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Summer 2016 Liberation List added today

In keeping with the tradition at the start of a tour, we have updated the "liberation list." This time, we have also updated and simplified the rules regulating which songs qualify for the list.

Here are the ground rules:

  1. A song joins the list when it goes 1000 days without being fully played live by the full band, and it is "liberated" when it is fully played live by the full band. Our definition of "full band" is fairly loose but generally includes a minimum of Dave, Carter, and one other member of the current touring band.
  2. A song qualifies if it has been fully played live by the full band five or more times. The exception is that officially-released, Dave-penned studio songs qualify as long as they have been fully played live by the full band at least once (e.g., Baby Blue, Let You Down).
  3. A song is disqualified if it has not been fully played live by the full band five or more times or if it is in the Defunct category (e.g., #36, Leave Me Praying).
#SongMissing SinceDays SinceShows SinceNotes
1People People1.26.9386221942teased by Stefan in 2012
2Spotlight10.22.9383531817teased once in 1994 and once in 1997
3Get in Line12.31.9479181582reportedly soundchecked in 1999
4Little Thing4.30.9674321423played regularly by Dave & Tim and Dave solo; some full-band partials in 2012
5Let You Down6.20.9770161272played by Dave & Tim in 1997; teased by Stefan in 2003 & 2013; played by Dave solo in 2015
6For the Beauty of Wynona9.10.0058381030played by Dave solo in 2002 and by Dave & Tim in 2003
7Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard5.5.015601998played by Dave & Paul Simon in 2014
8Mother Father8.26.015488949
9Angel from Montgomery8.26.015488949played by Dave & Tim in 2009; played by Dave & Brandi Carlile in 2011 and 2012; played by Dave solo in 2015
11Time of the Season3.23.073453603
12Stand Up (For It)10.1.073261547partially played several times in 2010
14#406.21.082997528teased and partially played often; played by Dave solo on 7.4.15
15Dream So Real, A6.21.082997528
16Money (That's What I Want)7.26.082962512
17Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)8.30.082927493sister song played by Dave solo on 1.21.14
19Blue Water4.25.092689476played occasionally by Dave & Tim; teased or partially played occasinally by full band (most recently in 2014)
21Road6.18.102270361only ever played with Danny Barnes as a guest
22Hello Again6.30.102258355
23Some Devil7.21.102237344played regularly by Dave solo
24Baby Blue8.27.102200330played by Dave solo in 2011 and 2012
25Sweet Up and Down8.31.102196328
26Busted Stuff9.3.102193327
27Break for It9.5.102191325
28Kill the King6.26.111897298
29American Baby Intro9.18.111813286
 Break Free9.17.111704245-=LIBERATED on 5.17.16=-
 Dive In9.16.111702245-=LIBERATED on 5.14.16=-
30If I Had It All5.19.121569284
32Beach Ball7.20.121507251played by Dave solo in 2014 and 2015
33Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)5.17.131206220
34Sleep to Dream Her5.29.131194213
35What You Are5.31.131192212
36True Reflections6.15.131177207
37Help Myself6.29.131163200
38Good Times Bad Times6.29.131163200
40Eh Hee7.3.131159198
41Time Bomb7.6.131156196chorus occasionally interpolated into the intro of Two Step
42Alligator Pie7.13.131149192played by Dave & Tim on 1.15.14
43Broken Things7.24.131138187
44Kit Kat Jam7.26.131136186
46Crazy Easy8.30.131101181
49Runnin' Down a Dream9.7.131093176
50(Don't Fear) The Reaper9.8.131092175
 Fool to Think7.9.131081169-=LIBERATED on 6.24.16=-
 Dreamgirl7.6.131042152-=LIBERATED on 5.13.16=-
 Shotgun7.23.131023143-=LIBERATED on 5.11.16=-

There are 162 total qualifying songs, 107 of which are not currently on the list. Additional qualifying songs are #41, All Along the Watchtower, American Baby, Ants Marching, Bartender, Be Yourself, Belly Belly Nice, Best of What's Around, The, Big Eyed Fish, Black and Blue Bird, Burning Down the House, Can't Stop, Captain, Christmas Song, Corn Bread, Cortez the Killer, Crash into Me, Crush, Cry Freedom, Dancing Nancies, Death on the High Seas, Death on the High Seas, Digging a Ditch, Don't Drink the Water, Down by the River, Dreaming Tree, The, Drive In Drive Out, Drunken Soldier, Everyday, Funny the Way It Is, Good Good Time, Grace Is Gone, Granny, Gravedigger, Grey Street, Halloween, Hunger for the Great Light, I Did It, Idea of You, The, If Only, I'll Back You Up, Jimi Thing, Last Stop, The, Lie in Our Graves, Long Black Veil, Louisiana Bayou, Lover Lay Down, Loving Wings, Lying in the Hands of God, Maker, The, Mercy, Minarets, Oh, Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back), Out of My Hands, Pantala Naga Pampa, Pay for What You Get, Pig, Proudest Monkey, Rapunzel, Raven, Recently, Rhyme & Reason, Riff, The, Rooftop, Save Me, Say Goodbye, Seek Up, Seven, Shake Me Like a Monkey, Sister, Sledgehammer, Slip Slidin' Away, Smooth Rider, Snow Outside, So Damn Lucky, So Right, Song That Jane Likes, The, Space Between, The, Spaceman, Spoon, Squirm, Stay (Wasting Time), Stay or Leave, Steady as We Go, Still Water, Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd, Stone, The, Sugar Man, Sugar Will, Sweet, Take Me to Tomorrow, Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin), Too Much, Tripping Billies, Two Step, Typical Situation, Warehouse, Water into Wine, What Would You Say, What Would You Say, Where Are You Going, Why I Am, Write a Song, You & Me, You Might Die Trying, You Never Know

Old man; sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there? added on 3/5/2016
Dave Matthews Band management kicked off the 25th anniversary year's live release schedule with two classics. November 11, 1992, was selected as Live Trax Volume 37 and announced on February 26 with a release date of April 8. A week later, on March 3, a DMBlive recording of the February 22, 1994, show was available for immediate download. Both shows took place at Trax in Charlottesville, Virginia, where the band had a residency from 1991 until 1994. In fact, the 1994 DMBlive was their last regularly scheduled recurring gig there.

In the official write-up, it is claimed that 2.22.94 is the last ever show from Trax; however, it has been traditionally handed down that they also played one more show there on May 30, 1994. The extant setlist from this alleged show is obviously a fragment, no audio exists from it, and the band's management is in a better position than anyone else to confirm or deny that it happened at all. There are zero references to the show on the Minarets mailing list, but the number of posts to that list fluctuated with school being in session, and not all shows were specifically talked about. For now, we will leave the venue attached to this show, but we might revisit that later. An incomplete band (Dave, Boyd, Stefan, and Tim) also played a short, private gig at Trax on April 29, 1996, but that could easily be considered a show that "doesn't count." Quick trivia: Who was it that took over DMB's residency at Trax? Answer below.

One thing that becomes very clear with the release of these shows is the strategy behind which shows hit the DMBlive series and which hit the Live Trax series. While still no official word has been given, enough official write-ups have mentioned whether the source recording is from a two-track tape or a multi-track tape that the pattern is clear: Regardless of when the show occurred, if the source is a multi-track tape, then it gets the larger Live Trax treatment, and if there is only a two-track tape, it is pushed to the DMBlive series. Obviously the band did record multi-track recordings before switching over for good in early 1995, while typically a two-track is recorded as a backup even afterward. The majority of DMBlive shows have been before the switch, but some later shows have been released as well. Each of those has been from the two-track master, likely due to a flaw in the multi-track tape. There are references in the 4.7.95 Duke show write-up that both tapes had flaws and were combined into one mix and released. The previous DMBlive release—11.30.98 from the First Union Center—only exists as a two-track recording. It's interesting that of these two new releases, the older one is the multi-track and the more recent one is the two-track.

The November 11, 1992, show becomes the oldest show and, ironically, the first live Trax concert in the Live Trax series. As this is officially the first multi-tracked concert of theirs, it likely will remain that way. Previously, the oldest full show in the series took place on 8.19.93 at the Wetlands (the oldest show released at all is 7.28.92, also from Trax). The first set of this new show was unknown before the announcement, but the second set does have a crowd-sourced soundboard recording, though not exactly a clean one.

One thing that will be really interest to hear is the sound of the then–six-man band mixed for our ears. While it seems obvious to say it, shows are mixed through the soundboard to sound good to the fans in attendance. The soundboard recordings sound great in that the music isn't recorded from across the venue, but the mix that you hear on the recording is not what you hear at the venue. Instruments that can be heard well, especially in a small club like Trax, such as the drums, horns, and even the violin, are turned down in the mix; instruments like Peter's keyboard that are only heard through the soundboard are significantly louder. It's hard not notice when listening to a show from this era that both crowd-sourced soundboard recordings and officially-released sound more like the Peter Griesar Band ("Where did the name of the band come from? 'Peter's mom'"). This is the first time that we will be able to hear the band even close to what they actually sounded like to the audience at Trax. Hopefully we can hear more of the crowd as well, as most soundboards sound like a free-form jazz exploration in front of a festival crowd.

The other question about this show is why did DMB play Trax on a Wednesday night? If you are reading this, you know that they regularly played Trax on Tuesdays and the Flood Zone in Richmond on Wednesdays. Before the announcement of this show, we had the venue listed as Flood Zone, but this was likely assumed as the date was on a Wednesday, and there are no references to the venue in the only extant piece of the show we have. There's no real reason to question the date at this point. The official setlist matches the one that we have for the same date, and it's likely that the band archive's record is more accurate than ours from that long ago. They played Trax on the previous two Tuesdays, October 27 and November 3, but also an extra one on Saturday, October 31. Maybe the schedule was thrown off a bit due that. There's no confirmed record of a show or setlist the day before on November 10; we've had that one listed as Trax, but it is probably just assumed. For now, we've noted the assumption on the show page for that night. If 11.11.92 is actually from this date and this venue, then the previous night probably either never happened or happened out of town, and we have no true reason to challenge either the date or the venue. Unfortunately, the Cavalier Daily seems to have stopped running ads for Trax in September 1992. Maybe there's a reference to the different day in the first set that we haven't heard yet.

The show itself took place between the debuts of Halloween and Granny. The second set has quite a bit more improvisation than many of the shows from that era. In general, many jams are not specifically separated out in official tracklistings, and perhaps the first set will have more of the same. The only unfortunate part about this show is that there are some unusual songs from this era that weren't played that evening, including People People, Once on a Wild Afternoon, Tangerine, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard, The Maker, and early incarnations of Drive In Drive Out. But regardless of what wasn't played that night, this is a unique and worthy addition to the catalog. Finally, it's worth noting that this is the first appearance of Spotlight in the Live Trax series.

February 22, 1994, is a show we're all quite a bit more familiar with. As mentioned above, this is the last of the regular DMB shows at Trax as they started their regular touring career shortly after. This show is often grouped with the Dave & Tim performance from the night before at the Birchmere. Both shows feature tracks that were released on the band's Recently EP. Warehouse and Dancing Nancies were released from the former, while All Along the Watchtower and Halloween came from the latter. It was the first official release for all four of those songs. Halloween was played that night after a request at the Birchmere show was deferred until the full band was present.

This last show at Trax was sold out weeks in advance, even at the hefty face value ticket cost of $8.00 (and if you weren't old enough to give the club your beer money, you had to throw in an extra dollar). Producer and music legend T-Bone Burnett attended both shows as a potential producer of the band's first major-label release. He played one of his songs, Humans From Earth, the night before at the Birchmere with Tim during the set break.

While DMB ended their Wednesday residency at the Flood Zone the previous December, they also scheduled one final Wednesday show there for this week, though it was postponed until the next night as they traveled to Raleigh to open for Widespread Panic. They did, however, play a confirmed show at the Flood Zone later in the year for the Richmond Under the Table and Dreaming release party.

Trivia answer: From Good Homes, who opened for the band throughout the fall and New Year's run of 1994. Their saxophonist, Dan Myers, later guested with DMB while touring with opening band Guster in June 2000 on JTR, All Along the Watchtower, and a special version of Crash Into Me at Deer Creek on 6.24.00 and then on Bartender, Crush, and JTR in Cincinnati on 6.26.00, a show that was released as Live Trax Volume 16.

Here are management's official write-ups:

By November 1992, Dave Matthews Band had been performing together for just over a year. While the band had consistently made board tapes of their weekly Trax appearances, this show, recorded by John Alagia, is the very first live DMB multitrack recording.

This recording captures the freshness of the young band as they further define an already-strong approach to stage and delivery. With a 22-song set, including only 1 cover, Dave Matthews Band’s catalog was already extensive, even in the early stages of their career. The setlist contains now-classic DMB staples, such as the set-opening “The Song That Jane Likes,” “Two Step,” and “What Would You Say,” as well as THE now-retired “Spotlight.” Original founding member, Peter Griesar, plays keys throughout the show and harmonica on “So Much To Say,” and a very vocal LeRoi goads Boyd to jam freely on his violin, keeping the energy high through the encore of this must-have show.

Please note - Live Trax Vol. 37 is available for pre-order and will be released on April 8, 2016. Pre-orders will ship on or around April 5."

You can preorder it HERE.

"2.22.94 Trax Charlottesville, VA
After cultivating their local following, the band’s hard work started to pay off as they spent more time performing outside of Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia. This show marks their last performance at Trax, and the beginning of extensive touring that would take the band across the nation and around the world. The room’s energy is palpable and the musical delivery spot-on in this recording. This 17-song show hits many favorites and sweet spots, including a 13 min+ show-opening “Seek Up.” Only available as a two-track recording, this performance is a perfect companion piece to Live Trax 37 - the band’s first multitrack recording at the same venue a year prior."

You can download it HERE now.

Here is an update of our table of full shows that have been release:

#DateShow TypeVenueCity, StateRelease TypeRelease Date
18.15.95DMBRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COin-store10.28.97
22.6.96Dave & TimCFL Auditorium (Luther College)Decorah, IAin-store1.19.99
39.11.99DMBContinental Airlines ArenaEast Rutherford, NJin-store11.23.99
412.19.98DMBUnited CenterChicago, ILin-store10.23.01
57.11.01DMBFolsom Field (UC–Boulder)Boulder, COin-store11.5.02
69.24.03DMBCentral ParkNew York, NYin-store11.18.03
76.11.04Dave & FriendsBonnaroo Music FestivalManchester, TNLive Bonnaroo6.12.04
89.6.02DMBThe Gorge AmphitheatreGeorge, WAin-store6.29.04
1112.8.98DMBWorcester CentrumWorcester, MALive Trax 111.2.04
129.12.04DMBGolden Gate ParkSan Francisco, CALive Trax 212.17.04
138.27.00DMBMeadows Music TheatreHartford, CTLive Trax 33.17.05
144.30.96DMBClassic AmphitheaterRichmond, VALive Trax 49.2.05
159.9.05DMBRed Rocks AmphitheatreMorrison, COin-store11.29.05
198.23.95DMBBaldwin Memorial Pavilion (Oakland University)Rochester Hills, MILive Trax 55.26.06
207.7.06DMBFenway ParkBoston, MALive Trax 69.26.06
2212.31.96DMBHampton ColiseumHampton, VALive Trax 712.12.06
238.7.04DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreEast Troy, WILive Trax 83.20.07
243.23.07DMBMGM GrandLas Vegas, NVLive Trax 96.5.07
264.22.07Dave & TimRadio City Music HallNew York, NYin-store8.14.07
279.8.07DMBPiedmont ParkAtlanta, GAin-store12.11.07
285.25.07DMBAtlantic PavilionLisbon, PORLive Trax 1011.6.07
298.29.00DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYLive Trax 113.25.08
305.5.95DMBL.B. Day AmphitheaterSalem, ORLive Trax 127.8.08
316.7.08DMBBusch StadiumSt. Louis, MOLive Trax 1310.14.08
327.20.08DMBDick's Sporting Goods ParkCommerce City, COin-store12.16.08
334.22.93Dave & TimPrism CoffeehouseCharlottesville, VADMBlive12.19.08
344.26.94DMBTown Point ParkNorfolk, VADMBlive12.19.08
3510.22.94DMBBlue NoteColumbia, MODMBlive12.19.08
3610.24.02Dave soloBenaroya HallSeattle, WADMBlive12.19.08
373.29.03Dave & TimHolmes Convocation Center (Appalachian State)Boone, NCDMBlive12.19.08
381.9.04Dave soloChina ClubNew York, NYDMBlive12.23.08
396.28.08DMBNissan PavilionBristow, VALive Trax 143.24.09
408.9.08DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreEast Troy, WILive Trax 156.2.09
413.26.94DMBIrving PlazaNew York, NYDMBlive7.22.09
426.26.00DMBRiverbend Music CenterCincinnati, OHLive Trax 169.15.09
434.10.93DMBThe BayouWashington, DCDMBlive9.16.09
445.10.95DMBWarfield TheatreSan Francisco, CADMBlive9.16.09
451.27.93DMBThe Flood ZoneRichmond, VADMBlive11.30.09
466.26.09DMBBrixton AcademyLondon, ENGin-store (DVD)12.22.09
477.5.09DMBPiazza NapoleoneLucca, ITAin-store
4812.12.09Dave & TimPlanet Hollywood TheaterLas Vegas, NVin-store2.9.10
4910.24.96DMBFrank Erwin CenterAustin, TXDMBlive2.25.10
507.6.97DMBShoreline AmphitheatreMountain View, CALive Trax 175.4.10
5112.21.92DMBThe BayouWashington, DCDMBlive6.8.10
526.4.96DMBGTE Virginia Beach AmphitheaterVirginia Beach, VALive Trax 188.31.10
532.25.95DMBKirby Fieldhouse (Lafayette College)Easton, PADMBlive9.14.10
549.30.08DMBVivo RioRio de Janeiro, BRALive Trax 1911.9.10
557.17.10DMBCiti FieldFlushing, NYin-store11.9.10
5611.26.94DMBBackstage TheatreSeattle, WADMBlive1.19.11
578.19.93DMBWetlands PreserveNew York, NYLive Trax 205.15.11
589.17.10DMBWrigley FieldChicago, ILin-store5.31.11
607.20.95DMBMud Island River Park AmphitheatreMemphis, TNDMBlive9.29.11
619.9.96DMBOak Mountain AmphitheatrePelham, ALDMBlive9.29.11
626.26.11DMBBader FieldAtlantic City, NJin-store12.16.11
638.4.95DMBSOMASan Diego, CALive Trax 212.28.12
646.13.93Dave & TimMemphisRichmond, VADMBlive3.15.12
657.14.10DMBToyota Pavilion at Montage MountainScranton, PALive Trax 226.12.12
663.2.94DMBMasquerade NightclubTampa, FLDMBlive6.20.12
672.19.96Dave & TimWhittemore Center Arena (UNH)Durham, NHLive Trax 2312.11.12
682.8.97Dave & TimSpartanburg Memorial AuditoriumSpartanburg, SCLive Trax 2412.11.12
694.7.95DMBCameron Indoor Stadium (Duke)Durham, NCDMBlive5.1.13
705.30.06DMBUMB Bank PavilionMaryland Heights, MOLive Trax 255.21.13
713.25.95DMBThe Revolver ClubMadrid, ESPDMBlive5.29.13
727.30.03DMBSleep Train AmphitheatreWheatland, CALive Trax 268.6.13
732.8.95DMBPalace TheatreAlbany, NYDMBlive8.15.13
7410.14.10DMBLuna ParkBuenos Aires, ARGLive Trax 2711.12.13
7511.19.10DMBJohn Paul Jones Arena (UVa)Charlottesville, VALive Trax 2812.17.13
763.3.99Dave & TimKingsbury Hall (U of U)Salt Lake City, UTDMBlive1.14.14
776.1.13DMBBlossom Music CenterCuyahoga Falls, OHLive Trax 294.15.14
787.28.92DMBTraxCharlottesville, VADMBlive6.12.14
796.30.00DMBSoldier FieldChicago, ILWolfgang's Vault2014*
806.23.01DMBTweeter CenterCamden, NJLive Trax 319.16.14
818.23.14DMBGreek TheatreBerkeley, CALive Trax 3212.9.14
824.5.95DMBThe AcademyNew York, NYDMBlive3.25.15
831.31.95DMBLupo's Heartbreak HotelProvidence, RILive Trax 335.5.15
846.24.99DMBDeer Creek Music CenterNoblesville, INLive Trax 347.17.15
8510.14.94DMBGeorgia TheatreAthens, GADMBlive9.3.15
866.20.09DMBPost-Gazette PavilionBurgettstown, PALive Trax 3510.16.15
8711.30.98DMBFirst Union CenterPhiladelphia, PADMBlive12.9.15
887.26.15DMBAlpine Valley Music TheatreElkhorn, WILive Trax 3612.11.15
892.22.94DMBTraxCharlottesville, VADMBlive3.3.16
9011.11.92DMBTraxCharlottesville, VALive Trax 374.15.16

*This show was released sometime in 2014, but as it was released pretty quietly, it's been tough to pinpoint an exact release date.

The following stats are as of Live Trax Vol. 37:

Click here for a song chart for all officially released shows (full shows only).

Most-released songs:
66: Ants Marching
59: Jimi Thing
58: Warehouse
56: Tripping Billies
55: Two Step
53: Dancing Nancies, Satellite
43: All Along the Watchtower
40: Crash into Me
38: Lie in Our Graves

Least-released songs (with 10 or more plays at DMB, D&T, or Dave solo shows):
4: #27, Alligator Pie, Blue Water, I Did It, Let You Down, Still Water, Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd, Sugar Will
3: American Baby, Angel, Belly Belly Nice, Busted Stuff, Butterfly, Cortez the Killer, Down by the River, Get in Line, If I Had It All, Joyride, Kit Kat Jam, Rooftop, Rye Whiskey, So Right, Spotlight, Steady as We Go, Sweet, Sweet Up and Down, Write a Song
2: #34, Beach Ball, Break Free, Crazy Easy, Deed Is Done, Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives), Exodus, Fool to Think, For the Beauty of Wynona, Gaucho, Good Good Time, Leave Me Praying, The Needle and the Damage Done, Shotgun, Sledgehammer, Sleep to Dream Her, Snow Outside, Stand Up (For It), Time of the Season, Waste
1: Baby Blue, Belly Full, Black and Blue Bird, Blackjack, A Dream So Real, Dreamed I Killed God, Drunken Soldier, Funny How Time Slips Away, If I Had a Boat, If Only, Mercy, Money, The Riff, Tangerine*, Wild Horses
0: (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Be Yourself, Broken Things, Death on the High Seas, Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard*, People People, Redemption Song*, Runnin' Down a Dream, Sugar Man, Take Me to Tomorrow, Virginia in the Rain, Watermelon Smilin' on the Vine, A Whiter Shade of Pale
*fewer than 10 plays on record but most likely 10+ plays when unknown setlists are taken into account

Songs played more than once by Dave & Tim but never released by them:
#36, Big Eyed Fish, Blue Water, Busted Stuff, Can't Stop, Cryptorchid, Digging a Ditch, Dive In, Don't Burn the Pig, For the Beauty of Wynona, If I Had Words, If Only, Pantala Naga Pampa, Rapunzel, Rhyme & Reason, Snow Outside, Spoon, Take Me to Tomorrow, Watermelon Smilin' on the Vine, A Whiter Shade of Pale

Most-released songs by Dave & Friends:
1: Every song that was played at Bonnaroo
0: Every song that wasn't played at Bonnaroo

Most-released song from each album:
Under the Table and Dreaming: Ants Marching (67)
Crash: Tripping Billies (57)
Before These Crowded Streets: Don't Drink the Water (34)
Everyday: Everyday (30)
Busted Stuff: Grey Street (28)
Some Devil: Gravedigger (21)
Stand Up: You Might Die Trying (17)
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King: Why I Am, You & Me (13)
Away from the World: Belly Belly Nice, Rooftop, Sweet (3)

Least-released song from each album:
Under the Table and Dreaming: #34 (2)
Crash: Let You Down (4)
Before These Crowded Streets: Spoon (5)
Everyday: Fool to Think, Mother Father, Sleep to Dream Her (2)
Busted Stuff: Busted Stuff, Kit Kat Jam (3)
Some Devil: Baby (0)
Stand Up: Stand Up (For It) (2)
Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King: Baby Blue (1)
Away from the World: Broken Things (0)

Least-released venues (with 20 or more DMB, D&T, D&F, or Dave solo shows):
1: The Flood Zone [Richmond, VA] (75+ shows), Xfinity Theatre [Hartford, CT] (38), Klipsch Music Center [Noblesville, IN] (37), BB&T Pavilion [Camden, NJ] (35), Saratoga Performing Arts Center [Saratoga Springs, NY] (33), Shoreline Amphitheatre [Mountain View, CA] (29), First Niagara Pavilion [Burgettstown, PA] (27), Riverbend Music Center [Cincinnati, OH] (20), Jiffy Lube Live [Bristow, VA] (20)
0: Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre [West Palm Beach, FL] (29), Xfinity Center [Mansfield, MA] (24), Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion [The Woodlands, TX] (23), Walnut Creek Amphitheatre [Raleigh, NC] (21), PNC Music Pavilion [Charlotte, NC] (20)

Full-show releases by type:
in-store: 23
Live Trax: 38
DMBlive: 27
other: 2

Full-show releases by performer(s):
Dave Matthews Band: 78
Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds: 9
Dave Matthews & Friends: 1
Dave Matthews solo: 2

Full-show releases by year:
1991: | 0
1992: ---| 3
1993: -----| 5 (3 DMB, 2 D&T)
1994: -------| 7
1995: ------------| 12
1996: -------| 7 (5 DMB, 2 D&T)
1997: --| 2 (1 DMB, 1 D&T)
1998: ---| 3
1999: ---| 3 (2 DMB, 1 D&T)
2000: ----| 4
2001: --| 2
2002: ----| 4 (3 DMB, 1 Dave solo)
2003: ---| 3 (2 DMB, 1 D&T)
2004: ----| 4 (2 DMB, 1 D&F, 1 Dave solo)
2005: ----| 4
2006: ---| 3
2007: -----| 5 (4 DMB, 1 D&T)
2008: -----| 5
2009: ----| 4 (3 DMB, 1 D&T)
2010: ------| 6
2011: -| 1
2012: | 0
2013: -| 1
2014: -| 1
2015: -| 1
2016: | 0
Van Hagar's first album? added on 8/30/2015
We've had a few people ask us to clarify the claim from DMB management that the band will be playing its 50th show at the Gorge this year. The reason for the confusion is that our site's page for the Gorge says they've already played 51 shows there, and clicking the venue's name on a show's page indicates that they will have played 57 shows there by the time this year's run is over.

First of all, the reason for the different numbers within our own site is that the count on the venue page only includes shows that have already happened and doesn't include shows where a member of DMB guested with another band, whereas clicking the venue name on a show page displays the total number of shows at that venue in our database, including future shows.

Management's original email on the subject stated that "DMB's 50th performance at the Gorge [will be] on Sunday Sept 6th." They seem to have realized that that isn't accurate and have since changed to simply stating that this year's run will include the band's 50th show there.

So why are our numbers different than theirs? They're only counting full-band shows, and our site counts everything. Here are the "other" shows that aren't included in the 50-show count:

8.4.96 - Dave guesting with Blues Traveler
7.11.97 - Dave guesting with Los Lobos
9.8.02 - Dave and Jason Mraz's band
9.2.07 - Dave guesting with Robert Randolph & The Family Band
9.4.11 - Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

If you remove those five shows from the count, then DMB will be playing its 50th, 51st, and 52nd gigs at the Gorge next weekend. If you want to count only shows where DMB was the headlining act, you need to further remove the 8.4.96 H.O.R.D.E. show; in that case, the band will be headlining its 49th, 50th, and 51st gigs at the Gorge next weekend.

So, in summary, the 50th show at the Gorge featuring at least one member of DMB was on 8.31.13; the 50th DMB show will be on 9.4.15; and the 50th DMB headlining show will be on 9.5.15.

The only venues at which the band has played more shows are Charlottesville's Trax (147 shows) and Richmond's Flood Zone (76 shows), where they used to play weekly in their formative years. Since both venues have shut down (and the band outgrew them long ago anyway), the Gorge creeps closer every year. Still, at three shows per year, the Gorge will not be tied with the Flood Zone until 2023.

Update 9/7/15: Apparently, the poster for Sunday's show went to production while they still thought that was the 50th show.
He laughs in full light of my frown added on 7/5/2015
In light of last night's double encore at SPAC, people have been inquiring about previous double encores, so we have updated the following table of all shows with two encores.

It's worth noting that while the second night in Charlottesville in 2010 almost had a second encore, most of the band (except Tim and Boyd) stayed on stage and immediately started planning the next song, so we count it all as one encore. Also, there very well may be some unknown setlists from the early days that would be on this chart if they were known.

#DateShow TypeVenueCity, State/CountrySecond Encore Song(s)
11.30.93DMBZollman's PavilionLexington, VAPay for What You Get
25.27.93Dave & TimJefferson TheaterCharlottesville, VAAll Along the Watchtower, So Much to Say, Angel from Montgomery
31.29.94Dave & TimWetlands PreserveNew York, NYTwo Step
47.21.94DMBIvory TuskTuscaloosa, ALImprov Jam, Ants Marching
59.1.96DMBBlockbuster PavilionCharlotte, NCAll Along the Watchtower
611.12.01Dave soloHanover GrandLondon, ENG, GBRLong Black Veil, Ants Marching
712.13.03Dave & FriendsDunkin' Donuts CenterProvidence, RIHey Bulldog
85.12.06Dave soloManchester Academy 1Manchester, ENG, GBRCrash Into Me
95.13.06Dave soloCarling Academy BirminghamBirmingham, ENG, GBRToo Much, Crash Into Me
105.15.06Dave soloHammersmith ApolloLondon, ENG, GBRI'll Back You Up, All Along the Watchtower
113.8.07Dave & TimCapitolOffenbach am Main, DEUJimi Thing » What Will Become of Me » Little Thing, Where Are You Going, Two Step
124.22.07Dave & TimRadio City Music HallNew York, NY#41, Two Step
135.25.07DMBPavilhão AtlânticoLisbon, PRTDon't Drink the Water, Pantala Naga Pampa » Rapunzel
147.5.09DMBPiazza NapoleoneLucca, ITARye Whiskey, Pantala Naga Pampa » Rapunzel
157.11.09DMBPasseio Maritimo de AlgésOeiras, PRTAll Along the Watchtower
162.16.10DMBCongress Center HamburgHamburg, DEUAll Along the Watchtower
172.17.10DMBTempodromBerlin, DEUSo Damn Lucky
182.20.10DMBZenithMunich, DEUAll Along the Watchtower
192.25.10DMBPalaSport San LazzaroPadua, ITATwo Step
207.6.10Dave & TimConstellation Brands–Marvin Sands Performing Arts CenterCanandaigua, NYBaby Blue, Don't Drink the Water
219.18.11DMBRandall's Island ParkNew York, NYThank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
225.26.13DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYHalloween
231.17.15Dave & TimParamount TheatreOakland, CAI'll Back You Up, Tripping Billies
247.4.15DMBSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, NYAnts Marching [fake] » Halloween
Love! With Glasses Raised, You and I We Toast Each Other added on 6/24/2015
On June 10th, DMB management announced that Live Trax Volume 34 would be June 24, 1999 - the finale of their sold out three-night run at the Deer Creek Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana (while now called Klipsch Music Center, we will refer to the venue as Deer Creek through this article to stay consistent). Aside from the show itself, this release is notable because it checks a few unchecked boxes and continues the streak of Live Trax releases having something different from all other releases. A Dave & Tim show from March 1999 was released last year, but the last full band show from 1999 that was released was Listener Supported, performed on 9.11.99 and released two months later (thirteen and half years ago). While that show wasn’t entirely different from the Summer Tour, it still took place over a month after the tour wrapped in early August at Hartford. Butch Taylor and the Lovely Ladies guested for both the Listener show and several stops throughout the proper tour, and aside from #36, most songs played were common on that tour. But this is the first show released from the tour itself.

A strict count of DMB-related shows at Deer Creek will put the number higher, but this year’s shows will take the full band concert count up to 36. Yet there had not been a release from this venue. While there have been numerous memorable shows there, we wanted to mention some of the more notable ones. Their first show at the venue took place on 6.19.96 and featured Ben Harper & Leon Mobley guesting in the encore. The show on 8.9.98 featured the last true old school #36. In 2000, they played possibly the most unexpected encore in their history at that point bringing back The Maker and closing with JTR only two days after its official re-debut. In 2001, the band skipped Midwestern sheds assumed due to the projected timing of the birth of Dave’s first children. However he came back and played an emotional solo set for Farm Aid in their first public performance post-9/11. Skipping ahead through some shows that deserve the mention they aren’t getting, 6.13.05 featured Robert Randolph leading the band in a 10-minute improv jam that contained snippets of Michael Jackson songs seguing into Watchtower.

The second decade of shows at Deer Creek kicked off on 6.2.06 and was the night that the venue got its first song debut, The Idea of You. This performance also marked the debut of Dave’s Veillette soprano guitar and is widely considered both one of the best versions of the song and the best debut performances. It also had an unexpected comical moment when Dave responded to a #40 sign with a common tease of several chords and the first line. Instead of being satisfied when he stopped, the crowd light-heartedly booed him and laughed – it’s very audible on the recording. After a minute or so of non-offended disbelief, he promised to give it a go the next night, which he did in the encore preceding the first Dreaming Tree since the 2003 Summer Tour break took several deep catalog songs hostage (Digging a Ditch was also liberated that day). On 8.18.07 DMB played the first full band version of Eh Hee. The next year they faked Too Much into another song for the first time since 2000. In 2012, they liberated the perpetual showpiece Typical Situation and played a version of Fool to Think that contained a one-off extended outro. Finally on the second night of the 2013 stand, Brandi Carlisle guested on Spoon and The Space Between was played for the first time full band since 2004.

At 34 complete shows, Deer Creek was by far the most prolific venue without a release. Now that ignominious title goes to First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania at 25 full band shows. Deer Creek has had several individual tracks released in the past:

Everyday & All Along the Watchtower (9.29.01 – Farm Aid: Concert For America, 2001 DVD – Dave solo)
Kit Kat Jam (8.11.02 – Warehouse 8, vol. 7)
What You Are (6.30.03 – Warehouse 8, vol. 1)
• Eh Hee & Don’t Drink the Water (6.22.12 – Away From the World – Super Deluxe Bonus DVD)
• Spoon (6.22.13 – Warehouse 10, vol. 2 – with Brandi Carlisle on vocals)

The show itself is not a typical 1999 Summer Tour show. The show has the highest rarity rating of the tour, which we calculate by looking at all of the shows within that tour only. Seven of the fifteen songs were played at less than 20% of the shows that tour. Seven of the ten most played songs of the tour weren’t played that night. The tour was heavy with Before These Crowded Streets songs, but those songs were played the first two nights at this stand leaving a lot of the older tunes played less frequently for the finale. The opener One Sweet World was played without the intro for only the 4th time at a full band show since the 1995 Spring Tour, though is more common now. Proudest Monkey had debuted on the tour a week earlier, The Best of What’s Around, The Song That Jane Likes, Granny and Typical Situation were all infrequent. Dancing Nancies went into limited moratorium in 1999. After heavy play for eight years, it was only played full band nine times from Worcester in 1998 until the middle of the 2002 Summer Tour when a sign campaign brought the song back to full glory. The rarest song of the show is the Daniel Lanois cover For the Beauty of Wynona. It was only played twice full band after this show, both with guests and it has been previously released only on Live Trax v17.

This show gathers momentum from the start, through mostly improvised Granny lyrics and almost doesn’t stop until the last note of the intense Drive In Drive Out stand closer, taken to another level by Carter and Dave’s vocal ad lib during the bridge. This part of the tour contained unique Warehouse » Ants Marching segues. These segues took three different forms and all skipped the snare intro and went directly into the intro horn section of Ants. There was a quick Warehouse fake that lasted around thirty seconds, a partial half-version of Warehouse that you could say Ants interrupted after the first chorus, then a full version of both songs (click here to see when all these took place). On this night, it seems they tried a fourth. The end of Warehouse goes slightly further than it did on other full version segued nights, then stops abruptly, begging for Carter to start the snare intro. But then he doesn’t. At the show, finger pointing and laughs filled the stage for a moment before Carter finally starts. It sounds a bit awkward without context, we’ll have to see if the editing connects the two songs.

Finally, management has continued their streak of adding bonus content to Live Trax releases by including a third, “filler" disc with material from the previous two nights that complement the show. They had just played Cry Freedom for the first time in two years, and this is only the fifth full band release. The first successful sign campaign saw #40 return in the tour - mostly Dave solo. This version contains accompaniment from Carter and Stefan, which qualifies this version as its official liberation. Three other songs from Crash that are representative of the tour are included. Say Goodbye had become a concert showpiece from Summer 1998 to Summer 2000, Crash Into Me had started to find its natural place in the setlists now that it was no longer the recent and popular single, Two Step was in the middle of its metamorphosis into the epic that we know now. We also see a few more tracks from Before These Crowded Streets. Certain performances from the first nights like The Stone and Pig would’ve been difficult to include, but Rapunzel and an especially angry version of The Last Stop did make the cut. This was the last tour that Dave did his own tuning. Streets had added two different tunings, and the next tour brought an additional guitar with two different tunings of its own. It occasionally led to longer pauses between songs and frequent guitar changes starting in 2000. Before this performance of The Last Stop, the tuning took longer than normal, then a technical glitch caused two emergency guitar changes. On the audience recording, you can hear Dave rip the cord out of the guitar and throw it down before he was brought a replacement. He took out his anger on one of the best candidates and is the perfect close of this set despite its mid-set placement in the show.

The last several Live Trax releases have brought something new each time. v23 & v24 were the first Dave & Tim in the series, v26 was the first 2003 tour release, v27 was pointed at the South American tour as a promo item, v28 brought the first bonus disc and DVD, v29 is the only 2013 release, v30 is a compilation of a historic stand, v31 had the first filler disc, v32 is the only 2014 release, v33 added filler to a two-disc set and includes an unheard soundcheck song and now v34 is our first Summer 1999. We will definitely run out of “firsts" sooner rather than later, but the uniqueness of the past several releases have us as excited for the future as we are for this one. In an additional classy touch, this show releases on a Friday, the day of this year’s Deer Creek show and you can pre-order here and a Soundcloud sample of Too Much has been recently added.

Here is the official write up sent by Red Light:

In 2015 DMB will play their 35th show at Klipsch Music Center, making it their third most visited amphitheatre. We are pleased to announce June 24, 1999 as the 34th volume of the Live Trax series and celebrate this essential Summer Tour stop. This is the first show released from the venue formally called Deer Creek Music Center and closes the three-night run. This is also the first Live Trax release of the 1999 Summer Tour, which featured the still recent Before These Crowded Streets repertoire mixed with deeper cuts from the catalog.

Opening with an older run of songs highlighted by LeRoi Moore's stunning work on Jimi Thing, The Best of What's Around and Proudest Monkey, the band shift into the dark Daniel Lanois cover For the Beauty of Wynona - one of the last full band versions and released only once before in the Live Trax series. The show's climax begins with a version of Granny with Dave singing unique improvised lyrics before an abruptly-ended Warehouse and set closing Ants Marching. Following an expanded version of Typical Situation, Dave takes Drive In, Drive Out to another level of intensity that just has to be heard; a perfect encore to end a fantastic run at Deer Creek.

We have selected a third disc of bonus material from June 22 and 23, 1999 at Deer Creek that includes songs that had then been recently reinserted into set lists such as Cry Freedom and #40. The package concludes with a version of The Last Stop that you won't be able turn up loud enough.

Please Note: This item is available for pre-order. CDs will ship on or around July 14th. Downloads will be available July 17th.
This is not the greatest song in the world added on 5/15/2015
With last night's passing of B.B. King, we have put together the following list of tribute covers the band has played when other beloved musicians have died:

DateCover SongTribute to...
8.11.95Eyes of the WorldJerry Garcia (8.1.42–8.9.95)
9.13.03Ring of FireJohnny Cash (2.26.32–9.12.03)
8.7.04Super FreakRick James (2.1.48–8.6.04)
6.26.09I'll Be ThereMichael Jackson (8.29.58–6.25.09)
6.13.12Brass MonkeyMCA (8.5.64–5.4.12)
Current Tour
Summer Tour 2016  (Song Chart)
# Shows = 46
# Song Performances = 887
Average # Songs per Show = 19.28
# Different Songs Played = 88
Most Played Songs:
Samurai Cop(33)
Crash into Me(30)
Grey Street(27)
Bob Law(26)
Why I Am(24)
Don't Drink the Water(24)
You Might Die Trying(24)
Least Played Songs:
Stolen Away on 55th & 3rd(1)
Can't Stop(1)
Cry Freedom(1)
So Damn Lucky(2)
Drive In Drive Out(2)
Out of My Hands(2)
Plastic Girl(2)
Grace Is Gone(2)
Top Openers:
One Sweet World(10)
When the World Ends(6)
What Would You Say(2)
The Song That Jane Likes(2)
So Right(2)
The Stone(2)
Top Closers:
Jimi Thing(13)
You Might Die Trying(7)
Grey Street(6)
Ants Marching(5)
All Along the Watchtower(3)
Tripping Billies(1)
Stay (Wasting Time)(1)
Top Encores:
Tripping Billies(10)
All Along the Watchtower(10)
Ants Marching(7)
The Space Between(6)
You Might Die Trying(5)
Two Step(5)
Proudest Monkey(2)
Kill the Preacher(1)
I Need a Word(1)
Longest Performances:
07.22– Seek Up (20:31)
07.09– Seek Up (20:21)
06.11– Seek Up (20:07)
07.15– Seek Up (20:06)
06.18– Seek Up (20:02)
Top Song Liberations:
Break Free
    On 05.17 after 1704 days
Dive In
    On 05.14 after 1702 days
Fool to Think
    On 06.24 after 1081 days
    On 05.13 after 1042 days
    On 05.11 after 1023 days
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