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Looking for a tape.

Ben.Marks@f125.n265.z1.fidonet.org Sat Mar 18 11:26:39 1995

Hey, all. I'm new to this net but not new to DMB, whom I've listened to since 
their formation. However, one of my favorite tapes was stolen and I was hoping
that someone on Minaret.net could help me. I have a lot of good shows to 
trade. I do not know what the date of the show is that I'm looking for but I 
know the set list. Dave opens solo singing an "untitled" song, and then goes 
into Minarets, Best of..., Typical..., Watchtower, I'll back you up, and the 
"Almond Joy, Mounds" Two Step. The rest of the band comes in, including Peter 
Griesar, for Grannie and the rest of the set which includes a twenty-five 
minute long Jimi Thing. The set ends with True Reflections. I'm willing to 
trade for a "good" copy of this show. I have a lot of good shows including 
94'-95' New Years and the Miguel Valdez Benefit. I hope to get the Richmond
Symphony Show soon(within the week.) I hope someone can help me. Thanks.


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scary dave sightings

asgoodma@amhux3.amherst.edu Sat Mar 18 13:21:41 1995

I'm not going to say that they've sold out, but...

in the last week, I have seen What Would You Say used on

1) A "Nobody Beats the Wiz" commercial (for those of you non-east 
coasters, this is a terrible little discount music chain which usually 
advertises with such contemporary music geniuses as Green Day)  ;)

2) Last night the song was played while going to commercial on the NCAA 
basketball tournament (I can't remember what network, though)  

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news group help?!?!

youngm@luigistoaster.pds.charlotte.nc.us Sat Mar 18 14:43:58 1995

if anyone could tell me about this "alt.music.dave-matthews"  What is it 
about  or better yet where is it.   thanks for yo time,  matt.

"Shut-up I'm thinking!!!!!!!!"  Dave M.


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bittersweet on dave

scooter@merle.acns.nwu.edu Sat Mar 18 17:03:37 1995

hey all,

well, i finally made it, for those of you who replied to my message, thanks,
you're the best. here goes...

Chicago show, st. patty's day

they open up for bhtm, after lots of speculation on headlining, but they still
rocked.  slid up to the front, 'bout 6 "rows" back...probably could have been
happier further back was it not for the....(i hate to say it) high school BOYS!
yeah, the girls were rockin' out, but the guys were trying to start all the
body surfing, moshing, etc, until the security guys would climb over the
crowd and retreive them, thank god. opened with seek up, rhyme & reason,
satellite, most else is fuzzy.  was so psyched to hear so much to say, first
time for me live, definately sweet.  night started out great for the boys,
boyd paid a little visit to ugly americans, who aren't all that bad.  smiles
began to become scarce, it seemed not only were they tired, but they were
performing, not enjoying the show.  poor stefan was looking almost annoyed,
leroi lost as usual, carter and boyd, they're always going pretty strong.  i
felt bad for the boys, i hope that the annoying "clique" that i found myself
amoungt during satellite dissolves soon.  god, i'm sorry for the cool high
school people on this net, i don't mean to put you down, i'm not all that much
older than you.  i just hope that dbm doesn't see their following now
consisting of these few charachter types.  i still enjoyed the show, though
fitting it was bittersweet....


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Chicago-St. Paddy's Day

cumm@uxa.ecn.bgu.edu Sat Mar 18 17:27:30 1995

Well, I got to go to last night's show (March 17) as well as the
March 16 show.  As it was posted previously, DMB seemed either tired
or irritated last night.  There was just not the energy that was
there on Thursday night.  They still kicked ass, but it just wasn't
the same.  I also want to thank the guy that sold me the two tickets
AT FACE VALUE!  I came to the show thinking I wasn't even going to
get tickets.  These scalpers were trying to sell me two tickets for
anywhere between $100 and $150!  We were starting to walk back to the
car and this guy had one ticket and his friend had an extra ticket.
I got the two for $40!  He was really cool.  He told me that he'd
rather sell them to someone who was going to use them than a scalper.
If you're out there in cyberspace, I am the guy with the Phi Mu hat
from Univ of Illinois.  Thank you very much!! 



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Recently cd cover?

McMoe@aol.com Sat Mar 18 19:14:36 1995

Can anyone tell me who is on the cover of the recently cd -- I couldn't 
find it in the FAQ -- if it's in there, sorry!!!


" . . . so celebrate we will, cause life is short and sweet for certain" dave

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MINARETS digest 107

75022.2464@compuserve.com Sat Mar 18 21:19:43 1995

Jeff Killberg - Ah, yes! Nothing like a wonderful evening of crowd surfing 
at Dave!

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MINARETS digest 107

75022.2464@compuserve.com Sat Mar 18 21:37:22 1995

Eli - Send a blank and postage to the following address and I will send you 


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75022.2464@compuserve.com Sat Mar 18 23:06:19 1995

Anyone have tapes of the show at the Tower Theatre in Philly w/ Popper or 
2/25/95 show at Lafayette College???  Will send blanks and postage upon 

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personal to guy @ vims

bmking@mail.wm.edu Sat Mar 18 23:06:34 1995

to whomever you are who dropped your tapes off in the plastic bag, they are
you don't have to worry about me                                  it's here
i might have been born yesterday                          brett's home page

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Looking For.....(tapes)

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Sun Mar 19 02:22:58 1995

hey now,
would kill two birds with one stone. i can say hi! to everyone, and try to
set up some tape trades. i am looking for specific tapes right now, but if
you would like to send your list anyway, who knows what will happen. if you
have a crispy quality, low gen. soundboard copy of any of the following shows,

1/95     UVM w/Trey
2/95     Tower w/Popper
2/95     Roseland w/ Popper and Trey
2/14/95  Richmond,Va (this can obviously be an audience tape)
11/8/94  Washington,D.C. (must have this show!!!!!!)
any recording of a studio session
a copy of the NPR show
a copy of the World Cafe special
a copy of the original promotional disc released by Bama Rags following R2T

thanks in advance to anyone who would like to TRADE!!!

OGES                                   !
1-800-HELP MYSELF                      @
Catholic University, Washington,D.C.   #
"Having a wonderful time, wish I was...$

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lono@strauss.udel.edu Sun Mar 19 02:55:31 1995

so now there's a DMB newsgroup other than minarets.
someone posted here a couple months ago that it would turn into the phishnet

wouldn't that be cool

wouldn't it be cool if I got flamed for not liking DMB in 1992?
or if I got flamed because I liked WWYS?
or if I got flamed for having never heard of DMB, and having some 
interest in them now?


anyway...I guess I just trolled for a few flames there...my fault entirely

I'm glad that I got such a good response on the roseland tree...if you're 
waiting for those tapes, they'll be in circulation soon enough...my tape 
connection assures me that 3 XL II bricks will be in next week with my 
name on them.

In the meantime, however, I'd like to ask a few questions of the beloved 
minnows here in minaret land.

What's Dave's deal post-europe???
is there any horde in his future?
or more east coast touring?
or another album?
or a live album?

I have a bunch of cool boots to tide me over, thanks to my recently 
acquired trading skills and some very cool people who subscribe to the 
minaret-net, but I'm anxious to see Dave live again...it's been a LONG 
fuckin' time...he played several shows inthe area, and I was unfortunate 
enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

any word on the band's extended schedule?

also....who is Kristen?...sang "Angel...." on one of my boots...the lady 
WAILS!  what's her story? where can I find more of her (other than my 
1-19-93 boot) ?

I also understand there are 1000+ people subscribing to this freakin' 
thing now....holy shit. Is that why I'm still getting requests back for 
my tree? 

sorry sorry sorry

I've gotten back very little flak for the tee itself, so I'm assuming 
that, barring the two people that wrote me about address corrections, 
you're all okay.

good deal.

branches should have their tapes no later than April, and probably 
sooner. keep in mind, UofD's springbreak is the last week of March, and 
I'm going top Atlanta to see the (gasp) Grateful Dead, so I won't be 
doing any taping that week. 

chill on those requests...the tree's been MADE!

as always, I only get personal responses, so there's no use trying to 
flame me publicly on the net...I'll never know!!!!

cheers guys...

SPDLMT 55.....narrowly averted traffic ticket on I95 this morning. 
behind the wheel along with Carter on an inspired granny, when suddenly 
the car in front of me JAMS on his fuckin brakes! YIKES! ignoring my 
impulsive urge to whip around him and continue at my paced 76mph, I 
decided to yield to his tailights, and BINGO! John-E-Law is chillin in 
the bushes...

If I get a ticket, I'm sending it to Dave, 'cause he's got the money, and 
it's his fault for being so damned cool.

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Newsgroup questioneee

cb3@keene.edu Sun Mar 19 03:00:47 1995

Good Day!!
Just wanted to know if anyone could be so kinde and explain to me or the 
rest of the illetrate netters on how to get into the new newsgroup via 
email if its possible!

Also like to thank all you great people on helping me out with my 
collection especially Tommy, Steve and Adam!! you guyz are great!!!
Ill be spinning some tapes hopefully in the future for some newbies as 
soon as I get a healthy collection together....peace and enjoy.


Keeping the Groove alive

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Hello all

langbenj@student.msu.edu Sun Mar 19 03:54:06 1995

Hello all,
what the mood is before I post but I cant wait. I just got into Dave and Co.
about 2 months ago. I'm sorta scarred to say that WWYS was what got me into the
band. Does that make me a bad person or not a true fan (I'm not sure of the
list attitude twards bandwaggoners). Well I immediatly rushed out and bought.
UTTAD and was stunned at how good it was. Well I immediatly went and bought RTT
it also was wonderful. Notice a trend :) I got itnto DM just in time tickets
for the Michigan State concert went on sale 2 days after I bought UTTAD. I got
there at 9:00 (tickets went on sale at 10:00) expecting to be at the end of a
long line, and only one person was ahead of me. So I got FRONT ROW CENTER.
YES!!! In the meantime waiting for the show to come I got a hold of a excellent
boot of there show at Ann Arbor MI at the Blind Pig on 10-29-94. Well the show
came and it rocked. It was the second best concert ever for me (Tori Amos #1).
I went and waited out afterwards and got my copy of Recently signed by the
violin player (he is so GOOD). Well I'm getting a copy of that concert and the
Grand Rapids concert the next week. I would like to trade people for tapes.
Specificly I would like to get any non album tracks, covers, and other good
stuff. I will trade the Blind pig show (2 tapes) or any of the other two. I
also have every track ever sung by Tori Amos if anyone likes her. Oh all tapes
are EXCELENT soundboard quality. It looks like a cool list. I think I shall
like it here.


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did you know...

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sun Mar 19 05:06:00 1995

"rutabaga" is a synonym for money? (geek fact I discovered recently from 
the folks at farmer's almanac)

Found out today that World Cafe MAY re-broadcast the DMB interview/music 
show...but they won't say when just yet. Keep your ears open, minarets.

Went to hear Jazz Mandolin Project (and other bands) at the Jazz Festival 
at Villanova tonite.  WOW. The man on the mandolin jams. He made that 
thang sing.  They have a great sound--kind of a jazz with a somewhat folksy 
kick to it. Thanks to whomever alerted us of their presence in the music 
world. I didn't get a program tonite, so I don't know much about them 
except that they're from Burlington. Anyone know if they have a cd?

Pleasant dreams, y'all. 


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MTV joke !

brisbyje@student.msu.edu Sun Mar 19 06:56:48 1995

were as stupid as I was to actually sit through one of those MTV "Spring Break
Moments" promos, but if you did I hope you were as deeply disturbed as I was.
Since everyone has made such a big deal about DMB and Blues Traveler selling
out by doing videos, I thought I would share this with y'all.  In between some
of the wonderful acts that MTV is featuring on their spring break special the
announcer said DMB.  Normally I would be excited, but the fact that they were
lumped in the same category as Warren G, Brandy, and God knows who else (I was
too disgusted to pay attention) it makes me really sad.  I don't have anything
against the bands who make it big through videos or radio play--hell, it sucks
to be a starving artist forever--but of course it's always nice to have them
remain sort of an underground sensation.  People keep putting on the net that
the band is so exhausted from touring that they are limiting their interviews
to stations and newspapers, yet they're allowing themselves to be placed in a
clip with gangsta rappers and cheesy twelve year-olds singing about their
concept of the "real world". It's o.k. to be successful--but don't let it get
in the way of what the music is all about.  If anyone else saw this, please
feel free to talk.  Over and out.ll about. If anyone else saw this--please feel
free to talk. It's sad to say that this made the Buzz Clip look like nothing.
Over and out......Jenn


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Need some info...

beck74@potsdam.edu Sun Mar 19 07:27:46 1995

Hello there fellers,

Just one of them nites where I can't get to bed, and was thinking about
A few days ago I saw a few postings from those who had bought the DMB boot
CD and were feeling guilty and decided to makes copies for anyone who was
interested.  well I am very interested, so if you could please write to me
and tell me how to get one.
Question 2:  how many promo disks are floating around out there?  I Have
one that consists of songs off either UTTAD or RTT , as well as 4 gems that
are acoustic demos of Typical Sit., Song that Jane Likes, and Dancing
Nancies as well as A live acuostic version of Ants Marching (w/Tim
Renolds).  As far as I know it was distributed by BMG (RCA).  Please tell
me what other promos there are and how I can get them.  PLEASE!!!
On the same topic, other than UTTAD, RTT, and Recently, are there any other
DMB CDs?  This mat seem like a dumb question, but I am a bonehead.
Lastly, what is this new alt.DMB net that everyone is talking about.  I'm
not to versed in these computer things, so please, I need more info...and
I know this is getting long, but plaese bare with me...
On a lighter note, I was again inspired today by DMB.  On my radio show I
played Chistmas Song (my favorite) and I got about 12 calls saying how much
they liked the song, and asked for more info.  That says something.  I'm
not sure what, but it does say something.  I think it shows how even the
average music listener is sick of all the generic crap that the likes of
MTV shove down their troat everyday.  So when MTV actually plays something
good (or in our case GREAT with DMB) they really listen.  Its kind of cool.
Thats just whatI see though.
Lastly, I posted last week that I had a really good band You all might be
interested in and I got a few replies, and those that did the tapes are
soon to be released.  The Band is PIPE DREAM, and I think you all would dig
them quite a bit.  I know this week they will be playing an acoustic set on
the college radio station up here in potsdam, WAIH, so I will get copies of
that and pass them out to whoever is interested.  They are currently
working with a producer to record their Demo/album, so theres more to come.
A very exciting young band...
Thanks for baring with me...
Untill Next time...


can sleep...


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St. Paul show 3/18

EDOHERTY@MACALSTR.EDU Sun Mar 19 08:35:36 1995

The Dave Matthews Band oppend for BHTM at the show this evening at Roy Wilkins
Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The acoustics of this place suck and it
really had a big impact on the sound of the show.  It was so much nicer to hear
them play loud and clear in a club last fall.  I don't know what the capacity
was but there were a few thousand people there.  The floor was general
admission without seats so I was expecting the crowd surfing which started a
few songs into the show (Dancing Nancies).

The band seemed tired and uninspired during this show.  They had some fine
moments and played pretty well, but you can tell that the rough touring
schedule is having an effect on them.  Dave said during the show that his
throat was hurting and wouldn't sing so loud.  I'll wait for someone else to
post the setlist since I did not write it down.  They kicked things off with
Seek Up and ended with Ants Marching.  The show was about 1 hour and 10 minutes
(8:28-9:38).  The peek moment for me was the ending jam of Jimi Thing which I
thought was brilliant.  The Dave Matthews Band is about rhythm...it is putting
that groove together and letting loose, and for me that peek arrived during
Jimi Thing.  The setlist will give you more details (a So Much To Say and was
that Say Goodbye?...otherwise a standard setlist).


Eric Doherty

Eric Doherty        "Wake up to find out                    / /(  - -
Macalester College   that you are the eyes of the world"    |   -   |
1600 Grand Ave.               -Robert Hunter                - - _)/ /
St. Paul, MN  55105                                          (__ __)

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back again, plus old review

psjacobs@artsci.wustl.edu Sun Mar 19 08:55:59 1995

hello hello hello! i was a lurker on this net for a while, but the mail got 
a little nutty a couple weeks ago (i'm sure you all remember) so i had to 
unsub, but i decided to try again. it looks much tamer these days! ;)
i know it's a little late for this too, but i thought i'd stick in my $.02
for this tour. i saw the show in st. louis, MO on 3-12, and it was really 
nice. i tolerated the ugly americans, enjoyed bhtm,(even though i 
couldn't really groove w/ him i could appreciate his musicianship), then 
dmb came on. they were steaming from the first second they picked up 
their instruments, so into it the crowd had to catch up with them! luckily, 
there were no problems w/ moshing or crowd surfing, although there was a 
fight in the pit right before jimi thing.  i don't remember the whole set 
list anymore, but i loved watching so much to say, #36, and 
recently-dave solo-lie in our graves-recently...they were all 
beautiful, and what was almost better was watching the confusion of the 
teeny bopper next to me when she saw me singing all of the words, after 
having spent the fifteen minutes before the show started telling me what 
a huge fan she was while i just smiled and nodded... i have to admit that 
the large contingency of squealing high school girls next to me *did* 
definitely annoy me. dave and the boys seemed to get a little lackluster in 
the middle of the set, but they got back into it by the end. boyd went through
3 bows in one night (he kept breaking the strings 'cause he was going at it 
too hard!) they ended w/ a 15 minute seek up. all in all, i'd say it was 
a pretty damn decent show :) 
one more quick note...i'm looking for a crispy copy of the roseland show 
2-24-95 (or was it 2-25-95?) w/ trey anastasio and john popper. i've got 
dmb, phish, rusted root, and some gsw to trade for it, if anyone feels 
like spinning me off a copy.
thanks for the bandwidth....
"Imagine that the sun itself is your heart and shine on infinitely 
without looking back..."

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rmg@acpub.duke.edu Sun Mar 19 09:10:38 1995

If anyone knows the whereabouts of someone whose e-mail address was


please get in touch with me and tell me how to contact him.

Or better yet if you, ElmoreWolf, are reading this, contact me.


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jrowe@CS.Stanford.EDU Sun Mar 19 10:03:58 1995

Hi everyone,

I was just getting caught up on my minarets reading and I was trying to 
pinpoint why reading minerets is so different now and I finally got it. 
See, before, I read notes posted by all these people I'd never met 
talking about spooning and putting personal messages at the end of their 
notes. I had no idea what they were talking about, though I almost got to 
the point where I would follow these conversations, but it was like a big 
circle of friends sitting around talking about a band that has touched us 
in such a great way for many different reasons. Now I just read a note that 


I hope I just got rubbed the wrong way by this note, but I miss claire's 
spoons... ;(



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Re:Chicago free concert and a

e.hoglund@genie.geis.com Sun Mar 19 15:49:00 1995

In your setlist for the 3/17 Tower appearance, you forgot the 2 songs they
The whole show was entirely accoustic - Stefan played accoustic bass. There
was a great moment during Stefan's solo in I'll Back You Up -- the amps went
off! People yelled "keep playing!" and sure enough they did. It was
incredible -- it was as unplugged as you can get!
Also --- looks like some people still want the setlist to the 3/16 show.
I think I got everything correct there.

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Dmbard@aol.com Sun Mar 19 19:21:39 1995

howdy all,

just wanted to know how exactly this new usenet alt.music thing works and
what are its advantages?

do you subscribe to this?

how do you activate it when you're on america online?

thanks for the answers.



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Chicago 3/16

tpl@acpub.duke.edu Sun Mar 19 20:19:04 1995

3/16 at the Aragon in Chicago.  I've got a lot of good stuff to trade, if 
anybody has a copy of that show I'd love to have it!  Thanx...


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Review of DMB in Minnesota...

jpederso@d.umn.edu Sun Mar 19 20:55:42 1995

I finally got to my first DMB concert last night and found a lot of 
interesting things while I was there.

1.  :O)  Damn, Dave is good.  I've been listening to tapes for over a 
year now and thought, "Man, he's good."  If you haven't seen him in 
concert, go.  Being there and seeing it is intense.  The show had an 
open floor, something that I thought would be the coolest part of the 
concert.  I knew that most of the people here in Minnesota would be going 
to see BHT (I was right), so I thought it would be pretty cool to get up 
close to enjoy Dave.  The crowd was really cool for the first two songs 
(a 10 minute long version/jam of Seek Up and a cool Rhyme and Reason (if 
I remember correctly).  Then some asshole decides to start the crowd 
surfing.  That sent everything to hell.  People were constantly overhead, 
disturbing the people that were there to enjoy the great music.  I'm 
normally a nice guy, but whenever somebody came over me I'd *help* them 
down.  I found others doing this too, which was nice.  It's unfortunate 
that people just can't enjoy the music.

2.  What did Dave play?  Well, highlight of the evening was "Quick Lay 
and Goodbye".  I'm really sorry for not knowing the "real" name for this 
song, if there is a "correct" name.  He also played "So Much To Say", a 
definate tapers highlight.  I was really amazed at the reaction of the 
crowd when they would play something other than what's on UTTAD.  I was 
Thing, and others I can't remeber at this moment.  I hit the highlights 

3.  Dave commented that he was feeling sick and that his voice wasn't all 
there.  Could have fooled me!  

4.  Another ovbservation.  The females that are there to see DMB *do* 
look good.  :)  I was commenting to my friend on how much has changed 
since the days of Fugazi and the early Lollapalozza's.

Great concert though.  If anyone reading this has connections to tapes 
please get ahold of me, I have stuff to trade.  

OH!  Dave played second for those keeping track, BHT finished off.  While 
resting during BHT I found a press pass to the NCAA WCHA Hockey finals 
(going on just down the hall from the concert).  Damn, just a little too 


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St. Paul, MN show 3/18

alang@engin.umich.edu Sun Mar 19 21:25:41 1995

Seek Up
Rhyme & Reason
So Much To Say
little intro-
Dancing Nancies
Jimi Thing- Jam
Say Goodbye
Ants Marching

Ok, for my review of the show, I went with two other people and for them, 
it was their first show, and they thought the show rocked, but after 
seeing them in smaller places, I was a little disappointed.  I had never 
been to the Roy Wilkens Aud before and it is huge! and the accoustics 
are bad.   Boyd, Dave, and Carter were jamming, and I was surprised and 
disappointed that Leroi didn't have any real solo.  Boyd got all the 
attention.  Of course Stefan was back there strumming away.  With this 
being a late stop on the tour, I can relate to the lack of energy.  The 
version of Jimi Thing was incredible, Dave was doing his crazy dance (god 
I love that!)... and a great long jam with solos... very nice...

On other notes, I thought BHTM was better than the last time I saw 
them (at HORDE), Dave left the crowd in a heightened state (by ending 
with Ants) and that helped.  BHTM started out dry, but their last 5 songs 
(two including the encore) were good.  

This was a BHTM crowd and so I was bummed by that, not enough people 
dancing to Dave.  Ok, enough of this..  till the next show.  



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Thoughts on Chicago Shows

wrongway@wwa.com Sun Mar 19 23:05:49 1995

last weekend was that anybody who missed the Tower show MISSED OUT.  
There weren't any mics set up in the store, so I'm guessing the only 
copies of the show to be circulated will be the 4 or so tunes that made 
it to the radio.  This was SLICK stuff, though.  Super laid back... it 
was great to hear I'll Back You Up, especially great in an intimate, 
accoustic setting.  Though not especially great that the Friggin PA got 
turned off halfway through.  Hearing the band play five or six measures 
without amplification was neat though, Dave just crooning to the 
ceiling.  I also got a big kick out of the media diss the band pulled.  I 
mean this show was broadcast live and television cameras were there... 
and the only direction I heard given to the camera man was "listen for 
the single (WWYS)."  And, of course, there was no WWYS.  So Much To Say 
was beautiful and Watchtower was really neat accoustic.
shows, because I sure wasn't going to slap down the cash to see both.  
Friday's show was pandemonium, everybody was drunk, Dave was speakin his 
baby talk/scatting for #36 which was charming.  Jimi rocked, major 
distortion jams.  Overall, though, it was NOT one of the better shows 
I've seen.  The band just didn't have it in em.  Tempos were lower than 
average for almost every single song.  I think the boys should just lay 
off the frequency of the shows in the future.
record-company-contrived bullshit double bills, like this BHTM thing.  
What a waste!  Well, here's hopin that a recharged, rested, motivated DMB 
comes back from Europe with new songs and a solo outdoor tour planned for 
this summer.  

Fingers Crossed,


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Charlotte show, Trade

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Mon Mar 20 00:35:47 1995

Hey all, 
Charlotte show during April.  Also, does anyone have the Charlotte show 
from '94 right after X-mas\?  I think the date was 12-29-94, and I'd 
really like to trade for a copy.  I have a great 2nd gen. copy of the 
94-95 New Year's show to trade plus about ten other HQ tapes coming in 
I'm quick and reliable.  I can't to see the boys at Duke and Wilmington, 
and I hope they will play So Much To Say, b/c this song definitely 
deserves more air-time than WWYS.  Drop me a line if you are interested, 
bored, or just want to shoot the shit...  Creg   cgbradle@email.unc.edu

"If you can't be with the one you love, fuck everything that moves."

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direwolf@selway.umt.edu Mon Mar 20 00:52:45 1995

The tape offer that I posted on or about Mar9th is now closed. I have a 
ton of people that requested to be included. You will propably be able to 
get tapes from the people who got tapes from me, but it's up to them.


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Gainesville show???

murmur@grove.ufl.EDU Mon Mar 20 01:40:35 1995

(praise the lawd) they're coming April 13th. But I haven't heard anything 
about it from any of the venues that they might play or any local press. 
Does anyone out there know where they will play? Rumor has it they'll 
either play at the Florida Theater or have a free outdoor concert at the 
Bandshell (like what Phish did some months ago....boy, did that rock). 
Any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
-Jared Medina


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New to DMB

jjgoke@bingen.cs.csbsju.edu Mon Mar 20 02:40:39 1995

except for a friend who went down south and happened to see them in concert.
Since them I've bought their three compact discs, but would really like to
get a hold of some full length concert material.  I have no Phish or DMB to
trade, but I do have quite a few "alternative" bands live concerts I could
offer (mainstream alternative -- like +Live+, Smashing Pumpkins, Counting
Crows, Sugar, etc.)  Anyway, if anyone would be willing to do a trade, or
help me out by arranging some other deal, I would very much appreciate it!

Thanks much,


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Nashville Show.

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Mon Mar 20 04:17:04 1995

Just got back from the Nashville area for break.  One of my friends is trying
to go see dave for the first time, but she does not attend Vandy.  It seems
Vandy is following the trend that Trinity started back in Jan/Feb.  Vandy
students get first dibs.  Any remaining tickets go to the public, but this is
being kept very hush, hush.  My friend has found a way to get tickets.  I do
not know if Vandy students can get guest tickets.  Hope this was some help to
those who asked.

To everyone whom I owe tapes-----Some things came up over break, and I did not
get much taping done.  I am going to try my damnedest to get the tapes I owe
out by the end of the week.  Sorry, for the delay, but they are coming soon, I

As I was driving home today, I was listening to "Orange Blossom Special" by
Charlie Daniels' Band.  Wouldn't it be awesome if Boyd played this, or any CDB
songs.  Just a thought.

Later, Good Night, and happy dave listening............tom

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fgg102@psu.edu Mon Mar 20 05:46:57 1995

fellow minaret peoples,

dave and his 'baby-talk' during one of the performances of #36. with my
limited experience of dave and the boys, 4 shows :(, i heard a song in
which dave sings no words but fragmentations of words (i.e.
da,da,da....be,be,brrrrrrup, etc.). can someone identify this song? is it
#36 - the one i've heard so much about? if so, i agree with you all......
great jam. thanks,


p.s. - for those of you at the colombus show....this song was initiated for
a very short time (perhaps a minute) and then cut off.


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2/24/95 Roseland show

Clogboy@aol.com Mon Mar 20 06:30:00 1995

Hey all,
Dave goes into the first encore, Pay For What You Get, he says happy birthday
to a woman named Robin.  Does anyone out there know who this woman is?


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Re: #36

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Mon Mar 20 06:36:49 1995

 fellow minaret peoples,
         i do not know if i have ever heard #36. i recall someone mentioning
 dave and his 'baby-talk' during one of the performances of #36. with my
 limited experience of dave and the boys, 4 shows :(, i heard a song in
 which dave sings no words but fragmentations of words (i.e.
 da,da,da....be,be,brrrrrrup, etc.). can someone identify this song? is it
 #36 - the one i've heard so much about? if so, i agree with you all......
 great jam. thanks,

"Hurry honey, come and dance with me"  or something like that.

Dave's "baby-talk" is also better known as SCAT singing. 


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l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Mon Mar 20 12:39:30 1995

Hey there y'all

What's going on, I haven't had a message for 4 days.  anybody home??


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mraffert@ux4.cso.uiuc.edu Mon Mar 20 15:49:55 1995

I'm in London and I am going to see Dave Matthews on Wednesday here at
the Marquee.  If you've got any scoop on who is opening I'd appreciate it.
I also want to get on the mailing list if possible.  Please let me know.

Thanks, Matt Rafferty

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alang@engin.umich.edu Mon Mar 20 17:00:07 1995

I don't know about anyone else, but the subjects on the newsgroup are 
just aweful, I really don't like the atmosphere of the newsgroup.  People 
are just posting messages asking for tapes, saying stuff to the effect 
of "I don't know too much about him, all I know is that he lived in South 
Africa or something."  This is really disappointing.  I didn't think the 
newsgroup would get so many newbies so fast...  I know I shouldn't flame 
the newbies, but I see the newsgroup having all newbies.  Since there 
seems to be less bandwidth on here since it's gone online, I don't mind 
it, but just wanted to express my opinion on the newsgroup...  

Oh, I also wanted to correct an error in the setlist.. another minaretter 
reminded me that DMB played Warehouse at St. Paul, for some reason, I 
didn't remember it, must have been drinking too much of that $4 beer!  It 
either came before Jimi Thing or after.  Sorry about that.  Like anyone 
cares... later



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May 9 and 10

lmorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu Mon Mar 20 17:56:16 1995


info on when tickets go on sale. 


        Joe & Laura         


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some random musings

SLAUFER.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Mon Mar 20 18:36:19 1995

First of all, I'm a little slow on reading my mail(overload plus some 
personal crap last week)so if this stuff is behind, I'm really sorry. 
and I have one, though it's not Terrapin Tapes. The number is 1-800-
278-TAPE, and the extension is 2358. You'll probably talk to Al or 
Steve, they're really quick, and XLIIs are about 1.25. XLIISs are 
friend finally gave back to me, and I noticed that drums are Carter 
Beauford, which is Dave's late brother-in-law's(and sister's) last 
name. Is it any realtion, or am I wrong about stuff? If someone would 
let me know, I'd really appreciate it.
the tape from 8/10/94, if one exists. Anyone who has info about it, 
please email me directly. Thanks!

Listen to the river sing sweet songs to rock my soul.
They don't gotta tell me and I don't gotta move, 'cause I'm sitting 
back here, sharing the groove.
And I'm searching for the meaning and the light.Who's to say who's 
wrong and who is right.

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take it all off,DMB!!!

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Mon Mar 20 19:23:55 1995

* *

hey all.

...yes,THE...THE one and only DAve Matthews Band will be on the damn
partiest show of all...MTV SPRING BREAK...i'm sooo excited.

i've seen the pre-copies of the show..heres the highlights....

1) our friend Dave Matthews wins the g-string bathing suit contest by
shaking his sweet ass to the songs "SHOOP" and "HOT-STEPPER"...during
the "hot-stepper" the crowd goes nuts and half naked women flock to
Dave to stuff dollars or whatever they can down his suit...the

....and procedes to stage dive into the crowd. the judges don't know
what to make of it...but RCA forces 'em to decalre Dave the winner.

2) Stefan drinks too many beers and enters the belly flop contest..and 
he too wins..but ends up yakking out his veggie burrito in the pool, 
automatically disqualifying him...

3) carter and boyd decide to stay outta the action due to the strict
orders and respect of their better halves...., and Leroi was M.I.A.
the whole time....we think he was kidnapped by the ghost of Coltrane
and asked what the hell he was playing on MTV for.....

well that does it for the Spring Break update....

any questions, comments...direct them toward Beavis on-line,please.

.....and you all should know that DAMABA just plays their music....they
don't ask questions...they just get on stage and play whenever they
reach the next destination...sometimes they wake up and know not
what state they are in... they just play their music and everything
else is taken "care" of......comprendo???????


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an easier name.....

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Mon Mar 20 19:40:47 1995

 if ya' wanna pass around that tape but don't feel like writing out
                   DAMABA SALAD
 * *


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jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Mon Mar 20 19:51:37 1995

alt.music.dmatthews-band, alt.music.dave-matthes, and

I've also heard mention of alt.music.dmb and alt.music.dave

This is the sort of uncorrectable messiness that occurs when the
inevitable is resisted. Now, instead of having a usenet group
that explodes the minarets.net population, we have at least 3
(and perhaps as many as five) which will bring not only a faster
rate of explosion, but will disintegrate the group into
unconnected corners.

PLEASE if you post to one of the newsgroups, crosspost to the
others, or the end of this group is nigh. :(


FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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House of Blues Email...

jeg5s@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Mon Mar 20 19:52:30 1995

House of Blues can be emailed at hob1@LVFMHOB.com
They also have a web page, but i didnt catch the address

And, tell them to do DMB again. :)

FAQ File Administrator for rec.music.phish & phish-digest


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R & R TAB?

POPEM@tiger.hsc.edu Mon Mar 20 20:17:19 1995

Did someone post the TAB to R & R?
I think that I accidentaly erased it.
Could someone please forward it to me.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: #36

acox@s850.mwc.edu Mon Mar 20 20:22:13 1995

  fellow minaret peoples,
          i do not know if i have ever heard #36. i recall someone mentioning
  dave and his 'baby-talk' during one of the performances of #36. with my
  limited experience of dave and the boys, 4 shows :(, i heard a song in
  which dave sings no words but fragmentations of words (i.e.
  da,da,da....be,be,brrrrrrup, etc.). can someone identify this song? is it
  #36 - the one i've heard so much about? if so, i agree with you all......
  great jam. thanks,
 "Hurry honey, come and dance with me"  or something like that.
 Dave's "baby-talk" is also better known as SCAT singing. 
Actually, the chorus is "Hani, Hani, come and dance with me." The song
was written in memory, or celebration, of the life of Chris Hani who was
a 'freedom fighter' in South Africa. 

The entire transcription of the lyrics can be found in the lyrics file at 
the ftp site. Though Number 36 once was always different each time
played, it seems to be becoming pretty standard nowadays. 

I don't know what the da,da,da...be,be,brrrrrup is from, the only thing
that comes to mind right now is the beginning to Minarets (non-album



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Import CD Date...

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Mon Mar 20 21:45:10 1995

I was just trying to figure out the date to the "Live at Ziggy's" CD.  I 
have one show from Ziggy's with no date on it and don't have the setlist 
from the CD to compare...This will help me see if I need to get a treed 
copy, not detemine to get the CD.  Please don't flame me prematurely....
Thanks in advance, Creg     cgbradle@email.unc.edu

"If you can't be with the one you love, fuck everything that moves."

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JDSOLO@aol.com Mon Mar 20 21:56:36 1995

out here in long beach, long island
anyone know a place  where I can get DMB bootlegs?, if so e-mail me the #

desert solitare is cool


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jfrench@indiana.edu Mon Mar 20 22:24:34 1995

Hello -
out.  I am surte that I am not the only one who was excited to here that 
there were transcriptions of Dave's guitaring on the net.  However, I am 
sure that I am not the only one that has found that there were quite a 
few songs missing and quite a few of the ones the had were not quite 
right.  At any rate, I worked off of what they gave me on some songs and 
on others just did the best I could by myself.  Is anyone interested in 
comparing notes, or swapping songs.  I would love some one's insight on 
"We will walk in the sun." - Bruce Springsteen

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Chewie77@aol.com Mon Mar 20 23:11:21 1995

have a attained a great collection by my standards.  Almost all of my trades
have been successful, sending and recieving, except for ONE.  
we were to swap five tapes each.  I sent mine out promptly, and he never sent
his.  After three weeks of waiting I e-mailed him saying that I didn't
appreciate waiting so long and that if he didn't send my tapes I would post

I'll send these fucking tapes and then our trading days
are over. You are a penis...Go ahead. Fuck with my trading reputation you
fucking taping loser. I send tapes to people I trade with. I am not
an asshole about it. Those who are impatient are a bunch of fucking losers
who don't understand that there is more to life than a fucking leg
Now, lets end our buisness here. No more messages. You'll get your tapes
and thats the end. I'm done with this buisness. I'm a United States Marine
you fuck. Don't fuck with me...

Sorry about the profanity but I want people to know how he treated me.  Well
anyhow, to this day I have not recieved my tapes and I am quite pissed off.
everyone else on this net who is honest, please continue to post about bad

On another note, I know there was someone who was desperately seeking 11-8-94
at Lisner.  I've got it now so get in touch if you are interested.
Jeremy  (Chewie22@aol.com)


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on Dave and God

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Mon Mar 20 23:32:47 1995

"I am who I am."	-God, Exodus 3:14

"I am who I am."	-Dave, Dancing Nancies

Coincidence?...I think not.


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wake forest 11-11 tree

chobbs@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Mon Mar 20 23:48:30 1995

i psoted a few weeks ago that if you were one of my 8 children on this 
tree you need to get in touch with me so that i can send out your tapes

most of you havent contacted me 
please do ... so you can have your good tunes to jam to 
take care 



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Re: Bittersweet on Dave

Tomczak@aol.com Mon Mar 20 23:53:33 1995

In reference to Katy Sampson's recent comments in digest 108.

.probably could have been
happier further back was it not for the....(i hate to say it) high school
I resent this comment.  I have seen many shows and done the moshing thing but
only at shows like Mighty Mighty Bosstones.  I am a "high school BOY" and I
respect the kind of thing DMB has got going on and love their music.  I have
seen two DMB shows (one before UTTAD) and I have neither surfed nor moshed at
either one, thank you very much.
Please don't generalize.  There are intelligent high school students out

"Eat Drink and Be Merry, For tomorrow we die..."- Dave
Tom, the high school boy

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ABC Filming at Chicago 3/17

pjuette@orion.it.luc.edu Mon Mar 20 23:55:59 1995

At the Aragon Ballroom ABC (i talked to one of the guys working 1 of 5 
cameras) was taping DMB and BHTM.  This was my first show.  I was 
pleased, but not amazed.  I can see how Dave and the crew can burn 
though.  I had a chance to talk with Dave for our radio station for 5 
minutes.  He was nice, but messed up on something.  He admitted this to 
the 30 or so people in the meet and greet room.  Anyways, I know ABC had 
a show on called "Rock Concert" or "Live in Concert" on late nights 
Saturday.  I don't know if this show is still on.  At least it wasn't 
another Money TV filming.  Just letting the minerets folks know.

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dave in wilmington tickets-help!!!

johnfro@acpub.duke.edu Tue Mar 21 00:01:47 1995

is there any special way to get tickets for the Dave show on april 14 in 
wilmington north carolina.  i called ticketmaster and the lady had no 
idea what i was talking about.  is she on crack, or is the show not going 
through ticketmaster. help would be appreciated.

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dorr@lynx.dac.neu.edu Tue Mar 21 00:32:44 1995

greatly appreciated.


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tape trade?/ Dave Matthews=G-D?

mdauster@umich.edu Tue Mar 21 01:05:10 1995

Seeing a Dave Matthews show is the closest thing I have had to a
religious experience in a long while.  That said, I am interested in
acquiring either some older shows(pre-RTT) or any show with Granny on
it.  I absolutely love the song, but it seems Dave only plays the same
eight or nine songs night after night these days..... Our loss.  I have
a few shows from Fall '94 to trade, as well as about 15-20 hrs. of


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Re: dave in wilmington tickets-help!!!

hlantos@cs1.presby.edu Tue Mar 21 01:30:42 1995

if you hear otherwise.

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msp121@psu.edu Tue Mar 21 02:05:09 1995


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Vintage Dave/Trade

wkersh@indiana.edu Tue Mar 21 03:30:05 1995

To all Dave fans,
I have acquired an older Dave boot, I'm not sure of the date. I believe 
Dave and the boys are playing at a bar. During the tape he speaks of 
getting 6 bucks back from the grill. I would appreciate if anyone could 
tell me the date and location of the show. I would also like to work a 
trade with this tape for anyone that has Granny on a tape or for anyone's 
best boot that they're willing to trade. The second song is a mystery to 
me. Can anyone tell me what it is if they know? I don't think it's #36 
unless Dave really changed the lyrics, it may possibly be two step. A 
line from this song as follows..."Man I'm hoping you and me would dance 
the night away today...." contains a sax interlude also.
Anyway here's the interesting setlist. 

Seek Up (Leroi does a little of the Star Wars theme at beginning, end of 
*mystery song* possibly an older #36 or two step
What would you Say(Dave and Leroi jam for awhile)
True Reflections(last verse is cut)
Tripping Billies(acoustic intro, very nice)
Help Myself
Lie in our Graves

The tape then switches to softer acoustic songs by Dave, possibly an 
inebriated Dave that is.
Best of What's Around
Tripping Billies
I'll Back You Up
What would you Say
Lover Lay Down
Song that Jane Likes
Typical Situation
One Sweet World

Tape switches back to "plugged" 
Spotlight(Dave and Boyd sing, excellent)

There you have it. An excellent older show. Very different from Dave's 
current tour. 

If anyone wants to trade, please get back to me.


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Re: dave in wilmington tickets-help!!!

saf1@acpub.duke.edu Tue Mar 21 03:35:21 1995

Mr. Jeanfrau

Obviously you do not deserve to go to the show, dave probably doesn't want 
you to come.
Go back into the rathole that you crawled out of, you sorry 
non-wilmington going bastard.

what are you, a little baked rastaman or something
never rear your fat ugly face on this net again


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personal to Keith

jjharm@mail.wm.edu Tue Mar 21 03:36:43 1995

Oliver 4 times and it keeps getting rejected.  I want to get on the
rare dave tree but I know it's been closed forever by now!  Keith,
please reply if you're around.  Thanks, jen**********************************************************************
*  jennifer harman          *  "Do what you will, always             *
*  jjharm@mail.wm.edu       *   Walk where you like, your steps      *
*  CS Box 5108              *   Do as you please, I'll back you up"  *
*  Williamsburg, VA  23186  *   -Dave Matthews Band                  *


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Comments on Chicago show

sundtde@iac.net Tue Mar 21 04:37:46 1995

I've read the comments about the Chicago show from both Katy and Tom and
sorry to say that I have to agree with Katy's comments about the crowd.  I
too was once a "high school boy" and would've hated to be catorgrized with
the crowd that Katy refers to but as the cliche goes, "one bad apple ruins
the bunch."

I was on the left side of the stage and had some problems with a young
crowd that could not handle their beer and went crazy during Ants but were
clueless during #36.  Perhaps I asked for it being close to the stage but I
could have done without the people trying to push through me constantly and
the kids behind who thought it would be fun to start pushing the crowd
during Jimi Thing.  I also had to deal with a young punky brewester next to
me who thought she was in Flash Dance or something.  Hey don't get me
wrong, I'm all for groovin' to DAMABA but when you are packed in like
sardines your motions need to be confined perhaps to moving your head or
rocking back and forth, not convulsing your  body like a dying bug on
crack!!!  It is no wonder with these types of crowds that is now a rarity
to hear Lover, Say Goodbye or Granny.

The next day I traded tapes with Miah who was not at the Chicago show but
had attended the Milwaukee show.  I was floored when he told me that people
were moshing.  Moshing and DMB do not mix....Anyway sorry to ramble on.
Tom you make a good point but I'm really with Katy on this one.  I think
that if the younger set had listened to some DMB instead of *watching* it
on MTV the crowd at the show might have been differnt.

I am relative newbie to DMB and joined minarets in January and in that
short time have seen many changes to this net.  I have witnessed the
departure of old DMB fans who through reading their post I learned much
about the band.  The insight they gave is greatly missed.  Hopefully some
will come back after a break and post their thoughts once again.

There are many great things about this net and frankly I don't mind wading
through all the mail.  So many great people have helped me out with
questions and spun tapes for me that I think I want to give a little
something back.

If you got through reading this message there might be a pot of gold for
you at the end of the rainbow.  The first three newbies(with NO SHOWS!!!)
who e-mail me telling me what about DMB moves them, I will spin one show
from my small but growing collection.(The inspiration for this offer goes
to Jen, who had a smillar offer a few months ago that I got in on).

Anyway, thanks for the bandwidth....


(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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Need Duke tix

umccall@email.unc.edu Tue Mar 21 04:58:15 1995

If anyone runs across a couple of tickets for the Duke show, please email 
me. I am very interested in going. Thanks

Dana McCall
Chapel Hill


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Two Step lyrics and story

wintersea@urvax.urich.edu Tue Mar 21 05:21:47 1995

Here are the long awaited lyrics to my favorite DMB song, Two Step.  As 
Dave once said, all of his songs are written about or for family 
members.  This one is definitely no exception, as it about his mother and 
the strength of his family.

Hello came to me with best intentions, You
Lay down, give to me just what I'm seeking, Say love, watch me go.
You, hello ma, you came to me like wine comes to that mouth,
Grown tired of water all the time, whoa quench and we,
Tie me right up, tie me down.
Celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certainly.
We climb on two by two, to be sure these days continue,
Things we cannot change.
You hello ma, you walk into my days, love gives me hope.
And there's no better hope I've found then knowing you love me tight,
Time we leave and go away.
You hello ma, do you believe that we may last about seven years
Or more if not for this, our flesh and blood it ties,
You and me ties us right up tie me.
Celebrate we will...........
Hello ma, I came to you with best intentions , You
Lay down give to me just what I'm seeking,
Tie me right up, tie me down.
Celebrate we will...........

There you go.  Enjoy and tell your mom you love her today.  Also, has 
anyone heard of this new band called Dillusions of Grandeur.  I saw them 
at the Flood Zone and they were amazing.  They play a lot in Richmond and 
you should definitely check them out.  They even sound kinda like Dave.  
Check it out.  Snarf, write me.  later - seanyboy

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Re: ABC Filming at Chicago 3/17

dhoconno@uiuc.edu Tue Mar 21 05:33:28 1995

hi all...i heard today on the local radio station (The Planet) that the
3.17 concert was taped as part of the "In Concert..." series for broadcast
on ABC.  They didn't say when the show would be televised, only that it had
been taped for that purpose.  This was announced after the station played
two DMB songs in the span of an hour and a half...

two things about the 3.16 show i attended...i don't know if I was just in
the wrong place to look or whatever, but i didn't see any moshing or crowd
surfing during DMB..wait, there were one or two people who went up in the
back towards the end, but nothing major...it was a pretty mellow crowd were
i was standing (15th row or so)...second thing, whoever posted the setlist
from the show, great job on the memory.  Wasn't "Best of What's Around"
played as well though?"  I don't recall seeing that on your list, but i
really seem to remember it being played....perhaps in the course of so many
cool songs, i just got lost...thanks for the time :)



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Matoaka Music Festival

barein@mail.wm.edu Tue Mar 21 06:48:02 1995

Hey everyone,

Music Festival here at the College of William and Mary.  This is the
second event of it's kind here at W&M.  Last year, Gibb Droll, Dave
Matthews, Everything, and a couple of other bands were here for the
show.  This years is on a slightly smaller scale but it should be a
great time.  It is on sunday, April 9th.  The bands that I know of at

to see a show.  Try to check it out.  If you need directions or
anything, or if you have any questions, feel free to email me.




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minimal music content

barein@mail.wm.edu Tue Mar 21 06:56:21 1995

On April 1 at the College of William and Mary, Pi Kappa Alpha, with
the support of ISC and CFA will be holding their 6th annual
Wiffleball tournament.  This is a philanthropic event held to benefit
MDA.  Basically, it is a wiffelball tournament on a Yates feild from
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  There is lots of beer and food as well.  It
is a fairly large event relative to the size of the college.  Anyone
in the area is invited to come out and attend and eat and drink to
benefit MDA.  With regards to music, there will be extremely large
speakers, blasting lkots of good music, including various peices from
live performances that I have collected.  It is a good time for all



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Re: on Dave and God

morgan_dailey@spacemail.jhuapl.edu Tue Mar 21 13:51:55 1995

"I am who I am."	-God, Exodus 3:14

"I am who I am."	-Dave, Dancing Nancies

"I am whadda I am" -Popeye

Coincidence or just pure silliness?  I think so.



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JXG1435@ritvax.isc.rit.edu Tue Mar 21 15:09:17 1995

After seing the post from Chewie77@aol.com, I must also warn everyone about
Brian Leiken (ST942595@pip.cc).  I sent him 4 tapes to make a trade.  I
didn't hear from him for a while.  Then, he sent me a message apologizing about
taking so long.  That was the last I heard from him.

Everyone beware! 

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Re: Matoaka Music Festival

sb@pinn.net Tue Mar 21 15:24:40 1995

 Hey everyone,
     Just wantedto let ya'll know that there is gonna be a Matoaka
 Music Festival here at the College of William and Mary.  This is the
 second event of it's kind here at W&M.

Hmmm, I attended one in 1992 or 91 .... 93 may have been skipped for some 

I have a tape of one of the bands which played in 91/92 - Rare Daze, whom 
I believe was headlining

It is certainly a nice place to go hang out. For those of you who do not 
know William & Mary is located in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Steve sb@pinn.net

Owner sva-dead@pinn.net
southern virginia deadheads
requests to sva-dead-request@pinn.net


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0066478@SHU.sacredheart.edu Tue Mar 21 15:53:33 1995

    I have made many trades through this net over the past several months and
 have a attained a great collection by my standards.  Almost all of my trades
 have been successful, sending and recieving, except for ONE.  
     Early feb I arranged a trade with ST942595@PIP.CC (BRIAN LEIKEN), where
 we were to swap five tapes each.  I sent mine out promptly, and he never sent
 his.  After three weeks of waiting I e-mailed him saying that I didn't
 appreciate waiting so long and that if he didn't send my tapes I would post
 I'll send these fucking tapes and then our trading days
 are over. You are a penis...Go ahead. Fuck with my trading reputation you
 fucking taping loser. I send tapes to people I trade with. I am not
 an asshole about it. Those who are impatient are a bunch of fucking losers
 who don't understand that there is more to life than a fucking leg
 Now, lets end our buisness here. No more messages. You'll get your tapes
 and thats the end. I'm done with this buisness. I'm a United States Marine
 you fuck. Don't fuck with me...
 Sorry about the profanity but I want people to know how he treated me.  Well
 anyhow, to this day I have not recieved my tapes and I am quite pissed off.
  Please do not trade with this loser, he ripped me off and he will probably do
  the same to others in the future. 
   Don't be discouraged newbies, but beware and be careful.  For the sake of
 everyone else on this net who is honest, please continue to post about bad
 On another note, I know there was someone who was desperately seeking 11-8-94
 at Lisner.  I've got it now so get in touch if you are interested.
 Jeremy  (Chewie22@aol.com)
he likes to say "fuck" alot....limited vocab?


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RTT album cover

jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Tue Mar 21 16:02:20 1995

OK. I take it that the RTT album cover is one of those "stereogram" 
things that becomes a picture when you look at it a certain way. Well, 
my brain is fried for some strange reason, and I was wondering if anyone 
could tell me what this is a picture of. If it isn't even a stereogram, 
go ahead and flame me for being an ass.

Bless you all

"Everybody's happy,



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Re: Need help with a date

Bernardo.Evangelista@Washcoll.EDU Tue Mar 21 17:10:44 1995

Just a random question for you- I was wondering if you could make a copy of
this particular show for me , I will send postage tape(s), and envelope
Please respond KIND sir!
Thanks for your time, Bernie

Bernardo Evangelista@washcoll.edu

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Re: I think you might wanna check this out...

Bernardo.Evangelista@Washcoll.EDU Tue Mar 21 17:36:04 1995

please give me info on "message 2-ARU".
Bernardo Evangelista@washcoll.edu

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KEITH@centre.edu Tue Mar 21 17:42:02 1995

I noticed this address and was wondering if it is the Dave Matthews 
Band bulletin board.  If it is indeed, please subscribe me.

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Re: RTT album cover

stompkin@siu.edu Tue Mar 21 18:14:21 1995

OK. I take it that the RTT album cover is one of those "stereogram"
things that becomes a picture when you look at it a certain way. Well,
my brain is fried for some strange reason, and I was wondering if anyone
could tell me what this is a picture of. If it isn't even a stereogram,
go ahead and flame me for being an ass.

Bless you all


The setereogram on the "Remember Two Things" CD is the palm-side of a left
hand holding up the universal two-finger peace sign.  After seeing the
image, I assumed that the two fingers representing peace were the "two
things" we are supposed to remember.  Is this correct, net friends?

case and hold the jewel case near a light source (but not too close) so
that you see reflections in the jewel case.  Then, focus on a reflection in
the jewel case, perhaps your own face, until a 3-D image begins to appear
in the colors of the CD cover.  Have fun, and remember two things...



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Gainesville Show

murmur@grove.ufl.EDU Tue Mar 21 18:23:43 1995

Theater April 13th. Tickets go on sale this Friday. $16.50 for UF 
students, $18.50 for non-students. Rumor has it (from a few sources) that 
the concert was going to be free at the Bandshell (open-air concert field 
on the UF campus, for those who aren't familiar with it), but Student 
Government Productions screwed up somehow with the money so it ended up 
being at the Theater for cash. Even though I would enjoy a free, outdoors 
DMB concert, I'm still happy as mold on bread that they're coming. 
-Jared Medina


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Re: dave in wilmington tickets-help!!!

briggdl9@wfu.edu Tue Mar 21 19:03:33 1995

 is there any special way to get tickets for the Dave show on april 14 in 
 wilmington north carolina.  i called ticketmaster and the lady had no 
 idea what i was talking about.  is she on crack, or is the show not going 
 through ticketmaster. help would be appreciated.
 						mark jeanfreau
Ticketmaster is not distributing tickets for this show.  I'm not sure but 
probably because they mostly suck.  Traxx is handling it.  Since you are 
at Duke, there are probably cd stores that are selling tickets.  I know 
Record Exchange is here at Wake and I think everywhere else.  There is a 
toll free # to get order by credit card but I don't have it with me.  I 
will try to find it and post later.  Good luck with tickets.  I am 
planning to go.  There is a show in Greenville the night before also.  I 
think that this show is the 14th and the wilmington show is the 15th.  I 
could be wrong.  Later.

1995 ACC Champion
Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

Sorry dude, I couldn't resist.

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Re: RTT album cover

briggdl9@wfu.edu Tue Mar 21 19:14:01 1995

Peace sign


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Atlanta on Dec.27

briggdl9@wfu.edu Tue Mar 21 19:17:44 1995

Does anyone have a copy and or setlist from this show?  It was cool but a 
little too much tequilla drinking on my part.  Yes my mind was wandering 
to wonderous places.  Anyway, I thought if I had that much fun the first 
time, having a copy of it would rock.

We may not be on time, but
who gives a fuck??-Dave --Dec 31, 1994


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ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Tue Mar 21 19:50:48 1995

ohmygod.  WWYS was on a local radio station in NYC yesterday.  i was 
utterly shocked.  they were introduced as an up and coming 
altrnative band (something to that effect)   ahhhhhhhhh!
have the boys become mainstream?

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Radio play

SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Tue Mar 21 20:13:50 1995

I heard the good ol' Ants Marching on the radio the other night..It was
followed by Coconuts by WSP.  Then, a Steely Dan song and a ZZ TOP song
followed.  Then, about 10 minutes later, PHISH's Fee came on.  Cool station
Anyone got a really good quality Nashville show from last fall.  I think
the date was Nov 11 or something around then.  I certainly apopreciate it. 
Oh, I have 35+ tapes to trape for it.  Later....Jeff


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Dave in St. Paul

hknudsvi@badlands.NoDak.edu Tue Mar 21 20:35:55 1995

I know this is a little late, but Dave and the boys were like "so totally 
happy" (direct quote from a guy in the audience).  The show rocked for a 
first DMB concert-goer.  The crowd was way into the music--even the stuff 
not from UTTAD.  The only thing that was bad were the crowdsurfers which 
bugged huge!  A girl I was with got knocked to the ground by a guy who 
got dropped right on top of her--buzz kill.  The other thing that sucked 
was that there were a few stupid people that were only there to see BHT 
and insisted on being up front and being bored for all of DMB-  we wanted 
to give them the boot after about two songs of them standing still and 
being in the way of the true Dave lovers in front.  Other than that, the 
show was good, although we would have loved to hear an encore--it would 
have made the evening.  Oh, I don't know if we were the only ones who 
really caught it or if people didn't know the song, but the band played 
Back To Being Friends just before Ants that night.  Kick ass song--a 
friend of mine taped the show if anyone is interested in getting a copy.  

Cathy and Heidi  University of North Dakota (hey--don't laugh! :(  )

"Tomorrow we'll go back to being friends; tonight, let's be lovers"  Dave

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what did u say

nmayer@pen.k12.va.us Tue Mar 21 21:27:54 1995

Did anyone else miss the entire point of Sanford's flame of
this guy asking for tickets?

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Just for Tonight

HarrisJD96%CS25%USAFA@cadetmail2.usafa.af.mil Tue Mar 21 21:40:14 1995

Do Dave and the boys still play "Just for Tonight"?  I think that it is a 
great song, and they probably should still be doing it.  At all the shows 
I've seen, they never have.



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Dallas show...easy on the flames

Thomas_Thornton@baylor.edu Tue Mar 21 21:52:44 1995

1. For any minaretters who might not know, the Dave Band will play (with BHT, of 
course) at The Bomb Factory in Dallas on April 25th. Tickets are already on sale 
through TicketBastards at 214-373-8000. December's Dave Band show at Trees sold 
out really fast (I know, 'cause I got left out in the cold) so anybody that 
wants to go should hurry up and get tix (The Bomb Factory holds about 2500, I 
think). Anyone going to this show? Beth? Anyone? Mail me and we'll all hook up.

2. Don't flame Katy so much. That was an innocent comment. Katy made me my first 
babgys, so I must come to her defense. Smiles over frowns, kids. Damn Right!

Tom Thornton

unsubbed....but...maybe you'll hear if i......write.....like you.....


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Thanks, offer closed

sundtde@iac.net Tue Mar 21 21:56:43 1995

To everyone who responded to my last post, thanks.  I will be in touch soon
with those who got in on the offer.   Thanks all for  your great comments.
See ya'

P.S. to any and all, I would love to set up trades with ya'll.  HQ boots of
DMB, Freddy Jones Band, Samples, Leftover Salmon and others... My list for

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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DMB newsgroup

direwolf@selway.umt.edu Tue Mar 21 22:20:01 1995

Somebody posted the correct address for the DMB newsgroup awhile back, I 
accidentally lost it. Could somebody repost it so we could all check it out?
I have seen like 4 incorrect addresses and as of yet none of them work.Thanks!

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Re: Dave in St. Paul

hlantos@cs1.presby.edu Tue Mar 21 22:41:04 1995

have anything worth trading.  Still, I'd be more than happy to send you a 
blank tape, postage, and anything else you may need if you would do the 
honors for me.  I am planning to go to 2 DMB shows in the next month, 
both with BHT.  I, too, am worried about those overly anxious BHTers that 
take up the front rows (I am 5'1") and could care less about Dave.  
Please let me know if you are willing to make me a copy and I will send 
out a tape ASAP.  Thank you so much!----Heather

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Re: RTT album cover

mverspoo@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Tue Mar 21 22:44:34 1995

are- "Love your mother and always leave footprints..."

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suscription to service

DGSW16E@prodigy.com Tue Mar 21 22:50:52 1995

suscribe minarets Cas Lucas

is all it takes, then there you have it.  If not, please
tell me what I need to do.


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help with song title

RTOOLE@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU Tue Mar 21 22:55:40 1995

I need some help. I can't figure out the name of a song and I have
two tapes with this particular song.
it is the 3rd song on the first tape of DMB at Zollman's (1/30/93)
and it is the 2nd song on the tape of Charlottesville (11/??/93)
at this moment I can only remember a few lines.

I'm so much more than I've ever been
take this my arm
take this my eyes
take this my mouth
and all it says to be completely true.

(or something like that)
someone please help me. thanks

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pnut@eden.com Tue Mar 21 23:14:26 1995

No Dave content, but how pissed am I? Shannonn Worrell played down here 
in Austin for South by Southwest at a venue that I thought NO ONE would 
go to, but there was a line still out the door when she started playing 
(she only played for 30 minutes) Anybody see the show?


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Song ID

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Tue Mar 21 23:24:22 1995

To Ryan (and anyone else who cares)-
The song you are asking about is Blue Water Baboon Farm.  It has many
variations of titles.  Hope this was some help............tom

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the whole age thing:

McMoe@aol.com Tue Mar 21 23:25:56 1995

I really don't think that age should matter . . . this is the fourth post
regarding this issue.  These blanket generalizations about "teeny-bopper
high-schoolers" are really not fair and quite innaccurate.  I mean, I'll
admit that there are a lot of morons who mosh to ants and stand like zombies
during two-step, but there are an awful lot of college-aged kids who do this
as well.

there are a lot of college kids who just got into the band -- clubies I think
they're called . . . when (i can't remember your name, sorry) came in and
agreed with kati, he had really good arguments. BUT many college kids behave
the same way . . . there are a lot of under-college-aged people (mostly on
this net) who groove with ALL the songs (even say goodbye and bluewater)  

-- but should we be persecuted for our age -- I think the whole purpose of
the music is to transcend things -- age, race, everything . . . everybody can
get something great out of the messages and feelings of this music.

crowdsurfing, moshing, stagediving, etc. are all very wrong -- sinful, even!!
but when i went to the latest show, i am pretty sure there were some older
people doing the awful deed.

see ya

"celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain" dave

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Re: MINARETS digest 110

Rachel_A._Kolbe@SMTPLink.Barnard.Columbia.edu Tue Mar 21 23:26:13 1995


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st93543w@dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu Wed Mar 22 00:22:32 1995

My 11.25.92 copy has just been eaten by my tape deck.....could someone
please respond with regards to a trade or just a blanks & postage
deal....as this tape is probably one of the best DMB shows around.......and

Help Myself
One Sweet World

Jimi Thing
Pay for what you get
Lie in our graves
So much to say
True Reflections
Lover Lay down


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Lafayette Show

mns2@lehigh.edu Wed Mar 22 00:55:22 1995

I'm looking for a bootleg of the Lafayette College show last month. I don't
have much to trade for, But I will be happy to let you know as soon as I get
something. BTW the show was amazing, Unfortunately no Watchtower or Halloween.


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WWW http: DMB

tscott@st6000.sct.edu Wed Mar 22 02:21:46 1995

How do I get to that place where Daves muscial transcriptions are
am an Internet idiot. Please send responses to :
Thankyou so much!!!

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