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From GHL (using MIDLIS computer)

MIDLIS@aol.com Wed Mar 1 21:41:20 1995

Thanks for spreading the word on DMB.  Their album just went gold.

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I want DMB bootlegs on CD.

BLIM@CMCVAX.MCKENNA.EDU Wed Mar 1 21:42:33 1995

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if there are any DMB
bootlegs on CD. I know that a bunch of Italian companies produce live CD's of
almost every "popular" band around, but I have yet to see a DMB one. If any of
you have any info or even have transfered some tapes on to CD, please email me.
I don't have anything to trade but I will give you a good cash price. Thanks.


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Old fan with new Net

kmarsh@PUFFIN.marymount.edu Wed Mar 1 21:49:08 1995

year my school just got the net and it opened my eyes to how many boots 
are out there. I have none. I would get my left testical, maybe even my 
right for the Roseland show with Trey and Popper. 
Please someone save me.
Everybody's happy.....Everybody's free,

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not to get myself in trouble...

acox@oregano.mwc.edu Wed Mar 1 23:09:02 1995

Well, maybe Stefan was on Alt.Nation with Dave because he actually wanted to.
 Stefan is a member of the band just like Boyd or Carter, etc..    Maybe
Stefan wanted some more exposure, or maybe the others didn't want to.  Either
way, Stefan deserves as much a shot as any, because he is part of the band.
 Way to go Stefan.

This is true, that Stefan is a member of the band and deserves to be on
Alt. Nation as much as any other member, but of all the members he is
the one that is content to remain in the back and play. Boyd, on the
other hand, will catch your attention - he is right out in the front
going crazy... I know that he is the first person that made an
impression on me, and I know that's true for others (of course you're
impressed with dave). If it's publicity they're looking for, perhaps
Stefan would not have been the best choice...

Does anyone have a tape of the revival of Blue Water.  I love that song.  For
all y'all who haev heard it, does Boyd still take that incredible solo at the
end for like two and a half minutes?  That's probably my favorite DMB thing
of all (besides #36).

I haven't heard the recent blue water, but the jam at the end is what
makes blue water as great as it is... I can't see them taking it out
without the song losing a lot. 

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me if there are any DMB
bootlegs on CD. I know that a bunch of Italian companies produce live CD's of

Oh nooooo...  Yes, there are dmb bootleg cd's, but wouldn't it be easier
to get a copy of those shows from someone on this net? Hell, I can think
of at least one tree (which was created within the last month) which was
created so that no one would have to buy the show on CD. By the way, the
more people that buy the cd, the more money RCA would lose, the more
they would get on Bagby and the band, the less likely we will see
soundboard feeds or taping permission, the less tapes...

You know what I'm saying.


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kennedy likes chartreuse tights

CJACOBS@smith.smith.edu Wed Mar 1 23:14:11 1995

i am pretty damn surprised that virtually no one has posted anything about
alternative nation last night; did y'all miss it or are you scared that
people are going to yell at you, calling it irrelevant and throw fire at your
well.  let me just say that i was so fucking amused by that whole interview.  i
do not like kennedy, personally, and i don't know if dave did either because
he kept mocking her in a most wonderful and subtle way.  completely harmless.
he made me laugh.  stefan looked like he was autistic until madonna came up
and to hear him rocking back and forth, singing "my baby's got a secret..."
was very thrilling...new hat...?  and, my, i was just so happy.  they were so
entertaining but i still don't know why mtv (rca?) picked dave and stefan and
not dave and smileyboy carter.  if this was a ploy to get stefan to be more
upfront with the public, i don't think you're supposed to do it in front of
3 million.  are you?  boy.  i don't know what else to say.  i'll keep this
short.  but if anybody has a transcript or a video tape of this show, i'll
give you stuff.  you know...stuff?  like, um, french fries?  hubba bubba
strawberrilicious gum?  ahhhh, mentos!  yes, freshens flavor.  love those
european ads.  anyway.  comments always welcome, dears.


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**WARNING** Important ?? inside.

SH377127@SCVAX.WVNET.EDU Wed Mar 1 23:28:18 1995

enough to make an interesting post.  These are _NOT_ in the FAQ.
first - the hormonally prompted question -
1. Any idea on the identity of the girl in the WWYS video?? (btw, if any-
one wants a pic of her...e-mail me and I'll uuencode it for you!)
2. On the same thread, who's the girl on the cover of Recently? (I've
heard before on the net that she was from the C'ville area...any new info?)
3. Has anyone other than me noticed the "bouncing breast" 
video? (please ladies, don't flame me for that one...even my girlfriend
knows I'm a pervert ;p)
next - the Dave music questions -
1. What's up with the girl in Recently? Is she black? Is she old? Why would
people stare?
2. Has Dave ever given dates on when he wrote his songs? Are they all new?
All old? Is this a dumb question?
3. I've heard some tunes with what I think is Boyd on vocal. The song was
True Reflections. IF, indeed it was him, does he always sing this one?
4. There are some songs not covered in the Lyric phile.  I think Two
Step and The Maker...(just to name two)....do these need to be figured
out...or are they already and the phile is just not updated?
lastly - misc. DMB junk -
1. About the 2-15-95 day-after-V-Day-show...does anyone anywhere have
a copy of this show?  If so e-mail me, please! (I'm sorry about
disguising a tape grovel in the form of a question)
2. Anyone know where Dave lives in C'ville?  Before you start calling me
a crazed lunatic fan...my sister lives in C'ville, and I visit her quite
often...soooo it would be cool to just drive by Dave's house...roll down
the window and whisper softly "Thank You Dave's mom!"
3. After watching the MTV-AN segment, who thinks Dave is only using this
music thing to further is comedic career?  He is funnier than hell!!!
Well....that's all I had to ask...I hope some of these get answered. By
the way...I have but a small handfull of DMB boots...all I've got have
come from newbie offers (THANK YOU Tony, Mike, and hopefully Abbott). I
would like to trade with anyone.  See question misc-1 above.  Thanks
for reading....and if you are interested in getting a nice shiny program
from the RSO show and are willing to spin something cool...e-mail me (I
only have about five more!).
the human BUZZ-CLIP

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just gotta do it sometimes

rmg@acpub.duke.edu Thu Mar 2 01:02:48 1995


First five newbies get good tapes.


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rlawren@falcon.bgsu.edu Thu Mar 2 01:11:57 1995

please subsribe me to your postings!


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Re: **WARNING** Important ?? inside.

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Thu Mar 2 01:51:19 1995

 2. Anyone know where Dave lives in C'ville?  Before you start calling me
 a crazed lunatic fan...my sister lives in C'ville, and I visit her quite
 often...soooo it would be cool to just drive by Dave's house...roll down
 the window and whisper softly "Thank You Dave's mom!" 

No specifics, but I think it might be in the downtown area (?). My old
roommate at UVa hooked up with Dave's roommate at the Bartender's Ball 
several years ago (she was...well...not of the state to remember where 
the house was, but I think they walked from the Omni?).  Anyway, her claim 
to fame is that she ate some of Dave's bread out of the fridge.  


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home page?

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Thu Mar 2 02:11:18 1995

Hey. I was wondering if I could get alittle help from you www folks.  
I've been trying to get into the dave homepage, but it keeps telling me 
it doesn't exist.  Could someone repost the address?  (I checked my 
faq...should it be in there to avoid repeated messages like this?)

Also, if you haven't checked out the Brady Bunch homepage, you should.  
It's good for a few hours of fritter time.  Far out.

peace, Karen


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V-day tapes?

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Thu Mar 2 02:14:07 1995

Anyone got the valentines day show tape yet, I am a newbie, and when the
tree was still open, i was dumb enough to let it close.  I dont have much,
but i do have a couple of DMB shows, a Hq BT show from Irving Plaza, and
some killer From Good Homes (they opened for Dave in multiple places)shows.
If anyone is interested, drop me a line
"Love, Luck, and Lollipops"  (Big Ears : aka Pinky)

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vocals on angel?

Dmbard@aol.com Thu Mar 2 07:27:54 1995

mornin' everyone,

i have one boot and would LOVE to begin a true collection. if anyone is
interested in helping a new dave fan get started i would LOVE it. 

anyhow, the one boot that i have is from 5-13-92 at the flood zone.
on the 2nd side is a tune called angel from montgomery.
which one of the boys is singin' on that and does john bryant (the songwriter
i think) have any other tunes that sound as great as "angel."

btw i have blue water baboon on this tape. someone said it sounded like
cosmic charlie, where do you make the connection?

one last thing...
about "the maker"...is daniel lanois any good?  who would you compare his
music too. on this same tape, the one i mentioned before, dave said that it
was a daniel lanois tune and i was just curious.

if anyone has the answers to my questions or would enjoy helping me get
started on my dmb boot collection, i would be SO psyched.

thanks all in advance.

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st. louis

Pellet1@aol.com Thu Mar 2 08:10:47 1995

does anybody have any extra tickets for the st.louis show..i just found out
the show was sold out...i would be indeed grateful to the person who can help
me..i'll pay for the tic..spin you tape..anything..just respond to this
letter and give me good news..thanks
Lindsay Peterson           "here we are now,
pellet1@aol.com             entertain us"



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Tour Question

CDELUCI@CLEMSON.EDU Thu Mar 2 09:12:12 1995

Does anyone know whether BHT or Dave will be headlining the April
7th and 8th shows?

| Craig DeLucia        |  It's only life,       | Can't I live while  |
| cdeluci@clemson.edu  |      after all...      |     I'm young?      |
| Hail Phi Kappa Tau   |     - Indigo Girls     |        - Phish      |

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Re: Tour Question

granne@acpub.duke.edu Thu Mar 2 09:29:21 1995

 Does anyone know whether BHT or Dave will be headlining the April
 7th and 8th shows?
 | Craig DeLucia        |  It's only life,       | Can't I live while  |
 | cdeluci@clemson.edu  |      after all...      |     I'm young?      |
 | Hail Phi Kappa Tau   |     - Indigo Girls     |        - Phish      |
The order on the 7th will be ugly americans BHT then DMB!
Michael Granne  || "One can forgive ignorance in a man who has had little or no
P.O.Box 98909   || education; but ignorance in a man who has been to college is
Durham, NC 27708|| unforgivable. Yet it is quite common." -Ruskin Bond


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kda108@email.psu.edu Thu Mar 2 10:02:25 1995

Wed, 1 Mar 1995 16:12:33 -0500

Please, take my name off of the list--- this is not a request,or mistake!!!!

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BRS97@UNO.CC.GENESEO.EDU Thu Mar 2 10:05:17 1995

Quick question
Anyone know how tall DAve is?
On Letterman, Dave L did not seem to tower over Dave M, and I always
thought Dave L. was a tall guy.

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random musings

OCONNELLINGB@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Mar 2 10:16:34 1995

Steffan "on something" on Alternative Nation the other night?? Dave, if 
get this, WHAT WAS IT AND WHERE CAN I GET SOME???? Maybe they both were
just overly happy that they got to spend time with eMpTyVee v-jay,
Kennedy. While sitting n a friend's room the other night watching a tape 
of Alternative Nation, one of the guys made a very insightful statement,
one which I agree with greatly. He just sat back, layed down his chop-
sticks, and matter-of-factly said, "I really wouldn't mind if she just 
up and died one day." Anyways, it was great to see Dave getting national
television exposure(Yes, I am one of "those" -- I see it as a good thing
that Dave is getting so big. If you got it, flaunt it, right??) Anyways,
these is just my twist on Dave on eMpTyVee.
ations, I thought I would post a good trader report.
When we decided to get into a trade, he promptly sent mew his list, followed
by setlists of shows I requested. He was always vdery courteous and seems
like a great guy. After we decided what we were going to exchange, he spun
the tapes and got them in the mail in the same day. Trade with him if you
want to get your tapes quickly or just e-mail him if you want to meet a
really nice Minaretter. Thanks Nathan -- your tapes are in the mail.

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kda108@email.psu.edu Thu Mar 2 10:17:36 1995

Someone, please help me get off this thing!! It is a good idea, but is realy
messing up my email system!!!!!! I need UNSUBSCRIBED, and i donnot know how
to do it!!!!!!! Please help!!!!!!!!!!!---kate ammerman

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Angel From Montgomery

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Mar 2 10:22:03 1995

Boyd is the singer on "Angel From Montgomery."  The only tape I have them
doing this song is NYE 92.  I went to the Feb. 11 Tower show in Philly.  As we
were awaiting the encore, just dave and boyd walk back on stage.  Boyd began
playing and I turned to mt friend and said it was Angel.  People around us were
like "what is this country shit?"  I was pretty siked to see it live.  It is a
great tune.  Boyd did an incredible job both singing and playing.  This was the
first time in a long. long time that they had played this, I think.

Somebody asked about the Screen Saver the other day.  Well, It has a picture of
the band that flashes on the screen, and then there are poised pictures of each
member of the band close-up.  No music or anything, just flashing pictures, one
at a time, on a black background.  there are sound bites on the disk.  about 3
seconds each of ants, seek up, recently, and tripping billies.  The recently
bite is the "yeah, yeah."  the ants is the drum beat at the beginning.  "Seek
up an emotion."  "Cause we're tripping billies."

As far as I know, the girl on the Recently cover IS from C'ville.  A friend of
mine from C'ville told me last year that he new her.  Unfortunately, he no
longer goes to school with me, so I can't find out a name or anything.

I hope this was some help.  Talk to all later, and Camel Lights for all...tom

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STU_RCTHOMPS@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Mar 2 10:26:45 1995

ah.......the anals of time march right on.....
up my anal....

anyway.....it's been fun.  it maybe it was fun.   t'ain't no more.

time for me to take me and the gay bees on to bigger and better things.

for the ants aren't marching a happy tune....anymore.

they just keep doing it the same way....

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\   
__________________________________     \_________________________________

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tape ID

OCONNELLINGB@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Mar 2 10:43:45 1995

TripnBilly isn't sure of the exact date, so I was wondering if any

If anyone knows the date of this show, I would greatly appreciate it if you
would e-mail me PERSONALLY (Don't waste space on the net with personal stuff!!)
and tell me what you know. Thanx. Brendan. OCONNELLINGB@TIGER.HSC.EDU


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Re: **WARNING** Important ?? inside.

aperlmut@emerald.tufts.edu Thu Mar 2 10:48:48 1995

does anyone have the providence show from 2/4/95 or albany 2/8/95? if so 
PLEaSe tell me....thanx a bunch...amy

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3/1 at MSU

brisbyje@student.msu.edu Thu Mar 2 11:46:54 1995

Hey out there!
first show, I was anticipating it for weeks, and believe me it wasn't
disappointing!  BHTM plyed after the Ugly Americans and despite what everyone
says I thought they sounded great, yet the crowd definitely seemed to liven up
when Dave and the boys came on stage.  What a great job!  Screw the whole
interviewing process, I'll take minimum wage if they had me carry
their equipment around!  They obviously have a great time up there as it shows
by the wide grins on their faces.  Here's the setlist for all of those who may
be interested in bootlegs (some of it may be wrong so if anyone was at the show
last night don't hesitate to correct me):

Dancing Nancies
Laying in Our Graves(?)
Best of What's Around
Jimi Thing
Rhyme & Reason
Dance With Me (?)
Some unknown song that was amazing
Ants Marching

otherwise, SPEAK OUT!


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Thank You one and all...

beck74@potsdam.edu Thu Mar 2 12:34:20 1995

I just wanted to say thanks to every kind person who is helping me start my
collection... it will be nice once I have a massive collection to trade and
give tapes away, and be as generous as people are being to me...so once
again thanks!
Let me ask one more time (and quickly) I am attempting to compile a massive
collection of DMB and I need as much help as possible.  I don't have much
to trade, but stuff is on the way... It would be greatly appreciated if you
feel it in your kind, loving soul to send me some tapes...I'll be as
helpful as  posiible in making sure that your job is easy.
I have a question (maybe a dumb one): I am a DJ and program director at a
college station (where DMB is on the playlist) and we recieved a
promotional CD which included song from both UTTAD and RTT, and it also has
live and demo, acoustic versions of songs on both those CDs.  Is this some
kind of rare thing, or is it well known release? In any event I think its a
great collection of songs, and if anyone wants to get a copy of it just let
me know, esp. those who are sending me stuff.
Coast as far as CMJ reported.  Of course thats true, but you should be
happy to know up in the northwoods of potsdam, the phone rings alot for DMB
Anyways I have more to say, but I'll finish later...Be coll to one another...

Danny Boy

"one the the pope will kneel down and kiss MY ring..."


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Re: **WARNING** Important ?? inside.

acox@garlic.mwc.edu Thu Mar 2 12:44:19 1995

 2. Has Dave ever given dates on when he wrote his songs? Are they all new?
 All old? Is this a dumb question?
I don't think that he has given dates, but you can sort of track down
when the song was written by listening to shows, seeing when they first
appear. Listen to the Rutabega cuts, and you'll see what songs he
already had when the band was just forming. Also, you can follow the
evolution of songs, like Any-noise--Say Goodbye, old R&R's, etc. 

 3. I've heard some tunes with what I think is Boyd on vocal. The song was
 True Reflections. IF, indeed it was him, does he always sing this one?

Boyd always sings this song (I think he may have performed it with his
other bands before dmb). He also sings on Angel From Montgomery - when
first played, Boyd and Dave would alternate verses, but it seems now
that only Boyd sings...

         Dan Heatherly                      "So glad our paths  
         Shepherd College                    crossed this time 
         Somewhere-In-The-Hills, WV          today" -Dave       
Also, someone asked about the dmb homepage. The address is 

This should get you there, from here you'll find everything you need.

Oh yeah, someone asked about who wrote Angel. It was John Prine, I've
heard that there is a popular version of the song that features Prine
and Bonnie Raitt. 



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Re: just gotta do it sometimes

alang@engin.umich.edu Thu Mar 2 12:51:28 1995

I doubt that I am one of the first five newbies to answer, but what the 
hell, although, you could have made it a bit more challenging than "the 
first five newbies get tapes", I like a little challenge...  anyways.. 
till later.



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3/1/95 Show at MSU

pkkernan@netcom.com Thu Mar 2 14:04:30 1995

Good day too all,

I am still reeling in euphoria of last night's show at MSU Auditorium.  
DMB was amazing to say the least.  However, I have to say I was a bit let 
down by BHT.  I thought they were going to have a little more energy and 
excitement.  I truly think that DMB is by far the best band in Concert I 
have ever seen.  Dave just gets everyone so excited and into the songs.  
I apologize but right now I can't remember the setlist, so if anyone out 
there can remember it please post it.  :)  I just couldn't believe the 15 
minute version of Jimi thing that they played.  It could have lasted a 
half an hour and still got away with it.  


Anyways that is my two cents for now.  Now I have to figure ot a way to 
see hem again on Friday night in Detroit.........

Peace and carrots,


Patrick K. Kernan        pkkernan@netcom.com

I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would 
allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around.

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Another random post and a request

OCONNELLINGB@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Mar 2 15:53:13 1995

everyone's tapes will go out) and I was wondering if there are any Minareters
in the Washington, DC/Metropolitan area who may want to get together some-
time between March 11th and 19th. Maybe do some trades?? Or just hang out.
It would be nice to finally put faces and voices to some of y'all. If any
one is avalible and interested, e-mail me personally.
collection continues to grow, I think I have almost every DaMaBa song
in some form or another on tape EXCEPT a few. I am looking for a show
Alabama, Me and Julio, Norwegian Wood, that "Warrior" song (can't remem-
ber the name -- y'all know what I am talking about) and any other cool
stuff (covers??) If anyone can help me out on my quest, please get in
touch with me. I am going home for break on the 10th and won't have
access to taping equipment 'till the 20th, but when I get back I'd be
willing to spin something (of your choice, of course) from my ever-
growing collection. Get in touch with me and I'll send you my list.


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3HB5ODONNELL@vmsa.csd.mu.edu Thu Mar 2 16:02:52 1995

were rockin' as usual, although it would have been nice to hear something other
than WWYS for a change. I read in Rolling Stone that they were goin to be on
Live from the House of Blues, which hosts such bands as Blues Traveler, Hootie
and the Blowfish, ect... I have been watching for weeks now but no Dave. Does
anyone know when they are going to be on? Did I miss it? How was it? I don't
get many oppurtunities to see DMB perform up in Milwaukee but I am going to the
show with BHTM in two weeks. Can't wait. 

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sanford fine-the real story

johnfro@acpub.duke.edu Thu Mar 2 16:23:39 1995

boys girls, eric wald bakia, my dear love clare, 
being a good friend of sandy's, at least i once was, i have seen a change 
in his persona that scares me, and i ask you to ignore his infantile 
messages on the net, filing them under the simple catagory of "deranged 
lunatic"  sandy's and my playful banter on the net, making sarcastic fun 
of some people's retentiveness, was a nice game for a while. then sandy 
had a problem.  he couldn't stop talking about the net, about fred house, 
nebulous ben, the wookie, and now you, eric wald.  you people don't know 
what i know so i see why you flame him such.  let me inform you, and 
in the loss of his dog.  and this was not any dog, it was his favorite.  
you see, sandy's dog was killed by a truck, and ever since he has been 
filled with a compulsive anger.  he obsesses on something he dislikes, 
and rips it to shreds.  i feel sorry for the subject of his angst.  i 
can't even talk to the lunatic anymore.  we are trying to get him help, 
but for now, pity him, his anger is unleashed.  i myself will get a 
verbal tongue-lashing from his for this post, but i feel the only was to 
save him is to pity him.  please join me in the quest to cure sandy of 
his unremitting anger.  thank you eric wald, wookie, and bakia.

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offer closed

lmorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu Thu Mar 2 16:31:16 1995


My anniversary offer has closed. I'm contacting the participants through email.


        Joe & Laura         


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BLIM@CMCVAX.MCKENNA.EDU Thu Mar 2 17:59:52 1995


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My encounter with Dave&the Band

Jeruuu@aol.com Thu Mar 2 18:05:10 1995

This January when DMB came to Boston at the Orphuem Theatre I had the rare
opportunity to meet not just Dave but every member of the band. 
being canceled due to blizzard like conditions.  After almost crashing and
going top speeds of around 40 MPH Me  and Friend arrived at the subway
station and headed for the Orphuem.  we arrived there about three hours early
to the show and were the only people in Boston or so it seemed.  My friend
had met Dave and the Band about three times already because her brother used
to be on their road crew.  As soon as we entered the Box office area Dave
popped out after having done his sound check.  (Up until this piont I really
didn't believe my friend when she said she had met the band) As Dave came out
of the theater door he notices the friend I was with and begins to talk about
the old days when her brother was on the road crew.  After about three
minutes and having been introduced to Dave he leaves telling us that he is
going to see a fiend in the hospital.
Tinsley trots by giving us a polite hello.  So we aproach him.  He too talks
to us and even offers us back stage passes for after the show. Oh, and he
also bums a cigarette off of me.  He was an all around friendly person.
the friendliest of ways.  But he then left after five minutes.
of his face unprotected in the cold, stale Boston air.  Whe talked to him
also.  He seemed very shy and talked as if he was exited to be alive.  He is
definately the stoner hippy tipe acting much like the Bong guy in the movie
Dazes & Confused.
stopped to talk to my friend and stayed talking to the whole crowd for about
20 minutes. Some FaQS he told us

-He and Lerio Moore actually started the band and they named it The Dave
Matthews Band  when Dave jioned because Dave had already written 5 songs
-The Horde Tour has the best food and they treated them like kings
-He also said that he really likes being with BHTM, But he also said that the
Samples are kind of Blah ("they are good guy's gut after the third song you
start saying didn't they just play this")
He said many other things but twenty minutes of conversation makes for long
Anyway he personally took me and my friend into the Orphuem were he gave us
the stickers for back stage passes.He then said goodbye because he had to go
eat his catered dinner.  The show was amazing even though "The Ugly americans
almost ruined all of our fun when they almost broke the Stage Extention by
having the whole place dance on it".  After the show we got to meet up with
only Dave unfortunately, but he had alot to say also.
He told us about how he and the band went over to Trey's house when up in
Vermont and that they played some stuff together in Trey's home studio(I'd
like to get my hand on that tape) and how the whole band met at a bar
strangely enough his old boss was there backstage too and how they are just
playing for the love of playing and when that stopps being funn he's gonna
stopp. I asked him where he picked up that strange "Yeah" that he says after
about every song but he himself didn't know.  
Any way we left after an hour of chit chatting with Dave only to have the T
(subway for all you nonBostonians) in front of us run over a person.  We
ended up having to walk between the tracks in the cold dark tunnel for about
a half a mile because they had to turn all the power off.


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Kings Dominion?/Red and Black

<@uvmvm.uvm.edu:RTOOLE@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU> Thu Mar 2 18:06:47 1995

I was wondering does anyone know where the picture on the front of UTTAD
ws taken? I am just guessibg but could it have been at Kings Dominion?
That is an amuessment park just north of Richmond for all you non

Also a few days ago there was an add in the Red and Black. that is the
UGA school paper. The add was a quarter of a page and it had a big
picture of Dave and a quote from Rolling Stone "They've got chops to Kil
there was also a quote from Stereo Review "Just when it seems there is
nothing new under the sun, along comes the Dave Matthews Band."
Thats all.

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Milwaukee, Chicago, and trading

miah@merle.acns.nwu.edu Thu Mar 2 18:56:09 1995

Hello everybody-
wondering.....does anyone want to trade some tapes at the Chicago (3/17) or
the Milwaukee (3/15) shows????
Jones Band, Mother Hips, Everything, Jambay, Phish, Black Crowes, BT, Bob
Mould Acoustic and other stuff that amounts to about another 60 hours of
tapes.  I am particularly looking for any of the AWARE bands' stuff (JP,
From Good Homes, Shannon Worrell, Emptys, Better than Ezra, Hootie,
Etc....) as well as early (Peter incl.) Dave stuff but am ameanable to any
sort of trades.  Email me directly and we'll work something out.
*If anyone is interested, my bud Kate Sampson (hey Kate) and a man by the
name 'o Justin Sonfield are setting up an AWARE listserv as we
speak...they'll problably post something on Minarets about it soon but if
you want subscription info you can email me directly. 

*Jeff Thompson----I don't know how many times I have screwed up your name
in our correspondence...my intentions are the best but I've always been
shitty with names.  Fare well and remember to let me know if you get those

*Newbies going to those shows....the first 5 of you (be honest), if you
want, can trade me blanks at the shows for some crispy tapes...I'll post a

*Anyone going to the shows that just wants to talk Dave or meet another
netter, I'll be the guy in the UVA hat and maroon DMB shirt probably
hanging by the soundboard.

*Last but certainly not least, if you are not from Milwaukee but are going
to the show there....GO TO A GEORGE WEBBS DINER!!  GW's is the shit, it's a
24hr diner like Dennys but with incredible double cheeseburgers...mmmm,
cheeseburgers.  There is one on 27th and Clybourn (6 1/2 blocks from the
venue) Let me know if you need directions (I'll problably be hanging there
b4 and/or after the show)....

#       Jeremiah Van Hecke            #
#       Bobb Hall #218                #
#       2305 Sheridan Rd.             # "Only dead fish swim with the stream."  
#       Evanston IL 60201             #                -Ralph Waldo Emerson
#       (708)332-5193                 #
few, we climb on two by two, to make sure these days continue"


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GEichh6585@aol.com Thu Mar 2 19:12:42 1995


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Blue Screen Show Setlist 3/22

chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu Thu Mar 2 19:37:15 1995

Hey everyone,

The Blue Screen Show w/ Chico & Whisk featuring special guests lil'
Hortence & WhoTripBoy

2-3:30 WEDNESDAY Nights/THURSDAY Mornings

89.3 WNUR-FM, Evanston-Chicago....708-866-WNUR
Phonathon March 1-5....Keep free radio alive!

Phone Calls can now be broadcast over the air!...fun fun fun


"Brazil Theme--"   .............Brazil Soundtrack
"Fuck Your Face"(underneathe opening schpeil)....Phish, White Album
"Timber Ho!".....................Phish 7/12/88 Sam's Tavern- Burlington
"Dancing Nancies"................Dave Matthews Band, 12/30/94 Washington DC
"I Have My Moments"..............Blues Traveler 8/23/90  Wetlands, NYC
"Scooby Do Theme Song"...........T.V. Tunes
"Hard to Handle".................Black Crowes, 2/6/93, Houston TX
"Harpua".........................Phish 11/25/94 UIC Pavillion, Chicago
"Sleeping Monkey"................Phish 3/14/92 Roseland Ballroom, NYC
"Big House Blues"................Ren & Stimpy

Show was a little short because of phoneathon

/ \


|Brian Lipman chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu    ( @    @ )   ---------------- |
|Northwestern University                   {    !     }  |  BL   SCR    | |
|Bobb Hall #107, 2305 Sheridan Road         ( \    / )   |    UE   EEN  | |
|Evanston, IL 60201                          ( \__/ )    ---------------- |
|Ladies and Gentleman...On Drums..Mr. Ernest Giussepe Anastasio!-Henrietta|


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Re: MINARETS digest 94

nsirotin@eden.rutgers.edu Thu Mar 2 20:23:50 1995

please get me off this 
unsubscribe listproc@moose.uvm.edu

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2/24 at Roseland

Sumo5@aol.com Thu Mar 2 21:52:50 1995

Greetings, I have an amazing copy of the 2/24 roseland show. E-mail with list
if you are interested.


Sumo 5@aol.com

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rare dave tree form......final post

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Thu Mar 2 22:02:58 1995

ok......this is the last time i am posting
the form for the rare dave tree.

the tapes are a vast culmination of songs which are rarely heard
by the dave matthews band, anymore.  Since many of the newer
fans probably have never heard them, and probably never will
(with the exception of live shows on tape), there is often a
large call for some of the older shows which have only one song
of great note (such as the 'stephan's song' jam, or an old old
version of halloween, when jeff bagby used to play with the vocals,
and it was just dave and carter playing).

so, to decrease the requests for some of these whole shows, chris
buford made two tapes full of songs played in ways you probably
wont hear them again......as well as songs you probably won't hear
again, like some keyboard heavy songs, which featured peter....etc etc

there is a tree being run, and this is the last time the form will be posted
although, i believe ben tanen is going to put it on the dmb
homepage for me.

the process is simple........as with most trees, you fill out the form
below, and hang on for a week or so, while i throw together the structure
........the structure will be posted, and inevitably be placed
on the homepage for dmb as well................if trees confuse you,
then we are working on a file to help explain them (also to be found on
the homepage in the future).................

what you will need to do to obtain these tapes via this tree
is fill out the form, and send it to KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU
before next thursday 9 march

should that address not work, simply send the same form to


if branch, then :

additional comments/preferences (ie.....dolby perfs, etc...)


thank  you


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Pat Q., Laura Le, Wookie, Shaft

USXE28B@mail.prodigy.com Thu Mar 2 23:14:11 1995

Sorry I know it pisses everyone off when personal email is
sent to the group.  Pat Q. and Will your tapes are now, and 
I shit you not out of my hands, either out mon. or Fri. hope 
you like them.  Shaft and laura,  I just realized my bank
account isn't +$30 but -30 $, so I will take care of you
hopefully next week when my pay day is.  Just wait until you 
get them to send mine out b/c in case you haven't realized
it slow.  Shaft, I need your address.  If I have forgoten
any one else please step forward.  I hope this sets me
staight with everyone, I am not a bad trader, just slow and 
a procrastinator.  see ya Clarke 


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what to do in Cleveland/Columbus

staunton.2@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu Thu Mar 2 23:15:25 1995


For anyone traveling to Cleveland or Columbus for the shows, here is a
little info you might apreciate
known as public hall or the convention center.  It's located on St. Clair
and E. 6th. You should be able to park for free on the road, if you are
willing to walk a couple of blocks.

is off season right now, it's still a great time.  The Flats is the
entertainment district along the river, there are about 40-50 nightclubs,
bars and resturants down there.  It is less than a mile from the music
hall, just head west on St. Clair until you reach the bottom of the hill,
and your there, or just follow the signs all over town. There is a younger
crowd on the east bank than the west bank.
GRAB A SCENE MAGAZINE.  It's a free music/ events paper that tells you
about everything that is going on in the city.  You can pick one up in any
bar, music store or whatnot.  The Gateway area(sportsbars) and the
Wharehouse district(yuppie/laid-back/jazz bars) are also less than a mile
from the music hall and there is something usually going on there.

WHILE IN CLEVELAND.... Check out the Rock Hall of Fame, it's located at
north coast harbor, at the end of E.9th st, less than a mile from the music
hall.  And Tower City is a cool mall if you want to tool around for a
while, ask anyone in the city they will point you to it.


write me if you need specifics

(I hate this city, but I like Ohio State, so I'm stuck here)

THE SHOW.....The show is at Veteran's Memorial Audatoriun.  Its located
just west of downtown on Broad St. once your over the bridge it is right

WHAT TO DO.....There are really two places that you could go, campus or
German Village.  Before the show niether are two busy, but since Thurs
night is a big bar night at OSU the bars tend to get packed, but it's the
funnest night of the week on campus.  There are only a few non-dance/cheese
bars on campus, but they are the Cornerstone on W.11th and High(the
largest/cleanest of the group), Not Al's pub (NOT NOT AL'S ROCKERS) on
E.9th and High, Bub's on W.10 and High and finally the Bier Stube set back
on High in between W9th and W8th.  The Cornerstone  gets my nod if there is
to be a gathering in Columbus.
downtown.  Take a left onto High and follow it for about 3 miles and you
wont be able to miss campus.
of lage Bars, Hoster's (a micro-brewery), the High-Beck and Victory's allon
the same block.
Broad, towards downtown, and take a right on High and go a couple of miles
until you see Hosters.

RADIO STATION.............CD 101.1

hometown pride write me back.  Hope to see you all in Cleveland and

-(punchin') pat


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I am Dave Matthews!

<@uvmvm.uvm.edu:RTOOLE@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU> Thu Mar 2 23:23:35 1995

Last weekend my roommates friend came to visit. She had never met me
and had obviously never seen Dave.  She got to our room and i wasnt
in but I had 2 DMB stickers on my fridge all 3 of the CDs on top of
my stereo, a few Bagby's layin around, a Dmb hat on the counter, the
stick figures t-shirt layin on my bed and then I came in wearin the
ancient eye t-shirt. well anyway, no one introduced me to her and finall
she asked me "Are you Dave Matthews?" everyone laughed and ofcourse I
said "yes Iam." I asked her how she knew my name and she told me that
she saw all the stuff around the room and said that looked like Dave
in some of the newspaper articles that I had around the room.
We finally told her the truth so do't worry I'm not a Dave inpersonater
sorry if i took up to much space but i thaught this was funny.

I'm not going to change my ways
just to please you or appease ypu-Dave


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AWARE net - finally!

scooter@merle.acns.nwu.edu Thu Mar 2 23:36:56 1995

Hey All

it is finally done.  I'm really psyched because it will help people get tour
info, etc... about these bands and other new ones in their own place.  This is
my way of helping declog minarets, I too hate getting 70-80 messages a day.  I
rarely post, though I've been here a while, so please don't get annoyed that I 
used up davespace.  I hope you all will visit once in a while, I think my
minarets days may be numbered, sad, but true.  You've got to admit that there
is some dave content here, he sings vocals with Shannon Worrell on Aware II
on Eleanor.  If you don't know what I am talking about, the Aware cd's are
Jackopierce, Hootie and the Blowfish, Mango Jam, Edwin McCain, Acoustic
Junction, From Good Homes, Vertical Horizon, Mother Hips, and a lot more. If

or mail me if you have any ?'s about the cd's etc...

thanks all,

katy sampson

(i'm awaiting your flames, but it's worth it.)

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Re: just gotta do it sometimes

vannest@u.washington.edu Fri Mar 3 01:14:41 1995

You serious, Rusty? 'Cause I'm brand spankin' new and I want a tape. Hook 
me 'bro.

 First five newbies get good tapes.

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intolerance not welcome!!!

liy100@psu.edu Fri Mar 3 02:23:51 1995

Sandford, was this an intentional destruction of the net?  you asked me once
not so long ago who i was for suggesting an alternative net...who the heck
are you to suggest unsubscribing ANYONE?  
Look man, you are not welcome here.  go away.  dave is not god, it is ok to
criticize him.  
Minareters....Will we stand for such obscene and unfriendly like behavior? 
Everyone phlame Sandford so he knows that this is not a place for such
Drastic times call for drastic measures.

Marianne-It seems that hyprocrasy carries you far.  First, you criticize one
for suggesting that another unsubscibe.  Then, you maliciously call for holy
jihad against a fellow net user, hoping he will unsubscribe.  Get a life.
No, I will not phlame Sanford for his expression and views.

PS---Dave IS god, and if anyone happens to have the setlist from the 2/10
show at Penn State, I could really use it.  Thanks--Lorne


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Cincy 2/28/95 grovel.....

MCELHICJ@DAYTON.BITNET Fri Mar 3 02:45:26 1995

Gosh I hate to do this, but this will be my first and last tape
grovel ever. I promise.  All I ask is that if anyone taped
the 2/28/95 Cincinnati show (hopefully DAT), could you please
get in contact with me.  This was my very first show and would
be such treat to have it.  I have a small but very good collection
of Phish, DMB, Jambay and others.  I'm sure that we could work
something out.  Plus, I have a long line of wishers that would
also like a copy of the show.  I guess that I am acting as
spokesman.  Oh well.....that's my grovel.  Thank you, drive through.

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the burlington show

Dmbard@aol.com Fri Mar 3 07:28:31 1995

howdy all,

if anyone has a great recording of the burlington show, i think it was on
january 26th(?) please email me.

my little bro went to that show, it was his first, and his birthday is coming
up within the next few weeks. he LOVED the show and has mentioned to me that
he would kill for a copy.

if anyone can help me out, i will most definitely be willing to trade for the
show as  soon as i get my tapes in the mail (and that should be starting from
today on...)

thank you so much.



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Ben Tanan

JThomps34@aol.com Fri Mar 3 08:21:36 1995

Hey All,
wanted to ask how to download an internet browser, and also, how much it
costs, etc.  Sorry if this is a stupid post, but I have a few in me.  I want
to find out how to access a browser from my own PC and am curious to the
costs involved, etc.
t any costs, but I'm sure that I'm just in space or something.  If anyone out
there has any info about this, drop me a line at [ jthomps34@aol.com ].
sexuality is allowed, this should be?  

PS- If anyone has a good copy of the 2/12/94 Penn State show, I would love to
hear from you to set up a trade.  I have about 60 - 70 hours of DMB, so I'm
sure we would both be happy...


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TripnBilly@aol.com Fri Mar 3 08:56:19 1995

Hey all!
honored.  So, if anyone wants to trade, let me know (now that I have a name
to uphold).  
17th show in Nashville, Tennessee at Vanderbilt.  Has it already gone on sale
yet?  I just found out this morning and was very curious since I live kinda
if you did not already know this.  It should be a killer show so everyone
tune it!!!!!!!!


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Need Florida DMB Fix

John_Hecklinger_at_DTC-Postoffice@santafe.cc.fl.us Fri Mar 3 09:30:56 1995


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dave's jazz picks..

gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Mar 3 10:30:53 1995

just thought I'd relate a story from a while back.  While I was sitting in
WTJU's studio w/ Dave and Tim last year during the Folk Marathon, Dave kept
talking about a disc he had just bought at Spencer's by the African Jazz
Pioneers.  He said he used to listen to them a lot when he was a kid.  It's
good stuff - African music blended into horn-heavy jazz with cool bass lines.
are dropping off/threatening to drop off of the net.  I won't be heartbroken
by anyone's departure, and I'm sure no one would miss me.  I don't think that
because I have a relatively sizable tape collection and saw DMB perform way
back when at Eastern Standard (yes, pre-Trax and Floodzone), my contributions
or lack thereof to this group are more important than anyone else's, despite
what self-proclaimed netgods would have us think.  Someone in a recent digest
even practically used the wording, "keep newbies off the net."  Come on,
people.  Get real.  


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culver/century/burbym=40msmailnet#%forwarder@sonypic.geis.com Fri Mar 3 21:38:42 1995

Oh, hey, I've been trying to get on here for months. And here I am (thanks
again DTepper)
I live in LA and I saw DMB at a club here called the Whisky (and  I imagine
it will be the last time they play there) and it was one of the best shows I
have ever seen. I feel fortunate that I saw them when I did because things
are so different just a few short months later. Then that weekend they
opened for Phish so I went again (bigger venue, much shorter show of course)
I took my son and we danced and had a great time.
anyone at the Whisky show (December 94) and is there a tape of it out there?
And there was this really groovy song with a very odd beat/bass line..what
song am I talking about here?

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AWARE disc group

barein@mail.wm.edu Fri Mar 3 21:39:47 1995

hey all

Just finished up setting up an AWARE disc group on the internet and wanted to
let you know.  If you don't know what AWARE is, they are cd's that have
compiled all these different bands from all over the country and they are
great.  Some of the bands are Mango Jam, Jackopierce, Hootie and the Blowfish,
Shannon Worrell, Edwin McCain, From Good Homes, and a lot of other good ones. 
We set it up so that people could get tour dates, bootlegs, suggest new bands
that they think would be good, etc... the bands will be writing in and reading
it, as well as the talent people.  If you want to subscribe, send a message

(it's pretty small, so don't worry about getting millions of messages!)

mail me personally if you want info on the cd's or anything-

screaming from the minarets,

katy sampson


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don't read!

molly@ctg1.com Fri Mar 3 21:40:01 1995

This is just an imbecilic test.

Enjoy life,



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Favorite Shows

punter@leland.Stanford.EDU Fri Mar 3 21:41:11 1995

Hello all, I am sitting here with tons of setlists that people have sent 
me.  Some have graciously added a sound quality grade, but I would like 
to know more about the quality of the actual performance.  I don't have 
any particular shows in mind, because I have hundreds to choose from.  I 
would love it if some of you would take a minute and either post( IF you 
think the info would be beneficial to all netters) or email me personally 
and let me know what your favorite shows are and why.  Thanks.
Kevin( not the notorious obscene KMiller)


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st. louis

Pellet1@aol.com Fri Mar 3 21:44:04 1995

okay sorry about posting this again, but i want to make sure everybody sees
it......so if you've read it and can't help me you may go on........

i am looking for one or two tickets to the st. louis show...if you know of
anyone or if you have extra tickets..please email me and we can work out some
i've already had one response (thanks), but still looking for another
ticket...hopefully two, so they are next to each other, but whatever i'm
i read in the paper today..st louis paper that is that under the table and
dreaming is the #8th top seller.....at streetside records that is...there
must be a lot of fans....the other top placers were people like sheryl
crow...hootie and the blowfish...the crow soundtrack...
that's all
Lindsay Peterson           "here we are now,
pellet1@aol.com             entertain us"



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Pleading from the Minarets

driver8@phy.duke.edu Fri Mar 3 21:56:41 1995


To all of you who think that this is a place to gather tapes or whine or 
ask for tickets...please do it somewhere else!!!  I'm begging.  I've 
watched some of the founding members of this group leave in the past few 
days because everyone is so self-interested in knowing about dave - not 
knowing him.  The people here no longer hear his music, they merely 
listen to it.  The reason that some of us feel so strongly about DMB is 
not because it sounds catchy, but because it speaks to us.  The real 
problem with the fact that he his getting so big is not that more people 
are into them - but it seems to be devaluing the music.  Where are the 
days when one could stand at Trax and the Floodzone and ask him to play 
Say Goodbye or Halloween - and he would put his heart in it for you - or 
us his fans.  All these screaming people don't appreciate dave's music.  
To them it's just another catchy band like offspring or warren g.  This 
is such a tragedy because if there were ever a band that deserved to be 
heard it is DMB.  I hope that dave and the band get a printout of this 
message, because they need to know that their true fans are still out 
here and we miss the old days - although they are probably not going to 
return - We hear the music.  We hear the music.  And if their show at 
Duke is just another concert well then I guess many of us will just 
accept the fact as true and get on with it and listen not to cd's but to 
the old bagby's in our collection.  But I hope that we can keep going and 
not let this get us down.  This net is about friends (Are you out there 
Clare?) not about capital gain.  It's about hearing the music. So all you 
people who actually read this message, this is what it used to be.  Not 
two line posts about wanting tapes and boot cd's.  I hope the message 
gets through. I hope that you hear me. I hope that you hear dave.  

And Dave, if you do see this we're going to have a party just like old 
times before and after the Duke show April 7 - It may not be Millers, 
Trax, or FloodZone but we remember and those memories are fond in our 
minds - I hope that you and the rest of the band gets the word so we can 
all have a fuckin' good time. 

hear the music.



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joneck@strauss.udel.edu Fri Mar 3 21:57:21 1995

hi, i have a few questions/comments maybe some of you can help me with.

1.  i have a tape from the trax, on 1/19/93  and in the second set a 
woman named kristen comes out and sings a little bit of angel w/ dave.  
the guy who i got the tape from says kristen used to be in the band.  who 
is this mystery woman?

2.  i was wondering if i was the only one who noticed this, but i think 
that steffan never really shows off his talent to much. i've been a fan 
for pretty long time, and i have some tapes, and i've been to a few 
shows and i've never heard/seen steffan really go off. granted there are 
a lot of songs that they do w/ a lot of phat jams. (say goodbye, 
recently, #36)  but he never really has his time to shine, like boyd, 
leroi, and carter do.

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********************BOOT BOY*********************

driver8@phy.duke.edu Fri Mar 3 21:58:13 1995

We don't want cd boots - it's illeagal and unethical and the REAL members 
of this net want to see all boot cd's burn in hell!!!!  That's a good way 
to lose everything we love about DMB!!!

To the fuck-up that wrote that get the hell of this net!

(just another way to spell sean)


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Tape offer

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Fri Mar 3 22:06:11 1995

a show that I attended.  It was 11/14/94 at The Vogue Theater in Indianapolis,
IN.  This was the show that was the last one of the tour that Rusted Root was
opening up for DMB.  Needless to say, BOTH of the bands came out for the
encore, Minarets, and it was incredible.  There were about 11 people on stage,
of whom at least 6 people were playing percussion.  It is about 12-15 minutes
long and is killer.  ALthough Dave was fighting off a bad cold at this time,
the quality of the tape is really great (thanks Scott!), and the encore is just
something that you need to have.  I am willing to trade this tape for some
other DMB or BT or WSP is anyone wants.  Let me know,

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tiger striped coffee 2

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Fri Mar 3 22:07:37 1995


 hey all ye' minaretter netter headers. * *
 Hope all is well and surely dancing atop of your respective towers.
  while walking on yo' campus,or to your car or store, or just walking
 for the sake of walking.....
 strut like a mother LLAMA...walk with fire in your shoes...dance...
 do a quick spin on the sidewalk...and make eye contact with the
 drop jawed person...and grin...each life in a body is so
 short,respective to the soul...make it count...enjoy the way
 everything just happens....be creative with your everyday vision...
 ...see a tree,,see a leaf...don't THINK a tree and leaf...mentally
 paint a shape of leaf...make that leaf a magic carpet for caterpillars...
 there is so much tension on this fucking planet right now its 
 becoming CRAZY...so don't give in.....work on being kind
 to your mind...then extend this solitude of peace to others...and
 for the animals?....carry a small bag of POUNCE treats and three
 small MILK-BONES...on your walk...lay them out strategically in your
 path...in two weeks you will have independent friends...name them
 cool names like "KITAR" or "GREAT IVY the SQUIRREL" or "MAGENTA"...
 these are small things...create a spirit in this barren land...
 enuff ramblings from me attic. love and the auburn way.
                a mere mortal in the clothing of the gods,
                            CHA * *
                                \_/oh sweet chaos


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V134R9W7@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu Fri Mar 3 22:09:16 1995

I'm looking for the 2/26/95 rochester show and the 8/16/94 Garden 
State Arts Center show. Have DMB, Rusted Root, Phish and others to 

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Columbus, OH

jfrench@indiana.edu Fri Mar 3 22:10:32 1995

Hello there- 
Columbus, Oh next Thursday.  I'd apreciate it.  

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lkallman@muselab.ac.runet.edu Fri Mar 3 22:14:37 1995

1)I feel as though I need some new tapes, something fresh. Anybody who 
wants to trade, find something on my list and let me know. 
2)The fist four people who really don't have any tapes, write me and if 
you will send me blanks and postage, I will tape for you.
3)The first person to give me the date of the first DMB show at the 
Flood Zone can pick something off my list, and I will send it to you 
free of charge!
11/5/93 ziggy's
4/24/94 van ripers
11/9/93 trax
2/24/94 trax
11/??/94 dave and tim in NY
These are not the only shows I am looking for, just the ones I know dates 
of. So if there is something on my list that you like, send me your list.

4/4/92 van ripers 1/2x90
'92 dave on wtju 1/2x90
5/20/92 fz 1x90
election '92 1x90
12/2/92 fz 1x90
12/9/92 fz 1x90
1/1/93 omni hotel
'92 university of georgia
2/24/93 fz
3/1/93 chapel hill
3/3/93 tx
3/4/93 fz
3/8/93 miguel valdez show
6/12/93 pepermint beach club, va beach
6/23/93 fz
6/26/93 bayou
'93 georgia theater
7/7/93 fz w/ greg howard
'93 tx day after public enemy
7/14/93 fz
rutabaga demo 
8/10/93 fz
10/26/93 tx
11/6/93 st christophers homecomming
11/10/93 fz, r2t release
11/29/93 wilson hall, dave & tim
12/12/93 movie palace, dave & tim
1/1/94 marriott hotel
4/26/94 town point park, norfolk va
'93 fz, st patricks day & NPR interview w/ dave
7/1/94 the backstage, seattle wa.
7/30/94 browns island
8/3/94 nantucket mass
8/13/94 strawberry banks, hampton va
9/27/94 uva, uttad release
9/28/94 fz,uttad release
11/9/94 va horse center
11/11/94 wake forest
12/15/94 dave, boyd, & stefan at tower records
12/15/94 liberty lunch, austin tx
12/30/94 bender arena
1/1/94 marriott hotel
about 6 other undated shows from both tx & fz

There it is. Tx is trax & fz is Flood Zone. I am sure that not all the 
dates are right, but it's close. If you have any questions about any 
shows let me know I can send you the setlist.


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just hi minarets...

ret@eden.rutgers.edu Fri Mar 3 22:54:20 1995

Hello all,
bear with me. It seems to me that everyone here loves Dave, etc...,but 
let's have some discussion about the music ladies and gents! I don't 
know much, but I saw them at Lafayette College last weekend and they 
blew the place open. I've seen some bands in my short time on this 
planet, but never such a band that is so diverse in it's influences and 
at the same time perfectly harmonious. They are the coming of a new 
generation of music and it is right in front of us, come on and take the 
ride. Quit bitching. Let's hear some real discussion. Thanks

mikey stevenson 

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van for dave?

Dmbard@aol.com Sat Mar 4 00:11:40 1995

howdy everyone,

bardo here...just wanted to know if anyone is interested in making some dmb
boot trades for some serious GOOD van the man morrison...i have some boots,
out-takes, and demos on cds.

if anyone is interested let me know.



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Did i miss anything?

rtrim@magicnet.net Sat Mar 4 00:59:53 1995

hey all,
my mail server has been acting weir lately, and i lost about 200 messages.
so, if anyone tried to write me, like people i am trading with, or any trees
i missed, please resen them.
thanks and sorry!


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Talkin loud, ain't sayin nothin

beck74@potsdam.edu Sat Mar 4 02:24:53 1995

whats up,
slow this evening, its the first time in a long time my band doesn't have a
gig... kind of nice...
If you decide you want to be really nice to me and send me some DMB tapes
that would be cool.  And I'd love you forever!
I could get that.  Also, whens the next time they are playing a show near
Potsdam, or Albany,NY?
Does anyone have any Phish with Scarlet Begonias on it? Who shot JFK?Do
aliens exist?
Why do we park on driveways and drive on parkways?
anyone who could answer any of these questions would earn my undying
gratitude (esp. the first three questions).
Currently opening for another great, unsigned band Grass.  If you're
interested I can get some demos from them out to you..just let me know...
Take it easy everyone, and peace...

Danny Boy


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toddy@cyberspace.com Sat Mar 4 03:31:59 1995

please,please,please let me know. Please e-mail me directly as I no 
longer subscribe.


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Rememeber this from R2T

HvyHead@aol.com Sat Mar 4 03:33:56 1995

My real point for posting this is down below, but anyone else out there have
the Irving Plaza show from 12/10/93? Anyone else notice at the end, after
Seek Up when Dave says something like "If we don't see you before Christmas,
well, Merry Christmas", that Boyd starts playing Christmas carols? I can't
hear anyone else except for a little sax, but it sounds like it's all Boyd.
He plays Jingle Bells and some other one that I can't remember, but it is
incredible. It makes the show a collectible in my book. Check it out, it's
really cool.

everyone knew about the "hidden track" at the end of Remember Two Things
(track 12). But I was proven wrong today. Everyone talks about every intro
and outro and everything else, but this is talked about very seldom if at
all. What exactly is it? Does it have a name? And the "nature noises", I love
it. But what made them put this on the CD? I think it would be an excellent
interview question, anybody else? I guess that's all, but if you haven't
heard it yet, well, go listen to it. It's amazinly cool. Just thought I would
shed some light on the subject. Very little, but still...

Have you ever gotten an M&M that didn't melt in your hand?

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Re: solittleto say

saf1@acpub.duke.edu Sat Mar 4 05:26:49 1995

dear eric and all you internet losers,
tonight i found myself in sandy's abode reading his email. i read all of 
the communication between you and your brilliant friends and sandy. you 
all have taken an esteemed place in my mind as the biggest fucking losers 
i have ever met or had the displeasure of reading their pathetic banter. 
wait, wald i'd like to thank some people for their support like you did 
in one of your previous internet gems. i'd like to thank wookie and 
nebulous ben for always being able to push me to attain the next level of 
internet banter greatness. beavis thank you for always lending that great 
human ear when the good old internet wouldn't listen. wald i didn't want 
you to forget but i still hate you.  don't take it personally but you 
should do us all a huge favor and cease hooking up with tour old buddy, 
the internet. one more internet all-star i'd like to mention in my 
letter.  yes, bakia, how could i erase from memory your inciteful 
comments?  You're a real bitch and should also join the revolutionary exodus 
off the internet as a loser. loser. loser. loser.


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anyone at auburn, w&m etc

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Sat Mar 4 05:54:14 1995

ok/.......if you go to auburn,
or william and mary, or any other school
with this node.....
and you signed up for the rare dave tree, then
please re-submit your form to me.....

all addresses with the node beginning with the word 'mail'
gets put in another file in my account, and that
file got erased...........


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Where is everyone?

MAUL@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Sat Mar 4 06:17:15 1995

A very odd thing happened today.  i got no Minarets mail.  Now I know that
not everyone on minarets could withstand not posting for a day, so where is
everyone?  Anyway, i saw Rusted Root w/ Plant and Page tonight.  RR was
incredible, but they only played for 30 min.  Plant and Page was very
mediocore.   It would have been an awesome concert if Rusted Root had
opened for Dave.   :)

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to dmb road warrior (trade info)

MCDW49C@prodigy.com Sat Mar 4 06:35:53 1995

i'm guessing you still want to trade, even though i haven't 
talked to you for a while...your tapes are done, and if i
can find your address somewhere in my room they will be
mailed (really this time) on monday.  later. 


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help w/ tree

lono@brahms.udel.edu Sat Mar 4 07:40:38 1995

hello and salutations.

my friend John is sending me a DSBD 1-2gen copy of the Roseland show that 
featured guests Popper and Trey (Phish).

I know that there are people out there that want this show. I've seen 
people beg for it on the BTnet... I mentioned, not too long ago, that I 
would be interested in participating in a tree. However, I'm not sure how 
it's done exactly. From what I understand, my generation will be fairly 
sick (that's a term for 'good')...he said CD+, which sounds pretty damn 
tasty to me. So this crispy show could possibly be circulated to the 
whole friggin' net with the right organization. unfortunately, like I 
said, I have little to no experience with trees. can someone either send 
me mail about creating a tree or send me branch offers?

please don't flood my e-mail with requests yet.
I will post again when someone clues me in on how to do this.
I'd prefer the advice of someone who's done this smoothly atleast once.
Danke-shen...or however ya say it...you know what I mean.


personal to J harman.
holy shit...where'd that tape come from???
do I owe you one?
I remember talking to you in December or something.
did you send me this by mistake?
e-mail personally, please!!


anyone out there willing to fill a 90min with an Allgood set?

****No more notes!!

all responses personal, please, since I don't receive the minarets list 
when you post it to the group.

Thanks for any and all help.


"This woman's got a penis on her hand...does everyone have a penis on 
their hand? Is that a sign for something? Hey, you can't drink 'cause 
you've got a penis on yer hand! I've just received word that the penis on 
this young lady's hand is Fenton's penis...Fenton's .over here!"

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What's up assholes?

ZU02902@uabdpo.dpo.uab.edu Sat Mar 4 08:01:08 1995

Hey I was just wondering what's up?  I haven't gotten adigest yet today and
I was just wondering if anyone was still alive.  

we're thinking about going to europe for the upcoming dates, because my dad
is rich as shit(he's the ceo of sonat-the natural gas co.)!!! anyway i
really wanna go and was wondering if anybody wanted to go with me or, if you
are already in europe, if you want to meet there? ps. is there anywhere good
to eat in Hamburg? i'd really appreciate it seeing as to where i am a german
cuisine loving mutherfucker.  but anyway thanks a million and hope some of
you guys can make the trip. aufweidershen!!!! 

all try and keep your shitshooters clean.

Jason Gilbert
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Undergraduate School of Engineering


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** BAD NEWS: V-Day Tree is dead! **

wl1o+@andrew.cmu.edu Sat Mar 4 08:16:09 1995

Fellow Minaretters,
Day tree is dead.  I will explain, but first let me apoligize.  I'm sure
many of you on the tree have already sent out tapes or arranged trades. 
I would hope that in the friendly spirit of DMB that all you parents out
there would try and work out a solution with your children.  
very reliable person close to the band that the existance of the V-Day
tape has caused DMB many headaches.  The contract that they signed with
the RSO stipulated two things.  First, that the RSO owned 100% of the
performed material.  DMB was essentially just guests on the stage with
the RSO.  The second clause in the contract holds DMB resposible for
any/all taping infractions.  The RSO was very worried about the
possiblilty of taping, especially due to DMB's normal policy.  DMB in
order to quell these fears took sole resposibility.  In other words,
they trusted us.  The reprecussions of this have spread doubt on the
future of taping at all DMB shows.  Please understand that we must give
up this tree in order to ensure the future of taping and future trees.  
I created this tree in order to spread what was an amazing experience. 
I solicited any advice form the net and heard mostly positive responses.
It wasn't until just recently that I've been informed of the problems
that this tree will pose for DMB.  I created this tree to help them, to
spread the music and good feelings.  It has turned out that this tree
will only do the opposite and that is why I have to kill it.  I have
given my word that I would not let this tape be distributed.  I know
that there are 225 people out there who are none too happy with this. I
just ask that you all understand.  Feel free to write to me with
comments/questions/flames.  Again, I'm sorry.

- Bill

P.S. - To all my children on the tree, just hang in there.  I will be
getting in touch with you soon to work something out.

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I got one to offer

PMEA8678@URIACC.URI.EDU Sat Mar 4 12:19:55 1995

ok, I'm offering a 2nd gen dat of providence 10/9/94 to anyone who sends
PERSONAL mail to me. I'm hoping to find some crispy BT or WSP and especially
dmb like --- 2/24?(popper and trey)Is their really a new blue h20?
Get in touch w/ me,I'll take any offers and I'll even spin copies for
the first 5 LEGIT(It's your own word)newbies who respond. The setlist
for 10/9/94:Seek up
ever),best of whats around,Jimi thang,rhyme and reason,cry freedom,cry(the
return!!),Granny!!!!,wwys,#36,minarets...typical,one sweet world, the now
infamous marching ants,warehouse,tripping billies

If you're interested,the show runs about 120 min+ but I'll definately fill
2 90 min's w/ something worthwile.
"Perhaps I grew a little cynical"JP

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DMB newsgroup...e-mail me w/support!

jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Sat Mar 4 16:30:37 1995

I am in the process of starting one. I already have many many positive 
e-mails from across the country from people who want a DMB newsgroup. It 
will probably be called "alt.music.DMB"

If you want one too, please e-mail me with your positive comments. The 
key to getting an "alt" newsgroup is just lots of good mail. So, thanks 
for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon!


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Re: BHTM vs. DMB

Mungbyrd@aol.com Sat Mar 4 16:58:56 1995

Just a note- Last week at Lafayette, Todd took time to compliment the crowd
(surfers) on how they were "the best crowd they played in a while."  While
Dave, on the other hand, told them kindly to stop crowd surfing. he also shot
some nasty glances.    TpW

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Sony Stereos

Mungbyrd@aol.com Sat Mar 4 17:13:58 1995

Not to bash sonys, but I honestly and truly believe they are designed to
break as soon as the warranties run out...
1. boombox portable CD/tape player --- 3years and a month ( 3 yr warranty)
2. Sony receiver --- 1 1/2 years 
3. Discman - 1 year 

I don't take shitty care of any of these things. I kept them all under a tarp
to prevent dust collection. Oh yeah, I don't tape my tapes with these
crappies. I use pioneer and that's startin to fall apart, too.  
For a good single deck...that wierd looking BOSE thing. it's expensive as
hell and very cumbersone, but that will take the C quality tapes and make
them seem like A's.    

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Detroit show?

pkkernan@netcom.com Sat Mar 4 18:48:23 1995

Just wanted to check out how the Detroit show was and if anyone had a 
dub?  Let me know .  Also still trying to see if anyone taped the 3.1.95 
show at MSU.  I haven't gotten the digest for a day or so for some reason 
I have missed a couple.  I don't know the problem, it has me stumped!  
Anyways peace to all y'all's,


Patrick K. Kernan        pkkernan@netcom.com

I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would 
allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around.

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Re: Detroit show

McMoe@aol.com Sat Mar 4 19:30:43 1995

Wow! . . . I can die now. This was my first DMB show, although I am not new
to the band.  It was absolutely amazing.  Hearing stories from my sister
about seeing them in a small bar with 100 people makes me sort of jealous . .
.. because there was barely enough room to move, let alone groove to the tunes
at the stage.  Idiots in the crowd aside, Dave and his boys gave a truly

The setlist was very good . . . a gentle blending of the old songs -- seek
up, lying in our graves as well as the new songs . . . jimi thing, rhyme and
reason.  Of course there was ants and tripping b. for the encore . . Don't
think I'll ever miss a show in my area EVER!!
The song he played a couple before the end was not familiar to me.  I  think
it probably was #36 - - I don't have that on any of my bootlegs so I really
didn't know the song, but this song he played was great.  A lot of the crowd
was pretty tame for a lot of the greats (lying in our grave) but they went
crazy for ANTS . . not surprising!?!

What the hell was all that crowd surfing? I mean, come one . . . I felt like
I was at a Slayer concert (although I have never been to one).  It is known
that Dave doesn't like it, so it would be nice if the crowd would appease his

I was surpised by BHTM, who came out before Dave . . curiously . . I guess Dav
e has gotten more popular in the midwest, too . . . DMB got more of a
response from the crowd, I felt.  The BHTM setlist was good . . they mostly
played old songs, from sister sweetly.  It was a great show, considering I was
n't looking forward to it.  The only thing detracting from them was my
wanting DMB to come out.  Vincent of Jersey was the best they played, I

For all those who have read this far, thanks for listening to my ramblings .
.. Now for ANYONE WHO TAPED THE SHOW, please let me know, I would love to get
the boot . . . also, anyone out in minaret  land who attended, let's talk.

"I can't believe we would lie in our graves, dreaming of things we might have

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2/7 show is finally here

abs@student.umass.edu Sat Mar 4 19:48:50 1995

OK----here is the deal...this is not a tree announcement(yet) this is 
simply a post to all of the people who have mailed me in regards to the 
2/7 DMB & BHTM show at Smith College.  I just got the tapes 
today---everyone can thank Kevin Green(thanks Kev--from me!) the tapes 
sound really good :)

so if you have mailed me in the past about the 2/7 show...then please 
repost me, the show is 2-90 minute tapes...thats all for now..


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fad4y@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Mar 4 20:20:55 1995




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nmayer@pen.k12.va.us Sat Mar 4 21:54:14 1995


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Anyone out there?

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Sat Mar 4 22:54:26 1995

What's up with that?

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Chicago 10/28/94

e.hoglund@genie.geis.com Sat Mar 4 23:48:25 1995

Anyone have a copy of the Chicago 10/28/94 show that they'd be wiling to
trade/copy for me? I would really like this show -- the only DMB I have to
trade with is this last New Year's Eve show and a tape with early stuff.
(says Spring '92 - has solo Dave and w/band) I do however have some Rusted
Root, Matthew Sweet, REM though. Can anyone help?

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200+ PHiSH... want DMB/Trey&Popper

bdietz@skidmore.EDU Sun Mar 5 01:44:48 1995

WSP, ARU, ect.  I'm looking for the DMB show with Trey & Popper.  Send to
"bdietz@skidmore.edu" for list.



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Re: solittleto say

saf1@acpub.duke.edu Sun Mar 5 02:35:03 1995

yeah, beeatches

---------- Forwarded message ----------

dear eric and all you internet losers,
tonight i found myself in sandy's abode reading his email. i read all of 
the communication between you and your brilliant friends and sandy. you 
all have taken an esteemed place in my mind as the biggest fucking losers 
i have ever met or had the displeasure of reading their pathetic banter. 
wait, wald i'd like to thank some people for their support like you did 
in one of your previous internet gems. i'd like to thank wookie and 
nebulous ben for always being able to push me to attain the next level of 
internet banter greatness. beavis thank you for always lending that great 
human ear when the good old internet wouldn't listen. wald i didn't want 
you to forget but i still hate you.  don't take it personally but you 
should do us all a huge favor and cease hooking up with tour old buddy, 
the internet. one more internet all-star i'd like to mention in my 
letter.  yes, bakia, how could i erase from memory your inciteful 
comments?  You're a real bitch and should also join the revolutionary exodus 
off the internet as a loser. loser. loser. loser.


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Daves Guitar???

WALLYJIVE@aol.com Sun Mar 5 03:17:50 1995

Hello all-
Atkins SST???
would really like to find this out for shure!! Thanks alot!

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7/30/94 tree?

e.hoglund@genie.geis.com Sun Mar 5 03:19:19 1995

I'm on the 7/30/94 tree and was wondering if anyone has been getting their
tapes yet.

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DMB on House of Blues/Friday

KevTad@aol.com Sun Mar 5 06:05:29 1995

Just saw the ad.  Dave and boys will be on the House of Blues on Friday,
March 10 with Jane Osbourne.


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detroit 3/2

rick.vanderleek@um.cc.umich.edu Sun Mar 5 16:51:27 1995

hey people, i saw dave friday at detroit state theater, killer show, i was a little nervous and bummed cause they were playing such a larger venue than when i've seen them before in small bars, all in all i was very impressed. he started
f with RECENTLY and somewhere in the middle played LIE IN OUR GRAVESs ANTS... and a jammin' TRIPPIN' BILLIES with a crowd-pleasing NATURE(Samples) intro.  I'm sure you'll all see them when they're near, but go early and check out UGLY
CANS, their disc is good, and likewise live. until next, drive-in,drive-out

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Dave Matthews Band featured on House of Blues telecast

Clendennen@aol.com Sun Mar 5 16:53:56 1995

For all of you who have been waiting to see the Dave Matthews Band House of
Blues telecast, TBS will air that episode 3/11 and 3/12 from 12:00 a.m. to
1:00 a.m. EST.

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tshaffer@camelot.bradley.edu Sun Mar 5 17:53:04 1995

is there something wrong with my e-mail system, or has nobody been 
writing to minarets?



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detroit show/FAQ

McMoe@aol.com Sun Mar 5 18:22:40 1995

If anyone has a copy of the Detroit show, please please please talk to me . .
..  I have to have it.

Also, I have been on this net for awhile but I have never found out how to
get the  FAQ. . . will someone help me out?  



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ddevito@oxygen.helios.nd.edu Sun Mar 5 18:57:19 1995


It's been 2 days since I've gotten anything from this list.  I was
just wondering if I got unsubscribed or something.  I know not
everybody but me went on spring break already.  Weren't there
any shows Friday or Saturday night?  Hello?

Is there anybody out there?


Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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