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2-25 tapes!!!

Mungbyrd@aol.com Sun Feb 26 17:18:20 1995

I got one of the tapers addresses last night but when i sent him a message it
didn't get through for some reason...however if i get a copy, i'll be sure to
send it to whomever wants it...TpW

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Re: DMB-Letterman

jrbolton@COLBY.EDU Sun Feb 26 17:19:07 1995

REMEMBER -  if you read the AOL interview,  DAVE gets printouts of this net.
 So lets be honest,  but friendly.

printouts of the posts on this net is to get an idea of what there fans
really think about their performance.  I think just the fact that you are
subscribed to this mailing list shows that you are at least somewhat
dedicated to the band.  If a performance was below-par, then the best thing
we can do it post it to this net because if Dave or the band does happen to
read it, they will know what the fans like and don't like about their
performance.  Dave seems like a really nice guy and I'm sure nobody here
wants to offend him (I hope), but being critical of his music when you feel
it appropiate is not the same as personallyattacking the guy.  The point of
this net is to discuss Dave Matthew's music, not to kiss his ass in hopes
that maybe he'll read your post.  Flame away.

Jon Bolton            jrbolton@colby.edu
". . . He's so unhip, when you say Dylan, 
he thinks you're talking about Dylan
Thomas, whoever he was.  The man 
ain't got no culture."    


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Re: Dave and his preference

jadornat@emerald.tufts.edu Sun Feb 26 17:49:31 1995

it shouldnt matter that anyone is gay
and it certainly would not be a "NASTY RUMOR"
this type of thing should not be so horrible
would you stop listening to DMB if Dave was gay
i personally dont care if he is- i'll never be able to go out with him
the thing a think that people have to realize is that the is a fact- 
people are gay- and you dont know- because as someone put it its rude to 
assk- and it shouldnt matter.
and if the little girls on minarets who scream "Oh Dave we love you"
feel bad and are hurt by this- then they should come to grips with the 
fact that it may happen to them again- and thats life.
well i dont want to sound negative about this at all
everyone has their right to an opinion- but the thing is that it has to 
be an educated opinion and the best way to accomplish that is to educate
thats it thanks
keep the wind at your back

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Re: MINARETS digest 86

TPUSATERI@tlc-486.clemson.edu Sun Feb 26 18:04:26 1995

If anyone is going to the show on April 14th in Greenville, or they
are recording this, please E me ASAP!!!


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2-25-95 @ Lafayette

girdleyj@LAFAYETT.BITNET Sun Feb 26 19:19:51 1995

fight with three brat kids who wouldn't get out of me and my buddies' 5
seats on the second row, managed to start to enjoy the show.
but the best of opinions about my general experience at the show.  However,
like I forget every damn day, Lafayette is 24000 a year and attracts brats
and seems to attract the same kind of people from all over the
reflective of the music in any sense.  There was so much hostility
everywhere that it was just overwhelming and canceled out any hope of
feeling good from the music.  It should have been such a mellow time but
instead turned into this grunge mosh pit crowd surfing frat party.  Hell, I
can go out any weekend(or Wed nite) and find that bullshit-- I didn't want
it transfered down to the concert.
stop missing the point of the whole thing.  And that is what exactly
happened here last night.  So many people were singing Satellite and Jimi
but they really weren't understanding what it was all about.  They just knew
the words and missing the emotion behind the whole thing. For Christ's sake,
people were crowd surfing during Satellite?!?
things.  That happened last night with DMB and it was sad that it did.
-  Michael Girdley                          Girdleyj@lafayette.edu   -
-   "And I don't get around   - "You think you're so smart but I've  -
-    How you get around."     -  seen you naked... I'll probably     -
-       -- TMBGs              -  see you naked again." -- B.N.L.     -

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nmayer@pen.k12.va.us Sun Feb 26 19:32:38 1995

Dave is playing in Greenville on APril 14th? 

I hadn't heard anything about this, can someone confirm this,
give more information?


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** Valentine's Day Tree Structure **

wl1o+@andrew.cmu.edu Sun Feb 26 19:40:38 1995

Greetings all,
people responded and I've managed to find a spot for everyone on the
show with the Richmond Symphony Orchestra.  I had wanted to include part
of the Feb 15th show but could not find a tape of the show.  It was
recorded on DAT with a Sony D-7 and CSB mics.  

*** How to read this tree ***

Frank - DAT - dasld@dassd.edu

The above can be interpreted as

*** What to do now ***
You should locate your name on the structure below.  If you are supposed
to make copies for people (i.e. you are a parent) then you should get in
touch with your children immediately.  If you do not have to make copies
for anyone, then give your parent a few days to contact you.  If your
parent doesn't contact you then make an effort to get in touch with
them.  Once parents and children are in touch y'all must work out a way
to get the children their tapes.  This can be done either via a trade
that involves th treed show or the children can just send their parents
blanks/postage.  It's up to you guys.

*** If you have a problem ***
If you have any questions/problems please get in touch with me.  My
address is lakenan@cmu.edu. 

*** The structure ****

Bill Lakenan - lakenan@cmu.edu
Adam Braman - abraman@eagle.liunet.edu


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From Good Homes???

rtrim@magicnet.net Sun Feb 26 20:17:37 1995

hello. i was wondering if anyone had any boots with From Good Homes on them.
i thought that they opened for dave and thought id ask. id be willing to
send blanks/postage for any of their concerts.


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DMB Online

RIJOSEPH@DAVIDSON.EDU Sun Feb 26 20:30:59 1995

I would like to be apart of the DMB email list. Could you please send me info.
on how to do it.

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228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Sun Feb 26 20:41:13 1995

Some of you may read my first posts and figured out that i have not much
on the tape side.  however, i do have a couple of From Good Homes They
opened for Dave earlier in 95 and 94  They are pretty good quality, 
soundboard patch.  i also have a BT from Irving plaza 9/19.  As i said 
before, i am looking for a few generous souls out there with any tapes that
would be willing to provide me with some tapes (I will give postage and 
blanks of course)  or if t
any of you want what i have just drop me a line.  
Thanks a lot...
"A little wrangler was born, 

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Re: 2-25-95 @ Lafayette

earoney@phoenix.Princeton.EDU Sun Feb 26 21:06:45 1995

    I made it down to the show last night and after almost getting into a
 fight with three brat kids who wouldn't get out of me and my buddies' 5
 seats on the second row, managed to start to enjoy the show.

    I was just appalled at the way the crowd was-- It was definitely not
 reflective of the music in any sense.  There was so much hostility
 everywhere that it was just overwhelming and canceled out any hope of
 feeling good from the music.  

Just wanted to respond to this, even though I posted earlier, because I
forgot one thing which actually gave me hope in regards to the crowd.  I
was in the second row (but not around the seats) towards the end of BHTM,
and two very nice guys in front of me actually cared to turn around and
ask me if I could see OK.  And even moved a bit when I said I couldn't. 
Guess this wasn't the general feeling in other parts of the crowd, but
then "it's not where but who you're with that really matters."  I was
lucky enough to be around people who actually cared about the show (we all
bitched about the surfers together)

    Too many people nowadays are just missing the whole idea totally on
 things.  That happened last night with DMB and it was sad that it did.

Can't exactly disagree on this one, but just remember there'll always be 
some people who actually appreciate DMB for what it should be!  



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<@uvmvm.uvm.edu:RTOOLE@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU> Sun Feb 26 21:33:55 1995

just to please you or appeasse you"-Dave

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Re: Heretic Statement #1,2

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Sun Feb 26 21:42:39 1995

OK, jumping in...

I can't believe I'm thinking of leaving Minarets, but I am.  Marianne is 
right, it's just not the personal kind of friendly space I wish it was.  

I lurked around here for a _long_ time, and then when I finally snuck out 
into the open and started makin friends and meeting y'all, this place got 
flooded with grovels and flame-wars.  And too many posts for this grad 
school slave to keep up.

I think I'm going to stick around a little longer, until DMB passes 
through NC again... Am waiting on Wilmington info to see if I can still 
organize some kind of camping rendevous out there for the show.

But then I think I'm heading outa here.  I lose net access this summer as 
I venture on to the next adventure in my life, so I'm going on minarets 
hiatus.  Unless we can all figure a way to keep this place a little more 
friendly.  I can only hope that the people I've met here will stay in 
touch, cos I feel like I'm losing some of them in the crowd...

I just got back from Mass, and it doesn't matter if you're christian or 
whatever, the priest asked a good question of eveyone, and I wanna ask 
y'all the same thing...  What if we all tried for the next 6 weeks,
tried hard to rid our lives of negativity, and stopped criticizing
ourselves and others?  Think about it.  

Now go listen to Dave.  And enjoy the sunshine tomorrow and the next day, 
even if you have to make it yourself.

-Dash   :)


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concerning 2/24 show

FattyMgee@aol.com Sun Feb 26 22:17:28 1995

I did not anticipate that I would receive so many promises of people naming
their first born "fatty".  Well the concert will eventually be treed somehow,
but I haven't yet decided when, how, and who will tree it.  So don't get your
underwear in a wad, everyone will eventually get the show. Please don't flood
me with requests to be on the tree.  I enjoy the attention but I am a lazy
ass and I won't be in charge of it.  Hopefully there will be an announcement
later this week about the tree. Also,  I will try and work out a few personal
trades with some of you, cuz' my tapelist is like 2 lines long.. (keep on
sending those tapelists!!!).  But anyway, I'll keep you guys posted.  Take it


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What If...?

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Sun Feb 26 22:29:26 1995

hey now!

...we limited tape grovel posts to alternate tuesdays?
...we sent out the DMB FAQ to all new minareters upon joining the .net?
...we banned all posts about sexual orientation and diseases?
...we limited "setlist and review" posts to three per show?
...we all just listened to the music for pure honest enjoyment, instead of

decrease in posts (and newbie wannabies). please feel free to flame me, but
have the decency to e-mail me personally so as not to clog the .net!


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Uum, no!

KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Sun Feb 26 23:16:17 1995

 The only problem I have 
is that they basically played a 6 instrument song with 5 instruments. Of 
course J. Popper wasn't going to be there, but at least they could have 
used Boyd more to fill in the gaping holes in the intro and transition 
into the 2nd verse. 

Ummm, for most of this songs existence it has been a "5 instrument song", it
wasn't until the release of UTTAD that it picked up a harp.

I felt bad for Boyd because he was all slicked out 
and played for about 8 seconds. Carter was, of course, great. As far as 
the sound goes, it seemed kind of acoustically dead b/c of the way CBS mixes 
it. Anyway, a friend of my roomate had never heard of them and LOVED it. 

Dana McCall
Chapel Hill


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Fists will fly

67006416@sunybroome.edu Sun Feb 26 23:28:28 1995

I have to say that some people have a lot of nerve.
After reading the long post on the v-ay structure I came across
Perhaps he remembers me. He owes me and other people on this net
tapes. He owes me seven and there have been posts about him being abad trader.
I have given him every opportunity to get in touch with me and have
contacted him many times, but it seems useless. Lame excuse after lame
excuse and then no response. All I am saying is that whoever is expecting
tapes from him on this tree, well, don't expect them. BEWATRE! He is the only
person I have ever had this problem with so don't get the wrong idea. Most
if not all people here are friendly and wouldn't think of doing this.
I just can't believe he had enough nerve to show his face again on this net.
I am still pissed and as far as I'm concerned this isn't settled. Jeremy Davis,
come out with fists ready to fly cause I'll flame you apert! Sorry for
the negative posts, but I think you should all be warned before you get
ripped off also. ARGHHH! The nerve of some people.

Some people do and some people don't.......Heavy Head.

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Fort Wayne

jeinhorn@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu Sun Feb 26 23:35:06 1995

I was just wondering if any of you are going to the show in frt. wayne.  
I go to the university of illinois, and its a three or four hour drive 
from here.  I must see them since I wont be here over spring break.  If 
anyone has directions, please, please mail me.  Also, a couple of tidbits 

1:  The show in Peoria was cancelled because they didn't sell many 
tickets....well no shit... of the college music fan base around here, 
they will all be on spring break, and no where the fuck near the middle 
of this armpit.

2:  Check out Dave Matthews on letterman when boyd is jammin on the 
violin.  He glances over, then glances again and smiles because Boyd is 
having a great ol' time.  Dave is the shit when it comes to dancing.

See Ya


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joneck@strauss.udel.edu Sun Feb 26 23:47:58 1995

can someone give me a hand. i'm kind of a newbie, this is only  
my third post.  o.k., i read the faq many times and it doesn't say when 
exactly peter left the band.  i have a  show from charlotsville at 
the trax, 1/19/93, with a couple of '93 fillers, and there is definatly a 
keyboard playing, but dave introduces everybody except peter. so my 
question is, when exactly did peter leave? thanx to anyone that can help.

"when i know the ozone is controlled......by geeks, i'm basically frightened"

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Re: The Water/Wine Jam Cont.

wmc8s@curry.edschool.virginia.edu Sun Feb 26 23:49:13 1995

 		ok, so now people are revealing that this jam surfaced before
 the current tour. i thought the first version was 1/26/95, but some have said
 it was played 12/27/94 and possibly 12/15/94. but there are also some who are
 1) "bluewater", i believe, is in a minor key, whereas the version of the
 water/wine jam i have (1/26/95) is in a major key (and actually has the same
 chord progression as the verse to "dancing nancies", G to F#). 

Blue Water IS minor....it consists of basically 2 chords-- C with the low
G added, and Em...

 2) "bluewater" usually has a very intense violin solo towards the end, where
 the water/wine jam is laid back all the way.

I have yet to hear a Blue Water (with the exception of any Dave solo 
stuff) WITHOUT the amazing fiddle solo.......Blue Water isn't Blue
Water without it....a friend of mine labeled his copy of 11-17-92
(with the amazing blue water) as "Boyd Tinsley and Friends"...:)

 3) the water/wine jam seems to always be played in the middle or end of
 "bluewater" go minarets-bluewater.

Or the even more popular Screaming From the Minarets-Blue Water-
Typical SItuation.....

 so now with these differences established, i'm curious as to how many times
 this water/wine jam has been played. if you are pretty sure you have heard it
 played or have it on tape, drop me a note or post the date or whatever. if you
 can distinguish any of the lyrics, even better.

Walking by the river I
Reach my hand to cup the sky
Red and white all
A Bitter Blue
Turns to red and gashes new (true)
Whatever tastes and I  
So much more than I have ever seen
Oh Oh Oh

...this is the first verse (and second, too i think) recounted from memory,
....so i apologise for any mistakes in the words....i dont have the 
luxury of my walkman working right now....feh.


I hope that this helps....I HATE to see a song like Blue Water 
defamed by a jam...while it may *still* be cool...I personally
believe that we have seen the last of the Blue Waters as of 
the end of 1993....shame, too....Dave and co seem to play 
"Concerts" now a days, and they cant really afford to play 
really obscure stuff that the people can't relate to--you know 
what the crowds are like during Desperate Hours and #36...can
you imagine what these people would do with a LONG SLOW MELLOW
Blue Water???  I think they'd lose their shit...they'd prolly 
spontaneously explode there....they couldn't handle it because 
they can't scream "DAAAAAAVE!!!"  or  "BOOOYYYYDDDD!!!" during 
it.....without having someone smite them....and the crowd 
surfers would be lost too....

personally, i think that the fire has gone out of the music...
sure Dave and the boys *STILL* put their heart and souls into it, 
but after night after night after night playing the SAME songs,
they're bound to lose a little....they haven't seemed fresh...

...look at Dave's face the next time he's playing "Ants" or 
"Let's go get a Beer" (satellite)....and ask if he's really 
enjoying it for himself, or if it's to appease someone...

...on a side note, it was nice for them to say in the AOL interview
that they still jam with Peter....I secretly wonder if theres much of 
a chance of them getting back together with him after they come 
back to Cville to record for their next cd......i wonder if he'd 
guest on a few songs....Warehouse is very dark now...not the boppy
Warehouse it used to be....compare 9-1-92 with UTTAD....and it would
be neat to hear a shortening bread version of Warehouse somewhere soon...

I've said too much


In the morning light all stands as it was meant to be.  The images, the 
words, all the same.  Looking into the mind of the soul, one thing only 
remains, the Dream...One Man's Dream...to take...to hold...

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Boyd on Letterman

ivans@acpub.duke.edu Mon Feb 27 00:07:45 1995

First of all, Boyd doesn't get enough press on this list. He's pretty cool.

Second, he was really funny on Letterman. Did everybody see how much he
wanted to shake Letterman's hand after he greeted Stefan and Dave? He was
standing there like a little kid. When he finally shook hands, he had this
hugs buck-toothed smile on his face. Boyd is such a cutie.



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water/wine beginnings and ?lyrics?

HFEJP@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Mon Feb 27 00:16:29 1995

ok folks....i just spent about two hours
avoiding work, listening over and over again
to about 2 minutes worth of tape...
just to try and get more of a scoop on this whole
water/wine question....

as far as i know...the first time the band played
this little seed of a song was here in austin, 12/15/94.
if anyone knows of it prior to this, please tell me,
but i know it wasn't being played during the first half
of november....

there were two shows in austin that day...
one at tower records.....just dave, boyd, and stefan..
and then the main attraction that night at liberty lunch.

the water/wine "jam" as it has come to be known
was played both times...with different lyrics
(which is not at all surprising)..

both times it was played as _part_ of recently.....
not recently--water/wine--#36
as it seems they may be doing of late, but more like
i think in this we may be seeing the evolution
of an _expansion_ on a song (recently)
becoming a song itself....
it's hard to tell at this point...
anyway, here's the lyrics from both
performances, as best as i could decipher
them (dave's wonderful mumblings and the loud crowd
made this a little tricky).....


(end of middle verse of recently..."kissin' all the time" etc)--
{languid, sustained notes from stefan, light strummin' from boyd and dave}
..spendin' some time...
and dreamin' you....
you got me screamin'....
say my say my
we must be together
time after time
i'll share my water...
i'll share my wine...
swimmin' here forever...
till the end of time
i'll dream tonight
time after time
(back to recently w/ "yeah! yeah!")
liberty lunch

(same deal....middle of recently, suddenly quiets down to this new bit)--
so we're leavin'
and you come down...my line (?)
..friends to lovers
time after....
oh..drink my water
you can drink my wine
love you i'm fallin'
so please i can't be wrong
never fly...
i'm leavin'...hey
you're so alone
(now with recently words, but water/wine notes)
so recently i have........
all content and
dreamin' i have been
we go quiet places
i love you yes i love you.....
(and then silence, then back to recently w/ "yeah! yeah!")


sorry this was so long, but
this question has really
interested me of late....
obviously, the lyrics are changing everytime they play this, so
its probably not a good idea for everyone to post every version
of this that exists (yeah i know...i'm a hypocrite..oh well)
anyway...it would be nice to see this turn into
some sort of quieter, introspective tune...maybe along the lines
of lover or even bluewater....

g'night all...


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crowd surfers (yes, yet another post)

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Mon Feb 27 03:25:13 1995

It seems that Dave and the rest of the band, sorry guys, Carter, Boyd, 
Leroi, and Stefan feel about the same as we do on the surfers.  How about 
the band writing a simple letter stating exactly how they feel about this 
action, how it fits (NOT) with their music and put it up in very 
noticable places all over the venues.  If they don't want it try and 
enforce a very strict policy of kicking the violators out.  I highly 
doubt many venues would have a problem with this.  Also a nice nonviolent 
solution to a very violent problem.

Peace & Out...


Listen to Phish, walk around and sleep alot.


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Re: crowd surfers (yes, yet another post)

jugular@rhf.bradley.edu Mon Feb 27 04:00:24 1995

in regards to this topic, didn't dave say something more like "i don't 
worry about it" on the AOL thing?  he was asked what he thought about it, 
and said "i wouldn't", which i took to mean he doesn't think about it, or 
maybe he wouldn't do it, but "stef carter" said right away afterwards 
"whatever floats your boat...."
any thoughts?

above all things, love one another, for "love will cover a multitude of sins"


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TM219482@wcupa.edu Mon Feb 27 08:11:28 1995

nice.  you could tell it was
one of those shows that everyone was clicking.  Boyd was amazing with that 
fiddle.  He played an incredable Dancing Nancies and Ants Marching. 
imprest with his solo on Jimi thang.  I love the long jam they go into now a 
days with that song.  There were about two or three songs I haven't heard 
this show including that jam at the middle of Recently.  The only thing that 
bothered the hell out of me were the damn crowd surfers.  Grow up you 
fucking 16 year old druken college students.  you all should've gone home 
after Big Todd got done boring us with his crap.  This bullshit must stop. 
this show was great, however it didn't compare to the night before when he 
jammed with Jonny and Trey at 
NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  well just 
thought I'd tell you what it was like if you weren't there.

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a deep message to live on

TM219482@wcupa.edu Mon Feb 27 08:20:47 1995

my friend, who I don't even know,  I might see you at the end, or maybe 
during my walk we'll cross each others path for a step or two and there you 
can enlighten me with your story.  Amazing the people we meet who for one 
moment, one small fraction, one grain of sand on the beach of life, we meet 
and surf a wave together and on we go with nothing but a memory to remember 
it all by.  Well I don't know but maybesomeday we can grab a drink and sit 
on a cloud and find out the answers from God.  Hope to see you there.

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Mungbyrd@aol.com Mon Feb 27 08:33:53 1995

When WWYS first came out, Dave had an organ player who played harp for it.
check out the FAQ...  TpW

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2/24 anyone lose a wire?


As I gathered my taping crap after the show, I mistakenly took 
someone elses wire.  If anyone lost one, please let me know so I can 
get it back to you.  saying goodbye,

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**MTVs Alternative Nation-w/ Dave and Stefan**

jcrother Mon Feb 27 10:12:54 1995

Dave Matthews and Stefan Lessard will host _Alternative Nation_ on MTV 
tomorrow [Tuesday].

_Alternative Nation_ airs at 7:00 or 8:00 I believe.  ?


alex crothers

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Re: Water/Wine jam?/other stuff

Andrew.D.Mims.1@nd.edu Mon Feb 27 10:32:31 1995

to the guy wondering about dave being on letterman and bhtm being on
conan - ummmm, dave DID headline, not bhtm. i don't know who's opening in
columbus or wherever you are, but dave had headlined the whole east coast
tour to my knowledge. as far as i know, dmb will only open in todd's home
base - i.e. colorado, maybe midwest. as far as i'm concerned, the two
bands can't be compared.

and I believe this is the same for most of the midwestern dates, although I
wish it were the other way around


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additional info on shirts

WIMURPHY@DAVIDSON.EDU Mon Feb 27 11:09:21 1995

on shirts so to catch up I am posting to the net.  hope that's
you can specify M, L, XL... they are peripherally related to all
things dave matthew and are sold only to pholks on minarets...
i know we'll all have em at the greenville/charleston sc shows -
perhaps to make minarets id'ing a little easier, plus it's a fly
style tshirt in the 70's vein.  

Minarets shirts           **
! **                          P.O. Box 83942           **
! **                          U.S.C.                   **
! **                          Columbia, S.C.           **
! **                                     29225         **
! *******************************************************

soon as possible and remember this shirt is available to minarets
only and features our man with his favorite mask on.  see y'all


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where are the digests

V134R9W7@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu Mon Feb 27 11:50:41 1995

i did not check the mail all weekend but when i came back, there were 
no digests, and i usually get 4 a weekend. was i somehow unsuscribed 
or something, and if so please put me back on.

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SC Dates

LAW0001@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU Mon Feb 27 11:59:28 1995

As I attempted to post last week- Dave in SC April 8 in Charleston,SC at
McAlister Field House, the Citadel-(803)577-4500 and April 14 in Greenville,SC
at the Memorial Auditorium-(803)291-tixx or 1-800-707-tixx.  Tickets went on
sale Fri, I have no clue how sales are...Jim

JIM GILREATH                                  (803) 771-2382
LAW0001@UNIVSCVM                              COLUMBIA, SC 29201

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rochester show....shiiiiiit

erw@medinfo.rochester.edu Mon Feb 27 13:01:43 1995

last night rochester show was incredibly similar to syracuse...only 3 songs 
were different...and they substituted out most of the good ones...see list 
for syracuse and take out rhyme and reason, best of whats... and 
satellite...put in so much to say, warehouse and watchtower...

so for me the show was good musically but really left me with a bitter 
taste in my mouth that dave wouldn't change the setlist in places so close 
together....and after hearing about nyc show 24th...i felt like 
shit...cause he played an amazing hsow there...

basically i can call him a chump
his playing was kinda labored...he did similar intros to all the songs...
boyd, carter, leroi, stefan all kicked musically ...i mean awesome stuff...

but dave seemed like he was going through motions...
bht was better now that i was high...
andin the front row...
expressions are great to see when playing...

they ended with watchtower...a fucking cover...so lame...great 
version...leroi wailed but lame to end with a song that they didn't 
write...  no rhyme...no halloween...no seek up, minarets...say goodbye...

just a token break-you-in rochester concert...welcome to dave '95
i didn't even wanta go backstage i was so disappointed...

i mean, do i have to go to a big city where they've played before to get a 
good show???   
teenyboppers providing a chipmunk-like chorus to every song...girls 
crying...screaming ultrasonic (only dogs can hear) frequencies...  crap

im disillusioned...i should've expected it...in fact i did.
but it still sucked

peace and unhappy faces

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SoMuch To Say

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Mon Feb 27 13:54:24 1995

I just read "eric"'s review of the rochester show.  He seemed so disappointed
with it, but I would have been ecstatic just to have heard So much To Say.  Am
I wrong, or has this song not been on any setlist for a long, long time.  They
said that they were working on bringing back some old tunes.  If you went to
the show, was So Much good?  I want to know.  I Love that song........tom

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**Re: Headlining and New Dates****

jcrother Mon Feb 27 14:37:19 1995

         BHTM is headlining for the show that I'm going to in Kalamazoo,MI,
 and I believe this is the same for most of the midwestern dates, although I
 wish it were the other way around

Sadly, it's true.  DMB got the headlining spot for all the New England 
gigs as well as a few scattered shows while BHTM gets it 
for the midwest dates.  When DMB returns from Europe they will continue 
to tour with BHTM in the southeast with DMB headlining.

All of this is to be taken with a grain of salt since things change 
without notice.

DMB will be returning to Europe [Germany in fact] in June to open two 
shows with old time friends, Bon Jovi.

It's all more or less true...except the part about them being old time 
friends. :)


alex crothers

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Re: do you want some cheese with your whine?

erw@medinfo.rochester.edu Mon Feb 27 14:38:08 1995

sanford a fine writes....


bitch bitch bitch - all you do is bitch.
So you didn't like the show - was it necessary to broadcast your 
unhappiness to the whole net.  you are wasting everyone's time with your 
verbal diarrhea.

you are bringing me down, man....

if people feel free to express their happiness on net with raves about 
roseland...then i can bitch...why should only positives be expressed...??

if dave is playing remarkably similar setlists in adjoining areas...then why 
should people waste their money seeing him twice????  just a warning...

i love seeing dave...his band makes me smile...but seeing similar shows with 
similar intros and similar everything is a downer.

20 bucks is a drop in the bucket but hey im poor.

so sanford should go back to reruns...and after reading forty more! verbal 
extravaganzas about dave on dave, and chicago shows...and lafayette shows...why 
can't i extemporize...????   look it up sanford...

i think my days on this net are shortlived.

im with marianne....and the bens...
this net is slowly fermenting into ....blah.

and red shoes,

yeah i know this is personal but at this point...


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Re: additional info on shirts

bmking@mail.wm.edu Mon Feb 27 14:40:14 1995

   shirts are white with 48-color photo and inscription, and
you can specify M, L, XL... they are peripherally related to all
things dave matthew and are sold only to pholks on minarets...

what's the photo of?
what's the inscription?
what's the design of the shirt/how is it layed out?  is there a front and

if the picture is not describable, could you scan it & put it on netspace?

inquiring minds want to know......................

you don't have to worry about me                                    and now
i might have been born yesterday                                coming soon
but i stayed up all night                                 brett's home page

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Looking for CD Release party ...

jason.doak@cbn.org Mon Feb 27 15:02:09 1995


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tschroyer@CCTR.UMKC.EDU Mon Feb 27 15:03:05 1995


out there planned on taping this show, and if so, how could I convince you to
float me a copy?


Top Permalink

Ohio shows

FORTINJS@UCBEH.SAN.UC.EDU Mon Feb 27 15:27:19 1995

Hey all,
If there are and you are going to any of the three shows(Cincy 2-28, Clev.
3-4,Columbus 2-9) post me because i will probably bwe taping the shows. ( If i
get the stuff in time) Plus i have never met another netter and think it would
be cool to finally talk to some one about DMB on the same wave length(how ever
far out that may be depends on you!)

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Re: need help!!!!

0066478@SHU.sacredheart.edu Mon Feb 27 15:40:08 1995

 sorry, no dmb content, but i need held.  i am trying to start a band in 
 Richmond and things are going pretty well (the sax player thinks he is 
 Leroi)  only one problem, we need a NAME.  any one with any cool ideas, 
 please send them to me.  if we choose yours, a special surprise just 
 might be in it for you.  thanks - seanyboy
well, what kind of music?  need to know more about you guys.


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rare dave form

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Mon Feb 27 16:27:38 1995

a number of you have written
me in the past few days concerning
what trees are and how ther work etc etc etc.....

those questions will be answered in due time.....
i promise.....
but for those of you who are still unclear as to the process of
taking general interest and creating a tree, the first
step is generally to fill out a form.......you with me?

now, for those of you that have done this before, it certianly
needs no explaination......

we take a seed (in this case, tapes made by one of this
net's founding members, as it were) and i create a structure
so that the tape gets distributed fast, and to a lot of people

i....as the administrator of the tree, take the forms and place
people on it according to their wants and desires blah blah blah

this tree is for the rare dave tapes....made by boofy....

basically he is sticking a lot of old stuff
on two tapes.....he probably did it because he wanted
to hear all the older shit, or something, but the idea
has come to .....signify the dual idea of also
creating a medium on which many of dmb's most desired
cuts and other things, can be found......

among these cuts are things like old untitled (often unrehersed)
jams featuring peter and miguel, as well as the existing dmb

see, the truth is, regardless of how long you trade, and how
many shows you get, and how into dave m b you are, you are never
going to hear some of this shit, because the only remaining
copys of some of the songs, would be impossible to find....

and the ones you can find, well.........what's the point
of trading for and entire show, just to get one track.......

that is why i am treeing the tapes made by boofy............

actually, it would be really hard to find a lot of the
stuff, because the majority of the people who would have those
shows have left the net.........i, myself, am included......
clandestine raises in the face of idiotic sexual discussions,
and the redundancy of annoying threads........but that's out
preference versus yours..........no harm.....no hurt feelings......

but nevertheless, as the net expands and grows, and the guard shifts
to the new.....the liklihood of finding some things becomes greatly decreased.

i would recommend, at some point in your lives, finding a copy of
the election night show, and one of those old shows, where
granny sparked the audience to yell love, baby  over and over and over
, and possibly an old copy of i'll back you up, where stefan
jammed, or maybe even an old copy of blue water babboon farm, so
no one is confused as to what it is........

whatever, that's all your perrogative.............

but my other suggestion is to get on this tree, and get a feel
of what dmb was, before a lot of you ever heard of them.......

but it's beneficence will not only be appriciated by the newbies,
but also the people who were a interractive part of the
building of this band.........

think of it as a sampler of a dmb past....
as well as present....

i actually know what is on tape one, for the most part......

and i highly doubt any of you would be upset

it is well worth the cost of two cassettes......at any rate,.....

if you are interested in being on this tree, then fill out
the form below........the important info that i get from
you all, is....whether you want a metal or h.b. analogue, or dat
chris is actually taping this on analog tapes, but it is being
transfered to DAT.............if you dont know what im talking
about, then you want H.B...............i also need :

mail this form to KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU
in the subject line, make sure you specify that this is for the
rare dave tree, because i am in the middle of a bunch of trees,
and i really dont want to be confused

branch or leaf?
now, since all branches get to dub for other leaves, then, tell me
how many tapes you are willing to spin, and what kind of equipment
you have, so i can preserve the quality of the seed, down the line.......

comments........(ie....dolby B? C? etc etc)

anything you want me to know is important, so feel
free to mail me with any concerns..........

and if you already signed up for this tree, and want to
verify your status, then email me (koliver1@ua1vm.ua.edu)

as of this moment, the signups do not have a closing date.......
but i will let you know, closer to the time, this tree gets off the ground



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Re: UUM, YES!!

CLIFFORDC@urvax.urich.edu Mon Feb 27 16:36:25 1995

 When WWYS first came out, Dave had an organ player who played harp for it.
 check out the FAQ...  TpW

check out the FAQ?

look. i was on this net before we had a faq.
i was also on this net when there were probably less than
10 people here.. not the 800+ that there is now.

when peter (the dmb former keyboardist and harmonica-ist)
was in the band, 
he played on 
not wwys.

read YOUR faq.

(i will nto be hostile i will nto be hostile i will nto be hostile)

ok. i'm gonna go buy a charleston chew now
and chew and chew and chew
and it'll make me be happy.

i am officially on minarets hiatus.
if anyone needs to get in touch with me, 
do so by personal mail. thnxs.

love and joy to you all..
clare emily (the den mother????)
well.. i guess our babies adn shildren do grow up and move on 
from what we birthed them to be... this on will only be the first of 
many, i'm sure.. in my lifetime.....

clare emily clifford molecular genetics dpt of biology virginia tech & state u 


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No need to get all pissy, just move!!!

eja1@lehigh.edu Mon Feb 27 16:38:17 1995


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Flames DMB-Letterman

KARYME@aol.com Mon Feb 27 16:54:10 1995

Everytime i post to this net I get flamed for it.  Well,  you are right,  I
am a dedicated DMB fan,  and I do criticize the music,  but do we have to
come down on someone so hard every time someone says something that they
disagree with.  

I will not try to justify my "honest but friendly" comment,  because I meant
what I said.  I learned my lesson a while ago on here with a couple of the
"old timers"  -  I shouldn't be so quick to jump in someone's face if I think
what they said was stupid or wrong.  I think I suffered from that and I don't
think it was worth it.   

I love coming home and reading what people have to say about Dave,  I don't
love coming home and finding that the very few things I post will inevitably
have a reply that is somewhat insulting.  I have an opinion,  so do you-

If everyone did that to everyone,  no one would post their opinions,  Dave
would lose,  and this thing would be boring as hell.  

No one likes to be insulted.....

Anyway,  I am so excited to see all the success on this net, and with dave,
reaching DEAD caliber!!!

Anyone who reads this,  thanks for agreeing with some of it at least,  and
thanks for not agreeing with it,  but please please don't ruin my day by
flaming me because it is different than what you think.  
Any anyone that remembers the CD "flame" incident,  I learned my lesson,  and
I am sorry for whoever i pissed off-   i am trying real hard not to let it
happen again.

"It's fuckin'  hot in here!"  

Peace ,


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Shows @ The Rave

2T87MACINTYR@vmsa.csd.mu.edu Mon Feb 27 17:07:00 1995

Here's an updated list for shows at The Rave/Eagles Auditorium in Milwaukee.

TM's number is 414-276-4545 and the box office's is 414-342-RAVE.  Any questionsfeel free to write back.  Look for special offer later this week for DMB
minaretters.  Thanks.

Andy Mac.

P.S.- Check out Willy Porter if you get the chance :).

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to Kevin Miller only!

Sara.E.Burch@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Mon Feb 27 17:13:15 1995

hey kevin,
i got your tape today and i have a few questions.
where is this concert??
what's the gen? is it a sbd or aud?
why is stream
one both sides in the same succession?
i haven't even listened yet but i would like to know these things when you get
a chance...


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Re: crowd surfers.

0066478@SHU.sacredheart.edu Mon Feb 27 17:29:30 1995

i just take off their shoes and hats, and through them around alot.


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lmorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu Mon Feb 27 17:44:18 1995

Was this Steffan or Carter? John Coltrane is my all time favorite
muscician! I've heard Leroi wander into Coltrane-land in songs like Jimi
Thing (eg Lexington 11/94). Anyone else hear this?


        Joe & Laura         


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fhouse@vt.edu Mon Feb 27 17:56:12 1995

Dave fans will go there! No offense to the new people now! Then, Minarets 
can remain Minarets and not get destroyed with DMB's new found (but 
inevitable) success! I wonder if I'll get scolded for such a selfish idea?  :)


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nothing that has not been said

<@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU:DICUSMU5@spanky.badm.scarolina.edu> Mon Feb 27 18:04:54 1995

Dominic at Swarthmore, get in touch with me.  I sent to you the 
Charlotte show and I have not heard from you yet, what is the delay!!

Here is required dmb content.  I saw them on Dave, just what 
I thought it would be like, should of just had the album playing.  
Also, I have recently gotten some 92, and 93 shows that truly are 
amazing.  I can now more fully understand why people miss the 
intimacy of these early dave moments.  I got tickets to Charleston, 
and I can't wait!!!!


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alang@engin.umich.edu Mon Feb 27 18:37:26 1995

                 We go and create a DMB news group so that the masses of new 
 Dave fans will go there! No offense to the new people now! Then, Minarets 
 can remain Minarets and not get destroyed with DMB's new found (but 
 inevitable) success! I wonder if I'll get scolded for such a selfish idea?  :)
                                                 Fred House
I don't think this is a bad plan since people will be checking the 
newsgroups all the time, and will probably wonder why there isn't a DMB 
newsgroup...  and if there is one then they won't prod any furthur trying 
to find another one, and all the newbies will be happy...

but it could be a bad idea, since there will be some person who will slip 
on the newsgroup and will post a message about the minarets mailing list 
and then everybody will join it!!!  Then the plan backfired... I 
don't see any real solution. 



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possibly time to leave?

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Mon Feb 27 18:44:55 1995

Eric Wald, I respect your right to post most anything, but that review of 
the show you say was possibly one of the most negative and IMHO usless 
things I have seen on Minarets as of late.  (with of course the exception 
of my posts)  I reccomend you leave us alone now, we have welcomed Dave 
'95 and it seems that we like it.  That's why we hang out here, NOT to 
complain and bitch.


I hate myself more and more every day!!!


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SoMuchToSay in Rochester? AngelFrMontgomery in NYC? I missed out.

whb4@cornell.edu Mon Feb 27 18:50:31 1995

Walt Blackler       "That's cool!! ...if that's cool?!"  - Josh Fagen of
409 Dryden #1                                               TIJUANA CARAVAN
Ithaca, N.Y. 14850
607-272-8037        "When he got there he realized he had circled back around,
whb4@cornell.edu     Roundaback circle, roundaback realized!"  - PHISH


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New York Times Article

x51558h3@WESTPOINT-EMH2.USMA.ARMY.MIL Mon Feb 27 18:53:13 1995

Just in case anyone missed it, the following article appeared in Monday's New
York Times along with a pretty bad picture of Dave (not to mention an AWFUL 

by John Pareles

Fans were swaying, not slamming, when the Dave Matthews Band played on Thursday
night at Roseland.  It was the first of two sold out shows for a triple bill
that included Big Head Todd and the Monsters along with the Ugly Americans.
the most idiosyncratic group to emerge so far from what might be calledDeadhead
rock, the wave of neo-hippie bands led by Blues Traveler and the Spin Doctors,
who sprang up to provide dance music for Grateful Dead fans between Dead tours.
and punk aggression.  The bands usually stretch long, danceable vamps on
cheerful shuffle rhythms recalling the Dead and the Allman Brothers; their
music only occasionally reaches ahead of the mid-1970's.  But although John
Popper of Blues Traveler joined Mr. Matthews's band for some break-neck
harmonica solos, the Dave Matthews Band vamps with a different blueprint.  Its
So are Mr. Matthews's ways of putting together songs; he has learned as much 
from the Police as from the Dead.
to Robert Fripp as they are to Jerry Barcia.  Carter Beauford on drums meshes 
light, intricate cross-rhythms with the guitar lines, under-pinned by Stefan 
Lessard's bass.  Leroi Moore, on saxophone and flute, and Boyd Tinsley, on 
violin, add riffs or solos, as a song suddenly veers toward jazz or bluegrass. 
Mr Matthews sings in a dry voice that can echo both Sting and Eddie Vedder.  
His lyrics are surprisingly glum, halfheartedly wishing for happiness while 
they detail a drab workaday world.
lines, and the music zips along, building and easing back and building again, 
with starbursts of rhythm from Mr. Beauford.  Yet with rare exceptions, the 
melodies are scattered and unmemorable; only in a few songs, like "What Would 
YOu Say", does the music have a center.  Light fingered propulsion is all, but 
for the bands's delighted fans, singing along on familiar songs and eventually 
hoisting one another aloft, that was enough.  Big Head Todd and the Monsters, a
song after another until the lack of variety grew burdensome.  The Ugly 
Americans are a more typical Deadhead band, long on the Allman Brothers, 
existential fears.

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You want tapes I got 'em!

sctm@vt.edu Mon Feb 27 18:57:07 1995

Since I have signed off minarets,  I have all sorts of free time.  It's 
amazing,  anyway I want to trade tapes.  I have a few to offer,  I want 
tapes with So Much To Say or the Maker,  I have several tapes with those 
songs,  but I want more.  So if anyone wants to trade write me back.  

To the first 2 people with no tapes that get back to me,  I offer the first 

DMB,  Location Unknown,  Date Unknown
Two Step
Lover Laydown
Eyes of the Maker
Blue Lagoon Baboon
Song That Jane Likes
Jimi Thing
Dancing Nancies
Angel From Montgomery
So Much To Say
All Along The Watchtower

To this day,  this tape is my favorite.  It has a bit of everything on it.  
To get it,  simply write me with a funny joke that doesn't involve anything 
sexual,  it must be clean to get the tapes.  I tell them to my grandpa so 
keep that in mind!  Groovy Beans!
Scott Miller-                           sctm@vt.edu
Virginia Tech                          scooter@acm.vt.edu
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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I guess that does it.

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Mon Feb 27 18:58:47 1995

I just posted a flame.  Could someone please send me info on how to get 
off this list, I just don't belong here anymore.

Peace & Out...


Listen to Phish, walk around and sleep alot.


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Re: New York Times Article

TripnBilly@aol.com Mon Feb 27 19:13:00 1995

The person that obviously wrote that article is bitter toward Dave for some
reason.  Maybe he was forced to go to the concert, or maybe he is into some
other type of music, but he shouldn't have done that.  What a dick.    That
is first degree poor journalism. 
The writer demonstrated that he did not know anything about Dave Matthews by
associating true fans with those crowd surfing. If he knew anything at all,
he would have known that Dave's music does not typically inspire surfing,
especially by true fans.  That article just pisses the fuck out of me.  So

"That shit Kicks my ass"  - dave  11/3/92

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wmartin@s850.mwc.edu Mon Feb 27 19:19:37 1995

This notion of BHTM being a horrible band has been floating around on 
this net for some time now. I must admit I feel somewhat sorry for the 
band and so now I come to their defense...yeah, yeah, yeah...I know this 
is not the BHTM bulletin but we really should give these guys a break. I 
don't no who started this idea that just because you are on Letterman you 
are an awesome band...I have seen plenty of bad ones on there...but Big 
Head Todd was on Letterman _long_ before DMB....like two years before.  
Anybody remember the album Midnight Radio (?), they were on promoing that 
album in 1992 back in the day of Dave on NBC.  So if that being on 
Letterman is a determinant on who should headline a show, BHTM wins and 
should be headlining everywhere they play with DMB.  

I am sorry for any hard feelings this may have caused you to have but 
frankly, I don't give a shit.  BHTM is a good band, granted better on 
album than live, and should not be trashed on this net.  Just had to say 
it...sorry.  Flames welcome.


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mailing list

bhb105@psu.edu Mon Feb 27 19:23:45 1995

Thanks for all the great music! 


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Re: I guess that does it.

dominic@sccs.swarthmore.edu Mon Feb 27 19:52:47 1995

 I just posted a flame.  Could someone please send me info on how to get 
 off this list, I just don't belong here anymore.
 Peace & Out...

man, i've seen alot of wimpy things in my time.   i've seen some cool 
people dive off this list at the first sign of trouble.   maybe that they 
thing that makes them cool, i don't know.   

all i know is flames come, and flames go.    give minarets.net a chance, 
with its newbies asking for help like the fledgling followers we once were.

i'll make the first person to give me a good davetalknickname for people who 
bail off of this net

A COPY OF THE 10/26/93 TRAX SHOW.   only cause it's the best version of 
Ants i've ever heard AND it's got Minarets- Blue Water- Typical.

think quick.


Dominic Sagolla '96	      --Constantly 
Swarthmore College              Craving
Swarthmore, PA 19081			the Perfect


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Sara.E.Burch@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Mon Feb 27 20:00:09 1995

Hi all,
i had a sad trading encounter with a certain Kevin Miller. (remember my
birchmere offer?) i received his tape today. (over a month late) enclosed was
no location and two segments of two diff't. sets that i had not agreed to trade
for. the enclosed setlist did not even correspond to the tape. i simply asked
for this info. and a possible other trade and recieved the following. i
apologize for the vulgarity but i hope you all look out for this guy in the

:-) sara

--- Forwarded Message from KMiller@darwin.cc.nd.edu ---

listen bitch, you should be grateful that i sent you that tape in the first
place.  don't start placing demands on myass.  i ain't telling you shit!
from i give you a chance.  i'll write the date inside my ass cheeks and you
can come down here and spread 'em open and find out.  ta ta


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marianne@mail.ilt.columbia.edu Mon Feb 27 20:12:23 1995

i concur...absolutely, a real God Damn Solution.  Ok so who's gonna do it? 
and how do we prevent the newest newbies from finding out about us?  and
how do we get rid of the people here already that don't seem to know enough
about respect and humility, art and creativity, beauty and community

look. the fact is there was an established community here, norms and
values, and the newbies that are complaining about elitism haven't a clue
as to what this net is about, goes beyond content of DMB, and imho have no
say in what goes on here.  citizenship here is something more than subbing.

IMHO people who scolded eric, and i aint just saying this 'cause he's a
good friend and an all-around SuperGenius, but because i most sincerely
believe it, the point is that you few were Totally over-reacting.  I went
back and re read his post, he wasn't so negative, not nearly as negative as
ya'll and on top of that He had justification. 

just a few months ago, many many were saying that dave outta mix it up a
bit, no one likes to pay repeatedly to see the same show over and over,
don't we all live for the rarities, the special gems? gasp, i even think he
could use some fresh material. don't start cryin' now, it's just an

dave ain't perfect, and if hearing something negative about him brings you
down, if you can't evaluate whether the critism is valid, then you my
reactionary friends have a problem.
delivered by the ILTnet gateway 


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Uum Yes Assholes

Mungbyrd@aol.com Mon Feb 27 20:29:03 1995

Hi. I replied saying organist used to play harp on WWYS. I read the faq and
yes it was there. Download it yourselves. I was not militant about it and i
did not come across as an asshole. You guys who so kindly corrected me were
in the right. You have been here longer. Yeah. It's no reason to be a dick to

when the Dave Matthews Band originally got together in early 1992, they
had a keyboard player by the name of Peter Griesar.  Peter also played
harmonica on So Much to Day, What Would You Say, and some of the earliest
versions of Screaming From the Minarets.  

be nice, people


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tapes/ bad trader response

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Mon Feb 27 20:31:56 1995

What is going on???  What is wrong with you (Kevin) I mean, you could be a
little less obnoxious about what you say.  Why is everyone being so hostile?
Maybe it was a bad trade, maybe it wasn't that still doent mean that you lash
out at each other when you disagree.  I just don't understand...cant we all
just get along???

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DMB in my yearbook?!

jjharm@mail.wm.edu Mon Feb 27 21:27:15 1995

folks and it has always been kind of quarrelsome since I've been
here, but I think everyone just needs to calm down a bit, use
personal mail more often, and wait to post (unless it's a concert
review or something) until you have several interesting things to say
and we'll be fine.
recently, there is a section on the performing arts, and guess who
took up almost a whole spread--our boys!  The right page is a picture
of Dave singing some high note and scrunching up his face and on the
left there is a smaller picture of Boyd (btw, he stole the Letterman
spotlight; he looked so cute and excited!) wearing a fly leather
jacket with fringe.  In the copy (that's the writing) it talks about
a few other bands, blah blah blah, and then says "Far and away, the
most popular group was The Dave Matthews Band, who played at Lake
Matoaka [an outdoor ampitheater on campus] several times at concerts
benefiting various charities.  Not only did the band have devoted
fans on campus, but they began to gain national recognition and
released their first compact disc."  I guess W&M is cooler than you
guys thought, so there! :)  I miss the band down here (especially
seeing them for $0, $3, etc.) but I am so happy that they're getting
a taste of the success they deserve.  Have a great day, jen

*  jennifer harman          *  "Do what you will, always             *
*  jjharm@mail.wm.edu       *   Walk where you like, your steps      *
*  CS Box 5108              *   Do as you please, I'll back you up"  *
*  Williamsburg, VA  23186  *   -Dave Matthews Band                  *


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Boston dates/ newsgroup

jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Mon Feb 27 21:29:53 1995

Does anyone know when they will be in the Boston/New England area? I 

Also, someone said a DMB newsgroup would be cool...and I agree. Also, it 
there a WWW site and an FTP site (besides archive.phish.net)?

-----also...we love to trade tab...and I need "Warehouse." I'll return 
tabs if someone sends me anything.


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lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Mon Feb 27 21:31:07 1995

As Mike c said,

"Can't we all just get along?"

"I find.....sometimes it's easy just to be myself.


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Re: Tripnbilly and the NY Times

SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Mon Feb 27 21:32:08 1995

Now billy, this guy could actually be a very good music critic.  He has
actually heard of the DEAD.  And, he can also make references to Sting. 
But the point that convinces me is that he knows what a rift is....and that
Boyd can actually play that.  Hell, I just thought they got up on stage and
played what ever the hell popped in their head and hoped it sounds good.
I really think he could have just said, "I didn't like this band because I
am too fucking cool to be associated with them."  I will bet you ten
dollars he would have given them a good review if he had seen them two
years ago in a 200-300 capacity club with fans that sit down and listen to
the music.  Fucking idiot.  You know, I wish people would grow up and start
listening to the music.  Even you people that complain aobut little high
school shits saying, "ANTS ROX" need to stop listening to them and start
hearing the music.  Jesus people, lyou pay 20$ to get into the concert hall
t hear a band, not the little fucks beside you.  
Anyway, SWAG, I will see you tomorrow.  And to that person that personally
wrote me and told me not to post personal messages on the net.....YOU KNOW
WHO YOU ARE....go to hell.  Seriously, with 40-80 fucking messages a day,
you can put up with my shit.  Besides, you might find it interesting.  If
it was really personal and I didn't think you MIGHT want to read it, then I
wouldn't have put it on here.  Anyways, everyone not flamed in this
message, I'll get you sooner or later....  :)  Later guys.....Jeff
p.s.  Is this band, Ugly Americans any good?  No one has said anything
about them...What are they like?  Besides classic Dead wanna-bes as the
Fucking TIMES put it.   Seriously, take it easy everyone and try your best
not to post soooo much.  
"With all the excitement of the elections, I seem to have lost all my
fuckinng hair."  -Dave Matthews.....11/3/92

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Sara.E.Burch@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Mon Feb 27 21:54:38 1995

there are apparently two Kevin Miller's out there. the Kevin Miller who goes to
Stanford is a GOOD TRADER. I apologize for any misconceptions here.
however, the Kevin Miller whose adress is as follows...
is a little tough to deal with as you have seen.
I hope I've cleared everything up!!!!

:-) sara

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Thanks for the response, trades still welcome.

sctm@vt.edu Mon Feb 27 22:24:12 1995

Newbie deal is closed,  if you are getting tapes from me,  I'll get back to 
you soon.  Most of you didn't read all the way throught the message,  in 
order to get a tape you had to tell me a joke!!!  The first 15 (that's 
right,  15) messages didn't have joke in them.  You guys would have had the 
tape if you had read enough of the message.  But anyway,  since it's obvious 
that a lot of people need tapes,  I'll offer another one soon.  If anyone 
wants to trade,  write me with your setlist and I'll send you mine.  Groovy 
Scott Miller-                           sctm@vt.edu
Virginia Tech                          scooter@acm.vt.edu
Blacksburg,  VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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bmkings add'l tshirt questions

WIMURPHY@DAVIDSON.EDU Mon Feb 27 22:38:31 1995

! what's the photo of?
! what's the inscription?
! what's the design of the shirt/how is it layed out?  is there a front and
! back?
! can it be scanned onto netspace?

however I myself am not certain about the answers.  The fellow making the 
shirts has unsubbed from the list because it was too much mail.  He goes to 
USC, hence the columbia sc address.  He is an old friend of mine and asked
me to post since I'm still on the net and can field questions like these.
All I really know is what I've already stated, because I quoted directly
48 colors"  as far as I can tell both the photo and the inscription, I think
it's a quote from typical situation, are on the front.  And he does not have
access to netspace or scanning equip, neither do I.  The inscription might
also be the subliminal message from track 4 on UTTAD.  Hopefully this
resolves all questions.  I know it sounds sketchy, all I can tell you is,
if you're not sure -- don't send money.  your momma could have told you
that!  :)   groovin and movin... 


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so much to say


hasn't been played in quite a while if I'm not mistaken.  Any one got any
info?  Is this true?  If it is, that's really cool.  A great tune.... I've
heard many times that they wouldm
(sorry)  wouldn't play it w/o Peter.  Just wouldn't be the same.  
guess you could call me a newbie.  One last thing.  I am tired of long bitches
and understand why old minaretters are leaving...I'd just like to hope that
people can be constructive and mature.


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saf1@acpub.duke.edu Mon Feb 27 22:50:40 1995

if there is a way, eric wald needs to be unsubscribed for his sheer 
obnoxiousness and genuine stupidity, as well as his blasphemous attack on 

go to hell, eric wald

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eric wald doesnt suck

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Mon Feb 27 23:10:32 1995

i dont know how the fuck i am keeping up with this shit
now that im unsubbed (thanks to all those happy forwarders)

but eric is cool as shit, and he had as much right as sanford
did to speak his mind.

but, as has been the case for as long as i remember,
eric didnt look like as much of an incompetent dumbass

it's nice when people can people can speak their minds
without looking they are utterly saturated with stupidity
thanks, eric, for the well thought out criticism........

sandy is officially on the clan.aub "list"
that famous one with all the other superstars of the net
who think they are too cool for words

whaddya think ben?

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Sara.E.Burch@dartvax.dartmouth.edu Mon Feb 27 23:52:40 1995

hey all,
i don't mean to flame a law professor from london but that message was sent
from her computer b/c that's the adress. something's up here and i'm feeling
foggy, kinda groggy about it. 
if anyone has any insight to offer me-
i'd be grateful. (KMiller-that includes you.)

many smiles,


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Re: New York Times Article

dominic@sccs.swarthmore.edu Mon Feb 27 23:59:28 1995

what's wrong with THAT review.   pretty kind, i'd say.    it's the best 
we could hope from such a stuffy paper, i guess.


Dominic Sagolla '96	      --Constantly 
Swarthmore College              Craving
Swarthmore, PA 19081			the Perfect


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KMiller and NYTimes

ddevito@bromine.helios.nd.edu Mon Feb 27 23:59:56 1995

Hey now,

This is to clarify a few things.  There is some DMBC in here, but it's 
more to clear up stuff on the net.

1) Sara Burch, there is no Kevin Miller who goes to Notre Dame.  Unless 


PS I'm still looking for Fort Wayne tapers to get in touch with so 
Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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Hi, stuff, tips for traders

srubin@haverford.edu Tue Feb 28 01:12:24 1995

send to minarets@moose.uvm.edu

My name is Seth and I am a student at Haverford College.  I am fairly new
to the net and just had a few things to say after my first few weeks of
subscribing.  So far I have heard some interesting things and some boring
things through Minarets.

I have just one suggestion for people who are going to post stuff.  Think
about it first and ask yourself if it is really worth posting whatever you
want to post.  That's all I have to say about that.

I am interested in finding out what kind of people subscribe to the net.
Feel free to reply to me via personal mail.

I have some tips for traders.  when you set up a trade write down the name,
address, and what you are trading with the person.  I have had a couple of
experiences, emailing back and forth trying to figure out what I promised
someone.  Also set your self a goal for sending the tape.  Don't tell the
tradee that you will get the tapes out really soon if you really can't.
Lastly if you have any doubts about being able to get your tapes out or
about completing the trade, DON'T SET UP THE TRADE.  It is not fair to the
person you are trading with.

This has all been a good experience so far, but if I keep getting 50
messages (with many repeated things) I will have to logoff.

I hope to hear from some of y'all.


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swaun@vt.edu Tue Feb 28 01:12:47 1995

I have seen some people mention wholesale tapes here, but though I'd open 
the floodgates to ask anyone who has an opinion.  Where is the best, 
cheapest, and most reputable place to get good blank tapes?  Specifically, 
Maxell Type II.  Does anyone have a suggestion?

Scott Waun


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messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Tue Feb 28 01:18:54 1995

Anyone want a tape?  I will dub my fattest tape to the first person who 
can send me blanks and postage and who can send me an origanal poem.  Peace


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New York Times review

andynyc@panix.com Tue Feb 28 01:25:18 1995

Did anyone out there in NYC read the review of Thursday's show
in Monday's New York Times (page C12)?  If you ask me, this guy
didn't have a clue... most of it looks as if it was copied off of 
some press package.  He continually tried to compare DMB with the
Grateful Dead, mentioning GD and Jerry Garcia five times.  The
only song mentioned by name was... WWYS.  The guy said a few cool
vacation from grunge despair and punk aggression", "starbursts of
rhythm from Mr. Beauford."  However, although I think the 
overall view was positive, he wasn't overwhelmed.  I got the 
feeling that he didn't really understand the music, so instead
"crisp, pointillistic guitar patterns," "light-fingered

I'd like to know what other people thought... please respond
to me or the net.  Someone with access to AOL might be able
to copy the whole review from the "@times" (N.Y. Times area)
area over there.

And anyone with a copy of Friday's show, you can have
whatever you want of mine.  Thanks.

Andy    andynyc@panix.com

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I'm inspired Here's an offer

gt0082c@prism.gatech.edu Tue Feb 28 02:04:38 1995

Answer my questions correctly and with some speed and some
luck you will be selected to receive my fav show for two tapes
and postage.

1)What happened in 1982 in Lesotho?

2)What is the capital of Lesotho?

3)What is Louis Armstrong's most famous nickname?

As always,
I am the Swag

If you are digestified I pick one of you guys too. put the digest #
in your reply
this offer expires 5:oo PM Tuesday


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State of Minarets

wrongway@wwa.com Tue Feb 28 02:21:48 1995

nation called Dave Matthews negative, there are people moaning about, 
well, things we can't explain, Japhy Ryder's off the net apparently, I 
haven't had a dose of my favorite gonzo journalism (clare emily) in a 
long while, and somebody sends that poor person the wrong tapes, telling 
her to look for the date of the show between his ass-cheeks?????
minaret.land but I'm wondering if DMB and its fans are going to make it 
through stardom intact, with an identity crisis, dead, like the spin 
doctors, or just worthless.  Please keep things cool.  Anybody who needs 
a tape of some live Dave to help them through this, just get in touch and 
I'll spin for you.




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the importance of criticism

EDOHERTY@MACALSTR.EDU Tue Feb 28 02:45:13 1995

"The undiscriminating and unconditional adulation and love of those people
doesn't do a whole lot for the music, I'll say.  When the crowd goes wild after
we've rendered a dismal set, I don't think they should clap at all.  They
should run us out of town on a rail--but they never do.  I don't think our
audience is very critical at all..."            -BOB WEIR

I stupidest thing that gets repeated all the time is, "if you don't like then
get out".  Obviously the critique of the DMB show that person saw was a heart
felt criticism.  If everyone jumps up and down every time Dave does anything it
does nothing for the MUSIC.  This whole thing is about THE MUSIC.  As long as
we can push the DMB to be the best they can then we have done our job as a good
audience.  Not everything Dave does is divine.  You have to understand the
importance of critique.  The hardest thing to do is criticize something that is
very dear to you, and that is why there is this huge backlash against anything
that isn't positive about the DMB.  Without getting into a debate about
"objective" standards for judging music I think we can talk about who good or
bad a show was.  There should be nothing wrong with this.  If nothing else it
shows that we are functioning properly.  For all practical purposes half the
shows will be above average and half will be bellow.  If every show is above
average then your standards are too low.

There is a lot of subjectivity in the process but if you were to ask Dave his
honest opinion about a show you might find that he was not happy at all and you
thought it was the greatest thing in the world.  If Dave or anyone else in the
band was on the net and said that the Syracuse sucked really bad how would you
respond?  Most musicians just don't want to get into the subject with their
fans...they just take the compliment and go on. Their "best" audience is usually
the least critical!


Eric D.

P.S.  There is no reason you should tell someone to unsubscribe.  If you cannot
take someone elses opinion...

Eric Doherty        "Wake up to find out                    / /(  - -
Macalester College   that you are the eyes of the world"    |   -   |
1600 Grand Ave.               -Robert Hunter                - - _)/ /
St. Paul, MN  55105                                          (__ __)

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NY times artical

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Tue Feb 28 03:32:23 1995

At least that dude didn't talk about Phish!  Peace


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HFEJP@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Tue Feb 28 03:39:33 1995

if there is a way, eric wald needs to be unsubscribed for his sheer
obnoxiousness and genuine stupidity, as well as his blasphemous attack on

go to hell, eric wald


....and people wonder why so many oldtimers
are dropping like flies....

eric's criticism of the rochester show was neither
unfounded nor blasphemous......

this type of post, however, is.

dominic....people aren't jumping ship at the first sign
of trouble.......
it just gets more and more disheartening to watch for months
as something that used to be so fun crumbles to ashes...

its not the newbies (fresh faces and opinions are the lifeblood...)
nor the crowd surfers...
nor the taco-bell fame....
that's causing the old ones to slip quietly into the shadows....

its the slow and painful realization that minarets
has lost much of its dignity and spirit...

do we really have to let that happen?
remember the music people....that's why we're all
here inthe first place...


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Rochester Show...Bad???

goldberg@rochgte.fidonet.org Tue Feb 28 07:36:39 1995

As an avid Dave fan, like many of you, I have heard my fair deal of
shows.  Even though Eric thinks the Rochester show sucked, I thought
quite the opposite.  OK, I admit, It wasn't the best show of all time,
and they didn't play for an incredible amount of time, but so many
amazing things happened there, I find it hard to believe the show was
flop!  As we all know, Dave is primarily a rhythm guitarist.  It shocked
the hell out of me to see him hammer out a solo in at least two places
throughout the show.  After seeing Boyd in Syr. a week earlier, he wasn't
as hot as he was, as a matter of fact, he seemed like he was zoning at
the beginning of the show (I should know, I was right in front of him in
the Pit).  In my opinion though, the rest of the band was on fire.  Yes
there was an amazing amount of screaming girls, but did it ever occur to
you that the band might get energy off their cheering?  They fucking
loved it!!  As a matter of fact, Dave told the crowd that Carter said
that the crowd kicked "fucking ass"!!  At no time during the
show was the crowd so deafening that you couldn't hear Dave clearly.  If
you want to hear Dave quietly, then lock yourself into your room by
yourself and play his CD.  It's true the setlists were very similar from
a week earlier, but no band caters to the tastes of a few experienced
listeners.  I would of loved to hear some rare stuff besides So Much
To Say, but I'm not weeping over the fact that Dave played basically
what the crowd wanted to hear! Watchtower was amazing at the end, and it
is a bullshit excuse to say it wasn't appropriate as an encore because
it wasn't his tune.  While everyone has their right to an opinion, it's
a good idea to keep everything in perspective.  Just because the show
didn't kick complete and utter ass, doesn't mean that it was a shitty
show.  Like so many of us out there, I was just happy to bask in DMB's
un-mistakenable light.  Just my $.02,

Listen and be happy :)


That way, nobody can capture me.....They can use the hell out of me, but
there ain't too much they can do to me.  They can mess me up, play the
wrong note, they can play a C, but they can't really destroy a C.  All
it is, is a tone...So I'm gonna come back as a note.



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Starting a newsgroup

klong@nysernet.ORG Tue Feb 28 08:53:08 1995

Here's a portion of what you need to do to start a newsgroup.
I am not saying I want to start one, I am just telling people how
to go about it.  I would *urge* everyone to take the discussion
about whether or not to create a news group to news.groups. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not use the list as a vehicle for the

to the list so we know when we can start to discuss this in the 
appropriate forums.  One suggestion is that all interested people check out 
these groups for a while BEFORE you post an RFD so that you have a well
thought and intelligent proposal written up as your RFD.

This is not meant to generate more discussion about pros and cons
of starting a newsgroup HERE.  The intent is to inform those of you who
are interested in how to go about doing it in hopes that one of you
will go for it and get THE DISCUSSION OFF MINARETS.  Please keep in 
mind this is not the full set of instructions and whoever decides to do
this has some work cut out for themselves.  There are other folks who
are on this list who have *much more* experience than I do with the
creation of a newsgroup.  Perhaps if they were asked, they might 
volunteer some information.

------------  begin included file ------------

Starting a new Usenet newsgroup

If you can't find a newsgroup or mailing list that holds discussion on a
specific topic, it is probably a bad idea to start a new newsgroup for
it.  Most successful newsgroups are started to split off a sub-topic
is already being discussed on one or more other newsgroups.  You might
try posting an article on the appropriate *.misc newsgroup, and see if
there are others who are interested in the subject.

If you really think it is appropriate to start a new newsgroup, some

New newsgroups in the comp, misc, news, rec, sci, soc, and talk
hierarchies are first proposed/discussed in news.groups.  New newsgroups
for the alt hierarchy should be first proposed/discussed in alt.config.
Talk to someone local about starting new local newsgroups.  Send mail
to your local news admin to find out where to start.

It is recommended that you have several months experience with USENET and
watching the group creation process in action for other groups before you
attempt to run your own proposal.  In particular, read both
news.announce.newgroups and news.groups to see the way proposals are
presented and the sort of pitfalls you can stumble into.  Make sure you
have read and fully understand the postings "How to Create a New Usenet
Newsgroup" and "Usenet Newsgroup Creation Companion" in news.announce.newusers.


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Digests 2/27

OCONNELLINGB@tiger.hsc.edu Tue Feb 28 08:57:10 1995

of today's digests. Can someone please send 'em my way. Thanx. Brendan.

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POPEM@tiger.hsc.edu Tue Feb 28 08:58:03 1995

Does anyone know the HORDE.net address? 
Thanks in advance.

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KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Tue Feb 28 09:55:13 1995

you guys are weird........

oh well.....due to popular demand.(believe it or not)
i have to answer a question for the masses.???!!?!?!?

a snail mail address is your postal mailing address
usps....when the mailman comes...yanno?

the one with your mailbox...and stamps and shit

sorry.........i didnt mean to confuse so many of you///........


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gt0082c@prism.gatech.edu Tue Feb 28 09:56:02 1995

What is going on here?
I've seen more posts about bad traders recently than good discussions of music.
ba-jesus out of Kevin Leslie Miller at Stanford. He spun me two tapes that sound
incredible and I highly encourage everyone to trade with him. Anyway here is my

Isn't it possible that Dave doesn't like his new following?  I'm mean we all 
know that he dislikes the crowd surfing, it would appear that his concerts are
time controlled, and the set lists are sometimes accused of being to "trendy".
I submit that all the klingon music goers are the problem, not newbies or new
listeners but those who probably don't own anything that their friends don't
have. I think everyone should have at least 10 CD's of jazz and blues. BB king
is incredibleJohn Lee Hooker is Bad Like Jesse James. Armstrong and Dizzy
can wail. If anyone you like some jazz and blues suggestions e-mail me.

At least in Atlanta were got a 30 second Ballbuster Music commercial. It was
praising the "undefinible sound" of the Dave Matthew's Band, So I sitting there
is jazz, funk, folk, blues, and rock mixed together.
My charge to yopu all is describe what you consider to be the DMB sound.
Then tell me if that atrocious commercial was shown everywhere else in the US.

Take care everybody,


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marianne@mail.ilt.columbia.edu Tue Feb 28 10:30:50 1995

Sandford, was this an intentional destruction of the net?  you asked me once
not so long ago who i was for suggesting an alternative net...who the heck
are you to suggest unsubscribing ANYONE?  

Look man, you are not welcome here.  go away.  dave is not god, it is ok to
criticize him.  

Fred?  That message that you thought was responding to you?  Was most
certainly inspired by Mr. Sandford.

Minareters....Will we stand for such obscene and unfriendly like behavior? 
Everyone phlame Sandford so he knows that this is not a place for such

Drastic times call for drastic measures.

delivered by the ILTnet gateway 


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Tree for 2/24

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Tue Feb 28 11:05:36 1995


In a bit I will announce a tree for the 2/24 show at the Roseland, with 
guest appearances from John Popper and Trey Anastasio (or so I've heard). 
It will likely be analog only, with the possibility of a DAT branch. If 
anyone would like to offer a DAT seed, please get in touch with me. As of 
now, all I've got is a analog copy of a DAT master. I still think it's 
worth treeing- I assume there is a great deal of demand, so as long as we 
make sure all branches use hi- q equipment, we'll get good copies. I'll 
keep you all informed.

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gstewart@students.wisc.edu Tue Feb 28 11:33:34 1995

A wee bit of blasphamey (sp?)  but the point is well taken... its been the
topic of various nets.
to make sure newbies don't get shafted.  Phish net has the Helping Friendly
Club, and Adopt-a-Freak, both wonderful for the newcomer to that lane of
music.  If Minarets were to implement something like that as an implement to
help the "neo-rets" that the "olderets" had to agree to before they were let
on the net then you have something going.  Over ten hours of DMB, and a half
year subscribed to the minarets neo-rets would do it.  This does mean some
extra work, but it would be vital to further deeper discussions of DMB.
because newbies tend to go over the same things again and again.
game.  But what about the discussion there, what would it involve.  I would
probably stay subscribed to both...  hence give needed info to newbies.
avoided totally by propper title headings (Trade, Newbie Offer, DIH ((Date
Hence settles what you read... you can deam what is important.  Just an
idea.  Adding up to a more informed and educated net.


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uh. help. i can't find my brain.

molly@ctg1.com Tue Feb 28 12:03:29 1995

1. On the other hand, he might just _like_ the fact that people know who he
is.  At least for a little while.  And why shouldn't he?  Nobody likes
ignorance, especially in the form of screaming 13-year-olds or whoever, but
to finally receive recognition for a highly original piece of sweat-stained
work, I bet that would kick some ass.  It's like Boyd on Letterman--he was
gleeful that he got to shake Dave Letterman's hand--and Dave Letterman is
just another psrt of the celebrity that is coming like the tide.  Let them
swim in it for a while, if they want to. That's all.

2. I want to visit Boyd for a day.  He had such a happy sweater on in Boston
when he played here last month.  I like his sweater. He is someone who
probably has fun doing silly things and that is good.  Boyd!

3. I am sorry I wasn't around to enjoy the group when it was in its less
ripe and mroe new days.  But I wasn't.  And whatever Minarets used to be, it
isn't anymore, and it's character will continue to change as we the posters
change it. And this message is directed both at the old fogeys and the
newbies alike. Hey, let's try something for a while.  Everyone chill.  And
that means maybe not sending so many angry messages on the net for a while.
Maybe not even sending  _any_ messages at all for a while.  Just chill.  I
like this place, and I think I'm going to stay.  I hope everyone does.

Sorry this is long.



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m972364@watkins.nadn.navy.mil Tue Feb 28 12:09:32 1995



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you don't have to read this unless...

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Tue Feb 28 12:43:34 1995

...you want to read a post that is just a test because my mail doesn't seem
to be getting to minarets.net! :)


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