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cucr3@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu Tue Feb 14 20:41:26 1995

I just got third row tix for bht&dmb, and i can't wait.

does anybody know if there is a mailing list for bhtm and the show Party 
of Five?
any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Need an Xtra 2/15 DMB/Symphony

dee3s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Tue Feb 14 20:55:51 1995

I know it's a little late, but I got gypped out of seeing the
show tonight because my ticket sent on Friday didn't come in the
mail today.  If anyone can help me out, it would be MUCH
appreciated.  Please e-mail me personally.

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Dan Entin

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wmartin@s850.mwc.edu Tue Feb 14 21:06:46 1995

Can you believe my luck?  A friend of mine just called  up and offered me 
a _free_ ticket to see DMB tomorrow night with the RSO!!!!  I can't 
believe it!! Yahoo!!  

Just thought I'd share that with everyone.


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please let me explain...

frenkel@ucsu.Colorado.EDU Tue Feb 14 21:15:05 1995

to make some cool trades, and I did.  But there were a lot of people who 
didn't have anything to trade.  In fact, very few people even sent me 
their tapelist.  But they wanted my DMB, and they were happy to pay the 
$6.  In the past, I've given extra blanks for tapes, and no one seemed to 
find anything wrong with doing that.  But, I guess there has been 
negative reaction to what I've done (I don't subscribe to minarets; I 
heard it from a friend who does)  What's done is done, but now all I can 
do is stop selling my tapes, and that is what I will do.  I guess I 
didn't think this through enough, and I'm sorry if I offended anyone.  If 
it makes any difference, I've seen Shakes the Clown about 20 times, and 
it's one of my favorite movies :)


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re: black tuesday....

dsb9a@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Tue Feb 14 21:34:28 1995

simple enough, i hate you all.  no, wait.  not all of you.  just the ones who
are listening to the the heart-melting strains of dmb and the rso at this
moment.  especially since my hopeful significant other is at the show without
me.  can't tell i'm bitter about all of this can you?!!!?  

'nuff bitterness.  i actually love each and every one of you.  honestly.  i
do......  hope all of you are enjoying the show and to everyone else, welcome
to the daveless club for black tuesday, 1995....

i'm getting too sentimental in my old age.  i've been listening to dave all
day.  just couldn't get enough of it...... as it should be.

now, real dave content.  a very early rumor from a friend in a secret high
place has dave and company playing trax here in the heart of daveland one
more time.  supposed show would be sometime this spring / early summer. 
can't divulge my source, nor will i commit 100% to this fact.  only 99%......
i can't wait.  one more show with dave at home......  will divulge more later
when i get over this black tuesday bitterness thing......

my band will be playing out both friday and saturday this weekend....  if you
are going to be in town, let me know.  i will knight and guestlist each and
every one of you who wants it......  besides, i still need to meet some of
you folk.....

going to be there, but i didn't know i would end up there.  one of those
surprise midnight date type of things....  helluva show though....

of course it has taken me six years to finish, but hey!  i still don't know
what i'm going to end up doing anyway......

should send old crow instead?........

first album shold have been titled "carter beauford is god".  stop....

cameron, steve s., mr. o.:  thanks for the simply delicious tapes.  you've
spread an entire new light on me.........

well, gotta run kiddies.  a certain set of drums is calling my name and they
have "clean me" written all over........



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Guitar tabs

DK0751@ALBNYVMS.BITNET Tue Feb 14 22:38:05 1995

Will anyone who has access to the guitar tab files please be so kind
as to send them my way. Thanks in advance. And if anyone knows where
to get them, any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Subscribe Minarets

x51412c3@WESTPOINT-EMH2.USMA.ARMY.MIL Tue Feb 14 22:47:49 1995

I would like to be added to the Minarets mailing list in digest form.

Thanks alot

Sean Flynn

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deskow@emoryu1.cc.emory.edu Tue Feb 14 23:14:52 1995

I've been to 4 DMB shows-'94 superjam in athens, Athens oct.94, The 
masquerade in atlanta july94, and dec94 at the Fox in atlant.  I was 
hoping to get a copy of any of these shows as well as any versions of 
Sweet Home Alabama or Sympathy for the Devil.  I have about 10 bootlegs 
that I would be willing to trade for any of these shows or any others.  I 
am new to the net, so would somebody please write back as to how I can 
get access to this stuff.  
95 and this coming summer.

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lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Tue Feb 14 23:15:05 1995

It may be too early to ask for this, but i wanna get my line in there...

tonight's show, or tomorrow's show please tell me, because i would like a 
copy of that one the most!!!  It sounds like an awesome show, and i think 
it would be a diamond in my collection!


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cancel subscription

pharriso@vyasa.helios.nd.edu Tue Feb 14 23:57:23 1995

Please cancel mail listing for minarets, and if you can't please tell
me how to ASAP.  Thanks!

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the Carp center show

pwchan@mail.wm.edu Wed Feb 15 00:09:57 1995

I am usually very critical of pointless messages but now feel compelled to
write one myself.  I was so overcome by the concert tonight;  it was
unreal.  For those not there, the orchestration was incredible.  I was even
more excited that they pulled some songs out that I hadn't expected--namely
Desperate Hours, Lie In our Graves, and GRANNY.  The latter being in CAPS
cause it was spectacular.  Other highlights included Typical Situation
which seemed written for just such an occasion.  The hottest song had to
have been Dancing Nancies and I think most will agree.  BOYD WAS HOT.  He
absolutely was in the groove, shredding through his fiddle during that
song.  Ants Marching probably got the crowd going better than any other
song.  Although, I hate to admit it, they did a great job with that one
too.  Desperate hours had great orchestration.  One of my faves, the
Christmas Song was even resurrected.  Let's see...what other songs were
there...Warehouse, Pay for What You Get, Lover Lay Down, an encore of Say
GOodbye (my personal fave), and unfortunately Satellite.  I'm sure I am
forgetting something, but almost as sure that someone will post a correct
setlist sometime soon.  PLEASE, If you smuggled in a tape recorder, tree
this show.....

Thanks for letting me ramble.


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asamueli@skidmore.EDU Wed Feb 15 01:24:52 1995

I know that this is somewhat unrelated to dmb but i was wondering if
anyone knew of any pearl jam internet and if so what it was or how to
subscribe? I would appreciate it. thanks

End of network mail

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s252047@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Wed Feb 15 01:49:42 1995


Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies are playing a free (!) show here at Gettysburg
on March 3rd.  I was just wondering if anyone knew if SCW allow taping?


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2/14/95 Setlist, Review, Stories...

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Wed Feb 15 02:46:18 1995

An Event Which Made Everything O.K.

2/14/95 Carpenter Center, Richmond,Va w/RSO

Set 1:
Typical Situation
Lover Lay Down
Ants Marching (BOO, HISS, NO MORE)

Set 2:
Lie In Our Graves
Pay For What You Get
Help Myself
Christmas Song
Dancing Nancies

e. Say Goodbye

the show was spectacular. the RSO added so much depth to songs like Granny,
and Typical Situation. i sat in front of Leroi's family. they were so proud!
DMB sounded very polished, as if they had been practicing for ever.

i don't like Ants anymore! all of the under 18 year olds jumped up and 
danced and made noise, and basically bothered the shit out of everyone else.
have some respect. most people were polite and sat through the performance.
that's the way it is done at the symphony. people were yelling during
Christmas Song. can you believe that?!!!

anyway, i was kind of bummed with the younger audience. i thought that since
we were in Richmond that the crowd would be made up of older fans who were
there to appreciate the music. but....a great thing happened. my friend Matt
and i went to a bar across the street for a beer after the show. on our way
back to the 3rd Street Diner, we had to pass by the CC. as we walked by, Boyd 
and his wife walked out. we talked with them for a few minutes, and then
Leroi walked out!!! after they left, Dave and his girlfriend kind of walked
out non chalantly. we walked over and he signed our programs. i asked him if
he would play Cry Freedom on the 15th, and he said that he would like to play
it instead of Lover. COOL!!

well, the gathering was great fun. it was cool to finally put faces to email
adresses. everyone should go to a gathering!!!!!!!

signing off because i am delerious,


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Cool show, crappy crowd!

sctm@vt.edu Wed Feb 15 04:51:28 1995

Good show,  nice song selection,  very well orchestrated,  and very 
energetic (Boyd was cool!).  The crowd sucked unbelievably.  Rather than 
listen to the magic occuring before their eyes,  they just screamed at the 
top of their lungs,  "I love you Dave!!!!"  Kiss my butt you bunch of high 
school pricks!  (that's not intended for minareters,  just for the crowd at 
the symphony.)  Met some cool people,  saw Catfish Jenkins again at the 
Floodzone right after Dave,  yeahhh!
BACKPACKS,  ANYTHING!!!!  They didn't give two hoots what you brought,  so 
if anyone is going today,  bring your DAT,  walkman,  whatever!!!  Tape it,  
and don't mind the crowd,  they're just ignorant.
Scott Miller-
Virginia Tech
529 Shanks Hall
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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blue moooooon....

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Wed Feb 15 06:16:49 1995

after the Saturday Tower Theatre show, i was ranking on dave for telling 
me he forgot how Blue Water goes and he said, 

"No, man, I remember the SONG, I just forget the WORDS."

since when has THAT stopped you, Dave?


i remember posting here once that i could teach my siberian husky to
play this song (actually, i could probably teach _my_ siberian husky to
sing it, too.  she can say "i love you").

for those that don't know, the entire 10 minute version of this song
is c, em, c, em, over and over again.  i don't really know the little
progression at the end, so i'll ask my dog some time.

as for forgetting the words, this is a song where that would stop
dave, because it has pretty deep words.  there's not many of them
though, so he could probably remember the song in about 5 minutes
with the help of this lyrics file we have floating around here somewhere.

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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1 question (and for those waiting for files...)

STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Wed Feb 15 08:05:23 1995

why are my posts taking 40 hours to back to me?  i made the post about
getting your own net gathering for the 15th on Monday.  i think.

anyway, for those of you (those _many_ of you) who are waiting for the
faq and lyrics file, fear not, i have not forgotten you.  i have just
forsaken you.  i don't really have time today to do it, either, so
just hang out and i'll send 'em all out on friday once i'm back
in town.

for now i'm going to head off to richmond, skip 4 classes, two exams,
and a verb quiz, just to see dave matthews with rso.  once.  i'm
not as cool as boofy, you see.                        ^^^^
"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\____________________________________ 
__________________________________     \_________________________________
yippeyai-okye-a...Z                \    stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu

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VDAY? Chicago TIX?

hillcs@picard.ml.wpafb.af.mil Wed Feb 15 08:54:49 1995

Everybody must have enjoyed the show and party because there hasn't been a
digest since 2:00 yesterday (63).  I'm sure we'll hear about it right away,
but I just want to say I had a good Valentine's Day even though I missed
the show.

Still looking for Chicago Tickets. I have a variety of pure, expensive
goodies for anyone who can provide information leading to the reasonable
purchase of Chicago 3/17/95 Tickets.  I guess numbers for area scalpers
would help, dammitman.

I'm psyched, Andy's makin' a HiFi VHS of bagby's for me.  I WILL mail the
tapes today!!! Anybody else want to make one for fun stuff?  Want a copy
when I get it?

I got this cool chunk of silica aerogel, It looks like glass, but weighs
NOTHING, I mean it practically floats on air.  Density is 0.2 g/cc!  TRIP.


Charlie Hill (Chas)  USAF Wright Laboratory, Materials Directorate,WPAFB, OH
oooO  Oooo  hillcs@picard.ml.wpafb.af.mil| W(513)255-3622|  GRAPHITIC CARBON
(  )  (  )  chill@uceng.uc.edu           | H(513)252-5001|The Future Material
(_)    (_)"Ski backward barefoot, drive an old Lotus.",me|   Dave Matthews


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Let's set up a roseland gathering


I don't know how many of you are planning to see DMB at roseland 
(NYC)  on the 23 and 24, but let's gather, goddammit!  Gathering is 
what us minaretters do best!  oh, and sorry for my ignorance, but is 
anyone planning on treeing last night (the historic V-Day 
performance)?  I haven't received any reviews yet, but my mind is 
already starting to imagine...I'm popping a chubby just thinking 
about it.


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just because..

bmking@mail.wm.edu Wed Feb 15 10:31:32 1995

some thoughts on the 14th show..

the symphony with dave was incredible.. it gave such a powerful force to the
music it was enough to well..  i dunno.. but it was fantastic.  songs like
warehouse, granny, and dancing nancies shone, and the rest were beautiful as

the length was unfortunate, but i don't think avoidable..  the symphony could
only do so many songs, i'm sure..  dave could've sung more, but hey..
although it looked like he took off early.. after the say goodbye encore
(with the nifty carter halloween drum intro), they did their little return to
wave, etc, then left again, and the symphony director ran off stage after
them, and it looked like all the little symphony people were looking around
going 'huh?', then the lights came on..

it was interesting to see mr prompter man just below and to the left of dave
making sure dave sang the words right on the beat, so the symphony wouldn't
get screwed up..  i wonder how much time it took to transcribe the songs onto
the music sheets for all the different symphony instruments?  i mean, i
would assume no one in daveband actually has the notes written down..

despite some previous complaints, i would say the crowd was great.  call it
the atmosphere, call it the more expensive tickets, who knows, but compared
to the past few shows i've been to, the 'relative' silence during christmas
song and even satellite were nice to hear..  how do you really hear silence,
anyway?  still..

it was good to see old friends and meet new ones..
take care all


"i'm a walkin' by the water.. come up through my soul to my ankles to my head
to my soul again and i'm blown away..."   dave 2/14/95

you don't have to worry about me
i might have been born yesterday
but i stayed up all night

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ST942595@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Wed Feb 15 10:33:19 1995

I have an abundance of Dave tapes right now...
I am looking for old Pink Floyd.
Please, anyone with any nice Floyd tapes, make me some type of deal...
I will compensate you with Phish, Dave, Root, REM or Billy Bragg
lemme know...

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2/14 & 2/15

lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Wed Feb 15 11:02:05 1995

Did anyone tape the show????  I have some goodies that you might like to 
trade for.....


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DMB w/ RSO tape?

srubin@haverford.edu Wed Feb 15 11:08:01 1995

send to minarets@moose.uvm.edu

Did anybody get a tape of last night's concert?  Or is anybody going to be
taping tonight?  I would really like to get a copy from this cool concert.
Hope everybody had a good black tuesday.  :)


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Re: just because..

morgan_dailey@spacemail.jhuapl.edu Wed Feb 15 11:19:36 1995

how do you really hear silence,
anyway?  still..

The silence in music is just as important as
the noise for the instruments.  That's why
rests and stuff are notated in musical
scores.  There was a composer (Glass maybe?)
who wrote a piece called 4:15 (or some other
such number) that was, you guessed it, four
minutes and 15 sec of silence.  When he played
it for audiences, he would enter the theatre,
put a clock or somethin on his piano and sit
there until the time was up.  Then he would get
up bow and exit stage.  Of course the piece
was controversial, but I guess it forced
people to realize just what silence is and
how integral it is in music.

necessary for a song like Christmas Song
or Lover or Satellite.  They are rather slow,
moody songs.  A silent atmosphere is
necessary to evoke as much of the emotion 
as possible from the composition.

On the other hand, screaming and craziness
is necessary for a song like Halloween.  The
chaotic screams from Dave add a lot to the song.

Hmmm, I think I need coffee,

(Damn time goes slow when you're at work and
you're waiting to get off so you can go drive
for 2 & 1/2 hrs to go see DAVE)

Hey did Dave dance last night?  I love the way
that guy dances.


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rmjohann@mailbox.syr.edu Wed Feb 15 11:52:29 1995



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trade offer:2/10 for 2/14

BYVR25A@prodigy.com Wed Feb 15 12:07:01 1995

I'm looking to swap what I have from the 2/10 tower show
[first 50 min., w/john popper] that is a master copy and
would be a 1st gen for you for a good quality copy of the
symphony show from either night. get back to me for details. 
-big head c. 

-------FORWARD, Original message follows-------

-------FORWARD, End of original message-------


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subscribe to dmb discussion group

SCORCORA@smith.smith.edu Wed Feb 15 12:20:49 1995

Would someone please post a message about how to subscribe to discussion?
I'm having a hard time hooking on. Thanks, Sarah 

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Life, The universe, & Everything. . .


been listening to DMB for about four years now, collecting boots from my sister
and from friends (most of them coming from the UVA scene) and going to shows
when time allows, and finally, now that I've gone collegiate, I have easy
access to minarets.
love to get my hands on the cords/tab for more, so if anyone out there knows,
drop me a line.  (I'm sorry to say that I don't remember which of you out there
posted the comparison between Best of and the Beatles song, but it was high
quality, thanks.)
shows from '92 to '94, a few Dead shows, and a few Phish shows.  I'd really
like to get some more of all three of those, some Freddy Jones BAnd (is there
any out there?), some Rusted Root (i think they have some clause that prohibits
taping, but people can be very resourceful. . .), some Jupiter Coyote, and some
Widespread.  Anyone interesting in helping me out?  Perhaps some trades could
be arranged?
blended without too much effort, and besides, cant'd you just imagine the final
strains of Boyd's fevered M&J jamming closing, Stefan has a little time to play
on his own and then the first hollow callings of Leroi's flute stream in.  Now
look, I've gotten myself all excited.  I need to take a cold shower.  actually,
acording to some of the less friendly people I know, any showr would do, but I
crowd behavior.  What the hell is the deal with people yelling during Christmas
Song?!  They did it at the show I was at in D.C. on Dec. 30th, and apparently
they did it during the show last night in Richmond.  Come on people, CS is one
the most beautiful songs DMB plays, and when Dave and Carter get out there
alone and do it, it's spectacular.  I think some audience members need to
remember taht they paid to hear what the band wants to play, and if the guys
decide to play Old McDonald for and hour and a half, just leave if you don't
like it, but don't start yelling for that favorite song of yours and ruin it
for someone else.

writing this much my first time (there are many alllusions waitin' to made, but
i will refrain) so I will end now.


situation, your whole life. it's ahead of you.

To plagerize a bit (but not the emotions):

Only people who have been waiting in the sidelines, reading but not posting,
may smoke in my message.

P.S.  Who is Jeff Muezzin?  Is he some David Koresh-like figure?  Is a big (or
his cult) just a big joke?  Is Kev really Jeff's attempt to feel important? 
Only time, or perhaps Jeff himself, will tell.

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1) WANTED: Miah Van Hecke 2)PSU

JThomps34@aol.com Wed Feb 15 12:30:40 1995

Hey all,
involved in a trade with MIAH VAN HECKE from Northwestern University and it
is looking like a one sided trade!  I sent out his tapes the day after we
agreed, first class, and have yet to receive mine.  
he has not contacted me.  

I will throw some out to you all.  
Lexington show.  Anyway, we got there pretty early, since I wanted to get up
in the front.  We made it up to the front and in the center, so only about 2
people were in front of us.  The Ugly Americans were pretty cool.  BHTM
seemed to really drag.  I guess if the old saying "time flies when you're
having fun" is true, the reverse is also true!  After what seemed like an
eternity, Dave came on.  Unlike any show I have heard (and I have about 70hrs
of DMB), They opened with Jimi Thing.  It was incredible.  The crowd was
singing every word though, but I put it out of my mind.  After Jimi, they
played Jane, Nancies, and Warehouse.  After Warehouse, Dave went back to talk
to Carter and I waited until it was quiet before yelling "GRANNY!".  Dave
came back to the mic, and sure enough started up Granny.  As my first time
hearing it live, I have to say that it was incredible.  It was amazing-- I
was the only one going crazy.  People on both sides seemed to be bored or
something.  I don't know or care. After Granny, I can't really remember the
exact set list order, but he played Rhyme&Reason, Satellite, Recently, #36,
Best Of.., Two Step, and Ants.  I was extremely happy to hear Two Step.  It
was the same as during Granny though for every song that wasen't on UTTAD.  I
loved it though.  Compared to the Lexington crowd, this one was great.  It
was actually nice to have room to dance during the best songs.  Anyway, for
the encore Dave chose Tripping Billies and used the old intro, which was
cool.  During the intro, the crowd was standing still and confused looking at
me dance to it!  It was a great show though in my opinion.  After the show a
girl we were with got the official set list from the stage, and the other choi
ces for encores were Say Goodbye, and Watchtower.  I have never heard
Watchtower live and believe that would be crazy.  But, I was not complaining
at that point.  Even though the set list was short, it was filled with musical


Jeff Thompson

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car3@acpub.duke.edu Wed Feb 15 12:47:24 1995

does anyone have a tape copy of last night or tonight's dave show with the orchestra?  i would trade kindly for a copy of either of these...

the magus

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Trade For High Quality Tapes

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Wed Feb 15 13:10:19 1995

hey now,
tine soundboards of DMB. thanx to all who helped me out! right now, i would 
11/08/94 Lisner Auditorium, Washington,D.C. w/Rusted Root
any HORDE show
any and all studio outtakes
a copy of the SBD tape that was released of the show w/ Trey Anastasio in VT
your cleanest, clearest, crispiest, SBD (complete) DMB show

Dave Matthews (solo):
09/11/92  DKE House, Charlottesville,Va                     SBD   45min
??/??/??  Prism Coffee House, Charlottesville,Va (WTJUben.) FM    45min

11/29/93  JMU, Harrisonburg,Va                              SBD   45min
12/12/93  Movie Palace, Charlottesville,Va                  SBD   135min
08/25/94  Birchmere, Alexandria,Va                          AUD   110min

11/17/92  Trax, Charlottesville,Va                          SBD   180min
12/31/93  Marriott, Richmond,Va                             SBD   135min
08/26/94  Marriweather Post Pvillion, Columbia,MD (HORDE)   SBD   45min
09/27/94  UVA Amphitheater, Charlottesville,Va              AUD   135min
10/09/94  Lupo's, Providence,RI                             SBD   135min
12/30/94  Bender Arena, Washington,D.C.                     SBD   180min

please send those lists!!!


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DMB in Iowa

ERIC-NANKERVIS@Augustana.edu Wed Feb 15 13:21:53 1995

Howdy all!

I was just wondering if anyone knew what was going on with the 
BHT/DMB concert in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It was listed in the Horde 
tour file at being at the vets memorial, but it was listed on a
concert line in the Quad Cities (Illinois-Iowa area) as only being 
Big Head Todd and the Ugly Americans.  No DMB.  Also, no mention of 
it in the WWW tour file.  (Tonite was my first encounter with the WWW 
and the DMB file in it.  Cool stuff, Ben, I enjoyed it).  I am 
hopfully going to be go to the Peoria show (will be my first), if 
anyone has info about that, too, let me know.   

Everyone have fun on the 14 and 15. I wish I could be there

Eric   WW

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Syracuse help?

MPOWERS1@ithaca.edu Wed Feb 15 13:34:09 1995

from the Ithaca/south central NY area please.  I have no transportation to the
show, but I have a ticket.  If you can help out please get back to me. I'll
definitely help out on all expenses and spin off plenty of tapes. THANKS!!!!!



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how to digestify

McMoe@aol.com Wed Feb 15 13:40:59 1995

to all

how do i set my mailing list so i get digests instead of two-hundred thousand
individual e-mails?


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bricker@acme.highpoint.edu Wed Feb 15 13:55:30 1995

what was the setlist from last night v-day?
i know it's the same as tonight but i'm not going
so please send it to me now!


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my $.02 on the Valentine's day show with the RSO

tnb2d@server.cs.virginia.edu Wed Feb 15 13:56:22 1995

Hey folks,
just scan for trades- hopefully some of you remember me :) But I can't
hold my tongue about last night.  The show at the Carpenter Center was
simply amazing.  Beforehand I had a hard time visualizing what the
show would be like- the only thing I could imagine the symphony doing
was Boyd's fiery jump-in after the first verse of "Lie In Our Graves".
So when I got my program and saw that JOHN D'EARTH had done the
arranging I just got a sort of buzz- my shoulders bunched up and I got
sort of tense and I got reeeeeaaalllly excited!  Knowing that they had
someone who is not only an incredible (and credible) musician but who
has also had tons of access to the music do the arrangements, well it
kinda legitimized the whole deal for me.  It was just great seeing him
sitting up front, cueing Dave when to sing and keeping to himself
while thirteen year old butts were wiggling all around him.
that they were all getting used to being on that stage and playing
together.  But "GRANNY" BLEW THE ROOF OFF.  Period.  Maybe it's
because it's such a simple song and it gave D'earth more to play with,
I dunno, but things happened in that song that I'd never dreamed could
happen!  And "Warehouse"- OW!  Bone-chilling.  The drama that was
"Help Myself/Dangerous Hours" felt like the overture to "West Side
Story" or a detective story or something- wacky and way cool.  I am
constantly amazed at how into "Ants Marching" all those people get,
dancing and singing in unison, and they never realize that Dave is
singing about THEM, and he's NOT BEING NICE. (my requisite slap at
the little people- insert your favortie here)  I'm really glad they
played "Lie In Our Graves" (it was the song I was hoping for at the
UTTAD premiere amphitheatre show too!) but it left me with the musical
equivalent of BLUE BALLS.  Remember how I said earlier that Boyd's
jump-in was all I could imagine the symphony playing?  When Dave
started the song I turned to my friend Diana and said "Here it comes!
This is going to be great!"  AND THE SYMPHONY NEVER CAME IN!!!!  Sure
they threw some strings on at the end but they didn't play what they
were supposed to!  You have no idea how much that hurt.  I don't think
I even heard the entire rest of the song I was so worked up.  I had to
get drunk when I got home last night just so I could relax.  And I'll
close this part of my commentary by simply saying "Ladies and
Gentlemen- The Boyd Tinsley!  bow bow bow".  When he started
practically squatting on the stage during "Dancing Nancies" I was on
fire!  And my good friend "Carter Beauford on the drums!  Carter
Beauford on the drums!" was like a kid in a candy store.  How many
people did he shake hands with?  How many drumsticks went into the
street, and to 9/10s of the people I saw I could say "You poor sap.
You've never heard the Dave Matthews Band!"  Well after last night I
can say it again.  And I think Dave was just as amazed as we were,
they all were.  You could see it in the way that every few minutes
someone in the band would turn and smile at someone else in the band,
or at D'earth or at George Manahan, the conductor.  It had to be a
pretty intense feeling, like a proud father or something, that the
music THEY WROTE could do THAT.  It speaks volumes about the talent of
the band and the quality of their songwriting that their songs could
scale up from a simple five-man fraternity party jam to this brilliant
spiral being played out by a symphony.  Let's see Pearl Jam try that.

Thank you for indulging me, just had to get that off my chest,

P.S.  If anybody can get me a copy of the score I'll...  well I don't

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My impression of the V-day show

MMALONEY@ACC.ROANOKE.EDU Wed Feb 15 14:29:02 1995

Where should I begin?

I went to the V-day show hoping to sit back and hear the MUSIC of the Dave
Matthews Band scored in some crazy orchestral arrangements.  There had been
chatter on the net about tunes like Seek Up, Minartets, Blue Water, The Maker,
and so on.  What I was looking for was to be taken away by an entire symphony
with Dave and the boys adding their patented accents.


What I got was a few killer arrangements (Recently, Help Myself (especially the
intro).  But I also got 700 15 yearolds screaming and running out of their
seats obstructing my view of...of, thanks...Ants Marching, Satellite, and
Dancing Nancies.  Don't get me wrong I love these songs but for $45 and the
entire orchestra assembled, I think that they could have picked a cooler set
list.  Why couldn't they have played really good, old slow stuff.  The fans (if
they were fans) would have appreciated the music no matter if they knew the
words or not.

I'm sorry for bumming out so hard but I really had something special in mind
for this show and it just didn't measure up.

I guess that's how it goes.

Mark (mmaloney@acc.roanoke.edu)

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<@mail.cc.trincoll.edu:Emily.Beck@mail.trincoll.edu> Wed Feb 15 14:29:57 1995

you all are way too into this shit--  UNSUBSCRIBE ME PLEASE   thanks


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label maker

x51558h3@WESTPOINT-EMH2.USMA.ARMY.MIL Wed Feb 15 14:36:26 1995

whats up everybody-
can anyone tell me where to find the label maker program?  and what is it 
thanks a lot
Tim Hocking

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Richmond show tonight

ewazorko@logsun01.med.osd.mil Wed Feb 15 14:40:57 1995

A quick question for anyone who attended the show at the Carpenter Center last
work (ugh!), and with rush and today's 'storm' traffic could be bad.  I should
make it there by 8:00, but I'd like to know if I have any leeway.

OPlease e-mail me directly...



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Re: how to digestify

fitzie@engin.umich.edu Wed Feb 15 14:59:44 1995

Could  I too, please be set up for digest mode. Its getting hard to read 
my less important mail. Thanks. By the way, how many Detroit, A^2 dave 
fans are there out here?

DL Fitzgerald

 to all
 how do i set my mailing list so i get digests instead of two-hundred thousand
 individual e-mails?


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***Valentine's Day Tree***

wl1o+@andrew.cmu.edu Wed Feb 15 15:11:09 1995

Hey all,
RSO, and it was quite a memorable experience.  It was something that no
true DMB fan should have missed, but due to limited tickets and other
horrible facts of life I know there are a lot of fellow Minaretters who
couldn't make it.  This is why I feel it is my duty to tree a tape of
the show.
tree.  I first want to make sure that I have the highest quality seed
before treeing it.  I taped the show with a Sony D-7 DAT deck and Core
Sound mics.  The tape turned out great by my standards.  My seats were
dead center in front of the soundboard.  The only minor flaw is that the
people around me got chatty at a few points in the show.  If any tapers
out there in Minarets land, used much better equipment, or simply think
that you might have a higher quality tape then please let me know. 
Also, if the show on the 15th has a better setlist, please let me know
if you have a comperable quality tape.
simply want to be on the tree, just hold on.  I will be making an
official tree anouncement in a few days.

- Bill


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so here we are tonight, the snow outside, the fire burns bright

JPETERS@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Wed Feb 15 15:35:04 1995

say goodbye is a musical orgasm!

new copies of two shows from boulder this fall (great little v-day gift!)  and
the version of say goodbye is soooooo prime!  the last version i have besides
this one is from august in nantucket.  the added flute solo is beautiful!  i'm
loving this tune more and more everytime i hear it.  someone tell me how the
symphony version was!

i bet you'll never listen to that one the same way ever again! ;)


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DMB 2-11-95

jmheckle@rs01.kings.edu Wed Feb 15 16:13:12 1995

Desperately seeking a copy of the 
FEB. 11th show at the TOWER.
can anybody help me...



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Dave Matthews and FGH

shahan@cleo.bc.edu Wed Feb 15 16:40:05 1995

One of my friends told me that in NYC, From Good Homes will be opening
for Dave.  Is there any truth to this rumor?  Is anyone planning on taping
the show and in particular From Good Homes, if they are playing?  Someone
please write back with info and if anyone has any FGH boots, contact me.  Thanks.
Also, is DMB still on for Letterman and HOB thingy?

Anuj A. Shah
Boston College


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extra for Syracuse

mlniseng@mailbox.syr.edu Wed Feb 15 16:45:48 1995

I have an extra ticket for the Syracuse show on Feb. 20 I'd love to hook 
somebody up with for the cost of the ticket ($19.50) plus one really 
really cool tape. The ticket is for the first row balcony. Please reply 
by email directly to me. And to everyone, whether you need the ticket or 
not, have a great day.

There is a fine line between eye contact and the piercing stare of a madman


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Is Dave Gay?

LEVI@GAR.UNION.EDU Wed Feb 15 17:05:39 1995

I've just recently(no pun) heard that Dave is Gay. Can someone either confirm or dismiss this rumor for me. Thanks  ---Ian---


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re:Is Dave Gay?

moberg Wed Feb 15 18:05:44 1995

One question, Where have you been?

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V-day thoughts

PARISIGRE@urvax.urich.edu Wed Feb 15 18:09:57 1995

I know I'm a bit late with this, but I'd like to make a few comments...

rushed the stage during Ants, but they weren't really in people's way and 
I enjoyed watching the domino-like effect the music had on people, as 
slowly but surely more and more people got up and started dancing.  did 
anyone really expect to sit in total crowd silence for the whole show?
old mind you, found it necessary to sing "Love, love, love" during 
Christmas Song, which Dave was doing in, yes, relative crowd silence from 
where I was sitting.  I wanted to strangle this guy, but instead turned 
to him and asked, sarcastically, "Do you know the WORDS to this song?"  He
replied with a prideful "sure" at which point I told him I believed him 
completely but I would rather hear Dave sing it "for now".

please get a tree going...

Only dissapointment was no Minarets.

Lover and Say Goodbye...On my way out of the show, my date and I found 
ourselves in front of a man in the act of proposing to his girlfriend, 
down on one knee, ring in hand, with 25 or so people silently waiting for 
her answer under the big DMB marquee.  She said yes and cried and the 
crowd gave applause and it was very happy just being there.

you were wearing?

Satellite 2...much better than last year, but we need to start playing 
better defense (ie, less Satellites).   Enjoy the show tonight whoever is 



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Re: i leave for 2 days and..well...

barter@lclark.edu Wed Feb 15 18:14:09 1995

Is anyone going to be taping Dave with the Richmond Symphony??

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Re: Is Dave Gay?

Scott.C.Reeder@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Wed Feb 15 18:14:22 1995

I also heard some speculation as to Dave's sexual preference, and the best
source I have heard is from a friend of a friend of someone in the band
(Carter, I think) who said that Dave was bisexual... but I dont know how much
truth there is to this.....

but I can always hope....I am gay and I think dave is sexy as hell!!!

if anyone has a better source, let us know!

peace, love, and DAVEband FOREVER,

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Re: V-Day, FGH, et all!

barter@lclark.edu Wed Feb 15 18:22:54 1995

         on another note, From Good Homes has been pushed hard onto the record
 buying market by RCA. i went to three stores here in D.C. yesterday, and there
 were at least 10 copies of their reissued debut "Hick Pop". i think that they
 are a great band, and am happy to see that they are finally getting what they
I also am glad to hear of the success of From Good Homes.  However, are 
they also going to have a video, be on MTV, and end up top forty like 
Dave. Is RCA bent on popularizing every band I love?  It frustrates me 
that some people I have no respect for are going out and buying these 
albums for no other reason than the fact that they are becoming popular. 
I feel like RCA is marketing Dave Mathews image.  People seem to pick up 
on this  without really appreciating the music.  Does anybody relate or 
am I failing to put these feelings into words?

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Re: Article from the Boston Globe

barter@lclark.edu Wed Feb 15 18:27:47 1995

 the band had an idiosyncratic singer with the presence to lure 
 Pearl Jam and R.E.M. fans.

This is exactly what frustrates me.  Does anyone feel my pain or am I all 
alone on this one? 

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Re: Article from the Boston Globe

nebulous@panix.com Wed Feb 15 18:44:21 1995

 the band had an idiosyncratic singer with the presence to lure
 Pearl Jam and R.E.M. fans.

This is exactly what frustrates me.  Does anyone feel my pain or am I all
alone on this one?

what is so painful?  it is a horrible allusion, but your point is what? you
don't want pj or rem fans to dig dave?  personally, i would rather have
fans at thes how who are more familiar with vitalogy than the new ace of
bass album.....



just another memo from the cellar,

|  ben sterling...          new york, ny...                             |
|          ...friendly neighborhood psychopath...                       |
|                                         ...professional poseur...     |
|  ...five time mr. double dutch usa...                                 |
|                               ...orange tic tac connoisseur...        |
|                                                                       |
| 'plagiarize the emotion cause it's easier than the real thing'        |
|                       ...shannon worrell.                             |


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Re: Article from the Boston Globe

greenpd0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Wed Feb 15 18:49:20 1995

 the band had an idiosyncratic singer with the presence to lure
 Pearl Jam and R.E.M. fans.

This is exactly what frustrates me.  Does anyone feel my pain or am I all
alone on this one?

voice...then, out of nowhere, someone STAGEDIVES from the rafters! yeah! a
huge mosh pit to lover lay down! Yeah! rock! sorry...once i go into
character, it's kinda hard to get back out...

bands, but how do you compare dave with eddie vedder? let's see, Blood vs
Christmas song...i can kinda hear the mike stipe thing, but please! let
dave be dave, and dave alone!


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RSO-coming soon

fostecl4@wfu.edu Wed Feb 15 19:31:16 1995

My buddy Ryan and I are getting a copy of the valentines show this coming 
weekend, so anyone on wake's campus, or anyone interested, I'd be willing 
to make copies (next week) of the first 4 people that email me!
I've heard nothing but incredible things (except for the random screamers 
during ants) about the show from friends who attended...this virginian 
wished she'd been there. that's all for now....back to biology hell.
Later on, my friends...Carrie


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Re: Is Dave Gay?

sctm@vt.edu Wed Feb 15 19:32:13 1995

but I can always hope....I am gay and I think dave is sexy as hell!!!

if anyone has a better source, let us know!

Why the hell are you telling me your sexual preference?  I should care 
because . . . ?  Keep your personal crap to yourself!  To end this damn 
debate,  at the Symphony last night he was talking about it being Valentines 
Day and he said HER when talking about not getting HER a gift.  So if that 
helps good,  if you need more,  a few post back someone said they saw Dave 
with his GIRLFRIEND after the show.  So hopefully that helps you crusaders.  
Stefan told a friend of mine,  while I was there,  that Dave told people in 
Charlottesville that he and Stefan were gay just to screw people up.  So see 
ya and does it really matter?
Scott Miller-
Virginia Tech
529 Shanks Hall
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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Emergency room ramblings: my V-day saga

KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Wed Feb 15 19:45:06 1995

Ok, I just wrote a real detailed account of my take on the V-day show, but my
fuckin' computer cut me off right as I was finishing!!!!!I'm not writing it
blocking my view...if they're going to dance and (gasp) _clap_, at least do it
in _rythem with the song_!!!!

It was nice to meet y'all at 3rd St., it was a fun time.  I'm glad to see that
people got copies of the show!!! My ass is gettin' on one of those trees!!!!!

While most of you were groovin' to Catfish down at the Floodzone, I spent my
post-DMB evening in the emergency room.  While waiting for me grub at 3rd st. I
suddenly got dizzy as hell, tried to go outside but fell down the last few
steps, sumbled to the door and collapsed on the sidewalk.  So needless to say I
have a few reasons not to forget Valentines Day 1995!! 

Oh, and I wasn't drinking!!!!

I was supposed to get two free tickets to the show tonight, but I was at
practice when the call came and he left when I got back!!! Accckkkkk!!!!!

I'm going to sulk....

"We're sellin' crap in the back. we got crap"

I'm bummed, I'm not even going to smoke in my message.

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ROOT interview

sctm@vt.edu Wed Feb 15 20:03:09 1995

Check out what he says about he Dave Matthews Band,  Coolness,  Groovy 

Getting Back to Their Roots
By Nevin Martell and Josh Nicotra

        As a child Rusted Root's drummer Jim Donovan danced to his mother's
Sly and the Family Stone records.  Today thousands of people are dancing to
Rusted Root's 'primal, aggressive body-moving' music.  After five years
together and the independent release of their first album Cruel Sun they
were signed by Mercury records.  They were signed mostly because of their
incredible live show and dedicated cult-following that has grown from the
confines of Pittsburgh to spread across the country.  Having just released
their major label debut, When I Woke, the band are in high spirits.  Their
first single "Send Me On My Way" is being played by everyone from aging
hippies to alternative rock radio DJs.  They have been touring for it
constantly since this fall, including a sold-out show at Poughkeepsie's own
Chance.  Starting later this month they are going to go out with the Spin
Doctors on a month long trek.  And they've submitted a video to MTV, let's
hope it doesn't do to them what "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" did to the
Spin Doctors.  We had a chance to talk to Jim Donovan while he was in San
Jose, California about life on the road, bootlegging, success and the
Indigo Girls.
Misc- So you guys are about to go out on the road with the Spin Doctors;
are you excited about that?
when you get to hook up with a band whose been through all of this before.
You get to learn a lot of stuff, I mean these guys have been touring in a
pretty big way. 
Doctors did? They got so big so fast.
together for five years.  For us the really good thing about it is that our
album has been out since August and we have been selling it really
steadily, there hasn't been a big explosion anywhere. What our concept is
to go out and play live and get a base of people that have already seen
you.  They know that it is real, not a TV fabrication.  I think our
strength is our live performance.  It's really reactive. When people see
it, they want to get the record. 
how do you feel about taping and trading?
people who want to tape, as long as their not selling it bootleg, I think
that's the coolest thing.  There are lots of tape trees going around with
some our largest shows.  That helps us more than anything-spreads the word.
 The concept is to get the music out there to everybody, not to make a
million bucks. If it was, I wouldn't be here. 
your band to be?
pretty hard right now. I would like to see us as high up as you can go.
That's not only in a fame sense, but also in a spiritual sense. I want
everyone that needs to hear the music to have access to it and have a
really good time doing it.
Pittsburgh on New Years Eve.  What's it like to play in front of thousands
more people than you used to?
energy shift that happens when you have 6000 people that you know love you
and are screaming and having an amazing time, it's a rush. There is an
element of chaos to it, because there is not a whole lot of control. The
crowd can do whatever they want, they are the mass, the majority, and when
they are on your side they can lift you to amazing places.
Everywhere] tour, do you plan on going out with the H.O.R.D.E. again?
certain. I think we are going to go out with the Black Crowes. I haven't
seen them, but I like their stuff a lot.
friends that it wouldn't be fair to name them all, you wouldn't have enough
loved Sly and the Family Stone. It's kind of funny, up until a couple of
years ago, I hadn't heard him on the radio or had any of his music for a
long time. When I heard some of his music again, it kinda took me way back
to being an infant because she would play it every day. So I went out and
got the stuff and its incredible music. That's the first thing my family
ever saw me dance to, so I would imagine that it had to be an influence.
that you've really had a good time on the road with?  Any musicians you've
enjoyed jamming with on-stage?
exceptional human, always smiling always has good things to say about
everybody.  A very good example of what a person can become.
going to be on the road with him?
got.  They've been hitting it really hard.  They've been touring non-stop
and it can only do good things for us, because people lump us in the same
genre as them.  Big Head Todd and those guys, we've got the same audience
that goes to them.  For them to have a Buzz Clip opens up the doors to have
the same sort of thing happen to us.  It's already happened on a radio
level, there's a format called Triple A that we've been in the Top 20 for
nine monthes.
we're concentrating on the live show and the album.  I know personally
people are writing all the time.  I know personally I write all the time.
material there is. 
re-release Cruel Sun [the first independently released album]?
creatively one iota.  They've been very supportive of us financially,
they've helped us stay on the road, which is a very expensive thing.  The
record label helps us foot the deficit, because they know that if you're
out and people see you, then they're going to go buy the record and they're
going to get their money back.
don't have any radio play in either of those places.  It's just a big word
of mouth from the papers, people on the Internet sending good word to
don't have a concept of what it means, the only thing I know is that
sometimes we get printouts, people bring us them to show what people are
saying.  It's just so weird to hear people talking about you in such a
personal way.  It's almost like an invasion of your privacy, but it's not
really, because people really don't know what your private lives.  They
really don't have a clue, they can just speculate.  And speculation isn't
going to hurt us.
the band, because they are.  As they should be.  It's really no one's
business if someone has a girlfriend or not.  It's about the music. 
Although, when you choose an occupation like this you do sacrifice some of
your privacy.  
you take stress out on?
things like reading.  I try not to watch TV ever, that's a really huge trap
to fall into.  I write letters, talk on the phone.  I just got engaged a
couple of months ago.
you're on the road you're busy doing things like this.  Interviews, sound
check and what have you.  A lot of times we'll get to be in a really nice
town and get to check it out.  
their guitars.  I was never into them before, but my fiancee is, I got
tickets and we went.  It was splendid, they were just so comfortable with
themselves and being in front of a whole bunch of people, they made you
feel real comfortable.
your wits are about you can use it anyway you choose.  And that's what
we're doing, we're using it for the music, because the music is the bottom
on the eighth of March.  It was great talking to you.  Thanks a lot.
to everyone up that way for us.  See ya.
Scott Miller-
Virginia Tech
529 Shanks Hall
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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Re: Is Dave Gay?

matt@arbutus.Stanford.EDU Wed Feb 15 20:28:06 1995

If it doesn't matter .....

Then why do you write this ....

 Keep your personal crap to yourself!

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I'm sorry

miah@merle.acns.nwu.edu Wed Feb 15 21:07:47 1995

Rick and others-
you but only had your old email address.  I just got my shipment of blanks
from Terrapin and shit will be sent out soon.......
1)rick- you'll get your tapes by saturday (12.31.93/1/,11.9.94(2), and the
otherI still have to look it up) 

2)Andy Goldberg- your Floodzone and Trinity for my Horse Center and Irving
Plaza 12.10

3)Mac Dave - I owe you 1.29.94(2) and UVA.....

4)Greg- 2 CC tapes for my 1.29 and 7.28.94

if i owe you tapes, besides these 4, email me.

I always (although i am a little slow sometimes) follow up on my trades.
Please show some patience with me and the other traders on the net.

Rick, if you don't get your tapes by Sat or anyone else on my list (with the
exception ofa few newbies that I'll be a little longer with) doesn't get them
by the following Saturday....feel free to flame me on the net, but if you can,
ask me about the tapes b4 you post that I am a bad trader to everyone.  


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Re: Is Dave Gay?

greenpd0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Wed Feb 15 21:23:19 1995

If it doesn't matter .....

Then why do you write this ....

 Keep your personal crap to yourself!

it's not something people want to hear. I mean, the
teenage girls who scream "i love you dave" get flamed
on this net...


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We have a winner

WIFOY@DAVIDSON.EDU Wed Feb 15 22:20:12 1995

! Hey.
! In regards to your groovin (sorry about earlier poor spelling) bagby 
! offer (if it hasn't been met by another Carolinian), the club near Ziggys 
! that burned down was Baity's, unless you meant Penelope's which also 
! burned, but isn't close to Ziggys.

Oh my, someone got it, and got it on the button, spelling and everything... We
really have a trivia buff on the net....It warms my heart... So minarets, the
offer is now closed, but I'll be back with another offer soon...

! Say, about your "Dave in Baker Sports" idea, think Terry Holland would 
! wear flannel or a tux?  

Hey, this is great, she even knows basketball heroes... Yeah, if you're trying
to figure out where this is coming from, it's from an old venerable minarets
about 20 or so digest ago... Where I referred to the Tonight's Bagby of the
Week trivia question is....that one....

! If you're ever by the econ department, say Hi to my dad.

Gee, Doc Appleyard taught me Eco 101 [ don't tell him but I burned my notes
after the class was over. [ I later took micro and am close to double majoring
in econ and math...]]

! Go Wildcats.  
DITTO, see you at the big dance, so we hope.... Peace, and watch for more cool
newbie offers...Will

! ______________________________________________________________________
! Karen E. Appleyard			University of Pennsylvania
! 					School of Social Work
! appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu		I am who I am who I am
! 					Well, who am I?  DMB
! ______________________________________________________________________

RUSH remMATTHEWSWEET everythingBIGHEADTODD davematthewsbandBLUESTRAVELER samples

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My (not Bill's) RSO offer is closed..

fostecl4@wfu.edu Wed Feb 15 22:21:17 1995

Hey folks.
Thanks for all that responded...sorry I can't help you all, but I'm sure 
some tree or fellow friend will...my four folks are

Y'all should have messages from me separately by now..keep in touch about 
it....later on, my friends..Carrie


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Re: Is Dave Gay?

huppert@bucknell.edu Wed Feb 15 22:48:02 1995

You've got to be kidding me?  Well...  I guess you have obviously never
been to after show parties...  I have not either, but a friend of mine went
to see Dave and after the show he came out onto the streets and there was
Dave chatting with a FOX of a girl...  he got to shake his hand and say
hi...  All Dave wanted was to get them outta there so he could hook up!
Gay...  yeah right...


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mwebber Wed Feb 15 23:03:02 1995

Dave on the Billboard Charts...

this week	90	eek! broke 100 again!
last week      107	
2 weeks ago    107

weeks on chart  17


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nothing in particular

wmartin@s850.mwc.edu Wed Feb 15 23:59:12 1995

world is full of ups and downs.  Tiesday i have no ticket to the RSO 
show, Wednesday I have one, Thursday I can't go due to transportation 
problems.  Oh well, roll with the punches I guess.  Right?  

Jeff--- looks like you're becoming a little bit of a cult leader, granted 
no one knows who the hell you are.  Kev is starting to make you famous.  
Too bad you have so much work to do but 4th year at UVA does that to 
people.  You should try to come up on Saturday, should be fun....'nuff said.

And yes, sorry but I just got to say this.  I don't think you should all 
be getting worked up that Dave is selling albums and becoming popular.  
One of the main reasons that bands become popular is because they make 
good music.  No one buys music if it is bad.  People are jsut becoming 
aware of what you and I have known for a long time now....DMB is a damn 
good band and worthy of every bit of praise they get.  So what if teens 
are jumping up and down at the shows and having a good time.  If they 
like the music, let them be.  How would you like it if someone told you  
you couldn't listen to a particualr band because you didn't know about 
them when they were first starting out.  I would be a little pissed off.  
Everybody has different tastes in music and DMB appeals to large range of 
listeners.  Let them listen and enjoy DMB knowing that you were able to 
see him play "back int the days of the $1 shows" and be happy.  

Sorry, I just had to say it.  With that I will bid you all farewell.

In the semi-words of the Milkman (sorry Kev), 

"Hey everybody, get up on the train.  We're goin' on a ride to justice
But we'll never make it, never see that day.  Things won't ever be that way"


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Re: MINARETS digest 65

Hatton.Haralson@Rollins.Edu Thu Feb 16 00:03:37 1995


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Re: dave's sexual orientation

CJACOBS@smith.smith.edu Thu Feb 16 00:13:41 1995

I've just recently(no pun) heard that Dave is Gay. Can someone either confirm or
dismiss this rumor for me. Thanks  ---Ian--- 

WHO CARES?  man, this is nobody's business, it's no one's concern, it's
irrelevant and it's rude to ask.  why does this piece of trivia need to be
supported or refuted?  why does it matter?  why are you so caught up with
what a person choses to do in their bedroom?  is it going to change your
impression of the music now, depending on what dave's private life is like?

eeks, these things just REALLY get to me...


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My .02 on the Valentines Day Show...

rrmorr@mail.wm.edu Thu Feb 16 00:19:28 1995

Howdy Howdy,

around 2 years, and although I'm in Virginia (William and Maryt), I'd
never seen a Dave show until last night.  The 3 times last year when
they played W+M I had to lead camping trips and I couldn't get out
of it, and I had 2 tests the day after Lexington last fall.  Anyway,
I came in with huge expectations.

learn so much music but when Dave said at the beginning of "Say
Goodbye" they were gonna play one more tune with the symphony, I
assumed they'd kick the symphony out after that and play for another
hour.  I saw Bob Dylan last fall and even he played for 1.5 hrs.
a very non-positive karma situation....

it was with the symphony, but except during a couple tunes, my feet
weren't tapping that much.  Mellow's good, but not for a whole show.
Then again, I'm not much of a symphony fan.....

reminded of this one album I've heard that is muzac covers of Grunge
tunes, "Recently" just didn't work.  "Pay For What You Get"
was just horrible.  I could've heard that version in an elevator and
not recognized it.  If DMB is ever turned into Muzac, "Pay For What
You Get" is what it's going to sound like.

white-boy imitation of Snoop Doggy Dog during Satellite.  At first it
was funny but then it got annoying but I got rid of them.  And the
people in the upper left hand corner screaming during most of the

him wandering out on stage with everyone else about 2 seconds later?
I'm sure he didn't plan it that way, it just struck me as funny.

silent.  Worth the $22 alone.
in Our Graves.

considering the complaints that there hasn't had enough body in the
tune since Peter left.  I also was hoping they'd play "All Along the
Watchtower" with the symphony, that would've been incredible.  And I
wanted the "Maker" and "Cry Freedom"  Wah!

did.  I just wanted to see more energy, more of the tunes I wanted to
hear, and more than 1.5 hrs.  I guess I'll have to go see
them again and again and again....

it'll be out.  Anyone else with '91-92 boots, send me your list and
I'll send you mine.  I've got 70 hrs of assorted, mostly low-gen


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DMB at Duke

ivans@acpub.duke.edu Thu Feb 16 01:15:10 1995

There are rumors flying around here at Duke that Dave will be performing
here on April 7 for our annual Springfest concert. Can anyone confirm or
deny these rumors for me?

Ivan Snyder


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rmg@acpub.duke.edu Thu Feb 16 02:19:05 1995

We are looking for a drummer to play original music.  We have been 
playing for about six months, off and on, and we will be regrouping this 
summer (mid-May to late-August).  Influences include jazz, Phish, DMB, 
Dead, Sting, Liberace, Zappa, basically anyone who just jams.  We like to 
play, just set-up and play a whole day if we can, tape some of it, chill 
and listen to it.  The band make-up is guitar, piano, and bass, and 
singing is fun.  Our current drummer will not be around this summer, and 
he's not too serious about playing as it is, so we're looking for someone 
who'd like to make this a long term thing.  We hope to get some gigs at
places in Westchester and possibly the City this summer.  We need someone
with experience, excited to just play, ready to get serious.  If we can 
find him, and he's willing to help, maybe we can hire, the drummer.  
Sorry.  If you're interested and able, please let me know as soon as you can.


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Ok, on a serious note

KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Feb 16 02:38:30 1995

On my way home from Sweet Briar tonight I had a revelation.
What's missing from Dave.

He hasn't sold out....he maybe playin "flat" these days
but that's not the problem

his music has lost it's passion

I consider myself a very passionate person
if i like sumpthin' I love it with all my heart...
if I dislike sumpthin' , I hate it with everything I have

A good groove is like a good wave in surfing
You can catch part of it, but you won't necessarilly get a good ride
but if you catch that good wave, and you get that good ride, the wave will
carry you with it's power, all you have to do is enjoy it.

a good groove will carry you through a show with it's power, and you won't have
to do anything to sustain it...it should leave you buzzin' for many an hour
afterwards too.

Dave just doesn't do this for me anymore.
Used to be that a Seek Up would leave me close to tears
Halloween would lose me in it's madness
Tripping Billies would leave me with a smile from ear to ear
but no longer...

I realized this while listening to Janis in my car...
...her passion, her power

I'm always seeking passion and emotion...but it just doesn't exist anymore, or
at least not in the majority of music.

Edie had promise but didn't fill out

Cat Stevens had it, but he liost it with age

R.E.M pissed it away for popularity, but you wont hear them say it.

I can't express it, it cannot be grasped by those without the passion I have.
It's not something you can hear, or detect by ear or eye, it has to be felt..
and I just don't feel it anymore.

This explains why I love my old Bagby's more than my new shiney 1st & 2nd gen
ones.  The quality of the performances has gottenn better...the band has gotten
tighter, but they just don't draw the emotion anymore.

I had it at V-day, but I lost it into the show.

There are no more Janis' left in the world...

No Dave quote tonight, it just doesn't seem right.

As always, I'll be smokin too much in my messages tonight.

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Re: Ok, on a serious note

tracys@umich.edu Thu Feb 16 03:12:52 1995

On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, shaft wrote On my way home from Sweet Briar tonight 
I had a revelation.  What's missing from Dave.
 He hasn't sold out....he maybe playin "flat" these days
 but that's not the problem
 his music has lost it's passion
 I consider myself a very passionate person
 if i like sumpthin' I love it with all my heart...
 if I dislike sumpthin' , I hate it with everything I have
 A good groove is like a good wave in surfing
 You can catch part of it, but you won't necessarilly get a good ride
 but if you catch that good wave, and you get that good ride, the wave will
 carry you with it's power, all you have to do is enjoy it.
 a good groove will carry you through a show with it's power, and you won't have
 to do anything to sustain it...it should leave you buzzin' for many an hour
 afterwards too.

 This explains why I love my old Bagby's more than my new shiney 1st & 2nd gen
 ones.  The quality of the performances has gottenn better...the band has gotten
 tighter, but they just don't draw the emotion anymore.
 I had it at V-day, but I lost it into the show.
 There are no more Janis' left in the world...
 						followin' the cult of Jeff,
 No Dave quote tonight, it just doesn't seem right.
 As always, I'll be smokin too much in my messages tonight.
What a sad message...
your MESSAGE brought me close to tears 


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If dave were gay, why would it be a nasty rumor?

matt@arbutus.Stanford.EDU Thu Feb 16 03:14:27 1995


Well, I say, even if he was gay (and I haven't been to any after show
parties to find out), would there be anything wrong with that? Everyone
seems to be trying to protect Dave.

Stop trying to protect him! There's nothing wrong with being gay!



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Lather, Rinse, Repeat...

TerrJS72@aol.com Thu Feb 16 03:38:00 1995

So, ever had a hangover for 2 days?? Damn, I didn't know I could drink that
much and live.

Oh yeah, what am I talking about.....

I saw Shannon Worrell out here in Colorado on what is her first tour ever. I
must say I was pretty impressed. Definitely a folksy person. Got a good sense
o' the humor too. Likes to chat lots while on stage. 

At least these are things I think I remember. I went up to see her at the Fox
Monday night. Silly me, I gotta remember to stay away from places that will
serve me alcohol 'til I'm deceased. 

I enjoyed her short but sweet set. She couldn't play too long. Disco Inferno
started at 11PM. 

Anyway, I talked with her a bit after the show. Asked her various obscure
questions, half of which I can't remember. She says she owes a lot to Dave,
'cause if it weren't for his support, she wouldn't have the guts to do what
she does. I also asked her about computers and nets and such, she thinks it's
pretty cool, and says she needs to get online one of these days. I told her
I'd post to the Minaretters that she says "HI!" 

I hope I didn't do what I tend to do when I mix booze and speech, and make a
complete fool outta me-self. 

She's playing again Thurs. night in Boulder. I told her I'd try to show up,
but now the work situation is looking like it'll screw up those plans. I
asked her if it was cool with her if I were to tape the show that night, and
she said that it would be kinda neat. She told me if I had any problems
trying to tape, to get her right away and she'd clear it up. I thought that
was really nice!!

Hmmm, anything else.....real cloudy thinkin' back. I'm surprised I made it
back to my friends place to crash for the night. Ever wake up in the morning
and not remember where you went to bed the night before?? I have now.

So, since it appears that I can't remember anything else about the night's
activities, I'll just shut the hell up.

If any of you see me with a beer in my hand, please, please, take it away.


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wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Thu Feb 16 03:42:42 1995


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Flamethrowers Ready!

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Thu Feb 16 04:23:48 1995

I just have to say it, once at least.

The band or the Symphony did not allow taping at the shows.  People got 
tapes with Stealth setups.  This sounds a lot like Bootlegging to me.  I 
think the band or symphony had reasons for not allowing us to tape the 
show, we don't have the "right" to tape, just a great "priveledge"  I 
can't see the band, managment, or symphony being very happy at netters or 
tapers or fans ignoring their wishes and taping this show.  And spreading 
it around with trades only makes it worse.  Enough preaching here, just 
had to speak my mind.  Hope the tapes came out well in case we get word 
it was cool 8-)

Peace & Out...


Listen to Phish, walk around and sleep alot.


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klong@nysernet.ORG Thu Feb 16 08:35:57 1995

I'm going to try to remember all the stuff I wanted to say 
so I can just post one message.  But it's early in the a.m.
and I probably will forget something.  Anyway, here's a few
thoughts on random subjects.

First, if anyone is in Binghamton or Wilke-Barre/Scranton
and they are planning on seeing the Syracuse show, Mike
Powers (who is a very nice person) needs a ride from Ithaca.
It's pretty much on the way to Syracuse and he'd really
appreciate it.  Mike, maybe a little incentive (tapes,
gas money or beer) would help intice someone in your direction.
Mike's email is MPOWERS1@ithaca.edu.

Yes, the list is getting incredibly huge and the digests are
becoming cumbersome.  I too, went away for 3 days and came back
to 7 or 8 digests, all way too long for me to read with all the
other work related mail I have.  Eric is right in saying that
no one can prevent a call for discussion to propose a newsgroup
but it takes more than just 300 votes.  There is some ratio of
yes to no votes which decides if a group passes.  At this point
in time, if a digest could continue without the newsgroup being
funneled into it, I would vote yes to a group and stay on the 
digest in hopes that the 'important' stuff (to me) would still
get posted and all the peripheral stuff would migrate to the
newsgroup.  The list usually does die down considerably in the
summer-heck, there are even posts like 'am I still on the list,
it's been so quiet' during that time.  But I am still of the
opinion that making a group for DMB would only intensify the
problems we see now (spamming, flaming, unrelated discourse)
and not really solve anything.  I definitely don't have time
to read a newsgroup and there is no way to set up kill files
to weed out things, nor will just checking the subjects insure
that I'd get to read the stuff that want to see.

And the magus did some really cool stuff on his last post which
was neat to see-least on my system.  He asks for a copy of
last night's show.  Is it possible to tree one of these shows?



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dmb syracuse show tix

<@MORGANE.morgan.com:STENS@MORGAN.COM> Thu Feb 16 08:57:53 1995


Scott Stensland     stens@morgan.com


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selling out?

cucr3@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu Thu Feb 16 10:19:16 1995

O.K., this is meant as a serious question, and is not intended to be 
simply take it that the rest of the country is catching up to your superb 
musical tastes, and not as someone trying to take away "your band"? 
Just because some of us, who admittedly are newcomers to the Dave 
Matthews experience, want to see him play live, and only have access to 
such a show by going to see him with this "Big Head" group that many of 
you seem to dislike (I think they're great, and don't care what anyone 
says), does this mean that we fall into the category of all those 
mindless "fans" who only go to hear the song from MTV?
and popular success, and still remained true to their vision.  Look at 
the Beatles, can't get much more popular than that.  For more current 
examples, what about Peter Gabriel, REM (i have to disagree with shaft on 
this one), the Replacements (never really became too popualar, and 
mellowed quite a bit, but still rocked), and I'm sure there are many 
others that should be named, but its early in the morning as I write 
this, and can't think of anymore.
should matter how popular DMB becomes.  To paraphrase someone's comment 
bands to come along in a long time.  I love their music (isn't that 
what's most important anyway?), and I think anyone who likes good music 
should be able to enjoy Dave's.  If this means picking up a few people 
who like it for some other reason, so be it.

Thanks for listening,

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Bootleg Newsgroup

huppert@bucknell.edu Thu Feb 16 11:09:20 1995


as a source of discussion for trading Dave Boots...  I tried to find it and
it doesn't exist...  does anyone know of any other newsgroups that might
handle the same topic?  Not just about Dave, but about all Boots?



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re:fuck dave matthews

JSLAGHT@drew.edu Thu Feb 16 11:19:41 1995

I think our buddy victor wandres had a little too much to drink......

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Musings- 2.15.95

morgan_dailey@spacemail.jhuapl.edu Thu Feb 16 11:50:28 1995

Same set list except for the encore.  Instead
of Say Goodbye, Dave & Co did #36 without
symphonic backing.  Absolutely incredible.
I was somewhat disappointed they did the 
exact same setlist, but it was a beautiful
show.  The symphony just adds an incredible
amount of depth and texture to the music.
The layers of sound from the strings were
so thick you could almost touch the music 
as it passed through the air.

Dude, check out the clouds.

Help Myself became very scary with the
double upright basses.  Christmas Song 
was great to see in a much more quiet
atmosphere than your typical DMB concert.
Carter gave us a great intro into #36.  Real
rocking, drum stick breaking drum intro.
Sticks were flying everywhere.

The venue was way cool.  Neat classic Greek
architexture.  The ceiling had pinpoint lights
on it to look like stars.  And, somehow, they 
use spotlights or something to make it look
like clouds are blowing across the ceiling.
A really cool effect.  If sometime during the
show you didn't sit back-look up-and let the
music absorb you, then you missed a big part
of the evening.

Kinda dissapointed that Dave didn't dance.  They
forced him (?) to remain sitting.  All he could do
is shake his one leg around.  I have the feeling he
wanted to be up there bopping around like at any
other concert. Of course, no one could stop Boyd
from stomping around a bit.

I can't help but brag a little --I did get to go
backstage. (Thanks Dominic!)  I met Dave and 
probably said something pretty inane, but he
was nice.  Then we went upstairs and met Stefan
quickly.  He seemed shy but friendly.  Then met 
Carter.  He was really cool.  Dominic mentioned
we were from Minarets and he was thanking us
for being such a big part of the scene!  He expressed
some concern about the guy selling bootlegs.  We
told him the guy apologized and he was relieved.
Dominic asked if copies of the show would be 
around.  Carter said that he was certain that
copies would be available to the band.  He might
have insinuated that copies would make their way
into the public eventually, but he was rather vague.
I got the idea that it wouldn't be a big deal if people
traded this show.  Carter also mentioned how great
it was to work with the symphony and how great it
was to have such devoted fans.  What a great guy.
We had every intention of just thanking him for 
a great show, but he wound up thanking us and
making it seem like we had done a great favor for
him. Cool.

Oh yeah, I asked Dave if he was wearing bowling shoes.
He said no, but he really likes bowling shoes, but
he never had the guts to take them.  He said something
about always finding the most comfortable shoes at
bowling alleys.  Neat.

Ok, did I cover everything I wanted to?  I think so.

Oh yeah,  while in the hall, I passed a couple of older
ladies who said something to the effect of, "This is
the greastest fund raiser we've ever had."  Hee, hee.
Maybe Dave & Co will be invited back.



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victor's message

fostecl4@wfu.edu Thu Feb 16 11:51:13 1995

All I have to say about that one (if you missed it, he's pretty pissed)
enough said...Carrie

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Wake up and go to business school!!!

ghager@vt.edu Thu Feb 16 11:57:19 1995

If the person who wrote FUCK DAVE MATTHEWS has come back down from the 
clouds, lets talk about something.  Obviously you have no idea how business 
works.  This convention you are talking about is not the same as the little 
shows that dave has been putting on for years.  He has attained his goal, to 
make it big and become popular.  You see, that show may be full of execs, 
but you have to remember, its probably an arena for him to show off his 
talent.  That show is not meant for everyone out there too see, its a 
showcase for the dave matthews band to the corporate big boys.  What do you 
think Dave is going to do now, stop and go back to Cville.  After working 
this long and hard to attain his goal.  NO.  Hes going to show the people of 
the music world that he is all that people say he is.  Its not called 
SELLING OUT, its called passing his music along to another generation of 
people and an expanded audience of the world, not charlottesville,richmond, 
and lexington. Also, to you people who talk about the kids screaming and 
yelling during the concert, why dont you go to the shows with dmb etiquette 
flyers or something like that to explain how things work.  I guarantee that 
wont work though.  Thats just the way it will be, because the new generation 
of dmb fans will be them.  They simply dont understand that you people are 
the one and only authority on how dmb concerts should be.  Why dont you just 
let it go.  Dave will now get those screams from little girls and dancing in 
unison because he is really famous now.  Really famous people get those 
responses.  Have you ever seen a concert, a bigtime one at least, without 
this type of stuff.  Let it go and let the kids have fun, thats what dmb is 
all about anyway, right?



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Dave Matthews and FGH


I'm going to the feb 23 show and on my tic it says that Big Head Todd 
and the Monsters are opening.  Anyone else going?

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the 15th...

mverspoo@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Feb 16 13:26:26 1995

Since I have not seen any info on the show I give my (short) review...
out a bunch of the glitches (off-timing, etc. from what I heard from 
other people).  They played a kick-ass Warehouse, Dancing Nancies, Lie in 
our graves, etc...(much like what other people said from the night 
before).  BUT- the highlight- what made my night- the encore was #36!!!  
I couldn't believe it- it was great.  They came back on for the encore 
and everyone was standing up and clapping and all excited and Dave said 
something like "This is a song that WE really like" and started playing 
it...everyone continued to clap and yell, etc. but when the song really 
started they looked really confused like "what the hell is this?"  Ha, 
Ha! Go Dave- way to separate the men from the boys (or the women from the 
girls =)  And who said that they've sold out and only play what "the 
crowd" wants to hear??  I must disagree.
bad as the night before.  Almost the whole crowd stood and danced during 
Ants (WHY?) and some people stood up during Dancing Nancies...and 
everyone pretty much stood for the encore (me included but that was 
really because we were giving them a standing ovation and then they came 
back on- I did NOT stand during Ants Marching and Dancing 
Nancies!)...people were yelling YEAH DAVE! during Christmas Song which 
really pissed me off....Oh well.  I know that this all sounds bad, but 
for the rest of the show people were pretty respectful and there weren't 
people trying to get up front, etc or  crowd the aisles.  It was nice to 
see them and not have to fight people to get to a place where you could 
see the band...I'm beginning to like reserved seating (I never thought 
that I would say that.)  It was in all respects an amazing experience and 
I feel sorry for all those who missed it. That's all that I have to say.  
Please excuse and misspellings or facts that are wrong...
ps- It was really neat to watch some of the old couples that were there 
(I'm guessing) because they have season tickets to the symphony or 
something and see them actually get really into the music and smile and 
bob their heads...I love stuff like that!

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A plethora of choice items

bdg11@columbia.edu Thu Feb 16 13:39:12 1995

First of all,

this "dave is gay" crap. this is NONE of our business. we are here to 
discuss music, not to talk about someone's private life. we should not be 
talking about dave's sexual preference out of respect for his privacy, 
and yet we should not not be talking about it out of our own fear-driven 
homophobia. i have no idea what dave's sexual preference is and consider 
it none of my business, but some of the ignorant bullshit i've seen 
posted here really needed responding too. I can't believe that people 
actually have posted on here saying that we shouldn't talk about dave's 
preference, because of what that preference may be. wake up people, it is 
1995, and homophobia will not be tolerated. how can you listen to dave's 
music, which is filled with messages of peace, love, tolerance, and 
understanding, and yet post this crap? have you killed one too many a 
brain cell? let's stop this discussion now, but for the right reasons. 

shows of yesteryear, but to me there seems a marked difference in 
attitude between R2T and UTTAD. they are both great albums - i appreciate 
the live, honest feel of R2T just as much as the production quality of 
UTTAD (although i'll admit i listen to the former much more). yet, it 
seems to me that R2T, lyrically and also musically, presents a certain 
view of the world in songs like seek up, (which has some of the most 
brilliant lyrics i've ever heard from anyone - think about what a 
compassionate society we could have if every politician listened to seek 
up and "got" it) billies, christmas song, and one sweet world. this, 
folks, is REAL family values. UTTAD, however, though it still is dave and 
represents him, and has similar songs like ants, warehouse, lover, etc. 
just seems to be on a different plane, with a much darker world-weary 
feel. anyone else feel this way?

next, ROSELAND! (i'll be honest here - my first dave(let's chalk this up 
to a series of events of great stupidity and ignorance of dave's music), 
except for a bt set break a few years ago - i'm soooooo psyched) nyc people 
(and anyone 
traveling?) where are we going to gather? roseland area? upper west side? 
columbia? i have many suggestions, i don't know if we want to do this 
privately, or discuss it on here, but let's discuss. oh yeah, and 
marianne, tony, ben - does anyone feel particuarly generous and want to 
hook me up with some stuff this week so i can hear stuff like #36 or 
granny b4 the show? that would be tres kewl.

and finally (secret hidden grovel) - anyone want to spin me an RSO show? 
i would be deeply indebted, and could provide in return something from my 
small but growing phish collection (or my sole dave show - w/ tim at 
wetlands - thanks again dash!)

sorry for all of that venting, but i had much that needed to be said, and 
it's hard to reply individually when digestified. pppps, y'all

ben gardner
ceci n'est pas un .sig file

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dave's sexuality

SCORCORA@smith.smith.edu Thu Feb 16 13:53:10 1995

To all of the HOMOPHOBES freaking out about Dave being gay...First of all,
this discourse is ridiculous. But if it must be addressed. It is commonly
known (or at least frequently rumored) in Charlottesville that Dave is
BISEXUAL. We all know he has had w
women but supposedly his likes the boys as well. Who cares, I mean really,
this is so fifth grade.

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a melancholy slap in the face

HFEJP@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Thu Feb 16 14:06:11 1995

whoa...i have never sat in front of
this computer feeling so downtrodden...
got back last night from my lovely lovely
dave vaction in richmond...
feeling joyous and rested after dressing up...
curling my hair...
meeting all sorts of new (but not really new)
and interesting people...
coming away rich with new bagbys and
having shared a special show.

and now i have just finished reading
137 sad and scary posts...........
when the strongest thread on this net is people
shouting about who dave sleeps with....
and there's more usenet bickering.....
and rusty's dissappointed in the symphony show...
andvictor says fuck the whole band for selling out.......
and kevin (who's such a nice guy :) ) doesn't
feel the passion anymore.......
i'm suddenly very blue.

and so i think i'll just stop reading
for now....
and think about the way this band still
(despite their obvious weariness) has the
power to punch a hole right through me sometimes.
and i'll wait for them to take the break that they
and when they write new stuff or bring back the old...
i'll be there and be excited with them and for them.

i'd rather wait in anticipation
than frustration....


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tape labeller info here

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Thu Feb 16 14:23:19 1995

in the /pub/gdead/ibm/ dir is the most recent copy of
WinTaper.... "wtaper10.exe"


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AWARE dicussion

scooter@merle.acns.nwu.edu Thu Feb 16 14:36:17 1995

Hey all!

the prodigy who started up the AWARE cd's.  If you think that there is
potential for a discussion group that focuses on the bands involved in that,
please post and let me know.  There seems to be a lot of overlap, like Shannon
Worrell, Jackopierce, From Good Homes, etc... or is it better that way? 
Also, if you are interested in getting these cd's, or the cd of one of the
particular artists, let me know; even in Chicago it is difficult to find
Shannon.  Thanks all...


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catching up .....

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Thu Feb 16 14:58:20 1995

shit......i left on mon for richmond
and i come back and have 319 new messages......
oh well, if you sent one of 'em then
i'll get back to ya

the show was fun
but chillin at the floodzone with
what.....about 25 people, watching catfish
for free, then going to 3rd st. with
boofy and clare and catfish and whoever else
....i guess it's the little
surprises that make 13 hour trips funfunfun

oh well.......i have A LOT of reading
messages and shit to do....so.......

i'll do it alll  soon.....but dont be surprised
if i'm a littl slow responding......


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digest form me

WINTERSEA@urvax.urich.edu Thu Feb 16 16:04:13 1995

can someone help me to organize all of these dmb messages into some 
digest form so my e-mail is not such a mess.  i didn't wear flannel to 
the rso show on tuesday, greg.

"Celebrate we will." - dave

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please...no more..

fostecl4@wfu.edu Thu Feb 16 16:09:45 1995

Excuse all of my posts...I usually never post, but I'M BEGGING YOU ALL
My Richmond Symphony is CLOSED!
I'm not going to give special preference for any amount of pleading or 
bribes or "favors" - (i got some strange ones...).
I've written most everyone back that's asked me, and, well, I'm about to 
punch a hole in the screen - I'm not angry, just extremely tired. 
(an 8am biology lab will do that to most folks. i got shafted at 
SO, eager folks, wait around for a tree to be proposed...I'm sure the RSO 
show will spread like Country Crock. good luck to all of you. sincerely.
Time to catch some intense ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's. Carrie


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Freddy Jones Band

<@uvmvm.uvm.edu:RTOOLE@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU> Thu Feb 16 16:16:27 1995

I was wondering if anyone knows where the Freddy Jones Band is
playing now.  And if they will be in Athens GA anytime soon or
even anywhere in the Georgia area?
Now my thaughts on the Dave being gay issue.(hey everyone else has
had their turn.)
personally I agree that everyone should keep their private crap
to themselves.
and I could careless if Dave is gay, but(and i know i'm gonna get
tourched for this one, but hey its the truth)  being gay is very
rEplies aare welcome.(especially abou FJB)

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re:Is Dave Gay?

0066478@SHU.sacredheart.edu Thu Feb 16 16:50:09 1995

 One question, Where have you been?
one comment, who cares...


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weh2@Ra.MsState.Edu Thu Feb 16 16:55:59 1995

Watch what you say--you might just be wrong.  I know several people from 
the radio station here who are going to see Dave, only because they're 
going to work at the booths for an hour or so at the convention.  NOT ONE 
of them is a radio exec or anything like that.  I think that a lot of 
people who might not otherwise get exposed are getting a chance to see 
Dave. I wish I could have gone, but I have conflicting plans.  I'm 
betting you won't see too many people with ties and coats there, though.  
I do agree, though, RCA buying most of the tickets is kinda shitty.  -w

 	the reason why i can't get tickets to a band that 
 	sets my soul on fire is not because that there are
 	thousands of DAVE fans walking around.......
 	it's not because i waited till the last minite to buy....
 	it's not because the venue is too small to accomodate
 	more than 200 people.
  ----- the reason is because the GAVIN CONVENTION is in town and
 	the DAVE band is headlining.  no wonder they sold out in 2 days,
 	RCA bought all but 100 tix.  
 	the GAVIN CONVENTION is a "major music industry confab named
 	for the San Francisco-based radio trade magazine that sponsors
 	it", according to the Times Picayune, the local and only newspaper
 	in new orleans.
 	on the front page of the MONEY section today there is the 
 	standard COLOR photo of DMB that takes up 1/3 of the page.
 				fuck that.
 	the only people at the show are gonna be schmooze record-execs.
 	when a fan cant get tickets because corporate rock execs bought
 	them all --- THAT IS SELLING OUT.
 				fuck them.
 	if anybody wants to say HI to me on thursday, find me at the
 	blues traveler show.  i'll be smiling.  
 	if anybody wants to find me FRIDAY, i'll be at the MORPHINE show 
 	the howling wolf.  watching them for a second time.  their 
 	performance tonight was great. excellent bar-band music.
 	laid-back. a repeat performance is friday. i'm happy.
 	at least they haven't sold out to big business corporate rock.
 	all flames welcome. fuck you too.
 				victor wandres

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blood and dmb

<@uvmvm.uvm.edu:SLM94002@UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU> Thu Feb 16 17:03:42 1995

hey...just wanted to tell a little tale.  on valentines day i went to give
blood for my first time ever. i was fully nervous and almost backed out just
before i put myself on the bed to give my plasma, but decided to keep on...
nausea and all.  the only thing that got me through the 15 minute experience
(i had a very low blood pressure) was that i brought along my disc player and
popped in my dmb disc. ohh the sweet sounds. dancing nancies pulled me
through. yes indeed, donating to dave in my ears. well it turned out to be a
wonderful experience that i will definitely do again.

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