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Austin360 Amphitheater
Austin, TX

Seating Capacity: 14000
Venue Type : Outdoor Amphitheater

Total Gigs: 2
  DMB  (4)

Longest Performance:
05.22.13 - Two Step (20:12)
This venue, opening on April 5, 2013 with a Kenny Chesney concert, was originally going to be named the Tower Amphitheater, but it was renamed in March 2013 to Austin360 Amphitheater. It was the winner of Pollstar's "Best New Music Venue" global award. The venue is set in the middle of Circuit of the Americas sports and entertainment complex. This complex is also the host of a Formula 1 United States Grand Prix event and is the first facility built specifically for the Grand Prix in the United States.

When DMB graduated from clubs to larger amphitheatres, they played at South Park Meadows in Austin. Their first show there was as a part of the H.O.R.D.E. Festival, before coming back on their 1998 and 1999 Summer Tours. That land is now a hotel and movie theatre and up until 2013, DMB had only returned to Austin for the Austin City Limits Festival and a TV taping, both in 2009. Their return to Austin for a major tour show was scheduled for May 21, 2013. But Central Texas was hit by a major storm that day and after a devastating tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma and killed 24 people the day before, no one took any chances. Fortunately the show was scheduled for a Tuesday night without another until Saturday, so Austin was postponed to the subsequent night.

The show featured a handful of surprises including the first So Right opener since Spring Tour 2002, the first Cry Freedom in two and half years, the latter with Stanley Jordan, who also guested on Rhyme & Reason while Andre Hayward guested for the first time, playing trombone on Jimi Thing. The version of Rooftop from this show can be found on the 2014 Warehouse Fan Club membership disc.

Aerial Shot
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#41 1 #41
Belly Belly Nice12 Belly Belly Nice
Black and Blue Bird 1 Black and Blue Bird
Crush1  Crush
Cry Freedom1  Cry Freedom
Dancing Nancies 1 Dancing Nancies
Don't Drink the Water1  Don't Drink the Water
Dreamgirl1  Dreamgirl
Grace Is Gone 1 Grace Is Gone
Granny 1 Granny
Grey Street12 Grey Street
Help Myself1  Help Myself
Idea of You, The1  Idea of You, The
Jimi Thing1  Jimi Thing
Mercy12 Mercy
Pantala Naga Pampa 1 Pantala Naga Pampa
Rapunzel 1 Rapunzel
Raven 1 Raven
Rhyme & Reason1  Rhyme & Reason
Rooftop1  Rooftop
Satellite 1 Satellite
Save Me 1 Save Me
Say Goodbye1  Say Goodbye
Seven1  Seven
Shake Me Like a Monkey12 Shake Me Like a Monkey
Snow Outside 1 Snow Outside
So Damn Lucky 1 So Damn Lucky
So Right1  So Right
Take Me to Tomorrow 1 Take Me to Tomorrow
Tripping Billies 1 Tripping Billies
Two Step12 Two Step
Warehouse 1 Warehouse
Water into Wine 1 Water into Wine
What Would You Say 1 What Would You Say
Where Are You Going1  Where Are You Going
You & Me12 You & Me
You Might Die Trying 1 You Might Die Trying
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