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Re: MINARETS digest 113

Hatton.Haralson@Rollins.Edu Fri Mar 24 21:18:51 1995

Hey everyone out in minaret land!  It's been quite a while since
I posted a message but this group is just getting a little to big
for my taste.  Anyway, here's a little info for you guys.  DMB and
BHT are playing an outside show at the Edge in Orlando on April 10.
This is the same place phish has played for the past three tours.
It's an unbelievable place to see a show.  They will also be in 
Gainesville on the 13th at Florida Theatre, yet another cool place.
And just as you thought the week(end) couldn't get any better,
on April 8th , the Greatful Dead and the Black Crowes are playing
at Tampa Stadium.  If anyone needs any info about these shows, please
feel free to e-mail me.  Also, I would love to get some of the
veteran Minarets together before the Orlando show.  We attempted
this last fall in Atlanta but I don't know if it ever panned out.
We could all grab some grub and brews and whatever else.
See you guys later.

Rollins College, Winter Park FL

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DMB Rare Tape

jjgoke@ryde Fri Mar 24 21:42:01 1995

distributed through a tree today -- unfortunetly I missed out on the tree.
Is there anyone out there that would be willing to make a copy of this
two tape collection?  I don't currently have any DMB stuff to trade -- but
hopefully :) I will be getting in some tapes in the mail next week or so.
Right now I do have some live/rare alternative stuff (+Live+, Smashing,
PJ, Nirvana, Counting Crows, etc.) though.

Thanks much!


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Dave in nyc april 5?

Trey18@aol.com Fri Mar 24 21:53:57 1995

talking about dave and then they said they were going to be giving tickets
away for a show april 5 in the city does anyone know about this?


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Newbies: Read This!!!

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Fri Mar 24 22:53:51 1995

hey now!
well in light of recent flames and threads posted to this mailing list in the
last couple of days, i would like to adress all of the newbies in the group.
first of all, welcome! you are now hooked into a great forum for dicussion
of all things related (but not always) to The Dave Matthews Band. i would
suggest that the first thing you do, is gopher of ftp to archive.phish.net, 
and read or get yourself a cop of the DMB FAQ. if you do, then we won't have
little wars over "stoopid questions". cool? on a different note, please don't
grovel for tapes on your first day. just wait, and i promise that you will
see a NEWBIE OFFER. if you don't, then politely post a tape grovel. you will
get replies (we're pretty kind here, but not always prompt). if you want to
ask a question, but are embarrased to ask everyone, then by all means ask me!
i don't pretend to know all about the band, but i know my fair share having
been here for almost 8 months, and haing been a fan even longer. here are a

questions about the "in memory of anne" dedication in UTTAD
questions about anyones sexual orientation
questions pertaining to whether or not dave has HIV
posts that flaunt your love for ants marching and satellites

anything else is fair game though. just lurk long enough, and most of your
questions will be answered. promise! talk to you later.....

!                                      !
! OGES                                 !
! (a.k.a. Jonathan Oglesby)            !
! 1-800-HELP MYSELF                    !
! Catholic University, Washington,D.C. !
! "Having a wonderful time. Wish I was !
!      here." - Zippy the Pinhead      !
!                                      !

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KEITH410@aol.com Fri Mar 24 23:03:08 1995

suscribe minarets jhp7@aol.com.

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gclark@pipeline.com Sat Mar 25 00:13:01 1995

version of rhyme+reason i have on a tape, from trinity college 11-13-93
have lyrics which are totally different than the ones printed in under the
table and dreaming?  the song  is totally different, and in my opinion
better than the cds and other versions. dave talks about africa and other
- at times it sounds like he forgot some words and was just winging it on
stage but thats just a guess.

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Extra copy of '94 NYE to trade

MCELHICJ@DAYTON.BITNET Sat Mar 25 01:00:23 1995

copies of this year's NYE show in Richmond, VA.  If anyone wants to
trade for this great show, send me your lists.  I am especially looking
for some Ominous Seapods or Leftover Salmon. Serious traders only please.

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R & R

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Sat Mar 25 01:49:57 1995

Apparently in the early days, Rhyme and Reason had diferent lyrics almost every
time it played.  The sound also changed from show to show.  I agree that some
of these older versions are much better than the more recent ones.  The first
time I saw dmb back in 93, R+R is the song that still to this day sticks out in
my mind.  It is a great song.  I will say that some shows I have with Peter
still in the band, this song is really,really different.  It is kinda cool to
here the funky keys in this song.  Oh well.

Also, I have a question for anyone who may have the answer.  I see a tape
floating around, and I have it.  The problem is it is labeled different on each
list.  On my tape it is listed Acoustic on side A and Trax 1/5/92 on side B.  I
don't want this to come across dickish, but I would prefer if there were not
replies that said "My tape is labeled Acoustic Studio from 1/5/92 and unknown
date from Trax."  I hope if there is anyone who knows for sure what the exact
date of either side of this tape is, he or she would e-mail me personally and
let me know.  

To all I owe tapes to, I put some in the mail today, and the rest should go out
Monday or Tuesday.  Sorry it is taking me so long..........tom

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Re: ABC Taping of March 17th ...

Musique820@aol.com Sat Mar 25 02:45:02 1995

I found out from someone that the March 17th show in Chicago was taped by 
ABC and that it will be airing on April 21st.  I'm not sure exactly what 
will be showed or what the content of the entire "ABC in concert" is, but 
BHTM will get air time and hopefully DMB also.  Anyone know anything 
about this? 

On another note, just a quick question to everyone...  What do you guys 
think of Get In Line.. reminds me of Rhyme in Reason a lot.  Everytime I 
listen to it, I feel like singing "until I'm dead and gone... my head 
won't leave my head alone....", to me it's definitely different - set 
apart from the feel of his other works, anybody got some real background 
into this song?  


I was at the show and I heard DMB, BHT and Freddy Jones Band will be feature
on April 21st on the ABC series.

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Skunkweed2@aol.com Sat Mar 25 04:25:18 1995


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Dave In New York!

CROBBINS@EPO.SOM.SUNYSB.Edu Sat Mar 25 05:33:42 1995

If anyone has any info on the rumor about the DMB playing in NYC on 
April 5th, please get back to me!!!!!!

Jeff Robbins


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Mom it's my birthday?

67006416@sunybroome.edu Sat Mar 25 05:36:44 1995

Hey, a local radio station around here.... in Vestal NY.... does a
thing with announcing birthday's every morning... and by surprise I heard
there... Is that the one they are talking about, or is it the ever famous
Dave that we should be dicussing about on this net? I find it odd that no
one mentioned this in the last few days, but then again why would we post
something like that? All we seem to talk about is *&^=.... I'm not even 
going to write it, but if you know what I am talking about then it is 
definitely getting out of hand...

So who's birthday was it?

Well I hope this stirs about some new topics of conversation on this net...
I sure as hell would like to see something positive for once... I know
I am contradicting myself by writing this, but let's begin after reading
this message, OK? That is if you read this far already... Thanks...


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**************RECENTLY TAB****************

driver8@phy.duke.edu Sat Mar 25 06:05:54 1995

Here's another lonely friday night's work - I did this one earlier and it 
just didn't quite sound right - This is much better.
(I don't want to have to keep sending this out)

Once again - use much muting and sliding

***Recently*** - Dave Matthews Band

e---------------------------------|---------------|   |----------------------
E---9----7----7----5----5----3--3/|---------------|   |---------------------3

"Recently I've been...."

"People stare....."
"Walk and Talk...."

"People stare...."

The bridge and chorus parts are often switched live and on the recently cd.


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*********RHYME AND REASON TAB************

driver8@phy.duke.edu Sat Mar 25 06:08:26 1995

Here's R&R again - many have asked for a repost

(I don't want to have to keep sending this out)

I just kinda decided to do this one because it sounds so sweet - 
especially if you've ever heard it in an early form

Dave Matthews Band - Rhyme and Reason (From 10-29-92???)

****Played Fast**** (16ths?)

Oh Well, oh well, so here.......



My head....



My Body...


One hint to this song...use lots of muting and sliding.


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WARNING little serious content

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sat Mar 25 06:31:24 1995

OK, someday I'll stop posting strange messages in the middle of the 
night, but here we go again...

After spending the last two evenings watching two KIND ball games (being 

If DMB were a ball club, who whould play what positions and why? 

court (affectionately known as the Warehouse, of course), DMB is down by a 
single point. Carter comes steamrolling down the court, passes to Stefan at 
the three point line who tries for the shot, but can't quite get around that 
defender so he lobs it to Boyd who TAKES THE GAME with a BEE-YOU-TEE-FUUUL 
fadeaway jumper! The crowd (tongue gaping stare) bursts into chorus ("we've 
GOT the best of what's around") led by the team of dancingnancy 
cheerleaders, the monster (for him to fight our wars for us) mascot, and even 
a few die-hard grannies who throw down their canes and JAM to THIS jimi thang!
It's definitely a song that dick vitale likes ("they're amazing, 
BAY-BEE"). Screaming from the minarets we head for the border to cool 
down with a mexi-melt and a little dmb muzak (kudos if you remember that 
series of posts).

Oh, now I've gone and gotten myself all excited. I'll never get to sleep 
now. Cold shower?

quite picture the opposing team....any suggestions?

I realize of course that this is hardly serious dave content, so anyone 
fearing being flamed for wasted b/w can certainly reply directly. Unless of 
course you're willing to go out on a limb with me and make this net fun 
(again). (subliminalmessagegoforitbearebelhavesomefun)

Peace and good night. Think I'll go count dribbling balls to get to sleep...

"The good ole song of wahoowa, we'll sing it o'er and o'er.
It cheers our hearts and warms our blood to hear them shout and roar..." 


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Disco and help needed

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Sat Mar 25 08:46:30 1995

Just to lst you all know... Don't ever fear the power of Disco.  Just got 
back from my dance therapy session and I am much better for it.  

Help needed #1  Last summer caught Dave at the Paridise in Boston.  Not 
sure of the date, but it was the day I hit the kid on the bike with my 
car if that helps 8-)  I am looking to get the setlist of this show, 
can't remeber what the hell I saw.

#2  I am looking for some FAT LOS boots.  I am here in Boulder the LOS 
capital o' the world, but l;ack boots.  Looking for some HQ SBD's have 
much Phish and some very nice Dave to offer.

Thanks for all this talk of #36.  Had along day at work today, but all I 
could do was sing "Hani, Hani come dance with MEEEEE"  Try it some time, 
really lightens up your day.  Peace


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sau3@columbia.edu Sat Mar 25 08:53:32 1995

well in case you missed Shannon Worrell last night at FEZ,

you must know that Jeff showed up and played 4 tunes.

twas quite good.....

see ya


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RE: **********RECENTLY/R&R TAB***********

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Sat Mar 25 09:07:05 1995


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goldberg@rochgte.fidonet.org Sat Mar 25 12:15:16 1995

HEy Brad,

DMB does play 2001 in at least one show.  It is a Kappa Epsilon show
around 3/93.  They start off with the ballroom waltz, melt into 2001,
then start jamming Ants!!!!  It's really amazing!!  I almost had a load
when I heard it for the first time!!  If anyone out there has another
version of 2001 with DMB, let me know!!



That way, nobody can capture me.....They can use the hell out of me, but
there ain't too much they can do to me.  They can mess me up, play the
wrong note, they can play a C, but they can't really destroy a C.  All
it is, is a tone...So I'm gonna come back as a note.



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RE London Show

nmayer@pen.k12.va.us Sat Mar 25 14:13:27 1995

That setlist reminded me of the early days, how long did they
play for about?

I would have loved to be there, how was the venue?

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DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Sat Mar 25 17:50:31 1995

I just read a message about the London setlist and how great it was.  Did I
just zip through it and not pay it any attention?  I don't remember seeing this
setlist!  If anyone out there has it, could you please send it to me?  

And one more thing.  Hate to do this, but......GO UK WILDCATS!!!!!

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there's a lesson to be learned here

75022.2464@compuserve.com Sat Mar 25 19:12:10 1995

Good call, Jeff!!!!!!!

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dmb on mtv

dek2@lehigh.edu Sat Mar 25 19:12:47 1995

i am digested so maybe this has been posted already but a friend brought to my
attention that dmb will be on the "chillin with the weez" spring break show on
mtv this afternoon. i don't know how long i can put up with the mtv garbage,
but i know dave will make it worthwhile. again, sorry if this is repititive
but i know we all like to catch dmb whenever possible.

Erik Knowles              "The one serious conviction that man
Lehigh University          should have is that nothing is to be
dek2@lehigh.edu            too seriously."

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jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Sat Mar 25 19:21:54 1995

Quick! If you are on the east coast, turn on MTV!

DMB is on "Chillin' With the Wiez" with good old Pauly Shore.


2:20 EST.

try and ignore the lameness of mtv for a second!


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Re: DMB on MTV NOW!!!

lsemple@lobster.mis.udel.edu Sat Mar 25 19:37:49 1995

always welcome buns of steel lady, Pauly Shore, and one of those 
Baldwin's all at the same time.  I can't believe the band put themselves 
through that crap. I don't think anyone in the crowd was even listening.  
of well, does anyone know when that was taped?

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dave tree

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Sat Mar 25 19:57:48 1995

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
i heard from someone on the net that the dave tree structure was posted
recently. i was signed up to be in that tree, i still have the
subscription message in my files if you'd like it, but i didn't get any
notice of the structure. is it true that it was posted? or was that just
a rumor, b/c i would really like to still be on that tree. let me know...
"Imagine that the sun itself is your heart and shine on infinitely
without looking back..."
--------------------end forwarded text---------------------------------

pam sent this to me........
if someone said the structure was posted, then they lied

im not even finished with it yet..........

but i do have the dat people all set........


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dmb and ncaa

dek2@lehigh.edu Sat Mar 25 20:31:45 1995

i just caught the "wwys" filler during the ncaa coverage. wondering what
all of you out there thought about it. i like the success they have recently
experienced, but is this a bit too much? is it getting too comercialized? i
just hope that rca doesn't sell them out too much. i know dave doesn't want to
go overboard, but i am sure rca will try their hardest to.

Erik Knowles              "The one serious conviction that man
Lehigh University          should have is that nothing is to be
dek2@lehigh.edu            too seriously."

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The H.O.R.D.E. Show

James.E.Moeller@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Sat Mar 25 20:32:39 1995

The H.O.R.D.E. Show				WZBT 91.1 FM
Hosted by Jim Moeller				Gettysburg College
Saturdays, Noon - 1:00 pm			Gettysburg, PA


"Hellfire".............................God St. Wine, "Who's Driving?" 
"Love of My Life"......................Blues Traveler, "Save His Soul"
"Slow Burn"............................Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, single
"Full Circle"..........................Oroboros, "Serpent's Dance"
"Guelah Papyrus".......................Phish, "Picture of Nectar"
"Jimi Thing"...........................DMB, "UTTAD" ("Name That Tune"
"Southbound"........................Allmans, 7/31/94, Shoreline Ampith., CA

Comments and criticisms greatly appreciated! 


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DMB chord files

jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Sat Mar 25 20:44:45 1995

Is it just me, or are these files rather incomplete?

I mean, all the songs are there (mostly), but the tabs are not very 
good. A lot of the tabs are simplified, poorly written, or just plain 
wrong. I don't mean to bash anyone who worked on them, but they remind 
me of "EASY GUITAR TABS" that I have seen at my music store, where they 
take songs and simplify them so beginners can play them.

If anyone has any tabs other than from these chord files, I think they 
should be posted here. Also, they should be put on nevada.edu. There are 
only about 4 DAMABA songs there as of today. 

If anyone would like to work with me on a new tab file, drop me a note. 
I have a nice little DOS tab program that makes it all very easy. So if 
you are interested, I'd love to start working.



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Re: dmb and ncaa

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Sat Mar 25 20:48:02 1995

I caught the WWYS filler, and personally I think it's great that DMB is
being discovered by the rest of the world.  "Chillin' with the Weiz" may be
a little much, but CBS has used a wide variety of great music as filler,
and we should all be glad that DMB is becoming more popular.  We wouldn't
want Dave to starve, would we.

As long as the music is good, no one has any right to say that Dave is
"selling out".  To me, that connotes great publicity with little else
behind it.  We all know that there is a whole buttload of great music
behind DMB's publicity.



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dmb chords file, pt. 1

nebulous@panix.com Sat Mar 25 21:08:21 1995

since a lot of people seem all of a sudden intent on dave chords, well,
here they are.  if you want to change something you think is wrong, go
right ahead. there are lot of songs here from before i was in charge of it,
and i haven't updated many of those songs...


As many Dave songs used to be, this is a continual work in progress.  It
should be pointed out that this is far from a professional tab file.  Most
of these transcriptions are done by college students, and as we all know,
college students can't be trusted with anything.

If there are any mistakes, and there will be, don't hesitate to send me
some email pointing it out.  My address is nebulous@panix.com.  And if
there is a song not here that you think should be, the best thing to do is
to transcribe it yourself!

This action packed issue contains
pieces, parts, or full blown transcriptions of...

R2T   = Remember Two Things (Bama Raga Records)
UTTAD = Under The Table And Dreaming (RCA Recods)
u     = Unreleased

Index of Song Titles By Transcriber

Jon Bolton (jrbolton@COLBY.EDU) -

Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu) -

Andrew T Cox (acox@s850.mwc.edu) -


Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu) -

Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com) -

Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu) -

Wallyjive@aol.com -

But before we begin our journey, the lovely yet devious Rick Thompson,
keeper of the lyrics file, has information SOMEONE must deem important to

The following is courtesy of
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu) and
Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)

All Along The Watchtower  (Bob Dylan)
look in any songbook...people play it in different keys anyway

Am   G   F

He also plays, especially during Leroi's solo...


The following is courtesy of
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu)

Angel From Montgomery (John Prine)
add lots of suspensions and picking

G  C  G  C  G  C  D  G
G F C G :|

The following is courtesy of
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu) and
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Ants Marching

The little 4-5-4 etc. riff is actually played by
sort of sliding up two notes, but this sounds good
enough for me.


Bm   D   G   Bm  A     Bm   D   G   Bm  A...

Violin & Sax Lick -

D-------------------------------------------------------------|   x3


Bridge -

"When all the little ants are marching..."

e---3---2-----0---   ----------------|
B---3---3-----0---   ----------------|
G---0---2-----0---   ---4---4---4----|
D---0---0-----2---   ----------------|
A---2---0-----2---   -----------2----|
E---3---2-----0---   ---3---2---0----|

The following is courtesy of

Best of What's Around

(from 7/6/93)
d--------7---7-7 -10---10----3-3-3---12-12-12--12-12-------
e--2  5--------------8-------1-1-1---10-10-10--10-10-------

e--------2  5-----------------------------------------------

Chorus 1

Chorus 2


The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Blue Water


The following is courtesy of

Christmas Song

most of these are taken from 7/6/93
 = slide   h=hammer on    p=pull off     b=bend



Chorus (love,love,love)

When Jesus...                    blood of my
G  Bm  G  A  Bm  G  A  Bm  G  A  Bm  {G A Bm--repeat}

The following is courtesy of
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu) and
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Cry Freedom

E---------0-----------0---------------  -2--2--0--4----|
B---------2-----------0---------------  -2--3--0--4----|
G---------2-----------1---------------  -4--2--2--6----|
D---------2-----------2---------------  -4--0--2--6----|
A---------0-----------2---------------  -2-----0--4----|
E------------4--2-----0---------------  -2--------4----|

The verses are really, as Shawn stated before, combos of E, A, and B...
however, a basic idea of the verses and "hands and feet..." sections would

"how can I turn away..."

A  B/A  A  E  E  E  B  A  B/A  A...

e---------    --------|
B--5--7---    -2--4---|
G--6--8--- or -2--4---|
D--7--9---    -2--4---|
A--0--0---    -0--0---|
E---------    --------|

intro is for "future... better days."


The following is courtesy of
Jon Bolton (jrbolton@COLBY.EDU)

Dancing Nancies (transcribed from Recently)

I suck at tabing out strumming patterns so you have to use your
imagination.  The trick is a lot of control and a lot of muting.

finger which bars the 2nd fret on the first two strings.

G6             F#7(sus4)              G6                   F#
"He stands, touch his hair, shoes untied, tongue gapping stare."
.. . . Then I       Look up at the sky, my mouth is open wide. . .

.. . . time, time we almost become dizzy (back to verse)

* Dave and Tim play different inversions of these triads all over the neck,
but they're pretty easy to figure out so I'll leave it up to the reader

Sing and dance, I'll play for you tonight, the thrill of it all . . .

If anyone wants to learn the solo THEY can try and figure it out.

The following is courtesy of
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu) and
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Drive In, Drive Out


Big Jam-


and the sax lick over this...


then... more sax.

e---------------------    ---------------------|
B---------------------    ---------------------|
G---------------------    -11-14-11------------|
D---9-12-9------------ x4 ----------14-12-14---| x4
A----------12-10-10---    ---------------------|
E---------------------    ---------------------|

The following is courtesy of
Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu)



D   A#/Bb   G
"I said LOVE will come to you....."

the "stop, baby " whatever part im kinda confused on, but i know the
"you cant see what i cant find" is  F  C

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com) and
Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu)





Am   G   F   E


"Why you run around here?"

Am   Bm

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Help Myself


e--------------      -----------------------------|
B--------------      -----------------------------|
G--------0-----      -----------------------------|
D--2--4--0----- etc  --------4--2--------4--2--5--|
A--2--4--------      --2--3--------2--3-----------|
E--------------      -----------------------------|




"oooh colder grow the days"



For some reason I can't seem to get the chords to sound right...

"summer's here..."



"Dangerous hours"

Same as the intro

The following is courtesy of
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu)

I'll Back You Up

I'm just going to list the chord changes, not the picking...just
listen to it and you'll get it.

E--0----0------2----0--|    E--0---0------1----0--|
B--2----0------2----0--|    B--2---0------1----0--|
G--2----4------2----1--|    G--2---0------2----1--|
D--2----2------4----2--|    D--2---2------3----2--|
A--0----0------4----2--|    A--0---0------3----2--|
E-------4------2----0--|    E------3------1----0--|

The following is courtesy of
Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)

Jimi Thing

-                                   0
-                   9     9 9       2     5
-             9     9     9 9       2     6^7
-             9     9^11  9 9       2  7  7
-      7      9^11                  0
-  7^9   9 7                   12\

"if you could keep me floating, just for a while you..."

D                               C
"till I get to the end of this...."

- 2
- 2   X  X  X
- 2   X  X  X
- X   X  X  X
- 5   3  2  1

- 0               0                  0
- 0               0                  2
- 1               1                  2    X    X    X
- 2               2                  2    X    X    X
- 2               2                  X    X    X    X
- 0               4                  5    3    2    1

and the bridges are just E and A.

The following is courtesy of
Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu)


The following is a little transcription to the riff the in the jam
written at the horse Center that preceed Halloween at both the Horse
Center and Wait Chapel


The following is courtesy of

Lie In Our Graves

I think the intro goes more like this. Play it and tell me what you
think. (I think Dave does it like this.)

Intro and Verses
g-2--2-2-------4--4---------2----4----strum G-------------------

g-2--2-2-------4--4---1-111--2---0-000-repeat from top----------

and I'm blown away


The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com) and
Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu)

Lover Lay Down





That's it
That's all

The following is courtesy of
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu)

The Maker (Daniel Lanois)



The following is courtesy of
Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu)


Main riff is as follows


And the other riff is


take this right into first riff

just another memo from the cellar,

| 'history has recorded                                 ben sterling... |
|  some pretty nasty things                             new york, ny... |
|  that have happened to                          nebulous@panix.com... |
|  people i think we                      orange tic tac connoisseur... |
|  remember i think it's                                                |
|  in our cells and i think                                             |
|  it can still hurt sometimes' ...tori amos.                           |


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dmb chords file, pt. 2

nebulous@panix.com Sat Mar 25 21:09:09 1995

The following is courtesy of
Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)


#34 (main riff)

-                11                7  6
-       9     9        6        7             7
-    7     7        9        5           9       5 /7  7  9\
- 5

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)



That's about it for the whole song.  He uses variations like crazy, but
that's the general skeleton.


The following is courtesy of
Intro is courtesy of
Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)

One Sweet World

1 suite whirrled  (intro)

-     4        6             4
-        3        3    0        0^1^0        3  0
-                                         3              3        3
-  6        5       5     3            1              3     3
-                                                  4           5     5

-                    4 5      3
-        5        7              3 0       3 0        3
-     5     5                           3          3     6       6  8
-  8           7           6         1          4           6  8

after fingerpicking

e---------------------------------strumming the "A" chord-------

d-----8-8--810-10-xxx-xx--and repeat---------------------------

so let us sleep....   lay down

d----35----------6--8--------35---------6--hold and strum-----

take all that  we can get  one big stone


"nobody left to" is like "so let us sleep".

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Pay For What You Get


/ = Slide Up

e --------------------------------------------------------|
B --9-10--8--------------------9-10--8--------------------|
G --9-10--9----7--7---3---5--5-9-10--9---5--5--5---7--7---|
D -------------7--7---3---5--5-----------5--5--5---7--7---|
A -------------5--5---1---3--3-----------3--3--3---5--5---|
E --------------------------------------------------------|


e --------------------------------------------------------|
B ---------------5----------------------------------------|
G --7--7--7--7---5---5---2---3---2------------------------|
D --7--7--7--7---3---5---2---3---2------------------------|
A --5--5--5--5-------3---0---1---0------------------------|
E --------------------------------------------------------|

Leading into the chorus ("everybody asks me how she's doing..."), the chord
hangs on the C so the transition the the F chord is smooth.

Chorus #1-

e --------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------------------|
G ---------3--3---5--5--5--5----------3---2---3---2-------|
D --3--3---3--3---5--5--5--5---3--3---3---2---3---2-------|
A --3--3---1--1---3--3--3--3---3--3---1---0---1---0-------|
E --1--1-----------------------1--1-----------------------|

Chorus #2-

The 2nd & 3rd choruses in the song are slightly different than the 1st one.

Repeat the first chorus up to, but not including, the second F5.
Then it goes...

e --------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------------------|
G ---------3--3---5--5----------3---2---3---2-------------|
D --3--3---3--3---5--5---3--3---3---2---3---2-------------|
A --3--3---1--1---3--3---3--3---1---0---1---0-------------|
E --1--1-----------------1--1-----------------------------|

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Rhyme and Reason

Verse -


Chorus -

For all chords but the A5 it is okay to play the 3rd, which I have put in


Between-Verse Lick (i.e. the place where Boyd and Leroi are out of tune) -


The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)





chorus... ('winter's cold')




The following is courtesy of
Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu)

Say Goodbye

Main Chords


And the chorus


And the end where he yells alot

G D (same as chorus version)  A and A leving the b string open

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Seek Up

Intro -


fingerpicking a pattern not unlike (though not exactly like) this one,


"Fall Back Again" Section
Bb   C   Dm     x4


Dm   C   Dm


"Forget about the reasons..."

Bb   C   Dm


"Seek up an emotion..."

A   Bm   G   A

Last time

A   Bm   G   A   (ha ha... ha ha...)   Bm

From the Bm, you walk up to the Dm, starting again at the verse.

The following is courtesy of
Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)

So Much To Say

this really shows my inablility to translate right hand rhythm patterns
but it should get you started.  i also know that this isn't perfect by

opening riff (and prominent throughout the song):
-      5     5                  5     5
-      5 4/5 6                  5 4/5 6
-      5     7                  5     7
-    7       0                7       0
-3/5                      3/5

(i don't know the exact chord progression)
-                                           5     5              5     5
-       5 4 2             10                5 4/5 6              5 4/5 6
-                 5       10       7        5     7              5     7
-    7          3         x      5        7                    7
-3/5          1     1/10  10   3      3/5                  3/5

played using standard bar chords

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

The Song That Jane Likes

them like this... sometimes he leaves out the 3rds, sometimes he plays
abbreviated versions of these chords.  Thus, I have simply transcribed full

Intro-Verse- (is there a better name for this section?)

D---0---2---3---0---2----|  x2   (x3 at the end of the song)


h = hammer



The chorus leads directly out of the verse, so I'll transcribe the chords
to the end of the verse so you have a lead in to the chorus to hear what it
sounds like.

"While you                "...tidy lines"


The following is courtesy of
Chris "Boofy" Buford (cbuford@liberty.uc.wlu.edu)


Bb  Dm  G   Am  F
"In the spotlight, life is so .....

F   Am
"A million beating ...."

Am  G  Am G   D   G/B
"Big city.."  "Rising ...."


Gm     Bb   Am
"Out in the world..."

I'm kinda sketchy on the words, but if you listen to the song its quite
easy to figure out where all the chords go....

The following is courtesy of

Tangerine (Led Zeppelin)

The opening sequence to the song. I've left in timing counts (the song
is in 4:4 as far as I can tell)..





Repeated thru Verse 1:
Am    Am4   Am  Am2 G     G D  D    D .. D .. D
Mea - sur - ing  a  sum - mers day

Am   Am4 Am   Am2 G   G  D    D   C   C    .. C
On - ly  find it  slips  aw - ay, to  grey

[picking]  Am   Am  Am     G    G     D  D      D D4 D D2 D
............... The hours, they bring me pain

Am    Am4   Am  Am2 G     G D  D    D .. D .. D
Think-ing   how it  use - d to be

Am   Am4 Am    Am2  G  G  D    D     C    C     .. C
Does she still re - mem - ber  times like these

[picking]  Am   Am  Am     G   G     D   D      D D4 D D2 D
............... To  think  of  us    a - gain

C D G  G          C

Verse 3:
Am    Am4   Am  Am2 G     G D  D    D .. D .. D
Think-ing   how it  use - d to be

Am   Am4 Am    Am2  G  G  D    D     C    C     .. C
Does she still re - mem - ber  times like these

[picking]  Am   Am  Am     G   G     D   D      D D4 D D2 D
............... To  think  of  us    a - gain

And I do..


D.... D.... D.... D.... D D4 D D2 D .. D D4 D D2 D  ad nauseum whatever - I
didn't count them

plus a couple of chords to finish..

Am  Am G G F F G

[some picking is done around these chord shapes, but I can't be bothered working
it out - should be easy though - lots of twiddly work with pinkys etc.]

The following is courtesy of
Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)

Tripping Billies

yes, that verse riff is as hard as it looks.  the key to it (and most any
dmb song) is to use your pinky for any note you can't quite reach.  just

-  6     6     4 4  4  4 4 4 4  6     6     4 4  /7  7 7 7 7
-  x     x     x x  x  x x x x  x     x     x x   0  0 0 0 0
-  7     7     7 7  7  7 7 7 7  7     7     7 7   x  x x x x
-  5     5     5 5  5  5 5 5 5  5     5     5 5  /7  7 7 7 7

sometimes repeated once more, other times repeated many times with
vocal jam

this riff is used throughout the song, and is easiest to master if
you use index finger for all 2s and 5s on the low e-string, your
ring finger for all 3s and 7s on the low e-string, your middle finger
on all 2s and 6s on the d-string, and your pinky for all 4s and 7s on
the d-string.  and an easier way to master this song is to watch dave
carefully if you ever get the chance.  it may sound like a simplistic
way, but if you can get up closer to him, you'd be amazed at how his
progressions stand out in your mind when you get back to your own axe,
even if you were standing thirty feet away from him.

-  2   4             2   4   7   6   2   4            2  4  6  7
-  0   0             0   0   0   0   0   0            0  0  0  0
-  x   x             x   x   x   x   x   x            x  x  x  x
-  2   3             2   3   7   5   2   3            2  3  5  7


-                                           __________________________________
-    6  4\ 2     7     5  4  2      7 7 7   | --your pinky on that one      |
-    7           7     5            4 4 4   | --your index finger here      |
-            /5     3               x x x   | --and your ring finger should |
- /5                           /(7) 7 7 7   |    automatically do this.      |
1)   we were above you were st.....neath us |________________________________|
2)   dragons were smoked......were stinging

-    6  4\ 2     7            2        4
-    7           7            0        0
-            /5               x        x
- /5                          2        3
1)   we were not  yet lovers
2)  i would soon, to be crazy

chorus (this can be filled out considerably):
-         7        6        2  4  7  6          7     6      2  4  6  7
-         0        0        0  0  0  0          0     0      0  0  0  0
-         x        x        x  x  x  x          x     x      x  x  x  x
-         7        5        2  3  7  5          7     5      2  3  5  7

"cause we're trippin' billies..."

verse again.

The following is courtesy of
Andrew T Cox (acox@s850.mwc.edu)

True Reflections


Play this through two times, then through the first verse.

The verses after the first chorus are played with an A, with variations
on it, sometimes dropping to a G -


The final jam is in F and Am, tailing off with 'find some inspiration...
it's down deep inside of you...'

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

Two Step


Verse -



Chorus - Except for the F, these should be slid up to.

D-----------------------------|   x4

F   Bb  Am   Gm   (leads back to the Dm, going back to the verse)

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com) and
Shawn Peters (gsp2m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu)

Typical Situation



play the nine on the D string with your middle finger and the 10 on the A
string with your ring finger.  This allows you to use your index finger for
the E string notes.


G   G/F   Am   C

If you notice the end of the song and occasionally
during verses where dave uses those two harmonic spurts, his hand never moves
from this position with his middle and ring finger planted, he only stretches
his index and pinky to the two harmonics.  This is a little hard to get clean
at first, but your fingers will kind of learn to reach for them this way.
The 7th fret harmonics are hit with the index finger and the 12th fret


sometimes the D string is added into the harmonics as well.  These two
harmonic chords, for lack of a better word, are sometimes thrown into the
descending like in the verse, usually as sort of bridge between chorus and

The following is courtesy of
Rick Thompson (stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu)


-          7                    7
-      11  9                11  9
-   9      10            9      10  10 9 7
-7                    7

-X X X X X X X X 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7  X X X X X X X X 7 7 7 X X X
-X X X X 1111X X 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9  X X X X 1111X X 9 9 9 X X X
-X X 9 9 X X X X 1010101010101010 X X 9 9 X X X X 101010109 7
-7 7 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  7 7 X X X X X X X X X X X X

the idea here, though, is not to set out trying to play the second
one.  just start basic, listen to song, play along with the song,
and work on developing the fingering, which should come naturally
as you work with it.  the right hand never stops or changes during
the almost the entire song.  up and down, really fast.

-7          7 7   3          7 7    7         7    3           7
-5          7 7   7          7 7  4/5         7    7           7

this is also really simplified, due to my inability to transcribe
(this song is my second effort at it.)

-9    9   11   9             5   7
-     7   9    7
-7                           3   5

The following is courtesy of
Ben Sterling (nebulous@panix.com)

What Would You Say


/ = slide up




Behind Sax Solo

p = pull off
/ = slide up


Behind Harmonica Solo

Intro/Verse riff...

----------------------------End of DMB Chords File------------------------------

just another memo from the cellar,

| 'history has recorded                                 ben sterling... |
|  some pretty nasty things                             new york, ny... |
|  that have happened to                          nebulous@panix.com... |
|  people i think we                      orange tic tac connoisseur... |
|  remember i think it's                                                |
|  in our cells and i think                                             |
|  it can still hurt sometimes' ...tori amos.                           |


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mpwerdel@unity.ncsu.edu Sat Mar 25 22:45:28 1995

How to I get on the mailing list and the tape trees ?

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set lists...

JThomps34@aol.com Sat Mar 25 22:47:56 1995

Hey all,
happy on this net.  While most of us are avid traders of bagby's, it is not
the best move to post set lists to the entire net.  Believe me if everyone
did this we would have digests (well I would since I am digestified) that
would take about 20 hours to read.  People have sent me some incredible lists
that have been extremely long. This is great as long as it is through
personal mail.        Anyway, take my little thought into consideration
before posting your list.  Peace and happy trading in the future...

PS- Jeff Peters... you were right on in your "newbie protection" post.

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Re: the whole age thing:

MCipoletti@aol.com Sat Mar 25 23:42:13 1995

I just want to say that I have been listening to dave fo r over a year and i
an a senior in high school i have about a dozen friends who have liked DMB
for almost as long as me and another group who has been into them since the
summer. Tenny Boppers are everywhere 
peace mike
DMB on 107.1 right now it  WWYS is a BUZZ cut ha-ha

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Re: set lists...

acox@s850.mwc.edu Sun Mar 26 00:13:29 1995

I don't know what the person meant about not wanting setlists posted to 
the net... if you meant tape lists of the shows you have, I understand, 
but I find it interesting to see what the band is playing from night to 
night. This is part of the intent of this group, to follow and discuss 
the evolution of the band and their music, of which the setlists are an 
indication. Though I do understand that it is annoying when the exact 
same setlist of the same show is posted five or six times...

Someome asked about Rhyme and Reason - it, like most of dmb's songs, 
though probably more so for this song than others, had different words 
which changed on a regular basis. It was only last year that R&R became 
what it is today (with the words and with the entire band)...

Also, please do not criticize those who compiled the chords file. When it 
was being created, a lot of songs had to be transcribed as quickly as 
possible. The chords file is there to serve as a foundation for your own 
interpretation and transcription of the songs, it was never claimed to be 
completely accurate. I'll admit right now, I just found out that a song 
that I transcribed several months ago is now part of the file, and it is 
incorrect in several parts. Basically, the authors had a lot to do in 
short time, and because of them we have the FAQ, lyrics, chords, and 
several other files...

I think they did a great job.


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Re: Florida Venues

Lumpysnake@aol.com Sun Mar 26 00:36:11 1995

Hey all ya damabafa's (DMB fans),

10th at the Edge in Orlando. I fully suspect this will be 
indoors, not on the field as I believe I read in a recent
Minarets. Ticketmaster said it would be indoors, the 
tickets themselves say "the Edge" as opposed to the 
"Edge Concert Field" which, from my experiece is a reliable 
indication of where the show will be. PHiSH played indoors 
in '93 and spring '94 before moving outdoors last fall. 
Blues Trav, Widespread Panic and the Samples all played 
indoors on their latest stops through.

So what? Well, I like the Edge, and it's only a couple blocks 
from my home, but I believe it makes Orlando the weakest 
of the Florida venues. If the "meme" of crowd surfing and 
moshing reaches Florida, the Edge could  be pandamonium, 
as it is a dark, alternative-industrial, black light club with 
the main floor  designed in a pit fashion. Only a few will 
have an unincumbered view of the stage. Dispite all this, 
if Dave and the boys are in a good space, this could be a 
really really rocking show because the energy will 
be intense.

11th at Sunrise Music Theater in Sunrise, Fl. GREAT venue, 
reserved seating with nice isles, super acoustics, and a 
clear view for the vast majority, if not all. The PHiSH show 
here last fall exploited all of these attributes, let's hope 
BHT and DMB do the same.

13th Gainesville, Florida Theater. Another cool venue. 
It's a smallish floor that I imagine will be packed, then 
progresses up to a couple of bars in back with several 
small tiers in between. No "seats" although there are some 
tables/chairs and a few couches as you get progress up the 
tiers. Good sound, good views for the most part. It is very 
much of a "theater" as you would think of a movie/dinner 
theater type place.

Last I checked with T-master ( a week ago), tix for this show 
were not yet on sale. That could well have changed by now.

I wish they were playing at the Ritz in Tampa. Not because it's 
anything too special, but because that's the first place I saw 
DMB, just over a year ago.



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Pauly Shore and DAVE...

goldberg@rochgte.fidonet.org Sun Mar 26 00:47:12 1995

Hey all,

Just channel surfing a few minutes ago and stumbled across MTV and a
Pauly Shore beach show, wiez....  Anyway, DMB was the guest musician!!!
They didn't play anything exciting, actually, they didn't play much at
all!!  They played WWYS and during the credits they played Ants (which
got cut off).  Boyd and Leroi seemed to be getting into it, but Dave
seemed kinda morbid.  Carter was having a blast!  Just before they
played, Pauly had the girl from the Buns of Steel workout do an
excercise routine for the audience.  Sure enough, after WWYS, she came
out on stage with Pauly and the Band.  You should have seen the look on
Dave's face!!!

The whole thing seems kinda odd...  I know Dave's popularity has soared
and all, but that was the last place on cable TV I would ever look to
see Dave play!!!  Playing on a beach for Pauly Shore!!  But, why not??

If this post is a re-run of previous posts, I apologize....



That way, nobody can capture me.....They can use the hell out of me, but
there ain't too much they can do to me.  They can mess me up, play the
wrong note, they can play a C, but they can't really destroy a C.  All
it is, is a tone...So I'm gonna come back as a note.



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thanks (fwd)

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sun Mar 26 01:45:47 1995

Thought folks might enjoy this response to "WARNING little serious DMB 
content" from the Wookie. Thanks also to Amanda for suggesting Dave be 
coach (although I worry he'd lose even more hair in such a stressful 
position) and to someone (I'm drawing a blank here, sorry) for suggesting 
the opposing team be Widespread and to everyone else who let me know they 

 From WIFOY@DAVIDSON.EDU Sat Mar 25 11:57:12 1995
     as you well, know, my heart is gone and a basbektball beats in my
 chest,albeit a small one.  i watched another squeaker for arkansas, setting up
 a downfall to UVA on Sunday.  UNfortunately, i guessed wrong, WFU screwed up,
 poor ball handling and clock management cost them the game.  oh well, i
 picture a meeting of Everything and DMB on the court, with Dave Slankard as
 Up.... and the Skinny Little White Craig begins raining 3's and when they go
 out protect the 3, he passes off to Nate who says to his defender, be gone,
 and drives past him.  The red hot price is on uniforms that the cheerleaders
 are wearing to cover their Chocolate and Vanilla Pudding.  The Sax jam of the
 fans begins to roar, and DMB realizes that it's all coming down today, so they
 begin fouling.  RIchard and Mark are on the line for much of the late portions
 of the game, where they rant like lunatics, drain free throws, and demonstrate
 that everything is the chosen few.  After the game, and all games, opponents
 get the everyday syndrome from getting so beat up in the game.... 

Can ya believe he had DMB lose? :-)

 peace, will
 rush remmatthewsweet everythingbigheadtood davematthewsbandbluestraveler samples
  __  Everything FAQ, Lyrics, and Essence Setlist File curator
 /  \   avail via anon-ftp at acm.vt.edu/pub/evthing 
 \__/ 	wifoy@davidson.edu = will foy'96 [ Phi Gamma Delta-Davidson]	
 edwinmccainband otherpeople leftoversalmon rustedroot vanmorrison gratefuldead

Peace and hoop dreams to all, Karen


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fhouse@vt.edu Sun Mar 26 01:53:17 1995

April 14th show in Greenville SC.... Yeeeee haaaaa!.... Don't be discouraged 
if you want to go... I've gone to about 7 shows without tickets and got 
in.... Later....


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Wilmington 4/15/95 tapers???

jjharm@mail.wm.edu Sun Mar 26 02:04:45 1995

Is anyone taping the Wilmington, NC show on the 15th?  I'm taking my
best friend for her birthday and I want a copy of the show to
remember it.  If anyone out there is planning on taping PLEASE get

*  jennifer harman          *  "Do what you will, always             *
*  jjharm@mail.wm.edu       *   Walk where you like, your steps      *
*  CS Box 5108              *   Do as you please, I'll back you up"  *
*  Williamsburg, VA  23186  *   -Dave Matthews Band                  *


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seek up variations

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sun Mar 26 02:12:00 1995

All right. I sent this before but it bounced. I hate computers.
 I'm sure this is in the lyric file, but the verse in Seek Up on 10/26/93:
 oh telegraph come from my granddad
 to tell me Granny's dead
 oh well I suppose each must fade away 
 to nothing at all
 memories fall
 oh remember the way it used to be
 spread out and slow
 oh, (not sure here) I want him to call  on the telephone
 and make it all ok
 ...and the manic fiddle jam to follow...I'm curious, were these a regular 
 part of seek up pre R2T? I haven't noticed it in other bagbys I have 
 from more recent dates. I'll keep listening. Any comments would be 
 welcome. I didn't think this verse flowed as well as the others (maybe 
 why it disappeared?) but the images are great. Anyway...
 lead singer is out of like South Africa, man, right? WAY. Catch the buzz 
 clip. Hey, Dave, can you play Satellite for me? 
   Karen E. Appleyard			University of Pennsylvania
   appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu		School of Social Work
 	"There's no place like home and none more pleasin'
 	Than the southland in the springtime."	-Emily Saliers 



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Cry Freedom

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Sun Mar 26 05:11:10 1995

Does anyone know if Cry Freedom is a Dave original or a cover.  It isn't 
listed in the FAQ as one of the covers, but for some reason I think it is 
a cover...Thanks in advance,  Creg

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Re: MINARETS digest 113

SOFIST@delphi.com Sun Mar 26 07:35:54 1995

can anyone confirm for me wht wheter no

i have no backspace
can anyone confirm for me whether or not Dave is in fact 
playing with Toda  toad the wet sprocket
in california at the paladium
and wheter in fact tickets go on sale tommorow?

wounds really  
sounds really farfether farfetched but my friend said it was the 
real deal

i dont know
get back to me fellow minareters

love love love is all around
even though i have no backspace hkey
mike baas

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Re: MINARETS digest 113

SOFIST@delphi.com Sun Mar 26 07:45:45 1995

First 5 people to email me
get an amazing copy of
Fox Theater, Boulder CO 3/10/94
most amzaing interse
most amazing intense jams ever

please..be cool to each other
dont bicker
no rumors
ask questionsa if you arent sure of things
but pay attention so you dont ask things that have been said before
hell, meail people personally if you want to know who anne is
or if you want to know what dave murmurs in #34
these have all been asked many m any times

love love is all around
that is the only way dave wants it

take care of you

mike baas

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messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Sun Mar 26 09:13:55 1995

I think DMB should challenge... PHISH!!!  Well, Jerry can play guard for 
them to.  All I know is I wouldn't want to guard Fishman.  Then again 
Dave could just drive in the lane doing that scary scream from Halloween, 
he should be able to score with that move.  I am now on spring break and 
it is snowing, that shouldn't happen, right?  Peace


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DMB/BHT Colorado show...

lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Sun Mar 26 09:59:49 1995

Will anyone be taping the Fort Collins show on April 30th???

Please let me know....


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Re: **correction**

JThomps34@aol.com Sun Mar 26 15:48:53 1995

Hey all,
doesn't make sense. We all enjoy seeing what the boys played at insert venue
and date here.  It is when people post their TAPE lists that problems arise.


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rb7t+@andrew.cmu.edu Sun Mar 26 18:42:38 1995

Hi!  I just got back from spring break, for which I had to desubscribe
to minarets so as not to overload my mailbox.  Now that I'm back, I'm
wondering what I missed!  Could someone please forward me a few of the
digests from the past week so I can get caught up?  I'd really apreciate
it!  Oh, and remember, send them to me personally, don't post them to
Thank you very much!

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Random tidbit

jag1@cornell.edu Sun Mar 26 18:53:52 1995

that the Dave Matthews Band is his favorite group of the moment.  Looks
like you never can tell where DMB will turn up next.

"I remember asking why there lies aggression and separation
where there should be love."
--Rusted Root


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Buns of steel

jcs3m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sun Mar 26 19:00:59 1995

Hey y'all,

Just saw the almost circus-like mtv pauly shore show, featuring appearances
by stephen baldwin, buns of steel lady, and of course, dave.  dave looked
pretty bored with wwys, and boyd looked like he was about to fall asleep on
his violin.  i hope they get to come out with a new single soon, i think
they've had enough "mom, it's my birthdays" for a while.  

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A test

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Sun Mar 26 19:02:38 1995

yesterday that never got through.  Sorry again,

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Re: Florida Venues

murmur@grove.ufl.EDU Sun Mar 26 21:58:33 1995

out in about an hour (I've heard some people say they sold out in twenty  
minutes, some in an hour and a half, but either way it was a 
short amount of time).
the DMB. Does anybody out there know who they might be and what they 
might sound like?  
find interesting. One girl asked some guy in line about DMB and he said, 
"I've been listening to them since 9th grade. I'm from Athens, GA and 
that's where they're from so I saw them in concert alot". What was he on? 
Athens? 9th grade? And another person (who had waited in line for about 
three hours as I did) when asked about the group said, "Well I really 
like that What Could You Say song....it's cool and stuff". But on the 
other hand, I met someone who has tons of tapes and has been to 
many concerts, so maybe the crowd won't be completely clueless when #36 
or Cry Freedom are played (if they are played, that is). 
believe me, I am).
-Jared Medina
-Child w/o .sig file

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DMB & Jeff Buckley

jmheckle@rs01.kings.edu Sun Mar 26 22:58:16 1995

Desperately seeking the February 11, DMB show at the Tower
also-looking for ANY live Jeff Buckley.



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sundtde@iac.net Sun Mar 26 23:38:04 1995

Lee, a while ago you posted your list and was wondering if you still were
intrested in trading... here's my list get back to me...

5/5/92 WTJU, Charlottesville, VA
11/17/92  Trax,  Charlottesville, VA
6/21/93 Georgia Theater, Athen GA
7/22/93 Wetlands Preserve, NYC
8/19/93 Wetlands Preserve, NYC
10/1/93 Floodzone, Richmond VA
10/31/93  Floodzone, Richmond VA
1/29/94  Wetlands Preserve, NYC--Dave and Tim
2/5/94  Georgia Theater, Athens GA
3/10/94  The Fox, Boulder, CO
8/28/94  Vail, CO
11/09/94  Lexington, VA Horse Center
11/11/94   Wait Chapel,  Wake Forest, NC
12/15/94  Austin, TX Liberty Lunch
3/17/95   Tower Records, WXRT FM Broadcast, Chicago

to change daily

The Samples
4/27/91 South St. Sea Port, NYC w/ 7/30/93 HORDE, NY
4/12/93 University of Michigan
4/16/93 Deerfield Acadmey
7/11/93 Pine Knob, H.O.R.D.E
9/19/93 Red Rocks, Morrison CO
12/4/93 Michigan State Universtiy
2/4/94  University of Iowa
4/20/94 State Theater, Ithaca

Gibb Droll Band

10/9/92  The Vic, Chicago
1/29/94  The Academy, NYC


AS noted above, this list changes daily!!! Contact me for any setlist or
other questions


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Re: I got one to offer

sundtde@iac.net Sun Mar 26 23:42:49 1995

Hey Pat I was wondering if you are still interested in trading for this
show... here is my list get back to me...

ok, I'm offering a 2nd gen dat of providence 10/9/94 to anyone who sends

5/5/92 WTJU, Charlottesville, VA
11/17/92  Trax,  Charlottesville, VA
6/21/93 Georgia Theater, Athen GA
7/22/93 Wetlands Preserve, NYC
8/19/93 Wetlands Preserve, NYC
10/1/93 Floodzone, Richmond VA
10/31/93  Floodzone, Richmond VA
1/29/94  Wetlands Preserve, NYC--Dave and Tim
2/5/94  Georgia Theater, Athens GA
3/10/94  The Fox, Boulder, CO
8/28/94  Vail, CO
11/09/94  Lexington, VA Horse Center
11/11/94   Wait Chapel,  Wake Forest, NC
12/15/94  Austin, TX Liberty Lunch
3/17/95   Tower Records, WXRT FM Broadcast, Chicago

to change daily

The Samples
4/27/91 South St. Sea Port, NYC w/ 7/30/93 HORDE, NY
4/12/93 University of Michigan
4/16/93 Deerfield Acadmey
7/11/93 Pine Knob, H.O.R.D.E
9/19/93 Red Rocks, Morrison CO
12/4/93 Michigan State Universtiy
2/4/94  University of Iowa
4/20/94 State Theater, Ithaca

Gibb Droll Band

10/9/92  The Vic, Chicago
1/29/94  The Academy, NYC


AS noted above, this list changes daily!!! Contact me for any setlist or
other questions


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Re: A Dave Story

sundtde@iac.net Sun Mar 26 23:54:01 1995

nhey  if u wanna give me the extra copy i'de be more than willing to
accept it a nnd trade u sometihng in return. thankx-amyOn Mon, 6 Mar 1995,

Hey Amy, I was wondering if you are still interested in trading for this
show, sorry it has taken me forever to get back to you!!!!  write me back
if you're interested...

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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delete previous message

sundtde@iac.net Sun Mar 26 23:56:03 1995

sorry about that everybody, didn't mean for that last message to go to the
masses. forgive my waste of bandwidth......

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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gclark@pipeline.com Mon Mar 27 00:23:30 1995

speaking of dave being big did anyone hear rhyme&reason on channel-1 news
the other day. it's a bit scary how big he's getting. thats cool its nice
to see good musicans on mtv.

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idea for next tour

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Mon Mar 27 01:40:16 1995

I swore I wouldn't post today, but then this brilliant idea came into my 
head when I put something in my tapedeck other than dave (shock!).

How about dmb touring with fellow south africans Ladysmith Black Mambazo? 
What a show. Just to see dave dancing with them (if you've seen them, 
you'll know what I mean) would be a trip. And I think the two bands could 
do a kick ass "Township Jive" (we'd need Peter for keyboards). And ending 
with the south african national anthem...ya bo!

You may recall this band from when Paul Simon duoed with them... they've 
been around a long time and have several cds...check em out. I saw and 
met them when they did a musical/documentary called Song of Jacob Zulu on 
Broadway (my sister did lights for the show). Stunning. 

Another peach of an idea from my yard to yours.


"Get your boots on......it's township jive time!" -Ladysmith


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DMB and Peter

ShanHop@aol.com Mon Mar 27 03:50:17 1995

A while back someone posed the question to all us Minareters that's been
or once he left?  I only saw one response to this question, but I'd be really
interested to hear what others have to say...  For all who may be interested,
here's my opinion  (I hope no one takes offense from my next words!)

To start with I have to say that I really don't like keyboards.  As a result,
Peter never was my favorite in the band, but I first fell in love with the
band when Peter was an integral part of their sound.  There are some songs
(Two Step, Warehouse and Lover are the ones I'm thinking of) that were better
when Peter was in the band, but in general I like the sound of DMB without
Peter.  The jams may be shorter, 'cause the keys aren't there to fill up
space, but I think the jams that are played now are much more interesting.
and over again...cool live, but it gets old quick on tape.)
clarity, I feel like there's less clutter without Peter in the background.  I
think each current member of the band sounds better now that Peter is gone.
agree (and explain themselves much more eloquently than me!) and I'd like to
hear from all of you.  If you have anything more to say than, "you're right"
or "you're wrong!" PLEASE post to the whole net and not through personal
mail, as this sort of discussion is what we're supposed to be here for!

basketball senario. (But don't you think you could have chosen one that put
our boys on the winning team? :)



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cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Mon Mar 27 03:57:42 1995

Sorry if everyone knows this, but what is the number to Terrapins (I 
think that is the name), where you can order XLII for $1.25 each at bulk 
rate? Thanks guys.


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Re: DMB and Peter

sseremet@emba.uvm.edu Mon Mar 27 04:46:29 1995

Hey everyone-
listening to the 1/30/93 Zollman's Pavilion show right now - a show 
everyone should hear(it's not _that_ spectacular, but I dig it).  I wish 
Peter was still around.  
some of the older shows, like this one, I really miss his work.  No more 
2001's, I haven't yet heard the newest versions of So Much To Say, but 
will it ever be the same?  I just think he added a lot to so many tunes - 
like LLD which Shannon mentioned(and I'm listening to right now :) ), and 
many others.  He had some sweet jams of his own, and he was great 
accompaniment during other's solos(most of the time IMHO) - a definite 
complement to almost every tune I can think of.  Sorry I'm not very well 
versed in musical terms and such, but he made some beautiful music and I 
wonder how he feels about having left the band in retrospect...
reasons why Peter left the band, but I read an interview w/ Boyd recently 
in which he says Peter left the band to build a house, because the road 
isn't exactly the place to do that.  Thanks for reading - just my 
thoughts...Peace and a good night to all-


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The good old days...

67006416@sunybroome.edu Mon Mar 27 05:03:13 1995

I am glad to see that Karen and my good friend Shannon are trying
to put some life back into the net... Karen made me laugh for the first
time in a long time, while reading posts... and shannon, although displaying
what some may see as a negative post, is actually talking about the band...
I personally agree with her and her point of view... And it is all right
if you agree or disagree... but discuss it... in length if you prefer...
or just personally to the person...

I posted a day or two ago about ti possibly being Dave's Birthday...
I got not one response...So...


Someone out there knows and I can't believe I didn't get a response...

I must say that it was good to smile again while reading a post... I remember 
it always being like that... I know it isn't the same as it used to be and
that it can't be because of the size of the net, but try... It can be a lot
more fun then this...

Use a little common courtesy and some netiquette (sp?) and you may be
surprised at how weell things turn out... It should be a great place to
talk about the band and better yet a great place to make friends... give
it a try...

Well, my face is a bout to hit the keybaord.... the hour is getting late..

l.,bhg ';,gfdlbh 

Whoops... sorry, I was feeling "Heavy Head"ed...

Try to cheer up everybody... I hope this break did you all some good... I know
I can't wait for mine...



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Any UMASS fans wanna set up a trade....

icculus@student.umass.edu Mon Mar 27 05:21:04 1995

Any UMASS'ers out there wanna trade?  I just got some blanks so I'm ready to
go.  I have tons of tapes of all those bands that we all like here.  Send me
your lists.


*Neal Kaiser                   |  To get on NOUN's mailing list, please send  *
*315 Wheeler House             |  an email request to "nkaiser@ecs.umass.edu" *
*UMASS Amherst                 |  with "Subscribe NOUN" as the subject.       *
*"icculus@student.umass.edu"   |  March 29: the Baystate, Northampton, MA     *
*"nkaiser@ecs.umass.edu"       |  April 6:  Fire & Water, Northampton, MA     *


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my mail is missing

MCipoletti@aol.com Mon Mar 27 05:35:28 1995

all i got was two pieces of mail for 3/27 just wondering if anyone sent me
anything that i didn't recieve. DMB is playing the Acadamy in NYC April 5 but
how to get the tickets is a damn good ????????????
Peace Mike
Could I have been out of high school?

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JP and sorry

sundtde@iac.net Mon Mar 27 05:52:11 1995

Hey everybody, just got back from the WSP concert here were I go to school.
JACKOPIERCE was the opener and they closed the show w/ Typical Situation
into their last song, it was very cool.  I talk to Cary(Pierce) after the
show and asked him if they play any other DMB songs and he says they throw
them in a lot and really liked DMB.  He was very interested in the band and
asked about shows I had seen.  He was wondering how DMB and BHTM figured
out who headlined each night.  Does anybody know how they did this??? It
doesn't(or didn't) seem like there was any pattern in terms of where the
band was playing geographically.  I.E. in Cincinnati BHTM closed, but in
Columbus it was DMB.... Milwaukee- DMB, Chicago-BHTM... Oh well just
wondering...so check out JACKOPIERCE and you might get a DMB tune thrown in
with it...

I also wanted to apologize again for any personal posts that I inadveretly
sent to the entire net.  I was catching up on some trades and replying back
to people and forgot that some of the posts I was replying to were sent
before the listerv was corrected, sending it to the entire net instead of
who wrote the post.  So to anyone that I offened,  I'm truly sorry....

On another note, to everyone I'm trading with, I'm catching up and will be
in touch...(Greg tapes out hopefully tomorow).

Once again thanks for the bandwidth....

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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Re: JP and sorry

sseremet@emba.uvm.edu Mon Mar 27 06:15:20 1995

On the JackoPierce note-
of the final meddley they do amongst many other tunes including some 
Samples...and Matt Scannell from Vertical Horizon(of AWARE disc fame) was 
messin' around w/ Minarets during soundchecks...pretty cool...he told me 
Carter is on their new album due out next week now...Check it out.  Peace-


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DMB in Memphis?

asc4@Ra.MsState.Edu Mon Mar 27 06:38:20 1995

If someone could please give me some info. on the DaMaBa show in Memphis
(when, where, tickets), I would be veeery, veeery thankful.
I've been looking forward to seeing the band after a long break, they don't
tour in the Deep South all that often.
If anyone has stories about Super Jam IV in Athens, Ga. last summer they
would like to share, let's talk. Personally, I thought that it was the 
best festival of the year, not some overcommercialized production like the
one that was all over mtv (I'll stay away from the mtv subject).
Sorry about the waste of bandwidth.

"I'm only going if the doorknob turns
I'm only going if the light comes on
and I'm only going if I can boogie with you!" - WSP

Sam Cammack

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setlist for Dec 10-94 Santa Monica?

BLIM@CMCVAX.MCKENNA.EDU Mon Mar 27 09:41:45 1995

I was just wondering if somebody could send me the DMB setlist for 12-10-94 in
Santa Monica when they opened for Phish.  I don't remember everything they
played.  I was kinda fucked up. thanks

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quick questions

Dmbard@aol.com Mon Mar 27 12:19:23 1995

howdy all,

1)explain it to me like i'm a 5 year old...how do i get to the lyrics file
while i am on america on line? i would love to get to this file and get a
print out, if anyone can help me with this i would be so appreciative.

2)is there a way NOT to be on the mailing list (my mailbox keeps getting tons
o' mail, especially when i go away, and that is quite often) yet remain in
touch with dave events i.e. tour dates, tv appearances, etc?

3)what are dave's summer plans and do they include anything in the dc area?

thanks for answering my questions.

p.s how do i get to the FAQ, and again, explain this to me like i am a 5 year




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Re: MINARETS digest 116

JThomps34@aol.com Mon Mar 27 14:59:37 1995

Hey all,
debate.  I realize I am probably in the minority on this, but I feel strongly
that the band is better sin Peter.  My reason is this... I don't like it when
Dave's guitar, which to me is the coolest sound out there is drowned out my
Peter playing a sustained note on the keyboard.  My best example of this is
from Chapel Hill 2/11/93 during Jimi Thing.  Even though Peter played some
incredible jams, which I like a lot, as a whole I like hearing DMB without
keys.  It would be cool, however, if he could come to a few shows and play
the harmonica for So Much To Say!  I haven't heard it yet from the current
tour, but I would love to get my "little hands" on a copy. If anyone out
there has one of the shows in '95 with So Much To Say on it, let me know
through personal mail and we can set up a deal.  I have about 70hrs of DMB,
so we should be able to set up a cool trade. 


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2/24 Roseland

BOBBSTEPH@urvax.urich.edu Mon Mar 27 15:28:33 1995

Popper and Trey, please respond personally.  I have lots to trade.   Thanks.


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The basketball oponent

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Mon Mar 27 16:03:13 1995

playing in the championship would be the HATED RCA EXECS!!!!!!  Yea.  The only
reason that they would be in the championship game in the first place would be
because it was in their contract.  Their athetic ability sucks.  Of course it
doesn't help their cause that they are playing in suits that are way too tight
and their ties are choking them.  Their cheerleaders are all a bunch of robot-
like creatures who only have one cheer, that they do the whole game, much to
the dismay of the DAMABS fans, team, and cheerleaders.  The cheer is called
"What Would You Say"!!!!!!!!!  Go figure.  Enough lack-of-sleep induced
rambling for now, time to go to bed.  Later,

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tigers and clowns and rock stars...

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Mon Mar 27 18:17:12 1995


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Dave in NYC?

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Mon Mar 27 18:32:13 1995

What is all this about Dave being at the academy on April 5th?? Someone
please help me someone....

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House Of Blues...

JThomps34@aol.com Mon Mar 27 18:54:38 1995

Hey All,
Orleans (2/17/95) and it looks cool. If anyone was at this show and taped it
(I don't mean the thing on TV) I would love to hear from you.   The set is
much longer than the shows with BHTM, and I think it would make a nice
addition.  Anyway, get back to me if you have this show and want to trade.


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two weeks rest and thought...

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Mon Mar 27 18:55:42 1995

DAMABA needs a break...they need to sleep...touring is hell...

lets send the whole DMB crew and family some positive vibrations...

just think "YOU ARE LOVED...."  and everything will be alright.

everything that comes to you is a return 
of everything that came out of you....


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DMB in Florida

mpeck@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Mon Mar 27 18:59:22 1995

I live in Florida and was wondering if anybody knows what dates the DMB 
will play down here.  I know about the Orlando show 10 Apr, but I go to 
school in Tallahassee, which is far, far away, and I have a slew of 
classes the next day.  So, if anybody has the 411 on gigs closer (maybe 
Jacksonville, Panama City, or even S. Georgia), I'd appreciate it.

Thanks a lot...


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DMB in N.Y.C.

rma2@lehigh.edu Mon Mar 27 19:28:47 1995



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Edwin McCain

AXJX80B@prodigy.com Mon Mar 27 19:56:11 1995

Does anybody out there know anything about an Edwin McCain
or TR3 mailing list or www site.


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Re: DMB and Peter

cypherc@cleo.bc.edu Mon Mar 27 21:00:06 1995

Personally, I like a lot of songs better in the Griesar-Era not because of spectacular jams by
Peter, but the way he backed everyone up and seemed to tie it all in together so nicely.  One
of the 2001/Dueling Banjos intro to Ants and an amazing, marathon version of Jimi Thing, where
IMHO Peter's keys add a lot of life to the song that it just doesn't seem to have on UTTAD or
even at the Avalon in Boston (10/8/94, the last show I was at where they played it).  If anyone
hasn't heard this Jimi, Dave and the boys break into Prince (artist formerly known as) lyrics
from "Sexy Motherfucker":
be.  All I gotta say is that Boyd's got a big Jimi Thing, and mine's not quite as big as Boyd's,
so you decide for yourself." 

Just one more thing, I think Peter's keys add a certain sinister quality to songs like Dangerous
Hours/Help Myself, Spotlight, and Rhyme and Reason, the dark, brooding, evil side of DMB. 
Especially Spotlight!!!

Just Rambling, (again)
Craig Cypher

"Damn You, big city, black city, rising up around me, steal my soul away"


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weenie snipper

dbb@christa.unh.edu Mon Mar 27 21:50:01 1995

Thought you DMB fans could use some disgusting thoughts.

BTW- I don't care that this is a waste of band width!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

would enjoy this.  Bare with it because it is a bit long.


---------- Forwarded message ----------

______________________________ Forward Header __________________________________

This is, by far, the most disgusting thing I have ever read.  It made me lose 
my appetite, mabe perminetly.  I am sure you will eat this up, and mabe even 
send it out to your starving minions.  I wouldn't want to be sitting beside 
Kadee Niles when she reads this.  Enjoy
From nabmail!nab!ssweeney Thu Mar 23 16:06 EST 1995 
________________________________ _______________
forwards shuddering
a pair of cuticle scissors.
tell the whole story.  Apologies if it gets a little lengthy, 
but this yarn deserves to be spun well.
not taken care of with sufficient diligence, and it healed 
incorrectly.  Portions of the raw edge of the remaining 
foreskin bonded to the glans, a little bit above the lower 
edge of the glans.  This left a series of "skin bridges", 
basically sections of foreskin which can't be retracted, 
because they are fused to the glans at one end and the shaft 
at the other.  These varied in width from about 1/16" to 
1/4", and were attached off and on over about 2/3 of the 
time before I even realized it was abnormal.  Everything 
functioned properly, but there were a few minor problems 
with it which made me wish I could fix it.  Mainly,
1.  It was a cosmetic defect -- it didn't look good.
2.  It was tough to keep clean under the bridges -- I had to 
swab it with a Q-tip now and then to knock down smegma 
3.  Some of the most sensitive parts of the glans were 
hidden under relatively insensitive chunks of foreskin, 
robbing me of the proper stimulation which was mine and 
every man's birthright.
it corrected, but there were problems.  Doctors cost 
money, and I didn't have it, and student insurance sure 
wasn't gonna cover it.  Plus, the thought of some strange 
doctor chopping at my peepeehead gives me chills.
cut it and bandage it.  "Hell, maybe I can do that!", I 
thought.  The problem was how to kill the pain.  I 
experimented with cutting myself (with an x-acto knife), 
but seeing as it always hurt like hell before I even cut 
anything, I never went through with it.
Again, the problem with the self-surgery approach was 
dealing with pain.  There had to be some way of numbing
the area, but how?  One winter day, it hit me.  If cold can 
make fingers go numb, then cold can also make a
ManTool[tm] go numb.  With this in mind, I pioneered a 
the "home penile self-surgery procedure".
Cuticle scissors (1 pair)
Rubbing alcohol (1 bottle)
Antibiotic ointment (1 tube)
Anti-bacterial soap (1 bottle)
Gauze pads (lots, various sizes)
Ice cubes (iodine added to water for sterility)
Clean Washcloth (freshly laundered with lots'o bleach) 
Well-lit work area (the kitchen table)
Wipe down work area with alcohol.  Clean penis with soap 
and water, then with alcohol.  Wash hands thoroughly. 
Soak scissors in alcohol.
Holding the ice cube with the washcloth (to prevent your 
fingers from going numb), apply the ice cube to the target 
area.  Hold for 5 to 10 minutes, until area is numb.
Using the cuticle scissors, sever the skin bridge as closely 
as possible to its connection with the glans.  Then sever the
foreskin end of the bridge in such a location as to leave an even 
edge on the foreskin.
Use gauze pads and direct pressure to stop the bleeding, then 
apply antibiotic ointment and bandage.
correctly, the healing process is a real pain in the ass.  It 
also takes a certain state of mind to be able to cut your
own flesh.  I would kind of put myself into robo-man 
zombie mode for the operations, in that I never dwelled on 
what I was doing, I just mechanically plodded through all 
the steps without thinking about how totally gross it was.
of the penis, and since I could only tolerate so much 
trauma to my dick in one session, it took 6 separate 
operations, spread out over a two week period, to 
cut/remove all of the skin bridges.
Operation #1  (Day 1)
1/16" across.  I held the ice cube on for 5 minutes.  The
ice caused a peculiar kind of "cold ache", but it wasn't that 
bad.  I gingerly made the cuts, and sliced through with no 
pain at all.  There was some minor bleeding, but because
of the speed at which I worked, I had finished and had the 
gauze on it before the wound had any chance to bleed 
significantly.  After about 10 minutes the bleeding was 
stopped and I bandaged it up, no problem at all.  Only a 
tiny little speck of flesh had been removed, rather 
unimpressive looking.
Operation #2  (Day 3)
big game this time.  The target was the mother of all skin 
bridges, about 1/4" across and very thick and meaty. 
Again, I made the preparations and applied ice for 5 
surprised at how much I had to bear down on the scissors. 
This skin was surprisingly tough. I finished that cut, and 
then turned my attention to the cut on the foreskin side. 
Wanting to get it done quickly, I decided that two large, 
powerful snips should do the job.  I bore down and made 
the first cut, and realized with a shock that IT HURT LIKE 
skin bridge on that end, the cold hadn't penetrated deeply 
enough, and it hadn't gone numb.  So, I was left with a 
problem.  I had a half severed bit of foreskin hanging off 
me, and no anesthetic.  My only recourse was to finish the 
cut.  I thought, "Shit.  This will hurt.".  So I lined up the 
scissors, closed my eyes, and as quickly and powerfully as
I could, I made the snip.  My prediction was correct; it did 
hurt (don't you hate when you're right about things like 
that?).  I managed to avoid shouting out, instead opting for 
a few simple gasps and whimpers.
future operations.
bled much more profusely.  It took about 20 minutes of 
direct pressure and a lot of gauze until I could staunch the 
main flow.  Even then it kept oozing blood for a few
hours.  I spent the rest of the evening with nothing on 
below the waist, sitting in front of the TV with a few 
brews (this became standard procedure for all forthcoming 
operations).  Any motion tended to make it break open and 
bleed again, so I moved around very little.   I was 
functioning (that is, walking) almost normally again by the 
next day, but it took about 5 days before this one 
completely stopped oozing blood.
another brew, I spotted IT, the severed hunk-o-foreskin that 
I had left on the table. It was of fairly good size, about 
1/2" by 1/4" and maybe as thick as a piece of bacon. 
Suddenly, strange thoughts entered my skull, and a raging 
mental battle between good and evil ensued.
diseases in there, you already got."
fingertip.  BFD."
chewy, kind of like biting a little piece of rubber.  I 
chewed for about 5 minutes, but didn't make any progress
on breaking it down, so I swallowed it.  It had a little bit
of blood flavor at first, but after that it had no flavor at all; 
rather disappointing in that respect.  Maybe I should have
cooked it.
Operation #3 (Day 10)
longer (10 minutes instead of 5), so there was no problem 
with pain.  Not nearly as much bleeding, but still a 
respectable amount.
Any hard-on would tear the wounds open and start them 
bleeding again.  This would be a problem for about 3 or 4 
days until the wounds had healed sufficiently.  Basically, 
I had to spend a long, long time without even thinking a 
nasty thought.  Of course, when I was asleep I had no 
control over the process, which would always result in me 
waking up with a dick that hurt and bloody bandages.  I 
was really lovin' life at moments like these.
Operation #4 (Day 12)
bonus of having a small vein (about 1 mm in diameter) 
running through the skin bridge.  Now, the blood supply
for the penis mainly runs through blood vessels buried deep 
inside.  When you get down the the small vessels, the 
circulatory system becomes more of a spiderweb, with 
redundant paths going to every point.  So I knew it wasn't 
actually dangerous to cut it, but it was still a kind of 
psychological obstacle.  I expected this one to be a heavy 
bleeder, and I wasn't disappointed.  It took about a full 
hour of direct pressure to get the severed ends of the vein 
to close up.  Otherwise, not too much of a problem.
Operation #5 (Day 14)
but due to changes in the way skin tension was being 
applied to the remaining bridges (because I'd cut some 
others away), one small bridge was getting a lot of stress 
and starting to hurt.  So I chopped it quick and easy, no 
real problems.
Operation #6 (Day 15)
transferred the stress to the next bridge down the line.  So 
even though I had about 3/4" of flesh left to cut, I resolved 
to do it all at once in one last cutting frenzy.
complete (maybe 1 minute total), which gave the blood a 
chance to flow.  I had to stop a few times and wipe away 
blood so I could see what I was doing.  Strangely, this 
didn't bother me at all.  It seemed perfectly normal that I 
should be wiping up copious amounts of blood flowing
from my bleeding pecker which I had sliced open myself. 
Actually, it seemed kind of cool at the time, which led me
to speculate at the time that I had gone insane, which I also 
thought was pretty cool.
dripped on to the chair, it went quite well.  The only thing 
that really grossed me out was when I noticed I had blood 
all over my hands.  If any psychoanalysts want to analyze 
that tidbit for me, feel free, though I really don't care.
1.  There are no scars to speak of, just a few bumps on the 
glans.  This is because I didn't trim the flesh quite close 
enough in a few spots. They kind of resembling little 
warts.  I thought about going back and trimming them off, 
but I kind of like 'em now.  After all, it's not everyone 
who has the privilege of appearing to have warts, without 
actually being diseased.
2.  Without the skin tension holding things back, total dick 
length has increased by 1/4".  (Of course I've measured the 
length of my dick.  Like you haven't?)
3.  It's a great topic for dinnertime conversation.  Women 
generally seem to find it quite interesting.  Men generally 
turn kind of pale.
contemplating a few more self-surgical procedures.  You 
know, mole removal, wart removal, nose jobs, the whole 
vista of cosmetic surgery.  I'll need some help for that 
mole on my back, which means training an assistant.  Ah, 
the future looks interesting indeed ...

From rob@shapiro.com


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a great new list

ZU03570%UABDPO.bitnet@uvmvm.uvm.edu Mon Mar 27 22:37:25 1995

hopefully soon, my friends and I will be starting a new list that discusses the
music of many different bands, however we will drop anyone from the list for
flaming, unless its flaming a bad trader. Does this interest anyone or should
we not pursue it further?    THANKS-RESPOND PLEASE

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some help please

ZU03570%UABDPO.bitnet@uvmvm.uvm.edu Mon Mar 27 22:58:30 1995

I'm looking for a few specific shows. If you have any or all of them please let
me know. I've got a/b 50hrs. of DMB, 50hrs of PHish, 10hrs. of EMB, 10hrs of RR
and many other bands.
1. Athens, GA - June 12,1994- Super Jam IV - Athens Fairgrounds
2. Birmingham, AL - October 15, 1994 - Oak Mtn. Amphitheatre (w/ PHISH)
3. Boone, NC - November 10, 1994 - Legend's - (w/ Rusted Root)
4. Atlanta, GA - December 27, 1994 - The Fox Theatre
5. Birmingham, AL - December, 28, 1994 - Boutwell Auditorium

Also does anyone have any of the European shows? I'd like to get my hands on
some of those too.
Please, email me personally a/b these shows. Thanks in advance.



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Tape Lists

Sumo5@aol.com Mon Mar 27 23:08:13 1995

you would send me your lists. I have a limited list, but would be willing to
send mine if so desired.
Thanks a lot


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nyc and z100

JSLAGHT@drew.edu Mon Mar 27 23:10:43 1995

Has anyone else in the nyc area been sitting by the phone listening to 
hell-radio Z100 waiting to get dave tix?  For the last few hours I have,
and just listening to the shit they play has made me a mean,bitter person.  
Is it true that calling in and winning tix is the only way to get them?  At
this rate my anger towards such terrible music mixes will force me to beat 
the hell out of someone...of course, don't tell Z100 I said that, 'cause if 
they give me tix to see dave I'd be the Z100 poster boy...
Ok, enough negativity from me for now...bye, jon.

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Dave at USNA

m983534@hughes.nadn.navy.mil Mon Mar 27 23:17:18 1995

formation (lunch) at the United States Naval Academy there was a pep 
rally. Kicking it off, on huge speakers blasting all over campus was none 
other thatn the Dave Matthews Band, unfortunately it was only on cd, but it 
still had a profound effect. Some people might think it's crazy to say that 
DMB "does" things to people, but it does. People walking out of classes were 
smiling, laughing, and dare I say even singing and dancing. It really livened 
up the day. Seeing how much we enjoyed the band on cd I was wondering 
what it would take to get them to play at a venue, say here? If anybody out 
there has a clue, please let me know. We've got an arena, a small hall, a 
radio station, the works, anything a group could want.  So any help would 
be appreciated. 

"If you.ve never seen how bad it can get, how can you honestly smile when 
it's good?" I'll tell you, we were all smiles today. 

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the magic number

Dmbard@aol.com Tue Mar 28 01:25:01 1995

howdy fellow minareters,

i finally heard #36 for my first time last night.
it was on a boot i got the other day and it is ABSOLUTELY

i am now on a mission.
i am looking for lotsa versions of #36.

if anyone would be so kind as to let me know what tapes they have with #36, i
would be willing to trade my shows.

i can send my shows to those who are interested.




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Federico.Cribiore@directory.Reed.EDU Tue Mar 28 02:28:57 1995


This is a tape grovel if I've ever seen one-  
Does anybody have a digital copy of 12-9-93 DMB w/ Tim Reynolds on electric?  I
want this tape on DAT and I have many gems to trade in return (DMB and lots of
others), including the night before which also has Tim Reynolds.  

Let me know- and thank you



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Newsgroup is bad stuff

Jeruuu@aol.com Tue Mar 28 03:24:27 1995

msteckle when I decided to check out the DMB newsgroup.  It is so void of
knowledge and life it's sad that Daves name is attached to it.  It had some
trade posts which can be expected but then there were ?s like" How is Dave's
1st album."  I said wait, hold on a minute here.  Not that I am for flaming
people or have ever flamed anyone but I could only imagine what Death threats
and hilarious rags this would bring about if it were posted to minarets.
was going to allow us to have the same benefits, but with out the mail i was
all for it. Instead it is a disturbing place wich I hope none of you will
venture to just for your own mental stability.  Well anyway, I guess not
everyone is into DMB as much as the people on Minarets or else they would
stick it out and get that mail or digest and smile when they get it because
it is about Dave, Carter,Steffan,Boyd,& Leroi whom put out some of the
lovliest tunes known to man.  Let the MTVEERS be and let them post there
sillyness to the Newsgroup cause we still got our MINARETS. (I am really
starting to dislike WWYS).  


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looking4 Xroady Andrew Corbett

Jeruuu@aol.com Tue Mar 28 03:24:36 1995

Does anyone out their know Andrew Corbett?He used to work with DMB at either
Trax, or the Floodzone.  I just want to get in touch with him to send him
some free stuff. It's because of him I got to meet Dave & Co. I would just
like to thank him.  I think his band might have opened up for the Samples
recently. If anyone has his address or knows this great man E-me.

"Should I spend my adolescent days wearing tie dyes or Vaurnets?" Prep school


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Hey hey hey...Sean McGhie You have a telephone call at the frontdesk.

SOFIST@delphi.com Tue Mar 28 03:32:53 1995

M  Umm..sorry to waste bandwith with these kindless bunk
and display of stupidity...but..
Sean MCGHIE..I have lost your email adress and we need to set up a trade.

DMB Content(remember..no backspace):  My friend said he was watching
PBS and there was some thought talk debate type show on and they
opened the show with Best of What's ARound.  Dave a  has not only
conquored private TV but now he is taking his act to PUBLIC television.

On another note..another amie said she heard a musac version of a 
Dave Song...not sure which but that just KILLS me!  

Got my tickets for May 13 Paladium in Los Angeles.  Dave comes west!
fuck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope he headlines cuz dont care much for Todd and the dudes.

thanks for all the precious reso responces to my tapes offer..
so far out of all that sent me, i denied one guy due to

Also, everyone on the count of 3 yell "Japhy is a saint!"

Carter BEushit
"Carter Beauford on the drackudurackadarackadrkaduedkause!"

love love love love(you know the rest)


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dans@cloud9.net Tue Mar 28 03:33:20 1995

I can't figure this out.  Everyone's talking about the newsgroup 
alt.music.dave-matthews, but my newsserver (NEWS.CLOUD9.NET) doesn't seem to 
carry it.  Anybody know how I can get it on there?

Also - about the peter debate it seems I have stirred up (2 weeks later?).  I 
think certain songs (2 step!!!, lover lay down, cry freedom, SMTS) are better 
off with the keys, but that others (jimithing, dancing nancies) are better off 
without them.  I agree that the music sounds less cluttered, and that it gives 
boyd and leroi opportunities to showcase their own talents, but the jams 
really aren't what they could be otherwise.  Funny thing though, I think the 
newer versions of warehouse w/o keys are better - 'specially in the chorus 
"and here i sit..."



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Cheap Blank Tapes

andynyc@panix.com Tue Mar 28 04:27:32 1995

A lot of people on the net are asking about places to order
cheap blank tapes.  In New York there's Uncle's Stereo which
sells blanks cheap - Maxell XLII-S 90 for $1.75, MX 90 for
$2.29 each, for example.  They have all major kinds - Sony,
Maxell, TDK, etc.  

I didn't know that they handled mail order (in fact I still 
don't) but in Sunday's paper they had an 800 number.

I don't work at this place or anything, but I do get all my
blank tapes here.  It may be worth trying for mail order.

No promises, just trying to help....

Andy     andynyc@panix.com


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Re: newsgroup

pjuette@orion.it.luc.edu Tue Mar 28 04:28:11 1995

For those who haven't been able to get the newsgroup, although I'm not 
even going to bother, since the traffic has slowed down a little here on 
minarets, but for the "alt" groups of which DMB was set up ususally you 
have to tell you server company or university technologies department 
that you want to receive this becuase there a many "alt" groups starting 
every day and the sheer number would overload most of the current servers 
memory.  send an e-mail message or call to the administration at your server.

 I can't figure this out.  Everyone's talking about the newsgroup 
 alt.music.dave-matthews, but my newsserver (NEWS.CLOUD9.NET) doesn't seem to 
 carry it.  Anybody know how I can get it on there?
 Also - about the peter debate it seems I have stirred up (2 weeks later?).  I 
 think certain songs (2 step!!!, lover lay down, cry freedom, SMTS) are better 
 off with the keys, but that others (jimithing, dancing nancies) are better off 
 without them.  I agree that the music sounds less cluttered, and that it gives 
 boyd and leroi opportunities to showcase their own talents, but the jams 
 really aren't what they could be otherwise.  Funny thing though, I think the 
 newer versions of warehouse w/o keys are better - 'specially in the chorus 
 "and here i sit..."

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From Good Homes

shahan@cleo.bc.edu Tue Mar 28 04:40:25 1995

From Good Homes, a band that opened up for DMB during some
of his fall tour, has a major record label debut that comes
out on Tuesday March 28.  It is called "Open Up The Sky" and is
on RCA.  It should be in most stores and if it isn't just
ask for it.  They also have another album called "Hick-Pop."
They are also touring and if anyone would like to know
the dates, e-mail me back.

Anuj A. Shah
Boston College


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non dave content, but cool band like dmb

wintersea@urvax.urich.edu Tue Mar 28 04:40:29 1995

Hey, everybody, I just wanted to tell you about a new band I have heard a 
lot lately in the Richmond area.  They are called Delusions of Grandeur 
and play a nice blend of covers and originals (very dave-like).  They 
have a singer/acoustic guitarist, sax, bass, and drums.  They even play 
some dmb (check out the smoking version of Halloween).  Oh well, go se em 
if you can, you'll get a kick out of it.  Here's the spring schedule, so 
if you're Richmond or Charlottesville bound......

Thursday, March 30......Buffalo Joe's Cary St. Richmond
Thursday, April 6.......Moondance Saloon, 9 N. 17 St., Richmond 
Thursday, April 13......Greenskeepers, UVA, Charlottesville (tentative)
Thursday, April 20......Moondance Saloon, 9 N. 17 St., Richmond
Friday, April 21........University of Richmond, Greek Theater (4pm)

plus some stuff on weekends at random fraternities at University of 
Richmond, UVA, and William and Mary.

for booking, call Sean Winter at 804-662-4338

Check em out!!!!!  Thanks.

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Dave's BDAy

SOFIST@delphi.com Tue Mar 28 05:22:45 1995

Heavy Head..sorry for not posting...I lurk too much because 
I dont have a backspace key and I am digestified...

I know Dave is a Cancer ...if this is the month for Cancer, it very
well could be his BDAY.


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dth@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU Tue Mar 28 06:00:33 1995

hello all

my friend just informed me of this list; i've been enjoying DMB since the 
beginning of this year with the purchase of ..things. 

after reading the FAQ, i've come across a few thoughts to share...

greg's stick is a 10 string instrument, containg five bass register 
strings and five guitar register strings. actually, the bass register of 
a stick extends slightly below that of a normal bass, as does the stick 
high end extend slightly above that of a guitar.
it is an incredible instrument, wherein one person may play very cool 
stuff all by himself, sounding and filling out the parts of a large group.
greg howard is one of the better stick players out there, and DMB was 
cool enough to include him in their scheme. also, greg and tim played 
together for a while, making some recordings along the way.

i hope i haven't been covering old news with this; if so, enjoy my 
perspective. :)


Dan Howarth (dth@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
Chapman Stick, Basses


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