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Person-Person trading at 2-23, and Fried Silicate

philos@ritz.mordor.com Wed Feb 22 21:32:39 1995

Hey all!
If anybody out there is going to be at Roseland tommorrow
if anybody is looking to save the six bucks trading postage
if anybody wants to hook up w/me and swap some fresh bagbys
let me know, please.

I'm assuming there is no gathering, cuz I haven't heard about one.

Anyway, since the show is general admission, anybody out there have any
ideas as to when to get there to get good seats?  I'm planning on showing up
early w/a few friends, but does anybody know what time the doors open for us
Da Ma Ba Fa (ns)?  It can be kind of cold in NYC, ya know.

snip  :-)

Israel.  I really appreciate them -- you know who you are, gice yourselves
all a big cyber-hug.  Thanks again!

"Can one be a saint without God? -- that's the problem,
in fact, the only problem I'm up against today."
David Schoppik


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Thank you my friends

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Wed Feb 22 22:09:16 1995

Fellow minaretters,
I am thanking you for recommending that I read "The Celestine Prophecy".  Well
I was at home last weekend and bought it and decided to read it because I knew
I would have a lot of time on my hands.
in front of my eyes, but it will save me from reading another book.
teacher said I could do it on this book!!!  Stylin' is I.
to thank you all....

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***DMB Interview and Taping Questions***

pjuette@orion.it.luc.edu Wed Feb 22 22:31:22 1995

To all who this may concern.
I work for a radio station in Chicago and DMB will be playing here on the 
Mar. 17th with BHTM.  I am in the process of setting up and interview 
with the band and I am doing this through their management.  If there are 
any questions that people have been dying to hear that hasn't been 
published else where please let me know.  Also, I'm working on taping the 
show.  What I'm looking for is someone who has taped DMB, preferably a 
direct soundboard patch to a Sony DAT or general DAT.  If this concerns 
you, what was the patch from the soundboard.  Do I need taper's tickets, 
I'm going to try and use my radio station conetions to go off the 
soundboard and then if all goes well run a tree.  But I need some tips 
from all of you on who I should talk to in the DMB organization about this.
please put "DMB answers and suggetstion" in your subject title.


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"?" at Syracuse

Barrett.S.Shaver@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Wed Feb 22 22:36:58 1995

now i can't remember the syracuse setlist exactly, but i vaguely recall that
this "?" before #36 came after "recently". yes/no? well, on some filler i have
from burlington 1/26 they stop right in the middle of "recently" and do a very

"i will share with you my water
i will share with you my wine
we will dance together till the end of time"

could this be the same jam? 

"...you my water" sounds a lot like "...blue water". anybody have both tapes,
check it out. later on...



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Friday Roseland******

jfogelso@emerald.tufts.edu Wed Feb 22 23:09:12 1995

Can anyone out there in Minarets land hook me up with two tix- I will pay 
or give tapes.  Thanks.

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They're not Losin' it...& offer...

sseremet@uvm-gen.EMBA.UVM.EDU Wed Feb 22 23:16:42 1995

Hey everyone-
been short, but I really think the band is still jammin'.  It's too bad 
they've had to play(I've heard it's contract stuff) a number of tunes off 
the new album at each show, but the tunes haven't changed _that_ much; 
IMHO, at least since Peter left the band.
AOL thing?  I'm looking forward to readin' it, no matter how lame it may 
have been.
(FARRELLG@redash.qut.edu.au), who has just joined us from Down Under,
after I hooked him up with a nice Bagby and he fell in love.  Sound
PLEASE!) who write my friend Greg and welcome him to the net, I will spin 
a tape or two from my small, yet tasty collection(you supplying the 
blanks and SASE of course).  Those who I will makes tapes for, I will 
notify in a day or two - and those who don't, uhhhh, sorry.  Peace and a 
Good night to all - especially the old time netters who we've been 
hearing less and less from :( . Where's have they all gone???


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cucr3@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu Wed Feb 22 23:47:00 1995

Sorry to post yet another message without dave content.  anyway, i 
checked with the local record store, and the better than ezra cd being 
released on Feb. 28 is a reissue of the bands debut album.  it was 
originally released on Swell records, and elektra is doing the reissue.  
if any of the people that i talked to do not yet have this cd, i highly 
recommend it.  also, if any of you get, i would be curious to know if it 
is at all different than the copy i have (the one on swell rec.).

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Re: aol thing

dominic@sccs.swarthmore.edu Wed Feb 22 23:54:41 1995

A 1 fucking annoying questions.

"You talk alot about cheese in concert.   What's your favorite kind?
"sharp cheddar in block form."

hee hee!

there were some more cheese remarks later on, too.   silly silly

i, personally, don't think Dave or any of the boys were actually TYPING 
those responses in... must've been some eMpTyVee people... seemed too 
formal and, well, not the crazy shit we're used to.    especially Dave's 
responses.   too tame.    i got the feeling that the band was just 

hmmm.   AOL and MTV made out.   Dave and the band had fun, and we (Dave 
fans on the net) looked like a bunch of tools, IMHO.

i have the ENTIRE transcript (thanks again to the omnipotent Charlie 
Mayer of NPR fame), and i'll post it if i get enough requests... it's 
kindof HUGE, though...


Dominic Sagolla '96	      --Constantly 
Swarthmore College              Craving
Swarthmore, PA 19081			the Perfect


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dominic@sccs.swarthmore.edu Wed Feb 22 23:58:26 1995

sorry about posting that last one twice... it got bounced back to me and 
i wanted to be sure...

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Dave Matthews Band   2/22/95

Leroi Boyd.
Matthews Band did without
show at New York City's
Charlottesville, Virginia
local Charlottesville
multicultural influences.
Glad to have ya, let's roll!
actually forgetting
have any new songs in
I had to send away
live recording I've
what do you think of
allow it!
Roach, Miles Davis,
and hangovers.
the biggest, but after
is your favorite?
you write it about?
my family.
shows (maybe acoustic
the Floodzone without the
holds but I miss yesterdays too.
is he up to nowdays?
all still very, very
Nantucket this summer?
together for fun.p
buy a beebee gun
Dartmouth.  How do you
live in Charlottesville)-
the future?  I loved watching
the tour with them?
Head Todd
with is RCA
out in Ny?
Are y'all gonna come back
says Hi and will be at
goodbye aren't on the CD's.
warehouse song mean?
ever start posting?
printouts, tho.
in? Enjoy the music!
play in 5 bands, and play
such as I??
South Africa?
lived under look like they should be on
one?  Like Europe?
BMW 320i? From LA duo
works wonders. You're
Hello from Hugh!!
We're being patient
more--do you like the cold that
Run DMC Rap (that's what
both played hoops
I hope we don't


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2 Fri. Roseland DMB tickets for sale at cost

budnick@husc.harvard.edu Wed Feb 22 23:58:45 1995

Please mail me if you're interested. Something came up and I can't go. I 
live in the Boston area and hopefully I can find someone around here who 
wants to head down to NYC for the show. Mail me or call me tomorrow 
(Thurs) 617 924 1705.


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Help for a possible new college station

WIFOY@DAVIDSON.EDU Thu Feb 23 00:16:55 1995

or any shape or form run radio station.... We have good ole WDAV which is a
college run public radio station, translation classical.  I enjoy that, but we
do really need a good college station....

please email me personally, b/c I am very interested in this as a functionary
as well as deejaying.... hey, maybe my tapes will become even more useful to
me....  thanks for listening, peace, will

RUSH remMATTHEWSWEET everythingBIGHEADTODD davematthewsbandBLUESTRAVELER samples
Everything FAQ, Lyrics, and Essence Setlist File curator

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nebulous@panix.com Thu Feb 23 00:18:07 1995

well, another video sighting.. at 12:13 am on alt. nation (i thought they
might be hosting tonight...)... oh well. oh well. they're going going


also, i think they are gonna be on the house of blues show march 11th or
12th.. or something like that.. whatever..

heh heh possibly my last post? i'm sure you will all miss me... or not...

regardless, happy thoughts and good wishes to you all, even sandy &
jeanfro, my wonderful duke flamers..


just another memo from the cellar,

| 'history has recorded                                 ben sterling... |
|  some pretty nasty things                             new york, ny... |
|  that have happened to                          nebulous@panix.com... |
|  people i think we                      orange tic tac connoisseur... |
|  remember i think it's                                                |
|  in our cells and i think                                             |
|  it can still hurt sometimes' ...tori amos.                           |


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Cover Songs

jevoliva@expert.cc.purdue.edu Thu Feb 23 00:19:55 1995

I was wondering if anyone out there had ac copy of DMB singing Sympathy
for the Devil, Tangerine, Sweet Home Alabama, Me and Julio, and thier intro
to ants are marching(dueling banjos). If so, would you be willing to make 
a copy of it if I send you a tape? One more thing...I'm having a little   
trouble joining this listserv.....any suggestions? Thanks..

BTW...anyone going to be at the Ft.Wayne or Chicago concerts?

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tshirt offer... minarets only

WIMURPHY@DAVIDSON.EDU Thu Feb 23 00:25:53 1995

! *******************************************************
! ***************  Pubeman T-shirts     *****************
! *******************************************************
! **                   please specify M, L, or XL      **
! **                   front will display the infamous **
! **                   pubey, with the inscription     **
! **                   "haveyoubeenpubicized" right    **
! **                   below...                        **
! **                                                   **
! **                                                   **
! ** Stickers         12 for $7.00                     **
! **                                                   **
! **                                                   **
! **                          send cash or check       **
! **                          by mail immediately      **
! **
! **                          Pubical shirts           **
! **                          P.O. Box 83942           **
! **                          U.S.C.                   **
! **                          Columbia, S.C.           **
! **                                     29225         **
! *******************************************************
! **         sorry, no COD's accepted                  **
! *******************************************************
! *******************************************************


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AOL Transcript

CyberDino@aol.com Thu Feb 23 00:26:02 1995

Hey there fellow minarets, here is the transcript from tonight on America
Online.  It is okay, some good questions, lots of shity ones.  Read on.

Dave Matthews Band   2/22/95

Leroi Boyd.
Matthews Band did without
show at New York City's
Charlottesville, Virginia
local Charlottesville
multicultural influences. 
Glad to have ya, let's roll!
actually forgetting
have any new songs in
I had to send away
live recording I've
what do you think of
allow it!
Roach, Miles Davis, 
and hangovers.
the biggest, but after 
is your favorite?
you write it about?
my family.
shows (maybe acoustic
the Floodzone without the
holds but I miss yesterdays too.
is he up to nowdays?
all still very, very 
Nantucket this summer?
together for fun.p
buy a beebee gun
Dartmouth.  How do you
live in Charlottesville)-
the future?  I loved watching
the tour with them?
Head Todd
with is RCA
out in Ny?
Are y'all gonna come back
says Hi and will be at
goodbye aren't on the CD's.
warehouse song mean?
ever start posting?
printouts, tho. 
in? Enjoy the music!
play in 5 bands, and play
such as I??
South Africa?
lived under look like they should be on 
one?  Like Europe?
BMW 320i? From LA duo
works wonders. You're
Hello from Hugh!!
We're being patient
more--do you like the cold that
Run DMC Rap (that's what
both played hoops
I hope we don't


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duke show

driver8@phy.duke.edu Thu Feb 23 00:35:59 1995

I'm going to try and get together with some Duke Minareters and see if we 
can get a pre/post show party going...kinda a BYOB/"pot" luck thing...for 
all you guys that want to come down and jam with us.  I'm a 0X here and 
so perhaps we can use the section for a bit o' get together.

If anyone's interested mail me 

just another freak on parade,



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jloughra Thu Feb 23 00:45:33 1995

High all.  I have a couple tape I.D. related questions.  One, does anyone 
know the venue of the 5.31.93 show in Lexington, VA?  And two, does anyone
know what the song between Typical Situation and Best of...from the 8.19.93
show at Wetlands in NYC is?  The song was in the second set and Warren 
Haynes is playing with them.  Any help you can provide would be much 
appreciated.  Oh yeah, one more thing.  I don't have the Warehouse file with
all the set lists, so I was wondering if anyone had the list from 1.26.95 in
Burlington.  Later...Joe 

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My two cents

pat1@acpub.duke.edu Thu Feb 23 00:51:02 1995

Ok, so I'M a relative newbie to DMB, being from the Berkeley, CA area. 
I'm a freshman (1st year, for the UVa set) at Duke, where Dave is 
worshipped. Anyway, my two cents is that Dave is going to be big. I mean 
I was given Recently and a few live tapes by friends here, and was 
hooked. So i bought about 10 copies of UTTAD for my friends at home in 
Cali when it came out, and they are foming at the mouth to see him live 
now. And they said its taking off now. I guess that
the college stations in Santa Barbara, Cal Poly, Davis, and Berkeley are 
lighting up with Dave requests, so I think its safe to say that 
DMB is nationwide now. For us newbies, Dave is really exciting, 
because... well, just listen! And for those of you who have been tuned 
into DMB for years, I hope you can accept all these new fans (though the 
12 year old screamers are annoying!) Anyway, thats my take on Dave. 

so drop me a line, and I'll see whats up. Anyone who is willing to tape 
old shows, drop a line too, I've got postage and blanks ready to go. 
Also, I'll be at the Dead the 22-24 in Charollotte - thats my native 
Berkeley band :)   Thanks a bunch, have a good one!


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nebulous ben

saf1@acpub.duke.edu Thu Feb 23 00:53:48 1995


Nebuluos Ben has left the net!  Nebulous Ben has left the net.  Everyone 
wish him a hearty good-bye.  we will have twenty less messages every day 
from now on.  
ben was a valuable member of the net - a true dave fan and a diehard 
minaretter.  he was a good kid.  he took our jokes well, at least most of 
silently to Say Goodbye and say goodbye to Nebulous Ben, our friendly 
neighborhood psychopath.

by the way, Duke won tonight, so eat shit all of ye doubters, we will win 
it all this year.


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How about this...

acwhee0@mik.uky.edu Thu Feb 23 01:02:28 1995

Good evening from the heart of the Bluegrass...

I don't think the problem is with Dave and the Boys "selling out."  Obviously the problem is  
that we feel that we have lost something that is our own.  Most of us have seen or heard  
the band when they were not as popular as they are now (isn't THAT obvious?!?!), and  
because they are reaching out to a larger audience now that they're getting the national  
exposure we feel like something that we have rightfully earned is being taken from us.  We  
don't feel like we have some private joke on the rest of the music world; we don't feel  
special anymore.
Christmas and since then the idea has gone the way of the wooden tennis racquet.  I  
thought it was a good idea before, and I think it's even better now, because when Dave  
starts getting played on every Top-40 radio station in the country (notice how I'm neither  
promoting or demoting that concept!) we're going to be drowned by new Minareteers.   
Now, while this is not necessarily bad, I am of the opinion that those of us that were here  
when we were still in relative obscurity should have something to signify us publcly.  So  
let's come up with a quick, easy, simple-yet-effective design and get these things printed  
and sent out before we've got too many people on here to make it feasible.
should be mandatory that the shirt be worn at a show).  Instant comraderie -- and just can  
you imagine what Dave and the band would be thinking when they see a lot of these shirts  
from city to city?  He could only be pleased....
everybody myself.  Please -- if you've got the means, let's get this done.  

"Encumbered forever by desire and ambition..."  (Pink Floyd's "High Hopes")
Arlie C. Wheeler III
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
NeXT Mail Accepted.

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wmartin@s850.mwc.edu Thu Feb 23 01:16:26 1995

Funny, you guys all seemed to leave of the main act....Joey Lawrence.  
Should be a good show.  I am putting in an order for my tickets tomorrow.


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Need Election Night BAD

gt0082c@prism.gatech.edu Thu Feb 23 01:42:52 1995

Hello Fellow Minareters
1992. I'm afriad my collection is incomplete without it.  I would really 
appreciate it if someone could spin a copy for a trade, my collection is
growing and I'm getting some great shit. If you have seen a copy of this tape
be careful it is known to be armed and dangerous, it often carries a gun,
and is known to have a tatto of a small emu on its left side. Thanx
to all.




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won suite whirrled

bmking@mail.wm.edu Thu Feb 23 01:45:48 1995

dave just announced the name of that song.  it is november of 92.  he doesn't
do that any more.

he doesn't do a lot of things any more.  so, an apology.  i have posted stuff
here and there throughout the years criticizing.  not a lot, but still.  i
don't think it's my place to criticize.  their music puts me in another
world, without a doubt, but making the music SO personal that when it
changes, when it isn't the same to the listener, and getting upset by that,
it's time to rethink.
you don't have to worry about me
i might have been born yesterday
but i stayed up all night

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Boulder,CO-St. Pat's Concert in Chicago?

pritcha@ucsu.Colorado.EDU Thu Feb 23 01:49:31 1995

I am completely new to this net, so I haven't figured out how to post 
properly yet (I'm trying to post by replying to Jon Bolton's email) - 
Anyway, I have a couple of random questions that hopefully someone can 
help me out with.

I am going on a roadtrip from Colorado for the sole purpose of seeing the 
DMB/BHTM concerts in Milwaukee and Chicago - since these are the two best 
live bands I have ever seen.  (I have to confess that I am more of a Todd 
fan than a Dave fan - which may be a sin to say on this net - but believe 
me I am becoming more of a Dave fan, especially after seeing him at the 

-Who's opening for who?

-What is the Rave in Milwaukee like and the Aragon in Chicago?
(capacity, General Admission, etc.)

-Where are the good bars around these two places to pre-party?

-For Todd Fans - How have their sets been? Dave would be a tough act to 
follow or open for.

Thanks in advance for answers to these important questions!

I am completely psyched - DMB/BHTM in Chicago on St. Pat's Day - It 
doesn't get any better than that!

One last question - When is DMB coming back to Colorado to play?  Please 
play the Fox again - or if that's too small now, Red Rocks in the summer 
would be great!

FYI - here is my one brush with Dave - At the Fox show last November I 
was in the front row and ordered too many beers from the waitress, so I 
decided to start handing them out to the band.  Boyd gracefully declined 
but when Dave saw I was offering Pabst Blue Ribbon, he immediately 
grabbed it, made a toast to the audience saying something like Pabst is 
the best beer you can find in Virginia and that he was happy to see 
people in Colorado drink the same beer.  I have to admit that very few 
people in Colorado really drink Pabst, but it's the best deal for beer at 
the Fox for $1.75 a bottle.

I will see some of you in Chicago or Milwaukee!


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dxs200@psu.edu Thu Feb 23 02:12:54 1995

Hey there! I am new to this net and was wondering if any body could me out
with some DMB bootlegs . I don't have any to trade but I do have some
Grateful Dead bootlegs if anyone is interested.
thanks in advance.
p.s. does any one have information on the pittsburgh show I'll be home was
wonder where it was and how much it is and what not


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Oh shit, I didn't do it!

KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Feb 23 02:19:45 1995

Yanno...last week I posted bout how DMB has really lost something for me, or
more precisely IN me......

I recieved alot of personal responses from people saying the same thing, so
obviously I wasn't the only one......
....now I read a post from Brett, and get a message from Ben (thar psycho-shmo)
and it seems that a cloud of despair has swept over our fair minarets.....the
old folks aren't posting anymore...everybody's leaving...like a virus has
spread from myself to the net, or vice versa...it has nothig to do with Dave
"selling out"....it goes deeper than that...the closeness and comradarie are
gone...from both the shows and the net...and once again, I don't mean cuz of
the abundence of people.....there's just no "feel" anymore, or as I said it
before, the passion is gone.....

I'm not gonna leave this net.....I'm not going to stop listening to DMB...but I
have taken a break from them...how many of my recent posts have had _any_ DM

I'll leave it to the new fans to decide Dave's fate....I had my chance, for the
past three years I;ve been there, promoting, sharing, and grooving.  Now it's
time for us to pass it on...

...Those 16 yr olds have the passion that we once had...it may be only for
Satellite or Ants..but they have it.
They may get tired of DMB and leave them for another "big" band, but for now
they have that passion

...and if they leave...I'll be here, in the wings, contemplating my future with
my beloved Va-band

For all those feeling disallusioned....leave it for awhile, pass it on, share
the joy that you've known for years......and when you're ready...c'mon
back..I'll be here and I'll have a fire waiting (and fruit loops)

and for clare ......pssst! want some licorice?

May all yer tubes be eternally full and rewarding

"Jeff Bagby, Love....he's a charitable man"

If you go buy a copy of the Clelstine Prophecy and read it this week, you can
smoke in my message.  If you find and buy ME a copy of the Tenth Insight, I'll
personally come over and smoke with you in my message.

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countdown of the oldtime bens

btanen@netspace.students.brown.edu Thu Feb 23 02:20:49 1995

Well folks, the time has come for yet ANOTHER old-timer to call it quits 
around these parts.

This may be my last post ever on Minarets, so I'd like to say for the 
record that it was fun while it lasted.

Now I would hate so much to leave on a bad note but I think I will have 
to, at least to some degree.

There are a bunch of people on this mailing list who think that they can
use the list for personal means of communication and so on.  Some little
blurb that says "obligatory dmb content" at the bottom of a lot of private
bullshit does not in my opinion absolve you of wrongdoing.  It is just
plain old disrespectful and selfish to think that you can fill hundreds of
mailboxes and tax the resources of the uvm computer with nonsense.

Sorry folks, but selfishness is as bad on the internet as anywhere else, 
and I personally have had enough of it.


Two more parting bits of wisdom, and then I will leave you all permanently.

1. I will continue to maintain the web site.  If you have WWW access I 
invite you to check it out.  Hopefully with the help of some other 
refugees who shall remain nameless I will keep things up-to-date, 
increasingly interesting, and generally worth your while.  One last time, 

2. When Alex set up this list and the first dozen or so of us jumped on, 
you can imagine that things were very different.  Not necessarily better, 
of course.  We occasionally had threads going, but often days would go by 
without a single message.  Sometimes several days.

That is of course almost laughable today.  But I would suggest to you that
perhaps you all could take a lesson from those folks who didn't post 
unless they really had something to contribute.


Speaking of contributions, this hereby ends my contribution to Minarets.  




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bd80531@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu Thu Feb 23 02:30:39 1995

(Sorry to shout :-)  Would some kind soul please, please mail or repost 
that number?  Thanks!

*********************     o            ______ /|__   |
*Brian Lalor        *    __\___....---~       /|  ~~\|
*SUNY Binghamton    *   |                ____/_|_   _|
*bd80531@bingsuns.  *   |~~/~~~---....__/   /  |/~~~ |
*  cc.binghamton.edu*   |_/          --===OOOOOO=    |
*********************     YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!

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tshaffer@camelot.bradley.edu Thu Feb 23 02:34:33 1995

What about Menudo?  Aren't they playing the HORDE tour?  

Seriously, does anybody know who is playing?


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dxs200@psu.edu Thu Feb 23 02:46:20 1995

(Sorry to shout :-)  Would some kind soul please, please mail or repost
that number?  Thanks!

*********************     o            ______ /|__   |
*Brian Lalor        *    __\___....---~       /|  ~~\|
*SUNY Binghamton    *   |                ____/_|_   _|
*bd80531@bingsuns.  *   |~~/~~~---....__/   /  |/~~~ |
*  cc.binghamton.edu*   |_/          --===OOOOOO=    |
*********************     YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!

the mailing list number is 804-971-4829
call between 9 a.m. and 7p.m. eastern


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sctm@vt.edu Thu Feb 23 03:59:05 1995

attention by these last few posts,  I just don't enjoy reading this listserv 
anymore. Mr. Tanen is absolutely right,  this net has turned into a personal 
forum.  20 or more post a day and 1 or 2 actually useful,  mostly just 
tapeless people crying because they don't have boots and people getting 
pissed at each other,  or just someone who late at night decides to randomly 
babble.  Second,  everyone is no negative,  even me.  I don't like that.  2 
months ago I never would have flamed anyone nor would I have reason.  Now 2 
out of 3 post make me want to FSU (fuck shit up).  I'm going to chill till I 
get my senses back.
with many of you.  If I owe you,  you owe me,  we were working on a deal but 
I've been slow,  e-mail me and we'll work it out.  Thanks and it was fun for 
a while.
Scott Miller-
Virginia Tech
529 Shanks Hall
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
The Everything Home Page -
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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Give the man a cigar!

klong@nysernet.ORG Thu Feb 23 08:00:35 1995

"...you my water" sounds a lot like "...blue water". anybody have both tapes,
check it out. later on...

Yup, he hit it on the head.  Dave introduced Recently by saying
'this is on our first cd but they made us cut it up'.  They play
Recently and then go into this beautiful melody with the words
quoted in barrett's post.  Then there was a segue into another song
that I don't have on any of my tapes.  The chorus went something
about 'dance with me' and the song used a similar chord progression
as 'One Sweet World'.  The only thing I could find with anything
close to 'dance with me' in the lyrics file was #36 played at
Sweetbriar 2/25/94.  But the lyrics that barrett quoted do not
appear in any of the lyric files I received.

So, just to make sure that I'm clear on this, #36 includes all the
mellow stuff with the water references and the part about 'dance
with me'????   Somebody help me out here.....



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zdwm034@kcl.ac.uk Thu Feb 23 08:06:08 1995

I've never posted to this group before, but since this mailing list has
become so ridiculous I had to.  Here are some reasons why there should be

receive 500 messages due to lack of disk space, b) we don't have time to
check our e-mail 20 times a day and reply promptly.  Therefore, we are forced
to read every inane message that is sent in.  If there were a usergroup, we
could promtly skip over the title, "Dave's sexual preferences," and let
those who really care have a ball discussing where his penis goes.

countless number of messages that say, "PLEASE unsubscirbe me, I can't figure
this thing out!"  Really, it's not there fault that they mixed up listproc
and minaret and moose and whatever-the-hell.  Lets make it a bit easier on
the Dave fans, ok?

boring listening to a small froup of friends flirt with each other on the
net.  Don't get me wrong, there is SO much cool stuff on this mailing list;
this is exactly why it should be opened up to other people who can tell us
more.  The mailing list serves to keep out perspective fans; lets not be so

thanks for listening.  also, i haven't checked yet, but i heard that UTTAD
went gold (sold 500,000 copies).


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Dave in Syracuse-Before and After

klong@nysernet.ORG Thu Feb 23 08:37:46 1995

Anyway, I thought it was amazing how they
could go from playing in front of seven people to playing in front of a
sold out crowd of a few thousand IN THE SAME CITY IN JUST FOUR MONTHS!!

One of the problems with the HORDE show in Syracuse was that it
started an hour earlier than what was printed on the tickets.  Kinda
makes it hard to show up for something when you can't count on the
ticket being right.  I missed the first 20 mins of Dave's set.  I 
was thinking I'd get to the fairgrounds about 45 mins 'early'. 


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sad on a Thursday

sundtde@iac.net Thu Feb 23 08:48:10 1995

I woke this morning to find 4 messages of people living minarets, DMB fans
of old.  Although I am relativly new to minarets I think the presence of
these people will be greatly missed.  I am sorry to hear that this net has
become a frustration and a disapointment to so many.  I hope that after a
leave of abscene many will return, continue to post, share thier knowledge
and love of the band, and give the needed context and insight to show new
DMB fans where the band has come from and why it is where it is

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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Minarets t-shirt?

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Thu Feb 23 09:16:01 1995

Hello all,
What happened to that great T-shirt idea from the fall with the rows of 
marching ants and all exclusively for minarnetters?  I remember even 
e-mailing someone personally that I'd be interested.
Did it happen over x-mas break?  Was the idea washed?  Oh noo...

Did someone mention there are DMB patches somewhere?  None in the CD 

Small #s at last summers HORDE?  @ SPAC there were about 10 people down 
front, I wasn't at the Palace but I'm sure it was packed, and only a few 
months later!

peace all,


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Swag, Mr. Andy Morrison Swag....

SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Thu Feb 23 10:11:45 1995

Swag, I got the 11-3-92 show which may be the election day show.  He says
shit like, "With all this election stuff, I seem to have lost all my fuckin
hair."  Later, another band member says, "It sure is dark up here, we must
have lost a thousand points of light."  
As with all my stuff, what is mine is yours.  I was thinking about coming
down to your place maybe next weekend and hang out.  I do, however, plan to
every bootleg you have and bring them back for me and Nate.  So, this means
I would drive down after work on Friday and stick around for 24 hours and
then drive back for work on Sunday night....which means you have to
entertain me for a night and shack me up.  I really want to copy your tapes
and see you again, since you didn't bother to call ANYONE over X-mas break.
To everyone else, this bullshit about "all the 16 year olds who like Ants
and it just isn't fun anymore and blah, blah, blah," is dumb.  Personnally,
I go to concerts and listen to music for the music, not for the fans.  I
could really care less who is at the show as long as they don't smell or
talk to me.  
Hey, just in case anyone wondered.....I got my question in on AOL last
night...I was GameHeng and asked about Tim.  
After that, I went to see Deadeye Dick at a club and they were pretty cool. 
I hadn't heard much of their stuff, but they were really nice guys.  Not
Horde music by anymeans, but I enjoyed myself.
I heard last night that GWAR is headlining HORDE this year....that is great
in my opinion.  Later guys...Swag, email me back, I am serious about coming
down next weekend.
Jeff, the GameHeng
"That shit kicks my ass."  -Dave Matthews

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Bitter Bens and others

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Thu Feb 23 10:23:18 1995

Sure, things aren't as personable and neat and tidy as they used to be. 
But hey- more people on the net = more people to meet. The expanding size 
of this net has introduced me to two fellow Yalie DMB fans, Marianne and 
a few others at the Irving show, and Ben T., who let me use his room to 
study in during a visit. Maybe I'll even meet some southerners next year 
when I move down to Chapel Hill. And all the tape trades?
I don't really mind hitting the delete key a few more times than I used 
to. That's just me. Just stop telling me you think Dave's gay. I don't care.
Nebulous Ben still owes me a slice of Pizza at that place- ray's?


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cxr184@email.psu.edu Thu Feb 23 11:20:49 1995

Can anyone tell me how many "Under the table..." , "Remember..." and
"Recently"  albums have been sold to date? (Not all together, but

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Bulk Tapes

bd80531@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu Thu Feb 23 11:41:35 1995

net might know of a place (either mail or e-mail order) to get bulk tapes 
at a reduced rate.  Anybody heard of this?

*********************     o            ______ /|__   |
*Brian Lalor        *    __\___....---~       /|  ~~\|
*SUNY Binghamton    *   |                ____/_|_   _|
*bd80531@bingsuns.  *   |~~/~~~---....__/   /  |/~~~ |
*  cc.binghamton.edu*   |_/          --===OOOOOO=    |
*********************     YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!


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pkkernan@netcom.com Thu Feb 23 12:38:21 1995

Hello to all fellow minareters,

Just am trying to find out if anyone is planning on congregating before 
the big BHT/DMB or should I say DMB/BHT show on March 1st at Michigan 
State.  Thinking of meeting at Small Planet or elsewhere depending on 
ideas.  I also would dearly like a copy of this show so if anyone is 
planning on taping it please email me personally and we will try and set 
something up.

RAY PRUITT RULES!!!!!!??!?!?!?!  Anyone havee any of his Bagbys?  :)  
I just wish I could get my hair to stand up the way he does....God he is 
sooooo cool......


Patrick K. Kernan        pkkernan@netcom.com

I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would 
allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around.

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abs@student.umass.edu Thu Feb 23 13:29:30 1995

First, I would like to thank all fellow netters who have provided some 
great DMB info over the past year. Also to those who have sent 
tapes..thanks also...

however,....I live in the north east(massachesetts) and have some great 
SBD patched tapes and some DAT conversions...but I have never heard a 
bagby or a rutabega tape---so whats the scoop, are these tapes the end 
all on DMB recordings? If do they ever find their way up here(north)?
I have read many fantastic replys from others who have received them...I 
am now probing the net searching for some info or a kind trade.

If you have any info please drop me a line..


Trodding through creation with an Irie meditation...adam

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JThomps34@aol.com Thu Feb 23 15:03:43 1995

Hey my friends,
rather large collection of DMB tapes.  I have been able to get about every
wondering if anyone has any tapes with cool solos by Stefan.  I love the
sound of the bass, and think it would round out my collection nicely.  I am
not interested in large scale trades, but if anyone has tapes with cool solos
by the quiet bassman, I would like to hear about them.  E-mail me personally
with any shows that fit that criteria. 
minarets-land to stop the mindless rumor-mill that has erupted as of late.  I
know everyone is interested in every aspect of Dave's and the band's lives,
but do we really need to know about their sexual preferences, etc?  I think
as fans, it should be enough to listen to the most creative and "happy" music
available without digressing into these ridiculous areas.  I have been on
this net for quite a while, and must say, the days of reading interesting post
s about the band and its music have been decreasing, while the negative or
completely useless info has increased to the point of annoyance.  There is no
excuse for posting such mindless drivel, especially since the majority of us
are college educated and with "open minds".  Let's just get back to the focus
of this net, which is the music of DMB.  
shows, and would like to continue to do so without having to debate about
rumors or flames.  If anyone agrees with me (or disagrees) I would love to
hear from you (personally).  Sorry if this was too long, but it is about time
that we stop a problem that has already driven some long time followers away
from us.  




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bmking@mail.wm.edu Thu Feb 23 15:08:02 1995

the face of this mailing list has surely changed.  perhaps inane ramblings no
longer have their place here, as once they did.  of course, now, most of the
inane ramblers have left.  and they say life is much easier now.  but i don't
think I could let go of something which has been, to be honest, an important
part of my life..  the music, people, and the net.  I don't think I stuck in
a blues traveler tape for several months.  but I stayed on the mailing list..
which brings me to my next point..

if anyone would like information on or would like to sign up to a blues
traveler compilation tree, please drop me a line.  I'll send you the info
about it.

daveband touches my big toe.

sorry if you paged through this and hit the 'D' key.. there have been lots of
those/these messages lately..

i just deleted about 15 lines of rambling and reminiscing.  be happy.

if you have no or few daveband tapes, let me know.

i must stop writing messages..

you don't have to worry about me
i might have been born yesterday
but i stayed up all night

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I need tickets!

CyberDino@aol.com Thu Feb 23 15:11:09 1995

Dearest Fellow Minarets,

I was wondering if anyone happened to know if either the February 28th show
in Cincinatti, or the March 9th show in Columbus was sold out, and if not if
anyone knew a number to call for tix.  If they are sold out, would anyone
happen to have 2 tickets!!  I really would love to go, will pay decent price.
let me know as soon as anyone finds out.        Thanks..............Nathan

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TM219482@wcupa.edu Thu Feb 23 15:37:21 1995

There are all these rumors. I have no idea what to believe.  Someone said 
that sheryl crow might head line it.  yeah right!  Sorry nothing I can do 
for you

What about Menudo?  Aren't they playing the HORDE tour?

Seriously, does anybody know who is playing?


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pits burgh and random

erw@medinfo.rochester.edu Thu Feb 23 16:10:58 1995

yknow...i think people misunderstood my post...for tickets to dave in pgh...yes 
i know tickets are on sale still....thank you...but what i want are good tickets 
cause aj palumbo is kinda large...and im spoiled...

so if anyone has good tickets and happened to purchase one extra or two extra to 
scalp or by mistake or someone cancels out.....let me know ....please.


oh and by the way, its too bad the ben's martyred themselves...their loss i 
suppose although i kinda liked...liked in a purely from what they had to 
say...specially neb. perspective....oh well. what can you do....sure the net is 
loaded with utter shit...but i just get out my bushwhacker and whack...

we do need to stop the hiv shit, and the phish shit, and other bands shit...and 
we need to stop petty shit...but i suppose one person's pettiness is another's 
vital essence...

what you see is human.

you won't like 94 % of people on net...but i have found a few folks who are 
funky fun interesting people...(sorta alliterative)   oh well...

alas poor yorick, i knew him.

i'll stay on til people really start irking my ass...and then i'll do the 
subterranean thing...burrow deeper in to my self and jam with select few.



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cgbradle@email.unc.edu Thu Feb 23 16:28:43 1995

Does anyone know about tix for the Duke show?  Are there tix for 
non-dookies too?  If anybody has info on this or has tix, drop me a line.
Thanks...  Creg Bradley   cgbradle@email.unc.edu

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need help!!!!

WINTERSEA@urvax.urich.edu Thu Feb 23 16:31:24 1995

sorry, no dmb content, but i need held.  i am trying to start a band in 
Richmond and things are going pretty well (the sax player thinks he is 
Leroi)  only one problem, we need a NAME.  any one with any cool ideas, 
please send them to me.  if we choose yours, a special surprise just 
might be in it for you.  thanks - seanyboy

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Maxpoint redemption

73KIMBERLING@CUA.EDU Thu Feb 23 16:31:42 1995

There's no Dave content here.  You have been warned.

About a month ago I sent away for a max point redemption sheet.  I've got
something like 2700 points, so I figured that I'd turn them in for some CDs.
Anyway, I finally got the sheets, and I found out that if you want the listing
of CDs available, you have to make ANOTHER request to Maxell and wait another
month for the list to come.  I'm really not into waiting a month before I 
can find out what I can get.  Plus, once I find out what I want, it's going
does anyone out there know how I can get a copy of the most recent CD catalog
without going through Maxell?  In the alternative, does anyone know of any 
cool CDs (with catalog #s) that Maxell offers.  Thanks.  Sorry to bitch.

- Mike

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pearsall@phoenix.Princeton.EDU Thu Feb 23 16:45:30 1995

Kinda dumb to post on this list at this point but if by any chance anyone 
has any extras for Fri's show please let me know by e-mail yes.  Thans 
for indulging my longshot.


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S.C. dates

MOOREC@engr.engr.scarolina.edu Thu Feb 23 17:08:17 1995

I don't know if this is common knowledge or not but I just heard 
about it today so if you havn't heard, DMB will be in Charleston at 
the Citadel on April 8 and in Greenville at G'ville Memorial Coliseum 
on April 14.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow!  I live about one and a 
half hours away from both of these places and plan to go to both 
shows, so if anyone from far away needs a place to stay, let me know 
and I will see what I can do.


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crowd sizes in syracuse

JPETERS@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Thu Feb 23 17:14:40 1995

the HORDE show in september could change so drastically from ten people to
3000 at the landmark in jsut five months.  well, the confusion with the
starting time could've been a factor, but i have a different take on it.
student population of colgate at that show monday and i', sure most of the
audience was college oriented.  not that many people knew about the state
fair shows, so i doubt the college crowd was all that present in september.
some schools aren't even in session yet then.  my premise revolves around
the fact that college kids come from all over to go to school and they
bring their musical tastes with them.  that's why more people suddenly have
heard of dmb, it's because the population of central ny becomes much more
diverse when classes are in session.  if you think about colgate, syracuse,
cornell, u of rochester, and all the suny schools, (to name very few) that
gives you an idea of how so many people in the area can be apparently 
aware of dave so quickly.  i bet if they had played the landmark theater in
the middle of july, the crowd would've been a lot smaller.

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tourdates----an update

abs@student.umass.edu Thu Feb 23 17:34:43 1995

got this info from the phish archive site via mail gopher...thought some 
of you would like to know this.

visualize whirrled peas

 February 21 Manchester NH; N. H. College
 February 23-24 New York NY; Roseland Ballroom
 February 24 New York NY; The David Letterman Show
 February 25 Easton, PA; Kirby Fieldhouse
 March 7 Ft Wayne, IN
 March 8 Kalamazoo, MI
 March 9 Colombus, OH
 March 11 St Louis, MO
 March 12 Kansas City, MO
 March 14 Peoria, IL
 March 15 Milwaukee, WI
 March 17 Chicago, IL
 March 18 St Paul, MN    
 March 21 Glasgow, Scotland
 March 22 London, England
 March 23 Paris, France
 March 25 Madrid, Spain
 March 27 Milan, Italy
 March 28 Munich, Germany
 March 29 Cologne, Germany
 March 30 Amsterdam, Holland
 March 31 Hamburg, Germany
 April 2 Stockholm, Sweden
 April 3 Copenhagen, Denmark
 April 7 Durham NC; Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke Univ.; $18.50; on sale 3/3


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WIFOY@DAVIDSON.EDU Thu Feb 23 17:58:53 1995

I think that that is the plural of hiatus.... I'm going to stick around, I'm
not going anywhere, but I have to agree with many... As long as we're going to
say, we don't wanna newsgroup, we wanna stay tight, let's do it via personal
email.  I can't tell you how many cool people I've met on minarets [ and I
actually had a date from one as a result! netgathering in case you're
wondering how we met in person.], but we need to lead by example, so if not
posting for a few days, or weeks, or even a month or two, it'll raise my GPA,
clear out some of the garbage, and well, we'll see what happens... I kinda
worked for Jim Courier in tennis, and it's worked for one of my professors,
it's called sabbatical, and I'm going on it.... If you want tapes, and have no
dave, then please email me directly, and we'll work something out, or another
fine minaretter for that matter, but we are using and abusing the gift of Mr.
Crothers and the fine people at UVm.  I hope you will all take notice that
people who have been here and started this whole thing are tired of the
crap... Let's all clean up our acts, keep our noses clean, wipe our butts,
take a few left turns, a few right, and see if we're anyone other than we
were.  I'll see you soon.  Take care, and as always, PEACE! Will "The Wookie"

RUSH remMATTHEWSWEET everythingBIGHEADTODD davematthewsbandBLUESTRAVELER samples
Everything FAQ, Lyrics, and Essence Setlist File curator

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Jennifer_L._Wallack@mail.nltl.columbia.edu Thu Feb 23 18:06:59 1995

Hey what's up fellow Dave fans?

This whole internet thing is just a little to convenient for me.  I go to a
school in NYC and we use the internet all day.  Is this the mailing list?  I
am a little confused on how to work this thing but I have been learning.  
Well, tonight marks the beginning of a two day journey of Dave.  Show at
Roseland tonight, Dave Letterman tomorrow afternoon and another Roseland show
tomorrow night.  The only problem about tomorrow night is the fact that half
of the people there will only   know Ants and Satellite.  The two poser songs.



Delivered by the Dalton/NLTL Internet gateway.

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Re: need help!!!!

wnettle@falcon.bgsu.edu Thu Feb 23 18:09:03 1995

how about Leaky Colostomy Bag or Blood on the School Bus?

 sorry, no dmb content, but i need held.  i am trying to start a band in 
 Richmond and things are going pretty well (the sax player thinks he is 
 Leroi)  only one problem, we need a NAME.  any one with any cool ideas, 
 please send them to me.  if we choose yours, a special surprise just 
 might be in it for you.  thanks - seanyboy

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90210 and Dave

KMUHLHAU@smith.smith.edu Thu Feb 23 18:12:10 1995

I heard Dave and Ray Pruit were going to get together for a really
killer acoustic show in Albany next weekend.  Dave has been a big fan
of Ray's for a long time (note the similar haircut).  They'll be playing
a regular gig at the Peach Pit After Dark as part of the RCA deal.

Just Kidding.  Barrett from Dartmouth - I've got your tapes and will
get them back to you ASAP.

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catamounts and uvm'ers

Dmbard@aol.com Thu Feb 23 18:48:42 1995

if anyone from uvm read this, can they pass their names and email addresses
my way, please.

my bro is a sophomore at uvm and since i hear there is a big following up
there, i thought that my bro can do the trading for me since i am stuck here
in dc, on capitol hill.



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8_JMACHADO@fair1.fairfield.edu Thu Feb 23 18:50:43 1995

hi all-
night, friday, at roseland.  we could not get tickets, but we are gonna try
and scalp them.  anything's possible!  i was just curious who would be in the
city (new york, that is).  should be a great show, despite the rumors of bht
(they're playing first) not putting on as good as a show with their new album. 
well, see ya there!

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Re: MINARETS digest 76

AKAYSER@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Thu Feb 23 18:52:30 1995

hey eric from rochester---- regarding your message about the syracyse
show on feb. 20---- we are 2 of the motherfuckers (as you so kindly
put it) from colgate- what gives you the right to decide who should
and should not be at the show? considering that so many people rallied
to go to the show, it seems that we don't deserve any shit- there are
some pretty big fans from colgate. and, the "4 1/2" hour version of
recently was amazing (except of the lack of "pretty pretty girl").
why do you have to be so pessimistic, why cant you just enjoy the
show and let everyone else, as well. last- one of us is from denver,
why cant you keep your unfounded critisism of bht a liyttle bit less
biting? we think the show was great, and by the way if anyone has any
bootlegs they would like to trade for this show ot or the RSO show,
we have some incredible tapes.

to the guy who spread the rumor about dave at styleen's-- no hard
feelings- we were the girls that took the shit on the side of the
stage from bob of the ugly americans- bob sucks, but we had a great
time at the bar anyway, so nothing was lost. bob even tried to take
one of us into the bathroom after he called us sorry ass bitches. all
in all, quite an entertaining evening. 

later- meg beaudet and ashley.

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Blue Screen Show Setlist 2/23

chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu Thu Feb 23 19:09:47 1995

Hey everyone,

The Blue Screen Show w/ Chico and special guests Ooodz and extra, extra
special giest Flocco

2-3:30 WEDNESDAY Nights/THURSDAY Mornings

89.3 WNUR-FM, Evanston-Chicago....708-866-WNUR

Phone Calls can now be broadcast over the air!...fun fun fun


"Brazil Theme--"   .............Brazil Soundtrack
"Seek Up"(underneathe opening schpeil)....DMB 12/30/94 Washington DC
"Trina Magna"....................Blues Traveler  5/12/94 Milwaukee  WI
"Mystery Train"..................Legion of Mary 4/15/75 Atlanta, GA 
"Tweezer"........................Phish  11/13/94 Erie PA
"Papa's Home"....................Widespread Panic  9/26/93 Columbia, SC
"Minarets".......................Dave matthewws Band  4/5/94 Athens GA
"Cavern"................Phish w/ Giant Country Horns 4/15/94 Beacon NYC 
"Big House Blues"................Ren & Stimpy

Thanks to someone for the rocking tweezer
Spreadheads should do themselves a favor and listen to the 20+ minute
Papa's Home with some drums and a "Hard to Handle" tease thrown in for good

/ \


|Brian Lipman chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu    ( @    @ )   ---------------- |
|Northwestern University                   {    !     }  |  BL   SCR    | |
|Bobb Hall #107, 2305 Sheridan Road         ( \    / )   |    UE   EEN  | |
|Evanston, IL 60201                          ( \__/ )    ---------------- |
|Ladies and Gentleman...On Drums..Mr. Ernest Giussepe Anastasio!-Henrietta|


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minarets... the shirts are here

WIMURPHY@DAVIDSON.EDU Thu Feb 23 19:12:01 1995

The original message was received at Thu, 23 Feb 1995 16:13:31 -0500
from pollux.davidson.edu []

"|/usr/server/catmail -L MINARETS -f"  (unrecoverable error)

554 "|/usr/server/catmail -L MINARETS -f"... unknown mailer error 14

  What happened to that great T-shirt idea from the fall with the rows of
 marching ants and all exclusively for minarnetters?

DESIGN for the minarets shirt...

Christmas and since then the idea has gone the way of the wooden tennis racquet.
So let's come up with a quick, easy, simple-yet-effective design and get these things printed

minaretters to ID each other at shows... plus everyone else can wonder "where
did they get those nifty shirts?"  and only you will know...

in his best nature... in action at an event with many fans... anyway the cost
is $14 which includes all shipping and handling.  act now and have your shirt
real soon.

here... so get them dogies rolling and order up a minarets shirt today...

! *******************************************************
! *************** Minarets T-shirts     *****************
! *******************************************************
! **                   please specify M, L, or XL      **
! **                   front will display the infamous **
! **                   man live and in action, with an inscription     **
! **                   right    **
! **                   below...                        **
! **                                                   **
! **                                                   **
! ** Stickers         12 for $7.00                     **
! **                                                   **
! **                                                   **
! **                          send cash or check       **
! **                          by mail immediately      **
! **
! **                          Minarets shirts           **
! **                          P.O. Box 83942           **
! **                          U.S.C.                   **
! **                          Columbia, S.C.           **
! **                                     29225         **
! *******************************************************


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m970168@pratt.nadn.navy.mil Thu Feb 23 19:21:08 1995

BOONE!  you're alive.  wonderful.  last time i saw you, you were chuggin 
the good stuff and rocking to ants.  and you smelled funny and touched me 
too much.  kept mumbling something about swag and shaved legs.  

later boone,

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RR NOT WITH Page/Plant!!!

s252047@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Thu Feb 23 19:31:16 1995

Hi Y'all!

concert committee chairman that RR is in fact NOT on tour w/ Page and
Plant, but on tour with Toad the Wet Sprocket!  BUT, on a certain date in
April, they will be opening for another incredible band in a certain
ballroom at a certain college in southern Pennsylvania. 
say that you will probably want to leave the last weekend in April open if
you like HORDE bands.
concert next Sunday, so keep an eye out!  Until then...


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Questions for SCW!!!

s252047@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Thu Feb 23 19:33:23 1995

Hi again!

Cheetah Wheelies during my radio show next Saturday!  I NEED QUESTIONS TO
ASK THEM!!!!  HELP!!!!  What do you guys wanna know?!  Also, I'm
interviewing a band called WINESKIN as well.  They are an incredible band
from Philly, and they sound like a mix between Phish, Blind Melon, BT and
God St. Wine.  I just got their demo today, and I haven't stopped playing it.

Admission to the concert is only 1 can of food, so stop by. (You can
E-mail me if you decide to come, and we can chill with the bands before
the show!)


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Re: Give the man a cigar!

Barrett.S.Shaver@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Thu Feb 23 20:00:35 1995

#36 includes all the
mellow stuff with the water references and the part about 'dance
with me'???? 
--- end of quoted material ---

no, the "water/wine" jam is independent of any other tune, although they seem
to have only played it following "recently" so far. but you're right in that
#36 is the "dance with me" part. as for the cigar, i'd prefer grape nuts



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Cheap tape places

bullard@coral.bucknell.edu Thu Feb 23 20:37:56 1995

Some people asked for this before so here are the places I deal with.

1.  1-800-278-TAPE XL-II90 are $1.25, XLII-100 $1.59.  They take credit 
cards, and shipping is not that much.  Service ususally takes about two 
weeks total.

2.  boulder@well.sf.ca.us  Just send e-mail there and they will mail you 
a complete list of tape prices. Last list I have XLII-90 are $1.60 and 
XLII-100 are $2.00.  Can't tell you how long it takes to ship, because I 
have never ordered here.  

Hope this helps some people out.    


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Re: need help!!!!

dirks@ucsub.colorado.edu Thu Feb 23 21:00:11 1995

 sorry, no dmb content, but i need held.  i am trying to start a band in 
 Richmond and things are going pretty well (the sax player thinks he is 
 Leroi)  only one problem, we need a NAME.  any one with any cool ideas, 
 please send them to me.  if we choose yours, a special surprise just 
 might be in it for you.  thanks - seanyboy
Give us a little insight as to the kind of music you play...might help on 

Matt D.


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Re: Stefan...

chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Thu Feb 23 21:09:11 1995

ahh lil stefan
noo,  badass stefan
you were sayin  (someone was)  that they didnt have any tapes of stefan 
jammin , solos ..whatever 
for some reason ive always seen stefan as the shy one  (stage shy .. or 
maybe jsut mellower and calmer) 
like i start grinnin when i see stefan just step out front .. where i can 
see him   ..  i dunno .. its a rare rare night (well for me) to hear 
stefan play out ..  reminds me of phil and the grateful dead   its rare 
to hear phil pay out .. or sing .. man what a treat
so to get a tape of stefan groovin big time .. i bet thats a cool find.


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Dave Matthews Band in Bloomington????

jmalango@ezmail.ucs.indiana.edu Thu Feb 23 21:22:03 1995

Just thought I'd pass on an inside rumor from here on the campus of 
Indiana University.....
DMB will supposedly be coming here to play at Little 500. To those of you 
that have never seen Breaking Away or are not from Indiana, Little 500 is 
a week of partying and celebration revolving around a bike race. Every 
year a few bands show up and play to about 20,000 students in a huge 
Tickets will be $7.50, and they play either the 24th or 25th of April. If 
you are around the area at all, it should be something to see.

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I NEED Saturday Tickets...

Mungbyrd@aol.com Thu Feb 23 22:02:07 1995

Hey my friends...Just wondering if anyone is going to be at the show on
Saturday (Easton- Kirby fieldhouse) I desperately need tix for that show!  If
anyone has any way of helping me out, it would be greatly appreciated... TpW

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At least I had a good day...

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Thu Feb 23 22:15:14 1995

Wow!  Go do your laundry and look what happens.  First of all I feel 
bad.  And kind of mad too.  Not just because Minarets has reached the 
point that it is driving people away.  But the main reason people are 
going away.  I had the same thing happen to me on Phish net once, it just 
stopped being fun.  Not enough Phish, two many grovels, just too much bad 
shit.  So I left.  But I came back.  I really hope that everyone on this 
list stops and thinks about why you hang out here.  I never really talked 
to the people who are leaving, but I would still consider them my 
freinds.  As with most of the people here on the net.  Some are taking 
off, hopefully to be back, lots more are staying.  Lets try to keep this 
place the happy place it should be.  Grab a tape or CD and throw some 
Dave on.  Does it make you happy?  When it all comes down to it that is 
all that really matters.  I plan to hang out and see what happens.  Also 
plan to put on #36, as Dave calls it "A happy song".  Anyone who wants to 
talk about Dave, Phish, or the Dead please drop me a line, I am always up 
for good discussion.  Spread the tapes, spread the happiness, just be 
yourselves.  No more preaching, hope everyone has a great night.

Peace & Out...

Japhy 8-(


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dave m. on dave l.

MBRoth@aol.com Thu Feb 23 22:48:42 1995

I'm curious as to which song Dave plays on Letterman.  Dave was asked what he
was going to play during that live open MTV conference room thing through
AOL- Dave said that there wouldn't be any surprises- I'm assuming that
they'll play WWYS.  What if, as they were seen by thousands on national TV,
they played #36 or Granny, something that they really liked to play...  ahhh,
dream, dream...  -Zac
-Also, I am curious about Dave and metal-smithing.  Did Dave make the
necklace that is best seen in the 'in memory of Anne' picture at the
back-inside of UTTAD.  The reason I would think that Dave has some thing to
do with jewelry making is I was told, and read that Dave wanted to recreate
the fire-dancer image in bronze or sliver.  Maybe I'll experiment with my own
metal fire-dancer recreation...

ONE more thing, I would LOVE to see the DMB net shirt project gel...  I were
my Phish net shirt proudly-  at shows it makes 
me feel "different" then al the rest- creating instand rapport with fellow

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justin@solitude.sewanee.edu Fri Feb 24 00:00:35 1995

There is another new net!  The AWARE=81 people  have asked me to set up thei=
difference is that most AWARE bands will be hooked on in some form.  Also,
it will be read daily and posted upon by the AWARE management.  To

=46or further info, e-mail to : Info@solitude.sewanee.edu

Justin Sonfield
735 University Ave.
Sewanee, TN   37383-1000


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Re: Cheap tape places

grayp@pinn.net Fri Feb 24 00:11:33 1995

 Some people asked for this before so here are the places I deal with.
 1.  1-800-278-TAPE XL-II90 are $1.25, XLII-100 $1.59.  They take credit 
 cards, and shipping is not that much.  Service ususally takes about two 
 weeks total.

this is w.b. hunt wholesale,
call and ask for al rizzo.
i've never had tapes from them take more than 3-4 days.

 2.  boulder@well.sf.ca.us  Just send e-mail there and they will mail you 
 a complete list of tape prices. Last list I have XLII-90 are $1.60 and 
 XLII-100 are $2.00.  Can't tell you how long it takes to ship, because I 
 have never ordered here.  

this is terrapin tapes,
they take a bit longer to get the tapes in the mail, i'm not sure why,
but prices are comprable.

both have complete selection of dats & cassettes


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s252047@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Fri Feb 24 00:26:49 1995


just saw the most incredible concert of his life.  He didn't even tell me
what happened in the first set because he was too busy telling me how long
Popper jammed with Dave on Recently and the following song (which he
didn't know the name of.)  His friend got on the phone and told me that
was the best Jimi Thing he had ever heard.  And tomorrow night...

tomorrow night, E-mail me personally and I'll tell ya'!)

library, as I was studying for an accounting exam.  Let's think...where
would I have rather been?  NYC or Gettysburg?  Tough question.


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Madman, I tell you.

weh2@Ra.MsState.Edu Fri Feb 24 00:34:39 1995

Dammit, Justin, quit doing this to me!! I just squashed 227 messages from 
my inbox, and here you are trying to weigh my box down more.  I'll hold 
off on the AWARE thing as long as I can, but I know I'll give in at some 
messages.  I think he needs to get a little slack before he convinces me 
to subscribe to forty more new nets.


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tower record ad

jag1@cornell.edu Fri Feb 24 01:15:10 1995

On MTV at 1:15 AM.  "What Would You Say?  The new single from the Dave
Matthews Band.  On their album UTTAD.  A sound hard to define, impossible
to forget.  Under the Table and Dreaming.  Availible at Tower Records"

On another note, any possibility of adding more pictures to the Web site?

"I remember asking why there lies aggression and separation
where there should be love."
--Rusted Root


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beware of flying bodies!

ken6@columbia.edu Fri Feb 24 01:30:49 1995

hello there friends and neighbors... 
just thought I'd enlighten you all about tonight's show at roseland.... 
it wwas, in a word,,, interesting... 
overall i was really impressed and happy and satisfied... i'm not gonna 
post a setlist because I don't have the memory for that and someone 
will... it was i guess a pretty  standard set, not that i know too much, 
but if i knew every song than it couldn't have been that obscure...there 
were songs that other people didn't know, shich thoroughlly annoyed me, 
especially while everyone started talking and bouncing a big ball during 
Say Goodbye...those idiots were just waiting for the next song, which 
were happy about 'cuz it was Jimi Thing.... which was also really good, 
but I wish I could listen to the WHOLE show with everyone paying 
so, despite the fact that it'll look average on the setlist, the show 
pretty much rocked...they jammed everything out a lotand at some isolated 
moments there were phish-comparable levels of energy flowing through 
me... which is a really good sign that it's 

now, for the bad news... if you're going to roseland tomorrow, beware! 
it's a madhouse in there... 
first of all, I decided I hate Roseland... and it's the worst size venue 
to see a band, imho... it's too big to be cozy and allow you to actually 
see the band while breathing and, gasp, being able to move your hand a 
few inches... and it's too small to be a theater, where you can actually 
be raised from the stage and see something, and maybe even have reserved 
seating so you can, like, move and breath... 
but the realy horror story was the disturbing trend of rowdiness among 
the crowd....and it was kinda viscious, from my perspective, in one area 
close to the stage.... it all started with Help Myself...there was some 
bulky, droopy, heavy dark thing in my sight a little above 
head-level...sort of bouncing along on people's hands....it's a sneaker, 
it's a baseball cap...it's a crowd surfer!  slowly, he dwindles limply 
and falls gently to the ground, with the support of loyal arms of 
others.... ok, I think, tha'ts over, phew! ....and go on listening in 
peace... but then, I see another....and after he falls...another...and a 
few more, ...and now it's continuing, at a slow but consistent pace, one 
here, one there,,,, kind of intermittent.... 
but there was more to come... (oh, so naive i had been!)....as jimi thing 
comes on, people are sooooo excited because Say Goodbye is over and it's 
a song they KNOW and they start jumping and screaming and cheering...and 
just as "if you could keep me floating...." oh jeez, it's another 
floating fellow....and this time, within a few feet of my head....I look 
up, and ther'es another..and another...this is no cosistent speed...this 
is like increasing pace steadily and coming from all directions 
simultaneously with no sign of slowing....they're rushing at me from 
everywhere like crazy...it's overwhelming...like a river crashing down 
from everywhere....there's a line of sight connecting my eye to dave's 
guitar...and suddenly, ther'es something interfereing with it...it's a 
body...and a cap, and sneakers....again....they're everywhere now, like 
roches or bees closing in on you....so i went to the back in teh middle 
of Jimi Thing...

the back was ok.  I couldn't see dave as well, but people were mostly 
listening and dancing, rather than pushing, shoving, yelling, and all the 
other shit they were doing in the front besides listening and caring.... 
and in the back it was cooler too....i mean not as hot...and also more 
friendly and mellow... 

so, i suggest to anyone who wants to hear the music and be safe from 
flying hiking boots missing your head by inches, migrate to the back like 
I did.... notwithstanding the crowd, I thought dmb played high above my 
expectations, and popper of course made it even nicer... Recently was fun 
and shit, they were just really energized and creative.... 

Hope to see people  there tomorrow... i'll probably be at McCoy's before 
the show, which was announced earlier today, on 9th ave. between 51st and 
52nd streets....  


"been here so long now my hair's getting longer" 

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Dave Mathews Band fan club

krom0014@maroon.tc.umn.edu Fri Feb 24 01:41:16 1995

I was playing around on the internet and I got a hold of this E-mail 
address and I am really into Dave Mathews and I was wondering if you 
could sent me concert dates band info or whatever else you want. I'm done 
with school in June and so I won't have access to a computer but if you 
can send me some stuff I will be on this account until then 
krom0014@maroon.tc.umn.edu or my home address is Jaime Kromschroeder 

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dxs200@psu.edu Fri Feb 24 02:04:16 1995

Hey there! I was wondering if anyone had a tape of the 2/11/95 PSU show .
It was my first show and would love a bootleg ( will give blanks or
thanks in advance,


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White Album

KevTad@aol.com Fri Feb 24 02:09:02 1995

I met someone last night who said they have a copy of DMB playing the Beatles
'White Album'.  I don't have a copy yet, but I plan on getting one.  I was
wondering if anyone had ever heard of this or had any info.  If you do please
let me know.  Much Thanks.

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Feb. 15 tree?

PAJOHNSON@DAVIDSON.EDU Fri Feb 24 02:16:20 1995

I know that a tree is being set up for v-day, but what about the 15th?
If one is being set up, could you forward me the form to
Sorry, I'm off the net so I'm a little out of it...just too much mail.


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Re: tourdates----an update

jeinhorn@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu Fri Feb 24 02:27:36 1995

Does anybody have a couple (two) tix for the show in fort wayne.  I won't 
be here for the chicago shows, but I want to drive 5 hours to see them in 
fort wayne.  Is the show even sold out?




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bdg11@columbia.edu Fri Feb 24 02:40:53 1995

first of all, setlist

2/23/95 Roseland Ballroom, NYC

Seek Up
Dancing Nancies
Lie In Our Graves
Rhyme and Reason
Say Goodbye
Help Myself
*Cry Freedom
Ants Marching

Tripping Billies

* w/ John Popper

what a day and night!

evening was set off right with a visit to Tony. he's a really nice guy 
and all karma should be sent his way. tony set me up with some 
last-minute tapes to check out before tonight's show - i got to hear a 
few for the first time. i also FINALLY got halloween, which i am 
listening to right now - "ladies and gentleman, THE BEATLES! (mass 

roseland had small scene outside (we got there late), incl. tix scalpers 
a block away. we got in in the middle of bht&m, and quickly commented on 
how dead the crowd was. seemingly filled with industry-folk, no one was 
dancing(course it WAS bht&m). ran into kysa and finally met ben s. guess 
we didn't really have much to say to one another off of this here net. 
saw MANY columbians, incl. the fabulous diamanda, who i didn't really get 
to say hi to, and an old friend from a backpacking trip. 

ok, the show. i called seek up, i was psyched. it was really good, but 
not the longest. satellite got the big cheers. nancies had a davespeak intro.
lie in our graves was great, but the crowd seemed lost. leroi did some 
really nice stuff here, with some dave murray-like colors. Rhyme and 
reason was really dark and nice. say goodbye was again great, but people 
just kind of stood around. i don't remember when the surfing started, but 
kysa says it was in help myself - i thought it was in jimi. anyway, it 
was completelyy out of place, and i was really pissed. as someone usually 
interested in peace and nonviolence, i found myself wanting to kick the 
shit out of these people ruining my (and presumably the band's) show. i 
grabbed one or two and told them that it wasn't cool. there was a great 
jam during jimi, and i completely missed it because i was trying not to 
get my head kicked in, which almost happened. after WWYS, i thought "no 
popper", but there he was for recently, which was great but again filled 
with surfers. cry freedom made the show - probably 20 minutes, and 
reallly beautiful. popper was amazing on this. then, uninteresting ants 
to close. i am usually an ants fan and didn't understand the dislike of 
it on here, but it just lacked any feeling here. it was UTTAD-like, but 
had a cool intro. angel was beautiful, great boyd. after a riff of 
watchtower, intro started, which again no one got, then billies - as i 
mouthed the words to "such a happy human race" suddenly a fight breaks 
out behind me. there were just bad vibes in general here. dave was 
visibly upset, and his good byes at the end seemed forced. it was a great 
show, but how can people listen to dave's words, and then hurt each 
other? this stuff is beyond me. well, anyway, i ahve finally seen dave, 
and am tres happy. later y'all/ pppppps, ben

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DMB 2/10/95

nolan@nfs.ee.vill.edu Fri Feb 24 02:57:38 1995

I just got a hold of this tape.  If anyone is intersted
in trading for it let me know.  I am looking for any HORDE type
bands.  However, I am not looking for PHISH or any more DMB.  I
also have BHT's set.
ps.  don't post to minarets, because I don't subscribe.

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roseland thoughts

JSLAGHT@drew.edu Fri Feb 24 03:27:44 1995

I don't mean to disappoint that Ben dude but Cry Freedom wasn't played, it
was that song they played in Syracuse(I think) that started with something
about blue water (not blue water babooon farm).  I'm pretty sure the surfing
started during Jimi.  One came close to me and I gave him the wedgie(sp?) of 
a lifetime.  I cannot respect anyone who doesn't respect dave's music.  I 
thought the show started off a little slow but by Say goodbye (with leroi
on flute) I was groovin the night away.  Help Myself reminded me of how 
powerful the symphony verison was....
security to be snatched by the ankles and wisked away, I hope he got kicked
out.  People in my area clapped when he got taken (good sign :I ).
saw them in Philly on the 11th. I've been quite happy with my dave shows of 
late.  Oh yeah.....they played for about 2 hours.  Isn't that more than the
rest of the tour?                                    


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Oh damn more wasted bandwith,,,

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Fri Feb 24 05:18:10 1995

Well, the night progressed and I got a little happier.  I really hate to 
waste bandwith like this, but I am in a finky mood tongiht (could all 
that wine have something to do with it?)  And wanted to make sure 
minarets is all cool and that kind of stuff.  Damn, please this weekend 
say fuck all to all the shit you have to do, school all or other wise and 
just get out and live!!!  We are all young and life is in experiecne.  
Going to bed with total silencce on, tey it sone time 8-)  Anyone in 
Boulder or the near area drop me a line.  I am on a real bad type trip 
(life wise) right now and need to hang with cool folks who like to sit 
back and groove.  Hell anyone who is into that sort of thing please drop 
me aline.  talkkining to a lot of people from Down South and all that.  
Being form Maine transpoted from Colorado and all taht it is cool to talk 
to anyone who digs the real life.  Please, if your feeling down do what 
ever it is that make you fell good, and do it every day,  Life wears on 
your soul unless you let life pass you by every once in a while.  I plan 
on spoending my weekend in the fine old Rickies, everyone else chill and 
get back to where your from fro me.  Any one her from Manie?  I would 
love to talk about Maine with most anyone.  Ever been there or want ot 
drop me a line.

You Know I started this post taking about Dave and minartets and all that 
should be sone to make it last.  Forgat all that shit, do what you wnat.  
My area paper (Boulder, CO) talked today about how this generattion 
(forgive my generalizations) Loves to get inlved, but refuses to do 
anything about it.  What ever you belive in, not matter what, take a 
stand and let your voice be heard.  Final Phis quotes, for your late 
night pondering.  "Was it for this my life I sought?"  Gutote, listen 
toit if you can, forgive my drunken quoting  "I hope tis happens once 
again.'  Dave says the word, listen to Lie in our Graves, such a fat 
tune.  Dave, please bust out with Drive In, Drive out agina.  Soo good.  
ALRIGHT, I promise tis is the end.  Ben, good luck in the jungle of NYC, 
keep the peace and love life as it is.........

And on and on.......


Peace & Out...


Listen to Dave, Phish, Dead, GWS, your bongos, the last drag off your cig 
(I am smoking every night, sigs alloud)  and the sounds of life, get up 
at 6:00 am get out in an open space live the morning, walk around and sleep 


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more danm useless shit.

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Fri Feb 24 05:41:26 1995

Damn it Satalite, ants Marhing and aLL THAT  are still killer tujes for 
me.  It is all in what youi get from it.  Damn, Satalites on a mountain 
seeing an actual satalite with the girl I love, what the fuck is wrong 
with taht song, no matter when they play it.  But still...  Drive In, 
Drive out.   DMB, if you come to Colorado this summer please get in touch 
with me, I Really eant to let you rember Drive In and Blue Water agian.   
Plewase keep up the grove, what else so we have in this world anymore 

I swear this is my last drunken post )tonight)

"I realized the other day that there is nothing better in life than 
walking around and thinking about everything that goes on." - some 
drugged out hippie

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Band Name and HORDE

pkkernan@netcom.com Fri Feb 24 08:29:09 1995

I think a wonderful name for you band would be

Severe Gastro-intestinal Flu

I know it is is not as pretty as The Dave Matthews BAnd, but you have to 
admit it does kinda grow on you after a while..  

I think we should all write our congressmen and women and beg and plead 
to have Sheena Easton come back to headline HORDE fest this year...

Come on what do you say??????

Patrick K. Kernan        pkkernan@netcom.com

I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would 
allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around.

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March 1 Show at MSU--Any tickets left?

pkkernan@netcom.com Fri Feb 24 09:39:20 1995

Does anyone have any tickets left for the show on March 1 at MSU 
Auditorium?  I have a friend coming in to town from Northern Michigan 
University (a long haul I might add) and he is without.  Please email me 
personally if you can help.

Thanks mucho,


Patrick K. Kernan        pkkernan@netcom.com

I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would 
allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around.

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klong@nysernet.ORG Fri Feb 24 09:55:06 1995

"James E. Moeller" sez

RR is in fact NOT on tour w/ Page and Plant, but on tour with Toad 
the Wet Sprocket! BUT, on a certain date in April, they will be opening 
for another incredible band

If folks want to know about Root dates, please subscribe to rust-tribe@
envirolink.org.  Send mail to listproc@envirolink.org with the words
subscribe rust-tribe your@email in the body of the message.  

The reason I am posting this info is to try to keep the Root content
off minarets.  Yes, Root is opening for P&P.  Rust-tribe  received
confirmation from Mercury records and the band itself.  They also have
a couple of dates not on the tour with Toad and God Street Wine.  It's
no big secret.  Just subscribe to the list if you want to learn about 

And my thanks to barrett who answered my question about #36.


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band name

molly@ctg1.com Fri Feb 24 10:09:28 1995

Crispy Squid.

just a thought,



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Setlist for 2/23 pleeze?

pp54@columbia.edu Fri Feb 24 11:12:18 1995

Someone please post last night's setlist at the Roseland? I'm curious as 
to what they played so I know what to expect.....

Popper?!?! Holy shit man.



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JNICHOL1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Fri Feb 24 11:19:58 1995

bye, people...it truly was a lovely experience...really...thanks to all those
who felt the need to correct me, to console me, to erase me :)...may all of
your days be beautiful ones...

"fuck you i won't do what you tell me..."

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NY city

POPEM@tiger.hsc.edu Fri Feb 24 11:24:00 1995

We're going up to NY this weekend.
Can anybody recomend a coolbar in the city?
Does anybody know where "The Fez" is?  TR3 is playing there  tonight.

thanks in advance.


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driver8@phy.duke.edu Fri Feb 24 11:37:54 1995

can anyone tell me in the next few hours who is playing at the floodzone 
saturday night?

thanks for the help-myself


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TR3 at The Fez in NYC 2/24/95 !!!!

jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Fri Feb 24 12:21:53 1995

behind Time Cafe on 380 Lafeyette Street at 11:30.
between Great Jones St and Fourth
call (212) 533-2680

Was there last weekend... PURRRfect setting for their tunes.
If you're in the New England area, you should DEF!! go!

Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard * * POB 3240, Charlottesville,VA 22903
  jeg5s@virginia.edu    jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu  


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TAB 4 I'll Back You Up solo

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Fri Feb 24 12:25:05 1995

I haven't seen an update to the tab file recently so I hope this hasn't 
been added yet.

Ben and Ben, sorry to see you leave, 

Anyone, does Dave or Tim play this solo?

I hope evryone understands the notation, this is my first real effort at 

Parts may be played in different positions,
comments, questions, and or revision are all welcome, enjoy.

I'll Back You Up, solo, as recorded on R2T, by phrasing



change position




peace all, Dan



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