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Dave's Direction (or 'What You Will')

dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu Wed Oct 5 17:58:20 1994


i guess what my last 6 or something posts have been trying to say
is that dave band seems to be evolving in a direction that's different
from what brough me into them in the first place.  so it's time to
let other people experience them for what they are and what they want
to become, which in my opinion is a studio band.  as a joke, dave once
told me that his first major label debut was going to be titled "songs
that everyone wants to hear."  i think it kinda fits.  dave likes 
appealing to people.  god knows carter, leroi, and boyd do too.  they
know that people like their music, so they're going to play that music
for those people.  

right on.    I am a new (as of Spring 94) Daver and I know that other
people may view me as one of the newbie freaks with alot of queer ideas
about how DMB should be.    I feel the same way about some of the Dave fans
surfacing now.    Yours is the first perspective that welcomes the
INEVITABLE change in the Dave Matthews Band, and it is refreshing.    Of
course, everyone likes to have a DMB where you can mingle with the guys
after the show or whatever.    I've done it.    It probably won't happen
again, but I'm not bitter.    Let Dave get big.   We were THERE...


p.s. Sorry for posting AND sending, Rick, but it's about time we had a
non-phlaming post...
read.   listen to dave.    read.    play disc.    type.    
listen to dave.    write.    type.    play disc.    sleep.   eat?
talk about dave.    sleep.    write.    read about dave.    sleep.
eat.    listen to dave.    read.    sleep?

repeat until what you see is human screaming from the Minarets...

Dominic Sagolla '96           dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu          
Swarthmore College            dominic@raptor.swarthmore.edu                


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jogriffith@vaxsar.vassar.edu Wed Oct 5 18:42:23 1994

If this is the wrong place/person to subscribe to I appologize to you (all).


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campb_c@cs.odu.edu Wed Oct 5 18:51:10 1994

I think what we all need is spooning.  Everyone spoon.


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Re: NY and Philly and Ants...

NebuIous@aol.com Wed Oct 5 19:06:44 1994

I really don't understand these people.    Ants Marching is the song that
got me INTO DMB.    I told that to Leroi on Friday, and he said, "Yeah, I

Um... well, I'd have to say Jimi Thing is what first got me into them, but I
went through an ants phase early on, but basically, I'm sick of it.  I was
happy there was no ants at the show just as I was equally upset there was a
satellite.  These two songs are simply overplayed, are on both discs, and are
the type of song little 12 year old girls know the words to.

Sorry to bring in another band, but when I see Phish, I don't want to see
Fee, which they keep on playing (for about 7 years...), even though it was
the first Phish song I heard.

now do you understand 'these' (me) people?

good.  now lets all trade good shows and be happy.


just another memo from the cellar,

*             "hold onto nothing               *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*             as fast as you can"              * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*                   -Tori Amos                 *  --   New York, NY  --  *


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CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Wed Oct 5 19:19:18 1994

we need lots of spooning.
we can do a big spoon wall.. dont' you think? 
eh boofy?

blake's got my spoons.. anyone else wanna spoon with us?

'we'll see how brave you are.. we'll see how fast you'll be running...'

we should have eachother to tea... we should have eachother with cream... then
cuddle up by the fire, and sleep for awhile, it's the grooviest thing, it's the
perfect dream.... thecure....


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@uvmvm.uvm.edu:PMEA8678@URIACC.URI.EDU Wed Oct 5 19:49:58 1994

I apologize now if I'm angering anyone with this message.
Today I calles the number on the tour schedule for the Boston
Avalon Ballroom Show.After three Long-Distance phone calls
I was directed to ticketmaster only to find out the show was sold
out.This suprised me Because I hadn't heard of this on the net,
and I didn't think DMB had a following in Boston that would sell
out a venue in advance.ALthough I am clueless as to how big the
Avalon is it still shocked me that tickets would sell out at $17.
If anyone could give me some sort of explanation for this it
would be appreciated.
*If anyone has an extra ticket for this show I would love to work
something out.(i.e. trade,cash,whatever)

Damn you,Big city!

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dmb at uk

JFDITT00@UKCC.UKY.EDU Wed Oct 5 20:08:04 1994


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Calm down everybody

TPUSATERI@tlc-486.clemson.edu Wed Oct 5 22:53:22 1994

Hello Fellow DMB fans,
of the letters I was reading. First of all, let's think here. If
there never was a Dave Matthews Band, none of us would be here. I
think everyone agrees, that Dmb is on hell of a talented group. Yes,
even Boyde. Mr. Matthews is a very gifted musician, and a song
writer. If, you disagree, please respond to me, and explain why.
Since I ever first heard the band, I was amazed at their diversity,
and talent. As a musician myself, I look at their work and often ask
the level the Dead and Phish are at, but it will come around all in
good time. Im sure when the Dead and Phish started playing, the to
had repetitive set lists for some period of time. Plus you must keep
in mind Dave has been awfully busy lately, agree?? I mean give the
guy some credit. Look how far he's come in the past few years. Now
that they finally have their shit together, their even more amazing
to listen to.

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Re: DMB is the best

mfb14@columbia.edu Thu Oct 6 00:28:08 1994

Many, many apologies for my ignorance, but . . .

 Please give me the necessary info for subscribing to the Dave Matthews Band
Is this something different than what I'm already doing?

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Re: DMB-related article from Charlottesville paper

mfb14@columbia.edu Thu Oct 6 00:40:14 1994

          "A sophomore from Roanoke College was arrested Tuesday
  for marijuana possession at the Dave Matthews Band concert in the
  Amphitheatre. University Police arrested the student at 8"17
  p.m., only a few minutes after the band had started playing.
 yeah right...
 this is so lame...don't they have anything better to do than mess with 
 some poor kid with joint?
 DMB should tour in support of NORML.
Just wanted to make sure that everyone is registered to vote.  It's gonna 
be a hot topic and the only way to see justice prevail is to get in there 
and be counted!!


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Dave in Montreal...

@uvmvm.uvm.edu:BH7N@MUSICB.MCGILL.CA Thu Oct 6 00:58:45 1994

Just got back from tonights show at Club Soda here in Montreal.
My hopes for a small intimate show with few in attendance were
shattered by a loud crowd that would have put the Bayou to shame.
The music, though, was excellent. We heard the new Just For
Tonight version (has this been played yet?). LeRoi did a very
nice flute solo in Typical Situation. Stephan was dropping
bombs all night, I've never heard him so loud and good. Dave finally
got so angry at the crowd that he told the meatheads to "go the
fu*k home."

Anyway, the band was tight and the music was smokin! I got to
sit on the stage and avoided the crush. Hope to see you guys
in Boston on Saturday.

"You can tune a guitar, but you can't tune a fish"

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How do I send pics to archive?

@uvmvm.uvm.edu:MFOR8178@URIACC.URI.EDU Thu Oct 6 08:09:21 1994

I am presently scanning in some b+W pics from Toads the other night(the color
scanner here has to be reserved, and I dont have time for it till next week)
so I was wondering, how do I put them in the WWW or the Brown.students archive.
them along the info highway to a special site?
Please let me know.

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roger.a.jr.ingley@SMTPGwy01.santafe.cc.fl.us Thu Oct 6 10:20:47 1994


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big head todd dates

SHERWOODS@urvax.urich.edu Thu Oct 6 10:40:04 1994

does anybody out there know of big head todd shows scheduled for the
Richmond, Raliegh, Baltimore, Washington area? If you have any dates
or information how I could find them out I would be much appreciative.
Thanks for your support. Also, how's the new album, "strategem"
I'd like to hear about it. Peace.

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Re: How do I send pics to archive?

jtv2j@sunipc-10.unixlab.virginia.edu Thu Oct 6 11:48:27 1994

Sure, I'd be happy to do that.  Also, anyone with pictures who would
like them scanned in, I've got access to quite a few nice scanners and
would be more than happy to spend the time.



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Chart position

@uvmvm.uvm.edu:MFOR8178@URIACC.URI.EDU Thu Oct 6 11:55:40 1994

I just talked to Daves press agent, and she informed me that the DMB
have had a phenominal week of sales. There debut album, is debuting
at #34 (if that aint a reason to bring it back, I dont know what is)
on the billboard charts after selling 32,000 copies.
Just thought youd all be interested.

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a fun little exercise....

RPPRISIN@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Oct 6 12:09:55 1994

i thought to lighten everyone up we could have some fun....

how about we see how many things dave could have been..
you know like a parking lot attendant etc....

lets start a list 

here are the two easy ones

a parking lot attendant
his little brother...

have fun..


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Re: a fun little exercise....

grayp@pinn.net Thu Oct 6 12:40:06 1994

 lets start a list 
 a parking lot attendant
 his little brother...

doctor, spread the good around


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Dave Covers

IBASSIN@WESLEYAN.BITNET Thu Oct 6 12:49:56 1994

I just got a tape of the Floodzone R2T record release party where Dave Covers
Tangerine and Redemption Song. Is this the only time he did these? Did he
include random covers when he used to do his solo bit every tues and Wed
at Trax/Floodzone? Does anyone have a listing of what these included? Just
curious. Also, how much of Stairway did he play with Tim at the Birchmere
this summer (Danny- do you have tapes of that show?) -Ian

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Re: a fun little exercise...

BLBLALOC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Oct 6 13:10:06 1994

 lets start a list

 a parking lot attendant
 his little brother...

doctor, spread the good around

waiting at your doorstep
your little sister...


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Spooing vibe....

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Oct 6 13:31:26 1994

Spoons to all and to all a good nite...
Especially Clare and the two K/Catharines

P.s. we might need to distinguish between Catherine and Katharine
who both go to school here....

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	it won't give up it wants me dead				|
|	goddamn this noise inside my head     nin			|
|									|
|     _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/					|
|    _/        _/    _/  _/    _/					|
|   _/        _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/						|
|  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/						|
| _/_/_/_/  _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  					|
|									|
|v3.3									|


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reply from sesmith to a tuesday post

DAMOJONNIER@DAVIDSON.EDU Thu Oct 6 14:42:02 1994

alright man, i'm glad to hear that someone out there is finally using their
head instead of just going along with the flow.  It is true that Dave has no 
improv skills...as of yet.  He does need to get some new songs or maybe some
chill covers---I could see some Dylan ballads or Neil Young stuff as being 
within Dave's realm.  As for the rest of the band--they kick ass and could do
almost anything...i mean, everything.  If ya talk to Dave any time soon, tell
him to play for his true fans---the ones that got him some recognition in the
first place and not for the album-buying, trend-following, ball-cap wearin'
frat boys that seem to have become enamoured with him.  I would go to see a
D.M.B show if and only if I knew that he was starting to ply some new stuff.
With 2 albums out, you normally don't expect to be able to buy one album and
hear the other album as well.  Normally, there is some variety.  I mean I have
that 1st one and some bootlegs.  I don't need to buy the second album, 'cause
I've heard every song on bopth albums thru the first album and 1 bootleg.  And 
I have heard the 2nd.  What was Dave thinkin'?  His voice sounds like some 
editted milli-vanilli or something.  Enough of this...My blood pressure is 
rising and I feel a pain in my chest...
I think not...how can anyone in their right mind ever even think Dave could 
turn outr like those 2?  number one, Dave simply doesn
t have the improv skills of the latter 2 immortals.  He never could and never
will.  Secondly, Dave has alienated the very people who could have been loyal
to him for a long time.  The Dead have old hippies who still attend their shows.Phish is getting that way, with some of their mid-80s crowd still around.  Dave
chose to go for the short-term bucks and play to the general idiots who would 
buy his albums.  Soon, however, these people, to whom he is playing, will lose 
interest (probably, as soon as they graduate) and Dave will learn the err of 
his ways.  The people he plays to now are the types that us true fans have had
to deal with at Dead and Phish shows...not to mention PANIC.  They come and 
they go, new fans pop up, then disappear.  With this type of fluctuating base,
how can anyone stand?  Dave will never be like Phish or the Dae

(fucked up again)...or the Dead.  It is impossible.  He will never be able to 
gain that loyal constituency of fans again.  He wronged us once, and that was
enough.  enough said.
P.S. Panic rocked the Grady Cole center just to spite its shitty appearence!!!

See ya on the flip side.

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Me and Julio & Watchtower Lyrics

jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Thu Oct 6 16:26:07 1994

hope I didnt miss this. Everyone probably knows them, but the
habit on this net seems to have been post the lyrics to a new
song as it gets added. Again, if its already added and I missed
this part, I apoligize for the bandwidth use; lots going on here,
and im lacking sleep and behind on my mail.


Me and Julio


Ellis * jeg5s@virginia.edu * POB 3240, Charlottesville,VA 22903
-- Graduate student, UVA Dept. of Sociology
-- Administrator for rec.music.phish FAQ File


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Re: a fun little exercise....

campb_c@cs.odu.edu Thu Oct 6 16:33:03 1994

 a parking lot attendant
 his little brother...

a policeman Va. Beach,
mugged somewhere in Norfolk (while playing in Va. Beach, Norfolk area)
the president with diarrea...

lots of other interesting ones.



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Re: Chart position

campb_c@cs.odu.edu Thu Oct 6 16:33:28 1994

 I just talked to Daves press agent, and she informed me that the DMB
 have had a phenominal week of sales. There debut album, is debuting
 at #34 (if that aint a reason to bring it back, I dont know what is)
 on the billboard charts after selling 32,000 copies.

whoa...this is spooky...#34???  weird...[twilight zone music starts, Rod 
Serling lurks in the shadows]


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DMB shows

frenkel@ucsu.Colorado.EDU Thu Oct 6 17:19:48 1994

Does anybody know if the Oct 24 show in Kansas is all ages?  I don't want 
to drive all the way out there to find out I can't get in!


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DMB in Madison, WI 10/27/94

jcolton@leland.Stanford.EDU Thu Oct 6 17:47:06 1994

Dave Matthews Band will be playing at the Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI
on Thursday, October 27 at 7:30 pm with special guests Rusted Root.

Tickets are only $10 and are available at The Exclusive Company on State St.
or charge by phone at 608.241.8633. No TicketMaster service charges here folks.

The show is General Admission. The theater is an old vaudeville theatre reconditioned for live music. Shows are all ages, but they have great beer on tap.
See you there.


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Re: MINARETS digest 307

Daniel.S.Gans@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Thu Oct 6 18:09:41 1994

Hey everyone out there under the table.  I've been on the net for a while,
but this is my first post.  First, in response to your question Ian, before
the Wathtower encore,( at the birchmere on 8/25/94)  Dave was unsure about
what song to play so he said he was going to play a led zep song he knew.  He
played it for about 10 secs. (i don't recognize the song, it was one of their
country instrumentals) and the crown went nuts.  His response was," Shit, I
should have done that all night..."  He then went into a kickin' watchtower. 
During the jam at the end, he started singing the "and as we wind on down the
road"  part...he sang a couple lines and obviously couldn't remember the rest
so he just screamed.  It was a classic Dave moment...
because they wouldn't let us plug in to the board (Jeff tried his hardest,
but it was house sound...)  It is a really decent audience tape off my d-7 if
anyone's interested in a trade...
sorry for the long message, but this is just a classic show that people need
to get a hold of...
see you at the board in boston, and be nice to each other...everyone goes in
the end...

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anyone going to stone balloon

RPPRISIN@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Oct 6 18:24:58 1994

hey anybody going up to delaware to the stone balloon for the dave show
if so contact me i know a couple of bouncers and stuff might be able to hook
you up or something...


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Re: big head todd dates

jgoodmon@mercury.interpath.net Thu Oct 6 20:39:33 1994

There is a bht show Oct. 21 at Hampden Sydney college in Farmville, Va. 

 does anybody out there know of big head todd shows scheduled for the
 Richmond, Raliegh, Baltimore, Washington area? If you have any dates
 or information how I could find them out I would be much appreciative.
 Thanks for your support. Also, how's the new album, "strategem"
 I'd like to hear about it. Peace.

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@uvmvm.uvm.edu:PMEA8678@URIACC.URI.EDU Thu Oct 6 20:46:23 1994

After looking through all of my digests I have seen
So Much To Say mentioned at all.Is it still being played.

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Widespread, Hendrix ect.

Rsr3078@aol.com Thu Oct 6 20:47:41 1994


Widespread Panic 
Jimi Hendrix
Indigo Girls
I've got DMB (ofcourse), the Beatles, and Indigo Girls.  Please get back to
me.  Rsr3078
Alix  :)(:


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Re: MINARETS digest 307

johnfro@acpub.duke.edu Thu Oct 6 21:12:42 1994

what's up, dmb fans.
this is my first time actually on the list so forgive me if i commit any 
little faux-pas.  i am from new orleans so dave is hardly the most played 
band, but us rednecks are slowly coming around.  i caught the show at 
raleigh, dave again kicked ass.  if anyone has any bootlegs that they 
would not mind copying for me, just say so and i would love to send them 
tapes. later

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Re: Sit back and Relax

sdeutsch@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Oct 6 22:30:34 1994

 we DO go to school) while listening to an old personal favorite...Dave at 
 Zollman's Pavillion (W&L) 1/30/94.  This is vintage...1 show...26 song 
 setlist...Peter! Need I say more?  It was very nice to dust off the 

This was my first show (I was there with Katherine) and it was 
incredible.  Most importantly getting to Buford's comment on Boyd's 
talent -- he mentioned 'Blue Water' and Boyd's solo -- well, one of 
the best 'Blue Water' renditions is on this tape (Zollman's 1/30/93 (NOT 94)
sorry, Kat, it was really that long ago).  

Get a copy. Listen to it. And chill out.

There's some good Dave-talk on it as well.  People who were there can 
enjoy the part when Dave tells some drunken guys to get out (they were 
fighting or some nonsense) and for those who are familiar with Zollman's, 
Dave talks about the nice "farm animal atmosphere". 


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Re: spooning

sdeutsch@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Oct 6 22:33:45 1994

 I think what we all need is spooning.  Everyone spoon.

Hey Clare, Buford, and Hobbs, Blake's spooning on the net! 


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Re: a fun little exercise....

wmc8s@darwin.clas.virginia.edu Thu Oct 6 23:15:30 1994

Ok, how bout

Caught in public in my underwear???

Oh so embarrassed???

Bartending at Millers???


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Re: MINARETS digest 307

wmc8s@darwin.clas.virginia.edu Thu Oct 6 23:22:19 1994

actually, you were rather correct in the fact that he did
Stairway during Watchtower, but you were in correct on the other
respect.  During the country jam, Dave played "Over the Hills and
Far Away."


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chatter by ME -- the one with a "C"

chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Oct 6 23:29:07 1994

SPOONS SPOONS!! if only the net could spoon.  Yall i need some spoonin 
and some huggin so come on over.
(blake  ..did you even know what spoonin was until a week or so ago?? 
just checkin!)

Wayland, thanks for clearing things up.  I knew you said it with a 
smile.  this net was in need of some seriously OBVIOUS GRINS for a 
while.  and umm ithink the stuff about the Sweet home Alabama was from 
the other catehrine  ..the KOOL KAT with a K.

I've been thinking about the posts a few days back about how it sounds 
like Dave and band are often out of tune and all.  I cant remeber who 
said it ..but someone thought that.  Here's my musings (please keep in 
mind that i dont play guitar or any of the other instruments that the 
band uses except i played sax in like 7th grade ..but i am very musical 
choosess to play cords with the most difficult and spread out fingering 
one can imagine .. he does this to make the notes more distinct and 
seperated.  To me, this creates a sort of internalized harshness or 
soreness (im talking about melody here) or atleast an intetional strain.  
I usually think this is cool ..it fits the feeling that i get from lots 
of his lyrics.  What i'm wondering is .. is it possiblethat dave is 
tuning his guitar to a non standard key  ..that the band chooses to play 
in keys not very familar to our ears to create the same affect (e ??) as 
the really difficult fingerings.  i dont know  ..im just wondering cause 
ive never payed attention to the sheet music stuff.  am i way off or what??

feed puppies toothepaste ..they smell so much better afterwords!

crazy ponderings , smiles and spoonin

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Re: MINARETS digest 306

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Oct 6 23:48:05 1994

There seems to be an awful lot of ripping on people going on this net -
why can't we all just get along?  Everyone on this net shares something
in common - they enjoy the music of the Dave Matthews Band. For everyone
who posts a message and gets ripped on, that is one person whose opinion
we may not hear again.   Let's stop blaming things on the newbies, let's
 stop ripping on people who express their opinions, and discuss the
phenomenon that is Dave, pleasantly.

in my six month stint on phish.net, i saw this exact same post entirely
too many times.  i'm afraid.  i'm very afraid.

and the one missing date that blake couldn't identify on heathcliff's 
haiku warriors was 11-9-92.  r2t cd release party, that is.  i'd like
this show if anyone has it.

"11it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Re: MINARETS digest 306

btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu Fri Oct 7 00:29:07 1994

 and the one missing date that blake couldn't identify on heathcliff's 
 haiku warriors was 11-9-92.  r2t cd release party, that is.  i'd like
 this show if anyone has it.

It's 11/9/93.



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Piano man.

n41014@cfi.waseda.ac.jp Fri Oct 7 04:59:21 1994

please excuse my ignorance, but could some one tell me what the deal was with Dave's keyboard/piano player? I apologize if this is common knowledge, Im new and pretty clueless...  thanks...

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Re: So Much to Say, Julio, Watchtower, etc....

jtv2j@sunipc-10.unixlab.virginia.edu Fri Oct 7 08:59:21 1994

 After looking through all of my digests I have seen
 So Much To Say mentioned at all.Is it still being played.

Peter was too important to this song that Dave isn't too
eager to play it.  However, he did bring it out for a
birthday present back in February, and while it would have
been nice if they hadn't immediatly dropped it again, they did.
Occasionally lines about central heating make it into other songs...

 hope I didnt miss this. Everyone probably knows them, but the
 habit on this net seems to have been post the lyrics to a new
 song as it gets added. Again, if its already added and I missed
 this part, I apoligize for the bandwidth use; lots going on here,
 and im lacking sleep and behind on my mail.

I believe the habit so far has been to not include covers in the
lyrics files.  What surprises me are the notable abscences of 
Two-Step etc....



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Re: MINARETS digest 307

Daniel.S.Gans@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Fri Oct 7 10:48:26 1994

Hello again.  Just a little message to everyone who responded/is responding
to my post yesterday about the 8/25/94 birchmere tape...I will be away from
my computer this weekend to go into Boston, so please be patient in awaiting
your responses.   If you're at the Avalon on sat., look for me at the board
before/after/possibly during the show.  I'll be wearing a green dartmouth

don't throw away yor playful beginnings...

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C-Ville Weekly Article

dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Oct 7 11:03:59 1994

Did no one else in the Charlottesville area read the cover
article in the most recent C-Ville Weekly about DMB?  IMHO one of
the best I've read or seen reprinted on the net.  It's quite
lengthy and I don't think I have the time nor patience to type it
to the net, but if anyone else does please do so for others.  If
rare andecdotal information about real early DMB and describes
the music and the movement in a better way than I've ever heard
or could have ever said.

Dan Entin

Hope to see some of you at Lehigh and Pat Center Phish!


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spoons, forks, and other household utensils

bmking@mail.wm.edu Fri Oct 7 11:09:24 1994

i don't know if this is known all over or just at w&m, but spooning here can
mean the original & also getting rid of your roommate for the night by
putting a spoon on the door..

yes, college.  the education of clear communication skills.

btw, anyone out there have the infamous 'fenton's penis' show?  :)


Brett Kingswell                                       bmking@mail.wm.edu
if God had meant for us to be naked, we would've been born that way.

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Re: MINARETS digest 307

SAPIRE@carleton.edu Fri Oct 7 11:20:45 1994

hey, i'm planning on taping a show in the twin cities
and would like someone to repost that list of stuff to bring
(cords, which type? tapes, flashlight, etc...)
love UTTAD, 
especially all the songs and stuff


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Re: DMB shows

jcrother Fri Oct 7 13:07:16 1994

 Does anybody know if the Oct 24 show in Kansas is all ages?  I don't want 
 to drive all the way out there to find out I can't get in!

alex crothers

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Re: DMB shows

jpederso@d.umn.edu Fri Oct 7 13:23:34 1994

Hey, I just tried this number to check age things and they told me to 
check the venue.

  Does anybody know if the Oct 24 show in Kansas is all ages?  I don't want 
  to drive all the way out there to find out I can't get in!
 alex crothers

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Taping equipment

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Oct 7 13:28:00 1994

Someone asked for a post of taping equipment, etc so here is what I 

1.Tape Deck (obviously)
2.RCA cables
4.Extension cord or preferable a 6 outlet strip
6.Paper for setlists and trading phone #'s, addresses, etc
7.Something to carry most of the shit in.
8.Blank Tapes (more than you think you'll need)
9.Y jacks if possible. If you arrive late you can use these to split the 
soundboard signal so you don't get cut off by other decks..

Arrive early, like really early...You'll get a better feed, you can get 
yourself set up while the house ligths are still on, and it really annoys 
other tapers when you run in during dave's first song and try to hook up.

Hang around your deck. Letting your tape run out and killing someone 
elses signal is the rudest thing possible. Always flip when you think its 

Watch out for other peoples equipment, etc. If you take care of others, 
they'll take care of you. If you think someone needs to flip or needs a 
new tape, ask others around you what the best option is, most likely 
it'll be a joint effort to make sure that both you and the guy who forgot 
to get good tapes. 

Be prepared for "Hey man, did ya tape the show, can I give you my 
address, phone #, etc". I'd write out your address/phone # a few times 
and just give it to these people and tell them to get in touch with you, 
it makes life a lot easier.

And the final, NEVER TO BE BROKEN rule of taping, you MUST listen to the 
show in the car on the ride home, no matter what. We call this Blake's rule

Any other suggestions from tapers out there??

Enjoy and I hope everyone get s good tapes...

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	it won't give up it wants me dead				|
|	goddamn this noise inside my head     nin			|
|									|
|     _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/					|
|    _/        _/    _/  _/    _/					|
|   _/        _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/						|
|  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/						|
| _/_/_/_/  _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  					|
|									|
|v3.3									|


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Re: Taping equipment

campb_c@cs.odu.edu Fri Oct 7 14:45:44 1994

 Any other suggestions from tapers out there??

you forgot an important one.  Bring kind nugs for Jeff...he's good to 
us, be good too him.  Tell him Blake sent you...

concert and a member of your party posseses an audio tape of that 
nights performance, you MUST listen to it.  Even if Clare wants to 
listen to 11/17/93 AGAIN...


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RPPRISIN@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Oct 7 14:57:17 1994

hey just thought i would post what i have so far in the what dave could have
been category....... i know there has to be more out there....

a parking lot attendant
his little brother...
a policeman Va. Beach.....
mugged somewhere in Norfolk (while playing in Va. Beach, Norfolk area)
the president with diarrea...
your little sister....
doctor, spreading good....
wating at your door step...
Caught in public in my underwear???
Bartending at Millers???
Oh so embarrassed???



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Re: blake's rule

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Oct 7 15:02:44 1994

excuse me..

i knew the rule. i'd better after putting up with you for so long...

let me just say to everyone else on netland...
that the 11.17.92 show (of mine) in question... had been 
in mr.campbell's possession for over five months. FIVE MONTHS!
i was jonesing for me and julio.
kill me.

but that nature------------------

happy spooning to all accomplished spooners....
spoon well.
spoon often.
and spoon at all available occasions.

silly ole me......

we should have eachother to tea... we should have eachother with cream... then
cuddle up by the fire, and sleep for awhile, it's the grooviest thing, it's the
perfect dream.... thecure....


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could I have been

btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu Fri Oct 7 15:11:43 1994

wasn't "A millionaire in Bel Aire" tossed around a lot?


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DMB in "Focus"

jdittric@fpc.com Fri Oct 7 15:35:24 1994

Hey all,

I just came across a "alternative" music magazine distributed locally in
Tampa, FL called "Focus".  The magazine has the DMB on the front and a
lengthy, very positive (almost too positive...) review of the band.

I don't have the time to transcribe the entire article (since I type 2 wpm).
But here are some excerpts that may/may not dispel a few of the on-going
discussions about the band.

Dave Matthews on songwriting...

"(I write about) Whatever comes to mind - life, love, unhappiness and anger
- and then I squeeze it all into on song.  And it seems to
almost make sense.  Ambiguity is as much as anything else, my goal.  So
that people can apply it to their own lives.  As a songwriter, I really don't
like to say the same thing twice.  I might repeat myself lyrically because
I kind of have the same things (on my mind).  I don't like violence and I
don't like greed. And I'm greedy and I'm violent.  It's the great dichotomy
of being a person.  I write, generally, about those things.  Love and hate
- they swim in a big pool together. But as the songs go, I try and change the
expression.  I try not to make the same changes or have the same rhythm or
have the same feel or the same emotion coming out the guitar...


But it's an obsession of mine to make music that sounds
like I've heard it before.  So that when people hear it who've never heard it before,
boom, it goes into their heads.  I think everything is just repitition in
a way, of something that's happened before.  Then they happen in my head.

on improvisation...

We have the facility to be adventurous, and it's expected from us now.
It's really lucky, we get a big audience and they expect us to do weird and
unusual things.

on touring...

"We started touring as fast as we could.  Approaching schools, universities,
that was sort of our plan.  Trying to get gigs at fraternities and
sororities.  That worked really well for us in the Southeast.  We broke in
New York just by kids going home (and telling their friends)..."

on performances...

"Our performances are as energetic as we can make them.  We're not
halfhearted.  They're pretty aggressive shows.  But we're having a lot of
fun, too, and that comes out.  We're not screaming at our parents or angry
at any particular member of the universe. We just kind of play from our
hearts, with a lot of happiness, and I think that comes across.  We're a
pleasant bunch of freaks to watch..."

on musicianship...

"I had a few songs and I approached musicians I admired locally here in
Charlottesville.  Originally (the band) was a project for a demo of my
songs.  And then we started enjoying playing live.  Everyone was a verteran
of jazz or rock music or classical music and had years begind them already.

Enough!!!  That's all I care to type!  If anyone wants a copy of the article
I could probably xerox and fax it to you....

I think the article was written pre-UTTAD release even though it's this
month's issue.

The music scene is horrible here in cheezy Tampa, FL... I haven't adjusted.
DMB was here in Tampa about 6 mos. ago, only about 150 people showed up.
Haven't seen that small of a turn out for DMB since he played at my
fraternity's party in Charlottesville in '92.

Sorry for the length...


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National Magazine Cover

gap3s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Fri Oct 7 15:44:37 1994

So is anyone else out there also involved in radio?
I am just wondering, because a national radio magazine
put the Dave Matthews Band on its cover this!
Basically the name is spread all over the whole issue
and radio seems to be pretty much freaking out.  The magazine
is called "Gavin" and is very well known in the radio 
world.  It is similar to Billboard in that it contains
charts for numerous radio formats, based on reports
from stations all over the country.

The cover states, above a picture of the band
"The Dave Matthews Band
Radio Joins the Campaign
The amazing story of rock'n'roll's most unlikely candidates
for stardom"

Inside is a three page interwiew with Dave in which he
discusses his life, the band's history, the process of
signing with RCA, and the new CD etc...

The chart that would involve the band is A3 (read A cubed)
which stands for Adult Album Alternative (and includs the
likes of BT, Hootie & ..., The Samples, WP, R.E.M., Indigo
Girls, Eric Clapton, Shawn Colvin, Eddie Brickel, get the
idea)  On that chart UTTAD is "The most added record by
a major label debut act in the history of Gavin A3 Radio"
(added means that radio station that report their song
rotation to Gavin have added Dave to their current music
list)  Now bear in mind that A3 has only been around for 2-3 years
but still... Given the other names on the chart, this
seems to be a pretty amazing accomplishent.

There is more info (along with the interview)
that I will type and send along if I have time and if 
there is interest (let me know if y'all want me to)

Also, one last point, I am planning on being at the
Athens show on the 14th.  If anyone is planning on going
and taping this show please, please, please, please let
me know. please.  Talk to y'all later


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Montreal-Club Soda


show I have seen lately.  Very small bar, I guess it could hold four
hundred, but I don't think it was filled.  Most of the band was hanging
out during the opening band.  Talked with Leroy and Dave for a bit.

I would love to get a copy of this show if anyone has one.  I have a
number of tapes, some right off the sound board, if a trade could be


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Another dancing intro... and a slice of pizza.

NebuIous@aol.com Fri Oct 7 18:10:52 1994

I just thought I'd share with you the complete intro to one Nancies from
3/26/94 Irving Plaza (super dooper show!)... anyway, he dedicates it to
Vivian and

could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... taxi driver and washing (confusing line...
could i have been... lost in the big bad city
could i have been... anyone other than me

well, okay only half of it was off but still, those 2 have a THEME! The big
bad NYC filled with cabs! Too bad he didn't mention Ray's Pizza.

Then I would have been impressed.

When any of you come to New York, go to 11th & 5th... the REAL ray's pizza.
not those weird 'original ray's things... and while you're at it, come knock
on my door since i live literally seconds away from it.

sing and dance

just another memo from the cellar,

*             "hold onto nothing               *  --   Ben Sterling  --  *
*             as fast as you can"              * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*                   -Tori Amos                 *  --   New York, NY  --  *


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chris dear? chris bonovia? oh where oh where has my little lamb gone?

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Oct 7 19:04:23 1994

could you get in touch with me?
i've got a favor to ask you, hon...
hugs and all...

we should have eachother to tea... we should have eachother with cream... then
cuddle up by the fire, and sleep for awhile, it's the grooviest thing, it's the
perfect dream.... thecure....


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will.schaffarzick@babble.com Sat Oct 8 05:00:04 1994

... 'Cause we're tripping billies...

Hi DMB Fans...

This is my first attempt at using this net.  Just wanted to let you all 
how much I LOVE DMB.  A friend of mine from Auburn Univ. got me on to Da
back in April.  Unfortunately, judging from all the questions I get abou
Dave sticker on the back window of my car, no one around here knows what
--- yet.  No, Dave really hasn't hit it big here in Mississippi yet.  Bu
prettly convinced what with the "Under the Table & Dreaming" release, pe
will realize just what they've been missing!

Catch you all later...

 Will Schaffarzick 

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It's almost Halloween

mfb14@columbia.edu Sat Oct 8 12:41:13 1994

Without other more traditional diversions, I have fixated on discovering 
the ultimate, true lyrics to _Halloween_ (as challenged, I think, by 


All the time she can
her eyes open
and staring up at me
The tone of the eyes

Woman gonna come 
Woman gonna come
Woman gonna come
Woman gonna come 

Watch man, leave it where you lie
I'll come to you and {lively}
I'll suck up until your
mind will leave it all behind

I sentence you to lonely

I march up into your {life}

All the time she can
her eyes open 
and staring up at me

{Wait until momma gonna 
Take a good look, momma,
Take a good look,

Hey man, watch it where you lie

I come into your psyche
your sleepin' -  I'm in your
mind filled waiting on desire
I was hoping we'd be {lonely}

I'll suck up into your body

What do you want around here?
and ask your silly FUCK

Moving away

Wired is lonely (3x)
Wired is lonely (3x)

Can't be yours
I'll be yours
Gotta be yours
Gotta be your (3x)

Lie over here.

Tell me, are you
Satisfied with Fucking?

Don't walk away (3x)
I'm talking to you

Love me - Don't (3x)

Loving, I'll see you
Love him, I see you
Love him - up to you.

***Anyone still with me?  What did you think?  I guess you figured out 
that word inside {} i'm particularly unsure of . . .

"Anyone who applies herself regularly, lengthily & energetically, to a 
single project is certain, no matter what else happens, to encounter days 
of profound delight or unprecedented inspiration."
--Robert Grudin, _Time and the art of living_


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could I have been...

gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Oct 8 12:48:05 1994

what about -

"could I have been, a born-again Christian...could I have been, oh, they're
all pain-in-the-asses..."


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dmb, what else?

dec3x@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Oct 8 14:42:30 1994

Hey all you out there in computerland. you probably don't know
me, but that's ok. i recently subscribed to the net, more out of
curiosity than anything else, and then i got this silly idea to
write a story about this net and others like it.  if anyone has
any input, give me a yell.  if not, that's ok too because you
guys have so much stuff on here that i could write a good story
anyway.  i would especially like to know about the beginning of
the net and about why people got on it, either in the beginning
or now.  how does everyone hear about this, and what is
everyone's favorite aspect of it.

thanks alot, have a good time, and i hope to hear from you soon.

-diane cheshire

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all these damn dancing nancies quotes...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Oct 8 23:25:53 1994

i talked about this idea a long time ago, and i've even devoted a
section of the (as of yet still unavailable) faq to it.  

what i'd like, is for each one of these dancing nancies quotes we've
seen, if you could send me the quote along with the date and location
of the show you got it from, then please do.  as of right now, there's
only two entries in the faq, even though i've seen 10 flip through in
the past two days.

so send 'em my way.  (and the faq _is_ forthcoming.  have faith...)

actually, speaking of the faq...those of you with pertinent files,
please send me a note about them.  even if i know who you are and
what you have (blake and ben), it will make it easier for me to
get the information into the file if i have a personal note from you.

and one other thing, if anyone knows where that really long list of
other listservs is, let me know how i can get a hold of it, and then
let other people know how to get a hold of it.
"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Boston show

btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu Sun Oct 9 02:36:34 1994

Hi all.

check.  I don't think it was "Let You Down" as we heard about from John 
Alagia last week-- but as usual it was rather difficult to make out the 
words on first hearing.

* Seek Up opener
* Jimi Thing-- 10 minutes and 13 seconds, in case you're curious (and a 
nice Dave solo).

* Jane song re-appears after an absence

* Halloween with incredible drums

Oh, that's about it.  The place was ABSOLUTELY PACKED.  


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Boston Show.

jcdavis@wam.umd.edu Sun Oct 9 10:46:30 1994

So who taped last night's Boston show? I'm sure SOMEBODY has to have that 
sound check. Sooooo...If you have the time.. Let us know...HOW IS IT?!
AND I heard a wild crazy rumor that Dave is opening for phish on the 27th?


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bmking@mail.wm.edu Sun Oct 9 11:50:39 1994

Recently, the 'boyd isn't an excellent musician' debate surfaced it's ugly
head once again.  On one side, people say he just can't play all that well,
and others say he plays just fine and besides, his charisma more than makes
up for any lack of ability.

I was watching a movie the other night, and an ad for backbeat was before the
movie (it's going to be on video the 12th, and is a truly excellent film btw.
if you can see it, do).  In one blurb, McCartney is arguing with Lennon that
Stu (the bass player) can't play worth shit and he doesn't know why Stu is
even in the band and they should get rid of him and all this and that..
Lennon looks at McCartney, and says something to the effect of "it's not what
he plays, it's HOW he plays.  LOOK at him."  and he truly was the image of a
bass player.  the coolness, the mellowness, the bluesness, the thereness was
all his, and the band attracted a lot of people because he was up there.

Unless it's blatant, I don't think I would honestly notice one of the guys
playing off key once or twice, because I don't think my ear is that good.

But, the first time I saw dave, the first time a friend in OH saw dave, and
I'm sure for many the same, the boydness of the band truly blows you away.
you become so lost in his appeal as an entertainer the musician part might
slip a bit on your rating scale.  (yes, I know after seeing them a few times
and listening to their songs to no end your listening habits mature and you
begin to become more selective in your hearing..)

well, i'm starting down a road that's been hashed many times before, so i'll
stop.  but i immediately thought of dave band when i saw the clip, and
thought I'd share.

be good,

Brett Kingswell                                       bmking@mail.wm.edu
if god had meant for us to be naked, we would've been born that way.

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Sattelite song



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Re: ben's dancing nancies

chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Sun Oct 9 15:39:23 1994

hey ben  ..just thought i'd add to the part about dedicating the song to 

She's probably lurking on this list somewhere ..or one of the two people 
who were with her are

Vivian ..is Vivian Stone who goes to W&L with me and bunches of other 
folks. She's cool ..'nuff said.   As the story was told to me he 
dedicated the song to her because she wasn't smiling very much.  SHe had 
a SHIT week ... something about the flasher freak in the library here.  
So dave noticed it and dedicated the song to her ...after the song or 
after the show did he walk up to her and kiss her cheek???

Whatever ..one of them could tellthe story MUCH better  ..but the gist si 
there. It was Dave's random act of kindness ..he jsut wanted to make her 

kittens purring make me smile

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johnfro@acpub.duke.edu Sun Oct 9 16:26:36 1994

what's up dmb fans
we're big fans at duke.
we saw the raleigh show and it was good
we like good things
i would never call it bad
we don't like bad things
after the show we had scattered, smothered, covered, diced, chunked, 
topped, spooged on, ashed on, and hocked a loogie on
we like waffle house
it is good
we like good things

later on scrubs

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please lend me a hand...

PERROBERT@aol.com Sun Oct 9 17:51:00 1994

as much as i like dmb + bht i just have tmm (too much mail)!

somebody... anybody... please let me know how to unsubscribe from minarets...

thank you!



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JGIUNTI@instruct.gsb.columbia.edu Sun Oct 9 18:07:46 1994

BBS Admin,

Please unsubscribe me from your forum AT ONCE!  I did not wish to
subscribe, but if you read my original message, asked to subscribe
another.  I am a Technical Analyst here at Columbia and was trying to
help out a student who was unsuccessful at attempting to subscribe.

Again, LET ME OUT!

- John

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Athens show anyone?????

TPUSATERI@tlc-486.clemson.edu Sun Oct 9 18:52:12 1994

Hello to all DMB fans,
recording. Also if anyone could tell me if the show is all ages, or
not, please respond. Thank you,


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Anyone taping Chicago??

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Sun Oct 9 19:22:53 1994

curious.  This will be my first live show with DMB and everybody knows how much
it makes you feel good to have shows in your possession "with touch" as one of
my kind taping buddies calls it.  If a nice soul is taping it, I'd like to try
to meet up pre-show and discuss a possible outlet.  I know its a long ways
away, but just thought I'd try....

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Kansas show

frenkel@ucsu.Colorado.EDU Sun Oct 9 19:57:06 1994

Does anybody out there know the name and/or phone number of the venue in 
Lawrence, Kansas that DMB is playing at Oct 24?  It's in the DMB 
newsletter, but I lost mine!


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Re: MINARETS digest 310

TPUSATERI@tlc-486.clemson.edu Sun Oct 9 21:15:46 1994

Hello, Is anyone going to the Athens show on the 14th??? If so, do
you know anyone taping the show. Also, is this an all ages show?
please respond ASAP..         THANK YOU,

"An explorer he went wondering, to satisfy his pondering, basically
meandering in sure of what he'd find.."     B.T.

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jcrother Sun Oct 9 21:55:04 1994

I think you might need to relax a little.  

Point 1: This isn't a BBS.  This is a mailing list run via the Internet.
Point 2: I can't Unsubscribe you until you ask for my help.
Point 3: You're replying to a whole mailing list; one of which you sent that 
Point 4: To unsubscribe YOU must send the message, "unsub minarets" to 

Alex Crothers

 Please unsubscribe me from your forum AT ONCE!  I did not wish to
 subscribe, but if you read my original message, asked to subscribe
 another.  I am a Technical Analyst here at Columbia and was trying to
 help out a student who was unsuccessful at attempting to subscribe.
 Again, LET ME OUT!
 - John


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to the guy who set up the www homepage!!!

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sun Oct 9 22:51:42 1994

i actually have a faq, now.  i just finished it, but i'm going to wait
until tomorrow to post it, because i want to see if alex can set it up
to be by itself in a single post.  i might break it in half for the 
purposes of posting it.

but this means that it can now go on our www homepage, but i don't
know who is running that.  if you could get in touch with me, please
do, because alot of people are waiting to get there hands on this
file, and i think we should get it there as soon as possible.

once again, digestified people should be seeing the faq tuesday.
undigestified people can look for it tomorrow.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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denison 4/22/94

JFDITT00@UKCC.UKY.EDU Mon Oct 10 00:33:43 1994


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Re: Was Blake FOOLISHLY COCKY err Confident??

chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Mon Oct 10 01:42:53 1994

Ok .. i said i'd do this publically  .."Blake is the MAN"  ..thats even 
sortof shouting.  Out of your ever soo keen wisdom you called many (3+) 
of the songs for Phish on Saturday ..your abilty (for once ...) finally 
showed its true colors ..blahblah

but  ..what was this about callingthis weekends dave stuff within 3 songs 
andin order?? huh huh?? did you  ..what did ben say new song? and return 
of jane song ? whaddoya say to that?

I'd say its hard to wear cocky and look good.

cheers blake  ..and the rest of yall ..well to all goodnight (as I skip 
out on work for sleep.lovely lovely SLEEP!)

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Providence Show

@uvmvm.uvm.edu:PMEA8678@URIACC.URI.EDU Mon Oct 10 03:59:04 1994

I just got back from the Providence show so pardon me if I'm a
bit incoherent.(It's 3:40 a.m.) I'll have to say that this show
put me right on my ass. After hearing the set from last night
I was very unhappy with the first couple tunes,but after that
things started to get crazy. Anyway,here's the set.

Seek Up
Dancing Nancies(Could I have been lost somewhere in Providence)
Song that Jane Likes
Satellite(Bathroom Break)
Get In Line (new tune,Everyone ended up doing something)
Best Of What's Around
Jimi Thing (10 minutes at least)
Rhyme and Reason(intense)
Cry Freedom Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What Would You Say
1 sweet world(began w/ Dave singing opening line,1 sweet world)
Ants Marching
Tripping Billies

Although the last few were pretty common,there was intensity that I can't
explain.For example,when Dave stepped back and let the crowd sing
"People In Every Direction" or the smooth minaretstypical transition
that left me speechless.

Sorry for the length but I thought this might be of interest.
P.S.Got the adress and phone # of the first dude to plug in.(DAT)

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Re: Providence Show

grayp@pinn.net Mon Oct 10 08:04:14 1994

 Get In Line (new tune,Everyone ended up doing something)


 Cry Freedom Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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tickets over the phone

MOOREC@engr.engr.scarolina.edu Mon Oct 10 09:24:25 1994

I went to sleep at four this morning, got up at eight and drove three
hours to Athens to get tickets.  When I got there I waited for over
an hour in line(it rained a little).  Then it sold out when I was
about 20 feet from the door. I then drove back home, it took three
hours and a half hours(I got lost).  I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm
bitching, but I just can't understand why they couldn't sell tickets
over the phone.  It makes it kind of hard to follow a band when you
have to drive to where they are playing twice.  Anyway if anybody has
an extra I'd really appreciate you letting me know.

P.S.  To all of you guys who got your friends to stand in line so
that you could get extra tickets to scalp for three times what they

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Re: Providence Show

jcrother Mon Oct 10 09:31:06 1994

 Dancing Nancies(Could I have been lost somewhere in Providence)

Here's a new one for you Rick.

 Song that Jane Likes

Good to see her back.

 Get In Line (new tune,Everyone ended up doing something)

Hurrah.  Are the words coherent?

 Jimi Thing (10 minutes at least)
 Rhyme and Reason(intense)

a nice package.

 Cry Freedom Cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ohh Boy.  This was the last one I expected.


My friend is psyched-one of his favs and  he was there.


of course. 


It seems that Dave and the boys still have it in them.  Hope it 
continues.  At least until Northhampton. :)

alex crothers

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DMB in Pittsburgh

vader@wam.umd.edu Mon Oct 10 09:31:54 1994

I saw the show in Pittsburgh.  It was great, even though the set wasn't 
very long.  Rusted Root was good too.  Anyways, I've got a copy if anyone 
is interested in trading.


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free BHT in Charleston

SHERWOODS@urvax.urich.edu Mon Oct 10 09:50:54 1994

Could somebody out there verify this, that the BHT show in Charleston
on OCT. 16th is for free. Write back with details. Thanks.

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oxford show

MCGLJ@vax.rhodes.edu Mon Oct 10 12:27:46 1994

hello everybody--
i'm new to the list, so this is my first post.
i was wondering if anyone has information on the show in Oxford, 
Mississippi on Wed, Oct 19.  is it all ages?  how should i get 
tickets?  what's the likelihood of it being sold out?
if anyone can answer any of these i would appreciate it.  i 
really need to see Dave there--it's been a while since my last 

lorin mcguire

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Athens show

jparnes@unix.cc.emory.edu Mon Oct 10 13:03:40 1994

October 14 I would really appreciate them helping me out.  It's been a 
while since I've seen Dave and to my surprise tickets sold out within a 
few hours after going on sale.  People were already scalping them for 
$50.00 while I dejectedly walked back to my car to drive back to 
Atlanta!  Once again, anybody with tickets or info on how to get some, 
please e-mail me.  Thanks.


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Where's Boyd?

toolemd@duc.auburn.edu Mon Oct 10 13:13:07 1994

Where did Boyd go?
new album?  It seems as though he has been turned into a background 
sound.  Thank God he's still upfront and loud on the road. I guess I'm 
just trying to relive the old "Boyd Tinsley Band" days.  Remember?

stickers Seattle show,(with a bunch of balding RCA exec's) I'm very 
interested in getting a copy.  Also, if there's a tape floating around of 
the August Birchmere, Alexandria solo Dave(w/Tim) show, I'm looking for that 
one too.  I have some tapes dated back a few years so drop me a line for 
a trade.

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DMB in Ann Arbor

karlv@engin.umich.edu Mon Oct 10 13:22:59 1994

Wow, did DMB get huge out here. Their show at the Blind Pig was hardly 
even advertised and it has just sold out three weeks in advance. UTTAD 
sits at #5 on the Tower Records Top 25, well above BT, GSW and numerous
other new releases. So, my real question here is who has an extra ticket
to the Blind Pig show since I was too lazy to buy one so early?

Thanks in advance (hopefully),


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Dave article in CMJ

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Mon Oct 10 14:28:05 1994

Well here's some more proof that Dave is moving up in the music world
I work for the radio station here at W&L and we get a weekly mag called 
the CMJ New Music Report. On this weeks cover there is a small picture 

"While the buzz on the Dave Matthews Band grows from its reputation as a 
captivating live act, UTTAD proves the band is capable of making engaging 
music on record as well. With the help of producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, 
XTC, Peter Gabriel), DMB fashions a crafty melange of styles defying 
categorization, yet dedicated to the groove. Matthews' voice is an 
amazing instrument, easily adaptable to the variety of striking melodies 
and moods created by the top-notch players in his band. It's tough to 
pick highlights among the 12 tracks here, but the funky "What Would You 
Say" with Blues Traveller's John Popper guesting on harmonica, the 
unusual rythms of "Rhyme & Reason", the melding of saxophone and fiddle 
on "Ants Marching" and the lilting "Satellite" are the most radio 
friendly out of the box"
CMJ 10.10.94

Recently is also number 136 in the top 150 and UTTAD is number 9 out of 
top 20 Adventure Picks..

Just thought y'all might like to hear this...

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	it won't give up it wants me dead				|
|	goddamn this noise inside my head     nin			|
|									|
|     _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/					|
|    _/        _/    _/  _/    _/					|
|   _/        _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/						|
|  _/        _/    _/  _/    _/						|
| _/_/_/_/  _/    _/  _/_/_/_/  					|
|									|
|v3.3									|


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BLBLALOC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Oct 10 16:20:29 1994

Cry Freedom Cry?
thing  ?  

it's good to see it back.  i'm glad someone jogged dave's memory...i just hope
it's not a one thing in a moon time --

any more information on the new one?  mellow, no, lyrics, phrases, jams?


it's good to see a big man dance

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boyd t. band date@

cag6u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Mon Oct 10 16:38:58 1994

I have a soundboard master of the last Boyd Tinsley Band show and
have no idea  what the date of the show  was.  It was from Trax,
can anyone help?
thanks, chad.

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Oct. 25th TBA

n_taylor@storm.simpson.edu Mon Oct 10 17:53:35 1994

town.  Earlier this year I received my 1st taste of the DMB phenom. at an 
ALTERNATIVE/PUNK bar in Des Moines, IA.  I was one of 30-40 people in the bar 
that night (just by luck).  Anyway, it was a outstanding show of about 45min 
of this month there is a TBA.  Rumors have been passed amongst the local DMB 
fans that that the TBA is going to turn out to be in Iowa City, IA. at, I 
think, either the Union or the Fieldhouse.  So I ask can anyone reading this 
confirm my hopful thinking.  If it isn't going to be in I.C. I'd still like to 
know where it will be held.  In addition, I've got the boot to the above show 
if anyone is interested in a short 1-sider.

--Auf wiedersehen

--Nate     	n_taylor@Storm.simpson.edu

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for those of you patiently waiting for the faq for the past two months

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Oct 10 17:54:20 1994

if anyone has requested that faq in the past month or two and has
not recieved it due to the fact that i let it get so outdated, i'm
going to let you have it by posting it (i know i've said this three
times in as many days....bear with me).

if you want your own personal copy, then please request it again.
i'll be posting it tonight around 10 or so, in hopes that net traffic
will be down and it will not be surrounded by other information.

also, it will be broken in half, so that it can be processed faster.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Blue Screen Show Setlist 10/10

chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu Mon Oct 10 19:11:57 1994

Hey everyone,

The Blue Screen Show w/ Chico and Wisk, 2-3:30 Sunday Nights/Monday Mornings
89.3 WNUR-FM, Evanston-Chicago

**Wanted Guyuute** I'd love to play it, love to trade for it, but it must
be HQ (that's what the listeners deserve!)

ok, without further adieu..


"Brazil Theme"   ............Brazil Soundtrack
"Martyr"(underneathe opening)Rusted Root, "Cruel Sun"
"Split Open & Melt"..........Phish, 7/9/94 Great Woods
"Trina Magna"................Blues Traveler 5/12/94 Milwaukkee WI
Dave Matthews' Interpretation of the Blue Screen--
"Recently"...................DMB 4/5/94 GA Theater, Athens 
"Gloria".....................Ritz Power Jam 2/5/93 (w/ Popper, Haynes, Trey...)
"Letter To Jimmy Page"--"David Bowie"........Phish 7/15/94 Jones Beach
"Do the Boogie"..............Leftover Salmon 6/28/94 Boulder CO
"Big House Blues"............Ren & Stimpy

Next week, with some luck...GUYUUTE!!!!

/ \


|Brian Lipman chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu    ( @    @ )   ---------------- |
|Northwestern University                   {    !     }  |  BL   SCR    | |
|Bobb Hall #107, 2305 Sheridan Road         ( \    / )   |    UE   EEN  | |
|Evanston, IL 60201                          ( \__/ )    ---------------- |
|Ladies and Gentleman...On Drums..Mr. Ernest Giussepe Anastasio!-Henrietta|


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From Good Homes

x51558h3@usma13.USMA.EDU Mon Oct 10 20:09:56 1994

whats up,

Can anyone give me the number for From Good Homes' record label so I can call
them and get myself a copy.


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i little ploy to get a song played...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Oct 10 20:46:06 1994

kinda neat how cry freedom was played merely two days after it was 
mentioned on the net.  now i have to go change the faq, and i haven't
even posted it yet.

so let's see if someone important is paying attention (we've been
told a couple of times that they are, haven't we?)

so how's about a drive in, drive out or so much to say?

(here's hopin'....)
"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Oct 10 20:54:37 1994

This file is being compiled by Rick Thompson stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu,
with the gracious help of ellis of lemuria, Alex Crothers, and Gregg 
Carrier, and, of course, everyone on minarets.net.  If you are a Phish 
netter, you may notice striking similarities in the structure of this 
file, and you may even notice that half of it is exactly the same.  
That's mine and ellis's fault.  

If you have a question and it isn't answered here, then ask me.  I may not
be able to answer it, but i know people who can, and i'll be able to get it
answered here.

This file last revised on 10-11-94.

A2b.  What is the Warehouse?
A3. What bands related to the Dave Matthews Band have there own listservs?

B1. Who is the Dave Matthews Band?
B2. Equipment?
B4. Tim Reynolds
B5. Miguel Valdez

C1. CD's by the Dave Matthews band
C2. #34
C3. #36
C5. Halloween
C6. Tripping Billies
C7. What songs does the band cover?
C8. How come they don't play insert song title here anymore?
**Sections D & E are borrowed from the Phish.faq.file with permission.**
**Please see the note at the beginning of section D.                  **
E4: PATCHING IN etiquette (needs to be answered!!)
E5: DCC and DAT compared and considered
The First Question
Is this file as complete as it could be?
The answer is a resounding NO.
This particular question is date specific to the Oct 94 posting of the faq,
and is intended to point out that the faq is still in a state of flux as
the net has grown to immense proportions in the past two months.  i 
encourage all members of the net to proofread this faq as diligently as you
want, and to let me know where you think answers could use improvement,
and what questions should be answered.
Alex and i will be working over the next few months to make this file as
overwhelmingly informative as possible, so be on the lookout around the
beginning of the year for a new and improved, glittering frequently asked
questions file.
Information we could particularly use is detailed information on the setup
of the archive site at the Phish.net computer at Brown, as well as a little
detail on what World Wide Web is, because i have no clue.  Seeing as i wrote
to of the most important files for this net, as well as knowing all file
administrators personally, i've never had a need to go galloping off across
the internet to find these files.
So have fun picking me to peices.  I slapped this version of the file 
together in about two hours on a Sunday night in early October, so it's
probably just full of glaring mistakes.  (I'm not even sure if all of 
question numbers in the outline match up to the actual question numbers
A-1. What is Minarets.Net and how do I subscribe?

Minarets.Net was initially started by Alex Crothers
with the help of Ellis of Lemuria and Eric Budke.  The name of the
Net comes from a song on the bands first cd, Remember Two Things,
and was suggested by Ellis. Originally Sreaming from the Minarets,
the band shorten the name of the song to Minarets.  So the name of
the Net went from Sreaming_From_The_Minarets.Net to Minarets.Net.
I guess we all got lucky.

This Net is somewhat different than other musical nets that you may be
familiar with.  To begin with it is not automatically digestified (see
below) so whenever you send a message to Minarets it gets sent to all
the subscribers immediately.  Another aspect of this net that is different
than other nets is in the way you subscribe/unsubscribe.

This is a list of commands that may be useful in the future.
let me know if you have any questions, problems, or toothpaste?
Send these commands to listproc@moose.uvm.edu as the first line in the
body of your e-mail message. In the examples below.....

These are some commands that your not as likely to use, but just in case

**-subscribing and digestifying can be done at the same time.  just

A-2.  What files are available pertaining to this net and the band?

The Warehouse is minarets.net's setlist file.  The file is being put 
together by Blake Campbell cambp_c@cs.odu.edu, and is currently not
well enough established to really be available for your perusal.  i'm
sure when it's done, though, he will post it, and then everyone will know.

A-3:  What other listservs are there?
The following bands have their own listservs.  To get a complete list
of instructions on how to get on any one of them, send a note to our
illustrious leader, Alex Crothers jcrother@moose.uvm.edu and he'll
be glad to set you up with a complete list of all of these band's 

Allman Bros. Band
Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Blues Traveler
The Hatters (fomally known as the Mad Hatters)
God Street Wine
Mystery Jones
Rusted Root
Soul Hat
Spin Doctors
Widespread Panic
B-1. Who is the Dave Matthews Band?

of five musicians to create a uniquely compelling pop sound that combines
the influences of folk, jazz, rock, world beat, and reggae.
emble the players in 1991 to accompany him on a demo tape of original 
songs.  Then a bartender at a Charlottesville, Va. jazz venue, Matthews
says he aimed high, approaching the musicians he respected most.
out.  The trio then approached Stefan Lessard, who at 16, was already an
accomplished upright bass player, about playing electric bass guitar for
the band.  When one of the tunes seemed to need violin, they enlisted
the string expertise of Boyd Tinsley, and a band was born.
who is the band's cheif songwriter.  "It's pop music with a pretty posi-
tive message.  I hope it's accessible to everyone."
strong individuals, each with his own interpretation of a given song.  His 
band member agree.  "We take a lot of different influences and and make 
something new out of them by playing each song the best that we can play
it,"  LeRoi Moore says.  It is this belnd of influences that creates the
band's rich texture.

:   Dave Matthews (vocals, guitar)  is a self-taught, lifelong lover of 
music who left his native South Africa as a young child, returning ther
as a teenager after living in the United States and England.  He credits
and classical.  Matthews draws from the folk traditions of many cultures
from around the globe, finding common themes among their complex rhythms.
For him, making music is about bringing people together, "lifting spirits."
than separate them."

:    Carter Beauford (drums) was born to play music.  The son of a jazz
trumpet player, he is himself a renowned musician, and has appeared regu-
larly on Black Entertainment Television's  "BET on Jazz with Ramsey Lewis."
"I was raised on jazz," says Beauford, whose jazz influence is evident in 
the makeup of the Dave Matthews Band.  "Except for Stefan's bass guitar, 
we're an acoustic band," he says.  "That comes from the early days of jazz,
and from the classical influence too."  The result is a multitextured
sound that offers new challenges to Beauford and the other band members.
"There are so many different elements in our music," he says.  "You really
can't put a lable on it, and that's why I love it so much." 

:    Stefan Lessard (bass guitar) is a musician whose age belies his talent.
An upright bass player who has played clubs since the age of 15, he was 
tapped by Matthews who "just had a feeling about him, his spirit, his sense
but his band members say it's talent, not luck, that has brought him so far
so soon.  "The best thing about this band," Lessard says, "is that you get
this potpourri of different styles."

:    LeRoi Moore (saxophone, et al) and Carter have been jazz compatriots 
for years, playing together at paying gigs and informal jam sessions.  
"Jazz is probably my main influence," admits Moore, who also has classical
training.  "But at this stage I don't really consider myself a jazz mu-
sician."  For him, the Dave Matthews Band remains a challenge because
there is room to explore, to respond to the expressions of the other four
players.  "I have plenty of space to improvise, to try new ideas," says
Moore, whom Matthews credits with arranging many of the songs he writes.
"It's almost better than a jazz gig."

:    Boyd Tinsley (violin, vocals) finds it strange sometimes that he 
abandonedthe reserved precision of classical violin for the spontaneity of
contemporary musical performance.  "This was an area that I hadn't explored
before," says Tinsley, who has been playing popular music since 1985.  
"When I'm really into the music, my whole body, my whole soul is into it."
The band's diverse roots are a great asset, Tinsley says.  "We're very Am-
erican, as Dave says.  Jazz, fiddle-style, rock, it's almost a melting pot
of American music."  The best thing, though, he says, is how much it matters
to the audience, and to the players.  "People are drawn to it," he says. 
"There's passion here."

B-2.  What kind of equipment does the band use?

In regards to equipment, Dave uses a Gibson SST Chet Atkins signature
model.  Boyd uses the GK to power two 12" Mesa/Boogie speakers enclosed in
one 1x12 cab with a metal grate, sometimes called RoadReady but I don't
think that this is the type here (you can tell by the covering of the cab
itself).  Boyd also uses a Boss pedal for reverb, don't know the model
number other than it is a digital reverb, grey , with blue knobs.  As for
the bassist, he uses a Warwick bass, very nice if you know basses, I
think, for example, that I've seen his model here in a store in Nashville
for $3000+.  And that's only a 4-string.  The more strings, the more
money, but that doesn't matter because he only has 4.  Anyway, As for his
rack, I didn't really notice anything there important other than I know
that his cabs are SWR and am guessing that his bass power amplifier and
preamp are the same brand.  This is also VERY high-end stuff.  I think
that Carter uses DW pedals, but don't know about that.  Cymbal brands can
be seen.  Have no idea about the saxes or violin.  That's all I got for
that stuff.

At the cd release party for Under the Table and Dreaming on Sept 27th,
Carter showed up with a new drum set.  If anyone knows any specifics,
please send me the info--rick.

when the Dave Matthews Band originally got together in early 1992, they
had a keyboard player by the name of Peter Griesar.  Peter also played
harmonica on So Much to Day, What Would You Say, and some of the earliest
versions of Screaming From the Minarets.
nobody has asked Peter for sure as to why he decided to leave the band,
but dave has informed us that it was a decision made under the most 
amiable circumstances.  Dave also told us that peter had just gotten
a little too tired of the touring schedule.  i suppose asking Peter would
be the best thing, but he's not very easy to find.
B-4: Who is Tim Reynolds?
As many of you know, Tim Reynolds is credited with playing on four songs
on Remember Two Things, as well as the entirety of Under the Table and
Dreaming.  So who is he?  He's pretty much just a freind of Dave's from
Charlottesville.  Tim has been playing guitar for longer than some of us
on this net have been alive, and Dave really has taken a liking for Tim's
ability to spice up his (Dave's, that is) music.

Dave and Tim have also done acoustic shows together.  There's several
of them out there, and by the next time this is revised, i should have
a listing of all of them.  At this point, the only shows that come to my
mind are 11-29-93 at James Madison University and 12-12-93 at The Movie
Palace in Charlottesville.  There's also the Birchmere show that is 
highlighted on the Recently ep, but i'm not positive of the date on that.
i know it's sometime in February of 1993.  Check your copy of Recently :).

Also to note are a few shows where Tim plugged in his electric guitar and
sat in with the band.  These include the Miguel Valdez benefit show (see
question #B5) and 12-10-93 and 12-11-93 {i'm not postive that these dates
are right, either}.

Tim has a couple of cd's available, and is currently heading up the C-ville
band known as TR3.  Keep and eye out.
B-5:  Who is Miguel Valdez?
The specifics to this question are a bit beyond me at this point, but i'll
work on getting a definitive answer.  Miguel Valdez was a percussionist 
from the Charlottesville area who used to make frequent stops to the Dave
Matthews stage with a rather elaborate set of bongos.  In early 1993, however
Miguel died.  This is where the specifics seem to elude me.  I don't really
know much else.  If you do, please let me know.
B-6: Who are some of these other regulars jammin with the band?

it's a very unique instrument with a very unique sound.  
His most prominent work with the band are the touches he added to
the studio recording of "Seek Up" on the cd "Remember Two Things",
but he also played with the band the week of July 7th, 1993, when
Stefan cut his hand and was unable to perform.  He was also the
guest performer between sets at TRAX on 9-7-93.

He plays a bass that stands up on end (like a regular acoustic bass
you'd see in a classy jazz band or an orchestra or something).  However, it's
much more thin and, as I recall, it had 8 strings.  4 of the strings seemed
to be low strings and probably in the same arrangement as a bass (E, A, D,
G).  Then there were 4 strings on the other side that were an octave higher.
The amazing thing is that he plays both sets of strings at the same time by
fretting the strings really hard.  The sound is really rich and the man can
really jam by himself.  


I was lucky  enough to catch him at Trax on 9/7/93.  He played for 
about a half hour between DMB sets and was fantastic.  It was truly 
amazing to watch him play the Chapman Stick and I would strongly 
encourage anyone to check him out if you get the chance sometime.  
At this show he also played with a drummer, Johnny Newman, I think 
was his name and they meshed well.  Supposedly Newman has played 
with DMB too.  Anyone know anything about this?  Anyway, after the 
show I bought Greg Howard's Cd which they were selling at the show.
Its super and I would highly recommend it.  You might have difficulty
finding it in local record stores but here's the adress they give on 
the cd sleeve.   Espresso

The title of the cd is "Stick Figures"


guy's flute work out.  He played at TRAX, 11-2-93 and really gave
Warehouse a nice touch, as well as giving some of the body which
Lover Lay Down lost when Peter left the band.

On the flute...Richard Harding is his name and he's a really nice guy.  I saw
him at my first DMB show a little over a year ago, but Tuesday was the first
time I met him.  He also like to play with various bands out in his
residence of California, so if your on the west coast, keep an eye out.


from members of Indecision, as well as with C-ville All Stars, which
you may know to usually include Leroi, Boyd, and Carter.  When Kristin
sits in with DMB, you can usually expect to hear a kick ass Angel From

Alma Madre.  He plays Hammond organ, and he plays it well.  That's 
all we know at this point, so if you want to plug him any, send me (rick) 
a note.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Re: New DAT Format Question

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Oct 10 20:55:56 1994

C-1: What cd's are available by the Dave Matthews Band?
the band put out it's first cd on Nov 9, 1993 entitled Remember Two 

Ants Marching/Tripping Billies/Recently/Satellite/One Sweet World/The Song
That Jane Likes/Minarets/Seek Up/I'll Back You Up/Christmas Song.

The only studio cuts on this cd were Minarets and Seek Up.  The rest were
recorded live at TRAX in Charlottesville, the Flood Zone in Richmond, and
The Muse in Nantucket, RI.  The cd was produced by John Alagia (who also
has a musical act of his own called Derryberry and Alagia, and can be seen
in the DC area).
Tim Reynolds can be heard on Minarets, Seek Up, I'll Back You Up, and 
Christmas Song, and Greg Howard can be heard on Minarets.

Recently (radio edit)
Warehouse (acoustic, recorded live at the Birchmere)
Dancing Nancies (same)
All Along the Watchtower (recorded live at TRAX on 2-22-94)
Halloween (same)

To the best of my knowledge, this cd is still available through bama rags

On Sep 27, 1994, the band put out its first major label release (RCA), 
Best of What's Around/What Would You Say/Satellite/Rhyme and Reason/
Typical Situation/Dancing Nancies/Ants Marching/Lover Lay Down/Jimithing/
Warehouse/Pay for What You Get/#34

you can hear Tim Reynolds on each and every one of these songs.  The 
reason behind the repitition of Satellite and Ants Marching on both
full length cd's remains a mystery to the entirety of Minarets.net.

-If your local store doesn't know about DMB, you can order the disk and/or
poster directly from Bama Rags Records at (804) 979-9695. However, it will be
much appreciated (even if you order direct) if you'll tell your local stores
about the band and ask them to get some copies to sell. They can call Bama
Rags directly to do so.

C-2. #34
#34 is a very beautiful, very laid back ballad that seems very reminescent
to Satellite.  Dave wrote the song in memory of Miguel Valdez who used to
jam with the band on a regular basis.  Miguel, who was a member of Afrikan
Drum Fest, died in the spring or early summer of 1993. (see q. B5)
C-3. #36
#36 is a total funkin' jam fest.  It's about a slain South African member
of the anti-apartheid movement by the name of Chris Hani.  No two versions
of the song are alike, and Dave seems particularly fond of the song.  He
also really likes to see his audience groove to this song, so be prepared
to dance.
Here are some of the more provacative and interesting introduction
"Could I have been... the king of diarhea?"  
"Could I have been... mugged somewhere in Norfolk?"

could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... a taxi driver and washing (in washing[ton]?)
could i have been... lost in the big bad city
could i have been... your little brother
could i have been... anyone other than me?

could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... a millionaire somewhere
could i have been... lost in a crowd of a thousand
could i have been... your little sister

from Rich Prisinzano
hey just thought i would post what i have so far in the what dave could have
been category....... i know there has to be more out there....

a parking lot attendant
his little brother...
a policeman Va. Beach.....
mugged somewhere in Norfolk (while playing in Va. Beach, Norfolk area)
the president with diarrea...
your little sister....
doctor, spreading good....
wating at your door step...
Caught in public in my underwear???
Bartending at Millers???
Oh so embarrassed???
A millionaire in Bel Aire
grease man from richmond
a whore, give my your money, your money
could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... taxi driver and washing (confusing line...
could i have been... lost in the big bad city
could i have been... anyone other than me
"could I have been, a born-again Christian...could I have been, oh, they're
all pain-in-the-asses..."

at providence, RI, oct 10, 1994:
could i have been, lost somewhere in providence
C-5.  Halloween?
The question mark is a key factor here.  Everyone has a different 
a love song.  But it also seems to be a hate song.  
According to Chris Tetselli of Red Light Management, the 
Make your own guesses....or maybe just zone into the music and enjoy.
C-6: What's Tripping Billies all about?
Dave has described during a couple of shows that Tripping Billies is
about a late evening on a South Afican beach.  Turns out that Dave had
done a little too much of a particular substance that's controlled here
in the U.S. (and in South Africa, i suppose) and was lying out on the
beach on a beach towel.  When a police officer (referred to as billies
in some english speaking countries such as Australia and England) 
approached Dave, he handed the towel over to the officer with the mistaken
impression that he was handing a loaded gun over to the officer.  

Didn't yer mom ever tell you to stay away from drugs?? :):):):)
C-7.  What songs have the band covered?
This is the current list of the songs that the band has covered
All Along the Watchtower    Jimi Hendrix
2001/dueling banjos jam (always as an intro to Ants Marching)
Angel From Montgomery       John Prine
The Redemption Song         Bob Marley
Exodus                      Bob Marley
Nature                      The Samples
The Eyes of the Maker       Daniel Lanois  (hasn't been done since Peter left)
Me & Julio                  Paul Simon
Sweet Home Alabama          Lynyrd Skynyrd (also an Ants Marching intro)
Sympathy for the Devil      Stones
Tangerine                   Zeppelin

C-8: how come they don't play ? anymore?
this rather obscure song was written by former keyboardist Peter 
Griesar (q. B3), and when he left, Dave didn't feel appropriate
playing the song anymore.  Dave has, however, said that he would
like to see the song appear on a cd someday.
consensus has it that this song lost so much with Peter's exit that
Dave found problems playing it, too.  It had fairly extensive keys
in the chorus and was usually introduced with a fairly rippin' harmonica
solo by Peter.
This, believe it or not, is one of Dave's favorite tunes.  He's kind of
saving it, as far as i know, for when he's really worked it out into
a song that he's proud of.

*   This section was graciously donated by Ellis of Lemuria from          *
*   the Phish FAQ.file.  Any references to the 'net' within this          *
*   section are specifically referring to Phish.net, but apply to         *
*   Minarets net as well.  Any material that is Phish specific            *
*   within this section of the Phish FAQ.file has been deleted            *
*   for our purposes here, and has been noted as such.  Any               *
*   material added by Rick is noted by {squiggle brackets}.               *

E4: PATCHING IN etiquette (needs to be answered!!)
E5: DCC and DAT compared and considered
abbreviations, dubbing, dolby & dbx.
For the most part, The Dave Matthews Band is very receptive to
taping.  The general way to go about it at this point is to
walk to the front door of the venue and ask permission.  Usually
you will be allowed to, but it's best to arrive early to avoid being
shut out by a preponderance of tapers.  A member of the net was once
promised by the band's soundman that there would always be a sbd feed
of some sort available, but there's no telling whether or not RCA is
going to override this promise.

-a tape deck (duh.)
-you might need an extension cord
-if you have power strip, bring it too
-patch cables
-at least three to four hours of blank tapes.  shows may not last this
-a pencil and pad
-a pocket flashlight

and most importantly, GET THERE EARLY!!!!!!
{In Phish.faq.file, this questions serves the purpose of      }
{telling what really great show are on tape, and circulating. }
{With the current status of DMB tapes being very vague, this  }
{question is currently unanswered.  If you can suggest a      }
{specific show to add to this list, send to Rick Thompson     }
{stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu.                               }
Some particular shows to keep an eye out for are van Ryper's 92,
11-17-92/TRAX, 3-23-93/TRAX, and 10-26-93/TRAX.

Blake Campbell is currently working on the Warehouse, which will
serve as the minarets.net's setlist file.  someone also volunteered
recently to put together a file specifically geered towards answering 
this question.

|From Lee Silverman  ST101137@brownvm.brown.edu:  A Tape Tree is
a way of distributing a popular tape to a large number of people.
copies of a tape, everyone gets their tapes faster & there's much
less work involved for the owner of the tapes.
So I post to the net, saying that I'm running a tree.  In that
post I include a form for people to fill out & send back to me.
(most  of the info on these forms gets used, so always fill out
the whole thing) After about a week of waiting, I compile all the
replies into a "tree," where I arrange to make copies for 5 or so
people. Each of those 5 people is given a list of 5 other people
whom they are to make tapes for.  Each of them makes copies for 5
people, & so on depending on how big the tree is.
with the best taping equipment, so the tapes lose less of their
sound quality.  If you are on a tree you have one or two
everyone).  You do this by either sending blanks to, or trading
with, the person above you.  (Whether you send blanks or trade
generally has little to do with your placement within the tree).
The second responsibility you *may* have will be to copy the
tapes for a certain number of other people.  They may either
trade with you or just send blanks.  At that point your role in
the tree has been fulfilled.
Pandion@Brown.edu for some suggestions.

{Phish specific material deleted}

slackers on the net; expect that there may some problems, and
that no tree will run perfectly smoothly, then be ready to patch
lost branches to parents with a small burden.  2) Try to make
your tree run well anyway, to preserve netiquette and tape
quality, not to mention trust and credibility of and on the net
process. Lee and Ellis are willing to give suggestions, at least,
if not administrative help.  3) Running a tree does involve some
time, not only to create the tree -- which itself could involve
assimilation and organization of a hundred or more names and
addresses, and being sure that those addresses and the tree links
get hooked to the right people -- but to make tapes for the
branches, settle any problems that arise, deal with orphaned
leaves, etc.  Remember, there is a difference between the person
administrating, the person rooting, and the person seeding the
tree. 4) The tree administrator is not the only person with
responsibilities; as Lee said, everyone on the tree is
responsible for his sections, and may at some point be asked to
help out with stragglers, orphans, and late comers; there is no
pressure, but there will be requests.  5) If you have a great
tape(s) but not the experience, time, understanding, or interets
to run a tree, you could ROOT your tapes to someone who IS ready
to run the tree.  Just post a note to the net (mail to
phish@phish.net) with the subject "Need Adm for date tree".
with what you have (which assumes that you have more than a
handful of boots) & to make it easier to let others see what you
have (which assumes that you might one day be interested in
trading for other tapes.)  That is, even if you dont think one of
these items is useful to have on your list, you ought to at least
be able to give the relevant info on any particular tape.
generation determination); Ellis tried very hard to find one.
BTW, number gens how you want & be prepared to explain your
standarization; there is no *right* answer.  But, important info
location of venue, source (FM broadcast, audience, soundboard,
monitor feed, suzy-Q, studio, board remix), generation (you
define!), whether the original was digital, whether your copy is
on metal, whether your copy has been dolby-ized, some form of
grading (try A, B, C; + or - for hiss & noise; try to be strict,
it'll come to you), & any other comments (eg first {Granny}, only
show with {an acoustic Tripping Billies, etc).
quality and performance quality. You may want two systems, both
numbered, both lettered, one letters and the other suffixes
(+,-,=,*,etc) or whatever works for you. Just be sure that you
know what it is and that you can decipher it for anyone who asks.

{Phish specific material deleted}

You dub a tape & pay for postage; someone else does the same.
(or, you might just send blanks; see D4 and D4C). The two of you
discuss quality, length, choices, whatever you want beforehand, &
mail to each other.  This is the way that most tapes get spread
out across the globe, though most tapes made are probably the
dubs off of trades.  One netter who currently has 160hrs, for
instance, got 140 of those hours by net trade.
| 1993
| What's the best way to go about setting up trades with other
| net.phish heads?
or respond to discussion of tapes (but see below), but you can
also just talk with folks about their favorite songs and versions
and shows, on email or irc or the phone or in lots at shows, and
eventually you'll run into the knowledge of someone's having
something you want. thats much better than just copying
everything you can get your hands on.
| I've arranged a half-dozen or so trades mostly by responding to
| posted grovels, but how do the "old-timers" in this group go
| about it?
through the net and just get in contact every now and then to
trade lists again. keep track of with whom you trade and check in
with them again in 4, 6, or 8 months. You'll be surprised!
| Do you just pick out somebody at random and send them mail
| soliciting a trade?  That seems almost rude, but how do you
| run into more experienced folks with big tapelists other than
| through pure chance?  Picking up specific shows seems as easy
| as waiting for somebody to mention that they have it, or
| posting a specific request, but what if I just want more live
| {DMB} in general?
it's old, very recent, rare, or good quality... actually, with
just about any tape given the current size of the net, there are
bound to be many others doing the same thing.  If every mention
of a tape gets mail responses of 30 requests for that tape, the
net is going to see a HUGE loss of discussions of tapes people
have. That is, if netiquette cant keep up with growth of the net,
the net is going to experience some qualitative losses.
than a general "can I have it" question. Send your list with a
few suggestions at the top; dont just suggest something, cause if
the person has it, he may ignore your request. Dont expect an
answer immediately, and BY ALL MEANS dont hound for an answer;
even that takes time. It may not happen the same day or week; may
take two weeks, but after that you should try again or forget it.
Sometimes, it seems hard to get something from nothing, but
you've got a few things going for you. First of all, the
generosity of folks on the net.  Watch the net for periodic
"beginner tape offers" and "reverse tape grovels." Details
relevant to each are usually explained with the posting. It might
involve trading, but will probably just require you to send money
or blanks and postage. There's also the possibility to be a leaf
on a tree even if you dont have tapes; in fact, that's a great
place to be on a tree!
And, hey! If you have many tapes (over 50? 100!? 200!?!) post a
message and offer this service to the first five, ten, or fifteen
folks that respond. Have them send you blanks and tape some of
your best for them! You'll be glad you did!

{Phish specific material deleted}


In general netiquette trading terms, the following seem
unless you've agreed otherwise. Don't use dolby unless you've
agreed otherwise (since it cant be undone). Write on the back of
the cassette labels slip unless you've mentioned or asked about
writing on the J-cards. Knock out tabs after recording.  And
REUSE YOUR MAILING ENVELOPES!! Them suckers take up landfill
space like... well... something voluminous!

{*****DUE to the technicality of sections E-1 through E-4 of the     }
{     Phish.FAQ, I've decided not to include it here.  If you are    }
{     interested in learning more about this topic(levels, azimuth   }
{     adjustment, and dolby specifics), the Phish.FAQ can be         }
{     requested at phish-archives@phish.net                          }
{                                   -Rick                            }

{Question E-4 is a more or less Phish specific question, but the     }
{ethics of the question do apply to taping the Dave Matthews Band.   }
{Please send your answers/suggestions directly to                    }
{Ellis of Lemuria, jeg5s@virginia.edu.                               }

E-4: PATCHING IN etiquette (not answered yet)
We need input from tapers (to jeg5s@virginia.edu) to construct an
answer to this.  I realize that there are enormous demands, and
far too little thanks, laid at the feet of tapers, but I also
realize that many of them, at one time or another, have only been
able to patch in. So... what's ok?
|I'm considering the purchase of a DAT deck to tape at Phish and
|other shows, now that I've realized how fun it is to have live
|music around the house.  What's the etiquette involved in
|patching into somebody else's deck who has a better setup than
|you?  Or into a soundboard?  Is it considered appropriate only to
|patch into somebody that you know, or can you just go up to a
|random taper or soundboard guy and ask him/her if you can patch
|into his stuff?
E-5: DCC and DAT, compared and considered
|       Hey has anybody used or bought the new digital tape
| format type decks?  [some text deleted...]  Does this deck
| sound as good as a DAT?
I think it may be time for a new FAQ entry... :-)
Both DCC (Digital Compact Cassette by Philips) and MD (Mini Disc
by Sony)  use a lossy compression method.  Not all of the
original signal will be retained when making copies onto DCC or
MD.  Whether or not it is audibly noticeable may depend on many
things, such as the compression and decompression algorithms, the
audio equipment, or the listener.  The music is also likely to
deteriorate as it goes through multiple generations.  For a
digital format, I believe that this is totally unacceptable.
Quality of good music should not be sacrificed when not
necessary.  At the moment, DAT is the only format (besides PCM
which is somewhat obsolete now) that allows accurate digital
reproduction at a reasonable price, and I recommend DAT over DCC
or MD.  The prices of DAT decks and tapes are generally
comparable or cheaper than DCC or MD, and either (or both) DCC or
MD will probably die out soon.  As Philips has recently said in a
said that better myself!  Go DAT!!! 
|Are DAT decks soon to be a thing of the past?
Soon?  No- DAT is entrenched in the professional and high-end
consumer market.  Eventually?  Yes- once mass storage technology
drastically improves.  That should take a while though, so don't
put off buying a DAT deck waiting for that...         Jens
A Copyright is claimed by Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard on behalf
of all contributors {of Phish FAQ.file}, the band & fans. This 
collection of diligently assembled & creatively presented info 
may be copied by any means, as long as 1 the file is always 
copied in whole, unchanged, & with this notice; 2 it is not sold 
commercially or used for financial gain. This file may be accessed 
for FREE! with internet access...  D-O N-O-T WASTE YOUR MONEY ! ! !

Many, many thanks going out to Ellis for the permission to use
this material in Minarets.FAQ.


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