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Anyone have a better copy?

zdaq@umich.edu Sat Apr 8 20:01:41 1995

"Instead of a trap door, what about a trap window? The guy looks out it,
and if he leans too far, he falls out. Wait. I guess that's like a 
regular window." --Jack Handey

I'm not a huge post-man on the minarets.net, but I read it thoroughly 
whenever it comes in, and I have been a huge DMB fan for about two+ 
years. But enough about me. I was wondering if anyone knows about a 
summer tour schedule for Dave. I'm currently in frigid Ann Arbor for school, 
but soon I will be back home in Atlanta. Thus, any news on shows within 
6-7 hours of Atlanta? I am now jamming to New Year's Eve 1993 (that's 
12-31-93, not 92) from Richmond, VA. It's a great show, for even though I am 
not a rap fan, a local rap band called the "Dry Poetics" comes on right 
as Boyd is completing True Reflections and raps a bit with DMB in the 
background. I would like to know if anyone has a better copy of this 
show, for mine is only mediocre. Also, anybody know anything else about this 
"Dry Poetics" band? Thanks. Moreover, I have about 40+ hours of Dave, 
if anybody interested in trades. 

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ZU03570%UABDPO.bitnet@uvmvm.uvm.edu Sat Apr 8 21:29:21 1995

I know this has nothing to do w/ any of the bands listed above, but I have a
question to ask. Every time I see the DEAD or hear one of their albums it just
makes me want to follow them. Is this reaction common? Sorry, just curious.

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ken6@columbia.edu Sat Apr 8 22:41:20 1995

 I know this has nothing to do w/ any of the bands listed above, but I have a
 question to ask. Every time I see the DEAD or hear one of their albums it just
 makes me want to follow them. Is this reaction common? Sorry, just curious.

.....um, maybe you should ask over at rec.music.gdead?  

a) have something to do with the band listed above
b) probably stimulate a more enthusiastic discussion from the people who 
read it.

(for my own part, it's true almost any time i listen to or see 
phish....sometimes the dead, depending on my mood).  


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*****Toad Jam Tree Structure*****

jogriffith@vaxsar.vassar.edu Sat Apr 8 23:07:55 1995

Hello All!!!

Here is the tree structure for the Toad Jams Tape.  The set-list has
expanded and the tape is a full 90 minutes and it rocks.  

Here is how a tree works....the PARENT gets a copy of the tape from
me...then he or she will send it to BRANCH (the people under him or
her)...and they send it to the people under them (its like the shampoo
commercial..."and their friends....."  get it??)...AFTER they send tapes in
exchange or blanks....Cool??


I would send a tape to Todd who would tape them for Dean, Randy and Glen
for a trade or for a blank....and then they would do the same for the
opening bands...

This is what is on the tape...

1991 Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood    Scenes from a Vinyl Recliner  4:30    (1 Gen)
1991 Whiskey A Go Go, Hollywood    Hold Her Down  3:00                   (1 Gen)
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Don't Go Away 4:29                    (1 Gen)
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Corproal Brown 2:33                   (1 Gen)
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Jam  3:10                             (1 Gen)
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   Come Back Down  2:50                  (1 Gen)
12/21/91 Anaconda, Santa Barbara   One Little Girl  3:20                 (1 Gen)
1992 Chicago                       I Will Not Take These Things for Granted 5:30
1992 Chicago                       Covered in Roses 3:30                 (2 Gen)
1992 Chicago                       In My Ear 3:00                        (2 Gen)
1992 Chicago                       Is It For Me 3:15                     (2 Gen)
1992 Chicago                       Torn  3:00                            (2 Gen)
12/11/92 Hollywood Paladium        Way Away  3:00                        (1 Gen)
12/11/92 Hollywood Paladium        Know Me 4:15                          (1 Gen)
12/11/92 Hollywood Paladium        Nightengale Song 2:30                 (1 Gen)
1994 Atlanta                       Stupid 3:16                           (1 Gen)
1994 Atlanta                       Nancy 3:16                            (1 Gen)
1994 Atlanta                       Walk on the Ocean 2:59                (1 Gen)
1994 Atlanta                       Fall Down 4:07                        (1 Gen)
10/17/94 Tuscon, Az                Last Train to London 1:30             (3 Gen)
10/17/94 Tuscon, Az                Life in a Northern Town 1:30          (3 Gen)
10/17/94 Tuscon, Az                Cinamon Girl 2:30                     (3 Gen)
10/17/94 Tuscon, Az                All I Want  3:00                      (3 Gen)
10/17/94 Tuscon, Az                Brother        4:00                   (3 Gen)
10/17/94 Tuscon, Az                Listen  4:15                          (3 Gen)
10/17/94 Tuscon, Az                Inside  4:15                          (3 Gen)
11/11/94 Bloomington, In           Jack and Diane  3:30                  (4

exchange tapes of taped shows freely--its what they want.  If you have a
concert or performance OFF OF THE RADIO...give me a buzz!

If there are any problems let me know!!!


PARENT sundtde@iac.net (Dan Sundt)

PARENT Phil.Odella@DaytonOH.NCR.COM  (Phil Odella)



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Re: tape trade?/ Dave Matthews=G-D?

jonas@unixg.ubc.ca Sun Apr 9 01:14:42 1995

hey there I know this is kinda late, but I have four shows with Granny on 
it if your interested in doing any tradin' still.  Give me a buz.
Jonas jonas@unixg.ubc.ca

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The Warehouse Project

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Sun Apr 9 01:57:27 1995

hey now!
well, my last post did not generate much response, so i thought that i would

maybe that is a better attempt. talk to y'all later...

(a.k.a. Jonathan Oglesby)
Catholic University, Washington,D.C.

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Wilmington... and Duke

cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Sun Apr 9 02:01:36 1995

As I understand it, there are still tickets available for Wilmington, and 
after last night I really want to road trip. Anyone from DUke or anywhere 
interested? I don't have a car, but will split all expenses.

LAst night ruled as everyone has said... Say Goodbye was ridiculous... I 
have a few comments and a couple of stroies from the show, so if anyone 
is interested I will post them later. Gotta run now. Peace everyone


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New persons offer...

sseremet@emba.uvm.edu Sun Apr 9 03:40:52 1995

Hey everyone-
any tapes PLEASE) to say hello to my friend music loving friend
Alex(atrigaux@moose.uvm.edu) can send me one or two blanks for a copy of
anything on my list(about 35 HQ tapes); don't forget return postage,
etc....If you win, I'll get back to you.  Have a good night-

P.S.  Tell him what a great guy he is for exposing me to GREAT music - 
absolutely free of charge - what a guy...


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Re: MINARETS digest 126

Hatton.Haralson@Rollins.Edu Sun Apr 9 03:52:34 1995


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Hatton.Haralson@Rollins.Edu Sun Apr 9 03:58:11 1995

just a bit of info for you all.  Dave will be performing on 
Saturday Night Live on April 15th, next week.  Courtney Cox is
hosting the show.  This will be really cool, but Dave canceled
the Gainesville, FL show in order to be in NYC.  I had tickets!
Oh well, that's the way it goes.  See you guys later.

Hatton Haralson
Rollins College
Winter Park, FL

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Valentines Day Tree Question...

goldberg@rochgte.fidonet.org Sun Apr 9 04:07:46 1995

Hey all,

Sorry to waste space,



That way, nobody can capture me.....They can use the hell out of me, but
there ain't too much they can do to me.  They can mess me up, play the
wrong note, they can play a C, but they can't really destroy a C.  All
it is, is a tone...So I'm gonna come back as a note.



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lost trader..where are you?????

MCDW49C@prodigy.com Sun Apr 9 04:58:24 1995

about a month ago, i sent 4 really good tapes to a jen
fogelson and in return she was supposed to mail back 4
shows, one of which included me and julio.  i think her
mailing name was dmb road warrior.  i don't necessarily want 
to call her a bad trader yet, but it would be cool if i
could get my tapes.  if anyone hears from her on here,
please let me know.
ps...craig, if you're out there, you're charlotte tapes are 
coming soon. 


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Colorado show...

lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Sun Apr 9 05:23:34 1995

Who all is going to the Fort Collins show on the 30th?

Also, of those of you who are going, will any of you be taping?


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Dave On SNL

pdquinn@nyx10.cs.du.edu Sun Apr 9 05:49:40 1995

I was at a part, when much to amazement trippping came onto the radio 
(96.5 the Peak).  After the song, the D.J. went on to say, "Dave is 
O.K.--he does not have AIDS.  The band cancelled one date so that they 
could do Saturday Night Live.  One week from tonight."  (Keep in mind 
that i'm paraphrasing and have been drinking.)


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WWW page

jpaugh@cs.wvu.edu Sun Apr 9 06:10:44 1995

This may sound like a really stupid question, but here goes.  Does anyone know
if there is a Web site set up for DMB.  I know I've heard discussion about
this before, but I was wondering if anyone knows what the URL is for it if 
there is one, and if there isn't one I would like to try and make one up.
Anyway, if you read this and know anything about it, let me know.  

|   / | \   | :}---------------{:}-------------------------------{::}--------{:

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Re: popper and trey w/dbm?

spc@acpub.duke.edu Sun Apr 9 13:56:38 1995

 	A friend of mine at UVA is insisting he has a tape of a show of 
 the dmb playing with popper of btrav and trey of phish doing a cover of 
 watchtower.  I think he's full of it, but he insists he does.  Does this 
 show exist, and if so, is there anyone out there who would like to trade 
 for?  thnx in advance...
 "The only thing I know how to do is to keep on keepin' on"

phish encore, phishman started out doing a drum solo, and then as they 
were bringing out the pieces for a second drum set, carter came out and 
started banging on the cymbals over phishman's head. then he took over 
his own set, and all the rest of dmb came on stage and did an _amazing_ 
watchtower. it was truly the best concert i've seen. i don't think popper 
was there, but two days earlier dmb played with blues traveler in 
raleigh, and both boyd and dave got on stage at different times with 
them. dave actually called popper 'one of my inspirations.' i've got a 
tape of the phish show and the encore, but unfortunately it doesn't have 
dmb's set.


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DMB for Little Five?

j280a_5@CVAX.IPFW.INDIANA.EDU Sun Apr 9 14:46:59 1995

Salut mes amis!
Hey, could someone please tell me if DMB is playing for Little Five weekend,
down at Indiana University?  A friend that goes to school there told 
me that it was "official,"  but lately, "official"  seems to have lost a
little of its meaning.  I really hope their playing because I think that
I'm going through some sort of withdrawl.  I NEED to see the boys live again!
Hope to hear from you guys soon and thanks.


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Re: Cameron Indoor Stadium (4/7/95)

spc@acpub.duke.edu Sun Apr 9 14:57:50 1995

 	Tonight was the 5th time that I have seen DMB over the last year 
 and a half and I would have to say that it was probably the band's worst 
 performance.  They did not seem into really playing like they used to, 
 probably because they are constantly touring.  The band appeared to be 
 out of touch with its audience.  They did not connect with enthusiasm 
 that many people had going into the show.  

about the duke show was the awful echo. that's what you get when you put 
a concert in a basketball stadium. but if you watched dave at all during the 
show and particularly during ants you would have seen that he was 
completely into the music. he was really jamming, and as he said after 
the charleston show, 'last night was just psyched. because the music and 
the crowd were just (unreproduceable noise/facial expression/gestures). 
Boyd was absolutely insane. he had some crazy jams (most notably 
dancing nancies) and he kicked it, plain and simple. when he came off stage 
before the encore, he was completely drained. he had so much enthusiasm 
and energy for the show, and he put it all out. i loved boyd's 
performance that night, and i really enjoyed the show. i hope most 
everyone else who was ther did too.

ps- here's a little funny/scary tidbit from the charleston show. my 
friend and i noticed some people leaving after big head todd's set, and 
were debating the possibility of there actually being people there who 
simply had never heard of dave matthews band. we'd just about ruled this 
out when a guy in front of us said to his friend (while dmb ws on stage), 
'is this big head todd or dave matthews?' his friend didn't have an 
answer. that show was probably the best i've seen. was anyone else there? 
i didn't see any tapers, but if someone did tape the show, please let me 
know. thanks.

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euro dmb!

spc@acpub.duke.edu Sun Apr 9 15:03:15 1995

oh, i forgot to mention something else. i was talking with carter after 
the show last night, and the band is making two more trips to europe 
before the end of this july. AND not only are they playing with bon jovi 
there (only in europe), they're also playing with nin and STING! is 
anyone else just completely rocked by the concept of dave and sting on 
stage together. apparently sting is a big dave matthews fan. i hope this 
excites everyone else as much as it does me. anyone want to road trip to 


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Re: WWW page

sseremet@emba.uvm.edu Sun Apr 9 15:49:39 1995

Jason & Everyone else interested-
is very well done...there are cool pictures to check out, the FAQ is 
there as well as the chords and lyrics files, and if you have access to 
an audio player, there is even a killer "Davetalk" page in which Dave 
says all kinds of fun and interesting things.  Check it out, it'll be 
well worth your while...Peace-

P.S.  And we already have a lucky winner for the newbie offer(congrats
Louise), but for those digestified, the first to get back to me with the
number of the digest in the subject will enjoy the same offer - New
Persons(w/ no tapes) Please! 


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Re: euro dmb!

lmgar@conncoll.edu Sun Apr 9 16:57:59 1995

STING IS GOD! the force of dmb playing with sting would completely send 
the universe out of wack! i can't wait to hear it!

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All radio DJ's read this!!!

reinha16@student.msu.edu Sun Apr 9 20:00:43 1995

I am in the process of planning a radio show, showcasing bands like Phish, DMB,
Widespread, Angry Salad,BT, J-Pierce, Acoustic Junction, and the like. I would
apreciate it if all DJ's with shows of this kind could e-mail me and then fill
out a short survey.  I need the results of this survey to get my show approved.


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"What the fuck is this?!?!"

huppert@bucknell.edu Sun Apr 9 21:35:48 1995

Previously Posted In Minerets Digest 128

just wanted everyone to see the lovely remarks of one of our fellow
peace mike

 for anyone interested once again GSW will be holding a FREE concert at cw
 post on long island may 23 the concert will be starting at 1 with several
 bands featured. if you want more info just e-mail me at


 peace mike

        WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

It's a friendly post by a fellow minaret thye person that wanted to spread
the information...  Hell, all I can say is that I will be at that
concert... God Street Wine is awesome!  Not as good as Dave...  but good.



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another -short- rehash o' duke

olga@email.unc.edu Sun Apr 9 21:40:36 1995

i'm not so eloquent today, b/c MCATs have me poor brain fried...
but here's some of my thoughts...

--man, gotta love those plaid pants on dave.  he is a sex god.

--there was a clueless guy behind me.  before dave went on he had to ask his

--i have this idea.  how about aptitude test for potential dmb ticket 

hope to see many at wilmington.  enjoy the dogwoods, the ubiquitous 
yellow pollen, the azalieas, and the warm weather!


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Newbie Offer

Musique820@aol.com Sun Apr 9 21:51:53 1995

I have managed to overtrade, and I have ended up with an extra copy of the
the 10/21/93 DMB wetlands show. The first person to contact me gets a copy,
if they send me blanks. It fits on two 90 min tapes. Email at
"Muique820@aol.com"   -Andrew

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straight from the horses mouth

PVXD93C@prodigy.com Sun Apr 9 22:39:48 1995

Once and for all, I would like to put an end to the Dave
rumors. I know most of you smart people never believed it in 
being told by a cafe waitress that Dave was really sick and 
was bed-ridden and could not play). I was really fortunate
to have had the opportunityto hang out with the band before 
and after the show. Carter brought up the subject of the HIV 
rumors and asked if I had heard them, which of course I had. 
He said that the band found out while they were in Europe
that these rumors were started. Carter's mom called him all 
worried and shit cause she heard Dave had AIDS. They all
thought it was kinda funny and joke about it. Dave was
laughing about it himself. But Carter said that before the
Duke show, Dave was all nervous because he didn't know how
4500 people who thought he had AIDS would react to him. They 
might laugh about it a little, but they're really pissed
off, and worse, upset.
get a life. You're so full of shit. Bama Rags has been
checking out the net to see who is starting this stuff. From 
what I hear, they WILL trace the guilty parties, and they
intend to screw them. So just make sure you have your facts 
straight before you go spreading something. Not only is it
lame, but you will get nailed.
don't believe Dave, Carter, or their manager, who will you


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Charleston 4/8/95

PVXD93C@prodigy.com Sun Apr 9 22:52:57 1995

Incredible show last night! I didn't see Duke, so I can't
Lie in
so much
say goodbye


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orlando tomorrow??

rtrim@magicnet.net Mon Apr 10 00:24:30 1995

just wondering if anyone was going to the orlando show tomorrow?? is anyone
meeting or anything like that?? just wondering......


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Charleston show

MOOREC@engr.engr.scarolina.edu Mon Apr 10 00:44:56 1995

For those of you who missed this show all I can say is I'm sorry. The Duke show looks 
like it was pretty good but this one would be hard to top.  I saw 
Dave about 10 minutes before they went on and I gave him a note with a 
few suggestion for the setlist and while he only played one of them I 
was still really pleased because he got the idea that I wanted to 
hear some old stuff.  I know it would be expecting to much for him to 
completely change the setlist right before the show.  I would expect 
that the show probably dissapointed a lot of the people there because 
I don't think many of them had ever heard a lot of the songs he 
played ( Lie in Our Graves, Help Myself, So much to Say, #36, and Say 
Goodbye).  I hope this new trend will keep up.  The only 
disappointment of this show for me was #36.  It was extra mello and a far 
cry from the song I love to dance to.  The reoccurance of Stefan's 
bass solo in I'll Back You Up more than made up for it though.  I saw 
Leroi smoking a cigarette during this song, I don't think that's  
good for his career.  I am going to the Greenville show on Friday( I hope) if anyone has any 
definite info. on the date of this show please let me know.  Over all 
things are really looking up, more variation on setlists, the rumors 
seem to be dying down finally, and Clare is back! ( I hope ). 
University of South Carolina :Dept. of Chem. Engr.

"I'll taste your mouth, you can taste me south"
"maybe you and me can get greasy down all over the 
floor, all over this place here?" David Matthews (Say


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jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Mon Apr 10 12:28:42 1995

this is a test

alex crothers		


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We are not in Kansas anymore.

Michael_D._Drayer@uu1358.sedgus.com Mon Apr 10 13:09:09 1995


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buczkiew@student.msu.edu Mon Apr 10 13:54:18 1995

Is there any word on if #36 will ever be recorded in the studio?

Look up at the Sky,


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The Ol' Greenville Show

SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Mon Apr 10 14:15:48 1995

Hello one and all.  It seems that me and a couple of my friends are going
to Greenville this weekend and have no place to stay.  We are driving three
hours and would really like to crash somewhere for a few hours and then
drive home early the next morning.  Maybe (and I know this is unlikely)
someone would put up with me and my friends for a few hours and maybe drink
and merry with us.  I can supply the lucky host with some of my 36+ tapes
of the boys for their trouble and a 6-pack if they like that kind of thing.
We are civilized people and just don't want to kill our party with a 3-hour
drive home right after the show.  The host is welcome to stay with us next
time the Boys visit Knoxville, too.  Thanks for reading.  Later....Jeff


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JSCHUSTE@wdet.wayne.edu Mon Apr 10 14:24:29 1995


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setlists, things, and stuff

ECHOI@aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu Mon Apr 10 14:52:17 1995

I hate to bother all of you all
again, but I'm interested in some
setlists from the concerts.  I'd like
them to be fairly recent, if possible.
I'm going to be seeing them in Okc on
the 22nd of April.
I've only bought UTTAD, so I'm not really
knowledgeable about the band.  If 
you could post some pertinent info, it'd
be really appreciated (I did read the faq).
E-mail me personally so we won't clog 
everything up

ps- To the person who e-mailed me, I think
I might have deleted your address when doing the purge
or I might have e-mailed you (I'm not sure).

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Vegas openers

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Mon Apr 10 14:57:59 1995

Is DMB really going to open up for the Dead in Vegas for a three night 
run?  I heard on the rec.music.gdead newsgroup(I think) that the boys 
couldn't negotiate a contract to do it b/c the Dead didn't want Bagby's 
new assistant Dan Healy, longtime Dead soundman and friend to tapers, to 
do the sound.  In other words, if Healy's there, no gig for DMB.  
Remember, this is definitely not confirmed and not an attempt to start a 
rumor, but I heard this a few times on the Dead newsgroup, and would like 
to hear otherwise...Thanks in advance, Creg

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Re: MINARETS digest 127

dm88+@andrew.cmu.edu Mon Apr 10 17:07:22 1995

Guys, be nice to the folks at Z100.  Consider what you life would be
like if more than love, more than art, more than achivement, the most
important thing in your life were money.  These guys miss out on all the
fun had by the rest of us.  Below is my post to Numan, and the response.

net) for at least two weeks now.  Personally, it could interest me no
less which radio stations are playing what and when.  The people I know
who are interested in thoughtful and evocative music rarely listen to
broadcast radio.  I am however curious;
Has there ever been a comparable response concerning another artist? 
Why are these fans so loyal and adamant, if occasionally overzeallous? 
It seems to me that Z100 would want to cultivate the mystique of DMB,
their extended jams, Dave's mellow solo tunes, the sheer passion and joy
of their music, rather than force this unique band through the
commercial mill.  Does the promotional process ever result in lasting
art?  Where are Jesus Jones?  The Spin Doctors?  Absolutely nowhere.
be passed on to the newsgroup, you said you were in the industry to make
money, and you thought Dave and the band were in search of fame and
money as well.  I hope you and your station make a lot of money from the
Dave Matthews Band, and I hope that money makes you very happy, because
if you think mere profit is the end all of musicianship, then you're
missing the point. 

I am impressed at the response indeed. As for music, I was overexaggerating a


"The greatest aphrodisiacs are talent and indifference."

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jgiroux@student.umass.edu Mon Apr 10 18:10:10 1995

(sorry for the waste of space, yet another lost e-mail address...)


yet.  I lost your address or I would have mailed you personally.  I just  
wanted to make sure my blanks got to you o.k.  So if you're reading this, 
please write back!  (The shows you were sending were 2.25.94 Sweetbriar 
College and 12.28.94 Birmingham, AL.)

"A pocket is no place for a smile anyway.


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wilm/pre-dave fest

Ajhale@aol.com Mon Apr 10 18:28:06 1995

even though the show has been changed to sunday, we are still going to have a
pre-dave/volleyball/oyster/beerfest  on saturday

i have received several confirmations from minareters,,,if anyone else would
like to drop by, just let me know and i'll send you details and


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schaffle@email.unc.edu Mon Apr 10 19:26:10 1995


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thoughts on Duke show...

kowalski@jhunix.hcf.jhu.edu Mon Apr 10 19:28:51 1995

Well, I don't normally post or anything like that - just kinda lurk, 
delete annoying messages, and get some good tapes.  But anyway, I just 
felt I had to give my thougths on the Duke show, which most of you may 
not like, but some may appreciate it, especially the guy who already said 
basically the same thing I'm about to.
If you thought this was an "amazing show", or anything like that, I just 
want to say I feel bad, bc obviously you don't know what DMB can REALLY 
do.  Although I do have to give credit for a pretty awesome setlist, the 
music sucked.  From where I stood it sounded like a bad high school band 
doing covers of Dave MAtthews.  I guess it was partly fault of really bad 
acoustics, and a really off sound system. (The music sounded better 
OUTSIDE of the stadium).  But I'm afraid it was also the fault of the 
crowd.  I'm beginning to think that DMB's sound is just not one that can 
carry over to big venues and lots of people.  Now this isn't being 
selfish and wanting to hear them all by myself in a secluded room, which 
wouldn't be a bad thing, but I do understand many people like them and 
they want that.  But I have always thought of their music as very 
jazzy, and you just don't enjoy jazz with thousands of people.  The 
entire show you could barely hear Boyd or Leroi's solos because peaople 
screamed constantly through them and drowned them out.  Not to mention 
you could not make out a word of any of the songs.  And as some have 
already commented, they just didn't have much life or enthusiasm - 
probably due to too much touring.  Usually you go to shows because you 
expect the music to sound alot better live than off a CD, but this was 
not the case, and that is pretty dissappointing.  I would have had a 
better time sitting home and listening to a CD or old boots, because they 
just don't sound like that anymore.
So anyway, those are all the diconnected thoguhts I can think of.  Flame 
if you want, but I really don't care.  If you enjoy them now as is, well 
I'm happy that you can.  But for those who may feel the same as I, this 
is kinda a sad situation.  All I can hope is that after this skyrocket of 
popularity they will mature and things will become a little more sane.  
For now I won't be paying 20$ for anymore disappointing and depressing 
experiences, sitting there thinking what they could be like, or used to 
be like.
Like I said, if I've pissed you off - deal.

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My late Duke review

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Mon Apr 10 19:42:00 1995

Duke show so late.  BUt that's what happens when you live 8 hours away and have
to drive home on the Sunday after a Friday show.
ticket.  THat was cool, a lot of people selling tix outside, a definite buyer's
BHT.  Walking in heard some guy say "Hey I think that this is DMB", when it was
BHT.  They ALMOST sound alike.
song start as the last show I saw in Cincinnati.  Then So Much To Say was a
welcome tune to hear.  Dancing Nancies was where we would find out that Boyd
would in fact liven up and start to really kick some ass, somethign he didn't
do for the first part of the show.  He really took over after a while on this
on tape, never have I ever seen Stefan so active.  I mean, right from the
start, you could tell he was feeling a little "en fuego".  He even jammed on a
tune for about 15 seconds, stepped out and everything.
the first time.  Too bad only about 15 people in the whole crowd knew what
these were, but damn did we know what these were.  The last two songs
pre-encore were pretty dissapointing, although they even seemed to play
Satellite well.  I guess you have to please everyone though.
were excellent, I would like to be able to hear them and actually hear the
words also.  BUt beggars can't be choosers, eh??  The Watchtower that ended the
show was the best Watchtower I have ever heard, just incredible.
what the name of the 2 new songs were.  He showed me the setlist, and it said
"new".  So I asked them, and he confirmed that even the band didn't know what
the names were.
soundboard??  If you did, what was up with the "Hey, let's throw cups of Coke
on each other and almost try not to hit other people???"  Just thought that was
lame, but that's just me.
never made it around to the right side of the boards to see if there were any
DAT feeds or anything.  WHo knows if a tape will show up of this show,
hopefully it will,

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DMB@Paradise, Boston, August'94??

telvis@acs.bu.edu Mon Apr 10 19:54:39 1995

Hey all,

last August. I'm also always looking for a copy of thqt Valentines show w/ the
Orchestra(from what I've heard, it's OK to trade these now)

w/Trey A., 2-24-95 w/ Trey+Popper as well as a bunch of other H.Q. goodies. 

I can from the last time I posted. I'm still getting them from my last
post, and these are the only shows I'm really looking for.

Well, thanks in advance,



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An alternative perspective

jjg35246@acuvax.acu.edu Mon Apr 10 20:12:03 1995

I may be out of line because I missed the forwarded flames from Human Nunan
(or whatever) so maybe I should be pissed as well, but....
Hows about we not worry about Z100?  As Nunan put it, DMB was in on it with us.
Who cares if they might say that they discovered DMB.  Most of you have
been listening for a long time, so you know the difference.  Be content
with it.
Besides, apart from this on-line world, there is a real one out there and
it might be a little more practical for some of us to refamiliarize
ourselves with the way it works.  We live in a capitalist society.  If DMB
wants to make people happy through his music, than that means he must
recieve exposure.  Exposure means radio stations, Z100 concerts, MTV
videos, etc...(Even The Grateful Dead had a video for Touch of Grey!)  Such
is the society we live in.
It might be kind of cool,perhaps, if DMB would remain our own little band
that only we know about, but this is stupid and immature.
cares(!), and please let's have a little more depth in posts here.  I don't
mind trades, etc.. (I love these!), but let's can the stuff about Z100 and
other crap that is beyond our control and really isn't our business anyway,
so long as DMB continues to put out the deep music. (My intentions in this
letter are not to piss anyone off....you put your 2 cents in, I put mine.)

Hey minareters........

ITS TRUE!!!!! ITS TRUE!!!!!!!

DMB will be opening for the Dead in Las Vegas May 19,20,21

Yeessssss!!!!  I have my tickets for the 19 and 20 shows!!!!!!
Also, Widespread will be playing these same dates earlier in the day and I
have these tickets too!  It's gonna be a long haul, but well worth it!

Jeff Garner
ACU Station, Box 6452
Abilene, Texas 79699-6452
(915) 676-4703


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DMB Article in Buffalo News

V134R9W7@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu Mon Apr 10 20:54:46 1995

for some reason i do not get any digests, or messages anymore, even 
though i'm subscribed. so i don't know if this was already mentioned.
there is an article on DMB in the Buffalo News on Sunday April 9th.
it mainly talks about their success. 

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Re: Tim's post

jjg35246@acuvax.acu.edu Mon Apr 10 20:59:32 1995

I'm new to minarets, but I'd much rather see everyone getting along.  I
mean, what does it take to put someone down?  Nothin.  It's easy and even
can be enjoyable.  We all like to be important.  It makes sense (but you
can't beat sense into humans) to make everyone feel important if it makes
everyone feel better.  Just my feelings, but it seems more gets done this
way...  Maybe we'd have a bigger effect getting what we want with Z100 if
we did something besides mail/fax/phone bomb them.  They like the DMB,
maybe for the wrong reason, but maybe we could do something about changing
their reasoning..

Yes, preach on!!! I am not alone in my opinions!

Jeff Garner
ACU Station, Box 6452
Abilene, Texas 79699-6452
(915) 676-4703


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Say Goodbye

jrbolton@COLBY.EDU Mon Apr 10 21:14:38 1995

anyone have the words to the current version of this song?   

Jon Bolton            jrbolton@colby.edu
". . . He's so unhip, when you say Dylan, 
he thinks you're talking about Dylan
Thomas, whoever he was.  The man 
ain't got no culture."       -P. Simon    


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James.E.Moeller@jupiter.cc.gettysburg.edu Mon Apr 10 21:37:17 1995


Academy?  Thanks a lot.


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JordanW631@aol.com Mon Apr 10 21:41:30 1995

To all those going to Vegas.  I HIGHLY reccommend that someone tape the
DEAD/DMB shows.  I know I definitely want a copy of the shows.  If you want
to be a good fan, you could  distribute it like the Dead.  Otherwise, you
could sell them.  I would prefer you to spin it, but I would definitely buy
it if I must.  If you see someone taping, GET A COPY.  It  will be HOT HOT


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***RARE DAVE TREE structure***

jcrother@moose.uvm.edu Mon Apr 10 21:52:18 1995

Keith Oliver needed me to forward this to the net, so here it is

alex crothers


---------- Forwarded message ----------

----------------------------Original message----------------------------

ok...this is the rare dave tree sturcture.......

this post is nearly eleven hundred lines long...(1100).....so bare
with me, but do check it out cause
****this is the one yall need to go by.......*****....
if you are thinking the other one was the correct one, then
you are wrong...(sorry)  ......(i make this point cause there were a lot
of changes on this one)

this is gonna be one of those "digest" posts
cause its that only way i can make sure i have everything
a.  a note about me

b.  tree information

c.  idea for this tree

d.  tape route

e.  notes about the tree structure

f.  a list of people affected by the changes i made since monday

g.  tree structure

a.  one note about me

my name is keith


then, don't get too excited yet...............
i aint gots one yet.////................. .... . . . .. .. . .. .. .

my mainframe got the capabilities to create a homepage about
three days ago
and i hav'nt even started yet
but  i probably will have it up by the end of this week (13 april)
unless my fingbers sill hurt after doing this thing....

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU  koliver(one)@UA(one)VM.....
the only L is the L in oliver
but if you cant get that to work, try......


and f you cant get that to work, i have a aol account tht i hadly ever check
it is

i check the aol seldomly.....or so./......
so definately try me at the first two, first.........

definately.......cauyse other wise i
will be mailing you a christmas-response.......................


b.  tree information.....................

it isnt necessary at all..........
someone (i think jogriffith@vaxsar.vassar)
posted something a little while ago explaining it.....
AND  there is something on the DMB homepage, maintained by ben tanen
which my homepage will iinclude a cross-link to in the future........

anyway.......that file was originally written by brett king, and it was
expanded and revised by moi

it tells you all you need to know
but if you can't find it, or if you are still confused,
dont hesitate to drop me a line......


c.  idea for this tree..........

then you know this............
chris boofy buford decided he was going to make a mix of
shit that he liked, that dmb didnt (or couldnt) do much anymore

that, in itself, is pretty comprehensive.........

*NOTE* there tapes arent quite done yet./.................

well..........somewhere along the line, i might throw in a third
tape..........i still havnt actually decided yet.........but
a lot of people on this tree have inquired about things that dmb
doesnot do, and which are slightly different fromthe idea chris buford
had................so..........here's the deal.........

i have tape one in my possession.............
chris is going to send me tape two when he finishes................
i am considering making a third tape, but havnt decided (which, if you

stefan's jam (old bass led full band jam)
halloween (only dave and carter, when jeff put tripppy echos on the vocals)
....look so nice (dave jaming with the samples)
anynoise/antinoise (early version of say g'bye)
afetre her (early version of satellite, also different lyrics)
two-step (a  version with peter doing the mexican sound thang)
heathcliff's haiku warriors  (only played like..three or four times)

i dunno what he has in mind for tape two

if i do a tape three (which will depend on input from yall, and
whether or not boofy and i have the same ideas about our respective tapes)
it will be SIMILAR, but concentrating less on old old old shit, and more
reeeeeeeaaaaaaal fast
and there are a lot of you who want old old shit
well........boofy is taking care  of that........and that is the SOLE
reason i volunteered to tree this..........

BUT i have also seeen countless posts, asking for this and that with
whoever as guests...............people willing to trade
entire shows (but unable to find anyone to do it with)
for one tune with someone as a guest..........well.,
i could fill up most of a tape with that kind of shit for yall.......
THAT way.........you wouldnt have to stress, trying to find one
now.......i cant think of all the ones i have off the top of my head...........
.........but.....SOME could include

a tune from boyd's old band
a tune with shannon worell or kristen asbury singing along
um...the watchtower from 02.24.95 with trey and popper
the tune from HoB with popper
the 10.15.94 pelham, AL Phish encore W/DMB  JamEyes of the Maker
the nye version of something with the Tribe Poetics that zac mentioned earlier
the 11.23.94 bozeman, MT Everything "soulfish" with dave on vocals
a tune done with dave and edwin mccain trading lines
the demo version of ants with tim reymolds playing a pedal steer guitar
you get the picture...
etc...........i dunno...other stuff too
that sweet home alabamaants ................
the jumping song.......(BLC version of two-step)
other fun shit.......i dont know right now........
yall let me know

d.  tape route......................

ok.........this is why i have the little notes throughout the tree
boofy makes them, tapes them for himself, and sends me the masters
(potential third tape, i have the master, anyway, silly)
i am gonna send them certified to John Longmire, who is going to
make a copy and he is gonna certify-send them back to me
so, for all my children, i still  have the masters.........see.....
i have only one dat player here, so, i cant do the DD
that is John's job......he is running four (i think) DATDAT
copies........and the tapes will be distributed from his
MASTERDAT copy........................

meanwhile, i will be doing a handful of MASTERANALOGUE copies
for my children.......................

no one on john's side has a greater than 3rd gen from DAT
and no one on my side has more than a 3rd generation from master

cool, for a four-hundred person tree

e.  a note about the tree structure.............

this structure is being posted to minarets

then im going to forward the entire thing to horde net..........

then (probably tomorrow) i am going to forward it to all ANALOGUE
branches, DAT branches, DAT leafs, and to Ben tanen, for the DMB
home page

i am not going to personally forward it to ANY analogue leafs
there are waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many...........so, as is the purpose of
the tree itself, the analogue branches are going to forward to
their children (unless their children are also branches)
so, i f someone gets this like.....7 times, dont be too pissed, because
i only want to insure that everyone finds out............ok?

now, you read this by looking at the horizontal line left of your
name --- and following it up, until you see the first person
that vertical line is connected to......

i.e. :

there is also the underlying assumption that heavy head, sofist, and chardy

i tried to set this thing up so that the people with the best taping
stuff were higher up, and the people who were that person's children
lived closer to them than anyoneelse................

but sometimes i couldnt do that...........
for example, i had more UVA branches than leaves, so they all
got people in maryland,  where there was 1 branch, and 15 kids........

f. synopsis of the pertinent changes.........................

peruse over this section...............if you looked at the
structure i posted on monday........and were on it.........
if you werent on it.........obviously, you are a change.............

this is the one to go by, so if your name appears here,
then you absolutely must look this structure to see what changes i made

if you didnt see what i posted monday, then proceed to find your name
on the structure...........

if anyone wants to know why i had to make the changes, each has its
own story, so email me,..

lakenan.......you gained a DAT leaf
mark kabella.......moved all your analogue kids, gave you 2 new dat ones
jeff (clogboy)....i switched two kids
tom clendennen........switched one
janis wallin.........i added one child
jesse merrill.........i added one child
alex/dusty...........i swtiched two, and added one
tom schwenk./.........i added two kids
jen fogelson........i switched one
will seay.........i added one
noan gundle........i switched one, and added a friend of yours.
don tidwell.......i switched one
kelly hale.........ya lost one...
dan grellinger.......you had a kid with an address change
clennenden...again(sorry).....see dan's above
cliff in texas......i switched one
aaron baraff.......see dan's above
eric at udavis........i switched one
matt at stanford.........i added one
pam jacobs..........i switched one
bill burge.....moved you from pam jacobs' brance to my branch
victor wandres.........i added one
alan gonzalez ..........i added two
dominic devito........i switched one
james gunno.........i moved you from dominic devito to brew's branch
brett king........added one
joel einhorn......moved from jen fogelson's to bill burge's brnch
dana mccall.......added a couple
nathan.....i changed your address, and moved you.....
gary, charles,maynard ad rkochman.........i fixed your addresses
heavy head and jcdavis.......see new shit below

***ok......its done......sorry fot all that


extra section....bad trader problems....

ok.......this is an extra section because i just thought of it
three seconds ago...........i havnt consulted any of the people
involved.....i sincerely hope they do not mind.............

ok......when i posted the structure on monday, a guy
by the name of heavy head wrote in shortly there
with a message noting that jcdavis was a bad trader........he wanted to
warn everyone on the net, and especially jcdavis' parent
which was tom clenndenen...........well, this is another change.........

done at the very last minute, as a solution
and head, brother, i hope you see the beneficence in this
and man, i hope you are not mad.......but this is how i'm

the last branch under me, is heavy head........he has one child
it is jcdavis.......the guy who screwed him over........

i am not trying to be an ass to head, he is a good good friend

jc has had AMPLE chance to speak up and redeem himself, and he hasnt......

he even sends in all these tree forms..........

he doesnt claim they were lost........he doesnt respond mail at all,
YET he sends in tree forms...........as the administrator........it is
in my power to set this tree up so that no one gets screwed......and i knew
when i had asssigned jc to tom clenndenen, that i was putting tom at risk,
but i had an idea for tom....just have jc send blanks, and send nothing to
him until he does......

i mean, i have heard from 3 people who jc has kept blanks from

i got this litebulb thingy above me head................

uh huh.....so.........i changed it...........................

now......if jcdavis wishes to get this copy of these two or three tapes...
(and he did seem interested, by his tree form)
then he will get his copy of the two or 3 tapes from heavy head

ONLY IF heavy head recieves his tapes from six months ago

whaddya yall think?

heavyhead.........email me about this.......ok?

if i send MX-S tapes i certianly do not want XL II tapes in return...dig?

or at least we're supposed to act like it
*that* is the ethics of taping.......its like in kindergarten

dont steal shit........

not too hard............and now the ball is in jc's court......

man.......i fucking hope this works.................

g. tree structure

chris has made tape one, and it jams
he's planning on making tape two
i may make a third

john has volunteered to transfer the masters to DAT, then send them back to me.

he is going to be taping DD, and some of his children will be
taping DA (from DAT to analogue tape).....
every analogue coming off a DAT will be a first generation off DAT
and all of my children will also have first generation copies (off the master)

that is essentially what you need to know to figure out
what generation tape you have.......

if there is a problem with your address (or you can't find your
name on here (or whatever))
then contact me (koliver1@ua1vm.ua.edu)
and i will make the necessary corrections
and inform your parent and all your children for you.............

*metal* = that person weants their copy on metal analogue tapes
*DAT* = obvious
**from whoever ____

i realize this may be confusing, but it's better than the prose version......
(bill lakenan tapes the tapes for  klong and jen f. on DAT, and
will seay, brain walsh and david micelli on analogue (metal for the former
two)......meanwhile, klong will tape for jeff, mike peter...........)
i have never used a three word contraction before in my life....
you all would....ya'll'd
shit......oh well..............

here 'tis

|     |
|     |-keith (KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU) *DAT  **from andy zaff
| _____
john will send me back the masters, and from them,:


there's not really anything else to say about
this right now............

(cause if you got this far, then either you are dedicated, or you
are heavy head, cause thats where his name be)

i dunno ya'll..........stats?
16 people get DATs   (10 are branches, 6 leaves)
39 people get metal analogues   (12 br, 27 leaves)
349 get high bias copies.....(63 branches, 286 leaves)

there is no way im forwarding this to 405 people........
screw that.........

im going to sleep.....

this has been fun..............................................................


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scheneng@oswego.Oswego.EDU Mon Apr 10 22:17:08 1995

some Phish I can trade if people need that.

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Re: Vegas

axvann@minerva.cis.yale.edu Mon Apr 10 22:54:49 1995

 To all those going to Vegas.  I HIGHLY reccommend that someone tape the
 DEAD/DMB shows.  I know I definitely want a copy of the shows.  If you want
 to be a good fan, you could  distribute it like the Dead.  Otherwise, you
 could sell them.  I would prefer you to spin it, but I would definitely buy
 it if I must.  If you see someone taping, GET A COPY.  It  will be HOT HOT

A. You can't sell them. No ifs, ands or buts. Don't buy anything that a 
band doesn't sanction. Ever. I'll be happy to explain why, but I've 
explained why so many times before on this net that I don't want to 
bother to do it again publicly.

B. Unless you have an "Official Grateful Dead Tapers Ticket,"  you can't 
bring a deck into a Dead show, and therefore into the DMB show. These 
tickets have to be mail ordered, and if you haven't bothered yet, you're 
out of luck. Don't despair- the band sells 250 or so of these to every 
show, so you'll always find a tape if you work hard enough at it.


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Prism Coffeehouse???

mns2@lehigh.edu Mon Apr 10 23:24:17 1995

Hey all...


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Need Venues

GJPJJS@aol.com Mon Apr 10 23:39:39 1995

you answer right you my win a free hug card.I only put first
and last couple of songs so if you know please E-mail GJPJJS@aol.com.
need dates;  Harrisonburg, VA 1992?  
Unkown Tapes
#1 opens w/
Close W/
Spotlight-- ?(next tape)

#2 opens with
Angel From Mt.Gomery
Tripping Billies

#3 opensW/
So much to say
Sweet home Alabama--.
Seek up

Two step
Cry Freedom Cry
Typical Situation

Thank you

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Looking for Traders

GJPJJS@aol.com Tue Apr 11 00:20:46 1995

E-Mail me at GJPJJS@aol.com. hope to hear from ya. 

VANRYPEN       B-      
HARRISONBURG, VA 1992               B             
FLOOD ZONE 1-17-93     A
FLOOD ZONE 1-27-93     A
TRAX 2-2-93                   B+
"                   "                   " SET 2
FLOOD ZONE 6-2-93                                       B
FLOOD ZONE 7-27-93                                    A+
"                    "                     "  SET2     A
FZ 12-1-93 SET 2/FZ WITH TIM REYNOLDS SET 2 12-8-93  A
FZ 12-1-93 SET1     A
"                      "                  "  SET 2

I have five other tapes with no date or venue.  They are all HQ quality tapes
with great set lists.

P.S. I also have 90hr. GD / 20hr.Phish

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To Nick Devereaux

Mungbyrd@aol.com Tue Apr 11 03:06:52 1995

Hey. I need your address...TpW

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12-9-93 dsbd

Federico.Cribiore@directory.Reed.EDU Tue Apr 11 05:06:07 1995


This is a repeat of a grovel that utterly failed last time around.  I am
*super* jonesed for a copy on DAT of the DMB 12-9-93 w/ Tim Reynolds on
electric guitar. Ever since I got a copy of the dsbd of 12-8-93 I have been
looking for more of the boyz with Tim on electric- since he adds so much to
their music. I have over 400 hours of almost all sbds on DAT to offer in
return- including a bunch of pretty rare gems.

Please respond to this if you can help- My collection will defintely make it
worth your while. Thanks-



Please reply personally since I have recently signed off of minarets.  Thank

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orlando show, et al

pmod@magicnet.magicnet.net Tue Apr 11 05:48:28 1995

holy cow.  that is essentially all i can say.  I know everybody has similar
experiences at dave shows, but i never fully understood.  it was the most
a) boxing ghandis were tremendous.  i highly reccomend them, and their cd. 
b) big head todd was awful. maybe its just me, but i really really did not
like them. sounded like candlebox at one point. [i really do not want to get
in an argument over this either]
c) some of the crowd really sucked.  one guy asked me during bhtm, "who is
this band?"  hey, i didnt like them, but at least i knew who they were. sheesh.
d) they [dmb] played some crazy stuff. i cant remember their setlist, but...

{not in order!!!}
So Much To Say
Lie In Our Graves
Two-Step -- Ants                  === HOLY SCHMO!!!
Warehouse.                          ===  {opener}
Best Of What's Around
Typical Situation
Dancing Nancies               ===  nutso jam here
some others...

Angel from Montgomery*  \______  Encore
Halloween                       /             wow

*Boyd sang with dave.  beautiful voice, boyd has.

wouldnt let me.  but i waited a few minutes and got to see LeRoi and shake
his hand.  We didnt really say anything beyond 'great show' & 'thanks'  but
it was neat to see him.
I also left my # with a guy who booted it with a MD.  so if people want
tapes, lemme know.  hasta.


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More Z100 stuff

reinha16@student.msu.edu Tue Apr 11 06:15:58 1995

As a new netter, I have only been reading this newsgroup for about a  week and
have to say it's a pretty cool group.  I have seen a lot of discussion about
the Band going from obscurity to stardom almost overnight.  As I am from
Michigan, I haven't listened to them as long as some of you, but can say I
expected it to happen.  They are a tremendous band.  I saw Phish change from a
band who nobody had heard of, to .....well you know.  I unlike many people have
no problem with this stardom.  I am excited that both bands have been able to
reach more people than ever.  I can also guarentee you of this.  Regardless of
how many albums these bands sell, they themselves will never change.  They will
always be incredible people.


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daves music

slachanc@polar.Bowdoin.EDU Tue Apr 11 06:49:38 1995

hi all,

it's superior to uttad for many reasons. first is raw emotion..nothing can
match the live performance..as you tape traders know... second is sheer
talent..dave doesn't need high tech studio wizardry to make himself sound
phrasing, original bass lines that compliment the music rather than stand
out, a lot like stefan in general. leroi's sax and flute playing is
incredible..i play sax and i find that the sound i like best is when it
sounds like a violin...leroi has those moments...frequently. amazing. 
boyd, well he's great...i love it in tripping billies when dave goes 'boyd
yeah', cause that's exactly how i feel when i hear it.  his violin playing
is amazing, in uttad a lot of his sound is lost in production, and he
plays parts on ants on r2t that i don't hear on uttad.  carter..well he's
great as well, steady, original, never misses a beat even when his sticks
break...he's great. all in all the band is a bunch of great
musicians...dave included. 
one, he allows the other instruments to be highlighted, creating a balance
that makes the band unique...that's what i love about them, their
uniqueness. in the band being called dmb, the focus shifts to dave and the
others are often overlooked...
that's all i can say....just wanted to share with people who still care....


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this group

spc@acpub.duke.edu Tue Apr 11 08:17:18 1995

hey, there've been a number of posts lamenting the direction that the
content of this group has taken. i think that a good deal of it has been 
pretty good, but it's definitely had its moments which have seemed kinda sad 
to me (ala rumors,human numan,waldo,z100 bombs). i used to spend a lot of 
time on the rem newsgroup till the traffic just got way out of hand 
(round about 150 posts a day!). tonight i went back just to see 
what was going on and despite the fact that i found 629 posts, i 
liked a lot of the threads that i saw. here's some of what they're onto 
people would like a new album to be like, duets and covers people think 
would be cool, the lameness of many press interviews and the questions 
they would like to ask, ideas for rem automobile vanity plates(this appealed 
to me in a perverse kind of way; feel free to flame me for it, i think i 
need it). 
though there is a lot of baddisease/sexuality talk on that group too. it 
also occurs to me that some of the more flameboyant posts don't happen 
there because (and this really is as objective as i can be) there isn't 
quite the zeal and excitement for rem that dmb fans have. plus most of 
them have gotten past the traumatic transition to stardom phase (not many 
of them have recent memories of when they could have a beer with mike 
mills after a show in a bar). the group is rec.music.rem  for anyone who 
wants to take a look at it. y'all might find it interesting just to peruse 
the subject headers. later.


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charlottesville 2-22-94?

Dmbard@aol.com Tue Apr 11 11:55:37 1995


i am looking for a VERY HQ copy of dmb @ charlottesville on 2-22-94

i am also looking for dmb @ uvm they played the end of january i think the
date was the 26th, or right around that.

also, does anyone have or know where i can get the WINTAPER label maker for
my tapes?

any help would greatly be appreciated.

what is the address for the HORDE net?





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Random ramblings

rkochman@ucg.com Tue Apr 11 14:47:08 1995

Just a few short random ramblings-

1- I saw my first semi rare DMB disc this weekend. It was a promo-only
CD-single of Jimi Thing.  The disc had four songs [Jimi Thing (radio edit),
Jimi Thing (UTTAD version), Recently (from Recently EP), and Watchtower
(from Recently EP)]. Although this had Jimi Thing (radio edit) I still think
that Ants is going to be the next song released for airplay.

2- Live at Ziggy's is popping up everywhere. I was at a record and disc show
this weekend - a few different vendors had it. The lowest price was $45. I
took the liberty of pissing off each of these vendors by explaining that DMB
at one time provided SBD feeds and there are tons of HQ boots floating
around that are not too hard to get. Most of the vendors weren't happy. :-)

3- I have seen a few posts about other minareters going to the Dave/Dead
shows. I will be at the Sat night show 5/19.  If you will be also, drop me a
line - lets get together for a little minarets party in the desert. 

4- If someone still has digest #130, please get in touch with me - I may
need it forwarded to me.  I did not receive one yesterday.

5- Guys, who are you more excited to see on SNL - DMB or Courtney Cox?

****Personal Note*****

Heather Lynn Austin (aka my Terp Buddy) - please send me your email address.
I got your tapes. They should be done this week. 




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Orlando show 4/10

hauser@server.chem.ufl.edu Tue Apr 11 14:54:25 1995

Hey all,
he cancelled due to SNL, a buddy and I decided, hey let's just show up at the
Orlando gig and (1) scalp tickets (2) try to schmooze with a band member and
get on the guest list, or (3) sneak in.  Well, EVERYBODY needed tickets, so
we knew we'd have to pay an arm and a leg.  We did get to talk to Boyd 
briefly and plead our case about the Gainesville show, showing him our 
G-ville tix, and he said he'd see what he could do. Although we didn't 
get excited cause he seemed like he was way out of it, (and couldn't 
remember our names anyway.  So plan 3 went into effect. Using our Gainesville
tix we picked the dumbest looking ticket taker and waltzed right in.  He 
barely looked at the tix!!  Needless to say we were stoked...

So Much 
Norwegian Wood teaser --
Water/Wine Jam --
Lie In Our Graves  
??? Mellow acoustic tune/Carter/Stefan join at end "...I believe I'm 
falling fast..." was what I thought I could decipher as the refrain.
Best of What's Around
Two Step


It had been a year since I had seen them for $5 at a club in Gainesville with
about 300 people--two sets, you know the good ol' (not ol' ol) days, when the
band travelled in the big brown van with the trailer.  No more...  Super
sweet shiny tour bus, tractor-trailer full of equipment, light show, and 
screaming UTTAD fans.  I'm sorry I'm biased, but people musta thought I was
hot (bouncers threw bottled water into the crowd twice) and every 16-20 year
smoking like chimneys. Stereotype, I know... but I reeked of smoke.

It was great seeing the band after a year.  Dave was in evil mode all 
night.  The UTTAD songs were pretty standard versions. Boyd was smoking on an 
extended version of Nancies. The whole Recently segue was the definite 
highlight of the show.  So Much and Two Step were pleasant surprises, but I'd 
seen them on recent set lists so I wasn't too surprised.  Halloween was a 
great encore closer, especially since everyone there expected WWYS.

Two people were taping.  One guy was standing in the middle of the crowd 
holding a mic in the air.  Needless to say, his arm got tired fast, and 
the mic disappeared after the second song.  Bagby was helping another guy
near the board, so I went over and got his name.  I don't know if he got
a good quality tape or not.  He didn't have a DAT, it looked more like a 
Sony mini-disc player.

All those going to the Sunrise show tonight (Katharine) have fun!!




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Someone please send DMB tree again

BWB9124@tntech.edu Tue Apr 11 15:54:21 1995

if anyone has the tree that was posted yesterday could you please send it to
me? i deleted it by mistake and i really want to get on the tree. thanks for
the help!        later,

P.S. if anyone needs the date for the HORDE tour in nashville i have it. e-mail
me or i'll post it in about a day or two.  bye

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Bad Stadium Sound and Healey

eje3u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Tue Apr 11 16:22:02 1995

To all,

Now nothing in this post should be taken as fact, the statements herein are
my suppositions based on what I know of Dave, Bagby, and Healey (in fact I
may be misspelling Healey, is it Healy?)

Someone, I believe Kim, was complaining about the sound at Duke, and probably
with good reason.  I know the soud at the UVA ampitheater sucked towards the

Which brings in Healey, who I think is the undisputable master of Stadium
sound.  I don't know if he had any hand in the Dead's original Wall of Sound
approach, but I do know he executed it to perfection.  I could go on about
the Wall of Sound, but I am no authority on the subject, and that is somthing
technical that I'd rather not be wrong on.  What was I saying . . .  Oh,
anyone who has seen the dead for a number of years can testify that the sound
on this last Dead tour was comparatively bad, and it is conventional wisdom
(which of course is often wrong) that when Healey left the Dead (which is
uncontrovertably true), he took with him the plans for setting up the sound
for virtually all the major stadium venues.  I can testify personally that
the sound for the RFK shows last year was lame, but it is a tough place to
get good sound in, and Healey had a lot of experience.

Which brings us back to DMB.  It has been stated alternatively that Healey
*is* the new DMB soundman, thereby replacing ol' Bagby, or that Healy is now
Bagby's "assistant" which, despite DMB new status as hot band, would really
be a step down in job status, I would think.

So what seems more likely to me is that he has been brought in to help, like
an executive consultant.  As much to teach Bagby, as anything.  Bagby knows
Dave, but he doesn't know Stadium gigging yet, and it appears that is where
they'll be heading (I don't mean that all their concerts will be in RFK or
Giants stadium, but bigger indoor and outdoor places are liable to be the
norm, basketball joints, ampitheaters, etc.)

Which brings us back to Duke.  If the sound was bad, don't expect it to stay
that way.  Big hall playing takes practice for both the soundman and *the
band*  The Dead have got years at it, and its still not always right.  (but
of couse when it is, wow!)  Even Phish has a sound that is louder, and
therefore more amenable (man this sounds like a vocabulary test) to the big
places.  Its easy to make Metallica sound decent in a stadium, but the sounds
of the Dead and DMB, while very unalike, are much more fine, even when loud. 
I think this may be even more true with Dave b/c there is only one intrument
which was designed with the expectation that it would be played through

As to no Healey in Vegas, it is unfortunate, since that is a *big* place for
Dave, but its the Dead's show, and till Healey and them patch things up
(please, please, soon) dats da way it is.

and I think a LeRoi would be awesome on Eyes.  Maybe a duet with Branford?

Eric Edwardson

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you just don't get it

cmf29@columbia.edu Tue Apr 11 16:33:03 1995

thought you guys might enjoy this little letter i sent to Z100.  sorry 
about all the extra shit at the top.  i messed up the address the first time!

---------- Forwarded message ----------

550 minarets.uvm.edu (TCP)... 550 Host unknown
550 moose@minarets.uvm.edu... Host unknown (Authoritative answer from name server)

dear Z100 djs,
fans on minarets actually want dave matthews band to be a success.  we 
want the band to make money so that they can continue making the music 
that we all love so much.  i don't think the main issue is that we feel 
that the band has "sold out."  on the contrary, i think many of us feel a 
sense of pride in knowing that we follow a band that is good enough to be 
but the behavior of your radio station.  we feel that you have ruthlessly 
exploited the band to further your own radio station's reputation.  we 
understand that you also want to be a success, but an advertisment that 
states that "no one had heard of the dave matthews band until Z100 
started playing them" is really just too much.  it is a ridiculous and 
untrue statement to make about the popularity of the band, and i am 
certain that even the band members would not be  content to know that 
radio listener's ears were filled with such blasphemy.  i wonder if the 
band knows about the advertisment you ran that stated "the dave matthews 
band may not be as big as green day or offspring, but we think they might 
be someday," or words to that effect.  do you think that the members of 
the band really appreciate being misrepresented in such a condescending 
and your reaction to our justified anger that has us so outraged.  did 
you ever consider that a more reasonable method of giving away free 
tickets would have been asking a dave matthews trivia question and giving 
the first person with the correct answer the free tickets?  that way, 
the people who won the tickets would have been both fans of your radio 
station and of the dave matthews band and the whole process would have 
been as fair as possible and everyone would have been happier.  instead, 
the majority of the people at the concert knew very little of dave's 
music and couldn't appreciate when the band played such rare wonders as 
'two step,' 'so much to say,' and  'angel from montgomery.'  it is not 
only disappointing for a "real" fan to be surrounded by so-called "fans" who 
don't know the music well, but i imagine that it is also disheartening for 
the band to play to such an audience, an audience that has a sort of 
pavlovian response to 'what would you say,' but otherwise remains 
silent for the duration of the show.
least, for they had very little control over the situation.  we are angry 
with you for exploiting a band that means so much to us and refusif of the 
internet and go listen to some green day or something.


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charleston show

MO12292@conrad.appstate.edu Tue Apr 11 16:59:01 1995

Hello all-
incredible-it kicked ass!  I have seen many dmb shows and have been 
hesitant about the explosion of fans that have discovered this band, not 
to mention that the show was at the Citadel, an freak show in itself.
But here is the setlist, I have not seen it posted yet but I am 
digestified so I apologize if it already has been.  Here goes...

Best Of What's Around
Dancing Nancies
Lie In Our Graves
Rhyme & Reason
So Much To Say
Typical Situation
Jimi Thing-
Help Myself
Lover Lay Down
Say Goodbye
e-Back You Up

There were a ton of very hot jams, Boyd played his heart out.  Dave had 
plenty to say, mumbled something about being glad to be back in the 
southeast and that it looked like we had been breeding down here.  I have 
too much to say about this show so I better shut up but if anyone wants 
more info I will be happy to respond.  Oh yeah, the crowd basically 
sucked but once I found my own dancing space I was completely happy.
They played from 9:30 until 11:45 only taking a short break before the 
encore!  This show really changed my attitude about all the commercial 
success and fair weather fans that have discovered this incredibly 
talented band-the boys simply kicked ass!
shows!                 maggie  

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Re: Z100, dave, and us

sseremet@emba.uvm.edu Tue Apr 11 17:15:48 1995

Fellow Minaretters-
we know how they feel(or some of us think we do), and otherwise this is
just getting out of hand.  Let's try education...I posted a polite and
informative response from none other than Human Numan himself carefully
explaining what tunes get airtime, how they get picked, etc...it was quite
interesting.  If you bothered to read this(which I'm sure many of you
did), you would understand, that BASICALLY, choosing tunes is out of the
DJ's hands, and although the station may have taken a little more credit
for founding DMB's success than they deserved, is there really a need for
us to tell them 10,000 times how loyal we are, how much they suck, etc.? 
I think they get the point...they are more than willing to help us
understand how this shit works, so lets let them do their jobs...playing
the CD's picked from a computer(which chooses based on lots of market
info.).  Z100 and many other stations like it(you know the kind) play top
40 type stuff over and over to an audience that likes that kind of stuff -
NOT US - personally, that sort of thing makes me want to puke, but we
don't have to listen to it.  I know that contest was a bit unfair, and it
was a bit absurd for the tickets to be distributed the way they did, but
how often does this happen?  Not very often, and if any of us were die
hard enough to show up(which some of us were - or could), they were giving
out LOTS of free tickets at the door to interested parties, including
several minaretters I know. 
bit...I have no quams w/ any of you, and I'm sorry if it seemed as though
I was attacking anyone(especially Caroline), actually, I think it's great
that we can join together and show our dedication to music and a great
band.  Have a nice afternoon and feel free to respond to ME PERSONALLY. 
Thanks for listening-


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Chapman and the Bird

azm@phoenix.Princeton.EDU Tue Apr 11 17:30:34 1995

I'm interested in trading for a boot with the chapman stick...
and I've got some sweet stuff to trade.
Any takers?   write me personally


If you haven't seen the movie "Bird" (the Charlie Parker Story), smoke a 
bowl and see it tonite!  It's AMAZING!


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bmc110@psu.edu Tue Apr 11 17:39:25 1995

Sorry to post something off the subject, but does anyone out there know any
Freddy Jones Band tour dates or know a way I could find them???



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a question....

SLAUFER.96@DIANA.HCHS.HUNTER.CUNY.EDU Tue Apr 11 17:40:47 1995

I'm sure this has been posted before, but I have to ask, because I'm 
confused.  Is the line
"Tomorrow go back to being friends, but for tonight let's be lovers" 
(or a close approximation) 
from "Say Goodbye" or "Just For Tonight"? Or are they the same song.

Doubtful of your journey
Finding it hard to believe
Days are filled with uncertainty
Inner strength will relieve.
Sari Laufer
60 E.96th St. #5A
New York, NY 10128

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If your in NYC

bneville@eden.rutgers.edu Tue Apr 11 17:41:10 1995

hey now- Thanks to Gravity will be playin at Wetlands (NYC) on Thursday 
Night- These guys are still small but definitely talented- I'll put it 
this way, when I first played DMB for my bro, he said "they sound like 
Thanks to Gravity"- Acoustic guitar and Violin- and they Jam- check em' 
out if you can- you went regret it!- till next time.

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Everything live on the internet!

sctm@vt.edu Tue Apr 11 17:47:38 1995

What's up minareters,
Everything will be broadcasting it's Concert from JMU this thursday over the 
internet.  To see it,  I think you're going to need a SLIP or PPP 
connection,  or ethernet.  THen you must download the software,  CU-SeeMe 
from gate.cornell.edu
Windows and the Mac environments.  Once you download it it's easy to use.  
The signal will be sent through Standford and once I get the exact IP 
address of broadcaster I will post to minarets again.  Good luck,  with 
anything slowere than 14.4 connection it's going to require a lot of 
patience.  Once you get the software,  just fool around with it,  it's easy 
to use.  If you trying connecting to some of the broadcasters it supplies 
with the software you can get an idea of how it'll look.  I have had the 
best luck with nysernet.org

There always seems to be people broadcasting from there.  Have fun and more 
details to follow! 
Scott Miller-                sctm@vt.edu
Virginia Tech               scooter@acm.vt.edu
Blacksburg, VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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Say Goodbye lyrics, 10/8/94

cypherc@cleo.bc.edu Tue Apr 11 18:09:44 1995

I don't think this went through the first time, so please forgive me if this is the second time
I posted it.
  This is a little something for the alternative lyrics file, seeing as we only
have one version of Say Goodbye, and I wrote out the lyrics a while ago for a friend of mine. 
Some parts I'm not sure of, and some I have no clue (wild yodeling)
                              Say Goodbye, 10/8/94, The Avalon, Boston, MA
     So here we are tonight, you and me together
     with snow outside, and the fire bright
     Oh, and in your eyes I know
     its the same thing, that's on my mind
     Take a look inside
     Oh, well I know I can't deny, 
     this is troubling
     When we both love your man
     And we love my wife
     That we would even consider taking these chances
     But no eyes but our own, will spy this (....)
     Say love'll wait, I guess
     And, tomorrow, she's another day
     Oh, but tonight let's be lovers
     we'll twist and play under covers
     (......), yeah
     And tomorrow, go back to bein' friends
     Well, tomorrow, oh, tomorrow
     We'll bo back to bein' friends
     Tonight let's be lovers
     Have a glass of wine, maybe get high
     Oh, share a little, you and me together
     Just to taste your lips, and your fingertips
     Right abandon clothes (.....)
     All this desire and we require
     (More than a way??) hey, again
     Oh, I know it's a troubled sin
     But I don't dare lose this instant
     Desire's got me in (....)
     (Yelling) we'll meet again
     Oh, lover just for one day
     and then tomorrow, sure enough we'll see
     Tomorrow, go back to bein' friends
     Tomorrow, go back to bein' friends
     Tonight, let's be lovers
     Oh, yeah, lovers (....) lovers
     Say it again. . .lover, Say it again. . .lover
     I'll wait, No one but our eyes will spy
     This little instance
     We're two, we're two a (....)
     Two alone, just for one day
     And tomorrow, sure we're friends
     But tonight, what we done (....)
     Sail away, yeah,
     Tomorrow, let love wait, yeah
     We're (Yelling)
     We'll be tonight, lovers, lovers
     Say Goodbye
     Say Goodbye
     Say Goodbye

Craig Cypher

"Spring comes when Spring comes"
                                --Dave Matthews


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anybody want to TRADE?

reidenoue@urvax.urich.edu Tue Apr 11 19:37:01 1995

---=== TRADEAGE ===---
I would like to open a trade for _any_ body who might be interested, be 
you veteran, newbie, or somewhere in between.  I have over 80 tapes, 
ranging from rare, earlier stuff to more recent shows.  I am always
interested in expanding my collection and am willing to trade with _any_ 
one.  Just send me your list and I'll send mine right back actha.  If you 
have no tapes yet, well . . . write me anyway, and we can set up some 
kind of 'blanks and postage' arrangment.
Hope to hear from y'all (I'm from VA) soon!


ps - anyone going to the Greenville show this Friday?  See ya there

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wnettle@falcon.bgsu.edu Tue Apr 11 19:47:30 1995

i was wondering if anyone out there could send me a digested list of any 
DMB bootlegs you might have.  I have no bootlegs and would really like to 
get my hands on a few.  THANKS!


....a nowhere man from a nowhere land cupped the nowhere sand in his 
nowhere hand and said to no one, "Where the HELL am I?"


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Attn: Any WSP fans out there?? :)

dmusser@cscsun.rmc.edu Tue Apr 11 21:27:58 1995

outside of Richmond, Va.), for Earth Day on Sat April 22nd!!  A real good 
local band "Agents of Good Roots" is opening up.  It is a day time event 
that starts around 12-1pm.  It will be on our football field which is as 
good as any grassy area for a concert.  Other fun and festive activities 
will take place on this day, but WSP is the obvious highlight.  You can 
Sunday's Van Ryper's fest (only 1 hr away...).
(knock on wood...) an interview with the band while they are at my 
school!!  We still need to set a time that is convenient for the band's 
traveling schedule.  What I thought would be a good idea is to ask you (WSP 
lyrics, the tour, HORDE, Mtv video, the future plans, etc.- you catch the 
response/reply, I will try my best to choose the questions which seem most 
appropriate.  When creating a question(s), you might want to avoid any 
questions asked recently of David Schools on the AOL interview.  There is a 
way to access that interview's transcript, but it escapes me presently.  I 
will then simply ask the band your questions directed to whomever you 
specify and I will give you credit as the question-maker.  I am going to 
tape the interview on cassette, so if it turns out right, it could make a 
nice filler.  After all is said and done, I will post (at _least_ to those 
who submitted questions) the transcript of the interview for those 
interested.   I will also write a concert review/interview for my school 
newspaper using that material.  So, if you have something you've been 
wanting to ask/tell the band (within reason), then now's a good time.  Send 
questions/comments to me (dmusser@cscsun.rmc.edu) with subject header 
"WSP Interview".  PLEASE send them to me no later than next WED April 19th 
as I need time to structure the interview.  Hopefully all will go well, so 
keep your fingers crossed!!  If you have any Q's, let me know.  This is 
YOUR chance to ask the questions... Later- Dave dmusser@cscsun.rmc.edu
p.s.- the internet is a great place to spread WSP's fanbase even more...

"Crossing paths that we've taken all along..."-R.Foehl, Acoustic Junction

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BWB9124@tntech.edu Tue Apr 11 21:39:41 1995

Nashville TN on Thursday August 10th. Tickets go on sale June 9th. i think
through ticketbastard. i'll get the final word on that though. hope to see you
all there chillin to some kick ass bands (of course DMB and BT are the best).
we should all get together at the show and hang. well hope this helps and if
there are any out there who need me to get tickets for them, i'll try.



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Ischaefer@aol.com Tue Apr 11 21:41:08 1995

Does anyone know where this guy is?
Has anyone ever traded with him.
He owes me four DMB tapes and I have not heard from him in a while.
I'm sorry to be posting like this but I lost his address.
Please give me some info.

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Looking for Sweet shows Much to Trade...

perry@nic.com Tue Apr 11 22:07:04 1995


If anybody can help I'm looking for SWEET SUPER CRISPY copies of the following

Sweetbriar 2/25/94
TRAX 11/17/92
Paradise in Boston late summer early fall 93
HammerJacks Baltimore Late 94 (if one exists)
Dave & Tim  Acustic at Irving Plaza late 94

Have lots to offer ALL HQ (I'm a quality freak) mostly 1st GEN including ALL
NYC except above show (all 1st gen DAT SBD)3 Roseland 2 Irving Plaza

If your up for a trade drop me a line...




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Re: Random ramblings

Matthew_McClure@brown.edu Tue Apr 11 22:35:15 1995

5- Guys, who are you more excited to see on SNL - DMB or Courtney Cox?
   I think its a toss-up.  ;-)

You're absolutely out of your mind.  DMB is much more exciting than
Courtney Cox.       -Matt


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An introduction

shardin@uahcs2.cs.uah.edu Wed Apr 12 04:01:41 1995

Greetings and Salutations,
introduce myself.  My name is Stephanie Hardin and I'm an e-mail addict.  
It started off with a note to a friend here and there, then it got worse. 
I sold off both of my kids and all of my material possesions to keep up 
the habit.  Now all I've got is a computer, modem, and a big cardboard 
box. Okay, so I'm kidding, but you have to admit that it's an interesting 
intro. Yes, my name really is Stephanie (I wouldn't lie on that front) 
and I guess you really could call me an e-mail junkie since I now belong 
to 3 mailing lists and am sure to add more.  
Band fan, but a VERY new one.  Thus I know very little about them and I'm 
probably going to be in the dark about most of the discussions. However, 
I'm always ready and willing to learn about new bands, especially ones 
with such an interesting and unique sound. So, if anyone is willing to 
offer me any "tutoring" in the ways of the Dave Matthews Band, I would 
greatly appreciate it. (As  well as copies of any bootlegs or compilation 
tapes any of you happen to have. I'll send blank tapes and postage to 
whoever would be good enough to make me copies.)  Since I have very 
little else to say, I'll just leave it at that and say goodnight.

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shows- next couple of days??

McMoe@aol.com Wed Apr 12 04:03:33 1995

can anyone email me personally with the schedule for the next couple days --
like thurs, fri, and the weekend.  I am going to be in Charlottesville (yes,
the holy land) and chapell hill and am wondering if they are going to be in
the area.  also, anywhere in south carolina the beginning of next week??


"celebrate we will, cause life is short but sweet for certain" Dave Matthews

"and the earth beneath us, holds a secret within its forgotten roots -- the
secret of love" Acoustic Junction

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Anybody out there?

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Wed Apr 12 04:10:24 1995

Just testing, I think my thing is f#@$%d up.  I haven't got any posts in a 
while, are there just no posts?

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hlantos@cs1.presby.edu Wed Apr 12 04:12:23 1995

please help...I am internet-challenged and I cannot get into the lyrics 
file.  I know that all of this has been explained before, but i swear i 
tried for an embarassingly long time before i gave up and i never did 
text-files...etcetera.  Please help me, and be kind thank you thank you 
thank you.  Sorry for using the bandwidth for thishit. Danka, heather. 


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wilsonn1@student.msu.edu Wed Apr 12 04:27:42 1995

I hope someone is a taper and gets directly hooked up to the soundboard. The
wopuld be the coolest. Especially if that person just did spin-offs. Does
anyone plan on doing that. Let me know, I'd definately be interested in getting
a copy, even if I had to buy it.

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Dave on SNL

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Wed Apr 12 04:54:47 1995

Dave is definitely much more exciting than Courtney Cox...However, Courtney
Cox is soooo beautiful. (I loved her on Family Ties, Cocoon The Return and 
now Friends)  I think overall, this could be the best episode of SNL in a 
they will play WWYS (although I wish they wouldnt) but what about the other
song?  Maybe ANTS?(because of the whole vidoe thing)  I dont know, but how
cool would Spotlight or Cry Freedom or Two Step be?  I dunno..just rambling..

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asamueli@skidmore.EDU Wed Apr 12 04:59:11 1995

(hopefully DMB) will be in the HORDE this summer?

End of network mail

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Union College Show

jgiroux@student.umass.edu Wed Apr 12 05:13:28 1995

DMB would be playing there at some point in time, but wasn't really 
interested  so he didn't listen to the date.  Can anyone confirm or 
deny?  If  someone out there has a date, that would be really help too.  
(I'm  trying to plan my summer around as many shows as possible.)  Thanks in


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Update on Everything show on internet!

sctm@vt.edu Wed Apr 12 05:45:03 1995

This is another quick update on the Everything internet appearance.

Everything will be broadcasting Thursday nights show from JMU live over the 
internet! You will need software called, CU-SeeMe and it can be FTPed from 
gated.cornell.edu under the /pub/CU-SeeMe directory. It only runs on DOS and 
Macs, sorry. Once you have the software, you'll want to connect to either - Cornell U - Somewhere in Texas (lots of repeaters) - NiserNet in NYC
at 8:00 on Thursday, Everything will begin a live interactive interview over 
this thing and should be cool. In order to interact,  you have to have a 
compatible video camera and video board, AV Macs have this so you guys are 
in.  After that the show will be broadcast. If you have a slow connection, 
the video is going to be real choppy so don't fret, but the audio should be 

Checkout the Everything Home Page for updated info at 

Groovy Beans!!!
Scott Miller-                sctm@vt.edu
Virginia Tech               scooter@acm.vt.edu
Blacksburg, VA 24060
"Turns out not where,  but who you're with that really matters!"


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jjgoke@bingen.cs.csbsju.edu Wed Apr 12 05:56:39 1995


I would like to make a proposal here, and I would like people's feedback. 

Many of us are fans of DMB and are fans of CDs, but out of respect for DMB
we trade tapes and do not buy the bootlegger's CDs.  Well I think I may
These CDs are produced in an unresellable fashion -- they are written on
the writable blank CDs that say, "SCOTCH" on them, or something similar.  
Also the buyer must send in a signed promisary note that the compact disc
will not be made available for sale.  Also, only a very limited number of
copies can be purchased for each resident of a house.  These CDs are
completely legal as the buyer must agree to use the CD only for his or her
personal use.

What I am proposing is that we have a CD made, "The Best of DMB Vol. I" we
could call it.  It would consist of the personal favorite songs from the
clearest DATs or if need be, from the very clearest of the regular audio
tapes.  Basically what would happen is everyone would contribute material
to be put on a DAT tape (up to 63 minutes in length) which would then be
converted to compact disc, and everyone who was on the list could order a
copy of the compact disc at a *very* resonable price.  The only one who
would make any money on the deal would be the person producing the CD --
*really high*, I know) a 1000 copies of the CD were wanted by members of
Minarets we would only have to pay $1 a copy plus shipping!  Now I don't
know how many people are interested but if you are, please fill out the
form below.

Please note -- I have not picked a company to make the CDs yet.  I have
talked to several and got general pricing.  If anyone is interested in
some of the information I received so they can contact the companies
personally -- just email me!

---- CUT HERE ----

Regarding the DMB CD "TREE":

Who are you?

--- END HERE ---

Thank you!


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Legality of CD "TREE"

jjgoke@bingen.cs.csbsju.edu Wed Apr 12 06:20:42 1995

legality of making such a compact disc.  What they told me is that it is
completely legal to make personal copies of material as long as it is for
So basically it comes down to, all that is being done is that we are making
a BEST OF DMB TAPE and spreading it around.  Except we are spreading it around
except the cost of having that CD made.  This is the reasoning that the
companies I talked to gave me for the legality of such a thing.

interested.  The price can range anywhere from $1 (1000 people) to $30
(if only one person was interested).  Hopefully we can find a happy medium
around the $10 range -- but I am trying to find the lowest price right now,
so I will keep you all informed.



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More UTTAD promo work coming

jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Wed Apr 12 06:25:33 1995

Word is that the label fellas will plug UTTAD with a brand new,
big money plan. looks like -- on top of SNL, 3 dead openers,
letterman, and gold status -- the boys are shooting to the top.
so much for seeing the boys around town at millers. :(


Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard * * POB 3240, Charlottesville,VA 22903
  jeg5s@virginia.edu    jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu  


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notes from beneath the old oak tree

lono@brahms.udel.edu Wed Apr 12 06:34:19 1995

if you wish*

hey there 'retters!

just thought I'd shoot in some comments of Dave, minarets, and the scene.

***first of all, a word for my server**

fuck that!!! my freakin account crashed and i was left without a net for 
a solid week...eek

***and second of all, for the flamers***

thsi is not a homosexual thing...

way to go!
send 6000000messages to a radio station saying..."fuck you...we like dave 
matthews and you ruined him"

why do I get the impression that they'd think that means ya'll are LISTENING?

jus' my .02 on THAT subject

***yo HIV...chill***

'nuff said

***more great moments in Dave Time***

how about the "be" from back you up???

or "calm away by the storm is chasen"   chasen??? from satellite

how does he DO that??? and then do "HA HA" so damn low that you think 
swear he's conjuring up the devil himself for that line in seek up?

from that Roseland show that I just mailed out...

after trey and popper literally blow the roof off of the joint, Dave says 

"God DAMN!"

mutter mutter mutter

"Ah jus' gotta get my shit together"....into Broadwayrecently


God DAMN I love this band

***a word about the Dead***

no offense Dave, why the fogies?

In all honesty, won't DMB lose most of their energy in a place that big?
I tend to think they're the kind of band that draws energy from the 
crowd. How do you draw energy from a fucking stadium that's 1/2 to 1/3 
empty 'cause everyone's in the parking lot trying to get fucked up 
enough to make listening to the Dead bearable?

Not that I'm not a Dead fan...hell, if I still did drugs, I'D tour!!! but 
they're definitely getting old, and they just aren't the mid-seventies 
jamfest that they were...and no mushroom could convince even the most 
modest of junkies that they are... Hell, I LIKE the DEAD! but Dave and them?

It's definitely cooler to open for the Dead than for Green Day, 
IMHO...less crowd surfing? maybe?

but still, Dave can get better gigs...why cater to a relic like these old 
bats? It kinda disappoints me when a new band has to play in the shadow 
of a band who's time has really passed.

sorry, Deadheads, I'm not trying to be offensive at all, but compared to 
the high energy stuff I've started to get into, 6 old men who forget the 
words and take 55 minute setbreaks to tie off put me to sleep.

Hell, the ALLMAN BROTHERS jam harder than Jerry and co...

I'm GOIN to see those old bats!! Wooooo 2 tix in the balcony at the 
philly Tower are on their way from the 'Bastard as we speak...for a mere 
29.75 each!!! what a bargain!

***another word that's dead related***

anyone in possession of "Go Ahead" bootlegs? some kinda crazy all star 
line up with members of Dead, Traffic, Santana, etc.

e-mail me direct If you do

***last thing***

I'm an opinionated fuckhead, sometimes, so don't take me the wrong way

I'm not trying to bash anyone's choice in music, but I question the 
judgement of a band who makes such a seemingly obvious stab at getting 
press head. I mean, what the hell are the Black Crowes doing opening up 
for the Grateful dead???? Did they just show up to buy dope, and decide 
to stick around? It's should be the other way around.
they're no longer an opening band! neither is Dave!

I dunno, I stopped going to Dead shows cause the $45 tickets which 
afforded me the luxury of getting barfed on, lame set lists, over 
played "jams" and ridiculous Space-Drums features that had fizzled 
down to the rare, brilliant gem and many more drawn-out tuning 
sessions, getting trampled and hassled by the police, and watching some 
fat grey guy pass out against one of the amps on stage (no, not a roadie) 
left me feeling ripped off. Gimmee a no-cover Grinch show or $15 to see 
the Ramones or Gibb Droll ANY DAY!

I think I'll listen to Dick's Pick's....g'night

*remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires...be careful when and why 
you flame!!*


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Re: Random ramblings

lund4649@blue.UnivNorthCo.EDU Wed Apr 12 06:41:53 1995

 5- Guys, who are you more excited to see on SNL - DMB or Courtney Cox?
    I think its a toss-up.  ;-)
 You're absolutely out of your mind.  DMB is much more exciting than
 Courtney Cox.       -Matt

Matt....come on buddy.  She's incredible!!! No, seriously, i have seen 
and heard much more of DMB....so, i'm biased.


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Re: More UTTAD promo work coming

jgiroux@student.umass.edu Wed Apr 12 07:10:53 1995

"Word is that the label fellas wil plug UTTAD with a brand new,
bid money plan. looks like -- on top of SNL, 3 dead openers,
letterman, and gold status -- the boys are shooting to the top.
so much for seeing the boys around town at millers. :("

talking to a friend about all the z100 shit and all the harsh feelings 
about dave not being "ours" anymore.  i know that we all would like to 
keep dave to ourselves, selfish as that may be.  my friend made me 
look at though, just how happy dave and the boys make us feel, and if 
that feeling reaches more people, imagine how much the would could 
actually change, all because of music.  i know that it has changed me, i 
have never been so into (obsessed, my roommate says) anything as i am 
into this music.  it just makes me feel so fucking wonderful, i think all 
of you know what i mean.  and while because of all the exposure we will 
have to put up with all the teeny-boppers and people who know all the 
words to WWYS and nothing else, if the music touches even just one person 
more, isn't it worth it?  (little sappy, i know, i'm feeling humanistic) 
and eventually all the people who listen to the boys just because the are 
on the weekly top forty will move on to their new craze, and we will 
still have all that dave has given us...a great fucking feeling and some 
kick-ass music.  we just have to be patient, that's all.  
now.  sweet dreams of dave....

"so much to say,


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JT Griffith

SIRJEFF@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU Wed Apr 12 07:19:31 1995

I know Mr. Griffith (for the one looking for him) and he is really cool
about his trades.  I did a ten trade deal with him and was only able to
send the first four out in the time we had set up and he was cool about it. 
I got all ten of my tapes and he has been really patient with me.  If you
read this Griffith, your tapes are out tomorrow (or five of them, which
means I still owe you one, SOON man, SOON).  To everyone else, your tapes
are spinning right now so bear with me and don't hold my slowness against
me.  After school is over my speed will greatly increase.  As for the
Greenville show, my hunt continues for a place to crash with my buddies.  I
might have a spot with a fellow minaret(er) but if you are reading this and
thinking, "Man, I really would like to put up a couple of cool cats for an
evening and get some free bootlegs out of it." then send me a message. 
Later guys....JEFF
Oh yeah, as for any get together before the Nashville or Greenville, my
friends and I are game.  But, I want to be at the show super early so I can
talk to Dave through the concert and keep requesting SPOTLIGHT.  
Something interesting, I found a Boxing Gandhis c.d. at the used store the
other night for 4 clams.  Pretty cool price, but the music is kind of,
well, kind of...... Are they pretty groovin' in concert?  Later boys and

Mr. Jeff Epperson

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Summer shows?

messierb@ucsub.colorado.edu Wed Apr 12 08:04:59 1995

Any info on other summer shows after the Dead shows in Vegas?  Think they 
would like to swing by Red Rocks this summer?  Peace


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clever monkey

Dmbard@aol.com Wed Apr 12 11:25:16 1995


got a williams tape 12-11-93 (sounds good) and it has a very unusual filler.

it sounds a lot like say goodbye, BUT i think it is called clever monkey. it
was done from hampden-sydney, va on 10-15-93. has anyone else ever heard this
tune? was this the precursor to say goodbye?

any info would be appreciated.



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