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Shannon Worrell

mverspoo@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Nov 3 16:31:04 1994

I know that this is pretty late--There has been a lot of talk about 
Shannon Worrell recently and I just wanted to tell anyone that's 
interested in seeing her tonight (Thursday) at 9 pm and lives close to 
Lexington ...she's at W&L tonight in the university center.  I'll be 
there having a good time and I hope that some of you can make it!!!

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Re: ooh mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind...

jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU Thu Nov 3 16:38:33 1994

 john prine (angel from montgomery) is a folk guitarist who has been 
 around a lot longer than i have.  he's not terribly well known, but 
 then again, he played the richmond classic amphitheatre in 1993, so 
 he's not terribly ignored, either.  i know that saying prine's name
 without saying his stage soulmates name is something of a sin, but
 like i said earlier, my mind is more fucked up than any tripping
 billies, even though i don't trip, so i can't remember right now.
 it's not nanci griffith, is it?
I'm not sure who you mean by soulmate - but Bonnie Raitt had a relatively
big hit with Angel.  On other notes, John Prine is an excellent songwriter
who used to be a mailman in IL.  He got singned durning a wave of record
companies signing folk singers (after the mainstream success of Dylan).
Very similar to the wave of signing bands from Seattle, or Athens.


P.S. anyone know the last time the band played Exodous.  I have one tape
labeled Feb, of 1994 with it, but wondering if it has been played since
then.  I would love to see a Jimi thing - Exodous.


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CASERT66@snycorva.cortland.edu Thu Nov 3 17:07:30 1994

hello out there anybody have any more info about the nye show?  like
the # to call to get tixs? i'm up here in Cortland(by Syracuse) and 
that's my only way to get tixs.  Please help me!! thanks

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dmb & fjb & bmf?

BLBLALOC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Nov 3 17:11:15 1994

dave on mtv?  funfunfun.  more ants to march to a different beat.

i noticed someone mentioned fredd ee jones band.  sometime.  someplace.
they are a nice new band, and SO if anyone out there is interested 
i have 2 shows (90X2).  if you want a copy, drop me a line.  
i'm not trying to waste band with non-dmb info--just trying 
to get good music out and around.

another thing--does anyone know anything about dave's father?
this may seem a little off the wall around the bend (if so, then blame rich ;)
but some of the lyrics to r&r seem to allude to a "paternal inprisonment."
and then of course there is the "go see your daddy. . ."

and one more--i'm a junior and need a major by TOMORROW.  any suggestions?
psychic help preferred.  ..         ..    .

it's good to see a big man dance.

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Shannon plus some Boyd

eje3u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Nov 3 18:06:22 1994

Some more info for those interested.
Truth is Shannon pre-dates Dave by a few years in Charlottesville.  While she
was an undergraduate here she had a band called Paris Match that was just
amazing.  We used to go see her at Trax and at the Mineshaft (back when
C-ville had two band venues, and as a consequence, much better deals on beer)
This was back in at least 1989, and it seemed like they'd make it big.  It
was her and a local guitarist and bass player (who was the handyman at a
friends apartment) and I can't remember who the drummer was.  Anyone out
there remember this? Anyone have any tapes?  To hear her sing Me and Bobby
Mcgee was like heaven.  Those of you who hear her now or have the CD are
missing out, she could totally rip songs ala Janis Joplin and we all loved
her.  I wonder what happened?  
on your tapes Kyle, it is more likely to be Kristin Asbury, who picked up
with alot of bands in town, including the All Stars and Alma Madre.  She's a
whole other story for another time. She sings back up on Shannon's CD.

While I'm on a nostalgic C-ville kick, does anyone have any tapes from the
*Boyd Tinsley Band*? Or Down Boy Down (Boyd's old duet)?  After all it was
Boyd who originally got me to go see this Dave fellow (and probably Boyd that
will keep me coming back)

Eric Edwardson (no sig/more space)

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sbass@vt.edu Thu Nov 3 18:27:49 1994

Boyd was the only one that sang Angel, I only have the one copy of the song
and it is the only time I have heard it by DMB!
the general concencus at least!
playing it again...
STEVEN R. BASS                                        SBASS@VT.EDU
224 NEWMAN HALL                             
BLACKSBURG, VA  24060-0011                            (703) 232-3984


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Re: question about Irving Plaza show

toolemd@duc.auburn.edu Thu Nov 3 19:20:57 1994

  She also (Shannon Worrell) has a disk out on bama rags too.                                          

Her 'Three Wishes' album is on Super Duke Music and was produced by John 
Alagia.  Super Duke says, 
"Three Wishes plays host to an array of guest performerss, including Tim 
Reynolds on guitar, Leroi Moore on sax, and Dave Matthews on vocals." 


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Re: ooh mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind...

toolemd@duc.auburn.edu Thu Nov 3 19:28:45 1994

 P.S. anyone know the last time the band played Exodous.  I have one tape
 labeled Feb, of 1994 with it, but wondering if it has been played since
 then.  I would love to see a Jimi thing - Exodous.

Exodus was played April 27, '94 in Auburn, AL.


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Rick Greenberg, Jimi Thing bass, Tim gets no damn respect

NebuIous@aol.com Thu Nov 3 20:28:40 1994

at this point, i haven't heard it live, and i'm really hoping to see it
next wednesday, but since i haven't seen a serious dave show since feb,

the way things are going, somehow I don't think that will be a problem. :)

But who knows, maybe Europe and the... huh huh... 'kind bud' in Amsterdam has
made them realize what they are truly good at... and playing stock versions
of Best and Satellite aint it.

it was interesting to see that tim wasn't mentioned at all on the flyers
which are now plastered all over the downtown NYC area (esp. in the teens on
the east side).


OH!  The only truly cool thing to come of the 'new' Dave (IMHO of course) is
Steffan's funky-as-shit bassline in Boyd's mini-solo near the beginning.


(everyone compliment me on the new sig. it's clare-approved so you can't
knock it)

just another memo from the cellar,


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dmb in KY

JFDITT00@UKCC.UKY.EDU Thu Nov 3 22:32:59 1994

This might be of interest to anyone in this part of the country. DMB is
supposed to play at the Wrocklage in Lexington, KY sometime within the next
several months. No exact date has been set yet. The Wrocklage is a 21+ bar,
but they might make an exception for this show for all of us youngsters out
here. This would be their first time in KY, so I'm pretty excited. If I hear
anything else about it, I'll let you know.

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Re: the best of the best

allgood@umich.edu Thu Nov 3 22:41:32 1994

Alan scott, is this the famous alan that I met in Nantucket.  If it is 
sweet, he hooked alot of people up in Nantucket with his tapes.  If you 
are out there alan say hi, do you remember me, Kyle the kid with long 
blond hair that was pretty damn nappy.  I tried to get the third night 
from you because mine missed 2 songs.  I rememmber you telling  me about 
all the tapes you had.  Well, I hope all is well, are you going back to 
the island?


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Re: Shannon plus some Boyd

allgood@umich.edu Thu Nov 3 22:48:57 1994

Eric, no I'm sure that it is Shannon.  Near the end of the song Dave say's, 
"shannon worrel on the stage." and at the very end of the song he says 
again, "that's shannon worrel." I think that Dave in very notorious for 
paying hommage to those that help h im, especially those that are in his 
band. It is nice to see him take little credit even though he is a main 
focal point of the band.  I have discussed this extensively with friends 
of mine and they have mentioned the same thing.  This bootleg in question 
was the first one I ever required about 2 years ago and I was thrilled 
that a woman was singing on angel.  She not only sings, but it isn't a 
background vocal, her and dave sing duets without , if small vocals, by 
Boyd.  Who in fact, sings on most of the others versions (boyd that is).


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tribulations of fandom

KMUHLHAU@smith.smith.edu Fri Nov 4 00:00:09 1994

Hi everyone,
messages has really been making me feel better about the band.  I think that
it is great that some of you can get past the fact that the crowds at DMB
shows have grown increasingly aggravating.  I think is is also terrific that
this network is really trying to put out a positive view of the band and 
spread their music far and wide.
changed so much in the past two years, but I am having a really hard time
with it.  I'm not asking for counseling or anything, I just wanted to say
that I think there are a lot of "old" fans who feel the same way I do.
who want to fuck Dave's brains out and fraternity brothers pissing into 
empty beer bottles (someone even spilled their piss on me at Pearl St. in 
Northampton MA).  This is just a band that everyone wants to get close to.
And for those of us  who remember being the only ones on the floor dancing,
the only ones knowing the words, and having DMB play from 9pm to 1:30 am for
three bucks - its turned out to be a big transition.
fans now - why can't all of us demonstrate a little common courtesy.  We all
love the band, so why don't we act like it and start to work together.  
Have a little patience and be a little nice - if you are a six foot tall guy,
it won't kill you to let a 5'3" girl stand in front of you if she promises
not to bounce around too much.
in trading for some newer stuff - especially jazzy jams.  Thanks alot.


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Angel from Mont....

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Nov 4 00:11:58 1994

   To everyone that sent me a response about my tape!!  I was unaware that
 Boyd was the only one that sang Angel, I only have the one copy of the song

I swear I have tapes with Dave singing and them trading some verses, al 
la the John Prine/Bonnie Raitt style....
|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	"You know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?"		|
|	"No..."								|
|	"A Royale with Cheese...."					|
|									|
|	Ezekiel 25:17							|
|									|
|v4.0									|


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captna@seattleu.edu Fri Nov 4 01:41:33 1994

Where am I? In a state of utter nonconfusion.......................

    To everyone that sent me a response about my tape!!  I was unaware that
  Boyd was the only one that sang Angel, I only have the one copy of the song
 I swear I have tapes with Dave singing and them trading some verses, al 
 la the John Prine/Bonnie Raitt style....
 |Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
 |cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
 |Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
 |									|
 |	"You know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?"		|
 |	"No..."								|
 |	"A Royale with Cheese...."					|
 |									|
 |	Ezekiel 25:17							|
 |									|
 |v4.0									|


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Dave Matthews Band Mailing List

mchang@changtech.res.jhu.edu Fri Nov 4 02:11:54 1994

Can I subscribe?  Thanks.




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Irving Plaza meeting

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Fri Nov 4 09:51:24 1994

Well, there was plenty of interest in a Irving Plaza meeting. I guess it 
is now in the hands of Ian from Wesleyan :) who is on the net, and who I 
ran into last night at the UMass Phish show and is giving me a ride to 
NYC. If anyone wants to hang out for a while after the show, there's 
plenty of places to go in the city of course- anyone know exactly where 
Irving Plaza is? Otherwise, we could just meet at the soundboard or 
something after shannon's set. Anyone with any ideas?


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mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Fri Nov 4 10:17:37 1994

before i could read it! write back if it was important or even if it
wasn't. thanks. PEACE.


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really stew?

cbs8e@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Nov 4 10:22:12 1994

I was blown away.  You mean you actually got to talk to Dave Matthews?  Wow. 
And you were that close up at the show?  And he passed you and your lady
friend his water bottle in response to a request?  Those things are amazing
in and of themselves . . . But it gets better.   Ants Marching, the most
awesome song in the world, revered by all and despised by none, the song that
could only put you, Stew, over the age, was played at your mental willing. 
You must really have some pull man.  Cool.  Awesome.  WOW.

clue.  It sounds like some sort of conglomeration.


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Re: question about Irving Plaza show

mfb14@columbia.edu Fri Nov 4 10:52:24 1994

 In other news, the show is sold out.
I have potentially between 1 - 3 tix if anyone is feeling uncontrollably 

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Re: catherine's chatter

chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Nov 4 11:05:13 1994

just felt like saying that its utterly amusing how conversations go in 
we had all this conversation about "Say Goodbye" months ago ..wish all 
you newer folks could have been here for it.
and 2 add my musings to all the coments about bands and drugs and such...
well i thinks its pretty groovy that we know the  Dave and company use 
lots of stuff but that we dont complain about it hindering the musicality 
of the art ..its pretty grrovy that we accept fans  smokin up  or more at 
the shows .. but what's extra groovy is that even thoughthe band and lots 
of the fans use all these fun (well most of em) illicit subsbtances, it 
hasnt yet gottn to the point where people come to the shows for the DURG 
SCENE and not the laughing dancing and singing .. this happens at oh 
shall we say dead shows (which i addmttedly love) ..but we're still all 
gathering mostly for the music ..and that exaclty how i like it .. a ot 
of different people comin together for the fun of music.
so i dont mind who does what when and where ..for now that is
ofcourse opinions are subject to reeavaluation
and BUFORD!! how can i get christmas lights hooked up to my stereo ..that 
sounds like crazy fun
and CHARDY ..all this ramblingabout sailing is makin me oh soo jealous
i am stuck  here in the gorgeous valley ..but there aint no sailable salt 
water ... so could you do me a favor ..and sortof remeber to smell the 
salt water air for me .. that stuff is runnin through my veins and its 
got to be replensihed soon! 
thanks yall ... and well smile at a stranger ..itllmake em feel special

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MICHAEL HEDGES!!!! that's it....

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Nov 4 11:19:58 1994

michael hedges was the person i was referring to when i said that dave
wasn't the first person to do the song the way he does it.  a freind of
my really heavy into the acoustic music type thing told me about hedges.
can anyone else confirm this?

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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tape for you

tpalvino@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Nov 4 11:32:26 1994

Ok howdy- i ran an offer last week for a crispy copy of the 9.27.94 UVA 
show  well a lot of people wanted it and i said i was only going to give 
it to one person (Kyle won by the way) well i was just listening to it 
and its so great i have to share it with the world........so -if you 
would like it let me know and we'll work out a deal were you send me a 
blank and return postage and i'll make you the tape...if i get a HUGE 
response i'll probably have to turn some people down but i'm willing to 
make ten-15 tapes so write if you want it
---stop all this talk about say goodbye SAY GOODBYE is the name -period

-Kyle yes alan scott did spend some time up in nantucket (sp?) this summer 
i'll tell him you say hi

Last but not least  looks like i'll be taping the lexington show i'll be 
getting RR as well as DMB   so if your'e there and want the tapes bring 
some blanks and a stamped envelope...i'll be at the soundboard my name is 
T.J. and would love to make you a tape....

ps if you live in lex i think people are going out to windfall before the 


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nyarf, nyarf, nyarf...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Nov 4 11:54:30 1994

phish/dmb at lexington sold out moments after dave took the stage, so
i really don't think there's much to worry about there.  that doesn't
mean, however, that there's not going to be a shitload of people there.
my estimate is around 5000 (horse center holds 6000).

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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i've got a story to tell......

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Nov 4 13:22:01 1994

an interesting thing happened to me last night, which led to a dmb 
revelation.  i think it's a revelation i've had before, because i
keep getting this sense of deja vu.  so if i've made this point 
before, forgive me.  but then again, there's a bunches of new people
that have arrived since school started.  anyway...

last night, after a 15 hour day of classes, work and more work, i
got home and picked up my guitar.  i played a coupla tunes to myself
and then realized that, despite the fact that no one was there to
share the groove with me, i was playing really well.  so i broke into
a song of mine that clare is particularly fond of that i wrote in the
spring of 1993 when i was suffering from a mild identity crisis.  i 
remember back then, near the end of my freshman year, when the song
came together, and i used to sit in my room by myself playing this
one song over and over again, because 1)i liked it 2)it was one of
the only two original songs i had at that point, and i liked it better
than the other one.  
so i would sit there, for 25 minutes or more, doing all sorts of weird
things with this tune.  and this was long before i could actually play
a guitar in any sort of respectable fashion, so it's probably a good 
thing that no one else was there.
but by the end of the summer and going into my sophomore year, it didn't
carry as much umph.  i had written several other songs over the summer,
and this song just didn't carry as much for me.  i could never bring myself
to stop playing it completely, but it does have a really deep lyrical 
meaning for me, because it's about someone pretty special to me.  at any
rate, the song wasn't the same.  it was pretty dry, lifeless, and, well,
pretty much the half-hearted song (which had become it's title over the
summer, in a fashion similar to 'say goodbye' being titled over the course
of several months).

but last night, i found this tangent like one i've never found before.
it sounded great, and i even segued it into 'hole-hearted,' something i've
always wondered if i could do.  it was so weird.  and the song took on
a whole new dimension, a dimension i hope to share with clare soon :).

now, this is pretty pointless to everyone but those of you who know
me (which amounts to 15-20...maybe 5 of which have heard the song),
but i think you can see a point.

dave wrote what would you say many moons ago, and as far as his part in
the song goes, it's the same thing every time.  it would seem to me that
he would get tired of it after while and look for something to make it
more interesting, even if that something means making the song shorter.

the revelation i had (and i _know_ i've had it before) is that think of
what it will be like for you if you happen to be at one of those shows
where he pulls a 9 minute wwus out of his ass?  and how about when he
comes out for his encore, and starts playing this really weird, erie
sounding chord repition over and over again and then screams his lungs
out about love instead of hate, and then in an instant the playing
collapses into tripping billies?  it will happen.  dave is to strange
a character to keep it from happening.

i think this is for all the people getting bummed about the way dave
is getting stagnant.

new songs.  has it occured to anyone that dave is the only person writing
songs for this band, except for true reflections and people, people?

phish sure as hell can't say that.  trey doesn't write all the lyrics,
and trey sure as hell doesn't write all the music.
rem can't say that, about music or lyrics.  contrary to popular belief,
rem as we know it wouldn't exist.  those of you who have seen dave and
tim play together know that dave matthews would exist without the band,
albeit a little different.

but in dave band, dave does everything but create the finished arrangement,
which he leaves for the whole band to work out.  personally, i think that
34 songs in 3 years, plus some anomalies here and there, is an absolutely 
amazing accomplishment (i'm pulling 34 from the number of songs now sitting
in the lyrics file).  i've been playing for 5 years, and i've come up 
with maybe 10, if i count the songs that i hate.  i'm only particulary 
confident about 4 or 5 of them.

well, that's my $1.59 for today (maybe someone else could add the sales 
tax?).  it was precipitated by anything.  i just felt like sharing.  if 
you made it this far through the post, thanx for listening.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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A Tape, Shannon Worrell, and the Newsletter

sseremet@uvm-gen.EMBA.UVM.EDU Fri Nov 4 14:17:08 1994

could I find my first DMB tape.  DMB has spurred my interest in 
collecting live music, and I was wondering if anyone could be so kind...
Colvin's voice twin?  And will I be able to find her album in stores?
and haven't seen a single newsletter yet.  Does it take a while to 
process?  Has there been any recent newsletters?
excellent probably like the rest of you.  If you don't want to post your 
reply to the net (or if you feel it would be more wasted space), feel 
free to email me personally.

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Re: MICHAEL HEDGES!!!! that's it....

jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU Fri Nov 4 14:46:15 1994

 michael hedges was the person i was referring to when i said that dave
 wasn't the first person to do the song the way he does it.  a freind of
 my really heavy into the acoustic music type thing told me about hedges.
 can anyone else confirm this?
I saw michael a couple of weeks ago in Boulder, and sure enough during an
encore he was taking requests.  A number of people were screaming
it.  I actually was really interested to hear his version, but wasn't very
impressed.  I don't think dave borrowed anything from hedges - other than
playing it on an acoustic guitar.  Actually Michael's version reminded me
more of Dylan's original than either DMB's version or Jimi's.

BTW - did you know - as the legend goes, hendrix recorded the song the
first night he ever heard it.  I guess he was at some party (in London I
think) and someone whipped out the new Dylan album with Watchtower on it.
Well, a couple of hours later, probably sometime in the wee hours of the
morning, the J.H. Experience was in the studio laying down the song.  Some
quote I read from Dylan said, "I don't know why he didn't cover more of my
songs, they were all written for him."  (don't know exactly what that is
supposed to mean, but...)

Take care, share, play fair, grow hair, eat a pear, wash and wear,

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michael Hedges

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Fri Nov 4 15:03:31 1994

michael hedges was the person i was referring to when i said that dave
wasn't the first person to do the song the way he does it.  a freind of
my really heavy into the acoustic music type thing told me about hedges.
can anyone else confirm this?

, come together, and after the gold rush -- to name a few.  Anyway, he is not


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Musings...on Rick's thoughts...

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Nov 4 15:39:54 1994

Being a guitar player also, I thought I would elaborate on Rick's 
thoughts, but in a shorter post...
Daves' guitar parts in most songs are usually repetetive and fairly easy 
to play after a while, not to say they are not incredible, but they don't 
leave much room for jamming on his part. The only guitar solo I have ever 
heard Dave even attempt to play is at the end of Jimi things (ex Browns 
Island) where he starts to fuck around abit. Jams I have heard from the 
band are mostly boyd, leroi, stephan, and peter, and IHMO I think Peter 
made it easier for the band to jam out seeing as that the keyboard is 
good filling to take up empty space.
anyways, I'm just kinda rambling, as usual
P.S. Shannon Worrell played a kick ass show here last nite that was 
around 2 hrs and included a stellar cover of Back You UP.
I'm working on tapes....
See you at the Horse Center.......  

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	"You know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?"		|
|	"No..."								|
|	"A Royale with Cheese...."					|
|									|
|	Ezekiel 25:17							|
|									|
|v4.0									|


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GWU tix

mfb14@columbia.edu Fri Nov 4 15:57:52 1994

hey i deleted the message from the person who had extra tix at the GWU 
show on tuesday.  i would be interested in buying them.  you've got a 
firm commitment, but I don't know who you are or how to contact you.  

if anyone else can indentify this individual, please feel free to e-mail 
the address to me ASAP.

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need info

salido@cleo.bc.edu Fri Nov 4 17:17:37 1994


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Re: Dave's Daddy

chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Nov 4 17:35:33 1994

ok this is the snyopsis of what i gathered from an interview i read about 
DMB over the summer .. the article will eventually make its way into 
Clare's hands (our very own article archive type person) we;ve tried to 
rememebr bunches o'times and eventually i jstu kow we will)
ewww this articcle origainally appearedn in IN ROADS .. alittle 
entertainment insert inteh hampton roads paper

well DAVE's Daddy .. accordingto my memeory and this article was a 
physisist ..he came to work for UVA and broughtthe family with him 
..thats how dave discovered teh mighty c--ville .  I rememeber coming 
away withthe feeling that they returned (or maybe jsut the dad) returned 
to africa after a period of years .. and then if it was the whole family 
and not jsut daddy .. well some of them OBVIOUSLY came back 

not much of a help but its something ..andplease please corect me cause 
this is all memeory which we know ive played with a little too much

also  ..check out how many of daves lyris have "Mommy" references ..like 
Jimithing "..till i get to the end of this tunnel MOMMMMMYY"

weel keep floating

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Need Irving Plaza Ticket

cjarrell Fri Nov 4 17:47:36 1994

I desperately need 1 ticket to the Irving Plaza show on Monday!!
Please e-mail me if you could help!  Thanks!!
Caroline cjarrell@moose.uvm.edu

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Re: i've got a story to tell...... (and what a long story)

NebuIous@aol.com Fri Nov 4 18:04:22 1994

which he leaves for the whole band to work out.  personally, i think that
34 songs in 3 years, plus some anomalies here and there, is an absolutely 
amazing accomplishment (i'm pulling 34 from the number of songs now sitting

Rick, I think you're forgetting that before DMB, he DID have 25 years of life
to come up with some of this stuff.  A songwriter as good as Dave probably
wrote his first song a few days after he started playing guitar.  Now, I
don't know how long Dave has been playing, but it must have been for some
time now.

in the lyrics file).  i've been playing for 5 years, and i've come up 
with maybe 10, if i count the songs that i hate.  i'm only particulary 
confident about 4 or 5 of them.

Hey, I've been playing for 5 years too.  I've probably written 30 or 40 songs
in that time, some by myself, many with an old friend of mine that I used to
be particularly close to.  I write constantly, I'm sure you do too.  The
acoustic guitar is good at that.  It makes you write because just about
anything sounds good.  But of those songs I wrote in the first two or three
years of my playing, none are worth a piece of shit.  It was me learning how
t write.  And Dave probably went through that, and by now basically all of
his songs kick ass.

Shit, I've got off track.
Anyway, to paraphrase Seal (ugh) about why his second album took him two
years to make, he said something like "I had a lifetime to create the first
album, and for the second they gave me six months.  It's quite a shock."

So I would say give Dave a break, just like you are Rick, but I'd also try to
nudge him off his ass and turn his eyes from dollar signs to chords...


(for disco dan...)

just another memo from the cellar,

*              "I might be a mess              * --   Ben Sterling  --   *
*            but I try to stay pure"           * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*               -Luscious Jackson              *  --   New York, NY  --  *

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UVA tapes

tpalvino@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Nov 4 18:56:14 1994

Alright i guess people really wanted that tape 
-the offer is now closed--
i'll be busy making the 18 tapes for everybody--
look for another offer as soon as i finish these

later      tjp


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Michael Hedges (NDMBC)

toddb@chopin.udel.edu Fri Nov 4 19:02:58 1994

He has been on whindam hill for a bunch o' years now.  He has recorded 6 
albums, and appeared on a bunch of samplers and stuff.  2 albums are all 
instrumental, 2 are vocal, 1 is live and "taproot" has one vocal song on 
it.  He is also a master of alternate tunings.  watchtower (to get back 
on subject) appears on two of his albums (the live one and a vocal one) 
is tuned DADEAE.  the three chords are fingered 444000  222000 000000, 
with lots 'o harmonics thrown in for fun.  The two versions are totally 
different.  Hedges doesn't have a lineup, he just plays guitar.  but  
fretless bass is sometimes supplied by michael manring, who some of you 
may know.  He also plays flute, and synth on occasion.  end FAQ.

Rock On,

Todd "the new guy" Beauchamp

PS - none of this is gospel, but i think it's mostly accurate.  :)

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Recently CD5

jcdavis@wam.umd.edu Fri Nov 4 20:05:42 1994

I just had a quick, random, completely off the subject question...
On the cover of the Recently EP....Who is the girl?
And while we're on that...Who is the guy? Randoms? Or friends of Dave?



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Dave on MTV (one more time, with feeling)

NebuIous@aol.com Fri Nov 4 20:08:47 1994

Well, I finally saw it.

And it was weird as shit... they just don't belong on tv.  It was a rather
long piece as previously stated, and the content was pretty lacking.  All the
good parts have basically been stated by different people, but if anyone is
really dying for more, I could probably get off my ass and transcribe a few
excerpts sinc I decided to be enterprising and recorded it.

The guy certainly was in their faces on stage... they showed bits and pieces
from nancies, best of, warehouse, and a tiny bit of jimi thing.

It was on the week in rock, so mhat means it's on again saturday in the
morning and sometime in mid afternoon.


just another memo from the cellar,


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"requesting information" boot I.D.

@uvmvm.uvm.edu:GSAAS41@MAINE.MAINE.EDU Fri Nov 4 20:33:15 1994

or should I go


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Re: Recently CD5

junketw@duc.auburn.edu Fri Nov 4 20:48:58 1994

 I just had a quick, random, completely off the subject question...
 On the cover of the Recently EP....Who is the girl?
 And while we're on that...Who is the guy? Randoms? Or friends of Dave?
I do not want to start a rumor , but I have heard that the girl on the 
cover is Stefan Lessard's sister. Please correct me if I am 

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Traveler98@aol.com Fri Nov 4 22:20:11 1994

many I am getting too much mail and can't seem to unsubscribe.  Somebody
please help, thanks

fellow Traveler, 


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irving plaza

JSLAGHT@drew.edu Sat Nov 5 13:31:42 1994


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DMB Article in The Washington Post

bmking@mail.wm.edu Sat Nov 5 14:24:00 1994

I spotted this is the Weekend section of the post, and I thought it had some
really interesting parts about Dave's lyrics and why there isn't a lot of new
stuff coming out of camp dave.

take care,

radio station in Detroit and is now wheeling toward Ann Arbor for a gig later
in the evening.  "I think it's sold out," he says over the phone matter-of-
factly, as if he's getting used to such things.  Of course by now he should
be.  Since tossing in his towel as a bartender in Charlottesville four years
ago, the twenty-seven year old South African native has seen the quintet that
bears his name move from hometown favorites to a national draw, and from an
independently produced recording to a major label debut.  On Tuesday night
the band will perform at Lisner Auditorium.
own label, Bama Rags.  Within eight months the alblum, distributed to stores
from the bands offices, sold 60,000 copies, enough to rank it high on the
alternative rock charts and to pique the interest of several major labels.
Shortly after RCA signed the band, producer Steve Lillywhite, best known for
his work with U2 and the Rolling Stones, came calling.
for its rootsy eclecticism - distinguished partly by a free-flowing blend of
rock, funk, jazz, country, classical, and world-beat elements, and partly by
Matthews's open-ended lyrics, guiding guitar grooves, deep voice, and clipped
phrasing.  The same kind of word-of-mouth publicity that turned Phish and
Blues Traveler into immensely popular touring acts was now pushing the DMB
into bigger venues around the country.
band's sound would change substantially in the studio, which is one of the
reasons he was picked to produce the band's recent RCA debut, "Under the
Table and Dreaming."
But in a lot of ways he chose us," Matthews recalls.  "He never really sold
himself or was arrogant, but when he came in, it was certainly like, 'I'm the
one who should do this album.'  That was his rap.  And he said, 'I don't want
to change you.  I don't think you need to be changed.  I just want what you
do to become clearer and clearer on an album.'  His air of confidence was
charming and undeniable."
home base in Charlottesville before shepherding Matthews, reed man Leroi
Moore, violinist Boyd Tinsley, bassist Stefan Lessard, drummer Carter
Beauford into the studio.  "And when we finally got to work with him, he was
awesome," Matthews adds.  "He was really trying to complement and change us.
The most frequently heard thing was, 'Let's try it again.'"
flow, as the other members elaborated on the rhythmic designs he sketched out
on guitar or spun improvisations around his often curious lyrics.
notes.  "And that's cool.  Some people even come up with a meaning when I had
nothing [in mind] - I just liked the words or something.  And that's cool,
too. Whatever it means to anyone is just as valid as what a song means to me.
Sometimes when people ask me about a song, I'll tell them about someone else's
interpretation because I like it more than mine."
on the road offers little stimulation - work, travel, interviews, and
occasionally "filling the Jack Daniels gauge" is pretty much it, he says with
a laugh.  "It's certainly not conducive to deep thought.  Whatever ideas I
might have about peace, love, or war are going to have to wait.  Since we're
traveling so much together, I think the songwriting in the future is going to
be more of a group thing.  Right now there are a lot of new grooves coming
out of the sound checks, but the words aren't there yet."
Matthews hopes to play South Africa soon.  After spending a lot of time in New
York as an adolescent, he returned to Johannesburg as a teenager and began
searching out Abdullah Ibrahim (aka Dollar Brand) another South African jazz
artist whose music continues to inspire him.  "You had to go out of your way
to find it," he explains, "because South Africa is so Euro-centric, but the
search made it sweeter."
priorities straight.  "The only thing that would cut my legs off would be if
something happened to one of us.  As long as it's us five, I don't let
anything overwhelm me.  Everything else will take care of itself."

Brett Kingswell                                           bmking@mail.wm.edu
even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth

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Re: DMB Article in The Washington Post

btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu Sat Nov 5 14:51:56 1994

         The quintet is about to perform in Europe for the first time, and
 Matthews hopes to play South Africa soon.

I think I feel a road trip coming on . . .


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Re: 9/27/94 UVA Tape

dbh4n@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Nov 5 16:23:42 1994

Just for those people who might be interested in not having to answer trivia
to get a DMB show-I have a copy of the 9/27/94 UVA show.  The show was
broadcast the same night of the show on the local radio station-so I have a
master copy with radio quality sound.  I would love to trade if anyone is

Dave Hirko

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Irving Plaza

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Sat Nov 5 16:42:32 1994

I don't know when I will be getting down to Irving Plaza, so I can't 
make/organize a pre- show meeting. If anyone else wants to take the ball 
and run with it, go crazy.
I would, however, love to meet anyone interested at the show, and perhaps 
grab a beer or two afterwords- Dave/Tim shows aren't usually much more 
than 1:45 long. I'll be behind the soundboard right after Shannon's set. 
I'm the guy with the white, very dirty W&L hat and sort- of goatee. I'm 
about 6'3", 200 lbs. I'll try to make a few copies of my tape list before 
then for any interested traders- bring your list as well. 
Oh yeah- the guy that's coming with me is very similar in description, 
other than the hat I may be wearing. He's the good looking one. I'm not :)
We'll almost certainly be at the Peculiar Pub after the show- Village, 
corner of Bleecker and LaGuardia, not far from Irving Plaza. $5 cab ride 
at most. So if you miss us you can look for us there.

If you'd specifically like to meet up to trade lists and such write me 
directly and I'll look for you.


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seller of GW tix

SHCHAZIN@DAVIDSON.EDU Sat Nov 5 17:00:13 1994

hello, hello

i am looking for the fine person who wanted to sell his tickets to GW
Nov. 8. looking for his reply. has he too many buyers and not enough\time to say fergit it, missie--

or, has he forgotten about those of us wanting wave money in his face
to see this show?

hope for your reply, 
shayna c.

thank you...only dead fish swim with the stream...


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I don't think this needs an explanation

NebuIous@aol.com Sat Nov 5 18:37:19 1994

Entertainment Weekly Review...

Dave Matthews Band
Under the Table and Dreaming (RCA)
Their fancy folk-guitar picking and Latin percussion passages prove these
biracial Virginia jam-rockers have chops.  But the band mostly offers a
formless brand of laid-back eclecticism , tainted bys marmy inner-awareness

-Chuck Eddy


just another memo from the cellar,


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Gathering at Irving Plaza

mfb14@columbia.edu Sat Nov 5 19:44:37 1994

I think Adam had a great idea to meet at the Dave's show on Monday, but I 
haven't heard anything else about it.  Then again, I was gone for a few days.

Let's just set a time and place, shall we?  Not that I'm prepared to do 
it...well pre-show might be nice.  I'm thinking round the soundboard 
after Shannon with a possibility of post-show antics.  Any takers?  
(Adam, I 'm counting on you at Scott at UVM).  

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WWW home page?

ddevito@magnesium.helios.nd.edu Sat Nov 5 19:57:20 1994

Hi all,

I know there's been some discussion about this,
but I was just wondering if anybody knows of any WWW home pages
for DMB in the works.  I think one of those would be a great place
to put the FAQ and lyrics files, plus all the pics and stuff that
we can ftp to, not to mention tour news.  I was just curious if 
anybody is now or will soon be working on this.


| Well I've got style,          | Dominic Jules DeVito, Necrophiliac       | 
| Miles and miles,              | University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN | 
| So much style                 | ddevito@darwin.cc.nd.edu                 | 
| That it's wasted...           | "Wake up to find out that you are the    | 
|                     -Pavement |  EYES OF THE WORLD...."                  | 


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Re: WWW home page?

jtv2j@henson.cs.virginia.edu Sat Nov 5 20:02:09 1994


|John Viega                                                                         |
|rust@virginia.edu                             I can't think of anyone to quote.    |
|University of Virginia                                                             |


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tape request, new year's eve, everything and more

rblanco@emerald.tufts.edu Sat Nov 5 22:31:58 1994

Hey Everyone,
Batimore (Balmer) on 7/27/94.  I'll send a tape(s) and $ if someone is 
willing to share it with me!  I would be forever grateful! :)  
Eve?  What all is going on?  Why do tickets cost $52.50 as was 
posted earlier?  Does the price include some form of all night New 
Year's Party?  Any info would be great, as I am going no matter what!
One last thing, I saw Everything the other night at Venus de Milo up 
here in Boston and had a great time.  Although they didn't play all 
that long I was happy to hear my favorites "Soulfish" and "I Don't 
Care."  To anyone going to see the DMB/Everything shows out west, have an 
amazing time!  I wish I could be there!  (For anyone in the 
mid-Atlantic region, I think Everything will be at Hammerjacks in 
Baltimore sometime over winter break.  Does anyone know when??)          

*********FIRST POST!!**************FIRST POST!!***********FIRST POST!!******
I've been a member of this net for a couple days and I'm glad to meet you 
all. :)  Hope to see you at a show soon (bringing in another year of Dave 
in Richmond)!


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RE: "requesting information" boot I.D.

CGL5671@ACS.TAMU.EDU Sat Nov 5 22:46:42 1994

Hey Gerhard,


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GW Dave tickets to share

GFERGUSO@gmuvax.gmu.edu Sun Nov 6 13:54:35 1994

I don't know if all the people who were asking about GW tickets found some
or not - but a friend of mine has two extra tickets for that show (Nov 8th
at Lisner) and he will sell them for $16.50 (Which does not include the
$3.50 service charge he paid!)  If anybody is (still) interested, please
contact me personally by email or phone because I receive the digest version
of the list.
Oh yeah - the seats are in row EE, but there really aren't any bad (read
painfully obscured) seats in Lisner Aud.
How's your spoon collection going, clare?
Gillian Ferguson

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RE: "requesting information" boot I.D.

stkukla@acad.ursinus.edu Sun Nov 6 13:55:58 1994

I don't know if this is going to work since I am new with this e-mail stuff. 
But I saw your message in the DMB system and would like to follow up on your
offer of a tape of the show.  Please get a hold of me on where to send the
blank tape and/or $.  Thanks greatly from a growing DMB fan.


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Irving Plaze taped?

tnb2d@server.cs.virginia.edu Sun Nov 6 15:32:49 1994

the sound board for Dave's show at Iriving Plaza this week ( or if you
know anybody who is) can we talk?  I would LOVE to hear this show and
I'm sure I have something you would like in trade.  (I've got a decent
collection of rockin' shows and esoteric events)  Please Please Please


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europe shows

tpalvino@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Sun Nov 6 17:34:24 1994

Hey does anyone out there know anything about the shows over on the other 
side of the ocean...set lists, quality of the shows ..anything would be 
great -this is internet and someone over there hopefully is reading this  

also catherine and "boofy" who are you?? would like to meet you as the 
number of dave fans (well real dave fans at least) isn't as great as one 
would think....


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maybe i could benefit from a check by a neurologist...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sun Nov 6 17:50:01 1994

Entertainment Weekly Review...

Dave Matthews Band
Under the Table and Dreaming (RCA)
Their fancy folk-guitar picking and Latin percussion passages prove these

i think this needs alot of explanation......

biracial Virginia jam-rockers have chops.  But the band mostly offers a
formless brand of laid-back eclecticism , tainted bys marmy inner-awareness

"smarmy inner-awareness poetry?"
i think someone should tell dave about that one....

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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wfu show--tickets

m970168@pratt.nadn.navy.mil Sun Nov 6 17:59:26 1994

does anybody know if the wake show for nov 11 is sold out?  i'm assuming 
it is, so i'm also wondering what the chances are of picking up another 
ticket right before the show.  any info would be much appreciated.  thanks,

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Dancin' Dave.

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Sun Nov 6 18:41:30 1994

under him and in his outspread arms he had red and green pom-poms.

On all sides of him were the scantly dressed Dallas cowboys
cheerleaders waving their pom-poms in the air and grinning.

the caption read " WHAT WOULD YOU SAY...


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SILV1434@SNYPLAVA.BITNET Sun Nov 6 18:55:02 1994

hello all.  this is the first message im posting and its a cry for help, so if
any of you have any spare time id definatley appreciate some help.  im new to
the net and im really not to psyced about this whole computer thing but ive
been having a good time lookin at whats been going on with all the bands i
like so i know that once i get going here it will be worth it.
i know it has to do with taping at shows but what does ewach word stand for?
like trees, parents,leaves, branch leaders, analog etc. and i know that this is
dont work kuz i cant seem to get a subscription hoke up.

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One More Time- Meeting in NYC

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Sun Nov 6 20:08:13 1994

I continue to get messages about an Irving Plaza meeting, so here's the deal-

I don't know when I will be getting into the city, so I can't organize 
anything pre- show. I'd be happy to meet any and all interested parties 
during the show, probably after the opening act, behind the soundboard. I 
will have a copy of my tapelist there, and any traders are welcome to 
peruse it. I'm the big guy with the W&L hat and black backpack. I tend to be 
much more accomodating to traders who buy me a beer :)
As for after the show- I'm sort of a random kind of guy, so anyone I meet 
at the show who'd like to grab a beer afterwords or anything, I may be up 
for it. A group of netters getting together for a drink or two post- show 
might be a nice way to meet some faces behind the posts. The next day is 
election day, so many of us may not even have classes/work the next day. 
I'm not so fortunate, but I'm a senior and don't really go to class 
anyway. Just make sure you get back home in time to vote!!
Hidden Newbie offer- If you find me at the show and give me two blanks plus 
$1.67 for postage, I'll tape a show for you. Your choice, but only for 
those with less than five DMB tapes.
Oh- my girlfriend says thanks to all those who responded to the request 
for info for the Insider's Guide to Colleges.


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GFERGUSO@gmuvax.gmu.edu Sun Nov 6 20:44:30 1994

Wow -
the tickets to the first guy who got in touch with me and now they're gone.

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JAROUNDS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sun Nov 6 21:02:13 1994

i was just wondering if anyone knows how to get to the va horse center
from 81.  any help will be greatly appreciated.  see you all at the
jaime :)

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Shannon Worrell tapes...

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Sun Nov 6 21:18:51 1994

To those interested....

While I did not tape Shannon Worrell, I know the guy who did and he owes 
me for making him Browns Island tapes this summer so I need to get in 
touch with him. I'll post details once I get my grubby little hands on 
the tapes.....

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	"You know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?"		|
|	"No..."								|
|	"A Royale with Cheese...."					|
|									|
|	Ezekiel 25:17							|
|									|
|v4.0									|


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Re: GW Dave tickets to share

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Sun Nov 6 21:29:09 1994


 How's your spoon collection going, clare?
 Gillian Ferguson

spoon collection?

maybe you dont' quite understand spooning yet.
it's not something you collect....

definitely not.
that would be totally detremental to the purpose.

'i think it's that girl and i think there are pieces of me you've never 
seen maybe she's just pieces of me you've never seen'

i'm nuts in love with passal...
clare emily the chic with the pearls who doesn't know what an ejectbutton is

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mds158@psu.edu Sun Nov 6 22:05:42 1994

Hi. My name is Michele and I am new here.  Does anyone know if Dave is
coming in the New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia area soon?

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Dewey Beach tape

KevTad@aol.com Sun Nov 6 22:33:35 1994

I'm new on the net and am interested in any dmb tapes.  I have about 5 right
now and would really like to get a hold of the show I saw at Dewey beach this
summer.  If any body can help, please let me know.  

Kevin Hammond

*If anyone is interested in any of the tapes I have let me know


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Check out Ben Tanens WWW Page!!

sctm@vt.edu Sun Nov 6 22:33:48 1994

and noticed an http directory.  SO to make a long story short,  I used 
Mosaic to get there and guess what?  Ben Tanen has a pretty darn good WWW 
Scott Miller-
Virginia Tech
529 Shanks Hall
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


Top Permalink

THAT COMPUTER STUD JOHN VIEGA! (was Re: Check out Ben Tanens WWW Page!!)

btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu Sun Nov 6 22:49:08 1994

         I was screwing around at the archive.phish.net,  with my FTP server 
 and noticed an http directory.  SO to make a long story short,  I used 
 Mosaic to get there and guess what?  Ben Tanen has a pretty darn good WWW 
 site set up.  Check it out,  just go to 
         It's pretty good,  he has the lyrics file in hyper text 
 format!! Enjoy. 

Scott, and all the rest of you . . .

in the "credit-where-credit-is-due department":
The hypertext lyrics were cooked up by your friend and mine John Viega.

[applause here]

After my paper and my midterm this week I am planning some reorganization 
and improvements to the web pages archives and what not.

I'll be in touch.

Bye for now.


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jambay tapes

grayp@pinn.net Sun Nov 6 23:00:30 1994

for all of those that responded to the jambay offer, thank you very much.

you will all get tapes.

i need to sit down and figure out a structure which i will do after my 
big deadline at work on thursday.

should be out soon


Silence comes with no instructions!


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What time will the show really start?

sctm@vt.edu Mon Nov 7 01:04:44 1994

Anybody thats going to the Horse Center show this week,  any clues as to 
when Rusted Root will start jammin'.  My ticket says that the doors open at 
6:30,  that's awful early for me to get there from way up here in 
Blacksburg,  also.  Is anybody getting together before or after the show?  
Alright,  that's about it for me.
Scott Miller-
Virginia Tech
529 Shanks Hall
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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sonfije0@seraph.sewanee.edu Mon Nov 7 01:14:03 1994

Hey guys.  I plan to tape next sunday at knoxville.  If anyone has
directions from I-75, i would love them.  For you guys who have sent me
tapes for previous shows, bear with me and im sorry it has been so long. 
IAlso, who is opening?  Rusted Root?
Justin Sonfield
S.P.O. 183
735 University Avenue
Sewanee, Tn   37383-1000


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Re: Knoxville

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Mon Nov 7 05:57:39 1994

Sorry for the waste of width, but this is for Justin? in Swannee, TN.


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subscribe minarets Jonathan Oglesby

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Mon Nov 7 09:35:58 1994


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Wake show

eam4@acpub.duke.edu Mon Nov 7 09:54:09 1994

Is anyone planning on taping off the soundboard at the Wake show on Friday?
If so, let me know.  It should be kicking- see you there!

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Chicago tapes anyone??

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Mon Nov 7 10:13:40 1994

last weekend??  Either I was momentarily blind, ignorant, or F%%ked up, but I
don't think I saw any mikes.  If anyone has a copy of this, I might like to get
it. :)  Thanks for any and all responses.  Much to trade for it....

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Re: Knoxville

sonfije0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Mon Nov 7 11:13:42 1994

Now my address should be o.k.  They are at the electric ballroom.
Justin Sonfield
S.P.O. 183
735 University Avenue
Sewanee, Tn   37383-1000


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Tape Tree coming

djb@mars.gtcc.cc.nc.us Mon Nov 7 11:13:59 1994

Assuming we manage to get good tapes from Wait Chapel on friday, this
will most likely be the show we tree...I'd appreciate hearing from
everyone on this net who plans on taping, as I'd like to make the root
of the tree as broad as possible, so everyone gets good tapes.  I may
also include some of the other shows I've taped in this tree, and
would appreciate anyone else doing the same, if there is a demand.  

I'd especially like to hear from anyone who is planning on DATing the
show, so that we can have a digital branch (I'm analog only at the

Daniel J. Blanchat     | Question Authority. Question Reality. Question Me.
djb@mars.gtcc.cc.nc.us | If someone tells you that you don't need another
Renegade Libertarian   | source for information, you most assuredly do.

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Is anyone taping 11/8 at Lisner?

mmadden@mail.sas.upenn.edu Mon Nov 7 11:46:07 1994

Hey everyone...

Are any of you taping the Lisner Aud. show tomorrow night? My little
brother really wanted to go, but couldn't get tickets because by the time
our mom told him he could go, the show was sold out. So I'm looking to find
him tapes instead as a Hanukah present or something. If you tape the show
or have a lead on getting low-gen tapes, PLEASE e-mail me. I have only a
few Dave tapes, but have 200 hours of Dead, 50 hours of Phish (including
Halloween and Syracuse, set II) to trade. Thanks a lot.

Take it easy...

Mike            mmadden@mail.sas.upenn.edu
"Our audience is like people who like licorice... Not everyone likes
licorice, but the people who like licorice, REALLY like licorice!"


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lover lay down

KMUHLHAU@smith.smith.edu Mon Nov 7 11:50:35 1994

Hi everyone-

Carter after the show what ever happened to "lover Lay Down" because that
was one of my favorite songs - it is soo sexy! - and they hadn't played
it, at least when I had seen them, since greisler left the band.  Carter told
me that was greisler's song and he took it with him when he left the band.
So maybe Dave didn't write all of the songs? I'd believe it! But in the cover
of "Under the Table and Dreaming" it says that Dave wrote it.  All I know is
that Carter told me that stuff and then the next year they were playing it 

together but I'll write it when I have a little more time tomorrow.  To 
everyone who responded to my first post, thanks! I'll get in touch ASAP.
I'm having a really hectic senior year.  Thanks, Kristin

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linser tix please

pyetter@students.wisc.edu Mon Nov 7 13:17:37 1994

just a last minute request for anyone who happens to have two extras for
linser.  Thanks, Paul    608-264-1676


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KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Mon Nov 7 13:32:35 1994

I have that part. InRoads article on my wall at this very moment. There's
really not much to it. Family background, new album coming out, old album good,
etc.etc. it really doesn't give much info on the family other than what was
already said. Although i got the impression that the family stayed in C-ville.
The reason I remember this is because I have a dateless Wetlands show in which
Dave intros "Jane..." by saying that it's her birthday and that she's STILL
over in Africa. But on my tapes (bagbies?) from this year, he says she's in
C-ville. Also if I remember correctly, his entire family was at the Strawberry
Banks show, or at least that's what I remember Dave saying. If anybody has any
clue, or even cared enough to read this drivel then let me in on the news.
"I haven't done nothin' since I woke up today" Angel...

P.S.- As always, for your convenience, smoking IS allowed in my messages.

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Blue Screen Show Setlist 11/7

chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu Mon Nov 7 13:49:26 1994

Hey everyone,

The Blue Screen Show w/ Chico & Ooodz, 2-3:30 Sunday Nights/Monday Mornings
89.3 WNUR-FM, Evanston-Chicago


"Brazil Theme"   ...............Brazil Soundtrack
"Tiki Tiki Room"................Walt Disney
"Ya Mar"........................Phish, 4/23/94 Atlanta, GA
"So Much to Say"................Dave matthews & Tim Reynolds, 1/29/94 NYC
"Coconuts"......................Widespread Panic 10/31/94 Evanston, IL
"Turn On Your Lovelight"........Grateful Dead w/ Janis Joplin
"Landlady"--"Destiny Unbound"..Phish, 4/11/91 Northfield, MN
"And So It Goes"................Blues Traveler 5/13/94 Aragon, Chicago     
"One Sweet World Intro--"......DMB, 4/5/94 Athens GA
"Big House Blues"...............Ren & Stimpy

Gotta Love Destiny Unbound...will the EVER play that again??

/ \


|Brian Lipman chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu    ( @    @ )   ---------------- |
|Northwestern University                   {    !     }  |  BL   SCR    | |
|Bobb Hall #107, 2305 Sheridan Road         ( \    / )   |    UE   EEN  | |
|Evanston, IL 60201                          ( \__/ )    ---------------- |
|Ladies and Gentleman...On Drums..Mr. Ernest Giussepe Anastasio!-Henrietta|


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AWARE concert

junketw@duc.auburn.edu Mon Nov 7 14:13:04 1994

Greetings from Auburn Alabama, 
it seems interest is pretty high on this net about other grooovy bands 
especially those from the AWARE cds.  Four bands from the cd are playing 
The Grapes, Vertical Horizon, and Acoustic Junction.  Three other local 
bands are going to fill the gaps between sets.  It seems like it is going 
to be a really cool show -7 hours of great music, outdoors in Auburn's 
magnificent weather.  I have three other friends here in Auburn who are 
on the net and have offered, including me, a place to stay for anyone who 
takes the trip here to go to the show.  tickets are only $8 in advance. 
We'l have great time.  If interested, or if you have any questions, please 


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big head todd

SHERWOODS@urvax.urich.edu Mon Nov 7 14:54:44 1994

I apologize for not remembering who had the address for the BHTnet, but
whoever has it, could you please E-mail it to me. take it easy.
"I think it was the seafood. Normally I might be a little more jumpy."
-david m.

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im getting worried here...

peterke3@wfu.edu Mon Nov 7 15:07:35 1994

I ordered tickets for the Wake show over the phone- are they supposed to 
mail them to me? If so when the heck am i gonna get em? Anyone had any 
experiences with this? Do they usually leave you hanging till the last 
minute? humph.
please write, im getting nervous!


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tape trade...

STU_JATHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Nov 7 15:14:32 1994

Hi all-
would like to offer it up for a trade.  It fits on one 100min tape and has cool
versions of Warehouse, Say Goodbye, Dancing Nancies, Jimi Thing and Song that
Jane Likes.   
would especially like to get a tape with Granny on it, since the only one I
have has been taped over something and it does not come through very clear.  If
you would like to get a hold of this tape, just write me and tell me what you
have, etc...  
get in touch with me then.  


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mailing lists

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Mon Nov 7 16:22:02 1994

Look, I know this is not entirely dmb related, but several people on this net
What I have, is a broader list of "every preformer's list" theat tthis person


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Mail and such

KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Mon Nov 7 16:48:49 1994

I want to start out ny thanking everyone who wrote to me and offered to make
copies of the shows I wanted. I'm glad to say that in one day I found copies of
these shows that i've spent months trying to find (I've been looking for that
JGB for almost a year). Now, usually i do all of my trading in person, so this
whole mailing of tapes thing kind of intimidates me. As with any other sane
American, I am just a little intimidated by the US postal service. How much is
postage for a)one tape and b)two tapes. Where do I get the proper envelope and
does the post office sell bubble wrap?  Anybody's help would be much
appreciated. I had a chance to glance at the InRoads article again and it seems
that Dave's brother and sister still live in C-ville, I'm assuming that means
that the rest of his family is back in Africa. One more quick question (sorry)
i have a Wetlands show that begins w/Dave singing Typical solo, the opening
band is Thanks to Gravity, and Dave intros "jane.." by saying that it's her
b-day. What I need is the date for this show. Thanks!
"You'd better stop smoking that stuff, it'll do that to you. I should know, I
read about it once." Dave

As always, for your convenience smoking IS allowed in my messages.

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Live Tapes

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Mon Nov 7 17:22:17 1994

Hey Now!
I was wondering if anyone out there in cyberspace woul be up for trading
some of their juicy DMB soundboards for any of the tapes out of my fairly
large Grateful Dead and Phish collection. I am not new to the DMB scene, but I dI do not have any live tapes. I would really appreciate anyone's help! 
Maybe I'll see some of you at the D.C. show.

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Re: GWU tix

cledford@onyx.pvcc.cc.va.us Mon Nov 7 17:23:15 1994

Wow!  I did not think that one could be so loved over the net.  It was 
really great getting to hear from all of you.  I am sorry for responded 
to the inquiries so late but i was to busy this weekend watching Duke 
kick Virginia's ass.  I am sorry to say this, but the tickets have been 
sold.  I wish i could hook up everyone in the world, however i do not 
believe that would be able to happen.  For those that are going i hope 
you have the best time.  peace

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Newbie offer

frenkel@ucsu.Colorado.EDU Mon Nov 7 17:37:00 1994

Hey all,

The first 15 people to e-mail me will get a two tape show from Sweetbriar 
College on 2/25/94.  I haven't done this before, so I don't know what 
else to say :-)  


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Horse Center....

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Mon Nov 7 18:03:43 1994

Some answers to questions about the Horse Center show.....

1)Directions from 81 N. Go south till you get to the 64 west exit (signs 
say lexington). There will be horse center signs on highway too. Get on 
64w and take first exit. Turn right at stop sign and the take first left 
onto route 39, that will go past the horse center. 

2)from 81 S. Same thing. It's the middle Lexington exit (out of 3)

3)Gatherings. No ones scheduled anything, and my idea is the soundboard 
before and during the show. I got stuff to do till about 6 so I cant do 
any pre show. Post show Who knows? The Grapes are playing a late show at 
Crossroads though, if anyone's up for another hour drive..

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	"You know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?"		|
|	"No..."								|
|	"A Royale with Cheese...."					|
|									|
|	Ezekiel 25:17							|
|									|
|v4.0									|


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Re: Horse Center....

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Mon Nov 7 18:23:27 1994


 3)Gatherings. No ones scheduled anything, and my idea is the soundboard 

me and cathy just wanna say, 'shhhhhhhhhh...'
or all our good seats (stands.. whatever it is when we dance and jam and 
spin and live like children in our usual dmb sbd spot) will be trampled 
like buffaloo pastures.

hey.. do buffaloo's have pastures?

why is that buffalo wing's commercial so damn funny?

and if anyone has the right answer to what the birth of a white buffalo 
signifies..  i'll send you a free copy of the brown's island show from 
this summer... 7.30.94. god i love net trivia...

oh.. who thinks it's about time for another net-knighting? huh? huh?
if you think you know anyone of our fellow netters who you think 
would be a good contender.. mail me personally with their name, the 
reaon you think they deserve to be a knight... and.. uh.. (can i be 
mildly creative here???)..... what color underwear you think they have on 
at the moment. (plaids, paisley's stripes should be denoted.)

ok. i've been silly enough for today.
thnxs rick. you can see i've cheered up since a few minutes ago... 
i owe you a hug.  *hug*

racing turtles (turtles turtles and more turtles)
the grapefruit is winning, 
clare emily the pearl chic

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i wish the mice would eat the friggin' dog...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Nov 7 18:29:33 1994

for those of you with clean crisp copies of the nantucket run from
august, how many have noticed that dave introduces help myself as
none other than dangerous hours.  that song must have such a complex.

it probably also feels pretty ignored at this point.

on lexington...
i think it's pretty much a standard thing for concerts to start
one hour after doors open, so look for rusted root to take the stage 
around 7:30, play for probably about 45 minutes, and then we'll see
dave take the stage b/w 8:30 and nine.  i doubt dave will push much
past 11:30.

for those who haven't heard rusted root yet, you'll be pretty amazed.
they have a huge instrumentation, with something like 8 or 9 musicians,
including bongos and female backup vocals.  i've had a copy of their
debut "when i woke" since about a week before it was initially released.
i picked it up out of my radio stations review bin when it was mailed
to us based on the review printed on the back cover.
i can't really remember the reviews exact words, but i can say myself
that it's a cross between peter gabriel, david byrne, and dave matthews,
with all sorts of really cool world beat rhythms thrown in.  the primary
songwriter for the band is extremely diverse, with everything from a 
afrikan tribal rhythm (including a complete song based on it), to typical
bluegrass, to typical mainstream, and even a track of ethnic indian music.
it's pretty crazy, and it's pretty damn good.  most of the tracks are of
mainstream length, around the 4 minute mark, though one song really jams
out pretty hard, called cruel song.  it seems to be a staple of theirs,
from what i've heard.  i've never heard any of their live material, and
i'm looking forward to wednesday night to hear some...

oh well, enough rambling....
i have sockiology homework to do...

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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setlist 10/7/94?!?!

smbloom@mailbox.syr.edu Mon Nov 7 19:43:31 1994

hello, im uncle sig (you may know me from the phish net)
does anyone know the setlist for this show? thanks..

p.s. setlist of rusted root for that night would be appreciated too.

be safe.


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help with lexington

PARISIGRE@urvax.urich.edu Mon Nov 7 20:01:35 1994

well informed JMU, W&L, or UVA people please post or email me some specifics
on lexington.  In other words...directions from 64, what's the word on
tailgating before the show, what time is RR expected to start, is there a 
curfew time - I think the horse center is a closed building so probably not.
Anyway, sorry I'm clueless about lexington- really psyched for the show though,

because the 9th, in addition to being the anniversary of the R2T album, is 
my birthday and if anyone happens to be listening, all I ask for is a kickin'
version of granny to remember through the ages- and I'll remember it...maybe
I've had an unlucky streak, because I keep seeing it on set lists, but I
haven't seen granny in six shows.  That's a six satellite to zero granny ratio.
I don't want to think about it.

Oh, not to waste all your time, but that Entertainment weekly review is 
bordering on offensive.  Why is "biracial" an issue?  Why are "Latin" riffs
an issue?  Latin riffs?  Was the cd skipping on Lover LD over and over?  Am
I missing the latin riffs in Jimi Thing and the rest of the album?  I don't
want to think about it.  Sorry so long
Greg Parisi

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Re: "requesting information" boot I.D.

beamer@email.unc.edu Mon Nov 7 20:15:42 1994


I'd love a copy of this tape.  Please email me at beamer@email.unc.edu
with info on how to get  it.  Thanks.

ps. To anyone out there who may have any other live tapes of DMB, Blues 
Travelers, and especially Phish, please let me know.  

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Re: i wish the mice would eat the friggin' dog...

bmking@mail.wm.edu Mon Nov 7 21:02:33 1994

on lexington...
i think it's pretty much a standard thing for concerts to start
one hour after doors open, so look for rusted root to take the stage
around 7:30, play for probably about 45 minutes, and then we'll see
dave take the stage b/w 8:30 and nine.  i doubt dave will push much
past 11:30.

hmm..  they told me rusted root at 8pm and dave at "9, but they always start

as for rusted root, I've had the pleasure of experiencing them twice, and
they are fantastic.  Tons of live energy, great musicians, and if anyone read
my post on the rusted root net, great people to boot.

if anyone feels like having some fun, try counting the number of instruments
each one of them plays during the show..  it'll boggle.


Brett Kingswell                                           bmking@mail.wm.edu
we've been lovers since we were born

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