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t-shirt question

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Fri Feb 24 12:26:54 1995

I couldn't figure out who's doing this from the header and I'm 
digestified so if it's been covered, sorry.

What color are the shirts?
Do they mention the net name or anything?
Why are they so expensive?

What do the stickers look like?

thanx, Dan


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Duke show Date?

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Fri Feb 24 12:52:44 1995

Does anyone know what date the Duke show is?  I'm going to get tix, but 
the date is useful...Creg    cgbradle@email.unc.edu


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taping questions

FORTINJS@UCBEH.SAN.UC.EDU Fri Feb 24 14:24:50 1995

Anyone who knows about taping or anyone who likes Bagby's,
actually made it up to Ohio for a few shows.  I have only been to two in my
life and am going to three in ten days. Cincy, Cleveland and Columbus.  If you
care they are playing with BHT and Ugly Americans.(but you probably know that.)
I will have back stage passes to Cleveland and I hope to try and tape the
shows, but i do not know exactly what i need or who i should contact. I still
only have two fricken' tapes, and hope to hear some songs that i only raed
about and want them on tape.  


1.  Is it even possible to still tape shows?
If so then try and answer the rest, if not then all i can say is Hi!   Bye!
2.  Is it easy to tape at shows now, since i've never taped?
3.  There is not likely to be anyone else taping since DMB is not very well
seeded in Ohio so i will probably need to know what to plug into the board
4.  I hope i can talk to the members in Cleveland(back stage passes_) so if no
one can help me there might be a chance they would. Ya never know?
The shows are 2/28  3/4  3/9  so if i need to buy things respond promptly

5.  If you are the guy who i sent five tapes to in ORLANDO about three months
ago.   WHERE     ARE    YOU?    DO not have your address and you have not
posted me.    If you are just running a scam to get free blank tapes then

Or if you lost my address please send me a post and we will pick up where we
kleft off   Thanks.


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chicago tix

CMACKAY@ACNET.WHEATON.EDU Fri Feb 24 14:32:04 1995

the peoia show on the 13th was cancelled and rumor has it that a show 
will be added in chicago on the thursday the 16th.  I know a lot of 
you were looking for tickets.  I think they will go on sale tommorrow 
(saturday) at ticketmaster 312-559-1212.  i hope this is fact and not 

Life is short, but sweet for sure. -- D.M.

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swaun@vt.edu Fri Feb 24 14:33:10 1995

If you live in the southwest Virginia Area, you may have heard of a band 
called "Yarn".  They are REALLY good, jsut kind of undiscovered.  They are 
out of Blacksburg, VA, and are playing at Pedro's tongiht (if you know where 
that is).  Tonight's band cancelled, and they are headlining with a two hour 
show... three bucks.  A bargain at twice the price.  If you haven't heard 
them yet, come see them.  For more info, E-mail me personally.

Scott Waun


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Corrected setlist

bdg11@columbia.edu Fri Feb 24 14:46:02 1995


this has probably been corrected already by kysa and ben or dan or 
whoever else was at roseland. i wouldn't know as i'm not digestified, but 
i mixed up #36 and cry freedom in my list. yes, i'm rather new to dave as 
you can see. he DID play #36, he did NOT play cry freedom. sorry bout 
that. later, pppps, ben

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band name

CRFREDER@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Fri Feb 24 15:02:55 1995

I have always been partial to the band name of "Martha's Vineyard".  I don't
know if anyone already has this name or not, but I love it. Just a suggestion

-Chase Reed Frederick

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JThomps34@aol.com Fri Feb 24 15:27:48 1995

Hey all,
boots.  If anyone out there is interested in trading some phish for DMB (I
have about 70hrs) please let me know.  I'm not sure how many tapes he wants,
but I'll let you know if you contact me.  



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Departures, etc.

Thomas_Thornton@baylor.edu Fri Feb 24 15:29:14 1995

Hello, all!

I'm sorry to see a bunch of long time Dave fans leaving...but don't get so 
pissed that others are finding out about Dave. I admit, this Buzz Clip crap is a 
little much, but Dave deserves to be heard by the masses. I caught onto Dave 
from a thread on the BT-net last fall, went and bought UTTAD, and was hooked. 
I've since found R2T, Recently, and 5 Bagbys from cool Minareters Katy and 

I'm from Texas, and Dave Band didn't exactly frequent our part of the country, 
so I'm not surprised I didn't know about his work 'til recently, even though 
I've been listening to Widespread, BT, God Street, ARU, etc. for a couple of 
years. Am I a trendy just 'cause I'm getting into Dave's music now???? I don't 
think so, but...who knows?

C'mon, guys, let's work together here. Dave Band is incredible!

Last, I'd love to trade for some goos stuff (DMB or otherwise). Anyone who's 
interested, e- me and we'll talk.

All the best... Tom 


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DMB and Paul Shaffer

30OSSI@CUA.EDU Fri Feb 24 15:53:11 1995

Is Paul going to play with the band tonight on Letterman and if he is
will he also try to sing with Dave?

I really hope not, not that Paul is not a talented keyboard player, but...

Thanks to all who responded with my plea for tapes for a newbie, I am 
in your debt.


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dancing nancies

dxs200@psu.edu Fri Feb 24 16:23:22 1995

Hey there!
I was wondering if anyone knew what the hell a dancing nancie was?
just curious. later,


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<@uvmvm.uvm.edu:RTOOLE@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU> Fri Feb 24 16:30:02 1995

I was in a hurry and I accidentlly deleted the post with the shirt
info. I have the address but who do I make the check out to?

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2nd Chicago date added!?!?!?

wrongway@wwa.com Fri Feb 24 16:38:12 1995

the 16th, tix on sale Monday).  Big Big big big big.  I remember John 
Popper talkin on stage last May about how happy he was that Traveler even 
sold ONE night out at the Aragon... expanding exponentially, like some 
recursive vibe-ness!



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NYC Gathering

rhynig@aron01.jany.gs.com Fri Feb 24 17:06:44 1995

Just a reminder to anyone going to the DMB show tonight in NYC...
there is an informal gathering at McCoys (9th Avenue, Between 51st and 
52nd Streets) I think most people are getting there at around 7:30, so hope
to see people there.....

E... Brother E.... E ... long time to speak. hope you come down next month.
we can jam, drill, do our own tings.. Mr. Bitter rocked last night




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DMB on AOL-Transcript Needed

ee565@kanga.INS.CWRU.Edu Fri Feb 24 17:48:40 1995

Hi. Well, I recently unsubscribed from Minarets due to some
problems, and I missed the digest with the AOL transcript on it
so i was wondering if someone could send me a copy of the 
transcript or the digest with it in it. THanks a lot!

Please don't tell me what peace is, Let's look together,
and find out what peace is not----"Negation"-+live+

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My two cents

TM219482@wcupa.edu Fri Feb 24 17:59:55 1995

Yes please hook me up with some info on the tickets for Wilmington.  Would 
this be Delaware?
Respond under the subject    TICKET HOOK UP

Ok, so I'M a relative newbie to DMB, being from the Berkeley, CA area.
I'm a freshman (1st year, for the UVa set) at Duke, where Dave is
worshipped. Anyway, my two cents is that Dave is going to be big. I mean
I was given Recently and a few live tapes by friends here, and was
hooked. So i bought about 10 copies of UTTAD for my friends at home in
Cali when it came out, and they are foming at the mouth to see him live
now. And they said its taking off now. I guess that
the college stations in Santa Barbara, Cal Poly, Davis, and Berkeley are
lighting up with Dave requests, so I think its safe to say that
DMB is nationwide now. For us newbies, Dave is really exciting,
because... well, just listen! And for those of you who have been tuned
into DMB for years, I hope you can accept all these new fans (though the
12 year old screamers are annoying!) Anyway, thats my take on Dave.

so drop me a line, and I'll see whats up. Anyone who is willing to tape
old shows, drop a line too, I've got postage and blanks ready to go.
Also, I'll be at the Dead the 22-24 in Charollotte - thats my native
Berkeley band :)   Thanks a bunch, have a good one!


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Looking for New Haven '94

dcez!dinatale@uunet.uu.net Fri Feb 24 18:05:00 1995


I'm looking for a copy of the Palace show in NewHaven CT from this 
month.  It was my best friend's first show and I'd like to make a copy 
for him.  I have plenty of HQ Phish and a growing DMB collection to trade.

See Ya


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alang@engin.umich.edu Fri Feb 24 18:22:51 1995

With the new show being added in chicago, any minaretters in MN willing 
to go on a road trip to the city to see them.

Even though I'm seeing them on the 18th in St. Paul, wouldn't mind seeing 
them twice and comparing....  



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Re: DMB and Paul Shaffer

bmking@mail.wm.edu Fri Feb 24 18:40:32 1995

Is Paul going to play with the band tonight on Letterman and if he is
will he also try to sing with Dave?

I really hope not, not that Paul is not a talented keyboard player, but...

please oh please don't say dave wouldn't sound like dave with a keyboard..

I think they should get popper on there to do the harp, with paul doing
keyboards, and do a badass one to "creep into your mind"

but they don't seem to listen to me much..  :)

you don't have to worry about me
i might have been born yesterday
but i stayed up all night

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? on 2/23 roseland

Barrett.S.Shaver@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Fri Feb 24 18:49:43 1995

interest in this jam that has come up at burlington, syracuse, and apparently
roseland the other night. one person says the song they played after "recently"
was just the "water/wine" jam (both with popper), but then ben says it was #36.
was it both, sort of like recently-jam-#36 like in syracuse, or did they not
play #36 at all? it looks like the band is really trying to develop this
untitled piece into something...

oh, and klong, you said you didn't have any shows with #36, drop me a line...



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the crowd-surfing at roseland...

ken6@columbia.edu Fri Feb 24 19:02:42 1995

....it DID start during Help Myself... I promise... it wasn't like during 
Jimi Thing, when they really got rolling....but it was happening, in my 
area anyway (close to the front, left sort of).... 

was anyone else annoyed by the ball-tossing during Say Goodbye?  It 
created chaos and excitement but it was entirely inappropriate at that 
moment, imho.  and it was a distraction....(sigh).  

I'll present you all with a comprehensive analysis of the two-night run 
later tonight...lucky you, lucky you... :)


"I think that I know, but I haven't decided"


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Dancing Nancies Tab?

jjarchow@engrss2.unl.edu Fri Feb 24 19:08:14 1995

Hey all!  I got the chords/tab file and to my dismay no Dancing Nancies. 
:(  I've figured out some of the stuff, but not enough to make it through the
whole tune.  If anyone has tab to this can you send it my way?  I'd be
very appreciative...or if anyone has any other suggestions.  Thanks for
the time.  :)

Sharin' in the Groove!



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Additional Dave Matthews Band show aaded in Chicago !

direwolf@selway.umt.edu Fri Feb 24 19:43:38 1995

Hey Minareters!
As the subject says, There is going to be a additional BHTM/DMB show in 
Chicago.DMB has once again come through for me and played in my home town while 
I will be home on spring break. The original show is on Friday,March 17
(sold out) The additional show is scheduled for Thursday,March 16. Tickets will 
be going on sale at 10 a.m. February 25th, TOMMORROW ! Call someone you 
know in Chicago to get you tickets as I was told out of state calls are 
automatically delayed a 1/2 hour, and not given preference like a lot of 


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Re: 2nd show added in Chicago

direwolf@selway.umt.edu Fri Feb 24 19:56:35 1995

I originally posted a message that tickets will be going on sale at 
10 a.m. February 25, tommorrow, I was also told by TBastard that they will go 
on sale at 10 a.m. on Monday February 27th. I'd say try to buy tickets 
both times. Is it just me, or does Ticketmaster need to start employing 
people with brains? Good Luck !

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dave and tim

JimisThing@aol.com Fri Feb 24 20:41:24 1995

I'm hoping that someone out there would be kind enough to hook me up with a
tape or two of dave and tim.  I'd especially be interested the show of May
23, 1993 at the Live Arts space (if such a tape exists) or the Movie Palace
in the fall of 1993.  I have some bagbys to trade, or I could just send
blanks and postage.


"celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain"

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hls5c@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Feb 24 21:20:55 1995

hey all,
and tim at the prism house in charlottesville in early '93 where they play

also there was a big picture and article on the front page of the cavalier
daily (a uva newspaper) about DMB and being on letterman.

eat drink and be merry, 


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Dave on Dave...

greenpd0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Sat Feb 25 00:37:11 1995

what's up with that? why can't dave l. be cool and let them play for about
an hour or sp? ok, so i'm nuts, but screw tom snyder. if dave's gonna be on
network tv, let's make it crazy and last about an hour or two...so i'm a
bit disappointed with WWYS...i was kinda hopin' to hear that neat little
intro to two step, but then again, people in hell want ice water...

-mail me comments personally, as i desubbed.


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tmunoz@abacus.bates.edu Sat Feb 25 00:42:53 1995


Ok, is it just me or did Dave seem unenthusiastic or something during his
performance on the Late Show?  Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts
about this...


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DMB on Letterman, BHTM not....

jmalango@ezmail.ucs.indiana.edu Sat Feb 25 00:45:33 1995

Interesting that DMB made it on Letterman, and the group that
they are opening for, Big Head Todd, only booked on Conan O'Brien.
Maybe a roll reversal should take place soon....let DMB headline,
and BHTM open. See you all at the Cleveland show....

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DMB on Letterman

ST942001@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Sat Feb 25 00:50:51 1995

was still fun, I thought, to see them on Letterman.  It was pretty tame, 
no jam of course because of time, but they sounded good and Boyd got in
a great solo as far as I'm concerned.  

this month-I think it was the seventh.  I know there's some Smith students
on the net, and I'm wondering if anyone at all has a copy of that show yet.
Please e-mail me personally if you do.  Thanks, 

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3-5-94 Sewanee show

ivans@acpub.duke.edu Sat Feb 25 01:05:30 1995

Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone could give me a little more info about this show.
I'd like to know what state it was in and what arena or club or whatever.



P.S. Dave was great on Letterman tonight, did you notic Dave (Letterman) had
to keep looking at the teleprompter for the band's name.


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dave boots

rtrim@magicnet.net Sat Feb 25 01:10:16 1995

hello all. this isnt my first post, but i thought id introduce myself. i am
a high school junior here in central florida (ugh), and i started listening
to dave over the summer. i love his music, it is just so groovin'. well,
since i am in florida, i havent had a chance to see dave live yet. i am
hoping he will come done to either open for Tom Petty or have his own show
before that(as is rumored). as a result of being geographically isolated
from most cool bands, including DMB, i have yet to hear such songs that i
have heard discussed on Minarets like #36, Granny, Lie in Our Graves, and
send some blanks/return postage, that one of you kind veterans could spin me
some cool shows with these songs on them. well, thats it for now.
thanks for listening
ps-i was so excited/happy about seeing DMB on letterman. they were so
GREAT!!! i finally got to see them for the first time "live"


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ddevito@gallium.helios.nd.edu Sat Feb 25 01:13:03 1995

 Ok, is it just me or did Dave seem unenthusiastic or something during his
 performance on the Late Show?  Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts
 about this...
Yeah, it pretty much was not good.  He played what is, imho, one
of the worst songs in his repitoire, and he played it quite 
lacksidasically (pardon my spelling).  He looked very tired, and
regardless of how hot last night's show or the one he has just finished
playing was (were), he looked like he needs a break.  Playing on the
road can take a lot out of someone, and Dave looked like he needed a 

Just my $0.02,

PS Whatever happened to NOT playing WWYS "just to piss RCA off"?  Has
"You know I'm ready to give everything for anything I take." --J. Garcia/R. Hunter
Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame 


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Valentine's Day Tree is closed

wl1o+@andrew.cmu.edu Sat Feb 25 01:14:36 1995

Hey all,
have stopped accepting applications for the tree.  To all of the over
200 people on the tree, please keep an eye out on minarets for the tree
structure.  I will try to post in sometime Saturday.  To those who
missed the deadline, don't worry.  The fact that over 200 people will
have a copy within a couple weeks means that you should be able to trade
for it pretty easily.  Take it easy y'all.

- Bill


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Dave on dave

75714.1363@compuserve.com Sat Feb 25 01:31:17 1995

following on 	quickly to prevent any spontaneous demonstrations.also, his
continuing 	description of them as a "rock & roll band" is the last attempt i
would make 
played--considering the silly shit that fills up little dave's shows, he would
do much 	better to let bands play two songs, or 	stretch out on one, but
that would steal his 	spotlight, i guess.

the 	dead the same way when they were on, and any other artist who fills the
audience 	with fans.


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tmunoz@abacus.bates.edu Sat Feb 25 01:42:30 1995


there who love and support the DMB.  I am so happy that i finally
subscribed to minarets.  I have been listening to the DMB since my roomate
kept playing 'Ants' over and over again and I finally asked him who that
was because I liked it so much.  Since then I have come to respect and
like more of the DMB's music.  I have seen them twice, once i my hometown
of Portland, Oregon and once at my school, Bates College.  At the Bates
show I had back-stage passes and met Dave and Boyd and was completly blown
away by how nice and down-to-earth they were...I will never forget that
night!  Since I am a newbie I am looking for show tapes.  Could you out
there help me?  Looking for Portland, Oregon on 25.November.1994, Bates
College on 28.January.1995, any shows that they performed Halloween at,
and any San Francisco area shows (college shows) with the Dead and Phish? 
Thanks so much for everybodys time.  And it is nice to meet you all.


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friday night in front of the tele...

CJACOBS@smith.smith.edu Sat Feb 25 01:50:07 1995

totally psyched about dmb.  did you see how he rushed up to shake his hands
so that
's always a good sign.  i think that, instead of dave being lackadaisical
about playing, as was previously suggested, he was really nervous.  i mean,
who wouldn't be?  they were all quite nervous which may explain leroi's sax
thing that didn't...quite...fit...with the rest of it.  but i think we should
talk about their clothes.  how sharp was boyd in that linen thing?  and
they looked good.  i have to keep telling myself that i (probably like most
of you) am over critical because i've seen the band plenty of times and
listened to cds/tapes even more plenty of times and so i can say, ah yes, no
big intor, wow, that wasn't like such-and-such a show but to the layman
viewer, who is the object of this t.v. stint, dmb was great.  impresive even.
i disagree a bit bu, hell, they were shaking in their shoes.  whee. considering
it all, i am proud.  but i really wish i was in nyc right now.  very swank.


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Dave on Dave

peterke3@wfu.edu Sat Feb 25 01:57:32 1995

That poor thing! You guys need to cut him some slack. I think Dave M. was 
nervous as shit, and its not fair to be hard on him. They had 2 min to 
shine, it seemed like he got off to a rough start with his first few 
chords on the guitar... and poor boyd had to look cool just standing 
there for 90% of the song-- he did get a minor yet kickin solo in there, 
but didnt have the opportunity to be showcased like he would at a live 
performance...all in all the poor fellas did the best they could-- I saw 
Dave M. shake Dave L's hand humbly and nervously as hell at the end, which i 
think clinched the fact that dave M was nervous as hell...  that poor 
baby, cut them some damn slack everyone! You all sit back on your haunches passing 
judgement.. I'd LOVE to see some of you be under the pressure to shine in 
120 secs or else. BE SUPPORTIVE!!
shame shame.


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Re: friday night in front of the tele...

mchang@changtech.res.jhu.edu Sat Feb 25 02:00:41 1995

Dave and the bunch really *did* look SHARP!  Nice pants, and Boyd!  
Wow.... that's linen!  The boys ('cept leroi who looked out of it) all 
seemed happy to see Dave Letterman.  Boyd was all smiles when Dave L. 
shook his hand, so did Our Dave... :)

I think that the strenuous touring DMB is doing compounded with the 
nervousness of the guys for Dave L. made this a lackluster performance...

Don't get me wrong - -anytime I get to see dave is a good time.

*plunk* *plunk*



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mbs9h@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Feb 25 02:10:41 1995

1.  Just got done putting away the equipment from audio and visual taping of
the program.  A little disappointed with WWYS.  Thought Best Of... would have
been an excellent choice, wouldn't you agree?  Was hoping the "MTV tune"
wouldn't be aired.  But nevertheless a thrill to see the boys on national tv.
little tight.  Boyd certainly did not have this problem and even Carter
looked a little awestruck.

2.  ********Any interested HiQ traders, feel free to drop me a list.(have
about 50 hours)  Yours gets mine.********

pronounce your last name and second I've got a crispy copy of the Letterman
show all ready for you.

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Looking for tapes

jrbolton@COLBY.EDU Sat Feb 25 02:30:11 1995

there is a generous person out there who would either spin me one for
blanks and postage or trade for phish (I've got 70 hours).  Thanks in

Jon Bolton            jrbolton@colby.edu
". . . He's so unhip, when you say Dylan, 
he thinks you're talking about Dylan
Thomas, whoever he was.  The man 
ain't got no culture."    


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Roseland Friday show

awp3@columbia.edu Sat Feb 25 02:47:49 1995

well no one else has written yet so i guess i willsay a litlle 
amazing show
i forget the set list but i am sure someone will post it
if not everyone ask marianne, she has it
seek up opener-as usual, but very nice and long........
granny  a very nice suprise
NO SATELLITE -this made the night, i was about to choke guy behind me you 
yelled it after every song right in my ear...  
Popper joined in  during say goodbye. very nice, harp complimented the song 
nicely, plus the fact that 90% of the people there didn't know it
The highlight was TREY from PHISH and POPPER on an insane WATCHTOWER. it 
was the most amazing version I have ever heard. POpper and Trey jammed 
the hell out of it
I could have sworn that I heard a blue water tease in the end of typical 
situation but they just finished out typical, anyone els ehear this or am 
i crazy
minarets was played- another nice jam
two step, WWYS, 
ants closed the set with everyone, well almost everyone screaming their 
lungs out singing the lyrics
encore pay for what you get and Halloween
no crowd surfing...one person tried twice in the middle of the show but 
was pulled down after 1 second...
LONG show at least 2 hours
tapers...lots of them there..and soundboard patches..i thought they 
weren't allowing it...

met a few new people today..Kysa, Jon, Ben and saw a few other people again
marianne who won the game?...I know it was me..don't lie...I wouldn't..I 
want my $$

there are 3 people from columbia on the net with a Nov 6 B-day,

c.bad tastes like chicken


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messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Sat Feb 25 03:43:17 1995

Well, I read my posts to Minarets today, couldn't quite remeber what the 
hell I wrote about!  I promise to never post messages that drug induced 
and poor spelling filled agian.  But if you could read it I hope you got 
my message.  What did they play on Letterman tonight?  Did Paul play with 
them?  Enquiring minds want to know.

Peace & Out...


Listen to Phish, walk around and sleep alot.


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DMB on Letterman

jrbolton@COLBY.EDU Sat Feb 25 04:03:28 1995

always wind up souding like shit?  First Phish and now DMB.  Whatever way
the amps were miked the whole thing just sounded atrocious.  Leroi's sax
was all muted and dull, and the violen sound was just awful.  I'm not
necessarily saying that they didn't PLAY well (I haven't quite decided
about that) just that the music that was coming though my tv did not sound
like the dave matthews band that I know and love.  Also, did it sound to
anyone else like Boyd was playing wrong notes or in fact even in the wrong
key?  Something was very wrong with the violen although I'd find it hard to
believe that a musician as good as Boyd could actually play in the wrong
key and not realize it.  It was kind of a shame because I dragged a bunch
of my friends who didn't know the music in to see it and to put it mildly
they were not impressed.  I guess some bands (i.e. Phish and DMB) are just
not meant for TV.   I'm curious to see if anyone agrees with me.  

Jon Bolton            jrbolton@colby.edu
". . . He's so unhip, when you say Dylan, 
he thinks you're talking about Dylan
Thomas, whoever he was.  The man 
ain't got no culture."    


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@@@DMB IN NYC@@@

sau3@columbia.edu Sat Feb 25 04:20:51 1995

For those of you who missed last nights roseland show im sorry
and for those of you who didnt miss it, but didn;t goto FEZ, im very sorry.

Dave is the nicest person ive ever met.
Even though he was just chilling probably wanting to enjoy himself,
he was completely gracious to every single fan that asked for an 
autograph, picture, hug, or kiss....

He just stood answering questions, and telling people what ever they 
wanted to know.

for those of you who cant stand the bubble gum side-DAVE DIDNT PLAY SATELLITE
but he did another 15 or so tunes


i dont know if dave will read this post,
but he should know that everyone who went tonight had the time of their 

Dave also said that hes going to do a show with the New york PHIllharmonic...

also ,. Stephan tried to steal my girlfriend....


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What Would I Say??

TerrJS72@aol.com Sat Feb 25 04:28:33 1995

OK, Dave on Dave. Not surprised was I. 

At least the world famous Paul Schaffer kept quiet. 

Also, now everytime I turn on eMpTyVee I see the WWYS vid. 

Oh well, now they'll all know.

How's this for a better video idea??

Three minutes and forty three seconds of nothing but shots of Dave's feet
dancing away.........

Sorry if input like this has driven you to unsub.....I'll miss ya :(

that john guy

Today is Jack Handey's b-day

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TR3 show - met dave!

bdg11@columbia.edu Sat Feb 25 04:28:35 1995

what's up y'all

probably been posted already, but first off, here's what went down at 
roseland, though i wasn't there - TREY! he did watchtower with dave and 
popper, although according to one source, he didn't know the tune. 
anyway, list was similar to the previous night, but NO satellite. also, 
minarets, warehouse, pay for what you get, from what i heard. 

though i was not at roseland, i made it down to fez for TR3 to view quite 
a net-gathering. ben s. and kysa were there, and i got to meet marianne 
and gavin. this was the first time i had heard tim in a non-dave context, 
and he wa pretty good. the songs were ok, but the playing as usual was 
great. he did a cover of if 6 was 9. anyway, during the show, dave, 
carter, and stefan walk in with their manager and jsut chilled in the 
crowd listening to tim. it was very cool - dave was very nice to people 
who in turn didn't fawn all over him. after tim's set , dave walked 
around meeting people, and i got to talk to him for a minute, and he did 
an original drawing, seeminglyu a self-portrait in my setlist book which 
had been inaugurated the night before. 

oh, btw, seth, a fellow columbian at the show, talked to dave and told 
him that he had made it down for the RSO shows. dave said that the band 
was working with a number of other orchestras, including the New york 
Philharmonic (!) on similar shows. how cool would this be?! - dave in 
avery fisher! wow. anyway, i will stop dave-babbling and hopefully see 
you all there.

pppppps, ben

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RoseLand tonight...and other thoughts.

ken6@columbia.edu Sat Feb 25 05:02:57 1995

jeez, this night was incredible.....it must be shared...

first of all, the mini-gathing at McCoy's was wonderful... hi to marianne 
and jon and tony and ...oh my gosh, it's too late....i'll say hi to the rest 
of you tomorrow... 

still waiting to hear the results of the guess-the-setlist contest 
sponsored by marianne....i think i have a chance; i called the seek-up 
opener and halloween closer...

the show was magnificent.... satellite-free setlist, granny, minarets, 
two-step, halloween.....Popper....and, to my most spectacularly 
pleased surprise...TREY!***  That made my whole week....to see trey 
popper and dave all together....and trey at all, for that matter....the 
complete surprise made it all the more orgasmic...

and after the show....the Fez... my first time hearing TR3 and they were 
wonderful...all the more exciting that dave and co. showed up to enjoy 
the show as well...('cept for boyd, i think). 

i didn't even see any crowd-surfing tonight! even though i know it 
happened...i was too far back to see it... 

if anyone taped this show or is planning to tree it, or has it or will 
have it, we must talk.  I believe this may have been my best 
dave-viewing experience to date.  



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Dave on TBS "Live at House..."

will.schaffarzick@babble.com Sat Feb 25 07:26:23 1995

Does anyone know when Dave's House of Blues show will be aired on TBS's
"Live at the House of Blues" program, or have I missed it already?

 Will Schaffarzick 

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Let's Trade Tapes!!!

TripnBilly@aol.com Sat Feb 25 07:30:53 1995

My dear, fellow Minarets,

1)     Feb. 25, 1994 at Sweetbriar
2)     July 27, 1993
3)     December 2, 1993 at Va Tech
4)     any show with "Blue Water..."

If any of you have any or all of these tapes please let me know, I would like
to work out a trade.  I've got some Dave from 1992, and more dave, including
one with "people, people."  Also have a God Street Wine, and some local
southern bands like Allgood, Big Ass Truck,  and Flying Mice.  I've even got
a whole Pearl Jam concert with Neil young on "Rockin' in the Free world", but
I doubt many of you would want that.  PLEASE let me know if anyone has these
tapes or is interested in trading.  I can also send you blanks if you don't
need anything right now.     

"That shit kicks my ass!"  - Dave, Nov. 3, 1992

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saf1@acpub.duke.edu Sat Feb 25 10:50:44 1995


looking to set up a trade - does anyone have quality, crispy copies of 
any of these shows?
Duke University, 10/?/93 - it was Oktoberfest
Hammerjacks (Baltimore) july 27, 1994
Raliegh Ritz sept. 29, 1994
if you have any these shows and would like to swing a deal, drop me a 
line and we will try to work something out, 
thanks in advance for any help,



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DMB and DL

abs@student.umass.edu Sat Feb 25 10:51:48 1995

ok...he looked a little nervous at first..but then the dance came 
out....ohh so good...

also .....where were those cool shoes?

just my $0.02 (thanks kika)

ps....where are those trades? 

peace from Brushy Mtn..

don't you know that social living is the best...Winston Rodney


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info on Wilmington tix

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Sat Feb 25 11:24:16 1995

Hey there Y'all-

I just called up Poindexter's records in Wilmington, and they said there 
was a problem with the location of the April 15th show.  So no tix 
today.  They said to call again on Monday and maybe they'd be on sale then.

Just for everyone's info, the # again is (910) 313-0076

Ta ke care y'all!




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TR3 Tapes

AXJX80B@mail.prodigy.com Sat Feb 25 11:27:32 1995

Does anyone out there have any TR3 boots or some Edwin
McCain?  I have a lot of Phish and about 14 DMB tapes.  I'd 
like to set up a trade if anyone is interested.



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Someone MPEG the Letterman show!!

HAINS@suvax1.stetson.edu Sat Feb 25 11:49:43 1995

Letterman gig?  Woah!  If someone has access to a MPEG video capturer and a
tape of the show, PROCESS THAT SHIT!  Would be killer..

Bryan C. Hains - Stetson University Biology   |"Intelligence is the ultimate |


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further info on wilm.

73261.1133@compuserve.com Sat Feb 25 12:04:00 1995

as some of you know by now ther has been a delay on the sale of wilmington 
tix, well now there saying that the concert is in the process of being 
postponed, but not cancelled, i think it is because the good ole boys that 
run this town, do not want the show to be held at the fairgrounds (there 
has never been a concert held there before) because it is relatively close 
to several residential areas, and  they also do no not want the show during 
the azalea festival,,,charlie daniels band o.k., frank sinatra o.k....but 
not dave,,,no way    some of the younger people might have a good time, and 
we wont allow that....stay tuned for further developments as they 

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Re: Water/Wine jam?/other stuff

bdg11@columbia.edu Sat Feb 25 13:29:42 1995

to barrett and anyone else interested

between #36 and recently, as my memory serves me, there WAS a pretty cool 
jam. i'm not sure if this is the water/wine jam we've been hearing about. 
it was very mellow, with leroi playing a beautiful flute line and popper 
just intoning some low notes. maybe someone more knowledgeable can help 
us out on this one? 

to the guy wondering about dave being on letterman and bhtm being on 
conan - ummmm, dave DID headline, not bhtm. i don't know who's opening in 
columbus or wherever you are, but dave had headlined the whole east coast 
tour to my knowledge. as far as i know, dmb will only open in todd's home 
base - i.e. colorado, maybe midwest. as far as i'm concerned, the two 
bands can't be compared. 

either show - blanks, trades, tree, whatevah. kysa says there were many 
tapers last night - do you remember thursday? maybe i just didn't look, 
but i don't remember many mikes, if any. saw a lot of people milling 
around the board after big head, though. maybe a good sign?

anyway, time to review the show. Total number of net people met or hung 
out with this weekend - 10 - kewl.  C.Bad is definitely in the house, 
but my b-day is January 30.

pppps to all


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Re: Roseland Friday show

punter@leland.Stanford.EDU Sat Feb 25 13:30:01 1995

Did anyone tape Friday's show at Roseland?  If so, drop me an email.  I 
have to agree with the previous post about Dave doing a great job on 
letterman.  How can you blame the guy for being a little tight at the 
beginning?  Anyway, somebody let me know about the Roseland show please.  

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Re: ? on 2/23 roseland

dominic@sccs.swarthmore.edu Sat Feb 25 13:53:15 1995

 		ok, forgive my anal retentiveness but i've taken a real
 interest in this jam that has come up at burlington, syracuse, and apparently
 roseland the other night. one person says the song they played after "recently"
 was just the "water/wine" jam (both with popper), but then ben says it 
was #36.
 was it both, sort of like recently-jam-#36 like in syracuse, or did they not
 play #36 at all? it looks like the band is really trying to develop this
 untitled piece into something...
 oh, and klong, you said you didn't have any shows with #36, drop me a line...

ok, guys, i'd first like to say that at the very moment i started this 
message, What Would You Say started playing on Y100 radio (out of 
Philly).   cheese station for the Mr. Sharp Cheddar himself.

the jam mentioned in the above post was also played at the Tower Theatre 
on 2/10/95.    it was the first time I'VE ever heard it...

i rather liked it, but it DEFINATELY needs some real words, to make sense 

Recently-- a PDA-some-people-pretty-pretty-girl type of song
water/wine jam-- [unknown or unfamiliar theme]
#36-- get-up-and-dance-we-don't-live-forever type of song.

actually, that makes alot of sense by itself... i remember hearing 
something about doin it now, 'cause i hope to god we don't grow old 
before--garble bgarble.'    can anyoneotherthanme back this up?


Dominic Sagolla '96	      --Constantly 
Swarthmore College              Craving
Swarthmore, PA 19081			the Perfect


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akinscj0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Sat Feb 25 14:32:35 1995

Tha last time I talked to my sister (24, goes to FSU) she told me she'd
heard Dave's "new" song on the radio in Tallahassee, FL.  "They sound a lot
like Big Head Todd!" she says.  This morning she calls ma at 10 in the
morning and says she saw them on Letterman last night.  "I swear they sound
just like the Dead!" was her new infuriating comment.  I love that Dave is
getting all this great publicity and that he's really got a chance of
hittin the big times, but it's pretty sad when you get comments like these
from your own flesh and blood.  Well, no matter what her skewed
impressions, she at least admits she likes DMB so far, and if Dave is
reaching out to people like my sister, then all I can say is that he's doin
pretty damn good.  Well, I promised to send her some live bagbys in hopes
that this will disuade her from any further comparisons.  Dave is Dave!!!!
Let's all keep our fingers crossed!!!


"If you culivate a healthy poverty and simplicity, so that finding a penny
will literally make your day, then, since the world is planted in pennies,
you have with your poverty bought a lifetime of days.  It is that simple.
What you see is what you get."  --Annie Dillard
Jennie Akins
SPO 1117
735 University Avenue
Sewanee, TN     37383-1000


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Friday in New York

andynyc@panix.com Sat Feb 25 14:59:54 1995

It's been said, but Friday's show was absolutely tremendous from
beginning to end.

It looked like there were quite a few tapers... you are in
possession of something special.

Not treeing this show to absolutely everyone on this net 
would be a crime.

Thursday wasn't bad either.

Andy    andynyc@panix.com

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TR3 at fez

JSLAGHT@drew.edu Sat Feb 25 15:02:28 1995

Best seven bucks I ever spent......
TR3 was really cool, Tim played the guitar with his teeth on several occasions.
We were sitting at the front table with the bassist (pete's) girlfriend, a
very nice woman who offered me money because I didn't have enough to cover 
the Fez one drink minimum (quite broke was I).  After the first set Carter   
walked in and socialized for a bit, and Stefan stood in the corner talking to
Tim.  I went over with a friend to talk to him, and when we got there he said
(and I quote) "I hate to be rude, but I'm going to go talk to some friends."
Oh, well.  I didn't catch when Leroi entered, but he and dave came in between
sets also.  
After the TR3 show ended we went over to talk to dave, I asked him about the
firedancer necklaces( boyd's broke, too) and he said that the guy who made them
is making dave and boyd another one.  We went back and sat with Laurie (pete's
girlfriend) for a while, and soon everyone had left except for tr3, dave, leroi
stefan, carter and a whole slew of their friends.  At this point we went and 
talked to Leroi (trashed) for a few minutes, nothing interesting was said.
Carter seemed to be sober, and we had a nice conversation with him. My friend
Emily asked him about his feelings on stardom, and he said "I fart, burp and
shit just like everyone else....I'm not a star."  We ran into dave a few more 
times, and I asked him about the crowdsurfers....he thinks it's strange, it's
not really the music for it (right on, dave!).  I also asked him about the 
song he played before #36 with popper on Thursday, and he said that it was just
a jam that they had been working on and they'll have a name for it later.  
Dave was drinking burboun with ashes in it, but it was ok because "they're 
just at the bottom." I think he was drunk :).
Again, best seven bucks I ever spent..............bye, jon.


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Re: your mail

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Sat Feb 25 15:33:08 1995

Does anyone have any info about a Charlotte, N.C. show or a Chapel Hill 
show for DMB.  I've only heard rumors about both, but I should've known 
if there is a Chapel Hill show.  I have heard that it is a sorority 
charity thing in Carmichael Arena.  Who knows?  Creg Bradley  

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The H.O.R.D.E. Show

s252047@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Sat Feb 25 15:37:26 1995

The H.O.R.D.E. Show				WZBT 91.1 FM
Hosted by Jim Moeller				Gettysburg College
Saturdays, Noon - 1:00 pm			Gettysburg, PA


"Gone".................................Black Crowes, "Amorica" 
"Bad Side".............................The Hatters, "Madcap Adventure..."
"Mother Funker"........................BT, "1988 Let's Travel" Demo
"Open It Up"...........................Allgood, "Uncommon Goal"
"Did You Ever Look So Nice?"...........Samples, "No Room"
"Seek Up"..............................DMB, 7/24/94, Atlanta,GA
"Ride The Tide"........................Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, (single)
"Divided Sky"..........................Phish, "Junta" 

Comments and criticisms greatly appreciated! 


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STAUNTONN@hartwick.edu Sat Feb 25 15:41:36 1995

* US Citizen 

[Please distribute this Petition far and wide, and upload it everywhere (where
appropriate, of course).]


This document is an electronic Petition Statement to the
U.S. Congress regarding pending legislation, the
"Communications Decency Act of 1995" (S. 314) which will
have, if passed, very serious negative ramifications for
freedom of expression on Usenet, the Internet, and all
electronic networks.  The proposed legislation would remove
guarantees of privacy and free speech on all electronic
networks, including the Internet, and may even effectively
close them down as a medium to exchange ideas and

For an excellent analysis of this Bill by the Center for
Democracy and Technology (CDT), refer to the Appendix
attached at the end of this document.  The text to S. 314
is also included in this Appendix.

This document is somewhat long, but the length is necessary
to give you sufficient information to make an informed
decision.  Time is of the essence, we are going to turn
this petition and the signatures in on 3/16/95, so if you
are going to sign this please do so ASAP or at least before
midnight Wednesday, March 15, 1995.

Even if you read this petition after the due date, please
submit your signature anyway as we expect Congress to
continue debating these issues in the foreseeable future
and the more signatures we get, the more influence the
petition will have on discussion.  And even if Congress
rejects S. 314 while signatures are being gathered, do
submit your signature anyway for the same reason.

Please do upload this petition statement as soon as
possible to any BBS and on-line service in your area.
If you have access to one of the major national on-line
services such as CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL, etc., do try
to upload it there.  We are trying to get at least 5000
signatures.  Even more signatures are entirely possible
if we each put in a little effort to inform others, such
as friends and coworkers, about the importance of this
petition to electronic freedom of expression.

(1) Introduction (this section)
(2) The Petition Statement
(3) Instructions for signing this petition
(4) Credits
(Appendix) Analysis and text of S. 314 (LONG but excellent)

******(2) The Petition Statement

In united voice, we sign this petition against passage of S. 314 (the 

S. 314 would prohibit not only individual speech that is "obscene, lewd,
lascivious, filthy, or indecent", but would prohibit any provider of
telecommunications service from carrying such traffic, under threat of
stiff penalty.  Even aside from the implications for free speech, this
would cause an undue - and unjust - burden upon operators of the various
telecommunications services.  In a time when the citizenry and their
lawmakers alike are calling for and passing "no unfunded mandates" laws
to the benefit of the states, it is unfortunate that Congress might seek to
impose unfunded mandates upon businesses that provide the framework for
the information age. 

An additional and important consideration is the technical feasibility of
requiring the sort of monitoring this bill would necessitate.  The
financial burden in and of itself - in either manpower or technology to
handle such monitoring (if even legal under the Electronic Communications
Privacy Act) - would likely cause many smaller providers to go out of
business, and most larger providers to seriously curtail their services. 

The threat of such penalty alone would result in a chilling effect in the
telecommunications service community, not only restricting the types of
speech expressly forbidden by the bill, but creating an environment
contrary to the Constitutional principles of free speech, press, and
assembly - principles which entities such as the Internet embody as
nothing has before. 

By comparison, placing the burden for content control upon each individual
user is surprisingly simple in the online and interactive world, and there
is no legitimate reason to shift that burden to providers who carry that
content.  Unlike traditional broadcast media, networked media is
comparatively easy to screen on the user end - giving the reader, viewer,
or participant unparalleled control over his or her own information
environment.  All without impacting or restricting what any other user
wishes to access.  This makes regulation such as that threatened by this
S. 314 simply unnecessary. 

In addition, during a period of ever-increasing commercial interest in
arenas such as the Internet, restriction and regulation of content or the
flow of traffic across the various telecommunications services would have
serious negative economic effects.  The sort of regulation proposed by this
bill would slow the explosive growth the Internet has seen, giving the
business community reason to doubt the medium's commercial appeal. 

We ask that the Senate halt any further progress of this bill.  We ask 
that the Senate be an example to Congress as a whole, and to the nation 
at large - to promote the general welfare as stated in the Preamble to 
the Constitution by protecting the free flow of information and ideas 
across all of our telecommunications services.

******(3) Instructions for signing the petition

It must first be noted that this is a petition, not a
vote.  By "signing" it you agree with *all* the requests
made in the petition.  If you do not agree with everything
in this petition, then your only recourse is to not sign

In addition, all e-mail signatures will be submitted to
Congress, the President of the United States, and the
news media.

Including your full name is optional, but *very highly
encouraged* as that would add to the effectiveness of the
petition.  Signing via an anonymous remailer is highly
discouraged, but not forbidden, as an attempt will be made
to separately tally signatures from anonymous remailers.

Because this is a Petition to the U.S. Congress, we ask
that you state, as instructed below, whether or not you
are a U.S. citizen.  We do encourage non-U.S. citizens to
sign, but their signatures will be tallied separately.

Signing this petition is not hard, but to make sure your
signature is not lost or miscounted, please follow these

1) Prepare an e-mail message.  In the main body (NOT the

SIGNED Internet e-mail address Full name US Citizen

You need not include the "" and "" characters. 'SIGNED'
should be capitalized.  As stated above, your full name is
optional, but highly recommended.  If you do supply your
name, please don't use a pseudonym or nickname, or your
first name -- it's better to just leave it blank if it's
not your full and real name.  If you are a U.S. citizen,
please include at the end of the signature line a 'YES',
and if you are not, a 'NO'.  All signatures will be
tallied whether or not you are a U.S. Citizen


SIGNED dave@kachina.altadena.ca.us Dave C. Hayes YES

2) Please DON'T include a copy of this petition, nor any
other text, in your e-mail message.  If you have comments
to make, send e-mail to me personally, and NOT to the
special petition e-mail signature address.

3) Send your e-mail message containing your signature to

4) Within a few days of receipt of your signature, an
automated acknowledgment will be e-mailed to you for e-mail
address verification purposes.  You do not need to respond or
reply to this acknowledgement when you receive it.  We may
also contact you again in the future should we need more
information, such as who your House Representative and
Senators are, which is not asked here as it is unclear
whether such information is needed.

Thank you for signing this petition!

******(4) Credits

The petition statement was written by slowdog 
slowdog@wookie.net, super.net.freedom.fighter. 

The rest of this document mostly collated from the net 
by Dave Hayes, net.freedom.fighter.

Much help came from Jon Noring, INFJ and
self.proclaimed.net.activist who made a few
suggestions and will be tallying the signatures.

Thanks to the EFF and CDT for the excellent analysis of
the bill.

(p.s., send your signature to s314-petition@netcom.com)

******(Appendix) Analysis and text of S. 314

[This analysis provided by the Center for Democracy and
Technology, a non-profit public interest organization.
CDT's mission is to develop and advocate public policies
that advance Constitutional civil liberties and democratic
values in new computer and communications technologies.
For more information on CDT, ask Jonah Seiger




Senators Exon (D-NE) and Senator Gorton (R-WA) have
introduced legislation to expand current FCC regulations
on obscene and indecent audiotext to cover *all* content
carried over all forms of electronic communications
networks.  If enacted, the "Communications Decency Act of
1995" (S. 314) would place substantial criminal liability
on telecommunications service providers (including
telephone networks, commercial online services, the
Internet, and independent BBS's) if their network is used
in the transmission of any indecent, lewd, threatening or
harassing messages.  The legislation is identical to a
proposal offered by Senator Exon last year which failed
along with the Senate Telecommunications reform bill (S.
1822, 103rd Congress, Sections 801 - 804). The text the
proposed statute, with proposed amendment, is appended at
the end of this document.

The bill would compel service providers to chose between
severely restricting the activities of their subscribers
or completely shutting down their email, Internet access,
and conferencing services under the threat of criminal
liability.  Moreover, service providers would be forced to
closely monitor every private communication, electronic
mail message, public forum, mailing list, and file archive
carried by or available on their network, a proposition
which poses a substantial threat to the freedom of speech
and privacy rights of all American citizens.

S. 314, if enacted, would represent a tremendous step
backwards on the path to a free and open National
Information Infrastructure.  The bill raises fundamental
questions about the ability of government to control
content on communications networks, as well as the locus
of liability for content carried in these new
communications media.

To address this threat to the First Amendment in digital
media, CDT is working to organize a broad coalition of
public interest organizations including the ACLU, People
For the American Way, and Media Access Project, along with
representatives from the telecommunications, online
services, and computer industries to oppose S. 314 and to
explore alternative policy solutions that preserve the
free flow of information and freedom of speech in the
online world.  CDT believes that technological
alternatives which allow individual subscribers to control
the content they receive represent a more appropriate
approach to this issue.


S. 314 would expand current law restricting indecency and
harassment on telephone services to all telecommunications
providers and expand criminal liability to *all* content
carried by *all* forms of telecommunications networks.
The bill would amend Section 223 of the Communications Act
(47 U.S.C. 223), which requires carriers to take steps to
prevent minors from gaining access to indecent audiotext
and criminalizes harassment accomplished over interstate
telephone lines.  This section, commonly known as the
Helms Amendment (having been championed by Senator Jesse
Helms), has been the subject of extended Constitutional
litigation in recent years.


S. 314 would make telecommunication carriers (including
telephone companies, commercial online services, the
Internet, and BBS's) liable for every message, file, or
other content carried on its network -- including the
private conversations or messages exchanged between two
consenting individuals.

Under S. 314, anyone who "makes, transmits, or otherwise
makes available any comment, request, suggestion,
proposal, image, or other communication" which is
"obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or indecent" using a
"telecommunications device" would be subject to a fine of
$100,000 or two years in prison (Section (2)(a)).

In order to avoid liability under this provision, carriers
would be forced to pre-screen all messages, files, or
other content before transmitting it to the intended
recipient.  Carriers would also be forced to prevent or
severely restrict their subscribers from communicating
with individuals and accessing content available on other

Electronic communications networks do not contain discrete
boundaries.  Instead, users of one service can easily
communicate with and access content available on other
networks.  Placing the onus, and criminal liability, on
the carrier as opposed to the originator of the content,
would make the carrier legally responsible not only for
the conduct of its own subscribers, but also for content
generated by subscribers of other services.

This regulatory scheme clearly poses serious threats to
the free flow of information throughout the online world
and the free speech and privacy rights of individual
users.  Forcing carriers to pre-screen content would not
only be impossible due to the sheer volume of messages, it
would also violate current legal protections.


S. 314 would also expand current restrictions on access to
indecent telephone audiotext services by minors under the
age of 18 to cover similar content carried by
telecommunications services (such as America Online and
the Internet).  (Sec (a)(4)).

As amended by this provision, anyone who, "by means of
telephone or telecommunications device, makes, transmits,
or otherwise makes available (directly or by recording
device) any indecent communication for commercial purposes
which is available to any person under the age of 18 years
of age or to any other person without that person's
consent, regardless of whether the maker of such
communication placed the call or initiated the
communication" would be subject of a fine of $100,000 or
two years in prison.

This would force carries to act as private censors of all
content available in public forums or file archives on
their networks.  Moreover, because there is no clear
definition of indecency, carriers would have to restrict
access to any content that could be possibly construed as
indecent or obscene under the broadest interpretation of
the term. Public forums, discussion lists, file archives,
and content available for commercial purposes would have
to be meticulously screened and censored in order to avoid
potential liability for the carrier.

Such a scenario would severely limit the diversity of
content available on online networks, and limit the
editorial freedom of independent forum operators.



Section (6) of the bill would amend the Electronic
Communications Privacy Act (18 USC 2511) to prevent the
unauthorized interception and disclosure of "digital
communications" (Sec. 6).  However, because the term
"digital communication" is not defined and 18 USC 2511
currently prevents unauthorized interception and
disclosure of "electronic communications" (which includes
electronic mail and other forms of communications in
digital form), the effect of this provision has no clear


Finally, section (8) would amend sections 611 and 612 of
the Communications Act (47 USC 611 - 612) to allow any
cable operator to refuse to carry any public access or
leased access programming which contains "obscenity,
indecency, or nudity".

Government regulation of content in the mass media has
always been considered essential to protect children from
access to sexually-explicit material, and to prevent
unwitting listeners/views from being exposed to material
that might be considered extremely distasteful.  The
choice to protect children has historically been made at
the expense of the First Amendment ban on government
censorship.  As Congress moves to regulate new interactive
media, it is essential that it understand that interactive
media is different than mass media.  The power and
flexibility of interactive media offers a unique
opportunity to enable parents to control what content
their kids have access to, and leave the flow of
information free for those adults who want it.  Government
control regulation is simply not needed to achieve the
desired purpose.

Most interactive technology, such as Internet browsers and
the software used to access online services such as
America Online and Compuserve, already has the capability
to limit access to certain types of services and selected
information.  Moreover, the electronic program guides
being developed for interactive cable TV networks also
provide users the capability to screen out certain
channels or ever certain types of programming.  Moreover,
in the online world, most content (with the exception of
private communications initiated by consenting
individuals) is transmitted by request.  In other words,
users must seek out the content they receive, whether it
is by joining a discussion or accessing a file archive.
By its nature, this technology provides ample control at
the user level.  Carriers (such as commercial online
services, Internet service providers) in most cases act
only as "carriers" of electronic transmissions initiated
by individual subscribers.

CDT believes that the First Amendment will be better
served by giving parents and other users the tools to
select which information they (and their children) should
have access to.  In the case of criminal content the
originator of the content, not the carriers, should be
responsible for their crimes.  And, users (especially
parents) should be empowered to determine what information
they and their children have access to.  If all carriers
of electronic communications are forced restrict content
in order to avoid criminal liability proposed by S. 314,
the First Amendment would be threatened and the usefulness
of digital media for communications and information
dissemination would be drastically limited.


The bill has been introduced and will next move to the
Senate Commerce Committee, although no Committee action
has been scheduled.  Last year, a similar proposal by
Senator Exon was approved by the Senate Commerce committee
as an amendment to the Senate Telecommunications Bill (S.
1822, which died at the end of the 103rd Congress).  CDT
will be working with a wide range of other interest groups
to assure that Congress does not restrict the free flow of
information in interactive media.

TEXT OF 47 U.S.C. 223 AS AMENDED BY S. 314

47 USC 223 (1992)

Sec. 223.  [Obscene or harassing telephone calls in the District
of Columbia or in interstate or foreign communications]


communication by means of [telephone] TELECOMMUNICATIONS

obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, or indecent;

without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse,
threaten, or harass any person at the called number;]


continuously to ring, with intent to harass any person at the
called number; or

ensues, solely to harass any person at the called number; or]


TELECOMMUNICATIONS FACILITY under his control to be used
for any purpose prohibited by this section, shall be fined not more
than $[50,000]100,000 or imprisoned  not more than [six months] TWO
YEARS, or both.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICCE, makes (directly or by recording device)
any obscene communication for commercial purposes to any person,
regardless of whether the maker of such communication placed the

FACILITY under such person's control to be used for an activity
prohibited by subparagraph (A), shall be fined in accordance with
title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned not more than two
years, or both.

TRANSMITS, OR MAKES AVAILABLE(directly or by recording device) any
indecent communication for commercial purposes which is available
to any person under 18 years of age or to any other person without
that person's consent, regardless of whether the maker of such
communication placed the call OR INITIATED THE COMMUNICATION; or

FACILITY under such person's control to be used for an activity
prohibited by subparagraph (A), shall be fined not more than
$[50,000] 100,000 or imprisoned not more than [six months]
TWO YEARS, or both.

subsection that the defendant restrict access to the prohibited
communication to persons 18 years of age or older in accordance
with subsection (c) of this section and with such procedures as the
Commission may prescribe by regulation.

within the United States, intentionally violates paragraph
(1) or (2) shall be subject to a fine of not more than $[50,000]
100,000 for each violation. For purposes of this paragraph, each
day of violation shall constitute a separate violation.

and (5), whoever, within the United States, violates paragraph (1)
or (2) shall be subject to a civil fine of not more than $[50,000]
100,000 for each violation. For purposes of this paragraph, each
day of violation shall constitute a separate violation.

any attorney employed by the Commission who is designated by the
Commission for such purposes, or


district court of the United States to enjoin any act or practice
which violates paragraph (1) or (2). An injunction may be granted
in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

within any State, or in interstate or foreign commerce, shall not,
to the extent technically feasible, provide access to a
communication specified in subsection (b) from the
telephone of any subscriber who has not previously requested in
writing the carrier to provide access to such communication if the
carrier collects from subscribers an identifiable charge for such
communication that the carrier remits, in whole or in part, to the
provider of such communication.

be brought in any court or administrative agency against any common
carrier, or any of its affiliates, including their officers,
directors, employees, agents, or authorized representatives on
account of--

faith to restrict access pursuant to paragraph (1) of this
subsection; or

by a provider of communications that communications provided by
that provider are communications specified in subsection (b), or

allow the carrier, acting in good faith, a sufficient period to
restrict access to communications described in subsection (b).

of communications services to which subscribers are denied access
pursuant to paragraph (1) of this subsection may bring an action
for a declaratory judgment or similar action in a court. Any such
action shall be limited to the question of whether the
communications which the provider seeks to provide fall within
the category of communications to which the carrier will provide
access only to subscribers who have previously requested such


it would be changed.  For the bill itself, which consists of unreadable


ftp.eff.org, /pub/EFF/Legislation/Bills_new/s314.bill
gopher.eff.org, 1/EFF/Legislation/Bills_new, s314.bill

************** End of Petition Statement ************************

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last's nights show!!!

rb7t+@andrew.cmu.edu Sat Feb 25 16:25:59 1995

Did anyone tape last night's (friday night) show at Roseland????
I would love to get a copy of that!!!!!
I don't have much to trade, some Phish, the Dead, one blues traveler and
only 3 tapes of dave... one DMB 10/26/93, only the second set, though,
and also dave & tim 1/29/94 wetlands both sets.
If you want to trade, or I could send blanks and postage, PLEASE respond!!!!
thanks much

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Re: Roseland Friday show

abaraff@MACALSTR.EDU Sat Feb 25 16:57:27 1995

The highlight was TREY from PHISH and POPPER on an insane WATCHTOWER. it
was the most amazing version I have ever heard. POpper and Trey jammed
the hell out of it

tapers...lots of them there..and soundboard patches..i thought they
weren't allowing it...

Is this really true?  Seems odd that they'd suddenly reverse their policy
on SBD taping.  If it is true, I'd love a copy, I've got some HQ DMB, GSW,
Phish, and Dead to trade.  Please email me if interested.

there are 3 people from columbia on the net with a Nov 6 B-day,

I too am a Nov 6 b-day, as are Ferris & Jenckes.


PS A good name for Seanyboy's band from U. Richmond would be "Simon the Dog."


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feb. 24th show

dek2@lehigh.edu Sat Feb 25 17:09:27 1995

i am going to the show in easton and am a newbie and would really appreciate
if someone who is taping the show could make me a copy. i would be more than
happy to pay for postage and everything. it would be really cool if one of you
nice people out there could help me out. thanks


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DMB 2/24

8_TRYAN@fair1.fairfield.edu Sat Feb 25 17:25:07 1995

anyone out there with a taping of last nite's show I am extremely interested!

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dominic@sccs.swarthmore.edu Sat Feb 25 19:15:17 1995

 Yeah, it pretty much was not good.  He played what is, imho, one
 of the worst songs in his repitoire, and he played it quite 
 lacksidasically (pardon my spelling).  He looked very tired, and
 regardless of how hot last night's show or the one he has just finished
 playing was (were), he looked like he needs a break.  Playing on the
 road can take a lot out of someone, and Dave looked like he needed a 
 PS Whatever happened to NOT playing WWYS "just to piss RCA off"?  Has
    he given up his rebel stance?

i don't know about pissing RCA off.   when i saw him with the RCA exec 
at the Tower Theatre, Dave seemed pretty cool with him, taking pictures 
and signing things... 

it was also the first time he played WWYS since New Year's, i 
believe.    but with POPPER.

so now, WWYS is their "Let's do our single" song.    i'll still dig the 
old, solo versions of WWYS (Rutabega sessions) and let Letterman read 
from his cue cards about "those boys from Virginia."


-Dave and Sam, out the car window in New York City.
-random New Yorker

Dominic Sagolla '96	      --Constantly 
Swarthmore College              Craving
Swarthmore, PA 19081			the Perfect


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fhouse@vt.edu Sat Feb 25 20:29:03 1995

told me DMB is going to be on SNL tonight but considering that he's playing 
somewhere else it's not true... I'm sure it's just a matter of time before 
he does...
Shake it off!!...

P.S.- The guys at Duke are as cool as ever


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Letterman Performance

umccall@email.unc.edu Sat Feb 25 20:52:14 1995

Of course they played the "big hit" as everyone does. This means that the 
Raleigh area radio stations will start playing WWYS in around May;)

I was glad to see that it was ONLY the DMB, with the exception of Paul's 
sythesizer chords leading them out of the jam. Personally I agree that 
the band looked nervous, and I don't blame them. The only problem I have 
is that they basically played a 6 instrument song with 5 instruments. Of 
course J. Popper wasn't going to be there, but at least they could have 
used Boyd more to fill in the gaping holes in the intro and transition 
into the 2nd verse. I felt bad for Boyd because he was all slicked out 
and played for about 8 seconds. Carter was, of course, great. As far as 
the sound goes, it seemed kind of acoustically dead b/c of the way CBS mixes 
it. Anyway, a friend of my roomate had never heard of them and LOVED it. 

Dana McCall
Chapel Hill


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RE:DMB on Letterman, BHTM not....

BLIM@CMCVAX.MCKENNA.EDU Sat Feb 25 21:10:01 1995

Just to let you know, Big Head Todd and the Monsters played on Letterman a
little while ago, either in December or early January, I dont remember. It was
the one right before Phish played on the show. I forgot what they played, but I
do know it was from the new album and it wasn't very good.

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Water/Wine Jam

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Sat Feb 25 21:21:18 1995

I've just been reading about this "Water/Wine Jam" and if I'm not mistaken, I
think they played this in Atlanta on12/27/94.  In the middle of Recently, the
band went into some slow jam that I had never heard before, and I faintly
remember hearing "water" being in the lyrics.  They then went back to playing
Recently.  If anyone knows if this is the same jam in question, let me know!

I thought the band did a good job on latterman last night.  I didn't expect
them to jam or play Drive In, Drive out or anything.

Wish I could have been at the roseland show last night, but the 8 hour drive
would have been killer.

Lastly, is anyone else getting sick of getting that censorship petition every
other day.  If their is anyone else out there contemplating sending that on the
net again, PLEASE DON"T!!!

Everyone have a great weekend.  It is Screwdriver time........tom

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SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Sat Feb 25 21:56:57 1995

TripnBilly.....I have a cool show from 1992 with some cool stuff.
I can't believe you have Big Ass Truck.  They kick major ass....I say them
the other night and I was fucking blown away.  The lead guitar playing was
a spitting image of Trey A. from Phish and the guy at the turn-tables was
the coolest.  The song, I am a Ram, was perfect.  I saw them a year ago at
a frat party, but this time was much better at that club.  I can't wait
till they come back.
Hey, you ever heard of JIVE?  I think they play around the South
East...They opened for BigAssTruck last night and they were great.  I can't
wait for the Allgood show...They kick ass too......
I am just soooo happy I live in the South, home to the
Southern-blues-rock-jam style of music.
Get back if you want some of my Dave bootlegs....I should have an updated
list next week.  Later guys.
And oh yeah, hello to Mr. Two Quarts of That Good Stuff....hope you like
your t-shirt.

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ammendment to my last post.

ken6@columbia.edu Sat Feb 25 23:06:15 1995

ok, I just wanted to fix one little thing.... 
in my last post, I said "hi" to all the people I met at the net.gathering 
on friday before roseland....'cept, in the middle of the night/morning, I 
forgot to say hi to Gavin!  sooooo.......Hi Gavin, and everyone else.  
Of course, my omitting him in no way negates the importance of his 
presense to our lovely evening.... 

still recovering from the two nights of sleepless joy...

....Ny-Quil kicks in....


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I have a copy of 2/24

FattyMgee@aol.com Sat Feb 25 23:07:36 1995

I have a first generation copy of the 2/24 DMB show in Roseland.  John Popper
plays on Say Goodbye, and Popper and Trey jam together on All Along the
Watchtower.  The whole show was killer.  I know everybody is dying to get
their hands on this, and I will try to get it out to as many people as I can.
tapelists and hopefully we can work out a trade. 



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KARYME@aol.com Sun Feb 26 00:48:48 1995


He did it.  I thought I would wait a few days to see what people generally
thought of the SONG on letterman.  I have to disagree.  I love WWYS,   it is
a classic dave tune and I am glad it has lasted while some of my other
favorites like people people and  me & julio have virtually dissapeared.  
The biggest thing around C'ville and beyond is hearing people say "now that
they are big i don't care about them"  -  I, instead felt sort of like a
father watching over his son,  It was exciting,  my homeboy was on D.L. The
evolution of this band is inevitible.  

It is better to see him pushing that instead of sattelite or ants,  which at
every show i have seen for the last six months has been sung by the fucking

Lets give this guy some applause-  He was nervous-  What would you do?  Be
cool and composed?  Anyway,  aside from the specificities,  I am stoked to
see him on TV -  I am happy that we are all happy about it.  

REMEMBER -  if you read the AOL interview,  DAVE gets printouts of this net.

If you read this DAVID,  WAY TO FUCKING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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rtrim@magicnet.net Sun Feb 26 01:24:50 1995

well. i have some pretty interesting rumors. as we all know, dave will be in
europe for all of march. his first stop after this will be at duke april 7.
well, i have heard that he will be in north florida after that, and down
here in orlando on the 10th. ohhhhhhhhh, that would be great. also, i am
pretty sure that he will be opening for Petty at the O-rena in may. anyone
heard of this yet??? can someone confirm???? i am so pysched, dave twice in
two months!!!!!
i cant wait



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surf and terr(i)f(ic) show

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sun Feb 26 03:14:10 1995

post will turn out.  our daveband pre-party started at noon (never watch 
that jeff bridges movie altered states in an altered state).

anyway, Lafayette was, as memo notes, full of hip grooves, but far too 
many surfers.  Dave made a futile effort to stop the madness by politely 
asking people to "be careful cuz some people are getting hurt." no such 
luck.  thank god for large allentown security guys who surfed a bunch of 
folks right out the door.

things from the front row looked fabulous (been a while since i'd gotten 
that close.  i could see the veins popping out on dave's forehead and the 
muscles in boyd's face in motion.  these guys can grrove so hard--they 
just looked happy to be playing together). i think it went as follows, but 
in my state i may have missed some things, and i'm not sure of all titles

dancing nancies
lie in our graves
warehouse (some great davebabble in this one)
granny ("this song is about an old lady who still likes to..." go dave)
r + r
jimi thing (all i wrote next to this one my list was "fuckin' a...boyd!" 
i was blown away)
set..with one _little_ one between two _big_ ones"--did any one 
catch this? looks like this "little one" is working up to something. the 
energy got so heavy in this set--dave feet and legs were just fluid 
flowing around the stage...they should teach davedancing in prep 
step) (...for all you UVa folks out there who know prep step)
typical (surf comment from dave. carter is a god.  not enough room to dance)
dance with me (is this two-step?)

get it together what they wanted to do, it looked like.  and then dave's 
reference to "nature all around me"...I was so ready for one sweet 
world...what a buzz kill...not that i don't like billies...but, well, 
Japhy knows how much I was looking forward to one sweet world.)

dave looked tired.  and if looks could kill, a few surfers would have 
been toast from the expressions on dave's face. stefan (he'd be a lurker 
on this thing, wouldn't he..just hanging out, taking it all in, sippin on 
gin and juice, laid back, with my mind on my music and my music on my 
mind) (sorry for the snoop content)...anyway, stefan kept to himself, 
wincing at surfing accidents, but grooved. overall, it was a rejuvenating 
and five senses reeling experience for me.  gave me something to ponder 
as i rode back to philly staring up at the stars while squished in the 
back of the saab hatchback (ouch).

any corrections or comments welcome. any tapers, i can offer meager 
trades or just blank tapes. please. 

think i'll go finish my cap'n crunch (yum).

peace to all.


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the new guy

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Sun Feb 26 03:35:20 1995

i just wanted to give my 2cents about Dave on Dave once again.  I have been
reading more mail about how Dave was on dave, and i am watching my vcr tape
of it again, and although i think WWYS is beginning to be sooo overplayed
it was pretty cool to see our boy on the tv.  But you cannot expect to see
vintage dave in five minutes or less.  They were a little nervous, but Carter
and Boyd (Although he played for about five seconds in a cool ass solo)
were kick ass.  Anyway i digress...as for BHTM on conan, nothing special, 
just the same as they always are...Did anyone go  to tonights show at 
Lafayette? i'd like to hear how they were and what they played, sounds like
they couldnt have beat thursday's show.   Well, until later...

"Havin' a good time...everyday
watchin' the sunshine..."  - WSP  

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Heretic Statement #1,2

mfb14@columbia.edu Sun Feb 26 03:45:31 1995



did I mention that I love you?  so much so that i could borrow money from 
you...i'm laughing, i'm loving this so much man that it's like wave after 
wave of orgasmic laughter, even better, wave after wave of orgasms, yes 
lovely warm 

hey and now here you are boyd's jam spring of '92.  you sound so shy, how 
many of these did you make anyway?  i'm gonna send it to dave man, he needs 
to hear this, it'll make 'em pee, i swear.  or maybe, like dave is your 
brother, and he helped you make it, so yes i'm being presumptuous.

ok here's the deal, i want a new minarets.  Clare emily are you still with 
Me?  I want "my" click that occassionally overlapped with "the" click, it 
wasn't bad, it was good good cozy warm playful 
dancing spoons stuck in peanut butter jelly beans, come one guys, i'm 
sentimental and i want joe and laura, and nebulous, and disco, and Adam 
Vann, and ok cool dash jump in, CHA CHA CHA baby shouldn't even have to 
say it, and eric will come if there's enough babes around, jon gavin you 
are givens, ohh adam in floriday, ok, and alexa but i bet she's gone, 
alex, ben t, rick, boofy, well we all have our favorites, have i missed 
anyone? of course, well the point is that we'll 
start small, and in my old age i'm beginning to think that there is 
nothing wrong with being exclusive if it's in a nice sort of way, (quit 
cryin' tony I wouldn't do nothin without your prior consent), so everyone 
can get on but you have to be invited, you have to know someone, that's 
life kids, network learn young...

I want the good old days back, what seems like years ago was really just 
this past october, so hey, i'll stay on long enough for feedback, phlames 
are welcome cause I got my flame retardant birthday suit on and i'm ready 
for a little action baby so let's tango.


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Lafayette Show, 2/25

earoney@phoenix.Princeton.EDU Sun Feb 26 10:18:01 1995

well, I'm generally a lurker, but this show was so amazing, I thought i'd
just have to share thoughts with everyone who wants to read about it (and
if you can get a hold of a boot of it, get it! and send me the info).  i
already saw one post on it, and I completely agree.  they played a lot of
newer stuff, but it was all well done, and from what i saw of the crowd,
probably was a good idea.  
the crowd got *really* obnoxious at times -- i
made it up to the front row by the time Dave was on, but was nearly
suffocated getting there.  i even heard a comment like "wow, they have a
violin player?  he's really good"  (pissed me off) and the number of
fucking surfers was disgusting.  there were at least three during "Typical
Situation" -- of all songs!!  at least when they got passed up to the
front, they got kicked out of the crowd.  
as for the band, Dave was really on tonight -- don't know if what 
everyone says about Letterman was just
cause he was tired or nervous is right, but he was the Dave we like better
tonight.  had the best expressionson his face, (and i had a great view of 
him) good and bad...  bad when he saw the surfers (damn right about too bad 
looks couldn't kill) but good when it seemed like he was enjoying himself -- 
and when Dave smiles,  the whole world smiles with him.  same with Carter.  
everytime i looked back at him, i had to smile.  it's nice to see a band 
who's playing cause they actually enjoy it.  Leroy and Boyd played 
incredibly; just seeing their good musicianship was enough to make the 
night.  and Stefan was just chillin, seemed really intense, and i tried 
to wave/smile and make him  smile back, but he did smile once or twice.  i 
guess it was just a really happy concert all around.  
there were a lot more faster tunes, but it fit the mood of
everyone well, and the slow ones were really good.  i'm surprised they
played "Ants Marching,"  "Sattelite,"  and "Tripping Billies" all in one
show, but i like those songs a lot, in spite of everyone who dislikes them
because of their popularity, and they sounded amazing.  i also really
liked "Dancing Nancies" -- it was a great show opener, really got the
crowd going.  i think my favorites, though, were "Lie in our Graves"  and
the song before Sattelite (I'm *really* sorry I don't know it, but my tape
collection, at this moment, well, sucks, and unfortunately, Karen, who
posted a setlist (thanks), also didn't catch it) i saw the 2/10 show in
Philly, and it was good, but this one was far better than I ever could
have imagined, especially after the hell i went through to make it up
there.  i'm still coming down from it even now. 
if anyone else was at the show, i don't care if you agree with me or 
disagree, but tell me what you thought of it -- a concert isn't 
experience until you've shared it with other people. 



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azi6603@email.unc.edu Sun Feb 26 10:51:06 1995

i am so jealous of everyone who went to the roseland show. seek up opener 
and halloween closing. my idea of heaven, with such fucking awesome songs 
in  between...plus trey and popper. i cannot wait to get the tape of the 
show and if anyone wants to be very very nice and make my year by getting 
me this show, i will be forever indebted and name my first, second and 
third born sons after anyone you like. thanks.
about dave on dave......i had to watch the show two times in a row just 
so i could pretend that they had played for longer than 2 minutes. i 
agree that dave looked very nervous, esp. when dave came to shake his 
hand after. but he looked excited and happy to be there, and boyd looked 
ecstatic even though he played for a millisecond. and i want his outfit. 
he looked incredible. btw, i looked for the necklaces that were made for 
them, and i couldn't tell if dave had his on because his guitar was in 
the way. but i liked his moon. well, that's all i have to say about it. 
have a great sunday.


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RE: "and when Dave smiles..."

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sun Feb 26 12:27:12 1995

smiles with him."

What a _great_, and true, thought. Amen, sister. 

And how great it is that he smiles _so much_ in shows.  Who wouldn't 
smile though, wearing those goofy shoes? 


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slowdown, i missed the bus

mfb14@columbia.edu Sun Feb 26 13:12:04 1995

didn't see your response to my post.

send 'em again, or someone forward me any responses to last nights message.


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Lafayette College (2-25)

Mungbyrd@aol.com Sun Feb 26 13:17:29 1995

The show itself...I met Stefan and Boyd before going to dinner an hour before
the show...I asked each of them how they liked letterman.  Boyd said it was a
lot of fun and dave was great (I asked hiom how dave was, meaning dave
letterman,) Stefan said " Mumble Mumble, Yeah, man, it wass really cool. The
coolest part was the camera in your eyes. also, mumble mumble, the bleh was
like six stories which was mumble mumble. " I had no clue what the hell he
was saying. Maybe he was commenting on the height of the ed sullivan theatre.
Uglies were cool.  Comment- I love their music, but my god, i wish these
people could be a little more pleasant. All three times i've met them, they
all seemed to be assholes.  And that storyabout bob beating up people in a
bar when he was drunk or whatever was total bullshit.  These guys would
definately go somewhere if they got their drunken act together.

BHTM were totally energetic. Helfway into the set, the seats were being
passed back from the front couple of rows so that people could get closer
together and *crowd surf* it was a BAD crowd. people like myself who were
right up  front got totally screwed over.

*Dave* was great for me. Opened with Nancies, then Jimi Thing, Granny, Lyin
in our Graves, Rhyme and Reason, Warehouse, Recently - ?, Blue Water,
Typical Situation, ?, Antz Marchin, Encore was Satellite and then *Tripping
Billies*   If I had more shows and i had studied all of the Blue Waters I
have, maybe i would know how comparable it is. But, without that knowledge,
I'll just say it was *amazing- Powerful*

Angered by crowd surfing, folks? here's why this bill is kind of wierd-  BHTM
*loved* the (1)
Drunken Frat Kids  (2)MOSH PIT (yes, there was a small semblance of a pit
during bhtm) (3) Crowd surfing  (4) people on each others shoulders    
crowd they played in a long time (???)  Dave, on the other hand was visibly
disgusted.  instead of just saying "jesus, you morons, why the hell don't you
calm the fuck down and enjoy the show"
he said, "I'm glad you all could make it out here tonight and I'm glad you're
having a
good time surfing out there (sarcasm) but I wish you'd consider stopping,
because while it may be fun for you, think of your friend down there getting
kicked in the head. Lots of people are getting hurt and that isn't cool..."
hear the music perfectly and we all danced. It was the congregation of people
who were disgusted  by the folks up front. So we all gathered up to dance. I
got a few cups ful of ice and handed it out to my new found friends.  it's
been so long since i've had that much dancing room!!!
Even though the crowd was so uh...rowdy (They continued to surf after the
warning) it was still a pretty cool show...  This has been a fun tour for
me...                              TpW


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a little about me

mfb14@columbia.edu Sun Feb 26 13:23:48 1995

well, ok, my response to your response.

asserting that their are too many people on the net for my comfort (and 
so i unsubbed a month or so ago, a trendsetter to the end) is not to 
assert authority.  I ain't telling no one what to do.  nor by selecting 
the people I know to be very very cool (nebulous although not here to 
accept the kudos is certainly on that list) do i state that any other 
netters are uncool.  I am sure that everyone here is just a fantastic 
human being.   

my problem is that there are too many fantastic human beings.  i can't 
put a personality to any post, i can't follow 1/2 the threads, i can't 
make a Connection, which is what i suppose my last post was really crying 
out for--sustained conversation.

look minarets can and assuredly will go on and those that stay, if they 
are anything like the first settlers, will develop friendships and share 
and laugh and learn a lot about dave and community and the net.

1) re-read my post.  there was nothing wrathful in it.
2) oh my, davenet says usenet, and this too is  antithetical to the 
original taste and texture of what was.

look, minarets should grow and evolve, it will i am sure, and the people 
who join now and yesterday will love it, but facts are facts, it is not 
the same, and if you like fresh spinach, liver will not always do.  Just 
like if you were "spoiled" by seeing the band at Trax and Floodzone every 
week or just about whenever you wanted, these big ass tours would be 
painful. maybe you could transit, maybe not.  i caught on at Irving, 
missed wetlands, and will probably follow them up til though not 
necessarily including madison square garden.

my point is that as a graduate student with a serious enough job, i 
CANNOT read 100 messages a day.  (nor do i want to).  but i do want to 
spend some time in cyberspace with cool people that love dmb as much as i 
do.  my solution, minarets goes on, and those that can't deal move on or 
move over. (by invitation, man no more exclusive than most parties)

after all, turns out not where but who you're with that really matters.


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dek2@lehigh.edu Sun Feb 26 13:25:18 1995

Just waking up from a very kickass show at Lafayette College. Dave seemed very
impressed with the turnout and the enthusiasm. I remember him saying, "Your
friends must of told you about us because we've never been around here
before." Dave and the band rewarded us with a two hour set. I must say, this
blew away the Tower show the 11th. My highpoint was when I snuck backstage
with the lighting crew. I got kicked out right before Dave was coming on
stage, but while BHTM was on Dave wandered out and stood right on the side of
the stage about ten feet from me (I was sitting on the trunks that the band
puts their equipment in). On his way out he passed me and I gave him a smile.
He seemed pretty mellow but managed a nod and a smile. This is why I am
begging anybody who taped this show to please make me a copy. I have no tapes
to trade but would definatly send blanks and postage. PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH

On a much more negative note..... those moronic crowd surfers and screamers
really looked like assholes. Dave noted that, "whatever floats your boat, but
please be careful cause a lot of people are getting hurt." A lot of my friends
who were there to enjoy the music were bothered by bodies flying around. Of
course that didn't ruin my night. Dave and the band jammed like champs. I
can't wait to catch them again.


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Re: Lafayette College (2-25)

marianne@mail.ilt.columbia.edu Sun Feb 26 13:49:54 1995

I can 't belive you all got a Fucking bluewater.  i begged for bluewater,
and they said, like yeah, we'll pull it out, maybe for fridays show (nyc)
needless to say, no bluewater in NYC. and you got you lucky dog you.  I've
been to about 10 shows now, and still never seen it live.

bluewater has made me green with jealousy.
delivered by the ILTnet gateway 


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blue water/#36 confusion????

HFEJP@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Sun Feb 26 14:00:41 1995

wait a minute people....did someone say 2/25/95
recently--??(unknown jam)--BLUE WATER...????
or was it really
recently--??(unknown jam)--#36
like they have been playing since at least 12/15/94??????

there really is a HUGE difference....
could someone please check on this and clarify, before
i get my hopes up unneccessarily???

thankyou thankyou...


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lanie@pond.com Sun Feb 26 14:30:38 1995

"Not for Sale" cd for promotion-it has acoustic versions of Song that Jane
likes, Typical situation, Dancing Nancies, and an awesome Ants Marching.  I
first became interested in them during the summer and saw them just recently
at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby (part of Philadelphia).  I'd be ery
interested in any copies that anyone would be able to provide.
(particularly of that show)  Although they sounded great in the show, I was
somewhat disappointed that they only played about an hour and 15 minutes.
Their opening band, BHT&M played for atleast an hour and a half--Plus Ugly
Americans doing atleast an hour.  It became a marathon and, no disrespect to
BHT&M, we were waiting for them for several hours.  They started with Jimi
Thing which lasted about 15 minutes with several chances to highlight Leroi
and Boyd for minutes at a time.  It seemed like the show would go on forever
with their improvisations (although regulars may consider it normal, it
wasn't at all like their cd.)  Then they came back for 2 songs and were
gone.  It wasn't that they did not have more material, they just held back
(Possible RCA?)  It was still an awesome show--they could easily have added
a third.  Well, anyone with any tapes, please E-mail me and I'll send out


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rochester directions...sorry

erw@medinfo.rochester.edu Sun Feb 26 14:34:09 1995

hey hey sorry to all those i gave rochester 
directions to....

auditorium theatre is on 875 e. main street....you 
can find main off of any 490 loop exit....


my bad...


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a little about me

mfb14@columbia.edu Sun Feb 26 14:41:06 1995

sorry if this gets there twice...

well, ok, my response to your response.

asserting that their are too many people on the net for my comfort (and 
so i unsubbed a month or so ago, a trendsetter to the end) is not to 
assert authority.  I ain't telling no one what to do.  nor by selecting 
the people I know to be very very cool (nebulous although not here to 
accept the kudos is certainly on that list) do i state that any other 
netters are uncool.  I am sure that everyone here is just a fantastic 
human being.   

my problem is that there are too many fantastic human beings.  i can't 
put a personality to any post, i can't follow 1/2 the threads, i can't 
make a Connection, which is what i suppose my last post was really crying 
out for--sustained conversation.

look minarets can and assuredly will go on and those that stay, if they 
are anything like the first settlers, will develop friendships and share 
and laugh and learn a lot about dave and community and the net.

1) re-read my post.  there was nothing wrathful in it.
2) oh my, davenet says usenet, and this too is  antithetical to the 
original taste and texture of what was.

look, minarets should grow and evolve, it will i am sure, and the people 
who join now and yesterday will love it, but facts are facts, it is not 
the same, and if you like fresh spinach, liver will not always do.  Just 
like if you were "spoiled" by seeing the band at Trax and Floodzone every 
week or just about whenever you wanted, these big ass tours would be 
painful. maybe you could transit, maybe not.  i caught on at Irving, 
missed wetlands, and will probably follow them up til though not 
necessarily including madison square garden.

my point is that as a graduate student with a serious enough job, i 
CANNOT read 100 messages a day.  (nor do i want to).  but i do want to 
spend some time in cyberspace with cool people that love dmb as much as i 
do.  my solution, minarets goes on, and those that can't deal move on or 
move over. (by invitation, man no more exclusive than most parties)

after all, turns out not where but who you're with that really matters.


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crowd surfers.

JSLAGHT@drew.edu Sun Feb 26 14:49:04 1995

Perhaps we are doing something wrong in our approach to the crowd surfers.  
I have not seen one post supporting them (suggesting a majority of opposers)
so why is it that THEY seem to run our shows? They obviously don't have any 
kind of respect for dave, especially since he told them to stop and they 
continued.  After I pulled that one crowd surfer down at roseland others around
me who were thinking about doing it didn't because they didn't want their 
underwear to be a permanant part of their buttcrack.  We need to voice our 
opinions about crowd surfing at the shows as much as we do on the net.  I 
think that many of the surfers do it simply because it seems that everyone 
else is, and they don't see anything wrong with it.  A girl in front of me at
Roseland was talking about 'getting up on the crowd' and I just leaned forward
and told her that doing that would be a bad idea.  She didn't crowd surf.  I'm
not suggesting we start a violent campaign to make the crowds cooler, we just
need to voice our opinions to the ones who are violating us.  

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Re: Heretic Statement #1,2

erw@medinfo.rochester.edu Sun Feb 26 15:02:58 1995

say it, and eric will come if there's enough 
babes around, jon gavin you 
are givens, ohh adam in floriday, ok, and alexa 
but i bet she's gone, 
alex, ben t, rick, boofy, well we all have our 
favorites, have i missed 
anyone? of course, well the point is that we'll 
start small, and in my old age i'm beginning to 
think that there is 
nothing wro

whoa girl....shit here comes some heat....naw just 
kidding...marianne is kinda right....i just got 97 
posts in 24 hours, forty people talking about dave 
on dave....let it rest...yes we all saw it...and 
10 on crowd surfing....and 20 on the second 
chicago show...and 4 on tshirts...and etc...so yes 
she's right.....but i don't think she was 
isolating anyone....or alienating...or being 
esoteric elitist higgeldy, piggedly..   she was 
just talking to the people that she knew and 

im sure there are others that she doesn't know and 
wouldn't like....wait...i mean that she doesn't 
know and would like.....hehheheheheh

but she is busy...and i don't want to 
digestify...so please keep bullshit...and i as one 
am a great personal style bullshitter...but keep 
the crap down to a minimum...boy thi s  sounds 
stupid...oh well...and marianne...im sure glad 
that i got included...but i think your knee jerk 
characterization of me really  sells me short...

who do you call late at night and jam until 2 am 
talking about brain adn behavior and other bizarre 
sub-fetishes....????   oh well...i am more 
than a hormone...:)  well.....well marianne knows 
this but she's just upset that i look at other 
women besides her...

chickwaaaa.....someone call the 

dave tonight..front row...peac e, lov e, red hots,


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Lafayette (2-25)

stkukla@acad.ursinus.edu Sun Feb 26 15:16:27 1995

Most incredable experience of my life.  It was my first Dave show and I feel
compeled to write about it even though others have already posted about it.
BHT played really well but it was wasted on me since I was really there to see
Dave and I have already seen them.  Boyed was everything I imagined he would be
and more.  He seemed to truely love what he was doing and blocked everything
out (like the fucking idiotic moshers and crowd surfers, but more on that 
later) but the music.  Even when he wasn't part of the song and nothing to but 
stand there, he would put the most concentrated look on his face and enjoy the
tunes.  I was lucky enough to squeeze myself up the the front and had the 
greatest view, being 6'4" doesn't hurt either.  And I am sorry to those who
disagree, but I was forced into singing along because I was so moved. (To bad
to those who don't agree)  The high lites had to have been Typical Situations,
Tripping Bellies, and Dancing Nancies, Situatinons is my favorite so I am a 
little biased.
behaved, inappropriate, idiotic, jerks I have ever come accross.  The guys with
the shaved heads were the worst, one came up to me before Dave came on and 
asked me "Who is this Dave character?"  I knew we were in trouble after that.
Like the others I wish Dave's looks could kill, because this world would be
short on Jerk offs right now.  I only hope that Dave did give the entire crowd
the stigma of being unappreciting of his music.  Well I had to add my two cents.

Stu "2's a perfect number, but one well everybodies happy, everybodies free" Kukla

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2/24 roseland show

vwtaylor@phoenix.Princeton.EDU Sun Feb 26 15:57:44 1995

in NYC with masses of strangers, but Dave taking me back.  I have little 
to trade with, but I'll pay, bless your first born, wax your car, pierce you 
nipple (or whatever floats you boat) for a copy of the show.  (Obviously 
that includes sending blanks and postage :-)

Virginia Welford Taylor	      ***************************************
231 1940 Hall                 *  "We push through a gauntlet of     *
Butler College                *      limpwristed handshakes         *
Princeton University	      *   And empty cotillion air kisses.   *   
Princeton, NJ 08544	      *   Greta smiles as we make our way   *
(609) 258-7513 or 7879	      *      to the bar"                    *
vwtaylor@princeton.edu        *              Little Feat            *
vwt4c@turing.urich.edu	      ***************************************  


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The Water/Wine Jam Cont.

Barrett.S.Shaver@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Sun Feb 26 16:04:41 1995

the current tour. i thought the first version was 1/26/95, but some have said
it was played 12/27/94 and possibly 12/15/94. but there are also some who are

1) "bluewater", i believe, is in a minor key, whereas the version of the
water/wine jam i have (1/26/95) is in a major key (and actually has the same
chord progression as the verse to "dancing nancies", G to F#). 

2) "bluewater" usually has a very intense violin solo towards the end, where
the water/wine jam is laid back all the way.

3) the water/wine jam seems to always be played in the middle or end of
"bluewater" go minarets-bluewater.

so now with these differences established, i'm curious as to how many times
this water/wine jam has been played. if you are pretty sure you have heard it
played or have it on tape, drop me a note or post the date or whatever. if you
can distinguish any of the lyrics, even better.


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