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jgrimes@moose.uvm.edu Tue Mar 14 18:04:17 1995

Hey, this minarets thing is really cool, but does anyone know of any 
other bands that do things like this?  If ya do, I would be mighty 
appreciative if you could send me some info.  Please, nobody flame 
me...I'm just a new guy who's learnin' his way 'round the 'net. :)
Thanks!  :) ;)


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thanx all 4 reply!

youngm@luigistoaster.pds.charlotte.nc.us Tue Mar 14 18:33:48 1995

band  who would we listen to    indeed they are a great band!


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RE: Shannon Worrell?

ddevito@darwin.cc.nd.edu Tue Mar 14 18:38:26 1995

  stuff about Shannon Worrell deleted

 She is touring with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones right now.
 She will be at Crossroads on the 21st.  That is in
 Charlottesville for those that are not familiar with the area.

Hate to break it to you this way, but this may not be so.  I stopped
by my old workplace, Crossroads CDs and Tapes in Staunton yesterday
(to pick up 2 Shannon CDs as gifts for people back at school), and
I saw the posters up about the show (my boss there also owns Crossraods
in Cville), and I asked about it...my old manager said that it was highly
likely that Shannon would not be playing the show and she proceeded to
take down all the posters.  I pressed for further info, she knew nothing
more.  So, if any of y'all Wahoos (or other fellow Virginians) are planning
to see Shannon, you might be let down...although don't skip the show, because
Bela Fleck is great.  Of course,  Shannon may show up, but it didn't sound
likely yesterday.


Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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Tom Haughton is moving!

75714.1363@compuserve.com Tue Mar 14 18:41:29 1995

hey, now. sorry to post this generally, but an trying to cover all bases as
efficiently as possible.

THaughton@aol.com. i will still be at 75714.1363 for a couple days, but that's


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Re: Laaaa!

murmur@grove.ufl.EDU Tue Mar 14 19:29:20 1995

 Would you wierdos stop reposting digests!?! 
 My brain hurts! %-}
 Would a kind soul personally mail me the # for any wholesale tape dealer
 (i.e. Terrapin Tapes).  I (ahem) misplaced the disk w/that info.
 Thanks, I love you all!!
  David Miceli   (dm88@andrew.cmu.edu)
 "The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."
 	I'm an actor and I don't care.
thing, because I (cough, cough, ahem) accidentally erased the letter with 
that info. Or if enough interest is shown for it again, someone could 
just repost it. This info would be very appreciated. 


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DMB Boots on CD

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Tue Mar 14 19:35:30 1995

I too saw that Dave Matthews Band Live at Ziggy's CD today.  WHY??? $45 for
two illegal import discs...Come on, it may sound good, but none of the      
money goes to the band, and it is not cool...see ya

p.s. any word on the time of the Wilmington show?

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Re: newsgroup time is now!

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Tue Mar 14 19:39:26 1995

 	it appears that uvm has changed their 
 	configuration around so now when anyone
 	tires to reply personally to a message
  	it automatically
 	gets bounced back to the list.
 	can somebody at uvm change it back to 
 	the way it was?


alex crothers

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ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Tue Mar 14 19:54:04 1995

thanx to everyone who filled me in on the details with Anne.  My 
condolensces (sp-?) go out 

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huppert@bucknell.edu Tue Mar 14 20:00:58 1995

Hey, I got a better idea...  Steve Seremeth wrote me about this and it
seems like a FUCKING GREAT IDEA!!!!

He suggested that we TREE the DMB BOOT CD so that the production goes down
and as Steve said "the asshole who printed it makes no more profit..."

Any takers on this?  I have the CD already, it's not like I can take it
back or anything, so I minas well make MANY COPIES of the CD, or if anyone
has a DAT of the show...  Let me know!!!

I would be willing to TREE it here, if anyone is interested, let me know...
Again, for those who were offended, sorry about the post...  If you want a
copy of this show, get it by way of TAPE!



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DMB in Amsterdam

al911@freenet.toronto.on.ca Tue Mar 14 20:37:40 1995

Hey everyone,

Could someone please tell me the name of the venue that DMB is plying at 
in Amsterdam. I have a friend there who has just gotten into the band 
(from me sending tapes over) and he is dying to see them. Any help would 
be greatly appresiated. Please respond via email as I am no longer a 
membber of minarets. Thanks.

has anyone heard anymore on the supposed German dates with Jon Bon Jovi? 
I will be there then, and would love to see him again (Dave that is, not 
Jon g)

Later . . .

Kanada Kev =8)


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surprise shannon worrell and Edwin Mccain show!

scooter@merle.acns.nwu.edu Tue Mar 14 20:45:11 1995

From scooter@merle.acns.nwu.edu Tue Mar 14 14:39 CST 1995


on thursday, at the stone pony (where else?)  shannon worrell and edwin mccain
will be playing....why does it have to be thursday?  arrrrrrrrrggggh...i'll be
there saturday....so go for me, have fun!



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jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Tue Mar 14 20:49:52 1995

This is the second posting of the TR3 TREE
STRUCTURE.  This posting represents additions 
only, not revisions or changes. If you were 
listed in the first posting, you're in the 
same place, getting tapes from the same people, 
BUT you might have one more leaf under you. 

I apologize for any confusion this causes. This 
tree is much larger than I thought it would be, 
and I've had a series of problems at this end. I
have contacted *everyone* in this tree personally,
but there still may some problems cases. Plecontact me if you
have any problems or concerns.

If you missed the original singup, hold off; I 
may run this tree again with more tapes someday.
If you think you signed up but still aren't listed,
forward me the confirmation message that I sent you
and I'll work it out.

This is the TREE STRUCTURE announcement and posting
for a two-tape tree of TR3 -- featuring Tim Reynolds, 
Warren Richardson, and Robert Jospe, plus many 
special Charlottesville guests -- featuring analog 
1993. The tape lengths are 90min and 100min, 
respectively. (If you are mailing blanks, postage 
would be $3 priority, and about $2 third class.)  
(Also, if you're mailing blanks and don't know what 
brand to get, I recommend Maxell XLII.)

I will include setlists, bandmember info, and info on 
how to get past and future TR3 disc releases -- on 
*tape labels* which will be passed down the tree 
structure. Please make sure to make copies for your 
leaves; leaves, please make sure to get copies from 
your branch parents!

who will copy the show from the masters to DAT.

Each of the 5 DAT leaves has four analog leaves.

Each of the 20 analog parents has up to four 
leaves. If there is a summation sign ("+") before 
a name, that indicates that, in their signup 
form, that person indicated that they would mail 
blanks and postage, rather than trade.  If your 
name is preceeded by a summation sign, your 
parent will be looking for your blanks and 
postage to be in the mail pronto; you should get 
them out as soon as possible, so that they can 
be dubbed and returned to you as soon as your 
parents get their tapes.

If your name is listed above, please get hopping 
with your parent so we can get this tree rolling. 
If your name has not been listed yet, find it 
with the similarly indented group of four (or 3) 
under a capitalized name below (the one not 
indented quite so much.)  If your name has a "+" 
in front of it, you requested to send blanks and 
postage, and your parent will be looking for them 
within a week or so.


+TILDEN WHITE  tilden@mickey.eng.gulfaero.com 
+MATT CARLSON  carlson@prevmed.rochester.edu 
+CHRIS NEWHOUSE  newyshack@aol.com 

+JOE DOHENY  roh033.mah76x@rohmhaas.com 
+JASON SIMS  jaysims@cris.com 

JEREMY GRAVES  jgraves@world.std.com 

Watch for the upcoming TR3 release, coming April 2
to a store near you. (Further details will be on
tape labels being passed down the tree structure;
make sure you get yours from your parent!)

Good luck, and get moving!

Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard * * POB 3240, Charlottesville,VA 22903
  jeg5s@virginia.edu    jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu  


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If you know me...

blakenan@rwd.com Tue Mar 14 20:53:37 1995

Hey all,
From now 'til eternity it'll be "blakenan@rwd.com".  Apoligies for announcing
this semi-personal info to the whole group, but I've got way too many friends
out there in Dave world to contact individually.  Take it easy, y'all.

- Love, Baby... Love, Baby... Love, Baby
- Bill

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KDM2976@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU Tue Mar 14 21:28:54 1995

Please unsuscribe me.  Too much mail!!!!  Thanks.


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Hey There!

beck74@potsdam.edu Tue Mar 14 21:52:25 1995

My subjects are always so dumb...ah well, what can I do.  Just wanted to
make a quick post saying that I set all the tapes I was supposed to, and
I'm just waiting now.  I got a few in the mail, and now I need more!!!  So
if you're sending me tapes PLEASE HURRY!!!
I'm dying for more DMD...
One more quick question (I've asked this several times now and no one has
answered; please help me):  Please tell if there's any dates schedualed in
the Albany NY area!  Or the potsdam NY area (although I doubt that, cause
its in the middle of no where)!!!
Other than that, I'll be going...give someone a hug today, and let them
listen to Dave...

Love everyone, oh so much...



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Tape ID 'o' the Day...

wrongway@wwa.com Tue Mar 14 22:39:46 1995

obliged.  It's a Trax tape, 92 probably.

Dancing Nancies
Best of What's Around
Eyes of the Maker
Minarets-Blue Water
So Much to Say
Lover Lay Down
Help Myself
One Sweet World
People, People
Two Step
Tripping Billies

Thanks in advance... if anybody's interested, stay tuned, I'm working on 
improving the copy I have, and if it's successful I'll make a newbie 
offer type o deal thang.


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Requesting update on Davemaltations

WIFOY@DAVIDSON.EDU Tue Mar 14 23:31:24 1995

but will whoever is involved please let me know what is going on with the
Davemaltations tapes... please!  Also, since I don't read minarets, respond
via snailmail... thanks, peace, will

RUSH remMATTHEWSWEET everythingBIGHEADTODD davematthewsbandBLUESTRAVELER samples
Everything FAQ, Lyrics, and Essence Setlist File curator

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Kansas City!!!

jjarchow@engrss2.unl.edu Tue Mar 14 23:41:21 1995

This last weekend the Kansas City show was just pretty darn spectacular!! 
The crowd really sucked, but what they lacked our little group made up for
jamming to Dave.  It was such a great experience...and Ami, if you are out
there, thanks for a tremendous evening, it was great!!!  

I don't remember the set list and didn't write it down, but all I know is
that Boyd's jam during Nancies was such craziness and very long.  After
the song was over the girl next to me turned and had this dazed (I mind
you she was sober) look on her face and with a huge smile proclaimed
"ORGASMIC"!   I couldn't have put it any better.  

Like I said the crowd was really lame, but a time is only as good as you
make it in that case...and we made it religious!!

I'll be getting the tape soon, so if anyone was there and wants and copy
let me know.



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Kirst221@aol.com Wed Mar 15 00:04:06 1995

This is in reference to Molly's and Andrew's messages about bootlegs...Molly
said the DMB would be making no profit off the cd..well, this is true.
to Carter, who is a great guy, and when I said, somewhat shyly, that I'd
heard a lot of their shows on bootlegs and thought they were great live, he
was happy---they don't mind that fans have the live shows taped.  In fact, he
led me to believe that they'd rather we had their live performances.  I don't
really think that DMB is in all of this for a buck, so to speak--not
entirely, anyway.  
Just had to throw my two cents in.

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Under The Table...

91286@tayloru.edu Wed Mar 15 00:09:08 1995

Hey my friends, I'm new on the net and I have a question. Who is the girl Dave
is holding on the inside of the "Jewel Box" to Under The Table and Dreaming - 
and why is the record dedicated to her. 

Also, was anyone else at the March 7th DMB and Big Head show in Ft. Wayne, IN?
It was my first - and I loved it. I can't wait to see DMB again. Will the band
be doing any touring after they are in Europe? Thanks. atp.

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Re: DMB intreview on Chitown ...

Kirst221@aol.com Wed Mar 15 00:16:26 1995

Read your posting...when is DMB going to be on?  I am driving to 
Chicago from Cleveland on Thursday night and hope I can hear it.
We'd wanted to go to the Friday show, but know it's sold out; can't get off
enough work to make it to the thursday show.
They were, of course, amazing in Cleveland...greatest people, too (the dmb,
that is).
Thanks for posting the info--just need the time.
(If you personally get to talk to Carter, tell him his friends Heidi and
Kirsten from Cleveland say hello and their show passed all of our
expectations...they're the best.)

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a full harvest of green nugs to clear this up...

campb_c@cs.odu.edu Wed Mar 15 00:25:15 1995

Before I "joined the witness protection program" and disapeared, it seems 
that I owed 5-6 people some tapes (Mr. Kingswell, you are not one of 
these.  Thank you for the tape and yours on on the way, including the 
mixed up Dave tape.)
So, get in touch...Kerry, Dan, Caroline, Va. Tech dude, and Radford 
Chick...and your choice of blanks, personel check, hugs, bonghits, spoons 
or of course, the original trade will soon be on it's way.
Please respond personal mail as I'm no longer subscribed to Minarets for 
the first time in a year and a half.

peace and identity hiding nosejobs,


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amend. bootleg

Kirst221@aol.com Wed Mar 15 00:55:38 1995

I realized where I'd gone wrong in my thinking on the CD issue...sorry to
those who have replied to me; I'm not thinking clearly tonight.  Not the best
time to be posting.  Points well taken...tapes and CDs are, for lack of a
better phrase, apples and oranges.

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Re: DMB in Amsterdam

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Wed Mar 15 01:14:40 1995

 has anyone heard anymore on the supposed German dates with Jon Bon Jovi? 
 I will be there then, and would love to see him again (Dave that is, not 
 Jon g)

These dates are in full effect.  Early june sometime is the last I heard.
I believe there will be two shows.

Isn't Bon Jovi #1 or 2 in Germany at the moment?  Could be a real 
international boost for Dave.

alex crothers

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DMB Chicago Broadcast

cumm@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu Wed Mar 15 01:20:54 1995

As people have posted, they were wondering when and where the DMB
broadcast from Tower Records is going to be simulcasted.  It will be
on WXRT radio (93.1 FM) on Friday the 17th from 5:00 until ?  I
imagine it won't be anything too long or involved because they are
playing that night at the Aragon Ballroom.  See ya all there!


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Shannon Worrell

kaa124@psu.edu Wed Mar 15 01:36:09 1995

Hello to all who reads this!

and the boys.

awesome(his word not mine,thank you)  I personally would use excellent.
Her CD "Three Wishes" is a must for anyone who takes pride in their music
collection.  I am also in total agreement with Tom again in regaurds to
Kristen Asbury.  She DOES have an amazing voice...I should know, I carry
deep, deep,DEEP emotional scars from her....I shall never be able to hear
the "Children of the Corn" theme song again without being completely
scared. Oh by the way, Kristen happens to be my older sister. :)

good tunes!!! Go and share them with people who know not of Dave matthews
and all the great things his music provides....But... How inconsiderate of
you to purchase it not knowing they would get no profit!(or how much worse
if you did know)

Well I think I have wasted enough of you good time.

-Hey! Forgot to mention before...If anyone who's reading this ever gets to
chance to meet the guys, would you please tell Carter that Little Asbury
says hello and that Laura Sysko says See-ya Call-me!  Trust me, he'll


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Allman Bros...

jloughra@moose.uvm.edu Wed Mar 15 03:38:23 1995

Hey all.  Sorry about the lack of DMB content, but I was wondering if anyone
out there knows how to post something to the Allman Bros.net?  I'm looking
for tour dates, so if anyone can help it'd be much appreciated.  Later...


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Montgomery Journal Article on Minarets

30OSSI@CUA.EDU Wed Mar 15 05:33:11 1995

While cleaning up my room yesterday I came across the newspaper article
where I first learned about Minarets.  It is a pretty decent piece about
this net and the DMB.  The newspaper is the Montgomery Journal dated
Jan. 30, 1995 and features quotes from Beth Cooch, Alex Crothers, Dominic
Sagolla, Jason Thompson and of course, Dave.  If anyone is interested in
getting a copy of this please e-mail me personally - 30ossi@cua.edu and
I will get one out to you.

Also, I seem to recall (from my blurry college days) that Boyd played in
a two-man acoustical band called Down Boy Down.  Can anybody confirm this?
This band played the Virginia/East Coast college circuit and featured a
fiddle player (who I think was Boyd) and a guitarist.  This would have been
around 1988-90.  Thanks.


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**Jazz Mandolin Project @ Amherst** (fwd)

asgoodma@amhux3.amherst.edu Wed Mar 15 05:59:10 1995

I had posted a little info about this earlier on PhishNet, but here is the 
whole announcement...

5 College Students, you should see posters around soon, definitely as soon as
we get back from Spring Break.  BTW, the posters are being designed by 
Phishnetter Mondo Mando (a.k.a. Ethan Hein)

I could still really use some netter help in publicizing this show.  
Anyone who wants to help hang posters or anything else, please contact me.

For those of you who have no idea who the Jazz Mandolin Project is, they are
the other half of Phish spin-off Bad Hat (Trey and Fish's side band)  
They consist of Gabe Jarrett on drums, Stacey Starkweather (also of 
michael ray's cosmic krewe) on bass, and the amazing Jamie Masefield on 

The music, although based in jazz, extends into such diverse genres as 
funk and bluegrass.  Definitely, they are a group to check out live, and 
this is the ideal opportunity.  It's free, and it's in a small intimate 

Spread the word everyone, and I hope to see you all at the show.

andy goodman


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WALLYJIVE@aol.com Wed Mar 15 07:26:40 1995

Hello all-
tape from 1992 New Years and in the second set there is a rather fast
tune where Boyd picks alot ??? The tune is between Ants Marching and 
Jimi Thing!!...Please help me !!!! This show is also from the days when Peter
was still with Dave and before there first album!!!! Thanks

If you can help please email me @  Wallyjive@aol.com

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world news 2-nite ob CNN

SH377127@SCVAX.WVNET.EDU Wed Mar 15 15:42:25 1995

the other night....I think it was Sunday night....CNN had a nice 3-4 minute
long segment on...noneother than DMB!....It was cool....they had clips
from the RSO show as well as clips of live-DMB doing WWYS, Warehouse (the
part where Dave says "Shut up! I'm thinking.."), and Seek Up.....what made
the interview really cool was that Carter had a pretty major role in the
interview...(ahhhhh Carter speak!).....anyway...the segment was cool...the
songs they picked to show were cool....and I have a HUGE organic test in
10 minutes!!!!.....By the way...I know the segment was short...but if
anyone REALLY wants it....well....emial me and tell me......I did dump a
picture (jpg) of the symphony shot to use on some future (hint..hint) copy
of "some" show that I hope finds its way to me someday!!!  Anyone else
want the picture, as I could uuencode it for you....well....I'm gonna
go take a test on alcohols then I'm gonna go slurp down down alcohols!!!!

the human-tape grovel


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Re: DMB in Amsterdam

al911@freenet.toronto.on.ca Wed Mar 15 16:59:25 1995

  has anyone heard anymore on the supposed German dates with Jon Bon Jovi? 
  I will be there then, and would love to see him again (Dave that is, not 
  Jon g)
 These dates are in full effect.  Early june sometime is the last I heard.
 I believe there will be two shows.
 Isn't Bon Jovi #1 or 2 in Germany at the moment?  Could be a real 
 international boost for Dave.

Alex thank you for keeping me informed. I really want to catch the boys 
when I am over there. Please let me know if you hear of any new news 
(sounds weird?) whenever you can. Thanks again.

Later . . .

Kanada Kev =8)


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Dave Matthews net

trey@csd.uwm.edu Wed Mar 15 18:24:11 1995

could you please put me on the Dave Matthews net if this is the right

Peter Adams

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huppert@bucknell.edu Wed Mar 15 18:25:16 1995

NOT A TREE...  more like a WEED if you want to give it a name...  I'll spin
off as many copies as people want...  Then from there you can trade them
out...  Whatever...  at the moment I have about 20-30 hours of Dave and I
want to expand that out...

For those who want the DMB DOOT CD let's spread the love a little so no one
buy's the sucker...  I'm willing to wait for XL-II's in the mail, or just
spin them off here and send it out for a trade...

Whatever...  I'm open to suggestions...



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Cure for crowd surfing? Look to the Black Crowes...

wrongway@wwa.com Wed Mar 15 22:01:14 1995

surfing on minarets, I figgered I'd just share with you one of my coolest 
concert experiences ever.  Went to see the Black Crowes last Friday, and 
on the ticket were the orders "NO MOSHING" "No Bodysurfing/Stagediving" 
and "No Bodysurfing Allowed."
about 10 times more likely to mosh at a Crowes show than a DMB show, 
there was NOT ONE SINGLE INCIDENT of crowdsufing at this rockin show.  I 
can't really testify about moshing, but I didn't see any.  Seems to me 
that maybe DMB tickets should say "Hey, chill on the crowd suring 
y'all".  If it works for a band as big as the Crowes, I bet it would work 
for Dave Band.  $.02.

Peace and see y'all Friday!,


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jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Wed Mar 15 22:18:31 1995


Well, we have done it! On March 27, the command will be sent out to 
create "alt.music.dmatthews-band"!!!!

AND usenet.

I'd like to thank everyone who sent me email or posted to existing 
newsgroups. It's nice to see this go through.

So, around March 27 to April 1, try checking it out and seeing if it is 
there. If your server does not carry it by mid-April, write me and I'll 
tell you what to do to take care of it.

Again, thanks, and I hope to see you all there!


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tmunoz@abacus.bates.edu Wed Mar 15 22:57:05 1995

Dear All,					15.March.1995

am curious about one in particular; 941008-Band.gif.  Does anybody know
where this picture was taken?  It is a inside shot of the stage from a
balcony of some sort and the entire band is visable 'jamming' in it.  If
anybody could help me out I would be very thankful...

Later...peace and pipe...talk hard...

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newbie offer update

lmorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu Thu Mar 16 00:00:37 1995


blanks from around the country (so far):

Cincinatti, OH; USAF Academy, CO; Lewiston, ME; Washington, DC; Durham, NC;
Shepherdstown, WV; Bellevue, NE; Storm Lake, IA; Rochester, MN; Villanova,
PA; Rockville, MD; Lexington, VA; Philadelphia, PA; Arlington, VA;
Princeton, NJ.

is spreading. I'm chugging through the packages roughly in the order I
received them. Thanks for making it pretty easy for me.

please, if you got 'em.


        Joe & Laura         


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Re: MINARETS digest 104

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Thu Mar 16 00:06:32 1995

Isn't Bon Jovi #1 or 2 in Germany at the moment?  Could be a real 
international boost for Dave.
alex crothers

O.K., do you think Bon Jovi fans will dig DMB??  Our boys actually play
songs, not merely distorted chord progressions.  People might get
confused when Dave changes keys or does something else that's kinda
musical. ;-)

"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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Re: Shannon Worrell

jreeve@eng2.uconn.edu Thu Mar 16 00:09:54 1995

Could someone please give me some info on Shannon Worrell.  Everyone keeps
writing these great things about her music on Minarets.  Nobody up here in 
Connecticut has heard of her.  I went today to try to find her CD but had no 
luck.  It sounds like its really good so any help would be appreciated.


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subscribe me please

Ischaefer@aol.com Thu Mar 16 00:43:01 1995

suscribe minarets Richard Schaefer

I hope this means I'm on this thing.

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Dave Matthews 101

ShanHop@aol.com Thu Mar 16 01:32:33 1995

Hey all!
A friend of mine brought me an article from March 9 Richmond Times-Dispatch
that I thought some of you might find interesting.  I know that most of you
have read the "history" bit before, but I think some of what's said in the
article may be new to most of you.  

"Dave Matthews Finds Success Brings Changes" -Bob McDonald

interviews.  The sudden media exposure may be too much for the South African
expatriate who fronts an emerging funk-rock group.  "I'm sort of surprised by
the media attention," Matthews says in a phone interview that came three
hours late.  
several interviews recently, a behavior that will be construed as either
eccentric or dumb depending on how famous the band becomes. 
life and secure his place as a neophyte rock star.
college-club scene to a pop-music plateau where it's on the verge of major
Matthews and company could emerge as an anthem band, if he gets focused.
popularity, I've already reached my goal."
saxophone, wildly energetic violin and folksy vocals give this rock band wide
Billboard's Album chart (it debuted last fall at No. 34), but its eclectic
sound has led to a "Rolling Stone" new faces article, an MTV music video and
a recent gig on David Letterman's "Late Show."
loyal fans who spread good reviews.
the band's home office in Charlottesville without ever hitting record stores.
Steve Lillywite, a producer who shaped the sound of U2 and the Talking Heads.
with the music and the high-energy stage show of saxophonist LeRoi Moore and
violinist Boyd Tinsley.
before,"  Matthews says. 
has always been a mixed stew of violin, saxophone and vocals sung loud, but
in the studio each element has been separated, washed off and presented
performance energy, Matthews says it's just what happens to growing bands.
band," he says.
a guy in the front row in Atlanta that must have been 72."

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lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Thu Mar 16 01:33:36 1995

pictures, like that guy was talking about in a previous post???  


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Jeruuu@aol.com Thu Mar 16 03:21:01 1995

Hello felow minareteers Can any oune tell me the name of the phile to access
archives of minarets. 
PS Phish net archives have some good DMB stuff

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The DMB FTP Site

acox@garlic.mwc.edu Thu Mar 16 03:31:26 1995

 Someone had asked about how to get at the graphics, and I don't know how
 great it would be if every member on this net were familiar with the
 FAQ...  Anyway, these are instructions to get at everything that you
 could want to get at concerning DMB, chords, lyrics, graphics, etc. It
 was written by Ben Tanen and is an excellent guide to FTP'ing. If you
 have any questions, email me and I will personally make sure that you
 get everything you want...
   Andrew Cox               BOX MWC-1577
   107 Lee Ave.             1701 College Ave.
   Lexington, VA            Fredericksburg, VA
            24450                    22401-4666
   acox@liberty.uc.wlu.edu  acox@s850.mwc.edu
 This file was originally written by Andrew Cox (acox@s850.mwc.edu).  I 
 have adopted, corrected, updated and neatened it up with his permission.  
 We both hope this file will become a useful resource for those of you who 
 need computer assistance.  -Ben Tanen (btanen@netspace.org)
 Since so many everyday people are asking to be sent some archive file
 (like chords, faq, etc.), it would be good if I explained how to access
 the ftp site-- this file hopefully will be a help.
 To access the DMB Archive site you must be able to get connected to the
 remote site (a system other than your own). One very common way of doing
 this is to use UNIX.  If you have a personal computer that is equipped to
 communicate on the internet directly (not through a modem or a plain old
 text-only kind of account) or if you're sitting in front of such a machine
 in a computer lab somewhere-- then these directions do NOT apply to you. 
 You should use Fetch for the Macintosh or the equivalent on other OS
 The rest of us, however, will use UNIX. UNIX is one of the most, if not
 THE most, popular system for computers on the internet. Anyway, you need
 to find the UNIX prompt after logging into your account (this will often
 be just a dollar sign, or it may be a dollar sign with your system's
 identification before it, or maybe some other symbol like a percent sign
 or something). The word prompt just means that the computer is "prompting"
 you-- it's ready to accept a command from you. Note that other systems
 like vax machines will also allow you to FTP in much the same way as you
 will see below described for UNIX.  Anyway . . . 
 Once you find the prompt, you type (everything to be typed will be placed 
 in quotes but you shouldn't actually use quotes, okay?)
 			"ftp ftp.netspace.org"
 Just very briefly, what this means is that you are telling your computer
 to use the system called ftp to connect to a computer called
 If all goes well, you will be told that you've been connected. If you
 have, you will be asked for your name, at which time you must type
 What this means is that you will be using anonymous FTP.  Anonymous FTP 
 is a system by which computers can let anyone on the internet connect and 
 look at certain things.  Many areas of the computer will be off-limits to 
 anonymous FTP users (we don't let people delete files, or put new files 
 on the archive, for example).  However you'll have no trouble getting 
 interesting stuff downloaded to your local computer.
 Next you will be asked for your password. We like to keep track of who is
 connecting to the archive.  So, when you enter anonymous as your name, the
 archive will say something like, "Guest login ok, send your complete
 e-mail address as password." Okay, each of you knows your own e-mail
 address so just type it in and press return. 
 If all goes well there, another prompt should come up. It will look like 
 			"ftp " 
 You are now fully connected.
 There are a few basic commands you need to you to interact properly with 
 The first command allows you to see what files and directories are 
 available from the machine to which you are connected.  It's easy.  At 
 the "ftp " prompt, type
 Press return, and the computer will give you a list.  This is probably
 where the command's name came from so it should be relatively easy to
 remember-- list=ls.  This will work no matter where you are on the server, 
 by the way. 
 The next command will allow you to move around.  You want to get to the
 archives obviously, so you need to change directories to get there. 
 Again, it's fairly easy to see where the command name came from-- change
 directories=cd.  All the interesting stuff that is available is in /pub,
 so type
 			"cd pub"
 Press return, and then use the ls command to see where you are again.  
 There will be a list of around two dozen choices.  At the next prompt, 
 			"cd DMB"
 Press return.  Use the ls command again and you will see directories 
 called graphics, old-stuff, sounds, and text-files.  You can use the cd 
 command to change into whichever one you want.
 Let's say you want graphics first. Within the graphics directory there are
 four more choices.  They are art, in-line, live-photos, and official.  Art
 is intended for stuff people draw (there isn't any of that yet), and
 in-line is reserved for small versions of other pictures (so you can
 pretty much ignore that one too).  Let's say your interested in something
 from the live-photos.  Use the cd command to get in there, and then use ls
 to see what's there. 
 A list of files will come up.  Let's say you wanted a picture that had 
 both Dave and Boyd in it.  The only one that has those two guys is called 
 941009-Dave-Boyd.gif.  Essentially, you want to get this file to your own 
 Before you do the actual transferring of files (what we're here for to
 begin with!) there is one more important feature.  You are about to
 transfer a binary file, so at the prompt type
 Press return, and you are all ready.  Since you want to get the file called
 941009-Dave-Boyd.gif, type
 			"get 941009-Dave-Boyd.gif"
 Press return. After a short wait, the screen should say Transfer 
 complete.  The file is now in your account and you should ask for help 
 viewing it if you need such assistance.
 Keep in mind that things like sounds and graphics are all binary files,
 while files such as the chords and faq and stuff are ascii (text) files. 
 This distinction will become important right now . . . 
 Let's say that you now want to get the frequently asked questions file.  
 Incidentally, that's probably the first thing you should do since it 
 contains a wealth of information.
 Okay, you want to get the faq.  But you are not in the right place.  Type
 			"cd .."
 Press return.  Using the ls command will show you that you have moved UP 
 one level.  You're still in graphics, however.  Use the 'cd ..' command 
 again so that you are now back to the graphics, old-stuff, sounds and 
 text-files area.  Type
 			"cd text-files"
 Use ls.  You've moved into the text-files directory and you have several 
 files from which to choose.  You are going to transfer an ascii file now, 
 so type
 Press return.  Now type
 			"get faq.txt"
 After another wait, the file should be transferred.
 Well, this should be enough guidance for you all to transfer files 
 whenever you feel like it from a shell account.
 Since I set it up and I'm damn proud of it, I'd like to give the Dave 
 Matthews Band web site a little free advertising.  Find a computer 
 that can run Mosaic or Netscape and go to this location
 If you can do that, you can retrieve graphics and text files and sounds 
 with ease.  Or at least a hell of a lot more ease than what I just got 
 through describing!
 Enjoy everyone!
 ------- =_aaaaaaaaaa--


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Jazz Mandolin Project

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Thu Mar 16 03:51:50 1995

I just found out that our school is jazz festival and on Saturday night the
Jazz MAndolin Project is playing.  I was wondering a couple of things.  First
I know people have posted about them, but are they good?  Its only $8.00 so
I think im going.  Also, if anyone else wants to go, I go to Villanova, and
its here (obviously).  You could just e-mail me back for time dirctions etc..
Ya know whatever.  

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me and julio trade (for dmb road warrior

MCDW49C@prodigy.com Thu Mar 16 04:09:10 1995

i really hope i didn't get mixed up...i was the guy who
wanted me and julio, letting you pick the other 3 shows.  i 
mailed out your stuff about a week ago.  i don't know if you 
got it or not, but i haven't got anything from you.  i
mailed it to jen fogelson(i guess that's you), but some guy 
named mark maloney just wrote me about a post that i left
you on the net about the trade.  he seems to think i traded 
with him, but i know i mailed it to a jen fogelson at tufts 
university.  if you need my address or anything to mail the 
tapes, let me know.  i'm like really confused and stuff,


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tradefor Valentines have 2.24.95

Ztiwomik@aol.com Thu Mar 16 05:55:36 1995

I am looking to get my hands on the Valentines show. I almost had a trade but
the person said he couldnt get it at the last minute. I have first generation
soundboard crystal of 2.24.95 with Trey Anastasio and John Popper. It is
incredible. I also have New Years 94 -94 plus some other great stuff. Please
e mail me back and we'll set up a trade.

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Milwaukee show, FREE CHICAGO SHOW, and my farewell

miah@merle.acns.nwu.edu Thu Mar 16 13:08:55 1995

1)The Concert Review
2)Free Chicago show Info!!!!
3)quick personnal
Hello all-
I say Dave and BHT (Dave headlined!!!)...I don't know why because Big Head
was billed as the headliner but oh well....It made me happy ;)  The venue
(Eagles Ballroom) was pretty cool....nice acoustics, good view, and not too
crowded (it didn't sell out). 
really do that much for me.  Highlights for them....Wearing Only Flowers,
Vincent---Leaving Song, Flanders, Bittersweet (don't even ask me how the
fuck people could crowd surf to this!), and their two stand-by covers (do
they ever do anything else?-- Voodoo Chile and Tangerine).  Overall i think
they did a good job......on to Dave
Quiet Jam--
Jimi Thing
So Much To Say
Dancing Nancies
Typical Situation
--Ants Marching

was a little aprehensive on seeing them on this tour because of the
shortened set and the double bill but tonight was great.  I can't believe
they opened with Quiet Jam...It made my evening.  So Much to Say and #36
too!  They played a different version of Jimithing that rocked pretty hard
and the Billies was a little different too (they started out with the older
guitar intro, the rest of the band didn't all come in when Dave wanted them
too so he ended up singing the verse "Nature...it's all around us" before
the rest of them came in).   

Northwesten concert goers after the show (Mandy, Joel, Pluss, Stegs, Heidi,
Kim, George, Ann, Carie, Mellie, Trina, Andrea, etc...etc...)   2) My bud
George getting his about to-be-framed drumstick after the show 3) Quiet Jam

surfers and when they went up I was dismayed but I could handle
it....However, what I didn't prepare myself for was A FUCKING MOSH PIT....
yes a mosh pit formed during Nancies and Warehouse.  I wanted to cry.

Marquette guy who I was going to spot my Bob Mould tape-- I was around the
soundboard and looked for you...missed ya..If  you want it still email me


Dave is playing a FREE show at the Tower records in Lincoln Park before the
Friday show at 5 pm and the show'll be broadcast on 93.1.....

I'll be there with bells on....


the mail load and just am not as psyched about the net as I used to
be...although it's still an OK placeInsert random self-affirmation
here) and to thank you all for helping me turn my 4 tape collection into
the 125+ hrs I have today.  Thanks to Kate(for just being the all-around
shit), Frazier(it was great meeting you), Chico (you are a god), Jeff,
Malachi, Rich, Sara, Big Head C, WillFoy  and the others I traded or just
chatted with etc etc... 

bagged on me last night (ARGHH).  EMAIL me and we'll still work somethin

well... read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and anything by
FScottFitzgerald or DH Lawrence (ah....the english major in me showing
through)...love the AWARE CDs...drink..smoke...relax ...and above all else

we climb on two by two, to make sure these days continue"


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9484130@lewis.sms.ed.ac.uk Thu Mar 16 15:21:36 1995

Hey everyone.  I'm on my way out the door to Israel, but then I'll be 
back in Europe in time for the Amsterdam show.  I couldn't find any info 
here, so I posted something on rec.music.misc and got this reply so 
anyone interested in Amsterdam here is great info from Ton Mass in 

Phish.Net shirt and green patagonia.. (and yellow hat possibly)


Dear Noah,

They're playing at the Melkweg (Milky Way). The address of that club is
is to take tram 1,2 or 5 from Central Station and get off at 
The Lijnbaansgracht is twenty meters from the tramstop (the Milky Way
about one hundred).

Have fun!

Ton Maas, Amsterdam NL

| ncole@nox.cs.du.edu     N.Cole-3@sms.ed.ac.uk     ncole@macalstr.edu |
| \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ |
| "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die" - Dave Matthews Band |

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phuong@abraham.bader.org Thu Mar 16 15:49:01 1995

HELLO...all - 

Well, I FINALLY had my first DMB experience last night in Mil.!!  It  
was well worth every second of my time.  I'm bummed the Chicago show  
is sold out because I'm going down there tonight.  By the way, anyone  
know of any extras??

Ok - the SHOW.  BHTM was.......BHTM, they jammed Bittersweet (of  
course),  Flanders was dry, and Todd looked great, but there was  
something about them.  I remembered seeing them with more energy  
years ago.  Maybe they were pissed about not headlining.  What was  
with Showcasing them and then having them play 1st.  Don't get me  
wrong, I knew they were going to do that anyway.  I also was under  
the impression that tix were 21 at the door and not 23.  

DMB was a special treat.  After grooviing to the ENTIRE show, "I fell  
in love with the world again!"  That's what I felt when they were  
done and I had to leave the venue.  Speaking of which, I truly enjoy  
seeing shows at the RAVE, it just depends who's playing.  It's so  
weird to think that my grandparents used to go there in high school  
for ballroom dances.  Last time I was there, almost a year ago PHISH  
jammed and I didn't think I'd ever be able to see another band there.   
DMB is now on my list.

I was satisfied with their setlist but would have loved to heard  
Christmas song.  As expected, they did justice to Satellite, Typical  
Situation, Ants Marching, Tripping Billies & Warehouse.  

Only bummer, too many people moshing :( and not dancing.  Also, lots  
of young drunks but what's to be expected. BUT, the vitality, rhythm  
and crisp sounds last night erased the not-so-bad (decent) scene.

I'm concerned about the future of this band, I almost wish they'd  
stay small and not sell out.  We've seen soooo many good one's give  

If anyone has access to a nice, crisp boot of last's night show in  
Milwaukee I'd love to hook up with you.  You can email me personally  
at phuong@bader.org

Keep the peace bigtime, 



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Tour Dates

briggdl9@wfu.edu Thu Mar 16 16:03:41 1995

This is my first post so I guess that I am a minarets virgin.  That is 
pretty cool.  Does anyone have tour dates after the Duke show on April 7?
I would appreciate it.  Also, does anyone have any ideas about getting 
tickets for the Duke show?  Thanks alot.  Later,


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Re: Tour Dates

stompkin@siu.edu Thu Mar 16 16:11:57 1995

This is my first post so I guess that I am a minarets virgin.  That is
pretty cool.  Does anyone have tour dates after the Duke show on April 7?
I would appreciate it.  Also, does anyone have any ideas about getting
tickets for the Duke show?  Thanks alot.  Later,

Many of you may know this, but some may not.  The number for the Dave
Matthews Band tour hotline is (804) 980-9636.  Thanks!


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Re: Under The Table...

ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Thu Mar 16 17:52:34 1995

hey whoever asked this question, i just asked it a few days ago, yo 
are really new to the net.  Anne is Dave's sister who was killed by 
her husband in South Africa before he took his own life.  The child 
is one of the two that they had.

thanx to everyone who answered me

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Looking for NYE+Valentines

telvis@acs.bu.edu Thu Mar 16 18:11:41 1995

Hi there,

would be eternally greatful.  I have @ 25 hours of HQ boards from 93+94,
including 10-8-94 Avalon in Boston, 10-9-94 at Lupo's in Providence, and
9-30-94 in NYC.

I'm also still looking for any shows with Shannon Worrell.

Thanks in advance,


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memphis show

MCGLJ@ns.rhodes.edu Thu Mar 16 18:15:35 1995

i was just wondering if anyone on the net is planning on going to the DMB/BHT show in memphis on 
april 18th.

i don't think the show is sold out yet if anyone is interested in getting tickets--$23.75

just curious if anyone is going...

reply to me personally if you are.

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MCGLJ@ns.rhodes.edu Thu Mar 16 18:18:45 1995

is there anyone out there on the net who goes to marquette?  i'm trying to get someone's e-mail 
address, so i thought i'd give this a try.

if you go there, please e-mail me personally.

thanks in advance!

p.s. sorry for wasting bandwidth for personal interests

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A couple answers and a question

eje3u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Mar 16 19:35:57 1995

Normally I'd say these ought to be via private E-mail, but since I'm sure
others would want to know the answers, I'll post.

Yes there was a band with Boyd called Down Boy Down.  The guitar player was
Harry Faulkner, who still turns up around C-ville bars playing, and the
violin was obviously who you think it was.  They did interesting takes on the
same sort of covers any acoustic guy would do.  At the same time, those two
also played with a drum and bass, which was the *Boyd Tinsley* Band.  they
were pretty popular and overlapped with DMB.  Boyd had originally just picked
up on a couple of songs with Dave, the was playing for both bands, and then
broke up the BTB in fall 91 or maybe spring 92.  Went to their farewell
concert at TRAX, and unfortunately there was not much crowd there.  I thought
it was a little sad.

As for the NYE 92 song, it almost certainly is Two Step.  I have no idea what
is on your tape, but picking, and Peter pretty much let you know.  "So
celebrate we will, life is short and sweet for certain" etc.  Excellent tune,
one they used to scream for, but for obvious reasons, one that can't be
played properly without the keys.

I have a question about the Usenet group.  It will not be cross posted here,
will it?  Alex, if they ask, don't let them, it will only increase the
trivial traffic (I don't mean that to sound a negative as it does, but we
don't really need posts on a mailing list that go "Wow, I found you, and Dave
rules" whereas on a Newsgroup they're not much trouble) and keeping them
seperate might actually upgrage the level of conversation here, and perhaps
lead some of the wizened elders back.

Eric E.  

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extra new orleans date

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Thu Mar 16 19:52:31 1995

Hey my friend told me that 
he heard on the radio that
DMB/BHT tour will play new
orleans!  (April 19,maybe?)

I was just wondering if 
anyone could confirm...

Tix go on sale saturday.



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setlist for Ziggy's 8-12-94

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Thu Mar 16 20:30:39 1995

I'm looking for the complete setlist of the Winston-Salem, Ziggy's show 

**********First confirmable response gets a dsbd copy of the recent 
Burlington DMB show with Trey A. *******

Respond directly and privately.

alex crothers		


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Re: Cure for crowd surfing? Look to the Black Crowes...

0066478@SHU.sacredheart.edu Thu Mar 16 20:38:58 1995

 	Seeing as it's been nearly 48 hours without one word about crowd 
 surfing on minarets, I figgered I'd just share with you one of my coolest 
 concert experiences ever.  Went to see the Black Crowes last Friday, and 
 on the ticket were the orders "NO MOSHING" "No Bodysurfing/Stagediving" 
 and "No Bodysurfing Allowed."
 	Despite the fact that, in my opinion, the average Joe or Jane is 
 about 10 times more likely to mosh at a Crowes show than a DMB show, 
 there was NOT ONE SINGLE INCIDENT of crowdsufing at this rockin show.  I 
 can't really testify about moshing, but I didn't see any.  Seems to me 
 that maybe DMB tickets should say "Hey, chill on the crowd suring 
 y'all".  If it works for a band as big as the Crowes, I bet it would work 
 for Dave Band.  $.02.
 Peace and see y'all Friday!,
you have to remember though, in indoor place there are seats.  it may 
discourage the average crwod surfer.  but outside palces amd open rooms 
are still a drag.  i just try to grap article of clothing, hats, shoes 
etc.and toss them around.  make people think teice about surfing


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2/20/95 Syracuse, NY

nnista@mailbox.syr.edu Thu Mar 16 21:11:17 1995

hey all,
been able to help me yet.  There was a taper sitting three seats over 
from me, so I know this show is out there somewhere.  Does anyone know 
anything about it?  Please e-mail me with any information, I will be most 

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Milwaukee Fan Mail

2T87MACINTYR@vmsa.csd.mu.edu Thu Mar 16 22:06:12 1995

I just wanted to tell everyone who submitted their fan letters that the band
received them and really enjoyed them (especially the one a Jared Patton sent).
Carter said he'll try to respond to them via internet when the band has some
time off.  I'd like to try to do the same thing for our upcoming Blues Traveler
show if anyone wants to write them.  Please write FAN LETTER on the subject 
line so I won't miss them.

With regards to the show, I thought they were incredible.  Probably one of the
better live shows I've seen in awhile.  I caught most of it while running all
over the place.  I'd really appreciate an opportunity to get a tape of the 
show.  The guys in the band were really cool.  I had the opportunity to talk to
Le Roi, Carter, and Steffan for quite awhile.  I was really impressed by Dave
and Steffan's artwork in signing their autographs.

With regard to HORDE, the band really hasn't given much thought to it.  They mayplay a couple of dates on it.  I learned at work that The Black Crowes will be
headlining the package with no more specifics on other bands (other than BT).
For anyone who cares, White Zombie and the reunited Clash will be on Lollapaloo.
Personal to Miah (?):  I guess I didn't know or forgot I was going to meet you

Andy MacIntyre

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Recording Shows

Musique820@aol.com Thu Mar 16 22:13:18 1995

I was wondering if the the Sound man for the DMB shows will let you hook up
to the sound feed? I would like to record the show in Chicago, Friday and was
wondering if they would let me. Somebody email me and let me know if you know
anything. Thanks.

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there all out,now....

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Thu Mar 16 22:24:01 1995

if there is problemo, e-mail moi personally.

peace to all of ya' screaming from the Minarets!!!!


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Rhyme and Reason TAB

driver8@phy.duke.edu Thu Mar 16 23:50:30 1995

I just kinda decided to do this one because it sounds so sweet - 
especially if you've ever heard it in an early form - Plus the version in
The chord files doesn't sound right.

Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme and Reason (From 10-29-92???)

****Played Fast**** (16ths?)

Oh Well, oh well, so here.......



My head....



My Body...


One hint to this song...use lots of muting and sliding.



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Milwaukee show

kill6818@uwwvax.uww.edu Fri Mar 17 00:22:11 1995

Fellow Dave fans-

another fantastic show.  Yes the band was great but the crowd pretty much 
sucked.  Why you might ask?  Moshing usually doesn't turn me on at a show
of this nature.  Neither does body passing or crowd surfing or whatever
Details calls it this month.
already so I will only highlight.  Of course Ants and Satellite were played
but I DO enjoy them too.  So much to say was a nice treat and ther looks of
confusion and bewilderment during that and #36 made the show all worthwhile.
The looks of the audience is what i am referring to.  They didn't seem to be
very long time listeners since Recently and Billies looked VERY foreign to
that tune but since most of the crowd looked as though they just stumbled
off the couch from watching MTV it was a nice bonus.

can work something out.



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Blue Screen Show Setlist 3/16

chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu Fri Mar 17 00:52:07 1995

Hey everyone,

The Blue Screen Show w/ Chico 

2-3:30 WEDNESDAY Nights/THURSDAY Mornings

89.3 WNUR-FM, Evanston-Chicago....708-866-WNUR

Phone Calls can now be broadcast over the air!...fun fun fun


"Brazil Theme--"   .............Brazil Soundtrack
"Peaches En Regalia"(underneathe opening schpeil)....Phish, 6/18/94 UIC
"Lizards"........................Phish 7/15/91 Academy NYC w/ GCH!
"Lost Mule in Texas".............Col. Bruce & ARU Mirrors of Embarassment
"Drive in Drive Out".............Dave Matthews, 10/26/93 TRAX
"Mountain Cry".........Blues Traveler w/ Warren Haynes & Arnie Lawrence 8/31/94
"Harry Hood".....................Phish, 11/19/94 IU Bloomington
"Spotlight"......................Dave Matthews Band 12/9/92 Floodzone
"Stormy Monday"..................Most of the Allmans, 1/10/95 Tramps NYC
"Big House Blues"................Ren & Stimpy

Mountain Cry was like 24 minutes!

/ \


|Brian Lipman chico@merle.acns.nwu.edu    ( @    @ )   ---------------- |
|Northwestern University                   {    !     }  |  BL   SCR    | |
|Bobb Hall #107, 2305 Sheridan Road         ( \    / )   |    UE   EEN  | |
|Evanston, IL 60201                          ( \__/ )    ---------------- |
|Ladies and Gentleman...On Drums..Mr. Ernest Giussepe Anastasio!-Henrietta|


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Helping the underprivilaged!!

ejsills@ucdavis.edu Fri Mar 17 01:18:08 1995

I hadn't heard of the DMB before, until I saw them open for Phish @ San 
Jose in Feb.  I fell in love with them!  They blew Phish out of the water....


I would love it if anyone would be willing to hook me up with some kin, 
crisp, clean shows.  I will send you blanks and $$ for postage the minute 
anyone answers this posting.  Thanks much!

Love to you all!

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St. Paddy's Trade Offer

jogriffith@vaxsar.vassar.edu Fri Mar 17 01:54:52 1995


Happy St. Paddy's Day!

75 hrs of DMB

75 of BT

15 of Rusted Root

some of others including Toad the Wet Sprocket, Tr3, Cranberries, Beatles.

Lets trade!

JT Griffith                               "If you want peace then live alone
Box #2012 Vassar College                   If you wanna hide then find a stage
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-6198                Each a brief but perfect home
jogriffith@vassar.edu                      To accomodate your rage."


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From Good Homes

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Fri Mar 17 02:07:47 1995

For anyone that wants to know, I just found out that From Good Homes is 
playing in Philly on April 19 at Middle East on chesnut ST. for $6.00!
If anyone wants more info about this gig, or any other FGH stuff just call
the resident Homehead...
See ya

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MCipoletti@aol.com Fri Mar 17 03:44:58 1995

I heard that GSW was giving a free concert outdoors at c.w. post on LI around
April 19 i was wondering if anyone had heard anythin about this concert if
not i'll try to find out more for anyone intrested if anyone is intrested let
me know sorry for posting non-DMB stuff
peace MiKe

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Looking for shows: DMB and others

dipierro@husc.harvard.edu Fri Mar 17 04:57:25 1995

Hi. I am looking for a few shows (pref HQ). I have 100 hrs of 
Dave and other assorted bands to trade. 

11/2(?)/92 Trax Election Night
11/17/92 Trax
??/??/94 Avalon, Boston MA sometime in the fall (maybe october).

I am also looking for 
Blues Traveller 11/10/94 Orpheum, Boston
Rusted Root     12/15/94 Paradise, "
God Street Wine  6/30/94 Paradise, "
Grateful Dead    4/05/93 Nassau Collesium, NY

If you don't have one of these, but if you have something unique (esp. DMB) 
and want to trade, email me.
While I'm on the subject, let me say thanks to the traders out there that 
helped me get started, as I now in turn am spreading beautiful music to 
people who wouldn't have otherwise been able to hear it. It's a great 
thing we all do.



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Newbie Offer!!

Clogboy@aol.com Fri Mar 17 05:07:04 1995

The first person who correctly identifies the following movie quote gets a
nice copy (for blanks + postage) of any DMB live show on my small but growing

"800 leaf tables and no chairs?  You can't sell leaf tables without chairs!

When you respond, have the subject, "Movie Title."  Please respond via
personal e-mail.  Good luck!

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What to do in NYC tomorrow night...

sseremet@moose.uvm.edu Fri Mar 17 09:11:41 1995

Hey there everyone-
night), you may wish to delete now.  For those who feel I am wasting b/w, 
feel free to write me and tell me what a jerk I am - I think some will 
appreciate this.  This applies to ALL of you on these lists(and you too 
Perry) - 
be opening for another band(whose name eludes me at the moment, but who
I've heard is good) at Club A.K.A. in NYC.  I am in no way connected to 
this band - I've seen them a number of times including tonight and they 
are great.  It's lively acoustic music that's fun to boogey to(for those 
so inclined) - a rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, and drums.  These guys 
jam - mostly original tunes - Burlington loves them and the good word 
seems to be spreading quickly.  If you go and REALLY dislike them, write 
me and tell me what a fool I am for sending you there, but I can't imagine 
disappointment.  I'd ask you to tell 'em Steve sent you, but they don't 
know me...Check 'em out - I really think you'll like 'em.  Peace-

P.S.  For those that get this multiple times, my apologies.


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sseremet@moose.uvm.edu Fri Mar 17 09:13:41 1995

Sorry, but that is FRIDAY night for STRANGE FOLK in NYC @ A.K.A- I'm not 
sure what time the show starts, so call before you haul - Peace-


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duke show

heathera@wam.umd.edu Fri Mar 17 13:56:09 1995

Hey everybody.... I just found out that the closest DMB is coming to my 
hometown is when they play Durham, NC at DUKE on April 7. I'm kind of 
bummed that they aren't playing around the DC area, but me and my 
roommate are headed down to NC anyway. My question to anyone who can help 
is what campgrounds are around that area and what should or shouldn't we 
do when we get there. We're excited about this roadtrip so if anybody 
could offer some suggestions I would be ever so happy.
Also that tour hotline number was very helpful that was posted yesterday, 
thanx. They have tour dates through the end of may if anyone needs them.
"THanks for sharing",
Heather Austin

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sra5@psu.edu Fri Mar 17 15:22:19 1995


Well, we have done it! On March 27, the command will be sent out to
create "alt.music.dmatthews-band"!!!!

My newsserver just brought up a different DMB newsgroup as a "new newgroup"
today for the first time. It is "alt.music.dave-matthews". Only four
messages, and I haven't read it yet, but I just thought you all should



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Re: ***Live recording of DMB****

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Fri Mar 17 16:50:54 1995

 I was wondering if the the Sound man for the DMB shows will let you hook up
 to the sound feed? I would like to record the show in Chicago, Friday and was
 wondering if they would let me. Somebody email me and let me know if you know
 anything. Thanks.

Although this has been stated several times, I want to make sure everyone 
knows that __soundboard feeds__ at DMB shows are *NO LONGER AVAILABLE.*

If you want to tape a DMB show, **BRING MICS** and all your own gear.

This is now DMB's 'official' TAPING POLICY.  This policy will reamin in 

alex crothers

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Chicago Reader "Spot Check" on DMB

wrongway@wwa.com Fri Mar 17 17:31:12 1995

Peter Margasak of the Chicago Reader had to say about the Dave Matthews 

of the everswelling H.O.R.D.E. posse, but even a perfunctory listen to 
their second album, the breakout "Under the Table and Dreaming" (RCA), is 
enough to prove that they too subscribe to the "partying will help" 
mentality.  While the band is multiracial, its supposedly 
consciousness-raising music (sappy dance-in-the-fields folk rock just 
begging for a Natalie Merchant duet), is consumed almost exclusively by 
white people who think passing a joint around on the weekend contributes 
majorly to world peace.  [deleted slams on Ugly Americans and BHTM]

End quoted material.

Yikes.  Hey, a few more reviews like this and we won't have to worry 
about DMB getting big at all (yeah, right).  I wonder who it is that 
supposes Dave writes consciousness-raising music?  I also why it matters 
what race the band members or their fans are.  Whatever, unfortunately 
crap like this gets printed in "avant garde" city magazines, where if it 
ain't ugly, hip, new... and if you've HEARD of it, it's gonna get 
slammed.  Oh well, happy green day!


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Re: ***Live recording of DMB****

stompkin@siu.edu Fri Mar 17 17:34:00 1995

Although this has been stated several times, I want to make sure everyone
knows that __soundboard feeds__ at DMB shows are *NO LONGER AVAILABLE.*

If you want to tape a DMB show, **BRING MICS** and all your own gear.

This is now DMB's 'official' TAPING POLICY.  This policy will reamin in
        effect even after DMB stops their current tour with BHT.

Man, do you think this new policy is a result of their major label
recording contract?  (RCA?)  Has some recording label execs decided this
for Dave and the boys?  Geez, they are nice.



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lover lay down

ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Fri Mar 17 18:03:23 1995

i know this is after the fact, but was anyone as peeved as i was that 
they didn't play Lover Lay Down at either of their Roseland shows?  
maybe it's just me, but all i wanted was to hear Dave's voice, live, 
singing one of the best songs I've ever heard.  don't get me wrong, 
the show was fantastic, but I missed that song.  i guess i'm the only 
one who feels that way because no one else said anything, but i just 
wanted to vent.

1.  Again, thanx to everyone who answered my question about Anne and 
for any new members who keep asking me about her because they see my 
Africa before he took his own life.  The child on the back of the 
jewel case of UTTAD is one of her two children.

2.  I was really proud and relieved that i left my mailbox unchecked 
for a whole 24 hours and only received 29 messages.  Cutting the junk 
mail was an absolute improvement of minaret land.

ps sorry if my grammar or language is skewed I'm tired 


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jgrimes@moose.uvm.edu Fri Mar 17 18:12:56 1995




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new orleans show

Bedicta@aol.com Fri Mar 17 18:25:26 1995

tickets for the New Orleans show with BHT&M  April 19 at the state palace
theater go on sale today March 17th.  General Admission 
If anybody has been to the State Palace Theater let me know what it is like
i.e.... Is it a theater with seats or will there be an open area.  I also
need to know where it is.  Isn't it right next to the Sanger Theater???  The
reason I need to know is that I am driving to the show after work from
Pensacola Florida and I need to know how early to get there so I can be up
front making all of you Minarets proud.
If any one else is going to the N.O. date let me know

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ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Fri Mar 17 18:29:14 1995

know, what was that whole Rhyme and Reason TAB thing sent by a guy 
named sean?  i'm really confused

by the way, happy green day

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Re: new orleans show

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Fri Mar 17 19:08:15 1995

 tickets for the New Orleans show with BHT&M  April 19 at the state palace
 theater go on sale today March 17th.  General Admission 
 If anybody has been to the State Palace Theater let me know what it is like
 i.e.... Is it a theater with seats or will there be an open area.  I also
 need to know where it is.  Isn't it right next to the Sanger Theater???  The
 reason I need to know is that I am driving to the show after work from
 Pensacola Florida and I need to know how early to get there so I can be up
 front making all of you Minarets proud.
 If any one else is going to the N.O. date let me know
The State Palace is a cool place to see a show.  Its pretty old, and 
has an "established" feel to it.  There are lots of seats, but there is 
also a nice sized floor area.  Usually you've gotta specify "FLOOR" when
you buy tickets, or you wont be able to get into that area...

It is on Canal Street right across the street from the Saenger.

Has anybody heard of BOXING GHANDIS?  I know their name has passed 
thru this net once or twice..... Anyway they are opening for BHT/DMB
instead of Ugly Americans.  I just wanted to know if I should arive early
enough to catch them.

Also, there is a place to buy tickets for the State Palace where they
dont charge you the ticketbastard service charge.  Email me for
instructions how to get there.



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Chicago Show!

cumm@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu Fri Mar 17 19:11:17 1995

Let me tell you, I just witnessed my first DMB concert last night and
it was incredible!  The energy that the band puts out is
unbelieveable (sp)!  I know, I know, most of you know that already,
but I had to say that for myself.  I have two questions...

1)  If anyone has a boot of the March 16th show (last night) I'd kill


2)  If anyone has two tickets for tonight's show (March 17) I need

I didn't write down the set list, but they played an awesome list.
They opened with Dancing Nancies, when they went into Warehouse, and
after that I can't remember the order.  Anyways, I'm sorry for boring
everyone.  Also, if someone has the setlist, if they could post

Thanks For The Bandwith,


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jonas@unixg.ubc.ca Fri Mar 17 19:38:35 1995

Hey there, I'm a huge DMB fan so please,




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Colombus show

WillMC25@aol.com Fri Mar 17 19:45:47 1995

This was a great show, they rocked as usual if anyone wants to see the set
list I will post it.  Does anyone have a tape of this show, march 6, Veterans
Memorial, colombus ohio, Please e-mail me at Willmc25@aol.com

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tshirts? ah yes.

WIMURPHY@DAVIDSON.EDU Fri Mar 17 19:46:22 1995

well there have been several messages received concerning the "shirts"
and why $$ was sent back to people, which is still such a large-sized

     Hi, I don't know if you're still on the list or not but several
of us who sent checks to the USC address for the minarets shirts have
gotten our letters returned saying that there was no longer such an
addressee.  Can we still get shirts and do you have a correct address
to send the check to?  Thanks a lot!

in order to clear up any misconceptions.

sent back.  i spoke with the bloke who is running things at USC and apparently
the people at the USC mailplace get mad if there's not a name on the envelope.
They all said 'minarets shirts' so he could differentiate from his personal
mail but apparently you can't do that.  Also it was during spring break and
his mailbox was full.  Anyway, you still may be able to get shirts if you
already tried once.  I must say though, I haven't seen these shirts butI
believe it is a picture of the man with a mask on.  I am currently unsure what
minarets content is on the shirt besides the fact that the quote is the
subliminal quote from UTTAD.  Hope all is well on the list, several people had
to unsub because the volume was so large.   Ack!  slip it!
are, however, muchly and famously available now, for a limited time only.  This
is, as they say in churchdom, the third time of asking.  


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Dave on MTV (again)

mwebber@moose.uvm.edu Fri Mar 17 20:29:20 1995

There is a new commercial on MTV for their spring break thing. It starts 
next friday sometime (thats the 24th)  And they make reference to DMB. Does 
anyone know if they will be playing on some cheesy stage set up on the beach?
Hmmm. Have to wait & see I guess. What is next... 

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Re: Philly radio

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Fri Mar 17 22:34:13 1995


Have you heard anything more about this? I may try to call XPN this 
week/weekend to check out if they'd sell/copy a tape.

Peace, Karen


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Toad the Wet Sprocket Tree

jogriffith@vaxsar.vassar.edu Fri Mar 17 23:42:08 1995

Interested in Toad the Wet Sprocket?

Offering now a tree for LIVE Toad......

*what's on the tape
*application for tree
*other info

from a variety of sources and released on promo discs and out of date
releases.  It fits on one 90 minute tape...with some filler that I havent
chosen yet...maybe rare b-sides....(there are 8 non LP tracks)...

The tape is here-by called "Toad Jams" (no not toe jam!).

12/11/92 Hollywood Paladium        Way Away
12/11/92 Hollywood Paladium        Know Me
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Don't Go Away
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Corproal Brown
1993 Santa Monica                  Something's Always Wrong (acoustic)
1994 Atlanta                       Stupid
1994 Atlanta                       Nancy
1994 Atlanta                       Walk on the Ocean
1994 Atlanta                       Fall Down
1991 Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood    Scenes from a Vinyl Recliner
1991 Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood    Hold Her Down
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Jam
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Come Back Down
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   One Little Girl
12/11/92 Hollywood Paladium        Nightengale Song

cut here
(If branch) How many copies will you make?: 5

JT Griffith                               "If you want peace then live alone
Box #2012 Vassar College                   If you wanna hide then find a stage
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601-6198                Each a brief but perfect home
jogriffith@vassar.edu                      To accomodate your rage."


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subscribe minarets

SNAKEyes@aol.com Fri Mar 17 23:53:02 1995


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tape of chicago show??

dhoconno@students.uiuc.edu Sat Mar 18 01:58:37 1995

Hi...i had to unsubscribe for the last week because our server was down 
and i didn't want to lose any other mail if my ox overflowed.  Forgive me 
if i violate some rule or ask something that has been asked in the past 
week; i haven't been able to access minarets.  At any rate, i was at the 
show at the Aragon last night (3.16) and thought it was amazing.  Though 
i have been listening to DMB since last aug., this was the first time i 
was able to see them live.  I would do anything to get a copy of a tape 
of the show...i don't have any quality recording gear (yet) and don't 
have any tapes to trade...i would be willing to do something in order to 
make it a fair exchange...you tell me what you think would be fair.  If 
nothing else, i would share the tape with others to try to win over new 
fans...sorry for rambling on...thanks in advance for any help :)


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The other Dave Matthews...

MBRoth@aol.com Sat Mar 18 02:41:27 1995

About a year and a half ago was the first time I heard of Dave Matthews (thru
Phish-net), so I went down to my local record store to check it out... the
only thing that I knew about him was his name.  They didn't have any thing in
stock so I tried to special order something. i was excited because I had a
ton of albums to choose from.  Well, time went by and the disk came in.  As I
looked at the disk I realized that I had the wrong man but I bought the disk
anyway.  This Dave Matthews plays piano and has a couple Miles Davis
covers...It's jazz, I really like it.  just thought you might like to know!

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Chicago - 3/17

e.hoglund@genie.geis.com Sat Mar 18 03:21:58 1995

Someone -- please help!! I really need a copy of Dave's appearance at Tower
records in Chicago today (3/17). The show was excellent, but unfortunately I
was at the show, and therefore could not record it off the radio. I'd be
very willing to send a blank tape or try to arrange a trade. Thank you!

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alt.music.dave-matthews IS HERE!!!!! CHECK IT OUT ASAP!!!!

jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Sat Mar 18 04:07:55 1995

It has been done! IT IS UP AND RUNNING NOW!!!!!!



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Chicago free concert and a request

miah@merle.acns.nwu.edu Sat Mar 18 05:24:10 1995

Hello again all-
yesterday and I'm still here?...boy, I'm such a hypocrite (no, I just have
been hanging around for the Chicago set lists and I'm too lazy to unsub
yet).  I wanted to let you all know the set list for the Chicago promo show
at 5pm at Tower records in Lincoln Park today.  It was a cool little show. 
Carter had bongos and chimes, Dave was especially talkative and funny, and
they just jammed acoustic for a few...
So Much to Say 

Nifty show, Nifty show....I have a tape of it as well (the bongos in my
opinion make it different and worth having).
I also have 70+ hours of Dave...including every song he's ever sung except
After Her and Heathcliff's....some primo and rare shit. Also Everything,
BHTM, Freddy Jones, Samples, Mother Hips, Phish, Jambay etc...

MORE than happy to compensate you with some 'o me gems for it.

ALSO....Someone please post the Chicago shows' set lists and maybe even
critique the shows (both last night and tonight if you can).....many thanks

"You skate. I skate. WE...skate.  Why don't we get together and be a
skating team?"
"It's a damn shame them having to go and throw away a perfectly good white
boy like that!"


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United Airlines

eahofstede@ucdavis.edu Sat Mar 18 08:06:44 1995

Dave has truly reached the pinnacle of stardom.  I recently flew out to 
Kansas City this past week and low and behold on my United Airlines 
flight, on the progressive rock (format) station was listed WWYS, with 
the likes of many other MTV staples.  For those who are unfamilar with 
all of this, United Airlines has various programmed music formats for 
your listening enjoyment, complete with the lovely earphones that fail to 
fit your head.  Anyways just thought it was rather amusing.


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