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Personal: KOLIVER

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Tue Mar 7 21:37:56 1995

Sorry to post here, but I'm trying to get on this "Rare Dave" tree and
my mail keeps getting returned.  Thank You For Not Flaming.
David Miceli
630 Summerlea St. Apt.#2
Pittsburgh, PA  15232
high bias analog
cassette recorder on Maxell XLIIs.  Dolby B and C available, but I
prefer without.  Would prefer to trade WITH cases.  Peace,

"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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CGL5671@ACS.TAMU.EDU Tue Mar 7 21:46:48 1995


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abs@student.umass.edu Tue Mar 7 21:59:02 1995

Hi...my account has overflowed today and erased lots of things...your 
address is among the missing...help...thanks...

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KARRYME---need your address also

abs@student.umass.edu Tue Mar 7 22:00:29 1995

sorry...my mail is all messed up---you spoke od 10+ tape trades...well 
lets talk...but i lost your address...sorry..please rsvp

thanks adam

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mrobin09@ursa.Calvin.EDU Tue Mar 7 22:02:50 1995

open with the Samples song "Nature"?


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nmayer@pen.k12.va.us Tue Mar 7 22:12:24 1995

I've been looking for a nice big trade for a while but nobody
seems up to it.  I'm glad you are.

I have about 35 tapes ranging from fall 92 to 95, email if


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who's Anne?

ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Tue Mar 7 22:28:07 1995

CD case and I noticed that the inside of the back cover has a picture 
of Dave and a little kid and it says "In Memory of Anne".  Now, I 
apologize if I should know this or I shouldn't be asking, but...who's 

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Anyone out there?

ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Tue Mar 7 22:28:13 1995

I didn't get any minarets mail yesterday either, but my friend did, 
and then today I was bombarded with posts.

Strange but true.

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Re: Bulk Blanks


You can get blanks in bulk from Al at 1-800-278-TAPES, ext.2358.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul.
They don't gotta tell me and I don't gotta move, 'cause I'm sitting 
back here, sharing the groove.
And I'm searching for the meaning and the light.Who's to say who's 
wrong and who is right.

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Poor V-Day Tree

kadams@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Tue Mar 7 22:39:08 1995

Sorry to the guy (was it Bill?) who tried to tree v-day.  I really do 
sympathize with you and all the twigs, branches, leaves, and sprouts that 
wanted that tape. Unfortunately (and this is just to further inform some 
uninformed people) the show was illegal to tape.  OK, no problem...we can 
be sneaky.  BUT, you are not sneaky if you broadcast that you have the 
tape on this net (not too private here, you see???)  Well, I think you 
all got the point.  You never know who's lurking on this thing.  So, to 
those of you who are quietly sitting on your tape of the day after V-Day 
show (and you know who you are 'cause I bet there's quite a few of you), 
keep on grinnin' and listening to your little gem all by yourself.  And 
if you feel like sharing your secret with some select friends that's your 
perrogative, but is certainly not condoned (heh heh).  In other words, 
what DMB or the Symphony doesn't know wont hurt 'em, right?  Let's just 
try to keep our actions from reflecting badly on the band in the future.  
It's kinda like the dorm counselor thing...most of 'em aren't going to 
look for beer in your room, but if you offer them one, they're gonna have 
to bust you.  You know what I mean? Let's all just be a little smarter 
I also didn't mean for this message to be derrogatory toward anyone at 
all- I just breezed through the last digest and was inspired to post - I 
jsut think i saw this coming. Oh, well.  No worries.  Later all...
(YEP, I'm still here, but it's getting kinda lonely bein' old.  

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Re: song ID ASAP

jcdavis@wam.umd.edu Tue Mar 7 22:50:09 1995

Charlie Daniel's Band.
from their album- A decade of hits


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Roseland Both Dates

perry@nic.com Tue Mar 7 23:12:17 1995

Hello all,

I'll make this really brief I just got Roseland  both nights
2-23, and 2-24 1st gen off of supposedly the best DAT machine at the shows 
....These are by far the best in my collection UNREAL...

I'm looking for any SBD, DAT 1st Gen or sick quality shows...

Want to trade send me a list....

Let the trades Begin.....


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SF Bay Area shows

thekrish@ocf.Berkeley.EDU Tue Mar 7 23:20:03 1995

I've been dying to see the DMB live, so I was wondering if anyone knew when
they would be coming (back??) to the San Francisco Bay Area next. Any info
would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Krishnan                       "The world is indebted for all
thekrish@ocf.berkeley.edu               triumphs which have been gained
#111 Freeborn Hall                      by reason and humanity over error
University of California, Berkeley      and oppresion." -Thomas Jefferson


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Re: MINARETS digest 96

DJC@CLEMSON.EDU Tue Mar 7 23:21:37 1995

this is my first and last post... i am disheartened by what the net
has turned into... oh well.. but.. i dont remeber how to unsubscribe
so... help... please

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Re: MINARETS digest 96

DJC@CLEMSON.EDU Tue Mar 7 23:21:38 1995


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Re: van the man rocks

Dmbard@aol.com Tue Mar 7 23:25:12 1995


if you could tell me a little more about your tapes, i.e. set lists, your
order of favorites and the sound quality.

even if there is nothing there that i may pick, i would be HAPPY to spin some
van legs for you anyway, anytime!

get back to me.



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Re: song ID ASAP

Dmbard@aol.com Tue Mar 7 23:25:26 1995

the answer to your ? is...

the charlie daniels band



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Re: ?????tapes????

Dmbard@aol.com Tue Mar 7 23:26:25 1995


i've got a decent copy, not great, just decent copy of 5-13-92 at the flood
zone. the set list makes up for the quality.

gotta run to work, but email back if you are interested.



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Pittsburgh 3/5/95 setlist?

jo1n+@andrew.cmu.edu Tue Mar 7 23:49:13 1995

Could someone please send me the setlist from the Pittsburgh (AJ
Palumbo) show- how was it?  The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gave it a
horrible revue. (Not too much of a surprise, considering the reviewer
hates everyone, except the Eagles and the Rolling Stones!)  What did
everyone else think?  Please email me directly- can't keep up with all
of the messages.  Thanks.


Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)


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I was wondering what the name of a songe is?

kmarsh@puffin.Marymount.EDU Wed Mar 8 00:00:07 1995

rocking song, but I don't know it's name. He introduced the song by 
saying this is a song about a one night stand. Does anyone know the song 
please mail me?

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DMB and Boxing Ghandis

culver/century/burbym=40msmailnet#%forwarder@sonypic.geis.com Wed Mar 8 00:07:50 1995

I just heard from a friend who books for Boxing Ghandis that they have
joined DMB and BHTM for the rest (?) of this tour. I am seeing them here in
LA on Friday. But he said that the tour will come through here again before
it ends. I wonder where they will play...do you think Dave will start dating

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DMB on a wiz commercial

Trey18@aol.com Wed Mar 8 00:45:39 1995

I just saw a wiz commercial where they played wwys the whole time and showed
clips from the roseland shows.  It talked about how dave and a couple other
bands were alternative and how they supported dave and acouple other bands
when they started out at roseland and shit. has anyone else seen this. i
can't beleive my eyes. well it's about time the boys got their own commercial
i always thought they desevered it.


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Re: Cleveland paper cuts down DMB

barter@lclark.edu Wed Mar 8 01:05:51 1995

DMB.  It is literally the most insulting and misguided interpretation of 
Dave's music ever put forth. I don't mind people criticizing the band so 
long as the criticisms are well founded.  This guy is just out to lunch.  
How does anyone that obnoxious get hired by a major newspaper.  
Neo-deadheads and drugged  up audience. I feel personally offended and 
really angry. 
would really like to tell him a few things.


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** personal to jen fogelson **

nebulous@panix.com Wed Mar 8 01:25:57 1995

sorry to do this and i hope i get a personal sandy flame for it...

JEN!!! get in touch silly... your tapes are done and in the mail tomorrow,
i think you said mine were done but for some reason i don't have your email
address so i can touch base w/ you about all this stuff and see how boston
is treating ya..

just another memo from the cellar,

| 'history has recorded                                 ben sterling... |
|  some pretty nasty things                             new york, ny... |
|  that have happened to                          nebulous@panix.com... |
|  people i think we                      orange tic tac connoisseur... |
|  remember i think it's                                                |
|  in our cells and i think                                             |
|  it can still hurt sometimes' ...tori amos.                           |


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HEy Brian!

jfrench@indiana.edu Wed Mar 8 01:39:13 1995

I really don't hink this his horribly funny but, this is the only thing I 
could think of before some one beat me to this....

How do yopu make four old ladies yell shit at the same time....

have a fith yell BINGO!

I do not have any tapes in my possesion.  I've seen him three times now 
(and met him twice).  What I really want is a great show that is good 
sound quality.  I do not have songs I want to get, because I want to 
hear new songs or different renditions of the ones I already know.  
PLEASE say I'm funny enough and quick enough!


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Re: ** BAD NEWS- V-Day Tree

barter@lclark.edu Wed Mar 8 01:40:34 1995

Morgan's idea is a good one.  I think that everyone on the list really  
wants that show and I'm sure the RSO would be psyched for some extra 
donations. If anyone knows or could get the number of the people at RSO, 
I will call them  myself and see if some solution can  be found whereby 
both the RSO and the people  of the Minaret.Net will benefit. 

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slachanc@polar.Bowdoin.EDU Wed Mar 8 02:02:20 1995

Umm i have 11, so that's my guess..

 Allright, anyone who has 0 or very few tapes, here is an offer.  The first
 person to send me an email with KEYS as the subject and guesses, correctly,
 the number of keys I have on my keychain, gets to select any show from my
 26+ collection.  Just send blanks and postage, and they are yours. 
 SWAG, write me back and let me know what we are doing before the Greenville
 show.  Later.....Jeff


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slachanc@polar.Bowdoin.EDU Wed Mar 8 02:06:53 1995

type unsubscribe 'your name' minarets
it's in the faq they sent you 
 Hey out there..
         I have been polite three times before......PLEASE TAKE ME OFF THE 
 MAILING LIST... as much as I like the band, I get far too much mail from 
 It was so nice for a few days not to be swamped with mail.....
         TAKE ME OFF OF THIS THING!!!!!!!!


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unabashed newbie

slachanc@polar.Bowdoin.EDU Wed Mar 8 02:17:42 1995

Dear Jen,

stories or jokes, but i'll try and think of one...hmmm...
has several black lights in his dorm room.  He had colored his entire (yes
entire) body with different highlighter shades and proceded to perform a
strip tease for his roommate and some friends as a joke.
his friends a show, but a crowd of people outside.  the noise created a
disturbance and security came to the door.  refusing to believe that they
were sober or "un'stoned, my friend admitted that 'yes, i was dancing
naked with a highlighter in front of a blacklight.'
amusing story, but maybe you just have to know him.
i'm respectful and i've only posted once
so please help!


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Prints Galore if you have JJ Cale SBD's to trade.

tcrother@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Wed Mar 8 02:43:11 1995

I am in need of smokin' JJ Cale tapes, no mics or crappy 
multi-generational stuff. I am a professional photog and would make it 
worth your while. If you listen to music, chances are I have something 
that will float your boat. email me directly- tcrother@liberty.uc.wlu.edu.

PS- I know this is the DAVE MATTHEWS NET, but hey, it's a good place to 

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Re:hey now....

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Wed Mar 8 02:55:09 1995

hey there. 

name isn't Chaz...its CHA...just drop the Z....thats o.k. though..

you feel like giving him one...go right ahead...will you do me a
favor...tell Jeff the sounboard man,and Alex the T-shirt dude that i
said "HELLO" and i miss 'em. tell them this message from Chardy,
cause thats my whole name...actually if ya' get to Dave, tell him i
said HI too...he should remember me...anyway, can you write me back
so i can maybe type a letter for you to give to those people??



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spoon@strauss.udel.edu Wed Mar 8 03:01:39 1995

 Hey out there..
         I have been polite three times before......PLEASE TAKE ME OFF THE 
 MAILING LIST... as much as I like the band, I get far too much mail from 
 It was so nice for a few days not to be swamped with mail.....
         TAKE ME OFF OF THIS THING!!!!!!!!

I think there is a certain way you have to do it...

try just typing....

"Unsubcribe (your email)" 

and nothing else....
remeber your talking to a computer not some person...


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SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Wed Mar 8 03:06:05 1995

For the people who guessed the # of keys I had for a free show, the answer
was 7 and the person who won knows who he is.  Later people...Jeff
Oh, anyone know the day tix go on sale for Nashville? I really need this
info.  Cool, well, not to waste space....Bye
"I am looking forward to selling out."  -Dave Matthews


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Re: Clvnd show, and meeting b...

Mathews34@aol.com Wed Mar 8 03:08:56 1995

i must thank you for your post about meeting the band; those are my favorite
kind of post! i love reading about other people meeting the band, and since i
never have, it lets me feel like i was there. thank you.

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aperlmut@emerald.tufts.edu Wed Mar 8 03:39:38 1995

i cant' remember who wrote to me and said they have the providence show 
from 1/30/95 or 1/31/95 ..if it was u could u PLEASE write back????thanx

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Re: van for dave?

scooter@merle.acns.nwu.edu Wed Mar 8 03:49:32 1995

 howdy everyone,
 bardo here...just wanted to know if anyone is interested in making some dmb
 boot trades for some serious GOOD van the man morrison...i have some boots,
 out-takes, and demos on cds.
 if anyone is interested let me know.
definately, mail me with more info!

katy sampson

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blues for the innocent

driver8@phy.duke.edu Wed Mar 8 03:58:15 1995

Someone please tell us all exactly what time the House of Blues show is on 
and WHAT NIGHT.  Is it Fri. Sat. Sun.? 10:00,11:00,12:00.



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RE: Trade

AHENNE@drew.edu Wed Mar 8 04:26:39 1995

hey tim,
november (a kickin' good show), and i'd love to trade it for some good 
rusted root stuff if you've got some.  lemme know...

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what the fuck is going on?!

CJACOBS@smith.smith.edu Wed Mar 8 04:29:12 1995

what happened to anastasia k.?
why are all the messages coming from the same place?
why does the screen look different?
why are people have one-line conversations with each other but with me too?
what occurred in the past two days that has futzed with this net?
i'm confused.


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fad4y@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Wed Mar 8 04:57:36 1995

i'll trade
what you got
i have a few shows



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Intelligent Question

dek2@lehigh.edu Wed Mar 8 05:03:49 1995

i was wondering if anyone could identify this song for me. it is at the irving
plaza in nyc on 7.8.94. he mentions that he usually plays this alone and at
that he plays it rarely. this time everyone joins in. i have it as being
called "quick lay and goodbye". i am not quite sure. the one repeating lyric
goes as follows, "and tomorrow we'll go back to being friends". i would love
to know anything i can about this song. it is a gem. thanks.

Erik Knowles             "Eat, drink and be merry
dek2@lehigh.edu           for tomorrow we die"


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lkallman@muselab.ac.runet.edu Wed Mar 8 05:09:06 1995

 hey lee,
 did you get your tapes?...i sent them out last week. let me know. 
 talk to ya' soon. Peace.   
                          CHA * *
Yes I did and havn't stopped listening to them since. I will be home for 
break on Sunday so I'll give you a call.

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lkallman@muselab.ac.runet.edu Wed Mar 8 05:11:18 1995

 Where are you from?  I would not mind getting a few of those
 boots you have and it sounds like you are probably from the
 Richmond area or maybe even Charlottesville(that would be nice
 since I go to UVA).  If you are somewhat local we could save
 postage and all that hassle.
 Scott Johnston       		The truthful man I believe,
 Smj3z@virginia.edu     		But the liar I also believe,
    				And thus he gets truthfulness.
 					-Lao Tzu
I go to Radford, but I am from Richmond. I will be there all next week so 
send me your list.

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House Of Blues

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Wed Mar 8 05:23:03 1995

I think it has been posted, but people have been asking.
I saw a commercial for Dave and the boys on House of Blues _this_ weekend.
House Of Blues is on TBS.  The show comes on at 12:00 midnight if you live in
Eastern Standard Time.  It will be on both Friady and Saturday nights at that
Also, I hate to bitch, and a couple personal messages a day don't really bother
me, but this is getting out of hand.  I just checked my mail, and out of about
15 messages, 12 were personal messages.  I will be calm and give advice.
the net.  Respond to the person by his/her personal e-mail account.  You can
find it by reading in the intro to the message.  Please for the sake of
everyone, do this.  Sorry, for this small request.  If you fell like flaming me
for this request, do so to me personally at danielt@tiger.hsc.edu, and not to
the net.  Nobody wants their mail box cluttered with flames and personals. 
Sorry to go on so long.................tom

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Boyd Tinsley interview on WICB (Ithaca)

jag1@cornell.edu Wed Mar 8 05:27:01 1995

Mike Powers' interview with Boyd Tinsley aired tonight.  While it broke
little new ground for diehard fans, the interview was well conducted and
showed the musical roots of the band to new fans.  The two hour show (no
commercials!!)  was filled with a variety of songs from R2T and UTTAD and
the Recently EP.  It was odd to hear Haloween on the radio.  Also played
was a version of Ants with Tim Reynolds, the Typical Situation from the
Rutebega demo, and Warehouse from the Recently EP.  A very good show for
people not familiar with the band, and an excellent selection of music to
show the diversity of the band.  Well done.

"I remember asking why there lies aggression and separation
where there should be love."
--Rusted Root


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RE: question on "I once had a girl"

CGL5671@ACS.TAMU.EDU Wed Mar 8 05:45:01 1995

Dude you need to check out the Beatles.  It is from the song Norweigen wood.
Let me guess.  You are new to this net.

Screaming from the Aggie Mountain,

Jen- I wrote you once but you didn't return my message.

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Uhhh, the personal posts...

sseremet@emba.uvm.edu Wed Mar 8 06:15:08 1995

Hey everyone-
new listserver last weekend(hence minarets was down for a few days) and 
the new one asks someone replying if they'd like to write to the "reply to" 
address(listed as minarets) as opposed to the person who wrote the post.
The old one did not have this feature...and maybe Alex can change that, 
but for now...PLEASE be careful when replying to a post rather than just 
hitting return a few times when sending...Many posts have been personal 
notes and that CAN be avoided.  Thanks for listening and to all a good 


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Jen, the enlightened one

cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Wed Mar 8 06:58:35 1995


you didn't leave an address to write you. I only have two boots and want 
my collection to grow and get out of newbie staus. Oh yeah, Ireally liked 
in one of our cafeterias, we dared him to do something (keep reading). 
For a substantial amount of money (too much!!!), he stood up in the 
middle of the cafe in the middle of dinner time. He took off his shirt 
and started squirting Tobasco sauce in his mouth and all over his chest, 
rubbing it in like a fool. He screamed, "Yeeeaaahhh, I'm the biggest dork 
in Trent(ourdorm)." Then he ran out and got sick from drinking to much of 
the Tabasco sauce. His title on email has become the Tabasco Kid.


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DMB-Imagine that!!

Clogboy@aol.com Wed Mar 8 07:02:52 1995

Hello all,
morning, but I can't stop listening to them.  I've listened to DMB for about
a year and a half now, but I've never had the good fortune to get any quality
live shows on tape.  Until now.  I recently traded for the 7/6/93 show at
Trax (Much thanks Mark!!) and I am in awe.  Some of the songs that I have
never heard in concert are incredible!  Granny--I can't stop playing this
song.  I fear that I am going to ruin my tape because I keep rewinding and
playing it over and over!  My other two favorite songs of the moment are #36
and Say Goodbye.  SG has got to be one of the most beautiful songs ever
recorded.  I heard #36 in concert in Boston on 2/4 and was blown away by it.
the song after Tripping Billies in Set III?  It sounds sort of like an early
version of Say Goodbye.  Is it?  If anyone can help, please *personal* e-mail
with the info.  Thanks.
lyric file?  I would really love to get the lyrics for #36, Granny, and Say
Goodbye.  Again, *personal* e-mail. 


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The list

cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Wed Mar 8 07:17:53 1995

What's up!
about a year and a half now. I've been on other mailing lists lately, and 
want to say how awesome the attitude on this one is. Everyone is 
interested in helping other people get new bootlegs and learn more about 
DMB. PLease don't ever let this list turn into a flame war about stupib 
things. Everybody, stay golden and keep up the good spirits. Peace!


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Ft. Wayne show/review

ddevito@boron.helios.nd.edu Wed Mar 8 07:47:27 1995

First off, Ugly Americans aren't very good.  They aren't bad (the organ
is a nice touch), but they aren't good, either.  At least I didn't miss 
much by missing the first few songs they did.

Secondly, Big Head Todd and the Monsters Wail!!! I saw them here last 
year, and they continue to impress me.  I didn't know any of the songs
off their new album, but I thought they were really good songs, and 
"Moose Song" was just sick.  I have the setlist written down if anyone
wants it.

Thirdly,  The Embassy Theatre in Ft. Wayne is awesome.  It's really old, 
with a high ceiling and a balcony and beautifully carved walls, with plush
seats and red carpet.  There were all these old people acting as ushers to
take you to your seat.  It was great.

Fourthly, Ft. Wayne, IN is home to a lot of white trash.  At least, as
far as I could tell by all the drunk high schoolers at the show, not to
mention the many adults who looked completely out of place in cowboy 
boots, and who sat and looked confused for most of the show.  Must've been
there to see Ugly Americans, I guess.  Before you flame, I live in the
same mountains of VA that Dave & Co. do, so I KNOW what white trash is
like.  My town's full of it.

Every song was jammed to the hilt...Recently was cut off in the middle
so Boyd could fix his violin....so what do they do?  The "Blue Water/
Bring me Wine-GRANNY!" segue, right out of Recently...absolutely 
beautiful, considering I'd been screaming for Granny just before 
Recently started.  Yes, the show started with #36...beautiful move, 
playing something most of the folks didn't know...Ants got the expected
response, but it was actually good, at least the intro was...Rhyme and
Reason was probably the most unspectacular number of the night, but that's
not saying much, as True Reflection was absolutely brilliant...Boyd got
into it very much....Then came WWYS, which I don't like, but Leroi played
as well as he could and saved it for me...then the intro/jam (DO we have
a name for this yet???) into Satellite...I told the 2 redneck girls behind
me (one of whom has permanently damaged my left eardrum with her incessant
high-pitched shrill screaming) that Satellite was coming up, and they
seemed dumbfounded....then it started....not bad, but nothing to scream
about (something the Ft. Wayners had difficulty understanding)....Boom.
Dancing Nancies.....Un-fucking-believable....jam was vicious, all Boyd.
Then another surprise...Minarets...I thought they'd shelved this one...it
was brilliant, the band sounded very full and together....then the "hippie
song"...it was about 15 or so minutes...had me dancing hard the whole 
time...Leroi blew the shit out his solo....the place went nuts then, 
rightfully so....I thought they were gonna end there, but instead,
Dave played the Samples' "Nature" song for a bit, and went right into
haven't heard before"....so much to say, so well-played.  I was probably
the only one who knew all the words...I was getting some strange looks.

Oh well.

Recently (incomplete) -
Blue Water ("Bring me Wine")-
Rhyme & Reason
True Reflection
Dancing Nancies
"Nature" intro-
Tripping Billies

GET IN TOUCH WITH ME!!!!!  I didn't see any mic stands there, and I was
talking to Bagby afterwards (you know, "Hey, I'm from Staunton, you might
have heard of it") and he said it may just not have been taped.  That 
would suck, because this show blew the shit out of the show I saw in
DC 2 months ago, and that one was good too....I also asked him about the
RSO and about why they're making such a fuss about tapes, and he said he
can't speak for the band, but he wouldn't mind if tapes were out there, 
but it's not up to him.  He has no idea what's going to happen to the
performances, but RSO has all rights over the officially recorded stuff.

Well, that's all for now... I want to thank Joel (who's still on the
road now, poor sap) for hooking me up with a 5th row seat, and I'm
telling y'all, this show was a definite mindblower.

Peace, and all that,

Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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Re: New DAT Format Question

KULPK@tiger.hsc.edu Wed Mar 8 07:58:12 1995

This file is being compiled by Rick Thompson stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu,
with the gracious help of ellis of lemuria, Alex Crothers, and Gregg 
Carrier, and, of course, everyone on minarets.net.  If you are a Phish 
netter, you may notice striking similarities in the structure of this 
file, and you may even notice that half of it is exactly the same.  
That's mine and ellis's fault.  

If you have a question and it isn't answered here, then ask me.  I may not
be able to answer it, but i know people who can, and i'll be able to get it
answered here.

This file last revised on 10-11-94.

A2b.  What is the Warehouse?
A3. What bands related to the Dave Matthews Band have there own listservs?

B1. Who is the Dave Matthews Band?
B2. Equipment?
B4. Tim Reynolds
B5. Miguel Valdez

C1. CD's by the Dave Matthews band
C2. #34
C3. #36
C5. Halloween
C6. Tripping Billies
C7. What songs does the band cover?
C8. How come they don't play insert song title here anymore?
**Sections D & E are borrowed from the Phish.faq.file with permission.**
**Please see the note at the beginning of section D.                  **
E4: PATCHING IN etiquette (needs to be answered!!)
E5: DCC and DAT compared and considered
The First Question
Is this file as complete as it could be?
The answer is a resounding NO.
This particular question is date specific to the Oct 94 posting of the faq,
and is intended to point out that the faq is still in a state of flux as
the net has grown to immense proportions in the past two months.  i 
encourage all members of the net to proofread this faq as diligently as you
want, and to let me know where you think answers could use improvement,
and what questions should be answered.
Alex and i will be working over the next few months to make this file as
overwhelmingly informative as possible, so be on the lookout around the
beginning of the year for a new and improved, glittering frequently asked
questions file.
Information we could particularly use is detailed information on the setup
of the archive site at the Phish.net computer at Brown, as well as a little
detail on what World Wide Web is, because i have no clue.  Seeing as i wrote
to of the most important files for this net, as well as knowing all file
administrators personally, i've never had a need to go galloping off across
the internet to find these files.
So have fun picking me to peices.  I slapped this version of the file 
together in about two hours on a Sunday night in early October, so it's
probably just full of glaring mistakes.  (I'm not even sure if all of 
question numbers in the outline match up to the actual question numbers
A-1. What is Minarets.Net and how do I subscribe?

Minarets.Net was initially started by Alex Crothers
with the help of Ellis of Lemuria and Eric Budke.  The name of the
Net comes from a song on the bands first cd, Remember Two Things,
and was suggested by Ellis. Originally Sreaming from the Minarets,
the band shorten the name of the song to Minarets.  So the name of
the Net went from Sreaming_From_The_Minarets.Net to Minarets.Net.
I guess we all got lucky.

This Net is somewhat different than other musical nets that you may be
familiar with.  To begin with it is not automatically digestified (see
below) so whenever you send a message to Minarets it gets sent to all
the subscribers immediately.  Another aspect of this net that is different
than other nets is in the way you subscribe/unsubscribe.

This is a list of commands that may be useful in the future.
let me know if you have any questions, problems, or toothpaste?
Send these commands to listproc@moose.uvm.edu as the first line in the
body of your e-mail message. In the examples below.....

These are some commands that your not as likely to use, but just in case

**-subscribing and digestifying can be done at the same time.  just

A-2.  What files are available pertaining to this net and the band?

The Warehouse is minarets.net's setlist file.  The file is being put 
together by Blake Campbell cambp_c@cs.odu.edu, and is currently not
well enough established to really be available for your perusal.  i'm
sure when it's done, though, he will post it, and then everyone will know.

A-3:  What other listservs are there?
The following bands have their own listservs.  To get a complete list
of instructions on how to get on any one of them, send a note to our
illustrious leader, Alex Crothers jcrother@moose.uvm.edu and he'll
be glad to set you up with a complete list of all of these band's 

Allman Bros. Band
Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Blues Traveler
The Hatters (fomally known as the Mad Hatters)
God Street Wine
Mystery Jones
Rusted Root
Soul Hat
Spin Doctors
Widespread Panic
B-1. Who is the Dave Matthews Band?

of five musicians to create a uniquely compelling pop sound that combines
the influences of folk, jazz, rock, world beat, and reggae.
emble the players in 1991 to accompany him on a demo tape of original 
songs.  Then a bartender at a Charlottesville, Va. jazz venue, Matthews
says he aimed high, approaching the musicians he respected most.
out.  The trio then approached Stefan Lessard, who at 16, was already an
accomplished upright bass player, about playing electric bass guitar for
the band.  When one of the tunes seemed to need violin, they enlisted
the string expertise of Boyd Tinsley, and a band was born.
who is the band's cheif songwriter.  "It's pop music with a pretty posi-
tive message.  I hope it's accessible to everyone."
strong individuals, each with his own interpretation of a given song.  His 
band member agree.  "We take a lot of different influences and and make 
something new out of them by playing each song the best that we can play
it,"  LeRoi Moore says.  It is this belnd of influences that creates the
band's rich texture.

:   Dave Matthews (vocals, guitar)  is a self-taught, lifelong lover of 
music who left his native South Africa as a young child, returning ther
as a teenager after living in the United States and England.  He credits
and classical.  Matthews draws from the folk traditions of many cultures
from around the globe, finding common themes among their complex rhythms.
For him, making music is about bringing people together, "lifting spirits."
than separate them."

:    Carter Beauford (drums) was born to play music.  The son of a jazz
trumpet player, he is himself a renowned musician, and has appeared regu-
larly on Black Entertainment Television's  "BET on Jazz with Ramsey Lewis."
"I was raised on jazz," says Beauford, whose jazz influence is evident in 
the makeup of the Dave Matthews Band.  "Except for Stefan's bass guitar, 
we're an acoustic band," he says.  "That comes from the early days of jazz,
and from the classical influence too."  The result is a multitextured
sound that offers new challenges to Beauford and the other band members.
"There are so many different elements in our music," he says.  "You really
can't put a lable on it, and that's why I love it so much." 

:    Stefan Lessard (bass guitar) is a musician whose age belies his talent.
An upright bass player who has played clubs since the age of 15, he was 
tapped by Matthews who "just had a feeling about him, his spirit, his sense
but his band members say it's talent, not luck, that has brought him so far
so soon.  "The best thing about this band," Lessard says, "is that you get
this potpourri of different styles."

:    LeRoi Moore (saxophone, et al) and Carter have been jazz compatriots 
for years, playing together at paying gigs and informal jam sessions.  
"Jazz is probably my main influence," admits Moore, who also has classical
training.  "But at this stage I don't really consider myself a jazz mu-
sician."  For him, the Dave Matthews Band remains a challenge because
there is room to explore, to respond to the expressions of the other four
players.  "I have plenty of space to improvise, to try new ideas," says
Moore, whom Matthews credits with arranging many of the songs he writes.
"It's almost better than a jazz gig."

:    Boyd Tinsley (violin, vocals) finds it strange sometimes that he 
abandonedthe reserved precision of classical violin for the spontaneity of
contemporary musical performance.  "This was an area that I hadn't explored
before," says Tinsley, who has been playing popular music since 1985.  
"When I'm really into the music, my whole body, my whole soul is into it."
The band's diverse roots are a great asset, Tinsley says.  "We're very Am-
erican, as Dave says.  Jazz, fiddle-style, rock, it's almost a melting pot
of American music."  The best thing, though, he says, is how much it matters
to the audience, and to the players.  "People are drawn to it," he says. 
"There's passion here."

B-2.  What kind of equipment does the band use?

In regards to equipment, Dave uses a Gibson SST Chet Atkins signature
model.  Boyd uses the Gallien-Krueger to power two 12" Mesa/Boogie speakers 
enclosed in one 1x12 cab with a metal grate, sometimes called RoadReady but
I don't think that this is the type here (you can tell by the covering of the 
cab itself).  Boyd also uses a Boss pedal for reverb, don't know the model
number other than it is a digital reverb, grey , with blue knobs.  As for
the bassist, he uses a Warwick bass, very nice if you know basses, I
think, for example, that I've seen his model here in a store in Nashville
for $3000+.  And that's only a 4-string.  The more strings, the more
money, but that doesn't matter because he only has 4.  Anyway, As for his
rack, I didn't really notice anything there important other than I know
that his cabs are SWR and am guessing that his bass power amplifier and
preamp are the same brand.  This is also VERY high-end stuff.  I think
that Carter uses DW pedals, but don't know about that.  Cymbal brands can
be seen.  Have no idea about the saxes or violin.  That's all I got for
that stuff.

At the cd release party for Under the Table and Dreaming on Sept 27th,
Carter showed up with a new drum set.  If anyone knows any specifics,
please send me the info--rick.


when the Dave Matthews Band originally got together in early 1992, they
had a keyboard player by the name of Peter Griesar.  Peter also played
harmonica on So Much to Day, What Would You Say, and some of the earliest
versions of Screaming From the Minarets.
nobody has asked Peter for sure as to why he decided to leave the band,
but dave has informed us that it was a decision made under the most 
amiable circumstances.  Dave also told us that peter had just gotten
a little too tired of the touring schedule.  i suppose asking Peter would
be the best thing, but he's not very easy to find.


B-4: Who is Tim Reynolds?
As many of you know, Tim Reynolds is credited with playing on four songs
on Remember Two Things, as well as the entirety of Under the Table and
Dreaming.  So who is he?  He's pretty much just a freind of Dave's from
Charlottesville.  Tim has been playing guitar for longer than some of us
on this net have been alive, and Dave really has taken a liking for Tim's
ability to spice up his (Dave's, that is) music.

Dave and Tim have also done acoustic shows together.  There's several
of them out there, and by the next time this is revised, i should have
a listing of all of them.  At this point, the only shows that come to my
mind are 11-29-93 at James Madison University and 12-12-93 at The Movie
Palace in Charlottesville.  There's also the Birchmere show that is 
highlighted on the Recently ep, but i'm not positive of the date on that.
i know it's sometime in February of 1993.  Check your copy of Recently :).

Also to note are a few shows where Tim plugged in his electric guitar and
sat in with the band.  These include the Miguel Valdez benefit show (see
question #B5) and 12-8-93 and 12-9-93.

Tim has a couple of cd's available, and is currently heading up the C-ville
band known as TR3.  Keep an eye out.


B-5:  Who is Miguel Valdez?
The specifics to this question are a bit beyond me at this point, but i'll
work on getting a definitive answer.  Miguel Valdez was a percussionist 
from the Charlottesville area who used to make frequent stops to the Dave
Matthews stage with a rather elaborate set of bongos.  In early 1993, however
Miguel died.  This is where the specifics seem to elude me.  I don't really
know much else.  If you do, please let me know.


B-6: Who are some of these other regulars jammin with the band?

it's a very unique instrument with a very unique sound.  
His most prominent work with the band are the touches he added to
the studio recording of "Seek Up" on the cd "Remember Two Things",
but he also played with the band the week of July 7th, 1993, when
Stefan cut his hand and was unable to perform.  He was also the
guest performer between sets at TRAX on 9-7-93.

He plays a bass that stands up on end (like a regular acoustic bass
you'd see in a classy jazz band or an orchestra or something).  However, it's
much more thin and, as I recall, it had 10 strings.  4 of the strings seemed
to be low strings and probably in the same arrangement as a bass (E, A, D,
G).  Then there were 5 strings on the other side that were an octave higher.
The amazing thing is that he plays both sets of strings at the same time by
fretting the strings really hard.  The sound is really rich and the man can
really jam by himself.  


I was lucky  enough to catch him at Trax on 9/7/93.  He played for 
about a half hour between DMB sets and was fantastic.  It was truly 
amazing to watch him play the Chapman Stick and I would strongly 
encourage anyone to check him out if you get the chance sometime.  
At this show he also played with a drummer, Johnny Newman, I think 
was his name and they meshed well.  Supposedly Newman has played 
with DMB too.  Anyone know anything about this?  Anyway, after the 
show I bought Greg Howard's Cd which they were selling at the show.
Its super and I would highly recommend it.  You might have difficulty
finding it in local record stores but here's the adress they give on 
the cd sleeve.   Espresso

The title of the cd is "Stick Figures"
Greg also released a cd early in '94 entitled "Shapes"


guy's flute work out.  He played at TRAX, 11-2-93 and really gave
Warehouse a nice touch, as well as giving some of the body which
Lover Lay Down lost when Peter left the band.

On the flute...Richard Harding is his name and he's a really nice guy.  I saw
him at my first DMB show a little over a year ago, but Tuesday was the first
time I met him.  He also like to play with various bands out in his
residence of California, so if your on the west coast, keep an eye out.


sung with the Dave Matthews Band a few times, particularly known for
helping out with vocals on Angel From Montgomery.  She also sang for
the short-lived Alma Madre, as well as Charlottesville All-Stars,
which was a hodge-podge of c-ville musicians including, but not
limited to, Carter, LeRoi, Boyd, Doug Wannamaker, Miguel Valdez,
and many others.


what he's doing with himself these days.  He's another one of these
artists who would just show up at Dave band shows with his organ and
sit-in for the night.  Doug was a member of Indecision, and then helped
put together the now-defunct Alma Madre.

C-1: What cd's are available by the Dave Matthews Band?
the band put out it's first cd on Nov 9, 1993 entitled Remember Two 

Ants Marching/Tripping Billies/Recently/Satellite/One Sweet World/The Song
That Jane Likes/Minarets/Seek Up/I'll Back You Up/Christmas Song.

The only studio cuts on this cd were Minarets and Seek Up.  The rest were
recorded live at TRAX in Charlottesville, the Flood Zone in Richmond, and
The Muse in Nantucket, RI.  The cd was produced by John Alagia (who also
has a musical act of his own called Derryberry and Alagia, and can be seen
in the DC area).
Tim Reynolds can be heard on Minarets, Seek Up, I'll Back You Up, and 
Christmas Song, and Greg Howard can be heard on Minarets.

Recently (radio edit)
Warehouse (acoustic, recorded live at the Birchmere)
Dancing Nancies (same)
All Along the Watchtower (recorded live at TRAX on 2-22-94)
Halloween (same)

To the best of my knowledge, this cd is still available through bama rags

On Sep 27, 1994, the band put out its first major label release (RCA), 
Best of What's Around/What Would You Say/Satellite/Rhyme and Reason/
Typical Situation/Dancing Nancies/Ants Marching/Lover Lay Down/Jimithing/
Warehouse/Pay for What You Get/#34

you can hear Tim Reynolds on each and every one of these songs.  The 
reason behind the repitition of Satellite and Ants Marching on both
full length cd's remains a mystery to the entirety of Minarets.net.

-If your local store doesn't know about DMB, you can order the disk and/or
poster directly from Bama Rags Records at (804) 979-9695. However, it will be
much appreciated (even if you order direct) if you'll tell your local stores
about the band and ask them to get some copies to sell. They can call Bama
Rags directly to do so.

C-2. #34   (see note)
#34 is a very beautiful, very laid back ballad that seems very reminescent
to Satellite.  Dave wrote the song in memory of Miguel Valdez who used to
jam with the band on a regular basis.  Miguel, who was a member of Afrikan
Drum Fest, died in the spring or early summer of 1993. (see q. B5)
C-3. #36    (see note)
#36 is a total funkin' jam fest.  It's about a slain South African member
of the anti-apartheid movement by the name of Chris Hani.  No two versions
of the song are alike, and Dave seems particularly fond of the song.  He
also really likes to see his audience groove to this song, so be prepared
to dance.

Here are some of the more provacative and interesting introduction
"Could I have been... the king of diarhea?"  
"Could I have been... mugged somewhere in Norfolk?"

could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... a taxi driver and washing (in washing[ton]?)
could i have been... lost in the big bad city
could i have been... your little brother
could i have been... anyone other than me?

could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... a millionaire somewhere
could i have been... lost in a crowd of a thousand
could i have been... your little sister

from Rich Prisinzano
hey just thought i would post what i have so far in the what dave could have
been category....... i know there has to be more out there....

a parking lot attendant
his little brother...
a policeman Va. Beach.....
mugged somewhere in Norfolk (while playing in Va. Beach, Norfolk area)
the president with diarrea...
your little sister....
doctor, spreading good....
wating at your door step...
Caught in public in my underwear???
Bartending at Millers???
Oh so embarrassed???
A millionaire in Bel Aire
grease man from richmond
a whore, give my your money, your money
could i have been... parking lot attendant
could i have been... taxi driver and washing (confusing line...
could i have been... lost in the big bad city
could i have been... anyone other than me
"could I have been, a born-again Christian...could I have been, oh, they're
all pain-in-the-asses..."

at providence, RI, oct 10, 1994:
could i have been, lost somewhere in providence
C-5.  Halloween?
The question mark is a key factor here.  Everyone has a different 
a love song.  But it also seems to be a hate song.  
According to Chris Tetselli of Red Light Management, the 
Make your own guesses....or maybe just zone into the music and enjoy.
C-6: What's Tripping Billies all about?
Dave has described during a couple of shows that Tripping Billies is
about a late evening on a South Afican beach.  Turns out that Dave had
done a little too much of a particular substance that's controlled here
in the U.S. (and in South Africa, i suppose) and was lying out on the
beach on a beach towel.  When a police officer (referred to as billies
in some english speaking countries such as Australia and England) 
approached Dave, he handed the towel over to the officer with the mistaken
impression that he was handing a loaded gun over to the officer.  

Didn't yer mom ever tell you to stay away from drugs?? :):):):)
C-7.  What songs have the band covered?
This is the current list of the songs that the band has covered
All Along the Watchtower    Jimi Hendrix
2001/dueling banjos jam (always as an intro to Ants Marching)
Angel From Montgomery       John Prine
The Redemption Song         Bob Marley
Exodus                      Bob Marley
Nature                      The Samples
The Eyes of the Maker       Daniel Lanois  (hasn't been done since Peter left)
Me & Julio                  Paul Simon
Sweet Home Alabama          Lynyrd Skynyrd (also an Ants Marching intro)
Sympathy for the Devil      Stones
Tangerine                   Zeppelin

C-8: how come they don't play ? anymore?
this rather obscure song was written by former keyboardist Peter 
Griesar (q. B3), and when he left, Dave didn't feel appropriate
playing the song anymore.  Dave has, however, said that he would
like to see the song appear on a cd someday.
consensus has it that this song lost so much with Peter's exit that
Dave found problems playing it, too.  It had fairly extensive keys
in the chorus and was usually introduced with a fairly rippin' harmonica
solo by Peter.
This, believe it or not, is one of Dave's favorite tunes.  He's kind of
saving it, as far as i know, for when he's really worked it out into
a song that he's proud of.
*   This section was graciously donated by Ellis of Lemuria from          *
*   the Phish FAQ.file.  Any references to the 'net' within this          *
*   section are specifically referring to Phish.net, but apply to         *
*   Minarets net as well.  Any material that is Phish specific            *
*   within this section of the Phish FAQ.file has been deleted            *
*   for our purposes here, and has been noted as such.  Any               *
*   material added by Rick is noted by {squiggle brackets}.               *

E4: PATCHING IN etiquette (needs to be answered!!)
E5: DCC and DAT compared and considered
abbreviations, dubbing, dolby & dbx.
For the most part, The Dave Matthews Band is very receptive to
taping.  The general way to go about it at this point is to
walk to the front door of the venue and ask permission.  Usually
you will be allowed to, but it's best to arrive early to avoid being
shut out by a preponderance of tapers.  A member of the net was once
promised by the band's soundman that there would always be a sbd feed
of some sort available, but there's no telling whether or not RCA is
going to override this promise.

What do I need to bring and do when I want to tape a concert?

1. Tape deck (obviously) 
2. RCA cables 
3. Flashlight 
4. Extension cord or (preferably) a 6 outlet strip 
5. Pen 
6. Paper for setlists and trading phone#s, addresses, etc. 
7. Something to carry most of the shit in 
8. Blank tapes (more than you think you'll need) 
9. "Y" jacks if possible

If you arrive late you can use these to split the soundboard signal so you
don't get cut off by other decks.

Arrive early, like really early. . . . You'll get a better feed, you can
get yourself set up while the house lights are still on, and it really
annoys other tapers when you run in during the first song and try to hook

Hang around your deck. Letting your tape run out and killing someone
else's signal is the rudest thing possible. Always flip when you think its

Watch out for other people's equipment, etc. If you take care of others,
they'll take care of you. If you think someone needs to flip or needs a
new tape, ask others around you what the best option is; most likely it'll
be a joint effort to make sure that both you and the guy who forgot get 
good tapes. 

Be prepared for "Hey man, did ya tape the show, can I give you my address,
phone #, etc." Write out your address/phone# a few times and just give it
to these people and tell them to get in touch with you, it makes life a
lot easier. 

And the final, NEVER TO BE BROKEN, rule of taping, you MUST listen to the
show in the car on the ride home, no matter what. We call this Blake's
rule [this is in reference to Chris's friend Blake Campbell]. Any other
suggestions from tapers out there? 

Enjoy and I hope everyone gets good tapes. . . .

{In Phish.faq.file, this questions serves the purpose of      }
{telling what really great show are on tape, and circulating. }
{With the current status of DMB tapes being very vague, this  }
{question is currently unanswered.  If you can suggest a      }
{specific show to add to this list, send to Rick Thompson     }
{stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu.                               }
Some particular shows to keep an eye out for are van Ryper's 92,
11-17-92/TRAX, 3-23-93/TRAX, and 10-26-93/TRAX.

Blake Campbell is currently working on the Warehouse, which will
serve as the minarets.net's setlist file.  someone also volunteered
recently to put together a file specifically geered towards answering 
this question, something sorta like phish.net's helping phreindly book.

|From Lee Silverman  ST101137@brownvm.brown.edu:  A Tape Tree is
a way of distributing a popular tape to a large number of people.
copies of a tape, everyone gets their tapes faster & there's much
less work involved for the owner of the tapes.
So I post to the net, saying that I'm running a tree.  In that
post I include a form for people to fill out & send back to me.
(most  of the info on these forms gets used, so always fill out
the whole thing) After about a week of waiting, I compile all the
replies into a "tree," where I arrange to make copies for 5 or so
people. Each of those 5 people is given a list of 5 other people
whom they are to make tapes for.  Each of them makes copies for 5
people, & so on depending on how big the tree is.
with the best taping equipment, so the tapes lose less of their
sound quality.  If you are on a tree you have one or two
everyone).  You do this by either sending blanks to, or trading
with, the person above you.  (Whether you send blanks or trade
generally has little to do with your placement within the tree).
The second responsibility you *may* have will be to copy the
tapes for a certain number of other people.  They may either
trade with you or just send blanks.  At that point your role in
the tree has been fulfilled.
Pandion@Brown.edu for some suggestions.

{Phish specific material deleted}

slackers on the net; expect that there may some problems, and
that no tree will run perfectly smoothly, then be ready to patch
lost branches to parents with a small burden.  2) Try to make
your tree run well anyway, to preserve netiquette and tape
quality, not to mention trust and credibility of and on the net
process. Lee and Ellis are willing to give suggestions, at least,
if not administrative help.  3) Running a tree does involve some
time, not only to create the tree -- which itself could involve
assimilation and organization of a hundred or more names and
addresses, and being sure that those addresses and the tree links
get hooked to the right people -- but to make tapes for the
branches, settle any problems that arise, deal with orphaned
leaves, etc.  Remember, there is a difference between the person
administrating, the person rooting, and the person seeding the
tree. 4) The tree administrator is not the only person with
responsibilities; as Lee said, everyone on the tree is
responsible for his sections, and may at some point be asked to
help out with stragglers, orphans, and late comers; there is no
pressure, but there will be requests.  5) If you have a great
tape(s) but not the experience, time, understanding, or interets
to run a tree, you could ROOT your tapes to someone who IS ready
to run the tree.  Just post a note to the net (mail to
phish@phish.net) with the subject "Need Adm for date tree".
with what you have (which assumes that you have more than a
handful of boots) & to make it easier to let others see what you
have (which assumes that you might one day be interested in
trading for other tapes.)  That is, even if you dont think one of
these items is useful to have on your list, you ought to at least
be able to give the relevant info on any particular tape.
generation determination); Ellis tried very hard to find one.
BTW, number gens how you want & be prepared to explain your
standarization; there is no *right* answer.  But, important info
location of venue, source (FM broadcast, audience, soundboard,
monitor feed, suzy-Q, studio, board remix), generation (you
define!), whether the original was digital, whether your copy is
on metal, whether your copy has been dolby-ized, some form of
grading (try A, B, C; + or - for hiss & noise; try to be strict,
it'll come to you), & any other comments (eg first {Granny}, only
show with {an acoustic Tripping Billies, etc).
quality and performance quality. You may want two systems, both
numbered, both lettered, one letters and the other suffixes
(+,-,=,*,etc) or whatever works for you. Just be sure that you
know what it is and that you can decipher it for anyone who asks.

{Phish specific material deleted}

You dub a tape & pay for postage; someone else does the same.
(or, you might just send blanks; see D4 and D4C). The two of you
discuss quality, length, choices, whatever you want beforehand, &
mail to each other.  This is the way that most tapes get spread
out across the globe, though most tapes made are probably the
dubs off of trades.  One netter who currently has 160hrs, for
instance, got 140 of those hours by net trade.
| 1993
| What's the best way to go about setting up trades with other
| net.phish heads?
or respond to discussion of tapes (but see below), but you can
also just talk with folks about their favorite songs and versions
and shows, on email or irc or the phone or in lots at shows, and
eventually you'll run into the knowledge of someone's having
something you want. thats much better than just copying
everything you can get your hands on.
| I've arranged a half-dozen or so trades mostly by responding to
| posted grovels, but how do the "old-timers" in this group go
| about it?
through the net and just get in contact every now and then to
trade lists again. keep track of with whom you trade and check in
with them again in 4, 6, or 8 months. You'll be surprised!
| Do you just pick out somebody at random and send them mail
| soliciting a trade?  That seems almost rude, but how do you
| run into more experienced folks with big tapelists other than
| through pure chance?  Picking up specific shows seems as easy
| as waiting for somebody to mention that they have it, or
| posting a specific request, but what if I just want more live
| {DMB} in general?
it's old, very recent, rare, or good quality... actually, with
just about any tape given the current size of the net, there are
bound to be many others doing the same thing.  If every mention
of a tape gets mail responses of 30 requests for that tape, the
net is going to see a HUGE loss of discussions of tapes people
have. That is, if netiquette cant keep up with growth of the net,
the net is going to experience some qualitative losses.
than a general "can I have it" question. Send your list with a
few suggestions at the top; dont just suggest something, cause if
the person has it, he may ignore your request. Dont expect an
answer immediately, and BY ALL MEANS dont hound for an answer;
even that takes time. It may not happen the same day or week; may
take two weeks, but after that you should try again or forget it.
Sometimes, it seems hard to get something from nothing, but
you've got a few things going for you. First of all, the
generosity of folks on the net.  Watch the net for periodic
"beginner tape offers" and "reverse tape grovels." Details
relevant to each are usually explained with the posting. It might
involve trading, but will probably just require you to send money
or blanks and postage. There's also the possibility to be a leaf
on a tree even if you dont have tapes; in fact, that's a great
place to be on a tree!
And, hey! If you have many tapes (over 50? 100!? 200!?!) post a
message and offer this service to the first five, ten, or fifteen
folks that respond. Have them send you blanks and tape some of
your best for them! You'll be glad you did!

{Phish specific material deleted}


In general netiquette trading terms, the following seem
unless you've agreed otherwise. Don't use dolby unless you've
agreed otherwise (since it cant be undone). Write on the back of
the cassette labels slip unless you've mentioned or asked about
writing on the J-cards. Knock out tabs after recording.  And
REUSE YOUR MAILING ENVELOPES!! Them suckers take up landfill
space like... well... something voluminous!

{*****DUE to the technicality of sections E-1 through E-4 of the     }
{     Phish.FAQ, I've decided not to include it here.  If you are    }
{     interested in learning more about this topic(levels, azimuth   }
{     adjustment, and dolby specifics), the Phish.FAQ can be         }
{     requested at phish-archives@phish.net                          }
{                                   -Rick                            }

{Question E-4 is a more or less Phish specific question, but the     }
{ethics of the question do apply to taping the Dave Matthews Band.   }
{Please send your answers/suggestions directly to                    }
{Ellis of Lemuria, jeg5s@virginia.edu.                               }

E-4: PATCHING IN etiquette (not answered yet)
We need input from tapers (to jeg5s@virginia.edu) to construct an
answer to this.  I realize that there are enormous demands, and
far too little thanks, laid at the feet of tapers, but I also
realize that many of them, at one time or another, have only been
able to patch in. So... what's ok?
|I'm considering the purchase of a DAT deck to tape at Phish and
|other shows, now that I've realized how fun it is to have live
|music around the house.  What's the etiquette involved in
|patching into somebody else's deck who has a better setup than
|you?  Or into a soundboard?  Is it considered appropriate only to
|patch into somebody that you know, or can you just go up to a
|random taper or soundboard guy and ask him/her if you can patch
|into his stuff?
E-5: DCC and DAT, compared and considered
|       Hey has anybody used or bought the new digital tape
| format type decks?  [some text deleted...]  Does this deck
| sound as good as a DAT?
I think it may be time for a new FAQ entry... :-)
Both DCC (Digital Compact Cassette by Philips) and MD (Mini Disc
by Sony)  use a lossy compression method.  Not all of the
original signal will be retained when making copies onto DCC or
MD.  Whether or not it is audibly noticeable may depend on many
things, such as the compression and decompression algorithms, the
audio equipment, or the listener.  The music is also likely to
deteriorate as it goes through multiple generations.  For a
digital format, I believe that this is totally unacceptable.
Quality of good music should not be sacrificed when not
necessary.  At the moment, DAT is the only format (besides PCM
which is somewhat obsolete now) that allows accurate digital
reproduction at a reasonable price, and I recommend DAT over DCC
or MD.  The prices of DAT decks and tapes are generally
comparable or cheaper than DCC or MD, and either (or both) DCC or
MD will probably die out soon.  As Philips has recently said in a
said that better myself!  Go DAT!!! 
|Are DAT decks soon to be a thing of the past?
Soon?  No- DAT is entrenched in the professional and high-end
consumer market.  Eventually?  Yes- once mass storage technology
drastically improves.  That should take a while though, so don't
put off buying a DAT deck waiting for that...         Jens
A Copyright is claimed by Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard on behalf
of all contributors {of Phish FAQ.file, and minarets.faq}, the 
band & fans. This collection of diligently assembled & creatively 
presented info may be copied by any means, as long as 1 the file 
is always copied in whole, unchanged, & with this notice; 2 it 
is not sold commercially or used for financial gain. This file may 
be accessed for FREE! with internet access...  

Many, many thanks going out to Ellis for the permission to use
this material in Minarets.FAQ, and permission to alter it as 
necessary for our purposes.



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Re: ** BAD NEWS: V-Day Tree is dead! **

EDOHERTY@MACALSTR.EDU Wed Mar 8 08:08:01 1995

This is not a flame to the tree admin, but this has got to be bullshit.  I mean
there is absolutely NO way that the RSO can keep the Dave Matthews Band
accountable for an individual taping the show from the audience.  The only way
that DMB could get in trouble is if a SBD copy of the show started to float
around.  At that point I could see problems develop.  I mean you could go tape
the RSO any other night you felt like it and what are they going to do?  They
may not like the idea, but I have already provided an elaborate justification

Again, the only problem for the DMB would be if it was a SBD copy which it
obviously is not.  It was already "not allowed" for you to tape it in the first
place, and nothing more can be done about it.  They are not going to go out and
start arresting people for having tapes of their shows.  If you are not making
a profit on it then they have even less reason to do anything.  This is not
going to affect the DMB taping policy or anything as drastic as that.  If a
tree is not run I at least hope that these tapes start to filter out.  If you
have them let me know.  Maybe we could all have them but not put them on our
tape lists...that is how all the other "priv" stuff gets traded....I've gotten
stuff like that.  It will happen just a hell of a lot slower.  I would beg the
tree admin to at least trade the tapes and let it go from there.


Eric Doherty        "Wake up to find out                    / /(  - -
Macalester College   that you are the eyes of the world"    |   -   |
1600 Grand Ave.               -Robert Hunter                - - _)/ /
St. Paul, MN  55105                                          (__ __)

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Dead Tree and more

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Wed Mar 8 08:31:07 1995

I have been told that the V-Day shows was taped by the RSO and will be 
used as material for a CD.  That is very cool.  I don't think it will 
kill us to support a musical organization and it would be really nice to 
have it in PHAT quality on CD.

Please don't post tape lists on the net!  There are enought trade grovels 
as it is, a simple one of two line message seems to work well for me.

And last, please don't reply an message you feel is personal to the net, 
unless it is a cool story that others might want to hear.  I don't think 
may people are interested in how everyone elses trades are going...  Peace


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jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Wed Mar 8 08:55:08 1995

This is the TREE STRUCTURE announcement and posting
for a two-tape tree of TR3 -- featuring Tim Reynolds,
Warren Richardson, and Robert Jospe, plus many special
Charlottesville guests -- featuring analog soundboards 
tape lengths are 90min and 100min, respectively. (If
you are mailing blanks, postage would be $3 priority,
and about $2 third class.)  (Also, if you're mailing 
blanks and don't know what brand to get, I recommend
Maxell XLII.)  Setlists, bandmembers, and other info
will be listed on *tape labels* which will be passed
down the tree structure. Branch parents, please make
sure to make copies for your leaves; leaves, please
make sure to get copies from your branch parents!

who will copy the show from the masters to DAT.

Each of the 5 DAT leaves has four analog leaves.

Each of the 20 analog parents has up to four leaves.
If there is a summation sign ("+") before a name, that
indicatest that, in their signup form, that person
indicated that they would mail blanks and postage, 
rather than trade.  If your name is preceeded by a
summation sign, your parent will be looking for your
blanks and postage to be in the mail pronto; you should
get them out as soon as possible, so that they can be 
dubbed and returned to you as soon as your parents get
their tapes.

If your name is listed above, please get hopping with
your parent so we can get this tree rolling. If your name
has not been listed yet, find it with the similarly
indented group of four (or 3) under a capitalized name
below (the one not indented quite so much.)  If your name
has a "+" in front of it, you requested to send blanks
and postage, and your parent will be looking for them
within a week or so.


+TILDEN WHITE  tilden@mickey.eng.gulfaero.com 
+MATT CARLSON  carlson@prevmed.rochester.edu 
+CHRIS NEWHOUSE  newyshack@aol.com 
+JOE DOHENY  roh033.mah76x@rohmhaas.com 
+JASON SIMS  jaysims@cris.com 

If I've missed you, get in touch with me pronto.
After a series of computer errors this weekend, its
possible that a few names have slipped, and you'll
be taken care of, I promise.

And watch for the upcoming TR3 release, coming
April 2 to a store near you. (Further details will be
on tape labels passed down the tree structure.)

Good luck, and get moving!

Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard * * POB 3240, Charlottesville,VA 22903
  jeg5s@virginia.edu    jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu  


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tbeck@lobster.mis.udel.edu Wed Mar 8 14:15:30 1995

In the famous words of my sister "you all are way to in to this shit" 



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House of Blues schedule

ThaneEK@aol.com Wed Mar 8 14:18:05 1995

WTBS will broadcast the DMB House of Blues performance at 12 midnight on
Sunday, 3/12.

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heathera@wam.umd.edu Wed Mar 8 14:53:48 1995

i'm going to guess 14 keys...

 Umm i have 11, so that's my guess..
 				sarah lachance
  Allright, anyone who has 0 or very few tapes, here is an offer.  The first
  person to send me an email with KEYS as the subject and guesses, correctly,
  the number of keys I have on my keychain, gets to select any show from my
  26+ collection.  Just send blanks and postage, and they are yours. 
  SWAG, write me back and let me know what we are doing before the Greenville
  show.  Later.....Jeff

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heathera@wam.umd.edu Wed Mar 8 15:05:00 1995

thanx for being so kind to us newbies... i've listened to dmb for 
about a year now but really have nothing to show for it. the only boot i 
have is the new year's show. i' appreciate it if you could include
me in your newbie offer. here's my funny story (at least i think so):
number of her dentist at home so she could make an appointment.
the operator gave her a number to call information in her
hometown, but she thought that the number the operator gave
was the dentist's phone#. she must have tried calling 555-1212 like
6 times before she hung up the phone with disgust saying the operator
must have been playing some kind of joke on her. I guess you had to be 

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Rare Dave tree.

ussptjbt@ibmmail.com Wed Mar 8 15:12:49 1995

I am trying to get on the 'RARE DAVE TREE', as well; and my mail keeps getting
bounced back to me.

I am sorry for any inconvenience that may be caused by posting this to
Minarets.  Sorry!


If you have any other questions feel free to email me personally.


/    /          \   \                    who see the image; and to those
"Working to support my ski habit!" - Me  who seek to see the image..."

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recent list problems

AHENNE@drew.edu Wed Mar 8 15:30:12 1995

hey folks,
lot more personal messages and misdirected postings and such.  someone 
suggested that the new listproc was more confusing to respond to, but i'm 
usual "do you want to reply to all addressees [A] or just the sender [S]?" 
prompt, the message was just sent, and it appeared on the list soon after. 
tape list to the whole net.  now, this sucks.  first of all, it's a waste 
of space for all the people who aren't interested, and secondly, it's 
brought me about twenty grovels that i can't cope with.  i don't think 
this happened because i was in too much of a rush when i posted, although 
if someone can demonstrate that it is i will concede the point.  i humbly 
suggest that _whenever_ one tries to reply to the new list, one posts 
reply to everybody.  to send a personal message, create a message normally 
in e-mail.

does anyone have any comments or discussion?  just my thoughts.

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How to sub, unsub, digest, etc.

KBURESH@ecrc.gmu.edu Wed Mar 8 15:55:57 1995

Because there have been so many "unsubscribe me"  requests sent out 
recently, I thought that I would forward part of the introductory letter to 
may need it later!  I hope this helps.   -Kim

Minarets uses a listproc system operator that is uniquely different from
other mailing lists you may be familiar with.

*****ALL COMMANDS   (ie -  subscribe, digestify, unsubscribe)  ARE SENT TO 

To subscribe to minarets send the message, "sub minarets YOUR NAME"

To digestify the list (after subscribing), send the message, "set


To undigestify the list you must unsubscribe and subscribe again (a pain

To unsubscribe from minarets send the message, "unsub minarets" to

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anyone got philly tixs?

CASERT66@snycorva.cortland.edu Wed Mar 8 16:10:57 1995

hello out there! i don't want to start a big controversy but i thought i'd
give it a try and ask if anyone has tickets for the dead at philly next week.
i've tried everywhere and i'm desperate so please don't flame me.  any help
would be greatly appreciated!  thank you

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Re: I was wondering what the name of a songe is?

mus4aem@cabell.vcu.edu Wed Mar 8 16:11:16 1995

 	At the Dec. 30th show at American U Dave played aa tottaly 
 rocking song, but I don't know it's name. He introduced the song by 
 saying this is a song about a one night stand. Does anyone know the song 
 please mail me?
introduced it at the show with RSO.  anne

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MDONLIN@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Wed Mar 8 16:42:19 1995

me too


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Re: Tape offer

acox@s850.mwc.edu Wed Mar 8 17:05:53 1995

Couldn't you have used personal mail since this means nothing to the

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Re: Who's Anne


I think Anne is Dave's sister, who was killed in a riot in South 
Africa. I could be wrong though!
Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul.
They don't gotta tell me and I don't gotta move, 'cause I'm sitting 
back here, sharing the groove.
And I'm searching for the meaning and the light.Who's to say who's 
wrong and who is right.

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Re: DMB newsgroup...e-mail me w/support!

acox@s850.mwc.edu Wed Mar 8 17:11:50 1995

 I'm not exactly sure what it is, but I love Dave.  I don't love getting 200
 messages every two days.  Go for it!
I don't like 200 messages either, that's why I'm asking you to use
personal mail for messages like this...

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acox@s850.mwc.edu Wed Mar 8 17:14:31 1995

 Where are you from?  I would not mind getting a few of those
 boots you have and it sounds like you are probably from the
 Richmond area or maybe even Charlottesville(that would be nice
 since I go to UVA).  If you are somewhat local we could save
 postage and all that hassle.
 Scott Johnston       		The truthful man I believe,
 Smj3z@virginia.edu     		But the liar I also believe,
    				And thus he gets truthfulness.
 					-Lao Tzu
I don't know who this is to, but it means nothing to the rest of the net
- please use personal mail for these messages...

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RE: Rememeber this from R2T

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Wed Mar 8 17:30:35 1995

Somebody posted a few days ago, asking about the hidden stuff after Christmas
Song on R2T.  The music is extracted from the Seek Up jam, I think.  As for the
nature sounds, as they were recording in the studio in northern VA, they put a
microphone/recorder outside and taped both the crickets and the thunder storm. 
Oh well, hope this helped some.........tom

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KARYME@aol.com Wed Mar 8 17:32:09 1995


This is getting pretty fun,  everyone i got your requests to have my list,
more day just in case.  I will send all of you my list and i hope to get one
in return.  Those of you who have sent it already,  thanks.  


Just found about 12 more shows in a shoebox in my closet-  they are all from
a couple of years ago.  It is kind of funny though-  back then i didin't
write the dates or anything on the tapes except songs.  
Well,  for you die hards out there - what do you do with your unidentifiable
shows.  ( i am up to about 20 now)  -  i am positive most of them come from
trax etc.  do i list these as unknown.  You see,  i have them in a database
and reference them and the notes on each show whenever someone wants
something.   Any suggestions would help me-  i am a little crazy about stuff
like this.  

Does anyone have the georgia set litsts?  All of them.  I have about four
shows from there......

LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!   Whoever that guy was who got on and told
us that we were ruining it for the old timers or whatever- they were leaving,
about and we don't appreciate the meaning of his music.  

Geez man-  how much more of a fascist can you be?  Do you honestly expect the
thousands of fans to think the same way about dave as you do?  Everyone is
different.  His music means something different to every one who listens to
it .   When a newbie or someone shows up who has never heard some of the more
incredible dave jams-  like with greg howard or even with carter on bongos
instead of trap,  i will sit with him as long as he (or she)  wants and just
play incredible jams-  it doesn't bother me that that person didn't have the
opportunity to see hime live at trax,  or have the friends to trade with.  It
makes me happy that they want to take the time to learn more about dave and
formulate their own opinions.  

Everyone has to start somewhere -  if you aren't going to let them in to this
warehouse where we all can change colors,  then you are the problem.  
Of course,  Dave's music has changed.  But,  remember he is no longer playing
to the generally same group of people every week.  He is trying to sell
something incredible at a very rapid pace!  Right now he only has time for so
much.  I predict there will be a return to the styles of the past-  and hope
that one day we will hear a jam again that is longer than 1 3/4 hrs.   

Don't be a fascist whoever you are -  and dont be an asshole.  Just sit back
and enjoy the ride!  

My Two Cents,

ps.  that was not a flame just an opinion!


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Re: questions

acox@s850.mwc.edu Wed Mar 8 17:33:21 1995

 hi, i have a few questions/comments maybe some of you can help me with.
 1.  i have a tape from the trax, on 1/19/93  and in the second set a 
 woman named kristen comes out and sings a little bit of angel w/ dave.  
 the guy who i got the tape from says kristen used to be in the band.  who 
 is this mystery woman?
Kristin Asbury occasionally  would perform with the band... she is from
Charlottesville and is still in the musci scene there.

 2.  i was wondering if i was the only one who noticed this, but i think 
 that steffan never really shows off his talent to much. i've been a fan 
 for pretty long time, and i have some tapes, and i've been to a few 
 shows and i've never heard/seen steffan really go off. granted there are 
 a lot of songs that they do w/ a lot of phat jams. (say goodbye, 
 recently, #36)  but he never really has his time to shine, like boyd, 
 leroi, and carter do.
If you listen to some old I'll Back You Ups, you will here SDStefan take
the solo which Tim plays on in R2T. Also the other day I was listening
to a show where you could here Stefan slapping his bass, pretty much
getting into it.

I must make a confession now, I believe that instead of replying to
people, I have been sending to the net requests for people to yuse
personal mail instead of forcing the entire net to read it. So for that,
I am sorry, but I plea to people to PLEASE use personal mail unless it
is important to the whole net.

Also,I don't think people will have much luck by posting to the net that
you want tapes. I would recommend waiting and getting on a tree, or if
people post their lists, personally maiil to them and tell them that you
are interested in a show or two, and see if you can trade for it, or if
you don't have any tapes, ask them if they will make copies for you if
you send blanks and return postage. I would like to help out those with
out tapes, but honestly, I pay no attention to the requests made to the
net at large. 

And finally, get the FAQ. There's so much information in there that many
questions would not need to be asked. If you need help getting it, mail
me personally and I'll make sure you get it. 



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re: DMB on a wiz commercial


i saw it too. here in new york city they show it all the time. not only is it
better than seeing joe namath get older and older, but it promotes the band,
not that wwys doesn't get enough promotion already.


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SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Wed Mar 8 18:28:10 1995

Allright, the contest is closed for guessing the number of keys I have.  If
you replyied and I haven't sent you mail on wether your right or wrong, you
were either wrong or too late.  The winner already knows who he is and has
allready been in touch with me.  Thanks for playing, bye, bye.
Oh, the answer was 7..One for my house, one for my dorm, one for my
footlocker, one for my lab locker, two for highschool lockers, and one for my
car.  Keep an eye out, I will make another newbie offer in a week or so. 
Later guys and gals.....Jeff


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"I once" heard the beetles...

driver8@phy.duke.edu Wed Mar 8 18:28:29 1995

The "I once had a girl..." part that dave likes to throw in come from an 
old beeltes song called NORWEIGAN WOOD.



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taping policy?

JBERLISS@MACALSTR.EDU Wed Mar 8 18:34:32 1995

I'm seeing Dave next saturday an dwas wondering the taping policy for 
this tour.  Do they give soundboard feeds, do I need a mic, what's the 
deal.  Thanks in advance, please respond directly to me.

Again thanks,


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jreeve@eng2.uconn.edu Wed Mar 8 18:39:37 1995

I think you have 6 keys.

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I need tapes

jreeve@eng2.uconn.edu Wed Mar 8 18:47:32 1995

I' m new to the mailing list and I don't have any tapes.  I want to start my 
collectiion.  Would someone please give me info to help me out?

Jason Reeve
"Would you like to dance around the world with me?"--DMB

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Re: Intelligent Question

MOOREC@engr.engr.scarolina.edu Wed Mar 8 18:55:26 1995

I am sure you have already had a reply to this, but if not it's now 
called Say Goodbye and is played at every show I go to for some 
reason(not that I am complaining).  The words are usually different e 
every time they play it, but is basically about two freinds who are 
trapped together for the night because of a snow storm and one of the 
them wants to get romantic for the night and is trying to convince 
the other one that it will not mess up their frienship.


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Re: I was wondering what the name of a songe is?

MOOREC@engr.engr.scarolina.edu Wed Mar 8 19:01:44 1995

I know someone has probably already told you this but if not the name 
of it is Say Goodbye, used to be Quick Lay and Goodbye.

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Re: MINARETS digest 97

olga@email.unc.edu Wed Mar 8 19:03:02 1995

geez, didn't y'alls parents bring you up listening to the beatles?  
Norwegian Wood is the song about the girl who brings a man home to her 
flat, has her way with him, and then leaves him so that she can go off to 
work.  He then lights a fire.  Whether this is a nice friendly fireplace 
fire or fire to burn down her nice norwegian wood decor (which in the 
60's was big in england with all the liberated women) is debatable.

i once had a girl or should i say she once had me

we talked until two and then she said it's time for bed

etc etc...listen to the original sometime.

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No more martians on the net

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Wed Mar 8 19:13:25 1995

Thanx to everyone that let me know this,  I'm now making tapes for the 
first few newbies that got back to me.  I apoligize to those of you who 
didn't get thru in time.  If I had the time I'd make tapes for the world 
but right now I don't.  Stay tuned for more offers.
peace, Dan



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Mary Karlzen

MOOREC@engr.engr.scarolina.edu Wed Mar 8 19:28:37 1995

There is no DMB content in this at all.  Mary Karlzen came to 
Columbia Sunday night and played at Rockafellas.  She is from Miami 
as far as I know and she has a C.D. called Yelling At Mary.  Her 
voice is pretty amazing and the band that backs her up was not bad.
There were only about 15 people at the show and I do not think that 
the band was very happy about playing there.  I think the only reason 
they came is because they are going to be touring with Hootie this 
summer and Rockafellas is basically where they got there start.  If 
you get a chance to see them you should definitely go,  I am willing 
to sit through one more Hootie show just to see them again.

Cliff Moore, University of South Carolina : Dept. of Chem. Engr
"maybe you and me could get greasy down all over the floor"
"I'll taste your mouth and you can taste me south"  D. 

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Re: Welcome to Florida, Mr. Matthews!

bourke@scri.fsu.edu Wed Mar 8 19:57:57 1995

The miracle has occured!

Dave & Co., as well as Mr. Big Head (Rocko's Modern Life reference for
Nicktoon fans) are playing at the Sunrise Musical Theatre on April 11th.
It's about half sold out.  Anyone else attending?

Adam G.

Could you please tell me -- where in Florida is the Sunrise Musical Theatre?

Also, you do know that DMB will be at the Edge in Orlando on April 10th,
don't you?  The last I checked there were still tickets available.



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the great pumpkin

jugular@rhf.bradley.edu Wed Mar 8 20:00:40 1995

hello all-
i'm relatively new to this net, so this question might have been covered 
already, and if so, i'm sorry, but i'm pretty sure it's not in the FAQ...
anyhow, i was curious to know other people's interpretations of 
halloween.  i have sort of my own, but i'd like to hear other 
perspectives...if this is considered "a waste of bandwidth", feel free to 
e-mail me personally.

- hope   


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Re: BHTM vs. DMB

Mungbyrd@aol.com Wed Mar 8 20:01:00 1995

Hey- I was in no way downing dave by contrasting him to bht. just to let you
all know.    TpW

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Re: unabashed newbie

Mathews34@aol.com Wed Mar 8 20:18:48 1995

hey-reply by personal e-mail to tape offers.

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Re: Re:hey now....

FORTINJS@UCBEH.SAN.UC.EDU Wed Mar 8 20:28:51 1995

Sorry to post this on the net, but i do not have CHARDY's address with me and i
have to talk to him imediately.  I am going to the show tommorow, Thursday, and
am leaving by 1 pm.  I will see alex for sure, but i'm not sure about Dave(i
might get backstage again i do not know) Send me your letter "PRONTO", and i
will give them the messages.  If you do not get it to me i will, tell them you

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seeking up dave mail...

kbr@christa.unh.edu Wed Mar 8 21:31:59 1995

I would like to subscribe!!!!!  Now, I need DMB news!
My address is "kbr@christa.unh.edu".

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lmorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu Wed Mar 8 22:47:15 1995


ideally, if someone has been keeping a running list, if you could mail it
to me. Posts of setlists have been sporadic and filled with questions.
to see So Much to Say and Blue Water and Angel return. Plus, I don't think
they had played any Nature's since last summer either.


ps. If I get a thorough list, I'll offer it to others who are interested.

        Joe & Laura         


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whb4@cornell.edu Wed Mar 8 23:28:35 1995

They will be at the Horizontal Boogie Bar in Rochester this Thursday (March
9th).  Tickets at the door (call ahead) or from Ticketmaster.  The last
show there rocked house!  Go see them!

Walt Blackler       "That's cool!! ...if that's cool?!"  - Josh Fagen of
409 Dryden #1                                               TIJUANA CARAVAN
Ithaca, N.Y. 14850
607-272-8037        "When he got there he realized he had circled back around,
whb4@cornell.edu     Roundaback circle, roundaback realized!"  - PHISH


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ARU in Ithaca on Monday at the Haunt

whb4@cornell.edu Wed Mar 8 23:30:47 1995

Walt Blackler       "That's cool!! ...if that's cool?!"  - Josh Fagen of
409 Dryden #1                                               TIJUANA CARAVAN
Ithaca, N.Y. 14850
607-272-8037        "When he got there he realized he had circled back around,
whb4@cornell.edu     Roundaback circle, roundaback realized!"  - PHISH


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Kirst221@aol.com Thu Mar 9 00:13:38 1995

I got this address when DMB was online...could you please let me know what
this is about?  Thanks.

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Subscribe minarets Andy T. Peterson

91286@tayloru.edu Thu Mar 9 00:19:52 1995

I'd love to get on the list...am I doing it right? I'm a new DMB fan - saw
my first show last night in Ft. Wayne Indiana. I'd like to find out if any-
one has a set list from the show, I was not familier with many of the songs.
There was one song in particular...it sounded like Dave was saying "Mandy!"
Is that correct, or was it something else. Help me please! Look foreward to
hearing from someone. atp.

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No more trading please!

TripnBilly@aol.com Thu Mar 9 00:30:18 1995

Hey there fellow minarets and Newbies!!
to the list I posted.  Well, to tell you the truth, that list wasn't really
supposed to be posted.  It was personal mail, and I must have been under the
influence and mailed it to the wrong address.  I appreciate all the
responses, but I have way too many people mailing me right now.  Unless I
have PERSONALLY contacted you as of Thursday, I will not be able to do
anymore trades for about two weeks (after my spring break), but please try
again later.  That list was supposed to have been personal mail to
KARYME@aol.com, and not to the rest of the world, because as we all know,
minarets is not for persoal mail, so I appologize, my mistake.   Please do
not feel rejected, or like i am dicking you over if you have written me and I
have not responded, it is just that i have way to many to respond to.  Thanks
so much for understanding.  

"Yeah, I like Madonna alot, I play it real loud when I'm at home" 

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Dates for tapes?

TripnBilly@aol.com Thu Mar 9 00:30:32 1995

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had any EXACT dates for the following

Dancing nancies / best of what's around / maker / minarets / so much to say /
spotlight / satellite / lover lay down / one sweet world / two step / ants
marching / tripping billies

ants marching / say goodbye / warehouse / stream / christmas song / lie in
our graves / angel from montgomery / recently / back you up / typical
situation / you are my sanity    
these might not be correct order, but I got a tape labeled like that, and was
wondering if anyone could help me out.

If anyone knows, mail me PERSONALLY, thanks so much. 

"I'm looking forward to selling out"  -Dave on MTV Alt.Nat.

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Re: Detroit

tracys@umich.edu Thu Mar 9 00:48:51 1995

Yes the encore sdid begin with the first line from the Samples song 
"Nature".  My question for the net is... was this Dave mocking/belittling 
the Samples or a tribute to them??  Does anyone know the relationship the 
two bands have with each other...if they have one at all?


 	Were my ears decieving me in Detroit or did the Tripping encore 
 open with the Samples song "Nature"?

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JThomps34@aol.com Thu Mar 9 00:51:41 1995

Hey all,
incredible show.  Unfortunately for me, my copy of it is very poor and I
don't think it is complete either.  If anyone out there has a complete copy
that is very high quality, please contact me.  I have about 60hrs of DMB and
I'm sure you can find something you want in my collection.  Thank you all for
your help.  


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Re: 200+ PHiSH... want DMB/Tr...

JayCros@aol.com Thu Mar 9 02:46:37 1995

Hey dude, I have a crispy A+ 1st gen SBD of the show.  I also have other


12-1-84      Nectars                              Burlington, Vt.
5-15-88      Vermont Farm Fest            Heinsburg, Vt.       II         B+
2-7-89        The Front                           Burlington, Vt.       II
12-8-89      Green Mt. College              Poultney, Vt.         II
3-7-90        UNH                                 Durham, NH.          I
3-11-90      The Front                          Burlington, Vt.         I
4-11-91      Carleton College               Northfield, Minn     II      
5-19-91      Salisbury School               Salisbury, Ct.          II
7-11-91      Burlington Battery Park     Burlington, Vt.       I/II
7-21-91      Arrowhead Ranch            Parksville, NY        II/III     A
10-13-91    North Shore Surf Club     Olympia, Wa.           I         A
11-15-91    Trax                                Charlottesville Va .   II
11-30-91    Capitol Theatre                Portchester, NY       I         A-
12-31-91    Worcester Auditorium      Worcester, Mass     III       B+
3-6-92        Portsmouth Music Hall      Portsmouth NH       I/II     B/B+
3-19-92      Palace Theatre                  New Haven, Ct.       II       A-
4-16-92     Anaconda Theatre             Santa Barbara, Ca.   I/II     A+
5-16-92     Orpheum Theatre              Boston, Mass.           II       B
11-23-92    Broome County Forum    Binghampton NY       I/II     B+
11-28-92    Capitol Theatre               Portchester NY           I
2-6-93        Roseland Ballroom          New York, NY          II       B+
3-16-93      Colorado State University Fort Collins, Co.       I         A-
3-22-93      Crest Theatre                 Sacramento Ca          II
4-30-93      University of Hartford    West Hartford, Ct.     I/II       A-
7-23-93      Jones Beach                  Wantaugh, NY            I         B
7-24-93     Greatwoods                   Mansfield Mass          I/II
7-25-93      Waterloo                      Stanhope NJ             I/II
12-30-93    Cumberland Civic Center Portland, Me.          II          A-
4-9-94        Broome County Forum  Binghampton NY       II         B+
4-15-94      Beacon Theatre             NYC                         I/II
4-21-94      Lawrence Joel Vets Col. Winston Salem NC     II       A-
7-2-94       Garden State Arts Center  Homdel, New Jersey   II     A-
7-9-94       Greatwoods                   Mansfield, Mass          I/II
7-13-94     Big Birch Pavillion           Patterson, NY             II
10-8-94      Patriot Center                Fairfax, Va.                 I/II
10-31-94   Glen Falls Civic Center   Glen Falls, NY          I/II/III   B+
12-29-94    Providence Civic Center  Providence,RI           II        B+
12-31-94    Boston Garden             Boston, Mass.          I/II/III     A

Get back to me.

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kill6818@uwwvax.uww.edu Thu Mar 9 02:53:46 1995

Fellow Dave fans-


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