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Cry Freedom...

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Tue Apr 4 01:41:25 1995

Dave is about to play a song for us...

*Dave looks around on the floor near him, under a book, pats his pockets, 

"I'm looking for a pick so I can play this song. I lost one that I 

*David grabs the pick from off his knee, where it's been sitting 

"Oh, wrong way." 

*He turns it around the right way, and can't find his pick again.  He 

And off he goes....

(Just thought I'd share... I found the whole thing rather amusing)

It's a cookout...
She made the best damn dogs I've ever eaten
Get me another dog, baby
She made them dogs, sliced 'em up and throwed 'em on
Put some mustard on the hot dog

 hey everybody
 i have a little question for y'all. on my 10/20/94 nashville tape when dave
 introduces cry freedom he says "this is an old one that we haven't recorded
 yet, but somebody has." does anyone know who recorded it? if so, i would
 really appreciate it. if anyone knows you can email me directly. thanks.


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PVXD93C@prodigy.com Tue Apr 4 02:07:11 1995

anybody know who will be headlining, and what opening band
is playing, because I heard a different band(not the Ugly
Americans) is playing the southern shows.Just wondering.


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Austin Tickets

CGL5671@ACS.TAMU.EDU Tue Apr 4 03:32:42 1995

Hey if anyone has any extra tickets for the Austin show PLEASE get in touch
with me b/c I need at least two tickets.  So if you have some extras, get
in touch and we'll figure it out.


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slacker redeemed

lono@strauss.udel.edu Tue Apr 4 03:44:51 1995

I sent the tapes!!! i sent the tapes!! I sent the tapes!!

**************************obligatory waste of bandwidth*********


hey there...minnow-retters!
I'm sittin here, reading some responses from my last post (2 or 3 questions)
and I realized that no one even blinked about the show w/ Brent and 

Are you guys NUTS??!! this is the show of a lifetime!!!

anyway...one question that didn't get answered was about that Van Ryper's 

does anyone have it, and could they please tell me what the hell was 
going on on stage? I can't figure out the instrumentation...and I think 
this performance was without Peter, but I can't be sure.

SOMEONE else is playing with them, I'm almost positive.

** something funny **

when I was at JMU two weekends ago, I was made aware of a dreadful new 
trend in the underground party circuit. NO2. now I don't give a shit that 
people are sucking down Nitrous 8 balloons at a time...hell, I've even 
been known to abuse the stuff for something like 56 hours straight.


I hear that now they mix sulphur into the tank to discourage stealing and 
abusing the gas. Not only does it taste like stale dogshit, but it 
poisons you, too.


so I'm watching this girl...typical JMU-froshchick...sorry, no offense to 
any that are eavesdropping... and she's kinda melting into the couch next 
to the tank. And she takes hit after hit off of a big, green balloon. 
Only everytime she does it, her face twists into this mask of digust 
which smoothes out as the nitrous takes over. cool...so she's ahving fun, 
right? wrong...after what seems like a particularly gruesome hit, she 
leans over and barfs on the floor next to the sofa. AND TAKES THE NEXT 

felt at home, toxic nitrous and all.

did this make no sense?


peace roseland tree people..the check is in the mail!

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Re-subscribe me

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Tue Apr 4 03:46:54 1995

I haven't gotten any mail in a few days, so please re-subscribe me if I 
have somehow been unsubscribed.    


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hello all

reinha16@student.msu.edu Tue Apr 4 04:15:35 1995

I would like to thank all of you out there .  I have been a member of the
Phish.net for quite some time, and feel this list is done in the right way.  No
useless crap.  For starters, for those of you who don't know the phish.net,
there have been multiple postings about Dave Matthew's having AIDS.  This
wastes my time and others.  What I have seen of this net is great.  It's good
to know there are still cool fans out there.
crap on it.  Please let me know.


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Lyrics file etc..

reinha16@student.msu.edu Tue Apr 4 04:16:44 1995

Please let me know how to get the lyrics file and other cool stuff, I checked
the FAQ, but I couldn't find it.   Thanks.


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aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Tue Apr 4 04:40:55 1995

is anyone from anywhere near Florida going anywhere near central VA the 
friday before UVa graduation (the 19th, i think)??  My mommy is 
graduating and I really really really wanna go... And is anyone going the 
other direction that Sunday?  Oooo, wait, there IS dave content... I'm 
headed for Charlottesville-- DMB's beloved home.  There ya go, there WAS 
dave contenet.  There is actually DMB content in everything we say and 
do, you just gotta look for it, right?  Seeing as how DMB *is* the 
essence of life itself and all.....  Sorry for wasting your time, 
y'all... I just REALLY REALLY wanna be there...


It's a cookout...
She made the best damn dogs I've ever eaten
Get me another dog, baby
She made them dogs, sliced 'em up and throwed 'em on
Put some mustard on the hot dog


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jjgoke@norcia.cs.csbsju.edu Tue Apr 4 04:46:54 1995

Power Jam exists?  If someone has such a copy and would be willing to
trade, please email me at jjgoke@cs.csbsju.edu.
great trades have helped me up from no DMB live concerts two weeks
to quite a few really good concerts today!



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leonard@wam.umd.edu Tue Apr 4 05:33:13 1995

Maryland.  There is a vicious rumor going around that Mr. Matthews is 
diagnosed with full-blown AIDS and is dying.  I've been hearing this from 
several unrelated people so if it is a rumor, it has been passed around.  
Please update me on his condition and tell me I'm dead wrong.

"The only thing I know how to do is to keep on keepin' on"


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rare dave tree structure

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Tue Apr 4 05:39:49 1995

here's something for you all to do............................

this is probably going to be the longest post to minarets


ok...this is the rare dave tree sturcture.......
i am making this post on minarets only (for now)
within two or three days, i expect to have several people emailing me
telling me i forgot them, or their address is wrong, or something like that
(which is inevitable with this size of a tree ( 345 people))

i am going to post this structure AGAIN later this week, after all the problems
have been worked out........
this will include adding a few people to this structure.....
prepare yourself, because im gonna post it again...........

the end of the week to get the finallized structure.......

at the end of the week, i will post the final version to minarets
i will send it to all branches

all branches will inform their own children......

considering most of the branches will (hopefully) do this for me, PLUS
the fact that i'm posting it on minarets (and probably on horde net)
then everyone should be informed........(plus it will probably
be posted on tanen's killer dmb homepage)
screw waldo

first,.....i will take you through the processes....
the tape is going through

chris buford has done a fantastic job in making the first tape
........as anticipated, it has a bunch of old jams that most of you
probably never heard before.....including stefan's tune..
and the all elusive "heathcliff's haiku warriors" which was played
three or four times, and dave jamming on a samples song
and old versions of other stuff.......you get the picture.....
i hope.....

BUT he isnt done with tape two yet.......
which isnt a problem.....it just means that
you dont need to be bothering your parent on this tree
next week, asking where your tape is.......

because chris is sending me the masters (like i said, i have tape one)
and THEN i am sending the masters to John Longmire

john has volunteered to transfer the masters to DAT, then send them back to me.

he is going to be taping DD, and some of his children will be
taping DA (from DAT to analogue tape).....
every analogue coming off a DAT will be a first generation off DAT
and all of my children will also have first generation copies (off the master)

that is essentially what you need to know to figure out
what generation tape you have.......

i dont think there are any people with a fourth generation tape
(i.e.: all are third generation or better)

if there is a problem with your address (or you can't find your
name on here (or whatever))
then contact me (koliver1@ua1vm.ua.edu)
and i will make the necessary corrections
and place them on the final tree structure
which (again) will be posted toward the end of the week.........

notes included with the names........

*metal* = that person weants their copy on metal analogue tapes
*DAT* = obvious
**from whoever ____

i realize this may be confusing, but it's better than the prose version......
(bill lakenan tapes the tapes for  klong and jen f. on DAT, and
will seay, brain walsh and david micelli on analogue (metal for the former
two)......meanwhile, klong will tape for jeff, mike peter...........)

now, while all of the above is true, it is fucking impossible to make any
sense of it once i get rolling (remember, there are 350 people on the tree)
so, just get into your "map-reading" phase, and go for it....

the important thing about the final structure is that it
will be right............

not implying that this structure is wrong, but several branches
will have one or two kids added on by ther next one.......

oh well.................

if you are confused, there is a tree file on the web page.......i know that
brett king wrote it, and i totally revised it, but i can't
really remember what it says, so if you go to it for help, and IT
confuses, then just drop me a line

and if you arent on the tree, and want to be, also drop me a line
even though im only going to be able to accomidate a handful more

this fits on two 90 minute cassettes

the final structure, because that's what everyone will be reading carefully
and i really dont feel like fucking with being coherent right now.....

here 'tis

|     |
|     |-keith (KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU) *DAT  **from andy zaff
| _____
john will send me back the masters, and from them,:


for now.........that's it...........

there's not really anything else to say about
this right now............

so if you have any questions, email me



but i rarely check my aol account, so it may be awhile
before i get your message..........


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mholbroo@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Tue Apr 4 07:24:36 1995

when is dave coming back to virginia???

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Couple of Questions

punter@leland.Stanford.EDU Tue Apr 4 07:25:47 1995

First off, enjoyed skimming the 437 messages I got while away for spring 
break.  I was wondering if anyone can help me with a couple of 
questions.  Does anyone have the show from Oxford, Mississsippi from this 
past fall?   Is anyone going to the shows in San francisco in May?  If so 
are you taping?  Love to here from you if you can answer yes to any of 
will be spinning soon.  Is Dave playing any small shows while he is in 
the Bay Area?  He played a smaller venue in town when he opened for Phish 
in December.  Just curious.  Thanks for your time.   Later, Kevin

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dove bars and little cars

bmking@mail.wm.edu Tue Apr 4 10:14:46 1995

point #1 - waldo is my friend.  please stop being mean to my friend.  you're
so mean.  meanies.  mean type people.. mean mean mean.  i mean, waldo l
jaquith?  sounds like he should be 85 & be talking about the depression...  i
mean, if he's 16, he was born in like 1979 (whoa..  I remember that year), so
that means someone in this world named their child waldo in 1979.  'course,
my dad said he wanted to name me 'flash'..  (go mom)  if i were a girl my
name would've been elizabeth.  dunno if i ever told yous that beffffffffffy.

point #2 - sharp point. ow.  watch it!

point #4 - there is no point #3.

point #5 - blues traveler sent me a sticker.  *are you listening DAVE?!?!*
no.. of couse not, cuz this is the _old_ list that's been _replaced_ and has
piece of crap faq's and homepages..  silly me.  i should be subscribed to
something which has more messages about people's viral status then the love.

point #6 - it's 4:40am.  do you know where your love is?  find it.

point #7 - i hate numbering


well jimithing.
i don't have anything else to say
'cept saying 'well jimithing' sounds better then 'well shit'

it right.  could i have.................................  nope.  not gonna do
it (he's my grad speaker don'tcha know).  gotta take the die that life rolls
for you you do.  same words, they just come out a bit different.....

i had apple pie tonight

i think I'll write a letter.


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Dmbard@aol.com Tue Apr 4 11:43:59 1995

hellooooo out there,

i have posted this b4 and have yet to get an answer, i am sure that there is
someone out here in minaretland who could point me in the right direction.

i am desperately seeking HQ tapes of hootie, bt and the samples. my dmb
collection is growing as we speak and i just want to complement this with
some other neat stuff.

if ANYONE can please help i would be very grateful.

thank you.

and, one other thing...when do they post the official bands at the horde
hootie, toad, black crows, dave at some shows, bt, any truth to these

if someone can PLEASE get back to me directly i would owe you one.

thank you thank you thank you.



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hateful messages

tzenner@d.umn.edu Tue Apr 4 13:36:57 1995

This is concerning the Proctor and Gamble thing.  No DMB content.  Sorry 
for the waste of space.  But I had to say this.

How dare you forward this private trash to our net.  I find your message 
hateful and distasteful.  I am a Christian, but I will not be told what 
to do or what to buy by anyone.  Furthermore, I doubt the veracity of 
your message.  Did you personally see the show?  Have you personally 
talked to anybody who has?  These P&G rumors have been around for a long 
time, origanally stemming from their old logo, which they dropped about 
six years ago.  It had a moon and 13 stars on it, which to the lunitics 
that started this rumor, obviously meant they were tied to the occult.  I 
have a suspicion that the address given is either false or correct, but 
the rumor mongers are banking on nobody actually cheacking it out.
our forefathers.  Many witches are very nice people.  How about trying to 
open your mind instead of sending potentially false and definatly hateful 
messages to people that could care less agout your far-right sensibilities?



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A. Huppert the Great Trader

rudd@ix.netcom.com Tue Apr 4 13:50:09 1995

Thought you all should know.  Andrew Huppert, out of the kindness of his 
music-loving heart copied his bootleg & got it to me in a flash. No 
waiting...no worrying. 

Never let it be said that he is a bad trader.  

I will be watching for future opportunities to take advantage of his 
timely & courteous trades.

thanks for reading,
kim swain


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Re: 2 Sunrise Tix **OFFER CLOSED**

Lumpysnake@aol.com Tue Apr 4 13:54:46 1995

The 2 extra tix for Sunrise that I offered yesterday have been claimed.

To all you lucksters going to any or all of the Florida shows, HAVE A GREAT
TIME! Wish I could be there with you.


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Re: justajam

JThomps34@aol.com Tue Apr 4 14:34:07 1995

Hey All,
times, check out the 11-17-94 Fox Theater show.  This version of 'justajam'
actually has words (more than Lexington) and it is rather dark at times.  I
remember Dave singing something about "losing a friend up against a wall" or
something along those lines.  It seems to me that this thing may grow up into
a cool song.  I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it emerge sometime as a
song with an actual title... Just my opinion/comment...


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Still Cameron Crazy

MAVELASQ@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Apr 4 14:57:27 1995

Greetings to all!

I'm still looking for 2 tix to the April 7th show at Duke.  Someone
down at Duke mailed me back personally offering tix BUT I LOST YOUR
ADDRESS!!!  If you remember offering me 8th row tix please get back
to me again!!!  I'm still offering 3 tasty bagbys of your choice
from my list.  E-mail me back personally if your interested.  Thanks

Peace and Love


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Nashville show

gunnojd@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU Tue Apr 4 15:05:38 1995

Hey all!
Vanderbilt show on the 17th??  I'd heard that they were being sold by
a fraternity on campus and if there were any left, they would be sold
to the public.  Nothing (at least that I've heard) has been said
since.  Thanks in advance, jdg


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Re: MINARETS digest 124

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Tue Apr 4 15:42:45 1995

Please stop posting bullshit rightist propaganda on Minarets.

DMB is for everyone, even Satanists.

"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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Re: MINARETS digest 124

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Tue Apr 4 15:46:34 1995

I heard Leroi quote "Mary Had a Little Lamb" during Typical Situation. 
I think it was at Zollman's. 

"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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Dancing Nancies tab

bc70117@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu Tue Apr 4 15:56:59 1995

If anyone has the tab to this song (as it isn't in the chords file) and 
could send it to me, I'd appreciate it intensely.


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Song quotes

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Tue Apr 4 16:13:47 1995

I was just listening to the Recently from 6/26/93 and heard Leroi do the
opening bars to the Star Wars theme.  It comes just before
TrippingBillies after the "pretty, pretty girl" part. 

"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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digesting...please post info

barein@mail.wm.edu Tue Apr 4 16:15:50 1995

I don't remeber details.  Can somebody please post a copy of thta
first message everyone gets when they subscribe?  Thank you.


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TWDUNCAN@ucs.indiana.edu Tue Apr 4 16:18:31 1995

We partied all day and the concert was at 10.   You could buy tickets at the
door.  The place had a small upstairs balcony.  There were around 300 people
there, all spread out.  I spent most of the concert in the first three rows
of people.  And we had a table.  They were incredible, especially the violen
player.  He was trippin big time.  They came on stage and a guy yelled 
"Amsterdam how I love amsterdam".  They ended with Watchtower.


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bricker@acme.highpoint.edu Tue Apr 4 16:32:44 1995

i dont mean to waste bandwidth, however this is a personal to ALEX CROTHERS

i have become really good friends with an old  friend of yours, who
apparently used to take baths with you (when you were quite young). dhe
wanted to be here when i wrote this, but i can't find her right now. i met
your brother taylor, she introduced me to him at a phish show a while
back(he was taking pictures, of course).

anyway, her name is crystal waters, and i believe she wants to talk to you
through the computer.  i never put it together, that you and taylor were
brothers, until we were talking about him, and she said alex. then i said
that you were "dave matthews man", and she confirmed.

write any time, and i'll get her in here to read. also if you want to trade
tapes, i've got a lot of fatties.



ps.  sorry again for posting here, but i didn't know your address.



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Re: Dave covering Stone Roses

dcstros@cs1.presby.edu Tue Apr 4 16:39:47 1995

Hey ya'll,
Does anyone know which Stone Roses song DMB covers?
Just wondering, Thanks,David


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Re: Christmas Song

dipierro@husc.harvard.edu Tue Apr 4 17:03:45 1995

don't read the newsgroup might be interested in this person who claims to
represent Bama Rags. I'm no longer on minarets so please send replys 

In article 3lkh4q$923@jeeves.va.pubnix.com,

Heck, if anybody has a boot of Christmas Song, *I* want a copy!  Dave did
a GREAT version at his concert with the Richmond Orchestra on 2-14, and I
really hoped that somebody was recording it!  There were few dry eyes in
the audience at the end of that song, I can assure you.

| Waldo L. Jaquith       | "My worst fear is that Boyd   | 
| Internet Consultant    |  will hurt me with his bow."  | 
| Bama Rags Records, aka |  - Dave Matthews, of DMBand   | 
| (804) 971-4829         | DMB Calendar - (804) 980-9636 |

Damn, I wonder how you got a job as internet consultant. From your previous
posts, you seem like a newbie. You show no respect for the establishment
(the minarets mailing list is NOT replaced by this group, contrary to what
you have said), and you don't put much effort into correctly using a text
editor or editing your posts (OK, this one isn't bad but most of the others 
are). I know I wouldn't have you representing my organization. But since you 
do seem to have some official connection, let me point out that it was the 
DMB management which killed the V-day tree on the minarets list. Apparently 
the RSO didn't want taping, so the people that recorded the show (against the 
band's instructions in the first place, but it appears they just said that 
because of the RSO) were not permitted to distribute it via a public tree. 

So are you saying that we have official band permission to run that tree?
Or is it that you just don't have a clue as to what's actually going on?


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patience my friends

hfejp@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Tue Apr 4 17:09:17 1995

hello all....

boy...its been ages since i posted around here.....

just wanted to inform all newbies
who responded to my "i'll tape anything" offer
who are still awaiting tapes (there are 4 or 5 of you
left i think...)
that my tapedeck has finally rebelled...it suddenly
started squeaking and grinding and screaming at me for
inflicting such non-stop tapage upon it....
and now the heads just will not turn..

but what this really means is that i will
spin all your tapes on a borrowed deck
while mine is at the hospital....
i just won't be able to do it until after wednesday, 'k?

so if you're waiting for tapes from
look for them soon...so soon...
and send warm positive energy to ensure the recovery
of my poor..sickly...tapedeck..

(cough cough)


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2/25 & 2/14 PLEASE HELP!!

WALLYJIVE@aol.com Tue Apr 4 17:36:02 1995

If any ony has a HQ copy of the 2/25/95 show or the Valentines Day show
please email me personaly and I will send you my list to set up a trade !!
I really would like a copy of these shows and will be more than happy to
set anyone up with some HQ Dave tapes or many others in return!!!

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NC/Tn/Sc shows. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!1

AMZENDEL@unca.edu Tue Apr 4 17:39:27 1995

Someone please help out!

I heard that DMB is coming around here (I'm in asheville.)
Will someone please hook me up with the TOUR DATES that are accessable for me.

Several people have responded and given me the DMB hotline.  I have this
number, but I have NO PHONE (or at least, I can't call long distance)

Someone PLEASE tell me when and where they will be during their stay in the




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2/14/95 or 10/20/??

Ischaefer@aol.com Tue Apr 4 17:42:58 1995

I'm looking for specific shows, but always looking to trade for anything
I really want the 2/14/95 show because my friend was there and said it kicked
Also I'm looking for and 10/20 from any year. That's my b-day and I figured
it would be cool to hear them while I was celebrating.

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It isn't right

67006416@sunybroome.edu Tue Apr 4 17:58:53 1995

OK. I have posted about this before, but now it is really starting to piss
me off. While reading the ever so long "tree" post, by none other then keith
(all hail the tree king), I ran across a familiar name. JCDAVIS@WAM.UMD.EDU.


He has been on a few of the last trees and I wonder if he sent tapes out.
I am not the first to bash this guy. HE OWES ME 7+ TAPES.... and he is still
out there, probably laughing right now. Why should someone like this have the 
same "rights" that everyone else on this net does that is a good trader.?

Huh, Huh?

I didn't think so... he replied to my last bad trader post and said "SURE, I'LL
SEND YOUR TAPES OUT! Neglecting the fact that it has been over 6 MONTHS now 
since our trade agreement. I sent his tapes out the next day, but like I said
I am still waiting for mine...

Can't we all email bomb him until I get my tapes... sorry for the personal
grovel, but it's true. 800+ letters a day would surely do it... I wish this 
could be done and it's a serious thought... I don't think he should be trading
anymore, nor should he be on the net anymore...

Anyone expecting tapes from him on this tree, DON'T.

He does not trade... he rips people off.

Reply personally if you think something can be done... or send your flames... or
your moral support...

This sucks though... it is the 5th time I have posted and he is still trading.
When will you people get the point...

later... and happy trading...


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Re: It isn't right

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Tue Apr 4 18:38:48 1995

OK. I have posted about this before, but now it is really starting to piss
me off. While reading the ever so long "tree" post, by none other then keith
(all hail the tree king), I ran across a familiar name. JCDAVIS@WAM.UMD.EDU.


on the tree.........seriously..........but THEN i decided to
stick him on anyway...........

here's the thought process....................

he signed up, and i placed him as a leaf so that he was not responsible
for sending anything to anyone...........so.........
for whoever i made jcdavis' parent.........take note......
send this guy nothing until you recieve his blanks................
that way, nothing can really go wrong.......................

this trading shit can get to be a sticky issue.........
take me, for instance (and Cha)
i am a notoriously slow trader......
but i dont rip people off..........

whenever someone does rip people off, the net should be warned

i could warn you all that i am as slow as christmes, but
i always send tapes out..........

i, however, have heard several complaints about jcdavis
so......dont trade with the guy.......DO NOT let him rip
you off.................but, if he sends blanks, then
go ahead and send them back..........

people getting ripped off is seen more and more frequently
with increasing numbers of newbies (nothing against you all,
but that's the way it is...........)

so beware......and dont be a dumbass...........usually if someone
says something like this, its for a reason, so heed his warning......

i agree that jcdavis' "rights" arent the same anymore, but
that doesnt TOTALLY justify the right to deny
him tapes.........

but heavy head is a good person.....
then :jc. quit being an asshole..........



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Re: Answer my? get a free tape

MSNEZEK@ACNET.WHEATON.EDU Tue Apr 4 19:49:05 1995

Wasn't it Bob Dylan????

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"Recently" at concert?

ESGJ59A@prodigy.com Tue Apr 4 19:49:52 1995

Minarets!  I am hopefully going to see my first DMB concert on the 10th in
Orlando.  (Yes, I know that makes me that dirty word - a newbie - however,
I am traveling 2 hours away to see them and I truly admire their work!!!)
I am very very excited, and I would like to pick up a copy of Recently at
the show.  Is it usually available at the shows, or must this be ordered
through the mail?

allows taping of their shows, I would love to start a collection!
(Incidently, I think it is fantastic the band allows fans to distribute
these shows!)  If anyone starts a "newbie offer," please let me know.  I
would be happy to provide the necessities (tapes, postage, envelopes, cash
g).  I do not know if it is proper netiquete to request an offer, but I
figure there is no other way I can get my hands on some more music by DMB!

needed?  I am seriously considering buying a DAT machine, but not sure if
it will be a thing of the past.  If anyone can personally e-mail me
suggestions on equipment, I would appreicate it!


Top Permalink

msteckle@students.wisc.edu Tue Apr 4 20:01:42 1995

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine last night and he said
that he liked DMB but, "They aren't going anywhere until they get a lead
Now I know that this statement is dumb first of all because DMB is going
and going very well but I was just wondering what people think about this. 
I personally think that DMB is a great change from so many new bands that
are too guitar centered.  DMB's acoustic sounds are so original and that is
part of what draws me to their music.  Please let me know what you guys

Thanks for the space!
Matt (Dancnancie)


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Sweet42109@aol.com Tue Apr 4 20:05:24 1995

Can someone please e-mail me as how to resubscribe and how to digestify.
Thanks A lot

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Lets talk!

caul0001@gold.tc.umn.edu Tue Apr 4 20:52:34 1995

Hey out there, Anyone interested in talking on irc? Telenet?
If so, it would be cool and beneficial for people to "/join #minaret"and 
talk/answer questions or whatever. It may be something like #phish, but 
with DMB at the discussion table. Any questions/comments/mor info. e-mail 
me personally. This is my first post and hope it is appropriate. 
"What I need, Is all around me"

Top Permalink


Alex778@aol.com Tue Apr 4 20:58:37 1995

Hello all..
I'm from Lynchburg Va, and I've had the pleasure of see Dave many a time at
UVa.. but never had the sense (or quality equipment) to record him. If anyone
is willing to start me off with my collection, I would *forever* be indebted
:) :) :)
I'll even pay you back if I get anything good later... I'll supply you with
whatever you need. And if anyone knows of any trees with empty leaves.. I'm
Thanks in advance :):) :)

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dave everywhere

dans@cloud9.net Tue Apr 4 21:07:50 1995

Not only is dave's music showing up in clothing stores, he's actually getting 
some air time in the music stores.  As I walked through Sam Goody a few days 
ago I heard satellite drifting softly out of their speakers.  They were 
playin' uttad straight through...of course, when i started talking to the 
clerk about dave he said, "yeah, they're really great, oh, and i love this 
song."  strangely, he had never heard of r2t...

just a reflection,

Tower records has the COOLEST DMB poster I've EVER seen...it's huge, about 3' 
x 8', w/ full-color airbrushed pix of all the band members and an uttad logo 
on the far right.  i think it's even autographed by dave and carter.  
Unfortunately, there's a big sign under it - "NOT FOR SALE."


Top Permalink

Minarets on Minartets ???

tmt1@cec.wustl.edu Tue Apr 4 21:11:38 1995

It has this amazing version of Minarets.  They play the song and then 
they play this jam which is very mellow and very long.  I wasn't paying 
attention the first few times I listened to it and I thought it was a 
separate song, but then I realized there wasn't a break between the music 
and the transition was very smooth so I figured it was some special 
ending I just hadn't heard before.  If anyone can ID this or knows what 
I'm talking about let me know.  As a definite ID for the show, just in 
case I'm off on the date there is a point where Boyd comes up to 
introduce Dancing Nancies and he says "this is a song about things which 
were or could have been or may be, if you take a look at Peter's new 
haircut I think you'll know what I mean...."   


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FLORIDA- Sunrise show!

kadams@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Tue Apr 4 21:20:39 1995

hey all-
If anyone's going to the show in Sunrise and wants to maybe meet before 
the show or something, let me know.  My high schoolo held graduation in 
that theater...wierd.  Anyway, just wan't to see who all's  going to be 
there. Adam, I kknow you are so you don't have to tell me.  By the way, 
I'll be in California from Wed to Sun. and will not read my messages 
until then.  Hmmm.  I guess that means I can't organize a meeting- bad 
idea.  OK, well, I dunno, just wanted to let you all know that at least 4 
of us from W&L in ol' LEX, VA (home o' Zollman's and the Horsey Center) 
will be down in sunny Florida (home for me) and will hopefully be rocking 
away Tuesday night.  Tee hee....can't wait! Later on...
the one sitting on the beach with a hat on backward, with a guitar on his 

Top Permalink


dans@cloud9.net Tue Apr 4 21:26:35 1995

I am disgusted with z100's selfish commercialism, for without them, I, like 
most other dmb-loving newyorkers would be attending any dmb concert in the 
tri-state area.  They don't deserve to play music as good as dave's.  They 
haven't even heard of any songs other than WWYS.  Another bad note - they 
played BT's runaround the other day, and called it dope-smoking music.  Their 
taste in music goes up every day...ImHO they should stick to their 
moshing/crowd surfing music and drag away all the losers who think these 
things should be done at damaba shows.  I also heard their email was 
z100radio@aol.com, or both.  Either way, we should send them LOTS of mail 
telling them what we think about dmb, and stupid radio stations who think 
they've finally discovered good muusic.

(ranting finished)  Does anyone know if z100 (or anyone else) will be 
broadcastimg this show?  If not, is anyone lucky enough to have tickets going 
to try to tape the show?

Maybe if i got nynex to block all calls to 1-800-242-0100 except for mine, i 
could win tickets :)



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Re: Minarets on Minartets ???

acox@s850.mwc.edu Tue Apr 4 21:30:31 1995

 	I've got this show from TRAX it is 1/13/93 I'm almost positive.  
 It has this amazing version of Minarets.  They play the song and then 
 they play this jam which is very mellow and very long.  I wasn't paying 
 attention the first few times I listened to it and I thought it was a 
 separate song, but then I realized there wasn't a break between the music 
 and the transition was very smooth so I figured it was some special 
 ending I just hadn't heard before.  If anyone can ID this or knows what 
 I'm talking about let me know.  As a definite ID for the show, just in 

Trying to help ID songs without the show in front of me has gotten me in
trouble the last couple of days, but here goes...

The song that you are thinking of is most probably 'Blue Water.' If the
words are something like "walking by the river's edge, reach my hands to
cup the sky," this is definitely Blue Water. Boyd often goes crazy at
the end, forming a really trippy jam...

Oh yeah, it always follows Minarets, I believe.

What is trippy, anyway?



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JNadler951@aol.com Tue Apr 4 21:56:36 1995

hello all. i just joined today, and i'm very excited. I am very interested in
3/5/94 I & II
7/17/94 I & II
7/30/94 I
11/9/94 I
12/31/94 I & II
DMB on "House of Blues"-side A
Recently(all 5 songs)-side B

They are all hq. im looking to trade for hq dmb. i have a lot of phish and
dead.  If anyone would like to setup a trade, feel free to let me know, and
i'll get back to you.

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Re: 10-3-94

BaeuC@aol.com Tue Apr 4 21:56:59 1995

The venue was Toads Place

The show was hot w/  a nice Say Goodbye and a hot Two Step--Ants

Please Email me if you have this show,  I really would love to get it

Be Merry-

"There are 1000's of things to eat that aren't cheese"- Dave


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mailing list

rsheiner@mail.utexas.edu Tue Apr 4 22:04:45 1995


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Howdy folks

beck74@potsdam.edu Tue Apr 4 22:15:20 1995

Just wanted to express my gratitude to all those who have sent me their
tapes.  My collection is slowly, but surely, growing.  On the same note,
everyone who is supposed to send me tapes and have not yet, or just sent me
tapes within the last week, please write to me personally and let me know
where I stand.  This is not because I'm trying to be a pain in the  ass
(although I sure I am) but it's because there has been some problems with
people working in the mailrooms stealing things, so I just want to make
sure nothing has been stolen.  So please write and let me know whats up...
Thanks alot, in advance...
Ok, sorry if that doesn't apply to you.  A little piece of uplifting news.
I am a DJ at WAIH 90.3 FM SUNY Potsdam, and I have a show where I play
songs from artists that don't normally get played.  Anyways, last year
before it was the big hit its become now, I played WWYS for a couple weeks,
then I did an unofficial pole, to get audience response.  Well
overwellingly, people loved it.  The last few weeks I started playing
Warehouse, and again, a large number of people called in and said they
loved it!  This time I asked why, and I recieved answers like "It's a nice
change" and "it's not Seattle" and alot of "really beautiful sounding".  I
asked quite a few callers if this was because it was another DMB song, and
alot of them hadn't even known it was...  That makes me feel like there
might be hope for the human race after all...



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Hampton Sydney Greek Week schedule

barein@mail.wm.edu Tue Apr 4 22:22:11 1995


bands playing at Hampton Sydney this weekend.  Could the individual
who posted it, or someone else who has it, please post for me.  I am
really interested in coming down adn checking it out.  Thank you.



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Max Points: good & Bad

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Tue Apr 4 22:33:23 1995

I just got my 30 free tapes, in only about 3 weeks time!!!!  30 free tapes!!

Maxell sends all the tapes in individual packages, and this time they are 
not even reusable!!!  Very bad, 30 large hunks of useless cardboard!

Anyone know a way I can get in touch with Maxell to complain about this 
horrible and stupid waste?  An e-mail address would be great, but 
probably to much to ask for.  If this concerns anyone else (and it 
should) get in touch with me and we can get some serious complaining in!


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Re: Cry Freedom...

gclark@pipeline.com Tue Apr 4 23:20:26 1995

I have Cry Freedom from 5/5/92 at WTFU fm Charlottesville VA its high
quality and has peter playing. 
Greg Clark

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Re: Lets talk!

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Tue Apr 4 23:33:16 1995

I would love to talk on IRC... if I only could figure out how.  Don't ask 
me to ask my my computer people here at uncg...that would definitely be a 
lost cause.  Anybody care to do a little teaching??

-Dash  :)

 Hey out there, Anyone interested in talking on irc? Telenet?
 If so, it would be cool and beneficial for people to "/join #minaret"and 
 talk/answer questions or whatever. It may be something like #phish, but 
 with DMB at the discussion table. Any questions/comments/mor info. e-mail 
 me personally. This is my first post and hope it is appropriate. 
 "What I need, Is all around me"
 				Jon :)   

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Re: digesting...please post info

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Tue Apr 4 23:47:04 1995

To digestify minarets, that is to bundle all the posts from one day into 
one message, send this message,

must be sent to listproc@moose.uvm.edu

To undigestify, send the message "set minarets mail ack" to 

Include only and exactly this message.

Do NOT include any subject heading.

alex crothers

     A couple of peopple have asked me how to  digestify minarets and
 I don't remeber details.  Can somebody please post a copy of thta
 first message everyone gets when they subscribe?  Thank you.

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Looking for DAT tapes

JRush32477@aol.com Tue Apr 4 23:53:37 1995

If anyone has any DAT tapes that they would like to trade I would love to set
something up.
I have one DMB, it is from Trax 10.26.93
I also have Phish, Binghampton 11.23.92
Counting Crows 4.28.94 Rome
and Tom Petty Gainesville, Florida 1994


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pyetter@students.wisc.edu Tue Apr 4 23:54:47 1995

suscribe minarets


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subscribe minarets candal@bgnet.bgsu.edu

candal@falcon.bgsu.edu Wed Apr 5 00:11:20 1995


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Duke Show--April 7

MAVELASQ@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Wed Apr 5 00:44:21 1995

I'm still in BIG NEED of 2 tix for this Friday's show at Cameron Indoor
Stadium!  I neglected to mention before that I will pay whatever the
original cost of the tix are PLUS the 3 bagbys of your choice!!  Some
guy backed out on me yesterday and I accidentally deleted another
offer from some girl at Duke.  PLEASE BET BACK TO ME WHEREVER YOU MAY
BE!!!  E-mail me at mavelasq@vax1.acs.jmu.edu.  Thanks. 


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Help identify tape for a Newbie

mnakashi@polar.Bowdoin.EDU Wed Apr 5 01:08:36 1995

This is the first Dave Matthews tape I've gotten (and one I'm really
psyched about) but the good friend of mine who gave it to me lost the
setlist, the place and the date. However, it shouldn't be that hard for
you all to identify. It's the tape with Trey and John Popper when they
play Watchtower together. Thanks for the help. And by the way. . .I'm open
to trades. I have some Dead, Phish, Marley, and getting Hendrix.


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deadheads(and all tapers)

THaughton@aol.com Wed Apr 5 01:45:34 1995

just listeneing to killer 4th gen. sbd. tape from landover,
md.(3/20/91)--first off, this is what a 4th gen. tape should sound like,
unlike the vast majority of dave tapes i get; also, during the break before
"rooster", you can hear one of the roadies say     "you're perfect...your
hair's perfect, bobby"!! as he's getting ready to tear one and all's ass
up..which they do...i'd be happy to provide a copy of this show to all
interested, both because it sounds WONDERFUL!, and to maybe heighten folks
taping consciousness a bit, and therefore preserve all the great shit dave
and others are laying down presently--it's a crying shame to have ecstatic
sbd. tapes ruined by dirty or partially functioning equipment, or simple lack
of knowledge.. i'm happy to help out--enjoy the jams!!

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Read this, funny

wkersh@indiana.edu Wed Apr 5 02:45:52 1995

To all Dave fans,
Here's one for you. I had ten free hours of America Online to waste and 
my screen name is DaveMathws, I got an email from some guy in TN who 
thought I was Dave, it's a good read and I was pretty amused. Just goes 
to show you what kind of gullible people we have in the world. Thanks 
guys and enjoy!

P.S. Anoyone think this guy's been smokin' the pipe. 

Thank you very much for your band. Out of all the cd's and bands I follow to
see yours is on the top 4. I travel constently to see the Dead, Phish, You
guys, and now because of you , Rusted Root. Don't let go of those guys Rusted
Root and you are a perfect cmbo. The only thing beter would be you and Phish
together on a tour. All four of the bans I mentioned, including you, have an
energy that us heads are addicted to. No uther drug in the world can compare
to the excitmeny and the tingling feeling I get when I am at one of your
shows. Kepp up the good work, and try to get around the Knoxville, TN 
area as
much as you can. I have many people here who are absolutly jonesing for your
healing music.


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Re: #2(2) for bill

MABURCH@aol.com Wed Apr 5 02:48:15 1995

this is my first time posting and i hope to broaden my tape collection here.
I've got really good recordings of Dave and Tim Reynolds at the Birchmere,
Movie Palace, Wetlands, and a good recording of both sets of new years '94
and '95. I also have some phish if anyone wants to trade please e-mail me.

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Please help me out

ONE11@aol.com Wed Apr 5 02:57:33 1995

Hey I'm a newbie to minarets and I'm interested in starting the taping thing,
I was wondering if there might be anyone out there who might want to give me
a free start on a show or so.  Please let me know, postage and tapes
included,, hopefully I'll be able to return the favor soon.

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Vertical Horizon

Christjahn@aol.com Wed Apr 5 03:09:03 1995

New album should be out this weekend! After long anticipation it is done and
kynd licks come forth!  They should be toueing soon so hang on . . .

if you have questioons about mailiing list and number give me a post, woo

P.S. looking for a copy of the Widespread show from last wednesday at the
sommerville theatre in boston, um . . . feed your head

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The truth about dave.

spoon@brahms.udel.edu Wed Apr 5 03:21:48 1995

this is not a joke.
this is not a lie.

dave matthews has HIV.

if you have doubts call MTV.


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Re: The truth about dave.

ddemari@hubcap.clemson.edu Wed Apr 5 03:31:27 1995

Where did you hear this???


 this is not a joke.
 this is not a lie.
 dave matthews has HIV.
 if you have doubts call MTV.


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...in the strangest of places...

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Wed Apr 5 03:38:04 1995

hey now!
speaking of hearing DMB in strange places, i was in a CompUSA store in 
baltimore one sunday, and what did i hear as i entered the place but....


....weird, huh? well on another note, has anyone else noticed the sudden
infux of blahblahblah@aol.com names? does this mean we will begin to se
"aol sucks" posts? i hope not!!! talk to you guys later...

(a.k.a. Jonathan Oglesby)
lost somewhere in cyberspace...

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tape trade

asamueli@skidmore.EDU Wed Apr 5 03:45:14 1995

with list and i am sure we can work something out.

End of network mail

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Re: z100

MCipoletti@aol.com Wed Apr 5 03:47:46 1995

z100'm sole goal is to say they made the album go gold or platinum. they
should blow it out their asses the station does not deserve to play dave.

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Re: ...in the strangest of places...

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Wed Apr 5 03:51:16 1995

 hey now!
 speaking of hearing DMB in strange places, i was in a CompUSA store in 
 baltimore one sunday, and what did i hear as i entered the place but....

I heard this during christams time on the blues/classic rock channel
on Digital Cable Radio (which is satellite fed).  Very cool.
When I was a senior in high school, I worked at a "hip" resaturant
in Tulsa that served New Orleans style food.  We usta always play
Blues Traveler's first disk.  At the restaurant I work at now, I kept
R2T in the tape deck until I broke the damn thing.  People would
always ask---- who is this?  It's great!

(procrastinating chem...)


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Re: Minarets on Minartets ???

asgoodma@amhux3.amherst.edu Wed Apr 5 03:51:57 1995

 	I've got this show from TRAX it is 1/13/93 I'm almost positive.  
 It has this amazing version of Minarets.  They play the song and then 
 they play this jam which is very mellow and very long.  I wasn't paying 
 attention the first few times I listened to it and I thought it was a 
 separate song, but then I realized there wasn't a break between the music 
 and the transition was very smooth so I figured it was some special 
 ending I just hadn't heard before.  If anyone can ID this or knows what 

I don't know the specific show you are refering to, but it sounds like a 
Minarets - Blue Water.  I have a number of other shows where they play 
this jam, and it is very mellow and very long, like you said.  A 
fantastic jam.  Does anyone know if they ever do this anymore?  Or is 
this a jam which ended once Peter left? 

Top Permalink


JONEBRIAN@urvax.urich.edu Wed Apr 5 03:52:54 1995

*Does anyone have a copy of the 2/11/95 Tower theatre show.  Have 100+
hours to trade if you do?
*More importantly, Dave will be doing a live remote on my radio show on Saturdayand I will be mixing that with music for a later play date.  I welcome
any questions and try to keep it away from stuff someone could get from
the FAQ.  Later...

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wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Wed Apr 5 03:54:16 1995

Hey I pulled this off the newsgroup.


Last thursday the DMB played for the second time in one year in
Amsterdam (he will return to this country in may for The Pinkpop
We - Veronica Radio, which you can compare with the US NPR -  recorded
his first show (11-94)  and together with the interview I made, we
broadcasted that concert last friday. 
I talked with him for 40 minutes and this is maybe interesting for you
**"Cry freedom" will appear on the new DMB-album. (A song inspired by
the book & film of that South African journalist)   The recording of
their new album will start in august or september '95.  The band wil
take a rest after the end of this tour.
**He noticed the existence of this DMB-newsgroup and he likes to thank
everyone who contributes to this newsgroup.. 
**He's aware of the AIDS-rumours and (without asking him because I
consider them more than disgusting) he told me that it's all f****

Because the DMB is quit unknown in Holland we talked a lot about the
early days of this band (how they met and all those cliches). 
Amsterdam is his favo city...and I believed him. Before he formed the
DMB he was in Amsterdam, played on the streets and (together with a
friend) he sold  African stuff (well stuff...)..

I hope I helped the DMB-fans with this information !! And you're all

Jan Hoogesteijn


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David King/Subscribe

KINDS@ns.rhodes.edu Wed Apr 5 04:08:30 1995


Thanks David

Top Permalink


eericson@sun.cis.smu.edu Wed Apr 5 04:12:40 1995


Everyone on the net has heard the rumors, so saying it again won't
solidify anything at this point.  I'm not trying to be rude, but I guess
we're all in denial - even if the damn rumor is true.  It is obvious how
much everyone on this net loves Dave, the band, and most of all, the
awesome music that they have given us; therefore, no one wants to see a
tragic ending to any of the above.  In an effort to find-out the truth
about all these rumors, I called Coran Capshaw (DMB's manager) and John
Alagia, the band's producer and close friend of David's.  I have been an
friend of Dave, Carter, and John Alagia for about two and one half years,
and everyone I have spoken with has assured me that Dave is fine.  As for
MTV and CNN, I don't know where the hell they got their information, but
it has caused much pain and anger to Dave, the band, their management, and of
course, all of us - the fans and friends of the band.  I'm sure that Dave
will do something to address this after they return tonight, but until
then, let's all (on the net - the truly informed) do what we can to hush
these stupid rumors, and let the band and David handle the rest.  We owe
it to them.


Eric Ericson


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Re: MINARETS digest 125

Hatton.Haralson@Rollins.Edu Wed Apr 5 04:42:16 1995

You know that Minarets has gotten just a little too big
when your digest has 68 messages!

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Re: Please re-evaluate your D...

bc70117@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu Wed Apr 5 05:57:31 1995

This is a response to a message that I had sent to that Z100 email 
address.  My message was complaining about how they are exploiting the 
DMB, and I urged them to play more of the band's music instead of just 
WWYS.  I also said that DMB was discovered before Z100.

---------- Forwarded message ----------

We helped this band come out of seclusion and become a hit for the masses.
If you don't like that, well it's too late now.
Human Numan


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Re: your mail

cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Wed Apr 5 06:32:17 1995

ABout the lead guitarist thing. Froma guitarist's standpoint (not very 
good), I think Dave is awesome on guitar, and comes up with some really 
original and hard stuff. If any of your boots have Dave alone, you can 
really hear how great his guitar playing is. Just a thought. Peace


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Re: Please re-evaluate your D... (fwd)

ddevito@titanium.helios.nd.edu Wed Apr 5 06:32:29 1995

 This is a response to a message that I had sent to that Z100 email 
 address.  My message was complaining about how they are exploiting the 
 DMB, and I urged them to play more of the band's music instead of just 
 WWYS.  I also said that DMB was discovered before Z100.
 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
 We helped this band come out of seclusion and become a hit for the masses.
 If you don't like that, well it's too late now.
 Human Numan


WOW...this is so funny....they "helped" DMB "come out of seclusion"?

1) Since when the hell was DMB in seclusion?  I don't consider debuting
2) How exactly did Z100 help them?  It seems that DMB didn't need any

Just my $0.02.

I sent a letter to them too, but apparently they didn't like my tone since
I didn't get anything back.  Oh well.  I guess they were too busy patting
each other on the back for creating another superstar to write. 

Maybe I should flood their mailbox sometime.

Run from the pigs, the fuzz, the cops, the heat,
Pass me your gloves, there's crime and it's never complete,
Until you snort it up or shoot it down,
You're never gonna feel free.
Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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Need setlists for 10/7/94 and 7/1/94

Clendennen@aol.com Wed Apr 5 06:33:05 1995

DMB 10/7/94 AJ Palumbo Center Philadelphia
DMB  7/1/94  absolutely no idea where

If you can help me out, please e-mail so we don't load up the digest.


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this just in...

marianne@mail.ilt.columbia.edu Wed Apr 5 06:53:16 1995

1) boyd is married

2) leroi's name is pronounced leh- roy

3) the next video is ants

4) the boys will be on saturday night live next saturday night

5) they really are touring with bon jovi in europe this summer

6) there is a rumor, which i think would be most excellent, that the band
will be opening for the dead in late summer/early fall.  a show i would not
miss for anything...

7) not only do i not care that dave may or may not have aids, i do not
understand why any one else cares

these are my opinions.  they do not come from the basement.  ben does.

peace and love
delivered by the ILTnet gateway 


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Check this out

ch5m+@andrew.cmu.edu Wed Apr 5 07:19:00 1995

Hey fellow minareters,

 We're a radio station in New York City, and the first to play this band's
 music...exposing them to millions of new people, and for that  they will make
 millions of dollars in sales, and for that we rightfully say helped their
 success.  People like you are important for a bands career in the beginning,
 but resent it when they become successful. The bottom line is you resent us
 making them rich, admit it.

Ummmmmm...... hard to argue with that kind of logic now isn't it?  I
happen to be a fan of DMB's, but I don't want them to succeed....that's
quite an amazing way of looking at things.  I don't see why these people
don't realize that we just don't want DMB to end up a victim to this
type of bullshit.

*    "So maybe I could be a fly, and feed arachnid as I die."           *
*                                                -Trey                  *
*Chad Heald (ch5m@andrew.cmu.edu)*"Great spirits have always encountered*
*Box#702 Donner Hall             * violent opposition from mediocre     * 
*Carnegie Mellon Univ.           * minds."                              *
*Pittsburgh, PA 15213            *                     Albert Einstein 


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Dave covers/quotes

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Wed Apr 5 07:19:01 1995

In the Infamous Big League Chew show during The Jimi Thang! Dave and 
Carter get a pretty cool ditty of that Marky Mark, er Bob Dylan song... 
what is the name of that "take a walk on the Wild side"  Not sure of the 
exact name, but jsut listened to it and am quite sure of it.  Peace.


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keep reading, dave is at the end...

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Wed Apr 5 08:12:22 1995

i just got back from seeing Harry Conick, Jr. and since you all seem to 
like my random little stories, I will share this super-groovy one with 

I was walking home from class today, when I see my security guard friend 
by the R.D. Auditorium on campus... so I go over and start talking to 
him.  From inside, I can hear this amazing funk and I ask...who's that?  
and he tells me it's Harry Connick.  I'm thinking,no, Harry C. is the guy 
with the piano and the mellow voice.. this guy is FUNKY. But, no, it 
really was Harry, doing his soundcheck.  Well, I have never paid a LOT of 
attention to Harry C., so I didn't really think much about it.  I start 
talking to the techies who come out to smoke their ciggies and they are all 
totally cool.  I'm talking to these 2 guys who i thought were tech and 
suddenly realize they are in the band!  Woa!  so anyway, they were all so 
groovy.  This one guy, who's name, coincidentally, is Harry, also toured 
with DMB and BHT... he told me that dave et al are the coolest band he 
has ever toured with (like I didn't know that!) and we spent about 45 
minutes talking about DMB... Okay, anyway, it's show 
time and I'm thinking if i sit out on the loading dock, it'll make nice 
background music for my homework.  Harry (the tech guy) says "Man, I wish 
I could let you in...sucks to be stuck out here.."  and the house manager 
pipes up "Aw, let her in man...it's cool." I hadn't even considered 
actually SEEING the show... wow!  So, I walk in during his first song and 
sit by Mr. Sound Man for the most AMAZING concert... It's the first on his 
tour, so they are all totally fresh and pumped. They were jumping around and 
dancing everywhere. Jonathan (guitarist) and Harry were just having a 
great time together!  If anyonme has a chance, I TOTALLY recommend this show. It is 
pure funk new orleans jazz....INCREDIBLE stuff...and of course, I didn't 
get an autograph....

can someone repost the address for that stupid radio station that thinks 
they have some sort of claim on Dave??  They need a good talking to. G

Are there many bands that will let you tape and distribute their 
Just curious....

I forgot what else I wanted to say.....


Coming to you via SATELLITE,

It's a cookout...
She made the best damn dogs I've ever eaten
Get me another dog, baby
She made them dogs, sliced 'em up and throwed 'em on
Put some mustard on the hot dog


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Ben.Marks@f125.n265.z1.fidonet.org Wed Apr 5 08:34:25 1995

Hey...to all who replied about my search for the last Peter show, thank you
very much. I think I found a good trade though. Anyway, I'm now looking for a 
new tape, and I hope someone can help me. Does anybody out there have the 
American University show from 12/30/94? It was the first show for a friend of 
mine and her birthday is coming up. I thought it would be a good present. To 
those who care, I have a friend who has the RSO show and he is dubbing it for 
me right now. I haven't heard it but my friend said there was some background 
noise on it. It's still worth having though. Anyone who wants it, send me 
private mail with what you think is a fair trade from your collection and I'll
definitely get back to you. But my first priority is to find the A.U. show. By
the way, if anyone wrote me in the past week (?Tommy?), I didn't get my mail 
because my server was down. So if you wrote me please write again. Sorry. I'll
give out my address by private mail only so if you want to trade, send me 
private mail. Thank you. 
P.S. I also got a 2 CD boot of DMB at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem if anyone is 
interested in copies. The same offer applies as above. Thanks.

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Rock and Jock?

pkkernan@netcom.com Wed Apr 5 12:33:04 1995

Hola ,

I was just sitting home last night listening to the 12/30/94 show and 
channel surfing when I came upon the Millionth? MTV Rock and Jock 
Celebrity Show how little athletic ability we have show.  I had a very 
shuddering thought. What if Dave becomes so big that he actually 
participates in one of these degrading things??  I get ill just thinking 
of the ramifications of such an event.  I really hope something like this 
never, never happens.  


Just my 2 cents.........

Peace to all,


Patrick K. Kernan        pkkernan@netcom.com

I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would 
allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around.

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Re: your mail

granne@acpub.duke.edu Wed Apr 5 12:38:15 1995

 ABout the lead guitarist thing. Froma guitarist's standpoint (not very 
 good), I think Dave is awesome on guitar, and comes up with some really 
 original and hard stuff. If any of your boots have Dave alone, you can 
 really hear how great his guitar playing is. Just a thought. Peace
Fact is, Dave is not technically that good. Compared to Santana or Trey 
at least, I think that he comes yp short. So not that good, I suppose is 
not the right term. Maybe, not the best would bebetter. Sometimes he jams 
out but usually that is left to the other members of the band. My $.02. 
Later on
Michael Granne       || "Thoughts follow my vision and dance in the sun,"-Phish
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An idea to avoid BAD TRADERS...

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Wed Apr 5 13:21:17 1995

Everyone stick a bad trader section to the bottom of their trade lists.  
When you trade lists w/ someone add what they have to your list.  I'm 
going to add JCDAVIS@WAM.UMD.EDU to the bottom of my list right now.

This isn't my idea but I bet it could work.
To HVYHEAD- hang in there...

peace all, Dan



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dmb in okc

ECHOI@aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu Wed Apr 5 13:58:10 1995

DMB is coming to OKC.  As a fairly new
fan, I was wondering if I could get 2-4 recent
setlists.  Does the band do autographs and all
that?  If anyone's got any suggestions, let me
know.  Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: z100

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Wed Apr 5 13:58:49 1995

 z100'm sole goal is to say they made the album go gold or platinum. they
 should blow it out their asses the station does not deserve to play dave.

I believe Under the Table and Dreaming went gold a few weeks ago.

alex crothers

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Hate Mail from Z100

crf3@acpub.duke.edu Wed Apr 5 14:19:20 1995

back. Wow. 
Please respond to them and let them know how you feel. I think it's kinda
important, considering they think we're assholes. 

The only thing I have to say, and you can pass this on to your little

The Dave Matthews Band has been waiting for this for a long time.  Success.
 And you people don't like it.  You don't like the truth, that the band is on
a promotional bandwagon, just like any other band, and they want to make
money just like any other band, and they're releasing singles for RADIO
(that's us), to thrust album sales, and 
we're the first radio station in New York City to give them massive exposure
(and you assholes resent it), and we're helping the band to their means and
they give us a concert in appreciation, and you people are just bitter angry
little grannys who don't want it that way, you want them to remain the
anonymous underground DMB, that noone else has heard of but your 'cool'
friends.  Well you SUCK.   We don't want plankton like you listening to our
radio station.  You elitist bastards.
You think you own something just because you found it first?  Well fuck you
for not sharing.  We did discover the DMB...to MILLIONS of new fans in New
York City, and you didn't want that, did you?  You lost easy access to your
band (can't get into the show now huh?) and you resent it...you don't want to
blame your heros (DMB) for joining the mainstream so you find an easy
target...Z100...well keep sending the hate mail...we LOVE deleting it.

There...send that to everyone for read. 

Human Numan
Midday DJ.


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maehlman@mc.edu Wed Apr 5 14:40:41 1995

I'm a newbie to the newsgroup so excuse the more than likely stupid question.
Is there a digest for the Dave Matthews Band or just the newsgroup?  Just
wondering because I've been getting 40-60 messages a day.  It would be
nice to get them all together like the +Live+ or Toad digest.  Right now I
don't mind wading and saving, but I see it getting tiresome in the near
future.  Thanks for any help.

Rick Maehlmann

Mississippi College                                   (601) 925-3015
P.O. Box 4663                                         (601) 925-3460


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molly@ctg1.com Wed Apr 5 14:49:38 1995

I sent this based on Silly Rabbit's forward from obnoxious man.  You may not
agree but it lowers the hostility level.  Just a thought.

Human Newman--
G'head.  Keep playing Dave Matthews all of the time.  I think it is a good
idea--honestly.  Nobody owns the music--not our little newsgroup, which you
so kindly lumped into one erroneous perspective (not mine), not even
wondering if someone else had a different opinion.  Not you, even with your
damn singles and the other crap that your station plays when the good DJs
aren't on.  Not Dave, he sold it to the record company, at least some of it.
Besides he plays it and it's out there to be taped by people at concerts or
recorded by a label.  Not the record company, they didn't create it, and
they probably don't even listen to it.
But maybe you could play different songs once in a while. Please. 

(What's the rule on singles, anyway?  Do all radio stations have to play
songs to death before they move to the next one? Can you only play "singles"
or can you play whatever the hell you like off an album?)

I have nothing against any band going for money.  That's what everyone in
the music business does to some extent, no matter how far they blow sunshine
up your butt about the integrity of the music.  That's why concerts are in
stadiums.  I doubt you're a DJ because you just love music; judging by your
nickname, many a mall appearance has padded your bank account.

There's no such thing as the mainstream when your radio station plays Dave
Matthews Band.  There's no such thing as alternative anymore--not when
Nirvana does unplugged.  People shouldn't be pissed off at you--you can't
help it.  The problem is, mainstream and alternative are so mixed up that
you can't hear good music without hearing crap anymore, no matter who you
are, because if you like the pop sound you can't get it without the
harder-edged stuff interspersed. Mariah Carey and Springsteen and Hootie and
the Blowfish and the notorious BIG and Salt n Pepa are all together singing
happily on "mainstream" stations.  Good segues on ANY radio station are hard
to find. Market share, or something like that.

Sure, we worry about Dave Matthews going mental and turning into the Spin
Doctors and sucking.  But what helped precipitate that most unfortunate
decision to go vanilla was the fact that radio stations played two princes
into the ground.  So do your part.  Don't play just one song to death.
(Play 'em all.) We'll count on Dave not to turn into crap.


P.S. I'm not plankton.


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same ole same ole

blewis@atcc.org Wed Apr 5 15:06:42 1995

gosh, this seems to come up on all discussions concerning up and coming
bands... "We found them first, we don't want them to go mainstream..."
blah blah blah... fighting over ownership or what have you...

please... I hope that's not what i'm actually reading here... I left the
Rusted Root listserv for reasons just like this.. it just got ugly and
out of hand and at first I thought this listserv was different... I'm still
hopeful that people won't bicker about the bands success and going mainstream,
that's how groups get on top... and that's how bands continue to be around.

Direct your own life I guess, cuz you certainly can talk til you're blue in 
the face here about "your" band and they're still gonna do what's best for 
them.  I guess that's good advice for everyone in the long run.  :-)

geeze, not a very nice first post huh?  sorry about that, I've just been 
enjoying the banter back and forth and saw alittle ugliness...  anyone have 
some crispy crispy sbd's of DMB for trade?  I have tons of high quality 
Dead to trade in return.  

Seems like a lot of tape trading going on... anyone have news on the recent 
tour schedule?  please re-post or email it to me... thanks in advance.

ppps and kindness


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walk on the wild...

slachanc@polar.Bowdoin.EDU Wed Apr 5 15:09:58 1995


side is a lou reed song, i don't know if dylan wrote it or not...

*   Sarah Lachance      (                                              o.O  *
~   353 Smith Union     )  "Can't this wait 'til I'm old?    =\/*****\   o o~
*   Bowdoin College     (     Can't I live while I'm young?" =)--0| .   *
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*               04011   )                                                   *


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Re: Hate Mail from Z100

wnettle@falcon.bgsu.edu Wed Apr 5 15:12:46 1995

you had BETTER believe that this assfuck is going to hear a thing or two 
from me.  there are bands that are out there to only make money, and 
there are bands that are out there to play but make a living doing it.  
DMB is the latter.  you can tell they just enjoy playing their music, 
just like Blues Traveler, Widepread Panic, or any other such band.  its 
just wrong for anyone to send mail like that, especially when its only 
about a band.  this guy needs some serious reaming.


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A little DMB story from Israel

center@jer1.co.il Wed Apr 5 15:26:40 1995

Hi all!
I'm here in Israel now, a country where WWYS is more like "What did you 
say?  By whom?"  and where Phish is still best served with Tartar sauce, 
but I did want to share a little humorous bit of DMB with you.
I happened to have my walkman and bagbys with me, so it was only natural 
for me, after a nice salty dip in the Dead Sea, to start to listen.  The 
song "Jimi Thing" came on, and, as the words "...if you could keep me 
floating, just for a while" came on, I started laughing really loudly, 
much to the dismay of my friends.  You see, in the Dead Sea, the high 
can do is...FLOAT!
So after I had been floating, I heard Dave asking to float.  Maybe a 
concert in Israel :-)



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another funny story (short)

blewis@atcc.org Wed Apr 5 15:38:12 1995

I was cruising home yesterday down a winding road that people drive way
to fast on... had my 3/5/94 DMB tape playing loudly... forget which song
it was too, and forget the saxophone players name but anyways, just as
I passed the car that was pulled over these high school kids were walking
by and laughing and exactly at that time the sax player pulled off some
sort of "yack yack yack" laughing at you sound... it told the story
perfectly... all in the fleeting matter of seconds...

well, sometimes the day is alittle more in tune than others... I'd like to
think that this was an "in tune" day.  :-)  on a small scale of course. ;-)

ppps and kindness

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