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CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Tue May 24 13:37:33 1994

melancholy smiles and sleepless nights... LONG LIVE INSOMNIA!
clare emily

'sliding, backwards inside of me, i feel so unafraid.

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Re: Band update?

jcrother Tue May 24 16:07:31 1994

 What's the band doing this summer?  I've seen one June date for the Super Jam
 in Athens.  After this I guess they're recording in upstate NY.  Does anyone
 know how long? And when might they hit the road again?  They definitely 
 deserve a rest but I'm itching to see em again...

recording in bearsville until July 19th [or when the album's finished i 
imagine]  from July 19th on DMB will be touring the southeast.  nothing 
confirmed yet.

then from August 16th until Sept 10th DBM will be touring with the Horde 
on the New England and east coast run.

after that, they will be taking three weeks off and the album is due out 
at the end of Sept, beginning of October.

that's all i know.

alex crothers

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Two Step Transcription

NebuIous@aol.com Tue May 24 19:20:34 1994

The verses in this song are very hard to figure out, but I did my best.  It's
an okay fake...

Two Step

when I'm not totally in tune with the two recordings I based this
transcription on.


Verse -

follow along once or twice, and you'll hear it.

Dm   C   Am   Dm   C   Gm
F    C   Am   Dm   C   Bb
F    Bb  Am   Gm   Dm  (hold the Dm with the above style until

Chorus -

F   C   Bb   Am    x4

F   Bb  Am   Gm   (leads back to the Dm, going back to the verse)

Any comments on this or my other transcriptions?


just another memo from the cellar,

* "I can stand brute force, but brute reason   *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*  is quite unbearable.  It is hitting below   * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*  the intellect."         -Oscar Wilde        *  --   New York, NY  --  *


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Fixing the "I'll Back You Up" Chorus

NebuIous@aol.com Tue May 24 22:00:05 1994


I'll Back You Up

Chorus -


Technically, if there is an F in the bass of the D chord, it's a Dm, but that
chord is meant to sound dissident, and in the overall scheme of the song, I
think it's better described as a straight D with an F in the bass, not Dm/F.


just another memo from the cellar,

* "I can stand brute force, but brute reason   *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*  is quite unbearable.  It is hitting below   * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*  the intellect."         -Oscar Wilde        *  --   New York, NY  --  *


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CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Wed May 25 13:40:41 1994

anybody have the horde dates? mind posting them or sending me
some generous personal mail? 
smiles and band-aids, 
clare emily

'and it's opening time down on fascination street. so let's cut the 

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Bjammin@aol.com Wed May 25 23:03:46 1994

Could someone please tell me which horde tour the band will be playing at in
the New England area.
critters only.
"Find some inspiration, it's down deep inside of you,


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LECLINE@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri May 27 19:29:39 1994

does anybody have any wsp they want to trade for goods or blanks?


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Help with "Recently"?

NebuIous@aol.com Mon May 30 13:40:00 1994

Hey all, in my never ending quest to learn every DMB song, I have stumbled
onto Recently.  And I'm stuck.  Granted, I only spent about 2 minutes trying
to get it, but I simply can't figure out ANY of it.

This is what I have so far... (from the CD, diff. versions vary)


Intro Chords (and they sound like the chords to the chorus):

Dm   C   Bm   A   Am   G   (then some riff)

If anyone out there is a musician and has any idea about this song (or
tripping billies, which i'm thinking of doing next), get in touch.  Hell,
even if you aren't a musician, lets talk.  I'm procrastinating for finals,
I've got time.


just another memo from the cellar,

* "I can stand brute force, but brute reason   *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*  is quite unbearable.  It is hitting below   * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*  the intellect."         -Oscar Wilde        *  --   New York, NY  --  *


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Re: MINARETS digest 188

SEAWA@vax.rhodes.edu Mon May 30 19:20:26 1994

Christmas Song.  In it's original history, was it ever called Blood of
Our Children?  I have a few shows labelled such, and I didn't know if the
etemology :) of the title had evolved from that or not...

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alive, kicking and happy

campb_c@cs.odu.edu Tue May 31 15:31:39 1994

hey y'all.  I'm alive and telneting from Syracuse.  Okay.  

Anyone around here that wants to hook up and do something fun.  Drop me a line

Eric Hesse!!!  Get in touch, you tapes are done and I need you DC address
to send them to.

Kerry!!!!  Same to you.  Give me your summer address as soon as you get
back from the shows!!

Hope to see everyone soon...alert me to any DMB suprise appearances here
in beautiful central NY :)


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mxgall@mail.wm.edu Tue May 31 15:52:12 1994

have about 20 hours of Dave, and am generally looking for older (or
very new) tapes.


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Re: MINARETS digest 189

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Tue May 31 16:41:00 1994

yes... Blood of our Children wasthe original title.
That and what was formerly called "Screaming from the Minarets"
and, I think, one other were changed in titleforthe release of

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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recently question

grayp@pinn.net Tue May 31 19:55:29 1994

are there shows other than 12-31-93 where dave does the "pretty pretty 
girl" bit? just curious.

********Set The Gearshift For The High Gear Of Your Soul*******************


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Orange County HORDE lineup

budkee@unvax.union.edu Wed Jun 1 11:06:17 1994

I've been busy travelling around, so I am not sure if this has been
covered.  But, as I was driving through Orange county there was a
radio add for the show there.

ABB, BT, SCW BHT and Dave Matthews was listed.  I don't know if they
would be on the main stage or not.

There were other names, but I didn't have the necessities to write
them down.

I also don't know when the show is, when it goes on sale (I would
assume soon), or how much it will cost.

Check the horde date stuff for some of that.
Eric Budke    			          Union College Box 241
Fax (Subj. Concert Committee)		  Schenectady NY 12308
(518)388-6446 	 			  518-388-5615
God Street Wine and Allman Brothers Mailing list administrator
budkee@unvax.union.edu 			   budkee@world.std.com

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pay 4

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Wed Jun 1 12:02:29 1994

how often does dave sing the 'on i once had a girl...' deal?
i've heard it on lover before, and a few other songs.... 
and isn't it a cover line or something? i dunno... somebody
help me out... life is kicking my ass.

from the 5/7/94 after the last verse he sings...
'oh i once had a girl though should i say

is it just me or does this song make anyone else tear up?
'everybody asks me how [he's] doing, since [he] went away...'
no smiles... but tears and high blood pressure...
clare emily

'i know you had a little life in you yet, i know you have a lot of 
strength left. i should be crying but i just can't let it show, i should
be hoping but i can't stop thinking.... of all the things i should've 
said that we never said, all the things we should
ve done that we never did, all the things that you needed from me, all 
the things that you wanted for me, all the things i should've given that
i didn't...... oh darling make it go away......just make it go away...'

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christopher sabec?

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Wed Jun 1 12:17:26 1994

christopher... coffee and ale buddy...

i lost your address? forgive?
get in touch...

'poets are unhappy people, for, no matter how high their spirits reach, 
they will still be enclosed in an envelope of tears' -k.gibran


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gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Jun 2 16:24:20 1994

are there shows other than 12-31-93 where dave does the "pretty pretty
girl" bit? just curious.

Yeah, I don't have dates but I know that I have seen it a number of times 
and have it on at least one boot.  Graham

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pretty, pretty girl

caw9c@dayhoff.med.virginia.edu Thu Jun 2 16:47:04 1994

I think that 7/27?/93 (following the horde in richmond VA) had
that bit.  

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DMB at Riverside HORDE date?

bdietz@acs.bu.edu Fri Jun 3 12:32:44 1994

A friend of mine heard that DMB was going to be at the Riverside HORDE
date in Agawaum, MA.  Can someone confirm this for me?

--Brian Dietz, bdietz@bu.edu

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trashcan follies

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Jun 3 13:27:16 1994

have you ever stood outside world cup with j.c. and
unsuspiciously witnessed a 'quick-lay-and-skipping-goodbye'?

smirks, blushing, and agahst expressions...
clare emily

'it's opening time down on fascination street so let's cut 
the conversation and get out for a bit.  i feel it all 
fading, and paling, and i'm begging to drag you down with me...
to kick the last nail in....'

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RFK campout ~#

JMUNIZ@worldbank.org Fri Jun 3 13:38:09 1994


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Re: MINARETS digest 179

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Jun 3 14:38:26 1994

on may 17 (yes this was two weeks ago, but i just got back, so shut up;)
I didn't get a lot of mail saying "you idiot, you know nothing!!!", 

this is because 1)gregg is in california and does not have net access
and 2)gregg wasn't there anyway.


well i'm back.  i'm half caught up, and as far as i know, anyone who has
requested the faq and/or lyrics file has gotten it.

to touch on the everything thread that died a month ago, i'd just like to
say that i'm thouroughly impressed by them, and i'm drooling for the day
i turn 21 (among other reasons;) so i can head down to joker's and jm's
to see 'em jam in their former hometown of h-burg.  (the bassist lived
in the same room as my freshman roommate last year, just in case your
needed some sort of useless, brainless trivia to make it through the 
summer.)  BUT, steer for their latest cd, if your interested in buying
one.  it's the one with everyday syndrome on it.  the first two are kind
of silly, and show the production values of a closet h-burg band.  as for
the next disc, our beloved john alagia is producing it, and i haven't a
clue when it will be done or what it will be like.  (much like the general
affairs of dmb these days......GET OUT OF THE STUDIO FOR A DAY FOR PETE'S
SAKE?  [who is pete, anyway]).

well, i'm gonna go ahead and finish catching up.  

ps--that birthday is aug 2nd, in case your needed some more useless trivia.
"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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pretty pretty girl....

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Jun 3 15:19:44 1994

....lovely lovely girl...(oh)...spin the world around, you got my
world turnin'....

don't hold me to this, but i beleive this was created 7-7-93 at flood
zone when they did recently with greg howard instead of stefan.  greg
simply didn't know the song to well, so they had to jam it out in a 
different way, and the look on daves face when carter started singing
leads me to believe that it was completely impromptu.  (i have know i
idea if they even played recently the night before, which was also a
greg howard affair).  the next week at fz, they were prepared for it,
as if they had been practicing all week, and it sounded really good.

i've heard it's a stones quote.  anyone?

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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happy day.

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Jun 3 15:24:05 1994

this is a dumber than apeshit posting, but i'm just really happy right 

i just hit return to read my next message, and the computer belched
"no unread messages"

happy, happy, joy, joy.

i've only been here in this bloody lab for 2 1/2 hours for the 2nd time
in 3 days.

332 old s high st
harrisonburg va, 22807

and i don't have a phone quite yet.  it's not like i have any trades in
the works, but some of you might like to have these things.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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DMB playing all horde dates 8/25->9/6

budkee@unvax.union.edu Sat Jun 4 18:32:12 1994

I read somewhere (sorry the sickness has caused me to read a lot and
remember a little) that DMB will be playing the HORDE dates from 8/25
- 9/6  These are basically the NE shows.  I know there is some truth
to this since I have heard several NE announcements where they were
mentioned as playing.  Later.
Eric Budke    			          Union College Box 241
Fax (Subj. Concert Committee)		  Schenectady NY 12308
(518)388-6446 	 			  518-388-5615
God Street Wine and Allman Brothers Mailing list administrator
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HORDE dates

gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Mon Jun 6 10:49:04 1994

Have any of these dates been released yet?  Everyone I know is itching to 
know when and where they are since the lineup is pretty cool this year.  
Thank you, Graham

 I read somewhere (sorry the sickness has caused me to read a lot and
 remember a little) that DMB will be playing the HORDE dates from 8/25
 - 9/6  These are basically the NE shows.  I know there is some truth
 to this since I have heard several NE announcements where they were
 mentioned as playing.  Later.

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Horde Dates Late August/Sept.

daveh@shell.portal.com Tue Jun 7 13:52:44 1994

Here are the HORDE dates for late August and Early September.  Does 
anyone know which dates are going to also have the Dave Matthews Band?

13,14   Boston, MA              Great Woods Amph. On Sale Now
16      Agawam, MA              Riverside Park
17      Essex Junction, VT      Champlain Valley Fairgrounds
19      Middletown, NY          Orange County Fairgrounds
20      Darien Lake, NY         Darien Lake
21      Pittsburgh, PA          Star Lake Amph.
23      Knoxville, TN           World's Fair Park
24      Richmond, VA            Classic Amph.
26      Columbia, MD            Merriweather Post Pavilion
27      Scranton, PA            Montage Stage
28      Philadelphia, PA        Mann Music Center
30      Syracuse NY             State Fairgrounds
31      Wantaugh, NY            Jones Beach Amph.

1       Wantaugh, NY            Jones Beach Amph.
3       Saratoga, NY            SPAC
4       Stanhope, NJ            Waterloo Village
6       Holmdel, NJ             Garden State Arts Center

For Updates Call the Horde Hotline 212/582-0228

P.S.  Have a nice day.


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Re: MINARETS digest 195

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Wed Jun 8 04:18:08 1994

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Wed Jun 8 16:49:39 1994

filling in for stefan who
(ooooops.... hee hee)
get in touch so we might be able to work something out. you scratch
my back i'll scratch yours.  

cheshire smiles and melatonin, 
clare emily

'sing me to sleep. sing me to sleep. i'm tired and i want to go to bed.
sing to me, sing to me... and then leave me alone. don't try to wake me
in the morning, cause i will be gone. don't feel bad for me, i want you 
to know... that deep in the cell of my heart i will feel so glad to go.'

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Richmond Phish show...

mxgall@mail.wm.edu Thu Jun 9 15:11:26 1994

chance that Dave might open for Phish in Richmond next Thursday?
BTW, would someone mind posting the number for show dates?  Thanks...


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June 9 NORML news

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Jun 9 21:25:22 1994

1001 Connecticut Ave., NW
Suite 1010
Washington, D.C. 20036

. . . a weekly service for the media on news items related to Marijuana

by Rob Kampia, Chapter Coordinator of NORML

June 9, 1994


won his re-election primary with 62% of the vote.  When running for office in
1992, Mr. Hamburg advocated an adult's right to grow his or her own
marijuana.  Demagoging on the drug issue, Hamburg's opponent in this year's
primary tried to paint Hamburg as a "pro-drug" candidate.

stance on marijuana decriminalization did "nothing at all" to affect the
election outcome.  

handful of members of Congress who publicly supports ending the War Against
Marijuana Consumers.


stated his support for decriminalizing drugs.

Organisation, responded to the British police's call to decriminalize drugs
by saying, "I think we should accept the reality of the situation x that
there are many, many drug users who are living in a situation of illegality

Prohibition, namely that prohibition is not preventing or dissuading people
from consuming cannabis.

being dealt with by the law, probably because (1) most consumers go
undetected by the law, and (2) many who are actually caught by the police are
simply impossible to arrest and incarcerate every marijuana consumer, and (2)
marijuana's illegality is causing widespread disrespect for the law and makes
the police the citizens' enemies.

"legalization" will encourage people to use the drug.  The truth is that
millions are already consuming cannabis in complete disregard for the law.


tax on drugs from someone convicted of drug possession.  The case involved a
family in Montana whose ranch was raided in 1987.  In addition to the
convictions of six family members, the state imposed an $800,000 tax ($100
per ounce on all the marijuana found).

possessing marijuana.

a tax."
purposes, Montana's tax departs from normal revenue laws. x it purports to be
a property tax, yet it is levied on goods-here, the destroyed marijuana
plants-that the taxpayer neither owns nor possesses."

[To obtain a copy of Department of Revenue of Montana v. Kurth Ranch, et al.,
call the U.S. Supreme Court at 202-479-3211 and ask for docket number


"Should Marijuana Be Legal?"  NORML recommends that the media consider the
than 90% of the article reviews the arguments for and against legalizing
medical access to marijuana only.
marijuana charges every year.  Additionally, it neglects to cover other
sentences, property forfeiture, widespread urine testing, etc.
alcohol.  Most opponents of Marijuana Prohibition do not advocate that type
of mass-market commercialization.
not medicine are Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials.  Why would
a reporter ask a police agency to comment on a drug's medical utility?  NORML
believes these decisions should be left to doctors.

still has detectable residue in his or her body up to five days later."
days, but these metabolites are neither psychoactive nor toxic.
quoted as saying, "In my own practice, there were occasions when marijuana
was helpful.  I never suggested or advised that patients use marijuana."  Dr.
Eyre is one of a majority of oncologists who state that marijuana helps their
patients, yet they cannot prescribe the drug because of its illegality.
supporting medical use are almost entirely anecdotal."  This is exactly the
point.  "Anecdotal evidence" means that thousands of patients are saying,
"This medicine helps my condition.  Please don't arrest me."  They are being
arrested anyway.
Police and former chief medical examiner of New York City, was quoted as
saying, "We don't see overdoses of marijuana.  We do see unnatural deaths
associated with vehicular accidents, drownings and fires-accidents resulting
from marijuana-induced loss of perception, sensory distortion, impaired
reflex reaction."  No one is arguing that it should be legal to use marijuana
should go to prison for consuming marijuana at home?

--  end  --


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Re: that norml post

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Jun 10 12:52:47 1994

don't tell me norml is subscribed to minarets. 
save me, now.


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Blake Campbell

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Jun 10 17:04:20 1994


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Ticketmaster Lawsuit article

@mwbbmsg.attmail.com:rie!4399 Mon Jun 13 17:31:19 1994

I thought everyone would be interested in the latest chapter of the ongoing 
saga surrounding ticket bastard.  enjoy!  :) peace, christopher 


From the Indigo Girls List (AP wire story), has details about the three local 
people suing TB 

Dave (Glad I bought Dead tickets through the Dead!) 

Jam is on the sidelines because of a dispute over ticket prices with the 
nation's biggest ticket broker. 
competitive actions in the concert industry after the band's lawyers filed a 
complaint last month. 
network that has grown to dominate how tickets are bought and sold nationwide, 
could eventually affect concert ticket prices across the country. 
capitalize on the success of the 8 million-selling album, "Vs." The band 
wanted to keep concert tickets at $18 apiece. 
ticket, but we would alienate a lot of our fans," said Kelly Curtis, the 
band's manager. 
than $1.80. Ticketmaster refused, Curtis said. 
based Ticketmaster has arranged for ticket sales at the overwhelming majority 
of the nation's concert arenas. It has exclusivity deals with many arenas and 
prices, according to the complaint filed with the Justice Dept. 
a low ticket price, you should have a low service charge. They're not 
accountable to anyone and it's frustrating. They have this kind of attitude 
of, `If you don't like it, then go someplace else.' And they know there is 
nowhere else to go.'" 
Ticketmaster. In its complaint, Pearl Jam alleged that Ticketmaster organized 
a boycott of the band with concert promoters. 
its service. 
charge issue as a smokescreen for the band's own greed. He said Pearl Jam 
tried to dictate merchandising deals with promoters to give the band more 
money than the industry standard. Pearl Jam also refused to compromise with 
the company, he said. 
against Ticketmaster, charging it with antitrust violations. 
has a monopoly that causes unfairly high ticket prices in Washington and 
The fans said large portions of the service charges are "paybacks" to arena 
owners and promoters. 
move to sell CDs." 
more than $100 to shows by the Eagles and Barbra Streisand. 
manager for Garth Brooks, said fans blame the artist if ticket prices are too 
high. Brooks tries to keep his tickets under $20, she said. 
several concerts--instead of just one concert that wipes out their entire 
entertainment budget?" Lewis said. 


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SuperJam comments

dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu Tue Jun 14 10:46:48 1994

Hi everyone -

Well, I'm back from SuperJam, and it was a blast.  The weather was
great (until WSP came on), the music was awesome, and the venue
was really cool.  I got a scorching case of sunburn...

One Sweet World
Tripping Billies
True Reflection
Seek Up
2-Step (*)
Ants Marching (*)

(*) - w/Warren Haynes

Pretty loose (but GOOD) show, with a surprising number of mistakes;
Dave cued Boyd's solo in Tripping Billies about 5 seconds too soon,
so there was a pretty noticable lull in the song until it came time for
the solo.  Pretty funny, Dave was laughing, Boyd was grinning...  
Boyd butchered one of the verses in True Reflection, dissolving into

More interestingly, it seemed that 2Step had different lyrics (or at
least ones that I had NEVER heard before).  Could they be recording a 
different version for the album?  Is there anybody "in the know" who
could address this question?

Makes Sense to Me
Kingdoms to Come
(new song? sung by JoJo)

I left after Hatfield, they had just started a rain delay that I didn't
think would stop, and considering I had a 375 mile drive ahead of me, I
decided to go.  Anybody know if they continued?

Also, nothing could have topped Hatfield.  This was, excuse my French, 
unbefuckinglievable.  A spectacular lightning display was starting, and
they played right to it.  An intensity level was reached that I have 
rarely seen at concerts.  Very fitting song to play, too, hmm?


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Dat-Heads ftps

grayp@pinn.net Thu Jun 16 00:08:01 1994

Hey for anyone interested that has been having as much trouble getting 
the info as me, here are some ftp sites to get dat-heads info.

ftp.atd.ucar.edu  login anon cd/pub/dat-heads

ftp.funet.fi login anon cd/pub/culture/music/dat

Thought someone may be interested.

Does anyone have any TR3 to trade?


********Set The Gearshift For The High Gear Of Your Soul*******************


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kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Jun 17 16:01:29 1994

does anyone know when DMB should be back playing?

Where is Blake Campbell?  How do I get in touch with him?  help please.

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What Would You Say Transcription

NebuIous@aol.com Mon Jun 20 21:15:10 1994

What Would You Say


/ = slide up





First Part

p = pull off

I split the First Part up into four smaller 'parts', our times the section is
played before it has been one 'time' (this is not music jargon at its best, I

Parts 1 & 3:
What Dave plays here is not very defined.  Basically, the only difference
between all the parts is the part after the A/Bb/B.  Here's a basic example


Part 2:


Part 4:

/ = slide up


Second Part

Variation 1:


Variation 2:



just another memo from the cellar,

* "May I, composed like them of Eros and of dust,    *    Ben Sterling   *
*  Beleaguered by the same negation and despair,     *  Nebuious@aol.com *
*  Show an affirming flame."        -W.H. Auden      *   GO NY GO NY GO  *


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Great DMB story

NebuIous@aol.com Tue Jun 21 22:25:13 1994

Well, for one of my internships this summer, I'm lookin' around CompuServe
(boooring), and happened upon this while mentioning DMB... I find it to be an
absolutely FABULOUS story.  Enjoy. :)

Hi Ben...

many apologies for the delay in responding to your Dave Matthew's Band msg.
(i've been asleep with the plague)...

getting back to our conversation...

my college roommate (former roomie, I graduated awhile back now) works for a
record company and was out w/ another friend checking out bands when she saw
DMB.  She kept watching and watching and thinking that there was something
familiar about this guy (that would be Dave).  Finally, it dawns on her that
DM is the same guy who was her 5th grade PG boyfriend.  She went backstage
and they spent hours catching up on life.  life's fulla those strange

recently, she sent me some of his music...along with lyrics of a love song he
wrote her in fifth grade...pretty funny stuff.

so, ben, how about yourself?

signed w/ respect to a fellow fan..



just another memo from the cellar,

* "May I, composed like them of Eros and of dust,    *    Ben Sterling   *
*  Beleaguered by the same negation and despair,     *  Nebuious@aol.com *
*  Show an affirming flame."        -W.H. Auden      *   GO NY GO NY GO  *


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btanen@archive.phish.net Thu Jun 23 00:33:33 1994

I think you'll all agree that what follows is better than nothing.
Unfortunately I do not type very fast and thus the dates below are very
sketchy-- I write "8/12 Ritz," for example.  Do I know what that means?
Shit no.

Well, enjoy, and if you want to hear this info with your two ears call
(804) 980-9636.


7/17 Seattle WA
7/19 Charlston SC
7/20 Auburn AL
7/21 Tuscaloosa AL
7/22 Birmingham AL
7/23 Charlotte NC
7/24 Atlanta GA
7/27 Baltimore MD
7/29 Delaware
7/30 Brown's Island Richmond VA
8/1-8/3 Nantucket MA
8/5 Paradise, Boston MA
8/6 Providence RI
8/9 Ziggy's, Winston-Salem NC
8/10 Memphis TN
8/11 328 Performance Hall, Nashville TN
8/12 Ritz
8/13 Hampton VA
The HORDE tour


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Re: DMB dates.....

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Thu Jun 23 13:55:44 1994

the ritz is the ritz theatre in raleigh.
it's a flood zone set-up, but say, ohhhhh... three/four times the size.

also... can NO ONE locate a copy of 7/7/93 for me????

clare emily




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God Street Wine Tour Dates

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Jun 24 15:27:06 1994

hello all, eric sent these to me, but i think he might've meant to share them
with the rest of you as well. if not... then piss off and hit delete. i'm just
being courteous.

smiles and light,


Monday through Wednesday, June 20-22, The Muse, Nantucket MA.  44
Atlantic Ave (508) 228-6873  21+.  tix $6 advance $8 DOS Capacity 400

Thursday, June 23, Municipal Cafe, Hartford CT.  485 Main St
(203)527-5044 21+.  $6 in advance, $8 DOS

Friday, June 24, The Living Room, Providence RI.  23 Rathbone St.
(401)521-5200.  18+ Tickets $6 general admission

Saturday, June 25, Greenwich Teen Center, Greewich CT.
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, Arch St.  $8(advance?) and $ (DOS?)
(203)629-5744  Season opening show.  A whole bunch of other bands
will be opening.

Thursday, June 30, Paradise Rock Club, Boston MA.
967 Commenwealth Ave (617)351-2582.  18+.  Advance tickets available
through ticketmaster (617)931-2000.  Tickets $8 in advance, $10 DOS


Friday, July 1, Chestnut Cabaret, Philadelphia PA. 38th and Chestnut St
215-382-1202 tix $8 advance $10 DOS **$2 dollar rebate w/ Phish 
ticket stub from 7/1**  Ominous Seapods open  21+

Saturday, July 2, The Docksider, 420 State St Erie PA 814-454-9700 21+
Tix $8 adv $10 DOS

Tuesday July 5, Rosebud, 1650 Smallman St, Pittsburgh PA.  412-261-2221
Oasis Records and Tapes, Co Go's

Wednesday, July 6, Tattoo, 420 East College Ave, State College, PA
814-234-1344.  18+  Tix $4(21+) $5 (18-10)

Thursday, July 7, The Haunt, 114 W. Green St Ithaca NY 607-273-3355
18+ $8 adv $10 DOS

Friday, July 8, Milestones, 50 East Ave. Rochester NY 716-325-6490 18+

Saturday, July 9, Nietzsches, 248 Allen St. Buffalo NY 716-886-8539 21+
Tix $6 gen

Monday, July 11, Jon Bevo's Love Orchestra @ Hotel Rhinecliff
Rhineecliff NY.  This show will only be through word of
mouth and this list. 914-876-8688 tix $10

Tuesday, July 12, JBLO @ Hotel Rhinecliff, same as above.

Wednesday, July 13, Club Toast, Burlington VT. 802-660-2088 18+
tix $6 adv $8 DOS  An after Dead show show.  Will not start until

Thursday, July 14, Saratoga Winner, 1375 New Louden Rd, Latham NY
or Ticketmaster 518-476-1000

Friday, July 15, El-N-Gee Club, 86 Golden St NewLondon CT
203-437-3800  17+ Tix $6 Adv tix through University Music, 
Mystic Disc and Strawberries

Saturday, July 16 Granny Killams, 54 Market St, Portland ME
207-761-2787 21+ Tickets $5

Friday, July 22, Irving Plaza, 15th and Irving Place.  Part of
the New Music Seminar "Family Tree Night"  Jackopierce, Truffle,
The Hatters, and Little Sister.  GSW is headlining.  Only about 500 
tickets will be available to the general public.  No on sale
date yet.

Saturday, July 23, Stone Pony, 913 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park NJ
908-775-5700 18+  Tix $8 Available at Box Office and TM

Thursday, July 28, The Sting, 677 W. Main St, New Britain CT
203-229-0880  All ages.  Tix $6 Available at TM and Strawberies

Friday, July 29, Pearl St, 10 Pearl St Northampton MA.  
413-584-7810  18+  Tickets $5 Adv @ 1800-THE-TICK or

Saturday, July 30, Greenwich Teen Center, Greewich CT.
Roger Sherman Baldwin Park, Arch St.  $8(advance?) and $ (DOS?)
(203)629-5744  Tickets available 1st week of July.  Limited parking 

Explanation of *'s.

For Booking Info, Call John Bell at Family Tree Productions
201-217-4300  *This number is new, but not as new as before*

between Geffen and Doc McGhee.  A name will come at some point.  Well,
I figured that by now we would have a name for it.  But still no go.

Remember to sign up to the finewine network send a message to
finewine-request@world.std.com to get the information you need such
as information on the archive site and sound clips.

'why does it come as a surprise to think that i was so niave. it maybe didn't



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dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sun Jun 26 03:09:49 1994

Where's this place Ziggy's that Dave's played at?


Enjoy summer


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Re: Ziggy's

djb@iia.org Sun Jun 26 12:16:15 1994

It's a large (for a club) club in winston-salem.  It's owned by the
same guy who owns Trax in Charlottesville, and Dave usually plays a
hot show there.  I'll definitely be at the show there in august.

Daniel Blanchat   | Never limit yourself to what  | "Just walk away"
djb@mary.iia.org  | others think you should do... | Dave Matthews Band

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bpwalsh@gibbs.oit.unc.edu Sun Jun 26 21:01:17 1994

Ziggy's is a club in winston salem, north carolina, just outside wake 
forest university.  (site of my first DMB show).  it's nice - go there 
some time.  DMB is playing there again in july or something, but since 
i'm in rhode island for the summer, i will not see the show.


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Re: MINARETS digest 210

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Wed Jun 29 04:46:29 1994

i'm not sure,but i think trax and ziggy's have separate owners.
for one thing, trax does not have a single owner.

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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DMB- Hammerjacks is July 7 ~#

JMUNIZ@worldbank.org Wed Jun 29 11:17:32 1994


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Bjammin@aol.com Thu Jun 30 18:05:59 1994

did i miss the post about the irving plaza show.  I was in the store getting
my GSW tix for irving and i justed asked if DMB would be coming around and to
my surprise they are at irving plaza on the 28th of july. Irving Plaza is a
great place for a show so if you can make the trip go to the show.  Maybe a
gathering would be nice
"i was foggy rather groggy......"


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Horde show 1Aug 24

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Jul 1 12:15:03 1994

band. featuring full concert performances by Dave Matthews Band,
Blues Traveler, Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Introducing
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies,Rusted Root, Pride and Glory,
Cycomotogoat. Hotline 212-582-0228.
pm,I Claw3ssic Amph{theatre (on Strawberry Hill at State
Fairgrounds,Richmond, VA)

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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last night's phish show....

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Jul 1 12:49:54 1994

anybody who was there, did you see the rainbow over on the left as the first
set ended?

and can somebody send me a set list, too?
a muchness of thnx.


"i can try to get away but i've strapped myself in  i can try to scratch away


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Election Day show, '92

SEAWA@vax.rhodes.edu Fri Jul 1 16:34:05 1994

I'm looking for a really good, crisp copy of the Election day show in Nov of
'9s... I understand it contains a nice long jam in the midst of Warehouse...
If anyone has a copy, please let me know and I'll send you my list... let's
make a trade!
--Will Seay

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Re: Irving Plaza Dave???

NebuIous@aol.com Tue Jul 5 09:13:42 1994

If he's playing, does anyone know the age thing? Sometimes it's 16+,
sometimes higher, correct?

Hoping hoping hoping...
praying praying praying overpraying

[subliminal message ON]
clare is made of plexiglass
[subliminal message OFF]

just another memo from the cellar,

* "May I, composed like them of Eros and of dust,    *    Ben Sterling   *
*  Beleaguered by the same negation and despair,     *  Nebuious@aol.com *
*  Show an affirming flame."        -W.H. Auden      *    New York, NY   *


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Re: MINARETS digest 214

gspice@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Tue Jul 5 15:47:46 1994

Does anyone have all the Horde dates that DMB will be playing on?  
Thanks, Graham

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Info, Info...

SPICE@DICKINSON.EDU Wed Jul 6 11:27:46 1994

Alright, we need some talk here.  Maybe we could start by talking about the 
new (err, next) album.  Name?  Any guesses?  Any ideas what will be on it?  
And when's it supposed to be out?  Sometime in the fall is what I remember.  
Has Dave written anything in the last year that anyone knows about other than 
(Quick Lay and)"Say Goodbye"?  

Inflammation, that's what we need.

I mean... well, anyway.

Reid in VT for the summer.

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reid's info post.........

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Wed Jul 6 12:04:53 1994


uhhhhhhhhh... lessee....

how was that for dodgeball.
he said it was gonna be good. that's all i know.

what else did reid ask???????????? 
oh... names and songs and expectations. 
Wait!!! i remember... (ql&)say goodbye. 
only new song i now of. but last time i talked to carter and roi, they both
said they'd be putting new songs on the album. so maybe we've all been kept in
the dark, and maybe this is another reason for us all to be whippin our fannies
to go to all these shows comin up.

'we're all sensitive people, with so much to give' speaking of, i was ordered
to buy this m.g. album by someone who will remain unmentioned and all i gotta
say, is............ why not buy it for me? (WOW!) 

[subliminal message ON]
ben drinks jolt
[subliminal message OFF]
smiles hugs and underwater dreams,

'nothing to look backward to with        'today i came here to share this
with pride, and nothing to look           miserable life with you, and to mix
forward to with hope.' -robert frost      my tears with yours.' -kahlil gibran


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Two Questions ~#

JMUNIZ@worldbank.org Wed Jul 6 12:06:14 1994


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Remember 2 Albums

jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU Wed Jul 6 12:49:31 1994

Well minaret-a-net-you-bet-go-get-ers,

What I know about the album is mostly production wise.  Dave was excited
that so many big producers were interested in working with the band (guys
like T-Bone Burnett, and others who's names escape me) but he said they
were most impressed with Steve Lillywhite because he was one of the only
ones who didn't want to trim down the songs.  By that I mean cut back the
drumming to what is known as a "radio friendly" groove".  Dave said he was
interested in all kinds of stuff being thrown in the mix - "like a triangle
in the background".  I have to say that knowing Steve Lillywhite is
producing gives me a lot of confidence that the album will be a true
representation of the band. (listen to U2's debut - Boy, another Lillywhite
production, and one of my all time tops)

Dave also said they were looking for some guest musicians to be on the
album.  He said, "I'm such a blabber mouth, and I want to say who, but
nothing is confirmed." So I didn't press the issue - besides it would be a
cool surprise(unlike the phish album's guests).  He did say that Tim
Reynolds would be in the studio with them the whole time.  

As for songs, I have asked about this a couple of times.  Once he said that
he was interested in pushing the limits of time on CD - I believe the max
is like 74 or 76 minutes.  And he wasn't planning on redoing any of the R2T
songs because they have so much more material.  At Red Rocks, he mentioned
one song that he wanted to work on - but I don't want to spoil it for the
purists, so e-mail me personally.  

As for writing new songs, I asked about 'Pay for what you get'(I know that
isn't a new song - but this is about the PROCESS of writing) and he said
that the song pretty much was written in one sitting at his manager's apt.
So he does have the capacity to crank stuff out.  I'm really hoping for
some surprises.  I finally have some live shows - and am so thankful to
those who helped me out :), they are like little new albums to me, so just
about the time I learn all of those songs - the next album will arrive -

Sorry if this is too long for our readers with short attention spans...
Jason (jjthomps@slate.mines.colorado.edu)


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New Album etc.

dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Wed Jul 6 22:42:28 1994

Irving Plaza on the 28th and we are very psyched not to have to
drive from NJ to Baltimore, but rather just into the city. Anyone
know if Irving Plaza allows plugging into their soundboard?  I
would love to tape.

mostly new stuff that Dave and the boys came up with BUT how can
the album come out in the fall when they will have spent most of
the summer on the road rather than in the studio?




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Re: New Album etc.

@mwbbmsg.attmail.com:rie!4399 Thu Jul 7 09:20:03 1994

mostly new stuff that Dave and the boys came up with BUT how can
the album come out in the fall when they will have spent most of
the summer on the road rather than in the studio?

Actually, the Dave Matthews Band has been in the studion full time since May, 
16, 1994.  They will emerge from the studion on or about July 16, 1994.  In 
the last two months, there has been only one performance.  Not sure why there 
is the impression that there has been not studio time, but there you have it.

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Re: MINARETS digest 217

klong@nysernet.ORG Thu Jul 7 09:31:59 1994

Hammerjacks usually has a policy that will admit under 21.  I think
they put a band on you if you are underage. 


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CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Thu Jul 7 12:20:57 1994

okay all.
tech address, but i got mail from the dmb office and this news rocks. (but my
above disclaimer is regarding that i don't know if it's on the schedule or not,
so don't slam me with mail if it is.....k?)

how's this treatcha???


'nothing to look backward to with        'today i came here to share this
with pride, and nothing to look           miserable life with you, and to mix
forward to with hope.' -robert frost      my tears with yours.' -kahlil gibran


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HAUSERBT@pine.circa.ufl.edu Thu Jul 7 12:25:50 1994

While going through some old files, Istumbled across the Horde FAQ which
has a very short and unflattering (is that a word?) bit about DMB.  I was wond-
ering if somebody wanted to write a new one (or maybe send the one Ellis
did a while back) which is more up to date to the FAQ curator, Eric Budke,
who I believe is subscribed to this list and might be reading this...
Anyway, I'd volunteer but I'm not much of a writer to describe the band's
sound beyond the technical stuff--band members, discography,etc.  Any ideas,



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--- Irving Plaza Info ---

NebuIous@aol.com Thu Jul 7 16:13:50 1994

Dave Matthews Band - July 28th @ Irving Plaza

Irving Plaza is on the corner of 15th Street and Irving Place, which is right
off Union Square Park.

Tickets are $11.50 at the box office, and you can either buy them at the box
office with *CASH ONLY*, or call TicketMonopolizer.  I doubt you could get

Also, for many of you it's no big deal, but they *said* at least that all
shows are all ages, but I remember a few months ago, they had this strange
16+ thing (which wouldn't include me. I turn 16 on July 16th. Yippee!) for a
Hatters show there.

Anyway, this is perfect timing as I have gotten a good friend of mine deeply
into DMB now, and this will put him over the edge. :)

[subliminal message ON]
everyone email clare everyone email clare everyone email clare
[subliminal message OFF]


just another memo from the cellar,

*  "To never listen to the voice of memory     *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*      Is to die waiting for nothing."         * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*              -Eric Schenkman                 *  --   New York, NY  --  *


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Re: Info, Info...

wmc8s@darwin.clas.virginia.edu Thu Jul 7 21:31:45 1994

Ok, here's my hypotheses for the upcoming Dave cd...

They've been pulling out TWO STEP and BEST OF WHAT'S AROUND
lately...I'd expect those...

Also, maybe True Reflections and What Would You Say...

I heard a VERY vicious rumor that PEOPLE, PEOPLE (for those of
you who were around when Peter was in the band...) might be
pulled out and revamped for this disk...that would be really

I might also hope to see Spotlight and Desperate Hours (Help
Myself, Dangerous Hours...whatever the hell they're calling it
now) on there.

As for new stuff, I taped the CD release show at TRAX, and Dave
did something acoustically, in the middle of the show, between
Quick Lay and Blood (Xmas song).  I've not heard it since, and
noone I know has either.  Dave just said before he started it,
"no reason, just wish me luck".  For those of you with a copy of
this show, you'll know what I'm talking about...for those of you
who don't, I'm sorry I can't be any clearer...:(

OH!!!  Almost forgot...LOVER LAY DOWN is a VERY good possibility,
too...what cd is any good without a love song???  Plus, it used
to be a staple of their live show in '92, and they've pulled it
out and revamped it in the past 7 months or so...

Anyone else got ideas???

Desperately wishing to hear "Eyes of the Maker" or "People
People" played again by the Dave Band,

Wade M. Craig

PS-There USED to be good music every week here in


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Irving Plaza

dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Jul 8 01:10:24 1994

Could someone send me info about Irving Plaza as to where it's
located in Manhattan, possible ticket prices for the 28th and
whether buying tickets in advance or showing up way early are



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Good Music In Charlottesville

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Jul 8 13:51:45 1994

Okay, I too mourn the loss of our weekly rock superstars of local
appeal and availability. BUT, Wade Craig notes that "we used to
have good music every week in charlottesville."

methinks that Alma Madre (with members formerly of Indecision and
oother Central Virginia favorites) are pretty hot! They've taken
DMB's spot, every Tuesday night, still with dime beers for two
hours and dollar beers all night. DMB was, lets be honest, good
but a little slow and inconsistent before there was a dedicated
crowd. If people would come out and see Alma Madre, I think theyd
like em, and if people were coming regularly who likedthe band,
the band'd be even better. And, hell, theyrock now!!

SOOO....stop fretting DMB's departure. Let's all show up and
drink many beers at Traxx next Tuesday night. For some, it'll be
an experiment with this "new"band. For others, it'll just be an
opportunity to see minarets netters again. For me, I'm gonna give
some of you some hugs, grab me a cold mug,and then boogie oogie
oogie til i cannot boogie no more!!

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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Re: horde faq

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Jul 9 15:16:42 1994

as for the horde.faq's entry on dmb, the band bio included in this net's
faq was written by coran capshaw himself and is actually (as far as i
know) the one ellis based his on, so maybe that should go there.  whoever
is capable of making the change, let me know, and i'll send you what's 
in the faq here.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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ben and clare go f**k yourselves

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Jul 11 09:22:04 1994

what's with this "subliminal message crap."  i subscribed to this net
to read about absolutely nothing but the dave matthews band and your
intruding on my karma.  when i see somebody trying to have fun it really
erks me, so cut it out.

by the way, i think rhyme & reason is a shoe-in, and so is #34.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Re: 34 36

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Mon Jul 11 10:46:36 1994

 by the way, i think rhyme & reason is a shoe-in, and so is #34.

#34 or #36?     probably #36


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'tales of ordinary madness'

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Mon Jul 11 14:07:36 1994

my only prediction is two step

smiles to all. and funouttheass.

'nothing to look backward to with        'today i came here to share this
with pride, and nothing to look           miserable life with you, and to mix
forward to with hope.' -robert frost      my tears with yours.' -kahlil gibran


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Re: MINARETS digest 221

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Mon Jul 11 16:26:32 1994

heh... :)... heh... uh, me.. uh... me, too.
Arnt there some DMBshows coming up? Anybody seeing/seen them? Any
reviews, comments, vibes to pass along?

BTW, SEE YOU ALL (sorryto shout :(. ) at trax Tuesday?

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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Re: Remember 2 Albums

amarshal@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Mon Jul 11 19:01:33 1994

does anyone know about rumors of Tim Reynolds joining the band 
permanently?  I have heard from two goods sources (friends of Coran) that 
he is.  Also, does anyone know if Warren Heynes will be questing on the 
new album.  The versions of Watchtower and Dancing Nancies with Heynes 
are the most amazing music that I have ever heard.

Finally, if any of you have the tapes from the album release parties at 
Trax, what is that new song on there

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amarshal@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Mon Jul 11 19:07:10 1994


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Re: MINARETS digest 222

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Jul 12 13:56:55 1994

#34 or #36?     probably #36
if there is any one song dave matthews has ever written that i _don't_
want to see on a cd it would definitely _have_ to be #36.  it's the only
song he has left that really shows true stage diversity and creativity.

i was pissed when he botched (imho) halloween on the recently ep.  if he
standardizes 36 by putting one stock version on a comercially available
(and nationally advertised) cd, the i'll hang clare from her shoelaces.

it's almost sickening to think of it.
"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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happy, i'm so happy...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Jul 12 14:03:38 1994

i listened to a tape i've had for some time but never stayed awake until
the end of the tape, and found out i actually have a copy of people, people.
it was actually pretty nice to hear something by dmb i've never heard
before.  weird.

i'd really like to hear dave put peter's keys onto his keyboard like he
did with angel from montgomery.

that would probably be too cool for me to handle.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Tue Jul 12 14:41:20 1994

all i know is what management sent me.
that was that the seattle show was free, and 
could i publicize it.


smiles and light.
clare emily

'nothing to look backward to with        'today i came here to share this
with pride, and nothing to look           miserable life with you, and to mix
forward to with hope.' -robert frost      my tears with yours.' -kahlil gibran


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a non dmb post (no gay bees either, but this is funny)

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Jul 12 16:20:17 1994

while sojourning in colonial heights last week i spent many useless hours
reading many useless things (such as parade, tv guide, etc) and when i 
stumbled on the cheers and jeers section i found something traumatically

turns out the bbc has decided to tape sex from the inside.  they mounted
those mini-surgical cameras that they use to tape heart valves in action,
and told the pioneers of pornography to have at it 3 times a day for 3

what would you need of 63 different takes of something like this?

btw, it got a cheer.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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@mwbbmsg.attmail.com:rie!4399 Wed Jul 13 10:07:33 1994

There appears to be some confusion about the Seattle show, so let me clear 

The reality is there are two shows in Seattle, an early show and a late show. 
The early show is an industry event--BMG, RCA's parent company, as well as of 
Arista and Private Music, is having a party (actually a marketing conference), 
and they asked DMB to play a show in order to introduce them to the company.  
That is the show that will be a private-for-industry-only affair, with very 
few tickets available to the public.  Because of the number of people in the 
northwest who expressed an interest in seeing the band, it was decided to add 
a second show--what has become known on the net as the FREE SHOW.  This show 
is in fact free o'charge  :)  It will be at the same venue (the Backstage) in 
the same city (Seattle) on the same day (Sunday the 17th)...only difference is 
it will be a late show, i.e. midnight.  So tell all your friends in the 
pacific northwest that DMB will be in their area on Sunday the 17th for a 
free show at midninght at the Backstage and they are all invited to come!  Any 
questions, call the hotline or the office.

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West Coast shows?

@ucbvax.Berkeley.EDU:lmorgan@uclink.Berkeley.EDU Wed Jul 13 11:51:17 1994

        joe & laura         


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DMB on Prague radio

HAUSERBT@pine.circa.ufl.edu Wed Jul 13 14:19:44 1994

I found this hard to imagine, but my buddy in Richmond works with a guy
who just returned from a few weeks in Eastern Europe and while in Prague
which is either in The Czech Republic or the new Slovakia,(help me out 
geography majors), heard Tripping Billies on the radio.  Kinda extremely
cool...and to think I can't even get a lameass radio station in town to play
anything DMB!



Top Permalink

RE: DMB in the Czech Rep.

jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU Wed Jul 13 15:42:53 1994

Okay, so you thought it was weird to hear Tripping Billies on Prauge
radio... how bout this?

My girlfriend also just returned from a week long trip in Europe.  She
spent her last week in the Czech Rep. and on one of her last nights there
she had a back pack stolen at a restaurant.  (Actually, she left it, then
went back 10 min. later and the waitress said that she never saw it)
Anyway, in the aforementioned pack was a taped copy of her Remember 2
Things CD for her walkman (enter the Twilight Zone theme - Ta na na na...)

I doubt that this copy found its way to the broadcast booth... but just how
well are Bama Rags records distributed in Europe????

Just some thoughts,

BTW - does anyone have the lyrics file, cause I know I'm singing Jimi Thing
"If you could keep me floating,
Just for a while,
Till I get to the end of this ?TUNNEL CALLED MOMMY??"

tunnel = birth canal ??

Just some more thoughts,

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Re: MINARETS digest 223

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Wed Jul 13 16:22:28 1994

i'd really like to hear dave put peter's keys onto his keyboard like he
did with angel from montgomery.

i meant to say guitar.  dave doesn't play keyboard, duh.  but you all 
knew that, right?

anyway, thought i might take this oppurtunity to establish a practice

i'm riding my bike through southern petersburg, va (about the size of
and come upon this intersection where 2 rodes intersect route 1 from
the same side (making it a five way intersection) and right there under
the stoplight in the southbound lanes of route one is the reverend dean
caulfield setting up stage (the same stage i unwillingly put together
at last spring's wsp, dmb show) and lo and behold, i watch a dave matthews
band performance in the middle of an urbanized route 1.  nolo comprendere,
obviously.  no songs in particular, just a random dream type thing.

now, there's about as much demand for dmb in petersburg, va (which is actually
drug running captial of much of the east coast) as there is for them in
this mean.  

is the dave matthews band going to be the latest rage of the bmg record

uh oh...
"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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w-w-wait a sec, did you say seattle?????

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Jul 14 13:43:17 1994

imagine that folks.  charlottesville's finest, off to the grunge capitol
of this particular galactic cluster.  what does that mea?  are folk
induced babbler is going to present himself to the city that became the
craze of thousands of smack induced gen x'ers, producing overwrought
pop stars who blow their brains out when they realize that selling your-
self out might actually be a bad thing.

out of the northwest like a steamroller out of control, pearl jam 
announces their victory over ticket bastard with a 78 city tour with
MATTHEWS BAND.  venues will hold no more than 16 people and prices
will be $4.00 for golden circle seats, $2.50 for ga, and a $.000004
service charge for ordering through ticket master.  children admitted
for a modest helping of baked beans and fetus's admitted free."

the ball is rolling, and our trepid explorer is unlikely to save himself
this time (which is all the better for temple of doom was a disgustingly
sexist effort on steven speilburg's part).  so watch your step, people,
dave is gonna be HUGE.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Random Things

NebuIous@aol.com Thu Jul 14 17:01:14 1994

1.) I both agree and disagree with Thompson that #36 shouldn't be on the
album.  On his side, this song could quite possibly be standardized like most
other DMB songs have slowly become.  On the other hand, I'm absolutely in
love with this song, and want every version ever, and a CD version is always
nice.  This is one of the ways I love Phish... they can record a song, and it
may be the definitive version and whatnot, but live, they'll jam like demons
and sometimes take songs places that you never would have dreamed from the CD
(Tweezer, etc.)

they're great.  I have to admit, from the '92 tapes I have, they don't sound
like anything special.  Granted, they were still pretty new (their first show
was what, April '91 or somewherethereabouts?), but they were just a pretty
good band with song really good songs.  Then, from '93 -- early '94 (namebly
georgia theater).  What happened?? They're suddenly the type of band I flip
burgers for just to scrounge up an extra .50 cents to hear "Two Step" on the
jukebox again.  Wait... what the hell am I talking about?

3.) I want everyone to email Clare at least once a day.  It's like that apple
thing that keeps doctors away.  Clare just keeps sanity away.

4.) See you ALL (?) on July 28th.  Ah ha!  Finally on my turf.  Irving Plaza
is about 9 blocks from my house.  Ha!  Virginia can kiss my... aw, forget it.
the hell this Irving Plaza place is.  I've already helped out one guy on how
to find the place.  If anyone else needs help, just email me telling me how
you're coming (car, train, walking from Virginia), and I'll try and help any
way I can.

Peace, Love, and #36,

just another memo from the cellar,

*  "To never listen to the voice of memory     *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*      Is to die waiting for nothing."         * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*              -Eric Schenkman                 *  --   New York, NY  --  *


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grayp@pinn.net Fri Jul 15 00:29:04 1994

Is anyone out there going to charlotte?  I'm considering jetting down 
there so let me know.

********Set The Gearshift For The High Gear Of Your Soul*******************


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The Not-Free Show

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Jul 15 02:54:53 1994

Heard someone at TRAX discussing this tonight (everything played;
very good; recommended, but drink beer!) as though it was going
to be lame somehow, on display for shirts at tables or something
like that.
Indigo Girls played with the Allmans at a similar event (private
party for Arista (same parent company), I think, or maybe it was
Epic. Anyway, all acoustic show with the Allmans; very
entertaining. Sounds like tickets are beyond a longshot, but if
you're out there and can makeit, i wouldnt bag it.

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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Re: The Not-Free Show

@mwbbmsg.attmail.com:rie!4399 Fri Jul 15 07:33:06 1994

WHile it may be true that tickets to the "Not-Free" show will be hard to find, 
there will be plenty of 1st come-1st served tickets to the second show free 
o'charge.  call the Backstage in Seattle for more info.

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DMB and soulhat

jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU Fri Jul 15 12:30:06 1994

So I just got my copy of the newsletter yesterday(quite a bit of lag time
between the east and here???)  Anyway, if I only owned a private jet I
would skip on over to Brown's Island for the pairing of my two current
favorite bands (soulhat and DMB for those of us who rarely read subject
lines).  But alas, Jason has no private jet (nor the funds to rent a seat
on one of those big silver thangs that go whooom and can pretend its a bird
---)  So the only hope for Jason is to find someone who is planning on
going to the show, then send him/her gifts, flowers, first born child, and
other things to persuade the party who is planning to attend the event in
question to record the afformentioned parties (that is parties named in
said document to be the Dave M. Band and soulhat) and to send me a copy of
such recordings. (my mid-morning attempt at legal-eze).

I know the show is a long way off, but I just can't control my excitement.
Seriously, I would be willing to try a work a trade form my currently
meager collection - or send blank tapes or DATs for you to use.

Anyway, sorry to grovel before lunch,
and check out soulhat if you have the chance (their new album is "good to
be gone" and I have been hearing an acoustic song called "goldmine" on the
radio that is from some acoustic EP that I think is promo-only right

As you were,

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was that seattle or prague?

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Jul 15 14:31:23 1994

the cold war is definitely over, 'cause the former checkoslavakians have
heard the definitive "tie-dye anthem."  dave's spreading across the globe
in much the same way as the volcanic dust for mt pinatubo (sp?), so when
the new cd comes out, whaddya'll say we get together on the top of
reddish knob and watch the sunsets?

"eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die..."

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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rbyerly Fri Jul 15 15:59:54 1994

Has it been confirmed that DMB will be on the Horde tour from  Aug. 16 
on?  Just wondering if this was definite.  Also I was wondering if anyone 
knew about a possible July 28 DMB show in NYC.  Any help would be 
appreciated!  Rick Byerly


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party? who's throwing a party?

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Jul 16 17:22:48 1994

other things to persuade the party who is planning to attend the event in
question to record the afformentioned parties (that is parties named in
said document to be the Dave M. Band and soulhat) and to send me a copy of

party? i wanna come.  i really want to get drunk tonight.  by the way,
while we're mentioning other bands, i'd like to mention an other band.

anyone here ever heard of day by the river?  they're an athens band
with a killer groove for hangin' out near running water, and was
just wondering how small they actually are.  i think they should be
bigger.  but maybe that's just a humble opinion.

at any rate, if you get the chance, check 'em out.  a guy i met over
phish nye run sported my roommate a copy of their cd.  and it's sweet.

truly.  it is.


"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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now there's a marketing ploy

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Jul 16 17:27:13 1994

(warning, i tried to send this once, but the first word of the post
was "get."  the listproc didn't like that, and sent it back to me.
seems the program tried to "get" a "your" and couldn't find it, so
it yakked on me.  so be warned all you minarets campers, don't post
with the first word of your post being "get"-thank you, and now on
to are originally scheduled program in it's entirety--)

get your dave matthews band dates at your local kroger, as well as 
you widespread panic coconuts and phish mangoes.  look in your local
grocers "strange fruit" section.

i work for my illustrious campus doing nothing but driving around
all day in an '87 ford ranger with no a/c and no fm.  therefore,
we're stuck with that outdated format known as "amplitude modulation."
(has anyone here actually taken the time to turn their radio around
for better reception of an am station, anyway?)  as we all know, the
only thing on am is religious music, oldies, and wrva-richmond, and i
opted for oldies.  the end result?  i heard the original me & julio
yesterday.  i like dave's better.  he won't play it because he says
it doesn't do s&g justice.  granted, s&g wrote the song, but i really
don't think they do themselves justice on it.

let's boycott clare until dave decides to play it again.  eh?

thank you for your time, and if you don't mind, would you please
complete the following survey for a free concert by dmb in seattle,
wa.  (you provide the transportation.)
what does anyone think of the new fruitopia commercials?
what does anyone think of discovery channel contests that make you
how many people think the gay bees'r cool?

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Day By the River correction

STU_GJCARRIE@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sun Jul 17 14:02:44 1994

Rick said that Day By the River is an Athens band.  Well, any of you in the
area probably wont see them around yet.  They are actually from Florida but
plan to soon move to Athens and play to a larger area.

*********************** We gotta get on the road *****************************
*    Gregg Carrier        (aka Uncle Zany, the guy in the floppy green hat)  *
*    332 Old S. High St.              stu_gjcarrie@vax1.acs.jmu.edu          *
*    Harrisonburg, VA  22801          (703) 434-8214                         *
*************************** Destiny Unbound **********************************

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Hammerjacks show...

mxgall@mail.wm.edu Mon Jul 18 15:37:15 1994

until a friend mentioned a $20 cover...a bit rich for my blood.  Any
recent news or set lists?

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Info on DMB Shows

gt7672a@prism.gatech.edu Mon Jul 18 22:18:25 1994

Hi, Does anyone have information on the following DMB dates?

7/20	Auburn, AL
7/22	Birmingham, AL
7/23	Charlotte, NC

Any info such as time, location, ticket info, etc... would be 
most appreciated.  I'm trying to put together a road trip for
various DMB/WSP shows around Atlanta this week. Thanks

Chris Van Tuin

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HAUSERBT@pine.circa.ufl.edu Tue Jul 19 08:50:02 1994

Hey all,
I seem to remember reading a little bit about them here a while ago, and since
they're coming to Gainesville next week, I wanted a little background, what
to expect/look/listen for, etc...Anybody out there help me out?  Thamks




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Current schedule

dforbis@birch.ee.vt.edu Tue Jul 19 12:11:23 1994


I've lost the current DMB touring schedule!  Could somebody either
repost or mail me a copy of theirs?  Thanks!


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jumpin junipers

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Tue Jul 19 12:14:31 1994

i carried on a short 'browns isl/soulhat' correspondence with someone the other
day and i don't remember who it was. so mail me, ok?

who's going to meet me at browns island the 30th? huh huh?
is anyone planning on taping? if so, could you let me know personally, and that
way we can be secretive and keep your anonymity in case you don't mind being
hoarded by tape requests. thankye. much obliged. 

the new cd comes out sept 27th. i wasn't sure if anybody knew
the exact date yet. 

patchwork and principles,
clare emily

'leave me with your Borneo'

'nothing to look backward to with        'today i came here to share this
with pride, and nothing to look           miserable life with you, and to mix
forward to with hope.' -robert frost      my tears with yours.' -kahlil gibran


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Re: everything

kmk4g@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Tue Jul 19 15:10:55 1994

 Hey all,
         No DMB material here, just an inquiry about the band Everything.
 I seem to remember reading a little bit about them here a while ago, and
 they're coming to Gainesville next week, I wanted a little background, what
 to expect/look/listen for, etc...Anybody out there help me out?  Thamks

llater, kerry

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Browns Island and SoulHat

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Tue Jul 19 20:43:32 1994

While Clare thinx that she can horde all the tapers for Browns Island, I 
am not going to let her do so.....
Personally, I would like to know if anyone is taping SoulHat, whom I like 
alot and do not have any tapes of....actually info on taping would be 
greatly appreciated since I can scrounge up a deck, but don't know if 
SoulHat allows recordings, and what's the deal with Dave now that he's a 
big RCA stud? Maybe the BMG club could sell bootlegs mail order....
Anyways, gotsa go as a long distance call is neccesary to log in HINT 
HINT Clare fix me up a UR netlink.....
Cheers to all, see ya at Brown's...

|Chris "Boofy" Buford 							|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
| "The future is no place to place your better days..." 		|
|									|
|v3.1	|-)				David Matthews	 		|


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