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Re: once and for all #2

dcstros@cs1.presby.edu Wed Apr 5 15:51:15 1995


I don't know what is worse, #1 this human numan jack-off(Z100) or #2 this 
dave rumor. It was not on MTV, call Michael Alex Supervising Producer to 
MTV news and find out, or read eric's post(Thanks eric). MTV call DMB 
managers and DMB managers laughed. 

Please, let the WWYSers on minarets learn a that knowing one song does 
not make one an expert.  That human numan guy is an idiot, and he has no 
life so phuck him.

Thanks to Gavin, Robyn, Jeff, Mike C, Bob, etc.


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Flood Z100 with e-mail!!!

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Wed Apr 5 15:51:51 1995

hey now!
i apologize for my profanity, but FUCK Z100! send them mail, lots 'o mail.
flood them with mai from true DMB fans. tell them about the fact that R2T
has sold over 140,000 copies exclusively through the mail (i bet that they
don't even know about R2T!). hell, tell them about Recently if you wanna.
they suck! tell them about the thousands of DMB fans that were around before
UTTAD. wow! i've never sent a negative message to minarets.net! feels weird.
talk to you guys later...

(a.k.a. Jonathan Oglesby)
could i have been...lost somewhere in cyberspace?

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Greenville, Nashville? Trade?

TREMOR@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Wed Apr 5 16:31:20 1995

Anyone going to the Nashville or Greenville shows next week want to trade
some tapes in person?  I figured it would be an easy to do it.  I am
currently looking for any 1st Gen. DMB that I don't allready own or
bootlegs of BT, WSP, GSW or anything else along those lines.  If anyone has
a bootleg of the Urban Shakedancers, I will give a 5-1 trade for it.  Let
me know guys....Later.

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Re: ???12/30/94???

marianne@mail.ilt.columbia.edu Wed Apr 5 16:38:57 1995


because the band allows taping, i think it is a general community rule that
we don't buy bootlegs...jeopardizes taping privileges and gives money to
the wrong people...

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Matthew.D.Rose.10@nd.edu Wed Apr 5 17:09:31 1995

(also of Talking Heads fame--??).  Anyways, just though I might add to the
"I heard DMB in the strangest place" list.  All you hoops/DMB fan will
probably already know this one, but I'm watching the ODU v. 'Nova game
(remember 3 OT's) and CBS fade out to a commercial during one of the TO's
was WWYS.  Yes, I nearly shit all over myself.  Oh well.

Until then...



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sighting & opinion

rkochman@ucg.com Wed Apr 5 17:22:57 1995

The latest Dave sighting/hearing was last night at the Gap - WWYS came on
over the loudspeaker.  I agree that WWYS is not their best song and their
are easily 15 others that I'd rather hear, but its still cool as shit to be
standing in some random store and hear DMB playing.  Sorry, but I don't go
for this, "He's sold out....it sucks that he is playing such big
venues......Oh no, WWYS is in eMpTyV's buzz bin" 


I'm sorry that he doesn't play at Crossroads every Tuesday - yes, I'm sure
that was cool. And I'm sure that it was even cooler when you could walk up
to him and request a song.  And I know that it was great when he would play
that song *for you*.  Do you know why he did it? probably for three
reasons.....#1 - he loves to play his music. #2 - b/c that is what his
audience wanted and #3 getting paid to play his music beats the hell out of
having a real job.  Personally, I think he still plays for these same three
reasons - the only difference is that now he has a much bigger audience and
that audience doesn't know him and his music as intimately.  Most of the
audience only knows UTTAD, and thats not their fault - not everyone has had
the opportunity to hear of DMB until now.  Assuming that most of the
audience only knows UTTAD, that is mostly what he has to play at shows. He
still mixes in stuff like #36, Granny, etc.  And I feel that this is what he
has to do if he wants people to #1 come back to shows and #2 learn that
there is other DMB music out there.  Remember, this is their job and he they
have the right to make as much money doing it as they possible can. Even if
it means doing similar shows every night, or doing stupid stuff on eMpTyV's
Spring Break - as long as he is playing the music that he loves to play -
how can any of us blame him?

Just my $.02.  Comments/opinions/phlames welcome.......



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ok, enough

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Wed Apr 5 17:30:46 1995

I'm not even 1/2 through this morning's mail and I just can't stand 

Newbie offer, right here, right now.

first five people to e-mail me get a happily spun copy of 3/18/93 at the 
Wetlands.  Complete with shiny new Wintaper labels (thanks to Will).

Everybody smile!!  Go for it.  Whatever it is.

-Dash  :)


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wnettle@falcon.bgsu.edu Wed Apr 5 17:32:07 1995

this is what i sent Z100...tell me what you think...


---------- Forwarded message ----------

to whatever asshole this may concern,
concerning the Dave Matthews Band.  First of all, there are two kinds of 
Weezer, Cinderella, and almost any other hair band) and there are bands 
that are out there because they love to play and they happen to make a 
living doing it.  Second, we're not pissed because DMB is becoming more 
recognized, I think its great.  The only thing is, we're worried that it 
might change their style like it has other bands.  Then they get really 
big heads and stop doing what they do best.  Also there are a lot of 
people out there who have been fans for a LONG time (including myself) 
who feel they have almost a personal connection with the band.  We 
watched them come out of nowhere and finally get a following, we don't 
want to see them ruined.  And you have absolutely NO right e-mailing 
someone who uses the net for the sole purpose of offending us all.  It's 
a cop-out and it's tactless.  I don't care if you think you're some big 
radio hot shot or whatever, it makes no difference to me, it just 
supports my claim that not one radio station is decent and actually cares 
about their listeners.
discuss before you discuss it.


....a nowhere man from a nowhere town...


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marianne@mail.ilt.columbia.edu Wed Apr 5 17:47:48 1995

dmb will be opening for the dead in las vegas

look folks, it is really really really not true officially or otherwise
that dave has aids.  it is a stupid rumor.

it is affecting the band...no one likes to have lies spread about them
....please make an effort to set your friends and fellow fans
straight...everyone will think you are super cool for having the inside

good vibes and good shows.
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ST942505@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Wed Apr 5 18:39:44 1995

I cannot believ what a fu**ing asshole that d.j. was/is in his response to 
the letters we have been sending that excuse for  a radio station, z100. I 
think we should get him on harrassment charges and then make the radio station
fly all of us devoted minareters into the city of Dav'e choice for a concert,
just for us!!!! I say we all keep emailing and calling their 1-800 # and give
them pieces of our minds!! I think the number is 1-800-242-1000, but I may be
wrong, so someone please correct me if so.
:-) Robyn

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Re: verical horizon

KevTad@aol.com Wed Apr 5 18:43:47 1995

New album should be out this weekend! After long anticipation it is done
kynd licks come forth!  They should be toueing soon so hang on . . .

i think carter plays drums on this.  that's what it says in the aware


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"we have a saxophone in the band...."

tnb2d@server.cs.virginia.edu Wed Apr 5 18:45:03 1995

a lead guitar in the band.  It's silly to propose that any band
*needs* any instrument.  I was talking to a friend last night about
this very thing.  She and her friend are each sitting on some 60-odd
metric tons of creative juices and they are built like power-pumps.
If they have something to say, one can beat her chest while the other
spits at tin cans and they will make beautiful music together.  No
need for intrumental expertise because nobody is more expert at
expressing their energy than they are, capice?  If Dave felt the need
to go electric to better express what he's got inside then more power
to him.  If he felt the need to play the soles of his sneakers with
bottle caps- then more power to him.  I once saw Tim Reynolds at
Millers play something like thirteen different instruments in the
course of a half hour!  He just tooled around the tiny little stage
picking things up, swatting them, plucking them, blowing on them-
making the noise that needed to get out of him at the time.  Then he
switched back to his all-important GUITAR and proceeded to jam the
night away.  The true beauty of music has nothing to do with tone, my
friends.  Are you going to tell me Joe Cocker is any less expressive
than Luciano Pavarotti?  Yah- I thought not.  Thanks for listening,


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wilsonn1@student.msu.edu Wed Apr 5 19:03:23 1995

Hi! I would like to subscribe to minarets please.

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Re: Flood Z100 with e-mail!!!

rb7t+@andrew.cmu.edu Wed Apr 5 19:05:26 1995

How about sending copies of all of z-100's rude replies to a newspaper?
Expose their rudeness.
Just a thought.

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Re: a different perspective

molly@ctg1.com Wed Apr 5 19:18:36 1995

Ah, once again. . .here's what I got back from that loser at Z100.  .
..thought you'd be interested.
Comments, anyone?

You wrote a very cool response, even to a flame, and for that I respect
you....you seem to have a grasp on it, so why be upset?
I laughed the most at your mall appearance comment, to which I plead guilty.
I am capitalist, and don't pretend to be otherwise. I'm in the business to
make money...the more the merrier.
And i'm pretty sure, that's the plan over at the DMB camp too.
Please discuss this stuff in your usegroup...and I think there will be less
attacking of Z100, and more of general human nature and motive.


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bricker@acme.highpoint.edu Wed Apr 5 19:19:17 1995

hey all
i do not want to start rumors, and do not want to be flamed, but how did
all of this shit star getting so out of control? i go to college, and more
than a handful of people, who i know love dave are telling me, the biggest
dave fan of all, that they heard he had aids.  i was really sad last night,
almost in tears when a girlfriend of mine told that when she was on
deadbase yesterday, some guy claiming to be a dmb fan said that in the
haste of all the rumors he called cnn and that dave's doctor was the
reputable source in saying it is true.

i, of course, do not believe any of it. i just wanted everyone to know how
much shit is going on around other newgroups, etc., about dave. i even had
my friend go on minarets late last night to check for me, because i was

this is not a laughing matter and if someone says they have a docotr as a
reputable source, through cnn, or mtv or whatever, i think that's really
twisted to go that far out on a limb to tell a lie about someone, or

i'm pissed now, but thank you for not flaming, and being there with the
real information about dave and his music.


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Re: MINARETS digest 125

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Wed Apr 5 19:35:52 1995

This is true.
This is not a lie.

Dave Matthews Band kicks serious ass.

If you don't belive me, ask your ma.

By the way . . . . .  BOB DYLAN!!!! ;-)

"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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Re: No Subject

wnettle@falcon.bgsu.edu Wed Apr 5 19:36:53 1995

my mail gets deemed a "flame" after what he sent?  hmm...funny he has no 


---------- Forwarded message ----------

Your flame has been read, no response.
Human Numan


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Waldo ...Please

gkinney@s-cwis.unomaha.edu Wed Apr 5 19:41:30 1995

not posted any replies to some of the stupid things that get posted here, 
but I can't take anymore.  If you don't like negativity skip to the last 

Reality Check #1 -
No reason!  They don't have or need one, it's not like they're a large 
corporation like Procter & Gamble ;)  If they did need on they surely 
would not hire a 16 year old!  The information in his sig any one of you 
can get from your DMB CDs.  This guy is an obvious fraud and he is 
obnoxious besides.  Flame this little snot-nose back to Nintendo-land!!

Reality Check #2 -
If someone says they heard something from a friend of a friend, it's 
probably bullshit.  

Reality Check #3 -
OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS!!!!!  (Although Terrets would sure make the 
concerts interesting ;)  Even if you've been listening to Dave since he 
was teething, his personal life is none of your affair!!

Reality Check #4 - 
watching him play on Chillin' wit' the Weez' doesn't make that person 
any less of a fan.   How much someone likes a band cannot be measured and 
has nothing to do with how long they've been listening or where they 
first heard it.  If you've been listening to DMB since the beginning 
consider yourself lucky most of us will never experience DMB in a small 
setting like you have.  But even though I would to see DMB in a club with 
about 30-50 other people who all appreciate DMB and are all groovin 
together, I still want DMB to be popular.  I would like to see them get 
bigger than the fucking Beatles!  Why?  Because they're good and they 
deserve it.  It's selfish to hope that they don't become popular just so 
you can have them more to yourself.  To those who say "Dave's music 
really speaks to me and these others just like it cause it's on MTV",
the Beatles White album spoke to Charlie Manson and look where that got him.
I you are a newbie and your first post is a tape grovel or asking about 
Dave's sexual orientation or if he has AIDS, then you are helping to 
create this negative attitude towards newbies.

say that apart from the above rantings I think this net is great.  I am 
subscribed to several others and I see more helpful info (setlist, tour 
dates, tape trades), more helpful people (newbie offers, identifying 
songs), and more intersting band stuff (meeting the guys) than any of the 
other nets I subscribe to.  There are alot of very nice people out there 
on this net.  Sorry for the waste of bandwidth.  If you have comment 
about what I said and it pertains to the nt then post it to the net, if 
it just pertains to me or you want to flame me send it to me personally 
at gkinney@s-cwis.unomaha.edu no need to waste the bandwidth on flames.

keep groovin'

|			      	|				|
|	Beezelbub	       	|	Turns out not where	|
|	Internet Consultant    	|	but who your with	|
|	Procter & Gamble	|	that really matters...	|
|	1-800-283-8915		|	- Dave Matthews		|
|				|				|

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newbie offer closed*

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Wed Apr 5 19:41:39 1995

Hey y'all-

Sorry, but if you haven't heard back from me, you aren't one of the first 
5 people.  Wish I could just tape for people for a living!  Then being on 
e-mail while at the office wouldn't be wasting time!!

Take it easy!

-Dash  :)

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ONE11@aol.com Wed Apr 5 20:11:13 1995

I don't think that we'll make any headway with Z100

Thanks for your opinion, but we disagree.
Human Numan   -------their reply

Man you guys have to stop trying to be just the "in" mainstream radio station
STOP with the WWYS and start playing the stuff that they are famous for.  Let
dave live, don't kill him

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Re: You still suck.

ddevito@neon.helios.nd.edu Wed Apr 5 20:12:47 1995

Well, since everyone else has posted their replies from z100, I guess
I'm gonna follow the herd and do it too...what a lemming I am.

It appears that ole Numan has seemed to adapted a civilized tone to
deal with minaretters (or maybe it's just me).  I don't know why...
my 2 letters to him have been pretty vitriolic.

However, I do think this letter deserves reading.  He does have
a couple of good points, and all we are going on is what our NYC-area 
subscribers are telling us.  

I think what we're all worried about is what he discusses at the
end...about bands making compromises.  We don't want DMB to compromise
its music for the sake of fame.  We don't want to go to shows and hear
the same 10 songs every time played the same way.  We don't want to
not hear the sick jams during Jimithing or Nancies or Minarets b/c
the band has been told by its label that it will affect its fanbase.
Most importantly, we don't want the band to change its style of
music to gain more popularity.  The band is due for some new songs
now (I mean, 36 songs is a pretty low number to have in the repitoire
for being around for 3+ years, and no new songs have been introduced 
recently excepting the one in Europe), and I think we're all afraid
that they're gonna sound like recycled crap that we hear and see on
MTV and the radio so much.  It may make them more popular, but I 
can see how I would want to stop listening if DMB started sounding like
Counting Crows or Spin Doctors.  Not that those bands are bad, it's
just that we want DMB to sound like DMB.  Nobody else.  

Arguing about how we wish it was like "the good old days" now is 
pointless.  I got to see DMB at Trax once, and it was a lot of
fun, but I don't expect to see them there again.  They're big time
now, and we should accept it on some levels (ticket availability, prices,
hearing them at Kroger, etc.), but what we should also do is to try
to make it known to the band and to newer fans that they came from a
wonderful background of spontinaiety and fun, and that should never be
lost, not for the sake of bucks.  The band has something special going
on, I just hope it's not lost in the wasteland of 

Along with that note, I gotta wonder what the band's ridiculous touring
schedule is going to do to them.  4 months on the road, including a 
trip to Europe, can be grueling. I hope they can keep up the endurance
and creativity, cuz I don't want to see a bunch of burnouts at WHFS
festival this June (rumor).

If anyone has any comments, I'd love to hear them.


"I can't be 100% responsible for what comes out of my brain." --Juliana Hatfield 
Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Noone here at Z100 ever announced, nor any recorded promo ever aired which
stated that we "Discovered" the Dave Matthews Band.  Whoever posted that
misinformation is a propagandist, who I demand to provide us with proof that
we ever did this.  
I have however gone along with the premise in several of my replies to email
here that we did give DMB a great deal of exposure to new listeners...people
who otherwise may have never heard of them.  To that, I call this a
"discovery" for some of our listeners, if you choose to call it that.  And I
only speak for myself when I write to people. I am in a tough position of
being a human contact in this debate.  I have to  take the flames, and it's
pretty hard not to want to fight back.  I have not been as self disciplined
as I would like to have been, and I regret some remarks I made.
The band has joined the money making machine by signing to a major label, and
they agreed, and put their name on this promotion. They're going to show up.
that's realized there are compromises you have to make in order to be
successful.  You can send your message directly to the band and tell them you
don't want them involved in these promotions ---talk to Dave, tell him you
don't want it, and see what he tells you.  I'm done saying what i've had to
say. And it's up to you the fans to make the changes if you don't like it.
Human Numan
Midday dj


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Dan Healy/Vegas

ddevito@neon.helios.nd.edu Wed Apr 5 20:17:20 1995


I just read on rec.music.gdead that the longtime soundman for the Dead,
Dan Healy, will be doing sound for DMB in May. Is this true? I know
how bad rumors can be, but this doesn't seem out of the question.

On a related note, if this is true, what will become of our Beloved
Jeff Bagby?  Will he be relegated to hawking merchandise in the lots?
Let's hope not.

Also, I read a rumor here that DMB will be opening for the Dead in
Las Vegas in mid-May.  That would be one of the all-time sweetest shows
ever!  I can't imagine what would happen if LeRoi came out to jam with

Well, I'm done rambling for now.  If anyone can offer any assistance 
regarding substantiation of these rumors, it would be appreciated.


"I can't be 100% responsible for what comes out of my brain." --Juliana Hatfield 
Dominic J. DeVito, student, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, University of Notre Dame


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11-14-94 Tape Offer?

npd7y@poe.acc.virginia.edu Wed Apr 5 20:18:32 1995

back for the Indianapolis show on 11-14-94 with Rusted Root.
Are you still willing to trade that show out? I have about 70+
hours of Dave and the same of Phish. I would love to get that
show, It sounds incredible. Please get back to me and let me
know if it is still possible to get that show. check ya later,

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dmb's automobiles

youngm@luigistoaster.pds.charlotte.nc.us Wed Apr 5 20:22:37 1995

drive. If no one knows, what do you picture them driving?

sabe, que tipo piensas?

"I have found some kind of temporary sanity in this!" TOOL


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GREENLAC@edu-suu-student.ns.suu.edu Wed Apr 5 20:28:14 1995

please!!!! unsubscribe me, i am sick of getting 65 messages of total 
bullshit every day!

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GREENLAC@edu-suu-student.ns.suu.edu Wed Apr 5 20:29:55 1995

please!!! unsubscribe me, i am tired of getting 65 messages of total 
bullshit every day!!

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I need a show.

Mickey97@aol.com Wed Apr 5 21:06:11 1995

Dose any one have a boot from the october 15, 1994 show with phish .
Ive got some good tapes to trade.

Thanks in advance...

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funny funny funny

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Wed Apr 5 21:11:25 1995

I took this from rec.music.phish.  When it finally hit me I almost fell off

Sorry to hear ... we've all done this at least once.

And also snap out the little plastic things in the top of the cassette. ;-)

Dolley Llama



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z100 & Re: dave matthews band

pmod@magicnet.magicnet.net Wed Apr 5 21:28:29 1995

i thought you guys would get a kick out of what the punks at z100 had to say
after i gave them a piece of my mind regarding their shitty policy with the
dave show.  if you want the message i send them initially, i'll make it
available.  enjoy. dont gag!

Awww Peter,
You had to listen to us to win the tickets and you're a little whiner for not
having it your way. We throttled the radio station that your pathetic ass
listens to, and got the Dave Matthews show...you think your band "sold out"
to the big guys huh? Well your life sucks, doesn't it?  Our listeners will be
at the show and your sorry ass will be outside.

Human Numan
Midday dj


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landover offer closed for now..

THaughton@aol.com Wed Apr 5 21:47:45 1995

folks to run it off for already. i'll be back with similar offers in near
future...when i regain last night's mental state///matter of time!

still unbroken,


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Z100 doesn't like me too much

McMoe@aol.com Wed Apr 5 21:59:49 1995

Well - I wrote a nice little peaceful, and firm letter to this radio station

I just like you musical geniouses --  contrary to popular opinion and your com
mercial, YOU ARE NOT the first to hear of Dave Matthews and his wonderful
band . . .  Well, let's see hear, I have been listening to them (faithfully)
for at least a year, and I am definitely a rookie among dedicated fans...  So
if you're gonna play this amazing band, don't just play their damn top forty
songs, and DON'T try to claim you "discovered" the band -- there are many
people who have listened for many years . .


ps-  by the way, I don't even live in New York -- hah - I've never listened
to your station -- but let me say you are infamous on OUR mailing list.  (but
not in a good way)

And I GOT A REPLY!!!!  I thought I would bless everyone with their

Send your mailing list our love.  We are going to continue to annoy you
elitist snobs who don't want this band to be a success.
Human Numan
Midday dj

THANKS HUMAN NUMAN (hey what a really cool name Human!)



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funny stuff

dans@cloud9.net Wed Apr 5 22:02:15 1995

I know on one of my boots, leroi and boyd go into Pop goes the Weasel...kinda 

Actually, i was just listening to my 11-7-94 irving plaza show and i heard 
(IMHO) the funniest thing i've ever heard dave say.

Just as he and tim came back on stage from a break, people start throwing 
stuff on stage, and dave comments that he's gonna end up with so much shit 
that he won't have to buy christmas presents.  He then goes on, 
"Speaking of shit, there's this japanese company that's gonna make sewage into 
Yup, we're gonna wake up in the morning and have a Poop Tart...
We'll say, mmmm, honey, this is good shit...
this is the best shit I ever had!..."

Dave would be a good standup comedian...

he's a pretty funny kinda guy,


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Re: Waldo ...Please

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Wed Apr 5 22:08:56 1995

	I have lurked about this net for about two months now and have
not posted any replies to some of the stupid things that get posted here,

5 months??

Reality Check #1 -
	Why in the hell would Bama Rags have an Internet Consultant?!?
No reason!  They don't have or need one, it's not like they're a large
corporation like Procter & Gamble ;)  If they did need on they surely
would not hire a 16 year old!  The information in his sig any one of you
can get from your DMB CDs.  This guy is an obvious fraud and he is
obnoxious besides.

they didnt have one..................yesterday.......

ok........so waldo is full of shit......

and its too bad, because an internet consultant would be
interesting......if they knew their ass from a hole in their ground....

i think waldo asked me the other day what the saxaphone player's
name was...............


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Re: Waldo ...Please

pmod@magicnet.magicnet.net Wed Apr 5 22:17:45 1995

Reality Check #1 -
	Why in the hell would Bama Rags have an Internet Consultant?!?  
No reason!  They don't have or need one, it's not like they're a large 
corporation like Procter & Gamble ;)  If they did need on they surely 
would not hire a 16 year old!  The information in his sig any one of you 
can get from your DMB CDs.  This guy is an obvious fraud and he is 
obnoxious besides.  Flame this little snot-nose back to Nintendo-land!!

BUT it is true and he actually does work for bama rags.  i called the # in
his sig and asked, and they knew exactly who i was talking about.  so i
guess he is for reality.  the woman with the deep voice on the answering
machine is who i talked to.  she stressed (similar...)  "yes he is legit, he
does work for us, and he does get payed." 
strange.  oh well.


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re: dmb's automobiles

smm7k@sdlsun2.ee.virginia.edu Wed Apr 5 22:28:58 1995

Hello all,

Last time I saw Dave cruisin' around C'Ville by the UVA corner
which must have been sometime early 1993), he was driving a 
1980-2 Plymouth Reliant station wagon.  I am not kidding.  It
was a lovely shade of olive green.  I remember
this because a friend of mine knew him and Dave waved and beeped
as he drove by.  I was confused 'cause he doesn't know me from
a hole in the wall.

That's my $0.02.

Steve M.

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***BAD TRADER!!!!!*****

perry@nic.com Wed Apr 5 22:33:52 1995

I've Held back this post as long as I could but I'm just tired of his shit..

As A newbie back in December I posted to trade I only a couple tapes...
so I made a deal with him for a 3 for one trade...

My Tape Was DMB at Prism WTJU A SICK TAPE!!!!which a really nice guy(Tommy
Burnette) spun for me without a trade...my  best Dave Tape...
Whay did I say WAS?

Well after I FEDEXED!!!! (so he could have it for X-Mas) him the copy I made
he was'nt satisfied...

So I again FEDEXED!!!! him MY MASTER so he could make a better copy....What
did I know he sounded cool....

Along with this package I sent 4 MAXELL II'S One for his efforts..
A total investment up of $30 on my part

And As the story goes we talked and exchanged E-Mail Many times..
He has promised me the tapes 8 times now...As well as an extra Maxell II'S
for every week late...

The last message was that he sent it 2 day Air and that was a MONTH AGO!!!!!!
Since then He REFUSES to reply to any of my E-Mail so I am at a major loss...

I've tried everything up till this point....

So what ever you do

If you are in the middle of any trades with him STOP I'll send you my list...

And if anyone has a sweet copy on the Prism Tape WTJU 92
I'd love to have it again.... I'll send you my list...(its really sweet now)

Sorry to make this soooo long but just had to forewarn all my fellow




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how do i unsubscribe?

shakti@teleport.com Wed Apr 5 22:37:01 1995

can someone please fill me in...unfortunately i'm very dissapointed with 
the content of conversation on this list, although dmb still rocks in my 

thanks, and keep on smilin'

brenda b.


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I need tix for the Duke show!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Wed Apr 5 22:37:59 1995

that there are no tix left for the show on Friday night.  I am begging of
anyone who has extra tix to sell them to me!!!!!  I would even throw in some
kind tapes if you want.  If someone could hook me up with tix, I would send
them thank you notes every day for the next year.  Well, you get the point.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  THis would make the state of Ohio so much better
to get through my last 4 weeks here, and if we had the tix set up before our 9
hour drive, would be so incredibly comforting.  All responses are welcome,

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Setlist Request

JIMMYP123@aol.com Wed Apr 5 22:40:34 1995

I was wondering if anyone out there would be kind enough to send me setlists
for 7/13/93 and/or 11/9/93????  Any help would be greatly
appreciated..private e-mail reply please....

thanks!!  :)

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Bedicta@aol.com Wed Apr 5 22:56:54 1995

I was jamming (or trying to) with #34 last night on guitar and I noticed that
Dave or someone in the band says something at about the 2:19 mark on the
UTTAD CD. I think he says "love ...."?  Has anybody else heard this?
I bet if you played it backwards it would say "Z100 rocks" 
See ....DAMABA really does owe it all to them.  Anyway.......
I'm sorry if this question has been asked before a million times, but I must
have missed it.
Looking forward to seeing dave again in New Orleans.

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No Dave Content, but help these kids out and prove their teacher wrong.

ROOPC@tiger.hsc.edu Wed Apr 5 22:59:45 1995

This is one of the coolest science projects I've seen. I wish I could of
thought of it when I was that age.  Help them out and let them know that there
are more possitive people out here than that derogatory teacher.
MARCH 15,  1995

My name is Beth and I am in the Fourth Grade at a Catholic Elementary
School near Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Jason and I are doing a science project and we need your help.

The project is on email, worldwide communication in seconds!!!!.

We are trying to get as many messages from different countries and
cities around the world, just by posting this to a few USENET
newsgroups and some famous people's email addresses as printed in
PEOPLE magazine,  we're sorry if it might be off topic but we were
trying to get widespread general worldwide distribution of this note.

Dear Beth and Jason,

     Good luck on your science project.

     My name is  (FIRST NAME ONLY)
     I live in  (city, state, province, country)

     (If school age please give grade level)
     (If out of school what is your occupation)
     (If your primary language is other than English please write
      a greeting along with an english translation)

      Date and time sent!!!!
That's all,  we hope to get 1,000 responses as our teacher
said we might get only 10 or 12!!!

Send your email to k.carroll@wildfire1.com

We'll check it every day and keep all responses on a disk and a
hard copy printout for display at the Science Fair.

Thanks for your help in our project!!!

/////////////////////Beth ///////////

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Re: My $.02

barter@lclark.edu Wed Apr 5 23:04:35 1995

I have this tape on which Dave talks about a vacation that he went on 
with one of his best friends, a roadtrip. I guess it was  one of the 
worst experiences of Dave's life.  His friend crashed the car and  all 
Dave's clothes got stolen. And so I'm wondering, how   does one  get all 
there  clothes stolen? 

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bricker@acme.highpoint.edu Wed Apr 5 23:07:42 1995

hey all
i just wanted to say how sad i was last night when some fool on deadbase
was talking shit about dave and saying he had reputable source for his info
i know i shouldn't believe any of it, but it's so hard to keep out of my
mind, since dave matthews is like all i listen to. rumors are flying now
harder than ever, and it's tearing me apart to have to defend every day.

devoted fan, and no listener of z100


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See everyone at Duke.

briggdl9@wfu.edu Wed Apr 5 23:13:31 1995

What's up, Guys?
at 4:00 for the show.  This week will rock.  I mean, The Masters starts 
tomorrow and then Dave on Friday.  You know, it just doesn't get any 
better than this.  Unless, of course, my other friend scores us some 
tickets for Augusta.  I am so excited I think I might start drinking now. 

ps.  Is anyone going to the show from UNC?  I am meeting some friends 
there and would love to get a crowd of people together to celebrate this 
blessed event of Dave returning from Europe.  Anybody leaving from the 

pps. are there any get togethers planned at Duke before the show?

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Z100 profile and phone

MarvelMarv@aol.com Thu Apr 6 00:26:49 1995

Just in case anyone might want to know all about what Z100 thinks of itself,
here is their lovely AOL profile.


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Re: dave everywhere

barter@lclark.edu Thu Apr 6 00:26:51 1995

I think the reason that Dave might be getting so much air time in malls, 
the gap, coffee shops, and yes even Taco Bell is that all these places 
subscribe to cable radio.  They pay to have no commercials.  Anyway on 
this cable radio thing there is a Folk Rock Channel that plays a lot of 
DMB, FJB, Dead, and a whole lot of other good shit!


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Nazi's like you

mllhill@cs1.presby.edu Thu Apr 6 01:34:05 1995

my post earlier today.  I can't tell you how disgusted I am by this 
jackass who seems to think that he is the end all-be all of music in 
NYC.  Sad to say, he's wrong.  As I have now been labeled a Nazi, I am 
off to shave my head, put on one of those funky helmets, and join up with 
the ranks.  You know, if I were trying to put someone down, I'd really 
try to come up with a better one than "Nazi".  For some reason, it just 
doesn't have the bite I think it was supposed to.  But hey, just my 
opinion.  Hope you like this one as much as I did.

to act for myself- to enjoy the benefits of my creations and to face the 
world boldly and say- This I have done".

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Oh, I see, it is YOU who should decide who should or shouldn't hear the music
of this band? ("some people can't fathom the heart that's been put into this
music")  Screw you...you NAZI !!!!


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Re: z100

MCipoletti@aol.com Thu Apr 6 01:50:38 1995

i realize that the albumn went gold two weeks ago. I was just making a point.
z100 has been doing this type of shit for too long and it has got to stop
sometime.  when i was channel surfing i even heaed the dj even said lets go
out and buy this album and make it go gold or platinum.

peace mike 

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Don't give it the space

sgreene@moe.debartolo.nd.edu Thu Apr 6 02:37:20 1995

Forget Z100, they're not worth wasting a single second of the day over.  
Don't give them the pleasure of getting any of our comments.  They aren't worth 


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Hawk56@aol.com Thu Apr 6 02:40:03 1995

For those who did not catch Eric's posting today,


If I have to read another fifty "Does he?" postings, I'm going to blow some
serious chunks, and promptly unsubscribe.
He's OK folks!  It has been confirmed by folks who know the man!   He just
wore some baggy clothes and a five o'clock shadow on HOB, and some
knucklehead decided to start a nasty rumor.
With luck, the people on this net will soon start killing the rumor, instead
of spreading it.
Get out there and call the misinformed DJs, etc., and set 'em straight!  Stop
feeding the fire.

See y'all at Duke on Friday!


"what I need is all around me" 

Eric's Posting (thanks, guy):


Everyone on the net has heard the rumors, so saying it again won't
solidify anything at this point.  I'm not trying to be rude, but I guess
we're all in denial - even if the damn rumor is true.  It is obvious how
much everyone on this net loves Dave, the band, and most of all, the
awesome music that they have given us; therefore, no one wants to see a
tragic ending to any of the above.  In an effort to find-out the truth
about all these rumors, I called Coran Capshaw (DMB's manager) and John
Alagia, the band's producer and close friend of David's.  I have been an
friend of Dave, Carter, and John Alagia for about two and one half years,
and everyone I have spoken with has assured me that Dave is fine.  As for
MTV and CNN, I don't know where the hell they got their information, but
it has caused much pain and anger to Dave, the band, their management, and of
course, all of us - the fans and friends of the band.  I'm sure that Dave
will do something to address this after they return tonight, but until
then, let's all (on the net - the truly informed) do what we can to hush
these stupid rumors, and let the band and David handle the rest.  We owe
it to them.


Eric Ericson


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Please read if Boston area, much obliged!

Christjahn@aol.com Thu Apr 6 03:07:26 1995

killing me and I'm going to crack or start smoking it soon! Please help, oh


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Acoustic AWTJU

RYMW77B@prodigy.com Thu Apr 6 03:11:01 1995

I've got a tape from 5-5-92 called Acoustic AWTJU.  It is my 
favorite tape but the quality really sucks.  If anyone has a 
HQ or just plain decent soundboard copy of this show please 
let me know.  Also, if you can tell me where it was and what 
"AWTJU" means, I'd appreciate it.

I also have a show from Van Riper's Music Festival, UVA,
Spring '93.  I'm looking for the date of this show.

Ok, one more.  I've got a tape simply marked, "Dave Mathews 
at Woodberry Forest."  I need a date.  The set list goes

Seek Up                  Tripping Billies
Recently--               Satellite
One Sweet World          Jimmy Thing
Song That Jane Likes     Rhyme and Reason

There is also someone singing with Dave on Sat, and JT, who 
is he?
Thanks for the help, much appreciated! 


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mbs9h@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Apr 6 03:36:16 1995

Well guys,

While perusing the Dead net I came across a tasty little tidbit that I
thought everyone would want to know about.  Dan Healy, one of the Dead's
longtime soundmen, has been working with Dave and the boys, and it seems that
they'll be appearing on Saturday Night Live on April 15.  I must admit, I had
thought they might show up eventually, but not quite this soon.

ALSO, word around the campfire, (and the campfire is a little more reliable
here in Charlottesville) is that Dave will be opening for the Dead in Vegas
towards either the end of the Dead's spring tour or the beginning of the
summer tour.  Either way, this is a pretty big step because the Dead usually
play about five shows in Vegas and they're usually some of the best shows on
tour.  But then again, that's just the word around the campfire.

Oh yeah, has anyone been taping any shows in Europe?  If so, I've got at
least 100 crispy, HiQ hrs. that are yours for the trading.

just usin' that little jimi thing to keep me swingin'
Brett Stone

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Re: No Dave Content, but help these kids out and prove their teacher wrong.

Eric.Schwobe@m.cc.utah.edu Thu Apr 6 03:45:20 1995

Eric Schwobe
Salt Lake City    Utah
University of Utah

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PLEASE? tennessee tickets!?

BWB9124@tntech.edu Thu Apr 6 04:14:46 1995

does anyone out there know what the deal is with tickets for Dave's shows in
Tennessee? i know the shows in Nashville are sold out and i heard there was a
show in Memphis. any help,or if you are a saint "tickets", would be
appreciated! also any information on a possible show in Knoxville would be
appreciated. thanks again.

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popper and trey w/dbm?

leonard@wam.umd.edu Thu Apr 6 04:31:49 1995

the dmb playing with popper of btrav and trey of phish doing a cover of 
watchtower.  I think he's full of it, but he insists he does.  Does this 
show exist, and if so, is there anyone out there who would like to trade 
for?  thnx in advance...

"The only thing I know how to do is to keep on keepin' on"


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huppert@bucknell.edu Thu Apr 6 05:14:51 1995

I was astonished to read one of the posts in Minarets 126...  It kinda
pissed me off a little that a DJ would flame the shit outta one individual
the way Human Numan did...  so here's the plan...

ANYONE WHO LIVES IN ** N.Y.**  please post the phone number of Z100 on this
base...  ANYONE WHO IS PISSED AT Z100...  call em up!  Get in their
heads...  why send e-mail that can be deleted...  a voice is heard!!!

of course they can hang up on you, but you have to realize that they are
NOT going to hang up on EVERY CALLER that calls the station!!! HA HAAAA!!
SO, you can at least send them home on edge after a day full of dasterdly
phone calls!!!

Hate mail is cool...  but they have a delete function too!

"Fight the power"   -Rage


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4/5 @ The Academy setlist & review

pp54@columbia.edu Thu Apr 6 05:18:19 1995

Holy shit...just got back from an UN-believable show...where to begin?

Lie In Our Graves (different intro)
Dancing Nancies
So Much To Say
Pay For What You Get  Norwegian Wood (unfinished)  PFWYG
Typical Situation (dedicated to Dave's new little friend Heather)
Rhyme & Reason
Jimi Thing
New (that's what it was called on the official setlist!) *
Ibyu **
Say Goodbye
What Would You Say
Two Step
Tripping Billies
I'll Back You Up
The Song That Jane Likes
Ants Marching

Dave on 6-string acoustic guitar
Stefan on 4-string acoustic fretted bass
Boyd on violin
Carter on bongo, cymbals, chimes, other percussion (in Rangers attire!!)
Leroi on sax

The show was at The Academy in NYC downtown, and it was sponsored by the 
local "pop" station here Z100...there's been a lot of bitching going on 
about it, so you probably know. Anyways, the show was free, and thanks to 
Coran Capshaw, the manager of DMB, we got free tix (otherwise you had to 
win them through fucking Z100). Caroline Fitzpatrick posted "DIE Z100 
DIE" on the net, Coran read the post, and felt our sympathy. So, he got 
us 4 free tix. Wow. So we're in the show finally.

The set was amazing. I thought they'd be videotaping for MTV tonight, it 
looked just like an MTV Unplugged set. The backdrop was the fire dancer 
logo, it was awesome. Very cool.
They will be filming tomorrow for ANTS MARCHING, and we got passes to be 
there...how cool is that??? Anyway, it was a kind-of sit down show until the
end when things fired up. There was so much bullshit Z100 promotional stuff
all over the Academy, it was sick....really awful....Security absolutely 
blew!!! We got up to dance for Two Step, and the big ol' fat guy comes 
over and tells us to sit down...he even shoved one of the other guys we 
met at the show. Whatever. Another thing was NO TAPING!!! I asked the 
soundboard guy what that was all about, he said, "Union rules, no 
taping!" Either it was the Academy's policy or fucking Z100's, that 
sucks. It was such an _amazing_ show......

* - this is what it said on the official setlist. When we got BACKSTAGE 
ALL ACCESS VIP PASSES and went backstage, I asked Dave what the name of 
the new song was...he just said, "I don't know, I don't know" He was 
pretty trashed, as was Leroi. He said it was the first time it had ever 
been played and we were the first to hear it!

** - anyone know this song? It said "ibyu" on the official setlist as 
well, and I swear I had heard it before, but now I'm stumped....

*** - This was hilarious...Boyd is about to go into the verse "Flies in 
the kitchen..." but he forgot the words and just walked away from the 
mic! I had to yell out, "Flies in the kitchen Boyd!" Finally Dave took 
over the lead until Boyd could compose himself. =) I forgot to ask him 
about that backstage.....

Okay, so we're backstage, and talking to all the band members. They're 
soooooo nice and appreciative of their fans, it's great. They were just 
like I had imagined they would be. Leroi was drunk and just really cool 
and mellow, Dave was surrounded by adoring fans who kissed and hugged 
him, and he was having an absolutely wonderful time! Boyd was very cool 
and mellow, answered my questions about violin playing...I told him that 
I played classical style for 14 years and was trying to follow some of 
his solos, but he just told me,"Don't follow anything, just go with it." 
Stefan was all bundled, sitting in a corner off-stage signing things, 
being his humble 20-year old self. We didn't get to meet Carter Beauford 
(on the drums :) ) They all signed my stick figures t-shirt, so cool....
I wish everyone on Minarets had a chance to be at this thing. Right 
before the show was about to begin, they announced that they were handing 
out free tickets at the door....I wish you all could have been there.

Seth, Tony, Marianne (I asked Leroi if he saw you -- I haven't even met 
you yet!), Caroline, Jen Giroux (from UMASS), and Rachel....hope you all 
had as much fun as I did tonight!!!

Still reeling,


ps- it's now official, from LEROI himself, DMB will be opening for the 
Grateful Dead in Las Vegas, NV...anyone want to fly out there with me? ;)


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dave @ the academy

jgiroux@student.umass.edu Thu Apr 6 05:26:58 1995

back from a kickin' show at the academy, despite the z100 hype.  first, 

Lie in our Graves
Dancing Nancies
So Much to Say
Pay For What You Get
Typical Situation
Ryme and Reason
Jimi Thing
New Song
IBYU (another new one, don't know what it stands for)
Say Goodbye
Two Step
Tripping Billies
I'll Back You Up
The Song that Jane Likes
Ants Marching

Christmas Song (DAve and Carter)
Angel From Montgomery (Boyd lead vocals)

z100 was a pain in the ass, as usual.  we got in, planning to push our 
way to the front, and found chairs set up in nice little rows with 
security guards hurding us it.  the concert didn't start till about 9 and 
we got ther around quarter to 8 so we had to sit and listen to z100 for 
an hour.  luckily, we were sitting next to some real dave fans, instead 
of some that we met outside that were either around 13 yrs old or forty 
with no clue as to who dave was.
jet-lagged, asked us all to kind of chill, and most people did.  it kind 
of sucked that we couldn't dance, but it was alright, really mellow at 
times, and the whole crowd did get up when the band was really jamming 
(warehouse, ants, watchtower).
one, i would do anything to get a copy.  some one what taking pictures 
and i have his phone number  so we could set up something.
had appearently heard.  we're going back tomorrow to some place where 
they are shooting the video of ants.  according to the manager, we'll be 
watching the band go through the motions of playing until they'vs dhot 
all the croud scenes.  
story... when dave said they were going to play so much to say, all the 
little ones thought they said wwys, and cheered their asses off jsut to 
be dissappoited.  poor babies.  they played so much, and i am still in 
awe, so i am sorry if i am not giving many interesting details.
i can say is if you can get a copy, DO IT!!!!!  Caroline and Tom, a 
friends i went to the show with, are also posting and they will probably 
much more thorough. i also have a cool dave and the band story, but i 
just can't write it out today.  so you might be hearing from me soon.  
sorry kiddies, but i have to go sift through 135 minarets messages 
because i forget to check my e-mail.  again (if you are still reading) 
anyone that taped the show, get in touch, i might have some cool pictures.



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a state of euphoria

cmf29@columbia.edu Thu Apr 6 05:34:33 1995

boys and girls i just returned from a most incredible, amazing, acoustic 
extravaganza.  i am blissfully content at this moment in time.  the 
following is the set list from 2nite's show at the academy, nyc.  
afterwards is the story.  enjoy, and may you all be as fortunate as i....

lie in our graves (with cool new intro)
dancing nancies
so much to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pay 4 what you get
typical situation (dedicated to dave's "new little friend heather")
rhyme and reason
jimi thing
new (we asked dave the name afterwards...he said he's not sure yet)
ibyu (something else new!... it said ibyu on the official set list?!)
say goodbye
2 step!!!!!!!!!!!
tripping billies
i'll back you up
song that jane likes
ants marching (which is the song for the new video)
angel from montgomery (boyd on lead vocals...he forgot some of the words 
midway through the song...it was so funny!)

needless to say, it was an incredible set.  now for the story.  ok, we 
got tickets through an alternative method, ie Z100 did not give them to 
us.  but that's another story altogether.....  anyhow, when we got there, 
we had to wait in the cold for quite some time before they let us in.  we 
got to talking to the people around us.  the women in front of us had 
never even heard any of the music.  they just won the tickets, so there 
they were....  it didn't look good.  but, there were four of us; we had 
made signs with say goodbye, two step, and lie in our graves written on 
them so we were planning to make our way to the front and dance like 
crazy with our signs etc.  when we got in we saw that Z100 had set up 
chairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it wasn't general admission, you had to sit in 
these cramped little plastic chairs!!!!!  at this point it really didn't 
look good!  and when the dj for Z100 started talking into the microphone 
etc, i thought that all hope was lost.  but, as soon as the band came out 
on stage, i knew that everything was gonna be ok.

dave told everyone to sit down, that they were gonna play a quietr set, 
and we had to be quiet too in order for them to "hear themselves."  you 
already read the set list, so you know what they played.  rest assured 
that there was the usual amount of dave dialog between songs.  as i said, 
the new intro th lie in our graves was amazing, never heard it b4.  they 
actually played so much to say!!!!!  i thought that they rarely played it 
anymore bc they liked it better with tim or something.  we kept holding 
up our big posters and every once in a while dave and stephan would look 
at them and laugh.  we held up they say goodbye posters at one point, and 
he saw them and smiled, laughed, and then launched into say goodbye.  he 
did the same thing with 2 step.  i'm not in any way implying that he 
changed the set list, it was just a cool coincidence.  both of the new 
songs were cool, especially the second, about which he said something 
like " ya'll are the first ones to hear that one.  hope you don't mind"  
boyd forgot some of the lyrics on angel and started cracking up.  he 
couldn't even get it together enough to sing, so dave started singing at 
that point.  the whole show was fantastic, not at all exclusively 
catering to the Z100 crowd, which is what i was afraid of.  

anyway, i know i'm taking up a lot of space and i'll probably get flamed 
for it but i just want you guys to share the exitement.  after the show 
we hung around in the f*cking freezing cold until some random guy gave us 
these "vip" passes so we could get inside and go upstairs to the party.  
leroi was the first one i saw...drunk as hell and completely amiable.  he 
tried to sign my poster and fucked up so he made the fucked up signature 
into this little face that looks like a condom with a smile and then 
signed it.  it was nearly impossible to get through to dave, who was 
surrounded by pre-teen girls saying stuff like "you're just like, the most, 
like, amazing musician, and like, your music is like, so amazing."  dave 
was being completely gracious of course, but when i finally squeezed past 
his little crowd and bodyguard i told him that i knew him from his "bayou 
days."  i think he found it refreshing.....at least i like to think he did.
anyway, he signed my poster (the say goodbye side) and drew this little 
face that looks like a self portrait...maybe him singing halloween?  we 
couldn't find any of the others but we ran into this other random guy who 
gave us these "all access" passess that were supposedly even better than 
the vip passess and we went backstage.  we ran into boyd who was sooooooo 
cool and we talked to him about violin etc for a while.  he signed all 
our shit too.  then we found stephan, all scrunched up in a corner by 
himself!  he drew a picture on my poster too!!!! he said rthat he was 
still kind of cofused as to how he dropped out to join the band and here 
he is and he hadn't played bass until then!!!!  after seeing his drawing 
i said that he and dave should drop out of the band and be artists for 
awhile.  (don't worry---i was just joking!)  he said that they had 
actually talked about doing just that!!! i hope he was joking too!!!

i'm tired now so i'm going to bed.  i bet you all really wanted to know 
that little detail.  anyhow, they were all so cool; the show was amazing, 
and i'm going to be in the video!!!!!!!  send me mail if you want to know 
anything i left out...................


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punter@leland.Stanford.EDU Thu Apr 6 05:42:36 1995

I know that everyone hates grovels for tickets or trades but I ask that 
you make an exception for me this once.  I need to come up with two for 
the show on the 18th in Memphis.  I will pay top price and throw in some 
bagbys for you.  If you  don't have tickets and would still like to trade 
send me a personal email with your list and we can talk.  But tickets are 
what I really need.  Also anyone in the Bay Area give me a buzz if you are going to the 
Frisco or San Jose shows.  Also the first three new people( I hate the 
term newbie) that email me and can tell me what city Stanford is in will 
get a nice copy of my second generation Roseland tape with Trey and Popper.  
thanks for listening.  later, Kevin

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Gainesville Show Cancelled!!!

murmur@grove.ufl.EDU Thu Apr 6 06:03:35 1995

Gainesville, it is time to mourn. It got cancelled. According to the 
local radio station here (not nearly as bad a Z100, I used to hear it 
when I lived up north) the reason it was cancelled is because Dave has 
typhoid fever. Actually, the real reason is so they can go up to New York 
early to prepare for their Saturday Night Live appearance (yes, they will 
be on SNL on 4/15). Although I'm happy to see them on national TV, I'm 
sort of pissed that they had to cancel the Gainesville show for it. Why 
do they need to go their early anyways? To make sure that they remember 
how to play WWYS and Ants? Sorry. I'm just being bitter. As for them 
rescheduling for Gainesville, I have no idea if they will or when they will.
cancelled as well. For all those that were planning to go to these, I quote 
the immortal words of Bill Clinton, "I feel your pain".
SNL to help soothe my pain. Or maybe they're going up early because 
they're in a skit! Any ideas as to what DMB would do in a skit, if by 
some rare chance thet're actually in one? Sounds like a cool topic for 
discussion, y'all (better than hearing about Dave having lupus). 
-Jared Medina

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jpaugh@cs.wvu.edu Thu Apr 6 06:20:14 1995

I am pretty new to DMB (newbie :), I don't have any tapes of any kind, but I
would like to start my collection.  I have a friend with some tapes that
aren't labeled that I could get if I absolutely have to trade something.  
Anyway, I am especially interested in a show with Christmas Song.

Also I attended my first DMB show at Penn State on 2/12/95 and I was wondering
if anyone else was there and possibly had a set list.  (I was kinda out of it
for some of the songs)  I would also like to get a tape of that if anyone has

I would pay any costs associated with getting these tapes, tapes, postage, etc.

:)  Jason Paugh  ) (  jpaugh@cs.wvu.edu                            (:       
;) "why in all this anger have you filled me up with love"         (:
:)    -Dave Matthews Band-                                         (:

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Re: Waldo ...Please

Segreedoug@aol.com Thu Apr 6 06:27:12 1995

Thank you.  I agree.

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San Fran

MarvelMarv@aol.com Thu Apr 6 06:31:00 1995

I'm going to be in San Fran from the 9-16, and I was wondering what was cool
to go do or see.  Sorry to waste the bandwidth, but I though I might get some
good suggestions.  E-Mail them to me though please at 


I'm working on ditching this aol thing.  I get really sick of getting flamed.
internet work when their aren't cute little icons.

Sorry about that tangent!

Thanks for any help!

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a new C.D. boot

USXE28B@prodigy.com Thu Apr 6 06:38:41 1995

its from Ziggies winston Salem Aug '94.  I gat a tape copy
of it.  The quality isn't that great.  I'm trying to track
downe the owner, but I have a low gen.  If I do get him, how 
do I get the C.D. out of his hands and what do I do With
It. thanks  Hope to rejoin soon Clarke 


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pfollow@emory.edu Thu Apr 6 06:44:23 1995

82 messges per digest, too much

But now she's gone
And I don't worry,
'Cause I'm sitting on top of the World.

Peter Followill- pfollow@emory.edu- Emory University- Atlanta,Ga


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subscribe minarets

am-brown@students.uiuc.edu Thu Apr 6 07:08:39 1995

Please put my name on the minarets/DMB mailing list 


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Re: MINARETS digest 126

SOFIST@delphi.com Thu Apr 6 07:48:12 1995

Howdy from the dude with no backspace...
Just a quicky..

Cool radio station here in Southern California called K-SCA 101.9 plays
Dave all the time and they have played WWYS, Best of What's ARound, 
Satellite, Dancing Nancies, Ants, and Jimi Thing...they even had them on
for a cool live performance and an interview...cool station..

Any wayz...I was just wondering what the deal is with Radio Stations playing
singles only, becuase this is a mighty big station, yet them   they play
a lot of the album...doesnt make any sense...someone has gotta get
the power and the money or whatever to get themselves a mighty nice FM
station and play good music for once...

ah fuck, it was perty cool how he said it but he just talked about the mainse
mainstream and kids and TV and how we are just few   fed d  crap..well
shit in capitalist America you would think someone would be bright enough
to attemp to possibly enlighten the massrs  masses with ant-  anti= 
anti-crap what  aht  whatever that entails....

and we are just starting (played for about 2 weeks now) and we are
playing some Dave covers for Battle of the Bands at mi  my high school..
anywayz, we are playing Ants for the tryout and as I was in my car
dream   dreaming about playing it, Ants comes on the radio...perty
fucking mindblowing..

Pardon, m  Pardon my langueag  language...

if i only had a backspace key and some PCP...

well, maybe just a backspace key..

Mandatory Keith imatation(spelling):  hi...im ki  keith...
i rule...
everything..needs dots.....
i rulel again...
if it wasnt for me, none of you..would even know, who Dave matthews is...
im going to tree the world....
if..periods..didnt exist...i would still rule....
i heard..that dave has aids...
tree this...
go climb a tree....
my name is keith...i am god..
no i am not drunk...
there is unlimited bandwith...
100 fucking posts...............Jesus H Christ.....

ok, sorry...
(End of Keith immitation(spelling))

Hope everyone got there tapes A-OK....

TO ALL MY FOX THEATER FOLK!:  You will have yourtapes by two weeks at
MAX!!!  I love you all and think of you everyday.  You should SEE the blunk
bulk of tapes I have in my room...r  fuck i have about 50 tapes to copy
ok...also, thanks to the cool person that sent me an extra blank
instead of postage...that is a nice change...

Roseland Elxin  Lexington  edwin  WSP  all comming my way  perty excited...

Bought the From Good Homes CD yesterday...it just ditn do it for me but
maybe one of a  yall yo  would like it...they give you a sticker inside
and you can put in   on your head and walk ab  around and show people.

Brother Meuzzin(spelling?):  where are you?  I miss you!!!!

thank you for your time and dont flame me for drunkenness cuz
im really sober..please flame me for my soberness..or dont flame me..
just write me a nice message back and tell me how much you love Dave and
how much you wish Stefan would play a fat bass solo one of these days and
how your favorite song is WWYS because you heard the cool JAM on
the Fox Theater tape I sent you (i think everyone has this tape by now)
and the first 4 people to email me get a NICE copy of BIG LEAGUE CHEW
(#34 with words, rare songs, peter, babgy names, good show) and if you 
missed that then i pity you but i really dont cuz I read Neit  Neitszche 
and he tells us not to pity cuz it aint kosher and you should read
your Neitszche like its butter...

Edwin McCain
Indigo Girls


Carter Beat  Beauford on the durackadousodkcuaosdkeudfusdoiuesdfoiuge.....




Fuck Stefan, I know your good so why dont you just fucking play that thing
like all the other guys doo.....is it cuz your so perty..

IF you cant bee with the one you love, fuck everything that moves.

Well, my friend say  said that Dave should change it tyo   to anything
that breaths because everything that moves is very weird and 
people would think he was weird and stuff and he could get diseases or t  s

Ok, can anyone expalin to me why Tripping Billies is about and LSD trip?
S  Cuz i find that song so religious and wonderous and symbolic but
i find nothing that would convince my   me its about taking too
much acid...
also, WWYS is a very cool relgious sys  symbolic son..you may not like
the imagery, but I think dave is a geniou  genious...you know..we
need to start talking more about Dave's religion because
truthfully, his lyrics arent just superficial catch y rhymes  they SAY

Fuck, when I firts first heard UTTAD (i bought it one   on a whim, never
even heard em before) I thought it was the most special music ever
because not only did it kick my ass but the lyrics were tied in
so intricately with the message and the soul of the music and it makes
totaly  sense and everyo  song seems to deal with this strange religion that
dave promotes (perhaps subs consciously...)  and I think it is cool.
Warehouse, in my opinion, is the most obvious exaple of this sermon
of Dave...I could get into more detail about it, but I am sure you guys
feel the same way...My love, I love to stay here..

She  See the thing is, I would nt be so ardent about p spreading the message
of dave if I wasnt so effected by it...In fact, when I went to see them
in concert for the first time, I was so deeply effected that
I expericnes  experienced what I felt t was "enlightenment" in the
the stricted Zen   Strictest Zen Buddhist sense of the word...
no exageration here...man, if took me somewhere..it took me away
from the unreality("cyu  cuz of Original Sin" ) and took me to the 
truth of the Warehouse...

I love you David Matthews and the rest of ht eband kicks my ass too and 
I hope the world figures it out someday cuz man it would be so chill hif
we could sit around in intellectual ciric  cirlces and shoot the shit
about the religion of Dave and a  amn   man b go to your barber and
have him cut your hari  hair while Seek up is blasting and your talking
about the symbolism in that song that the guy is cutting your hear  hair
and shit....

fuck man, seek and emotion...cuz you dont need to  ah fuck it..this is
weri dhis  shit a  im saying and y  you all probably dont apprecitae 
this long message but man i guess with 100 more to read you 
might not mind...i mean at lesat  least it aint that Z100 discussion or t nothing

man maybe ill type up this apa  paper i wrote for english calls class
about my DMB expericence  a  I got an A on it and my teacher talked about
it with the other classes and we had like thi gh  this big 
discussion about it   Did you know practically my whole school is going
to see DMB on May 13 at the Paladium in LA...2 200 people are taking 
well, not 200, but a lot....are b  renting a bus and they are going
to drive up there o  in a fucking rented bus  that is how massively my 
school is into that band...mayber  maybe i should stop giving
bab  bagbys to everyone I know becuase then maybe well h  shit that is dumb  share
the wealth...

man ho  how i long for Ben and Keith na d Kevin and crew...you guys
are the shit...

EVERYONE!  Please start posting cool fucky shit again cuz its better
than dumb z100 stuff and aids cuz these are for the me  masses  lets
talk about the lyrics....that is the shit..talk man    tlet
go back to the Athenian mentality where everyone wanted to build temselve
themselves and learn from each other and DISCUSS!!

This i s a discussion group...

Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

All my Fox Theater Folk may smoke in this message  :

Love love love is all around


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Re: MINARETS digest 126

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Thu Apr 6 08:33:04 1995

Mandatory Keith imatation(spelling):  hi...im ki  keith...
i rule...
everything..needs dots.....

dots makes it all cool..................

if it wasnt for me, none of you..would even know, who Dave matthews is...
im going to tree the world....

if..periods..didnt exist...i would still rule....

i heard..that dave has aids...

tree this...
go climb a tree....
there is unlimited bandwith...

i mean *what* it IS..........yanno???
show me.........................................bandwidth.......
what the fuck?

100 fucking posts...............Jesus H Christ.....

are gonna tell me to fuck off.............for wasting

whatever that means............................

since this is what we used to do on the net that all the cool people
like mike (mr. NO backspace key dude) misses.............

so for old times sake.........
blah blah blah./...............................................................

whatever he said........

o k, sorry...
(End of Keith immitation(spelling))


oh...............and for those of you that got thru all that...................


and;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (ha! threw ya off, huh, mike)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;and the rare dave tree
will be re-posted sooooooon........

because there are three corrections.....................
but i had to do a little restructuring............

yall will see what i mean...................


Love love love is all around

what was that concert thing?

that would just be too cool......


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l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Thu Apr 6 11:18:34 1995

 Well guys,
 While perusing the Dead net I came across a tasty little tidbit that I
 thought everyone would want to know about.  Dan Healy, one of the Dead's
 longtime soundmen, has been working with Dave and the boys, and it seems that
 they'll be appearing on Saturday Night Live on April 15.  I must admit, I had
 thought they might show up eventually, but not quite this soon.
be a prettty long haul, I'd say.

I still have no place to stay in Wilmington... my grand plans of 
camping/gathering have never materialized...

I just got turned down!  for a dave trade by tree child of mine.  SO...

If anyone wants a copy of 7/30/94 Brown's Island, the 1st one to mail me 
can take the tree child's place.

DMB _and_ the Dead... man I live too far from Vegas... 

Take it easy, y'all!


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zdwm034@kcl.ac.uk Thu Apr 6 11:43:38 1995

Numan and send it to Red Light Management via their internet consultant.

Wouldn't it be nice for this DJ, who thinks we're a small group, to get
a big ass-whipping from his station manager?  His job is to play tunes,
not to insult his listeners or anyone, for that matter, in the name of

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Dave cancels for SNL

hauser@server.chem.ufl.edu Thu Apr 6 13:02:49 1995

Wow, I'm bumming big time.  Front page of the student newspaper this morning
in Wilmington (or Greenville is it?), I bet is a goner too. Anybody know if
the Apr 10 show in Orlando has tickets left?


Cancelling a gig for Letterman is one thing, but for a lame ass show like 
SNL?  Wow, the lure of more publicity....I know, it's just sour grapes
on my part, but can ya blame me?



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seeing Dave nude...

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Thu Apr 6 13:24:36 1995

hey all.

i heard last night that a few shows will probably be canceled....

due to the Saturday Nite Live thing...

....Boyd called a dude i know and invited him to New York for next Friday

AND Saturday...fuck, i was jonesin' for a show, Wilmington that is,

and now it seems to have become a ghost...

oh well,
the wait will just make it all the more tastier next time.


now i can sit in the privacy of me own home on a Saturday....
with no clothes on my bod...
and see a DAMABA show.
never thought i'd be able to see DMB live while legally nude.

god bless America!!!


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What about the Greenville show?

SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Thu Apr 6 13:31:22 1995

What is the status on the fucking show at Greenville?  I am going to
personnally kill Dave Matthews if that show is cancelled.  DAMN.  I am
offical protesting SNL now because it has fucked up my incredible weekend
of two Dave shows at a weekend in Atlanta.  Anyway, let me know the status
of the Greenville show because I don't live near there and really don't
want to drive over and have them say "Fuck you, shows cancelled."


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When is DMB on CBS?

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Thu Apr 6 13:56:55 1995

The subject says it all.
thanx, Dan



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Help suppress bad traders

drcraver@mailbox.syr.edu Thu Apr 6 14:05:06 1995

Hey everyone, this idea could really work.  Bad traders suck.  Keep a 
list of them at the bottom of you boot lists then when trading w/ someone 
add their's to your's.


These are takin' from recomendations on minarets the last two days.  I 
don't want to get screwed.  They will remain on my list untill I suppose 
they publically redeem themselves.
happy trading...


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Richmond,VA party..come on in

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Thu Apr 6 14:11:07 1995

hey all.
...this here is a Scratchin' Jones invitation to Richmond dwellers.

...we will playing an all out everything you want in your body or on
your body throw-down music and dance fest....

tomorrow nite...FRIDAY APRIL 7th

...its $7 bucks to get in...but once your in...everything is your
own...unlimited...and you probably won't be leaving...

audience...but you can still see some groovy music and have a good
time elsewhere for a while. 

come on out...you will leave with grin..in the morning.

***sorry to post this to everyone, but Dave said i could.

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another guiltless electric flyer...

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Thu Apr 6 14:22:38 1995

hey all.

don't wig out...i'm gonna staple another flyer to the Minarets.
it'll be a short one though...but, Dave said i may.


...three fresh bands..three fresh places...

hey "Delusions" people,Sean,...if you read this, come to Awfuls on a set
break and we'll do the same on our set break. its only a block away..
lets rule the bottom tonite..um..i mean...ahhh, forget it. 


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JSCHUSTE@wdet.wayne.edu Thu Apr 6 14:38:40 1995

 they'll be appearing on Saturday Night Live on April 15.

years.  Who was the last?  Cowboy Junkies.

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ibyu stands for...

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Thu Apr 6 15:16:41 1995

hey guys!
it is song #9 on Remember Two Things, and was the first song that Dave
ever wrote. hope i helped someone out. talk to you later...

(a.k.a. Jonathan Oglesby
Catholic University, Washington,D.C.
could i have been...lost somewhere in cyberspace?

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ddemari@hubcap.clemson.edu Thu Apr 6 15:36:53 1995

I called the Greenville Auditorium today and found out that as of about 
noon today (4/6) the show is still on......I can only hope .


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Las Vegas

74671.3636@compuserve.com Thu Apr 6 15:39:39 1995


DMB is opening for the Dead in Veags!!!! I can't picture DMB playing the Silver
Bowl. I was there in 91 and the place is big.

Is it true that the Dead's old soundman, Dan Healy, is now doing the sound for
DMB??? If he is, then they will sound fantastic in Vegas.

Does anyone have anymore concrete info on DMB dates in Europe in June?? Just
gotta find out when and where they are playing.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Email me.

Later . . .

Kanada Kev =8 )

ps - how's the traffic over there on Minarets? It was gridlocked when I


Top Permalink


briggdl9@wfu.edu Thu Apr 6 15:44:46 1995

       Well, this is the same day as the show in Wilmington, so that would 
 be a prettty long haul, I'd say.
 Take it easy, y'all!
The Wilmington show has been moved to Sunday the 16th.  At least that is 
what all the flyers from Ziggy's say around campus for the last few 
days.  Can anyone confrim this?  Thanks.


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Re: Dave cancels for SNL

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Thu Apr 6 15:53:52 1995

 Wow, I'm bumming big time.  Front page of the student newspaper this morning
 in Wilmington (or Greenville is it?), I bet is a goner too.  

OK, who's got official info on this??  I will be very sad if there's no 
Wilmington show.  If anybody knows what's really going on, post it!  I 
think I'll go call Poindexter's now and see if they've got a scoop.

I can't believe that they would switch the show to the 16th and play on 
easter sunday. That would be a bummer.

OH, and about ibyu...

It can't stand for I'll Back You Up when they played I'll Back You Up a 
coupla songs later in the set. 

Somebody got the 7/30/94 tape already!

-Dash  :)

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Re: When is DMB on CBS?

Clogboy@aol.com Thu Apr 6 16:05:15 1995


The subject says it all.
thanx, Dan

which is CBS.  But will he be on something else?  Most likely.  He seems to

other "non-performing" appearances such as interviews on Alternative Nation
or CNN.

each visit.  Now, with the Flowbee, I can cut my own hair at home very
easily!  Just pick the proper attachment and I've got a beautiful new 'do in
no time at all!  And the best part about it is that it pays for itself after
a mere three uses!"

for CourtTV.

Just my $.0375


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Re: The DMB show


Well, here'swhat I got when I yelled at them for the concert....
------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

Remember one thing....DMB is in on this WITH US.
Blame them too.
Human Numan

And if you hold on tight to what you think is your thing, you might 
find you're missing all the rest. Well she run up into the light 
surprised...whatever tears at her, whatever holds her down and if 
nothing can be done she'll make the best of what's around.
Sari Laufer
60 E.96th St. #5A
New York, NY 10128

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Please fill me in...

James.E.Moeller@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Thu Apr 6 16:23:37 1995


someone could please send me any CONFIRMED info on Dave's illness, if
there is one.  Someone at the radio station here suggested that I do a
Dave Tribute Show this Saturday instead of my usual HORDE show.  Of
course I want to find out from you guys if you think this is appropriate. 
Please e-mail me directly.  Thanks.	


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rkochman@ucg.com Thu Apr 6 16:41:44 1995

Hey minareters........

ITS TRUE!!!!! ITS TRUE!!!!!!!

DMB will be opening for the Dead in Las Vegas May 19,20,21

This is not a rumor from my little brothers best friends mothers sisters
bridge partner who used to know someone who lived near C'ville and has been
listening to Dave since 9/27/94.....

The info came straight from the DMB Concert Hotline (804-980-9636).

This is so cool!

And I'm goin'! I have my mail order tix for 5/20 in hand.  If any other
minareters will be there, drop me a line and lets get something goin' before
the show. 



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SNL & DMB/GD cont....

rkochman@ucg.com Thu Apr 6 16:42:03 1995


Top Permalink

SNL & DMB/GD cont....

rkochman@ucg.com Thu Apr 6 16:43:53 1995

Oh yeah......in all my excitement, I forgot to mention that the April 14
appearance on SNL was also confirmed on the hot-line.  Between Alt Nation,
HOB, ABC in concert, and SNL, we've got a pretty nice video tape working


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Well, that'll teach me...

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Thu Apr 6 17:19:43 1995

hey now!
well as those of you who are not digested have read, i posted a note this
morning regarding the initials "ibyu". without looking at the rest of the
had looked closely, i would have seen that that song was played a few tunes
later. my mistake. so, the initials "ibyu" are still a mystery. in the
future, i will take more time to think before posting. a good lesson for
all of us! (especially those like me who have been here awhile and should
know better!!!) talk to you guys later...

(a.k.a. Jonathan Oglesby)
Catholic University, Washington,D.C.
here's to hoping Z100 will answer the reality phone, and stop claiming DMB!

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could it really be minarets?

scooter@merle.acns.nwu.edu Thu Apr 6 17:21:38 1995


mike's post was a glimpse of the minarets of days gone by.  very nice.  anyone
who flames this guy needs to go outside and breathe a little more....i think
that that may be a good reason to finally unsubscribe now, leave this place
with fond memories of goofiness and creativity, not back biting and flaming,
bad-trader lists and aids rumors.  ouch.  come visit the aware net and see me




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Wilmington scoop

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Thu Apr 6 17:29:24 1995

Poindexter Records says-  Dave will be playing Wilmington on April 16th.  
The gates will be opening earlier than previously scheduled, "like, 
noon. First band will start around 2pm"  Anyone who was going to pick up 
tix at Poindexter's the day of the show can now pick them  up at the 
venue gates.  (This is cos, on Sundays, Poindexter's doesn't open until
after the show's already started.)

I bet this is going to discomobulate people since the show is no longer 
on a weekend.  I know I'm juggling my work schedule around.  I'll call 
again closer to show day and see if this is all still true.

-Dash   :)

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you guys rule

eje3u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Apr 6 17:31:59 1995

Thanks guys,

Really.  I mean without you there is probably no way that anyone would have
ever heard of the Dave Matthews Band.  I mean there are virtually no
recordings of them, and since they don't tour much we never get to hear them.
that Rock-n-roll is all about.  You are all so selfless.  I won't be
satisfied until you make the Dave Matthews Band as successful and long
lasting as the Spin Doctors.  thank you for encouraging the emerging music
scene of America.  Also thank you for introducing me to so many other great
bands while I sit and wait to get tickets.  I don't think I could have heard
Green Day or Offspring anywhere else.



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you guys rule (explanation)

eje3u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Thu Apr 6 17:35:00 1995

Hey all,

Just wanted to tell you all that the above message was sent to Z100.  It is
obviously (to us) sarcastic. But I want to see if they'll take me seriously,
especially since they said they'd delete flames ("hate mail" as they called
it).  If a reply is forthcoming, I will forward it to everyone.

Eric Edwardson (not Ericson, although I have been called that many times)

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SNL .. wouldn't it be great if ...

pjs2465@ultb.isc.rit.edu Thu Apr 6 17:49:27 1995


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Greenville, SC and Wilmington, NC

ZU03570%UABDPO.bitnet@uvmvm.uvm.edu Thu Apr 6 18:24:13 1995

and 2) would some people like to hook up and hang out, or go camping w/ us.
Kind of like some big DMB celebration type of thing.  Let me know.


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JP9195@uacsc1.albany.edu Thu Apr 6 18:41:58 1995

mail bomb Z100.



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