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BJF5022@JCCV05.JMSACA.SUNYJCC.EDU Thu Mar 30 14:19:33 1995

please send me mail from the DMB news group..........thanks fuzz

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Summer dream tour

sundtde@iac.net Thu Mar 30 14:46:13 1995

I was just thinking of possible line ups for some killer outdoor, jamfest
DMB and friends show...and I was thinking b/c their has been a lot of talk
about them recently on the net...JackoPierce, The Freddy Jones Band and of
course DMB...

JP would come on first, Jack and Cary warming up the crowd w/ thier awesome
tunes and energy.(If you've ever seen  JP before Cary likes to jump around
a lot)  Then maybe  as their last tune they would do a little DMB cover to
wet everones appetite...

Next would be FJB, rocking...this band is so good live, people would be
dancing all geting psyched for....

DMB!!!! Closing the show only the way they can...after DMB's encore, all
three bands would get toghether on stage and jam!!! How sick would that

Well that's my dream line up(staying in the dream motif on the net lately).

What does everybody think, what would be your dream day o' dave lineup???

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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shaweric@student.msu.edu Thu Mar 30 15:11:07 1995

I need help unsubscribing.  listproc@moose.uvm.edu doesn't work.

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absolutely no HIV conten

GSAAS41@MAINE.MAINE.EDU Thu Mar 30 15:53:32 1995

rly succesfull video "But Anyway" from there many feared they would take off, h
owever they quieted down and reveled in near obscurity.  I don't know what took
the ability to Jam really hard for fans that hung out with them from the beginn
lked the commercialism right out of there orginally ok music......Yeah DMB coul
d go either way I would hope he went the route ah la Blues Traveler regardless
I am still going to jam out, I can't remember who said it but DMB makes me smil
e a lot more now then I used to as well... I don't mind sharing the groove
without being flamed ....dreaming of yesterday

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Re: Summer dream tour

pdquinn@nyx.cs.du.edu Thu Mar 30 16:23:19 1995

Last summer, Jackopierce, FJOnes, and DMB played a concert together in 
Vail, Colorado.  It was a great show..I'd like to see them do it again.


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We know Dave has IT! Here's the story...

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Mar 30 17:00:54 1995

My girlfriend's best friend's uncle's next-door-neighbor's plumber's dog's
manicurist heard from someone  who knows that dave has it.  It all happened a
couple of years ago, when dave got it from a young lady when he was not being
protected.  Dave was sitting outside one beautiful day, minding his own
business, when  this young lady approached who for her anonomity I will call
Suzy Q.  Out of malice, Suzy Q had a short but memorable encounter with Dave
that left Dave with this horrible reality.  Although Dave has been suffering
from it ever since, he has kept his head high and continued playing his
incredible music for us the wise.  If you have not figured it out by new the
horrible truth is that dave has the koodies.  So remember the next time you go
circle dot dot koodie shot. :):):):):)

-Tom & Che

lightly.  We are just sick of this discussion on the net.  NO FLAMES PLEASE!
SMILE and if any body wants to trade get in touch with tom at
(danielt@tiger.hsc.edu) or Che at (roopc@tiger.hsc.edu)


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the Madrid show last week

pwchan@mail.wm.edu Thu Mar 30 17:14:02 1995

OK, I don't want to talk about the rumors but I heard that Dave made
references to the rumors recently at the Madrid show.  Anyone who was there
would know exactly what I am talking about and that should end everything. 
Anyone have any clue what I am talking about, and if so please write in!? 
By the way, while I am overseas, what have their setlists been like over


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New Orleans Concert

trask@cs.tulane.edu Thu Mar 30 17:23:51 1995


Has the New Orleans show been cancelled?  There seems to be this rumor
floating around that all of his shows are cancelled because he has some

Remember, I'm sending this for a friend, I have no clue.


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a theory

tnb2d@server.cs.virginia.edu Thu Mar 30 17:38:05 1995

see a spot about the Dave Matthews band.  Maybe it's a news report on
CNN, maybe it's the MTV's Spring Break "Chillin' with the Wiez" show.
AIDS is on their minds because they've heard about Eazy-E, or maybe
it's just ontheir minds (it's on a lot of people's minds these days).
So the guy turns to the girl and says (exactly what I said to my date
at the Valentine's Day show)- "Gosh, Dave Matthews looks a lot smaller
than I remember.  He looks kinda gaunt."  [no surprise- he's touring
right now and likes his decadence straight- no chaser] And she might
reply "Woof.  Wouldn't that suck if he had AIDS or something?"  At
about that point another guy just happens to be walking behind the
couch and hears "Dave Matthews" and "AIDS", but thinks nothing of it.
Perhaps he has been drinking.  Two weeks later the couch-walker is
having a conversation with some friends and the Dave Matthews band
comes up.  He says "You know I could swear I heard something about him
having AIDS!  Where did I hear that, on tv or something?"  Somebody
else says "Well there was a report about them on CNN a while back- was
that it?"  And everyone else in the conversation tells two friends,
and they tell two friends, and they tell two friends and so on ad
infinitum.  Voila!
should come as no surprise.  It is actually a testament to his rising
fame.  It happened to Burt Reynolds a few years back and it nearly
ruined his career. (I often wish that it had!)  And what about Paul
McCartney?  Post-Abbey Road people thought he had actually died!
"Number nine.  Number nine.  Number nine...."  Who else?  Springsteen?
Michael Stipe?  The list goes on and on.  I'm glad somebody has
finally done their homework to debunk these pitiful (but not
malicious- this is a long-standing social phenomenon that gets worse
Don't take candy from strangers, kids.  lova ya,


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How about a date change

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Thu Mar 30 17:42:56 1995

Well the actual date is 7/27/93.
You know how 7's sorta look like 2's some times?
I've sent this to just about everyone I've traded with since I have no 
memory.  Sorry about the inconveinence(sp).
peace all, Dan

-When is DMB coming up to the NE?  They will have been out west twice 
since being up here last(not to mention Europe).  I'm starting to shake.....



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Blues Traveler at UMASS Spring Fling 5/14

abs@student.umass.edu Thu Mar 30 18:17:51 1995

Yep thats it..Bt is playing Spring Fling at Umass on 5/14. tickets are 
available in a little while...if ya are interested...drop me a line with 
the subject as " BT spring Fling tix " and i will help ya out..


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extra tix for 5.5.95

suzi@teleport.com Thu Mar 30 18:59:12 1995

Hello everybody!
well we gooffed and bought too many tickets for the show in Salem on 
cinco de mayo.  we have 2 or 3 extra.  If you are interested please 
contact me via email.  Should be a great show!

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Need 1 more Greenville tix

SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Thu Mar 30 19:11:05 1995

Okay, since Dave is dying and this is possibly the last time I can see him,
can someone sell me one ticket for the Greenville show.  I had an out of
town friend call and wants to go with me and my friends, but it is sold
out.  I am serious about needing a tickets, so let me know if you can help
me out here.  Later...Jeff


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ShanHop@aol.com Thu Mar 30 19:35:27 1995

I just checked out the newsgroup and was surprised to see a post from someone
in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I'm thinking of moving there (for medical school) but
haven't quite made up my mind yet.  Is there anyone out there who lives in or
has recently lived in Tulsa who would be willing to share with me their
thoughts on the town?  I'd be extremely grateful!

For those who are interested, I saw nothing in Charlottesville's daily paper
about dave and aids, which is the first place I'd expect to see such news.
but from now on I think we should all follow the oath that was posted
yesterday and only report what we have read or seen ourselves.

Gotta run, the boss just came in!

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am i still on

V134R9W7@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu Thu Mar 30 20:23:25 1995

i haven't received a digest in days. i usually get one a day. this has 
been happening alot this past month.

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jfrench@indiana.edu Thu Mar 30 20:26:38 1995

Help - my service has been shut off for some reason.  Put me back on. I 
did not unsubscribe!

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re: Looking for Laure and Joe

lmorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu Thu Mar 30 20:59:55 1995

        I sent some blanks to you guys and I was wondering how far along 
you are thanks.

little over my head. I've sent back tapes to eight, so far, but I've got
twelve or thirteen to go! Stay patient. All should be done within the next
week or so.
at this time!


        Joe & Laura         


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CORRECTION: Osborne/RR/GSW at G'burg College

James.E.Moeller@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Thu Mar 30 21:12:04 1995

Hi folks,

number is given below. Take care & let me know if you'll be coming.


regarding the Joan Osborne/Rusted Root/God Street Wine Spring Fest concert on

through K&K Records for $20.00 plus a service charge. (K&K will mail you

12th, and then again from April 18th to April 22nd in the Gettysburg
College Union Building. Ticket sales begin 10:00 am and end at 2:00 pm
each day.
have any questions. 


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Catfish Jenkins

lmorgan@uclink.berkeley.edu Thu Mar 30 21:28:47 1995


Catfish Jenkins album is. 
Aware net? Any info is greatly appreciated.


        Joe & Laura         


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***Help with Minarets**

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Thu Mar 30 21:35:56 1995

I just got back from my spring break and had to erase most of my mailbox 

the list of other band listservs

You can contact me personally now.  

alex crothers		

**BTW- Dave is fine and healthy. Why don't you all just drop it and grow 


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Tour Dates

AMZENDEL@unca.edu Thu Mar 30 21:50:20 1995

Could somebody please send me the most recent update of the tourdates (I'm not
aloud to sub to minarets anymore due to the high volume of mail.)

Please help me out.



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ShanHop@aol.com Thu Mar 30 21:51:54 1995

Sorry if my last post got a little nonsensical towards the end there; my boss
came back earlier than expected and I was most definiatly supposed to be
doing something else!  I hope ya'll could figure out my point in there
somewhere!  (if I had a point in mind at all, it's almost quitting time and
my brain is moving a little slowly.)


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non dmb. new potato caboose

SLM94002@UConnVM.UConn.Edu Thu Mar 30 21:55:40 1995

greetings all! i am still looking to get my hands on some new potato caboose!
if anyone can be of any help, it would be greatly appreciated!


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All People trading with me read this

gclark@pipeline.com Thu Mar 30 22:11:30 1995

Hello all 
I have become bogged down with work so I'll send all you tapes out on sat
april 1st. I'm sorry for the delay. 
here are the people I'm sending tapes to. If your not on the list and your
suposed to be e-mail me I've made a mistake(I'm new on the internet, and 
trading over it). 
Thank you for your time 
Greg Clark 
Dan Sundt 
Jeff Stanford  
Tim Lessek 

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To Anyone from the East End of Long Island NY Who wants to trade in person

gclark@pipeline.com Thu Mar 30 22:11:52 1995

Hi if your from the east end and want to trade, e-mail me at
I'm from Shelter Island, but I go to school in Riverhead. I have a few
tapes to trade I think about 11 from different years but that is changing. 
Thanks Greg Clark 

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TRADE offar.

lwroblew@students.uiuc.edu Thu Mar 30 22:17:02 1995

but anything cool might interest me.   Fiji Mariners...hint..hint...
Anyhowz herez where I'm at now. 

2/2793		1/2	Flood Zone, Richmond, Virginia (Oteil , Mike Durham)
6/26/93		1	The Bayou, Washington, D.C.
11/9/93		-	Cd Release Party / Hampton Sydney (10/15/93 (II))
2/22/94		2	Trax, Charlottesville, Virginia
3/4/94		1	Louie Louies, Birmingham, Alabama
3/30/94		2	Oxford, Mississippi
7/24/94		2	The Masquerade, Atlanta, Georgia
11/17/94	1/2	Fox Theatre, Boulder, Colorado

7/7/92		1/2	Churchills, Burlington, Vermont (w/ Dave Grippo, 
Fishman, Trey, and Page)
1/20/94		1/2	with Leftover Salmon
3/11/94		1/2	Metronome, Burlington, Vermont (w/ Page, Trey, 
Micheal Ray, members of Leftover 									
Salmon and Sun Ras band)

1/27/94		-	Granny Killams, Portland, Maine
9/11/94		-	The Iron Horse, North Hampton, Maine

Beatles				-	Off White-White Album Outakes and 
rare tracks
Bob Marley and the Wailers	1979	Santa Cruz, California
Citrus				1994	Demo Tape
Jerry Garcia			4/10/82	Acoustic at Possiac, New Jersey
Jimi Hendrix			?	Jam w/ Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page  
(High ,Live -n- Dirty)
Jimi Hendrix			9/6/70	Isle of Fehmann
Jimi Hendrix with McLaughlin	1969	Studio Jams at The Record Player, 
San Francisco, California
Lenny Kravitz			1994	Acoustic show
Roger Waters with Eric Clapton	7-84	Wembly Stadium, London, England
Widespread Panic		2/6/91	Worlds Fair Ampitheatre, 
Knoxville, Tennessee

Date		Set		Location

-		-	The White Phish Tape
-		-	The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday (complete 
Gamehendge (Sr. thesis))
-		-	Phish Rarities
12/1/84		?	Nectars Bar, Burlington, Vermont (without Paige 
on keys)
10/31/86	2	Goddard College Sculpture Room, Plainfield, Vermont
1/1/87		1	Ian Mclains Ranch, Hebron, New York
8/27/87		1/2/3	Ian Mclains Farm, Hinesburg, Vermont
8/29/87		?	Shelburne, Vermont
3/12/88		?	Nectars Bar, Burlington, Vermont (1rst Live 
Gamehendge, with Narration)
5/3/88		2	Nectars Bar, Burlington, Vermont
5/25/88		1	Nectars Bar, Burlington, Vermont
5/28/88		3	Nectars Bar, Burlington, Vermont (Jah Rah)
10/29/88	2	Goddard College Cafeteria, Plainfield, Vermont
11/5/88		1	Hamilton College
2/6/89		1/2	The Front, Burlington, Vermont
5/6/89		1	Collis Center, Darmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire
5/28/89		1/2	Party at Ians House, Hebron, New York (Ninja 
Mike, Mr. Magoo)
8/26/89		1/2	Townshend Family Park, Townshend, Vermont
10/20/89	2	The Front, Burlington, Vermont (Giant Country Horns)
1989		1/2	Woodbury, Connecticut
3/1/90		2	Toads Place, New Haven, Connecticut
3/9/90		2	The Front, Burlington, Vermont
9/13/90		3	Wetlands Preserve, New York City, New York (Dude 
of Life)
10/30/90	2	Crested Butte, Colorado
10/31/90	1/2	Colorado Springs, Colorado
11/3/90		1	Boulder Theatre, Boulder, Colorado
11/4/90		1	Lory Theatre, Fort Collins, Colorado
11/8/90		2	University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin (John Popper)
12/28/90	2	The Marquee, New York City, New York (John Popper)
3/22/91		2	The Inferno, Steamboat Springs, Colorado
4/12/91		1	Barrymore Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin
4/16/91		2	Ricks American Cafe, Ann Arbor, Michigan
4/20/91		1/2	University of Rochester, Rochester, New York
4/27/91		1	Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, New York
5/20/91		?	Salisbury School
7/11/91		2	Battery Park, Burlington, Vermont (Giant Country Horns)
7/14/91		1/2/3	Townshend Family Park, Townshend, Vermont (Giant 
Country Horns)
7/21/91		1/2	Arrowhead Ranch, Parkesville, New York (Giant 
Country Horns)
10/13/91	1/2	North Shore Surf Club, Olympia, Washington
10/19/91	1	The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, California
12/31/91	1/2/3	Memorial Auditorium, Worchester, Massachusetts 
(New Years Eve)
3/13/92		1/2	Campus Club, Providence, Rhode Island
3/19/92		1	Palace Theatre, New Haven, Conniecticut
3/20/92		2	Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York
3/21/92		2	Empire City, New York
4/16/92		1/2	Anaconda Theatre, Santa Barbara, California
4/18/92		2	Wilbur Field, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California
4/21/92		1/2	Redwood Acres, Eureka, California
4/22/92		1	Hilton Center, Eugene, Oregon
4/29/92		2	First Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
5/1/92		1	The Rave at Central Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5/5/92		1			?
7/25/92		1	Stowe Mountain Performing Arts Center, Stowe, 
Vermont (Carlos Santana)
8/17/92		2	Capistrano, San Juan, California (Ninja Mike)
11/19/92	1/2	St. Micheals College, Wincowski, Vermont (Gordon Stone)
11/23/92	2	Binghamton, New York
12/6/92		1/2	The Vic Theatre, Chicago, Illinois
2/9/93		1	Auditorium Theatre, Rochester, New York
2/20/93		2	Roxy Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
3/5/93		1	Deep Ellum Live, Dallas, Texas
3/14/93		2	WSU Gym, Gunnison, Colorado
3/22/93		1/2	Crest Theatre, Sacramento, California (Complete 
Gamehendge Show)
4/10/93		1/2	Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois (Sugar Blue)
4/12/93		1	IMU Ballroom, Iowa City, Iowa
5/8/93		1/2	University of New Hampshire Field House, Durham, 
New Hampshire
7/18/93		2	I.C. Lite Ampitheatre, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
7/21/93		1	Orange County Fairgrounds, Middletoen, New York (H.O.R.D.E.)
7/22/93		2	Stowe Mountain Performing Arts Center, Stowe, 
Vermont (Gordon Stone)
7/24/93		2	Great Woods Ampitheatre, Mansfield, Massachusetts
8/6/93		1/2	Peacock Pavilion, Cincinnatti Zoo, Cincinnatti, Ohio
8/7/93		1/2	Darien Lake Performing  Arts Center, Darien 
Center, New York
8/12/93		1/2	Meadowbrook Music Festival, Rochester, Michigan
8/13/93		1/2	Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, Indiana
8/14/93		1/2	World Music Theatre, Tinely Park, Illinois
8/17/93		1	Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas
8/20/93		2	Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, Colorado
8/21/93		1/2	Salt Air, Salt Lake City, Utah (Bela Flek and the Flektones)
12/30/93	2	Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine
12/31/93	1/2/3	The Centrum, Worchester, Massachusetts (New Years Eve)
3/22/94		-	Hoist Pre-release Interview, New York
4/4/94		1/2	Flynn Theatre, Burlington, Vermont (6 piece Giant 
Country Horns)
4/8/94		1/2	Recreation Hall, Penn State University, Pennsylvania
4/10/94		1	Alumni Arena, SUNY, Amherst, New York
4/15/94		2	Beacon Theatre, New York City, New York (6 piece 
Giant Country Horns)
4/16/94		1/2	Mullins Center, University of Massachusetts, 
Amherst, Massachusetts
4/23/94		1/2	Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia (Merle Saunders and 
Colonel Bruce Hampton)
4/26/94		-	Purple Dragon Recording Studios
4/29/94		1/2	Boatyard Village, Clearwater, Florida
5/3/94		2	Starwood Ampitheatre, Nashville, Tennessee 
(Alison Krauss)
5/4/94		1/2	State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, Lousiana 
(Cosmic Country Horns)
5/7/94		1/2	The Bomb Factory, Dallas, Texas (sbd)
5/27/94		1/2	Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, California 
(Morgan Fichter, Andrea Baker)
6/10/94		1/2	Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, Colorado
6/11/94		1/2	Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, Colorado
6/13/94		1/2	Memorial Hall, Kansas City, Kansas
6/14/94		1/2	Civic Center, Des Moines, Iowa
6/16/94		1/2	Historic State Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota
6/17/94		1/2	Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6/18/94		1/2	UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois
6/18/94		-	Fishman Aftershow Jam
6/22/94		1/2	Veterans Memorial Hall, Colombus, Ohio
6/24/94		1/2	Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, Indiana
6/25/94		1	Nautica Stage, Cleveland, Ohio
6/26/94		1/2	Municipal Auditorium, Charleston, West Virginia 
(GameHoist show)
7/2/94		1/2	Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
7/8/94		1/2	Great Woods, Mansfield, Massachusetts
7/9/94		1/2	Great Woods, Mansfield, Massachusetts
7/10/94		1/2	Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga 
Springs, New York (Dude of Life)
7/13/94		1/2	Big Birch Concert Pavilion, Patterson, New York
7/16/94		1/2	Sugarbush Summer Stage at Sugarbush North, 
Fayston, Vermont
10/7/94		1/2	Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennslyvania
10/8/94		1/2	Patriot Center, Fairfax, Virginia
10/10/94	1/2	The Palace Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky (Steve Cooley)
10/12/94	1/2	The Orpheum Theatre, Memphis, Tennessee
10/14/94	1/2	McAlister Auditorium, Tulane University, New 
Orleans, Lousiana (Micheal Ray and Carl Gearhart)
10/18/94	1/2	Vanderbilt University Memorial Gym, Nashville, 
Tennessee (Bela Flek)
10/31/94	1/2/3	Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, New York
11/13/94	1/2	Erie Warner Theatre, Erie, Pennslyvania
11/17/94	1/2	Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio (Rev. Jeffery Mosier)
11/20/94	1/2	Dane County Exposition Center, Madison, Wisconsin 
(Rev. Jeffery Mosier)
11/25/94	1/2	UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois
12/1/94		1/2	Salem Armory, Salem, Oregon
12/2/94		1/2	Recreation Hall at UC Davis, Davis, California (6 
piece Giant Country Horns)
12/8/94		1/2	Spreckels Theatre, San Diego, California

Sorry, for taking up some much space with my shit, but it had to be done 


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Lameass radio

hauser@server.chem.ufl.edu Thu Mar 30 22:23:09 1995

Our local lameass radio station runs those "Two for Tuesdays" things, so 
I called up and said,why don't you guys get really carzy and play 2 songs 
from DMB, and was told that they couldn't play any thing other than WWYS 
because it's the only single to be "officially" released, and that she 
(the DJ) would get fired if she played anything else.  So I said, you 
mean to tell me that the only DMB song you'd hear anywhere in the US would
be WWYS?, knowing that people have posted hearing Jimi Thing, Best and R&R
on the radio.  She said, well maybe in Virginia you might hear others. Yeah,
good answer, what a bunch of BS...Or am I wrong? This can't be the policy?
Any radio people out there know what can and can't be played from a CD that
is released?

Later, two weeks till dave


but nobody on the net actually has?  What a bunch of crap...
My bet is that somebody saw an Oscar special about Tom hanks and how he
won last year for Philadelphia and all of these "friends" mistook Tom for 



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msteckle@students.wisc.edu Thu Mar 30 23:13:48 1995

Someone posted recently about a couple of sweet FJB tapes.  Well, I trashed
your message by accident so please mail me.  I have about five FJB shows to
trade.  Please mail me directly.


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Fwd: Dave in B'ham

Mickey97@aol.com Thu Mar 30 23:28:09 1995


Greatful Dead!

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Re: Fwd: Dave in B'ham

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Thu Mar 30 23:59:04 1995

       Dave is going to be in Birmingham on April 5th. to open for the
 Greatful Dead!

I believe he'll be in NYC at the Academy.

alex crothers

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Fwd: Re: Fwd: Dave in B'ham

Mickey97@aol.com Fri Mar 31 00:01:21 1995

Then it is probablu the 4th. (there were two dates)

we can only hope!

       Dave is going to be in Birmingham on April 5th. to open for the
 Greatful Dead!

I believe he'll be in NYC at the Academy.

alex crothers


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Billboard Charts

mwebber@moose.uvm.edu Fri Mar 31 00:18:24 1995

This Week UTTAD is at 32
Peak position	      31
Two Weeks ago	      44
Weeks on chart	      24

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Jeruuu@aol.com Fri Mar 31 00:21:55 1995

Hello friends,
It seems that all i ever find myself doing is trading for more tapes.  Is
there ever apiont when one can sit aside look at their collection, smile, and
pop in one of their old boots they haven't heard in a while, and then realize
that they have all they ever wanted.  I have over a 150 tape collection of a
bunch of bands but phish & DMB take up the majority of it.
I find thta i have become addicted to boots. When ever I have spare time  am
listening to a tape.  this addiction started about two years ago with Phish.
band before and after their show in boston @ the Orpheum I have had a desire
to hear everything they have ever played.  They were the nicest of guys. 
I need help. So, Please TRADE WITH ME  your list gets mine.  If your not
interested in phish let me know so i don't send you loads of info you don't
want. XLII's are what I use.  In particular I'm looking for some boots with
Redemption Song, Spotlight and other Rarities that may help me reach my fill.
My Freddy Jones collection also needs a buffer, as does my Acoustic junction.
ANY ONE HEARD OF SYNASTEZIA (I think that's how you spell it).  There real
good a UMASS band that just released there first album.

Well anyway fill my need if you please.


hello, how are you doing today
i hope i find you feeling healthy
(GRANNY is such a wonderful happy tune)



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wkersh@indiana.edu Fri Mar 31 00:34:51 1995

To all boot traders,

Just a little piece of advice for you guys. When you are trading with
people don't make 10 trades at the same time, that's ridiculous when you guys
know that you won't be prompt. Stick to 4 or 5 at a time. It's very 
frustrating to have sent people their copies out a couple of days after 
you set up the trade and then find out the other person hasn't gotten 
around to it because the have 99 other trades going at the same time, 
come on guys, get responsible. 


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Re: Lameass radio

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Fri Mar 31 00:40:07 1995

knowing that people have posted hearing Jimi Thing, Best and R&R
on the radio.

Just to add to the list of songs heard on the radio, I heard Satellite
while I was on vacation in Colorado.  I've never heard anything else on the
radio, and I have yet to see WWYS on MTV.



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Re: Lameass radio

pdquinn@nyx10.cs.du.edu Fri Mar 31 00:50:12 1995

 knowing that people have posted hearing Jimi Thing, Best and R&R
 on the radio.
 Just to add to the list of songs heard on the radio, I heard Satellite
 while I was on vacation in Colorado.  I've never heard anything else on the

I have heard ants and tripping on KBCO in colorado also.

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lmgar@conncoll.edu Fri Mar 31 01:44:04 1995

hi everyone,
getting your messages and i thought it was about time i posted something.
r2t and uttad! it's a pretty lame collection if you ask me! i dig them so 
much but i haven't found that many fans up here. if you guys could help 
me start a more diverse collection, i would be so grateful. i never knew 
dmb did a cover of 'redemption song'. i'm one of the biggest bob marley 
fans ever and i'd love to hear that. well that's all for now. thanks! 

p.s. feel free to drop a line just to say hi!


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Columbia Missouri Show

WSchaff@aol.com Fri Mar 31 02:04:33 1995

Anyone have any tix info on the Columbia, MO show coming up on April 21st?


Will Schaffarzick
P.O. Box 2997; DSU
Cleveland, MS  38733-2997



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Re: Scooter, where are you?

eericson@sun.cis.smu.edu Fri Mar 31 02:53:34 1995

I first want to apologize for sending personal mail on the net, but you
can all get over it, just this one time.


I must say that I am not very impressed with your communication skills as
of late - thought for sure that I would have heard from you by now.  I'm
going to Copenhagen on Saturday provided that my passport gets completed
in time;  if not, oh well, it was a fun dream.  My hellish week is
reaching its culminating point with two miserable econ. mid-terms
tomorrow, so I must go study.  Look foreward to hearing from you.



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on the dream theme

ShanHop@aol.com Fri Mar 31 03:06:19 1995

In my dream some unnamed tragedy had befallen Stefan and he was on suicide
watch.  I was asked to stay on stage with the band during a show to make sure
Stefan didn't try to off himself while playing.  After the show Stefan and I
walked outside and I tried to talk to him, but he was not very talkative.  I
thought I'd finally gotten through to him when he suddenly ran off, yelling,
"I can't take the pressure anymore!!"  I started to follow when Dave
appeared.  "Shannon," he said, "I'd really like to talk to you."  Since the
last time I talked to Dave all I could say was "I can't believe you put the
lyrics in the CD" (this was when R2T was released) I was torn.  Should I stop
and fulfill my dream of having a real, intelligent conversation with Dave or
should I chase after Stefan in a desperate attempt to bring him back to
sanity?  Luckily I woke up before I had to make a decision.
they've faded with time.  Doubt anyone but me would find them interesting

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driver8@phy.duke.edu Fri Mar 31 03:13:52 1995

A Duke major attractions person spoke with dave's management today 
because of the upcoming show...



Legal action may ensue...


seeking to see the image,



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My $.02

Michael_D._Drayer@uu1358.sedgus.com Fri Mar 31 03:16:29 1995


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DMB in Or.

Federico.Cribiore@directory.Reed.EDU Fri Mar 31 03:24:50 1995

On sale now at GI Joe Ticket Master outlets

DMB and BHT +TM in Salem, Or 

fackin' Ticketbastard

the DMB should do mailorder.

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wkersh@indiana.edu Fri Mar 31 03:25:03 1995

I need some help from someone at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. FJB is 
playing there on April 7 and I need to know how to get tickets(I live in 
Memphis). Anyone who goes to Rhodes and can help please get back to me. 
Thanks and sorry for waste of bandwidth.


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Different review...

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Fri Mar 31 03:29:52 1995

I don't claim to have been here when it happened, but this is what MINARETS
used to be like.  I took this from the www minarets-history file; there's
more where this came from, but just in case any of you can't navigate your
way there, here it is.  I thought it was interesting.

Minarets History Issue 1:




records here in harrisonburg, and i'd have to say
that's this is a really strong debut cd, setting
themselves up for a phenomenal follow up. ant marching,
recently, satellite, christmas song and the song that
jane likes are pretty much exactly what you expect them
to be. but the rest of the songs have some interesting
quirks--the intros to tripping billies and one sweet
world were left off, and the jam sessions to minarets
and seek up weren't included.  i'd have to say that i
like the way that this is set up, because it will help
make their live shows even more powerful as they become
more well known.

guitar on i'll back you up and seek up, but as far as
i'll back you up goes, i prefer stefan's bass solo.
and don't worry about the lack of the violin solo on
seek up, this studio version is _really_ good, probably
the highlight of the cd, and runs a full 7 1/2 minutes
as is.

track appended to christmas song.  when you get the cd,
just let the cd go.  it's a reprise of a song on the
cd, and i'll leave it at that.  anyway, i've got some
serious lyrics file editing to get done, so i'll just
let other people continue with comments on the cd...

rick thompson                            stu_rcthomps@vax1.acs.jmu.edu
jmu box 5388
harrisonburg, va 22807

it's gonna be an eternity in here...


was a great show, as usual, and I started to snooze a
little toward the end.  Then out of nowhere, they
ripped into Seek Up (my vote for the best DMB song
yet).  After they finished that set, and I was waiting
fearfully for the lights to come on, Boyd and dave came
out for Angel from montgomery.  I think it's been a
while for that one. It was great.  In spite of a lot of
shouting for Halloween they wrapped it up with
Warehouse.  All I have to say is us folks in chville
don't deserve this. Finally, I think we should all
shower ellis of lemuria with gifts, money and first
born children for running the Bayou tree.  What a
show!!!!!  If anyone missed the signup, get in touch,
and I'll spin you a copy.  Pardon the spelling/grammer,
it's been a long night.


OPINION.  However, it is a friend of mine who goes to
UVa and someone who has been listening to Dave for well
over a year and going to shows and all that.  So kick
back with an open mind and read this and see if you
agree with any of the points.  Please don't scream and
yell and get offended -- it's just another viewpoint.
I don't want to see another bitch session like after
"Rift" came out and half the Phishnet said they had


doomed. It's fair at best. He did, however, have a
substantial following waiting at midnight for its
release. Marcus and I went dwon to Plan 9 around 12:30
or so and the line was out the door, around the
building, and down the block. Very long wait. We said,
"He's good, but he ain't that good..." So we went back
to the house and sent some pledges to get it for us.
They didn't get back until about 3:30. Stood outside
and froze their nuts off while we enjoyed some fine
billiards. It was great...

understand what the fuck he was saying because he
sounds like he's trying so hard to enunciate. So that
sucks. He's not a very good singer to begin with, and
when you can understand what he's saying, it's even
worse. Also, although most of the album is live (from a
show I saw, anyway, as a a matter of fact), they knew
they were being taped and took a little off it to make
sure they played the right notes and stuff. So it's
kind of a flat performance. Also too, they left out
some of the better songs to put in shit like 'Tripping
Billies', a song we all know and hate. No 'Halloween',
no 'Dead and Gone', no 'Spotlight'. I don't think
'Warehouse' is on it, either. Oh yeah, it ain't on no
Columbia, either. Some basement label like "Rag Bone
Records" or "Bona Rag" or something.

the tape with decent stuff he's played. Who knows,
maybe people who haven't heard good live shows will
like it. Maybe he'll make some money and hire a real
sax player and bassist. Or just get Greg Howard to
cover both of their parts. I'm sure he could do a
better job by himself than both Leroi and Stephan...


Leroi but... intelligent comments?  feedback?
alternative thoughts?



Coming in Issue 2:

So there it is.



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Next single??

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Fri Mar 31 04:06:35 1995

Well, i just made a journey to the local record store, and lo  and behold, 
they were giving out (FREE) WWYS cassette singles.  On the one side is WWYS,
obviously, and on the other side is Jimi Thing.  So maybe, I am thinking
that maybe that will be the next official single?  Also, I was joking around 
and said to the record store guy "Oh, that is that new band that they play
on Y100 (the local cheesy Philly station)"  I think he got a kick out of it.
Just tryin' to put smiles on some sad faces....:)
See ya...

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just posting

joneck@brahms.udel.edu Fri Mar 31 04:37:59 1995

while, probably most of you haven't noticed, i just post to ask 
questions.  speaking of which i'd like to thank evryone who responded to 
my last post of questions/comments concerning kristen asbury, and 
steffan, i have gained a lot of knowledge since then w/ the help of a lot 
of kind people on this net.  anyway, this post his minimal dave content 
but relative to the world of fine music. 
**main point** (dave content will probably be down below) 
pretty much summs up this cd.  i'm so happy i found this in the store, i 
thought i was going to have to mail order it.  this net is what turned me 
on to this cd. (i'm sorry to all i am boring w/ this post, i know this 
isn't the aware.net, but i have to voice my opinon somewhere) people just 
don't talk about it anymore, gone are the days when a brief discussion of 
shannon worrell, singing w/ dave, pops up.  but there has been some talk of 
from good homes and jackopierce which i'm happy about.  but anyway, this cd is 
great, i can't get enough of it, there are only about 2 not so good songs 
on the whole thing, but the rest is phenomonal.  if any of you have any 
sort of opinion on vertical horizons, please tell me because these guys 
sound excellent, or maybe some of you know about the edge?

**dave point**
don't have it, i highly recommend picking one up, it is so choice.  
this is especially true if your one of the lucky few who are getting 
thier copy from spd lmt.  i'm glad to see he's back on the .net.  not 
only is the watchtower amazing, but popper joins in for a killer say 
goodbye, popper adds so much to this song.

**random points**
amazing.  in the middle of the show popper straped on the acoustic 
guitar, and they pulled an awesome best part, and it is the first time 
they've done that song in concert in three and a half years, it was 
awesome.  and they closed w/ three encores.  the only bad part of the 
show was that the crowd was lame-ass, they were not getting into the show 
at all.

"this puppet needs no lines, let those curtains fly"

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old school minarets

fostecl4@wfu.edu Fri Mar 31 06:06:22 1995

Does anyone else feel that minarets is lacking? What happened to cool 
tree offers (and what the HELL happened to the Wake Forest tree, huh?? )
and funny quirks and drunken messages concerning dave from 3-6 in the 
morning...there's a word for the recent state of minarets (IMHO only!) - 
"ho-hum (sigh)" I must sound like Doug and Wendy WHINERRRRR...(no flames 
about that, thank you).
...I'm not suggesting that EVERYONE post, but lets liven up this thing...
OUTTIE with the HIV shit....IN with trades and cool concert reviews and 
personal notes (only if dmb content is in their also) and funny jokes and 
cool past-dave/concert experiences....YEAH!!!! 

-my $.32 cents (just saved from using email), 


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Re: My $.02

rude@circ.gwu.edu Fri Mar 31 06:09:14 1995

I believe daves next single will be "jimi thing" and I beleieve they are 
filming the video at the NY show.  Is this an accoustic performance or a 
regular concert?  I heard both.

Wow, I'm hearing spotlight for the first time. Its unbelievable. Its 
driving me crazy.



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Manhattan, KS Show

gkinney@s-cwis.unomaha.edu Fri Mar 31 06:38:28 1995

April 23rd according to the WWW page, but ticketbastard still knows 
nothing about it.  Are tickets going to be sold through ticketbastard?
Is it a show for Univ of Kansas?  Is it GA?  Is it with BHTM?  It's about 
a 4 or 5 hour drive for me, but I'd really like to go depending on the 
answers to these questions.  If anyone knows anything and could let me in 
on the secret I'd really appreciate it.



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battsdt0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Fri Mar 31 07:00:54 1995

well, whoever said that they wanted to see some more drunken posts here's
one for you. i know that it is not 3-6 a.m. but it is close enough. i don't
know why i am writing except for the fact that i am drunk and i am bored. i
have been on the .net for a couple of months now and you are right it has
gotten kind of "ho hum, sigh" but oh well. i don't know what the fuck i am
talking about. sorry. nevermind. well what i was actually writing about was
to ask if anyone out there in minaret land has the 6/94 Super Jam IV show
or the 12/28/94 show from birmingham. i know that somebody out there has to
have these shows and if anyone has them or knows someone who has them will
you please inform me. i have been looking for these shows for a while and i
really need to get them because i was there and they rocked. i am willing
to trade because i have so0me pretty rockin shows. i am really sorry that i
have wasted everyone's time with this post but i really need to find these
shows. if anyone wants to initiate a trade please write me back. also, i
really need to find these shows. thanks.


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Radio play

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Fri Mar 31 07:02:50 1995

While working in the great place called Subway here in Boulder I have 
heard Jimi Thing on the radio numerous times.  As far as I can recall I 
think they have been playing it more than WWYS.  Thank God!  But... Since 
it is spring break and I have been running the sub show solo, I have been 
hearing such treats as #36, Watchtower, etc.  Oh, yeah that's what 
happens when you play a nice live tape.  It is funny to watch people 
humming along to Jimi Thing, when all of a sudden it takes a nice live 
turn away from the UTTAD version.  They get very confused.  Peace


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Stupid question, but PLEASE ANSWER!!

will.schaffarzick@babble.com Fri Mar 31 09:56:49 1995

Guys & gals...

Ok, I know this is a really stupid question, but I've been in this net
for so long that I've forgotten what the SUBSCRIBE command is to the
listproc server!  I have a friend who wants to subscribe, but I can't
remember what to do!!    Help me!  Someone send me personal e-mail at
either of the two addresses (preferably the first one):


Thanks in advance...


.... I wasn't there; I didn't do it; you can't prove it.

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DMB (Live Radio Broadcast)

jason.doak@cbn.org Fri Mar 31 14:30:36 1995


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mailing list

gsi2111@gsaix2.cc.GaSoU.EDU Fri Mar 31 14:36:01 1995

I would like to be on your mailing list.  My address



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Dave is a cheesy kinda guy

morgan_dailey@spacemail.jhuapl.edu Fri Mar 31 15:05:01 1995

"There are hundred of thousands of things you can eat
with cheese."
--Dave at Liberty Lunch 12-15-94 Austin, TX

I've heard Dave mention cheese at other shows and
on other tapes.  Why does Dave like cheese so much?
Does Dave have some kinda deal with the Dairy association
of Wisconsin or something?  Does Dave have stock in 
Real.  I guess he's just a cheesy kinda guy.

--Morgan (who likes cheese too)


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Re: on the dream theme

jcs3m@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Fri Mar 31 15:17:51 1995

Hey guys, I thought I would share my dream......
I was at a random fraternity house at W&L, the kind of shows that the guys
used to play there...... It was not too crowded, I was right up front, acting
like a crazed fan.  Finally, the guys decided to go on break, and I waited
patiently for them to exit the stage.  "Boyd," I cried out, in hopes that I
would get the chance to converse with him (just to give you a visual image,
it was back in the day when he wore his black jeans and black vest and cool
black hat).  Anyway, as I spoke with him, these words formed on my lips and I
after you."  He replied, "That's nice," and grinned.  Then the guys played
Spotlight and I woke up.................

p.s.  I especially hope that my friend Brett sees this--no longer can he
accuse me of being a Boyd hater!!!!!!

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Re: MINARETS digest 120

cmf29@columbia.edu Fri Mar 31 15:20:42 1995

boys and girls this must be your lucky week--two posts from me in the 
space of a few days....see what happens when you get me started!?

i just wanted to let everyone who has been dealing with the Z100 crap all 
week long that one of our own fellow minaretters is frustrating Z100 as 
much as they are frustrating us.  you see, jen lives in massachusetts, 
but when we told her about the april 5 show she decided that she could 
easily come into nyc to visit for a day or two.  but first, of course, 
she'll have to win tickets.  since she goes to umass and doesn't get 
Z100, (and boy is she missing out), she has just been calling the phone 
number for the station every half hour or so and harassing the djs.  the 
djs, evidently are getting mighty pissed that this girl keeps trying to 
win the tickets at times when they're not even holding the contest.  jen 
has held on however, and has come as close as #94 on some of those random 
times that she actually does call when the contest is on.  (you have to 
be #100 to win)  i think it's great that she hasn't let the obnoxious djs 
scare her away.  of course, she does have a slight advantage in that she 
doesn't have to listen to the damn thing!  anyway, i say "way to go jen! :)"
if anyone else would like to follow in her footsteps, the number is 
1-800-242-0100 and they usually give the tickets away on the half hour.
rise up and claim what is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry this is so long but i just want everyone to keep the faith.... 
someday all of the teeny boppers in the world will disappear and my 
happiness will not lie in the hands of a lousy radio station!!!!

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Re: My $.02

acox@s850.mwc.edu Fri Mar 31 15:50:38 1995

      that he definitely likes women and says the next song is about having 
      sex (he says "fucking") with a female friend. I'm sure most may know 
      the name of this song (I do not, though I think I've heard it before 

My guess would be Say Goodbye.

      Another good Dave story - very touching, was a show I saw at the GA 
      Theatre in Athens last February(?) ('94). Dave tells the story of his 
      sister's recent murder and that the next song was her favorite (Song 
      that Jane Likes, for those who do not know), and he wanted to dedicate 
      it to her. He had tears in his eyes, and after his story most of the 
      crowd did as well. It was definitely the most moving thing I've ever 
      seen at a show.    Oh well, hope this thread takes off, I'd love to 
      learn more about the band.

These two stories are great, and not to take away from them, Jane lives
on, though The Song that Jane Likes could have been Anne's favorite

      More info on the WWYS video. The live crowd scenes were shot during an 
      October show at the GA Theatre in Athens. I've got some buddies that 
      went and can actually be seen in the quick clips. I had tickets, but 

Actually, the show was shot in Boulder, CO, last November (18th maybe?)
at the Fox Theatre.

      did not make it (long story, I won't waste the width). MTV filmed that 
      show (for the video) and also interviewed Dave at the Uptown Lounge 
      (B-52's, WSP) for the Week in Rock.

What you are probably thinking about is the piece that MTV did on dmb
for the week in rock (like you said) - footage from this and from the
WWYS video are from different shows (dmb had professionals from LA to
come in and do the taping in CO).

      name is Jeff Bagby, and he told me (this was last spring) that DMB 
      wants to put out another album soon after the UTT&D was released. I 

Hmmm, I wonder what the name of this new album will be.

What about, 'Picture of TRAX'...
Sound familiar?

Oh yeah, whoever mentioned the thing about Dave and cheese. I don't know
if he's a great fan of dairy products, but he does mention cheese a lot
- he's even used that same line at different shows...



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cxr184@email.psu.edu Fri Mar 31 16:12:15 1995

can someone send me the lyrics for Say Goodbye & #36

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Free Jazz Mandolin Project Tonight

asgoodma@amhux3.amherst.edu Fri Mar 31 16:23:55 1995

Just a reminder, I know this has been posted before, but

the JAZZ MANDOLIN PROJECT will be playing tonight at 9:00 pm in the Marsh 
House Ballroom at Amherst College.  Opening will be the 
jazz/folk/rock/bluegrass quartet WITCH-BLIND WILLIE.  The show is free.

For those of you who don't know the jazz mandolin project, they are a 
trio from Burlington, Vermont.  They feature Gabe Jarrett on drums, 
Stacey Starkweather (also of Michael Ray's Cosmic Crewe) on bass, and 
Jamie Masfield (who along with Stacey is part of Trey Anastasio and Jon 
Fishman's spin-off Bad Hat) on mandolin.  The music is a mix of jazz, 
bluegrass, rock, and just about everything else.  Of course they jam and 
improvise just like all of our other favorite bands.

I hope to see a lot of you there, and yes, taping is allowed.


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following up

Michael_D._Drayer@uu1358.sedgus.com Fri Mar 31 17:04:48 1995


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2 stupid questions

cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Fri Mar 31 17:24:08 1995

Sorry guys but I have two things that I've got to know. First I ffound a 
guy on campus who has a boot from Athens in 94'. The set list is below; 
can anyone give me a date for it? Also, does anyone have a copy of the 
9/29/94 show from the Ritz in Raleigh? Thanks guys.


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Florida Anyone?

ECHASE.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Fri Mar 31 17:42:57 1995

I had heard rumors and I wanted to know if they were true.


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Re: non dmb. new potato caboose

mdavenpt@cs1.presby.edu Fri Mar 31 18:05:50 1995

 greetings all! i am still looking to get my hands on some new potato caboose!
 if anyone can be of any help, it would be greatly appreciated!

They are playing today at Presbyterian College in Clinton, SC.  But they 
are now called The Caboose.  Maybe I'll tape it for you?


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Re: DMB (Live Radio Broadcast)

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Fri Mar 31 18:15:52 1995

      For anyone in the Tidewater area of Virginia, "The Coast" 93.7 will be 
      broadcasting Dave and the boys live from Nashville on Sunday April 23.


Someone with a good deck tape this show!!! We don't get soundboard feeds 
anymore, so this is one of our few good chances to hear sbd quality DMB 
live. I'll be happy to help you tree it after the show, and I'll make it 
worth your while. 


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Yummy DMB food!!!

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Fri Mar 31 18:30:34 1995

PM unless it is Green Beer Day, but it isn't today.  Anyone who doesn't know
what that is and wants to know, let me know.  It is a sacred tradition at my
institution.  Anyways, I WAS drunk last night however.
the Munchies.  So as always, I go to the local Bagel & Deli to get my fill.  I
was feeling kind of risque all night, so thought I would go for it.  I BOUGHT
There was ham, salami, peppers, cheese, italian dressing, and some other things
that my horrid memory won't let me remember.  It was damn good.  Oh, wait, I
already said that.
as we live in the middle of nowhere), go to Bagel & Deli, and get the DMB
bagel.  I guess there is supposed to be a picture or something like that of
Dave, from when he stopped in to buy it on their way down to Cincinnati (when
my buddy made a salad for Boyd at Skipper's, but that's not important right
now), but I didn't see it.  Maybe I did and didn't remember it...
bagel has its own little placard), it says "He likes boys", in reference to his
sexual preferences at times.  Oh, well, I guess that every silver lining has to
have a cloud.
able to afford another DMB bagel..........

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Re: Yummy DMB food!!!

shakti@teleport.com Fri Mar 31 19:04:59 1995

         I am not drunk right now.  In fact I am barely ever drunk at 1 in the
 PM unless it is Green Beer Day, but it isn't today.  Anyone who doesn't know
 what that is and wants to know, let me know.  It is a sacred tradition at my
 institution.  Anyways, I WAS drunk last night however.
         So as always, when the bars closed at 2 AM, I discovered that I had
 the Munchies.  So as always, I go to the local Bagel & Deli to get my fill.  I
 was feeling kind of risque all night, so thought I would go for it.  I BOUGHT
         Even though it cost like four bucks or something, it was well worth it.
 There was ham, salami, peppers, cheese, italian dressing, and some other things
 that my horrid memory won't let me remember.  It was damn good.  Oh, wait, I
 already said that.
         So, if anyone is ever near Oxford, Ohio (I don't know why you would be,
 as we live in the middle of nowhere), go to Bagel & Deli, and get the DMB
 bagel.  I guess there is supposed to be a picture or something like that of
 Dave, from when he stopped in to buy it on their way down to Cincinnati (when
 my buddy made a salad for Boyd at Skipper's, but that's not important right
 now), but I didn't see it.  Maybe I did and didn't remember it...
         There is one bad thing about the sub.  On the sign for the bagel (every
 bagel has its own little placard), it says "He likes boys", in reference to his
 sexual preferences at times.  Oh, well, I guess that every silver lining has to
 have a cloud.
         Well, must go for now and figure out how I can make some money to be
 able to afford another DMB bagel..........
comment Steve made in reference to "He likes boys" ( the line after).  

Who cares if he likes boys or girls or both unless you're alone in a room 
with him and are getting ready to ask "do you wanna fuck?"

I must say that when I first heard this guy I was immediately turned on
by what I heard, his mind and creativity and whatever he does in his 
spare time is really of no concern to me ( unless of course I find 
myself alone in a room with him, I'll start asking questions ;) )


shakti@teleport.COM. Not affiliated with the Church. 
Singer/Songwriter, lover of sushi, rollerblading, skiing and Santana.


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Re: Yummy DMB food!!! (An apology)

shakti@teleport.com Fri Mar 31 19:07:36 1995

Upon a second reading of Steve's post, I see I may have misunderstood.
If so, sorry brother.


shakti@teleport.COM. Not affiliated with the Church. 
Singer/Songwriter, lover of sushi, rollerblading, skiing and Santana.


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**************** DUKE/DAVE PARTY *********************

driver8@phy.duke.edu Fri Mar 31 19:11:09 1995

Here are the details of the Duke-Dave party.

1) We're going to have a pre-show bar-b-que so since I am currently short 
on cash as is eric...I need anyone who wants a part of the action to 
email me and send a check for $5 made out to sean spicer to 

I need the checks by 5pm Thursday.

2) The party is open to anyone who reads this message and wants to hag 
out before and after the show - but the food and beverage must be paid 
for in oder to be consumed...some of us don't have much ability to front 
cash for the party - much as I love you guys I'm sorry.
3) The final decision on when and if the party is to be held will be made 
based on the money aquired by 5pm Thurs.  The anouncement will come via 
the newsgroup and minarets.  If the party is canceled then any checks can 
be recollected from me the day of the show or I will mail them back to 
you. (Please include your e-mail address on the check so as to facilitate 
easy comunication.)  

4) The party location is at the Theta Chi section on Duke's West Campus.

I hope this is cool with everyone - if not email me. 
Let's all get together and have a fuckin' good time



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Re: DMB (Live Radio Broadcast)

battsdt0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Fri Mar 31 19:15:57 1995

i just saw your post about asking someone to tape that nashville show from
the radio and i was just wondering if you do get a tree started for that
show i would like to be on it. i am probably going to that show and i would
really like to get a tape from it. if you do get a tree please let me know
because i would really like to get that show since i'm going.


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dmb concert

ECHOI@aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu Fri Mar 31 19:49:14 1995

DMB is coming to Okc and I was wondering about their 
retail stuff(ie-what's sold).  I was also wondering what
the current setlist was.  
Thanks for your help in advance,
Esther echoi@aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu


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messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Fri Mar 31 20:02:41 1995

What is everyones favorite song that Dave uses as an opener?  



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228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Fri Mar 31 20:12:22 1995

One of my favorites Dave opens with is Seek Up with the long jam intro..

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jeinhorn@students.uiuc.edu Fri Mar 31 20:27:40 1995

Maybe a dumb question, but while listening to the Horse center show, I 
think I hear a flute in say goodbye.  Is this true, and if so, who is playing




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srubin@haverford.edu Fri Mar 31 20:32:08 1995

I am going to have to say that my favorite opener is #36.  If you have the
Va Horse Center 11/9/94 show, listen to it.  If you dont have it, the first
person who responds to me personally with the correct answer to the
following question, gets a copy for blanks and postage.

Where (town and state) is Jack Daniel's distilled?

Kind of an odd question, but you can guess what's going to be in my glass


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Say Goodbye

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Fri Mar 31 21:42:08 1995

Well, to the guy who asked about the flute in Say Goodbye the answer is that
that is exactly what it is.  Leroi plays it.  If you get your hands on NYE
94/95 listen to Say Goodbye.  Leroi was just on fire that night.  The flute
solo was absolutely incredible.  It was good at Lexington to, but I think that
the NYE version was the best that I have heard.

when I saw them in Nashville, as much as I hate to say this, Satellite was the
opener and that was the best Satellite I have heard live and in person.  In
Philly on Feb 11, They started playing the opening to Seek Up, but stopped and
played Jimi Thing.  I have never seen a show where they opened with Jimi except
I think they did the next night at Penn State.  Jimi is a weird choice for an
opener.  My favorite, though, is Seek Up.  That song just does something to me
when i hear it live.  They opened with it in Atlanta in December.  The opening
jam is great, but the closing jam where dave starts singing the undecipherable
lyrics is absolutely amazing.  They opened with Seek Up at Sweet Briar in 2/94
and that is an awesome version.  I think Two Step is a good opener, too.  They
play that usually as opener at NYE, if I am not mistaken (don't have tapes in
front of me).  The show I am listening to right now opens with Spotlight wh9ich
is an incredible tune and a good opener.  There's my two and a half cents

Well, one more week until I get to experience the boys live in concert once
again.  I am pumped.

Oh yeah, I know this has been discussed before, but if you can get a hand on
the election night tape, Warehouse is.......wow!  Thanks Kev (if your still on
here) for the show. 

Well, I have rambled way too much.  Later......................tom

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Unsubscribe minarets

MARSHALLJ@central.edu Fri Mar 31 22:08:18 1995


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April 5, Academy, NYC

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Fri Mar 31 22:39:43 1995

I called the DMB tourdate hotline, and the recorded message says that they
are hoping to have a limited # of tickets on sale at the box office on the
day of show.



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following up (2)

Michael_D._Drayer@uu1358.sedgus.com Fri Mar 31 22:43:43 1995


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I hope this works....

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Fri Mar 31 22:46:27 1995

Hey.. I've been reading this for a while, so I thought maybe I'd do the 
introduction thing.  My name is Aricha.  The first time I ever heard Dave 
was in my middle school Music Theatre class.  My friend John D'earth (for 
you hip Ch'villeans who know him) brought him in one day for a 
multi-media jam session.  The idea was they would jam (Dave on his guitar 
(and vocals when inspiration struck) and John on his horn) and we would 
create our artistic interpretaions of the music.  Dave introduced 
himself. He had just been in South Africa and he talked about that, its 
influence on his music, his music in general... Then they started playing.

It was the most amazing sound I had ever heard.  The guitar and the horn 
blending together, David's mellow voice occasionally joining in, totally 
unbelievable.  Afterwards, they came around and looked at all the works 
of art... They asked me to explain mine (sorta an abstract color interp. 
thing) and I ended up skipping my next class to stay and talk to David.  
I even gave him the picture, as he seemed to like it.  Before I left to 
day..."  Little did I know....

And so the obsession began.... I went to hear Dave every time he played 
in Charlottesville.  When he started touring, i thought I would die from 
withdrawl... I listened to my tapes all the time.  I have a really random 
collection of DMB, Dave playing with various people, Stefan playing with 
people, Mother's Day Music Festival, Van Rypers... And, of course, R2T, 
UtTaD, and Recently.  

So, drop me some mail, if you like. I'm full of stories and random Dave 
(and Stefan) trivia that I'd love to share with fellow fans... Later..


I don't know if I'm happy here,
But I might be if I had more beer.
I'm in the kitchen now,
Making toast for my woman
'Cause she's bigger than me.


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the official word (from Bama Rags)

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Fri Mar 31 22:53:21 1995

:     I just heard that Dave has AIDS.  Truth or just another product of the
: college rumor mill?

This, I assure you, IS total BS.  People keep saying the same thing about
Stipe.  Dave is in excellent health, and has no such thing.



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dreams & more

rkochman@ucg.com Fri Mar 31 23:14:48 1995

Yes, I too have had a DMB dream (my girlfriend thinks I'm a freak....I think
she is right!).  My dream was only a couple of weeks ago, but the details
are still sketchy....

I was waiting outside of some hall where DMB were going to be playing. The
hall was sort of like one of those small playhouses on Broadway in NYC.
Anyway, I was there very early b/c I wanted to be there when the doors
opened so maybe I could rap with one of the guys in the band before the
show.  There was probably about 50 people waiting outside the door with me
and the person right behind me was NEWT GINGRICH!!!!!!! (I have no idea what
the hell he was doing in my dream, but I'm a little scared) As soon as they
opened the doors to let people in, Newt said in a very quiet, calm voice,
"Let the party begin".  That is pretty much all I remember of the dream.  

I'm still trying to figure out why Newt was there (probably to groove with
everyone else) and what he meant by, "Let the party begin" - would that be
the Republican party? the Libertarian party?  I dunno, but if the dream
comes true we can use the slogan - DMB official rock group of the GOP!

Anyway, onto less important things....

I also heard a non-WWYS song on the radio. While I was in Atlanta two weeks
ago the station 99x played Ants.....kinda cool - but I'm still waiting to
hear Halloween on the radio. 

Regarding Brad's post from earlier this week, he is correct. Try singing
"Hani - Hani, won't you dance with me....." over and over again at work. It
makes the time go quicker and the smile a little wider.

"And We Bid You Goodnight"



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Jane, Anne, etc...

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Fri Mar 31 23:39:20 1995

okay, folks....

Jane is Dave's sister
Anne is Dave's sister who died in South Africa
Margaret is the name of Anne's daughter/Dave's niece (pictured on the swing 
Johnnie (sp?) is the little boy Dave is holding on the inside back cover


I don't know if I'm happy here,
But I might be if I had more beer.
I'm in the kitchen now,
Making toast for my woman
'Cause she's bigger than me.


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sundtde@iac.net Fri Mar 31 23:49:53 1995

I'm sorry to continue this but let's put this baby to Bed....

Jane is a Matthews, a sibling, younger than Dave but not a child...not
Anne's child...

In many, shows the Song that Jane Likes is introduced, "I have a little
sister named Jane and this is The Song That Jane Likes..."

In another show(not sure of date) Dave says, "I have a little sister nammed
Jane who just got engaged and this is the Song that Jane Likes..."

Jane also makes some of Dave's clothes and he refers to this fact at many

Not flamming anyone just correcting an error(s)...

(                        Dan Sundtsundtde@iac.net                    )
(                        I believe in a sweet imagination                   )
(                    An open road paved by inspiration               )
(                               +Freddy Jones Band+


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Answer my? get a free tape

Jeruuu@aol.com Sat Apr 1 00:16:45 1995

The  first person to tell me who originally wrote and performed All Along the
Watch Tower gets a Fatty tape on me postage and all.
Newbies, oldbies all give it a shot. (It's not as obvious as it may seem)



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Re: Opener

Kelly.Hale@uvm.edu Sat Apr 1 00:19:44 1995

One of my favorites Dave opens with is Seek Up with the long jam intro..

I'm gonna have to agree with Seek up!!!  But...I guess this means that I'll
have to retract my post from 2 months ago.  Does anyone remember the person
who was complaining because 3 out of the 5 times (currently 4 out of 6!!!)
she'd seen DMB they had opened up with Seek Up???!!  Well...that would be
me!!  I guess I wasn't really complaining because it is one of my all-time
favorites, but...I wanted each time I saw DMB to be a new and unique
experience.  Don't we all?  So....although I absolutely love seek up, part
of me was really disappointed that they didn't open with #36 or two-step or
granny or now wouldn't it be really cool if the opened with so much to
So....I'm going to be driving 16 hours to see DMB in Wilmington in 2
weeks......what are the odds they'll open with seek up?  Any wagers??? 
Shit..I'd rather they open with it then not play it at all....or
worse...open with satellite (no offense satellite lovers).  If they open
with satellite, what song do I go to the bathroom during????  Haaa Haaa!!  I
can blame that comment on my brother (alan) who is always very excited when
satellite is played because it means he has time to take a piss!!  
well...have a good weekend....I'm off to Philly!!


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Info corrections

eje3u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Sat Apr 1 00:32:59 1995

So long as we are going to tell stories, lets try to get them right

On Thu, 30 Mar 95 20:28:40, Michael_D._Drayer@uu1358.sedgus.com

It may have been Anne's favorite too but Jane is very much alive.  Different
sisters.  Anne was killed, and UTTAD is dedicated to her.  Jane, last I knew,
is in Charlottesville, although I don't know if I have seen her since the
tour kick off.

This is not film from an actual show, but rather he invited folks to the
filming on a show day before a show, and they all lip-synched and had a great
time.  The vidoe was actually shot on Colorado.  I think you are thinking of
the Week in Rock piece, which MTV filmed down there and used interspliced
with the interview stuff.  I also don't think it would be MTV filming the
actual video, since they don't make artists videos, just play 'em.  I was
told once that the director of the video had done some other notable work,
possibly movies, anyone know?
This is not a flame, but if we are going to post info, we should try to get
it right.

Eric E.     

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max awards

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sat Apr 1 00:46:59 1995

Quick question.

I only have a really, really old address for good ol Max and my recent 
frequent buyer entry got returned to me.  Sniffle. 

Please help me if you have the new p.o.b. Ahh'd be much ah-blahhged.


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Re: Answer my? get a free tape

shakti@teleport.com Sat Apr 1 00:50:47 1995

 The  first person to tell me who originally wrote and performed All Along the
 Watch Tower gets a Fatty tape on me postage and all.
 Newbies, oldbies all give it a shot. (It's not as obvious as it may seem)

shakti@teleport.COM. Not affiliated with the Church. 
Singer/Songwriter, lover of sushi, rollerblading, skiing and Santana.


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Re: MINARETS digest 120

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Sat Apr 1 00:53:28 1995

I just got hooked up with many very choice, A quality Dave tapes (thanks
to Brett at William & Mary!!!) and am looking for folks who wish to

How about it?

Also just heard "Get In Line" for the first time.  What a great tune!

"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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just my opinion

Pellet1@aol.com Sat Apr 1 01:09:39 1995

okay, i don't want to be one of those people who talk about dave having
aids...but it is getting out of hands..i thought this net was for giving info
on the band and their concerts...not telling stupid lies that don't give any
proof.....even if these rumors are true (which i don't believe they are) who
cares...it doesn't change anything...i mean i will feel sympathy for him and
stuff, but i'll still go to concerts and listen to the music.....
so if your friend say they've seen some report, well i don't care.....
just my opinion... :)
Lindsay Peterson           "i'm worse at what i 
pellet1@aol.com            do best and for this



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Re: following up (2)

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Sat Apr 1 01:11:00 1995

      My mistake, too much too drink last night, please don't flame me. 
      Molly pointed out my mistake. Jane is Anne's daughter, Anne is Dave's 
      sister (repeat after me). Let's lay this one to rest, though I do 
      think its still a good story and a sad occurrence. At the GA Theatre 

The best way to lay it to rest is to get your facts straight. Both Anne 
and Jane are sisters of Dave. Jane may be the woman next to Dave in the 
picture, in fact I think she is, but I can't say for sure. Notice how if 
I'm not 100% sure of something, I indicate it. Anyway, the rest of your 
post is pretty accurate. Everyone- read the faq, please. Daniel Blanchant 
maintains it. Dan- perhaps another post of your address is in order? 

Did you wonder how the small child pictured in UTTAD could "like" a song 
written several years ago, especially since she doesn't look that old.

Facts. Facts are good. Find Facts in FAQ. Try saying that three times fast.

Newbie offer- first five people with no tapes to their name who email my 
girlfriend and tell her a really funny joke get a copy of 7-8-92 in 
return for blanks and postage. She's at jhiltune@minerva.cis.yale.edu. 
Don't reply to me.


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tape, song ID

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Sat Apr 1 01:25:04 1995

Hey all, 
second song on there, but it is after R&R and before Best of What's 
Around, and has a chorus of "it's gracious of you to...."  Help!!

The tape I need to be ID'd is from Zollman's and is from 1993.  The 
songlist goes as follows;
Blue Water(super-bad!!)
Ants Marching
Typical Situation

Best of What's Around
Dancing Nancies
Tripping Billies
One Sweet World
Help Myself

I'm not sure if the second side with BOWA is the same show, but I'd 
appreciate any help on it....Thanks in advance, Creg Bradley


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Opening, again!

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Sat Apr 1 01:44:58 1995

I know I posted earlier about my favorite openers, but one of my most faves
played a couple of songs solo.  He then started playing that great, old intro
to Tripping Billies where he starts singing.  Slowly the band joins him and
once they are all playing, they go in to the song.  It is absolutely
incredible.  It may just be because this was first dmb show, but

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following up (3)

Michael_D._Drayer@uu1358.sedgus.com Sat Apr 1 01:55:04 1995


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Mailing List

m981290@burke.nadn.navy.mil Sat Apr 1 02:23:46 1995


address is m981290@burke.nadn.navy.mil


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cycle of mailing lists

lanie@pond.com Sat Apr 1 04:27:23 1995

I thought that some of those on the net would find this interesting-it came
from nursenet.  I have been on minarets for about two months and have only
had two successful trades so far and even then I came up one tape short!
Please if you have my blanks, please make copies soon-I have been waiting a

Many thanks also to Karen Appleyard who went the extra mile to help me get

I don't know the author but saw this on another list and found it
thought-provoking. It was meant to be a humorous piece; however, as the
saying goes, many truths are said in jest! Pardon the length and hope you find
it interesting, too. Linda


1.  Initial enthusiasm (people introduce themselves, and gush
     alot about how wonderful it is to find kindred souls).

2.  Evangelism (people moan about how few folks are posting to
     the list, and brainstorm recruitment strategies).

3.  Growth (more and more people join, more and more lengthy
     threads develop, occasional off-topic threads pop up).

4.  Community (lots of threads, some more relevant than others;
     lots of information and advice is exchanged; experts help other
     experts as well as less experienced colleagues; friendships
     develop; people tease each other; newcomers are welcomed with
     generosity and patience; everyone---newbie and expert alike---
     feels comfortable asking questions, suggesting answers, and
     sharing opinions).

5.  Discomfort with diversity (the number of messages increases
     dramatically; not every thread is fascinating to every
     reader; people start complaining about the signal-to-noise
     ratio; person 1 threatens to quit if *other* people don't
     limit discussion to person 1's pet topic; person 2 agrees
     with person 1; person 3 tells 1 & 2 to lighten up; more
     bandwidth is wasted complaining about off-topic threads
     than is used for the threads themselves; everyone gets

6a.  Smug complacency and stagnation (the purists flame everyone
      who asks an 'old' question or responds with humor to a serious
      post; newbies are rebuffed; traffic drops to a doze-producing
      level of a few minor issues; all interesting discussions happen
      by private e-mail and are limited to a few participants; the
      purists spend lots of time self-righteously congratulating
      each other on keeping off-topic threads off the list).


6b.  Maturity (a few people quit in a huff; the rest of the
     participants stay near stage 4, with stage 5 popping up briefly
     every few weeks; many people wear out their second or third
     'delete' key, but the list lives contentedly ever after).

Linda Henneman, RN, BSN
_The Nurses Catalog Directory_
_The Frugal Tribune_ Newsletter



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help with pinpointing

Dmbard@aol.com Sat Apr 1 04:29:22 1995

howdy again,

i got a PHENOMENAL 2 tapes from a very generous and good hearted fellow dave

the name of the venue and the date was not listed.
i was wondering if anyone can help with this.

jane likes
say goodbye
2 step
best of whats around
r and r

tape 2
on broadway-recently
back you up
(hidden track)

if someone could help me out i would be really thankful.
i think the show was done at ziggys, but i am not positive.

a HUGE thank you goes out to the sender.
i would mention your name, but i am not sure if you would be able to handle
the deluge of requests, i am only trying to be polite. i hope no one thinks



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bt and some other odds...

Dmbard@aol.com Sat Apr 1 04:29:28 1995


i was flipping thru the local dc paper and saw that traveler is playing GWU
on april 6th, i would have gotten tix, but i am going to be up at my alma
mater, connecticut college, that weekend, so...i am shit out of luck. given i
would rather see my girlfriend than bt, but it would have been cool to have
my cake and eat it too.

does anyone know if they are (1)going to be on the HORDE tour again and
(2)going to play the dc area besides GWU?

live hootie, samples, bt and rr.
if anyone has the mailing lists for these groups, i would just want to post a
msg about tapes, OR if anyone has any HQ tapes of these bands, please let me

thank you very, very much.

hasta la pasta



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