wed, but i was jammin
way to hard to think about remembering.  i was too busy experiencing.
let your soul soar,

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John Alagia

COGBILLJ@GUVAX.BITNET Mon Nov 29 16:29:21 1993

I had the great privelege of meeting Mr. Alagia on the first night
that he was mixing songs for the new CD.  I was over at Alagia's house
at the invitation of the band's lawyer Christopher Sabec who happens
ot be a friend of mine.  It was quite an experience.  Most of the
night John was recording "Ants Marching" but he let me listen to many
of the digital tapes with the other songs that were going to be on the
album.  John is very dedicated to perfecting the Band's music and is
almost as big of a fan as I am.  He told me of his band Derryberry and
Alagia and that his band played over here at Georgetown a bunch.  I
believe that he is a grad of Gtown College of Arts and Sciences from
1983.  Don't quote me.  Anyway, he's a great guy if you ever get a
chance to talk to him.
Jamie Cogbill

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btanen@husc.harvard.edu Mon Nov 29 16:35:59 1993

thank you to all who have responded about John Alagia.  


------------- Ben Tanen ------------- btanen@husc.harvard.edu -------------


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Flood Zone Setlist and Comments...

blakec@wyvern.wyvern.com Mon Nov 29 17:20:52 1993

Here's the setlist for last Wednesday night.  The show was fantastic and
tapes shouldn't be to hard to find because there were like 10 people
including myself taping.  No DATS though.

First Set

Tripping Billies
One Sweet World
Song that Jane Likes
Help Myself
Dancing Nancies
Lie in our Graves
What would you say?
True Reflections (with rappers and DJ)

Second Set

Seek Up
Quick Lay and Goodbye

A fine show.  Hi to all the Net people I met, sorry if I wasn't coherent but
I was a wee bit drunk.

Comment to Alex's Peppermint setlist...Lot's of _strange_ Davetalk, he spoke
in tongues 4 or 5 times.


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RE: MINARETS digest 37

SEAWA@VAX.RHODES.EDU Mon Nov 29 18:27:58 1993

Urp, sorry about the subject line...

Anyway, I'm planning on seeing DMB this upcoming weekend in Knoxville at
Flamingo's... anyone else planning on going?  Anyone know what the place

Thanks in advance,

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Re: MINARETS digest 38

@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU:ST002314@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU Tue Nov 30 12:12:35 1993

does anyone out there have any tapes left over from an earlier era of the
Boyd Tinsley Band, or Down Boy Down?  i never remember seeing any tapers, but
both Boyd backed groups had a pretty substantial local following, and i would
love to get my hands on some recordings.  get in touch with me if you do, i
have lots of new stuff to trade (thnks gregg, nick, and ed!)  :)  dave

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presenting the ants marching card...never leave a dmb show without it.

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Tue Nov 30 14:43:09 1993

ya know...
yesterday was one of the busiest days of my life.  i had to wake up
at 6:30am and drive 2 hours back to the burg, spend the entire morning
either working for classes or going to classes, then spend the entire
afternoon working out an impromptu interview with dave matthews.  life
anyway, the interview was definitely way cool.  dave was in prime form
as far as dave talk goes, and if you get(or got) a chance to hear it,
let me just say he toned himself down while he was on the air.  topics
off the air ranged from how great a song drive in, drive out really is,
to masturbation.  he answered a few silly, general questions about
himself and the band, then played lie in our graves for us.  after
that i kind of made him play best of what's around and it was just
insane to be able and sit in the same room and listen to dave matthews
completely unplugged.  we didn't have any moniters running, so we didn't
know or care what it sounded like over the air, that was for the guys
in the on air studio to worry about.  i was in heaven, and to top it off,
he was playing my guitar.  (i'm having it gold plated right now...;)
after that we wandered across the quad and back up to wilson and just
kind of sat around for a while.
the opening of the show was the one of the coolest things i've ever
seen dave matthews do.  he and tim reynolds just sat up on stage for
forty minutes playing acoustic versions of songs like recently, minarets,
and of course, i'll back you up and christmas song tim reynolds also did
a couple of really sick originals.
as for the show itself, it was probably one of the best dmb shows i've
ever seen as far as energy goes.  they played a pretty much "remember
two things" set, but they surprised us by ending the set with halloween.
wow.  after they left the stage we cheered them back out for an encore,
and dave came out and played quick lay and goodbye/coyote love/just for
tonight/whatever the hell you want to call it.  then we sat back and
waited casually for carter to begin ants marching, because i have a feeling
that if they don't play ants, they'll start to twitch from withdrawal after
the show.  (i like ants, but it's getting a bit tiresome).  i'll try to
post the entire setlist later today, but a five hour stint with the local
dining facilities awaits me.  (oooh, the places i'll work to have a spare
7 bucks on a tuesday night.)
as far as copies of this show go, it seems that jeff(sp?)  wasn't quite
ready for the acoustics of such a new, big place.  it sounded phenomenal
in the auditorium, but it just didn't stick to the tape like we were
hoping.  john algia showed up, though, with his dat recorder, so he's
going to take it home and remix it, and hopefully we'll be able to get
a prime copy in circulation.  i can say right now not to send me any
grovels because my tape deck no longer works, so i have to go through
other sources to get my own tape.
i just realized how longwinded i'm getting, so i won't talk about how
great a guy john algia is unless you want to ask me directly in e-mail...
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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Sat. Night in Tenn.

gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Tue Nov 30 17:03:47 1993

The show on Saturday night in Nashville is NOT at Vanderbilt, it is at a
club called the Cannery.  I will be there so email me if you need
directions.  I think that it costs $5 or $6.  Graham


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thursday's show at tech

cecliff@vt.edu Tue Nov 30 21:51:48 1993

anyone interested in the thursday show at tech, it'll be at squires student 
center.  doors open at 7pm, and dave takes the stage at 8.
tix are 5$ for tech students, and 8$ otherwise.
let your souls soar..
clare emily clifford

"...let's move to the beat like we know that it's over
if you slip going under, slip over my shoulder..."
-the cure-

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Sat. in Nashville

WOTTONGM@VUCTRVAX.BITNET Wed Dec 1 15:58:52 1993

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but he show in Nashville on Saturday
is a closed party.  It is a fraternity party, and random fans will not
be able to come in.  Sorry guys, any questions email me.

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Re: MINARETS digest 39

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Wed Dec 1 18:35:55 1993

I am convinced that Halloween is never again going to be played in
Charlottesville.  I've seen it once the past 15 or so times I've been to Trax
(over the past 6 or so months.) Last night was a perfect time to play it
(very few people, no assholes) but they did the same old encore Ants Marching
they've been doing EVERY week. Could somebody please tell them to retire that
song. It's boring as shit.

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Re: Ants Marching/Boring

blanchad@hamlet.uncg.edu Wed Dec 1 19:04:54 1993

Kerry Kriger
 I am convinced that Halloween is never again going to be played in
 Charlottesville.  I've seen it once the past 15 or so times I've been to Trax
 (over the past 6 or so months.) Last night was a perfect time to play it
 (very few people, no assholes) but they did the same old encore Ants Marching
 they've been doing EVERY week. Could somebody please tell them to retire that
 song. It's boring as shit.

I wish I had the luxury of finding one of Dave's songs boring.  If you
get sick of his encores, you must see them frequently enough that you
can afford to leave 10 minutes earlier, and skip the encore.  I've
only had the opportunity to see them 6 times since I first heard them
in 1992, and wish they'd come this way more often, instead of playing
for the people who get bored with them.


Daniel Blanchat           "One should always retain some control over his
blanchad@hamlet.uncg.edu   actions, for when we act on instict alone we
blanchat@plato.uncg.edu    become as the demons that wish to become us."

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New Dates!!!!!

jcrother Wed Dec 1 19:14:11 1993

I just got this updated list of dates.
Hope it helps out.

12/2      Squires Center  -  Blacksburg (Va Tech)
12/3      Flamingo's  -  Knoxville, TN
12/4      The Cannery  - Nashville, TN (this might be a private party, Im not
sure how the sponsors are working it, write if you need more info)
12/5      Ivory Tusk  -  Tuscaloosa, AL (again this might be a private party,
call the club or write back if you need)
12/7    Trax  -  Cville, VA
12/8     FZone  -  Richmond, VA
12/10   Irving Plaza  -  NYC, NY Tix available from Tix Master $10/$12
12/11    Williams College, Williamstown, MA
12/12 - 12/26  OFF 
12/27 private party  -  Charlotte, NC
12/28  Teradactyl Club, Charlotte, NC
12/29  Ziggy's  -  Winston-Salem, NC
12/31  Marriott Hotel  -  Richmond, VA
1/3      Variety Playhouse  -  Atlanta, GA
1/6       Ice Arena  -  Vail, CO  (with the Samples)
1/7       Snowmass Conference Center, Aspen, CO (with the Samples)
1/8        Double Diamond  -  Aspen, CO
1/9        Garton's  -  Vail, CO
1/12       Josha's  -  Breckenridge, CO
1/13      The Inferno  -  Stemaboat Springs, CO
1/15      Fox Theatre  -  Boulder, CO
1/16      Fox Theatre  -  Boulder, CO

alex Crother


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fostekc0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Wed Dec 1 22:37:09 1993

all caps (I was worried you were not reading).  Anyway what ever happened
to the two trees? I was on both and one of them  supposedly started a while
back.  I have received no news concerning either!  I know that these things
take a while to complete but I don't want to be left off.  Could someone
send me info, 

slap that drummer in the face with a pie that smells



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"Don't walk away!" Dave!

COGBILLJ@GUVAX.BITNET Thu Dec 2 01:21:09 1993

Jeez, I'm kinda upset that Dave is hitting the road.  The only time I
could reasonably see him is the 31st at the Marriott.  Although I've
heard that you have to be 21 to get into that show.  Could someone who
has more info on that show please type me and tell me why it costs
$41.00?  What is going to be different about that show?  I'd love to
see him, but on college funds its just kind of hard.
P.S.--I don't think I'll really ever get tired of Ants Marching cuz
when I listen to that song "my concerns I forget them."  I don't think
I would wanna play Halloween if I were Dave just because of the mere
fact that some idiots ruin a lot of the concert by yelling
"Halloween!!!" throughout the whole show and they don't deserve to
hear it.  I agree its a very intense and exciting song, but I don't
really feel I've missed something if he doesn't play that song.  For
one because I can't even tell what he's saying, and second because
every other song is just as good or better.
Jamie Cogbill

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10/26 Tree status

dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu Thu Dec 2 06:25:02 1993

I'm still working on the tree.  Thanks for any patience any of you
can muster.  Remember, I'm in school, too, and have exams coming up.  I'll
get it posted ASAP.


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jcrother Thu Dec 2 11:36:44 1993

I'm finding more information out but the way I understand it as of now is
you pay a 'flat fee' of $40-$41 (somewhere around there) and you get all
the alcohol and food you want.  I'm assuming you must be 21.  I'm not sure
if there is a special option if you're not 21.  That's one of the things
I'm finding out.  Also I believe the show is semi-formal-coat and tie.

If you think about how much you would noramlly spend on NYE I don't think
that this is an unreasonable price.  You get all the food and drink you
want (I think. Again, don't quote me on this, I'm only speaking
'unofficially' right now).  Who doesn't think they will drink/eat $40
worth of food/alcohol????????? Plus you get the show.  The show alone is
worth $15-20 so that leaves the rest of the $40 as you're meal and
alcohol.  I don't know, but I don't think it's that big of a deal.  I
guess if you think its too expensive, don't come.  However, it should be a
pretty cool event.

I'll post new info as I get it.

alex Crothers


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The Cannery show...

SEAWA@VAX.RHODES.EDU Thu Dec 2 13:18:08 1993

Can anyone give me extra info on this show?
I'll be coming back thru Nashville either Sat or Sun, and figured I
might just catch them again if possible.


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halloween, christmas, and new year's eve...

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Thu Dec 2 15:45:23 1993

as far as seeing halloween, i would say that things are looking up,
but dave won't be playing there enough to really say fer sure.  somehow
i've had the luck to see them play it twice in the past 10 days.  now
i'll be lucky if i can see the band play anything at all in the next
month or so.
as far as christmas goes, hey, only 22 shopping days left. (it just
made for a catchy subject line...)
as far as new years eve goes, the show is not necessarily "the dave
matthews band new years blow out."  it's actually more of a "richmond
marriot new years blow out featuring dmb."  your being charged more for
the sake of hangin' out at a hot spot for nye more than to see dmb.
also, once your in the front door, you won't have to sport another buck
for your beloved ethyl.  free drinks, all night(so i've heard).  and
when you think about it, you could easily blow $30 bucks (+$10 for
a cover anywhere but festival park) on drinks on nye.
but alas for me, being a poor 20 year old, i'll be stuck in festival
park freezing my ass off watching wrva(adult contemporary) sponsor a
big band fest.
i don't agree with kerry that ants is a boring song.  i think it's a
phenomenal song, lyrically, structurally, everythingly...but come on
already.  out of the some 25 times i've seen dmb, i've seen them play
ants about 117 times.  and for the sake of devil's advocate against
people who haven't seen them play ants live, they have a bad habit of
making it sound _exactly_ like the cd, so just turn it up and close your
eyes.  i'd really like to see an encore consist of cry freedom followed
by drive in, drive out.
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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Dave on the radio in Richmond

COGBILLJ@GUVAX.BITNET Thu Dec 2 16:07:22 1993

Hello fellow Dave worshippers,
Recently, when I was back in Richmond for Tgiving break I was somewhat
disturbed to find that the local radio stations were not too intent on
playing the new DMB cd on the radio.  Anyhow so I called WVGO (106.5)
to request it and they said that the new CD was not getting enough
support for to play it.  So I wanted to use this opportunity to
utilize our net and plead with my fellow fans to call the station and
request DMB!  The number for WVGO 106.5 fm is (804) 345-0106.  The
number for XL102.1 fm is 345-WRXL or 345-9795.  Please show your
support and call the stations and request DAVE!
Jamie Cogbill
P.S.--- a good idea would be to request "Christmas Song" due to the
fact that its name and the season might get it more playing time.

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DMB Flood Zone Dec. 1st

blakec@wyvern.wyvern.com Thu Dec 2 17:46:57 1993

Here's the setlist for last night.  I might have missed a song or two
because I wrote it down on a pizza box while driving back from Richmond this
morning.  It's hard to listen to a tape, eat a slice of cold pizza, and
label at the same time (try it!)

I  Drive in, Drive out (Solo)

II One Sweet World

Now that I think about it he played 3 solo songs before Seek up.
I was speeding because I decided to go to class.

listeners were asked to rate the DMB song.  The best response they got was
"Sounds like dogs Fornicating!"  Throughout the show he repeats this in his
"redneck" voice"  also instead of the usual between songs groupie banter
such as "Boyd!" or "Halloween!" people were yelling "Sound like Dogs
Fornicating!"  Funny!

play and a new name.

drummers on tape.

gangster lean wooooohhoooo"

a second set closer or an OCCASIONAL encore.

Great show, great company.


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MFOR8178@URIACC.URI.EDU Thu Dec 2 18:28:12 1993

I think this is going to work, not sure though.
I havee only seen the Band once(at the Bayou this summer, whats up with the tre
e). Liked them alot. My best friend since forever, sees them every week at the
he Floodzone record release party last friday. I cant stop listening to them.
So, I need more. Please help me.
Also, how do i go ABOUT getting NYE tickets. 40 dollars seems like a good deal
to me. I might even drtink em out of buisness.
Thanks alot.
Latyer,  Mike

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More NYE info!!

jcrother Thu Dec 2 19:43:22 1993

The New Years show is 21 and up. Its $40 because it is an open bar from 
8 - 1am.  Pretty cool for those over 21 and with ID's but a real bummer for
anyone who is young and just wants to see the music.  Tickets wil be (very
shortly) on sale around Cville, Hburg, Lexington, etc and also on
ticketmaster.  I would definitely recommend advance tickets, the show sold
out last year a couple of days in advance and it looks like this year the
demand will be even higher.  Another cool thing about the night is that
there is a second band Bio Ritmo - a brazilian twelve(+) piece ensemble
that plays fantastic music.  This band will not be opening for Dave but
will have its own ballroom that people can wander back and forth to.

More information forthcoming.
alex Crothers


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disclaimer for my next post....

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 3 00:27:20 1993

hello all my fello marching ants...
i must admit, i'm a bit inebriated right now.  as many of you must
know right now, i'm a disciple of dave, but i've been listening to
phish for the last 45 minutes.  therefore, i've been sitting here
matthews or trey anastasio?
more elaboration will follow, as i plan to make a cross post to
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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if you've never heard dave matthews band, please disregard...

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 3 00:48:25 1993

hello, my name is rick thompson, and i'm not a regular to phish.net,
but a combination of several things has led me to this post...
those things are meister brau, miller high life, a deep rooted passion
for dave matthews, and  an almost as deep rooted passion for phish +
at any rate, as just mentioned, i've been listening to trey play his
think i always will be the biggest dmb phan in the (short as so far)
history of dave matthew's musical career.  but i'm caught up in these
strange thoughts right now.
i'm a guitarist myself who finds inspiration from both trey and dave,
so this question is more or less directed to anybody who
i'm cross posting this to both the phish.net & minarets.net, and i
expect quite a diverse set of replies, so i ask all the die-hard
phish phans who might think that dave sucks to refrain from sending
me a biased opinion.  i'd really like to get some elaborations on
artist that he is to the _rhythm_ guitarist/songwriter/musical
artist that dave is.  i know that it can be hard to compare two
people who are so different in musical style, but, like i said,
i'm looking for as many different viewpoints as possible.
please let me know what you think, and like i said..
if you've never heard dave matthews, or don't like him, and have
a negative view of him, i probably won't think much of what you
have to say.  i'm looking for objective opinions.
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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DMB at Virginia Tech 12/2

dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu Fri Dec 3 08:51:59 1993

Really great show.  I'll post the set list a bit later, after I've sorted
it out.   To let you in on a couple of highlights -

1) Ants marching opened the second set (I think), it was not played

2) Halloween was the encore!  From what I gather, he hasn't been playing

It's been a while since Dave's been in Blacksburg, and people here
for the most part weren't too familiar with all the songs, but he
really blew everyone away.  Picked up a LOT of new fans who had never
heard him before.  Overall, it was a successful and exciting show.

"Set list later"

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lyrics file subscribers...

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 3 10:46:17 1993

i was just wondering if everybody who wants to have the lyrics file
does.  i just sent it out to some of the more recent people to be
added to the list, but i don't know if i've gotten it to everybody.
if you haven't gotten it yet, send me a note and jog my memory.
and while we're on the subject, i hooked up with john alagia
and chris (i believe it's chris sabec, but i'm not sure) to get
official copies of as many dmb songs as possible, so i should have
a fully updated version soon.
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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TRAX days Almost over!

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Dec 3 12:11:27 1993

Word is, from two directions, that DMB may have outgrown TRAX
andt the Floodzone.  At arecent floodzone show, youcouldnteven
geton thestreet,much less intothevenue. At
arecentTRAXshow,twofolkspassedout fromtheheat. Two persons
the band's management have said somethingtothe effectof"you
should go  whileyou can."


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jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Dec 3 12:14:58 1993

This isfrustrating. Oneenvelopewasreturned. Two folks
stillhaven't senttheir blanks,and nevergavemeanaddress to  mail
blanks (otherwise Imwillingtowiatforblanksandpostageto be
Twomorefolksstilhaveogiveme athirdorfourthpickforthetrade.
8 ofthe 13 branchleadersshould have tapesbySaturdayifnothave
themalready.  If You're On the Tree,PLEASE

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Re: MINARETS digest 41

@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU:ST002314@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU Fri Dec 3 13:16:43 1993

this is not really meant to be a flame of rick for his trey vs. dave post,
because he was the first to admit his drunken state, and i know how stupid that
can make you.  but anyway, on with it. . .how can you say that you will
disregard the opinions of anyone who dislikes the dmb as being to "biased,"
opting for the "objective" views?  are you, at the same time, going to dismiss
the opinions of those of us who happen to love the band as being too biased?
this is definitely not right. . .if you are not willing to hear opinions of
people whom you disagree with, whats the point in asking the question?  flame
me personally, please, dave

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Lyrics to "Typical Situation" and "Blue Water"

COGBILLJ@GUVAX.BITNET Sat Dec 4 04:46:15 1993

I believe the lyrics to these songs aren't on the files so I decided
to contribute what I knew of them.
Both of these songs are on the bootleg from the bayou on June 26,1993.
Typical Situation
It all comes down to nothing
It all comes down to nothing
It all comes down to nothing
It all comes down to nothing
Ten fingers counting, we have each
Nine planets around the sun repeat
Eight ball, the last of you triumphant be
Seven oceans pummel the shores of the sea
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices
Everybody's happy
Everybody's free
We'll keep the back door open
and every one will come around
Why are you defunct?
Why are you that way?
If you don't get in line we'll lock you away.
Six senses feeling
Five around a self
Four seasons turn on and turn off
I can see three corners from this corner
Two's the perfect number, but one oh...
Everybody's happy...(*2)
It all comes down to nothing
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices
We can't do a thing about it
too many choices
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices
Everybody's happy...(*2)
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices
We can't do a thing about it
too many choices
It's a typical situation in these typical times
too many choices.
Blue Water
Walking by the river
reach my hands to cup the sky
while on my arms a bitter blue
turn to red and the (  ) grew
The river taste me
I'm so much more than I have ever been
oh, oh, oh, oh
Take this my arms
Take this my eyes
Take this my mouth
And all it says to me
Complete the truth
oh, oh, oh, oh...yeah
(Leroi's sax)
Walking by a river
reach my hands to cup the sky
while on my arms a bitter blue
turn to red and the (  ) grew
The river taste me
I'm so much more than I have ever been
oh, oh, oh
(Boyd's psychadelic fiddle exit)
If I messed up on a lyric here or there, please don't take offense.
Hope this helps cuz I know Dave's words are just as intense as his
Jamie Cogbill

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STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Sat Dec 4 17:26:42 1993

i know this really isn't necessary and a complete and total waste
of bandwidth, but i was a lot more intoxicated thur night than i
realized i was at the time i posted.
i want to thank the people who responded, including dave who publicly
flamed me.  i deserved it.
but then again, what's my opinion?  well, after really thinking about
it with a clear mind, i say it's an impossible comparison.  trey is
definitely more accomplished musician, and by far a more technically
proficient guitarist, but they both have so much to be taken into
consideration for themselves, that i really have no clue what i was
thinking(or if i was actually thinking) thursday night.
i've never made myself look stupid to 30000(?) people before.  makes
me feel like i've accomplished something....:)
ps, thanx for the lyrics to typical and blue water.  i know that there
some stuff that needs to be fixed in blue water, so i'll get that out
as soon as i can...
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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Re: Ants, Halloween

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sun Dec 5 22:45:02 1993

No, I don't feel I miss anything when no Halloween is played, since there was
a time when Halloween didn't even exist, and I probably got off on those
early shows a lot more than I do now, but hearing Halloween makes THE WORST
show an amazing show, merely because it is probably the most intense song
written by anyone EVER (yes, more intense than Metallica's Dyers Eve).

night, and I completely agree--but last Tuesday NOBODY yelled it, and seeing
as Ants had been the encore 3 out of the past 4 weeks, and seeing as they
didn't do the cool intro (some instrumental, the name of which I do not
know), AND seeing as since there were only 100 people there, I would have had
my own private dance/flail area (Halloween is the one song by anyone ever
that absolutely forces me to dance (more of a flail), and seeing as it was a
relatively short set, it should have been played.   

the spaces at the VERY end, and when he sang "Candyman...", though the
keyboards were annoying for the rest of the song.  The song was revived when
they added the 6 or so minute intro song that led into Carter's solo drum
beat, but now that seems to have been put to rest. 

I'm sure that had I not seen them as many times as I have, this song would
not bore me, but nonetheless, I still get the same thrill out of Minarets,
Help Myself, Dancing Nancies.........   that I always have.

Anyways, my main point wasn't that Ants shouldn't be played, because it is a
great song, the point was that nobody wants it as an encore week after week
when they're not even changing it (improvising).

Also, the most I've ever been into a DMB song besides Halloween was the Nov.
2 '93 Ants on Carter's b-day.  If anybody out there heard this, you'll know

Also for Jamie, words mean nothing in Halloween--it's a song about love.

Sorry to bore you,   kerry

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Re: trey v. dave

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sun Dec 5 23:04:46 1993

Please be real. Though Dave is probably the best songwriter/coolest style
rhythm guitarist ever, at the moment he is just pure potential; the true

Phish has been writing songs (amazing songs) for 10 years, and hopefully has
another 15 years of inspiration in them.  DMB put out an unreal number of
incredible songs in the first year and a half they've been together,
BUT--what good has come out since Halloween (10-31-92)?  It's been 14 months
since he wrote an amazing song (no, Granny is not an amazing song).  

So as of now, Trey is Master Musician of all time, though if Dave can keep
the songs flowing, we'll ask this same question in a few years.

IMCO, Kerry

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This past weekend's shows...

SEAWA@VAX.RHODES.EDU Sun Dec 5 23:48:15 1993

Well, just got back to school from a weekend of DMB and other good things.
We caught the first show on Friday night at Flamingo's in Knoxville, the
first time he's played in K-town.  The show was super energetic, and the
place was fairly packed for the size it was (two floors).  Ill fate set in
partway through the second set, however, when Dave had troubles with his
amps, and the show was cut short a bit (though it was already past 2am).

Anyway, he threw out the message that they were playing the next night
in Nashville (the questionable private party show) but since he didn't 
mention anything about it we figured we go ahead and go since it was on
our way home, and we know people in Nashville anyway.  So the next day we
got up (late) and arrived at the Cannery (we were quite lucky to find it)
about half an hour before doors opened.  We found out from some dude that
the show was supposedly closed, but if no more than 250 people showed up
it would become open.  Regardless, we showed back up at 10:30 (showtime)
and eventually made our way to the front stage.  Nobody was near the stage
at this point.  It turned out to be some fraternity Christmas date party,
and we were a quaint minority of civilian-dressed people at the very front
of the stage (there seemed to be about 4-5 other "roadies").  Anyway, this
show turned out to be much more mellow in comparison (except for Trippin'
Billies, which was eclectic!), and went thru with seemingly no problems.
Just out of slight curiosity, was anyone possibly there taping?  I'
d be really interested in trading for a tape of this Nashville show, 
considering it was my first real DMB show...

Also, could someone please post me an address of a booking agent for DMB?
I'm going to do my best to get them over in Memphis for our Springfest
weekend at Rhodes, and I might actually be able to do it since they seem
to be trying to spread out westward.

Thanks in advance to all, and sorry for the long babble.  One more DM fan
has been created this weekend!


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No subscribe or digestify messages

jcrother Mon Dec 6 00:23:52 1993

I was justing thinking about how Minarets hasn't had a single
subscribe/digestify message since its existence.

Kinda nice.

Maybe the listproc mailserver is the answer to that problem? Maybe not?
The listproc mailserver makes things complicated in the beginning that way
by the time you're into Minarets.Net you understand how things works.  

Kinda nice.

alex Crothers


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hee hee

btanen@husc.harvard.edu Mon Dec 6 00:51:47 1993

um, i was thinking . . . subscribe?
just kidding, y'all.


------------- Ben Tanen ------------- btanen@husc.harvard.edu -------------


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Old business (12/2 setlist)

dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu Mon Dec 6 08:27:44 1993

Nobody's probably interested at this point, but I said I would post it,

Setlist for 12/2/93 at Virginia Tech

Set 1:
Set 2:

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The album and FZ

SPICE@DICKINSON.EDU Mon Dec 6 11:40:00 1993

Well, it's been a while since I've written so I guess I'll start by reviewing 
the album *myself*.  I think it's great.  From start to finish I have very 
few complaints other than most of the songs are a bit too short.  I 
absolutely love the studio stuff -- the first thing I thought of when I heard 
Minarets was "Peter Gabriel?"  The international flavor to that song (for 
lack of a better way to describe it) is fantastic and a wonderful departure 
from the live stuff at the beginning of the album.  Carter never ceases to 
amaze me.  The man is simply one of the best drummers alive.  I'd say Fishman 
is the only other drummer I've seen live who can compare.  However, like Boyd,
Carter is more than just a good drummer.  As my brother said a few weeks ago, 
when you see him up there grinning away, so happy to be beating the hell out 
of his drums, it's very contagious.  Personally, I think he shines brighter 
than anyone else in the band (with the obvious exception of Dave himself).  
In fact, my only problem with the album is that I can't ever listen to it 
because everyone on my hall keeps borrowing it (and I won't let them tape it, 
mean me I know.  I just want them to buy their own copies and support the 
band.)  And so, after hearing the disc, everyone wants to trek down to the 
Floodzone for Wednesday's show.  So....

Directions, anyone?  Prices?  Advice?  I understand that you need to get ther 
quite early to get in before it sells out but anything we should know other 
than that?  Parking?  At any rate, thank you in advance for any info and take 
care.  Soon I'll send along a story about the first time I heard DMB -- 
probably a show that nobody on the net saw (Lime Kiln Arts Theatre in 
Lexington, VA in summer of '92).  Or maybe I'll recount the first time I saw 
Boyd play with Down Boy Down (or was it Down Boyd Down?  I can't remember but 
it should have been the latter).  Take care, eat drink and be merry...


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Re: MINARETS digest 44

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Mon Dec 6 12:11:53 1993

the spaces at the VERY end, and when he sang "Candyman...", though the
keyboards were annoying for the rest of the song.  The song was revived when
they added the 6 or so minute intro song that led into Carter's solo drum
beat, but now that seems to have been put to rest.
the song that your referring to is a separate song that just tends to
run into ants.  it's called doobie thing, and the only two times i've
seen it, it's run into ants.
Also, the most I've ever been into a DMB song besides Halloween was the Nov.
2 '93 Ants on Carter's b-day.  If anybody out there heard this, you'll know
yep, i know why.
...Halloween--it's a song about love.
agreed, i found out when dmb came to jmu that if halloween had made
but i tend to feel rather strongly that halloween tends to dwell  on
the reality that you can't love a person that you don't hate just as
strongly.  thoughts?
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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granny is _so_ amazing...;)

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Mon Dec 6 12:11:59 1993

BUT--what good has come out since Halloween (10-31-92)?  It's been 14 months
since he wrote an amazing song (no, Granny is not an amazing song).

i have several versions of granny where, in the part in which dave is
just babbling, he songs "i don't know, i don't know why i'm singing
LOVE," so i'd say he's aware that it's not an amazing song.  (now, if
he had kept the original lyrics, then...)
as for songwriting in general, i did get a chance to get a little input
from him on the subject.  he says he doesn't like to write while he's on
the road because he winds up writing "cheesy road songs,"  so i suppose we're
lucky to have the one new song we do have right now.  you may have noticed
in the last dates post that he's taking a two week layover during december,
and i was told he would be going up to john alagia's house for six days
just to work on new music.  can't wait to hear some of it...
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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Great songs since 12/31/92?

STU_GJCARRIE@JMUVAX.BITNET Mon Dec 6 12:44:36 1993

10/31/92 was indeed a great show...probably the best I've seen and it was my
first.  There was incredible energy, great guests and great tunes.  But to say
that no great songs have been written since?  No way!
First, Granny is not a great song and from what I've heard RCA is planning to
use it to propel the band up the charts. (due to RCA's already obnoxious
marketting plans for some of the band's more popular tunes, I've heard that
Dave wants to call the next album _Songs You want to Hear_ I like it.  Screw
the commercial music industry and Top 40 radio.)  But Granny _used_ to be a
great song before they changed it to that "Love! Baby!" bit that Boyd seems to
love so much.  Check out 11/17/92 when it was debuted and was played twice
actually.  Before they changed it, Granny was one of my favorite tunes.  I can
still see it as funny (notice the sarcastic Davetalk lines after each Love! and
Baby! i.e. "I don't know why I don't know why I'm singin' Love!" :)
But there have been other IMHO _excellent_ songs written since 10/31/92.  I
love _Rhyme and Reason_ and I find _#34_ to be one of the most moving songs
I've heard them play (even if the crowd is usually obnoxious during this
beatifully quiet number).  _#36_ and _Doobie Thing_ likewise are great tunes
and _Quick Lay and Goodbye_ is one of the best Dave songs yet I thinks.  There
are other great tunes that have been written, but you see my point.  Dave is
constantly writing (actually he told me and Rick that he doesn't like to write
while on the road for fear of writing a cheesy road song.  We suggested that he
write a song titled Cheesy Road Song :)  maybe let Boyd sing it ;) ) and he is
constantly coming up with good stuff.  Any comments?
Also, how does anyone feel about the imminent popularity which RCA seems so
eager to plunge the band into?  A video?  (I'm getting chills :(  )
*******************The devious gelatin holding me fast*************************
*  Gregg Carrier                               stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu  *
*  JMU Box 1734              :) ;) :D :P                                      *
*  Harrisonburg, VA  22807                     (703) JMU-KIND                 *
*******************Miraculous now you let me move past*************************

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Ants intro

MEAGHERJA@URVAX.BITNET Mon Dec 6 14:26:33 1993

or so intro to Ants Marching that was played for a while, but put to rest
recently (the last I heard it was at Van Ripers earlier this fall) as the
verse part to A Quick Lay and Goodbye? If I remember correctly, there were
two main themes to this intro before Carter's solo drum beat. One was the
riff to A Quick Lay..., and the other theme was described by one my friends
to sound like "a T.V. show theme song." If I could, I would show you what
I mean by humming it or something, but that doesn't seem too possible on the
similarities (to Quick Lay...).
Tripping Billies. I haven't heard that, since early in this school year.
and I'm not just hearing this. Let me know!

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dave traffic whoopee!

blakec@wyvern.wyvern.com Mon Dec 6 15:15:43 1993

I love all of this traffic that the Halloween/Ants debate has stirred up.  

While listening to the "I'll back you up" from 12/1/93 Floodzone earlier and
thinking about the death of Frank Zappa, I was moved to tears.  RIP Frank.

My $.02 on Ants.  I love this song!  I've just grown tired of it as an
encore EVERYTIME I see them.  Rotate and improvise on the setlist as well as
the music.


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LeRoi Moore Sighting

blakec@wyvern.wyvern.com Mon Dec 6 20:06:27 1993

This may have been posted already so forgive me if it has but LeRoi MADE THE
YEAR END COPY OF Relix!!!  He's in the H.O.R.D.E pictorial that Alex's
brother shot so wonderfully.  It's worth the $5 just to see him jamming out
with the Col.

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DMB article

bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu Tue Dec 7 02:01:17 1993

A couple of things...
I plan on catching the two N.C. DMB shows on Dec. 28 and 29 in Charlotte and
Winston-Salem before heading to Richmond. Was wondering if anyone from that
area could recommend some nearby places we could camp that would be
open/accessable this time of year? We thought about trying to see someone
elsegood on DMB's night off (30th) that might be playing somewhere on the way
from N.C. to Richmond. WSP is out of question as we don't have tix, but any
suggestions are welcome.
About the New Year's show -- the band did a similar event last year and
tickets sold out shortly after x-mas, so given the band's rising popularity,
chances are tickets will disappear faster this year -- so don't miss your

DMB for a class (yes, I actually got credit for writing about Dave), and have
decided to try to sell it to a magazine as a freelance piece. I'm not
convinced it completely captures Dave's essence, but it was written for an
audience that has heard nothing about the band -- so much of it, or all of it
would not unveil anything new about the band to netters. So anyway, I was
looking for suggestions of nationally distributed music magazines that I could
pitch the article to. My original apprehension was that I didn't want Dave to
be "discovered" to quickly by pop audiences, as he undoubtedly eventually
will, so we may all be able to enjoy him in small venues as long as possible.
But I figured that there are probably plenty of mags out there that would
expose Dave to a more alternative or cooler group of people. So where would
you like to read about Dave, or where might I reach the most people without 
ruining the scene? Feel free to discuss on net or e-mail me personally.


See y'all in Richmond...

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DMB article II

bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu Tue Dec 7 02:09:05 1993

sorry, I don't think the end of my last message was included, so I'll
So I figured that there are plenty of mags out there that would espose Dave to
a more alternative or cooler group of people. So where would you like to read
about Dave, or where might I reach the most people without ruining the scene (
I know one article won't do it, but it could be the first step if the wrong
people read it... anyway)
So feel free to discuss on net or e-mail me personally.


see y'all in Richmond.

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mlchang@sas.upenn.edu Tue Dec 7 09:20:02 1993


I would suggest the New Faces section of Rolling Stone.  It's a prominent
music magazine, but I would think the only people who really pay attention
to that section are college students and industry insiders.  A good place
for Dave exposure.

In beauty it is finished.

P.S. - I appreciate the digest more these days... Not so many "my favorite
Dave song is and I heard it at..."  Now can we try to eliminate them
altogether?  And confine things to intelligent discussion?  (Flame away!)

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DMB album review

klong@sura.net Tue Dec 7 09:21:23 1993

Jazz-Folk Matthews & His Merry Band

Find a groove, any groove, keep it steady with guitar and drums, 
oranament it with sax and violin, then let the words flow.  So what
if they don't add up to much more than "eat, drink and be merry".
A positive message and an insistent beat is what's important, the
two things the Dave Matthews Band remembers best on its debut album,
"Remember Two Things."

Imagine Michael Stipe fronting the Blues Travelers, only the lyrics
are easeir to make out and the harmonica is replaced by a fiddle,
and you'll have some notion of what Matthews and his Charolttesville-based
crew are up to.  A native of South Africa, Matthews has a peculiar voice
and delivery, dry and droll, and a fanciful way with words, which he tends 
to utter in tongue-tripping bursts as if he just thought them up.

Indeed, what keeps his stream of consciousness flowing-and the folk and
jazz fusion interesting-isn't what he has to say so much as how he 
says it.  His clipped cadences add yet another layer of rhythm to ssome
of the album's catchiest tunes, including "Recently", "One Sweet
World" and "Tripping Blues", the last being a tie-dye anthem if ever 
there was one.


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Still looking for Red Rocks tapes...

daveh@shell.portal.com Tue Dec 7 11:00:35 1993

show at Red Rocks happened together and I'd LOVE to have a copy of it.  I've
plenty of stuff to trade if that's what you're looking for... All responses
will be appreciated...

P.S.  Have a nice day.


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dmb nye show at marriot...

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Tue Dec 7 13:43:18 1993

...is an 18 and over show.  got this info today from red light(the
band's management).
then again, i don't think you get a discount for not being able to
consume alcohol, so i'm not sure if $40 _just_ to see dmb and bio ritmo
is worth it, even if it is new year's eve.
about doobie thing(the ants marching intro):  i agree, it does sound
like the verse riff of the new song, but it's in a different key, as
far as i can remember.
another thing--i'm getting band authorized copies of granny and (i think)
warehouse, so be on the look out for a lyrics file update.  if you
want to be added to the mailing list for it, just drop me a line.
btw, as far as new songs since halloween, we seemed to have neglected
christmas song, which (as far as i know, and gregg can back me up)
originated last christmas.  i'm agnostic myself, but still find
this song to be incredibly moving.
i'd also like to point out, just to keep people informed, that rhyme
or reason is pre-halloween, but i don't know by how much.
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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Doobie Song

EWHESSE@AMHERST.BITNET Tue Dec 7 14:13:13 1993

So, that's what it's called- "Doobie Song" I miss it alot. Even if it was
separate from Ants (although italways went into it when I saw them) I think
it enlivened Ants quite a bit. The happy groovy funk is something they should
do more improvisational work on. On 6/9/93 at the FZ for instance, Dave
comments on Boyd's presence alone on the either side of the stage and
attributes it to his uncleanliness. Boyd then declares it's "the kind of
funk you can smell" The band then seems to veer into an improv funk groove
for a couple minutes. W/ Carter and Stephan as the base, they could easily
hit funky grooves all the time.

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Guitar Tab

BH7N@MUSICB.MCGILL.CA Tue Dec 7 18:28:18 1993

This weekend I worked out One Sweet World on my guitar. I'm going
to write it up over break and post it when I come back to school.
I was thinking that since we're all going to have some free time coming
up soon, maybe some other guitar players can also work on
transcribing some songs and we could get a chords file going!
What do you think?

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Re: new songs

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Tue Dec 7 21:12:48 1993

I didn't include rhyme and reason as an excellent new song because it's not. 
It's an excellent new SOLO song--probably the best solo song he has (at least
before the lyrics changed to Dead And Gone).  The only solo song that rivals
it is the July 8, '92 Seek Up, which was it's debut.  In my opinion, these
songs are much better solo.

No, Quick Lay and Goodbye is not an excellent song.

Also, words to Halloween mean absolutely nothing

If I ever talk shit about the band, it's just to get people talking (and have
fun.)    Kerry


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pop goes the Dave

COGBILLJ@GUVAX.BITNET Wed Dec 8 01:02:15 1993

I don't understand why every one is so hositle to the idea that the
Dave Matthews Band might become popular...for instance wanting to send
an article to a less well known popular so that it isn't received by
the people who aren't "alternative or cool."  I for one wish all the
best for the band's success due to the fact that they deserve it.
Personally I would love to see the band on TV as opposed to Kerry who
might see it as selling out.  Granted, the band won't be visiting the
Flood Zone or Tracks as much, but the fact that they could become
nation-wide or even world wide shows our good taste in music, eh guys?
I say, let them have their successes, they've worked and played hard
for it!
Jamie Cogbill

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Interview paper...

STU_GJCARRIE@JMUVAX.BITNET Wed Dec 8 03:21:57 1993

Hi again all...To my knowledge, this is the first paper having anything to do
with the band to be posted.  It's pretty much general stuff that many of you
will know, but maybe some of you will find it interesting.  This was an
assignment to do an interview with anyone for a Human Communications class.  If
enough people would like to see an actual transcript or if we are starting an
interview file, I can transcribe it.  I suppos I could keep track of any
interviews that anyone might do with the band.  Phish.net has a pretty good
interviews file.  Anyone think we should keep one?  Anyway, enjoy...I'll post
the actual transcript later...

                         Interview Paper
                          Dave Matthews
     Dave Matthews is the guitarist, singer and songwriter for the
Dave Matthews Band which originated in Charlottesville, Virginia.
The band has enjoyed growing popularity over the past year as their
tours have taken them beyond the weekly shows in Charlottesville
and Richmond to New England, the deep south and as far west as
Colorado.  They have had the opportunity to play with a wide
variety of musicians including Warren Haynes and other members of
The Allman Brothers Band, Noel Redding, John Popper of Blues
Traveller,  Trey Anastasio of Phish, as well as a host of bands
with whom they have shared the stage.
     The first album by Dave Matthews Band, Remember Two Things,
was released November ninth on Bama Rag Records.  This release was
closely followed by a signing with RCA, and the band's first major
label release is expected by Fall 1994.
     Growing popularity was one of the key topics in my interview
with Dave Matthews which consisted of an on air radio interview and
conversations before and after the band's performance in Wilson
Hall on the 29th of November.
     Perhaps the most surprising aspect of talking with Dave on the
air live was the level of nervousness he displayed.  He would
resort to joking and fidgeting as if he seemed anxious about being
in the public eye.  I did not expect this type of reaction from
someone who has played on stage before thousands of people nd has
always come across as exceedingly self-confident in dealings
     The interview began with a general question about the band's
growth in terms of where he thought the band might be in five
years.  Dave, always playful on and offstage, immediately began
trying to make things difficult on myself and Rick Thompson with
whom I was doing the interview.  Dave had looked at our question
sheet before the show and falling into a ridiculous English accent
foive yeas?  I dunno!  'Olding up me jock strap I imagine!"  It
looked like it may be difficult to accomplish a meaningful
interview with Dave, who seemed to be in one of his stranger moods.
     But to our relief he settled down and left off the English
accent for a while.  He later told us that the brogue was something
he often used when he was nervous.  It took him several more
minutes of jokes to finally get to the heart of the question.  He
jokingly told us his only desire was to be filthy rich, no matter
no matter what I'm doing whether I'm exploiting the poor or playing
music."  But when it really got down to what Dave's hopes are for
the future, he showed himself to be a man of relatively simple
desires.  He would like to be playing music and have lots of
vacation time.  He would also like to be surrounded by money.
Welcome to the world of Rock n Roll.
     The conversation next turned to discussion of the band's
weekly shows on Tuesday nights at Trax in Charlottesville,
Virginia.  These shows have been for the most part a weekly ritual
for the past three years.  In recent months, the growing popularity
of the band has caused sellouts on many Tuesday nights, leading
many to question how long the band would be able to play there.
     Dave told us he likes Trax and was thankful that the band was
lucky enough to get these weekly gigs.  Tuesday night, he
explained, is normally a bad night in terms of live music, but the
band always had that steady weekly income, leaving them able to
cover a wider and wider touring range on the more popular weekend
     He was unsure how soon the band would actually outgrow Trax,
and like to think that they would always be able to go back there,
but said that because of the widening geographic scope that the
band is now catering to, this will probably be the last year for
the Tuesday night shows.  Dave told us that the band would very
much like to extend touring to a more national level.
     Throughout the interview, Dave had seemed relatively at ease,
but was almost constantly tinkering with his guitar and looking
down.  At times when he seemed to be searching for what to say, he
would again fall into one of several accents and would begin to
ramble about topics ranging from homosexuality to the ever present
subject of money.
     Dave claimed that his mother was greatly responsible for
supporting him throughout the years.  His father had passed away.
Musically, Dave professed to have very normal tastes and
influences.  He mentioned the Beatles and classic rock in general
as his greatest influences.
     Following a final joking and longwinded plug for his CD and
upcoming show, Dave concluded the interview by playing two songs
     My overall impression of Dave Matthews, though this interview
was not my first, served to reaffirm that although one can perform
before screaming crowds every night and can eventually grow to
superstardom in the eyes of thousands of fans, everyone starts out
in the same place.  Everyone gets nervous from time to time, and
everyone has flaws, for no matter to what height we rise, we will
always be human.
*******************The devious gelatin holding me fast*************************
*  Gregg Carrier                               stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu  *
*  JMU Box 1734              :) ;) :D :P                                      *
*  Harrisonburg, VA  22807                     (703) JMU-KIND                 *
*******************Miraculous now you let me move past*************************

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Need info on upcoming 12/11/93 show

daveh@shell.portal.com Wed Dec 8 10:22:39 1993

I know that DMB is scheduled to play in New York City this weekend, but I
forget where.  If someone could e-mail me any of the info, that'd be great!

P.S.  Have a nice day.


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re: DMB Album Review

jcrother Wed Dec 8 10:37:57 1993

"Tripping Blues" - a tie-dye anthem if ever there was one???????????????????

Funny how some people are.

alex Crothers


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jcrother Wed Dec 8 10:40:45 1993

FZ=Flood Zone
FZ=Frank Zappa

oh no, who knew?

alex Crothers


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DMB set lists from 11.16.93 till 12.5.93

jcrother Wed Dec 8 10:51:11 1993

Just got a slew of setlists.  Thought maybe you all might be interested in
taking a look at all of them together.

alex Crothers

Set 1
1 Sweet,Tripping Billies,Granny,Lie in our Graves,Help Myself,
2 Step,Jimi Thing,What Would You Say.
Set 2
New Song(acoustic),I'll Back You Up,Warehouse,Satelite,Dancing
Nancies...Typical Situation Situation,Ants.

11.17.93...FLOOD ZONE...Richmond
Set 1
1 Sweet, Tripping, Granny, Nancies, Typical, Lover Lay Down, Jimi Thing, What
Would You Say
Set 2
New Song(ac), Back U Up, 2 Step, Recently(..some people do...), Halloween.

11.18.93...MAD MONK...Wilmington,NC
Set 1
1 Sweet, Trippping, Granny, Help Myself, Song That Jane Likes, Satelite,
Set 2
New Song(ac), Warehouse, Minarets...Watchtower, Lie in..., Jimi Thing, Seek
Up, Halloween

11.19.93...MUSIC FARM...Charelston, NC
Set 1
1 Sweet, Tripping, Granny, Help Myself, Jane, Satelite, Nancies
Set 2
New Song(ac), Rhyme or Reason(ac), Best of What's Around(ac), Warehouse,
Minarets...Watchtower, Angel From Montgomery, Lie in..., Jimi Thing...Seek Up

11.20.93...GEORGIA THEATRE...Athens, GA
Set 1
1 Sweet, Tripping, Lie in..., Granny, Help Myself, Jane, Satelite, Nancies
Set 2
Angel From Montgomery, Minarets, Warehouse, Typical, What Would You Say, Jimi
Thing, Recently...Space...Recently
New Song(ac), Ants

Set 1
New Song(ac), Satelite, Jane, Best of What's Around, Tripping, Lover Lay
Down, Angel From Montgomery, Help Myself, True Reflections
Set 2
Granny, Minarets, What Would..., Lie..., Nancies, Recently
SET 1 
TRIPPING, 1 Sweet, Jane, Help Myself, Nancies, Lie in..., WhAt Would..., True
Set 2
Minarets, Jimi Thing...Seek Up, Sate;lite, New Song(ac), Granny, Warehouse,

11.26.93...PEPPERMINT BEACH CLUB...Va Beach, VA
Set 1
1 Sweet, Tripping, Granny, Satelite, Help Myself, Jane, Nancies, True
Set 2 
Minarets, Lover, Lie in..., Jimi Thing...Seek Up, Pay For What You Get, What
Would..., Warehouse....Then cops came!

11.27.93...THE BAYOU...Wash, DC
Set 1
1 Sweet, Tripping, Jane, Satelite, Granny, Nancies, True
Set 2 
Minarets, Jimi Thing...Seek Up, New Song(ac), Back U Up, Watchtower(w/Warren
Haynes), Recently(WH)

Set 1 (Dave and Tim Renyolds acoustic)
Pay For What You Get, Recently, Back U Up, Typ[ical, You Are My Sanity(TR
solo), Minarets, Stream(TR solo), Xmas Song,
Set 2 (Full Band)
1 Sweet, Tripping, Jane, Help Myself, Nancies, Satelite, Granny, Lie in...,
Minarets, Halloween
New Song(ac), Lover, Ants

Best of What's Around(ac), Redemption Song(ac), Nancies, 2 Step, 1 Sweet,
Jimi Thing...Seek Up, Pay For..., New Song(ac) Back U Up, Lover, Tripping,
Granny, True

12.1.93...FLOOD ZONE...Richmond
Set 1
Rhyme or Reason(ac), Drive In Drive Out(ac), New Song(ac), Seek Up, Help
Myself, What Would..., Nancies...Typical
Set 2
1 Sweet, Tripping, Lie in..., Jimi Thing, Warehouse, Back U Up, True...Rap

12.2.93...VIRGINIA TECH...Blacksburg
Set 1
Rhyme or Reason(ac), Drive in/out(ac), New Song(ac), Satelite, Jane, Help
Myself, Tripping, Lie in..., Nancies
Set 2 
Ants, Minarets, Granny, Jimi Thing, Seek Up, Lover, What Would You Say

12.3.93...FLAMINGO...Knoxville, TN
Set 1
1 Sweet, Tripping, Jane, Satelite, Lie in..., Nancies, True
Set 2
Ants, Granny, Jimi Thing...Seek Up...Then some technical problems.

12.4.93...THE CANNERY...Nashville, TN
Set 1
1 Sweet, Satelite, Jane, Help Myself, Tripping, Recently, Warehouse,
Set 2
Ants, Granny, Jimi Thing...Seek Up, #36, What Would..., True
New Song(ac), Angel...

12.5.93...IVORY TUSK...Tuscaloosa, AL
Set 1
1 Sweet, Tripping, Jane(new beginning), Lie in..., Pay for..., Satelite, Hepl
Myself, Jimi Thing, Minarets, 
Set 2
Ants, #36, Warehouse, Nancies, New Song(ac), Xmas Song, Granny, What Would
You Say, True


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Irving Plaza

chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu Wed Dec 8 13:28:15 1993

Right now I'm on an airplane, flying home to New York. (laptops are pretty
neato!)  Finals are over :-.
I can't wait for the show on Friday at Irving plaza.
and meet a few netters.  
Is it only me or is anyone else perturbed with the band's making the jump
from Wetlands---- Irving Plaza?  I hope they fill it!!! (1000 people)

Looking forward to an awesome show and...dammit, let 'em play Ants as an
encore.  Beggers can't be choosy  (some of us don't live in Virginia and
see them twice a week ;-)

Hope to here from everyone,


Good Luck on Finals!

------------                                |    chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu
Northwestern University \------     !      Well, I guess I should play 
Allison 3002, 1820 Chicago Ave |  \    /   some shit you guys know 
Evanston, Illinois  60201-3856 |   \__/    afterall, because the people 
--------------------------------           here at Wetlands are paying me. 
I'm Hungry.  Let's get a taco.-Mr. White   tonight.  -John Popper 6.24.93


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btanen@husc.harvard.edu Wed Dec 8 15:23:51 1993

Ben offers some conjectures about 12/10/93:

They will not fill Irving Plaza.
The place will be extremely hot anyway.
You will meet the band if you want to.
They will play Ants Marching, but NOT as an encore. (as an aside, most
people STILL won't know the lyrics to it.)
Someone will be screaming "Steve-O" during the whole show.
They will play Watchtower.
I will be jealous you if you are there.

------------- Ben Tanen ------------- btanen@husc.harvard.edu -------------


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Re: Jamie cogbill's inferences

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Wed Dec 8 16:23:07 1993

When did I say that I didn't want to see them on TV?  When did I say that it
would be selling out?  I don't care what they do with their popularity as
long as they keep making good songs.

Someone said Christmas Song is phenomenal; I've always found it to be boring.
As slow songs go, Pay For What You Get is much more interesting.  Christmas
Song is good because it gives me a chance to use the bathroom.  
Is it "My HEAD won't leave my head alone," or "My HAIR won't leave my head


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Cd ordering info

HAUSERBT@pine.circa.ufl.edu Wed Dec 8 16:28:16 1993

I've never posted before so I hope this works.  I'm a displaced Richmonder
in grad school in Florida and I'm trying to get a copy of the new CD.  My
local record store dude told me he's heard of DMB, but that the records were
on consignment thru the band and that he could not order them.  Is this right?
If so, can I order one through Peaches or some other CD store in Richmond?
Let me know, anyone...Thanks


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People (?)

bobgee@merle.acns.nwu.edu Wed Dec 8 21:53:05 1993

Stare) that is beautiful, but is cut off in the middle, and I've never seen
the song on any other tapes. Also, Peter played an integral role on the
version I have (I couldn't discern any guitar, violin or saxophone -- if so,
they were very minimal) so I'm wondering if and how the band plays the song
now without keyboards. The tape it's on does not have a date so if it's
actually called something else, that doesn't help. But here's the opening
"Seven tumbling oceans surround the ground that I dance upon
Black and white and the rainbow, five colors in my eyes
When we stand in our mothers arms, a feeling of emptiness....

People, people, what are we doing in here
Oh, people, people, what have we done
When we fight over the ocean, when we fight over the sky
and so on. forgive me if this is in the lyrics file, but I have accidentally
lost it.

It's one of the more moving DMB songs I know (along with Blood of our
Children) so if anyone happens to have a crisp copy on a good show, I'd love
to trade.

recognition and a wider fan base, but I would be dissapointed if they went in
on a video. I understood that the reason they took so long in signing with a
major label, was that they wanted to be sure they would be able to do things
on their own terms. But if they want to eventually do a video, then at least
many more people will be touched by their music -- and that's one thing that
will not change.


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guitar tab

gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Dec 9 00:42:45 1993

I'm all for it.  Get it and go.


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irving plaza

devereux@phoenix.Princeton.EDU Thu Dec 9 03:59:32 1993

i was just wondering if anybody on this net knows where irving plaza is, or if
they could possibly give directions on how to get there, coming from new
jersey. it looks, now, like i will be able to make that show, so any help on
how to get there would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
i also assume that the starting time will be around 11:00, and i think i read that admission is $10. is all this info correct? again, thanks a lot.


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Re: MINARETS digest 46

@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU:ST002314@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU Thu Dec 9 11:12:40 1993

damn, kerry!  is there a dmb song you actually LIKE besides halloween? :)

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Re: 12-7 Trax

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Dec 9 11:35:44 1993

I have plenty to trade to anyone with Tuesday night's Trax show with Tim
Reynolds.                         -Kerry

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january the third, nineteen ninty four

Daniel_Gold@brown.edu Thu Dec 9 13:42:30 1993

hey y'all--

i know this is a little in advance, but i figured i oughta go ahead and ask
now before i have to leave my email for the winter 8-( on the 18th after
finals 8-)

will any of you netters be at the 1/3/94 show in Atlanta at the Variety
Playhouse (an awesome, small club i heard)?  i may be there, if i make it
to the ARU shows on the 29th, 30th, and then in Atlanta on NYEve with the
Unit, then i'll just stick around for a couple of days and catch DMB on the
3rd!  also, do any of you live in the area?  i will have from the 31st to
the 3rd to just bum around, we could hook up if you'd like.  also, does
anyone know of any shows on the 1st or the 2nd near Atlanta?  wow, that
would be a sweet vacation if i saw three ARUs, 1 DMB, plus a couple of
others!  oh wait -- it will be sweet no matter if i catch 1 show or 6!


oh, and can anyone be as wizardly as ben and tell me what's gonna be played
at the atlanta show?  if it's not gonna be a good show, will some gypsy
please tell me so i can stay home?  just kidding...  i think it's great
when people start knowing enough about a scene to make predictions, be they
accurate or not, good or bad.

too much babeling (trying to procratinate)...
--------------gnome boy------greenfling----


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Trax 12-7-93

PONDWAYLA@URVAX.BITNET Thu Dec 9 13:51:59 1993

A band called TR3 opened and Tim Reynolds is in the band.  They rocked hard
and it sounded a lot like Widespread.  Anyway, the Dave show was jammin and
Dancing Nancies- time 12:32- jammed hard with Tim Reynolds
Two Step-  pleasent surprise
Ants Marching- Not encore, but opened second set, and was opened with a
jam from Carter and Tim
#36- the first time i have heard this live-a great song with funk, reggae
Setlist   12-7-93
* with Tim Reynolds
Drive in Drive Out
I'll Back you Up
*Tripping Billies
*One Sweet World
*Song that Jane Likes
*Help Myself
* #36
*Dancing Nancies
Set 2
*Quick Lay and Goodbye
Carter and Tim Duet Jam
*Ants Marching
*Jimi Thing
*Two Step
No encore because they ran over time, but Warehouse was just like an
encore without the band leaving the stage-

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please help me

btanen@husc.harvard.edu Thu Dec 9 16:35:00 1993


sorry for screaming y'all, but it's important (I want to go).



------------- Ben Tanen ------------- btanen@husc.harvard.edu -------------


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DMB 12/8/93 Floodzone, Richmond VA

blakec@wyvern.wyvern.com Thu Dec 9 17:10:26 1993

Incredible show. TR3 opened and were better than I remembered.  Tim Reynolds
stayed out and played the whole show with DMB.  They REALLY got off. 
Especially well rocked were Tripping Billies and Song that Jane Likes. They
played a new intro to Jane.  We heard #36 soundchecked and when they played
it during the show I was going NUTS.  Forget anything bad I've ever said
about Ants in am encore slot.  It was great last night (even after seeing it
encored 3 Wednesdays in a row).

Set 1 and Only

Song That Jane Likes
Tripping Billies
One Sweet World
Dancing Nancies
True Reflections
Quick Lay and Goodbye (Dave and Tim only)
I'll Back You Up (Dave and Tim only)
Song #36 (WOW!)
Seek Up
Christmas Song


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FZ last night

SPICE@DICKINSON.EDU Thu Dec 9 17:27:56 1993

well, i'm sitting here listening to my incredibly clear soundboard of last
night's minarets and i think the 9+ hours in the car was actually worth it.

wow.  it was a really good show -- not the best i've seen, but very good.  the
minarets and the ants were definitely my highlights -- amazing.  and, as i'm
sure blake will mention, #36 was awesome to hear, too.  tim reynolds didn't
seem to have much effect on the show last night but, listening back over the
tapes, he adds a whole lot.  it sounds blasphemous, but i think they might even
consider adding him permanently.  his rhythm lines on some of the songs were
just fantastic, adding a groovy new dimension.  okay, let me recap, recoup,
elucidate my thoughts on this show...

tr3 was good as an opener although i wished they wouldn't have had an effect on
how long dave played (he didn't even start until after midnight which was
kindof a bummer).  the set was fairly remember 2 things-centric but that was
okay considering my friends had only heard the cd and those were certainly the
songs they knew.  the only glaring omission for them was satellite but they'll
hear it another time.  they all seemed to have a good time.  my feeling was
that dave and carter were really into the show (those two always seem to be, i
guess) and that stephan and boyd were interested from time to time, depending
upon what was happening (i think that's what made minarets and ants so good --
boyd was going nuts and stephan was jumping around, too).  stephan's bass was
definitely not loud enough which was a slight bummer for me as a bass player
but oh well.  i think the only time i heard him play was when he was playing
those antiphonal riffs with dave during ants.  i knew everyone wasn't too
surprised to hear ants as an encore but they did a really cool version of it
which made up for the unpredictability.  

i talked to leroi for a few moments after the show and he seemed to be pleased
that i had traveled so far to see the band and also pleased that we all liked
the show.  carter never ceases to amaze me as a drummer (and he definitely
impressed my friend matt who is an excellent drummer himself).  his jam with
tim at the beginning of the encore was intense.  anyway, i'm sure there are
about 200 other things i've meant to say about the show but i'll remember them
later and stop babbling for now.  

it was great to meet blake, wayland, and emily from the net -- thanks for
helping me plug in my deck and all that guys.  the tape is incredibly good. 
take care, good luck on finals (those of you who are unlucky enough to have
them) and hope to see you all at a show soon.


p.s. graham -- let's not let mom and dad know that i drove to richmond when i
had a paper to write that night instead...

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Dave's history

SPICE@DICKINSON.EDU Thu Dec 9 17:35:47 1993

I have two things I'd like to know a bit more about (which should definitely 

* What do you know about Dave?  All I know is that he is from South Africa 
originally (details on this?  how did he get here?  how long did he live 
there?) and that he was a bartender in Charlottesville until he put the band 
together to do a demo tape about 3-4 years ago and then it all happened.  Can 
anyone else add to that very limited history?  

* Can someone describe in detail the band's equipment?  Dave plays a Gibson 
thin-body acoustic/electric guitar which seems to go right through the 
soundboard.  Boyd plays through a GK amp into a Mesa Boogie stack?  Anyone 
know details on what kind of M-B he plays?  What about Stephan?  What kind of 
bass does he play?  What kind of rack is that he has?  Carter plays Yamaha 
drums (pretty obvious from his bass drum) and has a double bass pedal, etc.  
Can anyone fill in the grey areas?  Like the Phish FAQ, I think this would be 
good stuff to include in ours, too...



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DMB's CD Information

jcrother Fri Dec 10 03:07:50 1993

Someone asked so I thought I'd post this to the net again just in case
anyone else out there was wondering.  This in the number to call (or have
your local music store call) to order "Remember Two Things."

Bama Rags Records
Coran Capshaw
(804) 979-9695/fax (804) 293-6510
PO Box 1911, Charlottesville VA 22903

alex Crothers


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Willaims College: anyone?

jcrother Fri Dec 10 10:07:40 1993

I saw Ben posted about going to this show and someone atttending Williams
also said something.

I'll be there; anyone else?

I'll be hanging around the soundboard or up front.  Look for me there. 
Unfortunaly I'm not taping this show but......

If you really need to find me for some reason and can't find me ask
Michael (the merchadise guy) or Jeff (soundman--but not while he's
doing sound!!) who/where I am. They'll be able to point you
where I am or at least tell me later that someone is looking for me.  But
someone shouldn't need to find me that much. :)

So we have a net gathering?  :)

alex Crothers

ps-I'm hoping getting in won't be that hard for outsider.  I recomend
getting there early if you're unsure or getting in touch with that person
from Williams on the net.  


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sdeutsch@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Dec 10 11:40:53 1993

I know this isn't DMB related, but does anyone know about the upcoming God
Street Wine show at the Wetlands? 



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Netters list?

STU_GJCARRIE@JMUVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 10 15:03:59 1993

Hello all!
Well, I have agreed to do the interviews and stories files for the net, but
that shouldn't take too much time up, so what about a netters file?  Phish net
has one that is in a sad state of disrepair.  For us, however, it could be easy
to start and maintain a netters list.  So, if you would like to be on one,
please fill out the form below and send it to me.  You lurkers fill this out
too.  It will make it easy to find out if any netters are near you or a show
PHone # (or numbers and dates/times you'll be there):
This list will really help give everyone a fuller picture of what everyone else
is like.  I hope you all agree.  Don't make requests for the list yet.  I'll
post once it's filled up somewhat.
*******************The devious gelatin holding me fast*************************
*  Gregg Carrier                               stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu  *
*  JMU Box 1734              :) ;) :D :P                                      *
*  Harrisonburg, VA  22807                     (703) JMU-KIND                 *
*******************Miraculous now you let me move past*************************

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wake forest and it's on private idaho...

STU_RCTHOMPS@JMUVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 10 16:35:38 1993

for those of you who are at wake forest waiting for a copy of the
lyrics file, be patient.  apparently nothing is getting through,
but my system is going to keep trying right through to next sunday,
so be patient.
as far as seeing tim reynolds play with dmb last week, i really
did he play his electric all night, or did he use an acoustice?
even as phenomenal as tim is, i wasn't impressed with what he
had to offer.  most of the time he seemed to flamboyant and just
didn't seem to be too cohesive with the band (in other words, he
was just showing off).  but when i saw them jam together here at
jmu, it was a completely different story.  if tim joins using the
same style he  was using here, i'm all for it.  but if he starts
showing off again, they're going to have to put a leash on him, or
he'll just get in the way of the music that dmb puts together.
rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807
it's gonna be an eternity in here...

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List Size

jcrother Fri Dec 10 19:34:17 1993

alex Crothers


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(1) ants encores -- do they hear us? (2) samper on HORDEnet

Daniel_Gold@brown.edu Fri Dec 10 19:59:22 1993

Ants Marching- Not encore, but opened second set, and was opened with a
jam from Carter and Tim

does anyone know if DMB is hearing all the comments on the net regarding
the too-common encore ants?  do you think they are taking this net's
comments into consideration?

(2)  for those of you who are not on HORDEnet --  
there is going to be a "sampler" tape tree next year.  the tape is going to
have live songs by numerous bands who are currently inaccessable  or
unheard of by many people.  i am putting the tape together, and i plan to
include bands such as shockra, the hatters, jambay, other even less-known
bands, and of course DMB.  if anyone wants me to forward you the whole post
concerning the details of this tape, please private-email me.  this is just
a very brief description to let y'all know.


----gnome boy---greenfling-----


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Dave's nervous tongues and Dancing Nancy

PONDWAYLA@URVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 10 20:11:26 1993

As i was listening to my tape from the 12-8-93 show at the Floodzone, I
noticed that after the first song Dave says strange words in a weird
tongue.  I remembered reading Greg's post about his interview with Dave
noticing the same nervousness.  Well, after his weird words he tells the
audience he is NERVOUS because it is a sad night because it is the last show
at the Flooda
at the Floodzone for a while.  so i guess the supports greg's statement
about Dave being nervous and talking in strange accents.  It always is
sortof cool and amusing to hear Dave to this.
Anyway, as i was listening to the same tape, before Dancing Nancy over
he said he was depressed once, and wished the rain would stop, and then
"so tell me, wouln't you like to be somebody else?  Somebody else?"
He then starts the lyrics to the song.  Did any of you other tapers notice
that also?
Sorry about the typos but i wanted to post this before i started s
studying for my exam tomorrow.

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New songs...

STU_GJCARRIE@JMUVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 10 20:13:50 1993

You go to the bathroom during Christmas Song?!?!?!?!?  Wow...I guess what I
like about the Dave Matthews band and what others like is exceedingly
different.  I can admit this, and I think that you should too Kerry.  Please
try not to make any sweeping statements like "Quick lay and Goodbye is not an
excellent song." or "Christmas Song is not an excellent song"
In my opinion both are.
The thing that I like most about Dave Matthews Band is the vast ammount of
personal emotion that Dave pours into songs like Christmas and Cry Freedom.  I
like his slower more moving songs better than I like the "Eat drink and be
merry" variety.  Granted, I used to like the rollicking partying songs, and the
band can certainly jam, but time has shown me that the others are more
I am not Christian, but I love Christmas Song.  When I saw Dave do it with Tim
Reynolds, it was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever seen Dave play.
The only time I can think of that surpasses it happens to be another time he
This was a few weeks befor Christmas last year and my girlfriend (at the time)
and I were at Trax early for some reason.  Well, all of our friends had either
gone home for the hollidays or whatever so we went in Trax to hang out.
Literally no one was inside.  We grabbed some water and sat on the stage.
Dave came walking out a few minutes later to put one of his guitars out
and fiddle with some pedals.  I had met him several times already, so he said
hi and sat down to chat with us.  We were talking for a while about various
I wrote..."  He grabbed his guitar and started playing...that's right,
Christmas Song...well before it had been played live I believe. (I know it was
played a few times with sketchy lyrics around Christmas last year, but the
first I heard of it was a week or so after this)  Well, as you can imagine,
that was the coolest Dave Matthews experience I've ever had.  He was really
pouring a lot more of himself into the song than in say Ants MArching.  I
dunno, I liked it...
A song does not have to be slow, however, to have emotion.  Ever hear
Halloween? ;)  Even though this is the drunken party favorite, I love it.  Dave
really bares his soul on that one.
And, no, Kerry, Halloween is _NOT_, absolutely NOT, about nothing.  If you
think that, I suggest you listen to it again or better yet see it live.  Do not
pretend to be the definitive source on information...some newer Dave fans might
get confused and think you're right ;)
Halloween may have different meanings for different folks, but Dave is
definitely saying a lot.  Just my opinion.  Take it easy folks, and good luck
on those exams!
*******************The devious gelatin holding me fast*************************
*  Gregg Carrier                               stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu  *
*  JMU Box 1734              :) ;) :D :P                                      *
*  Harrisonburg, VA  22807                     (703) JMU-KIND                 *
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yet another 12/8 FZ post

COGBILLJ@GUVAX.BITNET Fri Dec 10 22:49:49 1993

I tried to type in a post to the net around 4am last Thursday when I
got back to Gtown, but for I think I botched the address so it never
One of the highlights was being able to chew the fat w/ Dave before
the show for about 10 or 15 minutes.  We were both up on the balcony
looking down and watching Tim do his soundcheck.  Whoever posted that
Tim might be considered as a permanent addition, may of had some
insight cuz Dave was going crazy watching Tim.  According to Dave
Tim's the best guitarrist he has ever seen.  Anyhow I also talked to
him a bit about his plans to go to John Alagia's house over Xmas, and
other neato stuff.  He's such a cool guy.
Anyhow, the show was great!  #36, Minarets, Seek Up, and the Ants
encore were definite highlights.
After the show I talked to Leroi, for the first time, and I was so
surprised to find out how nice he is.  Maybe its just me but judging
from his stage presence, I always figured he'd just be a little stand
offish...he really wasn't.
Oh yeah, I got Dave's pick at the end of the show...yee-hah!
It's sad that it's they're last regular show at the FZ, no more wild
summer Wednesday nights....
Sorry I didn't get the chance to meet any netters that night...oh well
they'res always future shows.  See ya.
Jamie Cogbill
PS--is it just me or is Kerry just saying stuff to get us

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DMB and Leo Tolstoy

sdeutsch@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Sat Dec 11 00:03:19 1993

Ok, I know this is a random topic, but imagine my surprise when I came

So, go, Dave, go.  And my parents have the nerve to criticize my taste in

Sue			sdeutsch@wlu.edu


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Irving Plaza

chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu Sat Dec 11 02:53:40 1993

Just got back from IP--

It was great, huge crowd   about 1000!

Set I

One Sweet World  (acoustic)
Song that Jane Likes
Tripping Billies
Lie In our Graves
What Would...
True Reflections

Set II

Ants Marching
Dancing Nancies
Thirty six (also as sound check)
(some new tune)
Seek Up

Blood (?)  (Gotta check)

They were going to encore with watchtower also but ran out of time.

The venue was  annoying so I have the first set on tape from audience
(stealth set-up)  and the second and encore from the soundboard.  
I haven't listened to them yet but if you are interested in trading drop me
an email!

I talked to Carter for awhile afterwards,  he says that they signed an
awesome deal with RCA.  (BTW all of the corporate big shots were there)

Dave is cool
Said the reason they don't play Halloween that much was because it is tough
on his voice.  I told him about Ants as an encore he said they played it a
lot because they stuck to that list for a few weeks.  It's differen't now. 
I think Carter made up tonite's.

Well that was the short version.  If you want to know more (I'll fill you
in but don't want to inundate people) 

Still Smilin',


Brian Lipman \----------          @    @   / \   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Northwestern University \------     !      Well, I guess I should play 
Allison 3002, 1820 Chicago Ave |  \    /   some shit you guys know 
Evanston, Illinois  60201-3856 |   \__/    afterall, because the people 
--------------------------------           here at Wetlands are paying me. 
I'm Hungry.  Let's get a taco.-Mr. White   tonight.  -John Popper 6.24.93


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need some dates for this weekend

JEROTTON@DAVIDSON.BITNET Sat Dec 11 12:15:23 1993

could someone please send me the current list or schedule of shows from
now untill christmas...thanx a million

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Re: MINARETS digest 49

@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU:ST002314@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU Sat Dec 11 13:18:10 1993

there seems to be a lot of questioning about the meaning of halloween. . .i
remember a show one night, one of those months, one of those years, when dave
introduced it being about a night he was asleep at stephan's house, and stephan
kept kicking him in the head in his sleep.  so, ostensibly, that is what its
about.  dave   ps. . .don't worry about the incomprehendibility (is that a
word?  it is now) of my post, i'm jes' exam-related-brain dead.

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halloween song

cecliff@vt.edu Sat Dec 11 13:56:31 1993

hello crowd of 101 subscribers...
about halloween song, and this is only a rumor, but supposedly one of the 
reasons they hadn't been playing it recently is because dave's g-friend hates
that song because it's about another person. (which doesn't make sense to me
because a majority of the songs have to do with other girls. unless she 
doesn't like to sing about the pain of a relationship gone bad...who knows???
maybe i'm being too analytical...)

also, on some of the clearer tapes, you can distinguish a great deal of the 
lyrics.  dave screams 'fuck' about three or four times and one particular line
in a copy i have he screams, 'tell me, are you satisfied fucking?'
another cool line ...'i come into your nightmare and suck up into your mind.'

gotta love that passion...
clare emily clifford

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Re: Is DMB hearing all on Minarets

jcrother Sat Dec 11 14:39:53 1993

 does anyone know if DMB is hearing all the comments on the net regarding
 the too-common encore ants?  do you think they are taking this net's
 comments into consideration?

DMB, per se, doesn't get a chance to read Minarets.  Just like the members
of Phish don't get a chance to read Phish.Net.  I'm sure there are
exceptions occasionally but on the most part the members of MDB don't read
Minarets.Net.  However, some people involved with the management of DMB
are on the net.  (i.e. Shelly of Phish.Net)  The DMB office (still in
Trax, I believe) has internet access and recieve Minarets.Net.  However,
I'm not sure how much time they have to read it.  They are usually
relatively busy and the things that come across a net like this are
normally of little concern to them.  (i.e. setlist, favorite songs,
reviews, ect...)  I forward anything that I view as important to the
management to their personal mailboxes that way they are sure to read it.
However, I don't think Ants Marching as a continous encore would be.  The
best way to deal with that would be to talk to Dave or some other member
personally and let them know your feelings (which some of you have done).
Hope this helped.

alex Crothers
ps-they are working on getting a modem/internet access for the road.  If
this happens......who knows?


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Re: Eat Drink and Be Merry

jcrother Sat Dec 11 14:47:20 1993

Studies Lecture course and few days ago, my professor was discussing the
importance of not becoming pesimestic and glum from all the terrible
things we had learned in the course but to remain optimistic and there
still is a chance to make a difference.  The pesimists approach is merely
to say, "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die."  I was dozing off
during the lecture but happened to catch that and it surprised me.  I
never realized this quote was around as much as it is.  

alex Crothers
 Ok, I know this is a random topic, but imagine my surprise when I came
 	"The second way out is epicureanism....Solomon expresses
 	hath no better thing under the sun, than to EAT, AND TO 
 	him in his labour the days of his life, which God giveth 
 	him under the sun.'"
 So, go, Dave, go.  And my parents have the nerve to criticize my taste in
   "so eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die"
 Sue			sdeutsch@wlu.edu


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E, D & B M

COGBILLJ@GUVAX.BITNET Sat Dec 11 15:10:49 1993

"Eat, Drink & Be Merry" is a section title that appears in every
edition of the Washington Post Weekender section that describes
various restaurants and bars around DC...I cut that part out and hung
it on my wall as a tribute to Dave...anyhow...
Jamie Cogbill

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Want 12-7-93

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Dec 11 16:39:51 1993

Subjectsays it. I have225 hrs ofPhish, 100 hrs Dead,  115 hrs
misc, including 10 or so hours of TR3.

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Tim Reynolds and Dec. 7 DMB show

gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Dec 11 17:24:30 1993

 as far as seeing tim reynolds play with dmb last week, i really
 did he play his electric all night, or did he use an acoustice?
 rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu

and Tim Reynolds acoustic show Sunday at the Jefferson Theatre on the
Downtown Mall here in Charlottesville.  It starts at 8(?), tickets are $8

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DMB Article

gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Dec 11 17:30:03 1993

This week in one of the UVA student papers there was a one-page interview
with Dave and a little bit with Boyd.  Not exactly the pinnacle of
journalism, but if anyone is interested, maybe I'll type it in.  Anyone

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