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slachanc@polar.Bowdoin.EDU Sat Apr 22 00:22:46 1995


just my two cents.

devil? boyd and leroi on the whoo whoos? think about it..
dave's voice singing that...that would rock.
diamond? or any pf song..he would put a new twist on it...

bands to cover dave.

just a thought.


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DMB on ABC Tonight?

91286@tayloru.edu Sat Apr 22 01:49:02 1995

Hey my friends--
R.E.M. is the band featured on ABC In Concert. I'm hoping that it's a miss-
print. I guess we'll all find out soon enough.

Taylor Univ.

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anyone near Tallahassee....

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Sat Apr 22 02:02:20 1995

do you know what time ABC in Concert will be on?  The paper only tells me 
up to 10:30pm.... i'm having someone tape it for me, and i don't want to 
miss it!  personal email would be appreciated... thanks!


Nine planets round the sun
Only one does the sun embrace
Upon this watered one
So much do we take for granted


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anyone near seattle

VOLDAJ@PLU.edu Sat Apr 22 02:21:45 1995

if anyone knows what time abc in concert is out here on the west coast 
(especially seattle), please write and tell me.  i DON'T want to miss 
this.  PLEASE, if anyone can help.......thanks a lot.  


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boyd JAMS

dans@cloud9.net Sat Apr 22 04:25:25 1995

The end of tripping billies, anytime, anyplace..."Take it off, Boyd!"  'nuff 

Looking back at my SNL video though, he really rocked in his solo @ the end of 

Anytime he breaks a bow, you know he's been smokin'



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help - looking for the 12/30/94 show!

cfreeves@minerva.cis.yale.edu Sat Apr 22 06:06:00 1995

i have a huge favor - 
and anyone who could help wins my undying gratitude for life
(and a tape of their choice of course)
anyway - one of my best friends is graduating in a couple of weeks
and i would like to get him a copy of the 12/30/94 show (in dc i think)
which is the last show he attended
so if anyone has a copy, PLEASE let me know and i'll mail you my list!
thanks in advance


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re: odds and ends et al

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Sat Apr 22 06:17:01 1995

I have found it ironic that we're finding all the good covers dave should 
do, yet at the same time many folks don't feel anyone can cover dave 
satisfactorily. i hardly think simon and garfunkel planned to have dmb 
(and every acoustic singer/band on god's green earth) cover me and 
julio... but dave does a pretty good job, right?

just my $.02. keep an open mind. remember the parachute analogy... :)


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Cover Song

aftahler@students.wisc.edu Sat Apr 22 06:19:33 1995

I agree that if Dave covered the Stones, Sympathy For The Devil, that would
be incredible.  The "who whooos" would be crazy, how long would it take
after the show to get THAT out of your head?!  Peace. Ali


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If Anyone Wants To Bail

bharvey@freenet.vcu.edu Sat Apr 22 06:34:25 1995

If anyone wants to bail this list full of misguided souls, all
you have to do is E-mail listproc@moose.uvm.edu, and in the

Try it.  You might get your life back.

Bryan Harvey


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Re: Drugs: good for you, DMB!!!

lono@brahms.udel.edu Sat Apr 22 09:18:25 1995

someone posted not too long ago the story of Dave tripping on the Beach 
in South Africa (I think it was there) and being hassled by the Police 
("billies") and handing over his beach towel, mistaking it for a gun. He 
assumed that that was why he was being harrassed and then wrote a song.

3 guesses what song it was.

they sound this good???? It's no mystery that many/most musicians have 
done some kind of drug experimentation...yeah, yeah, so they say Zappa 
never even dropped LSD, but GENERALLY musicians use drugs. I think 
there's probably cooler stuff to discuss.

GOD DAMN!!! is it just me, or do i sound whiny lately???

fre concert @ state college w/ acoustic junction this weekend (the free 
part is part of the rumor...have no ida about the fact of the matter as 
far as price of admission)

WHEW! a whole minarets with NO PHISH....yeehoo

sorry to hear Boof's hair is gone...I remember someone posted some kind 
of description of "floppy-hair" back in the day...I guess these kinds of 
notes are gone.

I just wanted to thank various people for posting tab/chords/lytrics to 
Dave tunes
keep it up!!!
trying to fill out a decent repoirtoir (or however the f...) of Dave 
tunes to play.
I don't BEGIN to duplicate the Matthews style or charm, but I like to 
sing his lyrics, and they're pretty popular (even the R2T stuff) with U 
of D students.

Keep those posts coming...please keep us posted on the latest in cool 
tunes (Dave and otherwise...no phish, no dead) from across the globe!

keep the big door open!

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Fave Boyd Jams

wrongway@wwa.com Sat Apr 22 09:45:45 1995

Put that in your pipe and smoke it...


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Drive In, Drive Out

dowell@vt.edu Sat Apr 22 14:09:46 1995

I have a copy of Drive In, Drive Out that is on a collection of rarities and 
is listed only as from 3-93..  It is an absolutely incredible version of the 
song with the whole band and what sounds like Peter and also Tim.  It sounds 
like Tim or whoever is playing the electric guitar is using some effects.  
There also is this siren sounding noise which I can't tell if it is an 
effect from the guitar or from the keys.  I was wondering if anyone knows 
what show this is from and if anyone knows how exactly they are making those 
noises, or if anyone even knows what I'm talking about.  It is 2 a.m. and 
I'm watching In Concert half awake.


"life is short but sweet for certain.."-Dave Matthews  


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in concert/ yeah right!

youngm@luigistoaster.pds.charlotte.nc.us Sat Apr 22 15:32:46 1995

what tha hell?       Did any body see it out in the west or something 
like that?!



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Re: favorite boyd jam

JP9195@uacsc1.albany.edu Sat Apr 22 16:31:12 1995

my favorite boyd ca(no delete key) jam is 6/12/93. seek up.......simply amazing!

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Boyd Jams

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Sat Apr 22 17:52:01 1995

My favorite would be the all-out badness from Blue Water at Zollman's on 
1-30-93.  That jam is what defines Boyd's ability to get down on the 

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Ryan C Edwards???

cgbradle@email.unc.edu Sat Apr 22 18:22:59 1995

Does anyone know where Ryan Edwards is?  I don't want to send any bad 
trader alerts out, but it's been nearly a month since I was supposed to 
get a show from him, and I've contacted him several times.  If anyone 
knows where he is(if he changed addresses, etc.) let me know please.  He 
owes me a show that I went to,and I would really like it.  Thanks in 
advance, Creg Bradley   cgbradle@email.unc.edu


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lyrics on acoustic wharehouse

dth@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU Sat Apr 22 19:04:32 1995

ok, i'm stupid. what's he singing in the falsetto section where the 
audience starts cheering?

Dan Howarth (dth@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
Chapman Stick, Basses


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DMB at Red Rocks

pdquinn@nyx10.cs.du.edu Sat Apr 22 19:08:07 1995

Dave will be headlining a show at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado on 
August 15.  tickets will be $20 for general addmission and $22.50 for 
reserved seating...red rocks is an awesome place to see a concert..i 
wouldn't want to miss this one.

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dmb @ red rocks - more info please

dth@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU Sat Apr 22 19:34:18 1995

hey, i'm interested. can someone get me a phone number, or is it going to 
be a ticketmaster rip-off or what? 
who else will be playing? the note mentioned that dmb was headlining.

Dan Howarth (dth@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
Chapman Stick, Basses


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dmb @shrine mosque - springfield, MO 4-21-95

psjacobs@artsci.wustl.edu Sat Apr 22 19:50:21 1995

well.........NOT my fav dmb show, to say the least. i'm still deciding 
whether or not it was worth the 3 1/2 hr drive each way from st. louis. i 
missed the boxing ghandis, so i can't comment on them (but maybe someone 
else can - hi gary, bill, and peter! :) )
all in all, a pretty boring set list. the highlights were minarets w/ a 
funky intro, and 2 incredible jams by leroi in jimithing and watchtower. 
as i should've predicted, the crowd was obnoxious! crowd surfing started 
during BHT (who were about as energized as my dead grandmother) and 
continued all the way through dmb, including during soft slow ones like 
typical situation. :( also, at the end of watchtower, it didn't seem to 
have an ending - they just got fed up w/ the crowd and stopped playing 
mid-musical phrase. i can't explain *how* much i hated the crowd.

i've seen a lot of *solutions* to the problems w/ crowd surfers, my 
personal favorite is to stick my hands up like everyone else, then dig my 
nails in and drag down on the person's (often exposed) belly. this proved 
to be fairly effective ;)

i talked to jeff bagby (the sound guy) at the end of the show, and asked 
a little about the band's plans----one interesting thing to note is that 
i doubt dave and the boys will do *any* HORDE tour dates - bagby said "it 
just doesn't do anything for us" (BTW- keith, i said hi to him for ya! ;) )
he *did* mention that they probably will contiue touring this summer, 
maybe w/ a short break, and possibly hook up w/ desmon ferril (did i 
slaughter this name? i forget this part of the conversation) for a while.

one more note of interest if you've gotten this far - i taped the show, 
w/ a walkman and a stereo mike - i was forth row on the floor, so i guess  
it came out ok, but since i was determined to be on the floor this 
time, there *is* a lot of crowd noise. however, i'd be happy to spin off 
2 copies to the first 2 newbies who write to me, and also to the first 2 
newbies who write me w/ the correct digest # for blanks and postage.

well, that's all i can think of for now, hope future shows are more 
interesting and more polite. if i forgot anything, i'm sure someone else 
can cover up what i missed. :)


~                                                                          ~
I  "Imagine that the sun itself                                            I
~   is your heart and shine on           Pam Jacobs                        ~
I   infinitely without looking           psjacobs@lime.wustl.edu           I
~   back....." -Jenn Wertz of                                              ~
I   Rusted Root                                                            I
~                                                                          ~


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More Red Rocks Info

jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU Sat Apr 22 20:32:29 1995

Well a number of people have written to ask for further details about the
Red Rocks summer - so here's an abreviated list of events to plan your
summer road trips around (my apologies to those who can't be with us during
these summer nights :) )

May 18, 19: Big Head Todd & the Monsters with ween and Freedy Johnston,
$20 & $22, on sale now

June 9, 10: Phish
on sale may 1

July 2: Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers with Digable Planets and
Spearhead, on sale may 8

July 4: Blues Traveler
on sale april 24

August 9: Lyle Lovett with Shawn Colvin
on sale may 22

August 15: Dave Matthews Band with unnamed special guest
on sale june 5

August 16: Steve Miller Band, Doobie Brothers
on sale june 5

August 22: +Live+
on sale june 19

August 27: The Cranberries with Toad the Wet Sprocket
on sale june 12

The TicketBastard number in denver is (303) 830 TIXS
all red rocks tix subject to a 10% city seat tax,
$3.50 TM service charge, $.50 donation to benefit Safe Summer '95 (some
bullshit youth program that promoter Barry Fey is taking credit for by
"donating" $.50 per ticket - which means that each ticket costs a half a
dollar extra!!, and if you order by phone - those tickets are subject to a
$4.50 charge each and a $1.60 per order handling charge.

20+2+3.50+.50+4.50+1.60 = $32.10 (ouch!) (but I don't think all tickets
have the max service charge etc. so it won't always be this expensive - it
just might be that expensive :) ) 


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91286@tayloru.edu Sat Apr 22 20:42:58 1995

I'm surprised to check my mail today and see no posts about the "In Concert"
show last night--I assume it's because everyone was as dissappointed as I.

First of all, I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning to watch the dumb show-and
Dave only played one song. I hate to say it--but any video (film) of dave does
not come close to capturing the DMB we all know.

between Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, and John Denver! How could they put
him on the same night as DMB.

Finally, the crowd on the film--(chicago, Aragon Ballroom?) seemed pretty lame.
Does anyone that was at the show agree--or does anyone that was at that show
actually remember ANYTHING?
Thanks--Andy T.P.

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Re: More Red Rocks Info

pdquinn@nyx10.cs.du.edu Sat Apr 22 20:46:07 1995

 The TicketBastard number in denver is (303) 830 TIXS
 all red rocks tix subject to a 10% city seat tax,
 $3.50 TM service charge, $.50 donation to benefit Safe Summer '95 (some
 bullshit youth program that promoter Barry Fey is taking credit for by
 "donating" $.50 per ticket - which means that each ticket costs a half a
 dollar extra!!, and if you order by phone - those tickets are subject to a
 $4.50 charge each and a $1.60 per order handling charge.
 20+2+3.50+.50+4.50+1.60 = $32.10 (ouch!) (but I don't think all tickets
 have the max service charge etc. so it won't always be this expensive - it
 just might be that expensive :) ) 
Anybody know why DMB didn't book the concert through Nobody In Particular 
Presents and use tele-seat instead of tickmaster?  Maybe somebody should 
suggest it management.  The Beastie Boys, Sarah Maccleheni, and Pearl Jam 
are all having concerts at Red Rocks this summer with out going through 
Barry Fey and ticketmaster.

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psjacobs@artsci.wustl.edu Sat Apr 22 21:19:30 1995

the newbie offer for non-digestified newbies is closed for the 
springfield,MO show - please don't send any more requests!!
digestified newbies - the offer still stands for y'all! first 2!! :)


~                                                                          ~
I  "Imagine that the sun itself                                            I
~   is your heart and shine on           Pam Jacobs                        ~
I   infinitely without looking           psjacobs@lime.wustl.edu           I
~   back....." -Jenn Wertz of                                              ~
I   Rusted Root                                                            I
~                                                                          ~


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wkersh@indiana.edu Sat Apr 22 22:30:01 1995

To all Dave fans,
I was wondering if anyone had all of Dave's TV appearances on a 
VCR tape(Letterman, SNL, HOB, ABC in Concert) please let me know, I would 
like to work a trade for it. I only have audio though. I've got about 20 
hours of DMB, some Samples, and FJB. By the way, although ABC aired only 
one song by DMB, it was a lot better than Letterman or SNL because it was 
a true concert setting, no blaring lights in front of their eyes, no set 
time limit, and hey, they didn't even show WWYS. So guys, don't complain 
about last night and ABC, even though Todd Snider sucked. Sorry I'm 
rambling, I love Freddy Jones, but I think I would fall asleep at one of 
their shows. Last night was evident of that. Well that's enough for now, 
oh yeah, by the way, does anyone out there have DMB doing Sweet Home 
Alabama on a boot? I would love to get a copy. Please get back to me soon 
if you either have the VCR tape or a copy of SHA. Thanks guys, oh yeah, 
Jeff Epperson, if you're reading this. I need the tapes you owe me, this 
is getting ridiculous, it's been a month and a half. I get out of school 
in 2 weeks and I want my tapes. Sorry to be rude, but when you make a 
deal, you should follow through. 


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Re: Cover Song

acox@s850.mwc.edu Sat Apr 22 22:47:40 1995

 I agree that if Dave covered the Stones, Sympathy For The Devil, that would
 be incredible.  The "who whooos" would be crazy, how long would it take

If he covered Sympathy for the Devil?

You, and a couple people are a little late here, it's already been done,
though I do not know the date right off hand. 



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Unique concert review from Israel....

center@jer1.co.il Sat Apr 22 23:10:40 1995

Hey all!
I've been with Minarets a while, and I've seen many people write about 
exactly what they've experienced at all kinds of concerts.  Well, being 
in Israel doesn't mean that I'm totally out of the musical loop -- the 
music just happens to be in Hebrew.
So, this past Wednesday night, for the low price of $20 (60 shekels) I 
went to a Shlomo Artzi concert.  It was the last night of a musical 
festival over the Passover holiday, and it was totally random -- you 
know, a friend had tickets, etc.
I went up there with another friend, this one who had actually heard of 
Artzi.  I got there, with no idea of what to expect, and my ticket gets 
me on to this large open field, with about 1,500+ people lying down 
towards a stage.  We spread our blankets and did likewise, and waited 
about five minutes, when he made his grand entrance.
The beginning seemed boring -- just some songs, a couple dancerts up in 
front, and then Artzi does something that I have yet to see done anywhere 
else.  He pulls a young girl, maybe fifteen, up on stage, and they start 
singing together!
younger girls, and most of whom inevitably ended up upstaging him.  The 
crowd got up, did a little dancing, and everyone started singing along 
with the songs.  The guitar and saxophone players were wild, as were the 
horns that he brought out mid-concert.  Sometime in the middle, I noticed 
a fire truck, and as we were wondering what it was for, the stage lights 
dimmed, and as the band kept playing, they shot of fireworks for a good 
ten minutes -- all through a jam session!
Finally, the concert came to an end, and then, as Artzi came back for his 
encore, he kept going -- 45 minutes of encore music, with 7 full songs, 
and a few verses that he ad-libbed on the spot.  It was absolutely 
Even though I understood only half the words to the songs, I guess this 
importantly, if you've got a guy who loves to perform, and the crowd is 
right, you don't need to know what is going on to have a good time.

Amuse yourselves!


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What would you do???

goldberg@rochgte.fidonet.org Sat Apr 22 23:11:32 1995

Hey everyone,

I have a little problem, and want your advice.  Let's say, out of the
goodness of someones heart, they just decide to spin you a show if you
send them blanks and postage (I have done this many times).  You send
the blank, with about $4 bucks tucked inside, and a copy of the
original message the person sent to you telling you it was ok.  You wait
about two or three weeks, and get no response.  You are not even sure if
the person received the blank.  From over hearing other messages, you
learn that the person is not going to trade the show that you wanted
with anyone.  A few weeks later, you are really starting to get pissed,
but, when you go to look up the person's address for a gentle inquiry,
you discover it lost.. never to be seen again.  You then, over the
next few weeks post messages asking this person to please get in contact
with you over Minarets...no response.. my general impression of this
individual was someone that was very trust-worthy and genuinely
intersted in not only trading and spreading DMB shows, but in the band's
well being.  After these disappointing events over the last 2 months,
I'm not so sure anymore.  I am the last person in the world to make
accusations that are false, but this really stinks...

What would you do??

Once again, I do not have the person's name, nor address, but I do know
that this person almost treed out the Feb. RSO show before recalling it.
PLEASE....  if anyone knows this person, or if this person is reading
this post, I would really appreciate it if you could contact me!!



That way, nobody can capture me.....They can use the hell out of me, but
there ain't too much they can do to me.  They can mess me up, play the
wrong note, they can play a C, but they can't really destroy a C.  All
it is, is a tone...So I'm gonna come back as a note.



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Songs DMB should cover

MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Sat Apr 22 23:42:16 1995

Hi all,

while I was just walking around today, I thought of a great song that I think
the band should give a shot at.  Peace Frog by the Doors.  Stefan would wail on
the base line, and LeRoi and Boyd could give it a good flava'.  Just a thought,
y'all let me know what you think.

Dancing out with the moonlit Knight,

*                                                                             *
*  Michael Mafodda				MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU     *
*									      *
*		James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA		      *
*									      *


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DMB.avi ...

jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Sat Apr 22 23:46:55 1995

I just got an AVI clip from the last 30 seconds of WWYS.  If anyone 
wants a copy, e-mail me and I'll send it to you encoded. It's about 
650K long.

Also...anyone see ABC? Boston didn't carry it...they should "American 
Journal" about O.J. instead. Ah well...see you later, minaretters


Name what song this is from,
and win a very special prize!!!



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Looking for RSO

wkersh@indiana.edu Sun Apr 23 00:21:19 1995

two weeks left of school and would like to get a trade going as soon as I 
possibly could. I have about 20 hours of DMB, some Samples, and FJB. I'll 
send you my list if anyone sends a reply about the RSO show. Thanks guys.


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Matt Certain

PVXD93C@prodigy.com Sun Apr 23 01:50:00 1995

Charleston show. Well, I was, and I tried to write you back, 
but the message did not go through. If you read this, please 
send me an address I can reach you at. Thanks,



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Jimi Thing on Radio

gclark@pipeline.com Sun Apr 23 03:08:00 1995

At work Today I heard Jimi Thing on WBAB a local radio station on Long
Island. Unlike stations like Z100 would have people on the net believe
classic rock stations in NY have been playing DMB song for a while. Its
almost funn that Z100 plays DMB alongside Ace of Base. In NY classic rock
stations describe  Daves music as almost classics already. Every time WWYS
is played afterwards a DJ would come on and say some nice remark about the
quality of DMB and there CD, while not saying a word about the other bands
just played. Not like we didn't know he has great music, now they need to
start playing some live stuff. 

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dmb on the radio

ST942505@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Sun Apr 23 03:21:09 1995

Well, today I was driving out in the sunny spring weather and was playing
around with the stations and I caught the tail end of WWYS on one of Philly's
many top 40 stations. When it ended they went right into Rusted Root's
Send Me on My Way., the first RR song I have ever heard on the radio!!! I have
and love their CD and have been listening to them since the summer....are they
getting a lot of radio time now??? On Top 40 stations??? Or was that just a 
random occcurrance????  WEll, one last thing. I unsubscribed for a week b/c i
went home and didn't want my mailbox to plug up so if this point has bee
expressed before I APOPLOGIZE!!! Don't flame me....DMB was pretty rockin' on
SNL last week. I was kinda bummed that they played WWYS BUT I thought their
Warehouse intro to Ants was kickass, i wished they had just played all of
Warehouse, not Ants. Oh well, just my thoughts.
:-) Robyn

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Captin Ahab's Deep Fried Tuna Chunks

beck74@potsdam.edu Sun Apr 23 05:46:16 1995

Arrr, Whats up, Mateies?
Not much here.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day, I know I did.  I
got to see Pipe Dream, and they rocked!  They played at the Earth day
Festival at our college, and although most of the other bands blew, and the
weather sucked, the boys (and girl) kicked ass!  The thing that makes them
pretty cool is the fact that they put their all into everyshow.  I've seen
them play at some really shitty gigs and they always try their hardest to
kick ass and play their hearts out to whoever is listening.  I know this
has absolutely nothing to do with DMB so I'll digress...
I was on the radio tonite from 7 till 12 and I was playing all request
blocks, and about 10 people called up and requested blocks of DMB.  So I
played a 4 song block, that did not include Ants or WWYS.  It was pretty
cool.  I also got two requests for FJB, and while it was playing 3 other`
people called and said they really dug it and wanted more info.  All in all
a pretty satisfing nite.
can't still answer the question.  Go ahead!  Tell us what you think DMB
would do a kick ass cover of?
Anyways kids,  I will be going.  I will return in a few with some more
questions concerning DMB.... stay tuned.....
Good nite Land lubers...
peace and stuff..



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twang@sdcc13.ucsd.edu Sun Apr 23 06:39:43 1995

could someone please let me know how to sub to this list?  thanks a
-tim wang (twang@sdcc13.ucsd.edu)

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Re: Songs DMB should cover

3H12PAINTERJ@vmsa.csd.mu.edu Sun Apr 23 10:33:58 1995

	I know the results have already been tallied (no flames please), but
while I was just walking around today, I thought of a great song that I think
the band should give a shot at.  Peace Frog by the Doors.  Stefan would wail on
the base line, and LeRoi and Boyd could give it a good flava'.  Just a thought,
y'all let me know what you think.

started me thinking about the lesser "thought of" tunes that bands should
cover.  Well, it's not 'Sympathy...' or 'Devil went down' that first came to
mind when this thread started, but 'Down Under' from Men at Work, a classic
good tune.  I could hear Boyd taking over whatever solos Greg Ham (I think) 
indulged in, be it flute or keyboard, and Dave on vocals would definitely 
grab the 1980s-esque feel of the song and put it on the shelf.  
with "beaucoup" shots of Dr. Jack in the veins, it sounds duper. (there's a

Josh Painter                ===================================================
3h12painterj@vms.csd.mu.edu  "The loveliest tune imaginable becomes vulgar and 
Marquette University          insupportable as soon as the public begins to hum


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jimi thing

JenSin@aol.com Sun Apr 23 14:39:21 1995

Hey all!

I was driving through school today, picking up a friend, and the station I
was listening to (WHFS for you local folk) said that Dave's first single was
coming up next.  When it came on, it wasn't WWYS or Ants....it was Jimi
Thing.  Yes, I know they sound misinformed, but it *was* the first song of
Dave's that the station ever played, way back when.  Not that this is really
important, it's just reassuring to know that they found songs of value
*other* than the ones MTV decided to play.  Just MHO.  =)


PS  This is by no means anti-WWYS or anything . . . I still love that too. =)

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Re: MINARETS digest 138

wsanford@cloud9.net Sun Apr 23 14:39:30 1995





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is the server down??

rtrim@magicnet.net Sun Apr 23 16:11:28 1995

just wondering if the minares server was down because i havent got any
messages in two days, and i KNOW that thats impossibleG oh well, if its
down, im sure itll be up again soon, but if it isnt and i have been
unsubscribed somehow, could someone tell me/put me back on.
cut here--   /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


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MPOWERS1@ithaca.edu Sun Apr 23 17:26:30 1995

try one more time.  Just wondering if anyone could help me out on locating

Syracuse, NY   2/20/94
Rochester, NY   2/26/94

Thanks!  Any help would be appreciated.  I
have plenty to deal.  Thanks!  LAter.



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Zollmans and the Like

X8AX@MUSIC.STLAWU.EDU Sun Apr 23 18:40:30 1995

Howdy party people....
What's goin on????? I just have a few quick questions that I wanted to
ask everyone.
#1..Do any boots exsist of Dave at Zollmans in Lexington???? I know he
played there quite a while ago but i was curious if boots exsited.
#2..Did greg get my tapes...Then went out on Friday..Just curious..
#3..My faviorte Boyd Jam,.,WEll Ihaven't seen to many shows, only two,
but in those two Boyd jamed out on Tripping Billies.."Check him out
#4..Just in case Danny-Boy at Potsdam is intrested Acoustic Junction is
playing a free show here in Thurs...
Well that's about it.  Love getting all the posts and Dave is the man..


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new member

msessa@grove.ufl.EDU Sun Apr 23 19:03:43 1995

hey everyone i am a new member and just thought i would say hello.  i 
recently saw dmb in orlando at the edge..anyone else?

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barein@mail.wm.edu Sun Apr 23 19:17:34 1995

*****************NO EMB,DMB,OR BT CONTENT****************************


area(Williamsburg, Richmond, etc.)  He has an amazing voice!  I guess
most poeple have seen a pretty good acoustic guitarist at one time or
another.  And if you enjoy that kind of thing, this guy is one of
the good ones.  He plays about equal portions of covers (stones, big
head todd, bob dylan, etc.) and originals.  Anyway, he played at the
UC Cafe here at William and Mary on friday, the 21 and I taped it.
The Calico Quartet and River were also on the bill.  It turned out
really well.  I would love to share this tape with anybody who is
interested.  It's about an hour long set.  If you are interested
please email me and I cna tell you where to send a blank.  Thanks


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Dave's artwork?

ESGJ59A@prodigy.com Sun Apr 23 19:49:07 1995

I noticed that several of the descriptions for the shirts say "based on an
original sketch by Dave Matthews."  I didn't realize how talented this boy
really is!!  I love the dancing flame design, and it says it is one of his.

training?  Does he do a lot of sketching?  I would love to see more of his
work if it is around!  I only wish I was that creative sigh.


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Re: DMB on ABC

sundtde@iac.net Sun Apr 23 19:52:55 1995

Finally, the crowd on the film--(chicago, Aragon Ballroom?) seemed pretty lame.
Does anyone that was at the show agree--or does anyone that was at that show
actually remember ANYTHING?
Thanks--Andy T.P.

I was at the show at the Aragon and of the three shows that I saw in Feb.
and March this one was my least favorite for a few reasons...1)the crowd
did suck, a bunch of (I proably get flammed for this and I'm sorry to say
it was the truth at this show)high schoolers who thought it was more fun to
push the crowd around then listen to DMB 2)BHTM closed the show, 3) Dave
was tired, I don't know if this was evident on the ABC show but anyway...I
was wondering what did FJB play???  The best part of the Aragon show was
the Seek Up which was pretty intense



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Looking for JC Munez

Muglinn@aol.com Sun Apr 23 20:27:01 1995

Hi all, I'm looking for JC Munez who I believe is a student at McGill U. in
canada.  He was supposed to send me a copy of DMB VT show.  I sent a blank
and postage and haven't heard anything.  



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AOL users

Muglinn@aol.com Sun Apr 23 20:39:53 1995

Anyone on AOL have some interesting GIF's or other files to exchange.  We can
attach them to mail.  I've got about 12 DMB, Phish, etc.  Just an idea.  (AOL
users can only attach files to aol mail)


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Re: DMB on ABC

battsdt0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Sun Apr 23 20:47:32 1995

i didn't get to see the ABC thing the other night and i was wondering if
anyone could tell me what the guys played. i know it was probably WWYS and
Ants but i just thoought i would ask anyway. by the way, what did FJB and
BHT play? thanks.



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subscribe minarets: Naomi Kelts

KELTSK@aspen.uml.edu Sun Apr 23 21:15:58 1995

am desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: MINARETS digest 132

MBEAUDET@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Sun Apr 23 21:58:53 1995

please tell me how to get off of this or take me off

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sorry everyone... but

twang@sdcc13.ucsd.edu Sun Apr 23 21:59:53 1995

Hey minarets gang-

Just wanted to ask.. sorry to put everyone through it.. but I am not
a long time fan of DMB.. don't claim to be.. but they have gotten me
HOOKED since about feb.  If anyone is willing to trade various boots,
please e-mail me privately at twang@sdcc13.ucsd.edu.  I have a lot of
Pearl Jam and various other bands, but none of DMB... and would like
to start!
2) I have the demo CD put out before UTTAD, which has acoustic demos
of Song that Jane Likes, Typical Situation, Dancing Nancies, and a
live version of ants that isn't on RTT.  I am sure most all of you
have these.. great to see some dedicated fans... but if anyone is
interested.. again.. feel free to mail me.
3) I am in San diego for school, but am going to the Hollywood
palladium show on the 13th.. anyone else?
4)  you guys are cool.. thanks for the list.

-Tim Wang

P.s. Crap... sorry.. but has the "house of Blues" show already aired
yet?  and if so, when is it coming on again?


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aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Sun Apr 23 22:12:07 1995

What did you all do for Earth Day yesterday?  

I really wanted to ask everyone and offer a tape to the person who did 
the grooviest thing for Earth Day, but seeing as I don't really 
have any tapes, I can't exactly do that... Maybe if 
someone wants to help me out and be the one to actually AWARD the prize 
for biggest tree-hugger...Whatever, I hope you all had a happy day!

Anyway, to start it off, here were my earth day projects... I planted a 
buncha flowers... some in front of my new house, and then helped the 
little kids in the neighborhood plant some in front of their houses. 
I signed 2 environmental petitions, and volunteered to help organize 
some Arbor Day (Friday, btw) tree plantings.  I turned the area inside 
my front door into a recycling drop off for the day, and I took the ends 
of the rolls of newsprint that the printers don't use to a nursery school 
for drawing and painting and stuff.  Most of all, I spent the day making 
sure everyone else knew it was Earth Day, and challenged them to do one 
thing to help the earth.

May you always have clean air to breath!


Nine planets round the sun
Only one does the sun embrace
Upon this watered one
So much do we take for granted


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"In Concert" not on all ABC affiliates...

direwolf@selway.umt.edu Sun Apr 23 22:14:37 1995

local ABC affiliate decided to switch to Fox and "Martin" came on.
I was told that the ABC affiliate here carries Fox and ABC and the shows 
from both networks are intermixed. What a bummer, a lot of alcohol kinda' 
went to waste that night. Allright! Martin!


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Re: Dave's artwork?

wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Sun Apr 23 22:50:27 1995

     I was just looking over the merchandise insert in the Recently cd, and
 I noticed that several of the descriptions for the shirts say "based on an
 original sketch by Dave Matthews."  I didn't realize how talented this boy
 really is!!  I love the dancing flame design, and it says it is one of his.

At the New Orleans show, ten minutes before DMB took stage,
a huge FIREDANCER logo was raised as the backdrop.  Everyone cheered.
Amazing.... A lot of fans there obviously knew it was Dave's work.

Is this new or have they had this backdrop for most of the 
shows on this tour.

Also, has anyone else noticed the cool light show Dave is traveling with
now?  I especially liked the "Satelite" that shoots over Dave's head
on the first bass note of the song....  

in vitro,


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In Memory of Anne..............................?

TJS0649@tntech.edu Sun Apr 23 22:52:37 1995

What's up,



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Want to trade *for* VDay!!

AMZENDEL@unca.edu Sun Apr 23 22:56:27 1995

Due to the fact that all my professors decided to pile up a shit load of work
on me all at once, I was unable to get involved in the V-Day tree.  So, I am
looking for someone who wants to build their DMB tape collection.  I have 10
shows (6 or 7 of which are really good qual.) to trade in return.  Someone
please help me out, this is the 3rd time I've asked someone to trade this show
with me.  




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Grovel, grovel. grovel...

jjg35246@acuvax.acu.edu Sun Apr 23 23:10:55 1995

Well, I hate to do it...I never have before, but I figure I would like to
get these before school is over.  The first is the Richmond Symphony
tape...if you have, trade me!  You know you want to.  The second is any
high quality show with Sweet Home Alabama.  I want them, I need them...help
me satisfy my soul.
E-mail me privately and we'll work something out!
I heard some FJB on the radio this weekend which is a huge surprise, as I
live in a musical wasteland!!!!!!!!

Thanks in advance for anyone's help with these shows!

Jeff Garner
ACU Station, Box 6452
Abilene, Texas 79699-6452
(915) 676-4703


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riddle ;-)

sayat.1@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu Sun Apr 23 23:29:12 1995

Hey all,

I was born from an abyss of black pitch.
I am adamant and unyielding.
I fulfill the dreams of boys in the spring.
I have traveled on board the ships of greed,
and touched the bottom floors of ocean sands.
Bands of aurum delight in my frozen touch.
Ladies adore me, gentlemen pursue me,
I am Tiffany's pride,
and Jack's scarlet suit.
The fire in my eye is cobalt and cold.
I mark 60 years of enduring faith.

Who am I?

Okay, for the first two people who don't have any Bagby's and correctly
answer my riddle, I'll spin you one of the best shows I got for blanks plus
the correct answer, plus the digest # and the topic # of this message.

Have fun, and peace out,

BTW spoons are much cooler than sporks ;)


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Re: Riddle ;)

sayat.1@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu Mon Apr 24 00:29:33 1995

Okay, several people have already responded to me with correct answers.  So,
I have to close this contest.  The offer, however, is still open for that
one digestified Bagby-less person.  Remember, send me the answer, plus the
digest # and topic # of this message.

Thanks for playing :)
Peace out,


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jb5j@watt.seas.virginia.edu Mon Apr 24 00:30:12 1995

I was wondering if anyone was interested in trading out there.
I am particularly interested in any of the three shows that
have been in Memphis (3/?/94,8/10/94,4/?/95), UVA (9/27/94),
and Lexington (W&L) Horse Center (11/9/94).  I am also looking

Any/Anti Noise
Blue Water
Christmas Song
Cry Freedom
Drive In / Drive Out
Eyes of the Maker
Help Myself
Me & Julio
No New Directions
People / People
Redemption Song 
Satelite (After Her)
Sympathy for the Devil

I have about 15 hours of very HQ DMB and I have a great Pearl
Jam bootleg.  I will send my exact list of tapes to those who
are interested.


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Assholes on the InterNet News

MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Apr 24 00:45:28 1995

Hey guys, how's it hangin'? (Shalom Pam!)


Any of you guys on the newsgroup alt.music.dave-matthews should check out a
post entitled "Stop if you cclose minded people!"  (yes, that's how it's
spelled!).  This guy Wilson Sheldon is a total jackass and deserves to be
publicly flamed, so go to town guys!  (Incidently, check out my reply, I was
pretty pissed after I read it.)

Dancing out with the Moonlit Knight,

Michael W. Mafodda
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia


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Re: Dave's artwork?

SimonSkol@aol.com Mon Apr 24 00:49:33 1995

when i was at the ants shoot, he was drawing like a mad man.  he said whenver
he sees a piece of paper, he draws.  Also i was in the dressing room w/ Leroi
and i saw a great picture on the floor.  i asked if dave drew it? and he said
that stefan drew it.  so i geuss stefan is also an artist

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X8AX@MUSIC.STLAWU.EDU Mon Apr 24 01:39:41 1995

Ok third try..
I am having a hard time here. First I spelled minarest wrong twice then
I put request in the first line of my message and UVM didn't like that.
ANYWAY.  Recentlly there have been a lot of requests posted about
people like myself who want to get boots of the Richmond Symphony show.
some,.  Since we couldn't attend the show it would be great if someone
could help.  Someone responded a while ago but I lost that post and it
was only tenative.  ANyway if anyone can help it would be GREATLY
appreciated.  Please HELP///


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MMALONEY@ACC.ROANOKE.EDU Mon Apr 24 02:24:53 1995

Although it really wasn't just Boyd, my favorite violin thing was from the RSO
show.  I thought that the plucking in Recently was so cool when the whole
violin section did it.  My favorite Boyd jam is definitely any Dancing Nancies
with the wah-wah pedal.  The sound is crazy.


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Why you can't have a v-day tape

eje3u@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Mon Apr 24 02:27:33 1995

The V-day tree was never run.  I will gladly defer to anyone more in the know
on this, but as far as the story I know, it was called per DMB request, as I
beleive it caused them many headaches with the RSO.  Stop begging. :

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MMALONEY@ACC.ROANOKE.EDU Mon Apr 24 02:40:17 1995

It sucked when the V-Day tree fell through.  I was one of the people on the
tree.  My point is that like everyone else.- I need that tape.  If anyone has
it, please contact me.  I've got the Rutabega Session, the first show in
Nashville (8-11-94), NYE 94-95, and a lot of other shows to trade.   I'm
graduating too so I am especially antsy about getting it before I leave in 2

Sorry for such a blatent grovel.

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for the RSO scoop

X8AX@MUSIC.STLAWU.EDU Mon Apr 24 02:56:50 1995

Thanks to all for responding to the RSO request.  I figured there may
have been some legal implication/reason.  Sorry to annoy people with
our begging (aka the guy at UVA) but hey it most of been a kickin show.


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toddy@cyberspace.com Mon Apr 24 03:02:20 1995

Susan..Matt Certain attended the charelston show with me. The reason he 
couldnt recieve your message was b/c/ something about he didn't "click on 
the thing where he would accept charges. He said he'll write you soon. 
YOUR picture is in the mail.
HAs anyone said asnything about a taspe of this show to you, I have 
recieved no responses.

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12/27/94-ATLANTA I want it!

toddy@cyberspace.com Mon Apr 24 03:06:27 1995

PLEASE if you have 12/27/94- Atlanta please let me know.I would like it a 
lot. I have stuff to trade.


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THE TANK TALK TAPES Explanation Repost

jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Mon Apr 24 03:16:06 1995

*NOTE*:  This announcement is in two parts. The first part/post
(this one) is about what's on the tapes and why and how it's all
arranged.  The second part/post (not this one) is the actual tree
structure.  I encourage you to read and save both parts/posts.

clear; some is poor quality (best there was; if you have better,
lemme know pronto) and you'll have to turn up the volume and be
distorted. But its not the sound quality that's to get lost by;
it's the music, the answers, the giggles, the vision, the energy,
the love.
and Chicago, all '94) short of what I sought; there are eight
here rather than eleven.  This means things are tightly packed
interview split across two tapes and i wanted them
chronologically placed.  (Besides, the total of interview times
alone comes to 252 minutes and 52 seconds, so it has to be three
tapes; to squeeze it onto 3 ninety-minute tapes, you'd have to
swap tapes in the middle of someone's answer; and if you try to
keep whole chunks together, you have to use one 100 min tape.  In
one case, the total interview time was *just* under 45 minutes --
i.e. one side of a ninety-minute tape -- but I didn't want to
risk the collection of small changes which might result in
much-later copies missing interview parts.
arranged so that they could be listened to straight through, in
sequence, in one insane sitting. I added no breaks, and actually
collapsed alot of them. But, I did use space between interviews
(and the space left from the missing interviews) for fillers
rather than packing all of the fillers solely on the *end* of
each side. (Some of my reasoning, such as mood shift or topical
connections, may be apparent.) Filler space has been spread out
before and after each interview, so that even the beginning of
Coke, stretch, get that rumor off your mind, settle in, and veg.

Marshall, "Looks to Much Like" Dave, and others, with DJs' side
comments, rambling phishlosophy, peculiar responses, evasive
insinuations, enlightening revelations, sparkling wit, and more.

Fishman on WIZN (Burlington, VT), highlights from a 7/5/93
question and answer session with Trey; and a 10/31/93 phone
interview with Fishman.
and Dave on WIZN; a 3/22/94 Rockline (networked radio show)
interview with Trey and Fishman; and a 4/13/94 WNEW (NYC)
interview with the full band and three songs performed in the
station's studio.
Trey, a 6/30/94 radio interview with the full band in Richmond,
and a 10/23/94 NPR interview with Trey and Mike.

and radio performances representing all five releases (Junta,
Lawn Boy, Picture of Nectar, Rift, and Hoist), Trey's senior
thesis ("The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday", aka The Gamehendge
Saga), and both white albums (that is, Phish's *and* Phish
covering the Beatles').  Some are included in whole on The Tank
Talk Tapes; others are included only in part (so be careful when
listening to the tapes; fastforwarding over a song could be
dangerous... you never know when you might find the next
interview, or one of these fillers (listed here in reverse
alphabetical order, *not* in the order in which they appear on
the Tank Talk Tapes): Wilson Prelude, Tweezer Reprise, Time Loves
a Hero, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday (theme and Opening
Narrative), Take the "A" Train, Simple, She Caught the Katy,
Sample in a Jar, Rift, Ride Captain Ride, random jamming, much
more, Lifeboy, Lengthwise, Julius, If I Could, Honey Love, Golgi
Apparatus, Freebird, Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for
Me and My Monkey, Divided Sky, Down with Disease, Demand, Bathtub
Gin, Axilla Part II, and Aftermath. Other songs are overlayed
with some of the interviews, such as David Bowie, Guelah Papyrus,
and Mound.

Plaf?); Mike in Cleveland (Plaf, where have you gone?); 7/94
Atlanta (no offers yet; anyone have this??); Interview for a
school paper (Chad; where are you?).

few hours with a few friends, light up and kick back, and enjoy.
And, keep smiling. See you in June.
locate and transport these interviews.  This message also
constitutes the announcement of preparations for The Tank Talk
Tapes, Volume Two, which I suspect could be announced (for
signups) in early September, since there will probably be a
number of interviews associated with the upcoming live,
double-disc release. (Oh, let's hope so!  They're kind of fun,
and nifty to pass around to those interested.)

Take care,
Ellis (of Lemuria) Godard

Ellis ("of Lemuria") Godard * * POB 3240, Charlottesville,VA 22903
  jeg5s@virginia.edu    jeg5s@faraday.clas.virginia.edu  


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Cover Songs

Clogboy@aol.com Mon Apr 24 03:33:28 1995

Hey all,
Bob Dylan songs.  Not too many have specified songs though.  Personally, I
think "Hurricane" would be a *fantastic* song for the boys to play.  Nice
violin throughout the song for Boyd.  A very long song--great to hear in
concert.  Great jam possiblities at the end of the song.  If I ever heard
them play it I would completely lose it!

Peace and (now that I know what it means) spoons!


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other nets?

RTOOLE@MUSIC.CC.UGA.EDU Mon Apr 24 03:50:44 1995

Sorry to waste space, but i really want some info.
I know this has been posted before but i didnt write it down.
I would love any info about getting on the FJB and BHTM nets.
that is all.

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RYMW77B@prodigy.com Mon Apr 24 04:35:39 1995

Can anyone help me with the setlists to either or both of
Georgia Theater, Athens, GA - 2/5/94
Pterodactyl Club, Charlotte - 12/28/93

Thanks for the help! 


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Rare Dave Tree

dowell@vt.edu Mon Apr 24 04:48:15 1995

Hey all, I was wondering what is the deal with, I believe it is Keith's, 
rare dave tree.  I am on it and received the revised tree structure and 
wrote my parent asking if I should go ahead and send him my blanks and 
postage and I haven't heard from him.  That was at least  week and a half 
ago.  I was just wondering if the tapes have started to be distributed yet 
or what.  I really would like to get a hold of the tapes before the end of 
school.  Could someone just let me know where the rare dave tree stands 
right now?  Thanks a lot.


"Celebrate, we will.." DM 


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Copy-postings to newsgroup?

jazzbo@onr.com Mon Apr 24 04:50:19 1995

Has anyone thought that it might be a good idea if we turned the mailing
list into an echo from/to the newsgroup?

I know, it may be a bad idea, but it might be a good one, too... This
mailing list has gotten todamn big to read... It wasn't too bad when each
article in the digest had it's subject # next to it and I could search by
subject, but now it doesn't, and I rarely get a chance to read each
article.  If this were echoed to a newsgroup, people like me could just
read the messages by subject heading, cause I don't htink many people have
time to read ALL the posts that come through here.  Not to mention the way
my mailbox gets full all the time!

It's worked for rec.music.rem and the Murmur mailing list since that one
was getting too big.   Of course, the Rush newsgroup and TMNS mailing list
have remained separate and they both work just fine... On that one, though,
the TMNS mailing list doesn't get NEARLY the traffic of this one.

It's really time to think about re-organizing this.  THings are getting out
of control.

P.S.  Have a nice day.
Have you ever gotten sick of hearing AT&T take credit for things that they
didn't invent?  You will.


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benj@terraport.net Mon Apr 24 05:03:31 1995

My favourite new band. I like the first album the best. Killer version of
All Along the Watchtower on recently.


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Newbie Offer

RYMW77B@prodigy.com Mon Apr 24 05:14:50 1995

Did you think that I would publish that letter and then not 
make an offer?  I would get flamed all over the place.  OK, 
the first 2 newbies that e-mail me get Sewanee, TN - 3/5/94 
and Dave and Tim - Charlottesville - 4/22/93.  I'll even
take care of the tapes and postage. 


Top Permalink

Newbie Offers

RYMW77B@prodigy.com Mon Apr 24 05:15:18 1995

I've been on the minarets list for a couple of days now and 
I have about 15 tapes now.  I'm sorry to say that it was
very difficult to get these shows at first because their
weren't very many newbie offers and I couldn't find anyone
who would tape a few shows for me.  It would be great if we 
could see more and more newbie offers on this board and less 
people that were concerned only about their own collections. 


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Shannon Worrell interview...

sseremet@emba.uvm.edu Mon Apr 24 05:17:41 1995

Hey everyone-
interested in this.  My friend Brian (Hi Brian) and I had the 
opportunity to interview Shannon Worrell for our school paper last week 
and if anyone wants a copy please let me know.  I would post it, but it's 
about 10,000 characters (a few pages) and not everyone is going to want 
it - obviously.  Take care and have a pleasant evening-

P.S.  For anyone in the Burlington, VT area, Shannon will be opening for 
From Good Homes on Thursday the 27th...it's $5 and promises to be a lot 
of fun....Hope to see you there!  


Top Permalink

Re: Copy-postings to newsgroup?

cdeluci@hubcap.clemson.edu Mon Apr 24 05:17:42 1995

This has also worked on rec.music.phish...
I support it wholeheartedly, but from the opposite end of the spectrum.
My school, at the present, isn't carrying the newsgroup.  Therefore, I am 
missing the posts from over there.  If the posts were echoed, I could get 
them all.

Craig DeLucia                  "My feet, they finally took root in the earth,
cdeluci@hubcap.clemson.edu      but I got me a nice little place in the
Phi Kappa Tau                   stars..."--Bruce Springsteen
Epsilon Nu Chapter             "Can't this wait till I'm old, can't I live  
Let's Go Devils!!               while I'm young?"--Phish              
Bruce, Phish, Hootie, DMB, BT   Currently looking for DMB 4/14/95, live Hootie


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Taping advice

RYMW77B@prodigy.com Mon Apr 24 05:17:48 1995

I would like to say a few things in regards to taping and
this mainly addresses newbies.  First, be careful with what 
you tape on.  Use high bias tapes such as Maxell XL II or
TDK SA, do not tape a show on a normal bias tape.  These
tapes are good for recording your teacher or someone else
but not for recording a live concert where quality is
Second, do not use high speed dubbing when you tape
something as it will decrease the quality a little more than 
normal dubbing.
Third, if you're taping something and you know exactly where 
the tape came from, write down its taping history on the
tape cover (I.E.-What type of deck you recorded it on and
what your copy was recorded on).  Also write make a note on 
the tape if it was recorded with Dolby Noise Reduction and
what type.

Thanks for listening! 


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Newbie Offer Closed

RYMW77B@prodigy.com Mon Apr 24 06:06:43 1995

Thanks but I've got two already. 


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BigReed@aol.com Mon Apr 24 06:15:35 1995

I have just witnessed the first BAD Dave Matthews show probably in the
existance of the band.  Bramlage Coliseum- A HUGE, CLEAN basketball arena.
allowed.  Although I don't think you have to drink or smoke to have a good
time, the ambiance at this show just wasn't there.  The saddest part was that
Dave seemed to realize that most of the crowd had no clue who he was.  And
those that did heard What would you say on the radio and thought they were
just the newest one-hit wonder opening up for the supergroup Big Head Todd
and the Monsters and not the greatest rock and roll band of our generation.
but not too much.  Anyway, people didn't seem like they were having a good
1. They played a song that "We haven't played for about 4 years".  It had
"Dragon drag on" in the chorus.  What song is this.  It was pretty good.
2.  They played a GREAT Lie in our graves, with a nice long jam in it.
3.  LONG BOYD SOLO in Dancing Nancies.  He must've went through about 10
4.  Ants Marching finished the show.  People seemed to like it lots, even
those not there to see DMB.
1.  Bramlage Coliseum is the worst place to see a concert on earth.
2.  The fans didn't know any of the songs.  Those that did only knew Jimi
Thing and Ants Marching (They bought UTTAD because of WWYS).  
3.  The setlist kind of sucked (I love Dave, but. . .)
4.  Jimi Thing lasted about half of their set.  (I love Jimi Thing, but. . .)
Anyway, if you've read this far, you deserve something, so I'm giving you
they graduate to the sparkly clean confines of Basketball Stadiums.  

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BigReed@aol.com Mon Apr 24 06:20:59 1995

The Boxer- li la li PSHHHHHHH
Marley's Waiting in Vain (actually, just cover the whole LEGEND CD and a few
other songs)
DWDTG- If it ever happens, hook ME UP WITH A BOOT


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taping and dubbing info

barein@mail.wm.edu Mon Apr 24 06:31:03 1995

thing.  When you are copying tapes, do you need to worry about Dolby
B or C or anything like that, or does it depend on your deck?

Is there a difference between copying on a dual cassette deck and on
two different decks with cords?

Does copying on high speed on a dual deck affect the quality?

Thanks for any information.



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SNL Sound

sherritp@RoseVC.Rose-Hulman.Edu Mon Apr 24 06:33:25 1995

Okay, not only am I on Digest, but I've been on spring break for the past
week.  I'm only up through Digest 139, but I don't think anyone's talked
about this.

What was with the sound on SNL for Ants?  I got in late and didn't see
WWYS, but Ants seemed to be mixed really poorly.  I only saw it once, but
what it sounded like was that Dave's mic was turned off and that the vocals
were all being picked up through the violin mic.  The sax, bass, and drums
seemed to be mixed well, but there was A LOT of violin (visually, too!) and
not very clear/loud vocals.

Just curious if anyone else noticed or if I was picking up something that
was intentional.



RHIT Box 1630, 5500 Wabash Ave.   Tim Sherrill             Novell Manager
Terre Haute, IN  47803-3999                               Junior CS Major
sherritp@rosevc.rose-hulman.edu         InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


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jjthomps@teton.Mines.Colorado.EDU Mon Apr 24 06:33:26 1995

 1. They played a song that "We haven't played for about 4 years".  It had
 "Dragon drag on" in the chorus.  What song is this.  It was pretty good.

It's BAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK!!!  Could my phoenetics be failing me - or does
this sound like the full fledged return of Drive In Drive Out - it has
popped up in soundchecks, and record store shows, but could this be the
concert debut.  If so, why waste it on a crowd that didn't seem to be very
into DMB?  Here's hoping for a repeat performance next sunday in CO.
take care,

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The Kansas show?!!

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Mon Apr 24 06:36:13 1995

I just read the review of the Kansas show.  Sorry to those of you who went, and
did not enjoy it, but I wish I could have been there.  The guy who posted that
they sang a song that they had not played in four years or something and had
"Dragon Drag on" in the chorus.  Do you think this was "Drive In, Drive out"
rather than "Dragon, Drag on"?  If so, I am pumped.  I would really like to
hear a good new version of "Drive In, Drive OUt."  That is one of my faves.  I
have never heard it live, and have always wanted to.  Oh please let it be so! 
Once again, sorry if you went and didn't like the show, but be glad because you
may have heard one of my faves live.  Cool Daddy-O..........lates and


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thank heavens for minarets

sundtde@iac.net Mon Apr 24 06:52:56 1995

I know that minarets can get bad sometimes but....I just checked out the
newsgroup for the fist time and whoaaa mama is it bad...i won't even waste
anyones time telling you guys about some of the threads going on over there
but if you ever have the intense need to lose your lunch just check out
alt.music.dave-matthews and that will most likely do the trick...
I know there was some talk about cross posting, I would have to say that
would be a big negative...lets keep minarets, minarets and the newsgroup
the newsgroup.  And everyone say a little prayer that those who post things
about Dave and his supposed love intrests on the newsgroup, doesn't figure
out how to subscribe...




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curious about us

dth@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU Mon Apr 24 07:30:14 1995


i've been viewing the posts lately. this is actually the second time i've 
been subscribed - the first time, i signed off because there is very 
little going on here but tape trading and childish gossip (ok, i guess 
even that stuff can be interesting :).

well, i'd like to stick this semester out with the group, but it would be 
nice to know that there are some other serious musicians out there.
i noticed someone the other day saying '(in a fawning-style post)oh! dave 
is so creative. i just wish i was creative!'

uh, hello? JUST TRY IT, PLEASE! we're all awesome people, some show it 
better than others. just because dave has already climbed the stairs a 
little...you don't have to quit trying to be creative. not that i'm equal 
with DMB, but i'm sure as hell not trying to either compare/limit myself 
to them.
i get kinda irritated with the tunnel-vision DMBDMBDMBDMB i keep seeing 
here. i know, this is flame-bait. i know, this is the DMB list.

but come on, look around and appreciate what's going on next to you. does 
anybody else ever think this way? it's painful to see my generation 
denying themselves just because someone else happened to be really cool 
before they ever could.

look, this is winding on. i feel better, typing this out. i guess it's 
one of those pet peeve/angst things. :)

i play chapman stick (look up greg howard in the FAQ) and some insane 
bass, and sing. contact me if we're on the same wavelength.

i could care less if you flame me in front of the group. i'd probably 
never see it anyhow, in the mass of posts.
if you do want to argue, email me. otherwise i won't see it (and, as we 
all know, to be an effective flame, i gots ta see it. :)

just trying to spark some INTERESTING conversation.

take care!

Dan Howarth (dth@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
Chapman Stick, Basses


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rare dave tree

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Mon Apr 24 09:20:52 1995

Hey all, I was wondering what is the deal with, I believe it is Keith's,
rare dave tree.  I am on it and received the revised tree structure and
wrote my parent asking if I should go ahead and send him my blanks and
postage and I haven't heard from him.  That was at least  week and a
half ago.  I was just wondering if the tapes have started to be
distributed yet or what.  I really would like to get a hold of the tapes
before the end of school.  Could someone just let me know where the rare
dave tree stands right now?

i am cuttently making tape two and tape three.....

here are the important things to remember.......
if you want it but leave school in the first week of may, then you
need do exchange snail mail aaddresses for the summer, and
phone numbers......
i have been making posts to all the branches, but hesitated posting on
the net because of the number of people still requesting to be on it
after the structure is completed with over 400 poeple........with that
many people recievingit initiallly, it will be easy to find....

also, if you have a parent that is being unresponsive, you need to tell
me asap, because i cann still work something out with someone else at this poin
t, while everyone is still here..........

i hope that answers your question.......

but if you have any more, email me at
or evrything@aol.com

and i will get any problems worked out as fast as i can.................

saw mindseye at earth day.............
they gettin smooooooooth///////
real jazzzy now....


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MAUREEN.ERIN.HORAN@UCG.IE Mon Apr 24 10:15:06 1995

i  would like to be unuscribed, what do i need to do?
thanks, mem

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Re: Songs DMB should cover

katrine@eecs.umich.edu Mon Apr 24 12:49:45 1995

 Hi all,
 	I know the results have already been tallied (no flames please), but
 while I was just walking around today, I thought of a great song that I think
 the band should give a shot at.  Peace Frog by the Doors.  Stefan would 
 wail on the base line, and LeRoi and Boyd could give it a good flava'.  
 Just a thought, y'all let me know what you think.
 Dancing out with the moonlit Knight,

That is my all time favorite Doors song-- and I think Dave would do an 
*EXCELLENT* job on it. Wow... just imagining it-- it's giving me goose 
bumps! :)



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Michael_D._Drayer@uu1358.sedgus.com Mon Apr 24 13:00:58 1995


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7/17/94 - Seattle tape

klong@nysernet.org Mon Apr 24 13:08:58 1995

I've been listening to this tape quite a bit.  I have to say my
favorite (right now) part of it is Jimi Thing  Seek Up.  It's
just incredible.  I'd like to thank the seed for this tree, whoever
they are.  

Can any of the collectors/historians tell me if Jimi  Seek Up
is the usual way?  I have one tape from 93 and it's not played that
way-I think it's Jimi  Recently or Recently  Seek Up.  I can't
remember but I checked yesterday and it's definitely not a Jimi  Seek 


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Boyd's bow thing

sdeck@cw.com Mon Apr 24 14:47:41 1995

Someone posted last week that you could tell when Boyd was REALLY in a 
good solo because he was breaking his bow hair. Breaking bow hair could 
sloppy playing. Just because he might be playing HARD, with lots of (or 
too much) bow pressure doesn't mean it sounds better or he's more 
inspired; the HARDER you play the more you lose control of the fiddle.
It's a little like saying you can tell how good a cake is going to be by 
how much flour the cook spills on the counter when they're making it.
It MIGHT actually be a good cake, just as it might be a good solo, 
but you can't make a judgement just by looking.
Any fiddlers have comments?


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Riddle: "sezirpnoitalosnoc"

sayat.1@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu Mon Apr 24 15:33:01 1995

Hey all,

Okay, umm, the digestified portion of this riddle contest is now closed.
I've contacted the winner already.

Well, I don't want to post the answer just yet 'cause I want to reopen the
contest for everyone (i.e. not just Bagby-less people).
So for the first two people who answer my riddle correctly, I'll send you a
special "Consolation Prize":  a picture of Dave and Co. on stage at the
Brown's Island, 7/30/94 show.


Thanks, and peace out,


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DMB in Boston area

sdeck@cw.com Mon Apr 24 15:41:55 1995

Someone asked last week about Boston-area shows coming up and I couldn't 
get the message to go through directly to him/her.

DMB has been through Boston a few times recently. They came through and  
played at a small club in October and then came back through in February  
(during the one big snowstorm we had this winter) and played at a nice  
medium-sized theater. I haven't heard anything about them coming back  
through anytime soon. Sorry for the bad news.   

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Brown's Island

tnb2d@server.cs.virginia.edu Mon Apr 24 15:46:15 1995

Brown's Island show that got treed a little while back?  Thanks,


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