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Need Help IDing Song...

earoney@Princeton.EDU Wed Apr 26 05:49:57 1995

hey all you minaretters,

On the Lafayette College 2/25/95 show, Dave does a mellow song before 
Sattelite in the encore.... I don't have it identified on my setlist, and 

It has (as far as I can guess) the same chord background (notewise) as
after me in my head", "...is weeping tears on me... my tears are poison",
and "cryin out for the planet and "she cries for suicide of children" 
(remember, these are very loose interpretations :)

Sorry if this is repetitive, but does anyone know of another name for 
"Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors?"  I just heard it for the first time, but I 
swear I've heard it before.  Anyone know all the shows that they played 
it at?  (supposedly there were only a few...)

didn't contribute to that one!! ;)

Finally, thanks to everyone who traded with me, especially Brian Dowell 
and his amazing filler (Thanks, Brian!).  I'm still looking for the RSO 

Thanks for any help you can give me!

"I had a clue now it's gone forever..."  --Dave Matthews

I'm looking for three or four tickets to the May 1 Blues Traveler show in 
New Brunswick, NJ --will throw in a couple of nice bootlegs for tickets...
Well, it was worth a try.

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aids rumor

mmcdanie@email.unc.edu Wed Apr 26 05:59:06 1995

started it on minarets or if it began elsewhere.


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Newbie strategies

lono@brahms.udel.edu Wed Apr 26 06:27:49 1995

(keep in mind, these are merely suggestions, and are not proven to work)

1) UNDIGESTIFY...yeah, it sux, but it's the only way

2) STAY LOGGED ON 24hrs a day...prop your eyes open with toothpicks if 
you must, the key word here is STAY. Take your computer to the bathroom 
with you. Never leave. You might have to cancel emals for two or three days.


4) Pick some guy (or girl) and just send them a brick of tapes, $40 for 
postage and bribe money, and see what comes back. You can send ME a 
brick of tapes plus $40 cash ANYTIME!!!!!


6) Go to parties and steal DMB boots from your friends (people like to do 

7) Pretend your not a newbie, set up trades, and then hope that you can 
get them all to want each other's stuff, but just put yourself in the 
middle. Believe it or not, that's how I got my first big trade to go.

8) Find a good guitar player...have him(should be a "he" to add 
cover the songs from UTTAD,tape his performance, and then make up a fake date 
and trade it for real stuff. You're tradees will just cannabalize the tapes if

9) send ridiculous flame bait to the minarets until someone offers you a 
free tape if you'll just go away. (that's the strategy I'm trying right now)

10) Get Dave's address and inform him you're a newbie...maybe he'll 
dedicate a song to ya...#newbie or something

*** I just found out for the first time tonight that #34 is track #34 on 
UTTAD....wow, those guys are cool. And hiding that jam on R2T....I tell ya.


another day smokeless!

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huppert@bucknell.edu Wed Apr 26 06:34:06 1995

12/31/93  New Years Eve Show  Richmond Marriot, VA

Side A                        Side B

Satellite                     What Would You Say
The Song That Jane Likes      Ants Marching
One Sweet World               Dancing Nancies
Granny                        Jimi Thing
#36                           Seek Up...

Side A                        Side B

....Seek Up                    The Christmas Song
Pay For What You Get          Warehouse
True Reflections*             Acoustic Filler
All Along The Watchtower


When I was listening to it, it sounded different from the setlist I was
sent...  I believe Granny was actually Two Step...

If someone can send me the correct setlist I would appreciate it!



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RYMW77B@prodigy.com Wed Apr 26 07:41:46 1995

Beth Pearson sounds like a great trader, but she can't be as 
good as Tom Haughton.  This guy made a newbie offer and
taped me the best sounding shows I've ever heard.  He
included the taping history and everything I needed to know 
on the tapes.  Then he sent me two free tapes (postage and
tape covered at his own expense) just because I got my
blanks into him quickly and gave him a couple of bucks extra 
postage.  He also took a great deal of his time to explain
many things about the taping process to me in great detail. 
Let's not overlook him when we talk about great traders. 


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summer tour??

lminkus@husc.harvard.edu Wed Apr 26 13:16:14 1995

Does anybody know if dmb is going to be around the east coast at all this 
summer?? Any help anyone may have will be really appreciated--
(thanks Brian)



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song id

C452-033@IRLEARN.UCD.IE Wed Apr 26 13:23:10 1995

As I'm in Dublin I cannot find access to the lyrics file.  The song is from
the Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL 9/14/93.  After Dave does six solo songs he says
that the rest of the band is gonna come out.  The tape cuts and comes back
on with 30 seconds of a song with cool sax and then goes right into TB.  It
might be "get in line" but I'm not sure.

fall away...?...hey heah
make way, still...?...
the way, fall in line
fall in line, fall in line
my...?...blind...?...- Tripping Billies

Thanks for your help!

Michael Wojkowski
University College Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

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My 2/24/95 DMB Tree

cdeluci@hubcap.clemson.edu Wed Apr 26 14:49:14 1995

How do I explain this?
The person who was seeding the tree has...well, he hasn't disappeared, 
but his email account is gone and I can't seem to get in touch with him.  
I was going to give him a few more days before I found another seed, but 
this thing needs to get going.  Is there anyone out there who taped the 
show and has their DAT masters and would be willing to spin 5 1st gen 
copies for the 5 branch leaders?  You had have my eternal gratitude, 
since there are over 225 people signed up who would really like tapes of 
this show.  Anyway, if you have DAT masters, please contact me if you can 

Craig DeLucia                  "My feet, they finally took root in the earth,
cdeluci@hubcap.clemson.edu      but I got me a nice little place in the
Phi Kappa Tau                   stars..."--Bruce Springsteen
Epsilon Nu Chapter             "Can't this wait till I'm old, can't I live  
Let's Go Devils!!               while I'm young?"--Phish              
Bruce, Phish, Hootie, DMB, BT   Currently looking for DMB 4/14/95, live Hootie


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bang bang you're dead, did not did too,

THOMPSRC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Wed Apr 26 17:50:59 1995

you know....

i once heard a rumor that dave matthews mother's brother's ex-wife's
new lover watched the movie dune, told dave about it, and dave went out
and ate sixteen advocadoes in under 41 seconds, setting a  new world
record and farting spice for a week.

is there any truth to this bullshit or not?

and now for our keynote speaker........................................

every time a band comes along, meandering their way out the dusty corners
of small town clubs into larger trash filled, $3-beer-charging amphitheatres,
there's at least one person who bitches about not being able to spit on
the lead singers shoes anymore because there are too many people in the

my first experience with this situation was in 9th grade, when those oh-so-
joe-cool seniors were getting ready for rem at some place smaller than
hampton coliseum (because they hadn't even gotten _that_ big in 1988),
but just before leaving, said things like "man, i been listening to
rem and making fun of the way michael stipe dances since before i hit
puberty, and now all these freaks are going to the concert.  it's gonna

really long sentences. 2)never get involved in a land war in asia.
3)every band that can sell more than 7 tickets for a single venue will
have someone accusing them of selling out.

as for the dave matthews band, this is all a given.  i've heard it too
many times, and i'm not trying to bring that up.  you see, i'm not
going to be one of those wierded out freaks who sits in the corner
dreaming up ways to assasinate dave because he doesn't cater specifically
to me anymore.

but i am bitter about one thing.  minarets.  this place is crazy.  


flaming, bitching, out of control shit.  this opinion is based on the
way things were in february, and i've been told that it's calmed down
a little since then, but not much.

minarets was once this cool cat lazy laid back place where thoughts were
welcome, even if they had nothing to do with thinking, much less damaba.
in fact, to anyone outside of mine and cha's head, it prolly looked for
a while back around christmas that we were doing our best to outspace
each other.

these days, if we make efforts to be spacey, arty fuck around nonsense 
shit, we get flamed.  sometimes pretty roughly, i might add.  we also get
things like "i miss your cloud high nonsense," but basically, i just
like writing about what comes to mind (obviously).  but it doesn't
work anymore, which has made me very cynical to minarets, hence childish

what i think the problem with minarets (and phish.net, and just about
any corner of open discussion on the internet you care to visit),
is that too man people haven't figured out that listserv's are like
standing in a really crowded room, like, upwards of 2000 people, and
each and everyone of you has a microphone that can't be turned off.
even if you want to say something to the person three feet from you,
such as your best friend, you have to tell it to everyone.  if you
don't present yourself as talking to everyone, it's going to cause
problems, hence, there are problems with minarets.

it's like people are just randomly saying things without thinking
about the fact that 2000 people are listening and reacting.  they
that's why whenever you join a usegroup, listserv, bb, discussion
group, irc channel, what have you, you need to sit back and listen
for a little bit, and try and figure out what those 2000 people
are doing and have been doing since long before you arrived.  check 
out faq's, find out who's in charge, (yes, whether anyone likes it 
or not, there's a certain amount of class stratification on listserv's, 
too) and become a part of the crowd. don't just walk into the room 
with your nice shiny new microphone and say "i'm here now, and what 
that guy is saying is shit" unless you really understand what that 
person is saying.

minarets is getting bigger every day.  so it's time to step back,
take a look at everyone and realize that there's a good chance that
you've never spoken to this many people at one time.  it's definitely
the down side to internet.  the "information" on this highway travels
so fucking fast that it's real easy to get caught up in it and
not know what's really going on.  and when someone says something
that bugs you, it's real tempting to say "shut the fuck up" without
thinking that there's about three boatloads of people out there,
and there's going to be people in there who wanted to hear what was
said, and are going to take offense at a narrow-minded attempt to
stifle it.  what ensues is a flame war as everyone argues of the
point of it all.  which is a waste of time.

so, before stepping into different lanes of this highway, stop, look,
and listen, or before you know it, you'll have to stop, drop, and roll.

(DAMN if that wasn't cheezy...;)

so, let's bring the hugs back to minarets.  the personalization.  let's
be able to say that minarets is alot cooler than phish.net, because these
days it's about the same.

we used to be able to use the words "love" and "kindness," and this was
the only place on the internet where i knew that to be possible.

whaddya'll say?

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\   
__________________________________              rick thompson
this space intentionally          \          thompsrc@jmu.edu

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Re: bang bang you're dead, did not did too, stop biddy boppin baby betty bouncing on you...

katrine@eecs.umich.edu Wed Apr 26 18:04:24 1995

 i once heard a rumor that dave matthews mother's brother's ex-wife's
 new lover watched the movie dune, told dave about it, and dave went out
 and ate sixteen advocadoes in under 41 seconds, setting a  new world
 record and farting spice for a week.

 is there any truth to this bullshit or not?

Wow! You heard that, too? But I thought it was jalapenos and not 

it's called sarcasm


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cgbradle@email.unc.edu Wed Apr 26 18:30:47 1995

I reluctantly have been forced to issue a bad trader warning concerning 
Ryan C Edwards.  He has owed me tapes for over a month, and has refused any 
contact with me and does not return any messages.  I've already posted to 
the net to see if any of his friends could contact him for me, but no 
success there.  I really want this show bad(12-29-94 Charlotte) because I 
went to it,as did many of my friends,and traded long ago for it.  So, I 
wish to ask anyone who trades or may trade with Ryan Edwards to hesitate 
and consider what he has done to me.  By the way, I believe he was also 
connected to the net T-shirts which never materialized(I think).  Thanks 
for listening, Creg Bradley   cgbradle@email.unc.edu

"If you can't be with the one you love, fuck everything that moves."
Dave Matthews

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Re: stuff and more stuff

agbra@conncoll.edu Wed Apr 26 18:51:23 1995

i agree with jack daniels that bare naked ladies could do a kickin' job 
on a few dave tunes....

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hlantos@cs1.presby.edu Wed Apr 26 19:02:03 1995

I heard something a few weeks ago and I'm not sure what i think about it, 
although I'm inclined to think it's bullshit.  Please respond to me 
personally and tell me whatcha think.

My sister and I recently went to a DMB show and I enjoyed the music from 
far, far, far in the back (for the first time ever), while my sister was 
in the front tow (again, dammit!).  Any way, there was a female standing 
next to her who continued to gibe my sister stern glares when my sis 
danced around happily (no moshing or surfing, mind you) and sang the 
words to Dave's music.  At several times during the concert, the 
disgruntled listener told my sister that "Dave doesn't like it when you 
sing; he wants you to listen."  So my sister continued to sing, much to 
her Next-Door-Stranger's dismay.  The girl continually criticized my 
sister, saying that's not what Dave wants, but my sis kept singing and 
enjoying herself and ignoring these shitty interruptions.  I would have, 

At every show I've been to, I've noticed that Dave gets off on seeing us 
really get off--I've seen too many grins and chuckles come out of his 
amusement by his fans.  I'm glad my lil' sis kept singing despite what 
that chick said about what dave wants......I just don't think I could 
have been as polite about it as she was.....hee-hee.

So whatcha think...has anyone heard anything like this before?
Hope not



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Last night's Dallas show

Thomas_Thornton@baylor.edu Wed Apr 26 19:02:19 1995

Alright, guys, here's some thoughts on my 1st ever DaMaBa show. I saw the boys 
last night in Dallas at The Bomb Factory, and some interesting things happened.

First - Damn, will they let anyone with a ticket into these shows? There were so 
many high schoolers wearing baseball caps from colleges they obviously didn't go 
to and asking older individuals like myself to buy them some beer, pleeease? I 
especially got pissed when this same bunch of high schoolers (they were, judging 
by those Highland Park HS T-shirts, high schoolers, so flaming me would be dumb) 
started yelling "this sucks" during...of all songs..."Jimi Thing"???!!! They 
didn't like "I'll Back You Up" much either. Enough about that.

Second - Dave Band is headlining here in Texas.

Third - No WWYS!!!!!!! (Yes!!!) Unfortunately, no "#36", "Granny", or "Get In 
Line", either, but oh, well.

Fourth - "Drive In Drive Out" (the full electric version) was included.

Lie In Our Graves
Rhyme & Reason
I'll Back You Up
Jimi Thing
Drive In Drive Out
Two Step

Anyway, I was thrilled to see Dave jam. It was pretty damn good, and I hope to 
see him again (preferably at an outdoor venue) before too long. The light show 
was also pretty damn nice for a club. Anything else...just write me.

All the best... Tom

P.S.: Despite all the rumors, Dave Band is NOT on the Lollapalooza line up. I 
Beck, The Jesus Lizard, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, I think is the bill.


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Jackopierce and taping

jag1@cornell.edu Wed Apr 26 19:07:17 1995

Does anyone know the taping policy of Jakcopierce?  Specifically, do they
give soundboard patches?  Please reply to me directly.  Thanks

"I remember asking why there lies aggression and separation
where there should be love."
--Rusted Root


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You've got it all wrong!

kadams@liberty.uc.wlu.edu Wed Apr 26 19:11:34 1995

Whatever guys!
You know that Dave doesn't eat avocados or Jalapenos.  Pshaw! Everybody 
knows that!  I mean, they announced on the radio that he was smellin' o' 
spice because the sand worms shared the shit out of him. It couldn't have 
been the food. Your mothers brother's sister's girlfriend is a poopy-head.


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Rusted Root and Toad at UVM

Muglinn@aol.com Wed Apr 26 19:27:51 1995

Hi, anyone going to the Toad the Wet Sprocket and Rusted Root concert Friday
night at UVM Patrick Gym at 8 pm? I've never heard Rusted Root, but I've seen
their name w/ DMB boots so I figured it would be appropriate to post it here.

Does anyone know if DMB is planning another album any time soon? I know it's
soon after UTTAD but you never know.

See ya


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oh rosie! oh girl! oh rosie! oh girl! steal away now!

cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu Wed Apr 26 19:47:01 1995

no no..
spices is cause dave 
believes vampyres
hide underneath his house
and they scare him..
so he makes up potions thathave basil and
and oregano and
all kinds  of bay leaves..

he even grows his own leaves adn most of all PEPPERMINTS
cause mint leaves
make his gastrointestinal disease feel
and it tastes better than ex-lax
so anyway...

the spices he smells of is cause of his potions to keep 
vampyres and bad spirits away.

it's either that or
'old spice'
i think its' old spice.

love and light
spoons galore.....
clare emily

(that's right, my brotha! put some zip in yr step and people will smile 
at you like you're a young'un and not 93)

minarets net needs to just have a huge bubble-blowing-a-thon...
then people will be cheery again.. and i'll post more often...
cause happiness makes the soul light..
ans with light souls..w e can all float liek in willie wonka bubble thingy.

clare emily clifford molecular genetics dpt of biology virginia tech & state u 


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l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Wed Apr 26 19:47:58 1995

 Any way, there was a female standing 
 next to her who continued to gibe my sister stern glares when my sis 
 danced around happily (no moshing or surfing, mind you) and sang the 
 words to Dave's music.  At several times during the concert, the 
 disgruntled listener told my sister that "Dave doesn't like it when you 
 sing; he wants you to listen."  So my sister continued to sing, much to 
 her Next-Door-Stranger's dismay.  The girl continually criticized my 
 sister, saying that's not what Dave wants, but my sis kept singing and 
 enjoying herself and ignoring these shitty interruptions.  
 At every show I've been to, I've noticed that Dave gets off on seeing us 
 really get off--I've seen too many grins and chuckles come out of his 
 amusement by his fans.  I'm glad my lil' sis kept singing despite what 
 that chick said about what dave wants......I just don't think I could 
 have been as polite about it as she was.....hee-hee.
 So whatcha think...has anyone heard anything like this before?
 Hope not

OK, this is a matter close to my life.  I'm a singer.  I am ( or, sometimes 
claim to be) a lyricist.  So when I listen to music, the words are the most 
important thing. (As I bet they are pretty darned important for Dave).   
And I love singing and addin harmony and whatever else with my voice at
It makes me eversohappy.

But, it bothers a LOT of people so I've found (and even more at Dead 
shows than DMB shows, BTW).  I don't know if it 
actually bothers Dave Band, I know they enjoy watchin the crowd, and they 
probably can't hear anyone in the crowd singing as much as someone 
standing next to someone in the crowd who's singing. 

So, what I do is mouth the words, or sing very very quietly... that way, 
I still get to experience the lyrics on a true level for me, my throat 
isn't worn out by the end of the night, and nobody around me is bothered.
It works for me.  Your mileage may vary. 

The issue here is that we should all try to make a consession now and 
try not to bug 'em, even if you reallyreally want to dosomething, be it
crowdsurfin or singin at the top o' your lungs or spinning around
in circles.

Make any sense?

Take it easy!


"Love brings me hope and this no better have I felt..."


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Z_KNOCHEKF@TITAN.SFASU.EDU Wed Apr 26 19:51:27 1995

Hello folks.   this will be my first DMB show ever.  I am so fucking excited I vcan barely contain myself.  Anyways, I was wondering if anyone will be there taping it.         

Kyle Knoche   

"everybodies happy, everybodies free..."

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DEJE@ns.rhodes.edu Wed Apr 26 19:54:00 1995

Please suscribe me to the minaret net  Thanks, Jorge


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Re: You've got it all wrong!

aricha@freenet.scri.fsu.edu Wed Apr 26 19:55:42 1995

cha/mail/postponed-mail/PLAIN; CHARSET=US-ASCII

 Whatever guys!
 You know that Dave doesn't eat avocados or Jalapenos.  Pshaw! Everybody 
 knows that!  I mean, they announced on the radio that he was smellin' o' 
 spice because the sand worms shared the shit out of him. It couldn't have 
 been the food. Your mothers brother's sister's girlfriend is a poopy-head.
Hey!!  His mother's brother's sister's girlfriend went to preschool with 
me and she's really nice thank-you-very-much!  God, I am so sick of all 
you people yelling at each other! STOP YELLING!!! jesus, and stop it with 
these freaking rumors!!  They just piss people off and start flame wars, 
you little doo-doo pants! Besides, I heard from that girl that is on the 
front of the Recently CD's boyfriend's sister's best friend's dog's 
hairdresser that the spicy smell was because of his laundry detergent... 
god, people.. get it right!!!



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Z_ROLLINM@TITAN.SFASU.EDU Wed Apr 26 19:58:13 1995


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ya'll dont know shit./..........

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Wed Apr 26 20:35:17 1995

clare and katherine.........tsk tsk
gimme a break you two
dave aint scared of shit
you guys know that.........................really now.......

sox the cat told me rick was right.............
he told me so this morning...................................
noooooooo doubt.....sox knows his shit.......

except for the number of avacadooothingys........
i mean/........whose gonna fuck wit a presidential cat??????
a *first* cat????!?!?!?

this has gotta be right............for real yall.........


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Goodbyes, thank yous, and Chitowns??

SAKUNZ@MIAVX1.BITNET Wed Apr 26 21:00:43 1995

computer lab and sift through 65 messages has left me.  So I am signing off
Minarets after 8 months.  Maybe I'll be back someday.  Maybe not.  Who cares?
from nothing to about 40 tapes.  This is definitely the best way to do it.
Rick Miller, and Dan Sundt, but I would like to have as many contacts as
possible for some fresh tapes.  Send me your list.

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Dave & BHT&M Taping

rush2112@unm.edu Wed Apr 26 21:01:29 1995

Hey minareters-

We are going to the DMB and BHT show this saturday at the Palo Soleri in 
Santa Fe. As far as I can remember this venue has no rules against taping 
but what about BHT? We have called just about everybody in NM,CO & TX but 
noone can give us an answer if we can or cannot. SO if any of you have 
any info it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

email info to rush2112@unm.edu or phillpj@unm.edu

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rtrim@magicnet.net Wed Apr 26 21:23:15 1995

Hey y'all.... I just wanted to let you know that
	BETH PEARSON at Univ. Texas

is a GREAT TRADER.  She sent me an extra tape just
for being a couple of weeks late getting mine out 
to me!  She also made some really funky colored
labels AND her shows are great quality!!!

Thanx again, Beth!!!


i just got her tapes today. they are great. the shows are very HQ and the
tape labels are pretty cool too. all this during exams too......
thanks a lot Beth, and good luck w/school!!!
cut here--   /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\


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Re: ya'll dont know shit./..........

sundtde@iac.net Wed Apr 26 21:33:57 1995

sox the cat told me rick was right.............
he told me so this morning...................................
noooooooo doubt.....sox knows his shit.......
   her shit.......sox???

except for the number of avacadooothingys........
i mean/........whose gonna fuck wit a presidential cat??????
a *first* cat????!?!?!?
No no no no keith it's like this...bill told hilary, hilary to chelsie(you
know the redhead with braces) and she passed it down to sox...it's a big
deal in D.C. the  FBI, CIA and the joint chiefs of staff are all wrapped up
in it so...shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!( a senate probe is pending)




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Re: If you can't reach Paradise . . . get vertical (not with dew)

sundtde@iac.net Wed Apr 26 21:37:38 1995

If you can't for some reason make the Jackopierce show on the 19 at the
Paradise with GUS, check out Vertical Horizon at the Bancroft School in
Worchester Ma. or on the 20 at Deerfield Academy in Deerfield Ma.

Hey ya'all can some kind sould tell me about the afore metioned band GUS,
I've been seeing their name all other the net and was wondering if i should
check out these guys...any and all help would be tre appreciado....



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attn tapers: no dmb content

lono@chopin.udel.edu Wed Apr 26 21:39:01 1995

hey guys, I'm sorry to post this right sack Dab in the middle of the 
Damaba net, but since there's some ferocious tapers...
does anyone have any Little Feat boots?
damn, they're cool! I'm seeing them in Baltimore on May 14th (for $10! 
WITH Dr. John!)

anyway...looking for boots for my feat! heh heh

part, where he starts screaming unintelligibly) Combination of lead foot 
and uncontrollable air instrumenting had me weaving dangerously on a 
15mph stretch of rd on main st, newark. No smokes for four 
days!!! wooo hooo!

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all my tradees!

lono@chopin.udel.edu Wed Apr 26 21:41:19 1995

Fenton's penis is on the way!
All 4 of you are getting them between today and Friday, I would suspect.

please E-mail me to let me know you got them.


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I hate to do it......

rkochman@ucg.com Wed Apr 26 21:47:19 1995

Ohay....I hate to do this, but I have to post a grovel before a lot of you
leave school for the summer.....

Does anyone out there have the *entire* 7/27/93 show from Flood Zone. I know
that it exists in its entirety b/c I have seen it on someone's boot list.
Unfortunately, this person has not responded to requests to trade it from
myself and at least one other person on minarets.

I know that a lot of people have this show on 1 90 minute tape - there are
two versions of this tape that i have seen floating around on the net. 

The first version opens with Warehouse, Recently, Graves which was from
first set and then continues with most of the second set - Ants, Nancies,
True Reflections, early version of #36 that features O'teil from ARU, and
some others.

The other tape of this show floating around is the entire second set that
starts off with 3 Samples songs that Boyd sings on and then the rest of the
set is DMB.

If anyone has the entire show pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease get in touch
with me - I promise to make it worth your while.

Thanks for listening....sorry for the blatant grovel....

To all of you minareters in school - good luck on finals

"Whats so funny about spoons, love, and understanding...."


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Lost Trader Michael Nakashian

gclark@pipeline.com Wed Apr 26 22:22:10 1995

I'm so sorry I've lost what tapes you wanted + your e-mail address to ask
you. I got your tape and I love it, I feel horrible about not having sent
yours so please e-mail me asap!!!!!! so I can get your tape out.  
Greg C

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Gibb Droll Tapes?

mec3a@faraday.clas.virginia.edu Wed Apr 26 22:44:25 1995

Hey everyone,
allows people to tape their shows and if so does anyone out
there has any bootlegs of any shows.  If you do, I have a some
DMB bootlegs that I could trade.   
If you haven't heard of The Gibb Droll Band, go see a show,
they are very intense and some of the coolest guys you'll ever
Sorry about the lack of DMB content.


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hotel rock and roll the discoteque --- electric supersex.

nebulous@panix.com Wed Apr 26 22:46:04 1995

damn right.

so anyway, lets get down to business fellas lets get right on down spread
the gospel according to my own damn self, with a soundtrack by gray.. the
color or the virginiaite. it's all relative. it's all good.
just to let you all know,
rick thompson is a total ass.
send him mail to that effect.
the guy doesn't even know what present participles are.
oh, and he doesn't have a penis. but most of you knew that already. so it goes.

hotel, rock, and, roll.,


so am i becoming sandy fine? go ddamn i am. sandy, you're the man. so are
you jeanfro, but to a lesser extent. your humor was sharp, but not quite as
biting and honest as sanford or sandford.. i forgot which.. sorry about
that 1.

murder in the heartland. tonight on fox. so it goes.
my modem is beeping at me.. does this
mean it is going to explode soon?        "  "  " " .
i think i saw that happen once.

if you live in new york, definately pick up a copy of ny press this week..
the article on heroin is really really interesting, wrong, fucked up, a bad
influence, and scary.. it's also free.

my subject line .. 'electric supersex'.. that reminds me just now of

electric youth..

the future only belongs to the future itself and the future is electric
youth. so it goes. yes the gay bees might just buzz again. cut cut cut
cut.. i miss the gay bees and i think gay bee boy is starting to not care
enough again so that he might just miss them too. of course, the real

while in day slong past this would have been not only a stupid question but
an inappropriate statement, i think by now we've murdered privacy and
desensitized ourselves to just about everything except crying when we cut
the onions, so lets see.. is dave a gay bee. does he buzz incessantly? no.
is he yellow? well, maybe. does he fly? he used to. does he sting? heavens
no. does he have a fierce commitment to his home? well, sure. is dave even
gay? is that really a necessity for being a gay bee?

so what do these answers make him? a charter gay bee? invited to the
tuesday night bowling party but not the covert 1954 CIA infiltration of the
guatamalean government which we all know as common knowledge was lead and
executed exclusively by militarily-trained gay bees?

it's electrifying....................

just another memo from the cellar,

|     ..ben sterling..                'i'm pretty lost but              |
|     ..new york, ny..               i don't wanna be found'            |
| ...nebulous@panix.com...                 ...juliana.                  |
|                                                                       |
|    'he who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery'  ...mlk.    |


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KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Wed Apr 26 23:24:12 1995


sandy's lost his fucking mind again.................
has totoally lost his fucking mind...........

is dave a gaybee??????
my god who the fuck cares........i want tour dates

go soak your hand in a pot of nice warm water, and
go kiss rick on the elbow, cause calling him an ass makes
me all shaky.........i dunno yall...............

have you talked to sox the cat today?????

one day i posted 17 times in 35 hours...........

i dont think im doomed to repeat this ever.........again....................

(did anyone subscribe today?)
5 bucks says we'll find out....................................
to re-cap the last year on net

dave may not be a gaybee but he's yello
all my little dods look like...................ants.........all doin
it the same................way.........................cut cut
they always fuck me up                .     ----and hahahaha
whenever i talk about                 .          look at these stupid ones
them                                   .
suspiciously..........................   .
kevq........i need a cigarette./.........................

whose seen pulp fiction............
what are we gonna do about this thompson situation?

ok.........dave ......

someone pleeaasse
tape this...............ummmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmm

dearest clare........go to your boxes
and tell me
where we stand on the
paper issue........



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Terra-Grooves concert at Binghamton 4/26

bc70117@bingsuns.cc.binghamton.edu Wed Apr 26 23:33:25 1995

This Thursday night, at the Mandela Room in the University Union at 
Binghamton University is the first ever Terra-Grooves concert (a post 
band), Moe, Yolk (formerly Groove Socket), and Ominous Seapods.  The show 
begins at 7:00- tix are $6 in advance and $8 at the door.  If anyone has 
any questions feel free to write me.


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battsdt0@seraph1.sewanee.edu Wed Apr 26 23:38:01 1995

hey everybody. i am sorry to ask everybody this but here goes. i have been
looking for the 12/28/94 birmingham show since i went to it. it was a
really cool show. i have asked around on the net a few times but no one
seems to have it. i am going home for the summer in about 3 weeks and i
figured i would ask one more time before i left. if anyone has it and wants
to trade i would really appreciate it. if so, email me and we can set
something up. if not, sorry to bother everyone. thanks in advance.



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MarvelMarv@aol.com Thu Apr 27 00:02:44 1995

Any way, there was a female standing 
next to her who continued to gibe my sister stern glares when my sis 
danced around happily (no moshing or surfing, mind you) and sang the 
words to Dave's music.  At several times during the concert, the 
disgruntled listener told my sister that "Dave doesn't like it when you 
sing; he wants you to listen." 

I personally don't see how this could be.  One of the tapes I have (I think
it was 12-31-94) Dave stopped singing because the entire audience was.
good job.  I think he really enjoys the crowd participation thing as long as
it doesn't get out of hand (i.e. fights, moshing, etc.)

My .02


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Re: bang bang you're dead, di...

SimonSkol@aol.com Thu Apr 27 00:30:43 1995


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My first post

BakerBudz@aol.com Thu Apr 27 00:31:20 1995

Hello my fellow minarets- 
I am a new member to the 'net and am interested in getting a collection starte
d...  I have been a DMB fan since my days at Wake Forest where the band
played regularly.
Anyway- and generous souls out there who would be willing to 'share the
wealth'--- I'd love to hear from you(BakerBudz@aol.com)...  I'll return the
favor somehow. 
Thanks for reading-  beau

--ShannonWorrell-  anybody have boots?


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mcelvain@ucsu.Colorado.EDU Thu Apr 27 00:32:54 1995

Can anyone tell me the scoop on tickets for May 14th in Pheonix?  I want 
to know where it is and if there are tickets still available.  I am 
thinking of driving down from Colorado.  If you want to go too, let me 
know and I can probably work out someplace for you to crash as well.


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a disclaimer...

THOMPSRC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Apr 27 00:35:05 1995

for those of you who might have thought i was talking about sandy in my
"treatise on the social manifestations of the evolution and growth of
i called the rick thompson incident childish, i was talking about the
rick thompson incident itself, not sandy's post about it.

in other words, i was calling myself childish for posting the
chain letter.  

i was not trying to imply sandy was childish.  i'm much too childish
to call him childish, so i'll let someone else do it.  ;)

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\    lord thompson has spoken...
__________________________________              rick thompson
this space intentionally          \          thompsrc@jmu.edu

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Dave's Layout In Penthouse!

SH377127@SCVAX.WVNET.EDU Thu Apr 27 00:47:53 1995

Penthouse, there screams Dave!!!  The article is pretty flattering and there
are some cool Dave quotes.  They also include a picture I haven't seen in any
press releases thus far.  I wonder what Dave thinks about sharing celluloid
with the Pet of the year runner-ups!!!!   Anyway...just thought you'd like to
know that DMB shows up in the strangest places........

BTW...anybody going to the Blues Traveler show in DC on May 6?????????

later...I'm gonna go _read_ some more Penthouse.......

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i met a non-dairy creamer explicitly laid out like a fruitcake.

nebulous@panix.com Thu Apr 27 01:44:03 1995

is dave a gaybee??????
my god who the fuck cares........i want tour dates


have you talked to sox the cat today?????

isn't he or she spelled socks?

but it should be pointed out that she can't make tapes for everyone who
wants them
just because she' sa good trader doesn't mean she can make tapes for all of
you. she's busy. she cleans fivedayold eel off of couches yall..

remember that shit next time you grovel to elizabeth j. pearson!!!!

on the fence
but not to offend


just another memo from the cellar,

|     ..ben sterling..                'i'm pretty lost but              |
|     ..new york, ny..               i don't wanna be found'            |
| ...nebulous@panix.com...                 ...juliana.                  |
|                                                                       |
|    'he who lives with untruth lives in spiritual slavery'  ...mlk.    |


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TAPE OFFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HALEC@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Apr 27 01:49:20 1995

i'm not sure if i posted this earlier or not, but i thought i'd definitely get
some responses by rewarding you guys with some treats.  i heard from some of
you regarding this (thanks, beth, and others).  
of ZERO people there.  Sounds like i'm just jumpin with excitement to get
there, eh? Let me just tell you how depressing that one sounds.
a 45min to 1 hr radius (i'll be in allen-plano to be geographically precise),
i'd like to find some people that i can hang out with and maybe do some
trading with or whatever.  if you're going to be there, this is your chance. 
summer and you need to include your phone number there, address, (favorite color
is optional), etc.  thanks for your cooperation.






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Re: i met a non-dairy creamer explicitly laid out like a

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Thu Apr 27 01:50:14 1995

is dave a gaybee??????
my god who the fuck cares........i want tour dates


have you talked to sox the cat today?????

isn't he or she spelled socks?

jesus benny...........its not like i misspelled
matthews, or something///////......

you. she's busy. she cleans fivedayold eel off of couches yall..

who put eels there??????????????????

beth is sending me the alamo yall...............

on the fence
but not to offend
different flavour if he said...

.....to offend
blah blah blah b;ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

but then again, he changed 'after her', too, so
theres still hope..........


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HALEC@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Apr 27 01:51:20 1995





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Subsribe me please...

shutch@Wittenberg.EDU Thu Apr 27 02:02:14 1995

Hey, could you please subscibe me to the Dave Mathews INternet?  Thanks,
I would appreciate it.  "shutch@wittenberg.edu"

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?/28/92 WTJU RADIO

toddy@cyberspace.com Thu Apr 27 02:41:41 1995

If anyone has a cory of this show please please please let me know. I 
don't have a lot of tapes to trade, maybe 5 or so, I have some cool 
pictures of Boyd,Dave, and Fan hanging out. I WANT THIS SHOW!!!

ALSO, if anyone has any copies of SWEET HOME ALABAMA or TRUE REFLECTIONS 
please let me know!


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An Awesome tape offer

toddy@cyberspace.com Thu Apr 27 02:47:00 1995

If anyone would like to offer me any awesome tapes it would be greatly 
appreciated! I do not have a ton of shows but I have a couple of really 
good ones though. PLEASE help me out with this!


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2T87MACINTYR@vmsa.csd.mu.edu Thu Apr 27 03:05:12 1995

DMB and Ziggy Marley to play on midwestern leg.

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quote from the man

mus4rlm@cabell.vcu.edu Thu Apr 27 04:03:58 1995

hey all.


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You knew it was coming...

jjg35246@acuvax.acu.edu Thu Apr 27 04:35:23 1995

Man, I almost hate to do this to you, fellow minaretters, cause I'd like to
post ya'll some sweeter bandwidth, but....
ANYBODY happen to tape last night's show in Dallas?
I will, of course, go to great lengths if you can hook me up with a copy!
have to study for a test or I would discuss the show...it was my first one
so I have nothing to compare it too, but my one word is WOW.
Sweet, mellow kinda swinging version of Jimi....
Laters to all,

Jeff Garner
ACU Station, Box 6452
Abilene, Texas 79699-6452
(915) 676-4703


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Re: MINARETS digest 147

phillipj@unm.edu Thu Apr 27 04:43:03 1995

To the person who stated in their post that Dave is playing in Santa Fe, 
Is anyone taping the show?  Well, we are trying to do it, as rush 2112 
wrote, BHT does not allow taping so it will be interesting to see how we 
can pull it off.  If we get a good copy, well, we'll let you know.

University of New Mexico.  The mPaolo Soleri is the best place in the 
world I can think of to see Dave, wish you all could experience the best 
show of the tour with us.  We'll be "tripping billies" and thinking oy 
you all poor souls whio will not be with us on such a beautiful day.

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Re: Cadence Crew Socks!

l_leclai@hamlet.uncg.edu Thu Apr 27 04:56:41 1995

Whoa.... are the planets lining up or sumtin??

The list has gone flip-side today.... I'm likin it too.  I can't tell 
who's bein serious and who isn't, and what-all else, and it's not even 
botherin me.....  life is goooooood.  dave Band is goooooooood.

And now, I'm on two lists that are talkin about socks, and spellin it 
both ways!!


just finished a 25 page research paper, y'all will have to excuse my 
fried brain....:')

ms. dash    :)
---------- Forwarded message ----------

Ricki Lee has a line about "I got the boogie in my sox."  Must be some of
*those* socks.  I'm gonna get me some.
 In the latest issue of Cadence there is an ad for socks!
 Anybody know where the hell the idea for this came from?
 in improvised music we bring you the best in footwear...
 $4 a pair, $10 for 3, not too bad. They come in different
 colors and two different sizes, I wonder if they have a
 sax playing cow on them.

 Was this post about jazz?


 PS been listening to Allen/Haden/Motian _Segments_ all day.
 They're good! Quite good.


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New Songs this spring

HAYMW@ns.rhodes.edu Thu Apr 27 05:04:55 1995

I was just wondering if anyone else has cought Dave's new song.  It was on the
list to be played in nashville, burt wasn't.  It was however played the
next night in Memphis, and it sounded great (especially later after hearing the
tape a few times).  It's a kinda slow song, with heavy vil   violin rifts, I 
know that this doesn't explain alot, but mot   most of ya'll would recognize
a new song.  Jeff saif    said it didn't have a title, but on his list
it said "New Song (Sting)"  oh well, just wondering if anyone's heard it.  thanks Michael

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lbator@moose.uvm.edu Thu Apr 27 05:16:56 1995

hey all, the year is coming to a close so i'll be going now.  just get me 
off this thing, i have no clue about how to do it.  maybe i'll be back 
next year.

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MCipoletti@aol.com Thu Apr 27 05:21:18 1995

sounds yummy but i am stuck in the east 
DMB is a buzz cut on X107 fm an upstate ny station they play WWYS and JT WWYS
is played regularly like right this minute and thats all i've got to say
about that
peace mike

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RE: MINARETS digest 147

DUK@middlebury.edu Thu Apr 27 05:23:32 1995


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Re: New Songs this spring

jgiroux@student.umass.edu Thu Apr 27 05:24:33 1995

It sounds like the song that was played at the show at the Academy 
4/5/95.  One that set list though, there was not title, just "new".
When they played it, Dave said that it was the first time.  Really 
awesome, huh?  Hopefully, they'll keep on playing it.....


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DMB of course

AECL05B@prodigy.com Thu Apr 27 05:29:15 1995

Hi all, just a few cents,
boy gives me the creeps...
pissing me off.  This IS the minaret net, right?  So why all 
the other b.s.?  I signed on to talk and read and trade and 
eat and sleep DMB because they're music is incredible and I 
respect them incredibly.  I just think it sucks that ten
posts in a row is either someone looking for Jackowhatever, 
Little Feat, or Phish bootlegs and whatnot, then I have to
put up with this Keith clown tripping 24/7.  Shit, I'm sorry 
for doing this but I think it's pretty lame that when I read 
my mail which is like 50 posts a day, about 5 are about DMB. 
this gay shit?  Come on.  Give it up.  Well, no matter what 
I love you all, and considering most of you are wrapping up 
a year off college, good luck and gospeed.
those awful feelings.  Take it easy, Jon


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Re: DMB of course

cschwart@email.unc.edu Thu Apr 27 05:40:40 1995

 Hi all, just a few cents,
   First of all, this guy Keith is a damn crackbaby.  That
 boy gives me the creeps...

Oh shit...........
And you wanted only Dave talk on this net?
I think you may have started something else.


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Re: Rick's poetry

lono@brahms.udel.edu Thu Apr 27 05:51:42 1995

damn that was thoughtful of you, rick!
I mean that...

I'm truly sorry that I've stuck my nose into a couple baited posts, but 
hell, even I'm human!

Fortunately, I can be civil one on one with my better acquaintances who I 
met last semester (ya'll know who you are)...and I can even be civil with 
the newbies who've shown some interest in acquiring Dave's Bootleg's. 

I liked Minarets 'cause I felt like I could talk about me...and 
music...without getting the standard "you fuck-head, I've been listening 
to Dave since he got off the boat from S. Africa" shit that I hear on the 
phishnet...and that's enough bashing of the god-forsaken phishnet!

The tide has turned!
the crisis is over!
the rumor has broken...

we will never have to flame or be flamed again!

rejoice, brethren! for it is a glorious new chapter in the history of 
Minarets! Let us all do a simulation bong hit and smile at the sky!
Or, if you're still able to handle it, do a real one and describe it to me.

nah...nah...ferget that...HO!

spoons and HQSBDs to everyone!!!

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Re: New Songs this spring

briggdl9@wfu.edu Thu Apr 27 05:54:22 1995

   I was just wondering if anyone else has cought Dave's new song....
   It's a kinda slow song, with heavy vil   violin rifts, I 
   oh well, just wondering if anyone's heard it.  thanks Michael
 It sounds like the song that was played at the show at the Academy 
 4/5/95.  One that set list though, there was not title, just "new".
 When they played it, Dave said that it was the first time.  Really 
 awesome, huh?  Hopefully, they'll keep on playing it.....
They played two new songs at Duke (4/7) and I am pretty sure one of the 
songs was the one you described. It was pretty cool.  Anyone else who was 
at Duke know anything about it??  Later,

So celebrate we will, for life 
is so sweet for certain.--Dave


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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the alcoholic afternoon

cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu Thu Apr 27 05:55:19 1995

keith a crackbaby?

no. actually what i heard..
is that he is actually really friends with jim henson..
who is really NOT DEAD!!!!
but living in
a keg
in a basement
in florida
in boofy's apartment house thingy they stayed at.
cause boofy played guitar
with john denver down 
when they 
were channeling
jim the kermit man henson
through a pomegranite.

so.. crackbaby, no.
he just likesthe great high his gray box gives him..
and that mine gives me..
he just is playing
electronic bubble blowing games..

'no one knows...'
the trouble that theis hoooooooooorrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

will c4reate.
stay on folks.
we will only dare to challenge thine intellect.

bail out new. before teh ship
from the 
buzz		buzz	

of little bees...

bees that never leave their nest..
cause they savor teh honey..
but stay around..
and fuckin sting 
the ass god mother fuckin shit outta
the people who fuck
with their hive.

who's got calamine lotion?

in the immortal smith somethign words..'in teh midst of life we are in 
death.. tecetera etcetera etcetra...'

and intellectual orgasms...

clare 'the den mother' emily 
troop #346

clare emily clifford molecular genetics dpt of biology virginia tech & state u 


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lono@brahms.udel.edu Thu Apr 27 06:15:37 1995

zimbaza swizzer damaba traderz rippenlungz galooo

mudderfreakallcollect, bridgesbert


gazaba beeta ocifah? redwhiteanblu...how patriotihell!!!!





spoon spoon



stihgnob ekaf








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kaa124@psu.edu Thu Apr 27 06:33:42 1995

would enjoy it.  Maybe it will make your hearts smile.(hi laura!)

Remember the first day of the first year of the first time in your life you
started your journey to getting old......
Remember the roomates, the fears, the tears, the nerves, setting up the
room, taking it apart and then rearranging it all over again........
Remember the first guy(or girl) who caught your eye, that same guy(or girl)
who your senior year you still remember as your first college crush........
Remember attempting to keep in touch with high school friends, and
succeeding until you realized what a phone bill REALLY meant....
Remember promising to never change, but then realizing that's an impossible
promise to keep when high school has passed and you've moved on.....
Remember those first friends you shared your fears with, who soon became
Remember those neighbors and classmates, who ended up becoming your closest
Remember holding back the tears on those days when you just wanted to be
home, to feel safe again.....
Remember those days you felt you couldn't relate to ANYONE, you felt you
had no place, and just calling home would make it worse.....
Remember those drunken nights when the times you shared with your friends
will forever hold a place in your memory and heart......
Remember those bonding nights, when you never felt closer to a certain
person, and how that closeness creates ties that never die.....
Remember how you never realized the importance of family, until you didn't
see them everyday........
Remember telling friends the deepest secrets of your life, and knowing
they'd remain secrets................
Remember the craziness of the dorm, getting sudden bursts of energy and
looking for people, even total strangers, to harass.........
Remember pulling all-nighters, and never thinking they were as bad as they
sounded until you actually lived one........
Remember those nights you were so drunk you held conversations with
strangers and seeing them the naxet day and remembering........
Remember how those strangers soon became familiar faces and someone to chat
Remember hangovers, and promising yourself you were never going to do this
to yourself again.........
Remeber how quickly that promise was broken............
Remember when your closet stretched throughout the whole floor and you
never had to worry about a lack of clothes anymore.........
Remember how over breaks you had the chance to step back and really see the
friends you made and the memories shared, and you were satisfied.......
Remember thinking HOW MUCH your life has changed in just months..........
Remember that dream guy(or girl), you thought about so much, who when he(or
she) finally opened his(or her) mouth, you changed your opinion of him(or
her) forever........
Remember how that guy(or girl) you once lived for soon became a joke and an
excuse for you and your friends to laugh at yourself...............
Remember the times, never forget them, even the little ones can hold the
greatest meaning..............
Remember to never lose touch with those friends you've made here at
college, because you have all changed and grown enormously together, and
that is something very sacred to be shared...................
Remember to love your friends, whether they come, go, love you or hurt you,
never let anyone go..............
Remember you are only here for a short while, the time flies before you
realize it, so make it last, make it memorable, make it the best time of
your life, and make the best memories that you can carry with you for the
rest of your days....
Remember this doesn't last forever, so never let a day go buy without
living it to the fullest............
Remember to love the ones you love, life isn't forever............
Remember the laughs, let them echo in the back of your mind..........

And always remember, when you leave here in four years you are leving with
much more than you walked in here with...................................

PSSSST!(HEY! Steve! sorry my friend.....you're getting this twice)    ;)


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Re: DMB of course

wkersh@indiana.edu Thu Apr 27 06:33:43 1995

Hey Buddy,
Just chill out about Keith, he does a lot of stuff for us.....trees, etc...
So don't cut on him to hard. So what if he talks about a damn cat, it 
spices up this place sometimes. Oh by the way, does anyone have any 
Memphis(that's my home) shows from Dave and the boys and one last time, 
does anyone have the RSO show to trade, and one last thing before I go 
get some sleep.....Jeff Epperson, where the hell are my tapes? We're 
going on two months and I would hate to put a bad trader alert out about 
you. It would be pretty harsh and they would be pretty frequent, 
sooo.....answer my emails I send you Jeff and send me my tapes. Thanks 

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To Keith

AECL05B@prodigy.com Thu Apr 27 06:34:54 1995

This one's for Keith,
Look, what I said in my post that I'm getting all this heat 
about was purely a JOKE and I totally respect everyone else 
on this net................................................. 
.......................except for that ass Dan who's just
fucking rude............................anyway, I'm really
sorry if I bummed you out; I just had no clue what you were 
talking about and it seemed really weird.  Do what you need 
to do and that's fine with me Ok?



Top Permalink

shut up

AECL05B@prodigy.com Thu Apr 27 06:58:00 1995

First of all you can just kiss my ass Dan, I've been on the 
net much longer than you probably think, and it's losers
like you that think you have some seniority about what
belongs here because of being on the net for 10 years.  You 
can shove your little comments up your ass.  I didn't sign
on to hear that crap.  And also that crackbaby thing was a
joke, so just fucking sit tight and relax because you really 
pissed me off.  If you want to talk about the shit you took 
today on the minaret net, DON'T, and start your own stupid
net because some of us just don't care.  That was totally
NOT necessary, and neither is this but hey.  Jon 


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jgiroux@student.umass.edu Thu Apr 27 07:21:17 1995


i may not have been here long,
only since feb,
but what i don't understand,
is how all us gathered here together,
can cause all these yucky flames......
what ever happened to "everybody's happy..."
everyone should go listen to their fav. show,
and remember why we are here in the first place...
because dave kicks ass,
and makes us happy.
'night all......


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Re: shut up

sundtde@iac.net Thu Apr 27 07:26:30 1995

I want to personally aplogize to everyone on this minarets for any
hostility that may have arose because of my actions.  After reading Jon's
post early this evening I flammed him and upset him further, resulting in
the posts that came across to the net...I am responsible because I provoked
his flames, anyway I just wanted to apolgize for any bad blood and hope
that this will be the end of any flames erupting on minarets for a while...



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bmking@mail.wm.edu Thu Apr 27 07:33:10 1995

hear me roar.



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iso: chris newhouse

bmking@mail.wm.edu Thu Apr 27 07:35:55 1995

newyshack@aol.com is dead and mr oldhome is a da parent of mine of the tr3
tree, so if anyone happens to know his present email, please lemmmmeeee

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bmking@mail.wm.edu Thu Apr 27 07:36:02 1995

keith is a crack baby!!!!!!

keith is a crack baby!!!!

wooooooo     dot me baby.

a word about beth's good trading..  hi.  that's my word.  hi.

always understand but unrealistically realize nothing

cuz love and neb doom each self to inner nothingness everyday

now eat tangerines

forever & ever.......   

i know a girl whose last name is sniff.  and her 
mom's last name is jump.   and when i was in 5th grade my best friend was 
Stanley Wang but you pronounced it wong and no one ever got it right.

hey keith, i have a friend in michigan working at gerber hospital this 
summer (her last name is eggleston, by the way), so if.. like... you 
know..  you want treatment & all...  just let me know.

damn crackheads.

neb gnilrets's a crackhead.

my head is cracked. 


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i AM a non-dairy creamer damnit

hfejp@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Thu Apr 27 07:36:12 1995

but it should be pointed out that she can't make tapes for everyone who
wants them
just because she' sa good trader doesn't mean she can make tapes for all of
you. she's busy. she cleans fivedayold eel off of couches yall..

remember that shit next time you grovel to elizabeth j. pearson!!!!
ooooohhh benny......!
my hero!!
you're my knight in shining armor my love.
no no no


i cannot make tapes for the world
though i'd like too.....

"i'd like to buy the world a coke..."

maybe someday i will i will....who can say??
but first benjamin scott weiland sterling...the nebulous one.....
will you make one of your world-famous mix tapes
just for me???? pretty please with drips of honey??
i'm getting jealous of clare down here.....

i saw dave tonight my friends.
tight little set with a few nice crumbs thrown in....
but not much spirit, yanno?
a really polished new tune............
nice to know it exits!
patrice pike from little sister
shook her motherfukin ass
on 36....
not much else to cheer loudly about though....

and for the first time
ever...ever ever!
i stood at a dmb show and felt
no connection to the band...........
i felt like i was watching them on tv
which is sad. :(

but now i come home only to find
that you've all started the fun without me!!!
there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on
at minarets oh yes!

keith keith bo beith...
(nope...works much better with shaft...
can you sing it...shaft shaft bo baft bannana fanna fo faft....!)
i'm sending you the alamo!
and one for the kitty who's head was in my envelope!!!
but only if you go two-stepping with me
when you visit.....!

uh huh.  the eyes of texas are upon you...!


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eel paste

hfejp@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Thu Apr 27 07:36:13 1995

you. she's busy. she cleans fivedayold eel off of couches yall..

who put eels there??????????????????

beth is sending me the alamo yall...............


lookit that boy!
you get me all.......like......addicted........
i rediscover the spacebar!!!!!!
(sorry cec...didn't mean to shout.... :) )
i'm such a conformist oh my god!

alas...no culprit in the case of the rancid eel.......
y'know guys....
the more i think about that whole episode......
the more i think that that eel looked
a lot like vegemite.
vegemite vegemite.
that's a good word.......men at work.  they liked it.

but i sho wouldn't want to spread that eel on crackers!

oh hey...everyone out there....all you
you must drive at your earliest convenience to
richmond virginia
to catch
the old dominion's hottest funkiest grooviest

'cause brother chaos is gonna give up those bongos for
the saxaphone....go cha!

cha cha chachacha.....
damn boy...you got me dancin' again!


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just..peel...off the watchword just.....

hfejp@utxdp.dp.utexas.edu Thu Apr 27 07:36:15 1995

oh yeah!
some people might actually wanna hear about this.......

dmb @ the backyard, austin texas 4.26.95
crowd...unresponsive 'til ants (note position on setlist).
weather...the stars at night are big and bright...clapclapclapclap!
boxing ghandis...like boxing helena...didn't see it
wwys....hell no.
ants marching.....you bettcha bootie and your rca stock-options.
jason they played it the did they did!!!........drive in drive out.
tapers......sure didn't see any mics -- i seriously doubt it.
number of times i overheard someone say "like...dave matthews has
aids you know...."...............3.
interesting nostalgic tidbit......two years ago today i saw dmb for the first

setlist and shit.....
water/wine jam-- (expanded and richer sice they debuted it here in
lie in our graves
dido (with an interesting new bridge)
pay for what you get
best o' what's around
new song (as yet untitled according to bagby...but really well
#36 (with patrice pike of little sister)
ants (they actually mixed this one up a bit....stefan fucked

and i would just like to say....imho...just my own $.02 mind
you...just throwing my hat in the ring...just another
memo from the cellar... :)

that no matter what you all say
i believe unequivocably
that rick has a penis.

later gators.


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God Street Wine...

leonard@wam.umd.edu Thu Apr 27 07:45:23 1995

Are there any university of maryland students out there going to the gsw 
show?  If so, could someone let me know the time they are playing.  I 
really need to know. I am leaving for uva friday night, so I need to plan 
accordingly.  thanx in advance

"The only thing I know how to do is to keep on keepin' on"


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Last post on this stupid arguement

AECL05B@prodigy.com Thu Apr 27 08:00:48 1995

Apology accepted, and I'm sorry to anyone I bummed,
especially Keith or Dan, etc.  I flamed back pretty harsh
myself.  SEE EVERYONE!  Can't we all get along here? I think 
flaming should be outlawed.  It wastes space + nobody wants 
to hear it, and all it does is piss everyone off.  I'd also 
like to point out what a hypocrite I am for bitching about
no DMB content in posts and here I am.  Damn...sorry! 


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will.schaffarzick@babble.com Thu Apr 27 09:58:04 1995

Hey, all...

This looked interesting.  Everyone ought to send these people your
favorite DMB tune so we can get Boyz II Men off the list.  See the
bottom on how to do it!    :-)
---------------[cut here]---------------


---------------[cut here]---------------

William K. Schaffarzick, Jr.  |    == DMB Earth Day Quote ==
Delta State University        |"Nine planets around the sun
P.O. Box 2997; DSU            | Only one does the sun embrace.
Cleveland, MS  38733-2997     | Upon this watered one,
(601) 846-3245                | So much do we take for granted..."
will.schaffarzick@babble.com  |
WSchaff@aol.com               |      -- DMB, "One Sweet World"

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Re: DMB of course

KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Thu Apr 27 11:22:06 1995

Hi all, just a few cents,
  First of all, this guy Keith is a damn crackbaby.  That
boy gives me the creeps...

this was about the second funniest post i think ive ever evr seennn...........
maybe the third.........

yessir i be a crackbaby....................

and brett thinks im a cra......shit yall.............

  I only have one complaint, and I'm sorry but it's really
pissing me off.  This IS the minaret net, right?  So why all
the other b.s.?
dave 24/7 ya start to look like him.........shhheeeeeeeeet

annntyyone here wants that.........no no no

soooooo..........for thoe of ya that like this shit.......
right on..............go dan go........
fer those of ye that dont...................think abput it

stare at your little gray box and just yannop............
kinda floooooooooooo with it and ummmmmmm

i aint no goddamn crack baby...............
i jussssss cchilin;''' wit me dots.................(for you brett)

and yanno yall.................theres onlky so much you can do
after finishiing a 347 page paper.................
uuummmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,,no typo.........
3  4  7  pp    aa   gg    e     sssssssssssssssss

does anyone know where i can get red apple cigarettes??

what else???????........oh yes.....

the paolo soleri ampitheatre in santa fe jammmmmmms........
like when we were kids....
straight up jams...............

...............in the immortal words of john norwood fisher

i mean.............
oh oh.......one more thing..............
heres what i have to say about sox the cat....................

i .........well..........i mean....,,,,,,,,......................

oh yea......no nope.....that wasnt it...............
oh yea........so do yall think dan is like..........in.....'the family'
maaaaan.......i might have to get him to take care of somethin for me.....

he he he he he h..........eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeheheheh
nnnaaaaaaaaah./////its like.......the ohio connection.........
and clare!!!.....woooo....the boxes take yo mind yo body and yo soul

wanna tag for six hours again next tuesday when i have my next paper
due (125 pager).......huh clare do ya do ya.????

yea yea......see//////..........

ooooohhhh!!!! i remembered what i was gonna sayy..........

in fact........i have a soxz desktop on me powermakk.......

someone  (evidently) scanned sox?
uh huh...............so thats all the hhoopla over the cat............
just a plain ole desktop pattern broother.,...............

jon??????.......................that your name................
you wanna talk about tradin???????????????
huh??????????? do you?
ok......fine ...........send me some blanks............
no shit..........

oh and one more thing....................

people poepl.e......................once again
i acctdently dyed my hair lite pink........shit!!!!!!
i have a gross anatomy lab test thingy in like....
an hour.......and my hair is .......gray.... :(
i hate being colourblind............

theres a mouse
in my house
and an alligator
on my radiator

damn yall......i got cut cut cut cut outta here and go
look at these dead bodies.......eeeee

put up with this Keith clown tripping 24/7.  Shit, I'm sorry

it aint no prob............


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great traders?????, 2/24 seed

grayp@pinn.net Thu Apr 27 11:41:51 1995

it seems to me that there is some confusion here about great traders.
i'm sure beth and the other person mentioned are great traders, but the 
reason isn't because they included extra tapes with their trades.

whoever needed the seed for 2/24..
on it, i'm in the process of pursuing a cleaner dat.  if you don't find a 
seed before i get it, let me know and you can use mine.
you should, however, make sure (if at all possible) that the tree seed is 
not the tape with dropouts.


It's ok to close your eyes, as long as you can still see the sun


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molly@ctg1.com Thu Apr 27 13:40:19 1995


anyone home?

GREG OSSI! Ollie oollie oxen freee! I have a question but i sure as a green
rig don't have your address anymore.

email me about your tape, which i think you mailed about 97 years ago, which
i just go tdue to the ever efficent (sp?) Federal Postal System.

don't NOBODY be mean to no one else.

crunchy little corn balls,



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aahhhh, that's better..

THaughton@aol.com Thu Apr 27 14:19:42 1995

see clare, keith, nebbe,et al, and especially rick doing that rag

now get it right or pay the price...

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i am the cheese god....fear me!!!!!!!!

JPETERS@CENTER.COLGATE.EDU Thu Apr 27 14:26:07 1995

yes, i am the cheese god!

you may also call me lord monterey jack

i am taking control of this net and it will soon be called the cheese.net

cheese is good, unless you're constipated, then it's bad

i'm going to constipate you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

his holiness lord m. jack

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unsubscribe me

Anastasia_Schulze@walnut.prs.k12.nj.us Thu Apr 27 14:37:45 1995

It might be nice to get 542 messages in a week, but I'm tired of deleting
them all.  I like DMB, but I'm not obsessed, so please unsubscribe me

-----Princeton Regional Schools takes no responsibility for the


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NEWBIE OFFER!!! 12/31/94

MarvelMarv@aol.com Thu Apr 27 14:38:51 1995

Okay, because so many kind folk have spun me some tapes, I will have my first
newbie offer.  As I've been really busy lately, I'll only be able to make to
tapes, but for the first person to reply, and for the first digestified
person that replies with the correct answer to my riddle of sorts you will
recieve the 12/31/94 DMB show (for postage and tapes of course).

So, all you have to do is respond with the proper three answers to the questio
ns below.  In order to do this however you are going to need to view the
riddle in a mono-spaced font because of the diagram.

Send your answers to WLBurge@aol.com (that is not the address this is coming
from and any sent to this address will be deleted) with the subject line
reading "POLAR BEARS"

GOOD LUCK!!!  I promise for those that don't get in on time I will do this
again once time prevails.

******POLAR BEARS******









|0 0| |   | |  0| |  0|
| 0 | | 0 | | 0 | | 0 |
|0 0| |   | |0  | |0  |

Bill Burge

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hello, and welcoming to you here. welcome. thrill a minute. thrill

THOMPSRC@VAX1.ACS.JMU.EDU Thu Apr 27 14:50:29 1995

Dear user,
your request
		 	SUBSCRIBE MINARETS rick thompson
has been successfully processed.

why thank you.  thank you very much.

you know...

i'd have to say the following passage is one of the most amusing
things i've ever seen produced on the internet.  i think i'm going
to subscribe over and over and over again so i can read it every time

Welcome to list MINARETS (minarets@moose.uvm.edu). The system has recorded
your address as


and it is required that you send your postings from that address, unless, 
of course the list does not require subscription for posting.  ok, so we
have no clue what we're talking about.  try posting, and see what happens.

All 12 of the list's owners are jcrother@moose.uvm.edu .

Their names are Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers,
Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers,
Alex Crothers, Alex Crothers, and Alex Crothers.

You should contact them if there are any problems.


i thought i'd see what happens if i join to an overwhelmingly
busy listserv 4 days before exams start.

should be fun.

i have nothing useful to add except studid dave quotes, like
"you're a nu-nu."


"damn, that shit kicks my ass"


"just keep the beer back there"

maybe a peter quote like "he's got a patch on his butt."

"well, we've sold about 2,000 of them in a day, so i suppose you can
go back there and stare at them if you like..."

and i have lots and lots of truly useless things to share, like

"i will be no one's kept penis."


"it's distinctly possible, but i don't wanna fuck around with dying."

"it is indeed a great gift of heaven\   
__________________________________              rick thompson
this space intentionally          \          thompsrc@jmu.edu

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Re: i am the cheese god....fear me!!!!!!!!

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Thu Apr 27 14:52:10 1995

Hail Lord Monterey Jack!

May all the little (pronounced LIT-LAY) cheese heads in dave's cheese 
world hail the chief..........fear not the constipation....savahh da flavahh.

if i were a cheese (ya bah dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.... 
all day long i'd....)....i think i'd be brie....baked...fried... or 
cold...it's such a pleasure....soft yet rich...delicate and delictable 
(sp?).....oooooohhh myyyyy......and goes great with a big long 

..........okay so all the cheesey cheesers out there.......gouda.... 
bleu... parm...fontina.... fontinnella.... muenster... swiss... 
co-jack (that would be heavy head--a combo of good stuff...plus it sound 
like kojack who, too had a heavy head)... feta... goat... have a happy 



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another bama promotional idea

appleyrd@dolphin.upenn.edu Thu Apr 27 15:01:51 1995

walking down the street on the way to class...i see a sign for "STUFFED 
PUPPET THEATER--MACBETH!"...and me mind gets ta thinkin' (no coffee yet, 
and yet, i think..amazing)....

howz about (a-boot for ye canadiens) a little (again, LIT-LAY) family of 
damaba puppets as for to play along with bagby theatre in yo own homes 
(good homes?)....thine david doll must be made of that jelly shit like 
those toys we used to play with (or that our present crack babies might 
still play with.....anyway...I can't remember their names...stretch or 
something...)...anyhoo...as for to allow appropriate dave dancing... byd 
should come with egggstra strings as for to replace when you break them 
getting into da groove.... carter with sticks to throw....

i need new toys....like at the nig toy store at Franklin Mills mall... 
cool... guess ah'll just have to stick with my liitle gray box for now...

seeking fun...heading for foxfield...horses...what horses...(sorry for 
non c'villians who don't get that reference.....)



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rma2@lehigh.edu Thu Apr 27 15:10:27 1995

The summer is coming and I'm tired of people posting, "please unsubscribe me".
You have to do this by yourself!!  SAVE THIS MESSAGE SO YOU KNOW HOW TO


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HALEC@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Apr 27 15:50:30 1995





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marlboro lights 100 20 class a cigarettes selected fine tobaccos

cliffordc@urvax.urich.edu Thu Apr 27 16:11:01 1995

amazing amazing evening last night.
it was just really cool.,.

i had... what can only be described as, 
as an i ntellectual night of utterly
unbelievable sex..
philosophical parallels of multi-orgasmicity (is orgasmicity a word?)

but the next thing.
is that
i think those green neato thing 
type cars that my friend K.B  who just got 
drafted to play nfl football for
well.. his car..it's one of those geen ones
and it's weird.
i mean.. tis' s a nice car..
but the color is 
an eyesore..

but to each his own..

i'm going to make an appointment
with our school's president
find out why i can't blow

bubbles in squires.
cause it was built to supposed
to be our 'living room'
and i'll be damned it i blow bubbles in my living room
any time i want!!

rhett butler is staring at me.
he is the shit.

he is just 
he's the shit.

my alarm didn't wakey me upey againey bethy highty tighty i'mey sayingey 
wordsey thatey endey withey ey'ey


(benny) esyay iyay ancay eadray igpay atinlay
(ylime-eralc) ouyou akmay ethay estbay apestay iniay ethay orldway!@#$
***rufus (bmking@mail.wm.edu) has now joined #spoon
(rufus) hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllooooooove
(benny) bert you fert
***ylime-eralc tackles rufus 


ok. that was daillylesson #1 with your hosts
benjammmmmmin bert and me
so stay tuned
and in the next three days
rick thompson and 
jefsters will show 
you hwo to 
burn silly putty
that has little coccoon shower thingies in it
no no.
no sizzling coccoon thingies..
mucth to scary for me...

oh god. 

keith you and me 
will tag again
yanno when

wait. when is your next paper? huh??
cause i've got another paper due on mmonday..
do you have one due them?
I DO I DO I DO!@#$
another 6 hr tag session!!
that will be oh so ay so oh much so fun.
mine might be on poetry, though.. for nmy 400somethign level 
contemp poetry class.. 
so there';ll be no mroe questions about in situ hybridization
or anythign about mr.yuk
or homework hotlines
but i'll sit 
at my gray box
and we can play..

won't that be fun??????

wow. i'm all excited now.

oh.. and i'll have two more papers by teh end of the year, too...
that genetics one.. the cancer molecular genetics (inferred regulatory 
mutation) one... that one well that was the presentation on tuesday, 
yasseeee mr.kwo and now i've got to do the paper.
oh..i'v3e also got to rewrite the 'berryman on death' paper..
so i guarantee you.. we'll be havin fun fun fufn (till daddy takes the 
t-bird away) for the next few weeks.


eatin popsicles.

my leg is asleep.
sleepy lehg.

upside down 
(kitten kitten kitten in my hair..)
clare emily 

clare emily clifford molecular genetics dpt of biology virginia tech & state u 


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Newbie Offer

Clogboy@aol.com Thu Apr 27 16:14:06 1995

Hey all newbies/those without tapes,
make.  To the first five people who respond to my question (three
non-digestified, two digestified to make it fair), I will tape any DMB show
in my collection for blanks, postage, and Max Points.  Now on to the question.

What movie is the quote "Never get involved in a land war in Asia" from?

Good luck to all!


P.S.---If you're digestified, give me the number of the digest to be

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okc radio setlist

ECHOI@aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu Thu Apr 27 16:57:30 1995

Could someone from the okc
concert post a setlist?
I caught the radio broadcast
after 10:15 pm.  So I don't know
if I recorded the entire show.
e-mail me personally
Thanks very much,

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KOLIVER1@UA1VM.UA.EDU Thu Apr 27 17:09:49 1995

that one's just for you rick................

its like........old times sake or something liel that that that

ok........gotta clear one thing up first.......
sorry for the personal.......
wait.......no.,no i'm not............

but clare??? what the hell were you doing the other night??
didnt you at least like,...start that paper?

ok......but here's the deal.........
i have presentation mon........the paper due tues.
so we can do our thing........no prob/..........
its for my 700 level medical soc. class
so it wont be that hard.......

cheez huh????????

chardy.....this is your field, right?
arbitrary ramblings on cheez????

ok.........everyone must go see scratchin jones
whenever they are playing, and i want jones boots..........

and the dave show from santa fe
sofist?/??????????? you go to school in santa fe........

im sending all me tapes out soon.........
nebby and bethy and all o yall/..........

oh.......and hey ***this is actually relevant to the band***
maybe in SANTA FE/..??????????

exoduspfwygxmas songrainstormshaft

that combo in santa fe, and i'll never unsub again.,.............

right on right on..................................


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UTTAD Cover Photo

cypherc@cleo.bc.edu Thu Apr 27 17:09:57 1995

giving a presentation about the Gypsies in Europe and was passing around this book called
"Gypsies of the World" by Tomosevic and Djuric, and in it was a familiar photo of a Gypsy
carnival in Vienna that happens to be the cover photo for UTTAD.  It was taken by a man named
Dragoljub Zamurovic.  So, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a story behind using this
picture (like some profound statement about the Gypsies) or if the band just really liked the
picture (it does look pretty cool).
Just wondering,
Craig Cypher

"Spring comes when Spring comes"


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Most Sensational, Inspirational, Muppetational

DANIELT@tiger.hsc.edu Thu Apr 27 17:34:02 1995

Hey fellow 'retters-------------
I am so happy because I just found my long lost The Muppet Show Soundtrack.
"You can learn alot from Lydia [the tattoed lady]!"
This is the best for picking you up if you down with exams, papers, disease,
lack of spoons, or whatever.
I just popped in the tape and fat piece of Bubble Yum.  Yummy yummy yummy!
"Halfway down the stairs is a stair where I sit"
I think we should have clare's buble-blowing-a-thon only if we listen to the
muppet show.  I had forgotten how happy it makes me.
"Mahna Mahna do do dododo!"

Long live Lydia thge tattoed lady.  Hail Hail!!!! 'cause I'm in love with a big
blue frog.

Do you all remember how happy the Muppet Show always made you.  Siting in front
of the boob tube with a big smile on your face.  Those were the days.  I just
found what's going to help me through exams.  I hope my profs don't mind me
bringing my tape to the exams.  I will sit there in the room with a big smile
on my face and break into song every once in a while.
Bum bum bum bumbum bum bum bum bumbum Hey mr. bassman!!!!!!!!!

"Muppetational"  now there's a word that just reading or hearing it makes one
enter a state of ecstasy.  Muppetational, just say it a couple of times and
feel the emotions rise through from your toes to your ankles to your head to
your soul.

Well, I am going to sit back and listen to my newly rediscovered tape, blowing
bubbles, and staring at all the peanut butter products I have in my room.  PB
cups, PB m&m's, butterfingers, and.................Nutter Butters.  Nutter
Butters are the best.  Peanut Butter is the core of all life in the universe.  
Peanut Butter and Muppetational emotions to you all.............tom

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