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jfogelso@emerald.tufts.edu Tue Mar 28 06:13:28 1995

I don't want to sound like a dork, but I haven't gotten mail in three 
days and I don't know what to do. I chacked and it says I'm still on.  
Other people at my school are getting minarets mail.  Can somebody help 
me PLEASE!!!:(
the temporarily on-hold warrior


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Re: Chapman Sticks and Todd Grubbs

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Tue Mar 28 06:46:07 1995

 greg's stick is a 10 string instrument, containg five bass register 
 strings and five guitar register strings. actually, the bass register of 
 a stick extends slightly below that of a normal bass, as does the stick 
 high end extend slightly above that of a guitar.
 it is an incredible instrument, wherein one person may play very cool 
 stuff all by himself, sounding and filling out the parts of a large group.
 greg howard is one of the better stick players out there, and DMB was 
 cool enough to include him in their scheme. also, greg and tim played 
 together for a while, making some recordings along the way.

I was surfing around the other day and ran into a musicain 
named Todd Grubbs who uses a chapman stick in some of his music,
although I forget who plays it on the album.

Has anyone here heard of Todd Grubbs?



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yippie skippie!!!random notes from the limit at 1:45am

lono@brahms.udel.edu Tue Mar 28 06:49:55 1995

hey ya'll
I'm allowed back into the minarets!!! my e-mail account was just 
renewed!!! yyeeeeeeehhhooooooooo!

I wanted to keep all mu fellow minnows posted on some vital info.

for those of you with absolutely NO CLUE (and i know you're there, and 
you're probably also subscribing to the DMB newsgroup alt.DMB or 
whatever...discussing his HIV status and whatnot....)

for christ's sake...it's fuckin closed!!!
I don't mean to be snooty and I realize that there are 6000 messages in 

I actually started the branches' tapes!
I feel like a serious slacker, but rest assured, I have not scammed...in 
fact, I spent a good $20 or so on spanking new XLII's today and have the 
first two ready to ship.

If we've not arranged our trades yet....I think that's just Ben and 
Dan...we need to get that shit together.

tape traders...if you like the dead...trade with Tom Haughton...he's the 
shit...i just got a spectacular 91 AUD from him that sounds like jerry's 
plugged into your freakin' speakers...as crystal as AUD can get.

If you're a straight DMB freak...and i can't say i'd blame you, trade 
with keith...he has the best shit i've laid ears on.

your welcome guys.

well, I have to say...the alt.music.dmb is lame. I was subscribed to it 
cause it was free and i didn't know how to post and I couldn't flame 
everybody, so i jsut sat back and smiled at all the HIV hearsay thingies...

god bless the 'ret net....I'd freak if I had to rely on the other for my 
limited cyber-dave info.

******* what the hell, VA???******

I was in VA this weekend and I was surprised how fed up VA is with 
Dave...what's the scoop? How long has he been touring, anyway. I guess 
the first i heard of him was late 91...while attending JMU. Was he around 
the C'ville scene much before then. Anyone got a BIO on Dave, or a tape 
of his first show? Did he used to suck real bad? my 91/92 stuff isn't 
that bad, so I'm wondering why anyone would grow to HATE DMB, is he 
played into the ground down there?

******* looking for songs/ artists ********

I have a single show with Kristen singing Angel...I've mentioned it
Are there more performances of her anywhere?
Anyone have sharp Bluewater?
Any other sick guests that I should know about...horde jams other than 9/1?
Any chillin' covers besides some B. marley and Angel...just wondering.
also, i have a song titled "blues" from Dave at DKE in UVA...anyone know 
of this song or what it could be code for?

******* That's all ********

to all my friends awaiting the Roseland show...I've devoted my spring 
break to cranking these fucking tapes out...they're coming, i 
swear...sorry for the delay, thanks to those who've mailed me tapes so far.

and for god sakes..the freakin thing is CLOSED!!!
I'm listening to Trey and popper on Watchtower RIGHT NOW...ooooooh boy, 
you guys are in for a treat!!!

cheers....from Fenton, et al.

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huppert@bucknell.edu Tue Mar 28 07:12:01 1995

I have sent out about 4 copies already, and am spinning at the moment...
All those people who sent me blanks...  I got about 12 packages when I got
back, and one today...  I am going as fast as possible... Give me a couple
of days...

Now is a good time, there are no tests.  I HAVE NOT forgotten you...  I
have a list of people to send stuff to!  It will get there, or I will
contact you about trades.



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Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

sundtde@iac.net Tue Mar 28 07:48:25 1995

Once again I want to aplogize if any of my personal posts have been going
to the entire net.   THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING, sorry this is happening, I am
trying to be careful looking at the adress where it is going so something
must be messed up with my e-mail, please do not flame me,  I'm truly very
sorry and will correct this(I hope)

On a Dmb note glad to hear other people's stories about  JackoPierce and
DMb, great band, great DMB covers check them out....

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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what should i do?

johnss7@mail.auburn.edu Tue Mar 28 09:03:42 1995

around here.  i am not sure what to do.  i would have bought all copies, 
but at $60 a pop, i can't even buy one.  i would like this to stop, i 
know it is wrong, but i am not sure what to do.  if anyone can point me 
in the right directions, i'll fill in the blanks.  thanks


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Re: weenie snipper

PO2252_MAVEL@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Mar 28 13:59:41 1995

OK, I draw the line right here (this is gonna get messy!!).  I don't
care who the fuck is posting all this worthless BULLSHIT about 
weenie snipping or whatever, but it has NO PLACE ON THIS NET!!!!!!!!
Give me a break!!!!  I am sick and tired of going thru all this
unnecessary bandwidth and it's REALLY PISSING ME OFF!!!  I would
be flaming directly right now but I want to let everyone on this net
know that I won't tolerate this shit anymore.  I'm sure many people
will agree with me.  The state of this net has gone to shit and
that's just a reflection of the people who are on it.  Please,
stop doing this crap!


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Trades anyone?

anewman@garnet.msen.com Tue Mar 28 15:06:19 1995

I'm looking for HQ DMB tapes.  I have none, but have 100+ hrs of Phish 
and others.  If interested, please respond.




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JThomps34@aol.com Tue Mar 28 15:55:08 1995

Hey All,
was like.  I was not too impressed.  It is full of people who heard that Dave
was cool and want to be fans for a while.  Sorry to sound like an asshole,
but go see for yourselves.  I'm sure there were some cool people on there,
but they must be very patient individuals!  Well, for the person who wanted
to know how to get to the newsgroup from AOL, here it is (don't worry this
will be short)

1) use the keyword "newsgroups"
2) once you get the the newsgroups part, choose "expert add"
3) type "alt.music.dave-matthews"
4) choose "read my newsgroups"
5) choose "alt.music.dave-matthews" and begin reading...

out and it is a pain in the ass on AOL if you don't know where you are, plus
it costs people extra $$ which is not a good thing.  


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Looking for 2/23/95

JWITT.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Tue Mar 28 16:08:44 1995

Roseland on 2/23/95.  If someone has a copy of the show please 
respond, I can send blanks and postage.  Thanks!

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Dreams of Dave and the boys

j280a_5@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU Tue Mar 28 16:52:48 1995

Hey everyone!  This morning, I thought of a potential topic of discussion
for Minarets that could be kind of fun.  Has anyone ever had any dreams
about DMB?  Last night, I had a little crazy dream about the boys.
Come on people!  Get your minds out of the gutter!  It was very clean.
(Hope I didn't disappoint anyone.)  ;)  Well, if you'd like to hear
about my dream or think the topic is list worthy, drop me or the list
a line.  


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aperlmut@emerald.tufts.edu Tue Mar 28 17:52:37 1995

wahts goin on..is something wrong i havent gotten mail in ages?

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Re: subscribing to "Spreadnet"

dcstros@cs1.presby.edu Tue Mar 28 17:55:52 1995

Hey y'all,

Widespeard, here are the instructions on how to join the Spreadnet.


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Re: Dreams of Dave and the b

morgan_dailey@spacemail.jhuapl.edu Tue Mar 28 18:18:15 1995

Hey everyone!  This morning, I thought of a potential topic of discussion
for Minarets that could be kind of fun.  

Yes that is a good topic, please share your dream.

Has anyone ever had any dreams about DMB?

Never had a DMB dream, but I've had a couple dead dreams.
My most recent was a week or so ago.  I was going to see
the dead with my cousin and some girl (don't recollect who
now).  We had tickets, but we decided not to go into the show.
Since it was an outdoor venue, we decided we would be able 
to hear from this hayfield that was nearby.  So we had a huge
hayfight and then jumped into a nearby pond and listened
to my other favorite band all night.

So let's hear more --anyone else have dreams about or
involving our favorite bands?



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228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Tue Mar 28 18:22:37 1995

Go out and buy the new From Good Homes CD it is great!!!!  Get together $12 
from under your couch or in your piggy bank and buy OPEN UP THE SKY.    
Support these guys, they are good Jersey boys like meeee! For more info about
FGH or some boots drop me a line....


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NYC Show

matthewb@eniac.seas.upenn.edu Tue Mar 28 18:45:42 1995

Does anyone have any info on the NYC show on April 5th?  My sister just 
won tickets this morning and she asked me to go!!!!!  How psyched am I?  
IS it an open show or just for the Z100 winners?  If anybody knows 
anysthing about it, please email me directly.  Thanks in advance!



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the new list(hopefully?)

ZU03570%UABDPO.bitnet@uvmvm.uvm.edu Tue Mar 28 18:49:09 1995

I'd like to say thanks to all of you who responded to my question. I tried to
impossible, we're still working on the possibility of beginning the non-flaming
net, but also a net exclusively set up for tape trading, which I know everyone
would be interested in. So anyway, that's all for now, I'll post more later and

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SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Tue Mar 28 20:11:58 1995

To add my one fifth of a dime,
I definitely think that Two-Step sounds leaps and bounds better when Peter was
playing than it does now.  NOt that the version from the NYE show isn't
anything but incredible, but in general, it sounded better then.  The keys are
a good way to fill in "empty space" like can be found in the certain parts of
that song,

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Re: MINARETS digest 117

BUARRINGTON@DAVIDSON.EDU Tue Mar 28 20:43:50 1995

Regarding Steve Sermeth's post about Jackopierce and Vertical Horizons.
I've seen both of these bands several times and highly recommend them both
Vertical Horizions plays the most incredible version of Best of Whats Around.
It is the old school version that is, slow and laid back--I like it better
than the version on UTTAD.  Anyway, check out VH if you have the chance.


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"Power Jam -- 2/5/93"?????

lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Tue Mar 28 20:48:16 1995

Could someone help me out here?  I just got a copy of a 2/5/93 show that 
includes Trey, Popper, and Dave, plus some others...it's at the Ritz in 
NYC, but i don't know everyone who is playing on it...so, if someone 
knows this, please tell me everyone who is playing, and the setlist too 
please.....thanks a lot....

The Ritz Power Jam -- 2/5/93  



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cmf29@columbia.edu Tue Mar 28 21:06:06 1995

as i'm sure all of you know by now, Z100, a pitiful excuse for a radio 
station here in new york, holds all of the tickets to the free dmb show 
on april 5.  they are giving away several sets a day.  so, when i heard 
this i thought, "hey, cool, that shouldn't be too hard... i'll just 
listen to Z100 all the time for a few days and perseverance should pay 

as i have discovered, listening to Z100 for any great lenghth of time may 
prove more difficult than i first thought.  the station is driving me 
crazy.  one of their ads actually says "no one had heard of the dave 
matthews band  until Z100 started playing them, and now look at them!"  
i kid you not, my fellow fans, it appears that we who have been listening 
to dave before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon do not exist.  in 
fact according to this pompous radio station that plays such rare dave 
songs as What Would You Say (surprise surprise), no one ever listened to 
the band before this year.

hmmmm.....  it really makes me wonder if it's worth the trouble.  i say 
we stage a rebellion.  descend upon the concert en masse, holding signs 
and chanting.  wouldn't that just show 'em?

sigh...  sorry for the griping.  i just had to let off some steam to some 
people that i knew would understand.  i think that dave should have a 
free concert for all those on minarets!  let's suggest it to him, shall 
we? :)
anyway, i think i'll go back to my room and tune into Z100 again.  
they're giving away more tickets at 4:30.  until then, i'll just keep the 
volume really low or something.  hell, maybe if i'm lucky they'll play wwys!

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Ms. Amanda's dream of DMB

j280a_5@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU Tue Mar 28 21:36:52 1995

Okay, here goes.  My dream takes place in this neighborhood that I've
never been to in reality.  It was really pretty.  --tree lined street,
lots of big, beautiful, old homes.  I live in this neighborhood and
, for some reason, DMB is staying at my house.  I specifically remember 
Stefan sleeping on the living room couch.  Anway, everyone is just kind
of hanging out and, the next thing I remember, Dave goes outside, gets 
a ladder, and climbs up on my roof.  The rest the band and myself
follow Dave up and we just spend the day up there talking and enjoying
a beautiful spring day.  Not once in the dream is there any mention
of music.  

Well, that's really all I can remember, unfortunately.  I've never
met anyone in the band;  so, all of their personalities were created 
somewhere in my subconscious.  If it matters, everyone was really cool.
All of you Minareters, feel free to analyze all you want.  Sheesh, I
think I've been listening to too much DMB lately.  (Is that possible?)
Hopefully, there will be more posts about dreams.  I think this could
be really interesting.  Thanks for the bandwidth, everyone.  Take care.


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one two oh yes I knew it!

WIMURPHY@DAVIDSON.EDU Tue Mar 28 21:44:12 1995


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BRIAN LEIKEN where are you?

SLM94002@UConnVM.UConn.Edu Tue Mar 28 21:44:38 1995

hey brian i have those providence shows taped for you if you are still
interested in making the trade for the rr show. it seems as though you have
slipped out of existence. i have made prior attempts to get ahold of you...so
just let me know whats up. ok?  . .


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HvyHead@aol.com Tue Mar 28 22:10:27 1995

I just recently got my first response about my birthday question and, well,
as far as that topic is concerned, I think it's a dead issue... but I have a
new one... kind of a personal grovel about pictures... I just got some
pictures of the band from a fellow netter, who I won't mention so he doesn't
get unwanted requests, but you know who you are and I thank you once again...
anyway, I am curious to know how many of you actually have live footage of
the band captured on film... Please, please, please respond to this... my
last request almost went unanswered and I would really appreciate it if you
would respond to this... If you would like to trade for some of it, it would
be even better... Thanks for listening and sorry if this didn't interest
you... but I'm curious...


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FREE Jazz Mandolin Project Show on Friday

asgoodma@amhux3.amherst.edu Tue Mar 28 22:11:13 1995

For thsoe of you who don't know, the Jazz Mandolin Project is a trio from
Burlington consisting of Jamie Masefield on mandolin, Stacey Starkweather on
bass, and Gabe Jarrett on drums.  Jamie and Stacey are also members of 
Bad Hat (along with Phish's Trey Anastasio and Jon Fishman), and Stacey 
is the bassist for Michael Ray's Cosmic Crewe.  The music ranges from 
traditional jazz to funk, bluegrass, blues, and completely free form 
improvisation.  Basically, they jam. 

Taping is not only allowed, but encouraged for this show.  

I hope to see a lot of you at the concert.  If anyone needs more info or 
directions, you can email me back directly or call me at (413) 542-2455.

see ya at the show,

andy goodman

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Some Random Ramblings & A Request for Help

rkochman@ucg.com Tue Mar 28 23:01:08 1995

Heeeelllllllllllllllloooooooooooo in minarets land!

Can anyone help with this? 

I have a DMB show from 10/26/93. At the end of the tape is some unidentified
filler that I am trying to identify.  Here is the info that I have about the
major, crazy ass jam); Doug Wannamaker is sitting in on keys (probably post
Peter era); the other guest is a bass player named O'teil who rocks! 

set-list, does this guy O'teil sit in on the whole show?  If anyone has any
info about this show, please email me personally at rkochman@ucg.com
Better yet, if anyone has a tape of this show, I'm offering a 2 for 1 trade
to get a copy of it. Please let me know....

It turns out that this guy O'teil is the bass player for ARU who I saw at
the Bayou in Wash, DC on Sat nite.  I had only heard of ARU through this net
and decided to go see the show....I highly recomend this band to anyone who
is into jamming and grooving - the music is an excellent blend of
jazzy/funky/bluesy rock. The bassist and guitarist are incredible! I had no
idea that the bass player for ARU was the same guy sitting in w/ DMB on that
filler....pretty random.

To continue with my random ramblings - I've been on this net for about two
months now without posting and I have a few things on my mind....first of
all, you guys are cool! For the most part this is a very friendly place
where people can be themselves and come to share their enjoyment of DMB.  A
message to all newbies out there who want tapes - please do not post a tape
grovel your first day on this net.  Like I said, this is a friendly place
and there are plenty of newbie offers.  In the two months that I've been
here, I've been hooked up with a few shows (thanks Dan, Dan, Joe & Laura, &
the Road Warrior) and now I'm out trading on my own.  Bagbys will come to
you....please be patient and polite.

Finally, I want to send out an open THANX to Alex for managing this list and
also to the resident minarets tree meister Keith for putting together a
number of trees for all of us out here in minaret land.

Thanks for everyone's time/bandwidth and I hope to get some responses about
the mystery filler. 


"If you get confused you can listen to the music play"


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Re: some help please

briggdl9@wfu.edu Tue Mar 28 23:08:50 1995

Hey dude,
Atlanta and Birmingham.  If you find copies of them, could you let me 
know?  I would appreciate it.  thanks alot.


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cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Tue Mar 28 23:23:14 1995

Wow! That is really wierd that someone brought up dreams of DMB today. 
After a tough night in the library (4 am; lab report). I had a dream of 
DMB. To tell you the truth I can't remember it too well, but a bunch of 
people were at Stefan's place (a house or store or something). There were 
tons of people just jammin', includin some friends of mine in a band at 
home. I don't think anyone else was there except Stefan. He was just laid 
back watching and feeling the music. Pretty cool; too bad I can't 
remember it very well. Peace


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CNN Appearance

crf3@acpub.duke.edu Wed Mar 29 00:14:00 1995

Please don't kill me
A friend from Brandeis today told me that four of his friends had seen a 
press conference on CNN in which Dave announced that he had full blown 
AIDS. I"m inclined not to believe this. Any one hear anything about it?

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dave in dreamland

JSLAGHT@drew.edu Wed Mar 29 00:18:51 1995

I've had at least three dreams related to dave&co, the most recent were around
the time dave was on letterman.  I had been thinking about going into nyc
to be a standby on the show, but I really shouldn't have missed any more 
classes (I misses two days going to V-day) so I didn't go.  In my dream I was
in the front row on a little stool (the kind in preschools) and the band 
came out and played.  After waking up I was pretty pissed, and later that day
far in the back of the theater(nothing like the real Ed Sullivan theater)
and I could see where I had been sitting in my previous dream.  Letterman
was doing his thing, sitting at his desk making jokes, and Boyd comes up and 
sits next to me.  We talk for a little bit, and I mention that I had a dream
where I was at the ed sullivan theater before, and I was hoping that this
wasn't a dream as well.  He assured me that it wasn't, and all of a sudden
he breaks out in Russian.  I answer back, surprised that he knew the language.
(my parents live in moscow, that's how I know it) He responded that he had
been speaking Russian for a while, he had just never had the opportunity to
use it.  
I don't remember what happened after that, but I was one pissed little boy 
when I woke up and realized that I had been ripped off by the dream gnomes 
twice in the same day...
bye, jon.

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mollyc@Wittenberg.EDU Wed Mar 29 00:23:24 1995

Mollyc at wittenberg university requests to subscribe to the Dave Matthews
Band internet.

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ST942505@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Wed Mar 29 00:25:57 1995

O.K., I don't want to be another rumor starter and I was waiting until someone
else posted on the Minaret net before I started another controversy and more
flaming of us DMB fans, but my friend downstairs was watching CNN today and
swares that they said Dave and AIDS and was going to tour until he died. I 
didn't hear it myself and therefore was not going to believe it 100%. If anyone
has heard this as confirmed or denied, please post. I think if it is the truth 
it is absolutely tragic and I know that I will be extremely upset to say the

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dreams of dave

MCGLJ@ns.rhodes.edu Wed Mar 29 01:05:24 1995

in my dream some friends and i were canoeing down this really muddy river.  it was all snake 
infested and gross.  after a long time of being in the canoes, scared of touching the water, we saw 
this cathedral-looking building behind some vines and stuff.  we got out and went inside to find 
some ceremony similar to mass.  we walked right through the middle of it to this door in the back of 
the sanctuary.  

the door opened up into dave's house.  all of our other friends were there having a party.  dave was 
grilling hamburgers for everyone, wearing his infamous plaid pants.  none of the rest of the band 
was there.  the music was loud and really cool, but nothing of DMB's.  i was really hungry from 
fighting off snakes all day, but i'm a vegetarian so i wouldn't eat the hamburgers.  dave was nice 
enough to grill a garden burger for me and said he was also vegetarian.  he and i talked all night 
while everyone else partied...

i was really sad when i woke up because he was so cool i just wanted to keep talking to him...i've 
never met him before (hoping to when he is here in memphis) so i don't know what he's really 
like...anyone happen to know if he's a vegetarian or not...just curious...

enough bandwidth wasted...sorry


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Re: CNN Appearance

sundtde@iac.net Wed Mar 29 01:16:21 1995

Please don't kill me
A friend from Brandeis today told me that four of his friends had seen a
press conference on CNN in which Dave announced that he had full blown
AIDS. I"m inclined not to believe this. Any one hear anything about it?
Yeah, it was right in between Boyd's announcement that since Michael Jordan
is back on the Bulls he has decieded to pick up his pre DMB career with the
Hornets, oh and then right after this Carter announced he would no longer
be playing drums since it would interfere with his training for the
Mr.Olympia contest.  I think then Stefan remarked that he had decieded to
enroll in the FBI academy...Oh and I almost forgot Leroi embarks on his
Mt.Everest expedition in May!!!!!


Please stop posting stuff like this!!!!!!

to Bring You the Latest News,


(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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Re: CNN Appearance

asc4@Ra.MsState.Edu Wed Mar 29 01:30:10 1995

Please stop the insanity!!!!!

Anyway, what would Dave be doing on CNN? I thought WWYS was bad!
Also, CNN is too busy with more important stuff, like O.J.

Sam Cammack

 Please don't kill me
 A friend from Brandeis today told me that four of his friends had seen a 
 press conference on CNN in which Dave announced that he had full blown 
 AIDS. I"m inclined not to believe this. Any one hear anything about it?

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rmg@acpub.duke.edu Wed Mar 29 01:31:52 1995

We are looking for drummers, one, two, whatever to play this summer.  We 
have a strong jazz influence, but we're not necessarily a jazz band.  We play
long instrumentalcompositions, but also have songs with nice vocals melodies
and harmonies, so if you can sing that's great, but it's not very 
important.  There's a heavy Phish and Dead influence, and I suppose 
Traffic, Steely Dan, Coltrane, the Doors and others that just jam would 
be on our list of influences.
Right now we have guitar, bass, and piano players, and so I guess drums are
our next logical step.  We'd been playing with a guy who was never really
dedicated enough, and we'd really like to get someone else who is going to
be into playing as much as we are.  Hopefully there'll be some club gigs
and parties to play this summer, and who knows what from there.

Thank you for reading this, and please respond directly back to me.


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Re: CNN Appearance

murmur@grove.ufl.EDU Wed Mar 29 01:56:45 1995

four minute thing on the Dave Matthews Band on CNN (I believe it was on 
that Showbiz Today show or something). So it is plausible that Dave would 
be on CNN, because (if my memory serves me correctly) he's been on there 
surely won't believe it until I actually have proof. But if anyone has 
seen the aforementioned CNN broadcast, please post to verify; for this is 
something we'd all like to know here.
-Jared Medina

 Please stop the insanity!!!!!
 Anyway, what would Dave be doing on CNN? I thought WWYS was bad!
 Also, CNN is too busy with more important stuff, like O.J.
 Sam Cammack

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aids what tha #*?^$^

youngm@luigistoaster.pds.charlotte.nc.us Wed Mar 29 02:21:23 1995

somehow I got the impression that this was a joke. If it is some form of 
a sick joke, then somebody out there is a true loser. 
Reply, flame, or ignore. I'm always open to opinions.  see ya.

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the next MTV cut

pwchan@mail.wm.edu Wed Mar 29 02:47:06 1995

I am not sure who asked the question but this is kind of a general interest
topic anyway--Dave's next single that MTV will play to death.  I work at
the radio station here at William and Mary and remember reading something
recently in CMJ (College Music Journal--or GOD as far as music information
goes) about an upcoming release of a Jimithing single.  No clue as to
possible Bsides but if this is true, this is also the most likely choice
for the video someone said they are gonna shoot at an upcoming NYC date
with z100.  I live (normally) up in the NYC area--too bad I couldn't be
there to win the tix...



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MY EXCITING DAY (absolutely no DMB content)

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Wed Mar 29 03:26:57 1995

Hey guys,

You'll never guess what I did today?  I got really bored, and something
possessed me to watch Headline News for a whole half hour.  I went "around
the world in 30 minutes".  I couldn't believe how boring the world is.  I
mean, DMB is getting so popular, yet CNN couldn't carry the slightest
little piece of information about the band.  What's wrong with them?

Oh silly me, they only report news that they've confirmed. Hmmmmmmmm?



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MY EXCITING DAY (absolutely no DMB content)

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Wed Mar 29 03:29:51 1995

Hey guys,

You'll never guess what I did today?  I got really bored, and something
possessed me to watch Headline News for a whole half hour.  I went "around
the world in 30 minutes".  I couldn't believe how boring the world is.  I
mean, DMB is getting so popular, yet CNN couldn't carry the slightest
little piece of information about the band.  What's wrong with them?

Oh silly me, they only report news that they've confirmed. Hmmmmmmmm?


P.S.  Sorry to post this again, but I wanted to do something out of the
ordinary to get you guys to read it.  There's always the chance that you
would read the subject and just erase it.


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More CNN

kmarsh@puffin.Marymount.EDU Wed Mar 29 03:38:27 1995

spreading rumors.....but I was chilling in my room whenI heard someone 
say that they saw a thing on CNN on how Dave had AIDS. I didn't think 
anything of it....just another rumor till I came to check my Email and 
saw that someone was told the same story. Well I went back and watched 
CNN for half an hour but I saw nothing. Can someone please get the story 
straight, who watches CNN. 

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Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Wed Mar 29 04:16:43 1995

All interested, send a personal reply to Matthew_McClure@brown.edu.  I will
compile all replies and post the results to MINARETS.

I, the undertyped, agree from this point forth, never to post to MINARETS
anything on the subject of Dave and AIDS without absolute proof of the
truth or falsehood of the rumors we here at MINARETS have seen.

"Proof" is defined as the printing or reporting of such information by a
respected journalist (i.e. not the National Enquirer).

I take this oath under penalty of ostracism from MINARETS.


Matthew McClure


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correction to the oath (see proof definition)

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Wed Mar 29 04:22:01 1995

All interested, send a personal reply to Matthew_McClure@brown.edu.  I will
compile all replies and post the results to MINARETS.

I, the undertyped, agree from this point forth, never to post to MINARETS
anything on the subject of Dave and AIDS without absolute proof of the
truth or falsehood of the rumors we here at MINARETS have seen.

"Proof" is defined as the witnessing, BY THE UNDERTYPED AND NO OTHER,
printing or reporting of such information by a respected journalist (i.e.
not the National Enquirer).

I take this oath under penalty of ostracism from MINARETS.


Matthew McClure


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not quite groveling

Dmbard@aol.com Wed Mar 29 04:53:25 1995


one of my girlfriend's best friends is looking for some HQ samples boots.

does anyone on this net have some o' these?

or does someone have the address for the samples net?

muchos tacos.



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the oath

ST942505@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Wed Mar 29 04:55:34 1995

I am defending myself and others who heard from friends about the CNN news.
There is a difference between those who fabricate stupid stories for the sake
of posting something and then there are those, like me, that hear things and
become concerned and curious with NO intentions of starting rumprs about some-
one for whom I have a great deal of adminration and respect (Dave). If you can
differentiate between rumor spreading and innocent concern and inquiries then
an oath is unneccessary!! 

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ddevito@fluorine.helios.nd.edu Wed Mar 29 04:55:42 1995


Lost your email address, but I wanted to thank you for sending me the 
article in the mail.  I appreciate it muchly.

Sorry for the bandwith, folks.


Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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BigReed@aol.com Wed Mar 29 05:00:52 1995

I can see a definite DMB arena tour in the works if Jimi Thing is released.
"Who was that? and What's that CD called again?"  Damn, good things just
can't stay underground long, can they.  
Forever wishing things like they were yesterday,

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don't flame me, intelligent insight

BigReed@aol.com Wed Mar 29 05:07:10 1995

Think of the ramifications if Dave actually IS HIV positive.  They are on a
sured road of international pop superstardom.  Dave dying way before he has
reached his peak would be just the kind of curse that God has put on GOOD
rock and roll.  Jimi, Janice, Stevie, Roy, John, Jim, and Kurt- all geniuses
that dyed WAY before their peak (for more on my Roy thoughts, E-mail me).
make sence in the scheme of things.

PS- wouldn't it make him all the more legendary than he will become?

Forever wishing things like they were yesterday,

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HELP - My SERVER doesn't carry the DMB usenet group

huppert@bucknell.edu Wed Mar 29 05:30:37 1995

How do I get my server to pick it up?  I have used NewsWatcher and Nuntius
to no avail...  Someone on here posted before that they would tell people
how to pick it up if we didn't get it...

Please help...  it might suck at the moment (as a few people have stated)
but you have to remember... the ball point pen wasn't all that cool when it
first came out either...  If ther 'cool' people would post there, then it
would become cool...



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Van Rypers

jeinhorn@students.uiuc.edu Wed Mar 29 06:11:03 1995

I have a splendid copy of the Van rypers show from april 24th, 1994, and 
someone on minarets expressed their need for this.  Please get back to me 
about a trade.  

"If you shake it more than twice, you're playing with it."




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Re: Dave and Dreams

tmt1@cec.wustl.edu Wed Mar 29 06:25:21 1995

Well, I can't say that I've had any dreams that I remember, but last week 
I was with my girlfriend and it was like 3a.m. and I was just zoning out 
and waking up a minute later and every time I opened my eyes I had this 
huge smile on my face and she was staring at me.  She asked me  
how the hell I could be so happy just smiling away in my sleep like that 
and then it came to me, every time I closed my eyes and started to drift 
in came Carter, Dave and the boys with at first Say Goodbye and then 
Lover each time it was a little different and it was always a love song 
(or as Dave says on my Columbia, MO 10/22/94 show - ".....more 
specifically about phucking'").  It was like all the improv I'd witnessed 
at concerts came back to me and Dave was playing a personal totally 
improv concert over and over in my head.  That's why I was smiling.  I 
guess just the sound like that counts as dream material.


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rude@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu Wed Mar 29 06:57:38 1995

I'm fairly new here but recently I've gotten into DMB hard and have 
aquired numerous quality tapes.  There are many songs, however, I've yet 
to hear/and or would like to have a copy of.  So if anyone has High 
quality audio tapes of these shows I'd love to trade.  I now have 14 
hours of Dmb but over 50 of phish and the dead. Here are the tunes I'd 

Blue water
cry freedom
drive in, drive out
satellite(after her)
any noise/after noise
Angel from montgomery
sympathy for the devil
bob marley covers
so much to say
two step
christmas song
rhyme and reason

I know its a long list but many of these especially Spotlight, blue 
water, and angel from montgomery i have heard so much about but never 
heard myself.  So email me personally if you want to set up a trade. 


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an apology from a hot head

lono@brahms.udel.edu Wed Mar 29 07:21:30 1995

It struck me after the fact that I was pretty abrupt with my last 
post...lots of bad language and stuff.

sorry, kids...i was feeling a little excited. long week.
1/2 way done the branch tapes for the roseland show.
definitely have 'em out this week.

someone also mentioned a net exclusively for tapers...SOUNDS GOOD!!!!

keep me posted on that.

lets keep the HIV remarks to a minimum...no good just speculating here, 
until facts are confirmed.

In any case, god bless dave and the rest of the band. They are the reason 
i smile more often than i used to.

trying to learn a couple dave tunes...anyone have the complete lyrics to 

could you send 'em to me?


newbies....welcome!! keep an eye peeled for gifts.

fuck it...first private mail to my box from a confirmed newbie gets 
Atlanta 7-24-95 absosnootly free.

if you're digestified...you'll probably miss this...I expect a reply in 
five minutes, so If you get this after 3AM eastern, chances are you 
missed it.



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dmb selling out..???...nahhhh!

bneville@eden.rutgers.edu Wed Mar 29 07:29:17 1995

The recent shipload of cheesy publicity for dmb (ie- hangin with the weese
and z100's "we saw him 1st- and we want to exploit him-so be the 100th
caller" up and coming concert on the 5th) has ruffled my feathers to say the
least. I have listened to many disgruntled netters and friends voice their
50th of a buck on what appears to be the beginning of the end of what used to
be a good thing. All I can say is that we should all have a little more faith
in dave and the boys. I see one of two possibilities occuring. First, dmb
could pull a "spin doctors", and go on the alternative nation summer tour,
and sell-out, and make a crappy album, and be another "remember when they
rocked" band, and totally suck OR they could play a role similar to the black
crowes. Do y'all remember when the Crowes 1st got big?- thay opened for
Aerosmith and were played on every tenny bopper station in the country, but
the Crowes didn't sell like the Spin Doctors. They kept on being the same old
Crowes. If I were running the band, I'd say thank you MTV for the publicity
but we will not be making any more videos for y'all, or be doing anymore
"teeny boppers only" shows. 

there he goes, Dave isn't ours anymore." I don't feel it's any fans right to
be possessive of another's music. I'm sure dmb would love to fill as many
souls as they can with the joy of their music. However, I sincerely hope that
the quantity being reached by the band will not effect the quality of the
band. Just my .02$..... flame away.
PS- i forgot whose it was, but I loved that dreams topic

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when does it arrive?

Dmbard@aol.com Wed Mar 29 12:41:03 1995


i am trying to finally digestify my mail.

i hope i did it correctly.

anyhow, i was wondering if the whole idea is for ALL of your mail for a
single day to come bunched together in one neat package. that is the
assumption i am working with, since that seems to make the most sense.

if that is the case,
did i do it correctly by writing to list.proc(etc)

set minarets mail digest


if i did something wrong, i would love to know the right way.

also, when does the digestified mail enter my mailbox? is there a set time,
like say 6:30 every day?

thanks for all the help.

David Michael Bard


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One of these things is not like the others...


listening to z100 today, and I threw up.  well, almost.  to quote the 
dj, "Yes, that was Gem, who just won herself a pair of tickets to see 
the Dave Matthews Band a week from Wednesday at the academy.  I tell 
you folks, these guys may not be as big as offspring or green day, 
but we have a feeling they're going to be, which is why we're 
presenting them in this special acoustic format..."  Well, let them 
have their fun.  Hopefully, all the "Gems" out there will go, realize 
that all life is not wwys, and leave.  we can always hope.
Adam Hollander    ~~~~     "Cymbop and bebaphones, ~~ "Tomorrow, go 

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FJB Tapes

bmc110@psu.edu Wed Mar 29 15:40:50 1995

like to trade, because I just got 2 tapes of FJB that are phenomenal.  I
would like to get more.



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Clemson, April '94

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Wed Mar 29 16:02:58 1995

I've already posted this weeks ago, but am desperate for help...I'm 
looking for my first and my brother's first show at Clemson University in 
April '94.  It was at an event called Sigmapalooza.  I'll trade my best 
for it, so let me know if you have it and we can hopefully work out a 
trade...Thanks in advance, Creg  cgbradle@email.unc.edu

"If you can't be with the one you want, fuck everything that moves."

P.S.  Thanks to Brew, Bardo, Gian, Pam, Mark, and especially Barrett...


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$$$$$ for the boys

kadams@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Wed Mar 29 16:06:22 1995

heh heh heh...I know I'm asking for it on this one, but here goes...Oh, 
and before you flame me, the net used to be like this way before you got 
here so stuff it!  Tee hee hee  
Hypothetical situation #1:
Dave contracts a life threatening disease (see, I didn't say the bad word).
Ok, what would DMB be without Dave?  JUST B, right.  (you learn fast)
We all know each member of the band is highly talented, but no matter 
what, rebuilding the band or joining and forming other bands would be a 
ground-up experience for Boyd, Leroi, Stefan, and Carter.  That would 
suck, especially after the last years of hard work.  
Alright, not that anyones greedy, but wouldn't it make perfect sense that 
DMB would like to make as much money as possible before (you know what) 
to assure financial stability for the band members and their families, 
etc, etc...
Sure, and MTV gigs pay money, tours make money, and so do teeny-bopper 
only shows.  They could be "selling out" as you all like to put it for a 
damn good reason.  

Of course, they could be "selling out" for the hell of it too.  So, Dave 
and the band could be perfectly fine, making money in their period of 
fame just incase they hit a dry spell or have a momentary lapse of 

Of course, I think they play kickin' music.  Period. They don't "sell 
out".  They jsut happen to get paid big bucks to play kickin' music.  And 
MTV plays it, and venues have them play because YOU will watch them.  
plain and simple  So, all you emptyvee dislikers...if you hate MTV so 
much, why do watch it?  Whoops, didn't mean to get bitter...

Oh well, I'll be off to see the boys in Sunrise, Fl on the 11th of April 
(first show since the 11//9/94 Lex one!  Yikes!) Everyone have tons of 
fun! I guess that's it for my post o' the month.  Later kids.



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Re: MINARETS digest 118

olga@email.unc.edu Wed Mar 29 16:15:38 1995

ok, two things (and no, you don't necessarily have to remember them :)

I had a dream about DMB on Letterman back in july of last year (before 
any big Dave-hype).  My high school choir was there too, and dave was 
dressed up as Carmen Miranda.  (think the chiquita banana lady)

on stage.  I think stefan and boyd are playing sega, and dave is smoking 
n drinking.  one of carter with my roomie, but she's a cutie, and adds to 
the picture.  hee hee...to all the memphis goers, have a blast for this 
jonesboro arkansas native who'll be missing it 'cause she'll be watching 
the tarheels go to #1

preparations were made for his celebration day....


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A Kinda Offer . . .

OCONNELLINGB@tiger.hsc.edu Wed Mar 29 16:52:12 1995

I was on break and didn't have access to a computer while I was gone.
Nothing too exciting goin' on here. Actually saw Blue Miracle on Saturday,
if you have never seen them -- TRY!! They were great!! Anyways, back to 
the main reason why I am posting. A very good friend of mine (Hi Steph!!)
just got on the net after many futile attempts. She is a really great girl.
She loves Dave and would love to get her bagby collection started. I
gave her her first boots when we were home on break. If you would like 
to get some boots from my collection, all you would need to do is be
one of the first 5 people with ten or fewer boots to get in touch with
Steph.(SHINTERS@INDIANA.EDU) (Thanks for the idea Steve S. at UVM)  I will
be willing to spin a tape for y'all as soon as I find out who you are. Also, 
anyone interested in setting up some trades with me(I have gotten a few new
tapes) get in touch and I'll send out my list. Oh, yeah, by the way, anyone 
I owe tapes to,(Tom and Amy) I will get 'em out soon. I am absolutely swamped 
with work right now, but it will all be over by Friday. Layta. Brendan.

PS -- Anyone in Virginia interested in some great parties and seeing
some great bands?? (Blue Miracle, Yams from Outer Space, Gibb Droll, The
Grapes, and many others) -- Hampden Sydney Greek Week '95 kicks off
next week. The bands start playing Friday afternoon. Anyone interested
or planning to come down, get in touch with me at OCONNELLINGB@TIGER.HSC.EDU
and we'll plan to get together.

"He who is the most easily amused lives the happiest life"
"Stop smokin' that stuff . . . it'll do that to ya' . . . I should know . . .
I read about it in books" -- Dave 1/5/92


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lost mail

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Wed Mar 29 17:20:30 1995

Hey there y'all!

Just got a message that says  all mail that came to me in the last 24 
hours has been "irretrievably lost".


So, if anybody said anything of importance I may have missed, send it 
again!  Will, I got your message, I'll bring a crispy dead show in trade 
for the wait.  

Have a good day y'all!!

-Dash   :) 


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DALLAS,TX. 12-17-94

Jeffrey_Earley@baylor.edu Wed Mar 29 17:33:44 1995

Hello fellow friends, I was just wondering if anyone by chance taped or has a good 
taped performance of  DMB when they played TREES in DALLAS, TEXAS on 
Saturday, December 17, 1994?  I would love to get a copy of this show, so if you 
JEFFREY_EARLEY@baylor.edu       Thanks.


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If True, I am sad!

MLounsbury@aol.com Wed Mar 29 17:56:48 1995

I don't mean to sound like that all too familiar kid who hears a rumor and
proceeds to spread it without confirmation, but I have been on break for a
week and have'nt been signed on until I got back.  Well, all I heard when I
returned was talk of Dave dying of AIDS and that tour dates were to be
cancelled.  Someone PLEASE reply and tell me what the word is.  

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TRB2@COBILAN.MsState.Edu Wed Mar 29 17:58:14 1995

Hey guys, just wondering if any body has word of DMB playing in the 
south soon.  Or if their playing at any colleges up north.  Too bad 
their on MTV. If their is anybody from Miami of Ohio on the net, i 
need to know if DMB has ever played there. E-mail a response to 
trb2@cobilan.msstate.edu. Later on fellas.

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tpl@acpub.duke.edu Wed Mar 29 18:06:20 1995

Redemption Song or Sympathy for the Devil.  These are the two covers that 
I don't yet have, so if anyone out there has a copy of a show with either 
one, "it'd be gracious of you".  I've got a lot of good stuff, so I'm 
sure that we can work something out...Thanx!


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JThomps34@aol.com Wed Mar 29 18:11:50 1995

Hey All,
is incredibly clear.  Were people able to get soundboard patches that night,
or is this just the most incredible audience taping I have ever heard?  
touch with me and you can choose from about 70 hours of high quality DMB for
trade.  Talk to you all later...


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reactions to DMB

staunton.2@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu Wed Mar 29 18:31:29 1995

Hello Everybody,
spring break, I was stuck working in Cleveland.  To make a week selling
t-shirts and lug-soled shoes bearable at J.Crew bearable I popped R2T in
the cd changer.  There was some interesting reactions.
radio (WWYS), but I REALLY love them."-customer
anything to say about it.
suprised at how many people knew what was playing,  and of those who hadn't
heard it before wanted to get it.  The stock manager still has mine.
-god love ya
-punchin' pat


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I lost it

shaweric@student.msu.edu Wed Mar 29 18:35:56 1995

I need to go away for a few weeks and have lost the information on how to shut
down my subscription during that time.  Can someone help? Thanks


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Kinda offer . . .

OCONNELLINGB@tiger.hsc.edu Wed Mar 29 18:41:51 1995

at Indiana U. She was very overwhelmed (to be totally honest, she was
confused) by the responses. To you first five, I have your names and
addresses and I will be sending you my list as soon as I can. Layta. Brendan.

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mpeck@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Wed Mar 29 18:44:04 1995

pending legislation that would seriously censor the Internet.  Word is
it has passed the House already and is up for consideration in 
the Senate.  Thus, the need for suport is more urgent than ever.  I realize 
this has nothing to do with DMB.  However, as Net users, we need to be on guard
of our rights.  

The address to e to sign it is included in the body of the message.  
You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.  Please sign this and 
forward to your friends, family, other lists, etc.

 Hello everyone...
 Simply put, a couple of senators have proposed a particularly
 heinous piece of legislation titled the "Communications
 Decency Act of 1995"  (Senate Bill S. 314).  Basically, the
 bill would subject all forms of electronic communication --
 from public Internet postings to your most private email --
 to government censorship.  The effects of the bill onto the
 online industry would be devastating -- most colleges and 
 private companies (AOL, Compuserve, etc.) would probably have
 to shut down or greatly restrict access, since they would be
 held criminally liable for the postings and email of private
 Obviously, this bill is designed to win votes for these senators
 among those who are fearful of the internet and aren't big
 fans of freedom of speech -- ie., those who are always trying to
 censor "pornography" and dirty books and such.  Given the
 political climate in this country, this bill might just pass
 unless the computer community demonstrates its strength as a
 committed political force to be reckoned with.  This, my friends,
 is why I have filled your mailbox with this very long message.
 A petition, to be sent to Congress, the President, and the media,
 has begun spreading through the Internet.  It's easy to participate
 and be heard -- to sign it, you simply follow the instructions
 below -- which boil down to sending a quick email message to a
 certain address.  That's all it takes to let your voice be heard.
 (You know, if the Internet makes democracy this accessible to the
 average citizen, is it any wonder Congress wants to censor it?)
 Finally, PLEASE forward this message to all your friends online.
 The more people sign the petition, the more the government will
 get the message to back off the online community.  We've been doing
 fine without censorship until now -- let's show them we don't plan on
 allowing them to start now.  If you value your freedoms -- from
 your right to publicly post a message on a worldwide forum to your
 right to receive private email without the government censoring it --
 you need to take action NOW.  It'll take fifteen minutes at the most,
 a small sacrifice considering the issues at hand.  Remember, the age
 of fighting for liberty with muskets and shells is most likely over;
 the time has come where the keyboard and the phone line will prove
 mightier than the sword -- or the Senate, in this case.
 Yours in liberty,
  SIGNED your online address your full name U.S. Citizen (y/n)
  eg.  SIGNED lsewell@leland.Stanford.EDU  Laura Sewell  YES
  If you are interested in signing the petition, I would highly suggest
  investigating the details of the situation.  You can find out more on
 In united voice, we sign this petition against passage of S. 314 (the 
 S. 314 would prohibit not only individual speech that is "obscene, lewd, 
 lascivious, filthy, or indecent", but would prohibit any provider of 
 telecommunications service from carrying such traffic, under threat of
 penalty. Even aside from the implications for free speech, this would
 an undue - and unjust - burden upon operators of the various 
 telecommunications services.
 In a time when the citizenry and their lawmakers alike are calling for and
 passing "no unfunded mandates" laws to the benefit of the states, it is 
 unfortunate that Congress might seek to impose unfunded mandates upon 
 businesses that provide the framework for the information age. 
 An additional and important consideration is the technical feasibility of 
 requiring the sort of monitoring this bill would necessitate. The
 burden in and of itself - in either manpower or technology to handle such 
 monitoring (if even legal under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act)
 would likely cause many smaller providers to go out of business, and most 
 larger providers to seriously curtail their services. 
 The threat of such penalty alone would result in a chilling effect in the 
 telecommunications service community, not only restricting the types of 
 speech expressly forbidden by the bill, but creating an environment
to the Constitutional principles of free speech, press, and assembly - 
 principles which entities such as the Internet embody as nothing has
 By comparison, placing the burden for content control upon each individual
 user is surprisingly simple in the online and interactive world, and there
 is no legitimate reason to shift that burden to providers who carry that 
 content. Unlike traditional broadcast media, networked media is 
 comparatively easy to screen on the user end - giving the reader, viewer,
 participant unparalleled control over his or her own information 
 environment. All without impacting or restricting what any other user
 to access. This makes regulation such as that threatened by this S. 314 
 simply unnecessary. 
 In addition, during a period of ever-increasing commercial interest in 
 arenas such as the Internet, restriction and regulation of content or the 
 flow of traffic across the various telecommunications services would have 
 serious negative economic effects. The sort of regulation proposed by this
 bill would slow the explosive growth the Internet has seen, giving the 
 business community reason to doubt the medium's commercial appeal. 
 We ask that the Senate halt any further progress of this bill. We ask that
 the Senate be an example to Congress as a whole, and to the nation at
 - to promote the general welfare as stated in the Preamble to the 
 Constitution by protecting the free flow of information and ideas across
 of our telecommunications services. 
                       Tom Fox
                  Engineering Major
                    Virginia Tech
  Keep your hat on your head. Home is a long way away.


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roberts@seas.smu.edu Wed Mar 29 18:44:36 1995


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NOUN- anyone heard of them?

mhass@student.umass.edu Wed Mar 29 19:18:37 1995

I recently heard the band NOUN in Northampton, MA and they absolutely blew me
away!  Anyone out there seen them?  The only way I can describe them is, the
tightness and techinque of the ARU, the soul and guitar harmonies of the Allman
Brothers, the complex jamming of Phish, and the catchiness of Dave Matthews. 
They said they were a new band to the area.  They are playing in a battle of
the bands on Friday, March 31, in VanMeter basement (central area of UMASS),
and next Thursday, April 6, at Fire and Water in NoHo, MA.  Check 'em out!

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i lost your address

fgg102@psu.edu Wed Mar 29 19:20:43 1995

mike peterson,

to thank you.



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jjg35246@acuvax.acu.edu Wed Mar 29 19:28:22 1995

I just caught the posts from the other day concerning Jackopierce, and as I
am always excited to see any mention of the group on the net, I thought I
would throw my two cents in.  I haven'nt had the chance to see them in
about a year, so I've yet to see them do any of the DMB covers talked
about, but I thought that was really cool.  JP is really a cool band, as
most would agree that have had the chance to see them live.  Jack and Carey
are totally cool and are always willing to hang out or answer questions
from fans.  They even played shows here at my school, Abilene Christian
University, two years in a row, which is really cool, since there is not
much to draw a band into Abilene, let alone to our campus.  Both shows were
outside and they played well into the night, even when a lot of people took
off.  They simply asked everyone to draw up closer and said they would play
for as long as there were still those who wanted to listen.  Anyway, like I
said, I just wanted to throw my two cents in.  For anyone in the area, they
are going to be playing this Saturday night at Texas Tech...check it out if
you get the chance, don't think you'll be dissapointed.

Jeff Garner


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HvyHead@aol.com Wed Mar 29 19:32:27 1995

Since we're bringing up old topics, I thought I would share with you what I
just read in my mail today, snail mail that is...

It is a letter from Gina, that was sent in the new BT letter...

"Recently there has been alot of you upset with the body surfing going on at
BT shows. Many of you have said that it is ruining the shows and that the
band should say something to the surfers.... Then last friday I went to
roseland to see DMB.... I noticed body surfing there as well.... I feel that
tradition, and expression that makes the energy which fuels the band to play.
But the main point is, surfing is at shows. It is a thing people do... they
are expressing their feeling for the music... Surfing is part of a show now
and I just don't see it going away. Please surfers try to be aware of people
around you. For those not into surf, stay open minded and to the best you can
to enjoy the show. Most importantly have fun. That's what rock and roll is
for...and remember there are alot of you out there now and the space belongs
to everyone.


I just thought that everyone would like to read this and that maybe a lesson
could be learned by both us non-surfers and surfers. If you already read
this, sorry, but I thought everyone should have a chance to read it.

Sorry for any typos...


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Tour Dates, please !!!!

AMZENDEL@unca.edu Wed Mar 29 19:38:36 1995

I 've unsubed from the list, but heard that DMB is comin my way, so could
been to a show lately?  Are they still lame?  (ie, are they playing only songs
from the CDs and are they still exactly like the CD versions of the songs?
What are the setlists like?   Are the shows jammin' or still lame?)

PLEASE RESPOND.  I "gave up" dmb a few months ago b/c of the way they sold out,
but I can just hope that they've overcome that and are going to start playing
their music the way THEY want to and not how everyone else wants them to.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO FLAME ME FOR THIS, don't waste your finger strength typing
out a long bitch out letter.   I won't read it.




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shinters@indiana.edu Wed Mar 29 19:40:52 1995

Hey everyone - 

I just wanted to thank everyone for welcoming me to the list. To the five 
collection of quality concerts.

As for me, I must admit that I am a new DMB fan. I have only been 
listening to them since the fall of 1994.  My first concert was 12/30/94 
and I am privlidged to have a copy of that performance! I thoroughly 
enjoyed seeing the band live - by far my most favorite way to listen to 
DMB. Although I still love the CDs, I do spend most of my time listening 
to bootlegs. I am just starting my collection - thanks to Brendan! To 
give you a bit of insight to what I think of DMB, here are my top five 

1. After Her
2. Ants
3. Eyes of the Maker
4. Say Goodbye
5. Ants 

I look forward to hearing from everyone.

-Stephanie at IU


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Carolina Trades

KevTad@aol.com Wed Mar 29 20:12:43 1995

Anyone going to any of the shows at Duke, Charlston, Greenville, or
Wilmington who wants to trade some bagby's at the shows.  We could save on
postage and set up the trades before the shows.  If anyone is interested
contact me through my e-mail account (kevtad@aol.com).


"And remember two things, love your mother and leave only footprints.  I
think Dr. Seuss said it.", Dave Matthews

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Re: an apology from a hot head

tms5@Ra.MsState.Edu Wed Mar 29 20:14:09 1995

 newbies....welcome!! keep an eye peeled for gifts.
 fuck it...first private mail to my box from a confirmed newbie gets 
 Atlanta 7-24-95 absosnootly free.

I know Im prolly really late, but as the saying goes, "what the hell."  
Anyways, I came on this group last week, and I am VERY interested in 
getting tapes of the shows.  My roomate turned me on to DMB last sept. 
and I've been hooked ever since.  Oh well, sorry if Im wasting your time.

travis-wishing DMB would venture into Cotton Country more often.

 if you're digestified...you'll probably miss this...I expect a reply in 
 five minutes, so If you get this after 3AM eastern, chances are you 
 missed it.

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battsdt0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Wed Mar 29 20:40:53 1995

if anyone out there has a copy of either the 12/28/94 birmingham, AL show
or the Super Jam show from the summer of '94 and is interested in a trade
please let me know. i have some pretty good boots and i wouldn't mind
trading. i have been looking for these shows for a while so if anyone has a
copy of either i would really appreciate it.



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dave is dying

johnfro@acpub.duke.edu Wed Mar 29 20:55:49 1995

dave is going to die.  one of my close friends, a guy who i know would 
not lie, said he himself saw that dave had checked into a hospital with a 
case of AIDS-related pneumonia.  i am as upset about this as everyone 
else, but it is no longer a rumor.

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Once and for all

dcstros@cs1.presby.edu Wed Mar 29 20:56:06 1995


Records, CNN, Associated Press, and RCA/Promotions and Publicity; any 
statement made or claimed to be made my Dave is absolutely FALSE. I have 
only been on minarets for a short time but have been listening to DMB 
for three years and some change, please stop writing things that you 
aren't sure if they are true.  Let's talk about something more interesting.
Sorry about the continued argument, but now maybe its over, "Once and for 
If anyone has some clear boots where Dave and the boys have done a smooth 
version of "Granny" please contact me I would be willing to pay w/ my life.

Thanks and sorry for my anger,


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Don't even try to Flame

greenpd0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Wed Mar 29 21:36:30 1995

Please someone tell me definitively if Dave has AIDS. I would love to let
the Sewanee masses in on the validity of this rumor. Please someone who
knows write me back personally. Thanks.


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mysterious tapes

bmking@mail.wm.edu Wed Mar 29 21:39:22 1995

apologies to those of you getting this  1 time..  but you're on too many
damn nets for your own good anyway.. :)

I got 2 apparently blank xlii 90 min tapes in a package with a return address

### ridge road
ardsley (?), ny

if this is you, please let me know..  the tapes came w/o anything inside the
package but the tapes and I have aboslutely no idea what you'd like me to do
with them.. although I do hear they're quite tasty with milk...

my fault, I suppose, but I usually don't keep messages from people asking for
tapes, I just tape 'em..

love is the answer to the universe.
you don't have to worry about me                         it's been changed!
i might have been born yesterday                          brett's home page

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Re: dave is dying

saf1@acpub.duke.edu Wed Mar 29 22:18:19 1995


mark johnfro is a confimed liar and he hallucinates regularly.  he is a 
regualr psychpath, do not believe what he says about dave.  if this is 
true, let us all pray for dave's health.  i hope and pray that dave is 
not sick at all, and that he will continue to enterai for decades to 

Long live dave matthews!


 dave is going to die.  one of my close friends, a guy who i know would 
 not lie, said he himself saw that dave had checked into a hospital with a 
 case of AIDS-related pneumonia.  i am as upset about this as everyone 
 else, but it is no longer a rumor.

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Wasted Time

pdquinn@nyx10.cs.du.edu Wed Mar 29 22:20:44 1995

Soes it seem to anyone else that dave and the band waste a lot of time 
during their shows?  In between songs the band takes several minutes 
before gettin into their next song.  I guess for my money i would rather 
have an extra song during the course of the night.

On another note, Dave actually checked himself into the hospital because 
he has Whooping Cough.  But it doesn't really matter because Boyd's case 
of Yellow Spotted fever is going to kill him long before dave dies.

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dave & AIDS

SimonSkol@aol.com Wed Mar 29 23:15:06 1995

I have liked dave and the boyz for 2 years now.  first show october 1993
wetlands, nyc.  I also do a lot of peer education on AIDS and teens.  i have
many friends who are HIV+, and i know what bad rumors can do to someone's
life.  i called cnn, and the told me that they do not know anything about it,
but have had a lot of phone calls about it.  If this true, i hope someone
will confirm it, if this is not true, cut the shit!  It is not funny, AIDS is
not funny, and you are just being an asshole.  i hope thta someday you will
meet with someone who has aIDS, and let them teach you about living with this
incurable virus.  I hate Z100, and I hope Dave and the boyz don't release,
Say Goodbye.  thanx.

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the "phenomena"

PARISIGRE@urvax.urich.edu Wed Mar 29 23:34:30 1995

it started as an mtv news report
then, a CNN update
even a press conference announcement
nobody has seen it
but everyone's friends have
dave has HIV
it really is a phenomena
that so many people want to believe this
so badly
that so many people consider it true
without actually seeing it for themselves
yet we have confirmations as to dave's Zodiac sign
and Jim Courier's favorite band
and what dave said on world cafe
Eaz-y E is on MTV news all the time
Dave is on MTV Spring Break without mention of HIV
Dave is currently touring in Europe
Months of tours dates have not been cancelled
Dave is filming his next video
I saw a CNN report two weeks ago- no mention of HIV

it really is an amazing phenomena
sociologists should study it
is it the 'net that makes people
so geographically diverse,
believe the same rumours
who are the "friends" 
I have many who told me similar rumors
none could confirm 
(I guess they have friends too)
which one of these is not like the other?

please sign that no post on HIV unless you KNOW contract
it will end the ridiculous phenomena

Greg Parisi

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Thursday night in Richmond

PARISIGRE@urvax.urich.edu Thu Mar 30 00:00:12 1995

uh, isn't the singular "phenomenon", not "phenomena"
who writes that crap?

Anyway, anyone interested in some groovin', up and and coming musicians,
check out Delusions of Granduer at Buffalo Joe's in Richmond (near
VCU campus) on Thurday night, March 30.  Good covers and original stuff,
including a way to hear some DMB stuff played live.  Not to mention that
it's mug night and could be tons of fun.  Nobody in the band is even
is even rumored to have HIV.


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Looking for Laure and Joe

kmarsh@puffin.Marymount.EDU Thu Mar 30 00:45:11 1995

you are thanks.


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Thanks to the dreamers

j280a_5@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU Thu Mar 30 00:58:51 1995

Hey, I just wanted to thank everyone who posted to the list or personally
about the DMB dreams topic.  I got some very interesting analyses on my 
own dream.  Someone said it was a cool way to get into other netters'
heads.  Good point, especially because the subconscious reveals our true
selves.  Well, if anyone has some dreams to share, please post.  It's
a great way to get to know each other.  Thanks guys;  it was fun.

With sweet dreams of Dave,

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Where is the Warehouse?

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Thu Mar 30 01:29:54 1995

I'm in the middle of trying to ID a show.  It's a pretty funny story.  
You may be involved and not even know it.
Anyway, the Warehouse would be an invaluble resource.  Anyone know where 
or when it will be completed?
The address of the maintainer in the FAQ is no good.
peace all, Dan



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Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Thu Mar 30 03:49:27 1995

All interested, send a personal reply to Matthew_McClure@brown.edu.  I will
compile all replies and post the results to MINARETS.

I, the undertyped, agree from this point forth, never to post to MINARETS
anything on the subject of Dave and AIDS without absolute proof of the
truth or falsehood of the rumors we here at MINARETS have seen.

"Proof" is defined as the witnessing, BY THE UNDERTYPED AND NO OTHER,
printing or reporting of such information by a respected journalist (i.e.
not the National Enquirer).

I take this oath under penalty of ostracism from MINARETS.


Matthew McClure                         Michael Reed
Matthew_McClure@brown.edu               BigReed@aol.com

Matthew Clemmons                        Steve Seremeth
CLEMMONSMC@dlu.edu                      sseremet@emba.uvm.edu

Patrick Staunton                        Tracy Ann Sinclair
staunton.2@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu   tracys@umich.edu


P.S. Yes, I realize that by posting this I am technically violating the
oath, but I said I would post the results.  To those of you who ignored the
oath, that's just fine.  In my opinion, you are doing your part by not
saying anything on the subject.  I will try to post this message as
INFREQUENTLY as possible, but when rumors arise, it will find its way to


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graphics anyone?

a015880t@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us Thu Mar 30 04:05:00 1995


If anyone has any kind of DMB graphics e-mail me immeadiately.  Any kind 
will do, it doesn't have to be from the computer or anything.  I am 
making shirts and need a picture.  If i use your picture I will send you 
a shirt free of charge.  Thanks,


Jonathan Nelson


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Joan Osborne/RR/GSW at Gettysburg College

James.E.Moeller@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Thu Mar 30 04:15:07 1995


regarding the Joan Osborne/Rusted Root/God Street Wine Spring Fest concert on

through K&K Records for $20.00 plus a service charge. (K&K will mail you

12th, and then again from April 18th to April 22nd in the Gettysburg
College Union Building. Ticket sales begin 10:00 am and end at 2:00 pm
each day.
have any questions. 


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TooStepper@aol.com Thu Mar 30 04:48:15 1995

I need help subscribing

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tmt1@cec.wustl.edu Thu Mar 30 08:32:09 1995

Hey all, 

Louis and if Jackopierce or Vertical Horizons have plans to head this way 
either?  I'm really dying to see them, but even a $5 Rusted Root concert 
is selling out 2 weeks in advance here these days so I need a jump start 
if anyone can give me one that would be great.


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