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A lady walks into a bar, totally nud excapt for a poodle under one arm


Well, I don't think a goodbye is appropriate, so. . .
Until Then.
yeah, that's non-comittal, yet sincere.  Truthful yet not hurtful.  Two words
yet not one.  
Well, actually, on second thought, no i wouldn't.

Summer's here, we're dancing in the dasies. . .

I just took my last exam.  in and out in an hour.  cake walk.  I hope.
You ever have that feeling?  You know, that it was so easy that you must have
made a mistake?
Oh well, obladi-oblada.

Have a groovy-diggin'-funky-fly summer!!!
really hear it. . .
it is pure.
true purity is quite rare.
quite rare indeed. . .
What we have found is truely pure.
don't take that for granted.
Be excellent to one another. . .

* "Find some inspiration, it's                                              *
*  down deep inside of you.  Amend         1) Eat.			    *
*  your situation, your whole life         2) Drink.			    *
*  is ahead of you."			   3) Be Merry.			    *
*		- DMB                      4) Repeat ad infinitum.	    *
*									    *
*	"All I need is food and creative love."				    *
*				- Rusted Root				    *
*                                                                           *
*            May all your drinks be cold and your nights warm and hazy. . . *
*									    *

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let the adventure begin

bmking@mail.wm.edu Fri May 5 15:30:51 1995

there was a time I seemed to sail
but as the days and years pass by,

good morning.  a new day awaits.

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The DaMaBa Experience

mcrider@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri May 5 16:17:50 1995

The Year in Review

(If you are frightened by the length.  Read the last 4 or so lines.)

Wow! To think that just a year ago at Van Ryper's I saw Dave 
Matthew's for the first time.  We took pictures of him relaxing in the 
shade playing with some kid.  We even got pictures of him with us.  
Unfortunately the developer ruined the film, but little did we know that 
the child he was playing with was his nephew and that someone else would 
take the exact same picture and place inside their new album.  (Yep, it's 
from Van Ryper '94, the first time Margaret & Jon, his niece and nephew 
saw him play.)  The returning school year I saw the Dead and Phish for 
the first time, (If anyone has the Phish UVA 10/27/94 show I beg you to 
contact me!) and most importantly I saw Dave solo with a few duets with 
Shannon W. at the CD release party at Crossroads (Trax).  I was quite 
drunk and the only person who was really getting into the music.  I had, 
however, expected the whole band there and repeatedly yelled, "We want 
Boyd!"  (Who was a Sigma Nu at UVA!)  Finally, Dave looked down upon me 
and replied, "Though he would take it as a compliment, you can yell until 
your balls drop, but BOYD AIN"T COMING!"  (One last grovel, to anyone 
that might have a copy of this show!)  Then came the Lexington Horse 
Center show,  filled with various substances, I barely maintained my stature 
during Rusted Root and shortly after Dave was on stage I passed out on 
the bleacher only to be awakened after the concert.  ("Oh could I have 
been, a speed bump in the audience!")  Next, I rang in the new year with 
long lines for weak drinks at the Richmond Marriot and Dave putting on 
the best concert I have ever personally seen or heard on tape.  (Nuff 
said!)  Then came the inspiration to dial TicketMaster three weeks 
before the Richmond Symphony Orchestra Valentine's Day Show.  The lady 
on the line said she had only two tickets.  It was a sign not only to 
see Dave but to purchase a ring that I would present to my lovely 
girl-friend after the show.  That night as the crowd exited, Cynthia 
became my fiancee and Dave, Boyd, Carter, and Leroi all passed us in our 
loving embrace and congratulated us.  On my way out of the parking 
garage that night, I took a picture of Dave standing next to the toll 
booth.  (Oh could I have been, a parking lot attendant!)  Finally, I 
ended the year with Dave at my fiancee's alma mater, Duke.  I will say 
the show did not seem right, I was accustomed to the intimacy of his 
shows surrounded by people my age with similar experiences.  Dave is not 
just a source of enjoyable music, it bonds a unique niche of our 
generation.  Whether it be a late night get together with friends at a 
nearby woman's college or a lazy spring term surrounded by the beauty of 
Virginia, the experience may be different but the memories and comfort 
that the music conjures up will last long after I graduate from 
Washington & Lee.  To many, Dave is just the newest type of cool music, 
but to us it is an accompaniment to our lives, a perfectly selected 
wine, that goes wonderfully with any occasion.

Mark Crider
Class of 1995
Washington & Lee

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phillipj@unm.edu Fri May 5 16:21:43 1995




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thanks to all!

ret@eden.rutgers.edu Fri May 5 17:12:16 1995

generous souls who have helped me get my tapes together.  I would also 
like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with the 
Minarets. Although at times AIDS rumors and presently HORDE rumors got 
the best of our mailbox's, this is a super-friendly net and I am happy 
to be a part of it. Thanks to Dave, Carter, Leroi, Stefan and Boyd for 
creating the music that has the power and beauty to make total strangers 
from all over the globe come together using the technology given to our 
generation. It is truly a wonderful thing and I can't wait to get back 
to it again next semester. Have a great summer. Keep listening to 
beautiful music! See yo'll at the shows in the future. I'm Audi 5000!

mikey stevenson

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DMB Tour Dates (Updated)

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Fri May 5 17:36:17 1995


August 30-3  Southwest
Sept    25-3 Northest

Touring in US from Mid-July through Mid-September at which point they 
will head back into the studio until the end of December.  Four or Five 
shows during the week prior to New Years.

alex crothers


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Salem Tonight!

jory@gladstone.uoregon.edu Fri May 5 17:44:54 1995

farewell all, I'll see ya'll next summer. Thanks for the great newbie
offers/trades! If any of you guys will be at the show tonight in Salem say
hi to me, I'm the tall guy with the big-ass mike boom trying to tape. = )
Take Care!


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so long, farewell,...

dsb9a@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri May 5 18:56:46 1995

..... i hate to see you go-oooooooooooo...........  it's been real folks.....

to all of you under my branch for whatever tree, no fear - you will get those
tapes.  to everyone i owe a video - it's almost done and will hit snail mail

to everyone i have ever traded with or won offers from - i love you all.  may
each and every one of you have a complete and funk-fresh summer....

to anyone who will be in the c'ville area this summer, look me up.  always
wanting to trade, drink, smoke, whatever.......

hope to see you all on the other side.....



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Re: unsubscribe minarets

dcstros@cs1.presby.edu Fri May 5 19:00:02 1995


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selfish in her suffering....

cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu Fri May 5 19:20:30 1995

hi all.

i just wanted to spread a little 
love and light

for everyone 
to bathe in 
for teh summer..

the only things that matter in life 
are that you 
love others
and are kind..

that's all that matters..

love and light, 
clare emily

clare emily clifford molecular genetics dpt of biology virginia tech & state u 


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If you're happy and you know it...

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Fri May 5 19:44:52 1995

Okay, I wonder if this post will make it....

I hate long goodbyes ya know... I'm not all that sentimental except 
sometimes late at night when I listen to this one DMB tape that someone 
made me... but it's the middle of the day and I can only hear Jennie 
Jones from the next room... so no sentiment..  goodbye..it's been fun.  
thanks for whatever....

If someone is setting up an alternate minarets, please mail me some 
info-mation... It would be SO appreciated..  

Thanks go out to all who traded me shows, to all who put up with waiting 
for me to finish moving, take my exams, and earn some $$ before they got 
their blanks,  to all who wrote to me 'cause they liked my little stories 
and memories of Our Boys way back when. to people who helped me get to my 
first BIG dave shows, special thanks to people who do things out of the 
kindness of their hearts, to people who are honest, to people who smile a 
lot, and to people who occasionally confuse the hell out of me.

I have email access all summer... keep in touch.  if you can "chat" 
online, feel free to page me sometime.. anytime... at this same address.  
And of course, send me mail.  I love it.

If someone could be of some assistance to the alt.music.dave 
thingamagigger, i only have a vague idea as to what you are all talking 

Ron *is* Stefan's daddy and he *is* a musician himself... he is REALLY 
REALLY good, so if you ever happen to hear that he is playing somewhere, 
go listen... I've never actually HEARD that he is playing b4-hand tho... 
i usually stumble upon him playing somewhere (brunch at the Sheraton, the 
opening of stefan's mommy's store, etc....)

Let's see what else I can ramble on about... I s'ppose that is about it.  
Go smile at strangers, admire some trees, write down some warm fuzzy 
thoughts, give someone that 12 cents in the line at the grocery store so 
they don't hafta break a 20, drink some tea, turn off the TV, read poetry 
aloud, sing along with Dave so your neighbors can hear, hug a little kid, 
write to someone who may or may not know you exist, love life, keep in touch.


Nine planets round the sun
Only one does the sun embrace
Upon this watered one
So much do we take for granted


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