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s262612@gettysburg.edu Thu Nov 10 17:08:01 1994

does anybody have 3 extras for boone?

please call (717)337-7534 

ask for sully or murph


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ob remarks........

RPPRISIN@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Nov 10 17:10:40 1994

hey ...... yes another review of the lex show......

i was surprised to hear Cry Freedom after clare told me it wasn't on the set
list... :)

other notes....... jimi thing  was kinda long and a kinda different dave solo
but less inspired.... it seems to me the band needs a break.... dave's voice
sounded shot to me last night.... he stilled pulled it off as i knew he would
but he sounded deeper and kinda horse (ahh.. the puns i think of) anyways i got
really excited when the intro to halloween started cause it sounded to me and
maybe some others that he was beginning to play Drive In, Drive out....
anyway,..... overall good strong cd sound they had.... good thing i didn't
listen to mine the week before......  ahhhhh but it is dave and cry freedom
rocked and i loved the look on some people's faces when he opened with #36....
you know that what the fuck is this kinda look.....hehehheheheheheh

anyway...... sorry i didn't meet too many new people ......


ps --- clare....you really thought i was bigger? :)

"i refuse to be part of such a shallow death - i'll do anything to leave here -


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Extra Ticket to Wake show

djb@mars.gtcc.cc.nc.us Thu Nov 10 17:14:22 1994

I have an etra ticket to the show tomorrow at Wake forest.

I'll sell it for face ($15).

Daniel J. Blanchat     | Question Authority. Question Reality. Question Me.
djb@mars.gtcc.cc.nc.us | If someone tells you that you don't need another
Renegade Libertarian   | source for information, you most assuredly do.

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dire need is weird

msweeney@muselab.ac.runet.edu Thu Nov 10 17:19:52 1994

hello all
mailing list and i ran into a freind on irc yesterday who said that the 
new newsletter says dave will be in DC on dec. 30th.  my problem is God 
street wine is playing the bayou that night or so says budke over at 
finewine.  so is dave playing DC?  any ideas on a venue?  the only one's 
i can think of would be the blackcat, 930, or on a campus.  if this is 
true then i got to worry about who i go to see.  if he's playing the 930 
well then my mind is made up i'm going to GSW (nothing against dave but 
since the opening of the black cat i HATE the 930 and will only go there 
for incrediable concerts [like before the next rollins band tour to catch 
henry do his 930 gig]) but if he's somewhere else then what do i do?  hmm 
well before i get worked up lets see if i can get a conformation.  does 
the newsletter say this and is it a deffinet or does dave want to play DC 
that night but doesn't have a venue yet please tell me cya around.


ps last january my older brother saw dave for the first time at the 
bayou in DC.  his birthday was about a month ago and i still have yet to 
give him something.  anyone have this tape so i can make him really 
happy.  i got some dave and other things and once i can get the blanks i 
should be getting phish halloween (2nd generation at worst) any thing 
people can help me with.  if i can't get this show then i'm just going to 
give him one of my shows that i have now but i think it would be cool if 
i could give this to him for his birthday or christmas.  also does anyone 
have any jimmy buffet boots?  that way i could get gifts for my older and 
younger brother in one trade :)  see ya all around and all that jazz

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Re: Much 2 Say

allgood@umich.edu Thu Nov 10 17:41:20 1994

 Ok, here's how rumors get started...
 I'd heard that So Much 2 Say was an individual's struggle
 with homosexuality...
 Complete with references - - "I say my hell is the closet and I'm
 stuck inside...", but who knows???  Anyone???
 I know Dave loves to assume roles in his songs...
 Similarly, "Recently" can be interpreted as an individual's struggle
 with an interracial relationship.  Hence, the cover of the "Recently" EP.
 I guess I could be restating the obvious... is all of this common 
I would just like to tell you that I disagree about your interpretation 
about what recently is about.  In fact, it's about a man's relationship 
with a hooker.  When I was in Nantucket this summer he said right before 
the song that, "this one is for the hookers."  I could be wrong, but 
after listening to your interpretation, now think about mine.  Just a 
thought.  Check it out.

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Re: Much 2 Say

msweeney@muselab.ac.runet.edu Thu Nov 10 18:00:39 1994

About the Recently interpretations.  Since he doesn't really go into 
exactly why people stare i take the song to mean any relationships that 
society does not condone and think is wrong.  both of the interpretaions 
brought up so far fit this.  so what do you think just my 2 cents.  cya


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D.C. DMB-heads

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Thu Nov 10 18:17:51 1994

Hey Now!
I know that there are a few of you out there. I saw you jonesin' for a
ticket with your fingers in the air (it's the Dead scene all over again).
person? I have mucho Dead and Phish, and would like to get my hands on
some crispy DMB soundboards. I'm getting the sbds of the Lisner show
next week. Help would be appreciated.


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Hatton.Haralson@Rollins.Edu Thu Nov 10 18:27:36 1994

no offense to whoever transcribed "satellite" in the
guitar file, but it's all wrong.  here's how dave really
plays it...


it takes a few times to get used to it but it is really easy.
the advantage about playing it this way is that when the riff
is over, you are back in the 4th position so you can repeat it


hatton haralson

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The smurfs are back (summer netter joke..)

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Nov 10 18:59:54 1994

This goes out to Clare especially.....

Most of you summer folks will understand why this is here...
Anyone elso migth thinnk its funny also..

Gay bees fly everywhere!!!!

P.S. sorry about the mucho forwarding arrows..

                                     SMURFS         It's time
to tell the truth about Smurfs.  You see, Smurfs are a     lot like
other folks; they have dreams and ambitions, deep, thoughtful    
conversations with each other, and good and bad times.     "But,"
people ask, "do Smurfs have..... you know,......*sex*?" The    
answer is an emphatic and resounding YES!     And why shouldn't they? 
    They're people, too.  What *most* people don't know is why Smurfs
are     blue.  Well, the reason is because Smurfs only have sex once
too.     Once a year, in the Smurf village, flags and banners fly
happily in     the breeze, proclaiming that the day of the annual
Smuckfest has arrived.      Birds sing and the Sun comes out to
watch, despite the weatherSmurf's     direst predictions.  I guess
good ol' Mr. Sun is a voyeur.     In the middle of town, Papa Smurf
gives a brief speech explaining the     origin of the Smuckfest; how
Dr. C.Everett Koop came to the village and warned     all the Smurfs
about AIDS.  Papa Smurf knew that no one made condoms small    
enough for a Smurf (even though everyone knows that all male Smurfs   
 are uniformly well-hung, for their size), so he decreed that all Smurfs
would     only smuck one day a year.  "Smucking one day a year will
help us identify any     diseases we may transmit to one another, and
keep them from spreading to     the animals in the forest," declared
Papa Smurf. "Besides, it will give     Smurfette a chance to rest." 
   Yes! Smurfette must rest.  For, as everyone knows, Smurfette is the
    only female Smurf in the village, and after a full day of having
vigorous,     rabid sex with two hundred cunt-crazed little blue men,
she needs a break.     So, on the appointed day, Papa Smurf bids
everyone throw their     inhibitions to the wind and immerse
themselves in debauchery. And, as is his     privilege, Papa Smurf
throws out the first throe.  At his signal, Smurfette     unties the
skintight blue band she must use to suppress her natural    
bustiness, and her astounding tits spring forth into the daylight.  The
Sun     gleams lecherously on the smooth, blue flesh, nipples
crinkling in the     light of day from her soon-to-be-unbridled lust. 
    Then Smurfette shimmies out of her skirt and stands before the
crowd,     naked as the day she was born, save the spike-heeled white
boots she has donned     just for the occasion.  Her long, blonde
hair cascades down her back and     lasciviously outlines her
buttocks, clinging like a dirty old man's gaze to     each curve and
dimple.  Her cunt winks lewdly from behind the golden shield     of
pubic glory, already glistening in mad anticipation of each and every  
  raging rod it would receive that day.  And receive them gladly it
would, for     hers is the indefatigable furburger, and she hungered
for the sauce blended     in the heat of passion. Smurfette turns to
Papa Smurf and lifts her     stupendous breasts with their turgid
nipples to his lips.  He takes each     one, in turn, into his mouth,
where his tongue dances the Fabulous Fandango     around the areolae,
as Smurfette moans like a cat in heat.      Then, when poor Smurfette
can take no more, Papa Smurf drops to his     bony little knees and
sprinkles his magic deSmurfilating dust on Smurfette's     engorged
cunt lips.      Presto!  The lovely blonde braiding material falls
from her,     leaving her shaved smooth as a hard-boiled egg.    
"Oh, Papa Smurf!" she cries.  "Encore!!  Encore!!", as she    
writhes in anticipation of the Fabulous Furless Fandango danced 'round
her     pulsating pussy.     Papa Smurf does not disappoint the
damsel in distress;  he slides his     hands under her tight little
blue ass and parts her moistness with his thumbs.     As the hot,
funky juices begin to run down his arms, he plunges tongue-first    
and tonsil-deep into her wiggling womanhood.  Smurfette gasps as the  
  talented tongue begins to do its magic, and her cunt clutches at it
like a     baby bird after a worm.      Cradling his head to her
crotch, Smurfette's hips begin to slowly grind     and twitch, for
Papa Smurf's tongue has unerringly found her S-spot, and    
Smurfette begins the slow, hot, agonizing rise to ecstasy.  "Oh, make me
smurf,     baby, make me smurf!", she pants, each stroke of his
tongue causing her to     throb and clutch.  As Smurfette's moans and
cries rise in pitch higher and     higher, the crowd gazes in
amazement at the mighty mound of meat struggling to     escape from
Papa Smurf's pants.  This, then, is the legendary Trouser Titan,    
bulging forth in a determined attempt to split the barrier.     Just
when Smurfette is certain that she will die from sheer sensory    
overload, Papa Smurf flings off his Levis and frees the Magnificent   
 Heat-Seeking Moisture Missle from its cradle.  Maddened with blind
lust,     Smurfette hurls Papa Smurf to the platform and leaps
shrieking into the air,     landing unerringly on his Titanic Totem.
    Suddenly filled, Smurfette's cunt explodes in a monster orgasm,
the     force of which propels her screaming into the air again and
again, each time     plummeting her onto the Potent Purple Pecker and
triggering another climax.     Before Smurfette can achieve orbit,
Papa Smurf grab her legs and pulls her to     the ground.  Swiftly,
he stands, pulling her to her knees.  Gasping in awe,     Smurfette
gets a head-on view of his hard-on, glistening in the light like a   
 war staff.  The sight of this shining stud is too much for Smurfette,
who     immediately grabs both of Papa smurf's bulging balls in her
hands and pulls him     to her waiting mouth. With preternatural
skill and primeval hunger,     Smurfette devours the monster cock,
licking and sucking like a starving child     with an ice cream cone. 
His ass knotting like a sailor's anchor rope, Papa     Smurf pounds
into Smurfette's mouth with furious strokes.  As he reaches     his
blazing climax, he forces Smurfette to take all thirteen and 7/8ths
inches     of blue tube steak and fires round after pulsing round of
blue goo down her     ravenous throat.      "Hurray!!", shouts
the crowd.  "Now it's OUR turn!!"  Suddenly the town     square
erupts with scenes of azure carnality, as 200 tiny blue asses appear in 
   the sunlight.  200 raging cocks swarm toward Smurfette's waiting
and     ever-willing cunt, ready to make her scream for mercy as they
scream for more.     400 bouncing balls follow each other toward the
nearest available orifice,     making Smurfette wish there were more
of her.      Those lucky enough to find access to Smurfette's
fabulous form begin     their crazed humping, as others find their
schlongs being stroked as fast as     she can grab.  Those whose time
will come later are coming now, as their     friends clutch lustily
at their forbidden fruits, flinging frothy fuck-foam far     and
wide.  Up the ass!  Down the throat!  Backhand, forehand, underhand, in 
   the armpit or behind the knee, the Smurfs erupt in a display of
orgasmic     prowess to shame the most devoted student of the Kama
Sutra.  Soon the street     become hazardous to navigate (and
navigate one must), as the square gets deeper     and deeper in the
collective come.     Hour after hour, the orgy rampages on. 
Gradually, as night falls, the     screams of orgasmic ecstasy turn
to the moans and sighs of deep contentment,     with the occasional
whimper from an over-enthusiastic sodomite.  Soon all is     quiet,
as Smurf helps Smurf back to Home and Preparation H.  Tubes of Chap-Stick
    are quickly distributed to soothe aching lips, and aloe gel is
applied (as are     lips, if it is too stimulating) to the citizen's
members to ease the burning.      As the exhausted (and completely
sated) Smurfs lie in sexual stupor,     gentle rains come (not them,
too!) to wash away all traces of the fleshfest     that was.  And you
wondered why Smurfs are always in such a good mood...... 


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tmr3c@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Nov 10 19:01:35 1994

Well, let me start by saying DMB is still the best band around.
But the fans are getting far too obnoxious (sp.?).  I was crushed
numerous times, and once I got to safety, the aromas of pot,
incense and cigarette smoke mixed to create a scent that could
only produce a headache.  The show itself was one of the best I
have seen.  HALLOWEEN KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!  I don't know where so
many assholes can live.  Anyway, didn't mean to bring anyone
down.  I suppose y'all know this already.

I also have a question.  Can this display of immaturity be
expected at the NYE show in Richmond?  I just bought my tickets,
and my best friend and I have finally convinced our boyfriends to
go.  I would really like them to get a good impression.  Not one
that the fans are all jerks.  Just let me know, please.  How many
people?  What kind of people good fans or jerks?  Thanks.

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recently meaning

Daniel.S.Gans@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Thu Nov 10 20:02:52 1994

Dave said in an interview with "Unbroken Chain" that "Recently" is simply
about a relationship he once had with a very affectionate girl...She enjoyed
P.D.A...However, he did acknowledge the interpretation that it was about an
interracial couple...
that there were many iterpretations of it, but his favorite was the one about
it being about a "weird  couple like a guy and a guy...not that that is
weird, well some people might think so..."  he was really squirming after
kind where you give and the kind where you take...This was one of those good
taking loves..."  It was really funny, and he was babbling for a couple of
minutes (kind of like i'm doing here)
sorry for the long post, but hopefully this will clear up the discussion...

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NebuIous@aol.com Thu Nov 10 20:23:47 1994

no offense to whoever transcribed "satellite" in the
guitar file, but it's all wrong.  here's how dave really
plays it...


Well, I didn't transcribe it, Shawn did, but both are wrong.  I'd venture
that Shawn's is a bit closer than yours.  Dave does NOT (at least whenever
I've seen him, and ya know hardly a show goes by he DOESN'T play schmutz #1)
go out of position to play this.  That would make it quite difficult to sing
at the same time.

I was watching dave play it at the irving plaza show (lord knows it keeps me
busy during schmutzy tunes. haw haw.), and I tried to make a note to remember
how he played it.  Well, I didn't!  So there!!

Have a smurfy evening.  Especially Boofy because he's the master of... um...
errr..... forwarding arrows.

'Bart, stop asking stupid questions.  So, is there any frontal nudity?!?!'

-Homer Simpson

just another memo from the cellar,


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Re: MINARETS digest 345

TPUSATERI@tlc-486.clemson.edu Thu Nov 10 20:23:59 1994

Once agian,
pictures Ive read about on the net??

P.S.-- Hey Russ, Nate, Yogi......Drop me a line!!!

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More Satellite

NebuIous@aol.com Thu Nov 10 20:51:48 1994

After thinking for a second (damn that's hard to do), I came up with a
'closer' transcription of the Satellite intro.  The only reason I've never
done this or the rest of the song before is that, well, I don't really WANT
to.  I don't LIKE Satellite, therefor don't have much of an urge to
transcribe it.  But here's an approximation of the first bit at least...




la la la la la la, la la la la la...


(for variety)

just another memo from the cellar,

*         "I do not know what I think          * --   Ben Sterling  --   *
*      until I read what I have written"       * --  Nebuious@aol.com -- *
*              -Flannery O'Conner              *  --   New York, NY  --  *

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Kudos to Ben Tanen

@mail.trincoll.edu:sean.berry@mail.trincoll.edu Thu Nov 10 21:07:25 1994

Kudos to Ben Tanen for giving us old netters a flashback. A flashback to
when there were about as many people on  the net as I could fit in my dorm
room. A flashback to when messages were interesting and you recognized
their name. When there were never subscribe me messages coming in our
mailboxes, because there was no one subscribing. Keep up the good work
Ben!It gives me something to read.
Sean Berry


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NYE Nix..

jcdavis@wam.umd.edu Thu Nov 10 21:16:52 1994

Can't anyone give me any info about the NYE show?
Namely...Is there an age limit? Am I going to need an I.D.?
Does anyone have the number for the Richmond Marriott?
And what was this about tix being set aside for minaretters? Bunch a Hooey right?

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jcdavis@wam.umd.edu Thu Nov 10 21:18:55 1994

Ok...here is the way I play satellite...No position change...same notes 
as yours yet different fingering....


and there ya go...I think this is pretty much authentic Dave stuff here..


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KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Nov 10 21:26:59 1994

I feel that I should clerify myself about something that I wrote a couple of
days. This is going to Jeremy Graves and anybody else who may have taken my
last post the wrong way. When I made the comment about "Dave-come-latelies" I
was speaking of those who go to shows strictly to see that "one song man".
These are the ones who sit through the entire show and talk and drink w/o
paying attention until Ants or Watchtower begins then they go wild like it's
the best thing in the world. Yes at one time I did like these songs, and in
fact I still do. But I love hearing a new song, and as somebody said earlier on
the net, I love not knowing the words to a new song. It keeps the shows fresh.
I didn't mean to insult anybody that is truelly into Dave and his music.
Personally, I love seeing new fans on the net asking for tapes, it shows that
wasn't the first Dave fan, once I was a newbie like everyone else.  I do not
mean to insult those who are new to the band, my problem lies with those who
don't take the band seriously, who's interest doesn't go beyond the CD's. These
are my Dave-come-latelies. To anyone who was offended, I apologize.

TJ-Thanks for taping the show, I'll keep my eye on the mail.
Jeff-Dave did the "Take me to the river" piece, "they were kickin'!"

"Yea! Hell yea! That's what I'm talkin' about!"

As always, for your convenience smoking IS allowed in my message  

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portland show last year

TOSTENG@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Nov 10 21:55:39 1994

Hey there all,
If anyone has a copy of the show in Portland ME last year with the Samples I
would love to talk of a trade.  I have some vintage dave that i am sure any fan
would love to have.  If you have this show please get in touch.

"Eat drink and be merry"  I know i sure as hell do!!!!

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Bela Fleck

eja1@Lehigh.EDU Thu Nov 10 21:57:38 1994

Hey, Hey...
Flecktones are playing at Brougal Middle School Sat. Nov. 12.  It is
bound to be a good show; if interested call (610)758-4160.

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jtv2j@henson.cs.virginia.edu Thu Nov 10 22:07:24 1994

I thought tickets didn't go on sale till the 14th?
Anyway, last year there was only an age limit on drinking.
It's the same thing this year.


|John Viega                                  "The finest day I ever had             |
|rust@virginia.edu                           was when I learned to cry on command"  |
|University of Virginia                                                             |


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Lexington Show Tape

awd7u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Nov 10 23:22:14 1994

If anyone has a tape of the Lexington show on Wednesday, I'd love to get a
copy.  Although I can't offer anything in return (boot-wise), I'd be happy to
send $ and/or blanks.  Please e-mail if you can help me out.  

Thanks a lot, 

Alex Dennis

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JAROUNDS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Nov 10 23:34:03 1994

sorry for any misconceptions of doreen.  i didn't mean to do any harm.
first impressions are important and her, well, it's not our business, so
sorry again.

um, the smurf story.  come on guys. :(

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Re: MINARETS digest 345

btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu Thu Nov 10 23:45:09 1994

 Once agian,
     Can someone tell me how to get into the FAQ and to also see the
 pictures Ive read about on the net??

     I'd really, really appreciate this if someone could help me!!

This will be good for about the next ten hours, until I reorganize things 
tomorrow morning.

 P.S.-- Hey Russ, Nate, Yogi......Drop me a line!!!


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dmb pictures

Bernardo.Evangelista@Washcoll.EDU Fri Nov 11 00:22:21 1994

Bernardo Evangelista@washcoll.edu

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Wake Forest People

moransk@wfu.edu Fri Nov 11 00:22:28 1994

I'm a senior at Wake who would like to trade or get as many DMB boots 
before I leave this fine academic institution.  So if there are any other 
Wake students on this, please get back to me!  Thanks in advance- i 
appreciate it.  See you at the show!

Sean Moran


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questions about New Years...

flats@WPI.EDU Fri Nov 11 01:20:07 1994

I'm split between seeing Dave or Phish on New Years and was wondering just
how big is the Marriot Ballroom in Richmond?   Also is this going to be a 
longer show than usual (2 sets - some acoustic) or just standard format.  A set
list from last years new years show would be really helpful.  If someone
could send me one I'd appreciate it.  
show said New Year tix go on sale Nov. 10, which would mean I'm probably 
out of luck.  The Tour Dates that have been posted by Alex and all other 
anouncements for New Years said Nov. 14.  What's going on?


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R2T Liner Notes ???

STU_GEYAKAIT@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Nov 11 01:48:12 1994

I was passing time tonight by reading the liner notes to R2T, and I am
curious about two names that appear in the Acknowledgements Section......


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Talk to me!

sctm@vt.edu Fri Nov 11 02:22:23 1994

ALrigth,  I know some people on this net taped the Leington show,  and I 
need a copy badly.  I am now prepared to offer large sums of money for it.  
I think this what is meant by groveling,  but I can't be sure.  Please drop 
me a note and let's trade some tapes and money and stamps and envelopes and 
all the other good stuff!
Scott Miller-
Virginia Tech
529 Shanks Hall
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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Carter's lady

akinscj0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Fri Nov 11 03:01:35 1994

I don't know Doreen, but I know Carter well enough that any chic he chooses
to go out with must be cool as shit!!!  Wish I knew her!!!


"When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and
stick together."  --Robert Fulghum
"Lost in the arms of morpheous -- that somnambulistic state of glorious
oblivion......"  --My dad
Jennie Akins
SPO 1117
735 University Avenue
Sewanee, TN     37383-1000


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i think there're just pieces of me you've never seen,

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Nov 11 03:27:28 1994

'why why why are you letting me go' she says.. i feel you pulling back, i 
feel you changing shape.. ' she says....

uh. lots of things to address in this letter. as i listen to my favorite 
song in the whole world.. i actually like it so much ... excuse me for a 
second while i hit the repeat button on my cd-player.....
[pause as clare does above action]
friday mornig, thursday night, far from sleep... i'm still up and 
driving.. cant' go home.. obviously..' (ya'll will have to deal with the 
inserted lyrics from various songs as they come to me in a quite stream 
of conscious manner and are inserted where necessary to add eloquence, 
which, i, obviously lack. kinda. nevermind) so i'm driving back down 81 
south. shortly ago. and the fog was totally so thick and forcing a 
muchness of introspection adn i felt liek scalett in atlanta searching, 
and searcing.. haveing that dream where she's running through the fog and 
searching for what she cant' know and finally she knows what it is, and 
its' rhett... and he's left her.. and she has to, yet again... be a 
strong woman... and reassure herself that 'tomorrow is another day' we 
have to love strong women. and now tomorrow is today so i'll continue 
with the pointlessness of t his post (and only if you watch closely will 
you gather the point, and the lesson, boys and girls). so the fog is 
chasing me, and i'm chasing it, adn i made this same long drive last 
night as a boar or a wharthog ran across the street causing blake and i 
to question our sleep-deprivation and inquire within ourselves if we were 
having visual hallucinations after such an amazing dave show. 'miles and 
miles away from home again'. so once tori and i were one in the putt putt 
(which, was by the wBay on empty for 30 miles and i had faith in my karma 
that i'd make it home on fumes) we philosophized on the dust of the day 
(dust among the fog.. i felt quite altered and yet peculiarly lonely..).

okay. that was my ramblings. here's the nitty gritty. (if you've made it 
this far you deserve a free hug from a stranger. so smile at astranger on 
the street tomorrow. i guearantee you'll get a free smile in return. and 
it warms your heart. and warm hearts are healthy. so give.. and you'll be 
given to...)

ah lex. what a wonderful gathering. happiness and love. it was all a work 
of art. here's a hint.. if you dont' liek teh crowds, dont' stand in 
them. i'll guarantee you its' much more exciting to spinn with cathy to 
'spin my world around, got my world turning' back by the soundboard where 
you have your space and you have no moshing, and you have the love of 
friends to surround you to replenish your universal energy. so.. we all 
got a taste of life the other night. and you must gnarl at life with a 
passion to keep the taste fresh in your mouth...
rich.. i actually said i didn't know about cry freedom... (gasp! clare 
not know? gasp! yes pholks.. it happens.. i am mere flesh like you all, 
quite a simple girl i am who yearns to be amish and cook cornbread in 
ohio). hey rick.. i bet kelly doesnt' know how to cook cornbread... bet 
she doesn't.... ah kelly... if only you knew.. if only you knew how to 
hide your gaze as you shake hands.... i nearly had to indulge a possesive 
hug on my dear friend rick to help wrench him from your thoughts...so 
anyway... afterward we gazed at stars....in skies of blue.. clouds of 
black.. thoughts of intimacy among three freinds... and droned to the 
fiddle in our heads and my speakers.... (following blake's rule, of 
course.. no no.. no 11.17.92 this time dear followers). so after 
comtemplating the theory of dreams, and hell... we traveled down our 
paths only to meet again in memories and reminisce and a few weeks for 
comfort at 3rd street (grilled d's buford!) over botomless cups of leaded 
caffeine. if memory serves me right boyd got married somwehreabouts in 
late october of 92. (why is my room so goddamn cold? i'm chilly as a 
penguin.. god i miss opus...and his feild of dandelioins...why isn't 
there a dandelion park some where? for solace and comfort.. full of 
wishes to make.. waiting to come true... and butterlies to soar the	q sky 
with your soul..)

with that note... i saw a shooting star tonight... once a patch in the 
fog cleared.. and i hadn't a wish to make. so i wished for a wish. is 
that weird? hmm...... so if happen to find my ka (my spirit/my soul) keep 
an eye on the stars abroad in the sky right now.. cause it's wandring 
somewhere out there.. like a winged sahara.... a desert too expansive for 
my travels..... and give it a hug for me.. and send it on it's way...)

'i come apart baby but that's okay, cause trouble man dont' get in my way'

oh i miss the kiss of treachery...
check the .sig.........(cig? did you say cig, buford? film at 11)
clare the den mother emily




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Horse Center?

malachi@leland.Stanford.EDU Fri Nov 11 07:07:33 1994

Does anyone have a copy of the show at the Horse Center in Lexington?


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HEY! Jackopierce. Also Nantucket

Dave_P._Anderson@csgi.com Fri Nov 11 07:48:20 1994

First, (I'm begging here) does anyone have any tapes of DM at the Muse in
Nantucket, I go there every summer, I was there, I would like it.

2nd Does anyone have any Jackopierce tapes?
3rd  Does anyone have the setlist for 10-12-94 at the Stone Balloon in Newark
Del.  ?
4th Thanks!

Dave from DC.

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TPUSATERI@tlc-486.clemson.edu Fri Nov 11 08:19:55 1994


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Re: MINARETS digest 345

TPUSATERI@tlc-486.clemson.edu Fri Nov 11 08:22:24 1994

again, Over and Out...Troy

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Re: Boyd got married?

kburesh@mason1.gmu.edu Fri Nov 11 09:01:20 1994

 When,  what,  where,  how,  and to whom did Boyd get married?  I never knew 
 about that.  I started going to see Dave at the Floodzone all the time near 
 mid to late 1992 and I never knew?  Please inform me and maybe the rest of 
 the DMB fans.
 Scott Miller-
 Virginia Tech
 529 Shanks Hall
 Blacksburg,  VA 24060
 "Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"
      - Dave Matthews
I don't remember to who, I just remember the band taking a week or two 
off one summer (I think 1992, but I could be thinking wrong) because Boyd 
was getting married.  Sorry I'm so vague on this because it was so long 
ago.  Someone else probably knows the details. -Kim

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kburesh@mason1.gmu.edu Fri Nov 11 09:19:05 1994

I wrote to the first group of people who replied about my 11-17-92 
offer.  I'll try to do this again sometime in a few weeks for the rest of 
you who wrote me.  -Kim  

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Boyd and his lovely wife named.....

CONJURAEM@urvax.urich.edu Fri Nov 11 09:22:53 1994

When I met him last February at the Sweet Briar Show I introduced myself
and he said "Oh I really like that name, that is my wife's name."

what I'd like to post than actually doing it.....Posting..."Some people do,
some people don't"  I guess I am more of a passive participant in minarets,
but those of you who know me, know that I am just as interested in all of
this as much as the rest of you are...and yes even I was here from the 
beginning. *have I been addicted to email that long*
a smile to your face.  I whole-heartedly agree that a DMB show is even that
much better when you share it with a good group of friends...thus when I
looked around at the Lexington, I was surrounded by 6 of my closest friends
from the net, doing what I love to do the most....and all the while smiling
like there was tomorrow....So for all of you who have posted that you hate
the crowds...well if and when possible, move away...move away I say.  Find
a secluded spot to enjoy the show if possible.  Or when in doubt come
back to the soundboard...cause some of the best people hang out there.  Plus
you might learn a thing or two.  

unable to attend....

bye bye now.....

* On a bus with everyone around me seated    *
* Looking at the faces shutting me out       *************************
* And I wonder why behind these eyes we hide--every day, every night *
* Don't speak to strangers, Don't speak to another.....              *
* So I might take a chance to talk to a stranger, on a bus           *
* Yes I don't know why you are sitting quiet (have you got a life)   *
* Four hours down this highway, not a word                           **********
* Spoken between us, makes me loose my mind.....                              *
* Turn the windows are open, don't leave                   RHYME AND REASON   *
* The moments passed I shudder what I could've done             Dave Matthews *
* Sometimes occuring                                            Band          *
* And the urge to open your mouth, don't shut it                (7/27/93)     *
* Don't swallow your thought again                              Floodzone     *
* Open up and screeeam it, screeeam it, screeeam it....         Richmond, VA  *

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NYE producer?

LauraL4523@aol.com Fri Nov 11 11:12:43 1994

Hey there y'all!

Marriott?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Also, is there any kind of gathering going on at Wake tonight?  would love to
meet some of y'all.

See you there!

also known as l_leclai@turing.uncg.edu


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Am I worthy?

EIQ9DXB@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU Fri Nov 11 11:20:43 1994


i got my tkts for DMB at the Whiskey in L.A. on Dec. 6. I've only been
keen to the wonders of the band for a couple weeks.

You cheeseheads want to tell me how to "behave" at the concert?

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CASERT66@snycorva.cortland.edu Fri Nov 11 11:51:22 1994

hi  everyone out there!!  I tried yesterday a quick as i could to email
people asking about DMB NYE TIXS  today i just found out that i got alot 
of undeliverable mail(don't you hate when that happens?)  anyway- hopefully
its not too late-  DMB went on sale yesterday at 11am  through DMB tixs
and merchandising. the # is 804 971 4829  i don't think it sold out but 
who knows.  I hope you all get tixs-- its too bad there werent any posts 
about it on the net like i read once before that would give netters a 
special advantage of some sort to getting tixs--anyway GOOD LUCK and
see you all NYE!!
btw if anyone who went last year could send me a set list and tell 
what it was like as far as area, parking, scene, bar, etc please let 
me know  THANKS 

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gottlieb@bu4090.barry.edu Fri Nov 11 11:54:34 1994

I have been unable to reply for about 2 weeks because our campus link
has been down.  If anyone has been trying to reach me, I'm back 
now.  And it's good to be back.  I knew that once I got some 
DMB tapes in the mail, I'd be okay.  I got 8/21/94 HORDE Pittsburgh.
ALways up for a trade...

Great to be back to 100 messages a day!,



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David Gray

dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu Fri Nov 11 12:01:26 1994

I just got a copy of the Fox Theatre show (8/27/94).

Unbefuckinglievable.    I didn't think you could DO a Nancies-Warehouse,
but Carter just keeps on riding that cymbal like he's going off into the

Anyways, Dave mentions David Gray in between songs.   Wait, he's saying it n=

"David Gray-- that's a WICKED album."

after that, he says to someone in the background, "_I_ didn't cut it,
someone else did..."

cut WHAT, Dave?    The cheeze?

ANYways, I'd just like to say, I saw David Gray open for Shawn Colvin.
He really impressed me.    He's an Irish dude with a great voice and some
UNconventional progressions.   I bought 'A Century Ends'.   Check out

"Dry your eyes, we're gonna go     where     we     can     shine."

Peace and Dave to you all,

read.   bike.    read.    listen to dave.    read.    eat?
sleep.    read.    type.    listen to dave.    write.    eat.
sleep?    play disc.    read.    bike.    listen to dave.    EAT!
eat... eat.    listen to dave.    listen to dave.    hear dave.

repeat until you hear #'s 12-33...

Dominic Sagolla '96        dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore College         dominic@raptor.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore, PA 19081


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Boulder 11.19 grovel/tape offer

longmire@ucsuc.Colorado.EDU Fri Nov 11 12:09:21 1994

I just found out that a couple buds (no these are actual people who were 
not recently harvested) from the Bay Area are coming out for next 
weekend's shows.

We need 2 more tix for Saturday night 11.19 at the Fox.

Here's the deal- if you help us out, I'll provide you with copies  of all 3 
Boulder shows  (scums free DAT or Nak). If this doesn't interest you we can 
discuss other offers.

Feel free to respond via email or give me a call

Take it slow,


John Longmire
PO Box 382
Boulder,CO  80306-0382
(303) 449-6234                       "what I want is what I've not got"



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David Gray

dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu Fri Nov 11 12:29:17 1994

I just got a copy of the Fox Theatre show (8/27/94).

Unbefuckinglievable.    I didn't think you could DO a Nancies-Warehouse,
but Carter just keeps on riding that cymbal like he's going off into the

Anyways, Dave mentions David Gray in between songs.   Wait, he's saying it n=

"David Gray-- that's a WICKED album."

after that, he says to someone in the background, "_I_ didn't cut it,
someone else did..."

cut WHAT, Dave?    The cheeze?

ANYways, I'd just like to say, I saw David Gray open for Shawn Colvin.
He really impressed me.    He's an Irish dude with a great voice and some
UNconventional progressions.   I bought 'A Century Ends'.   Check out

"Dry your eyes, we're gonna go     where     we     can     shine."

Peace and Dave to you all,

read.   bike.    read.    listen to dave.    read.    eat?
sleep.    read.    type.    listen to dave.    write.    eat.
sleep?    play disc.    read.    bike.    listen to dave.    EAT!
eat... eat.    listen to dave.    listen to dave.    hear dave.

repeat until you hear #'s 12-33...

Dominic Sagolla '96        dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore College         dominic@raptor.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore, PA 19081


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faq file and other stuff

DLALLISON@unca.edu Fri Nov 11 12:33:51 1994

Hey what's up to everyone. My name is Dusty (i'm a guy in case you
thought that Dusty was a girl's name) I have been a DMB fan for a year
and a half but I'm just now entering the minarets system. Could 
someone help me to obtain the FAQ file?
I mailed a request to stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu but have received 
nothing.  Help would be greatly appreciated. Also i am looking
for tapes from the mixing board to any of this year's shows.
I am willing to pay good money or trade. I have really good
quality tapes from a performance at Trax in 10/93. I also
have other stuff that could prove to be interesting.
Was any of you at the show in Athens on 10/14?? That show kicked ass
It was well worth sitting on the sidewalk from 8am to 1pm waiting
to buy tickets. A couple of more highlights from the show was 1. seeing
Rusted Root perform. They don't call their music "primal and body
moving" for nothing!! I alo have their cd if anyone would like a copy made.
2. seeing Michael Stipe wandering through the crowd.
If anyone has tapes from this show I will pay or trade. let me know.
finally if anyone is going to the Boone show tomorrow night ,
i would pay money to get a tape made of the show.
hope to hear from everyone on e-mail.


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Re: MINARETS digest 346

Hatton.Haralson@Rollins.Edu Fri Nov 11 13:08:09 1994

sorry to those who took offense to my trans. to satellite.       
i guess there's no real way to play it (except for dave's way)
just play it the best way you know how.
does anyone know if dave will ever make it down to florida?

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Grovel, grovel

KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Fri Nov 11 13:10:37 1994

I just got finished reading all the post from people looking/begging for tapes
and I decided to join in on the fun. I'm working this serious jones for tapes
of all the shows I've been to, but since alot of these were from Frat parties
in the early days I've come to accept their non-existence. That leaves the
clubs, I'll start with a couple today and if I get a good response (please,
please) then I'll add a few more every month until I complete my collection
there have copies of the 11/93 show from the Peppermint Beach Club, VA Beach?
Or how about the free "last day of school" show for ODU at Town Point Park,
Norfolk 4or5/94? If any body has a copy of these shows, my collection is
growing rapidly and I would love to trade. Sorry for the "wasted" bandwidth.

"I'll be doing an Irish gig dance that has been passed down from father to son,
father to son, and when it got to me, father to daughter. that is, until the
operation" -Dave

As always, for your convenience smoking IS allowed in my message

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hey rick!!!!!

JPETERS@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Fri Nov 11 13:15:46 1994


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Show ID: Harrisonburg '92

dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Nov 11 13:16:17 1994

mentioned before.  I have it labeled as Harrisonburg '92 and its got Cry
Freedom, The Maker, Me & Julio, Best (sorry I don't have the set list - the
tape is lent out).  If someone could e-mail me directly the exact date and
venue I would be much obliged.  Thanks.

Dan Entin

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Robert Dederick?

Barrett.S.Shaver@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Fri Nov 11 13:17:20 1994

Yes, I've asked this before, but got no reply, and I think somebody knows the
that "Typical Situation" was inspired by Robert Dederick's "a prayer in the
Pentagon". Does anybody know who Robert Dederick is or what "a prayer in the
Pentagon" is (song/poem/story)?

oh, and i second that everybody should check out David Grey, he's an
excellent songwriter.

all experiences lead to another...

-barrett shaver@dartmouth.edu

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eja1@Lehigh.EDU Fri Nov 11 13:29:04 1994

Well, I just called and got a few tix for the new year festivities.  I know a
request was sent out for info about last year's show, but instead of mailing
set lists, crowd, #s, if and how are the security...


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carter beauford on the drums

trs9y@sunipc-3.unixlab.virginia.edu Fri Nov 11 13:58:32 1994


see if anyone out there knew.  Is Carter right- or left-handed?  I've
never seen anyone play drums the way he does.  His drums are set up
for a right-handed player, except for his ride cymbal which is above
the hi-hat, which he almost always rides with his left.  Although he
is such a good drummer that it's well within the realm of possibility
that he can play ambidextrously.

Tom Schwenk


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Wait tonite

driver8@phy.duke.edu Fri Nov 11 14:21:18 1994

I'll be there...look for a 5'10" guy with a UVa track shirt...I'm 
bringing tapes.

gee out


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Re: MINARETS digest 346

JFDITT00@UKCC.UKY.EDU Fri Nov 11 14:26:53 1994

    ...my problem lies with those who don't take the band seriously, who's
   interest doesn't go beyond the CD's. These are my Dave-come-latelies.


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Even more "notes" on satellite

driver8@phy.duke.edu Fri Nov 11 14:35:47 1994

intro have  realized this but YOU'RE ALL PLAYING THE SAME THING!!!  if 
you listen to the song carefully enough on different copies sometimes 
dave slides and  sometimes he doesn't - I've seen him do it either way 
(he is a respectable guitarist you know) and as for singing the song while 
moving out of position, I've never had a problem with it...in fact, it is 
easier to sing (After Her) while sliding - I might even venture to guess 
this is how dave originally played the song and he perhaps toyed with it 
a bit to get a ceaner sound now and then. After all it makes much more 
sense from a composers standpoint to write a song that way.
song? I'll admit it's aweful boring if you only know the intro, but when 
you know the rest - then you can join in with dave and take the song 
completely ape - after all isn't that what music's all about?  So my 
challenge is for you to come up with the rest of the song and post it 
here.  In a few days after you guys try to get this I'll post it the way I 
play it (If someone doesn't do it the same way) - And once this done 
maybe I'll trade some improve licks that sound good.  Give it a go 
netters, let's see what you can come up with. 


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To Schmutz or not to schmutz?

IBASSIN@WESLEYAN.BITNET Fri Nov 11 15:16:24 1994

Is Satellite really Schmutz, or do you not like it b/c all the assholes in
your average Dave crowd love it and sing along and scream for it all night?
Mainstream or alternative, some things are just good. Dave will grow and
will become very popular so we better learn to love him even when everyone
screams for and sings along to Drive in Drive out. Just a thought, Ian

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Re: MINARETS digest 346

Lyn.Debevoise@williams.edu Fri Nov 11 15:33:26 1994

     ...my problem lies with those who don't take the band seriously, who's
    interest doesn't go beyond the CD's. These are my Dave-come-latelies.
      What's wrong with just being interested in their CD's?

For that matter, how can it possibly be said that people who are only 
interested in the cds necessarily do not (or cannot) take the band 
seriously? I think it takes a lot of nerve to classify people who do not 
wish to take the time to make and trade tapes (or possibly don't have the 
opportunity to do so - ever think of that?) as being second-class fans.
ago were eagerly anticipating the possibilities of DMB becoming big are 
shows at Trax where "there were only fifty people in the crowd and you could 
rub elbows with the band", I can identify with the feelings about how the 
crowds have changed. Please understand, however, that things are not going 
to return to the way they used to be. DMB does not "belong" to any single
group of people. Someone who has been following the band from the 
beginning has no more right to like DMB than someone who first saw them 
on MTV two weeks ago.
really need to adjust to the new situation. Now please excuse me while I 
go play "Satellite" for the newbie down the hall. You know what? He'll 
probably want to hear Ants after that, and I'll be happy to play it for 
him, because I don't want to keep good music to myself.


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cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Fri Nov 11 15:49:17 1994

To all those who got offended about the Smurf story, I'm sorry
I didn't write it, and didn't mean to offend any women, I was inspired to 
post it by a girl on this net actually, and it was forwarded to me by my 
Its only relation is that this summer we were discussing how smurfs fit 
in the titles of every DMB song, maybe Ben Tanen can dig the posts out of 
the archives......anyway, the content wasn't the point, it was the smurfs 
in general....
Obviously some of you read it anyway, then got ticked...

How hard is it to hit a delete key anyway....

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	"You know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?"		|
|	"No..."								|
|	"A Royale with Cheese...."					|
|									|
|	Ezekiel 25:17							|
|									|
|v4.0									|


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Matthew.S.Bruno@williams.edu Fri Nov 11 16:00:47 1994

Hey everybody!
copy of the Rusted Root opener in Lexington two nights ago.  I have plenty
to trade including a Phish Halloween tape(on its way, actually), some DMB,
and plenty of Phish/Dead.   Please respond if you are interested in setting
up some sort of trade.  Thanks

+Matthew S Bruno                       +
+S.U. Box 2120                         +
+Williams College                      +
+Williamstown, Mass 01267              +


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Re: miss green jean.

croutons@leland.Stanford.EDU Fri Nov 11 16:20:22 1994

 dave got kinda big kinda fast, no?

Weight problem? ;)

| "..old enough to know what's right, but young enough   |       Roweman
|  not to choose it...noble enough to win the world, but |   croutons@leland.
|  weak enough to lose it"                               |     stanford.edu
|                                        -Rush           |On a midnight radio..


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'songs about happiness murmered in dreams.... '

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Fri Nov 11 16:32:57 1994

the smurf story is one of humor. it was sparked by humor. and was sent in 
humor. jest. and memory of a crazy thread that permeated summer net where 
we cooked up smurfs underlying every dave song. 

'smurf this my arms.. smurf this my eyes, smurf this my mouth and god.. 
it seems to be.. completely smurfy'

if you weren't amused... then courtesy to all. we all have different 
favorite songs, and different senses of humor. it doesn't make any of us
demonic or mysogynistic (me being quite a feminist myself) i had to laugh 
my ass off. anyone have any stories about pepe le pew? i'd be ever so 
gracious to have a copy. or about furry loveable old grover? or eyore?  
my bandwith is open. i think we should all share in the happiness that 
this net brings, and respect others and the comments they have to say. in 
good taste. and i can vouch for buford (who sent the smurf story in to 
the net). if you queston his character, or his respect for women, just 
ask him to tell you about the times i've cried hysterically in his arms, 
and all he's done is hold me, stroking my hair, asking no questions, and 
letting me mascara his shoulder. 

if you have no respect for a man who is a gentleman, you have no respect 
from me.

'pictures of trickery.. stains on the carpet, stains on the memory...'
clare emily

ps- bagpipes were playing on the drillfield here at vetech today. so i 
spent spoons out to boofy and rick. why not share this little though with 
the net, guys?

love and light, 




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cbutkus@vt.edu Fri Nov 11 17:46:31 1994

like to get a copy of it.  I have about 5 shows of DMB.  I also have some 
other groups.  If your interested in a trade or could make a copy of the 
show, I would greatly appreciate it.
Chris (cbutkus@vt.edu)


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fall 91 recording?

vastolj@alleg.EDU Fri Nov 11 19:12:50 1994

I have a request.  I have a studio tape of DMB labeled Fall '91.  Any ideas  
about it's origin etc?  Anyone else have it?  Here is the list of songs....

Side 2		Side 1
nancies		BOWA	
true refl	Jane
back you up	Blue Water Babboon Farm
BOWA		Billies
Recently	back you up
Ants		Lover
People, People	Angel
SMTS		recently
Warehouse	cry freedom

A few details...
they put this one together, and jokingly says, we are going to play this one  
every day from now on
had just returned from S. Africa and bought him a hat.  In his best english  
accent he jokes about how he will shape the hat later, blah, blah, blah
definitely not Dave

any thoughts?  I don't think it is the "Rutabaga Recordings" we talked about  
earlier - different songlist.  Curious.

on my way,


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laurenek@l.imap.itd.umich.edu Fri Nov 11 19:18:59 1994

on behalf of what others have said i would just like to say that a fan
should not be judged on the amount of tapes he has, especially since i
do not have many. I am new on the network and can not find any tapes! i
do have one although- ann arbor 3/17/94. anyone wanting to trade. please
write back. i also have many other bands including pearl jam, aerosmith,
green day, nine inch nails. Although they cannot compare to dave (no one
can) they are pretty good . please respond!!!!!


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sorry and an R&R question

dominic@raptor.sccs.swarthmore.edu Fri Nov 11 19:42:40 1994

Sorry if I sent that last one more than once.   The Mailer-Daemon is having

A while back, when UTTAD was just released, someone posted about the words
that someone mumbles after, "'Cause I'm all locked up in this Dark place,
And I do not know..."

this person said it sounded like, "go see your daddy..."

I've always thought that it sounded like, "go see your David," 'cause it's
cute and subtle.    But that Fox Theatre tape has another set of lyrics

"'Cause I'm all locked up in this Dark Place, and I do not know, [no seyzday]
We're     so    caughtandtied up, I need to killthis pain..." {Dave sings
all of this}

I've listened to it about 10 times, and I still don't have it.    He talks
about R&R being on the new album, so the lyrics weren't in flux.   I think
it IS Dave on the album.    But I still have no clue what he says.    He
does something like this at the end of #34 [UTTAD], too, but I'm not going
to touch that one til I figure out what it is on R&R.   Someone else try...

Enough rambling.    give it a listen.


p.s. hi c-emily

read.   bike.    read.    listen to dave.    read.    eat?
sleep.    read.    type.    listen to dave.    write.    eat.
sleep?    play disc.    read.    bike.    listen to dave.    EAT!
eat... eat.    listen to dave.    listen to dave.    hear dave.

repeat until you hear #'s 12-33...

Dominic Sagolla '96        dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore College         dominic@raptor.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore, PA 19081


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umich tapes

laurenek@l.imap.itd.umich.edu Fri Nov 11 19:43:30 1994

if there are any University of Michigan people on this line please write
back with your residence. i would love to trade tapes


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Re: fall 91 recording?

wmc8s@darwin.clas.virginia.edu Fri Nov 11 19:55:47 1994

For one thing, this is NOT a fall of 91 tape...Peter wasn't even
in the band at that point...it would most likely be a FALL 92

Number 2, Dave never makes dedications or rambles during a studio
recording.  What you got was either a REALLY clean SBD, or it
could very well have been one of the times that DMB played live
for the Cville radio station WTJU.  They did that a couple of
times, and low generation tapes of that sound almost studio-like.

Number 3--there is no #3...



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fall 91(?), or 92 tape

vastolj@alleg.EDU Fri Nov 11 20:33:33 1994

In listening to more of this tape, I think you're right Wade on the radio  
recording.  As for the repeats of  i'll back you up, recently, Jane, and BOWA  
- I'm guessing it is more than one show -gee, what a genius.  I really don't  
think they would play 4 tunes twice if they were on the radio, do you?  If  
this is the case, then maybe some songs ARE from fall 91?  Possible?


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TWDUNCAN@ucs.indiana.edu Fri Nov 11 21:00:58 1994

Does anyone have any idea how to play Dancing nancies on the guitar!


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people, people

vastolj@alleg.EDU Fri Nov 11 21:04:43 1994

I don't know if it already has been done, I don't care, I am tired of working  
on academia.  The last time I checked (last dec) it wasn't on the lyrics  
file, if it's there...blah

People, People

seven tumbling oceans surround 

the ground that I dance upon
black and white and the rainbow 

five colors in my eyes
seven tumbling oceans surround 

the ground that I dance upon
black and white and the rainbow
five colors in my eyes

people, people what are we doing here?
people, people, what have we done with this?
people, people what are we doing in here
people, people, what have we...
when we fight over the ocean
when we fight over the sky
when we fight over our borders
when we our brothers and sisters we deny
tell me why is it so.

soft piano/guitar riff

seven tumbling oceans surround
the ground that I dance upon
black and white and the rainbow
five colors in my eyes
when we stand in our mother's arms
the feelings of emptiness
if we stand in our mother's arms
we can see that.
when we fight over the oceasn
when we fight over the sky
when we fight over our borders
when we our brothers and sisters we deny
tell me why do we do it 

why do we do it.

Dave coooing, oooooooohhh, etc. in VERY high voice with soft piano/guitar  


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tmr3c@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Nov 11 23:17:13 1994

I just wanted to say that everyone got the wrong impression of my
early note about the fans.  There is a point when they are too
rowdy.  I saw a lot of people get hurt.  I really just want to
enjoy myself.  I didn't want to seem bitchy, but I know now that
everyone took it that way.  I want to apologize and clear things
up.  I know that the people who write on the minarets.net are all
dedicated fans who appreciate Dave and the guys.  I don't mean to
direct any of this at you.  I mean to refer to the loud,
obnoxious people who think that pushing someone until they can
not breathe is fun.  I was hurt at the concert.  I really wanted
to enjoy myself, but it was hard when so many people acted like
they didn't have any common sense.  

Again, I want to apologize.  My question about the New Year's Eve
show was serious.  I want to enjoy myself, and listen to my
favorite band play.  I think that is what we all want.  So I hope
everyone understands that I was just disappointed in the way the
crowd acted.  I think that most of us that were there are.
Anyway, forgive me, I am not a bitch.


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ill back you up

akinscj0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Fri Nov 11 23:56:28 1994

and for sure we have danced
in the risk of each other
would you like to dance
around the world with me?

just some random lines of numbing pleasure.......

"When you go out into the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands, and
stick together."  --Robert Fulghum
"Lost in the arms of morpheous -- that somnambulistic state of glorious
oblivion......"  --My dad
Jennie Akins
SPO 1117
735 University Avenue
Sewanee, TN     37383-1000


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laurenek@l.imap.itd.umich.edu Sat Nov 12 00:50:54 1994

anyone who would like to further there library of boots, please give me
a ring. i have many bands.
DMB Ann Arbor 3/17/94

Berstine theater
St louis
Atlanta (2)
No Fucking Messiah
And the pearls sweep (2)
5 Muskateers
Free world
5 Alive

PINK FLOYD London 11/1/94 (2)
NIRVANA Smells like teen spirit
GREEN DAY Woodstock '94
NINE INCH NAILS Woodstock '94
AEROSMITH Woodstock '94
CYPRESS HILL Woodstock '94


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Undoubtedly the First Wake Post

moransk@wfu.edu Sat Nov 12 00:53:09 1994

I just got back from the Wake show-  two thumbs up.
Highlights include 'Best of What's Around' and 'Say Goodbye' (that is the 
title, right?)

Anyway, the crowd behaved, the band rocked, and I listened quite happily 
from the back rows.

Eric- good to meet you.  You'll get some mail from me in a couple weeks 
or so...

Sean Moran


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Wake Show...

peterke3@wfu.edu Sat Nov 12 00:59:28 1994

It just ended about 45 min ago or so.... damn. I have not had the 
pleasure of seeing them in a long ass time, not since they stopped 
playing at trax every tues. I have to agree with you all who have been 
saying it is great on the one hand to see them becoming successful, but 
it really sucks having to put up with (*damn im having trouble typing... 
that no smoking policy was not very successful...) seeing them from a 
million miles away when youre used to having dave sweat on you.. by the 
way speaking of dave, anyone  know if he wants to have kids, if so im 
happy to have them for him... (hehe) i thought it was cool they opene up 
with #36 and only then did they ease into the oldies but goodies (ants) 
Damn i was happy they played say goodbye-- i think he likes that hook up 
with a friend theme. Which makes me have to ask you all a few 
questions...how come i acted like i was hypnotized by Tom Deluca last 
night when i didnt feel like i was? Why does Crystal Light (TM) make you 
feel more thirsty after you drink it? Is there ayone out there with a 
tape of tonights show? IF so please let me send you  a blank tape :) Why 
is my cat getting so fat? Why when i went over to the soundboard i only 
met one Minarets person? sighhh.... sorry, i was hoping to meet 
clare...Gotta run, how did everyone else like the show?


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looking for tape

laurenek@l.imap.itd.umich.edu Sat Nov 12 01:20:13 1994

anyone with the tape of Roseland, NYC 9/30/94. i will definately trade
anything. Have DMB plus other bands. I was at that concert. it rocked. i
have been looking desperately for a copy. please write back if you have
one or know anyone that does.

Thank you

Daniel Kantor
2673 Rachel St.
Bellmore, N.Y.


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sorry to grovel

DLALLISON@unca.edu Sat Nov 12 01:45:16 1994

Does anyone out there have copies of the Lexington show??
Im willing to pay good money or trade. I have great quality tapes
of a performance at Trax on 10/27/93. The tapes include an awesome
5 song acoustic solo set performed by Dave before the show. 
I know a lot of minaretters are probably tired of hearing about
the Lexington show but I heard that ther were a lot of analogs running to record the show.  Someone please let me know!!


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dominic@raptor.sccs.swarthmore.edu Sat Nov 12 01:48:32 1994

What's in a smurf?

read.   bike.    read.    listen to dave.    read.    eat?
sleep.    read.    type.    listen to dave.    write.    eat.
sleep?    play disc.    read.    bike.    listen to dave.    EAT!
eat... eat.    listen to dave.    listen to dave.    hear dave.

repeat until you hear #'s 12-33...

Dominic Sagolla '96        dsagoll1@cc.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore College         dominic@raptor.swarthmore.edu
Swarthmore, PA 19081


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Wait Ramblings

djb@mars.gtcc.cc.nc.us Sat Nov 12 03:34:29 1994

Well, after working the show at wait chapel (at 3am, can it still be

they've changed, I'd imagine.  Stefan plans a Dolphin Pro I bass.
Boyd no longer plays through a Boogie stack, it's a trace acoustic
head and mini cabinet.

Also, was anyone else shocked by the amount of gear they had?  The
sound and lights company does a great job...now if jeff would only
remember his splitter :-).

standpoint).  I was the jerk at the soundboard who wouldn't let people
with row 39 tickets go past row 20, but aside from that there were few
problems.  I smelled a bit of the green, and stopped a few people from
smoking, but all it all it wasn't bad.  Some people had trouble
figuring out that I really wasn't gonna let em by, but that wasn't a
big deal.  And there was one taper (who I believe is on this net) who
insisted on drinking beers while I was watching...musta pounded 5 or 6
over the course of the night.

Finally met some of you.  Glad to meet you Clare and Chris and those
others of you whose names I forgot in the pandemonium.  I'll have to
catch the next Va show to hang out with some of you when I'm NOT busy
working the show.  Anyone going to new years??  Any other dates coming

I guess that's probably enough, except to mention that I haven't
listened to the tapes yet, but buford and I both taped, and the tree
should be posted soon.  It's nearly 2 full 90 minute tapes (by my flip
method, anyway :-), with some really sweet moments.  I just regret not
stealth taping the soundcheck (drive in drive out and justajam), and
can't wait to hear my friend's tape of root (they weren't allowing

Now this tired puppy is gonna crash, I'll let one of the more anal
retentive people post a setlist, I didn't get one...was a bit too busy
hassling fans :-).

Daniel J. Blanchat     | Question Authority. Question Reality. Question Me.
djb@mars.gtcc.cc.nc.us | If someone tells you that you don't need another
Renegade Libertarian   | source for information, you most assuredly do.

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mailing list

Lisa.S.Core@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Sat Nov 12 05:10:29 1994

I would really appreciate being added to the Dave Mathews mailing list.  I
wouldn't want to miss out on any tour dates in the area.

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Widespread anyone?

Matthew.S.Bruno@williams.edu Sat Nov 12 10:07:42 1994

Hey everyone,
trade.  I have some DMB, Phish, and Dead to trade for any of your
Widespread.  Thanks for your time.

+Matthew S Bruno                       +
+S.U. Box 2120                         +
+Williams College                      +
+Williamstown, Mass 01267              +


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Re: sorry and an R&R question

bmking@mail.wm.edu Sat Nov 12 10:14:15 1994

A while back, when UTTAD was just released, someone posted about the words
that someone mumbles after, "'Cause I'm all locked up in this Dark place,
And I do not know..."

this person said it sounded like, "go see your daddy..."

I've always thought that it sounded like, "go see your David," 'cause it's
cute and subtle.    But that Fox Theatre tape has another set of lyrics

That was me, actually..  Though at the lex show I thought I head something
different, and at the wfu show last night I was almost certain I heard
"god is dead", which would go in nicely with the last line, "I see heaven.."


Brett Kingswell                                           bmking@mail.wm.edu
If only God would give me some clear sign!  Like making a large deposit
in my name at a Swiss bank.           - Woody Allen, "Without Feathers"


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this song is about good friends having a one night stand..

bmking@mail.wm.edu Sat Nov 12 10:14:18 1994

and how everything is fucked up the next day.

Well, first lemme say the wfu show was good.  I liked it.  If I ever say I
didn't like dave, then well.. uhh..  well, I won't, so nevermind.

But, I was seriously disappointed, too..   I don't have the exact setlist,
but I could get more variety by hitting random on my cd player than what was
played at lex and last night.  #36-ants opener, with all the same songs
EXCEPT cry freedom, lover, and jane, and they threw in typical.  So they
dropped 3 and added 1..  did they photocopy the puppy?  don't get me wrong, I
enjoyed (almost) every song..  I could even (almost) hear dave some of the
time above the screams behind us.

they encored with xmas song (they clapped again..), pb&jam - halloween again,
which was all of incredible, monotonous, and interesting, since before blood
of our kids dave mentioned his voice had gone to hell..  I can definitely see
them wanting to get justajam (hoo waa) out in the open and please the crowd,
but didn't dave used to deny requests to play halloween because it hurt his
voice?  and I can't imagine christmas song is vocal chord ecstasy..

hanging out after right next to the sbd, just mellowing in the "afterglow" :)
of the concert was cool.  bagby is definitely a cool guy... I may not find
him as attractive as others do, but hey.. to each their own. :)

clare&cath- I'm home.   (clare - sure you have my right email?)

beth&jer- I shaved it.

restofthenet- hi.  if dave plays blue water, spotlight, drive in drive out,
doobie thing, or any of the other many songs we shoved on jeff last night, we
would like to take complete credit.   :)   buuut..  he did mention he was
trying to get them to play julio again.  grooovy.  and he put on lanois's the
maker after the show, too.

well, I'm going to think about getting some sleep, since rest stops on the way
home just don't cut it all the time.

brett, the caffeine-does-me-absolutely-no-good-when-trying-to-stay-up guy.

Brett Kingswell                                           bmking@mail.wm.edu
a river to the south, to wash away all sins
a college to the east of us, to learn where sin begins


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Re: sorry and an R&R question

bmking@mail.wm.edu Sat Nov 12 10:50:14 1994

That was me, actually..  Though at the lex show I thought I head something
different, and at the wfu show last night I was almost certain I heard
"god is dead", which would go in nicely with the last line, "I see heaven.."

umm.. of course, it COULD, POSSIBLY, MAYBE be "i'm as good as dead", which is
in the lyrics on uttad.   yup, imadope.

up, and down.

ok, I promise not to post again.  It's not even 11am and I've posted more
than I have in the last few weeks.


Brett Kingswell                                           bmking@mail.wm.edu
a river to the south, to wash away all sins
a college to the east of us, to learn where sin begins

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the rest of satellite

NebuIous@aol.com Sat Nov 12 12:03:23 1994

The discussion of Satellite lately has gotten me pretty worried.  Do people
really care that much?  I've gotten some pretty cruel and arrogant mail from
people basically saying "THIS IS HOW TO PLAY IT THE RIGHT WAY".  Guys, it's
just a song, it's just a riff, it's just a position change or not.  "we're
all in this together and we love to take a bath", so lets just chill with the
Satellite intro stuff.

So, since it appears someone out there cares, this is the way I personally
play Satellite.  There are mistakes, basically because I don't like the song
enough to spend more then 10 minutes figuring it out.


oh god, you KNOW already.


s = slide

"winter's cold..."


The Eb voicing is wrong, and you will hear it as being off, but it's the
correct chord.  I usually fingerpick the Db, Bbm, and Eb.  It appears Dave



G-----------------------5---5---6--6-------| (repeat from Ab)

The intro notes are pretty off, but it's good enough for me.

Please be happy.  Dance around in the daisies of minarets for a while.


just another memo from the cellar,


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lots of questions and lots of answers...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Nov 12 12:47:54 1994

"can this level of immaturity be expected at new year's eve?"

well, considering it's _unlimited_ alcohol included with admission,
and considering that with 2000 in one place dancing to the tune of

if you think you've seen a bad crowd, you haven't seen shit yet.
if you want to be any closer than 150 ft to the stage on nye, i
suggest you get just as drunk as the band will be.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________
ps-smurfette was made...not born.  \  stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu

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Re: MINARETS digest 346

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Nov 12 12:56:36 1994


Well, I didn't transcribe it, Shawn did, but both are wrong.  I'd venture
that Shawn's is a bit closer than yours.  Dave does NOT (at least whenever
I've seen him, and ya know hardly a show goes by he DOESN'T play schmutz #1)
go out of position to play this.  That would make it quite difficult to sing
at the same time.

actually, it was schmutz #2 on wednesday night, but it's kind of a matter of
which one he plays first, so it could become shmutz #1 soon enough.

and though he originally wrote it in the position that now appears in the
chords file, he did indeed move it down a half step quite a while ago.
it does seem _really_ weird at first.  this is a song that's hard to sing
and play at the same time for anyone, save the person that wrote it, and
dave wrote it.  

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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this might be offensive to die hard davers...

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Nov 12 13:51:36 1994

someone asked a while back of they should go see dave or phish on

if you have an option here, take the latter.  as has been discussed

as far as nye shows go, dave last year seemed to be somewhat uninterested
in performing.  he's a partyer, just like so many of his fans (that we
collectively like to call assholes).  at last years show, dave had alot
of fun playing for us, but it seemed like an afterthought.  he was much
more interested in celebrating his new year's.  the show was short,
in all honesty it wasn't terribly energetic, and if dave felt like he
was being quiet wednesday night, nye 93 probably ranks as the all time
bleakest show in terms of good dave talk.  and after the show i realized
that most of the band members were stoned to the point of unintelligable
conversation, making it a miracle that the show sounded as good as it did
(and i have heard better...wednesday night to be exact.)

i'm not trying to belittle him, but nye at the marriot is going to be 
a _party_ with a live band, not a concert.  it really is a celebration
of new year's eve in the truest sense of a nye celebration.  beer, liquor,
happiness, celebration, live music (good live music, but once again, 
it may appear to be something of an afterthought) and lots and lots of
debauchery.  people will be hooking up every twelve seconds.  it will
be in a hotel, where you will be able to get rooms if you plan in advance
(like tomorrow), and it will be unlimited alcohol.  it won't be pretty if
you intend to go just to hear the band play, particularly if you allow
the state of current audiences to bother you.

despite everything i just said, i will be going to dave.  i won't be 
involved with the debauchery, and i sincerely doubt that i will drink 
my $53 worth of alcohol, but i also plan to hangout in the shadows like 
i did last year and talk to freinds to bring in the new year.

phish on the other hand, will be playing a concert.  their focus, as it
always has been, will be to play music.  it's their way of bringing in
the new year's.  it's not dave's.  

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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Wake Show and Wake Tree Tape.

AMZENDEL@unca.edu Sat Nov 12 14:11:09 1994

It was great.  Loved it.  Highlights -- Nancies, Say Goodbye, Jimi,Warehouse,
and Halloween.  I'm starting to see what you all are saying about the crowds. 
I found myself laughing at alot of people, but I then "just igored them and
they went away, went away, went away...."  Yeah, they suck, but you can still
have fun, they have just as much right to  be there as we do, but they make
asses out of themselves.

Glad to meet some of you all finally.  I was sitting on the center aisle 3 or 4
rows back from the soundboard.  Glad to meet Claire, the girl who danced next
to claire (sorry forgot your name), and mr securitywho was taping the shows.
To mr. security (sorry, i'm just really bad with names, i just remembered
calire's b/c it's my grandma's name), but anyway, did some of the people think
you are a complete dumbass?  They tried to pull so much shit off on you.  Glad
to see you didn't let them.

Well, when the tree gets started, will you let me know?
would trade -- Trax 10.26.93.  Five dave solos to open and halloween is great.
Let me know whatcha want to do!

Will someone post the setlist?  I remember the songs, but not the exact order. 
Just like to have it, but i guess i'll get it when i get the tape.

Well, keep me informed.


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Dave Matthews Band

cah3d@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Sat Nov 12 15:45:37 1994

Please SUBSCRIBE me to the Dave Matthews Band newsgroup.
Thanks, Carol.


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Re: New DAT Format Question

djb@mars.gtcc.cc.nc.us Sat Nov 12 16:43:51 1994

This file is being compiled by Rick Thompson stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu,
with the gracious help of ellis of lemuria, Alex Crothers, and Gregg 
Carrier, and, of course, everyone on minarets.net.  If you are a Phish 
netter, you may notice striking similarities in the structure of this 
file, and you may even notice that half of it is exactly the same.  
That's mine and ellis's fault.  

If you have a question and it isn't answered here, then ask me.  I may not
be able to answer it, but i know people who can, and i'll be able to get it
answered here.

This file last revised on 10-11-94.

A2b.  What is the Warehouse?
A3. What bands related to the Dave Matthews Band have there own listservs?

B1. Who is the Dave Matthews Band?
B2. Equipment?
B4. Tim Reynolds
B5. Miguel Valdez

C1. CD's by the Dave Matthews band
C2. #34
C3. #36
C5. Halloween
C6. Tripping Billies
C7. What songs does the band cover?
C8. How come they don't play insert song title here anymore?
**Sections D & E are borrowed from the Phish.faq.file with permission.**
**Please see the note at the beginning of section D.                  **
E4: PATCHING IN etiquette (needs to be answered!!)
E5: DCC and DAT compared and considered
The First Question
Is this file as complete as it could be?
The answer is a resounding NO.
This particular question is date specific to the Oct 94 posting of the faq,
and is intended to point out that the faq is still in a state of flux as
the net has grown to immense proportions in the past two months.  i 
encourage all members of the net to proofread this faq as diligently as you
want, and to let me know where you think answers could use improvement,
and what questions should be answered.
Alex and i will be working over the next few months to make this file as
overwhelmingly informative as possible, so be on the lookout around the
beginning of the year for a new and improved, glittering frequently asked
questions file.
Information we could particularly use is detailed information on the setup
of the archive site at the Phish.net computer at Brown, as well as a little
detail on what World Wide Web is, because i have no clue.  Seeing as i wrote
to of the most important files for this net, as well as knowing all file
administrators personally, i've never had a need to go galloping off across
the internet to find these files.
So have fun picking me to peices.  I slapped this version of the file 
together in about two hours on a Sunday night in early October, so it's
probably just full of glaring mistakes.  (I'm not even sure if all of 
question numbers in the outline match up to the actual question numbers
A-1. What is Minarets.Net and how do I subscribe?

Minarets.Net was initially started by Alex Crothers
with the help of Ellis of Lemuria and Eric Budke.  The name of the
Net comes from a song on the bands first cd, Remember Two Things,
and was suggested by Ellis. Originally Sreaming from the Minarets,
the band shorten the name of the song to Minarets.  So the name of
the Net went from Sreaming_From_The_Minarets.Net to Minarets.Net.
I guess we all got lucky.

This Net is somewhat different than other musical nets that you may be
familiar with.  To begin with it is not automatically digestified (see
below) so whenever you send a message to Minarets it gets sent to all
the subscribers immediately.  Another aspect of this net that is different
than other nets is in the way you subscribe/unsubscribe.

This is a list of commands that may be useful in the future.
let me know if you have any questions, problems, or toothpaste?
Send these commands to listproc@moose.uvm.edu as the first line in the
body of your e-mail message. In the examples below.....

These are some commands that your not as likely to use, but just in case

**-subscribing and digestifying can be done at the same time.  just

A-2.  What files are available pertaining to this net and the band?

The Warehouse is minarets.net's setlist file.  The file is being put 
together by Blake Campbell cambp_c@cs.odu.edu, and is currently not
well enough established to really be available for your perusal.  i'm
sure when it's done, though, he will post it, and then everyone will know.

A-3:  What other listservs are there?
The following bands have their own listservs.  To get a complete list
of instructions on how to get on any one of them, send a note to our
illustrious leader, Alex Crothers jcrother@moose.uvm.edu and he'll
be glad to set you up with a complete list of all of these band's 

Allman Bros. Band
Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Blues Traveler
The Hatters (fomally known as the Mad Hatters)
God Street Wine
Mystery Jones
Rusted Root
Soul Hat
Spin Doctors
Widespread Panic
B-1. Who is the Dave Matthews Band?

of five musicians to create a uniquely compelling pop sound that combines
the influences of folk, jazz, rock, world beat, and reggae.
emble the players in 1991 to accompany him on a demo tape of original 
songs.  Then a bartender at a Charlottesville, Va. jazz venue, Matthews
says he aimed high, approaching the musicians he respected most.
out.  The trio then approached Stefan Lessard, who at 16, was already an
accomplished upright bass player, about playing electric bass guitar for
the band.  When one of the tunes seemed to need violin, they enlisted
the string expertise of Boyd Tinsley, and a band was born.
who is the band's cheif songwriter.  "It's pop music with a pretty posi-
tive message.  I hope it's accessible to everyone."
strong individuals, each with his own interpretation of a given song.  His 
band member agree.  "We take a lot of different influences and and make 
something new out of them by playing each song the best that we can play
it,"  LeRoi Moore says.  It is this belnd of influences that creates the
band's rich texture.

:   Dave Matthews (vocals, guitar)  is a self-taught, lifelong lover of 
music who left his native South Africa as a young child, returning ther
as a teenager after living in the United States and England.  He credits
and classical.  Matthews draws from the folk traditions of many cultures
from around the globe, finding common themes among their complex rhythms.
For him, making music is about bringing people together, "lifting spirits."
than separate them."

:    Carter Beauford (drums) was born to play music.  The son of a jazz
trumpet player, he is himself a renowned musician, and has appeared regu-
larly on Black Entertainment Television's  "BET on Jazz with Ramsey Lewis."
"I was raised on jazz," says Beauford, whose jazz influence is evident in 
the makeup of the Dave Matthews Band.  "Except for Stefan's bass guitar, 
we're an acoustic band," he says.  "That comes from the early days of jazz,
and from the classical influence too."  The result is a multitextured
sound that offers new challenges to Beauford and the other band members.
"There are so many different elements in our music," he says.  "You really
can't put a lable on it, and that's why I love it so much." 

:    Stefan Lessard (bass guitar) is a musician whose age belies his talent.
An upright bass player who has played clubs since the age of 15, he was 
tapped by Matthews who "just had a feeling about him, his spirit, his sense
but his band members say it's talent, not luck, that has brought him so far
so soon.  "The best thing about this band," Lessard says, "is that you get
this potpourri of different styles."

:    LeRoi Moore (saxophone, et al) and Carter have been jazz compatriots 
for years, playing together at paying gigs and informal jam sessions.  
"Jazz is probably my main influence," admits Moore, who also has classical
training.  "But at this stage I don't really consider myself a jazz mu-
sician."  For him, the Dave Matthews Band remains a challenge because
there is room to explore, to respond to the expressions of the other four
players.  "I have plenty of space to improvise, to try new ideas," says
Moore, whom Matthews credits with arranging many of the songs he writes.
"It's almost better than a jazz gig."

:    Boyd Tinsley (violin, vocals) finds it strange sometimes that he 
abandonedthe reserved precision of classical violin for the spontaneity of
contemporary musical performance.  "This was an area that I hadn't explored
before," says Tinsley, who has been playing popular music since 1985.  
"When I'm really into the music, my whole body, my whole soul is into it."
The band's diverse roots are a great asset, Tinsley says.  "We're very Am-
erican, as Dave says.  Jazz, fiddle-style, rock, it's almost a melting pot
of American music."  The best thing, though, he says, is how much it matters
to the audience, and to the players.  "People are drawn to it," he says. 
"There's passion here."

B-2.  What kind of equipment does the band use?

In regards to equipment, Dave uses a Gibson SST Chet Atkins signature
model.  Boyd uses the Gallien-Krueger to power two 12" Mesa/Boogie speakers 
enclosed in one 1x12 cab with a metal grate, sometimes called RoadReady but
I don't think that this is the type here (you can tell by the covering of the 
cab itself).  Boyd also uses a Boss pedal for reverb, don't know the model
number other than it is a digital reverb, grey , with blue knobs.  As for
the bassist, he uses a Warwick bass, very nice if you know basses, I
think, for example, that I've seen his model here in a store in Nashville
for $3000+.  And that's only a 4-string.  The more strings, the more
money, but that doesn't matter because he only has 4.  Anyway, As for his
rack, I didn't really notice anything there important other than I know
that his cabs are SWR and am guessing that his bass power amplifier and
preamp are the same brand.  This is also VERY high-end stuff.  I think
that Carter uses DW pedals, but don't know about that.  Cymbal brands can
be seen.  Have no idea about the saxes or violin.  That's all I got for
that stuff.

At the cd release party for Under the Table and Dreaming on Sept 27th,
Carter showed up with a new drum set.  If anyone knows any specifics,
please send me the info--rick.


when the Dave Matthews Band originally got together in early 1992, they
had a keyboard player by the name of Peter Griesar.  Peter also played
harmonica on So Much to Day, What Would You Say, and some of the earliest
versions of Screaming From the Minarets.
nobody has asked Peter for sure as to why he decided to leave the band,
but dave has informed us that it was a decision made under the most 
amiable circumstances.  Dave also told us that peter had just gotten
a little too tired of the touring schedule.  i suppose asking Peter would
be the best thing, but he's not very easy to find.


B-4: Who is Tim Reynolds?
As many of you know, Tim Reynolds is credited with playing on four songs
on Remember Two Things, as well as the entirety of Under the Table and
Dreaming.  So who is he?  He's pretty much just a freind of Dave's from
Charlottesville.  Tim has been playing guitar for longer than some of us
on this net have been alive, and Dave really has taken a liking for Tim's
ability to spice up his (Dave's, that is) music.

Dave and Tim have also done acoustic shows together.  There's several
of them out there, and by the next time this is revised, i should have
a listing of all of them.  At this point, the only shows that come to my
mind are 11-29-93 at James Madison University and 12-12-93 at The Movie
Palace in Charlottesville.  There's also the Birchmere show that is 
highlighted on the Recently ep, but i'm not positive of the date on that.
i know it's sometime in February of 1993.  Check your copy of Recently :).

Also to note are a few shows where Tim plugged in his electric guitar and
sat in with the band.  These include the Miguel Valdez benefit show (see
question #B5) and 12-8-93 and 12-9-93.

Tim has a couple of cd's available, and is currently heading up the C-ville
band known as TR3.  Keep an eye out.


B-5:  Who is Miguel Valdez?
The specifics to this question are a bit beyond me at this point, but i'll
work on getting a definitive answer.  Miguel Valdez was a percussionist 
from the Charlottesville area who used to make frequent stops to the Dave
Matthews stage with a rather elaborate set of bongos.  In early 1993, however
Miguel died.  This is where the specifics seem to elude me.  I don't really
know much else.  If you do, please let me know.


B-6: Who are some of these other regulars jammin with the band?

it's a very unique instrument with a very unique sound.  
His most prominent work with the band are the touches he added to
the studio recording of "Seek Up" on the cd "Remember Two Things",
but he also played with the band the week of July 7th, 1993, when
Stefan cut his hand and was unable to perform.  He was also the
guest performer between sets at TRAX on 9-7-93.

He plays a bass that stands up on end (like a regular acoustic bass
you'd see in a classy jazz band or an orchestra or something).  However, it's
much more thin and, as I recall, it had 10 strings.  4 of the strings seemed
to be low strings and probably in the same arrangement as a bass (E, A, D,
G).  Then there were 5 strings on the other side that were an octave higher.
The amazing thing is that he plays both sets of strings at the same time by
fretting the strings really hard.  The sound is really rich and the man can
really jam by himself.  


I was lucky  enough to catch him at Trax on 9/7/93.  He played for 
about a half hour between DMB sets and was fantastic.  It was truly 
amazing to watch him play the Chapman Stick and I would strongly 
encourage anyone to check him out if you get the chance sometime.  
At this show he also played with a drummer, Johnny Newman, I think 
was his name and they meshed well.  Supposedly Newman has played 
with DMB too.  Anyone know anything about this?  Anyway, after the 
show I bought Greg Howard's Cd which they were selling at the show.
Its super and I would highly recommend it.  You might have difficulty
finding it in local record stores but here's the adress they give on 
the cd sleeve.   Espresso

The title of the cd is "Stick Figures"
Greg also released a cd early in '94 entitled "Shapes"


guy's flute work out.  He played at TRAX, 11-2-93 and really gave
Warehouse a nice touch, as well as giving some of the body which
Lover Lay Down lost when Peter left the band.

On the flute...Richard Harding is his name and he's a really nice guy.  I saw
him at my first DMB show a little over a year ago, but Tuesday was the first
time I met him.  He also like to play with various bands out in his
residence of California, so if your on the west coast, keep an eye out.


sung with the Dave Matthews Band a few times, particularly known for
helping out with vocals on Angel From Montgomery.  She also sang for
the short-lived Alma Madre, as well as Charlottesville All-Stars,
which was a hodge-podge of c-ville musicians including, but not
limited to, Carter, LeRoi, Boyd, Doug Wannamaker, Miguel Valdez,
and many others.


what he's doing with himself these days.  He's another one of these
artists who would just show up at Dave band shows with his organ and
sit-in for the night.  Doug was a member of Indecision, and then helped
put together the now-defunct Alma Madre.

C-1: What cd's are available by the Dave Matthews Band?
the band put out it's first cd on Nov 9, 1993 entitled Remember Two 

Ants Marching/Tripping Billies/Recently/Satellite/One Sweet World/The Song
That Jane Likes/Minarets/Seek Up/I'll Back You Up/Christmas Song.

The only studio cuts on this cd were Minarets and Seek Up.  The rest were
recorded live at TRAX in Charlottesville, the Flood Zone in Richmond, and
The Muse in Nantucket, RI.  The cd was produced by John Alagia (who also
has a musical act of his own called Derryberry and Alagia, and can be seen
in the DC area).
Tim Reynolds can be heard on Minarets, Seek Up, I'll Back You Up, and 
Christmas Song, and Greg Howard can be heard on Minarets.

Recently (radio edit)
Warehouse (acoustic, recorded live at the Birchmere)
Dancing Nancies (same)
All Along the Watchtower (recorded live at TRAX on 2-22-94)
Halloween (same)

To the best of my knowledge, this cd is still available through bama rags

On Sep 27, 1994, the band put out its first major label release (RCA), 
Best of What's Around/What Would You Say/Satellite/Rhyme and Reason/
Typical Situation/Dancing Nancies/Ants Marching/Lover Lay Down/Jimithing/
Warehouse/Pay for What You Get/#34

you can hear Tim Reynolds on each and every one of these songs.  The 
reason behind the repitition of Satellite and Ants Marching on both
full length cd's remains a mystery to the entirety of Minarets.net.

-If your local store doesn't know about DMB, you can order the disk and/or
poster directly from Bama Rags Records at (804) 979-9695. However, it will be
much appreciated (even if you order direct) if you'll tell your local stores
about the band and ask them to get some copies to sell. They can call Bama
Rags directly to do so.

C-2. #34   (see note)
#34 is a very beautiful, very laid back ballad that seems very reminescent
to Satellite.  Dave wrote the song in memory of Miguel Valdez who used to
jam with the band on a regular basis.  Miguel, who was a member of Afrikan
Drum Fest, died in the spring or early summer of 1993. (see q. B5)
C-3. #36    (see note)
#36 is a total funkin' jam fest.  It's about a slain South African member
of the anti-apartheid movement by the name of Chris Hani.  No two versions
of the song are alike, and Dave seems particularly fond of the song.  He
also really likes to see his audience groove to this song, so be prepared
to dance.

Here are some of the more provacative and interesting introduction
"Could I have been... the king of diarhea?"  
"Could I have been... mugged somewhere in Norfolk?"

could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... a taxi driver and washing (in washing[ton]?)
could i have been... lost in the big bad city
could i have been... your little brother
could i have been... anyone other than me?

could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... a millionaire somewhere
could i have been... lost in a crowd of a thousand
could i have been... your little sister

from Rich Prisinzano
hey just thought i would post what i have so far in the what dave could have
been category....... i know there has to be more out there....

a parking lot attendant
his little brother...
a policeman Va. Beach.....
mugged somewhere in Norfolk (while playing in Va. Beach, Norfolk area)
the president with diarrea...
your little sister....
doctor, spreading good....
wating at your door step...
Caught in public in my underwear???
Bartending at Millers???
Oh so embarrassed???
A millionaire in Bel Aire
grease man from richmond
a whore, give my your money, your money
could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... taxi driver and washing (confusing line...
could i have been... lost in the big bad city
could i have been... anyone other than me
"could I have been, a born-again Christian...could I have been, oh, they're
all pain-in-the-asses..."

at providence, RI, oct 10, 1994:
could i have been, lost somewhere in providence
C-5.  Halloween?
The question mark is a key factor here.  Everyone has a different 
a love song.  But it also seems to be a hate song.  
According to Chris Tetselli of Red Light Management, the 
Make your own guesses....or maybe just zone into the music and enjoy.
C-6: What's Tripping Billies all about?
Dave has described during a couple of shows that Tripping Billies is
about a late evening on a South Afican beach.  Turns out that Dave had
done a little too much of a particular substance that's controlled here
in the U.S. (and in South Africa, i suppose) and was lying out on the
beach on a beach towel.  When a police officer (referred to as billies
in some english speaking countries such as Australia and England) 
approached Dave, he handed the towel over to the officer with the mistaken
impression that he was handing a loaded gun over to the officer.  

Didn't yer mom ever tell you to stay away from drugs?? :):):):)
C-7.  What songs have the band covered?
This is the current list of the songs that the band has covered
All Along the Watchtower    Jimi Hendrix
2001/dueling banjos jam (always as an intro to Ants Marching)
Angel From Montgomery       John Prine
The Redemption Song         Bob Marley
Exodus                      Bob Marley
Nature                      The Samples
The Eyes of the Maker       Daniel Lanois  (hasn't been done since Peter left)
Me & Julio                  Paul Simon
Sweet Home Alabama          Lynyrd Skynyrd (also an Ants Marching intro)
Sympathy for the Devil      Stones
Tangerine                   Zeppelin

C-8: how come they don't play ? anymore?
this rather obscure song was written by former keyboardist Peter 
Griesar (q. B3), and when he left, Dave didn't feel appropriate
playing the song anymore.  Dave has, however, said that he would
like to see the song appear on a cd someday.
consensus has it that this song lost so much with Peter's exit that
Dave found problems playing it, too.  It had fairly extensive keys
in the chorus and was usually introduced with a fairly rippin' harmonica
solo by Peter.
This, believe it or not, is one of Dave's favorite tunes.  He's kind of
saving it, as far as i know, for when he's really worked it out into
a song that he's proud of.
*   This section was graciously donated by Ellis of Lemuria from          *
*   the Phish FAQ.file.  Any references to the 'net' within this          *
*   section are specifically referring to Phish.net, but apply to         *
*   Minarets net as well.  Any material that is Phish specific            *
*   within this section of the Phish FAQ.file has been deleted            *
*   for our purposes here, and has been noted as such.  Any               *
*   material added by Rick is noted by {squiggle brackets}.               *

E4: PATCHING IN etiquette (needs to be answered!!)
E5: DCC and DAT compared and considered
abbreviations, dubbing, dolby & dbx.
For the most part, The Dave Matthews Band is very receptive to
taping.  The general way to go about it at this point is to
walk to the front door of the venue and ask permission.  Usually
you will be allowed to, but it's best to arrive early to avoid being
shut out by a preponderance of tapers.  A member of the net was once
promised by the band's soundman that there would always be a sbd feed
of some sort available, but there's no telling whether or not RCA is
going to override this promise.

What do I need to bring and do when I want to tape a concert?

1. Tape deck (obviously) 
2. RCA cables 
3. Flashlight 
4. Extension cord or (preferably) a 6 outlet strip 
5. Pen 
6. Paper for setlists and trading phone#s, addresses, etc. 
7. Something to carry most of the shit in 
8. Blank tapes (more than you think you'll need) 
9. "Y" jacks if possible

If you arrive late you can use these to split the soundboard signal so you
don't get cut off by other decks.

Arrive early, like really early. . . . You'll get a better feed, you can
get yourself set up while the house lights are still on, and it really
annoys other tapers when you run in during the first song and try to hook

Hang around your deck. Letting your tape run out and killing someone
else's signal is the rudest thing possible. Always flip when you think its

Watch out for other people's equipment, etc. If you take care of others,
they'll take care of you. If you think someone needs to flip or needs a
new tape, ask others around you what the best option is; most likely it'll
be a joint effort to make sure that both you and the guy who forgot get 
good tapes. 

Be prepared for "Hey man, did ya tape the show, can I give you my address,
phone #, etc." Write out your address/phone# a few times and just give it
to these people and tell them to get in touch with you, it makes life a
lot easier. 

And the final, NEVER TO BE BROKEN, rule of taping, you MUST listen to the
show in the car on the ride home, no matter what. We call this Blake's
rule [this is in reference to Chris's friend Blake Campbell]. Any other
suggestions from tapers out there? 

Enjoy and I hope everyone gets good tapes. . . .

{In Phish.faq.file, this questions serves the purpose of      }
{telling what really great show are on tape, and circulating. }
{With the current status of DMB tapes being very vague, this  }
{question is currently unanswered.  If you can suggest a      }
{specific show to add to this list, send to Rick Thompson     }
{stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu.                               }
Some particular shows to keep an eye out for are van Ryper's 92,
11-17-92/TRAX, 3-23-93/TRAX, and 10-26-93/TRAX.

Blake Campbell is currently working on the Warehouse, which will
serve as the minarets.net's setlist file.  someone also volunteered
recently to put together a file specifically geered towards answering 
this question, something sorta like phish.net's helping phreindly book.

|From Lee Silverman  ST101137@brownvm.brown.edu:  A Tape Tree is
a way of distributing a popular tape to a large number of people.
copies of a tape, everyone gets their tapes faster & there's much
less work involved for the owner of the tapes.
So I post to the net, saying that I'm running a tree.  In that
post I include a form for people to fill out & send back to me.
(most  of the info on these forms gets used, so always fill out
the whole thing) After about a week of waiting, I compile all the
replies into a "tree," where I arrange to make copies for 5 or so
people. Each of those 5 people is given a list of 5 other people
whom they are to make tapes for.  Each of them makes copies for 5
people, & so on depending on how big the tree is.
with the best taping equipment, so the tapes lose less of their
sound quality.  If you are on a tree you have one or two
everyone).  You do this by either sending blanks to, or trading
with, the person above you.  (Whether you send blanks or trade
generally has little to do with your placement within the tree).
The second responsibility you *may* have will be to copy the
tapes for a certain number of other people.  They may either
trade with you or just send blanks.  At that point your role in
the tree has been fulfilled.
Pandion@Brown.edu for some suggestions.

{Phish specific material deleted}

slackers on the net; expect that there may some problems, and
that no tree will run perfectly smoothly, then be ready to patch
lost branches to parents with a small burden.  2) Try to make
your tree run well anyway, to preserve netiquette and tape
quality, not to mention trust and credibility of and on the net
process. Lee and Ellis are willing to give suggestions, at least,
if not administrative help.  3) Running a tree does involve some
time, not only to create the tree -- which itself could involve
assimilation and organization of a hundred or more names and
addresses, and being sure that those addresses and the tree links
get hooked to the right people -- but to make tapes for the
branches, settle any problems that arise, deal with orphaned
leaves, etc.  Remember, there is a difference between the person
administrating, the person rooting, and the person seeding the
tree. 4) The tree administrator is not the only person with
responsibilities; as Lee said, everyone on the tree is
responsible for his sections, and may at some point be asked to
help out with stragglers, orphans, and late comers; there is no
pressure, but there will be requests.  5) If you have a great
tape(s) but not the experience, time, understanding, or interets
to run a tree, you could ROOT your tapes to someone who IS ready
to run the tree.  Just post a note to the net (mail to
phish@phish.net) with the subject "Need Adm for date tree".
with what you have (which assumes that you have more than a
handful of boots) & to make it easier to let others see what you
have (which assumes that you might one day be interested in
trading for other tapes.)  That is, even if you dont think one of
these items is useful to have on your list, you ought to at least
be able to give the relevant info on any particular tape.
generation determination); Ellis tried very hard to find one.
BTW, number gens how you want & be prepared to explain your
standarization; there is no *right* answer.  But, important info
location of venue, source (FM broadcast, audience, soundboard,
monitor feed, suzy-Q, studio, board remix), generation (you
define!), whether the original was digital, whether your copy is
on metal, whether your copy has been dolby-ized, some form of
grading (try A, B, C; + or - for hiss & noise; try to be strict,
it'll come to you), & any other comments (eg first {Granny}, only
show with {an acoustic Tripping Billies, etc).
quality and performance quality. You may want two systems, both
numbered, both lettered, one letters and the other suffixes
(+,-,=,*,etc) or whatever works for you. Just be sure that you
know what it is and that you can decipher it for anyone who asks.

{Phish specific material deleted}

You dub a tape & pay for postage; someone else does the same.
(or, you might just send blanks; see D4 and D4C). The two of you
discuss quality, length, choices, whatever you want beforehand, &
mail to each other.  This is the way that most tapes get spread
out across the globe, though most tapes made are probably the
dubs off of trades.  One netter who currently has 160hrs, for
instance, got 140 of those hours by net trade.
| 1993
| What's the best way to go about setting up trades with other
| net.phish heads?
or respond to discussion of tapes (but see below), but you can
also just talk with folks about their favorite songs and versions
and shows, on email or irc or the phone or in lots at shows, and
eventually you'll run into the knowledge of someone's having
something you want. thats much better than just copying
everything you can get your hands on.
| I've arranged a half-dozen or so trades mostly by responding to
| posted grovels, but how do the "old-timers" in this group go
| about it?
through the net and just get in contact every now and then to
trade lists again. keep track of with whom you trade and check in
with them again in 4, 6, or 8 months. You'll be surprised!
| Do you just pick out somebody at random and send them mail
| soliciting a trade?  That seems almost rude, but how do you
| run into more experienced folks with big tapelists other than
| through pure chance?  Picking up specific shows seems as easy
| as waiting for somebody to mention that they have it, or
| posting a specific request, but what if I just want more live
| {DMB} in general?
it's old, very recent, rare, or good quality... actually, with
just about any tape given the current size of the net, there are
bound to be many others doing the same thing.  If every mention
of a tape gets mail responses of 30 requests for that tape, the
net is going to see a HUGE loss of discussions of tapes people
have. That is, if netiquette cant keep up with growth of the net,
the net is going to experience some qualitative losses.
than a general "can I have it" question. Send your list with a
few suggestions at the top; dont just suggest something, cause if
the person has it, he may ignore your request. Dont expect an
answer immediately, and BY ALL MEANS dont hound for an answer;
even that takes time. It may not happen the same day or week; may
take two weeks, but after that you should try again or forget it.
Sometimes, it seems hard to get something from nothing, but
you've got a few things going for you. First of all, the
generosity of folks on the net.  Watch the net for periodic
"beginner tape offers" and "reverse tape grovels." Details
relevant to each are usually explained with the posting. It might
involve trading, but will probably just require you to send money
or blanks and postage. There's also the possibility to be a leaf
on a tree even if you dont have tapes; in fact, that's a great
place to be on a tree!
And, hey! If you have many tapes (over 50? 100!? 200!?!) post a
message and offer this service to the first five, ten, or fifteen
folks that respond. Have them send you blanks and tape some of
your best for them! You'll be glad you did!

{Phish specific material deleted}


In general netiquette trading terms, the following seem
unless you've agreed otherwise. Don't use dolby unless you've
agreed otherwise (since it cant be undone). Write on the back of
the cassette labels slip unless you've mentioned or asked about
writing on the J-cards. Knock out tabs after recording.  And
REUSE YOUR MAILING ENVELOPES!! Them suckers take up landfill
space like... well... something voluminous!

{*****DUE to the technicality of sections E-1 through E-4 of the     }
{     Phish.FAQ, I've decided not to include it here.  If you are    }
{     interested in learning more about this topic(levels, azimuth   }
{     adjustment, and dolby specifics), the Phish.FAQ can be         }
{     requested at phish-archives@phish.net                          }
{                                   -Rick                            }

{Question E-4 is a more or less Phish specific question, but the     }
{ethics of the question do apply to taping the Dave Matthews Band.   }
{Please send your answers/suggestions directly to                    }
{Ellis of Lemuria, jeg5s@virginia.edu.                               }

E-4: PATCHING IN etiquette (not answered yet)
We need input from tapers (to jeg5s@virginia.edu) to construct an
answer to this.  I realize that there are enormous demands, and
far too little thanks, laid at the feet of tapers, but I also
realize that many of them, at one time or another, have only been
able to patch in. So... what's ok?
|I'm considering the purchase of a DAT deck to tape at Phish and
|other shows, now that I've realized how fun it is to have live
|music around the house.  What's the etiquette involved in
|patching into somebody else's deck who has a better setup than
|you?  Or into a soundboard?  Is it considered appropriate only to
|patch into somebody that you know, or can you just go up to a
|random taper or soundboard guy and ask him/her if you can patch
|into his stuff?
E-5: DCC and DAT, compared and considered
|       Hey has anybody used or bought the new digital tape
| format type decks?  [some text deleted...]  Does this deck
| sound as good as a DAT?
I think it may be time for a new FAQ entry... :-)
Both DCC (Digital Compact Cassette by Philips) and MD (Mini Disc
by Sony)  use a lossy compression method.  Not all of the
original signal will be retained when making copies onto DCC or
MD.  Whether or not it is audibly noticeable may depend on many
things, such as the compression and decompression algorithms, the
audio equipment, or the listener.  The music is also likely to
deteriorate as it goes through multiple generations.  For a
digital format, I believe that this is totally unacceptable.
Quality of good music should not be sacrificed when not
necessary.  At the moment, DAT is the only format (besides PCM
which is somewhat obsolete now) that allows accurate digital
reproduction at a reasonable price, and I recommend DAT over DCC
or MD.  The prices of DAT decks and tapes are generally
comparable or cheaper than DCC or MD, and either (or both) DCC or
MD will probably die out soon.  As Philips has recently said in a
said that better myself!  Go DAT!!! 
|Are DAT decks soon to be a thing of the past?
Soon?  No- DAT is entrenched in the professional and high-end
consumer market.  Eventually?  Yes- once mass storage technology
drastically improves.  That should take a while though, so don't
put off buying a DAT deck waiting for that...         Jens
A Copyright is claimed by Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard on behalf
of all contributors {of Phish FAQ.file, and minarets.faq}, the 
band & fans. This collection of diligently assembled & creatively 
presented info may be copied by any means, as long as 1 the file 
is always copied in whole, unchanged, & with this notice; 2 it 
is not sold commercially or used for financial gain. This file may 
be accessed for FREE! with internet access...  

Many, many thanks going out to Ellis for the permission to use
this material in Minarets.FAQ, and permission to alter it as 
necessary for our purposes.



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Wake Forest show....

cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Sat Nov 12 17:16:41 1994

Not to much to add to previous posts except for the chapel was avery cool 
setting, especially with the lights, it made carter look like a god...

just going 70 and make sure all the beer from the nite before is out of 
your system or you will end up at Mocksville county jail for four hours 
trying to post a $500 bail bond. 

Get in Line is defintely growing on me fast, anyone tried to transcribe 
it yet?

Gotta go latr......

|Chris "Boofy" Buford  '96						|
|cbuford@liberty.wlu.edu             	P.O.Box 322			|
|Washington and Lee University	       	Lexington, Va. 24450		|
|									|
|	"You know what they call a 1/4 pounder in france?"		|
|	"No..."								|
|	"A Royale with Cheese...."					|
|									|
|	Ezekiel 25:17							|
|									|
|v4.0									|


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a monicker for the growing masses

JPETERS@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Sat Nov 12 17:26:14 1994

someone had the great idea to start a search for a little label for
we-the-fans-of-Dave that doesn't include "head" after the Band's name.  Here's
a new slant on it for everybody.  Why don't we all add the name Matthews to our
own with one of those fashionable little hyphen things you see so much of
today?  Something like Jeff Peters-Matthews and Rick Thompson-Matthews.  Let me
know what you think.

month?  That's pretty damn cool.  Does anyone out there share my opinion that
he and Dave look a lot alike?  Especially with Stipe's new hairdo.  Check out
the photo spread of REM in Rolling Stone from a couple of weeks ago and see
what you think.


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cbutkus@vt.edu Sat Nov 12 18:10:54 1994

news letter in the mail a couple of days ago.  It said that Dave was playing 
in Wash. D.C. on Dec. 30, right before he plays in Richmond.  Does anybody 
know where the show is and how to get tickets for this show? Thanks a lot 
for your help!



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mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Sat Nov 12 18:38:22 1994

things of Davey relevance. first, we chose DMB as a band to love they
didn't choose us. the music attracts hippie types 'cause its so damn
groovy, G. DMB's manager Mr. Capshaw bought the whole band tickets to
RFK for the DEAD last summer. it would have been their first show
ever( except for bagby of course ) and guess what? no one got
motivated enough to go in!! oh well. the nite they tickets they had
to play at the Bayou. sooo..what i'm trying to say is DMB did'nt try
to cater to any type of live music goer. they are just peace loving
people at heart and we hippie type granola tree huggin sons of
bitches can feel this thru their music, so we keep comin' back. my
thoughts are a little scatterd but its hard to explain yourself when
you can't use your hands and facial gnarlies to express yo'self.

let me try this again. the crowd at DMB shows will always be pretty
diverse 'cause the music and the band are diverse within itself. look
at 'em. they're a bunch of freaks. i overheard a conversation once at
the flood zone...
jacket with tassels...)

violinist or something?"

he needs no other description.same goes for the rest of the band.
they are exellent entertainers and people like to have fun at the
expense of someone on a stage to set the mood for fun...... I saw
Metallica and we chanted "DIE" for 5 minutes during their song
"creeping death". people around me were way into it and i feared for
my life that Metallica would melt us all and eat us. but god damn it
was fun to be scared of four people with guitars and such. i am
ultimately rambling.hope someone enjoys this. anyway,people want to
be entertained and people are people and people are all different so
shows will always be different. hell, everyday is different depending
on how you view it. or you can view life as Jim Morrison did. as one
LOOOONGGG day full of inevitable surprises. okay... so lets go out there
and get 'em tigers... DMB IS a mainstream pop,world band. but the music was
not dictated to them. it came from them and we know this 'cause we
heard song evolution ourselves,so lets all chill and smoke a fatty to
the success of our friends and hope they are enjoying their ride in
this life. think about it. just the existence of Dave Matthews Band
has brought so many people together. i've met a few really cool and
spiritual people thru this net and have only been subscribed for a
few weeks! how? cause of a common thread of grooviness. there is this
sorda modern thought i have heard in the voices in my head lately...

realize that every creature of planet earth are all equal in spirit. we
won't need concerts or plays or pets or movies or television to help us
celebrate life. LIFE will be the celebration. and we will gather for
no other reason then the Pure love that beams out of all us.
then one day the maker will free of us our "looking" manisfestation and
we will all realize that nothing matters. that NOTHING is everything.

there my minds starts to slip reality and this computer starts to
make no sense to my hands. god i hate inhibitions. i want to scream
and jump around this room like a coyote-monkey, but people would look
at me weird. some might even run. o.k. enuff for me.

now heres something of relevance.
that new jam Dave is playing(debut at the horsey center)
i named it " Violet Ivy "
the reason being the way Fenton was working the lights and the
colors. made me think of that name. anyway, its just one of those
temporary taper names until Daves brain thinks of one. if anyone
likes it, use it. fuck it. Daves getting big , but we still rule the
underground. Peace.


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rrathod@acpub.duke.edu Sat Nov 12 22:55:41 1994

How do I get files like the DMB Guitar Tabulature File?



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laurenek@l.imap.itd.umich.edu Sun Nov 13 02:28:33 1994



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So these letters go to my "trash-box"?

lippe@u.washington.edu Sun Nov 13 04:40:07 1994

anyone in the greater Seattle area to join in on a roadtrip to Portland, 
to see DMB at the Roseland theater.  Roseland seats about 1200, but has a 
cool floor setup, and tix are $10.  The other show in OR (Good Times, 
Eugene) will be the most intimate one in the NW, but it's 21+.  I have a 
D7, but not much money after that, so I figure a few people together can 
will split gas, room, and possibly let us drive back that night, if 
people rotate...

that's what it's become.  I unsubscribed from two other groups (Harp-L, 
and Horde) because there was way to much garbage.  If people send useful 
messages, and apend their whimsy to their comments, it's not so bad..  
I'm not meaning to flame anyone, but let people figure some stuff out for 
themselves (i.e. less followups and clarifications), and well, I'll take 
the first step in reducing "Where can I get the FAQ?" posts...  Sorry if 
I'm preaching, I get that way sometimes, it wears off..
send it to a couple-hundred other people" , I like the feeling of this 
listserve more than others... more laid-back and less reactonary, but 
what would you expect, this is La Band de la Dave we're talkin' about.
******  ERic  ***************************************************************
* FAQ, Graphics, and various info on DMB available by ftping
* archive.phish.net in pub/DMB, and netspace.org in pub/DMB 
* 1, 2, 3 TVs, anyone know what relation this has to DMB?


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cbutkus@vt.edu Sun Nov 13 11:09:41 1994

me.  Thanks a lot.



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