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Cover Songs / Strangefolk (a grrrrrreat band)


First off
I'd like to say that Hurricane would be a great song for the boys to cover!

Also, how about Memphis Blues (I think that's name)?
Couldn't you picture Dave, Carter and Boyd harmonizing on the lyrics "Oh mama,
could this really be the end, to be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis
Blues again?"  and then leroi or boyd just going off!!  It would be too much
for my rather weak heart I feel.
AS far as bands that chould cover dave songs, well, every band should!  The
songs are great!  They're well written, well organized and just plain kickin'!
I think i'll write more in phrases
It is more fun
much more fun
Anyway, there's a band that you all must check out, STRANGEFOLK
They're from Burlington, and very groovy. . .
I've seen them a couple times here at Colgate and talked to their sound Guy and
if you want a copy of their tape, or a copy of a show send $5 (and blanks if
you want more than one show), your address, and what you want (live or
C/O Brett Fairbrother
1402 Spear Street
S. Burlington, VT  05403
BTW, it says to make checks payable to Brett Fairbrother. . ..
Anyway, I suppose I should say something about the band. . .
They consist of two guitars a bassest and a drummer.  The rythem guitarist
sings lead vocals and both the bassest and the lead guitarist sing backups.
The lead guitarist is outstanding!!  He plays a narrow bodied acoustic guitar
similar to Dave's, and he rips it up!  High quality, tight solos, and great
aplicing of cover licks into songs (i.e. while soloing, he goes into the riffs
of other songs, I've rcognized Low Rider, Star Wars, Purple Haze. . .)  
Were I to pick I band they remind me of most, I'd say FJB, but I think
STRANGEFOLK has better instumentation and much better vocals.  Check these guys
out!!!  For more info and show dates write to the address above, or call the
Hotline at (802) 849-2691.
Also, you can email them at rgenauer@maple.uvm.edu
Check these guys out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A spoon a day keeps the winter away. . .

- Robert
* "Find some inspiration, it's                                              *
*  down deep inside of you.  Amend        "I'd rather have a free bottle    *
*  your situation, your whole life         in front of me than a prefrontal *
*  is ahead of you."                       lobotomy."                       *
*		- DMB                                                       *
*                                                                           *
*            May all your drinks be cold and your nights warm and hazy. . . *

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Re: Could I have been . . .?

Andrew.D.Mims.1@nd.edu Mon Apr 24 16:23:30 1995

 I have heard on bootlegs and I have seen on the www-homepage that Dave used
 to say different stuff during the beginning of Dancing Nancies.  I think it
 would be cool if he started making up new things to say.

Sure would be a good sign that the band isn't getting stagnant, wouldn't

that song.  I guess I'm no expert, but I've seen that song performed at
least three times and it's been different every time.  In Kalamazoo, he
said something like, "667 is the beastmaster's neighbor.", or maybe that
was just me.



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Re: Copy-postings to newsgroup?

acox@s850.mwc.edu Mon Apr 24 16:36:48 1995

 Has anyone thought that it might be a good idea if we turned the mailing
 list into an echo from/to the newsgroup?
 I know, it may be a bad idea, but it might be a good one, too... This
 mailing list has gotten todamn big to read... It wasn't too bad when each

It's getting too big now? I remember that many members of the net were
unsubbing last year because they had thought it had gotten too big - and
that was before the net exploded with the release of UTTAD...

Anyway, Minarets once was, and still has the potential to be, very
personal, where you know personalities and names, very laid back. This
is impossible with a newsgroup. I suppose it all depends on how you view
the purpose of a newsgroup and a discussion group. I know the way
Minarets used to be, and combining the two in any way would only take us
further away...


Someone mentioned that the band should cover the whole Legend CD.
I guess they're on their way as they've already covered Exodus and
Redemption Song. Are they even on Legend? Obviously not a Marley fan...

Seek Up. Isn't necessarily associated with Jimi Thing. Seek Up, a fav
opener of the band. At least they aren't put together like Minarets --
Blue Water. Though I suppose that they can be played together.

As far as taping advice, there are manuals that you can find at some
archives. Try ftp'ing the Dead site at     gdead.berkeley.edu   or you
can check out the Phish site which is also at netspace. Looking here
would probably be easier and more accurate than something typed out and
sent to Minarets...



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Re: taping and dubbing info

ACW1066@aol.com Mon Apr 24 17:40:21 1995

thing.  When you are copying tapes, do you need to worry about Dolby
B or C or anything like that, or does it depend on your deck?
Dolby is usually frowned upon in copying. Some like it, but the way 
I look at it, you don't cut anything while taping, then when you playback,
you can use Dolby if you want. 

Is there a difference between copying on a dual cassette deck and on
two different decks with cords?
Yes. Two single decks is usually much much better. Unless the choice is two
crappy single decks or one pro-level dubber. I wore out two dubbers in two
months, and now I have two singles - they are wonderful! Also, good patch
cords will make a difference. I don't know the technical reasons about loss
and db's and impedence, but I just know dubbers are lower quality.

Does copying on high speed on a dual deck affect the quality?
Absolutely! It kills it! Whereas digital signals assumedly never change, when
you record an anlog signal, alll the nuances need to be picked up by  the
recorder. When you high speed, you lose a lot of stuff - real time recording
is the best way to do it.
Overall, if you currently have a dubber, no high speed or dolby. Some like
dolby, know that ahead of time, but the usual rule is no NR. If you plan on
doing a lot fo tapes in the future, I'd recommend the investment in two
single decks. It's worth it. 
PEACE andy


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Boydian Philosophy Unearthed

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Mon Apr 24 17:45:15 1995

 Someone posted last week that you could tell when Boyd was REALLY in a 
 good solo because he was breaking his bow hair. Breaking bow hair could 
 sloppy playing. Just because he might be playing HARD, with lots of (or 
 too much) bow pressure doesn't mean it sounds better or he's more 
 inspired; the HARDER you play the more you lose control of the fiddle.
 Any fiddlers have comments?

.....with the gift of sight and hearing...which most of us are
fortunate enough to have been born with....

....you see how much pure passion goes into making music,

with his teeth, 'cause you know it'd be funky and true!!!


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Re: In Memory of Anne.....

MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Apr 24 17:57:09 1995

Okay guys, let me field this one...(didn't we just go through this?)

Anne is was the oldest of Dave's sisters who was killed by her wacko husband in
a domestic violence dispute.  The little girl Dave is holding is one of Anne's
daughters who survived the incident.  The young girl standing next to him is
his other daughter, Jane (i.e. The Song that Jane Likes :-o).  Hope this
settles it.

Peace and love,

Michael W. Mafodda
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA


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Whoops! My Bad....

MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Apr 24 18:46:19 1995

Hey Minareters....
major-league boo-boo in my reply to "In memory of Anne..." I ACCICENTLY wrote
that "the girl standing next to him was his other DAUGHTER, Jane".  What I
meant to say was that she was his other SISTER, Anne being the first one.  Just
a typo, guys, sorry about the mistake.  NOW, I hope that settles it.

Peace from Harrisonburg,

Michael W. Mafodda 
James Madison University, H'burg, VA

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Looking for specific tapes: READ

Ischaefer@aol.com Mon Apr 24 18:51:55 1995

Please help me if you have any of them.
I have tons of DMB, PHISH, Pearl Jam and Nirvana
2/14/95 or any show with the orchestra
Any show with "Sweet Home Alabama"
If you have any quality shoes, I'm willing to trade.
Your list gets mine.

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Jackopierce @ DMB

ewe2j@uva.pcmail.virginia.edu Mon Apr 24 20:00:16 1995

Hey guys

For Earth Day yesterday, instead of going to Van Ripers with the rest of UVa
I went to Brown's Island and saw Jackopierce.

they LOVE DMB. Yesterday, they played a few lines of Typical and talked about
every Tuesday night in Charlottesville. Last time I saw them they talked
continually how much they love Dave and even said they drove all the way from
Texas one Tuesday night to see the boys at Trax.

Anyway, you guys should really check them out. They are a great couple of
guys, play great music, and share our affection for the DaMaBa.

Ted Elmore
Charlottesville, VA

"...the thrill of it all."

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sunrise,fl 4/11/95

a015880t@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us Mon Apr 24 20:17:38 1995

Does anybody out there have this show on tape?  I was there and I am 
looking for it.  Please help me.  Your list gets mine.  Please respond to 
my personal address below.  Thanks,


Jonathan Nelson


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Re: Jackopierce @ DMB

katrine@eecs.umich.edu Mon Apr 24 20:17:59 1995

Man oh man, I love Jackopierce. Just a coupla guys and a coupla gee-tars. 
I just love 'em...


Definitly check 'em out-- "Woman as Salvation" is prolly my favorite 
album. They have a major label release (on one of those Polygram subs) 
titled "Bringing on the Weather."

All this talk about 'em-- I am gonna have to go home and give them a 
listen. (Hey Trace, you still have the BOTW? Jes makin' sure.)


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barnes1@ACAVAX.LYNCHBURG.EDU Mon Apr 24 20:46:53 1995

Hey! DMB Fans,
for DMB tunes.
Tower Theater, in Philadelphia with John Popper.  It was a great Two Step and
they played with Popper... ENOUGH SAID.
FOR FEB 10th SHOW or others.


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cover, list

ONE11@aol.com Mon Apr 24 21:08:07 1995

On the subject of what dave should cover, how about that old Richie Havens
tune "Freedom", maybe solo dave or the rest of the guys could join in and
spice it up,  Any thoughts? 
also does anyone have the setlist for 3/18?/95 at St Paul Civic Center, st
paul, mn?

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DMB&DEAD May 20!!!??

dth@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU Mon Apr 24 21:20:47 1995

hey, say it's true! i got dead tickets, as a year end treat for myself, 
but i hadn't expected to see an opening act. last year i saw sting with them.
it was very cool.

anyhow, please tell me that DMB will be appearing with the Dead on the 
may 20th weekend. i just saw a post that implied this.


Dan Howarth (dth@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
Chapman Stick, Basses


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Chicago, 3/14/95

dtybor@goya.helios.nd.edu Mon Apr 24 21:25:42 1995

Anybody out there have (or know where i could find) a tape of the March 
14th show of this year at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago?  My girlfriend 
took me to the show as a belated Valentine's gift over spring break and 
I'd love to give her a copy of the show for her B-day.  Can anyone help 
me out?



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thought you might like to see the newsgroup

Justin_Purnell@csgi.com Mon Apr 24 21:39:06 1995

This is what is happening on the newsgroup.

In article 3nersr$n6m@doc.jmu.edu,
FINALLY!  We get to talk about something that has substance (I don't give a

1.  27 September 1994, Charlottesville, VA, University Ampitheater (UVa).  My
first and favorite Dave show.  Drove over from JMU without tickets and 
at the door cheaper than what we could've bought them for over here in
Harrisonburg ($10...cheap!).  It was the day UTTAD was released and the mayor
of Charlottesville proclaimed September 27 as "Dave Matthews Day".  What an
experience, the whole night was a blur (Incidently, if anyone has a copy of
this show, eMail me...I'm interested.)
Does anyone else find it funny how politicians want to associate themselves 
with whatever's popular, even if they don't really know what it's about?  The
story above reminds me of how the New Jersey State Legislature wanted to make
Bruce Springsteen's song "Born to Run" the State Song even though the song
a pretty good job of making the state seem like a hell hole.  I really doubt 
that the mayor wants to be associated with the drug references in Dave's
but then again, I'm not from Charlottesville and don't know the mayor :) (is 
his name Marion Barry by any chance?).  Oh well, I'll quit rambling now, and 
maybe start my paper which is due in about 5 hours...  Later.

John Kaczala				|jk8395@albany.edu
State University of New York at Albany	|jkaczala@nyx.cs.du.edu
"And it won't mean a thing in a hundred years..." -Blues Traveler

Man oh man, this guy is the special sauce.
(This is some of the best of it)
Maybe we should avoid a merge.



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Re: In Memory of Anne.....

pmod@magicnet.magicnet.net Mon Apr 24 21:45:46 1995

Michael W. Mafodda
Anne is was the oldest of Dave's sisters who was killed by her wacko husband in
a domestic violence dispute.  The little girl Dave is holding is one of Anne's
daughters who survived the incident.  The young girl standing next to him is
his other daughter, Jane (i.e. The Song that Jane Likes :-o).  Hope this
settles it.
AGAIN, but you answered it wrong.  holy schmo.  jane is not anyone's
daughter except for Dave's PARENTS.  i.e. Jane is Dave's sister.


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Re: In Memory of Anne.....

pmod@magicnet.magicnet.net Mon Apr 24 21:48:54 1995

saw your correction afterwords. glad you got it straightened out. peace.


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I need your help!:)

MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Apr 24 22:14:56 1995

Hey Minareters, it's me again (you may remember me from the whole "Jane is NOT
Dave's daughter fiasco...).  I am posting to ask for your help.  I am an art
major at JMU and my final project for my 2-D Design class is to design a CD
cover.  I was trying to think of what I wanted to do, and I thought that
designing Dave's next album cover would be cool, so send me your suggestions!
(I need concept sketches by tomorrow afternoon, so hurry!) There are no
limitations on the project whatsoever, except that it must fit in a jewel case. 
The skies the limit guys, paint, collage, whatever (but no flames, if you don't
want to reply nicely, don't reply at all...).  

you, and then come up with something that was a compilation of all the ideas. 
Maybe a CD5 of concert rarities not available on the commercial albums (kind of
like Recently..you know, Halloween, covers of other songs, etc.), who knows? 
All I do know is that I need some ideas tomorrow, and I need to finish it
Thursday, so let the ideas flow! Thanks in advance for all the help I'm sure to

Peace and love from Harrisonburg,

Michael W. Mafodda
James Madison University, H'burg, VA


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Riddle is officially solved

sayat.1@postbox.acs.ohio-state.edu Mon Apr 24 22:18:11 1995

Hey Minarets,

Well thanks for putting up with me the last 24 hours.  All tape offers and
picture consolation prizes have been awarded now.  Thanks to everyone for
playing.  Once I'm finished filling blanks from this offer, I'll try and get
another offer out soon.

And the answer was....a diamond.

Peace out,


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mailing list and digest

MSPUKOWN@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Mon Apr 24 22:54:09 1995

please put me on the mailing list and subscribe me to the digest
thanks, mp

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Re: MINARETS digest 144

mxgall@mail.wm.edu Tue Apr 25 00:18:09 1995

show it was planning to, or is it later this month?  Thanks,  Mike...

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Re: Cover Songs / Strangefolk (a grrrrrreat band)

dblasko@moose.uvm.edu Tue Apr 25 00:39:06 1995

I agree that StrangeFolk is a great band. I go to UVM and see them a 
whole lot. The drummer is in my fraternity (SAE) and they play here quite 
often. They opened for Dave at a club called Metronome last year. They 
really jam. If they're in your area (they're doing a New England tour 
right now) check them out. 


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grroes@mailbox.syr.edu Tue Apr 25 00:49:09 1995

I'm really sorry to post this to the entire list but my account jammed 
up, erasing everything i have so i need to know the address to the 
list-server so i can unsubscribe.  could someone please help me.  thanks 
a lot.

peace and happiness,

geoffrey roes                @ @              po box 377
grroes@mailbox.syr.edu        ^               1000 irving ave.
(315) 443-7732               `-'              syracuse, ny 13210


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VOLDAJ@PLU.edu Tue Apr 25 01:10:43 1995

hi there folks!
6th in vancouver, b.c. but have no idea where the commodore ballroom is.  
my friends and i are driving up from seattle.  if ANYONE knows how to get 
there from here, please help me out...even if it's just real general 
directions, anything would help.  thanks a LOT!!!!!!


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dans@cloud9.net Tue Apr 25 01:36:24 1995

Hello minaretters,

I seem to remember some posts and people talking about a large firedancer 
backdrop for the 4-5 (z100 pheh!) show @ the Academy in NYC.  As an artist 
myself, i can really appreciate what Dave does artistically, as well as 
musically.  More than once people have commented about that (AWESOME) 
firedancer sticker on the back of my car.  Does anyone know if he designed the 
UTTAD logo?  If not, who did? (RCA?).  Is it true that instead of signing 
autographs, he draws pictures?  

This is what makes DMB so special --- that everything about them is so unique 
and cool - 'uniquool,' if i'm allowed to coin a new term - and this is what 
draws so many fans to them.  How quool would it be if Doug Wannamaker 
(re)joined the band and they started playing cry freedom, people people, and 2 
step and jimithing the way they were meant to be played (w/ whistles!!  and 
keys, of course).  Howabout a bluewater revival?

Wow, I'm tired...must be rambling...
I still can't believe i stayed up 'till 2:30am last weekend to watch DMB.  No 
wonder ABC doesn't advertise its late night "In Concert" show.  It sucked butt 
through a straw.  1 song for DMB?  1 for FJB?  Too bad, that show had 
potential.  thank god no WWYS.

Anybody know the dates for HOB, Letterman, and SNL?  

hopin' DMB'll tour the east coast before hibernating,

p.s. -  Quoolness to All!


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dan's questions

HALEC@tiger.hsc.edu Tue Apr 25 01:56:02 1995

hey friends,
a fellow retter had asked a few questions which i might be able to answer. in
regarding if dave draws pictures rather than signing autgraphs, i won't refute
the possibility that he draws, but i'll speak from personal experience that 
when he did a homecoming show here in 1992, he didn't draw for me, rather he
just signed.  of course, with a million people in line (mostly those who just  
want any autograph from anyone, even if they have no clue who it is) it is
possible he simply had no time to utilize his creative side (after all, he
likes to please as many as he possibly can).



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jonas@unixg.ubc.ca Tue Apr 25 02:07:02 1995

Hey there everyone,
I'm writing from Canada - and DMB is not as popular here as it is where 
most of you guys live (the states that is, I guess Virginia).  Anyways 
I've only seen DMB live once and I would love to get a copy of the 2 show 

May 4th at the Evergreen State College in Olympia
May 6th at the Commodore in Vancouver, B.C.

so if any one is tapin any of these shows - I would trade anything from 
my HQ DMB collection.  If this doesn't satisfy you, I'll be your slave 
for the rest of your existence on this planet.
thanks, jonas

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Re: firedancer...

jgiroux@student.umass.edu Tue Apr 25 02:31:30 1995

  Is it true that instead of signing autographs, he draws pictures?  
I was lucky enough to be at the show at the Academy the 5th and the Ants 
taping the next day, and Dave does draw pictures, but signs them too.  
One looks like a side view of Dave, and the other I am convinced is 
Boyd.  One of my friends got a picture too and asked what is was and Dave 
replied in a way that only Dave can, "I don't know."  Stephan draws 
little pictures too.  Seems like "our" boys are a very talented 
crew.....as if we didn't know that earlier.

"Could I have been


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BLACKC@tiger.hsc.edu Tue Apr 25 02:37:31 1995

I would like to cancel my subscribtion to the minaret.net.


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Earth Day and some stuff about DMB

hknudsvi@badlands.NoDak.edu Tue Apr 25 02:42:29 1995

Sorry that this is a few days late, but I have just recovered from the 
after effects of my Earth Day celebration.  Our UPC (University Program 
Council) decided to hold Spring Fest on Earth Day this year.  We had some 
great bands from the Minneapolis area.  Renegade Saints, Holiday Ranch, 
Tina and the B-Side Movement, and As If, a local band, played in the park 
for 6 hours for free.  It was the best time!  Everyone was outside, 
drinking, listening to some great music!  Then it decided to rain.  I was 
stuck in the rain picking up cans because I am a member of ECO 
(Environmental Conservation Organization) and we volunteered to clean up 
the park.  It kinda sucked, but I got a six pack of beer out of it that 
with some buddies of mine and they said they were going to make a huge 
road trip to Utah and Wyoming to see DMB.  I was so excited, I was ready to 
rescedule my final and head off west.  Alas, once I sobered up, I decided 
against it.  I am, however, heading to Colorado to see DMB at Red Rocks 
in Aug, so if there is anyone out there who would like to meet before 
had, get ahold of me over the summer.  I am not sure whether I'll have my 
email account, but I do have aol, so I can still get messages.  Also, to 
all of you out there going to the Ft.Collins show on the 30th, my bro 
will be at the show.  If you see a tall guy, groovin' to the music along 
with another dude that is groovin' with a beard, that's my bro Eric and 
his bud Corey.  Go up to them and tell them that you heard of them from 
right now, but the first person to email me back and tell me what the 
capital of North Dakota is, will get a copy of any of the tapes that I 
have.  Ready, set, go!

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JC Munez

Muglinn@aol.com Tue Apr 25 02:46:29 1995

Juan, I'm sorry, I didn't mean the message to sound rude. I'm very excited
that you are sending the tape.  I actually also lost your email address, so I
discovered minarets and I figured that I'd give it a try.  Again, I'm very
sorry, and I didn't mean it to be rude in any way.  

Thank you very much for your effort


P.S.  I sent out the tape right after the show, so it must have been the
inefficiency of the U.S. and/or Canadien mail services.  Thanks again.

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Covers & booking shows

mbrukman@students.wisc.edu Tue Apr 25 02:51:00 1995

cousin runs Bastille Days here in Milwaukee and is trying to reach the band
but has been unsuccessful. If she gets them, it's a FREE CONCERT for
everyone so please help us out.


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Northwestern students???(no DMB)

PVXD93C@prodigy.com Tue Apr 25 02:52:10 1995

appreciate it if you could get back to me. I have a couple
of questions. Thanks!


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World Wide Web

RYMW77B@prodigy.com Tue Apr 25 02:52:25 1995

Can someone please post the address dor the DMB WWW site.


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ND trivia

hknudsvi@badlands.NoDak.edu Tue Apr 25 02:55:52 1995

Sorry folks, but the question was answered.  I am impressed with the 
responses, though.  Watch for more ND trivia coming soon!

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a chain letter....

THOMPSRC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Apr 25 03:41:33 1995

you are the lucky recipient of this message.  if you forward ten copies
of this message to your friends, you will make some people very, very,
very happy.

statement in, in its entirety.  do not edit it.  or you will have 
bad luck for the remainder of your life.  very bad luck, as people like
me will hunt you down and kill you.


remember, ten copies.  and yes, i do realize chain letters are illegal
messages a day asking me if he has aids.

by now, minarets net should be well informed that dave matthews does
not have aids.  so just forward this message to all of your clueless
nincompoop-head friends who haven't heard that it's not true.  


"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\   
__________________________________              rick thompson
this space intentionally          \          thompsrc@jmu.edu

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:Re: firedancer...

jostheim@vt.edu Tue Apr 25 04:11:22 1995

Dave does draw stuff when he signs autographs, he signed a shirt for me down
at browns island one time and he drew a little face and wrote, "smoke it if
it burns, my advice to Jamie"  Pretty cool huh?  He wrote for my friend
Chris Monger "drink if it is liquid, unless it is blueish and sitting in a
parking lot"  or something like that.


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Dave and the Dead

swallis@acpub.duke.edu Tue Apr 25 04:39:16 1995

the Dead are playing in Vegas.  I am thinking about roadtripping from New 
York, so I need to know the date and where/when I can get tickets.  
Please get back to me personally.

| "If we do not succeed,               |   Simeon Wallis	        |
|   we run the risk of failure."       |   Duke University              |
|    -former Vice President,           |   (919) 613-1159	        |
|    Dan Quayle (a college graduate?)  |   swallis@acpub.duke.edu	|


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3ME4CRITTEND@vmsa.csd.mu.edu Tue Apr 25 04:54:48 1995

hello friends, 
know what religion dave follows as well as the other guys?  i.e. christian or 
judaism or other.  (i'm not looking for the religion of music, we already know 
that :)  )  I'm just wondering what motivates these men to play the best music
under the stars.   Thanks.  


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cgbradle@email.unc.edu Tue Apr 25 05:00:41 1995

Anybody know more about Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors?  I just got Big 
League Chew and love the song.  I've heard it was done about 3 or 4 
times, but was it acoustic every time?  Anyone have comments or want to 
trade for a copy quickly?  I'm also looking for shows with Sympathy for 
the Devil.  Your list gets mine...Thanks in advance, Creg Bradley


PS--Does anyone know if the resurrection of Drive In, Drive Out was 
Dave solo or with the whole band?  Enquiring minds want to know...

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No dave content

jostheim@vt.edu Tue Apr 25 05:09:48 1995

Tonight, I went and saw Harry Conick Jr. and his funk band.  It was awesome,
they could really jam, Conick's band made up for his lack of funk.  If you
have a chance you should definitely check them out.  The whole band were
really in sync with there jams, and they played some of the phattest funk
and blues I've ever heard, check em' out.  Funk that!
sorry for the lack of dave content


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***Tape Offer***

mcghie@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu Tue Apr 25 05:14:12 1995

Hi Everyone,

collected about 20 very nice tapes.  My thanks go out to 
all of you who have helped me !!!!  I would like to now 
return the kind gesture.  In my pre-exam denial I have been
rolling a lot of Phish and DMB shows to trade or offer for
blanks and postage. I have made copies of the following DMB

(#) is the number of copies I have rolled, and I am offering.
(3) 2/5/94  Athens, GA II (90 min)
(2) 1/30/95 Prov., RI (w/BHTM on 2d tape) (180 min)
(4) 2/24/95 Roseland. NY, NY (w/ Trey & Popper). (120 min)  

made me smile when I heard them :) All shows are recorded on 
XLII 90 min tapes, except the 2/24/95. I have rolled four 
copies of the 2/24/95 on two XLII-S 60 minute tapes (please 
base a trade accordingly). I will also roll another 6 copies 
of 2/24/95 for people who send me 2 60 min. blanks and postage 
(I don't want to buy more 60's). BTW, the 2/24/95 was cross-posted 
to the r.m.phish newsgroup, so those may go fast. I hope to help
some newbies, and maybe pick up some new trades.  Thanks to 
everyone for all the wonderful information on the band, and
the great stories.  Sadly, I still haven't seen DAMABA live, 
since they canceled the Gainesville show (even after I 
waited in line at Ticketbastard for tickets!).  Although
BHTM was great, I will really look forward to seeing DAMABA
next time around !  Take it easy.  And to all those in school,
good luck on finals!!!!! Personally, I just can't get excited
about my Commercial Papers exam. Doh !!

Best regards,
Sean McGhie


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tape wanted

fostecl4@wfu.edu Tue Apr 25 05:21:12 1995

If anyone happened to tape the 4-16-95 Wilmington Easter Show, I'd really 
love to get a copy. I have DMB shows to trade if necessary! 
Studying til the sun comes up....Carrie

to live is to fly
low and high			
so shake the dust off of your wings
and the sleep out of your eyes.....


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Re: Curious/newbie/DKEshowgetters/LOSinNC???

lono@brahms.udel.edu Tue Apr 25 05:56:04 1995

***Minarets response #1***
So just whodafuk is this chapman-stick playin' mofo NEway?

Actually, I've seen relatively little on the Minarets about 
"Woe-is-me...Dave-Is-God, so it's all gone"

Actually, I've learned about 15 OTHER cool bands, I've picked up some DMB 
Tab, I've acquired some boots...I've made some friends (and some 
enemies...hee hee, sorry to poke ya'll again, deadheads!)

I write music. I play music. I sing. I'm violently passionate about music 
in general, and have trouble relating to people who listen to "whatever"...

***mini autobiography, cont'd***

I saw Dave for the first (and only) time live in a Bar at JMU in 1992. He 
wailed...and he met up with Boyd Tinsley like two weeks later. 
I "rediscovered" them last summer, when i picked up R2T on a whim. I 
hadn't heard of Dave's Band since JMU, but I recognized the name and 
remebered the guy that stood on stage for like an hour, bobbing around 
and playing the most unique music I'd heard in a bar scene.

I've been within 10 feet of going to see DMB 3 times this year, but the 
planets just didn't line up in my favor, so I'll just wait 'til he makes 
another North East tour...no skin off my back, since I have like 30-40 
hrs of Live stuff to keep me hoppin.

I'm glad to hear that he's recently put some cool tunes back into the 
shows (Drive in... So much to say... ) and I pray that we'll see the 
reemergence of tunes like help myself, angel... the maker, and bluewater.

Any sightings of these tunes this tour?

(but I'm $2 richer...I can soon justify 8 concerts in three weeks!!! yeehoo!)

I'm obviously babbling nonsensically...but one more thing

*** whining newbie ***

whoever whined about not enough newbie offers oughta...offer one!
Jesus, bro...the ball is in your court. you've got 15 tapes, offer to 
fill blanks!!! I've been filling blanks for three months 
straight...incidentally, that means that I don't get any kind of addition 
to my collection! There are a shitload of cool people here who will offer 
newbie gifts. Shit, I've mailed away tapes no strings attached, just to 
get a good show in circulation. That's not bragging, that's just the 
facts. If there seems to be a lull in Newbie offers, quit bitching and 
start posting your own offer. Is that an insane idea? Let me know, 'cause 
I can be pretty irrational.

*** about those DKE tapes... ***

spinning as we speak!

Kelly and Mike M, they're on the way...
Mike C...this week, i promise...get back to me if you're the one who's on 
a tight schedule.

*** obligatory waste of bandwidth...valid question, tho ***

Hey...anyone out there know where my sister can find a Leftover Salmon CD 
if she's in Winston-Salem?


Thanks for any answers!!!
peace ya'll...and offer a newbie something nice.

ps...sasha, got your blank, and it's taped, ready to mail out tomorrow!!


---------------**** ***   ***   *     *     *  ******
--------------*     *  *  *  *  *     **   **    *
---------------*    *   * *   * *     * * * *    *
----------------*   ****  *   * *     *  *  *    *
-----------------*  *     *   * *     *     *    *
------------*****   *     ****  ***** *     *    *

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Re: religion

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Tue Apr 25 07:04:28 1995

I'm not sure that Dave is a member, but his mother, neice and nephew go 
to Quaker meeting.  And no, that's not like being Amish.  No bonnets, no 
horse and buggie, yes electricity.  As for Stefan...hmmm... I don't want 
to start any rumors with info that I'm not 100% sure about, so I will leave 
him out for the time being...  Anyway, since his mother has been pretty 
influential (at least I assume so..uh-oh, maybe that's dangerous)  I 
assume Dave was brought up with some of those good wholesome Quaker 
beliefs (*grin*)
Did I help?


Nine planets round the sun
Only one does the sun embrace
Upon this watered one
So much do we take for granted

 hello friends, 
 	i'm on a quest to find out what drives dave and the guys.  Does anyone
 know what religion dave follows as well as the other guys?  i.e. christian or 
 judaism or other.  (i'm not looking for the religion of music, we already know 
 that :)  )  I'm just wondering what motivates these men to play the best music
 under the stars.   Thanks.  

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This newbie got the love...

arharrin@email.unc.edu Tue Apr 25 07:34:50 1995

....you got the love?

Finally found my way home to DaMaBa central.  Adam from DC by way of MD 
and UNC speaks the gospel of the DMB.  From the very first minute of my 
exposure to RTT on October 7, 1993, I have been loyal.  I'm no Trax 
regular, but I've met, talked to, joked with, danced to and never had 
enough of Dave and company.  I trust I'm in good company here, too.
Ants Marching.  I'm still trying to dig up a copy of their fraternity 
show at "Pika" here in Chapel Hill from Spring '93, but it's slow going.  
just learned exists, or perhaps one would be kind enough to tape a 
"starter set" from a blank I will send and cover return postage for.  I'm 
ready to get involved constructively, but I'll need some help.

Well, we mustn't be selfish with our favorite South African/
Charlottesvillian bartender boy wonder, right?  It's just so
awful to hear such a poopy station rape his name like that.  As for the 
song, they can have it.  I'll take Two Step and my All Along the 
Watchtower cover and bask in the rawness, power and "uniquool" energy 
which draws me ever closer to the band's heart every time I experience 

Sorry for the long post, but I had a lot to bring in with me as I join in 
screaming from these minarets!



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Re: Jackopierce @ DMB

spc@acpub.duke.edu Tue Apr 25 08:10:31 1995

hey there!
jackopierce is playing an open concert at the festivities on east campus. 
the opening band starts at seven and jp is supposed to start around 
eight. anyone who thinks they might show up, let me know and we'll get 
together. later y'all.


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Covers the band could do.

MarvelMarv@aol.com Tue Apr 25 12:03:48 1995

Well, this is something that I've been thinking about a lot since the thread
began.  The first two songs that I've come up with that I believe the band

"But It's Alright"----I think it was JJ Jackson's

and I guess "I'm a Soul Man"  I'm not sure if that is the name of the song or
not.  Both songs admitedly sounded similar, but if they are the same guy I am
oblivious to the fact.  I even called the radio station I was listening to
for the former.  It was the local oldies station (50's 60's), I've been
listening to it at work lately because they don't play many commercials.  At
any rate alot of the songs I heard sounded like songs that might work due to
their ease of DMB changability, and adaptability!

Just some thoughts, I can think of many more that I'd like to hear them do,
but I've been containing myself to post only the ones that they could
definatly pull off 200%!!!


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Re: ***Tape Offer***

kgullo@aed.org Tue Apr 25 13:30:03 1995

if the tape offer isn't closed please include me.  Thanks



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Need info on Roseland Tree

beck74@potsdam.edu Tue Apr 25 14:04:41 1995

Sorry to send this to the whole net, but I need some info on the Roseland
Tree.  I know this is probably a complicated process for the organizer to
work out, but I know myself I will be leaving school May 2nd (thats next
week) and with it I will be loosing email.  So if you could help me out and
tell what should be done, I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance...
Peace and Spoons and Stuff...


P.S. don't weep, I know I said I'd be
loosing my email, but It will only
be for a few months...
Write to me personally if you're upset


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sdeck@cw.com Tue Apr 25 14:15:54 1995

Hey Justin P---Isn't it POSSIBLE that the city where DMB is based is 
proud of them and wants to acknowledge their success? Charlottesville 
was and is VERY proud of being the home of the band -- the mayor, as the 
official spokesperson of the city, was expressing how proud and excited 
the town was. If you had accomplished something on this scale wouldn't 
YOU like for your hometown to tell you how excited they were about it?
cop-out. Most city councils, mayors, and school boards are paid very 
little to do what they do; they just want to make a difference where they 
thing -- that always seemed suspect to me.


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Mailing list

nama@acs.bu.edu Tue Apr 25 14:50:08 1995

Could you please put me on your mailing list? Thank you. nama@acs.bu.edu

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Re: a chain letter....

mdavenpt@cs1.presby.edu Tue Apr 25 15:15:56 1995

 you are the lucky recipient of this message.  if you forward ten copies
 of this message to your friends, you will make some people very, very,
 very happy.
 statement in, in its entirety.  do not edit it.  or you will have 
 bad luck for the remainder of your life.  very bad luck, as people like
 me will hunt you down and kill you.
 remember, ten copies.  and yes, i do realize chain letters are illegal
 messages a day asking me if he has aids.
 by now, minarets net should be well informed that dave matthews does
 not have aids.  so just forward this message to all of your clueless
 nincompoop-head friends who haven't heard that it's not true.  
 "it is indeed a great gift of heaven\   
   to possess...plain common sense."  \
         --immanuel kant               \__________________________________
 __________________________________              rick thompson
 this space intentionally          \          thompsrc@jmu.edu
        left blank.          _______\____________________________________    
Hey buddy---
You need to get a life.  No shit Dave matthews does not have AIDs, but if 
people like you would just shut up about the whole thing it just might 
die down.  SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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jumping around and truth

sdeck@cw.com Tue Apr 25 15:43:49 1995

Crazy Bones--
you swallow everything Boyd does as "funky and true"? Or is it never the
band's fault for a bad show, only the crowd's? Boyd's a fine musician who
has volumes of talent and inspiration but he also has his moments of 
they do is, the greater the tendancy for them to believe it.  I don't
think you want this. 
that breaking bows and stomping around is no indication of how great a
solo is. You HAVE TO LISTEN, not just watch. If all you do is watch, how
is it different from a fashion show? 


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Summer schedule at Great Woods and Jones Beach?

C452-033@IRLEARN.UCD.IE Tue Apr 25 15:45:48 1995

Could someone be kind enough to mail me the above as I don't want to miss
any good shows this summer.  Thanks in advance.

Michael Wojkowski
University College Dublin

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dave screen saver

bricker@acme.highpoint.edu Tue Apr 25 16:35:15 1995

hi all

does anyone have the dmb screen saver?

if so, can i have it?

e-mail me now!!!

tthanks  bruce


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wandres@mailhost.tcs.tulane.edu Tue Apr 25 16:47:20 1995

Hey y'all.... I just wanted to let you know that

is a GREAT TRADER.  She sent me an extra tape just
for being a couple of weeks late getting mine out 
to me!  She also made some really funky colored
labels AND her shows are great quality!!!

Thanx again, Beth!!!



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A funny thing happened...

MO12292@conrad.appstate.edu Tue Apr 25 17:03:25 1995

Went to see Jackopierce last night here in Boone, NC and a funny, 
coincidental thing happened.  First let me say that they put on a really 
good show, I had not seen them before and I was under the impression that 
they were two men with acoustic guitars but they were much more than that.
So anyway...they were playing the song called Get Know Me when all of the 
sudden the tempo changes and they sing...
everyone will come around, why are you different, why are you free, if
you don't get in line they'll lock you away...

My friend and I turn to each other with our mouths wide open.  Confusion 
set in and then a big smile!  That was a nice surprise.
Then I come to check my digestified mail and read other posts about JP and 
DMB...the coincidence of it all!   

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People requesting Duke Show

cmixson@acpub.duke.edu Tue Apr 25 17:59:54 1995

Sorry for the personal message on the net, but there are too many people 
to reply to personally. To all the people who requested the duke show 
from me. I haven't even gotten it yet from the guy who recorded it on 
DAT. However, Keith is going to help me out to run a shrub or whatever 
for it. So hold tight and we'll work things out. Peace all.


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fallen leaves

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Tue Apr 25 18:14:07 1995

Yeah, I know its the wrong season...

But a leaf/child of mine from the roseland tree has never responded to 
me...I've written him four times and told him the last time around that 
I'd only wait a day or two more before I offered his tapes to someone else.

Well, that day or two has come and gone...but I don't know if that's 
quite fair.  Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Do I just keep the tapes 
(they're already spun)  until he gets back to me, or do I have to 
eventually say he's probably dropped off the face of the planet, and let 
some other lucky newbie get this great show?

Please, don't anyone ask me to give the tapes to them... If I decide to 
offer it up, I'll post again.  But I'm in a quandary here, and don't 
hardly know why!

Take it easy-

-Dash   ;)

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Don't bash R.Thomson!

50OGLESBY@CUA.EDU Tue Apr 25 18:51:58 1995

hey now,
don't bash thomson for his unique way of lrtting people know the truth
about Dave's health. he has been on this list longer than almost anyone
that's hear now. i've only been here for 9 months, and he was established
"old school" by the time i got here, so lay off. and to whoever thought

(a.k.a. Jonathan Oglesby)
Catholic University, Washington,D.C.

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Re: dave screen saver

st942739@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Tue Apr 25 19:43:06 1995

hi all

does anyone have the dmb screen saver?

if so, can i have it?

e-mail me now!!!

tthanks  bruce

Can you have it??  Are you kidding?  Why wouldn't you want to buy it from
Bama Rags and give Dave some cash?


*   The day is gone                     |             Josh Levin
*   I'm on my back                      |     st942739@pip.cc.brandeis.edu
*   Staring up at the Ceiling           |           (617) 736-5372
*   I take a drink                      |         Brandeis Univeristy
*   Sit back relax                      |           Sigma Alpha Mu
*   Smoke my mind make me feel          |
*   Better for a small time             |                      ~~
*       -DMB                            |                     ~~
*                                       |                    ~~
*                                       |           Pookie__/ /
*                                       |           _________/
*                                       |


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Re: jumping around and truth

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Tue Apr 25 19:43:51 1995

 Crazy Bones--
 	I'm confused. You can comment on the quality of a show but
 you swallow everything Boyd does as "funky and true"? Or is it never the
 band's fault for a bad show, only the crowd's? Boyd's a fine musician who
 has volumes of talent and inspiration but he also has his moments of 
 	The more people fawn over them and tell them how great everything
 they do is, the greater the tendancy for them to believe it.  I don't
 think you want this. 
 	Don't get me wrong--I LOVE the music, I just think
 that breaking bows and stomping around is no indication of how great a
 solo is. You HAVE TO LISTEN, not just watch. If all you do is watch, how
 is it different from a fashion show? 

hey now. 

....thats funny that you would mention fashion shows,

now to reply.

o.k. i didn't mean that frazzled bows is an indication of great
music...just an added dimension...yes, Boyd's sound is not always
the greatest, sometimes he's WAY outta' tune with the band...thats 
just the nature of live jamming improvisational musical adventures.

....i just love it when a musician gets physically involved in the
music...because there are forces at work that no one can explain...
i play music... i have based my entire existence on musical
expression...whether i be speaking or playing an instrument,i feel
rhythm and songs...other musicians know this feeling as well..

and there is nothing in this world that i have experienced like
completly losing your self, your identity, your place in time, 
by becoming all encompassed in the sounds created from your own 
body...it takes years of work,...and there are so many outside
factors that can distract you...but when it happens, you get chills
up your spine for days when you think about what happened.
you can't explain it...

many of the greatest jazz musicians, when complimented on their
performance, say thank you very much, but....

so back to Boyd.
i've been watching DMB evolve for years and i've seen Boyd go
through some emotional shit about his music. but the band has
gotten so much better..listen to an old tape...then listen to the
instruments now...they have crystallized. 
....i've seen Boyd stand for 3/4 of a concert and play hardly
anything due to the setlist...so when i see a concert review that
says Boyd was going off and stomping...i feel the energy sitting
here. yes, maybe the notes won't be the most perfect sounds in the
world, but damn i know Boyd's releasing every ounce of music the
universe offers him at that point...

**i'm all for professional music and tip-top performances...but there
comes a time when you must drop your Westernized ear and live,love
and dance for the moment.**

band with a fiddle player...she said " that guy is alot better than

" shit, it doesn't matter 'cause he's not BOYD."


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ordering DMB goods

MCGLJ@ns.rhodes.edu Tue Apr 25 20:00:40 1995

hey all--

this may be a really stupid ?, but does anyone know if we can still order shirts and stuff from Bama 
Rags now that DMB is with RCA?  i wanted to send in the order form, but thought i better check it 
out first...

thanks in advance for any info...


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Re: Chapman Sticks

dth@GAS.UUG.Arizona.EDU Tue Apr 25 20:06:58 1995


sure, a chapman stick is a ten-stringed fretboard. five bass strings, 
tuned in fifths from C below low bass E - strung from the middle of the 
fretboard backwards to the top, strings 6 through 10, with the thickest 
for the C in the middle.
the other side, with what are known as melody strings, are tuned in 
fourths and are strung in the normal guitar top to bottom format. it's 
tuned slightly differently than a guitar, instead from C# below low 
guitar E through A - second fret, G string.

one plays by tapping bass lines with the left hand and melody lines with 
the right hand, usually in an independent-from-the-other-hand fashion.

in the hands of a skilled player, the stick will easily fill up the 
sonic ranges normally held by piano, guitar, bass, and any other melodic 
instruments capable of taking melody lines/solos.

Dan Howarth (dth@gas.uug.arizona.edu)
Chapman Stick, Basses


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hfejp@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Tue Apr 25 20:25:34 1995

Hey y'all.... I just wanted to let you know that

is a GREAT TRADER.  She sent me an extra tape just
for being a couple of weeks late getting mine out
to me!  She also made some really funky colored
labels AND her shows are great quality!!!

Thanx again, Beth!!!

oh my.....
i'm blushing now........! :)

and yes to my poor lost newbies
must have thought i'd up and died down here......
your tapes they are a'comin'!

be well all...


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One final call...

228133104@UCIS.VILL.EDU Tue Apr 25 20:38:01 1995

Allright, I know that a lot of you out there are losing e-mail access for the
summer, so I jsut wanted to let you all know that I am looking for any trades
(Big or small)...Anyway, I am looking for old stuff as well as any Samples     
stuff.  I have about 45 hrs of DMB and some other stuff, so whatever anybody
wants to work out...cool...jsut got a chance to see a couple of good bands
over the weekend at UPENN (the Hatters, P-Funk, Samples, The Roots)..It was
a pretty good earth day for me, hope it was for you all too...

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psjacobs@artsci.wustl.edu Tue Apr 25 20:39:23 1995

the newbie offer that went out about 2 days ago for the show i taped at 
the shrine mosque in springfield,MO on 4-21-95 is 
scream, but i really can't handle all the mail i've gotten about it, and 
just felt the need to make it clear. ;)
i *really* don't have enough time to do more than the 4 tapes i offered - 
end of the semester and all....:)


~                                                                          ~
I  "Imagine that the sun itself                                            I
~   is your heart and shine on           Pam Jacobs                        ~
I   infinitely without looking           psjacobs@lime.wustl.edu           I
~   back....." -Jenn Wertz of             -Washington University           ~
I   Rusted Root			           in St.Louis, MO                 I
~                                                                          ~
I                                                                          I


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V134R9W7@ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu Tue Apr 25 20:46:31 1995

I'm looking for any show where DMB does a cover of Me and Julio
have DMB, Phish, WSP, Rusted Root, ABB and others to offer.

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Re: a chain letter....

pmod@magicnet.magicnet.net Tue Apr 25 21:02:03 1995

Hey buddy---
You need to get a life.  No shit Dave matthews does not have AIDs, but if 
people like you would just shut up about the whole thing it just might 
die down.  SO SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not long.  the guy that wrote that (ric thompson) is one of the eldest and
most respected people here on minarets.  what ric was utilizing was a
literary device known as SARCASM.  it is a seldom used and often
misunderstood concept, so i thought i'd clue you in.  btw, this is sarcasm.
you are a tool. don't fire off shit like that without knowing the person or
knowing what's up.  -- not sarcasm.  have a nice day.


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Keep freebie offers to Newbies open to the digestified!!

MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Apr 25 21:06:47 1995

What's up Minareters,

to keep their offers open to us digestified people!  I don't get my digest
untill around 8P.M. every night, and by the time I've read the post, the
"contest" has already been won by others who aren't digestified and get the
posts right away.  Now some of you have kept your offers open to the
need to build a collection!  Thanx in advance.


Michael Mafodda
James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA


Top Permalink

Thanks for the assistance!!:)

MWMAFODD@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Tue Apr 25 21:08:02 1995

Hey Minareters, it's me again,

my 2-D Design project (a DMB CD case for all those who forgot).  Special

recieved a reply from Waldo Jaquith at Bama Rags Records, and he wants me to
send a copy of the case over when I'm done.  He said maybe they would use it
for something, even put it on the homepage!  Wow, just imagine it.  Anyway,
I've decided to go with some original stuff (sorry fire dancer fans!)  Gotta
run, see y'all later!


Michael Mafodda
James Madison University, H'burg, VA


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New to this group!

ulathk00@mcl.ucsb.edu Tue Apr 25 21:20:13 1995

What's up!  I'm new to this group and am trying to greatly increase my 
DMB tape collection.  Anyone willing to trade would be a godsend.  I have 
over 130 hours of Phish and 140+ hours of Dead and about 3 hours of 
DMB!!! I'm a fast,reliable trader and any help would be greatly 
appreciated. Please e-mail Kevin at ulathk00@mcl.ucsb.edu

Kevin Lathrop

Goin' to Warfield and Hollywood shows!

P.S.  Who plays first DMB or BHT?


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the rick thompson incident

saf1@acpub.duke.edu Tue Apr 25 21:31:26 1995

ACHTUNG minaretters,

rick thompson's letter has produced some of the most inane letters that 
this net has witnessed in the eight months that i have been a part of 
it.  As one who has been *villified, ostracized, and heavily flamed* on this 
net for posting sarcastic messages, I can relate to mr. thompson's frustration.

please remember that everyone on this list has a right to their opinion, 
if you disagree with someone just hit delete or write them personally.  
we  all don't need to read everyone's soap box bitching about thompson's 
letter.  let it rest, and maybe this net will go back to some sort of the 
semblance it once had. 

a concerned reader,

s fine

flame away, i love reading them

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mmcdanie@email.unc.edu Tue Apr 25 21:59:46 1995

I was wondering if anyone had any widepread leggs w/ coconuts
or any dmb w/ drive in-drive out?


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All this rumour bullshit

rush2112@unm.edu Tue Apr 25 22:00:09 1995

Hey all-

In the past few weeks I've read a lot about how Dave supposedly has AIDS
and that all the band likes to do smack and other such hersay. Well 
actually I'm not saying that Dave and the boys do or don't do drugs but 
if they do it is not up to us to flame them. If Dave chooses to shot up, 
light up or what ever that is none of my business. I of course would be 
concerned but it is not up to me what other people do just what I do with 
myself. Dave's line in "Dancing Nancies"  - I'll sing and dance for you 
tonight, the trill of it all." is exactly what I mean here. What goes on 
in his private life is not of my concern - I listen to his words and his 
music and let my brain interpret what he is saying.I thought that this 
was a forum for discussing and intrducing Dave's music not a public 
discussion of who or what Dave did last night !! So please leave Dave 
alone! He (and the rest of the band)is one of the great talents to hit 
the music industry in a long time- leave him alone and let him sing and 
dance for you tonight. -Jeremy

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Derryberry and Alagia

McMoe@aol.com Tue Apr 25 22:14:49 1995

Does anyone have any Derryberry and Alagia boots?? Those of you who don't
know, John Alagia produced Dave's R2T and maybe Recently (I'm not sure) . . .
If anyone listens to Derryberry and has info about them (lists, shows, are
they still together?)  For those of you who haven't been touched by them,
look into it -- they're kinda a Jackopierce/Acoustic Junction mix . . . they
great though.

Two Step
Angel from Montgomery
Say Goodbye

and of course, it must be live . . .this studio shit doesn't cut it . . I
mean it's Dave, but the first two CDs were better than UTTAD.  And why can't
Dave remain independant with Bama Rags?  Can't they make a shitload of money
if they get a little bigger and increase production.  I mean, I am sure RCA
makes too big of a cut out of the band's talent.  Keep it live because it
transmits more of Dave's magic.


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tix for show in dallas?

mcca0510@utdallas.edu Tue Apr 25 22:34:32 1995

thats when doors open... thanks, brett


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THaughton@aol.com Tue Apr 25 22:58:49 1995

saying, in part, that it was best not to record with dolby nr; that it could
always be turned on during playback if desired.
think that dolby degrades the high frequency content of recordings.  dolby
nr, B or C, should NEVER be used on playback unless the tape was recorded
with dolby. it's a record/encode, playback/decode process designed to reduce
tape hiss. low-amplitude high-frequency information is boosted by 10 db
during the recording process, then reduced by the same amount during
playback(dolby B-i don't advocate using dolby C). tape hiss, not being
present to be boosted when recording, is thus reduced during by 10 db during
playback. simply turning on dolby on an unencoded recording will thus make a
recording very muddy, and "cut the highs". i own tape decks valued at about
$4,000 and have not experienced the loss of highs that some folks do, however
....to each his/her own. i'd just like people to make an informed decision
regarding the use of dolby, and not one based on "conventional wisdom".
owner's manual?!!,... if people would bother to read it..all of it, this is
explained in sufficient detail to know how dolby should be used, if not how
it works.


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horde yet?

a0009330@hawkmail.monmouth.edu Tue Apr 25 23:07:41 1995


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ST942505@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Tue Apr 25 23:07:57 1995

this is a test, please disregard this message.
sorry to waste space but i had to check something

"eat, drink and be merry. for tomorrow we die!" -dave and the boys


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Dave's artwork

ESGJ59A@prodigy.com Tue Apr 25 23:14:30 1995

think it would be great if the WWW site could post a few of them if they
are available.  I am very curious about this "hidden" talent, and I would
like to see just how good he is!

artistically creative as Dave.  I have other talents, but as a budding
attorney, artistic creativity is certainly not one of them g.

everyone.  Unfortunately, I have not seen the guys in concert, but when I
do, I will be sure to ask him for a little drawing!


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looking for sunrise,fl 4/11/95

a015880t@bcfreenet.seflin.lib.fl.us Wed Apr 26 00:30:59 1995

If anybody has this show please mail me.  I will offer anything for 
this.  Thanks,


Jonathan Nelson


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DMB avi file

jsoucy@ix.netcom.com Wed Apr 26 00:55:57 1995

My encoder is screwed up, so now, you can download the DMB
video files from my WWW page. Enjoy! And for all those who I couldn't 
get back to, I'm sorry!


NEW! The WWW page is here!


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BigReed@aol.com Wed Apr 26 01:01:58 1995

Does anyone have any info on the project someone was working on a few weeks
ago here?  The CD "Best of What's around".  What was the guys e-mail that was
working on it?  I'd kind of like to get in contact with him and see whats up
with it.  

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Looking for Sweet shows

perry@nic.com Wed Apr 26 01:18:27 1995

I've posted this before but since then I've switched to a PPP account and
all my mail got screwed up...
I think I got back to everyone but if not I'm very sorry and love to hear
from ya again...
If anybody can help I'm looking for SWEET SUPER CRISPY copies of the following

Paradise in Boston late summer early fall 93
HammerJacks Baltimore Late 94 (if one exists)with Aquarium Rescue Unit
Dave & Tim  Acustic at Irving Plaza late 94

Have lots to offer ALL HQ (I'm a quality freak) mostly 1st GEN including
ALL NYC except above show (all 1st gen DAT SBD)3 Roseland 2 Irving Plaza

If your up for a trade drop me a line...




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tapers in olympia/vancouver???

VOLDAJ@PLU.edu Wed Apr 26 02:20:25 1995

hi folks!
tape cause i've seen 2 messages about it from jonas.  i will only be in 
the northwest for 3 more weeks and would really like these 2 shows to 
help me remember this year.  for you tapers around the area, PLEASE make 
an attempt to get these shows.  i would be FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!!  look at 
that...i'm begging.  well, i know those 2 shows would be in high demand 
by at least 2 people.  i'll do *almost* anything for a copy.  thanks for 


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BigReed@aol.com Wed Apr 26 02:48:23 1995

The first newbie who answers the following question correctly will recieve a
GREAT early boot, TRAX 11/17/92.  (You have to send the tapes, of course).

What, IN YOUR OWN WORDS, is a minaret?

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Allgood CD for trade

Eric.Schwobe@m.cc.utah.edu Wed Apr 26 03:09:20 1995

---------- Forwarded message ----------

like to trade this for a few HQ bootlegs of WSP and DMB.  Looking for BT 
also.  Please email me if you are interested.  CD is in original cover 
with liner notes intact/no scratches on disc.



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I'm new here

llo0863@decster.uta.edu Wed Apr 26 03:09:53 1995

I just thought that I would introduce myself.  My name is Lori Otto and
I just joined today.  Actually, I just recently discovered the joys of
DMB.  I haven't heard a CD as good as "Under the Table and Dreaming" in
a long time.  It's so different than anything else I've ever heard, and
a refreshing change...  My favorite song, so far, is Satellite.

Is DMB going to tour any other time than right now with Big Head Todd?
I could kick myself, but they're playing right now in Dallas.  My
sister's there, but I didn't get tickets and I would love to see them.
If anyone knows if/when they'll be back, I'd appreciate the info.


# # # # # # # # # # # #
# # # # # # # # # # # #


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dmb internet

remattei@Wittenberg.EDU Wed Apr 26 03:17:42 1995

please put me on the internet I am a big Dave Matthews Band fan


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Need help with a date

Sumo5@aol.com Wed Apr 26 03:23:09 1995

Hey all,

One sweet world
Tripping Billies
Lie In Our Graves

Two Step--
Best of What's Around
Rhyme and Reason

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*** Sean's Tape Offer ***

mcghie@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu Wed Apr 26 03:58:53 1995


much closed.  I was flooded by my offer, and I 
am still plowing through well over 100 replies 
from Minarets and the phish.net.  I will try to 
get back to everyone who reached me.  If I don't, 
I am not a cruel, heartless person, but merely a 
mortal student trying to balance the net and exams.  
try to roll more copies of these shows or others
over the next week or two. Take it easy.

Sean McGhie


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huppert@bucknell.edu Wed Apr 26 03:58:59 1995

that can't be possible since they are in two different states and occur on
the SAME NIGHT!  If you can identify a MISTAKEN DATE please let me know the

Lafayette College Easton, PA   ****(Says 2/25/95)**** 90m

Side A                    Side B

Dancing Nancies           Recently
Lie in Our Graves         Blue Water
Warehouse                 Typical Situation
Granny                    #36
Rhyme and Reason          Ants Marching
Jimi Thing                Satellite

Roseland, NY   ****(Says 2/25/95)**** 180m

Side A                    Side B

Seek Up                   Typical Situation
Warehouse                 Granny
What Would You Say        Best of What's Around
Say Goodbye*              Watchtower#*
Minarets                  Recently

* w/ John Popper
# w/ Trey Anastasio

Side A                    Side B

Two Step                  FILLER
Ants Marching

PLEASE, if you notice one of these DATES are WRONG please let me know the
correct date!!!!  I would be forever endebted!!!



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take it easy

Z_KNOCHEKF@TITAN.SFASU.EDU Wed Apr 26 04:45:12 1995

To everyon that it concerns, 

Get off each others back about this whole big bag full of bullshit about drugs,aids, or what ever somebody did or didn't invent.  The whole point of this internet thing is so fans can talk about the music and shit like that.  It seems that everyone seems to enjoy pummeling each other with harsh words and phrases.  Why,in the name of God, do people want to make other people feel bad for.  I fsomeone has heard a rumor then let it be and forget about it.  They are probably just conveying some info to other fans who share the same interests.  
Keep listenting and remember that the whole point of Daves music is to make     people(just like you) feel good.     

Sorry if I offended anyone, but I just had to get this off my back.  

sit back relax and smoke your mind.

P.S. is anyone going to the show in houston?  I am and it would be great to know if anyone is taping it.  

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Dave Quote

dowell@vt.edu Wed Apr 26 05:00:48 1995

borrowed that from none other than the Bible.  Y'all ought to check out the 
passage that it is taken from.  It is from the parable of the Rich Fool in 
Luke.  The actual verse is

I enjoy Dave's music alot and find most of his lyrics quite interesting, but 
I don't think he should get credit for a line that has been around for close 
to 2000 years.

I don't want to sound nitpicky but I just thought I would point that out.  
Besides y'all ought to read the whole parable.  It might help put more 
meaning to the rest of the lyrics of the song.



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jb5j@watt.seas.virginia.edu Wed Apr 26 05:20:23 1995

If anyone is interested in trading, I will send them my list of
tapes.  I am particularly interested in any of the Memphis
shows, any HQ tapes w/ rare Dave, and especially with Sympathy
for the Devil.  I will trade 2 FOR 1, yes 2 FOR 1 for a copy of


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ST942505@PIP.CC.BRANDEIS.EDU Wed Apr 26 05:23:41 1995

not to get off of the subject at hand, which is dave and the boys, but has
anyone seen the Toad the Wet Sprocket/RUsted Root concert yet, and, if so,
is it a goodie??
you can reply personally so we don't waste space and annoy people who
aren't into these two groups (like i probably just did :-))


"free your mind and your ass will follow!!!" -a very wise man (my dad!!!)

"don't throw away your playful beginnings....." -Dave Matthews Band

"don't let school get in the way of your education" - Mark Twain

"sometimes you just gotta say, 'what the f*#k'" -tom cruise in risky business



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A drunken Idea...

driver8@phy.duke.edu Wed Apr 26 05:46:25 1995

If someone manages to get on stage with Jackopierce tommorow and tries to 
play a dave cover with them - well you'll know I tried...


Any suggestions for the tune? I thought about Spotlight, but that might 
be a bit controversial.  maybe - an old school billies, or some help myself.

ahh...classes are over.

sane - sometimes.


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